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Editor's A very warm welcome to our first ever summer edition!

We have lots of exciting stuff for you but, first I would like to thank all our Readers for their encouraging and forwardthinking comments and suggestions. I assure you, they serve as pointers and oftentimes confirmation that what we have in the pipeline are things that are needful and purposeful. Please keep the comments coming. As a team, we are greatly inspired by the fact that we are bringing you information which helps to enhance your lifestyle by helping you make informed decisions. As we have been looking for ways to improve upon our last issue, we have taken on board the feedback you have given and have put them into consideration during the course of putting this edition together. Some of your beautiful suggestions have been applied but, the fruits are yet to blossom, so look out for subsequent issues and I am certain you will see your requests popping up in the form of great results! We have added some exciting new columns! Look out for Vital Moms, a column offering advise and information for Mums to be as well as nursing Mums. Stop over also at our Reader's view page, where we feature our Readers' opinions and comments. Our Vital Youth column has also grown to incorporate a section titled “Just My Opinion� as the youth share their opinion on issues that affect them, affect you and therefore has an effect on the nations and the future as a whole. Be sure to read and comment on that section also. Hair Gallery, another brand new column has been added due to popular demand; view the array of suggested ways of styling your hair for various occasions, brought to you by AVOS Hair! We know how vital it is to know where to go when we need certain information or helpful hints exactly when you need them and so we decided to introduce our blogroll; a list of blogs that we think you will find not just interesting but also helpful. Feel free to pass on the links to others who may need them also. I am most grateful to God for our team at Vital Woman who work tirelessly to bring you the very best! Great big resounding thanks to the best team ever! To our dear Readers, there are some great offers to be grabbed so do keep your eyes peeled as you leaf through the pages. Here is to wishing you a fun-filled and safe Summer! Cheers, Lara Mfon.

Vital Woman



Magazine Team Editor/Creative Director Lara Mfon

Fashion Writer Patrice Augustus-Brown

Columnists Toks Ferreira-Aruoture Fara Lawan Bolaji Yemi Bayo Mfon Funke Adeaga Joshua Mfon

Advertising Executives Tinuke Kolawole Fara Lawan



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reader's view

"I was intrigued and impressed by the hard work and insights you have put in Vital Woman. I am very proud and wish you more and better than where you are." Alison Lennon of Phatminds Consulting. Milton Keynes, UK

Vital Woman does exactly what the names says - being necessary to continued existence of female hood. It is an invigorating read for all women with different topics for a dynamic full-of-life woman. Simply put, I love this magazine! Rue Tandari. Tottenham, London.

I have gone through the magazine a couple of times and I've been inspired with every topic read. I must say I have a passion for Christian homes i.e., marriages and children, therefore, topics like these will encourage a lot out there. Nikky. Slough, UK

I spent the whole of yesterday evening on the vital woman magazine's blog.... I must say it's really really inspiring. I think I found a new place to spend time at.... Ruth Tembe-Epie. Publisher, Queens magazine.

“I found the Youth page very interesting and I think it would get other youths involved in different types of music. The page would also inspire other kids to work hard to get what they want in life� Molly. Barcelona, Spain. 3

Vital Woman

PROMOTION No more liposuction, Drop 3 sizes instantly without Diet, Surgery, exercise or pills!!!! Let me show you how to become healthy and wealthy at the same time with this home based business. Learn how I made $95,000 in one month and fired my boss in only 6 months. The proof they say is in the pudding Inbox me for proof.. In the world today everyone is looking for instantaneous results, be it in our business or with our body image, we want results right away. This explains why a company or person that can meet this demand will be very successful. People are fed up with all the fad diets going around, some people do not have the willpower to go the gym regularly, Others may not be able to afford the expensive plastic surgery to make themselves look as good as they desire, as well as it being very risky with fatal results if anything goes wrong. My name is Lami'ah Momoh and up until September 2009 I was contracting as a business analyst in the UK, but I wanted something more, I wanted financial freedom which to me translates to having enough money to do anything I want, when I want, it meant being able to work from any country in the world, it meant being able to help others change their lives and improve their health, it meant being able to make a difference in my generation by serving others and ensuring that they succeed which in turn meant I succeeded. IN 2009 I made a multimillion dollar decision to partner with a health and wellness company which is rapidly changing the health and wealth of individuals all over the world giving instantaneous results (Instant flatter tums, perkier bust, back support, correct posture, slimmer thighs, hourglass figures all at the same time) whilst also making people wealthy. In six months my part time income as an independent distributor for Ardyss International had replaced my full time income more than 5 times and I left my job. Now I work for myself as an independent consultant for Ardyss international. I have achieved an immense level of success and I am helping individuals like me and you attain the same level of success and what's exciting is that I thoroughly enjoy what I do, how do you explain people joining the company and making $4,000, $6,000 and $9,000 in their FIRST MONTH of business, I only made $1,700 in my first month, so those individuals are doing a fantastic job. Partner with me and I will teach you how an appointment with Ardyss can change your life and destiny. I can be reached via email or my website See you over the top!

