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TRAVEL Thailand, Singapore, Marrakech

FOOD Country France, Sweden

VOLUME 2 - NO. 3 - 2010

8 Contents CHEF Truly a French Master – André Chiang brings influence from the world’s greatest names in French cuisine is now at the Swissôtel Grand Stamford in Singapore.

12. Club Class

Just like upgrading to business class on an airline, many people forget you can do it also at your resort hotel. We look at clubbing InterContinental Bali style.

22 Private Paradise


Sean Brennan is the GM of the new Alila Uluwatu but he also helped design it as Bali’s first true ecoproperty.

26. Fashionistas’ Favorite

Nomad Food & Design was launched to sets the standard for catering excellence in Paris.

We visit a private villa near Pattaya in Thailand where one man has created a unique and personal luxury getaway.

30 FOOD A look at the classic and all-time favourites from the countryside of France.

38 Contents CHEF Abba-solutely fabulous - Fashion designer, dancer, clubber, Nizam Achmad returns to The Elysian in Bali with some Swedish pizzazz.


We take a tour around the newlook, groovy and chic Nikko Resort in Bali.




An oasis of old-world charm has appeared in modern Singapore.

Magical Marrakech can now be enjoyed from your own luxury villa.



We visit this chic (even has its own beach) restaurant, bar, lounge in Jakarta to see what is on the cocktail menu.

A traditional Indonesian dish prepared to perfection using the unique Rational system.


From everyone at Viva Asia, a very happy New Year and a healthy and prosperous 2010. If you follow the Eastern year as well as the Western one, a very interesting time ahead during the Year of the Tiger. Interesting predictions from the experts that could mean an exciting time for the travel, hotel, restaurant, food and wine industries. One Oriental expert predicts “drama, intensity, change and travel” as keywords for 2010. He also says far-reaching changes are in store for everyone, especially in the spheres of new inventions and incredible technological advances. “The Year of the Metal Tiger is certainly going to be active, even tumultuous, so it is important to seize opportunity and make the most of individual talent. Everything happens quickly and dramatically in a Tiger year – blink and you could miss an important chance of a lifetime! Bold actions are necessary and the ‘metal’ element provides resolve and courage to achieve your goals.” All noted. And we hope that these predictions for 2010 will be a welcome departure from the doldrums and the uncertainty of the last 18 months. We are certainly looking onward and upward in this issue. We visit a wonderful private compound where you can get away if you are in Thailand. A look at old-is-new in Singapore; food and wine from the timeless countryside of France. We look at the oftenoverlooked idea of upgrading to Club Class when you make a hotel reservation and we travel to Bali to meet Sean Brennan who has overseen the daringly different Alila Uluwatu resort. We meet two new exciting chefs new on the Asian scene and pay a quick visit to the colourful Moroccan city of Marrakech.

Do enjoy. Graham Pearce

Porcini, foie gras, porcini, foie gras, porcini; another scrumptious creation from Chef Andre Chiang of Jaan Par Andre at the Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore.


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FRENCH MASTER The stellar influence of some of the world’s greatest French chefs is now in Singapore. All in the person of André Chiang, now Chef de Cuisine at his eponymous Jaan par André at the Swissôtel The Stamford. 8


André Chiang’s impressive career is best outlined as a list: Pierre Gagnaire (three-Michelinstars) L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (oneMichelin-star) L’Astrance (three-Michelin-stars) La Maison Troisgros (three-Michelinstars) Le Jardin des Sens (three-Michelinstars) He has also worked at several establishments of Michelin-star chefs, Jacques and Laurent Pourcel, in their award-winning restaurants in Shanghai, Bangkok – and in France. He has also worked with Helene Darroze, Alain Ducasse and Franck Cerruti.

Having absorbed this rich culinary experience from the best in Europe, Chiang is now bringing this knowledge and technique to Jaan par André, part of the prestigious Equinox Complex on Level 70 of the Swissôtel The Stamford, with stunning views of the Singapore skyline from Raffles City. But despite the teachings of these great men and women, Chiang has developed his own style where he tries his utmost to respect the purity of fine produce while still maintaining the integrity of the Nouvelle Cuisine style he so loves.



This is the cooking style developed in France (now half a century ago) that stresses freshness, lightness, and clarity of flavour, as distinct from the richer and heavier classic haute cuisine. Dishes most often use smaller quantities of food, sauces made of vegetable and fruit purées and elegant presentation that highlights texture and colour.

naturally become somewhat polyglot and he says he still enjoys going back to Taipei for spicy beef noodles and bak kut teh (pork rib bone soup) in Singapore. But then his other great joy is French comfort food at the Chateaubriand Bistro in Paris. “And a particular favourite is a traditional tapas bar in Barcelona.”

STYLE And it works! Already he is making waves in the Singapore restaurant scene – last year scooping honours in the Miele Restaurant Awards, gaining 4th best in Asia and 2nd best in Singapore. He was also named Chef of the Year and Jaan par André was Restaurant of the Year at last year’s World Gourmet Summit. Chiang was born in Taiwan but soon left to travel the world and work in some the best French restaurants around before moving on to become executive chef at the Maia Resort in the Seychelles before landing in Singapore. He speaks English, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese and Cantonese. Over the years, his tastes have


“Pierre Gagnaire, especially, has influenced my creative style and artistic plating; the Pourcel brothers taught me respect for natural produce which has a great impact on my own philosophy of always using unique ingredients. With Joel Robuchon, I trained my instinct for accuracy and precision and my time with Pascal Barbot developed my philosophy of ‘pure flavours’ as well as the emotional connection I am able express in my style of cuisine.” “With influences from the South of France, this style is well-suited to the culture and climate in Asia,” says Chiang. “I combine the freshest produce with light seasonings, fresh herbs and a large selection of seafood without butter, cream or heavy cheeses. My dishes also have some acidity, textures and many contrasts to create a harmonious effect.”

“I believe in presenting each ingredient’s purest flavour, often by cooking with ‘pure’ cooking methods which do not interfere with the natural taste. For example, using the sous vide method or simple making a purée. And, by selecting products which are unique (not often available in the market) I am also able to explore more artistic dishes and flavour combinations,” he enthuses. “We simply believe in bringing the best produce to the table, thus we spend a lot of time meeting artisan producers and growers locally. And we have Red Prawns from Palamos, Spain; Kyoto Goat Milk from Japan; Mediterranean monkfish liver; and needle fish from France and Australia.” “Our best-seller at Jaan par André is the Dégustation Menu comprising some 11 dishes. It is a seriously executed menu highlighting the seasons’ best ingredients, which I present for diners to enjoy visually, sensually and intellectually.”


CLUB CLASS When people choose to fly, many pay extra for the comfort of business class. But the hotel equivalent of business class is often overlooked when people book their accommodation. It something every traveller should look at again because you get so much more on your holiday if you upgrade to Club (and at a fraction of the cost of upgrading on an airline). One hotel that has its Club level working superbly is the InterContinental Resort in Bali.




nterContinental’s club service begins at Bali Airport – not the ideal landing place in the world...

Club guests are met with a personalized greeting service, specifically designed to alleviate the chaotic process of landing in an unfamiliar foreign destination. Your staff will take care of immigration, luggage collection and customs while you wait in an air-conditioned lounge staffed by Club InterContinental hostesses and page boys. Nothing like a cold towel and refreshments before you are whisked to a waiting car that will have you at the resort in a few minutes.

wing are inspired by Bali itself and feature indigenous timbers, rich fabrics, hand-carving, batik and subtle lighting to create a warm and relaxing ambience. These guest rooms also incorporate many of the InterContinental brand’s trademark “In the Know” features and the inclusion of an espresso coffee machine is just

another added convenience for the seasoned traveller. In the lush gardens, a Balinese style bridge over a lagoon links the Club InterContinental guest rooms and suites with the exclusive Club pool and gardens. (Children, incidentally, are encouraged to use the main pools).

CLUB ROOMS AND SUITES Once you arrive at the hotel you are shown to your larger-thannormal at some 58sqm Club guest room or your even larger suite. These rooms in their own private

CLUB INTERCONTINENTAL LOUNGE This elegant air-conditioned room just below the lobby is open 24 hours a day for relaxing, dining, drinking, reading and catching up with friends. You will find local and international newspapers and magazines. It also has a terrace overlooking the lawns and lagoons if you want to be outdoors. During cocktail hour, wine, spirits and canapés are complimentary. After breakfast and until tea-time at three, a selection of juices, soft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks are available. After 3pm, the traditional English afternoon tea. Later, you can enjoy a drink at the cocktail bar or at any of the tables and lounges, indoors or out. After cocktail hours, there is a full choice of late night snacks.



It is just like the great clubs of London and New York and other cities – except this one is on the beach in Paradise...

INSPIRATION SPACE Another unique initiative to the Bali InterContinental Resort is the Inspiration Space. For the exclusive use of Club guests, this centre fosters recreational activities and pastimes that are a direct reflection on Bali’s artistic and cultural traditions. This can be as simple as listening to a CD, browsing the library or taking part in one of the regular talks and demonstrations.

CLUB BREAKFAST You can start your day in Jimbaran with a choice of five breakfast venues. Firstly, you can choose to have room service where your butler will arrange a personal menu. Then there is the Club Lounge with a full international buffet and, for a more casual breakfast at the Club Pool, where a designated play area keeps the

young ones occupied. Taman Gita restaurant is another option with its enormous choices, including an Asian section, meat carvery, egg station, espresso machine and fresh fruit and vegetable juice bar. Then there is Bella Singaraja restaurant which caters especially to guests who prefer begin their morning in a more peaceful manner with sweeping views over Jimbaran Bay and the intense tropical greenery of the resort gardens.

CLUB INTERCONTINENTAL PRIVILEGES In a nutshell, here is what your Club reservation includes: Special immigration clearance assistance at the Club InterContinental Airport Lounge 24-hour Personal Butler service A choice of five breakfast venues Use of private Club InterContinental pool Unlimited children’s programs at Planet Trekkers child care facility

Complimentary late check out until 4.00 pm Luxury bath amenities Complimentary access to 24hour Fitness Centre Preferential seating at every restaurant in the resort Like business class on an aeroplane, the idea is you can make a fabulous beach holiday in Bali even more luxurious and enjoyable if you go Club. If you book what they call the ‘Resort Classic’ it is an additional $180.00 per day to upgrade to Club. The ‘Singaraja Package’ is $150.00 a day to upgrade to Club. (Take into account the price of food and, especially, wine these days and you are ahead already...) You can book Club rooms and suites online or when booking with an agent, simply ask for a Club room or suite. m





The new Alila Resort on the cliff at Uluwatu is many things. Chief among these is: it is different! Design, philosophy, facilities, food and management. And also unique is that its GM Sean Brennan was part of the design and building team.


lila Uluwatu is unlike any other hotel you will see in Bali. No alang-alang roofs, no statuary, no hibiscus – in the rooms and villas, no ‘Balinese art’ on the walls, not even a magazine on a table interrupts the Zen of the place.

vegetation, including the large patches of blue-flowered milkweed which cows love and these are actually harvested to feed cows in the neighbourhood. The flat roof of each villa is covered with local volcanic rock and they function as a natural insulator.

And this is all entirely deliberate.

In all there are 84 villas, all with pool. They are unusually generous in size: the one bedroom sitting on almost 300sqm while the three-bedroom ‘houses’ sit on 2500sqm.

