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OCT - 12 - 2019 | VOL 28



Jinny Sims resigns from cabinet after RCMP investigation

Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May. WITH recent polls indicating that it will be a close race between the Liberals and the Conservatives, everybody’s wondering what the results will be on Monday, October 21. So, here we go: PoSSIBIlITy 1: The Liberals manage to garner a Jinny Sims. Official photo “On the advice of counsel, I will not be making any further statements.”

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said in a statement that British Columbians should be appalled that Sims has resigned due to an RCMP investigation after months of Horgan insisting that she and his government have done nothing wrong.


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slim majority. That could be possible because young Canadians are terribly wary of false right-wing propaganda with Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer turning a blind eye to it whenever it suits him and it’s their vote that will in all probability decide the fate of Justin Trudeau’s

Liberals. That is becoming pretty obvious now because in spite of all the uproar about Trudeau’s blackface / brownface blunders, the SNC-Lavalin scandal and other controversies, Trudeau and the Liberals have maintained their support. It’s like ‘yes, we


Vancouver’s Khalsa Diwan Society’s Ross Street Gurdwara will have a unanimously selected executive for the first time since 1985. The independent election officer is seen here making the announcement. Seated are (L-R) former presidents Kashmir Singh Dhaliwal and Gurdeep Singh Gill, and current president Malkiat Singh Dhami.

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CITIZEN’S Services Minister Jinny Sims has resigned from cabinet following the appointment of a special prosecutor, Premier John Horgan announced on Friday evening last week. Horgan said in a statement: “This afternoon, I was advised by the Attorney General of the appointment of a special prosecutor for an RCMP investigation related to MLA Jinny Sims. “Jinny Sims has resigned from cabinet during the investigation. I accepted her resignation as appropriate under the circumstances. We take any such investigation very seriously. “While we await the conclusion of the matter, I have asked Minister Selina Robinson to temporarily assume responsibility as Minister of Citizens’ Services.” Sims said in a statement: “This afternoon I offered my resignation as Minister of Citizens’ Services upon learning of the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. I have not been given details of any allegations but there was no credibility to previous public allegations. I am confident that my name will be cleared but do not want to distract form the important work of government in the meantime. “For that reason, I have decided to step away from my duties while the matter is resolved.

So, who will form the next government?

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Indo-Canadian Voice Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


So, who will form the next government?

The Indo-Canadian


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CONTIUNED FROM 1 know politicians are hypocritical to some extent or the other, but one has to choose the lesser evil in politics!’ There is also deep distrust among the majority of younger voters about the Conservatives on issues such as abortion (or free choice) and LGBTQ2 (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer). The possibility of the Liberals getting a majority is bolstered by the fact that they have an advantage in vote-rich Ontario and Quebec (at least for now), whereas the Conservatives’ huge support in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan translates into fewer seats by comparison. So, the “neck-and neck” scenario does not mean equal number of seats. Possibility 2: The Liberals end up with a minority government – and depend on NDP

and/or Green Party support. At least, that’s what the NDP and the Greens are hoping for so that they can influence government policy much as the BC Green Party has succeeded in doing so with the NDP government in BC. The NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has said that he will not support the Conservatives, while Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says she has no problem with also supporting the Conservatives. Some feel that Trudeau has been too immature and/or arrogant and needs discipline – and a minority government will keep him in check. There is also the question of whether the Bloc Quebecois (BQ) would support a Liberal or a Conservative minority government. Possibility 3: The Conservatives get to form the next government with a slim majority. There are many reasons that Canadians may decide to elect a Con-

servative government – and many of them may not tell pollsters the truth about their intentions for fear of being labelled racist or bigoted in some circles. There are many conservative Christians - including many of Chinese origin in particular - and people of other religions who are against abortion and LGBTQ2 rights, for example, but still not all of them will automatically vote for the Conservatives - or the People’s Party of Canada. There are also those immigrants who feel that Canada is letting in too many immigrants too fast. The Conservatives took full advantage of the murder of a 13-year-old Chinese girl, Marissa Shen, in Burnaby in which a Syrian refugee (a Muslim) was charged and arrested. The Conservatives went out of the way to use that one unfortunate incident in their campaign in the Burnaby South by-election earlier this year, but the NDP still ended up winning there. Also, there are many Canadians

who believe, rightly or wrongly, that the Conservatives are more fiscally responsible than the Liberals. Possibility 4: The Conservatives end up forming a minority government with the support of the Green Party. May told the media that it’s important for all parties to speak with each other and be open to negotiations. She said that the Greens would only support a party if it takes the necessary steps to respond to climate change. But that could well backfire if voters feel the Green Party is just a one-issue one and an opportunist. Also, for the Conservatives it will be real test of the future of their party. Will they get more or significantly more votes than their traditional ones? If they don’t, then their party’s future will look rather dim with the older generation members passing away and most younger generation Canadians rejecting what it stands for.

Jagmeet Singh wins Canadian debate on Twitter: Ipsos ACCORDING to the Ipsos Political Atlas Debate Dashboard, an online tool that measures Twitter volume and sentiment, Canadians were active online during the debates. Total volume per minute about the election increased from approximately 60 mentions per minute to over 300 during the debate. According to Twitter, federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was the biggest winner. His volume of mentions and positive sentiment steadily increased throughout the debate. While Conservative Party Leader Andrew Sheer and Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau had the most volume overall, People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier also attracted significant volume at various

times in the debate. Sentiment about Bernier was net neutral, and the leaders were on the negative side within a few points of one another. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Bloc Quebecois Leader YvesFrançois Blanchet attracted very little mention throughout the debates. Ipsos points out that it is worth noting that sentiment and volume are separate measures. Sentiment measures attitudes towards the parties and leaders. A sentiment rating over 50 is “net positive,” while a sentiment rating of less than 50 is “net negative.” A small group of dedicated supporters or detractors on Twitter can drive sentiment into the positive or negative territory. Overall, Trudeau’s net senti-

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s tour stopped at Ryerson University, Toronto, and he got a rock star’s reception from exuberant students.

ment dropped from 55 to 40. Mr. Sheer’s net sentiment also dropped, starting at 48 and dropping to 42. When Trudeau was attacked by his opponents, a drop in sentiment occurred. Sentiment about him remained otherwise flat. in

By contrast, Singh’s net sentiment moved from 62 to 68 and stayed consistently high during the debate. The main issues according to volume were energy and climate, and cost of living, consistent with Ipsos public

opinion polls showing these issues among Canadians’ top priorities. There were noticeable increases in discussion about Indigenous Issues and Bill 21 when these issues were discussed. These are findings from the Canadian Political Atlas Debate Dashboard, an online social media monitoring tool that measured Twitter sentiment and volume through the debate. The data are not representative of the Canadian population, and reflect only social media activity online. Data were collected between 7 and 9 p.m. on October 7. For the graphs on Twitter reactions, visit our website




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OCT - 12 - 2019 | VOL 28




Vancouver’s Ross Street Gurdwara will have unanimously selected executive for first time since 1985

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Kashmir Singh Dhaliwal.

The new executive:


Senior Vice President: Mohan Singh Gill

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Vice President: Sukh Paul Singh Jhooty General Secretary: Jarnail Singh Bhandal

Assistant General Secretary: Gurdeep Singh Hayer

Treasurer: Kuldip Singh Thandi

Senior Assistant Treasurer: Bhupinder Singh Nijjar Assistant Treasurer: Jarmanjit Singh Hundal

Members at Large: Tarsem Singh Bal, Chuhar Singh Dhillon, Raghbir Singh Kular, InderMohan Singh Walia, Narinder Singh Gill

occurred in Chandigarh throughout 2018 and which focused on values and ethics, we have identified several training needs. The MPM [Mission Program Manager] has led values and ethics sessions at regular team meetings and will work with Workplace Investigations and Ethics to provide further training in this area.” There was no other information on what has been going on there.

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Problems with ethical behaviour at Chandigarh’s Consulate General CANADA’S Consulate General in Chandigarh has apparently faced questionable behaviour by some of its staff as part of a report obtained by Lexbase, Canada’s leading immigration publication under well-known lawyer Richard Kurland, reveals. The piece from 2019 Reports from Canada’s Immigration Program Managers states: “Following an internal review that


President: Malkiat Singh Dhami

Assistant Recording Secretary: Gurdial Singh Gadey


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Jarnail Singh Bhandal.

IN a significant development, Vancouver’s Khalsa Diwan Society’s Ross Street Gurdwara will have a unanimously selected executive for the first time since 1985. The gurdwara’s General Secretary, Jarnail Singh Bhandal, said in a statement: “The Sangat (congregation) expressed their heartfelt congratulations to the global Sikh community on this historic achievement which will close divides in the community and create new paths for peace and prosperity.” He added: “The entire credit goes to the hard work and dedication of the past executive under the leadership of Mr. Malkiat Singh Dhami and volunteers who supported the executive throughout.” Dhami will remain the President of the new executive. Former gurdwara president Kashmir Singh Dhaliwal told The VOICE that it was their hope that in the future also the congregation would remain united and have unanimously selected executives. He congratulated the entire Sangat for this unity.


Indo-Canadian Voice Saturday, Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


B.C. Liberals launch attack on Premier and his Chief of Staff CONTINUED FROM 1 He added: “The fault lies at the feet of John Horgan and he needs to immediately explain to British Columbians why a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate an NDP minister. “The BC Liberals have raised countless questions for months about Jinny Sims’ conduct in government and in her community.

