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CASE STUDY ECO-FRIENDLY SINGLE USE SALON TOWELS ______________________________________________________________________________________

The Scrummiest Eco-Salon in Town! Scrummi sits at the heart of the UK’s greenest salon Since 1971, Élan Hair Design has been renowned for providing expert hair cutting and styling services to the residents of Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, as well as gaining industry wide recognition for its creative hairdressing abilities. Fast forward to 2012, and the salon has now hit the headlines and won national awards for entirely different reasons. As part of its latest refurbishment, owner Lorna Milton was looking for more eco-friendly, energy efficient and cost saving ideas. The decision to switch to energy saving lighting then spawned an eco-revolution that saw her convert every aspect of the salon in a determined effort to make Élan the most environmentally sustainable hairdressing business in the UK. And integral in this quest to trail-blaze the UK hairdressing industry and show what could be achieved when it comes to going green, was a decision to switch to Scrummi! Lorna picks up the story: “It all started when we thought about using LED lights in the salon, as these use much less energy than traditional lighting. Then we realised we could go a whole lot further and before we knew it, we’d incorporated green initiatives into every aspect of the refurbishment – from ceramic flooring made from 40% reconstituted material and carbon zero furniture to disposable towels, right down to combs; all the resources we use are the greenest we can find.” In addition to furniture, flooring and lighting, the salon looked at all its practices to see how far they could take things. This included the conversion to solar energy, switching to Scrummi and even embarking on a plan to send waste hair to local farms for composting, and recycling waste. Now Élan even derives an income from selling unused energy back to the power company! Integral to the project is Élan’s new waste management scheme, which has seen them team up with a local recycling company that turns food and garden waste into BSI accredited compost. As part of this initiative, used Scrummi’s, which are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, are collected for composting to spread on local fields – along with all food and organic waste and their clients’ hair!

Scrummi I Innovation Centre I Medway I Maidstone Road I Chatham I Kent I ME5 9FD Tel: 01634 821 609 Email: Web:

As a result of its commitment to becoming the industry’s most eco-friendly salon, Élan now boasts the longest list of green credentials of any salon in the UK. It has also been shortlisted in the prestigious Business Green Awards 2012 for both the Green Building Project of the Year and Small Business of the Year awards. Now the project is complete, Élan’s next goal is working towards its ISO 14001 accreditation. This is awarded to companies that have put systems in place to measure and control their environmental impact, plus it will help environmentally conscious customers make an informed choice about how their chosen hairdressing salon affects the environment.

The Multi-Dimensional Eco-Revolution! Saving energy and becoming more environmentally responsible were they key drivers behind Élan’s green project, but as Lorna says, the changes make perfect business sense too. “The motivation was to become greener but if salons go in our direction it has a dramatic impact on business efficiency. In particular, the switch to Scrummi has not only fitted in perfectly with our green objectives, we have virtually eliminated the use of energy, water and detergents wasted on maintaining cotton towels, as well as saving staff time. This has contributed to falling utility bills, reduced waste and an increase in our ability to recycle and biodegrade all our waste and consumables.” But it’s not just the environmental and economic advantages that have converted Élan to the Scrummi Revolution. “Clients have responded positively to Scrummi and love the hygiene benefits of receiving a clean, fresh towel that has never been used on anyone else. Plus as part of our sustainable aims, they’re always thrilled to learn it’s going to be recycled and put to good use along with their cut hair!”” Rob Cooper, managing director of Scrummi, explained that Scrummi has welcomed the chance to be a part of this groundbreaking development in the hairdressing industry: “Élan is now arguably the most eco-sustainable salon in the UK and we love the fact that Scrummi is a vital part of this,” he says. “We know that our towels are being responsibly disposed of and turned into high-quality compost, which meets the requirements of the British Standards Institute (BSI). In line with Scrummi’s green credentials we know that our products will continue to be useful long after the end of their life cycle as a salon towel. As a brand that’s committed to taking good care of the planet, this is a great achievement!” With Élan leading the way in revolutionising the way the hair industry works in relation to environmental issues, Scrummi hopes that more businesses across the country – large and small – will be keen to follow in their footsteps. To find out more about how Scrummi can help your business why not visit or call 01634 821 609 for a free sample. __________ ENDS __________ For information, high resolution images or interviews please contact: Paul Evans at vivid PR DDI: +44 (0)1372 370819 Mobile: +44 (0) 7903 190781 Email: vivid Public Relations I The Chapel I Reigate Road I Leatherhead I Surrey I KT22 8RA

