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Milk & Whey

Technologies for Dairy Industries

牛奶和乳清 乳制品工业技术

Brief Biography of ICF & Welko ICF & Welko, an Italian company in the mechanical district of Maranello, since 1961 has been providing cutting edge solutions for food industry: spray drying, fluidized bed drying, freeze-drying, evaporation, extraction, aroma recovery, agglomeration. Hundreds of our customers successfully process a wide range of products with ICF & Welko turn key plants, such as dairy products, beverages (coffee, chocolate, surrogates, istant drinks, tea, herbs extracts), soups and broths. Each plant is tailor-made to the customer’s requirements and provides outstanding performances, high automation levels, great flexibility and energy saving, in total compliance with the highest safety, security and environmental requirements. ICF & Welko has always been strongly committed to Researching and developing new technological

solutions to cater to constantly-changing industry needs; our company knows that challenges are strategic opportunities and offers itself as the partner for your innovation, meaning a key partner for your success. Our company has an innovated and fully equipped research-testing laboratory, which allows our customers to

• simulate and test product behavior under processing conditions • make the proper plant, machine and equipment choices • fully understand product treatment characteristics • identify process variables and necessary dimensioning and planning elements • provide technological assistance for new solutions

Our R&D lab is staffed by the experienced and trained personnel, whose work is continuous research for continuous improvement of customers and stakeholders satisfaction.

ICF & WELKO 公司简介 ICF & WELKO公司是一家位于MARANELLO机械 制造区的意大利公司,自1961年起为食品工业提 供先进的解决方案:喷雾干燥、流化床干燥、蒸 发、萃取、芳香复原和凝聚造粒。 数以百计的用户通过ICF & WELKO公司的交钥匙 工程得以成功地生产多种产品,如奶制品、饮料 (咖啡、巧克力、替代品、速溶饮品、茶和中草 药提取物)、汤料和肉汤等。 每个工厂都是根据客户要求量身定制的,并提供 出色的性能、高自动化程度、极大的灵活性和节 能。完全符合最高的安全和环保要求。 ICF & WELKO公司始终坚定的致力于研究和开发 新的技术解决方案,以满足不断变化的需求;我

们公司深刻地认识到挑战是战略机遇,是创新伙 伴,是成功的关键伙伴。 我们公司拥有创新和设备齐全的研发测试实验 室,使我们的客户能够: - 模拟和测试加工条件下的产品性能; - 对工厂、机器和设备做出合适的选择; - 充分了解产品的特性; - 确定加工过程中的可变和必要的参数,以及规划内 容; - 提供技术支持和新方案。

我们的研发实验室配备了经验丰富的人员,它们 的工作就是不断地研究改进,以满足客户及相关 利益者的要求。

Dairy Plants ICF & Welko, with ongoing commitment towards the development and improvement of their own know-how and technologies, here present their plants and lines intended for the dairy industry for the production of milk by-products in powder or granular form. The advantages of milk spray drying are well-known: “shelflife” up to one or two years, easiness of transportation (fresh milk has 86–88 % water contents), make the spray drying plants applied to the dairy industry particularly advantageous. And above all, the quality is in accordance with the highest European standard, thanks to the “gentle” heat treatment which the products are subjected to through the special processes applied. Milk powder and milk by-products, such as whey and proteins, are used in food industry for the preparation of baby foods, dietetic and energy foods, confectionery products like chocolate and ice creams, instant drinks like cappuccino, cocoa based drinks, etc.

乳制品工厂 ICF & WELKO公司不断致力于发展和改进自己的专有知 识和技术,在此所介绍的工厂及生产线是用于乳制品行 业,可生产粉状或颗粒状的牛奶制品。 喷雾干燥技术应用于牛奶加工的优势是众所周知的。它 可以使保质期达到一年或两年,并且便于运输(鲜牛奶 的含水量为86%-88%),这就使得喷雾干燥技术在乳制 品行业具有独特的优越性。最主要的是质量符合欧洲最 高标准,由于经过温和的热处理,使产品受到特殊的加 工。 奶粉和奶粉制品,如乳清和蛋白质可在食品工业中用于 生产婴儿食品、营养和能量食品、甜食如巧克力和冰激 凌、速溶饮料如卡布奇诺和可可类饮品等。