The new hotel they are calling an ‘eco-resort’ boasts a most dramatic setting, perched on fourteen and a half hectares of dry savannah on a cliff that affords total view of the Indian Ocean, serene when it is blue and especially dramatic during a storm. The Alila has been designed by WOHA from Singapore who have created a series of low-rise villas that blend naturally into a hillside. These are surrounded by beds of lemongrass which is a natural mosquito repellent along with other naturally-occurring

cliff but your butler will be with you with refreshments at either end. “And people fall in love their butlers very quickly. (There is a dedicated butler to every single room and villa). We have had guests in tears as they leave – wanting to take their butler with them,” smiles Sean Brennan. Of course, there is high-tech entertainment and communication, a super luxurious spa (for him and her) and the Gallery that carries fine arts and crafts from all over Indonesia as well as silk products and batik from the renowned Baron.

The whole resort is basically a series of walkways in planes of wood, water, stone and rattan. It is all open plan – including the villas where a breeze can zephyr through the entire space. And it is a naturally windy place, sitting as it does, by the ocean. So, many guests even sleep without air conditioning. They have three private beaches down below and it is a steep hike down the

Apart from the marvellous filigree walls in Cire, made from hundreds of old cap, the artwork around the resort is ‘organic’ with lots of tree-root sculpture, old stone carvings, some old Chinese gongs and, in the lobby, a pair of magnificent wall totems from Kalimantan. Sean Brennan is very proud of the result and, even after two years of construction, is still vitally enthusiastic about everything. He is also very keen that you appreciate what they are trying to achieve but also that you enjoy it to the utmost.



CONCEPT “Luxury – first and foremost – is what we wanted here,” says Brennan. “And we define luxury through location, space and privacy and we gave that very clear brief to the designer.

“We are also the first hotel in Asia to be Green Globe Design-built. In order to achieve that, a large percentage of building materials have to be recycled or sustainable. And this is very true at Alila: doors, tables, furniture are made from old timber, mostly from telegraph poles and railways sleepers; our ceilings are bamboo,” he explains. Central to all this is the Sunset Cabana, built over the cliff and basically a shell of more brass ferrules and recycled iron wood. It is also already a favourite place for weddings, especially for couples from Jakarta. “Then, at least 40% of your workforce has to be from the local community and there are a lot of restrictions on water use, chemical use and diesel use. You are capped with a daily quota for all these,” Brennan says. 76 18

“We even have rainwater collection system – very important for the dry Bukit area of Bali. We can capture up to 150,000 litres of water in a day. In fact, we are still functioning on the rainfall we had one day more than a week ago,” says Brennan.

“This would not work in Seminyak. Strange: our guests usually stay an average of four nights and they only seem to venture out one night and that is usually only as far as the Jimbaran seafood restaurants on the beach.”




There are two formal dining options at the hotel: the Balinese Warung and Cire, the western restaurant and wine cellar. People apparently also love to eat in their villas with food from either place. Or you can order whatever you want. “This is especially good for guests a long way from home who want something simple and familiar,” says Brennan. “We have a whole home-cooking section on our menus with roast beef, roast chicken, pork loin. lamb or pasta. People love it.”

Brennan grew up in Avalon, a surfing suburb in Sydney. When I was still in high school, I got a job working charter boats on Sydney Harbour. And working for the Hyatt in the evening.

“We try to use as many local ingredients as we can, so we try to get away from balsamic, the olive oils and imported things. (He points out a local passionfruit dip for the home-made bread which is unusual but delicious) and adds that “we only import four ingredients: beef, lamb, olive and cheese; everything else is sourced locally.” “And, in the spa, all our body care products are made in Bali by a company called Sensatia, headed by Michael Lorenti. It is a fantastic range of natural skin products and totally different for men and women.”

“After hotel school in Switzerland, I Claridge’s in London. I still draw upon those experiences today. Back of house was extraordinary and I may yet write a book about it all,” he smiles. “I was the only Australian in the place, and even today, they still call me Skippy. I had a ball and learned so much. And yes, I did serve Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. The Queen Mother was fabulous – always so nice. My favourite, though, was Princess Diana who was the only one who interacted with the staff and smiled and said thank you for little services.”

“Then I left to join the Hilton in Singapore and stayed with them in China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. Indonesia is our fifth country in six years and my wife and I both landed and said: this is home – at last. We have built a house and we want to live here,” says Brennan. “And then to be able to help create all this which is Alila’s first villa property and now the standard for all Alila Villa properties around the world and I am very proud of that.” m

“I did everything there: house manager, the restaurant, room service, housekeeping. Then I did a two-year stint at The Savoy and back to Australia with Accor in management training.”

Balinese spa products:

19 79


The Park Lane Jakarta to represent Indonesia at Bocuse D’Or Asia

After winning a Gold medal at the 2009 Jakarta Salon Culinaire National Bocuse D’Or selection, a team from RIVA restaurant at The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta will represent Indonesia at the Bocuse D’or Asia Final in Shanghai on March 17 – 19, 2010. The team will compete against 11 other Asian countries for a place in the Bocuse D’Or 2011 World Final in Lyon, France. Theme for the competition is Sterling White Hallibut Fish. Bocuse D’Or officially formed in 1987 by Paul Bocuse, the world renowned Chef, invites young, professional chefs from around the world to perform ‘live’, creating a great gastronomic show. Through participation in this world class competition, people around the world will be aware of the International level that Indonesian Chefs have now attained. The team is Chef Guruh & his assistant Chef Rizky. The team is coached by Gilles Marx, Director of Food & Beverage, The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta. The team promotion is handled by Stefu Santoso, Executive Chef, The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta. For more information regarding Bocuse D’or visit w w w. b o c u s e d o r a s i a . c o m

76 20


PRIVAT E PARADISE From Thailand, a new concept. A private estate where you get all the luxury of full hotel service in a beautifully landscaped compound, a world away from business and bustling tourist spots.

It is called The Tamarind and indeed there are two fine tamarind trees that dominate the lush gardens by the large swimming pool. The man behind it is British financier Justin Tate who came to Thailand nine years ago on an impromptu holiday, fell in love with the place and decided to build something permanent he could come to from his frenzied job in Tokyo and London. He comes from a large family so he wanted enough room to house them all on holiday. This led to the building of a compound with several separate villas, inspired, strangely enough, by Bali with a little fusion of Asian art and architecture – but all designed for comfort. (For this Tate called in Bali designer Fifi Derose, pictured with the colourful umbul-umbul). But it did not end there. The Country Club next door was lying idle so Tate bought that and totally refurbished it to have extra bedrooms and a conference centre. (It also came with its own huge pool). So the whole thing now approaches two hectares – all presided over by two friendly Jack Russell terriers called Dennis and Minnie.





You have access to traditional Thai cultural performances and you are a short drive from the Botanical Gardens, national parks and mountain bike trails A must-visit is the Silverlake vineyard, only 10 minutes away from Tamarind. You can picnic, taste the wine or eat in the fine Italian restaurant.

THE SEA The Tamarind is on a gentle slope in the exclusive gated community known as “Buraran.” From high vantage points, such as the lounge tower, you can see the charming marine village of Bangsaray, the coast and the little islands that dot the horizon beyond. Bangsaray (meaning simply village by the sea) also boasts a dozen fine fresh seafood restaurants. Tamarind guests also have privileged access to Sai Kaew Beach, a semi-private beach within a base of the Royal Thai Navy. You reach here though the Naval Academy grounds and up over the hills facing Monkey Island. It is wonderfully relaxing; the aquamarine water is safe and there are also more seafood restaurants here, serving excellent Thai seafood.

PATTAYA The estate is an easy 90 minutes’ drive by multilaned motorway from Suvarnabhumi Aiport; fortunately you do not have to drive through Bangkok which is 20 minutes in the other direction. It is 20 minutes from the Jomtien/Pattaya beach resort areas with loads of shopping (many people in the know go to Pattaya to shop for jewellery) and you will want to (at least) see ‘Walking Street’ where there is indeed a lot of ‘street walking.’ Bars, restaurants, clubs: think Stadium on Steroids. There is a marina if you are coming by boat; no less than 10 golf courses nearby, horseback riding, a zoo, the crocodile park, the water park, go-karting track, an elephant safari – even a polo club. 24

PEACE & QUIET Bururan Estate, surrounding The Tamarind, is fully mature with more than five kilometres of private, tree-lined roads that are perfect for jogging, biking or strolling – alll security protected 24 hours. When you come home from a strenous day at the beach or on the golf course, you can have a sundowner on the lounge-deck or in the ‘living room.’ Dinner is a together thing at the long dining table where you will have delicious Thai or Western food. Alcohol and beer can be purchased in-house. There are 12 dedicated who will look after your every need – even to ojeking you down to Bangsaray to the market or a restaurant. The Tamarind has spacious accommodation for up to 26 guests, sharing nine beautifully-designed bedroom suites, plus three additional bedrooms in the adjacent Buraran Clubhouse – every one has ensuite bathroom. There is even an ulatracomfortable home theatre. It is ideal if you are seeking privacy, luxury and highly personalized service; whether as an individual, an extended family, or a group of executives needing to unwind. It could also be the perfect getaway for that romantic escape for two. It is perfect for a large family or a friends’ holiday gathering. Just like Justin Tate’s family does every year. w w w. l u x u r y r e s o r t v i l l a s t h a i l a n d . c o m




Fashionista’s Favourite




enowned as the fashionista’s favourite caterer, Nomad Food & Design was launched in Paris in 1999 by Martin Philippe, after 18 years in hospitality management and a career as a fashion photographer.Martin combined his passion for food, design and innovation to form the company that now sets the standard for catering excellence in Paris. In 2005 the sister company, Nomad London was formed. Nomad’s London outpost caters for private and corporate events within both the homes of London’s elite as well as with prestigious venues such as Kensington Palace, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Sunbeam Studios & Forbes House. International clients include Louis Vuitton, Yves-Saint-



Laurent, Christian Dior, Khiel’s, Estee Lauder, Tiffany & Co, Zadig & Voltaire, Boucheron, Jaeger Lecoultre and Dolce & Gabbana. Nomad produces stunning food, combining the finest ingredients with the latest innovations in food design and this year will be bringing to London Fashion Week (19th-24th Feb 2010) the super-luxe styling it is synonymous with in France. Food, like clothes go in and out of fashion and food frumps such as pastry and bread bases are so last season, Nomad Food & Design is banishing the carb laden canapés of the noughties. Hitting the canapé catwalk this season are molecular dishes. The experimental cooking techniques are on trend for 2010 and are an enviable accessory to this seasons little black dress.

Nomad Food and Design Director Michael Namock explained; “We embrace experimental styles of cooking and merge the traditional methods with the contemporary. Every event is different and our team of chefs and planners always work closely with our clients to ensure a bespoke menu is designed. Molecular gastronomy is really fashionable at the moment and is becoming more and more popular for private events!”


The molecular gastronomy canapés add a theatrical wow to an event as Nomad chefs dip the menu items into a ‘boiling frozen’ pool of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -180C. Nomad Food & Design liquid nitrogen menu items strutting their way down the catwalk include; ‘Foie gras with maple syrup and pecan nuts’, ‘Salmon with cream and pea mint’, ‘Frozen ball of tangy lemon meringue pie’ and ‘English strawberry covered in a light tiramisu cream’. The on trend ‘espuma’ dishes will leave attendees smelling of roses as the savoury or sweet foam is made with pressure siphons and then sprayed with essence of edible

perfume. Menu items include; ‘Avocado and pomelo rose’, ‘Foie gras and confit fig’, ‘Pineapple and lychee jelly’ and ‘White peach and fromage blanc with dried apricot’.