Vital Woman


Vital Woman Be Inspired




Vital Woman

Vital Woman

Vital Woman



Joy making up Nigerian Actress, Monalisa Chinda.

Joy Adenuga

Educational Qualification: Bsc Accountancy Base (City/Country): London/ Essex United kingdom VW - How did you get into the make-up artistry business? I've always loved playing with makeup and colours from an early age. I decided to take it more serious when I did some proper research and got lots of inspirations.

VW - What would you consider to be the highlight of your MUA career? Highlight has to be being a Beauty Contributor for Top Magazines including Black Hair magazine which is one of the Biggest Black Magazine in the UK and the recently launched OK Magazine Nigeria. The exposure is priceless!

VW - Tell us how you trained to become a MUA? Did a foundation course at the Prestigious London School of Makeup based in Central London. Also did some Personal VW - How long has your MUA business been running? Masterclasses with already Established Make-up Artists. Over 3 years now VW - Who or What inspired you into the field of MUA? During my research I discovered amazing people like Pat Mcgrath, Sam Fine, Kevin Aucoin. Their Stories are so inspirational and motivated me greatly.

VW - What do you like most about your MUA business? Meeting People and Transforming Faces. VW - What is the one cosmetic item that you deem the most essential for every MUA? Quality Brushes

VW - Which MUA do you aspire to work with? Pat Mcgrath!

VW - What would you consider to be the top 2 taboos with regards to make-up application? VW - What was the inspiration behind making a business out Bad hygiene and bad blending. VW - What advise would you give to budding MUAs? of your make-up artistry skills? My Family life. Doing the 9 to 5 office thing has never been Practice as much as you can. So many new MUA's are in a my thing. Being able to do what I love and having a flexible hurry to start earning money but if your skills are bad, you risk having a bad reputation. work time is huge for me. 7

Vital Woman

VITAL BEAUTY VW - What is the one thing you would change about your VW - Give us a list of the services you offer prospective MUA career if you could? clients? - Bridal - Commercial - Red carpet - TV/Film - Publication The amount of people that want you working for free. - Editorial - Fashion - One on One Classes - Group Classes

VW - Where do you see the MUA industry in ten years' time? - Any Special Occasion Booming!! Also with items like Clarisonic being popular, apart from makeup a lot of beauty equipment will also be VW - What does the future look like for your business? By the Grace of God, having my own range of Products. used. Contact Details Website: E-mail address: Telephone Number: 0793 964 5003 Offer for Vital Woman Readers - Free Lipstick and lip gloss on every booking. Valid from July till September 1st 2012

Vital Woman


Vital Home The guardian described it as 'garish' and 'enough to give the athletes nightmares' I followed the comments of the Brits on twitter and they were er...colourful. I don't know if it is the combination of so many colours or the fact that it looked like the different sports represented are competing for your attention, it could also simply be that there are too many squares in too many colours. The quilted effect in my opinion is dated, even though squares as opposed to diamonds are a bid to make the duvet more contemporary. But what do you do when you've been gifted with a decor situation that leaves much to be desired? Scenario 1 Too bright colours and lots of them How you attack this depends on the location- on the walls, or soft furnishings. A typical scenario is what used to be a child's bedroom, but your child has outgrown the space. The trick is to tone things down by using a neutral colour like linen, grey, etc. If the offending item is bed linen, simply swap the pillowcases and cushions with new ones in a plain fabric. If it is furniture or walls, the same trick will work using plain soft colours on bed linen and curtains. Scenario 2 Heavily patterned You love the fabric, but it has made the room look like it's alive and about to utter some words of its own. Typically found in inherited drapery or bedding. Pull out a colour from the fabric, ideally the softest one available and use that on the walls. You can also have a bedspread made in the plain colour and trimmed or piped in the offending fabric, along with some fun pillows. A plain rug will reduce the effect of a heavily patterned c a r p e t ,

alternatively have the carpet removed and you just might be blessed with some natural wood flooring. This will create harmony and really calm things down. Scenario 3 Dull and lifeless You might need some colour here. Dull and lifeless walls can be revitalised with a paintbrush and a tin of paint. Dull and lifeless furniture, e.g. 'antiqued' pine (pine furniture that's been around) can be sanded down to reveal new wood beneath, or even painted. This is a very tedious taskunless you just love DIY and sawdust so you might want to outsource it. Dull and lifeless soft furnishings should be donated to charity and new ones made. Since we spend so many years in our beds, it is only fair that the sheets at the very least should make you happy! Scenario 4 Old and dated Old and dated furniture can actually be reinvented to create an eclectic or traditional style. The knobs on the drawers can be changed into custom painted knobs that match your sheets or curtains. The headboard can be changed into an upholstered, fabric covered headboard in your choice of brightly coloured fabric.

Toks Aruoture is an interior designer and the CEO of Punkin Patch Interior designs, a luxury boutique for infant and children furnishings. Besides her passion for design and creative living, Toks loves to encourage and motivate women to stir up the gift of God inside them. She does this through her blogs, and Toks is happily married with four beautiful boys.