This ranges from breaking FOI rules as the minister responsible, to her decision to write letters of immigration support for people on terrorist watch lists. “John Horgan continued to dismiss legitimate concerns and now he must answer for this complete failure of leadership on his part.” ON Monday, the B.C. Liberals said Horgan needed to be honest with British Columbi-

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Mary Polak

Andrew Wilkinson

ans about what he and his office knew regarding the active police investigation into criminal wrongdoing by his former minister, Jinny Sims, and if anyone else in his office, or government, is involved. “John Horgan was more than happy to tell British Columbians there was absolutely no wrong-doing by his minister back in May, yet here we are five months later; a special prosecutor has been appointed and an active RCMP investigation into criminal wrongdoing has begun,” said BC Liberal Opposition House Leader Mary Polak. “Horgan needs to confirm whether anyone else in his office or government is involved and if so, have they been removed from their role?” In March, allegations against Sims were investigated by Horgan’s Chief of Staff, Geoff Meggs, who produced a report that swiftly came to the conclusion the former minister had done nothing wrong, said the BC Liberals and called on Horgan to release the Meggs Report in full to the public and reveal who else is under investigation. “Meggs’ so-called investigation, coupled with the intimidation letter he had drafted by an NDP lawyer that threatened legal action against the whistleblower appears to be nothing short of a coverup,” added Polak. “Enough is enough. The Premier must now answer for his complete failure of leadership and explain why a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the minister after he assured British Columbians she had done nothing wrong.”

Jinny Sims Timeline, according to B.C. Liberals: * May 2018 – Jinny Sims apologies for using private email to flout Freedom of Information laws, and answers for the mass deletion of records by staff in the Premier’s Office and across ministries. Evidence later shows she continued to use messaging services to avoid FOI requests. * October 23 / December 18, 2018 – Jinny Sims writes letters of recommendation for visa applicants she does not personally know, including individuals on US security watchlists. * January 8, 2019 – Whistleblower starts employment with Jinny Sims in her Surrey-Panorama constituency office in the position of Constituency Assistant * February 15, 2019 – Whistleblower raises concerns with both BCGEU and the Executive Director of the New Democrat BC Government Caucus, Roseanne Moran. * February 22, 2019 – Whistleblower employment terminated by Jinny Sims * March 4, 2019 – Whistleblower sends email detailing concerns about Jinny Sims to the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Assistant Deputy Minister of Cabinet Operations and Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Alex MacLennan, and Ethics Advisor of Intergovernmental Relations. * March 7, 2019 – Geoff Meggs email to Don Wright


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Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019

Indo-Canadian Voice

“Dear Don, I am writing with regard to the email sent to Alex MacLennan on March 4 by Kate Gillie. After reviewing the email, I have followed up with Rosanne Moran, executive director of the NDP caucus, and Jinny Sims, Minister of Citizens’ Services. [ s.22 ] * March 7 / March 8 2019 – Alex MacLennan writes Memorandums of Receipt/Actions for Email Correspondence: “The email was not relevant to BC Public Service staff. It was printed and delivered to the Office of the Deputy Premier on Tuesday March 5, 2019. After delivery, the email was deleted from my inbox and not further distributed or shared.” * May 12, 2019 – Lawyer Donald J. Sorochan, QC writes on behalf of whistleblower to Attorney General David Eby, and others, asking that concerns be appropriately addressed. * May 13, 2019 – Official Opposition first raises concerns in Question Period. John Horgan responds: “I’m not aware of any investigation underway. …I’ll consult with the Attorney. We’ll take a look at the information, and we’ll proceed from there.” * May 13, 2019 – Attorney General claims the Privacy Commissioner is the only one who could investigate concerns, a statement later refuted by the Privacy Commissioner. * May 17, 2019 – Michael McEvoy, Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, writes to the whistleblower’s lawyer that he has concerns but cannot investigate. * May 27, 2019 – B.C. NDP caucus lawyer writes a letter to the whistleblower threatening legal action * May 29, 2019 – John Horgan finally addresses questions in Question Period: “I am well aware of the allegations that the member raises. My chief of staff received a letter from the secretary to cabinet in March. He reviewed the allegations to the extent that he could.” “An appropriate investigation was done at that time.” “I’m confident, based on the work that my chief of staff did, that any of the substantive allegations that have been made are not founded, and I’m comfortable with where

we are on that.” “[The Oppositions] continues to come into this House with some trumped-up charges…” “My chief of staff did what I directed him to do…” “The chief of staff reviewed it. We discussed it.” “We found the allegations to be unfounded, and we carried on.” * May 29, 2019 – House Leader Mary Polak writes to Peter Juk, QC, Assistant Deputy Attorney General, BC Prosecution Service and RCMP”E” Division with information for consideration and review. * May 31, 2019 – Peter Juk responds, confirming receipt of May 29th letter and that it is up to the RCMP to decide if they will investigate. * September 11, 2019 – Mary Polak writes again to Peter Juk asking for confirmation of the appointment of a Special Prosecutor given an active and ongoing RCMP investigation. * September 18, 2019 – Peter Juk responds that no Special Prosecutor has been appointed. * September 30, 2019 – Peter Juk receives a formal request from the RCMP that he consider the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. * October 4, 2019 • 2:30 p.m.: – David Eby informs John Horgan of the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, which leads to NDP MLA conference call. • 4:30 p.m.: – Meeting held of all DMs and ADMs across government. – All-staff meeting held of NDP political staffers. • 5:15 p.m.: – John Horgan issues statement announcing the appointment of a Special Prosecutor but not what the allegations relate to. • Evening: – BC Prosecution Service tells reporters that Richard Peck, QC, has been named the Special Prosecutor. – BC Prosecution Service confirms Special Prosecutor assigned, “…to provide legal advice in relation to an investigation into criminal wrongdoing involving the Minister of Citizens’ Services, Jinny Sims, and others.”









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Indo-Canadian Voice Saturday, Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


World Sikh Organization selects new board and president for 2020-21 THE World Sikh Organization of Canada held its biennial convention on Saturday, October 5 in Ottawa where delegates from across Canada selected Tejinder Singh Sidhu as the next president

of the organization. He will lead a 31-member Board of Directors selected from across Canada. Sidhu was born and raised in Calgary. He has been an active member in his community for

many years and has an impressive record of service to the community. In 1999, he was part of the group that began Dashmesh Mission which has now morphed into Sikh Youth Calgary. He was also President of the Sikh Students Asso-

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ciation at the University of Calgary during his time there. In 2008, Sidhu was selected as Vice Chair for Khalsa School Calgary. He served on the board for three years. In 2011 he was the senior vice president for Dashmesh Culture Centre Gurdwara Sahib. With the help of WSO, Sidhu was able to successfully win the right for Sikhs across Alberta to wear kirpans in courthouses. He was selected to serve as WSO Vice President for Alberta in 2013. Sidhu is married with two children and works for a large telecommunications company in a management role. The World Sikh Organization of Canada’s 20202021 Executive is as follows: * President – Tejinder Singh Sidhu, Calgary * Senior Vice-President – Dr. Bhavjinder Kaur Dhillon, Surrey * Director of Finance – Danish Singh Brar, Surrey * Director of Administration – Jaskaran Singh Sandhu, Brampton * VP British Columbia – Guntaas Kaur, Richmond * VP Alberta – Harman Singh Kandola, Edmonton * VP Central Canada – Imreet Kaur, Winnipeg * VP Ontario – Sharanjeet Kaur, Brampton * VP Quebec and Atlantic- Mandeep Kaur, Montreal The WSO 2020-21 Board reflects the diversity of the Canadian Sikh community and is gender-balanced. The newly selected board is inclusive of both Canadian-born Sikhs and those who have immigrated to Canada, including those who arrived as international students. The WSO’s Executive is over 50 percent women and all below the age of 40. Outgoing President Mukhbir Singh who served from 2016 said, “It has been an honour to serve as president of the WSO for the past four years. As the first Canadian-born president of the WSO, this was a transformational time for the organization and also for Canadian Sikhs as a whole. We saw the Canadian Sikh community reach new heights but also face daunting new challenges. I am grateful to have been backed by a team of committed individuals dedicated to the principle of seva. I know that the new WSO team will be working hard to move our advocacy forward and I look forward to assisting them in this regard.” WSO President Sidhu said, “I am humbled to have been selected to for this role and am very excited to be working with such a strong, young, and dynamic board. Over the past 35 years the WSO has been at the forefront of the struggle for human rights in Canada and around the world. Today, we are seeing intolerance and prejudice coming out from the shadows and into the mainstream. This will be a challenge we need to meet head-on. We will remain vigilant and steadfast to protect the rights and freedoms of Sikhs and all other individuals. I am committed to ensure that WSO will continue to be a strong voice for Canadian Sikhs at this critical time.”


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#108-7380 King George Blvd. Surrey • Ph.: 604-543-9366 Mon-Fri 9:30-6 • Sat 10-5 • Sun 11-5 Mukhbir Singh and Tejinder Singh Sidhu.


Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 | Indo-Canadian Voice

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Indo-Canadian Voice Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


Conservative Party reacts to CBC lawsuit ‘This decision was made on the eve of an election that CBC is to be covering fairly and objectively’ THE Conservative Party received notice from lawyers representing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) on Thursday informing it they would be suing over the use

of news clips in a Conservative Party social media video. The Conservative Party said on Friday that it has grave concern that this decision was

made on the eve of an election that CBC is to be covering fairly and objectively. The Conservative Party added that it considers this a complete distraction in the final days of tightly contested election and it will dispute this lawsuit fully. In their statement, the Conservatives said: “The video in question was removed from our platforms well before CBC lawyers made the decision to file their lawsuit. “The 17 seconds of CBC clips in the video included Andrew Coyne highlighting how Justin Trudeau broke the law, Justin Trudeau telling a Canadian war veteran that he is “asking for more than we can give right now”, and one CBC reporter questioning why the Liberals provided Loblaws with $12 million in tax dollars to install new refrigerators. “CBC is a taxpayer-funded entity, tasked with covering this election fairly and objectively. Canadians pay the funding CBC receives. Canadians pay the salaries for those employed at CBC. Simply, Canadians own CBC. “When you are funded entirely by taxpayer

WorkSafeBC Appeals & CPP DISABILITY APPEALS • Full Service Assistance for WorkSafeBC Cases • Review Division Appeals • Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal Appeals • Claims Management • Reopening of Claims • Canada Pension Plan Reconsiderations • Social Security Tribunal General Division Appeals • Social Security Tribunal Appeal Division Appeals

dollars, taxpayers should be able to use the footage. “The Copyright Act provides for fair dealing. “Elections Canada provided further clarification on a September 11 posting to their website, namely: “Question 35. Can a political ad contain a “news clip” without the approval of the broadcaster? “Answer: Prior to the election period, broadcasters can decline to run a political ad on any grounds they choose, provided they treat all parties on an equitable basis. However, during the election period, they are not entitled to decline an ad unless the broadcast would be in contravention of the law. If a news clip is relatively short and is not a substantial part of the audiovisual work from which it was taken, the broadcast of the news clip in a political ad would not infringe the copyright of the owner of the audiovisual work and would not require the permission of that owner to be broadcast. “Instead, CBC is using taxpayer dollars to sue a major political party ten days before a national election in this country.”

New eight weekly youth program sessions at two Surrey gurdwaras: Contact info THE first paragraph of last week’s story by Gira Bhatt of Kwantlen Polytechnic University should have read: “TWO Gurdwaras in Surrey will be offering a new program for youth. Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib (152nd Street and 68th Avenue) and Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara (120th Street and 70th Avenue) are participating in a collaborative project to develop and implement a systematic and interactive series of eight sessions, 1.5 hours each for youth. These will be scheduled over the weekends.”


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The contact info is as follows: * These one-hour Sunday youth programs at Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib will begin on Sunday, October 13. Registration is free, but required. In order to do so, please contact either the gurdwara directly or youth coordinators Ajeet Gill and Jagnoor Mann at: or gill. * Similar weekend (Saturdays) youth programs will begin at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara on January 11, 2020. For information, please contact Bhupinder Kaur Biln or youth leaders Ravleen Kaur Brar and Karambir Singh Dhaunsi. * For general project information, please contact Inspector Baltej Dhillon at baltej.

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019

Indo-Canadian Voice


National race remains deadlocked, final outcome highly uncertain: EKOS Poll The Conservatives, meanwhile, have the firmest vote and its supporters are among the least likely to change their minds (though its supporters express some receptivity to the Liberals and People’s Party). However, the party lags well behind all other parties in terms of second choice and has the least room to grow.

Bottom line: What was already a tight race has become tighter and more unpredictable. Conservatives have a more committed constituency, but little room to grow. Despite strong reviews, the NDP has yet to make any significant movement upwards with no apparent breakthrough looming.

Our current numbers would suggest a Liberal minority, but the election is still highly uncertain. Ontario will be the critical factor shaping the final outcome. Canadians may well be staying up late seeing how the fourway races in British Columbia play out before we’ll be able to determine who will form government.



WE remain in a deadlocked national race, with the Conservatives enjoying a one-point, statistically insignificant lead., according to EKOS Poll on Friday. Results suggest that there may have been some effects from the debates. The most important finding is the diminution of the Liberal Party’s Ontario lead. The 13-point advantage the Liberals enjoyed in Ontario has sharply eroded since the debate (though there appears to have been a modest recovery in the later part of the polling period). Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer appears to have strengthened this party’s support with working class and non-university educated voters. The Conservatives own the working class segment (39 per cent, compared to 22 per cent for the Liberals) and their strength is dramatically higher among college edu-

cated and high school educated. Indeed, social class and education are now the principal fault lines dividing Liberals and Conservatives. Despite Jagmeet Singh’s performance, the NDP has not seen much progress. Their vote has stiffened and the party has opened up an advantage with second choice but, so far, this has not elevated them above their current position of 13 points. The NDP also seems to be doing better with visible minorities (which may be a result of Singh’s performance in the debates). So far, the debates have had no clear impact on the Green Party’s fortunes, but they continue to do well in British Columbia, where they are now second. The Bloc Québécois appears to have benefited from the TVA debate and they are now at 25 per cent in Quebec. There is no clear evidence that the People’s Party was

helped by the debates. However, the party has a surprising overrepresentation with millennial and universityeducated voters. Indeed, the party is doing twice as well with those under 50 as it does with those over 50. Regionally, the Liberals continue to do well in Atlantic Canada and Quebec. British Columbia remains a highly unpredictable four-way contest. The Prairies are clearly voting Conservative, but the Conservative Party seems to have faltered in Quebec. There is still evidence of considerable fluidity, particularly among non-Conservatives. Green Party supporters are the most likely to say they may change their minds, with the NDP and Liberals being the potential beneficiaries, in that order. Similarly, NDP supporters still have potential to change their minds, and the primary beneficiaries would be the Liberals and Greens.




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Did you know that you can vote for Joe Peschisolido before October 21?  Vote early on Advance Polling days (9 am to 9 pm): October 11,12,13,14  Vote until October 15th at the Elections Canada Office (4600 Jacombs Road, Suite 100)


Indo-Canadian Voice | Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


Labelled: Caught In The Crossfire KIDS Play Foundation is presenting an event - Labelled: Caught In The Crossfire – on Sunday (October 13) at Abbotsford Civic Plaza. Jessica Sherman, Director of Operations, Abbotsford Chapter, says: “The format of this event will be different - we will be creating a safe space for families to share stories about their lost loved ones

and trying to understand the crossfire of the many external factors, such as cultural, social and economic differences, that put them on the path of no return. One of our speakers, Ken Dosanjh, is the brother of Ron and Jimmy Dosanjh from the Bindy Johal era. I believe Ken, as well as other speakers who have suffered a similar fate, have a

powerful message to share which will be integral in understanding the effect that labels have on young people, as well as in effectively combating the drug and gang epidemic. “Additionally, [slain SFU student and aspiring model] Maple Batalia’s family will also be in attendance and sharing some words. MPs and MLAs

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AS a first generation Canadian, I often found myself torn between two worldly cultures. The journey of my predecessors immigrating to Canada was a difficult one. The struggles that my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents faced leaving the comfort of their native homes behind to lay roots in a completely foreign land was a testament to their perseverance and resiliency. Even with formal educations in hand, not recognized in Canada, they stoically put their heads down and worked hard at labour jobs to rebuild their lives from the ground up. They did this so they could secure a stable future for their descendants. They proudly embodied Canadian culture and were grateful for the opportunity to be contributing citizens. My parents, and other immigrants alike, were tasked with survival. I, however, have the audacity for equality. In this quest, however, my faith has been put into question, and my pursuit of equality is gradually eroding. I am the sister of Harwin Baringh, a fallen youth, whose life was cut short from a drive-by shooting. His complete identity was dismissed by one heavy label: gangster. In the eyes of the community, this gangster was now seen as a perpetrator, not a victim of

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tion that they will likely never make it out alive. So why do we rarely hear this side of the story? Because it’s easier to label someone a gangster, making homicide simpler to swallow and easier to digest. Growing up, my incentive was a degree, framed on the wall of a corner office with a view, annual vacations on sandy beaches, a home, a family. Most importantly though, no commute. I followed that path; in fact, I worked around the clock to align myself in a way that I could exceed those aspirations. However, between an oversaturated job market, student loan repayments, the housing crisis, increased cost of living, and a vacation not even on the horizon, the results have been far from what I worked for. As I sit in my car four hours every day, commuting to and from work, I can’t help but ponder if I’m working to survive or

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a heinous crime. His brown skin now viewed as foreign and a burden on Canadian taxpayers. His grieving parents now viewed as negligent co-conspirators. The public is quick to dismiss such homicides because gangsters should anticipate untimely demises as an outcome of their affiliations or criminal actions. What the public failed to see was Harwin as a kid, who spent the last seven summers working 12-hour days on a farm in the scorching heat. An honest, compassionate, determined young man ecstatic about commencing his post secondary education in Calgary in just three short months, was now just a newspaper headline - a dead gangster. This is the story of countless young South Asian men, who are either dead, incarcerated, or being pushed further down the cracks with such determina-

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from the Surrey, Langley, Mission, Abbotsford and Chilliwack ridings have also been invited.” Jessica also sent an open letter that she says captures her sentiments behind this event:

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Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019

