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Their goal is to provide an outstanding service every day. Satisfy all customer’s needs. Make the customer feel valued and important. Create lifelong relationships with their clients.

Differentiated value

- Consider high touch service, spacious look and feel, and top quality products. - Salesperson designated.

Hire Nurturers

- Customer wants and expects to be cared for as an individual.


- Feel valued and understood. - Varies depending on the experience the company delivers.

Product Presentation

- Visual presentation of products is crucial. - High-low merchandising aproach.

Let you customers know

- Be authentic at all costs. - When you make a decision, it results in an action.


SIZE AND SCOPE - Nordstrom has a total of 366 stores in the US, and canada that includes their low price- nordstrom rack locations as well - Today, 30% of Nordstrom sales are through digital channels - In 2017, Nordstrom had more than $15 billion in sales - Sales are projected to reach $15.5 to $15.6 billion in fiscal 2018 - Full-line stores range in size from 71,000 to 383,000 square feet and average 175,900 square feet - The majority of fixed, non-cancelable lease terms are 15 to 30 years for Nordstrom full-line stores






Lily Adams

Age 43


Married - two kids of ages 15 and 17


Lawyer - $200,000/year


Buckhead, Atlanta

Attitude to brand Trusting

Lily lives in a 4 bethroom house. She has a guest room because she is constantly visited by her mother who lives in Augusta, Georgia. Her husband, Andrew, is a surgeon. She loves animals and has two golden retrievers. She does not drink coffee, but she loves tea. Her day starts early as she goes to Thunderbolt Power Yoga before work. She returns home to get ready and make breakfast for her family, then goes to work until 5 pm. During lunch she usually makes her own meals at home but occasionally goes to SAMA, her favorite restaurant, with her coworkers. Her favorite time of the day is when she has dinner with her family. During the weekends, she likes to enjoy a nice drink with her husband and friends at Bar Margot. Her family ritual is hosting a bbq every Sunday for her neighbors and friends. She is trendy, but likes to take risks and occasionally shops from the new collection. She shops 2-3 times a month and is a member of Nordstrom’s Loyalty program.



Recycled rubber - Working with rubber from old tires for the soles in the sneakers. - Cut each and every one into soles - Instead of throwing them away, different brands are using this technique. - OTH brand or Xinca.

Plastic Bottles - Plastic is a notable material. Flexible, durable and, in commercial terms, inexpensive - Devastating environmental cost - Made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which, takes over 400 years to decompose. - By 2020, Adidas wants all of their shoes to be made using recycled plastic

Biodegradable Leather -

Sustainability is a huge thing in the fashion industry Nowadays the access to vegan leather is available and it would get easier Important to include eco friendly materials Hugo Boss recently introduce a new, vegan leather shoe line Uses non-toxic, plant-based dyes to give each their signature color

Biofood Waste - Now with food waste is possible to create unique sneakers for women and men - Sustainable materials such as chips, coconut, sugar cane, coffee beans and corn to create eco-friendly products - Reebok released new sneakers made from corn - The first-ever 75-percent USDA-certified bio-based shoe

Trek Sneakers - More into sporty, contemporary direction. - Offers a contrast to the popular “dad sneakers� directions. - Performance materials and trims such as dynamic rubber soles, cotton rope laces are used to incorporate an authentic hiking feel. - Waterproof nubucks, refined nylons and protective leathers lend to both luxury and casual markets.

Patched Sneakers - Commercial and contemporary designs with contrasting tones and textures. - Mixed materials such as mesh, eco resources, knits and suedes are used to create patchwork effects. - Apply lively geometric prints and graphics to running and court silhouettes along with technical fabric combinations. - Add angular upper panels for an alternative layering look.

Sole Models - Sharp and curved lines are applied to the toe and heel to create a futuristic effect. - Also wave shapes incorporated into the sole, following the natural contours of the foot’s movement. - Add three-dimensional panel pieces to new lifestyle constructions for a cool, contemporary feel.

Lack of time & Patience The company offers several services that allow customers to shop on their own terms in a convenient manner - Buy Online & Pickup In Store (BOPIS) - Curbside Pickup/Returns - Reserve online, try in store - Scan & Snap on the Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack mobile apps - Easy access - people can buy directly from social media (Instagram) - New men’s flagship store offers three-hour day delivery anywhere in Manhattan, kiosks near the entrances for quick returns





An opportunity plan for Nordstrom becasue: - Strong competitive advantage in the market - Increase in sneaker sales during the past year - Conservative yet approachable

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6 month buying plan for Nordstrom  

6 month buying plan for Nordstrom