Vital Woman

Vital Mom

PREGNANCY 101: MYTHS, TO DOS & AFTER SUPPORT drank chocolate beverages during my 1st pregnancy and my baby had a normal birth weight :-). Eating snails won't cause drooling in your baby (guess what? babies drool anyway). Before getting back on the 'dance floor', please visit your doctor about the family planning method suited for you because breastfeeding is NOT a birth control measure. There are too many stories of women getting pregnant just a few weeks or months after child-birth and being in shock! A baby having crossed eyes or getting dizzy, because the mother bent down in pregnancy??? NOW THAT IS A CLASSIC!

Most women will experience pregnancy at least once in their lifetime; however some will have it better than others. Some experience the dreaded 'daily dose of morning sickness', like it happens only in the mornings??? While some of us begin to keep 'unintentional malice' with our perfumes and/or toothpaste. Many go through fatigue, mood swings, endless cravings, and so on, but no matter what category we fall under, a common denominator is that a life is being nurtured and for that I give women an A+ for a job well done! Ok! So you are preggers, what next? What do you do? Find a hospital you are comfortable with; speak to other mothers and find out about their experiences. Be your own investigator: The Internet is a great tool to start with, get books on pregnancy and read all you can (yes we know that no '2 pregnancies' are the same but knowledge definitely puts you ahead of the pack). Be prepared when going for hospital visits: have questions to ask your OB/GYN/GP as it will make your time there more productive. Stay positive at all costs: don't get bogged down from knowledge or experiences acquired or even the lack of it; remember your baby feels your emotions too. Look fabulous: Thank goodness the maternity fashion i n d u st r y has gone vava-voom so you have no reason to stick to frumpy clothes. When you look and feel good, it boosts your morale. There's a product for almost everything now, so don't suffer in silence (there are support belts to reduce back pains; support pillows to help you sleep

Vital Woman

more comfortably etc). Myths in Pregnancy: Everyone seems to have an opinion or advice once they realize you are pregnant. Have you heard of any of these? Drinking cold water will make your baby big or result in pneumonia. Eating snails will cause your baby to drool a lot. Eating banana or plantain will cause your baby to have a dark line from the forehead to the spine. Drinking chocolate beverages will make your baby big. Bending down while pregnant would cause baby to be dizzy or have crossed eyes A breast-feeding mother cannot get pregnant. Wear a safety-pin on your clothes when going out to protect your baby. Not only are some of these points false, some are actually laughable. Drinking cold water will not have any negative effect on your baby. I won't even discuss the safety-pin or banana/plantain issue. lolz!!! About chocolate beverages, there is no reason to avoid this but as with everything, moderation is key and it all depends on you, the individual. I for one 10

So you now have your bundle of joy in your hands! Congratulations! But, please note the following: Get a Belly Bandit速 wrap or a post-partum tummy wrap to shrink and tighten your tummy (if you are not part of the 5% or so of women whose tummies just disappear). Always seek medical advice. Also, we understand your baby needs to eat any time and everywhere but please have a nursing cover to hide your 'girls' while doing so. Some mothers do have issues with breast milk, if you try all the warm liquids and nothing works then speak to your doctor about getting some herbal supplements. Basically, it's all about carrying and nurturing that precious life the best way you can in the most comfortable way. Enjoy the ride! About the author: Omeyi Yangs is an Economist by training. She is married with a 3-year-old son. Providing solutions for pregnant women/new moms in Nigeria make her tick, hence her creation of 'Every Mums Maternity Apparel'.

Vital Fa


Vital Woman


Vital Woman


Article By Patrice

Health and Wellness


Comes the



ummer is just around the corner and you definitely would want to flaunt that polished, radiant, glowing and beautiful you. Everywhere you turn, there's that lotion, potion, oil or cream promising a youthful radiant glow. But real beauty comes from knowing what you put on your skin and what you feed it with, so we have put together a few polished tips to help shed of the winter layers and give your body a beautiful glow.

always moisturize your skin after you've been in the sun. Spending too much time in the sun can be harmful. If you have sensitive skin, use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF (sun protection factor) of 30.

