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Welcome Home For 20 years we have strived to modernise new build conventions by delivering high quality homes that exceed the lifestyle aspirations and residential expectations of our homeowners. With a focus on the South East of England, our enduring success and exponential growth comes as a result of our culture and approach. Our location led, customer first philosophy ensures our developments are ideally positioned to meet modern lifestyle requirements, empathise with the area’s surrounding landscapes and architecture, and provide ease of access to schools, key local amenities and public services, and vital transport links along with sports, leisure and outdoor recreation. By setting new benchmarks in build quality, internal and exterior architecture, feature rich specification and outdoor space, we are achieving our aim of elevating the living experience. From luxury, bespoke residences to urban lifestyle led homes and inspiring community developments, Brookworth Homes is redefining the lifestyle expectations of professionals, couples, young and growing families and downsizers. A vital part of our mission is the shared vision, passion and relationships with our stakeholder partners. Landowners, agents and professionals all have a vested interest in maximising the commercial potential of land, whilst creating homes of enduring design and exceptional quality both responsibly and sustainably. Thank you for choosing Brookworth Homes. Justin Barnes, Chairman Brookworth Homes

Sunte Park, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

What we do As a regional developer in the South East of England, Brookworth Homes prides itself on a location led, customer first approach. Prioritising the expectations of homeowners has resulted in a product designed for and around the lifestyles and aspirations of the people that will ultimately live in our homes. Before we acquire land for development, we also ensure we understand the local demographic to create desirable homes that accord with housing needs and demand within each locality, affordability and development positioning. By constructing homes that people want, as well as serving their everyday needs for business, school, sports and recreation, we meet our key aim of enhancing people’s lifestyles, as well delivering high quality, feature rich housing at exceptional value for money.

“Accommodating the needs and expectations of the area and local population.”

Bower Place, Beckenham, Kent

What we offer From the moment we purchase land for development, we have already researched the local demographic to ascertain what the locality needs. We will have established the context for development to ensure it meets our criteria by delivering access to transport, local amenities, schools, recreational facilities and community services that our eventual homeowners need. We will also have researched the area for other developments to make sure that our contribution offers something new and different, whilst delivering optimum returns for the landowner. In line with our standards, each development and individual home is meticulously planned. External aesthetics and landscaping ensure immediate appeal, whilst internal architecture is planned to maximise space and flow. A traditional construction, under floor heating and the inclusion of high quality flooring, branded appliances, provision for high speed fibre optic broadband and garages are among some of the standard features that other developers usually charge extra for. Our after sales service provides added reassurance and, with virtually no post construction issues, Brookworth Homes has earned a formidable reputation for quality across its whole business.

“Building confidence from concept to completion.�

High Trees Road, Reigate, Surrey

Partnerships With 20 years of expertise in land acquisition and a proven track record of delivering planning consents that maximise the potential of each site, Brookworth Homes has the breadth and depth of experience to benefit all stakeholders. Our professionalism, integrity and partnership values optimise returns for landowners, whilst instilling confidence in our development intentions. Homes that resonate with the locality, complement the character of the area and exceed the needs and aspirations of homeowners differentiates every Brookworth Homes proposition. Creating highly desirable, inspirational homes that combine quality, value, affordability and architectural variety ensures families, professionals, first time buyers, up-scalers and downsizers enjoy homes of the highest quality with specification that enriches the living experience. Brookworth Homes’ market led approach ensures we deliver homes that satisfy the needs of the area and the aspirations of the owner, rather than creating homes first and expecting the market to accept what we have built.

“A customer first, market led approach.�

Sunte Park, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Land and Location Our Land Team is skilled in the identification of land that has the potential for residential development. With decades of experience and exemplary relationships with landowners and agents, coupled with our ability to manage the expectations of private owners looking to release land for development, Brookworth Homes has a proven track record of delivering results. Navigating the complexities of planning regulations and legislation, to arrive at an outcome that meets the interests of our stakeholders, is a vital part of the development process that we take great pride in. This expertise is backed with a planning approvals success rate that is second-to-none. Getting the right balance between location, land quality and development design is Brookworth Homes’ strength. As we move forward into the future, we are expanding our land acquisition targets to construct exceptional homes in premium, urban and rural locations. This reflects our ambition to create luxurious bespoke homes, commuter belt developments in lifestyle led town locations and village developments in idyllic countryside settings.

