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The most traditional & original

Turn your bath into

an Alpine SPA

... the luxury gift from the Alps!

BIO – certified organic products with Alpine ingredients!

Alpicare - Sanum per AlpesÂŽ is a quality brand aiming at bringing together into a single wellness package centuries of Alpine tradition and ancient knowledge with the use of the region's local plants and natural products and methods.

Donate your friends or yourself a pinch of Alpine wellness.

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Organically certified natural cosmetics. No synthetic scents, colours, no silicone, paraffin or animal-based ingredients and no animal testing. Natural emulsifiers are made from rice and wheat proteins. All active-ingredient complexes, oils and lipids are of natural origin. ICEA Organically certified natural cosmetics.





Pleasant Alpine Milk Scrub for smooth and soft skin.

Enjoy this alpine luxury showering and bathing experience.

Gentle pampering of your skin with Alpine ingredients.

The BIO – certified Organic Body Scrub with Apricot, Hay, Mountain Pine and Beeswax gently exfoliates your skin. Selected pure essential oils enrich your skin with new energy, moisture and optimum care.

Enjoy a dip “in the hay”. Premium Hay flowers and Juniper extracts transform your bath into an enchanting lake. Pure essential oils in combination with alpine ingredients revitalize and gently relax your body. Recharge your energy and strength.

Turn your daily shower experience into an alpine waterfall.

Apricot & Mountain Pine

Precious ingredients: Apricot Scrub Mountain Pine Hayseed Beeswax Rosewood,. …

Hay & Juniper

Precious ingredients: Hayflowers, Juniper, Ivy, Aloe Vera, …

Apple & Rosehip

Valuable Apple and Rosehip extracts and pure essential oils cleanse your skin thoroughly, give you effective protection and grace you with gentleness and tenderness. Suitable for the whole family. Precious ingredients: Apple, Rosehip, Wild Rose, Sage, Thyme, Mint, …

Blackberry & Edelweiss

This BIO – certified organic body-care product pampers your skin daily and gives you a vital, healthy glow. The Alpine ingredients will gently entice you and give your skin optimum protection. Precious ingredients: Blackberry, Edelweiss, Scots Pine, Yarrow, Real Thyme, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, …

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25 years VITALIS Dr. Joseph

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VITALIS Dr. Joseph Natural products, created with intelligence. Since 1986, the team of VITALIS Dr. Joseph successfully develops innovative and unique products. A 25-year experience and the use of new technologies in accord with an ancient knowledge are the guarantee of visible success.

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natural products, created with intelligence.

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Alpicare - Sanum per Alpes® is a quality brand aiming at bringing together into a single wellness package centuries of Alpine tradition and...