Wear less makeup: Keeping makeup to a minimum or steering clear of it altogether is one of the best ways to maintain a great complexion in the summer months. If you must put anything on, stick to a light lip gloss and mascara. Avoid heavy makeup such as thick foundation or eye shadow to enable Water: Our body is made up of 55 – 75 percent water that your skin to breathe. There's nothing worse than having needs replenishing especially in summer, we need about 7-8 foundation smeared across your forehead or cheek as you glass of water per day to help regulate the body's absent-mindedly wipe sweat off your face. temperature, combat dehydration, help detoxify the body's system by flushing out toxins and unwanted compounds‌. Exercise Regularly: Try to find a type of exercise that you Drinking just the right amount of water rejuvenates skin it would enjoy doing since it will be easier for you to do it keeps it hydrated making it radiant, clean and soft. regularly. Doing exercise enhances blood circulation that is crucial to maintain healthy skin. Exercise also relieves stress. Exfoliate: Exfoliation helps to increase circulation and get the More so its summer..... Have a fun brisk walk at the beach, go blood flowing to help regenerate the skin. By exfoliating hiking etc. regularly, you rid your body of dead and dull skin cells. The skin reproduces and by exfoliating, we remove the top layer of Eat healthy: Incorporating fruits and vegetables into ones diet dead skin so that we expose the new skin underneath. You is not only beneficial to your health but also the skin, they would want to exfoliate at least twice a week to let that new provide a variety of nutrients not found in vitamin and mineral beautiful skin glow. supplements. Moisturize: Another way to retain that summer glow is by Get enough sleep: Our bodies use sleeping time to restore moisturizing, by so doing you feed your skin with the needed dead skin. If you don't sleep enough, your complexion will vitamins and minerals to keep it radiantly smooth. look pale and gray. Sunscreen: Having fun time during summer, doesn't mean Article by Hamila Organics. you should get sun burnt, Wear UVA/UVB protection and 13

Vital Woman


Health and Wellness


VW Reader's Question - I RECENTLY MADE THE DECISION TO STOP USING RELAXERS ON MY HAIR, SO THAT I CAN GROW BACK MY NATURAL HAIR. COULD YOU PLEASE GIVE SOME ADVICE ABOUT HOW TO USE YOUR PRODUCTS SUCH THAT MY HAIR IS HEALTHY AND LOOKS BEAUTIFUL WHEN STYLED? MY NATURAL HAIR TYPE IS SOFT. Tope of Mahogany Naturals congrats on going back to natural healthy hair. The first thing you should know if it takes a bit of time to get used to your texture and hair. You have to be patient, learn what works for you and what doesn't. Not every product out there will work for you. A basic regimen is to hot oil or pre shampoo, shampoo and deep condition every 7-10 days. Use a leave in treatment/moisturiser every day to keep your hair soft, supple, nourished and pliable. When your hair is moisturised it is easier to style it and it reduces breakage. Detangle your hair at least once a week to get rid of shed hair. Use your fingers first then go in with a gentle tool like a wide tooth very gentle with your hair. Trim your ends at least 3x per year to keep split ends at bay VW Reader's Question - MY YOUNG DAUGHTER HAS NATURALLY COARSE HAIR AND I HAVE USED TEXTURIZERS TO HELP SOFTEN HER HAIR. I WOULD LIKE TO STOP USING TEXTURIZERS ON HER HAIR. WOULD I BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE THAT SOFT TEXTURE SUCH

Vital Woman


THAT SHE DOES NOT CRY WHEN HER HAIR IS BEING DRESSED AND KEEPS HER HAIR LOOKING DECENT? Tope of Mahogany Naturals - the same principles for your hair care applies to a pre shampoo treatment, shampoo and deep condition every 7-10 days. Use a good leave in treatment daily to keep her hair moisturised. Use a leave in treatment daily to keep it nourished. When the hair is moisturised and nourished, it becomes softer and a lot more manageable Detangle at least once a week and keep her hair is low manipulative styles like braids and twists to protect it (not necessarily with extensions) Using natural products and ingredients is best for all hair feeds it and nourishes it from is able to penetrate the hair shaft very well. Mahogany Naturals products have all Natural & Organic ingredients in them such as Aloe Vera, raw honey, jojoba oil, virgin olive oil, Shea butter, Rosehip oil and many more hair and skin loving ingredients. Our products d o n o t c o n t a i n a ny h a r m f u l ingredients such as Parabens or harsh ingredients such as Sulphates. Your hair, scalp and skin will love it. We are becoming one of the fastest grown ethnic Hair, Bath & beauty brand in Great Britain and quite popular in the USA. Mahogany Naturals: Contact Details shop

Careers Portfolio


(PART 2) Bolaji Yemi, CEO JC Designs.


n the previous career article we addressed the choices some of us made or that were made on our behalves in our career moves. Some of us are happy with what we are doing whereas a lot desire to move on and get out of the trap

you want to talk to those who perceive you as a threat because they may ill-inform you. You want to communicate with anyone who has been bold enough to take that giant step that you are about to take. Tap into their enthusiasm and optimism; capture their wisdom and depth of their experience In order to get out a gradually approach needs to be to develop your bigger picture. Learn what works taken, first of all, register for a partbearing in mind that you will time course that will help you eventually develop every other develop this talent. For example a necessary aspect gradually. Expect very excellent cook by birth may not challenges that you will definitely necessary have to study to improve overcome or learn from. her cooking but may need skills in bookkeeping or writing a business Lastly, do not let the focus of making plan. If you are one of those who can profit be your drive, remember the resign and start full-time by all main reason behind you making a means do so but whatever you do, let it be done with career change is to be happy and free. No doubt the utmost wisdom. business will become successful. Philippians 4: 13 is a gentle reminder of how and what you can achieve – Secondly, talk to people who are in the same “I can do everything through Him who gives me business you are about to start. Not the disgruntled strength” types, for all they will share with you are their unhappiness which may be contiguous. Neither do BOLAJI YEMI IS CEO OF JC DESIGNS 15

Vital Woman

Vital Success Launching


New Business.