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Scrummi Heralds a Savings Revolution! Saving Salons £10k, freeing them from the tyranny of washing and drying towels and saving the planet Switch to scrummi and you could save your salon a not so small fortune....that’s the message from Scrummi convert Artizan Hair who has calculated annual savings of almost £10,000! And to think, you could save all that and do a range of positive things to save the planet! Scrummi does a whole lot of good...and that’s a fact. The white waffley texture and silky black super eco-friendly towels are revolutionizing the salon community. As our revolutionaries take our message across the nation, salons are freeing themselves from the daily grind of washing and drying towels; and as they’re 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable, they’re saving water, reducing energy consumption and eliminating the costs of running, servicing and replacing equipment used to maintain a stock of cotton towels. Now, Bath based salon Artizan has analysed the total savings made by making one simple business decision...switching from cotton towels to Artizan’s Phillip Thompson Scrummi. In addition to the environmental benefits, Artizan owner Phil Thompson saw the opportunity to counter the effects of the recession and calculate the total economic benefit to his two Bath based salons. And the results were something of a revelation! “We looked at all the effects of changing to Scrummi, as I felt it would make business sense as well as helping us improve our environmental performance,” says Phil. “We nailed down all the costs incurred by staying with cotton and compared that to Scrummi and I was amazed at how tremendous the savings were.” Not to flatter the figures, Phil was determined to get a true picture and did not over-estimate the figures to convince himself that going Scrummi was a given; “I wanted to get a real comparison so we were conservative in our cost calculations as I wanted to prove to myself that there were savings to be made, so we took the lowest cost impacts incurred by staying with cotton and the maximum number of Scrummi towels we would need to service our clients.” What Phil found convinced him to make the switch, and a year on Scrummi has saved Artizan almost £10,000! “It is quite staggering,” says Phil. “I wouldn’t have believed the savings would be so big but we’re very happy. That money can be used in more positive ways to benefit our business and clients so we’re definitely staying Scrummi!” See Phil’s calculations below and ask yourself this...”Is now the time to take a look at Scrummi?”

Scrummi I Innovation Centre I Medway I Maidstone Road I Chatham I Kent I ME5 9FD Tel: 01634 821 609 Email: Web:

Detailed figures for savings achieved at Artizan Weekly savings: Electricity: £21.60 [Verified by Scottish Power] Tumble Dryers: £6.00 Staffing: £180.00 [This person is now dedicated to Cotton towel costs: £23.00 [Replacement of soiled towels] Total weekly saving: £230.60 Weekly costs: Scrummi towels cost: £48.00 (Based on usage of 250-260 towels per week) Total weekly analysis Costs: £48.00 Savings: £230.60 Total Weekly savings after costs: £182.60 Annual savings projection: £182.60 x 52 weeks = £9,495.20 Notes: Electricity savings: This is verified by Scottish Power based on two tumble dryers on all day [Artizan actually have 3!] and a washing machine. 30kw hrs per day @ 12pence per kw/hr = £ 3.60p per day x 6 @ £ 21.60p a week. Staffing at per week £180.00: based on a trainee working fulltime. Artizan is a large salon and has nonstop towel washing. Towels: This is based on buying 600 cotton towels per year; the number purchased by Artizan in their last year of using cotton towels. Each towel @ £2.00 per towel each = £1,200 divided by 52 = £23.00 per week. Tumble dryers. Artizan has three dryers. Repair and replacement costs average £300.00 p/a = £6.00 per week Cost analysis supplied by Philip Thompson, Director of Artizan Contact: 01225 420611 / 07894 668 388 Web: For more information and to join the Scrummi revolution, request a free sample pack at by emailing or by calling 01634 821609 Follow the Scrummi revolution! Facebook: Twitter: @scrummitowels __________ ENDS __________ For information, high resolution images or interviews please contact: Paul Evans at vivid PR DDI: +44 (0)1372 370819 Mobile: +44 (0) 7903 190781 Email: vivid Public Relations I The Chapel I Reigate Road I Leatherhead I Surrey I KT22 8RA