Indo-Canadian Voice


It has been said charity is taught at home IT has been said charity is taught at home, and Mia Gill’s family in Abbotsford exemplifies that. From on early, Gill’s parents instilled in her the importance to give back to the community. Since 2013 she has been donating the money she receives for her birthday to the Abbotsford Regional Hospital Pediatrics unit. In Mia Gill and Gavin Nahal. Photo submitted

surviving to work? I ask myself, would I have acted on an opportunity to make easy money? The impact of the global economic crisis has been a dangerous one on the lives of young people. Simply put, if I’m asking myself these questions, what is our incentive to deter impressionable youth from a life of easy money and crime? When vulnerable youth find a sense of belonging amongst a group, all they can comprehend is the feeling of security from the intensity of this newfound brotherhood, knowing that there are people watching over them, protecting them, people that will fight for them. These blinders of loyalty prevent them from distinguishing right from wrong or detecting any underlying motives of this group of people. Harwin came from a family that promoted kindness and empathy, where values of hard work, generosity and taking care of one another were upheld and demonstrated by example. I am the sister of an innocent kid wrongfully labelled a gangster, and can empathize with the circumstances that led him to associate with these individuals. Does this make him a gangster? No, it does not. A young man may be sent off to prison for a minuscule offence, but spat out on the other end as a hardened criminal. He is labelled as a drug dealer, a criminal, and will likely never be all that he aspired to be. When we dismiss the deaths of these young men as failed parenting, their brown bodies, as criminal, as foreign, it becomes easier to label them, to allow policies that neglect them, incarcerate them, kill them. We have suffered, and we continue to suffer as we cry for our dead brothers and sisters and feel helpless for the ones we struggle to keep alive. But every day we rise with the hope that the morning paper’s headline will not be reporting another youth’s demise. As the leaders of our nation, I look to you, and so does every parent that lays awake at night out of helplessness and fear of losing their son or daughter; so does every educator that can already predict the fate of a disengaged student, so does every first responder that’s left to pick up the pieces of a failed community, and most importantly, every youth that can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We all look to you with eyes full of hope. The time for change is now. We can’t afford to wait for tomorrow. As a result of the ‘gangster’ label, impacted families were robbed of the opportunity to grieve their lost children with dignity. In this spirit, Kids Play Foundation will be presenting Labelled: Caught In The Crossfire at 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 13 at the Abbotsford Civic Plaza located at 32315 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford. This event will provide a safe place for these families to speak their truth, share their sorrow, and celebrate the lives of their lost children. This conversation will be integral in removing the labels, shifting the narrative, and revisiting the usage of the word ‘gangster’. As such, I humbly request your attendance at this event to gain an informed perspective of the drug and gang epidemic so we can combat it before another youth falls victim. Please

join us as we regain unity within our community and Canada at large. In solidarity with all victims of youth gang violence.

total Gill has donated over $2,700. This year she shared

the experience of giving with her cousin Gavin to show him the

importance of making a difference for kids in the community.


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NDP lays out fiscal plan for Pharmacare, dental care, more affordability for families WITH the NDP’s New Deal for People, families will get the medicine and dental care they need, lower cell phone bills, homes they can afford, an end to interest on student loans, and concrete advances on the climate crisis. And to pay for it, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and the NDP say they will stop letting the super-

wealthy get away with not paying their fair share of taxes. “The system is rigged. And the NDP is going to un-rig it to work better for everyday people,” said Singh. “With Justin Trudeau in charge, the economy works great for the big pharma companies who are making record profits, but it’s not

working for families paying sky-high prices for prescription drugs. It works great for the rich and the powerful who got a $14 billion tax break, but not for people struggling to find an affordable place to live. And it works great for the big polluters, but not for the young people who are worried about what kind of



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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh hosts Sunday rally at Surrey’s Grand Taj Banquet Hall last Sunday. Many South Asians in Surrey are likely to support NDP candidates this time. Photo submitted

earth they’re being left to live on. I’m going to fix that. My plan is all about changing who Ottawa works for, and I choose you.” On Thursday, Singh revealed the NDP’s six priorities the NDP will ensure the next government delivers. * A national universal pharmacare plan and a national dental care plan, delivering affordability and better health to Canadians. * A home people can afford, including massive investments in housing, real action on money laundering and a tax on foreign speculators. * Beginning to tackle student debt, by taking all interest off of student loans, current and future. * Lower cell phone and internet bills, by capping

prices. * A bold plan and concrete action to fight the climate crisis, ending the subsidies to big oil companies, committing to science-based targets and helping workers during the transition from fossil fuels. * Ensuring the superwealthy are paying their fair share by introducing a super wealth tax, closing tax loopholes, and ending giveaways for the richest companies and individuals. Singh’s platform includes a Super-Wealth Tax on fortunes over $20 million; an end to offshore tax havens, legally used by the wealthy to avoid paying Canadian taxes; ending all fossil fuel subsidies; and ending tax loopholes. These mea-

sures raise progressive new revenues and ensure a declining debt-to-GDP over the four-year plan. Quick Facts: * Everything in the NDP plan is additional to existing spending and programs. * The NDP plan does not raise taxes on middle or lower-income Canadians. * The Parliamentary Budget Officer has costed all the NDP’s revenue measures. * Debt-to-GDP ratio falls every year under the NDP’s four-year plan. * The NDP plan includes a Contingency Fund, equal to 15% of revenues every year. This is to make up for any shortfalls in revenue.


Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 | Indo-Canadian Voice

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Indo-Canadian Voice | Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019



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Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019

Indo-Canadian Voice


Surrey RCMP host Public Safety Fair ON Saturday, November 2, Surrey residents, businesses, youth and families are invited to join the Surrey RCMP and partners at a Public Safety Fair during National Crime Prevention Week. The event will showcase the Surrey RCMPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s collaborative prevention and intervention programs with local partners, and inform the public on how they can get involved in public safety. Attendees will also get a sneak peek of two new presentations that discuss gang involvement and ways of building resiliency in youth. The Public Safety Fair will

feature a number of familyfriendly activities including: * Free barbecue prepared by Surrey RCMP police officers and staff (11 a.m.-1 p.m.) * Free on-site shredding of your personal documents with Super Save Shredding (10 a.m.-2 p.m.) Donations for the Surrey Food Bank are welcome. * Mini-presentations of the new â&#x20AC;&#x153;Shattering the Imageâ&#x20AC;? module, and the brand new Project Lavender for youth (launching soon). * Information on Surrey RCMP programs and services including gang prevention,

youth services, community programs, victim services, property / auto crime, and more. * Mini-Blue fitness sessions for children and youth facilitated by police officers. Community partners will also be on hand to demonstrate the collaborative programming that has been designed to foster a holistic approach to safety in Surrey. The following organizations will have information booths at the Public Safety Fair: * Safe Schools / School District 36 / Welcome Centre * Crime Stoppers

* Surrey Anti-Gang Family Empowerment (SAFE) program partners * Vision Zero Surrey * Surrey Fire Service * Surrey Parks, Recreation & Culture * Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver * Fleetwood Business Improvement Association * Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association * Lookout Housing & Health Society * Surrey Urban Mission Society * Surrey Bylaws Enforcement * Surrey Crime Prevention So-

ciety â&#x20AC;&#x153;We look forward to welcoming Surrey residents, business owners, youth and families at this event so they can learn more about the wide variety of programs the Surrey RCMP and its partners offer to help strengthen our communities,â&#x20AC;? says Inspector Wendy Mehat, Community Support and Safety Officer. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are also excited to show attendees some of our newer youth engagement initiatives including the Family & Youth Resource Support Team, Project Lavender, and a new module of our Shattering the Image anti-gang pre-

sentation.â&#x20AC;? This Public Safety Fair is a continuation of the Surrey RCMPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to proactively engage with Surrey residents to promote public safety as a shared responsibility. Event Details: Surrey RCMP Public Safety Fair Saturday, November 2 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Ă&#x2030;cole Salish Secondary School 7272 184th Street, Surrey Admission is free and registration is not required.

Hidden camera in tanning bed at Chilliwackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Planet Fitness unnerves South Asians SOME South Asians in Surrey have expressed their nervousness and concern to this newspaper about the gyms that they regularly use after reports of a hidden camera being discovered in a tanning bed at a Planet Fitness gym in Chilliwack. More and more South Asians, including women and girls, are joining gyms in order to keep fit especially in view of the high risk of diabetes and hear disease associated to people of that ethnicity. Now, they wonder if they could have been victims of such perverted tactics in their gyms. Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment spokesperson Cpl. Mike Rail told The


VOICE in an email: â&#x20AC;&#x153;On August 8, 2019 the Chilliwack RCMP received a report that suspicious electronic devices -cameras â&#x20AC;&#x201C; were discovered in a business in the 45000-block of Luckakuck Way. The Chilliwack RCMP Serious Crime Section has conduct of the investigation.â&#x20AC;? He added: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We understand peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s concerns and Chilliwack RCMP are actively pursuing our investigation of the report. As police move forward with our investigation the integrity of the investigation, the evidence obtained, and the privacy of those who might be potential victims remains a high priority to us.â&#x20AC;?

He said that anyone who believes they may have been the subject of videoing or has any information regarding this investigation is urged to contact the Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611. A Chilliwack couple expressed their anger to CTV New about why neither the gym nor the RCMP informed members about the incident. CTV News quoted Becky Zirlen, senior public relations manager of Planet Fitness: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We can confirm that a recording device was found in one of the tanning beds in our Chilliwack location. It was immediately removed and reported to the Royal Canadian Mounted

Police. The franchise owner is working closely with the

police in this ongoing investigation, and we do not have

additional details to share at this time.â&#x20AC;?




