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Art of Package and Structure

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Art of Package and Structure has collected the most creative package designs in the market, including the graphics and technical drawings for the structures of cardboard packages, promotional packages and other 3D packages. It has as many as 300 pages, with its packages and dielines which can be used in a variety of package production. The designers, whether making choices from hundreds of cardboard structures in accordance with the sample, or making some conversion, have created exciting new forms of packages. There are introductions along with the packages, elaborating the origin, technical drawing and materials of the packages.

PASTA LA VISTA It is the development of trademark and package for Pasta La Vista macaroni products. Italy is the homeland of pasta, macaroni and spaghetti. It is the only place in the world where hundreds of exotic kinds of macaroni products exist and provide an enormous range of tastes and opportunities to cook a multitude of delicious cooking masterpieces. Pasta La Vista – it is a brand which covers a wide range of various hand-made macaroni products manufactured in accordance with traditional Italian recipes and using only ecologically clean products of highest quality. It was required to develop naming, the corporate style and brand communication, as well as the product package. Original naming – Pasta La Vista – reflects emotional essence of Italian soul and cuisine while the word Pasta perfectly reveals the category that the product belongs to. Considering the key feature of the brand, which is hand-made manufacturing, we have decided to introduce four characters into the corporate style and package since the pasta is made by some certain persons, these are Mario, Francesco, Giovanni and Francesca. Therefore, every package depicts one of the characters – an Italian chef in the process of cooking. All the illustrations are performed in a bright original manner that communicates the temperament and exclusiveness of the trademark. In addition to that, the product in the package can be seen as hair of one of the characters neatly tuck under the cook’s cap which also serves as a package element that provides access to the product. All that allows receiving pasta directly from the “hands” of the Italian chef. It is a wonderful way to convert your kitchen into an Italian restaurant having collected all of the characters. DESIGNER · Andrew Gorkovenko



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TEA PACKAGING / EVRIPOS COMPANY The aim of the brief was to come up with a new brand identity and packaging for a Greek herb company called Evripos. I developed the new brand identity redesigning the packaging for white and black tea so as to underline the fact that the company Evripos and the drinks this company produces have unique taste and quality. I also created some cocktail recipes in order to give a more personal touch to the project. DESIGNER 路 Anna Trympali






CHEE TEA Chee Tea is a tea collection containing a Tangram and snacks. CHEE TEA is designed with the purpose of creating an exciting moment to enjoy with friends, family, and even with children. The special feature of the product is the Tangram shaped package. The Tangram is a Chinese traditional puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes which are put together to form a shape. The objective of the puzzle is to form a specific shape (given only an outline or silhouette) using all seven pieces. The name CHEE TEA came from Chinese word Chee which means seven. Each piece of Tangram has a different shape’s tea bag and flavor: Raspberry Nectar, Coco Truffle, Vienna Cinnamon, Belgian Mint, and Orchid Vanilla. The organic ingredients are imported from exotic countries like Malaysia, China, Tibet, and so on. Additionally, the product includes two different types of snack: Party Mix as well as dried fruits and nuts. DESIGNER · Dho Yee, Chung



LA NEVATERIA La Nevateria is a “sweets and coffee” shop which carries out both activities at 50%. Packaging is divided equally between brown (symbolizing the coffee) and different basic colors (symbolizing sweets). DESIGN AGENCY· Bisgràfic CLIENT· La Nevateria



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GENERATIVE SALT This project tests the boundaries between designing and chemical data. During my research on salt, I discovered that the salt that we all are familiar with and use for cooking purposes, actually plays a much bigger and important role in our lives. It turns out that salt is found in almost any chemical element around us in different amounts and dosages. During the production procedure of table salt in Dead Sea Works, four other chemical elements are being refined: potassium, aluminum, bromine and magnesium, from which we produce all sorts of materials that are of use to us in daily living. In my project, I decided to focus on the four chemical elements and to visualize the changing of the salt in each one of them. I looked for a logical system that would visualize the quantity changes of the salt in each four of the chemical elements. In order to achieve this, I turned to the generative software that uses a certain assumption network (computers, machines, environment, nature, physical laws etc.) that it’s results are processed and displayed visually. The data that I put into the generative software system, are based on a chemical property chart of the same chemical elements. The final product is five different packages. The first is the base of the other four packages. All of the other four packages in the product line represent a different chemical element: Potassium, aluminum, bromine and magnesium. The shape of each package is determined by the same chemical properties that I inserted into the generative software. In this way, the package shape, the graphical layout and the cone on the package, were determined by the software and graphical process by myself. In addition, on each package, there is an abstract drawing of the chemical element which it represents.

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DESIGNER· Dan Moukatel



Otkrij čaroliju Božića ispod sniježnog pokrivača i podijeli je sa voljenom osobom.

The essence of Christmas is getting together with the people we are close with. To encourage that, we came up with this concept that needs two people in order to function - it encourages people to consume a hot beverage with a dear person. Christmas Tea is a modern tea packaging design that consists of two tea bags together on one three, which need to be split and shared. It is a new way of sharing the Christmas spirit during the holidays and taking the time to focus on the moment of sharing a hot drink with another person in this new living lifestyle, where people don’t really have time to do anything. Consumption has a very important role in culture and it is our belief that our tea packaging design celebrates the emotional aspect of tea consumption and meal sharing. Text on the package: “Uncover the magic of Christmas by lifting the snow coat, and share the magic with your loved ones”.

Christmas Tea







TEAPEE Tea was a compulsory theme for this course and the objective was to restore the nobility of a culture that is almost forgotten and often tarnished: the Native American culture. The solution was to create a simple, playful and appealing object that has curiosity value and that can be easily interpreted by everyone. This primarily by the object itself is a symbol of the North American Native culture and by the updated vernacular design. The TEAPEE is by itself a way to pay tribute to people of immense resources, but fast disappearing. This project features a home-grown product which reflects ancestral values that must endure. The consumer uses a product of the land and experiences a return to one's roots by the structure which represents a typical Native American tent and also by its authentic graphic codes which bears witness to the Native American past.W DESIGNER路 Sophie Pepin



MILKY This is the work for MA degree in graphic design. I try to do something new with milky bottle and cornflakes pack. All products were made in minimalistic style. DESIGNER路Matija Blagojevic





TEA PACKAGE This project was created during my studies at Tomas Bata University in Zlin as a school project for 3D design studio classes. Conditions of this task were to create a PAPER package for any foodstuffs. I wanted to create not only a functional package but also an original piece, which would not be too difficult to put togather. The idea of organic package was to differ from the experienced standards of package boxes. The package is made of sheet of paper and a sticky paper tape with information about the tea. After cutting out the form and cutting up two cut lines of closing parts, two sides are glued together, which creates a „tube“. All that remains is to bend the closing parts along the cut lines and that’s it. Very structure of the package is quick and not too diffucult. Although the process which preceded wasn‘t that easy. It took me all days to figure out how should the cutting form look like, and the only thing I could do was to design and put together the packages over and over again until it was perfect and until it satisfied the requirements of tea package. On that occasion, I have participated in the Czech competition named Young Package, competition where hundreds of participants from the whole world send their entries. The package was among 64 best works of 855 participating. DESIGNER · Ivana Jozeková



Art of Package and Structure(with CD)  

Art of Package and Structure has collected the most creative package designs in the market, including the graphics and technical drawings fo...

Art of Package and Structure(with CD)  

Art of Package and Structure has collected the most creative package designs in the market, including the graphics and technical drawings fo...