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Paul Mitchell embraces the Scrummi revolution for salon success! Salon Success gives eco-option to clients as it drives sustainability Salon Success, Master Distributor of Paul Mitchell © in Europe has selected Scrummi as the brand of choice as it reinforces its environmentally caring approach. As part of its drive towards sustainability and environmental responsibility, the group is offering Scrummi to its customers as it delivers more choice to its salon as they look to improve environmental performance and reduce costs. As Scrummi’s sole UK distributor, Salon Success sees the switch to eco-friendly single-use towels as key to working towards a more environmentally sustainable industry by reducing negative impacts and CO2 without compromising the client experience. Salon Success’s Marketing Manager Sara Ali explains why they chose Scrummi: “Scrummi is on our wavelength. Our business is about helping hairdressers and we feel Scrummi has their best interests at heart too. They are also good people to deal with, which makes business better for everyone.” In terms of product, Sara explained that with Scrummi, they could offer an alternative to cotton without compromising on the towel experience; “A main reason for choosing Scrummi was the waffle design on the white towel. Single use towels can take away from the luxuriousness of a service if they are not promoted correctly and we feel the waffle design adds a little luxury back in.” ©

Now as part of the Salon Success portfolio, which includes Paul Mitchell and 3•6•5 Education, Scrummi is used in their education to introduce them to salons and the response has been really positive. “Some of our key customers are hooked and swapped over immediately and the response has been positive,” continues Sara. “It’s all about the right fit for the salon and offering choice.” Scrummi’s Rob Cooper had this to say: “Scrummi is delighted to be a part of 3•6•5 Salon Success and its aim to highlight more environmentally beneficial products that help salons recycle, reduce waste and save money. We share many values and look forward to a long partnership with 3•6•5 Salon Success and their network of salons.” For more information and to join the Scrummi revolution, request a free sample pack at by emailing or by calling 01634 821609 For further information on Salon Success and its brand portfolio, please visit __________ ENDS __________ For information, high resolution images or interviews please contact: Paul Evans at vivid PR DDI: +44 (0)1372 370819 Mobile: +44 (0) 7903 190781 Email: vivid Public Relations I The Chapel I Reigate Road I Leatherhead I Surrey I KT22 8RA

Scrummi I Innovation Centre I Medway I Maidstone Road I Chatham I Kent I ME5 9FD Tel: 01634 821 609 Email: Web:

PRESS RELEASE Innovation Technology - Rollerball F Breaks New Ground in the Salon Globally renowned for bringing innovative technologies to the world of hairdressing, Takara Belmont broke new ground when it was the first company in the world to introduce infrared technology to salons with the internationally successful Rollerball processor. This groundbreaking technology revolutionised treatments and colour to position Takara Belmont as an innovator in hair care, as well as a globally renowned furniture brand. With its unique infrared rotating ring, colour, perm and treatment services were transformed. Colour penetration improved beyond expectation to deliver greater strength, depth and colour intensity, as well as reducing the processing time. This meant more clients could be serviced thus bringing commercial values to add-value to the client experience, improve results and increase revenue. Treatments benefited from more even distribution and improved absorption into hair and perm strength and curl definition were improved with longer lasting results. Now, thanks to another world first, Rollerball delivers even greater speed and efficiency to further revolutionise salon services!

Rollerball F – a world’s first and an icon of the future! Takara Belmont’s Rollerball concept has taken a giant evolutionary step with the introduction of the new generation Rollerball processor – Rollerball F. With a futuristic restyling and an industry first – the application of a NEW Carbon element – this new processing icon sets a new benchmark in salon technology that is sure to seal its place as a hairdressing icon of the future. New Rollerball F is slim, lightweight and elegant in profile and brings new possibilities in hair design. As a more sophisticated, restyled successor to the Rollerball, several enhancements in performance are offered that build on the international success of a product first introduced over 20 years ago. The ceramic element has been replaced by high purity carbon [99.8%] that until now, has been very difficult the manufacture. Takara Belmont has skilfully integrated this technology into the Rollerball F to further enhance power and speed to deliver noticeably improved outcomes and efficiency.

Takara Belmont (UK) Ltd • Belmont House • One St Andrew’s Way • Bow • London • E3 3PA Tel: 020 7515 0333 Email: Website:

Expanding the Possibilities for Hair Design Rollerball F is the essential infrared processor for the effective processing of colours, perms and other treatments. With its signature dome with rotating ring, Rollerball F is a powerful tool that expands the future of hair design. With speed and power, colours and chemical treatments penetrate deeper and faster whilst caring most delicately for the hair – this delivers enhanced results that last. And in keeping with the desires of modern salons, it now boasts new styling and a collection of 9 vibrant colours to grace any salon space.

Simplicity, Beauty and elegance The beauty about Rollerball F is also defined by the way Takara Belmont delivers leading-edge technology in a simple to use way. Designed for better performance, Rollerball F is a synch for anyone to master – a perfect coming together of modern ingenuity perfectly engineered for the salon professional.