Indonesia Wins Global Chefs Challenge 2010

I Wayan Wicaya has returned triumphantly to Bali after winning the 2010 Global Chefs Challenge; one of the culinary world’s most prestigious prizes. The Global Chefs Challenge is the largest single chefs competition in the world, sponsored by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) and this year saw teams from 88 countries in 7 seven continental regional finals. The seven finalists, Indonesia, Norway, Canada, Portugal, Holland, Dubai, and Australia competed in the final that was held in Chile. The Chefs are required to prepare a four course dinner for twelve guests. They are watched by a panel of judges throughout the whole process and the winner is ultimately the chef who has created his or her dishes to the highest culinary, food hygiene and preparation standards. As well as taking out the Global Chefs Challenge, I Wayan Wicaya also took out the Wine Pairing Competition. In this competition each Chef was allowed to taste 8 premiere Chilean wines and pair 3 of the 8 with their menu. I Wayan Wicaya is Executive Sous Chef at the Bulgari Resort Bali.


FRENCH COUNTRY FOOD It is one of the great joys of travelling when you leave Paris and take time to wander around the wonderful countryside of France. Being such an old country, each part has its own cuisine. Here are a few classics that are easy to make, hearty and delicious. SALADE PARISIENNE (A famous dish from Paris that can be served as an entree or a light meal in itself.) 350g button mushrooms, thinly sliced Juice of 2 lemons 3 slices cooked ham, julienned 175g Gruyere or Emmenthal cheese, diced 1 lettuce

Vinaigrette: 2 tspns French mustard Salt and black pepper 1 tbspn wine vinegar 4 tbspns oil Place mushrooms in a bowl and sprinkle with the lemon juice to stop browning. When ready to serve, drain the mushrooms and mix with other ingredients. Toss with vinaigrette and serve immediately.

SALADE CAUCHOISE (This is a great and quick salad from Normandy) 1 head lettuce (romaine or iceberg) 2 large slices ham, roughly chopped 12 walnuts, halved 1 large apple, cored and sliced Dressing: 1 tspn French mustard Pinch salt & black pepper 1 tbspn cider vinegar 3 tbspns light cream Tear lettuce into bite-sized pieces and toss with other ingredients. For dressing, toss all ingredients in a jar and pour over salad just before serving.

POULET SAUTÉ A LA BASQUAISE (This traditional Basque dish is simple – with a touch of chilli spice!)


1 large chicken Salt & black pepper Flour 6 tbspns oil 4 onions, finely chopped 2 green capsicums, 2 red capsicums, sliced 4 cloves garlic, crushed 500g tomatoes, skinned, seeded and roughly chopped 2 tbspns tomato puree Bouquet garni (thyme, parsley, chervil etc) 175g Bayonne or other raw ham Cayenne pepper or chilli flakes Parsley Divide chicken into four and dust with flour. Brown in oil then lower the heat and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from pan. Add a little more oil and sauté the onions 2-3 minutes, then add the capsicum, garlic, tomatoes, tomato paste, spices, chilli and ham. Moisten with a little water and check for seasoning. Cook 15 minutes. Put chicken pack into pot and simmer, covered, for 30 minutes until


chicken is tender. Discard the bouquet garni and dice the ham. Sprinkle all with parsley and serve with rice.

EASY CASSOULET (This classic bean-based stew is the ultimate comfort food for a chilly evening).

4 slices thick-cut bacon, roughly chopped 8 chicken thighs, skin and excess fat removed 8 Italian sausages 1 large onion, coarsely chopped 2 cloves garlic, chopped ½ bottle Riesling 750g canned tomatoes with juice 500g small white beans, rinsed, drained 2 large yellow bell peppers, roughly diced ½ cup chopped parsley 1 tbspn each of rosemary & thyme Salt & hot red pepper flakes

Topping: 2 tbspns olive oil 2 cups coarse breadcrumbs ½ cup grated Parmesan 2 tspns thyme Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees. Cook bacon over medium heat until crisp and fat has rendered; drain on paper towel. In drippings, brown the chicken and sausages all over, about 8 minutes per batch; transfer to a shallow roasting pan as they are browned. Bake 15 minutes. Meanwhile, sauté onion and garlic about 6 minutes. Add the wine, scraping browned bits from bottom of pot, about 2 minutes. Stir in tomatoes, beans, and remaining stew ingredients, and bring mixture to a simmer. Remove chicken and sausages from oven; stir into bean mixture with any accumulated juices from roasting pan. Sprinkle bacon bits over top. Cover pot and bake 45 minutes, until chicken is cooked through and tender. For the topping: sauté breadcrumbs in oil until toasted. Cool, stir in cheese and thyme. Spoon stew into large bowls and sprinkle each with toasted-breadcrumb mixture.

CHOUCROUTE GARNIE A L’ALSACIENNE (This meal-on-a-plate is influenced by both the French and German cuisine style of Alsace-Lorraine). 4 slices bacon, chopped 1 medium onion, chopped 1 can sauerkraut, drained 2 tbspns packed brown sugar 2 medium potatoes, quartered 2 tart apples, sliced 12 juniper berries (optional) 6 black peppercorns 2 whole cloves 1 sprig parsley 1 bay leaf 4 smoked pork chops (kassler) 4 spicy sausages, slashed diagonally 2 cups chicken broth

31 71


Sauté bacon and onion until bacon is crisp; drain. Stir in sauerkraut and brown sugar, then add the potatoes and apples. Tie juniper berries, peppercorns, cloves, parsley and bay leaf in cheesecloth bag or place in tea ball; add to sauerkraut. Add pork chops and sausages. Pour chicken broth over meat. Bring to a boil then reduce heat. Cover and simmer until meat is done and potatoes are tender, about 30 minutes. Remove spice bag. Remove sauerkraut, potatoes and apples to large platter with slotted spoon. Arrange meat around edge. Serves 4.

BOEUF A LA BOURGUIGNON (An all-time classic, rich and tasty and easily re-heated). 1.5kg stewing steak, roughly diced, coated in seasoned flour 3 slices bacon 1/4 cup oil 2 medium onions, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 cup cognac 1 cup good red wine 1 cup beef broth 2 bay leaves 8 carrots, diced 12 whole shallots 1 punnet mushrooms

alight. When flames disappear, pour in red wine, beef broth and bay leaves. Bring to a boil and simmer for 1 hour until tender.

BOURIDE Add carrots, onions and mushrooms. Remove bay leaves and simmer another 20-30 minutes to cook vegetables. Stir in bacon; garnish with parsley and serve with potatoes, noodles or rice.


(This is a delicious Provencale fish soup that restaurants along the French Riviera serve with garlic bread). 1 1/2 cups mayonnaise 3 cloves garlic, crushed

COQ AU VIN (The famous – and easy - chicken braised in red wine). 10 chicken pieces 10 pearl onions, peeled (can use Asian shallots) 4 slices bacon, roughly chopped 1 clove garlic, crushed 1 tbspn flour 3/4 cup chicken stock 1 bouquet garni (parsley, thyme, bay leaves) 2 cups red wine Salt, pepper 1 tbspn red wine vinegar

500g fish fillets, roughly chopped ½ bottle dry white wine 6 slices onion 3 tbspns parsley 1 bay leaf Salt to taste Paprika Baguette Mix mayonnaise and crushed garlic; cover and refrigerate Place fish in single layer in skillet. Add wine, onion and lemon slices, parsley, bay leaf, salt and just enough water to cover. Heat to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer uncovered until fish flakes easily with fork, about 6 minutes. Remove fish with slotted spoon; keep warm. Strain fish broth. Pour 1 1/2 cups of the broth into a large saucepan and gradually beat in mayonnaise mixture. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened.

In a pan, brown the chicken in butter over moderate heat and remove to a heavy casserole.

Brown bacon until crisp, then crumble. Add oil to bacon drippings and brown the beef. Add onions and garlic and stir until golden. Pour over cognac and set

Add the red wine vinegar. Reduce the sauce before serving.

Brown the onions and bacon and add to the chicken. Remove all but 2 tablespoons fat from the pan. Add the flour and stir well. Add stock, bouquet garni, wine, salt and pepper. Stir and pour over the chicken. Cover and simmer 30 minutes.

Place 2 slices of French bread upright in each soup bowl; spoon fish between slices. Pour soup over fish; sprinkle with paprika.

TAPENADE (This complexly flavoured but easily prepared olive spread is a staple of Provence. Use it in sandwiches or as a dip for bread or crudités).


500g black olives, drained and pitted ½ teaspoon anchovy paste 2 tablespoons capers, drained 1 clove garlic, crushed Pinch cayenne & thyme 1/4 tspn lemon zest 4 tbspns olive oil

75g black cherries, stoned 4 eggs Pinch salt 100g sugar 59g plain flour 50g butter 250ml milk

Puree all ingredients except the oil in a blender until a paste forms. Add olive oil in a steady stream and process until thoroughly blended but still retaining a course texture. Chill well before serving.

Thoroughly butter a wide shallow ovenproof dish and put in the cherries. Beat the eggs lightly in a bowl and whisk

BOEUF A LA FLAMMANDE (Although originally Flemish, this great beef stew has moved from Belgium and now can he had all over France). 1kg beef, cut into large cubes, dredged in seasoned flour 2 tbspns oil 2 tbspns butter 4 medium onions, sliced 1 clove garlic, crushed 4 onions, sliced 1 clove garlic, chopped 1 tbspn brown sugar 2 tspns dried parsley 1 bay leaf Pinch thyme 1 bottle dark beer 1 cup beef stock 1 tbspn apple cider vinegar Brown the beef in oil/butter mixture. Add the onions and herbs to the beef and stir thoroughly. Stir in the beer and add enough beef stock to cover. Reduce heat to low, and simmer for 90 minutes until the beef is tender. Remove from the heat and stir in the apple cider vinegar.

CLAFOUTIS AUX CERISES (This easy pudding from the Auvergne is a great ending to a meal. You cold also make it with plums.)

in the salt and sugar. Blend in the flour. When smooth, melt half the butter and beat into the batter. Finally pour in the milk, stirring constantly. Pour the batter over the cherries and dot with the remaining butter. Cook in a preheated 200 deg oven for 35 minutes until batter is set. Sprinkle with sugar and serve hot or warm.

110g butter cut into small pieces 175g plain flour 2 tbsp castor sugar 1 egg 2-3 tbsp water or milk 60g/2oz unsalted butter Squeeze of lemon 5 heaped tbsp sugar 8 large tart apples For the pastry, work the butter well into the flour and sugar, then add the egg and enough water or milk to bind the soft dough. Wrap in cling film and chill for 30 minutes. For the filling, melt the butter in a 25cm round metal ovenproof pan. Add the lemon juice and sugar and stir until it turns brown. Peel, core and slice the apples. Arrange a layer of concentric circles over the caramelised butter and sugar and fill with layers of the rest of the sliced apples. Roll the dough out on a floured board and cut to fit the inside lip of the pan. Lay over apples and bake at 230 degrees for 30 minutes, until it is lightly browned. Remove from the oven, cut round the edges and invert it quickly onto a flat serving dish.

TARTE TATIN (The invention of this classic was probably an accident but the result, ugly as it may look, is simply superb. You can easily cheat with frozen puff pastry).

HONEY LEMON DRESSING (A great sauce from the Cote d’Azur Honey for peaches, berries or other fruit). ½ cup dry white wine 3 tbspns plus 2 tspns honey 2 tbspns lemon juice ½ tspn lemon zest 1 tbspn granulated sugar Process all ingredients in a blender until the dressing is smooth. Chill for 20 minutes before serving.

33 71


CAN’T AFFORD A COKE? DRINK WINE News from Australia that wine is now cheaper than Coca-Cola and bottled water. This is all thanks to a grape glut and a stronger dollar.

bottle of Coca-Cola sells for $3.07 – if they had 750ml bottles, it would be $3.84.

