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breaking the limits LargeLife™ Ltd. Enterprise House 2 Pass Street, Oldham, Manchester OL9 6HZ, United Kingdom Manufactured in EU

Amix Production s.r.o.

One of Europe’s leading producers of nutritional supplements for sport and active lifestyle


The LargeLife™ Limited, was founded in 2003 in Manchester, UK. The founder chose this location, to drive the company‘s business throughout Europe and worldwide, ensuring its premium nutrition supplement brands maximum reach. Due to heavy investment into research and development, this has ensured ultimate quality standards within the completed process. Leading to the company and its key brand AMIX™ Nutrition continuing to grab the attention of many high quality-conscious consumers across Europe.

The brand’s products have captured the eye and taste of many of highest ranked professionals in bodybuilding, fitness and other areas of the fitness or fitness supplement industry. This has been aided tremendously by its rapid growth in distribution and sales of it‘s highly effective products, driving the firm to being one of the most distinctly regarded producers in the industry of sports nutrition and supplementation within Western Europe.

Over the years, the LargeLife‘s registered trademark AMIX™ Nutrition has matured into one of the top market benchmarks. Due to solid fundamentals and rapidly growing demand across Central Europe and markets further East, these facts also contributed to the company‘s decision to build its new state-of-the art R&D, manufacturing and logistics facilities in the very centre of Europe.

The company‘s continuous quest to be the market leader, throughout all aspects of product development and creation has proved to be the firm‘s strongest competitive advantage within the realm of the of sport nutrition world-wide. AMIX™ Nutrition learned to respect and exceed wishes of its most demanding and performance oriented consumers, often becoming the trend setter in many of its markets.

AMIX™ Nutrition‘s futuristic and expressive design help distinguish the product portfolio ever further. It clearly reflects its high standard of research behind the product’s performance-enhancing characteristics and esteemed taste satisfying the requirements of Europe‘s market and soon to be the consumers of Asia, Arabia and The Americas. Products ranging from the simple basic formulas up to the “hardcore” specialty mixtures continue to gain extreme popularity. For a complete range of the AMIX™ Nutrition products and more information about the exciting developments and news within LargeLife™ Limited, please refer to

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Basic area 3 000 m2 Extended area 9 000 m2 Complete area 12 000 m2 We export to more than 45 countries worldwide Central, western and eastern Europe Middle East South America (Chile, Mexico …) North Africa China FACTS PRODUCTION AREA SUCCESSFULLY EXPANDING 20182019202020212022 365 370 380 470 360 70 75 80 80 60 More than 1 500 items in our portfolio We daily process 10 tonnes of bulk mixures We export to more than 45 countries worldwide Turnover per year in milions CZK Employees 3 4
The main production plant is situated in the central Europe, in the Czech Republic.


Holder of the certification system HACCP, ISO 9001 ISO 22000 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Year 2018 - FOOD SAFETY CERTIFICATION FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Management System).

Under constant supervision and regular audit of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority

The HACCP System that we introduced has helped us and still helps to detect and eliminate possible threats to the customer‘s health. This system allows for the control of the whole production process – from the moment that the rough products are received up to the point when the final products are completed - thus safeguarding that the customer enjoys healthy products.

The Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001:2015 norm reflects the actual high standards of our company and ensures their constant optimisation.

Holders of the ATUSALVD award from the Ministry of Health in Spain as the best brand of sports nutrition for its quality and innovation for 2017.

FSSC 22000

Certification of system management for food safety

HACCP Management of critical points of food production

ISO 9001:2015

System quality management

We regularly participate in major exhibitions, competitions and fairs, such as FIBO in Germany or IWF SHANGHAI 2020.

ISO 22000:2018

System management of food safety



We are going to start production of liquid-filled hard capsule to help customers realize the potential of lipid-based formulations for poorly soluble compounds.

Amix™ Nutrition has the most advanced manufacturing technology available. We offer complete production of sports nutrition and dietary supplements from bulk mixes, through tablets, capsules and liquid production (gels) to bars. One of the production halls is dominated by the most modern bar production line in the Czech Republic with a capacity of over 10,000 bars per hour.

To fill carbonated beverages into cans, Amix uses state-of-the-art technology designed for products of the highest quality. Canning is a simple and safe way to preserve the long-lasting taste, aroma and effective ingredients while protecting the contents from oxidation and sunlight.

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LargeLife™ Limited the owner of the Amix™ Nutrition es great emphasis on ecology. As part of its own climate strategy, the energy consumption of the entire production facility is largely covered by GREEN ELECTRICITY (electricity is generated entirely from renewable sources).

For the production of capsules and tablets we use machines according to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

The capsule production facilities are fully automatic, each with a capacity of up to 100,000 capsules per hour. For capsule production we use hard gelatine capsules or vegetable (vegetarian) capsules.

The filled capsules are further sealed into blisters or filled by automatic system into doses, boxes and assembled into final packaging for shipment to the customer.