Experience the NEW Rollerball F today at one of Takara Belmont’s nationwide dealers, call 020 7515 0333 or visit for information to arrange a viewing at Takara Belmont’s London or Manchester Showrooms.

Price: Stand type: £1,760.00 Wall mounted: £2,185.00 plus vat

PRESS CONTACT: For information, high resolution images or interviews please contact: Paul Evans at vivid PR DDI: +44 (0)1372 370819 Mobile: +44 (0) 7903 190781 Email: vivid Public Relations I The Chapel I Reigate Road I Leatherhead I Surrey I KT22 8RA

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PRESS RELEASE Takara Sets the Global Standard for Style! Continuing the celebration of 90 years of tradition and innovation, Takara Belmont launches a stunning new collection that is certain to excite salon professionals and their clients in equal measure. Supreme aesthetics meet ergonomic superiority as the G-90 Series delivers quality and craftsmanship in an entirely new way.

The embodiment of Japanese Culture Carefully considered and painstakingly crafted, there’s much more to the G-90 Series than meets the eye. With an influx of European design in the market, G-90 is a celebration of Japanese customs and culture. With their styling heavily influenced by traditional art and architecture; from the folds and tucks of Origami to the Kimono dress, to temples and reflections in landscape, G-90 is the very embodiment of Japan combined with engineering and manufacturing quality that is the hallmark of every Takara Belmont.

G-90 SERIES As a global hairdressing furniture and equipment innovator, Takara Belmont’s reputation for quality and performance are evident as G-90’s Ma, Ori and Ai set new standards of design, elegance and comfort, and at sensational value! Using a specific production technique that features state-of-the-art moulding, every aspect of the design and production is controlled to perfection. This makes every G-90 as comfortable as possible whilst ensuring durability

The result of 90 years focussing on the needs and desires of the customer with every attention to detail, craftsmanship and technology, the G-90 Series delivers a unique look, supreme comfort and manoeuvrability. Invention and creativity go hand in hand as G-90’s distinct qualities present a new class of design with all ergonomic and client considerations duly factored in to deliver a totally new furniture experience.

G90 #01 [ma] Unique look, great comfort and manoeuvrability An unusual divided chair back flows with the contours and natural curvature of the client providing firm support for the upper and lower back.

Takara Belmont (UK) Ltd • Belmont House • One St Andrew’s Way • Bow • London • E3 3PA Tel: 020 7515 0333 Email: Website:

G90 #02 [ori] Unique spherical design A unique ‘tuck’ design feature creates a striking image from front and back. The curvaceous styling envelopes the customer making them feel warm, secure and at home in any salon.

G90 #03 [ai] Comfort and sophistication Contouring and smooth curves bring sofa-style comfort to the salon along with a sophisticated, elegant design.

Available in a wide range of base options and colours to suit any requirement and interior colour scheme Prices: Ma, Ori and Ai: £630.00 - £645.00 with optional footrest at £40.00

Experience the NEW G-90 Series today at one of Takara Belmont’s nationwide dealers, call 020 7515 0333 or visit for information to arrange a viewing at Takara Belmont’s London or Manchester Showrooms.

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Flawless – Reinventing the Art of Shampooing Macadamia Natural Oil brings new innovation to herald a new era in hair care! The shampooing ritual has changed very little over the years. Just wet the hair, apply a shampoo and massage into the hair and scalp to remove dirt and debris, then repeat and condition to restore moisture back into the hair. However, even after this process, many shampoos can still leave the hair feeling stripped and dry, so other products are necessary to deliver more intensive conditioning and leave the hair in optimum shape. This can be a time consuming, multi-layered process that involves the application of several products and many rounds of rinsing. Great if you have the time and space! Of course, the introduction of Macadamia Natural Oil has addressed this by infusing a blend of Macadamia and Argan oils into the heart of its hair care and styling collection, whilst ensuring the formulations are free of ingredients that cause damage and irritation; such as sulphates and Parabens. Their combined power has transformed the condition of hair, but what if this process could be revolutionised and the art of shampooing reinvented? Now, the innovators at Macadamia Natural Oil have revealed a new discovery that makes the laborious, time consuming tradition of shampooing a thing of the past. Looking to the future, Macadamia presents a reinvention of the norm, a revolutionary one-step system that cleanses, conditions and refines the hair. Without the use of surfactants, such as harsh sulphates it brings a brand new cleansing and conditioning experience and heralds the dawn of a new era in hair care. We call it simply, Flawless! Delivering a totally new concept and hair care ritual, Flawless gently performs its miraculous task with a no-suds formula, removing dirt and debris as it conditions each hair with its exclusive blend of Macadamia oil, Argan oil and botanicals. The result is clean, refined hair, ready for prepping and styling. Plus, as an added bonus, Flawless dramatically reduces blow-drying time to save even more time, as it protects hair from prolonged heat exposure.