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Indo-Canadian Voice Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


Immigration: Half back current targets – but huge misperceptions, pushback over refugees Canadians divided between Scheer, Trudeau and Singh over who’s best on immigration file THE latest public opinion poll from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute indicates just over half (52%) of Canadians are on side with the immigration targets set out by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Four-in-ten (39%) say that the current level of 331,000 immigrants for 2019 is about right, while another 13 per cent would actually increase the total, as the Liberals plan to do over the coming years if re-elected. The rest say either these targets are too high

(40%) or aren’t sure (8%). This comprehensive survey on immigration policy also finds confusion and significant misperceptions among people in Canada about how many immigrants actually settle in this country year over year, and where in the world they come from. Canadians also overestimate the number who come as refugees and underestimate the number who arrive as of economic class immigrants. For example, two-thirds of Canadians (64%)

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say that Canada accepts most of its immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. This region actually represents about 12 per cent of immigration. Canadians also overestimate the percentage of refugees the country accepts by double, while underestimating the number of economic class immigrants significantly. Against the backdrop of a looming vote, the top three leaders as best to handle the immigration file are Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer (28%) followed by Liberal leader Trudeau (22%) and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh (18%). More Key Findings: * More than half of Canadians (56%) say the Liberal government’s handling of border issues, particularly asylum seekers, has been too soft, more than twice the number who say they have handled the issue well (26%) * A majority (62%) say immigrants should have to be able to speak one of Canada’s official languages when coming to the country, while 38 per cent say it is acceptable for them to learn while they settle

* Conservative voters are much more critical of the impact immigrants have on Canadian jobs than those who support the other major federal parties. Four-in-ten (41%) of those who plan to back the CPC in the election say too many Canadian jobs are being lost to newcomers, while fewer than onein-five Liberal, Green and NDP supporters say the same, respectively

Police seek public help with identifying South Asian suspect in indecent act THE West Vancouver Police Department has released a composite sketch of a suspect in an indecent act investigation in an attempt to identify a man who is alleged to have exposed himself to a cyclist. On September 20, at approximately 7:30 p.m., a woman was cycling in the 100-block of Stevens Drive when she was passed by a black SUV. The SUV then pulled over and stopped. A male exited the vehicle and exposed his genitals to the cyclist as she passed. Despite extensive patrols by police following the

The suspect

incident, the suspect and vehicle have not been located. The suspect is described

as being South Asian, 5’8” tall, approximately 30 years of age, small to medium build, short black hair with a trimmed beard. He was wearing a dark coloured t-shirt and black pants. If anyone is able to identify the suspect or has any information that could assist investigators, they are asked to contact the WVPD at 604-925-7300 and reference file number 19-11616. If they wish to remain anonymous, visit or call CrimeStoppers at 1-800222-8477.

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 | Indo-Canadian Voice



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Indo-Canadian Voice Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


Conservatives unveil fully costed platform they say will eliminate Trudeau’s deficit by 2024 THE Conservatives on Friday released Andrew Scheer’s ‘Plan for You to Get Ahead,’ a fully costed platform that details how a new

Conservative government will live within its means and put more money in your pockets.

In his remarks, Scheer offered examples of how typical Canadian families will get ahead under a new Conservative government: * Under a new Conservative government, an average retired couple living in Tsawwassen will save $2,580 a year. * Under a new Conservative government, a family of four – soon to be five – in Montreal will save $4,642 a year. * Under a new Conservative government, a family of four in Markham will save $3,264 a year. “Under Justin Trudeau, Canadians are working harder and harder, but they’re just not getting ahead. Everything keeps getting more expensive and if Trudeau is re-elected, it will only get worse,” Scheer said. “My Plan For You To Get Ahead is filled with achievable and tangible ways that a new Conservative government under my leadership will put more money in your pockets so you can get ahead.” The Conservative platform also shows a costed and independently verified path back to a balanced budget by 2024-2025. This will be done through a combination of spending restraint and reductions to both corporate handouts to profitable corporations and foreign aid to relatively wealthy countries. “My plan eliminates Justin Trudeau’s damaging deficits because Conservatives know a balanced budget is the only way to make sure services like health care are protected,” Scheer said. As Prime Minister, Scheer will provide: 1. More money for you, for your kids, and for your retirement By scrapping Trudeau’s carbon tax, providing a Universal Tax Cut, taking the GST off home heating, making maternity benefits tax-free, boosting the RESP, increasing the Age Credit, bringing back tax credits for children’s arts, fitness, and learning, and introducing the Green Home Renovation Tax Credit. 2. More good jobs By reversing Trudeau’s tax hikes on small business, creating a National Energy Corridor to generate opportunities, boosting innovation and commercialization, supporting economic immigration, promoting interprovincial trade, building infrastructure projects

Andrew Scheer that reduce commute times and lower emissions, and more. 3. More innovation to fight climate change By taking the fight against climate change global and incentivizing industry to develop emissions-reducing technology that can be shared with the world’s highest-emitting countries. 4. More help at home By supporting our veterans, improving our correctional system, securing our neighbourhoods, strengthening border protection, reducing health care wait times, and more. 5. More strength abroad By confronting the global complexities of climate change, human migration, cybersecurity, and national defence, renewing relationships with important allies, and standing up for Canada on the world stage. “It’s time to turn the page on four years of broken promises. As Canadians, it’s time for Canadians to look to the future once again with confidence,” Scheer said. The platform was verified by Jack Mintz, President’s Fellow at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy. “I conclude, therefore, that the Conservative Party fiscal plan is reasonably estimated, resulting in a budgetary balance in five years subject to uncertainties that impact any economic forecast including those of the PBO,” Mintz said.


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Sarjit Saran and the NDP will make life more affordable:

Investing $100,000,000 to prevent gang violence and reduce crime

Expanding health care to include dental, hearing, and eye care

Lowering student debt

Lowering your cell phone and internet bills

Providing universal sal childcare 13632 108 Ave. Surrey, BC, V3T 2J1 Ń?Ń? %8FWFS8FWONYŃ?Ń? sarjitsaran 5FNIKTWFSIFZYMTWN_JIG^YMJTKâ&#x20AC;ŤÜŞâ&#x20AC;ŹHNFQFLJSYTKYMJHFSINIFYJHTUJLG

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A new Conservative government will close the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement A new Conservative government will restore public confidence in Canada’s immigration system by stopping the flow of illegal border crossers from the United States and prioritizing newcomers from the world’s most dangerous

countries, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said. “Canadians’ confidence in the immigration system has been rocked by Justin Trudeau’s chaos and mismanagement,” Scheer said. “When

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everybody follows the rules and the laws are enforced, immigration is good for the economy, good for jobs, and good for the people who have chosen to come to Canada. As Prime Minister, I will take steps to restore confidence in the system and make sure Canada’s immigration system prioritizes those who need Canada’s help the most.” As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer will: * Prioritize funding to support immigration services like language training, credential recognition, as well as services specifically designed for vulnerable newcomers like women, girls, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. * Prioritize those who apply to come to Canada through the appropriate immigration streams, especially in the family reunification program. * Close the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement. * Move existing Immigration and Refugee Board judges to common illegal border crossing points, speeding up the process and therefore making it less attractive to enter Canada illegally. * Hire an additional 250 CBSA enforcement of-

tion Free Consulta eaking” Sp i njab “English & Pu

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Quick Facts: * In 2017, Justin Trudeau created an illegal border crossing crisis in Canada with his #WelcomeToCanada tweet, resulting in more than 50,000 illegal border crossers entering Canada and costing taxpayers $1.6 billion. * A poll in August 2018 found that 65% of Canadians believed the massive influx of illegal border crossers was a “crisis.” * Trudeau has compensated Roxham Road residents $400,000 of taxpayer money for “disruptions” from those crossing the border illegally. * Canada is built on a rock-solid foundation of enduring values, democratic institutions, the rule of law, and fundamental and universal human rights, and these values must be reflected in our immigration system. * Only a Conservative government will restore compassion and fairness to Canada’s immigration system while protecting and securing our borders.

Delta Police officer narrowly escapes being struck by speeding car




ficers. * Listen carefully to provinces on immigration issues, with an aim to work closely to best accommodate their needs and priorities. A Conservative government would be ready to negotiate with the Government of Quebec to discuss the selection of those who wish to settle in Quebec. We will be open to requests to amend the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration. “These measures will restore fairness and compassion to our immigration system while providing stronger enforcement of the law at the border,” said Scheer. “If these measures aren’t taken, confidence in immigration will continue to slide and legitimate refugees will wait longer and longer for Canada’s help.”





A Delta Police Department officer was on Highway 17 outside his unmarked police car, speaking with a driver who he’d just pulled over on the edge of a turning lane on September 30. A driver weaving in and out of traffic, speeding excessively, narrowly avoided colliding with the officer and his vehicle. The officer never got a look at the driver, but felt the wind at his back as the driver sped by. Another driver, concerned by what they witnessed, happened to catch the incident on his dashcam and turned the video in to Delta Police. The DPD officer had his red and blue flashing lights activated during the stop, but the dashcam video is of lower quality and doesn’t capture the police lights well. “Our officers were able to isolate the license plate of the car in question from the video, and the officer who was nearly struck decided to pay a visit in person with the registered owner of the vehicle,” said A/Inspector Ryan Hall, who oversees the Traffic Unit. The registered owner, who lives in Delta, received a $368 ticket for drive without due care and attention. However, because the driver is unidentified, the ticket does not come with its typical six points. “This type of driving behaviour is so reckless,” said Hall. “This is exactly how fatal collisions happen. Less than a second of difference and we could have had a significantly different outcome. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. It takes just one person, with selfish or unthinking driving behaviour, to cause unbelievable carnage and pain. We would also ask people to slow down and move to the opposite lane as dictated in the Motor Vehicle Act for their and the officers’ safety.” In British Columbia, motorists are required to slow down and move over for all vehicles stopped alongside the road that have flashing red, blue or yellow lights. This includes first responders, maintenance workers, tow trucks, Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement personnel, land surveyors, animal control workers, garbage collectors and other roadside workers. For the video, visit our website

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St. Paul’s Foundation announces $225 million fundraising goal for new St. Paul’s Largest-ever hospital fundraising campaign in Western Canada will support BC’s first purpose-built health campus delivering provincial programs ST. Paul’s Foundation announced on Monday its $225 million fundraising goal to support the build of the new St. Paul’s Hospital at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre. This campaign is the

largest-ever hospital fundraising campaign in Western Canada. Funds raised will support the build of the new St. Paul’s, and bolster programs and services so