One supermarket chain is selling 750ml bottles of cleanskin (no label but drinkable) wine at $1.99 – less than Rp.20,000 so read that and weep in Bali.

Apparently most of the wine comes from the Riverina area, noted for its table quality and the glut in more traditional vineyards which has been going on since 2007.

Meantime, a 750mlk bottle of drinking water is selling for $2.25 and a 600ml

Getting worse, too: a new winery opens in Australia every two days!

ORGANIC IS GO Organic production is tipped as one of the biggest growth industries in 2010. It is already happening around Asia and especially in Indonesia. In a new survey (from global industry researcher IBISWorld), organic farming made it into list of Top Ten growth industries.

PC FOOD IN BRITAIN The British are becoming serious about political correctness at the table – and all along, you though British food was basically tasteless fuel for the body. But, no. Now we are talking about such things as foie gras made without longsuffering, force-fed geese and fish from ‘sustainable fishing practices.’ Tesco, Waitrose and House of Fraser are among a growing number of British retailing giants now refusing to stock real foie gras. Even the pinnacle of food halls, Selfridges has decided to take foie gras off its shelves.

The report says organic farming revenue is poised for massive increase of 14.8% this year, sustaining 13.4 in the next five years. IBISWorld’s Robert Bryant says that while organic foods are generally more expensive, higher disposable income, along with increasing awareness of environmental sustainability will ensure this growth. Along with this is the increasing range of organic products now available in supermarkets. “Growth will mainly be driven by increases in production, and an increase in consumer demand,” Bryant said. The report concluded that not only does organic farming offer higher returns for farmers but it is evidently more resilient and adaptable to changing climate conditions.

This was helped not just by general protest but a little celebrity input as well. Former James Bond Sir Roger Moore is shaking and stirring things up by protesting loudly that foie gras is ‘torture in a tin.’ The foie gras ban has even gained the royal seal of approval when the Prince of Wales ordered it orff the menu at all his official lunches and dinners.

76 34


Swap The Latte For A Herbal Tea Reseach has shown that there can be up to 500 calories and 15g of fat in a large whole milk hot chocolate from a high street coffee shop. That’s not all bad for the occasional treat but if you are trying to look for ways to reduce your calorie count a little, why not try swapping the milky madness for something with a natural sweetness and very few calories or fat. A standard green or black tea has zero calories, with most of the fat and calorific content only coming from the milk and sugars added to it. UK company Tiny Teas provides a range of whole-leaf teas which boast a number of low and zero calorie teas – ideal when looking for a lower calorie alternative to that latte or mocha with whipped cream. The range is sourced from around the world, and a fair pricing policy is in place, ensuring that the worker always receives a fair end price for its product. Tiny Teas’ teas are packed under the Ethical Tea Partnership ensuring sustainability and better conditions for tea workers. In keeping with Tiny Teas’ eco-credentials, the outer packaging is fully compostable and recyclable. Teas can be delivered anywhere in the world and orders can be made online. w w w. t i n y t e a s

Queenstown adventure goes tandem Queenstown’s newest adventure activity is set to become even more popular with families with the recent launch its ‘tandem zipping’ experience. Ziptrek Ecotours, the all-weather, all abilities, all yearround flying fox eco-adventure located in the forest atop the Skyline Gondola, is now able to offer tandem tours for children seven and older with no minimum weight limit. Ziptrek Ecotours takes guests on a guided two-hour flying fox journey through the forest high above Queenstown. Guests step off a series of architecturally designed and beautifully constructed aerial launch platforms to “zzziiiip” down four separate cables from tree to tree. Each ride is controlled by a guide and a patented braking system but zippers can enhance their thrill factor by zipping in different styles such as cannonball, upside down and Spiderman. Between the four different flying fox lines, Ziptrek guides deliver an interpretive commentary with an ecological focus.



What’s New In Bordeaux? Bordeaux offers its visitors tradition, prestige, the art of living well and conviviality. History and heritage is important to the region famed for its wine and food – but the future is also key, and the new developments in Bordeaux show the destination as a tourism trend setter and a place that has something to satisfy all interests... Bar à Vin Once in Bordeaux, why not visit the Bar à Vin opposite the Tourist Office in the same building as the Bordeaux Ecole du Vin? Sample new wines, receive advice on an appellation or a vintage, or simply enjoy a glass of Bordeaux in a wonderful setting dedicated to

Bacchus: the Bar à Vin is the place to go. The entire Bordeaux range - reds, dry and sweet whites, rosés, clairets and sparkling wines - can be sampled in surroundings designed to take you on a voyage of discovery through the wine appellations of Bordeaux.

Le Gabriel restaurant Situated on the Place de la Bourse, overlooking the riverside “miroir d’eau,” Le Gabriel is a new contemporary establishment offering three levels of dining: a bar-lounge, a bistro and a restaurant. While Le Dix is a bar-lounge for every hour of the day and offers Bordeaux by the glass (or even a “five o’clock tea”), Le Bistro offers “bistronomie” (menus from €18) and Le Gabriel serves refined gastronomy priced from €37.


Open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 10pm (except public holidays). w w w. b a r a v i n . b o r d e a u x . c o m

Max Wine Gallery Max Wine Gallery is an exclusive, interactive, new kind of tasting area where visitors can enjoy over 40 of Bordeaux’s top wines by the glass (the space is equipped with no less than six enomatic machines). Located in the centre of Bordeaux, Max offers an opportunity to taste some of Bordeaux’s most prestigious wines seven days a week. w w w. m a x b o r d e a u x . c o m


Bordeaux Wine Tours for business and leisure travellers Whether it’s premier “grand crus” or artisan vintages, Wine Tour in France with its established network offers the key to discovering the secrets of Bordeaux wines.

As well as the must see destinations surrounding Bordeaux, the company also takes travellers off the beaten track. bordeaux/index.html

Wine tourism at Château HautBailly Château Haut-Bailly, one of the prestigious Classified Growths, sits in a 30-hectare vineyard in the heart of the Graves and Pessac-Léognan region, at the gates to the city of Bordeaux.

Owned by Robert Wilmers and his French wife Elisabeth since 1998, and managed by Véronique Sanders, the estate offers a comprehensive wine tourism service: seminars and receptions, themed tastings, personalised lunches, cookery classes with the château’s chef and a bookshop. w w w. c h a t e a u - h a u t - b a i l l y. c o m

Carefree cycling holidays in Bordeaux In Bordeaux, the number of cycle paths and the consideration shown to cyclists by motorists are clear indicators of the how the French love to cycle. Add warm sunshine, wonderful food and wine, and a culture that can be enjoyed even by beginner ‘franglais’ speakers. All these elements make carefree cycling holidays, enjoyable for veterans and novices alike. Because one size does not fit all, Bordeaux Cycle Tours has developed a range of holidays by bicycle to explore the valleys, vineyards and forests of the Bordeaux countryside at various paces and in different ways. w w w. c y c l e b o r d e a u x . c o . u k



ABBA-SOLUTELY FABULOUS After more than a decade in Sweden, chef, dancer, designer Nizar Achmad is as nervous as a native Swede that ABBA should be up there with SAAB and Volvo as the country’s biggest money maker. (Not even The Beatles can boast a musical 35 years on like Mamma Mia!) But music aside (and more of that later) he has brought the best in food style from 14 years in Stockholm, a city now clawing its way up the food chain to be a fine cuisine destination.

But life has not all been smooth sailing for the new executive chef at the Elysian boutique villa hotel in Bali: he was fired from his first restaurant job for not knowing the difference between a cucumber and an aubergine! “That was in Auckland and there were some extenuating circumstances,” he laughs. “I was 19 and I got a job as a dishwasher; I didn’t speak English and they sent me out to the market to get an eggplant. I took a chance on a green thing that turned out to be a cucumber but no luck. Sacked on my first day!”



“I did then enrol in restaurant school in New Zealand but I made my living as a dancer,” he recalls. “I am from Surabaya and my mom was an aerobics teacher there (unusual for the obvious reasons) so I learned how to move from her.” “I worked in many restaurants and then I moved to Australia where I learned such a lot from places in Melbourne. Finally, my restlessness took me to Europe, ending up in Sweden which would become my home,” says Achmad.

spare time, loves a good Otis Redding or Marvin Gaye album with a bottle of good red wine.

THE ELYSIAN In Bali, Achmad will oversee Elysian’s Rush Bamboo restaurant as well as the bar (new things happening there soon) and room and poolside service.

Among the things he is trying: a crab tartare with matsuhisa dressing; lobster with thyme, chilli, sweet potatoes, grilled vegetables and a rambutan salsa; organic red risotto with grilled chicken – and, for desserts, a chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and Indonesian dried fruit in Bali honey, as well as a home-made Bali strawberry cheese cake with citrus.

“After 14 years, I finally came back to Indonesia because I missed my friends – and I was sick of the cold,” he laughs.

STOCKHOLM To call his career in Sweden ‘colourful’ would be something of an understatement. While learning to cook properly in restaurants, he had a reputation in Stockholm as one of the city’s ‘major league party animals’ – especially after his stint in the exclusive Berns Salonger Club where international celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, PINK, Busta Rhymes and Britney Spears were frequent visitors. He opened his own restaurant (Carpe Diem) where Tiger Woods once dined (he discreetly will not say with whom), named one of the Top Five in Sweden. Later his Lugnet Bar & Restaurant saw Crown Princess Victoria as a regular diner. Achmad cooked for the 2008 Nobel Prize Dinner held at City Hall Stockholm as well as at the Michelin-Star restaurant Feichmaker in Oslo. He also hosted a video blog called Cool Stockholm, where he cooked and interviewed Swedish film stars to some comedic acclaim. And it has not all been confined to the kitchen: Nizar has worked as a fashion stylist and dance teacher (funk and hip hop). Off duty, he has a penchant for shopping and in his

He says his food concept is “green fusion with an organic focus, seasonal, back to basics, heartfelt and passionate.” One of his signature dishes combines Scandinavia with the tropics: Oysters Fines de Java: a selection of fresh Javanese oysters with a variety of condiments – among them Kiwi Crush, Thyme Ginger Chilli, Caviar, and a Matsuhisa dressing. Achmad is just settling into the Elysian and his first job is training the staff around to his creative way of thinking (“so far, they are enjoying it a lot”) and to see what works and what doesn’t.

“I think a lot about food and I would like to think my style is light and healthy. I am always looking to be inspired and creative. It will be a combination of

39 71


Scandinavia, Indonesia and a few other influences thrown in. There will be some comfort food – for example, a burger made with venison, rosemary and garlic. And, to stop me feeling homesick, there will be a salmon.”


“And then, since I am (and always will be) Indonesian, there will be a deal of spice. I love spices. Without them you cannot live!” “My menu will change every couple of months. But I would like to think it will be different from all the others.

No doubt, The Elysian is in for a lively experience as he brings his bubbling energy to the place. Even to the music: his clubbing and dancing experience will ensure it is groovy so possibly but you will not be hearing any ABBA... w w w. t h e s l y s i a n . c o m



Enjoy more travel convenience and preferential treatment at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with Saphire. Saphire, the exclusive airport service program, will enhance your travel comfort at the airport with the following privileged: • Automatic Border Passage (ABP) • Preferred Parking & Drop-off and Pick-up Zones • Preferred Security Lane • Preferred Airline Check-in

A special promotion program, offering a special price for the spouse is now available at Saphire. Just visit Saphire Service Center for enrollment, in 30 (thirty) minutes you can have your Saphire card and enjoy the hassle free travels with your spouse. For enrollment, please bring the following original documents: Indonesia Citizen: • A valid passport for at least 12 months from current date.