Using Flawless couldn’t be easier. Just lightly emulsify 1 to 2 pumps in between hands, apply to wet hair and gently massage spreading Flawless over hair and scalp area. Continuously massage throughout the hair for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on hair type. Add a splash of water to assist in the spreading if needed and rinse thoroughly. The result: beautifully clean and conditioned hair that oozes health and shine with a no-fuss, surfactant free cleanse that nourishes, protects and shines. For hairdressers, new Flawless adds to the interest in Macadamia Natural Oil as it continues to bring new inspiring innovations to your stylists and clients. Their imagination is ignited, their desire for something new stimulated. Great for use in a professional salon setting and for retail, Flawless gives a completely new and exciting concept both in terms of use in the salon and at home. Here’s how Flawless benefits the hair. •

All-in-one Cleansing and conditioning System for total performance and convenience

Refines Hair Texture

Optimises Styling Process

Drastically Cuts Down Blow Drying Time

Perfect For All Hair Types

Surfactant-free and Paraben-free

No Stripping Suds

Quick Tip: After using Flawless, we recommend Macadamia’s Healing Oil Treatment to further infuse nourishment, prevent frizz and provide UV protection.

Experience Perfection Click on the link to YouTube to see this incredible new concept

Price: Size: 250ml Trade: £13.95 RRP: £25.75 Call 08448 40 30 40 or discover Macadamia at Facebook: Twitter: @macadamiaoil ____________________ ENDS ____________________ For information, high resolution images or interviews please contact: Paul Evans at vivid PR DDI: +44 (0)1372 370819 Mobile: +44 (0) 7903 190781 Email: vivid Public Relations I The Chapel I Reigate Road I Leatherhead I Surrey I KT22 8RA


DISCOVER THE SECRET TO HEALTHY HAIR Macadamia combines Macadamia & Argan Oil to infuse hair with ‘Liquid Gold’! With its rich, exclusive and aromatic blend of Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil, Macadamia’s Healing Oil Treatment is recognised by hairdressing professionals and consumers worldwide for its highly beneficial properties and instant effects on the look, feel and condition of hair. As the centrepiece of a hair care and styling collection that all feature this exotic infusion of two of the world’s most valuable and beneficial oils, Healing Oil Treatment provides the ultimate in hair rejuvenation and maintenance. With its unique powers to transform hair, a signature fragrance that makes it unmistakably Macadamia and a boutique styling that appeals to hairdressers and consumers sense of luxury and indulgence, Healing Oil Treatment’s unique composition gives it an uncanny similarity and compatibility with the body’s own natural oils. This allows for unbelievable absorption and rapid penetration into the hair and skin for instant benefits including: •

Immediate, long-lasting effects that leave hair intensely nourished with a tangle-free, frizzfree finish.

Ultra-smooth, manageable and super shiny hair

Instant absorption with a light-weight, non-greasy feel

Proven to extend the life of colour treatments by reducing fading

Natural UV protection

Reduces drying time an amazing 40-50%


Now the incredible benefits of Macadamia’s Healing Oil Treatment provides salons with a unique opportunity and retail potential as its never-seen-before results infatuate after its very first use. Available in a 10ml sample size, 30ml travel size, 125ml retail and 300ml for salon use and oil addicts, Macadamia offers everything from a soft introduction for the curious to devotees who simply can’t live without their Healing Oil Treatment! As a global hair care sensation, professional hairdressers and their clients in over 85 countries have discovered the secret to healthy hair...have you? Prices and sizes: 10ml: Salon price £2.95 RRP: £5.75 30ml: Salon price £6.50 RRP: £12.95 125ml: Salon price £15.50 RRP: £29.95 300ml Salon price: £29.95 RRP: £60.00


Macadamia Oil: Very rich in essential  fatty acids, Macadamia oil has the  distinctive feature of resembling sebum.  This replication of the natural oils our  scalp produces for protection make it an  ideal enriching & replenishing agent  with rapid absorption.   

