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Toyota Crown Royal Saloon

300 bhp - Twin Turbo Engine

Former embassy car at the Polish Embassy in Bangkok ! 3L Twin-Turbo (2JZGTE) 300bhp Straigt-6 engine (Same engine as Toyota Supra) Only BLACK color I have seen here in Thailand ABS, AIRBAGS,El-Seat + EL-Back seats, Alarm, Remote-locking,New Battery++

Farang registred TOYOTA CROWN Royal Saloon 3L AT(2JZGTE)1997/2001 This is fun GT car to drive and good for high speed cruising on motorways here. Toyota Crown is the big brother of Toyota Camry. Crown and Lexus LS shared the same platform and engines at the time, Crown are still produced but mostly sold in Asia. Other markeds only get Lexus. -----------------------(Use google (2JZGTE) and search for the engine, it is probably the best engine Toyota has ever made. it was produced with no cost spared to beat Nissan Skyline. Stock engine components built todo 500-600 bhp. Most SUPRAS here in Thailand has between 500-700bhp.)

Mob (Eng) Email (Eng) Mob (Thai) Email (Thai)

0871303012 : 0890991208

For Sale : 390,000 Baht

(Willing to take older pickup as partial Payment)

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon Twin-Turbo  

Uniq car for Thailand

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