Dairy Process Technologies 乳制品加工工艺技术



• Raw milk receveing and undloading sections • Cooling and storage • Pasteurization, skimming and standardization • Homogeneization

- 牛奶原料的接收与卸载工段 - 冷却和储存工段 - 巴氏杀菌、撇沫及标准化工段 - 均化工段

High Valute Treatmens


Cold Concentration & Filtration


• Microfiltration • Nanofiltration • Ultrafiltration • Reverse osmosis

- 微过滤 - 纳米过滤 - 超过滤 - 反渗透



Equipments to evaporate large amounts of water, trough high temperature.

设备通过高温蒸发大量的水 分。



Equipment to dry liquids into powdery or granulated products, and reduce the moisture content of powders or granules.

设备将液体干燥成粉末或颗粒,并 降低粉末或颗粒中的水分。



Equipments for mixing of powders and for agglomerating, making finished products instantly soluble.

设备将粉末混合凝聚造粒,是最终 产品具有速溶性。

Falling and Turbulent Multi Stages Evaporation

Noozle and Disk



Raw Milk 牛奶

RAW MILK 牛奶 Pasteurization 巴氏杀菌

Dried Whole Milk 干燥后的全脂牛奶

Dried skimmed milk 干燥后的脱脂牛奶 Casein 酪蛋白

Alkaline treatment 碱性处理

Caseinates 酪蛋白酸盐

Concentration/Drying 浓缩/干燥

Concentration/Drying 浓缩/干燥 Acid/Enzymes Precipitation 酸性降水/酶沉淀

Yogurt 酸奶

Condensed Milk 炼乳

Pasteurized Milk 经巴氏杀菌的牛奶 Separation 分离

Fat 脂肪

Churning 黄油

Skimmed Milk 脱脂牛奶

Rennet 凝乳

Milk for Chees Making 用于做奶酪的牛奶 Cheese 奶酪 WHEY 乳清

Milk Proteins Concentrate 乳蛋白浓缩物 Milk Protein Isolate 乳蛋白分离物 Hydrolyzed Milk Protein 水解乳蛋白 Casein Micelles 酪蛋白胶束

Ultrafiltration 超滤 Ultra-/Diafiltration 超滤/渗滤 Enzymatic Hydrolysis 酶水解 Ultra-/Micro Filtration 超滤/微过滤

Whey 乳清


Concentration/Drying 浓缩/干燥

Powdered Whey 乳清粉末

Ultra-/Dia-Filtration 超滤/渗透过滤

Chromatography 层析 α-Lactalbumin α-乳白蛋白

Concentrated Whey Proteins 浓缩乳清蛋白

Enzymatic Hydrolysis 酶水解 Hydrolized Whey Proteins 水解乳清蛋白

β-Lactoglobulin β-乳球蛋白

Micro-/Ultra-Filtration 微过滤超滤

Immunoglobulin 免疫球蛋白

Isolatewhey Proteins 隔离的乳清蛋白

Lactoferrin 乳铁传球蛋白

Conc. Whey Proteins with High Fat Content 高脂肪含量的浓缩乳清蛋白

Concentration/Drying Powdered Permeate 粉末渗透

Concentration /Crystallization 浓缩/结晶

Lactose 乳糖


Enzymatic hydrolysis 酶水解

Galactose/Glucose Syrup


Lactoperoxidase 乳过氧物醇


Isomerization 异构化作用

Lactuose 乳果糖

Hydrogenation 氢化作用

Lactitol 乳糖醇

Isomerization 异构化作用

Tagatose 塔格糖

Enzymatic treatment 酶处理



Spray Drying 喷雾干燥 Spray drying plant with integrated ring shaped fluid bed, rotary atomizer, indirect heat exchanger, external fluid bed and scrubber. 喷雾干燥设备,并与环形流化床、旋 转雾化器、间接热交换器、外部流化 床和清洁器结为一体。

I.C.F. & Welko S.p.A. Via Sicilia, 10 - 41053 Maranello (MO) Italy Tel. +39 0536 240811- Fax +39 0536 240888

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