The Grand Hyatt Jakarta have recently appointed a new executive sous-chef; Christer Foldnes. In addition to being in charge of the daily kitchen operations in the seven outlets at Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Chef Christer will be responsible for the hotel’s unrivalled signature restaurant, C’s Steak and Seafood. Readers may remember Chef Christer from 2009 when he was flown in specially to the Grand Hyatt Jakarta from Norway to showcase his talents, and cooked mouth-watering fresh seafood delicacies from the cold waters of Norway at C’s Steak and Seafood. His menu, which featured Norway ’s fresh seafood and his legendary chocolate chilli cake, made for a fantastic six-day promotion. Obviously Jakarta made a great impression of Chef Christer. w w w. j a k a r t

Foreigners: • A valid passport for at least 18 months from current date. • Visa, either one: • A valid permanent stay permit (KITAP), or a valid temporary stay permit (KITAS) together with a multiple re-entry permit (MREP). • A multiple business visa (MBV) with a minimum of 60 days from current date. • Free Short Visit Visa (granted to the citizens of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippine, Hongkong SAR, Macao SAR, Chili, Morocco, Peru and Vietnam). For Further Information: Please contact call center at : +62-21-55.910.910 or visit website : You can also directly visit Saphire Service Center located at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal 2 F - Arrival Hall. To make your enrollment faster, we suggest you to fill in the online application form at website and make an appointment by contacting call center.

Saphire Service Center Tel: +62 21 55 910 910


Waterfall Bar The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has recently launched The Waterfall Bar, an outdoor pool-side lounge featuring a fine collection of champagnes, wines and spirits, deluxe snacks and Cuban cigars that can be enjoyed in an exquisite one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Located on the 11th floor podium of the hotel, the intimate 36-seat al fresco bar offers a spectacular view of the city. The artfully landscaped rocks, waterfall and green surroundings create a superb oasis scene while the relaxing ambience makes it an excellent venue to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city throughout the day. The Waterfall Bar is open daily from 12:00noon to 12:00midnight (weather permitting).


w w w. h o n g k o n g . g r a n d . h y a t t . c o m

For the third consecutive year the Meliá Bali has received the prestigious Green Globe Gold Certification funder the Green Globe Earthcheck Certification programme managed by EC3 Global. The programme recognises the resort’s commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental and social standards. Prior to achieving Certification, the Meliá Bali successfully Benchmarked against key environmental indicators using the EarthcheckTM tool including energy and water consumption, total waste production and community commitment. The Meliá Bali chose to demonstrate its commitment to the environment by undertaking gold certification—the highest level of the Green Globe programme. The certification process involves an onsite audit or offsite assessment by an independent, third party Green Globe Accredited Assessor. Successful certification demonstrates the resort’s strong commitment to the principles of environmental sustainability. w w w. m e l i a b a l i . com





Morocco is one of the world’s most colourful destinations and the city of Marrakech is probably its most exotic. Here is how you can enjoy this wonderful place in absolute luxury. 76 44

Understatement would call Villa Jereca a palatial villa. Overstatement would call it a small palace. Whatever you call it, it is a beauty. This elegant villa is tucked away in a secluded private quarter of the famous Palmeraie. It is set in 17 hectares of gardens with its own private lake, a heated swimming pool, an Indian pavilion and an artist’s studio that can be used for extra guests. The main villa is, of course, fully air conditioned against Morocco’s fierce summer climate; centrally heated for winter. You will find all the mod-cons for 21st century communication and entertainment – it even has a gym and a traditional hammam.


In all, the villa covers about one thousand square metres and it is filled with antique pieces the owner has collected on his travels around the world. Of course, there are touches of Morocco everywhere as well. Despite its seeming isolation, it is a short distance from several golf courses and two five-star hotels, the Amanjena and Mandarin Oriental. This grand residence is surrounded by the ancient palm groves of Marrakech (hence the name Palmeraie) and it boasts spectacular views of the brooding Atlas Mountains.

reaching the enormous open living room. This has a 7.5m ceiling, an open fireplace that looks through to the dining room; there is even a minstrel’s gallery. There are five bedrooms, each with Indian four-poster beds, dressing room and bathroom and private garden terrace. It is furnished with Chinese, Indian and Thai antique furniture. All the doors, incidentally, are salvaged from Rajasthani palaces. A large covered terrace is the place for sundowners, a protected roof terrace from where you can watch the sun set over the palm trees.

You enter Villa Jereca through huge brass-carved doors that give onto two lush green fountain courtyards before

45 77


It is fully staffed naturally, with security, butlers, cooks and housekeepers. You can have Moroccan or more Western Mediterranean cuisine cooked to order. The concierge will arrange restaurant reservations, excursions, airport transfers and personal shopping trips. This would be perfect for a reunion, a family holiday or a get together with old friends. There is a minimum stay of three nights (breakfast, lunch or dinner included) and the rate begins at 1800 Euros. But a modest sum for a little Moroccan magic. w w w. d r e a m v i l l a m a r r a k e c h . c o m


for the excellent light and planted

strolling especially at sunset. An open

bougainvillea, hibiscus and palm

air market is held outside gate Bab el-

trees and a serene pool of waterlilies.

Khemis on Thursdays.

You may recognise the villa from

The Souks Marrakech is a paradise for shopping. The Souks area is bustling with markets and shops. Think carpets, leather work, brass-ware, jewellery, silk and textiles – plus all manner of handicrafts. A pair of ‘babouches’ is a must – the traditional hand-made leather slippers.

magazines: it was once home to Yves

Chez Ali

Saint- Laurent.

The city’s most famous restaurant, noted as much for its entertainment

Place Jemaa el-Fna

The Ramparts

as the food. Horsemen in colourful

The heart of Marrakech and a World

costumes gallop around the

Heritage Site, this square is Morocco

grounds in mock battle like they

in all its vibrant colour.

did centuries ago.

Dar Si Said Museum


This beautiful palace museum has

Ski (yes, you can ski) in

marvellous displays of Moorish

Marrakech. Well about an hour

weapons, clothes and crafts such as jewellery and ceramics.

Majorelle Garden Stroll through this wonderful oasis

These massive walls surrounding the

in the middle of Ville Nouvelle, once

medina have been standing since

the private garden of French artist

the 12th century. They are 18kms

Jacques Majorelle who moved here

long, in Moorish design and great for

Enter the Souks at Place Jemaa el-Fna and just start walking.

La Mamounia Hotel Lunch, dinner or at least a drink is a must at this magnificent and historic hotel that has played host to the likes of Winston Churchill, Orson Wells and Richard Nixon. It is set in parklike gardens planted two centuries ago.


away at this winter resort in the Atlas Mountains. It is complete with lifts and chalets.


Blanket Bay tops 2010 Gold List for Asia, Australia and Pacific regions Hard on the heels of being named the world’s third greatest accommodation property by Readers’ Choice 2009 Top 100, New Zealand’s leading luxury resort has struck gold. Conde Naste Traveler’s 2010 Gold List ranks Glenorchy’s Blanket Bay as the second-highest scoring property in the world and the topscoring hotel in Asia, Australia and Pacific nations. In the 10 years since opening in December 1999, Blanket Bay has enjoyed a dramatic climb into the ranks the world’s best properties with an awards list that ranges from building honours through to Hotel Management Awards, several awards won by individuals of its culinary team and annual places on various lists of the world’s best accommodation properties. w w w. b l a n ke t b a

On Terra Firma The Al Badia Golf Club, Dubai has launched a new flagship restaurant, Terra Firma. The new steakhouse provides a warm and intimate setting, with majestic golf course views that is perfect for a romantic evening or special occasion. The restaurant features a menu of premium beef for the discerning steak connoisseur, and a menu of wines from around the world. The rich menu of steaks contains an impressive range of quality meats, from Stockyard’s 150 Day Angus, and 400 Day Wagyu Beef, all the way up to Blackmore 600 Day Wagyu Beef, the Middle Eastern debut of the renowned David Blackmore steak. Terra Firma is the latest development at Al Badia Golf Club since InterContinental Dubai Festival City assumed management in July 2009. Along with a vast increase in golf club memberships, the club house has seen the re-launch of ‘Spikes’ bar and restaurant, along with the Asian fusion restaurant ‘Blades’.

47 79


ALL NEW NIKKO BALI A decade of careful upgrading and refurbishing, plus a range of new premium services has seen the Nikko Resort in Bali totally re-invent itself.

“Modern, stylish and chic are words they are using to describe the renaissance – things that will ensure luxury hospitality, grand lifestyle with all the expected amenities, now at this unique beach hotel in Nusa Dua.

The upgrade is part of the resort’s strategic repositioning and part of a multi-million dollar project that began in 2006 with the unveiling of the beautiful Wiwaha chapel, Nikko’s cliff-top wedding venue. This contemporary split-level glass structure has a sweeping 180-degree view of the Indian Ocean and is already a top wedding venue choice in Bali. The new Nikko Club is a contemporary lounge and dining space, with an outdoor swimming pool and a timber deck. There are double sun cabanas and dining is outdoors, or indoors if you prefer air conditioning. The view is over the main pool, the beach and the ocean. Guests of the 73 Club rooms can enjoy all-day à la carte dining, complimentary Wi-Fi Internet, and mini-library of best selling books.



The Shore Restaurant & Bar is a trendy, ultra-modern structure also overlooking the ocean. Here they specialize in quality seafood, imported meats and a daily dégustation menu, paired with an exclusive selection of old and new world fine wines. Designed as a modern interpretation of a ship on stilts, the new Shore has already received awards for its food and service. Serenity Beach is a new multi-purpose outdoor venue, accommodating up to 600 people for receptions, banquets and large gatherings. It also has sun loungers and private cabanas where guests can sunbathe in privacy on the exclusive beach.

All the Nikko’s 385 rooms have been refurbished during the project and now are designated in four different types: Nikko Club, Nikko Family Room and Nikko Family Suite. In addition, a collection of 14 ‘Seventh Heaven’ rooms, specially designed for honeymooners, each with private balcony for sunbathing and spa treatments, as well as a romantic dining terrace – situated, naturally, on the 7th floor of the main wing with stunning ocean views. And the honeymoon package does not stop there: you will also be treated to a floral bath, organic designer toiletries, daily chocolate

pralines, signature gift set (exclusively designed Thai wraparound trousers, sarong and aroma therapy kit) – and privileged entry to the Nikko Club Lounge. Nikko Family Rooms can comfortably accommodate two adults and two children under 12 while the Nikko Family Suites are more spacious and feature connecting rooms. All the en-suite bathrooms have safety features such as anti-slip padding in the bathtub, and mini steps for younger guests who also have toys, PlayStation, exclusive amenities, welcome bags and complimentary entrance to Nikko’s own Jungle Camp. 49


All the rooms have been brightened and the design is more modern and clean. You will especially notice a splash of colour as well, particularly a brilliant blue to reflect the ocean. Location, design and taste elements have transformed the Japanese Benkay Restaurant, where the contemporary theme carries through a live Teppanyaki counter, sushi bar, Nabemono (yakiniku, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki) tables, and five private rooms. The food is prepared by Japanese master chef Masayasu Haruyama. Just off the lobby, The Deli offers daily freshly baked cakes and pastries, finest chocolate pralines, freshly brewed specialty coffee, herbal tea infusions, and fine wines. First point of welcome is the magnificent Lobby, crowning point of the resort’s upgrade. It has taken over the former Khayangan lounge and, as well as speedy check-in and check-out, it has spacious seating with grand ocean views. Bali and all her guests from all over the world now welcome the new Nikko – well worth the wait!

w w w. n i k k o b a l i . c o m



Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts Mark Their 30th Anniversary

Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts turns 30 this year. The company which started out in 1980 with just a few hotels has now blossomed into a distinguished, internationally renowned hotel chain with deluxe hotels in 17 countries across five continents. Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts is owned by Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, with 94 hotels and resorts worldwide under the Raffles, Fairmont and Swissôtel brands. The company also manages Fairmont and Raffles branded Residences, Estates and luxury private residence club properties. Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts currently under development include, Swissôtel Kolkata, India (2010), Swissôtel Dresden, Germany (2011), Swissôtel Makkah, Saudia-Arabia (2011).

w w w. s w i s s


Inspired by the gracious traditions of the ancient Sriwijaya Kingdom in South Sumatra, The Palace Ritual is a 2.5 hour journey of refined indulgence. This treatment delves into the majestic history of a bygone era where distinguished guests were once received with great reverence.