“We are highly skilled at identifying land with development potential.�

Types of Developments



03...Town & Village

Sunte Park

Goods Station Road

Four Seasons

This exclusive development of six inspiring detached

Situated in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells, this

This enchanting development in Horam presents a

homes embodies our premuim approach.

contemporary development of four 3 and 4

collection of thirty eight 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes in

A combination of prime location, exquisite design

bedroom mews-style houses and twenty-three 1 and

an idyllic village setting. Situated within five minutes

and high specification sets these residences apart in

2 bedroom apartments harmonises perfectly with

walk of the village centre, these inspiring new build

every aspect. From stunning landscaping to the

the town’s rich heritage. As an indication of our future

homes represent exceptional value which combines

individual character of each home and interior

intentions, these highly specified properties are the

feature rich specification with high quality

features that exude luxury and elegance, Sunte Park

epitome of lifestyle led accommodation that evokes

construction. Access to a broad range of lifestyle

symbolises Brookworth Homes’ prestige residential

a London-meets-village ambience for commuters,

amenities elevates the living experience in

offering set in prime locations.

families and downsizers.

an enviable village location.

High Trees Road, Reigate, Surrey

Alma Road, Reigate, Surrey

Hailwood Place, West Kingsdown, Kent

The Paddock, Crouch, Kent

Stanley Mews, Billingshurst, West Sussex

West Street, Reigate, Surrey

Who we build for Our starting point for land acquisition and development begins with people and community. We are acutely aware of our responsibility to contribute a positive dimension to the communities in which we build homes, and that our developments respect and enhance the area’s traditions, surrounding architecture and landscapes. Each development has an immediate impact on the complexion of the area and it leaves a lasting legacy. That is why we take great care to understand the heritage, personality and ambience of each site, and anticipate the future evolution of each locality. Achieving the perfect balance with tradition, whilst presenting contemporary homes that are future scoped for 21st Century lifestyles is a priority. This understanding also allows us to acquire land in the heart of communities with close proximity to sports and leisure facilities, outdoor recreation, schools, social amenities and vital air, rail and road transport links for the ultimate homeownership experience.

“Land acquisition and development begins with serving people and their community.�

Aesthetic impressions Creating homes that complement the character and sensibilities of each location, requires the considered sourcing of construction materials. The careful selection of tiling, bricks, timbers, patio stone and any material that affects the aesthetic impression of each property demands that, wherever possible, we source from local suppliers and aggregates. Every detail that contributes to the character of our developments has to resonate with the area and accentuate the personality of the locale. As a point of difference, we also include features not commonly present in more modest residential properties. Single garages on two and three bedroom houses, full width patios with outdoor power and lighting, along with a more generously appointed turfed rear garden, are among features included as standard. Residents are also assured of complete peace of mind with smoke detectors and intruder alarms fitted and activated from the move in date.

“Wherever possible, we source and use local building materials.�

Hailwood Place, West Kingsdown, Kent

Living experiences Led by the expertise of interior architects and designers, such as Jane Clayton, this principle extends to the use of interior materials, textures and colour palettes that ensure maximum space and flow in every interior configuration. Whilst each home specification is bespoke to each property type, many features are universal in a Brookworth Homes dwelling. Under floor heating enhances the sense of openness, as space is uncompromised by traditional radiators. High quality tiling or Amtico flooring, Silestone kitchen worktops and branded integrated appliances provide ready-to-go functionality in each kitchen, as internal doors with chrome ironmongery exude quality and value above expectation. The inclusion of fitted carpeting to downstairs living and family rooms and to stairs, landings and bedrooms ensures style and comfort. Bedrooms also benefit from soft-close fitted wardrobes, while a bath and separate shower cubicle, vanity units and large pre-mounted mirrors present unexpected value in the bathrooms. Ensuite facilities enjoy even more customised features in our prestige properties for a more personalised lifestyle experience. At every level, each dwelling emanates character that synergises with the location in which it is built, whilst being distinctly Brookworth Homes in their overall style and appeal.

