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Welcome to the Vivacity Swim Academy Swimming is one of the most essential life skills that a child or an adult can learn. The Vivacity Swim Academy delivers a great programme of tuition and continuous assessment, with the focus on fun and swimming enjoyment. The Academy is aligned with the Amateur Swimming Association’s (ASA) Learn-to-Swim Pathway. This is a national syllabus for delivering swimming tuition. It provides a comprehensive programme to support your child to become competent, confident and safe in the water, through learning a range of water-based skills. This booklet tells you more about the programme and the different skills your child can expect to develop as they progress through their swimmers’ journey with us.

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Register your interest online at If you have any questions you can call one of our centres on 01733 864 000 or send an email to CONTENTS 04 The ASA Learn-to-Swim Pathway 04 Areas of Skill Development & Tuition 06 Foundation Level and Learn-to-Swim Stages 1-7 07 Aquatic Skills Stages 8-10 07 Adult Learning Framework 08 Continuous Assessment 09 Online Assessment Tool 10 City of Peterborough Swimming Club (COPS) 11 Register Online Now! 12 Venues & Contact Information


Peterborough’s largest swim school


The ASA Learn-to-Swim Pathway

Areas of skill development & tuition

The Academy delivers the ASA Learn-to-Swim Pathway, an all-inclusive programme which takes absolute beginners from their first splash in the water, and helps develop confidence and competence as they progress through their journey with us.

At the Academy, students learn a range of waterbased skills that help towards developing their basic movement range. Children are encouraged to undertake activity to develop these fundamental movement skills. The Academy can help in the areas which are swim specific.

The Academy teaches children a range of water-based skills and swimming techniques, which challenge students as they progress through the programme.

WATER ENTRY & EXITS - ensure safe entry and exits in to and from the water, use of side, steps and eventually dives.

The classes of up to 12 children ensure that the water-based skills are taught in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. The Swim Academy also teaches a range of skills transferable to other sports which are beneficial for the general health, well-being and personal development of children.

The Vivacity Swim Academy focuses on learning key skills and swimming enjoyment

Competitive Swimming

ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 10 ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 9

Aquatic Skills Stages 8-10

ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 8 ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 7

WATER SAFETY - understand how to keep safe in and around water.

ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 6

BUOYANCY & BALANCE - practicing buoyancy and balance in the water and what can affect it. ROTATION & ORIENTATION - turning, twisting and regaining an upright position in the water.

ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 5

STREAMLINING - being streamlined in the water and why it is important.

ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 4

BREATHING - learning and practicing correct breathing techniques when swimming.

ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 3

TRAVEL & CO-ORDINATION - developing movement forwards, backwards, sideways and travelling effectively through the water. HEALTH & FITNESS - developing an understanding of why activity is good for you.

ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 2 Learn-toSwim Stages 1-7

Foundation Level

ASA Learn-to-Swim Stage 1

Discovery Duckling

Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre Foundation to Stage 10


Peterborough’s largest swim school

Rookie Life Saving


Jack Hunt Swimming Pool & Gym Stages 1 - 10 Plus Rookie Life Saving

Vivacity Premier Fitness Foundation to Stage 5


Foundation level & Learn-to-Swim stages 1-7 At the Academy learning to swim starts at Foundation level. At this level we look at developing early-years water confidence with ‘adult and child’ and pre-school sessions which focus on developing the basic motor skills.

Foundation level Children learn through fun and games with awards you can collect from your babies’ first splash in the water! DISCOVERY DUCKLING

Progress awards to collect

Learn-to-Swim stages 1-7 These key stages support children in developing fundamental movement skills in the water while focusing on fun and swimming enjoyment. STAGE 1 Learning basic water safety awareness, basic movement and water confidence - with the use of swimming aids such as armbands and floats. STAGE 2

Safe entries into the water, including jumping in, Perfect for babies from birth or pre-school children basic floating, travelling on front and back to 5 who are new to swimming. Usually parents or carers metres, rotating the body and regaining an upright position - with the option of using swimming aids. will attend swimming lessons with their babies or young children and join them in the water. STAGE 3 DUCKLING Safe entries into the water including submersion, travelling on front and back to 10 metres, water A session for children aged 2 ½ year old and safety knowledge and rotation skills - without the over, exploring the fun of learning to swim use of swimming aids. and growing water-confidence.

FINS Swimming Lessons FINS is part of our Swim Academy and is available to children and young people aged between 5-15 who have a disability. The lessons are delivered using the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) swimming lesson stages, helping individuals achieve their goals. We also have support staff and volunteers in the water to assist the swimmers whilst the qualified swimming teacher leads the core skills. ALPHA-STEP SESSIONS STEPS 1, 2 AND 3 A great stepping stone for toddlers in preparation for Stage 1 or for children requiring more confidence.


Peterborough’s largest swim school

STAGE 4 Understanding buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking technique for all strokes and swimming 10 metres to ASA standard. STAGE 5 Sculling, treading water and complete rotation, swimming 10 metres in all strokes to ASA standard. STAGE 6 Effective swimming skills, co-ordinated breathing across all strokes and swimming 25 metres using a stroke of the child’s choice. STAGE 7 Quality stroke technique up to 100 metres, combining skills to a linked routine and completing an obstacle course incorporating all skills learnt in stages 1-7.