The Palace Ritual at the DaLa Spa Bali

The mood is set with an arrangement of uplifting music that transports the mind back in time. A classic foot cleansing ceremony is performed with a gentle soak in water infused with betel leaves and lime slices as a warm gesture of welcome. A delicate coat of limestone is applied to the nails in a manner reserved for a privileged few. The experience continues with a Yoni & Lingga Reiki Ritual. This is an ancient Buddhist heritage that celebrates fertility

and balances the alignment of energy between the crown and heart chakras. Bronze singing bowls are charged to sound in harmony as they are slowly resonated over the whole body to induce deep relaxation. A rhythmic massage using a heady blend of virgin coconut milk, cinnamon, clove and coriander essential oil is then delivered. This invigorating treatment combines traditional finger, palm and elbow pressure techniques to address symptoms of fatigue and stimulate blood circulation. Next is a replenishing Asam Payo Body Scrub made from rosella with grated candlenut and fresh coconut milk. This natural concoction reduces cholesterol, wrinkles and leaves the skin with a radiant glow. It is followed by a vitamin enriched tomato and basil body polish to nourish the skin for an even tone and texture. The splendour of this ritual draws to an end with a lavish soak in a lemongrass and tuberose bath. w w w. d a l a s p a . c o m

The First International Hotel in Bien Hoa The eagerly awaited first international 4 star deluxe Swiss-Belhotel Wooshu Bien Hoa opened in January. Comprising of 132 deluxe rooms and suites, three exciting food and beverage outlets, recreational facilities with spa and swimming pool, business and meeting facilities, the hotel offers excellent value and true international services. Bien Hoa is one hour’s drive from Ho Chi Min City and is a fast growing industrial and development zone.

76 52


MISTER MOONLIGHT SHINING IN JAKARTA A new nightclub concept is entertaining audiences in the capital. The “Mister Moonlight” Show is a non-stop, Las Vegas-style production featuring classic songs by legendary singers. Nat King Cole. Frank Sinatra. Tom Jones. Engelbert Humperdinck. Michael Buble. All performed as you remember them by U.S. entertainer Les Hee. “We sing the songs everyone loves,” says Hee, who has played Las Vegas, Waikiki and Asia in his performing career. “And we do it in a way Jakarta has never seen.” The star singer is backed by the Moonlight Ladies, Dewi Widiyati and Claudia Hirawady, and the Mister Moonlight Orchestra. A featured part of the show is a tribute to the King - Elvis Presley. “He’s my favorite performer, and we do all of his biggest hits,” says Hee, who appears in a full, authentic Elvis costume. The show also gets personal with audience members, as those celebrating special occasions are called up on stage for a song dedication. And brave volunteers can learn how to be like Elvis through an easy lesson from the “King” himself.

The “Mister Moonlight Show” debuts in the Burgundy nightclub in the Grand Hyatt Jakarta on Friday, March 5. “Mister Moonlight Unplugged” plays at the Sheraton Media Hotel & Towers every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 p.m. For more information, contact

ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY EXPANDS The Moroccan inspired boutique wellness resort, Koh Samui, which specialises in Detox, Spa & Yoga Holiday programs is expanding in 2010 with the construction of a new wing. The new wing will feature a yoga studio with a 50 mat capacity & custom heating system which will also double up as a conference room & movie theater, a larger restaurant & a guest lounge area. In addition to this new wing, the resort will also add a gym to its facilities & expand its current spa area to include a dedicated foot reflexology lounge area and a larger wellness reception lobby. w w w. a b s o l u t e s a n c t u a r y. c o m



A Night to remember Chef Thibault Chiumenti created a six-course menu to compliment the selection of premium labels from the Grand Cru appellation which included Domaine de Montille Corton Charlemagne 2006, Domaine de Montille Corton Pougets 2006, Domaine Jean Grivot Clos de Vougeot 2007, Joseph Roty Charmes-Chambertin 2006. Highlights of the exclusive menu included Pan seared Norway halibut, Iberico pork belly with foie gras crouton, Challans duck breast stuffed with foie gras and a myriad of other specialties. The Reflexions wine dinners are an opportunity not to be missed if your are traveling to Bangkok. The next dinner will take place on Thursday March 18th. The Rhone Valley Wine Dinner will feature wines from M. Chapoutier including the Saint Joseph White Les Granites 2006, Hermitage White Chante-Alouette 2006, Chateauneuf-duPape Barbe Rac 2006, Saint Joseph Les Granites 2006, and the Hermitage La Sizeranne 2006. For further information or bookings visit

There are wine dinners and then there are Grand Cru Wine Dinners. The award winning Reflexions restaurant at the Plaza Athenee Bangkok, a Royal Meridien Hotel, set January alight with an exceptional combination of creative modern French cuisine and exquisite Grand Crus labels. 54

Burgundy Grand cru Wine Dinner mPage 1 2/3/2010 3:46:49 PM



Burgundy Grand Cru wine dinner at The Reflexions Tuesday 26 January 2010 Cocktail

Arrogant Frog, Tutti Fruitti blanc 2008 ***

Salade d’écrevisse et mousse de foie gras, coulis de betterave, figue fraîche et vinaigrette noisette Salad of yabbies and foie gras mousse, beetroot coulis, fresh figs and hazelnut vinaigrette

Domaine de Montille Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru 2006 Burghound 92-95 points ***

Consommé de queue de bœuf et spaghetti de truffe Oxtail consommé with truffle spaghetti ***

Filet de flétan de Norvège, poêlé piqué au romarin champignons bruns sautés, purée de céleri et lentille du puy Pan seared Norway halibut pick with rosemary, brown crab mushrooms, celeriac puree and black lentil

Domaine de Montille Corton Pougets Grand Cru 2006 Burghound 89-91 points C

*** M







Poitrine de porc Ibérique, croûton de foie gras, crème de cèpe, œuf de caille poché et truffe d’hiver Iberico pork belly with foie gras crouton, porcini cream, poached quail egg and winter truffle

Domaine Jean Grivot Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru 2007 Burghound 91-94 points ***

Red watermelon caviar ***

Poitrine de canard de Challans farcie au foie gras, feuilleté Parmesan de petits légumes et purée de céleri et persil Challans duck breast stuffed with foie gras, baby vegetable in crispy Parmesan, celeriac and parsley puree

Joseph Roty Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru 2006 Burghound 93 points ***

Mousse de chocolat Valrhona, et érable chantilly, fleur d’hibiscus sauvage et glace au lait frais Valrhona chocolate mousse with maple chantilly, wild Hibiscus flower and fresh milk ice cream

Bad Boy, Thunevin, Bordeaux 2006 Wine spectator 91 points Illy coffee or Dilmah tea Mignardises




The Journey South We all love to look through our holiday snaps and remind ourselves of a great holiday or an exciting journey. These days images can be instantly uploaded onto FaceBook pages and image sharing sites and disseminated around the world in a flash. One hundred years ago things moved at a slightly different pace, but images from a great trip were as inspiring then as they are today. We have found some amazing images of one of the worlds great journeys.

5th January, 1911. A view inside an ice grotto showing the “Terra Nova� ship in the distance as Taylor and Wright stand inside.



7th January, 1911. Beautiful ice reflections in the water with the Terra Nova ship in the background, “Death of an iceberg”

self-taught photographer who spent time travelling through the Far East, photographing people and places, before joining the crew of the Terra Nova on their journey south. The collection provides a stirring testament to the heroism and bravery of all involved and perfectly encapsulates the spirit of adventure and discovery that marked this epic journey.

LEFT 2nd December, 1911. The ice cliffs at the end of the Barne Glacier with Mount Erebus in the background BOTTOM 7th February, 1911. A sledging party enjoy a meal of Colman’s Corn Flour, while briefly stopping for a break on their march.

The Getty Images Gallery, in association with the Scott Polar Research Institute, recently held a photographic exhibition featuring the work of Herbert Ponting, the photographer who accompanied the expedition one hundred years ago. Herbert Ponting’s beautiful and graphic photographs record Robert Scott’s team of men before their final push to the pole and before tragedy ultimately struck in 1912. Ponting also captured the stark beauty of Antarctica 100 years ago, in a series of landscape shots which remain iconic and timeless to this day. Herbert Ponting was a



76 58

DESTINATION Shophouses were the working and living environment of the Peranakan people – the people descended from marriages between foreign traders and Malays who would eventually play a huge part in the development of Singapore. Their legacy was unique in architecture, clothing (Singapore Airlines crew still wear Peranakan kebaya), embroidery, porcelain and the delicious food we know as ‘Nonya.’ Centre of their early world was the Bugis district, where the InterContinental stands today.

yet intimate space, its shuttered windows giving on to the hotel’s huge lobby.

There are 74 newly-refurbished shophouse rooms and suites, most in original buildings now incorporated into the modern hotel tower complex and each is reminiscent of the Peranakan style, at its height during the 1920s art deco era. You will see cabinets carved with peonies and bats (symbols of beauty and good fortune), comfortable period seating and original artwork of framed embroidery, glazed tiles and sepias of old Singapore. Especially pleasing is the bathroom, which is art deco featuring black and white marble tiles.

authentic Peranakan accents. Among these are seethough wooden screens that break up the space into more intimate sitting and supping areas where you feel private but not cut off from the whole space.

The windows have traditional shutters and the suites have balconies overlooking Bugis Centre downstairs, a new, air-conditioned shopping precinct where you can buy everything – books, phones, fashion and food. Right across the street, meanwhile is a pocket of pure Peranakan history with street food, coffee shops and produce stores. InterContinental, incidentally, also offers a ‘Peranakan Package’ that not only lets you stay in a Shophouse room or suite but takes you on a discovery trail of culture, including the wonderful Peranakan Museum and an insight into Nonya cooking.

The new Club is a clever combination of modernity and comfort but with the unmistakable overall feeling of Chinese art deco. Mention should go to Warren Foster-Brown, whose Singapore company has painfully thought out a working combination of minimalist comfort while incorporating

There is decoration but not clutter. You will see fine groupings of famille rose porcelains, frames of glazed tiles on the walls, all sitting in perfect harmony with some modern semi-abstract paintings. Other fine touches are the traditional Chinese geometry in silk on the chair-backs and rugs specially commissioned in Peranakan patterns. Cheeky half chik blinds are striped in black and white to recall Singapore’s other historic architecture. The whole thing gives the air of a modern Chineseinspired private club with all the touches of the 21st century (WiFi, private boardroom, private concierge service, cocktails, high tea and light snacks). It is especially pleasant during the evening, to sit in the library corner to sip a glass of wine and peruse fine books, most on architecture and design – including several that have captured the Peranakan style as history deserving all efforts to ensure its preservation.