• Renovation • Framing L CALREE F • Drywall • Electrical FORIMATE EST • Plumbing • Painting • Flooring (Laminates, Tiles)


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that the provision of care matches the innovation and transformation afforded by the new


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facility. To date, $168 million in donations and pledges have been secured through philanthropy from foundations, corporate partners, individuals, and families, reflecting the support of the donor community for the vision of the new St. Paul’s – a catalyst to transform health care for people across BC. The new St. Paul’s will be BC’s first purposebuilt health campus: a health innovation hub, where patient care is integrated with industry partners in research and life sciences, creating unprecedented opportunities for researchers, clinicians, and industry to collaborate and accelerate delivery of medical breakthroughs to British Columbians. “Donor support is the key to making the new St. Paul’s world class. We have an extremely rare opportunity to build something that will change health care and save lives locally and provincially, and even globally,” says Paul Hollands, A&W Chairman, and Chair, St. Paul’s Foundation Campaign Executive Committee. “This is a game changer for British Columbia and we are calling on business and community leaders to invest in the new St. Paul’s. Each of us has a role to play in bringing this once-in-a-lifetime project to life.” Clinical services at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre will be strengthened – particularly for people with complex, chronic conditions who can benefit from multi-specialty care, specialized equipment, and advanced diagnostics. Treatment areas will be flexible and centrally located so multi-disciplinary teams can collaborate and treat patients wherever it makes the most sense. “We’re building a health campus where every patient is a partner; where research, teaching, and clinical care are integrated from day one,” says Fiona Dalton, President and CEO, Providence Health Care. “The entire campus and provincial network of care will put the needs of the patient first, making the patient journey very different from what it is today.” Specialists at the new St. Paul’s will use digital technology to provide diagnostic expertise and follow-up to patients in rural and remote communities across BC. Patients won’t have to travel to the hospital unless they need a specialized procedure. St. Paul’s specialists will work in partnership with adjacent health authorities and community and primary care providers to support patients locally wherever possible. “Our north star for the new St. Paul’s is the commitment to put people first. Grounded by Providence Health Care’s vision, we are driven by compassion and social justice to stand at the forefront of exceptional care and innovation,” says Dick Vollet, President and CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation. “The new St. Paul’s at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre is where you’ll want to come if you’re sick. It’s the place you’ll want to bring your loved ones when they need care.” A mighty group of community leaders and visionaries have already pledged their support and made significant donations including: Michael and Carmelina De Lazzari’s $3 million gift to create the De Lazzari Family Chair in Heart Lung Innovation; Scotiabank’s $2 million in support of youth transition programs; the London Drugs and the Tong and Geraldine Louie Family Foundations’ $6.5 million in support of the provincial Heart Centre; and Jim Pattison’s historic $75 million to galvanize the transformation of health care in BC at the new St. Paul’s.

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B.C. experiencing highest rates of infectious syphilis in the last 30 years While syphilis continues to disproportionately affect gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in B.C., infections are also increasing among women WITH B.C. experiencing ongoing increases of syphilis infections, the Office of the Provincial Health Officer and the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) are reminding British Columbians to speak with their health care professional about testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), especially those with new sexual partners, or people who are pregnant. Syphilis is an infection that can be acquired through oral, vaginal and anal sexual contact with a person who has infectious syphilis or skin-to-skin contact with a syphilis lesion (chancre) or rash. Syphilis can be transmitted from a pregnant woman to their unborn child in pregnancy or during childbirth. There were 919 new cases of infectious syphilis in B.C. in 2018, a rate of 18.4 per 100,000. This represents a 33 per cent increase from 2017. In B.C., the majority of infections occur in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men. “After seeing syphilis infections decrease for several years, rates of syphilis began to climb again earlier this decade,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer. “We’ve been working to address syphilis in B.C. and raise awareness about testing among men who have sex with men. We are currently working with our partners to see what more we can do to reduce the number of infections but we also need the public to be aware of the risk and to be proactive about testing and treatment.” While syphilis continues to disproportionately affect gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in B.C., infections are also increasing among women. There has been a nearly 40 per cent increase of infectious syphilis among women 15 to 49 years old from 2017 to 2018. Syphilis and pregnancy In response to the increase in cases among women, B.C. has implemented a temporary change to syphilis screening guidelines during pregnancy. In addition to the routine screening that already takes place during the first trimester of pregnancy and ongoing screening during pregnancy for individuals at higher risk of syphilis, it is now recommended that all pregnant individuals get tested again around the time of delivery. Treating those infected with syphilis during pregnancy helps prevent congenital syphilis, where the infection is passed from the mother to the baby during pregnancy or delivery. If left untreated, syphilis during pregnancy can lead to premature birth, low birth weight, long-term neurological issues, bone deformities, deafness, or even stillbirth. After many years of no cases of congenital syphilis in the province, B.C. identified two cases in 2019. “This is an interim measure in response to an outbreak and aligns with actions taken by other provinces to prevent a serious infection that can harm both mother and baby,” said Dr. Mark Gilbert, medical director for Clinical Prevention Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control. “The additional screening will help us detect and treat maternal and congenital syphilis infections and understand the prevalence of maternal and congenital syphilis in the province.” Many Canadian provinces are experiencing significant increases in syphilis and some are also responding to increases in congenital syphilis. Alberta and Manitoba have reported over 10 cases of congenital syphilis each in the last year, and also recommend prenatal syphilis screening to include testing at delivery. Syphilis is a bacterial infection that can be cured with antibiotics. If left untreated, syphilis can lead to serious complications including damage to the brain, heart and other organs, and can be associated with a greater risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV. A blood test will diagnose a syphilis infection. Quick Facts about syphilis: * You can get syphilis through oral, vaginal and anal sexual contact or close skin-to-skin contact with a syphilis lesion or rash. * Syphilis infections can have no symptoms and so a person may not know they have it. Symptoms can include a hard painless sore usually on the genitals or other sites of contact such as the mouth or anus. Other symptoms can include a

flat, red skin rash on the back, chest, hands or feet, fever, swelling of the glands, genital rash, hair loss and fatigue. * A blood test can be done to check if you have syphilis. * Syphilis is curable with antibiotics, and the earlier the treatment, the more likely that complications will be prevented. Early diagnosis and treatment will also prevent transmission. If treated at a later stage, antibiotic treatment cannot undo the damage already caused by syphilis, but it can prevent further health complications. * People can get syphilis multiple times in their life. * Use of condoms during close and/or sexual contact works well to reduce your chances of getting or transmitting syphilis. Be aware that you can still get syphilis with a condom because syphilis sores can occur in places not covered by a condom. * If you are pregnant, you should be screened for syphilis by your maternity care provider during the first trimester and again around the time of delivery. You can transmit syphilis to your baby

during pregnancy or delivery. Congenital syphilis can have serious health effects on your baby. In severe cases, it can lead to stillbirth

or death. For more info, visit our website

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Surrey RCMP recognized at Surrey Board of Trade Police Officer of the Year Awards


THE Surrey Board of Trade on Thursday hosted the 23rd Annual Police Officer of the Year Awards, an event that recognizes the commitment and contributions of Surrey RCMP police officers, staff, volunteers and partners. Finalists were nominated by the community or by their peers, and winners were announced in eight different categories at the gala dinner. * Constable Richard Wright (see photo below) was named Police Officer of the Year (nominated by the community) for his dedication to mentoring youth in the community. One of the youth, Brahmroop Sandhu, was in attendance at the awards dinner to cheer on the officer who inspired him to make positive life choices. Wright is also a well known face at many community and youth events across Surrey. * Constable Karen Baker was named Police Officer of the Year (nominated by peers) for developing creative solutions to public safety concerns. She initiated several projects to combat crime near transit hubs and an education campaign to lock out auto crime in parking lots. Most recently, Baker has found her calling in the Surrey RCMP Youth Unit participating in anti-bullying initiatives and programs like Mini-Blue. She also devel-







604 512 6632 #266 - 8128 128 Street, Surrey Email:


Constable Richard Wright Photos: A Master Media

oped a school zone safety project where students helped build a “fairy lane” to encourage Walking Wednesdays. * The Surrey Gang Enforcement Team (SGET) received the Arnold Silzer Community Policing Initiative for their work enhancing public safety through a combination of enforcement, youth education, outreach and partnerships. SGET handles over 1,000 investigations a year that result in a large volume of criminal charges, as well as drugs and weapons seizures. Their anti-gang presentation, Shattering the Image, has been viewed by thousands of Surrey youth and parents. * Marnie Neal was named Municipal Employee of the Year for her role assisting victims of crime who have experienced trauma. Marnie worked tirelessly to get an Accredited Facility Dog to join the Victim Services Unit. Last year Marnie became the handler to a beautiful LabradorGolden Retriever cross named Cambria from the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society. The pair has helped hundreds of victims, many of them children, to provide witness statements and testify in court. * Steve Gyorny was named Volunteer of the Year for volunteering over 700 hours

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019 to community engagement, traffic safety and crime prevention programs. Steve is known as someone who is always willing to step up and lend a helping hand. His positive attitude and strong leadership skills have made him a mentor to new volunteers. *Auxiliary Kim Treider was named Auxiliary of the Year for contributing over 1,000 hours of service to the Surrey RCMP and the City of Surrey. Kim regularly takes the initiative to proactively expand the ways that Auxiliaries can contribute to various public safety deployments and local events requiring a police presence. His extensive local knowledge and many years in the Auxiliary program have made

Indo-Canadian Voice him a trusted source for both detachment staff and his fellow auxiliaries. * E Watch Frontline was named the Police Team of the Year for their proactive patrols targeting hot spots and nuisance areas during peak policing times in Surrey. Officers with E Watch began a community policing profile that targets areas with high property crime with overt, intelligence-led policing. This enhanced visibility has resulted in strong results and positive feedback from Surrey residents. * Save-On-Foods at 10312 King George Boulevard received the Police and Business Partnership Award for their generous donations of food that help feed individuals in the community who are


dealing with homelessness, mental health challenges, addictions and crisis. The large volume of donations provided by the store have allowed the Surrey Urban Mission to serve over 2,500 hot meals per week to those in the community. “This event is very meaningful to all of us at the Surrey RCMP because the recognition comes directly from the community we serve,” said Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald, Surrey RCMP Officer in Charge. “Thank you to the Surrey Board of Trade for your hard work in making this annual tradition a special night for our officers, staff, volunteers, as well as business and community part-

ners.” “We’re very proud of our Surrey RCMP officers and all the finalists who were recognized at this year’s dinner for their contributions to public

safety,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “It’s important for the Surrey Board of Trade to celebrate the efforts of those who contribute every single day

to making our community a safer place to live and work.” Partial proceeds from the Surrey Board of Trade’s event go to the RCMP Youth Academy.