Argan Oil: This oil is rich in Omega 9,  Linoleic, Oleic, and unsaturated fatty  acids ­ shown to be very beneficial in  improving hair strength and health   

Call 08448 40 30 40 or discover Macadamia at Facebook: Twitter: @macadamiaoil

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March 2012

TOWIE STARS GO ‘CRAZY’ THIS WEEKEND!      TOWIE stars went ‘crazy’ this weekend spending time on the  Crazy Angel Fauxy Tan stand at Professional Beauty Trade Show at  London’s ExCeL Exhibition centre.      Joey Essex arrived on the Crazy Angel Stand and the crowd quite  literally went crazy as 100s of adoring fans swarmed the fantastic  fauxy tanning brand’s stand not only to get a photo with the  ‘Reem’ star but also to get hold of some of the fabulous Crazy  Angel tanning brands he was helping to promote.    Joey entertained the crowd by not only posing for individual  photographs and signing 100’s of autographs but also by joining in  the fun by spray tanning one of the Crazy Angel models under the watchful eyes of many professional tanning  technicians.  Joey was not the only TOWIE star to visit Crazy Angel  over the weekend with his sister Frankie Essex  popping on to see her brother and grabbing some  tanning products plus best friends Cara Kilbey and Billi  Mucklow also spending some time on the stand,  posing for some pictures and getting some fabulous  tanning goodies for themselves.                 



March 2012

Note to Editors:    Crazy Angel combines ultra moisturising Bearberry  extract to nourish and hydrate the skin with naturally  derived tanning agents; Crazy Angel will create a  flawless finish to skin, whist delivering luxurious and  long lasting results.    Peace of Mind  Crazy Angel’s innovative and unique tanning  formulations are alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free  giving you absolute confidence when applying the  products that they are safe to apply on all skin types  giving you the peace of mind and guarantee of  customer satisfaction...every time!    Heaven Scent  Not only is Crazy Angel fast drying and streak free but  the experts behind these fabulous tanning products  have overcome the unpleasant small normally  associated with self tanning products  and have  formulated a fabulous fresh lush fragrance that leaves  the skin pleasantly scented.    The Range  The Crazy Angel Range includes salon sprays, lotions,  prepare and aftercare products.    For stockist information for Crazy Angel please call Beauty Solutions on 0845 180 1241 or visit www.crazy‐    ____________________________Ends____________________________    For information, interviews and photography please contact: Daniel Blythe at vivid public relations tel: 01372 370820 email: web:


“Fauxy Be Thy Flesh” ‐ Bespoke Answers to Your Summer Tanning Prayers    Summer has finally descended – great news! But it’s come to Crazy  Angel’s attention that angels nationwide are still cocooned in jeans,  cardigans and opaque tights. What on earth has happened to their  summer wardrobes?    If you’ve yet to take the plunge into sleeveless tops, a lower neckline,  flip flops or that daring skirt, Crazy Angel suspects that the reason is  Seasonal Skin‐Tone Anxiety. This condition can affect various areas of  the body – the legs you last looked at in mid‐autumn when they were  still an acceptable post‐holiday bronze; the upper arms which are  strangely a shade lighter than your forearms; or the parts of your back,  neck and shoulders which have spent the winter hibernating under  jumpers and scarves.      Every angel has a different reason to be praying for a bespoke tanning  solution this season. Luckily, you need not fear the flashing of the flesh  any longer – Crazy Angel’s heavenly host of Paraben, Alcohol and  Mineral Oil Free self tanning products is sent to help you take those first  steps into the light.   

“Deliver Us From Paleness!”    Crazy Angel’s DHA formulas are available in various  concentrations, enabling you to tailor your first tan of the  summer according to your needs. If some areas are paler  than others, try a gradual buildup using 5% DHA Golden  Kiss lotion. Once you’ve achieved an even heavenly glow,  step it up to the 8% Midnight Kiss solution for a deeper  tan all over.    Crazy Angel’s sunless tanning products are kind to skin and  infused with the freshness Bearberry extract, allowing for  multiple applications if necessary – without compromising  on your skin’s natural beauty.    To make sure your new‐found skin confidence is here to  stay, Supreme Goddess Tan Extending Body Moisturiser  can be applied between treatments. A light tanning agent  will keep you topped‐up and even all summer long.         