As more and more people are looking to increase their income, Home based businesses are seeing a growth. More people are engaging in Network marketing businesses or building their businesses from scratch as a means of generating supplementary means of household income. This is not surprising as job securities are fast becoming a thing of the past. We bring you a few tips that could make starting a new business a little less daunting. So you have made the decision to give your home business a chance to succeed. Let's talk about letting others know about your decision to step out. Whether your business started off as a hobby, or whether it's an online business or a network marketing one. You get to the point when you need to launch your business, this is basically an opportunity to tell your network of friends and family that you have something on offer that they might be interested in. Cost. Your business can be launched on a small budget; you do not need to spend a lot of money to give a quality launch. As a tip, always watch your costs, start off bearing this in mind – Keep your costs as low as possible. Ask yourself whether your costs can be minimized, reduced or spread out each time before you make payments. It's a good rule of thumb to remember and keep close to home always. Preparation. Prepare well in advance for your big day. Make a list of all you need done before the day. Involve your family in the preparation; remember that they want to see you succeed in your new business too. Whatever tasks can be delegated, be sure to delegate them, this will help you concentrate on those things that only you can do best, like getting your products ready. Sending out formal invites can be a good idea too as it helps to prepare the minds of your invitees to come with some cash, cheque or credit cards. Invites can be handed out or sent out electronically. It is also a good idea to request for feedback as this will aid your planning. Think about your payment processes as well; get a receipt book handy, some coins and small currency notes, some pens and a notebook for writing down orders and requests. Be sure to have someone with a camera. It really helps to have pictures of your launching as they will look great on your website or other business literature in future. Think about what you will be wearing on the day as well as your hair and nails. You need to think about your appearance and prepare in advance. Looking your best helps to boost your confidence. Styling tip – style yourself in clothes and accessories that make you look and feel good. Read my blog on styling. Link

Vital Woman

16 Products. Make sure you have enough products for your business launch. Order your stock well in advance to avoid any disappointments. Give yourself enough time for production especially if your products are handmade or manufactured in a factory. Think about your product display and where they will be displayed. Make sure your display is attractive and that there is good lighting around where your products will be displayed. Remember the saying “you never get a second chance to make a good impression”? Well you want to put in the best effort so that your business can be taken seriously and your audience can appreciate the value of your products and what you are offering to them. If your products are consumables be sure to have some available for try outs, this will help to increase your target sale during the launch. You must have good knowledge of your products as you will need to answer questions asked by your friends and family. If you are launching a network marketing business or a franchise, you would usually have a sponsor or Upline or Team leader who will be willing to support you. They could give an opening speech introducing your business and the products. Enjoy! Make sure you enjoy your day! Remember that the people are there to support and celebrate your new business as well as you! Don't forget to put on lots of smiles! It's very welcoming! This article and others about helping you to successfully build and run your home based business are available on the Running a Home Based Business blog. Find the link below. Link -

Vital Youth There are all different types of fashion depending on who you are and what your personality is like. Music also fits in with fashion… what type of music do you listen to? Fashion is something you can create on your own to suit your style. - By Devanne Findlay. Some fashion items and where they are sold: · Nike Blazers – Schuh, Nike World, Office, JD Sports · Ugg Boots – Ugg shop, Schuh, Office · Jacket Blazers – Zara, Topshop, Miss Selfridge · Nylon Leggings/Wet Look Leggings – American Apparel · Louboutin Heels


Vital Woman

Vital Youth Just My

Opinion Jaymi Reanne - I think Uni fees are getting ridiculous. It is just making young people not want to go, because it's just too expensive, even if they have the potential to do well.

Sarah Idowu – as a person who is going into Uni next year I think with current government, they have made it harder for my generation to pay fees for their course, and as a result causing people to Opinions over university fees not want to go to Uni. And those who do Michael Ozumba - In a way its bad cus it go find themselves in debt. However we demotivates people from going to Uni and it piles more pressure on students should be grateful for the opportunity to even have an education. and parents.

Balmain Biker Stretch Waxed Denim Jean (780€)

*Everyone wants to look like their favourite artist or influence, but not all of us can afford the originals. Instead of having to pass on the look you wanted, I'll show you where you can buy near equals to what you see on many of the most fashionable celebs out there!*

Vital Woman


Joshua Mfon is Vital Youth Editor - He loves Music, Fashion and socialising with people. He is also passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

Right here (left) we have the waxed leather Balmain waxed denim jeans, also (right) we have a pair of coated Zara Zip trousers. This piece is a nice look for both boys and girls, just make sure you rock the right footwear! Fits true to size, so there is no need to buy a size big or small.

Zara Coated Zip Trousers (40€)

JUST MY OPINION focuses on our opinion as youths about issues happening around us that affect us. In this issue, we feature some opinions relating to the increase in University fees recently imposed by the UK government. Here is what 3 of our youths had to say. -Joshua Mfon. Vital Youth Editor.