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The production of our products in vials is carried out on modern, fully automatic equipment that assembles (disinfects, fills, seals and labels) the final


The dominant feature of one of the production facilities and the pride of the Amix™ Nutrition brand is the most modern bar production line in the Czech Republic with a capacity of over 10,000 bars per hour. Fully automatic equipment can first process the raw dough and in the final stage wrap the bar according to preset parameters. In our portfolio you can find both classic protein bars, muesli bars and nutty bars such as Protein Nuts.

product to be ready for dispatch. The maximum production capacity is up to 8000 ampoules per hour.

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The manufacture of liquid forms of dietary supplements involves mixing solutions and then filling them into bottles or sachets. The pride of this division is a fully automatic production facility with a capacity of up to 580 bags per minute.

Here we also produce gels for endurance sports such as Quick Gel, Slow Gel or Nitro Gel.


To fill carbonated beverages into cans, Amix uses state-of-the-art technology designed for products of the highest quality. Canning is a simple and safe way to preserve the long-lasting taste, aroma and effective ingredients while protecting the contents from oxidation and sunlight.



We process more than 10 tons of bulk mixtures every day. The entire production process starts with a request to the automated production system, according to which the worker accurately weighs the individual raw materials.

These are further mixed and processed for subsequent use throughout homogenisation. Depending on the requirement, the resulting mixture is adjusted into doses or bags or filled into capsules and pressed into tablets.


The newly opened production and shipping facility also includes a modern research and development centre. Here we are continuously working on the development of new products and constantly innovating our existing portfolio.

Our team is also experienced in custom product development, taking into account the specifics of the markets for which the products are intended. For example, different taste preferences or legal import requirements.

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For the production of Amix™ Nutrition sports nutrition we primarily use patented raw materials that guarantee consistent quality and pharmaceutical purity.

Years of work by our development department, combined with insights from the field from our ambassadors, have led to the identification of previously undiscovered synergistic effects and thus the creation of new products. We currently work with more than 40 patented raw materials from around the world.


The newly opened production and logistics centre also includes a modern automated warehouse

The ever-increasing demand and requirements for speed of dispatch convinced us to invest in a  fully automatic Jungenheinrich shelf stacker which processes the assigned transport and storage tasks completely independently and with maximum reliability.

Our production systems are fully automated. Due to the precise registration of stock quantities and production capacities, we are able to plan the production of the required product in the shortest possible time and dispatch it to the customer.

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The unique AmixPro® line is the result of more than two years of development, resulting in one of the most advanced sports nutrition lines in the world. This has been achieved through a combination of the best patented ingredients, the experience of our Amix Ambassadors (Milan Šádek IFBB Pro, Raul Carrasco IFBB Pro) and of course the long-term work of our Amix™ Nutrition development centre. The AmixPro® line is backed by Milan Šádek IFBB Pro, a widely recognized professional bodybuilder who is one of the best in the Czech Republic in his field. He’s also the recipient of several medals from professional competitions in the USA, (including a gold from the 2017 IFBB Charlotte Pro up to 212lbs). Milan continues to contribute his knowledge from the field and collaborate on new product development. The AmixPro® line was specifically designed for the very demanding professional athlete and athletes preparing for top competitions. Furthermore, it is also for all athletes who are looking to overcome their limits, trying to increase muscular endurance and strength while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

AmixPro® MuscleCore®

LargeLife™ Limited laboratories in collaboration with Amix Ambassadors is pleased to introduce a new professional line of unique MuscleCore® products. This line has been developed to the highest quality standards using the finest patented ingredients resulting in previously undiscovered synergistic effects of the ingredients. This allows us to introduce the MuscleCore® range. We at Amix are confident that the MuscleCore® range will meet the needs of the most demanding athletes and help them to improve effectively and achieve their goals. The initial impetus for the creation of this line was a collaboration with professional bodybuilder and Mr.Olympia contest regular, Dennis Wolf IFBB Pro. Thanks to close cooperation and mutual support, the Amix Nutrition brand has become known to top athletes around the world.

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Performance KetoLean®

LargeLife™ Limited laboratories

is pleased to introduce our new line of Amix Performance dietary supplements, made exclusively for endurance sports, especially for all those athletes who seek quality and efficiency in their sporting life. Our development center has been working closely with top athletes for over two years on this project, carefully recording every detail and insight to create unique products that are unparalleled in the sports nutrition market. The Amix Performance line has a clear mission: using state-of-the-art technology and proprietary ingredients to create a complete line of products that will push the most demanding athletes to push themselves further and keep their bodies healthy despite demanding training regimes.

KetoLean® products are unique dietary supplements designed for all athletes who want to reduce excess fat using the ketodiet method. They contain special blends of beta-hydroxybutyrate goBHB® that accelerate the attainment of the ketogenic state and thus the faster conversion of fat into energy.

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Green Day® Mr. Poppers


Series is a special line of dietary supplements for the general public, containing only the finest ingredients. A wide portfolio of products to complement your regular diet and support a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Poppers is a unique wellness line made from the finest patented ingredients and is designed for the general population. In this line you will find a wide range of products: instant porridge and rice porridge, butters and more.

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