Summer 2012

“Thine is the Power!”     The advantage of self‐tanning is that you are completely in control of how you prepare your beautiful skin for its  first summer outing. Whether it’s a quick top‐up for arms, legs, neck and shoulders; or a full bikini‐ready body tan,  Crazy Angel’s range has a divine answer to every tanner’s prayer:    Crazy Angel Tanning Lotions: These deliciously light formulas will glide over every contour of your skin with ease,  leaving you ready to jump straight into the new season! Complete with a colour guide to help you achieve the  perfect application, these are available in different strengths to customise your tan, or a fast‐drying formula for  those who really can’t wait for summer:     

GOLDEN KISS LIQUID TAN   ‐For a Light/Medium Tan    ‐5% DHA    ‐RRP £14.95 (200ml)         

MIDNIGHT KISS LIQUID TAN ‐For a Medium/Dark Tan  ‐8% DHA  ‐RRP £14.95 (200ml) 

ANGEL EXPRESS LIQUID TAN ‐Develops in Just 4‐6 hours  ‐Includes Buffing Mitt  ‐RRP £19.95 (200ml)   

Crazy Angel Prepare & Aftercare:   For the most heavenly of results, don’t forget to complete your bespoke tanning treatment using Crazy Angel’s  range of prepare and aftercare products. Especially designed to create and prolong a gloriously even tan,  introducing these luxury products to your daily pampering routine is sure to leave you on cloud nine!       Halo Polish Body Scrub: Angels of all skin tones should prepare themselves for a summer  makeover with this refreshing exfoliating scrub. Washing away dead cells with soft white pearl  beads, Halo Polish leaves skin soft, smooth and nourished. Infused with Sesame and Bearberry  for a lush summer scent!  RRP £9.50 (200ml)        Wing Smoothing Spray: ‘Problem areas’ such as elbows, knees and ankles tend to be the  first bits of flesh angels want to flash as the weather heats up. Crazy Angel wants you to roll  up your sleeves or go barefoot with total confidence this summer. To ensure a perfectly  even tan that glides seamlessly over these awkward areas, just use Wing Smoothing Spray  pre‐application for a gorgeously smooth finish.  RRP £9.50 (200ml)           



Summer 2012

  Supreme Goddess Tan Extender: A rich moisturising treatment containing a mild tanning  agent especially to extend the life of your tan. With Bearberry extract and Shea butter to  condition and maintain the freshness of your skin, this is the perfect finishing product to  keep a natural or self tan topped up throughout your favourite time of year.   RRP £10.50 (200ml)          Note to Editors:  Crazy Angel combines ultra moisturising Bearberry extract to nourish and hydrate the skin with naturally derived tanning  agents; Crazy Angel will create a flawless finish to the skin, whist delivering luxurious and long lasting results.    Peace of Mind  Crazy Angel’s innovative and unique tanning formulations are alcohol, paraben and mineral oil free giving you absolute  confidence when applying the products that they are safe to apply on all skin types.     Heaven Scent  Not only is Crazy Angel fast drying and streak free but the experts behind these fabulous tanning products have overcome  the unpleasant small normally associated with self tanning products  and have formulated a fabulous fresh lush fragrance  that leaves the skin pleasantly scented.    The Range  The Crazy Angel Range includes salon sprays, lotions, prepare and aftercare products. 

For stockist information please call Beauty Solutions on 0845 180 1241 or visit www.crazy‐    For information, interviews and photography please contact: Daniel Blythe at vivid public relations tel: 01372 370820 email:

PRESS RELEASE  _______________________________________________________________________________________ 

BE PROUD OF YOUR AGE WITH ADVANCED OPTIMIZER... YOUR ANTI-AGEING SKIN COACH! The unique therapeutic and phyto-aromatic expertise of Yon-Ka has resulted in yet another scientific breakthrough in the treatment of ageing skin –Advanced Optimizer crème & serum






treatment protocol, which features the exclusive use of Yon-Ka’s Collagen mask. With over 55 years of research dedicated to the creation of holistic, results orientated treatments, products and remedies for the skin, the synergy between the natural and aromatic world of Yon-Ka






expertise is reflected in its signature; ‘The alchemy of pure wellness’. Advanced Optimizer continues to live up to Yon-Ka’s promise and exceed the expectations of consumers as it is CLINICALLY PROVEN to diminish fines lines and wrinkles, re-densify skin and produce a younger, smoother looking complexion.