By Morayo Soluade

Vital Bookshelf

Being Single to Be Married - Preparing Yourself for a Purpose Driven Marriage by Jacqueline Nwokeji-Ani


ne of the main topics that mature single Christian women discuss on a regular basis is the desire to meet a good man who they are happy to marry and settle down with. This topic is no longer a local issue, but very much a global issue. Every country I've visited - Africa, United States, England, I meet single Christian women who are on a search to meet a man who will not disappoint them, who will be an equal contender or advanced in the area of intelligence, education and achievement. In pursuing other interests, I found that the desire never leaves you; as you go about your daily work, there was still that niggling feeling in me that prompts me to ask the question, when will I ever be married? Not that I was unhappy, depressed or lonely, I had so much to do, but the thought would still invade my mind. As a single mature Christian woman, I realised that this was a major issue for so many women and that I wasn't going to continue to be single for the rest of my life. I made a choice that I wanted to get to the bottom of this and seek God as I have never done before so that my situation will change. Marriage is meant to be a good thing, a blessing, and I know that I wasn't called to be single and childless because I am a blessing. I was encouraged long ago that I will be married and that was the word I chose to believe. My situation changed and hence the book “Being Single to be Married - A guide to preparing yourself for a purpose driven marriage”. We are told to be the best you that you can be while you're waiting; spend time developing yourself learn how to be a wife, don't be a liability to any man. All, very sound advice for a young woman who may not be ready yet, but for the mature single Christian woman who has been through life experiences, who believe they're ready to

be a wife to bear children, who can cook, clean, nurture and be resourceful? Surely life doesn't stop for us when we've reached that level? Another phase of our life begins when you marry the right person; go through the process of bearing children, the learning process starts all over again and that is what makes us grow and develop. In her book Being Single to Be Married, Jacqueline NwokejiAni discusses on the importance of concentrating to prepare yourself for a purposeful marriage. First it's important to be a whole individual and not half of a whole. Secondly, to pursue your desire, through pursuing your purpose, we all have a purpose and your partner could be on the path to your purpose, that is……if you're on the path to your divine purpose; and finally, it takes a renewing of the mind from our own ideologies of what marriage is and the expectations of who we should be marrying. It's important to address your own perceptions of marriage to what God's principles of marriage really are. Our view of marriage could be as a result of our environmental development and personal experiences and could pose as a barrier against godly principles and being in the right mind positioning to receive. If we're praying to God to bless us in that area, wouldn't it be right for Him to renew our minds first? That in itself can be a process. Jacqueline Nwokeji-Ani is an inspirational speaker, career coach and prophetic mentor. She is also the author of 3 books – The Widow's Jar of Oil; Your Talent is Your Wealth and Being Single to Be Married. Being Single to Be Married – A Guide to Preparing Yourself for a Purpose Driven Marriage can be purchased via Amazon, Kindle, Waterstones, WH Smith and via her website 19

Vital Woman

Vital Devotional

Brighter and Brighter! But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day. : Proverbs 4:18 It is amazing how our focus has a staggering effect on our attitude. Very often we wait until the end of an event to assess ourselves. We reckon that the final result will determine how successful a project should be graded. Whereas, the truth of the matter is that regardless of the outcome, as spirit-filled and spirit-led children of God, we ought to be thanking God and giving him glory and praise all the way.

opinion concerning you does not waver. Your opinion about yourself may waver, especially when we have been waiting on the Lord for what seems like forever, we have the tendency to have a change of opinion but, the Bible says, God is not a man that He should lie, neither is He the son of man that He should change His mind concerning what He has said. Has He said it and will it not come to pass?

God does not rescind on His promises. His promises are yes We ought to live out the word of God as much as we read and and Amen in Christ Jesus. He will not change His mind confess the word of God. The Bible says in (Romans 8:28) “all concerning you, for He has promised and He will never fail. things work together, for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose” Have you ever witnessed the breaking of dawn? I have and I The peace that God gives us through His word have never once witnessed dawn struggling to is that all things are working together for our break. I have witnessed though, its beauty, its good. We may not see it and it certainly may But the path of certainty. not feel like it but, I have learnt to believe that the righteous when God says something, He means it! The Lord is saying to us through His word – that is like the light of our path is like that light of dawn that I have been through seasons of great pain and progressively shines brighter and brighter (i.e. dawn, that despair and at the time it definitely didn't look it is a process), until the full day. good or feel good but, I have often said that Shines brighter As dawn breaks, without struggling, so also even though those times/seasons seemed our light not only bursts forth effortlessly but, and brighter almost unbearable, looking back today, I does so progressively. would not change or swap one of those days until the full day. for any other. You are in the process of God! Proverbs 4:18 During those times of despair, I learnt how to You are a “work-in-progress” crawl and hide under God's protective arms, I God has a “work schedule” for you and you will learnt how to recognize and listen out for the need time to “season” and “mature”, voice of the Holy Spirit, I learnt how to be “still” and “know” So relax and let God carry you on His wings. The promise of that He is God. (And I am still learning!). God concerning you is not going to happen through your During the “wilderness hours” God became real to me, He struggles. became MY VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE (psalm 46:1). It was during such times that I began to realize that the only God did not conceive the promise in you through your struggles and He certainly will not need your struggles to birth voice and opinion that mattered was God's. it. People will change their minds about you. One day you will be with the “in” crowd and “if” anything which appears negative or outside of the scope of our plans or expectation should happen, people have the tendency to hold back and have a change of opinion that perhaps you were destined for failure - - - - - - but, I announce to you that the best is yet to come ! For your latter days shall be greater than your former, hallelujah! The good news is that God doesn't change his mind; his 20