THE NEW CLUB LOUNGE The charming Peranakan theme has been extended to the InterContinental’s new Club Lounge – now a large, airy m

59 77


Thai Hospitality

Situated in the heart of the Philippines’s premiere financial district, the Dusit Thani Manila hotels boasts 538 newlyrenovated luxury hotel rooms and suites individually equipped with state-of-the-art facilities especially designed to create an experience of timeless and

The hotel offers a variety of award winning restaurants, a Grand Ballroom, ten meeting and banquet rooms, the DFiT Fitness Centre, with 973-square meters of cutting edge fitness facilities, and the Devarana Spa, which promises a revitalizing experience giving guests a new lease of life.

Benjarong Anyone looking for the true taste

uniquely Thai traditions, ultimate of Thailand will find it at Benjarong restaurant, where authentic Thai solace and guest satisfaction. cuisine is prepared by Thai chef Khun Phacharaporn and served in an elegant Thai setting. To enhance


the Thai experience, the staff wear traditional silk costumes while a Thai Kim musician provides Thai melodies to accompany the meal.

Tosca A little piece of Italy in the heart of Manila. An impressive combination of elegantly chic ambiance and authentic Italian cuisine. The extensive menu offers premium homemade pastas, pizzas, savoury risotto and the finest seafood. Tosca is a three-time recipient of the New York based Wine Spectator Magazine’s “Award of Excellence” for having an




guest rooms and suites

Restaurants & Bars • Benjarong • Lobby Lounge • Tosca • Dusit Gourmet • Fiesta San Miguel • Umu outstanding wine list comprising more than 200 labels of reds, whites, Champagnes and sparkling wines from around the world.

UMU Savour Japanese cuisine at its very best. Artfully created cuisine, sublime service, and tranquil views of the garden and koi fishpond combine to form a total sensation in Japanese perfection. Meaning “born of nature”, UMU boasts not only the freshest ingredients but also takes pride in its awardwinning interiors.

Fiesta San Miguel Fiesta San Miguel is the place to unwind after a busy day in the office or just to relax and enjoy a long drink with draft beer made in the Micro Brewery located on the premises. With the big brewery kettles forming an impressive backdrop and the draft beer drawn straight from the barrel, you can sit

back and choose a meal from the menu that features dishes which go especially well with beer.

Lobby Lounge The Lobby Lounge is the ideal venue to meet friends, colleagues and family, while enjoying a wide selection of freshly brewed coffees and teas, artfully blended cocktails, and savoury and sweet refreshments. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the afternoon try the afternoon High Tea served from 3pm-5pm. A Wine and Cheese buffet is served from 7pm-11pm.

Dusit Gourmet Indulge in the finest delicacies and gourmet specialties, along with freshly baked pastries and cakes and an irresistible selection of homemade chocolates. For ice cream lovers, Dusit Gourmet has a great assortment of daily freshly prepared homemade ice creams.

The Philippines

Dusit Thani Manila Dusit Thani Manila Ayala Centre, Makati City Metro Manila Philippines Tel: +63 (2) 867 3333 w w w. d u s i t . c o m


GALLERY This years Campari Calendar is set in Milan. Through photos taken by Simone Nervi, the Campari woman interpreted by the seductive Olga Kurylenko, is reinvented with new passion and, of course, a Campari aperitif. A limited run of 9,999 copies of the Campari Calendar 2010 has been printed, to be distributed worldwide.

Febuary 2010 - Location: Bulgari Hotel di Milano; Cocktail - Campari Shakerato

LUXE City Guides goes mobile For the third consecutive year the Meliá Bali has received the prestigious Green Globe Gold Certification funder the Green Globe Earthcheck Certification programme managed by EC3 Global. The programme recognises the resort’s commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental and social standards. Prior to achieving Certification, the Meliá Bali successfully Benchmarked against key environmental indicators using the EarthcheckTM tool including energy and water consumption, total waste production and community commitment. The Meliá Bali chose to demonstrate its commitment to the environment by undertaking gold certification—the highest level of the Green Globe programme. The certification process involves an onsite audit or offsite assessment by an independent, third party Green Globe Accredited Assessor. Successful certification demonstrates the resort’s strong commitment to the principles of environmental sustainability.

76 62


1. Coeur de Lion Camembert is a traditional camembert made in the heart of Normandy. With a soft and creamy texture and a distinctive camembert flavour, this delicious classic cheese offers all the characteristics of a well crafted Normandy camembert.

4. Magimix has launched what it claims is the world’s first see-through toaster, the Magimix Vision. The twoslice toaster features glass windows at the front and back to let you see your bread browning.

7. Hermès has teamed with Leica to produce a special limited edition camera. The camera has exquisite leather finishes and comes in two eye-catching varieties, “étoupe” and “orange”. Only 200 cameras are available.

2. T Anthony believes that sophistication is a way of life and has ingrained it in their gorgeous leathers and fine designs of exquisite luggage sets, accessories, business accoutrements, and exceptional gifts.

5. Riunite Lambrusco is a lively red wine with a forthright fruitiness, tingle and quaffability that bursts in the mouth and is a charming complement to all your favorite ethnic foods such as Indian, Spanish, Chinese, or even burgers.

8. TWG Tea offers a spring aesthetes’ collection of unique and exclusive seasonal fine harvest teas and exclusive blends that reflect TWG Tea’s constant search for the world’s freshest and most excellent harvests.

3. MissChief spiced up your evenings with Forfeit Cookies. Now you can get yourself into sticky situations with Pots of MissChief at all hours of the day; designed to match your mood all round the clock.

6. Eternalips from Erhalogy is a safe lip treatment with antioxidants that easily prevent dryness and chapping. This innovative product also prevents the onset of fine lines around the lips as well as hyperpigmentation. www.

9. The Montblanc ExoTourbillon Chronographe is the first watch in Montblanc’s Villeret 1858 Collection to unite two of the most avidly admired horological complications: a chronograph function and a tourbillon.












Skalli Signature

Pioneering Southern French wine producers SKALLI, who celebrate their 90th Anniversary in 2010, are introducing a new ‘Skalli signature’ across their wine labels to highlight membership of the flagship family of wines from the South of France. The new signature will be rolled out across Skalli’s key brands in the next 12 months, starting with Caves Saint Pierre, the award-winning range of premium Rhône AOC wines from the International Wine Challenge’s Red Winemaker of the Year. The portfolio covers leading single estate wines and premium wine brands such as Domaine du Silène in the Languedoc, Clos Poggiale and Terra Vecchia in Corsica, Caves Saint Pierre in the Rhône, the Robert Skalli Reserve range and Fortant de France. Yet, at the moment there’s no obvious link between them. The new signature will reinforce the family relationship between the brands and accelerate consumers’ awareness of the Skalli name. Skalli was awarded the prestigious “Red Winemaker of the Year Award” at the 2009 International Wine Challenge.

An Exclusive Own Label

Grissini @ the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has partnered with Italy’s most prestigious wine maker Angelo Gaja to present Grissini’s own label wine, the Ca’Macanda Magari, Gaja 2005. From a new wine region located at the hills of Bolgheri in Tuscany, the Ca’Macanda Magari, Gaja 2005 is a Super Tuscan wine which adheres to the modern method of wine making. A variety of international grapes are specially selected to blend this wine including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This unique blend has resulted in a complex and rich structure with a medium to full body texture, harmonizing spectacularly on the palate yet making the wine a superb choice when paired with Chef Marco Torre’s new creation such as Umbria Chicken Liver Pate with Red Wine and Parma Ham on Toasted Rustic Bread; Farro Penne Pasta with Pork Sausage, Tomato and Fresh Ricotta; Norcia Black Truffle Roasted Veal Tenderloin, Red Wine Sauce and Italian Spring Onion. The Ca’Macanda Magari, Gaja 2005 is exclusively bottled in magnum and labelled for Grissini. Conserving in a magnum bottle allows the wine to hone and further develop a more enjoyable flavour.



Secrets Of British Beer And Pubs

A Wicked New Liqueur

Online beer magazine Inside Beer has launched a series of e-guide

Tantalising, passionate and a tongue-tingling

books aimed at globetrotting beer lovers.

taste sensation – Aphrodope, is bound to stir your senses and open the doors to many of

The first e-book in the series is Beer Lover’s Britain, a comprehensive

life’s pleasures. This unique, new product

guide to enjoying beer in the United Kingdom, written by award-

delivers something magical to the senses.

winning British beer writer Jeff Evans. With the UK pound trading low against most foreign currencies there’s never been a better time for

Locked in a designer, embossed glass bottle,

beer fans to check out what the British Isles have to offer, especially

Aphrodope at 35% Alc/Vol is derived from a

with this new publication to guide them through.

unique distillation process. The creation of the Aphrodope formula is based on a blend

British pubs are often spoken of as ‘the envy of the world’, with

of natural herbs, berries and seeds which

their historic charm and embracing conviviality, and Beer Lover’s

are historically proven

Britain reveals how to make the most of them with tips on everything

stimulants. The combination

from which type of pub will suit you best to how to order a pint.

of ingredients in Aphrodope

Essential information on pub food, games, gardens, opening hours,

liqueur is mixed to perfection

children’s facilities and entertainments is also provided, along with

to provide one of the

recommendations for the very

sweetest drops you will ever

best pubs to visit around the UK.

sample and a heady aroma that you will never forget.

What is real ale? Where can I find it? Should my beer be warm?

The taste of

Have I been overcharged? What

Aphrodope Elixir

can I eat? Where should I stay?

is mysterious and

These are just some of the

pleasant - citrusy

important questions Beer Lover’s

yet sweet, tangy yet

Britain answers in more than 100

velvety. Spoil your

packed pages.

senses; let them run wild, and blame it on

According to author Jeff Evans,


travellers are often baffled and a little intimidated when they first

Jewel in the crown of

encounter British beer and the

any bar, the delicious

British pub.

Aphrodope is available in 500ml and 50ml - an

‘The British pub is quite unlike many pubs and bars found elsewhere

absolute must-have

in the world and visitors can be more than a little confused if they


don’t know the procedures and etiquette’, he explained. ‘Beer Lover’s Britain aims to demystify the pub and the British beer scene for

w w w. a p h r o d o p e . c o m

travellers from other countries by offering sound advice and handy hints to smooth the course of their travels and boost their enjoyment of British beer.’ w w w. i n s i d e b e e r. c o m



“Australia Day” Wine of the Year Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato recently won the National Australia Day

Smoked Salmon Timbales

Council’s Perpetual Trophy for “Best Australian Sparkling Wine – Aperitif Style” at the 2010 Sydney International

Recipe by SIWC Chef Jacqueline Mason

Wine Competition.

Serves 6 600g Smoked Salmon Slices

Sydney International Wine Competition

2 Gelatine Leaves

director Warren Mason said the Jacob’s

Dash of Tabasco

Creek Sparkling Moscato is a crowd

½ tsp Worcestershire Sauce 100ml Fish Stock

pleaser. “The Jacob’s Creek Sparkling

10g Unsalted Butter

Moscato is low in alcohol, low in price,

150ml Thick Cream 4 tbsp Olive Oil

but not low in flavour! It is truly an all

4 tbsp Lemon Juice

purpose wine of high quality which will

12 tbsp mixed Fresh Green Herbs (Parsley,

appeal to a wide audience of winelovers ”.