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DR. H. KHOSA, MD | DR. N. MALHI, MD | DR. V. SIDHU, MD Members of Vedic Seniors Parivar Center who are going on a cruise and tour of Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Dubai for 22 days in December. Photo by Girja Shankar Sharma

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Indo-CanadianV oiceS aturday, Oct.1 2,2 019

No posters please.) Caste Matters: Talk and Discussion with Suraj Yengde Dr. Suraj Yengde is a prominent per-

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sonality who is based out of Harvard University. His recent book is Caste Matters. He is visiting the Lower Mainland. Events on October 13: * Participating in the congregation, Guru Ravidass Center, 7271 Gilley Avenue, Burnaby, at 11:30 a.m. * Dr. Ambedkar Chetna Awards Night, Khanna Banquet Hall, Surrey, at 6:30 p.m. For information, email at or visit South Asian Adults & Seniors: Common Orthopedic Problems Vedic Seniors Parivar Center of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society Surrey invites South Asian adults and senior membersas well as non-members to attend a presentation on Common Orthopedic Problems faced by seniors (knees & pelvis) by Dr. Jiya Gill, a naturopathic physician from New Delhi on Sunday, October 13, 2-3:30 p.m., at Shanti Niketan Hall of Lakshmi Narayan Hin-

LIVE WELL MEDICAL CENTRE After serving 10 years of practice in Winnipeg, Dr Balwinder Singh Gill has now opened a new clinic in Surrey and started his practice.

October 15-18: The Surrey RCMP’s “Coffee with Cops” events will return this October for residents and business owners to connect with their local police officers. Inspector Wendy Mehat, Community Support and Safety Officer and the Community Response Unit will be hosting in each of Surrey’s five Districts. The sessions are open to all area residents and businesses and no registration is required. * Guildford / Fleetwood on October 15, 1011 a.m., at Cuatro Coffee Shop, 202 – 9014 152nd Street, Surrey * Cloverdale / Port Kells on October 16, 10-11 a.m., at The Rustic Rooster, 5-5723 176th Street, Surrey * South Surrey on October 16, 2-3 p.m., at Joyful Indulgence Bakeshop Café, 101 - 15222 32nd Avenue, Surrey * City Centre / Whalley on October 17, 10-11 a.m., at Prado Café, 13495 Central Avenue , Surrey * Newton on October 18, 10-11 a.m., at Espresso Café, 1112 – 7330 137th Street, Surrey. Sanjha Vehra Women’s Association: Breast Cancer Fundraiser Friday, October 18 at Dhaliwal Banquet Hall, 230 8166 128th Street, Surrey. All proceeds go to Surrey Hospital Foundation. Entertainment, door prizes, dinner and dancing. Cash bar. Tickets: $35. For more info and tickets, call Rani Manget at 604-506-6123, Balwinder Hairan at 778-862-1556, Tirath Sarai at 604-760-7235.

Diwali Celebration 2019 on October 19 at Khanna Banquet Hall, 11267 125A Street, Surrey, at 6:30 p.m. Adults: $20; Children 6-12: $10; Children 5 and under: Free. Includes a vegetarian dinner, entertainment and the Miss Indo Caribbean Pageant. For tickets, contact Sheila Omaid at 604-438-9158, Shama Ramnarine at 604-936-3194, Ram Ramsaroop at 604-722-5892 or 604-722-5892, James Prasad at 604644-3751, Hari Singh at 604-731-4354, Annette Bacchus at 604-529-9079, Sherman Ramoutar at 604-522-2170.


Please Call Live Well Medical Centre

Come Meet Your Surrey RCMP Over Coffee

Indo Caribbean Canadian Cultural Society of BC

ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS For More Information Or Book An Appointment;

du Temple, 8321 140th Street, Surrey. There will be a question-and-answer session after the presentation. Tea and light snacks will be served. Contact Surendra Handa, coordinator, at 604507-9945 for further information.

Repair Cafés

Dr. Balwinder S. Gill M.D.,C.C.F.P

Tel: 604-498-1900 9839 138 St., Surrey BC V3T 5E3

Repair Cafes are community gatherings where fixer volunteers help visitors repair their broken household items - electronics, small appliances, textile, jewelry, woodwork, bikes, anything that is broken. Open to the public free of charge, the program aims to reduce waste, reverse the throwaway culture, share repair knowledge and bring the community closer. The Vancouver chapter was launched this past summer and have seen large demand at each of its monthly event. * Saturday, October 19, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., at Vancouver City Hall * Saturday, November 9, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., at Killarney Community Centre. CONTINUED ON 31

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019

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Dead woman found in Newton residence, man arrested SURREY RCMP on Friday evening last week found a dead woman in a residence in the Newton area. On October 4 at 4:40 p.m., police were called to a residence in the 5800-block of 122nd Street, where a woman was found deceased. One man was arrested at the residence in relation to the incident. Surrey RCMP Serious Crime Unit is working with the Integrated Ho-

micide Investigation Team (IHIT) to continue the investigation. The incident was contained to the inside of the residence. Police believe there is no ongoing concern for public safety at this time and that both parties are believed to be known to each other. There is no indication that this incident is related to gang involvement.

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Neelam Brar, Liberal candidate for Burnaby South, welcomed Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of party leader Justin Trudeau, to her riding on Tuesday, October 8. The two visited senior citizens at Poppy Residences, and then attended a Women in Leadership Lunch at Burnaby Palace Restaurant. The lunch was attended by over 100 accomplished community and business leaders. Trudeau and Brar shared their career experiences and insights on leadership, growth and personal development. Photos submitted


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-provide personal care, -perform light housekeeping duties -prepare and serve meals -assist with day to day activities -assist with light exercise Education -high school graduation completion or equivalent and #AREGIVER (OME SUPPORT WORKER CERTIlcation and training How to apply:email


Farm workers for Mukhtiar Grovers Ltd.,287 Townline Abbotsford reqiured. Duties include pruning, weeding, harvesting crops. 40-60 hours per week. $13.85 per hour. fax resume 1-604-8536917 e-mail mukhtiargrowers_1979@hotmail. com


TIRE TECHNICIAN NEEDED Work Location: 9718 188 Street, Surrey BC, V4M 3M2 Languages: English Positions: 2 Wage: $19.00/hour Education: No degree, certificate or diploma Experience: 7 months to less than 1 year Own Tools/Equipment: Steel-toed safety boots Security and Safety: Bondable, Basic security clearance Transportation/Travel Information: Own vehicle Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Physically demanding, Overtime required, Standing for extended periods, Ability to distinguish between colors, Handeye co-ordination, 20/20 vision, Fast-paced environment, Bending, crouching, kneeling, Attention to detail Work Location Information: Willing to relocate Work Site Environment: Noisy, Odors, Dusty, Confined spaces Personal Suitability: Judgement, Team player, Flexibility, Reliability Installation Specialization: Tires, Commercial vehicle wheels Specific Skills: Add or replace hydraulic and transmission fluids, Replace oil, air and fuel filters on motor vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment, Change engine oil and lubricate running gears or moving parts of automobiles, trucks or heavy equipment, Assist mechanics and perform other duties as directed, Install replacement mufflers, exhaust pipes, shock absorbers or radiators, Provide on-site services, Repair and balance tires, Grease booms, pulleys, buckets and other components of heavy equipment. Weight Handling: Up to 23 kg (50 lbs) PLEASE SEND RESUME BY EMAIL AT INTENDED JOB POSTING AUDIENCE : Anyone who can legally work in Canada can apply for this job. If you are not currently authorized to work in Canada, the employer will not consider your job application. Newcomers and Aboriginal communities are also welcome to apply.

ROOFER REQUIRED * URGENTLY * Permanent Full Time Roofer required for well know Roong company in Surrey, BC. Education : Secondary School (+2) Experience : 2-3 years (In Canada or in other countries)


236.632.1488 Email:

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Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


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JK AGRO INDUSTRIES INC. is looking for Permanent, Full time Farm Supervisor. The details are given below:Position: Farm SupervisorPositions Available: 5 Wage: $19/Hour, 40 hours per week Job Type: Permanent/ Full Time, yearround work Anticipated Start Date: as soon as possible English (Oral and written) Location: 88 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford BC V2T5W9Job duties Co- ordinate and supervise the work of general farm workers and harvesting labourers. Supervise and oversee growing and other crop related operations and train farm workers. Supervise harvest operations.· Develop work schedules and establish procedures. Ensure farm safety procedures are followed. Maintain quality control and production records. May perform general farm duties when required.Heavy lifting required. Ability to work long hours, early mornings and weekends as required. Ability to work outdoors in ALL weather conditions.Completion of Secondary school is required. Minimum 1 year of related experience is requiredWe welcome Indigenous persons, vulnerable youth, newcomers, and persons with disabilities to apply.Email your resume to .