A CLINICALLY PROVEN SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHOUGH IN THE FIGHT AGAINST AGEING Advanced Optimizer has been vigorously researched both clinically and scientifically and these studies prove conclusively that the product delivers the results it promises. In clinical studies conducted over 4 consecutive weeks on 20 women aged 33-65 with sagging skin problems, the following statistical and clinical conclusions were reached: •

A significant improvement in the firmness, tone and density parameters of the skin

A significant improvement in the sharpness of facial contours

Additionally, vitro tests proved Advanced Optimizer’s firming effects as Hibiscus Peptides act to stimulate the production of Collagen and GAGS (Glycosaminoglycans) for a visibly smoother and firmer skin. Most notably, Yon-Ka commissioned an ex vivo test which compared skin treated with Advanced Optimizer to skin without treatment on skin tissue in a laboratory setting. This analysis PROVES that thanks to the alchemy of Yon-ka’s unique formula combined with Lupine Peptides, the skin’s collagen is actively redensified and the effects of ageing, sagging skin are effectively combated.

YON-KA – YOUR ALLY IN THE FIGHT AGAINST AGEING SKIN At a certain stage of life, the onset of wrinkles and fine lines are inevitable. The widely anticipated launch of Advanced Optimizer acts like a personal trainer for your skin as its Anti-Ageing & Firming programme allows skin to reach the highest levels of performance whilst persistently combating damage caused by ageing. Enriched with a powerful, supercharged combination of plant extracts, rich in redensifying and regenerating peptides, Advanced Optimizer offers genuine skin “coaching” that immediately responds to the problem of sagging skin and wrinkles. This produces truly amazing results including visibly younger-looking, firmer and smoother skin with redefined facial contours!

LET YOUR SKIN FITNESS PROGRAMME BEGIN! To further enhance the effect, why not indulge in Yon-Ka’s Advanced Optimizer treatment at one of Yon-Ka’s approved salons or spas nationwide? Not only will your skin benefit from the powerful, enriching anti-ageing effects of the products, you can benefit from outstanding, visible results whilst indulging in a pleasurable pampering experience that literally relaxes the features and smoothes wrinkles. Utilising the latest generation of skincare ingredients, Advanced Optimizer Lifting and Firming treatment transforms skin and delivers unrivalled redensifying results. The re-shaping action of the Masque Lift during the treatment is enhanced with superb active ingredients; marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and spirulina micro-algae. Key features of the Advanced Optimizer professional treatment include: -

Aromatic steam compress


Plant based soft-gel botanical scrub with brushes


Aromatic stimulation


Renewing micro-peel exfoliation


Local ant-wrinkle treatment with powerful firming duo Phyto 52 & Galbol 90


Relaxing massage with Advanced Optimizer Crème & Yon-Ka Serum


Masque Lift application to renew skins cells from within


Energising massage with Advanced Optimizer Serum & Crème Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes Frequency: Recommended as an intensive course of treatments, once per week for one month. RRP: £80.00 per treatment

AGE PROTECTION AT HOME To continue your anti-ageing skincare regime at home, Yon-Ka presents the Advanced Optimizer crème and serum duo. Experience the synergic effects of this potent duo daily to diminish the signs of ageing, boost the skin’s natural reconstruction process, slow down the destruction of support tissues plus repair and protect the skin. The rapidly absorbed firming serum benefits from the addition of Hibiscus Peptides that stimulate the production of collagens and GAGs; elements that are essentials for skin firmness. A rich,

comfortable crème applied after the serum acts to protect structural fibres of the skin with White Lupin Peptides to guard collagen fibres against deterioration and combat sagging skin. With such impressive results, this duo is a true anti-aging hero! Advanced Optimizer Crème & Serum RRP: £114.00 For Yon-Ka stockist details please contact 0207 518 8370 or visit the website _______________________Ends_______________________

Note to editors Yon-Ka – the alchemy of pure wellness ‘the alchemy of pure wellness’ is Yon-Ka’s signature. Capturing the very essence of Yon-Ka, it evokes a natural and aromatic world of serenity and magic in perfect synergy with science and wellbeing. Based on 55 years of research, it reflects Yon-Ka’s holistic values and the technical, therapeutic expertise that promise a state of wellbeing and health in beauty delivered through its products and treatments. A commitment to natural ingredients With over 70% of Yon-Ka products comprising of more than 90% natural ingredients, Yon-Ka creates its products by sourcing and using the very best that nature has to offer, but does so whilst ensuring that the customer’s safety and the products’ effectiveness are respected. Yon-Ka observes the most restrictive legislation on the use of preservatives and uses three times less than the authorised limit whilst the majority of Yon-Ka formulations are paraben free. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For information, interviews and photography please contact: Daniel Blythe at vivid public relations tel: +44 (0)1372 380820 email:


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