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Zechariah 4:6 Not by power, nor by might but, by my Spirit saith the Lord. In Christ's Service, ©Lara Mfon, 2012 A Very Present Help Ministries.


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Photo: Karl Lake MUA: Elaine Shobanjo Hair: AVOS Hair (Braids - Dami Ogunleye)

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Prior to getting a weave done, have a deep moisturising treatment and a trim if your will be keeping the extensions in for more than two months. First off, you've spent a fair amount on your weave. You should therefore take care of it as you would your own hair to ensure it stays looking good. Washing it once every two weeks, to get rid of all the styling residues will breathe new life into your hair. When washing your hair avoid getting your scalp wet by washing face forward into the bath, this way the canerows do not soften and makes drying it easy. If you decide to wash your whole hair and scalp, ensure that you give your hair a good rinse to get rid of trapped products or residue on he canerow. Kera-Care has a great hair extensions range; shampoo, conditioner and a leave in conditioner that will keep your weaves looking and feeling great. If you have left out some of your own hair, avoid using gels or pomade and different products as it causes a product build up. Where you have left hair out at the back also, ensure you apply some serum to it at least twice a week, failure to do so will result in friction between your hair and the extensions which may cause breakage. Use a paddle brush without the bubble on the tip (this actually causes the hair to snag off) and always brush from the tip to the roots, so bottom up. You can wrap your hair if it's straight; add big twists or plaits if you have curly or wavy hair. Wear a silk scarf or hair bonnet. When you do take out your weave, be gentle and brush your hair thoroughly prior to washing it. This is very crucial; washing without brushing your hair out properly will result in hair tangling. So section your hair and from tip to root brush, this way you brush out all the daily hair loss that's trapped in the canerow.

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Detox and Diet – The perfect Summer Body.


ello again Vital lady, I trust we are on our way to eating healthy, I say on our way because I am not there yet, but I'm on my way. Let me tell you ladies a secret, we will be required to take a full picture which will be published in the magazine real soon, and I've started to exercise intensely. I have to look good (smiling wearily). Seriously though, we are starting our road to a healthy looking body (aka the uphill way to achieving the “perfect summer body”). It can't be helped, it won't be easy, but trust me ladies it's worth it. Like I said the last time, we will start with Botox......., no that doesn't sound right. Sorry detox, yes that's it. (I've been thinking about the other lately, fuller pouting lips, what do you think? Topic for another day). Anyway, we will start with detoxification of our bodies, I found out that there are various kinds, I usually go on a fruit fast (all I eat is fruits all day, everyday of the fast) which can go on for as little as 3 days and up to 2 weeks, the longer it is, the more effective and u can see immediate results. Coupled with intense work outs and u can take a beautiful picture (*wink*). The reason for detoxing is the need to rid our bodies of foreign elements, excess impurity and prepare our temples for a fresh and healthier diet. And since it's almost summer time, nothing appeals more than a bowl of fruit salad. You can visit detoxes.html. For the various types of detox there are, choose and apply the one you think would be most effective for you. After the detox phase, the real business begins. Depending on the aim, you have various diets to choose from. There are many different types of diets; like the Atkins diet, the Zone diet, the South Beach diet and many more. It is important to remember that a diet that limits portions to a very small size or that excludes certain foods entirely to promote weight loss

may not be effective over the long term. According to the online Weight Loss Forum," It is much easier to maintain a diet that takes into account the foods that you like and dislike and also include combinations of foods with enough calories and nutrients for good health." (We will look at counting your calories the right way in our next edition). A healthy diet should include adequate vitamins and minerals, eating a wide variety of foods from all the food groups on the 'Food Guide Pyramid' will help you get the vitamins and minerals you need. If you eat less than 1,200 calories per day, you may benefit from taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement. You can research more on the right kind of diet for you (Google is just a click away). The online Weight loss forum is amazingly precise and in very readable English. You are able to fix conversion (from calories to what food it translates to) quickly and easily. And it will give you what to work on before I return again. Did you say homework? Yes it is love! Enjoy your diet. I have to get back to my ice cream, its melting. (Huge grin)!


