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Architecture is a dangerous mix of power and impotence. -Rem Koolhaas


Architecture mirrors eternal harmony‌.music echoes it.

In pure architecture the smallest detail should have a meaning or serve a purpose.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.


- Otto Van Simpon

- Walt Disney

Site Plan

Master Plan

Section View’

Second Floor Master Plan Section DD’

Section CC’

Section EE’

Section BB’ Isometric View Section AA’

Various Trophies worked for Annual NASA Conventions. 2008


Worked on G-sen and Nari Gandhi trophy.



Worked on G-sen and Nari Gandhi trophy.

----- Nari Gandhi Trophy- CITATION ----- Landscape Trophy - Special Mention



Worked on G-sen and Nari Gandhi Trophy.

----- Nari Gandhi Trophy- Special Mention

2011 ----

Worekd on G-sen, Nari Gandhi ,L.I.K Trophy and A.N.D.C.

----- G-sen Trophy - CITATION A.N.D.C Trophy- Top-10 Shortlisted.


Worked on A.N.D.C , G-sen, Nari Gandhi, L.I.K Trophy and Product Design.

----- L.I.K Trophy - Special Mention. G-sen Trophy- Top-10 Shortlisted


Undergraduate Architectural Portfolio  

Projects worked during (2008-2013)

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