Chervil, Basil) Ground Pepper

As if to empathise the wide style diversity of Australian wines the Moscato

Soak gelatine in cold water for 5 minutes to soften. Heat

was the Competition Judges’ highest pointed Australian sparkling wine

the fish stock. Remove gelatine from water. Squeeze to

from amongst many high profile, higher priced Methode Champenoise Aussie sparklers. “Moscato” is the Italian name for wines made from the Muscat grape in a style from the northern region of Piedmont, Italy.

remove water, then stir into the hot stock to dissolve. Cool lightly. Line 6 x 120ml ramekins with one or two slices of smoked salmon (depending of size) leaving some overhang. Place remaining smoked salmon in a food processor with butter and mix until smooth. Add

This is the first time a Sparkling Moscato has won the Australia Day

stock mixture, Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce. Process until well combined. Add Cream and process until

Trophy in the Trophy’s 17 year history. Now in its 29th year, the Sydney

smooth. Divide mixture amongst the 6 ramekins. Fold

International Wine Competition is unique in that wines are judged

the overhanging salmon over the mousse, cover and chill

alongside food. This year’s Australia Day “Sparkling Wine – Aperitif Style” Trophy winner was judged against Smoked Salmon Timbales.

overnight. Remove ramekins from the fridge 30 minutes before serving. Invert each mousse onto the middle of each plate. Mix olive oil, lemon juice and herbs and spoon the herbed dressing over the mousse. Serve with toast; and of course a glass or two of Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato.



24 Carat Gold Champagne It is no secret that champagne and gold share a number of luxurious attributes. Both can be associated with wealth, lavishness, style and elegance and both bring good cheer. So when some clever wine merchants combined these two luxuries the came up with the crème de la crème of all cocktails. Luxor Brut is genuine golden champagne produced in limited amounts each year. This luxurious concoction combines 90% Pinot Noir, 7% Chardonnay and 3% Pinot Meunier. This combination of flavours makes for a spicy yet supple mix that leaves a refreshing sensation on the palate. The champagne is distilled with 24 carat gold leaves and aged for 2 to 3 years. This unique snifter cleverly combines the magic of gold with the exhilaration of champagne which makes for the perfect celebratory drink.

w w w. b a c c h u s a s i a . c o m



Qantas A380 First Class Suite Wins Good Design Award Qantas has been awarded a Good Design™ Award by The Chicago Athenaeum for its Airbus A380 First Class suite.

The Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award is the world’s most prestigious global awards for new product design and graphics. Now in its 59th year, the Museum’s historic Good Design™ program was founded in Chicago in 1950 with the participation of early modernism’s most formable designers including Eero Saarinen, and Charles and Ray Eames. For 2009, The Good Design™ Awards were judged in New York

World’s First Armani Hotel to Open The Armani Hotel Dubai, the first hotel to open under the collaboration between Giorgio Armani S.p.A. and Emaar Properties PJSC, will be open in March. Exclusively housed in the distinctive Burj Dubai tower, the world’s tallest building, the Armani Hotel Dubai is the first of a series of hotels, resorts and residences designed by Giorgio Armani to be opened around the globe and marks fashion maestro Giorgio Armani’s debut in to the world of hospitality. Defined by its unique location, highest standards of aesthetics and service excellence, the Armani Hotel Dubai will be the most exclusive destination in the city. The opening of the Armani Hotel in Dubai will be followed by the launch of the Armani Hotel Milano. Other properties underway include the first Armani Resort, planned for Marrakech, and the first Armani Residences villas, for Marassi in Egypt. Further Armani hotels, resorts and residences will open subsequently in key international destinations such as New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and London. w w w. a r m a n i h o t e l s .com


by an international jury of design professionals, architects, experts, and cultural leaders. In the past, Good Design™ juries have been held in Reykjavik, Iceland, Mexico City, Mexico, Helsinki, Finland, Barcelona, Spain, Los Angeles, and Milan. On the Qantas A380 the main deck First cabin features 14 private suites, each with wide screen LCD video monitors, an array of personal stowage options, a unique touch screen control unit and a seat – manufactured by B/E Aerospace’s VIP jet group – that swivels into a comfortable armchair and a fully flat, extra long and very wide bed. The look and feel is one of understated luxury created through the use of custom designed fabrics, innovative materials and premium finishes.

+62 21 5292 1638


Rocksalt Hong Kong Rocksalt, led by Executive Chef Tim Maudson, recently opened its doors on Stanley Market Street Promenade, Hong Kong. Focusing on a wide selection of the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, Rocksalt is slated to be a much-anticipated addition to the Stanley culinary landscape. Promising to offer both visitors and locals fresh and modern seaside flavours. Rocksalt is perfectly situated for people watching along the promenade and catching magnificent views of Stanley Bay.

w w w. c h i r a m

The Backyard For Grown Ups

Reincarnating fond childhood memories of lazy afternoons in idyllic leafy backyard paradises, Langham Place hotel in Mongkok has created a 6000 square foot outdoor paradise, namely The Backyard. Designed for grown-ups, The Backyard features European lounge furniture, oversized beanbags, sweet scented mango trees, chill-out music and a waterfall and water feature that streams throughout the space. Champagne flows freely, cocktails are available by the glass – or jug, and beer comes in more than 20 different varieties. For the hungry, eclectic gourmet pizzas are created in the lower area of The Backyard, along with a variety of other easy-to-share morish morsels.

76 70


Slowly Does It

Chefs around the world have long known the tremendous time saving cooking functions offered by the RATIONAL SelfCooking Center®. The RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® has simplified the cooking process to the press of a button, saving time. The SelfCooking Center cooks up to 15 percent faster than conventional Combi-Steamers, and up to 30 per cent faster than convection ovens.


However, many Chefs also use their RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® to prepare dishes that require a long slow cook at a controlled temparature. The RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® can automatically calculate cooking time, temperature and ideal cooking cabinet climate on an individual basis, and continuously monitors and adjusts 3,600 times per hour to achieve the desired result.


Executive Chef Vindex Tengker at the Four Seasons Jakarta, has taken a traditional Indonesian dish and used his RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® to ensure it is cooked to perfection. Ayam Betutu (Roasted Chicken in Banana Leaf) is a dish from Bali. Usually served at Balinese ceremonies the dish is traditionally prepared by wrapping the duck or chicken in banana leaves, then wrapping them again in palm leaves. The package is then buried in the ground and covered with hot charcoal for six to seven hours until cooked. Chef Vindex prepares his Ayam Betutu à la RATIONAL as follows: Marinade the whole chicken overnight with Betutu spices Rub the spices all over the chicken and put the rest in the cavity. Add lemongrass bruised, and salam leaf.

Wrap the chicken in banana leaf and then wrap again in foil. Select the Roast with Crackling automatic process Select coloration as High Select cooking level of meat to Medium (or set desired core temperature) Allow the SelfCooking Center ® to preheat Load the Ayam Betutu into the cabinet and place the Core Temperature Probe through the banana leaf and into the chicken and spices Close the door and That’s It! Serve with Lawar Kacang, Sambal Bali, Sambal Matah and steamed pandan rice.

Betutu Spices 30gr. Red chili, clean and seedless 25gr. Ginger 25gr. Turmeric 25gr. Wild ginger or lesser galangal 25gr. Laos or galangal 2pcs Lemongrass, tender part 100gr. Shallot 50gr. Garlic 10gr. Coriander powder 30gr Candle nut 4pcs Lime leaf 15gr. Black peppercorn, crushed 80ml Oil for frying Salt to taste Grind all ingredients in food processor.. Add salt to taste. Saute all with oil until aromatic and cooked.

RATIONAL is the world market and technology leader for the thermal preparation of food in professional kitchens. Founded and based in Germany since 1973, RATIONAL is committed to the principle of sustainability, expressed in its policies on environmental protection, leadership and social responsibility. Numerous awards such as “Best Factory,” “Product of the Year,” “Manufacturer of the Year ” and “Global Excellence in Operations” attest to RATIONAL’s high standards and recognition in the industry.

Millie Chan Sales Director, Asia Pacific Rational international AG Mobile: +65 9770 9820 Email:

73 71



JAKARTA OFFICE EEC Building Jl. S Parman 68, Slipi Jakarta 11410 Tel: (021) 532 3176 Fax: (021) 532 3178









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beach party, relaxing cocktails, or to dance the night

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Address: fX lifestyle X’nter F8,

IndoChine BeachClub, Bar Opiume and Siem Reap

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12pm – 2am

Café. IndoChine Jakarta is the perfect destination

Telephone number: (62 21) 300 30330 / 2555 4588

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Velvet Cuff Smirnoff citrus 15 ml Grand marnier 10 ml Orange curacao 10 ml Cointreau 10 ml Midori 10 ml Passion syrup 10 ml Lime juice 10 ml Mix together, and pour into a hurricane glass. Top it with whipped cream.

Menage A Trois Baileys 20 ml Raspberry Syrup 20 ml Hazelnut Syrup 20 ml Cream Mix together, and pour into a martiques glass. Top it with whipped cream & red cherry.



Toblerone Martini Smirnoff Vanilla 45 ml Cream de Cacao white 15 ml Toblerone white chocolate 3 Pcs Cream 30 ml Mix together, and pour into a Cocktail glass. Top it with Toblerone Chocolate Flakes.

Green light Smirnoff Citrus 30 ml Midori 30 ml Kiwi Monin 30 ml Kiwi Chunks 40/2 gr/slice Lime Squezzed 60/4 gr/pcs Mix together all ingredients, and pour into a Bubble glass. Top it with Slice melon, round lime & red cherry.





Royal Kamuela Villas Nusa Dua

In each edition of Viva Asia we feature a photograph from a hospitality establishment somewhere in the world. Take a close look at the photograph above and then answer the question below. Pictured is Sergio Garcia, at the inaugural ‘Whack from the Track’ golf challenge at the Yas Marina Circuit. Sergio drove a phenomenal 675 yards. The question is where is the Yas Marina Circuit? Email your answers to We will draw two winners who will each receive a 700 ml bottle of Hennessy XO courtesy of Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific. Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific Indonesia Representative Office Sentra Mulia Building suite 708 Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav X-6. No. 8 Jakarta 12940 Phone: +62 21 5279228



BOUZY ROUGE It is not the only decadent flavour of France in this place. It is a converted pub and the brainchild of veteran Melbourne restaurateurs José and Sandra De Oliveira (he a Portuguese, she an Australian). Its décor is somewhere between château and shabby-chic and it is a favourite with all manner of Melburnians, for both lunch and dinner (make sure you reserve well beforehand). There is a long dining room, a large upstairs private room, a garden terrace and a bar in the true French style up front. But it is for the food people go. They describe it as ‘Mediterranean comfort food’ but it is a deal more sophisticated than that produced by your average Provençal peasant. José insists on the best meats and produce; Sandra on a balanced plate (with plenty of vegetables and salad) that will not leave you hungry. And dining is no rough experience; you have damask napery, proper wine glasses and a whimsical medieval crown to hold your bread. The kitchen at Bouzy Rouge is under the expert direction of chefs Domenic Marzano and James Smyth. It is Dom Given José’s background, there is naturally a tapas menu: must try is the beetroot Carpaccio with mozzarella salad and the (home made) charcuterie plate and the flaming housemade Portuguese choriço.

who has given the place a unique taste treat with his own home-smoked and cured meats as well as terrines and pâtés. They are sensational. There is also the Euro-style ‘Share Feast’ dining option from the rotisserie. This includes suckling pig, Spanish roast kid, whole duck and whole fish.

There is ample seafood on the menu (try the coconut Battered Fish with fries and salad or their own Bouzy Rouge Paella). Local favourites from the meat list are the braised veal shank with black cabbage and gremolata and the slow-cooked rabbit with white bean cassoulet and choriço.

For dessert, they have churros, chocolate tart, Tahitian vanilla crème brulée, Pavlova and Portuguese custard tart. There is also their famous list of cheeses and a spectacular wine list – including Sherries and some Portuguese vintages. This is the sort of place where a lunch can go on (and on). But the De Oliveras will not mind – they will simply offer you a drink at the bar while they reset your table for dinner.

Bouzy Rouge 470 Bridge Road, Richmond T: +613.9429 4348 w w w. b o u z y r o u g e . c o m . a u


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Viva Asia - Travel & Food  

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