Aquatic Skills stages 8-10 This level teaches swim-specific skills which build on those taught in stages 1-7 and are great if your child wants to take swimming to the next level. COMPETITIVE SWIMMING Advanced techniques such as long distance swimming using advanced starts. ROOKIE LIFESAVING The Royal Life Saving Society’s programme for water safety, rescue techniques and resuscitation with three levels offering Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Adult Swimming Framework Improving confidence, competence and technique with no age limit. Adults have different motivations, learn in different ways and have completely different needs to children learning to swim. Every person should have a chance to learn to swim and become the very best swimmer they can be, which is why our adult lessons give a very specific set of aims and targets.

For more information please contact the Swim Academy

The online assessment tool This is available to you as part of your Vivacity Swim Academy membership, and allows you to track your child’s progress from lesson-to-lesson via real-time feedback. You will be able to see the required competencies at each stage and track how well your child is progressing.


To give our students the maximum benefit we deliver the Vivacity Swim Academy as a continuous assessment swim school and offer a FREE online assessment tool, to give you real-time updates on your child’s progress.

Making swimming fun!

What are the benefits of the Swim Academy?

Achievements are encouraged with certificates available at the end of each stage.

The Swim Academy offers expert tuition with additional benefits to both you and your child: • Children can progress at their own pace with expert support • Colour-coded swim cap for every stage during their membership • FREE stage certificates and badges for direct debit customers

All children in the Academy are given their own swimming progress passport and can collect fun stickers during their Learn-to-Swim journey with us.

The Learn-to-Swim Pathway ensures children learn the required competencies comfortably at each stage before moving on to the next.

Once you have registered your child you can access a whole range of additional benefits: 1. See your child progress through the Swim Academy stages 2. Choose to receive regular communications and alerts by email

How to see your child’s progess

Continuous Assessment

What you can do online

1. Ensure we have your correct email address and have your child’s Vivacity card (which has your unique membership number on the back) to hand 2. Go to and bookmark the page for easy access 3. Click on the ‘register now’ button and you will be asked to enter your membership number (on the back of your card), your child’s date of birth and/or your postcode

3. Sign up to our direct debit scheme, you can save money and your child will also enjoy a great range of benefits! • FREE swim cap, stage badges and certificates • FREE swimming at the Regional Pool, Jack Hunt Pool and the Lido* • 10% off all swimming merchandise

Simple to follow your child’s progress

• Friendly classes of up to 12 children • Online assessment tool with real-time progress and feedback

*Includes all students enrolled at the Vivacity Swim Academy - under 8’s must be accompanied by a paying adult


Peterborough’s largest swim school


Enrol online NOW! If you wish to enrol, simply complete the form online at vivacity-peterborough/swimacademy or call 01733 864 000

Swimming lessons from just £24.00 a month!

City of Peterborough Swimming Club - (COPS)

Poolside points of view

This is a successful swimming club for both swimmers and more serious competitive swimmers. COPS welcomes all ages and abilities and is based at the Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre. Currently ranked in the top 10 clubs in Britain, COPS are currently the East Region’s and County’s top club, with an impressive 25 of their 118 swimmers competing at national level in 2016. The club aims to provide an enjoyable environment in which to help swimmers fulfil their potential, and prepare them to compete at a level commensurate with their ability, with regular attendance at training sessions. Swimmers are desired to have completed Learn-to-Swim stage 7 before considering joining the club. See


Peterborough’s largest swim school

We love our swim classes. At first my son was nervous and uncomfortable in the water, but since joining the swim academy he is now extremely confident in the water and is progressing well. Thank you to the instructors for teaching my son a much needed life skill.

I have been part of the Swim Academy for two years and I am already at stage six! I most enjoy backstroke, obstacle courses, diving and games. I love the Swim Academy because it is fun and when I go on holiday I can swim freely in the pools.

When I first started going to the pool at Vivacity I was scared to go into the water, but after 3 months with the support of the swim instructors I feel very confident. I thoroughly enjoy the swimming lessons and the outcome has made positive changes to my life.

Toni Strotten, Parent of Kai, age 4.

Rebecca Musgrave, age 8.

Asha Chopra (Pictured right) Student, Adult lessons


Our Swim Academy locations

Peterborough’s most popular swim school!

Vivacity offers superb swimming facilities across Peterborough with expert swimming tuition and coaching.

Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre

Jack Hunt Swimming Pool & Gym

Bishop’s Road, Peterborough. PE1 5BW

Ledbury Road, Netherton, Peterborough. PE3 9NP

CALL: 01733 864 760 EMAIL:

CALL: 01733 864 759 EMAIL:

Vivacity Premier Fitness

The Peterborough Lido* (Open May-Sept)

Hadfield Road, Hampton, Peterborough. PE7 8BT

Bishop’s Road, Peterborough. PE1 5BW

CALL: 01733 864 744 EMAIL:

CALL: 01733 864 761 EMAIL:

*FREE swimming at Regional, Jack Hunt and the Peterborough Lido, during public sessions, for all children enrolled at the Vivacity Swim Academy. Under 8’s must be accompanied by a paying adult. 01733 864 000

Vivacity Swim Academy Leaflet 2017  

Find out all you need to know about the Vivacity Swim Academy.

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