“Our interiors are highly specified and rich in standard features.� Sunte Park, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Smart Home With Internet and high tech audio visual experiences an essential part of 21st Century lifestyles, Brookworth Homes is leading the way in Smart Home technology. We have partnered with some of the UK’s most renowned Smart Home manufacturers and installers and applied these pioneering technologies to elevate living experiences in all our homes. In every case, provision is made for high speed broadband with digital, cable and satellite TV, and USB data points, in all principle rooms with added provision for Sky HD in appropriate rooms. Every home is also fitted with smoke detectors and an intruder alarm system to give residents total peace of mind. In our prestige homes, every contemporary function is at hand with state-of-theart lighting, Audio Visual and ambience control by Control4 and Lutron. From recordable CCTV monitoring to in-home servers and Audio Visual control via your smartphone or iPad, the integration of technology, from standard inclusions to fully customised options, confirms you own a home of exceptional quality built for the digital age.

“Our specialist Smart Home partners apply pioneering technologies to our homes.�

Sustainability Environmental standards are strictly adhered to in every Brookworth Homes property. From the acquisition of land to its preparation for development and the sourcing of materials, every stage is carefully managed to ensure we adopt the most environmentally sound processes. In addition to selecting contractors and partners that meet and observe our environmental criteria, our homes are constructed in ways that improve energy efficiency. We do this by taking advantage of the most advanced appliances, heating systems, LED lighting and energy efficient power sources. We recognise we have a greater responsibility to the welfare of our planet and ensure we create developments that employ the most environmentally sustainable methods from concept to completion.

“Environmental responsibility and sustainability for future generations is a key priority.�

Stepping into the future

Our business Brookworth Homes is a privately funded residential development company founded in 2000. The business has expanded year-on-year and we fully expect this steady growth to continue. All land opportunities are purchased from our own funds and we will continue to operate in this way. Our performance, approach and aspirations for the future has earned the full support and backing of Natwest Bank that provides essential building finance and stability that our partners can depend on.

Note: These figures may vary up or down due to individual planning and development circumstances.

40110 2019


40 new homes completions are expected by the end of this year

110 new homes completions are expected by the end of next year

Our Team and Contacts

Brookworth Homes is always looking for new and exciting development

Gavin Rowley, Managing Director

opportunties and we are keen to meet with landowners and agents to

DDI: 01737 236 152 Mobile: 07879 606 533

review the potential of each site.


Our Land Team has the expertise, knowledge and experience to give the best advice, ensure the interests of all parties are protected and the return on each project is maximised. We would welcome the opportunity to explore the potential of your land, so please contact one of our Land Team to discuss.

David Keenan, Senior Land Manager DDI: 01737 236 157 Mobile: 07931 595 751

“We create contemporary, feature rich homes built on traditional values to elevate the lifestyle experience.”

Email: James Finch, Land Manager

Head Office: Brookworth House

Tel: 01737 236 150

DDI: 01737 236 156 Mobile: 07469 240 007

99 Bell Street, Reigate, Surrey RH2 7AN

Email: Simon Brooker, Land Manager DDI: 01737 305 241 Mobile: 07863 772 555 Email:



Brookworth Homes


© 2019 Brookworth Homes Ltd. All Rights reserved. The information contained in this brochure is intended for geneal guidance only. Each development is unique and the properties featured illustrate developments by Brookworth Homes. Library images and landscapes are included for illustrative purposes and are not representative or suggestive of any location or development that Brookworth Homes has done in the past or will do in the future.


Brookworth Homes 2019/20 Corporate Brochure  

This 2019/20 corporate book for luxury residential property developer Brookworth Homes was written, designed and produced for their Land Tea...

Brookworth Homes 2019/20 Corporate Brochure  

This 2019/20 corporate book for luxury residential property developer Brookworth Homes was written, designed and produced for their Land Tea...