CLASSIFIEDS The Indo-Canadian Voice #102 - 9360 - 120th St., Surrey, BC V3V 4B9

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670372 BC ltd DBA ESSO gas station is urgently looking for a fulltime/ permanent bookkeeper. Duties include: To maintain client accounts using manual and computerized bookkeeping systems. Maintain general ledgers and prepare final financial statements. Calculate and prepare cheques for payroll, tax and other bills. Complete and submit tax remittance form, workers’ compensation forms. Prepare tax returns, accounting, financial and other reports. Number of position(s): 1 (one)Education: Minimum high school is required. Courses in accounting or bookkeeping is preferred. Experience: Minimum two years of experience is required. Language at work: English (oral and written)Hours: 40 per week. Salary $24 per hour + 4% vacation paid every two weeks. Work location: 160 Tapton Avenue, Princeton, BC V0X1W0 We welcome indigenous people, vulnerable youth, newcomers and persons with disability to apply. Please email your resume: essoprinceton@gmail. com

manent full- time Ironworker- Reinforcing Rebar to join their constructive team. Salary: $ 24/hr. Hours of operation: 8 hours per day – 40 hours per week. Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible. Location: 6158 143 Street, Surrey, BC V3X0E5 ( Various Locations through Lower Mainland ) Language at work: English. Job Duties and Responsibilities: Read blueprints and specifications to lay out work. Put up and install scaffolding. Signal crane operator to position steel units according to blueprints. Align and weld or bolt steel units and Position and secure steel bars or metal mesh in concrete forms. Assemble and settle prefabricated metal structures. Position and secure steel bars or metal mesh in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures. Examine structures and equipment for defects and dismantle structures and equipment when needed. Education Requirements: Completion of secondary school is required. Experience Required: Minimum experience of 3 years is required. We welcome youth, new comers and aboriginal people. How to Apply:

Hurricane Damp Proofing LTD is looking forward to hire one per-

Hurricane Damp Proofing LTD is

looking forward to hire one permanent full- time construction supervisor to join their constructive team. Salary: $32/hr. + 4% vacation pay. Hours of operation: 8 hours per day – 40 hours per week. Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible. Location: 6158 143 Street, Surrey, BC V3X0E5 (various locations throughout Lower Mainland). Language at work: English. Job Duties and Responsibilities: Plan, organize, direct, control construction projects from start to finish according to schedule and specifications. Generate and plan construction schedules. Monitor progress against the regulated progress sheet. Prepare the contacts. Handle purchase of building materials. Supervise, coordinate and schedule the activities of workers who operate construction, paving, drilling and other similar heavy equipment. Ensure company policy and adherence to safety standards. Requisition of supplies and needed materials. Education Requirements: Completion of secondary school is required. Experience Required: Minimum experience of 2 years in similar role is required. We welcome youth, new comers and aboriginal people. How to Apply Email- hurricanedamproofing@gmail. com

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Indo-Canadian Voice Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


Jumpstart Playground officially opens in Surrey’s Unwin Park THE City of Surrey and Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities officially opened the Jumpstart Playground in Unwin Park on Tuesday. Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum, along with Scott Fraser, Presi-

dent of Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, and Stephanie Dixon, 19-time Paralympic Medallist, welcomed over 100 local children to experience Surrey’s largest accessible playground.

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Last Saturday of the Month 2:45-4pm Pantry Rest. Guildford Mall Dave Hayer served as MLA for Surrey for 12 years

(L-R) Paralympic Medallist Stephanie Dixon, Councillors Laurie Guerra and Linda Annis, John Furlong, Chairman, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, Mayor Doug McCallum, Scott Fraser, President, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities, and Councillors Mandeep Nagra, Doug Elford and Allison Patton celebrate the official opening of Jumpstart Playground.

“Creating spaces where residents of all ages and abilities can enjoy active play together is at the centre of our vision to advance as a thriving, healthy community where everyone feels welcome,” said McCallum. “We thank Jumpstart Charities for their partnership in bringing this inclusive playground to Unwin Park. It is a welcome addition that will be enjoyed by the community for years to come.” “By playing, whether through organized sport or with friends on a playground, kids are given the opportunity to develop valuable life skills such as confidence, courage and teamwork,” said Fraser. “Today, we are celebrating more than the new Jumpstart Playground in Unwin Park; we’re celebrating the learning and growth opportunities it will foster for kids of all abilities in Surrey.” At 12,000 square feet, Jumpstart Playground is the largest inclusive playground in Surrey and provides an imaginative and accessible play space for kids of all abilities to play together. The space includes unique accessible features and equipment, including double-wide ramps, seamless rubber surfacing, a quiet play space, a wheelchair-accessible We-Go-Round and more. The Jumpstart Playground is a gift to the City of Surrey as part of Jumpstart’s Inclusive Play Project and is the sixth Jumpstart Playground to be built in Canada to-date. Through a five-year, $50 million fundraising commitment from Canadian Tire Corporation, Jumpstart’s Inclusive Play Project is helping Canadian kids overcome physical barriers to sport and recreation. In addition to building universally accessible playgrounds, Jumpstart supports accessible programming and infrastructure across Canada through Jumpstart Accessibility Grants and the Para Sport Jumpstart Fund. “I expect the leadership contest will culminate at the party’s 2020 convention to be held in Nanaimo from June 26-28, but details regarding the leadership contest, including a launch date, will be released in the coming weeks and months as they are approved by Provincial Council.”

Yasin Rashid charged in West End murder

A 23-year-old Vancouver man has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Kyle Vincent Gabriel, following an investigation by the Vancouver Police Department. Yasin Rashid was formally charged on Friday, and will make a brief appearance in Vancouver Provincial Court later this morning. VPD officers were called to 1125 Pendrell Street, in the city’s West End, shortly after 8 p.m. on September 10, following an incident between two males. Gabriel, 29, was found injured in the residence and later died at hospital. Rashid was arrested the next day on unrelated charges and has remained in custody since that time. This was Vancouver’s seventh homicide of 2019.

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019


Indo-Canadian Voice


DIVERSEcity Entrepreneur & Small Business Fair The fourth annual DIVERSEcity Entrepreneur & Small Business Fair is being held during Small Business Week, on Wednesday, October 23, 5–8 p.m., at Surrey City Hall. It is a great starting point for not only newcomers, but any other emerging or new entrepreneur looking for information and inspiration to succeed. Free admission. Inspiring speakers and practical workshops, including keynote speaker Harry Narang. Exhibitor booths of organizations who offer selfemployment and small business information and resources, including Small Business BC, Newton BIA, Beta Collective, Community Futures, Futurpreneur, Telus, Neil Squire Society and more. One-on-one advice to help you get started on your entrepreneurial journey. Business showcase of local immigrant entrepreneurs. Presentation of three Immigrant Entrepreneur Grant Awards (value of $1,000 each) (chosen through an independent judging process after an application process). For more information, see South Asian Seniors Vedic Seniors Parivar Center of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society Surrey is going to celebrate the Festival of Lights (Diwali) with a get-together and a group birthday of 30 senior members on Thursday, October 24 at Ultimate Banquet Hall, 8072 120th Street in Surrey at 6 p.m. There will be live entertainment program with jokes, Bollywood music, a cake-cutting ceremony, appetizers, dinner and desserts. They have invited prominent musicians of the South Asian community to entertain. Prior registration is required. Contact Surendra Handa, Coordinator / Organizer at 604-507-9945. Muriel Arnason Library: Diwali Celebration Saturday, October 26, from 1 to 3 p.m., Muriel Arnason Library and the Township of Langley are celebrating their 16th annual Diwali (Festival of Lights). Everyone is invited to experience diversity of culture through crafts, face painting, henna, Indian music and dance, displays, and refreshments. The library is located at 20338 65th Avenue. Phone: 604-532-3590. 2019 Dhahan Prize Awards Ceremony Saturday, November 2 at 6 p.m. at The Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre, University of British Columbia. Join in celebrating excellence in Punjabi literature. Ceremony begins at 7 p.m. followed by a catered reception. Tickets can be purchased at: The keynote speaker will be Balli Kaur Jaswal, author of four novels, including Singapore Literature Prize finalist Sugarbread, and the bestselling Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, which was a selection of Reese Witherspoon’s book club. Her debut novel Inheritance won the Sydney Morning Herald’s Best Young Australian Novelist award. She teaches creative writing at Yale NUS College. Her latest novel The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters was released internationally earlier this year. PICS Society: Zeenat Aman at Golden

Glam-ma Pageant 2019 Famous Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman has agreed to be a part of PICS Society’s first Beauty Pageant for Grandmothers: “Golden Glam-ma Pageant 2019” as a judge. The Golden Glam-Ma Pageant is a platform to empower seniors by showcasing their talent and giving them an opportunity to have their voices heard in the community. This fundraiser is on November 16 at 5 p.m. at Taj Park Convention Center in Surrey. The fundraiser will consist of a fashion show, prizes, silent auction, face painters, photo booth, henna artists, dinner, dancing and the inaugural Golden Glam-ma Pageant. Buy your tickets today by calling 604596-7722. Learn more: events/golden-glam-ma-pageant-2019/ (For more events, visit the “Events” section of our website at voiceonline. com)



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CEDRIC HUGHES 11 years ICBC defence work and Over 20 years serving the community.



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