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Vital Blogs We bring you a collection of blogs that we think you will find enjoyable and useful! We encourage you to follow these blogs and subscribe to them as they hold vital information. Please do feedback to us. At the top of the list is our very own Vital Woman blog. We would like to see more of your involvement on our blog. Just click on each link to have a read through each blog. Remember to give us your comments and sign up to follow the blogs you enjoy! 1) This blog gives us the opportunity to share amazing articles that deal with “real” issues affecting us as women. This is our heart and our passion at Vital woman, it's all about keeping it real! We also have some interesting accounts of how some of our women embarked upon their entrepreneurial journey. 2) We found this blog very useful, whilst we were trying to prepare some healthy summer meals for children and had run out of ideas. We got in touch with Amy and she is happy to be on our blogroll! About Amy - Amy worked part time for the Department of Health for over 10 years, counseling with state employees about improving their health. For 3 years she coordinated the healthy lifestyle program at her kid's elementary school. She is active in her church children's group and is also president and developer of the Super Healthy Kids, Healthy Habits Plate. 3) This blog outlines the benefits of running home based businesses and talks about how to maximize those benefits. “As a mother, I love and respect the family unit, no matter the size and I know that money matters. I also appreciate the fact that it is important to look closely at ways to bring in income but, not at the expense of neglecting our loved ones. I do appreciate and know firsthand as a mother and an entrepreneur that having multiple streams of income is the way to go.” 4) I decided to write InspireMe because I know that Life is a journey. I used to think success was a destination you arrive at- for instance, “when I start my business…”, “when I get married…” etc. Now I know for sure that success is defined by the road traveled. How you travel, what happens on that road, what you learn and how you use your new knowledge. – Toks Ferreira. 5) AUTHOR AND speaker Jacqueline Nwokeji-Ani. Her new book Being Single to Be Married – A Guide to Preparing Yourself for a Purpose Driven Marriage aims to teach women how to prepare for a purposeful marriage. Find inspiring reads on her blog. 6) This blog explores the areas of Styling, Make-up, Hair care and skincare. Looking at what hair or skin products are best suited to us, for example. Suggestions and advice on accessorizing are also available on this blog.

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VW EVENTS Photo splash of our

last event in London, UK.


e held our first Vital Wo m a n Seminar titled VITAL WOMAN START UP 2012 at the Holiday Inn Brent Cross in London, UK on Saturday the 17th of March 2012. The event was a training seminar structured into 3 main sessions; we kicked off with an introduction of our vision and objectives as an organization. There were opportunities for networking also. It was a great day out for the ladies, next time we will be incorporating a full lunch or dinner! Why not make it a funfilled day, investing in your well-being! Having fun while learning about selfi m p ro v e m e n t a n d development! We look forward to having you at our next event.


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enable a first time buyer see their dreams come true. If your place of abode is in the United States, you most likely have access to federal aid that will see you benefit from a Tax Credit that is worth 10% of the purchase price of your home up to $8,000. This is a fall out of the economic stimulus package introduced by the Obama administration to attract first time home buyers. In addition to this you can take advantage of some special programs through the Federal Housing Association (FHA) that will insure loans made by private lenders against losses. Naturally there are some conditions to be met. If you ask me, it still beats most conventional loan programs. The French government has also been sensitive to the sudden drop in housing related transactions and construction projects. Although pre-crisis the French government has had in place a program known as the PTZ (Prèt à Taux Zèro), just early last year it introduced the PTZ Plus, which is an interest-free government loan granted, subject to certain resource-related conditions, to first-time buyers. It is the primary public aid measure available to encourage access to homeownership in France. There is no doubt that many African countries have also implemented various government led programs that have attracted first time buyers and made the whole process less cumbersome and affordable. Amongst the notable platforms is the recent inauguration in Lagos State, Nigeria of a Cooperative Home Ownership Incentive Scheme currently active in Nigeria, Uganda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal to mention a few. Should you require additional information about anything mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at:

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f you find yourself parting with money periodically in exchange for the roof over your head, for however short a period, one night or one year, not legally speaking and in my personal dictionary, you are an owner of real estate. At least for that period, you have the power to exercise some limited rights that only the owner of the property can exercise. What is ideal however, is the formal transition from tenancy to full blown home ownership so can enjoy all the social and financial rewards of legal ownership. Without a doubt there is a lot going on out there that could easily make a huge segment of society actually start believing they may never achieve their goal of home ownership. Can you blame them? The misery and woes of many economies around the world such as is going on in the USA and Europe is enough to give those living in those countries these concerns. Even in the heat of all affecting countries like Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain, life goes on somehow, through government and private sector driven schemes and programs Well I have got some news for you! Across most of these economies, it has always been the case that when interest rates are low, prices for housing are high and when prices are low, interest rates are high, making it more difficult to realize your dreams. Never has the price of housing and interest rates been so low at the same time than now, making home ownership more accessible and affordable. Hold on to your confessions and dreams because in many of these countries, there has not been a better time to buy a first home as now. Governments in these affected countries know they need to do something to jump start their economies and have provided various programmes and incentives that will encourage and

*ethical* *fair trade* *sustainable*

We offer handmade Cioccolatina natural toiletries and exotic butters & suppliies. We stock and distribute Jamaican black caster oil in UK and within Europe. We take great pride in sourcing quality ingredients directly from farmers/producers or through community projects. Come shopping with us : 29

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