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2019 TARTU?

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What takes place in Tartu? 2019 Tartu, a university city with a lively and colourful cultural life, is known for its youthful atmosphere where many internationally important big events take place. This booklet provides an overview of these great events. Also, many other events take place in Tartu. For more information, see the Window of Culture: kultuuriaken.tartu.ee/en

Winter events page 3


23–25 January page 4

Tasty Tartu 01–28 February page 5

46th Tartu Ski Marathon

17 February

page 6

International Gymnastics Tournament Miss Valentine 28 February–3 March page 50

Christmas City Tartu

01 December–10 January


23—25 January

sTARTUp Day sTARTUp Day is the biggest festival in the Baltic States focusing on problems in the world of business. The event features inspiring discussions about virtual reality, space technology, the creative industry and much more. Attendees can participate in a number of workshops and visit Estonia’s largest student company trade fair. The two-day festival includes presentations by leading local entrepreneurs and a number of world-famous guests and offers exciting experiences for everyone. www.startupday.ee


February is the restaurant month in Tartu. Tasty Tartu (Maitsev Tartu) introduces local cuisine culture and offers new food experiences in several of Tartu’s restaurants. You can enjoy affordable special three-course menus in all of the participating restaurants. The chefs do their utmost to surprise the city’s locals and guests with delicious and enjoyable special dishes. Food lovers can rate the efforts of the restaurants and determine the best special menu at the end of the month.

01—28 February

Tasty Tartu



17 February

Tartu Ski Marathon is one of the biggest of its kind in Eastern-Europe and professionals regard its track as one of the most picturesque and interesting in the whole world. This lively sports party brings together some 10,000 ski enthusiasts from the entire world. This marathon of classic technique has an option of 63 and 31 km long tracks. For the younger folks there are very popular Tillu and Mini children’s races. Tartu Ski Marathon is part of the international long distance ski race series Worldloppet. www.tartumaraton.ee


46th Tartu Ski Marathon

For the 25th time already the glitter and grace is brought to the wintry Tartu by the gymnasts and group gymnasts to participate in one of the Europe’s biggest gymnastics tournaments Miss Valentine. There will be several activities related to gymnastics, as well as demonstration training sessions under the guidance of the best gymnasts and coaches in the world. Top gymnasts from almost 40 countries of the world participate in this very enjoyable competition.

28 February—03 March

International Gymnastics Tournament Miss Valentine



Spring events page 8

page 11

World Film Festival

Literature festival Prima Vista

18–23 March

08–11 May

24–26 May

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page 15

Tartu Student Days: Spring

27 aprill–4 May

Author’s song festival Mailaul 08–11 May

Estonian Cycling Weekend

37th Tartu Forest Marathon

International Night of Churches in Tartu

12 May

24 May

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Night of Museums

18 May


page 14

Children’s Day 31 May–01 June

18—23 March

World Film Festival

Anthropological and ethnographic documentaries are screened in the Tartu World Film Festival (Maailmafilm). The festival develops interest towards anthropological, analytical approach to cultures and societies, welcoming film entries from all over the world. Program turns attention to cultural exchange as well as cultural representations of everyday life across the world. It is a meeting point of documentary filmmakers with anthropological spirit. www.worldfilm.ee


27 April—04 May

Tartu Student Days: Spring

The spring days that bear the student spirit are an opportunity for the participants and the audience to rest their spirit with the help of an intense entertainment and cultural programme. In Tartu, the positivity that is triggered by joint activities has been valuable mental nourishment for visitors for decades. www.studentdays.ee/en 9

08—11 May

Tens of singers and songwriters from Estonia gather in Tartu for three days every spring in order to bring the thoughts and feelings turned into music before the audience. Mailaul (The Song of May) is a festival for a listener who wants to feel together with the performing author. www.mailaul.ee

Author’s song festival Mailaul 10

08—11 May

Literature festival Prima Vista

A recent member of UNESCO’s Cities of Literature program, Tartu shall once again be filled with the magic of the written word during the Literature Festival Prima Vista. The program will once again contain the park library in a park the city centre and the book fare in front in the Raekoja Square. Professionals meet the competent and welcoming audience, all share the best fruits of literature and discuss together the important questions of literary culture. www.kirjandusfestival.tartu.ee 11

12 May

37th Tartu Forest Marathon

Tartu Forest Marathon is the biggest crosscountry running marathon in the Baltic States with thousands of participants attending every year. The marathon track lies in the varied South-Estonian landscape. The enthusiasts can choose between the 23 and 10 km tracks, both of which can be covered by running or by Nordic Walking. The event includes also children’s races. www.tartumaraton.ee 12

18 May

Night of Museums

During this Saturday evening in May the museums and other memory institutions in Tartu open their doors at a later time and free of charge to celebrate the all-European Night of Museums (Muuseumiöö). This evening’s programme is diverse and exciting. There is a lot to discover in the city which has the highest number of museums in Estonia. www.muuseumioo.ee/en


24—26 May

Estonian Cycling Weekend

Estonian Cycling Weekend (ECW) is a cycling festival that primarily hosts Tour of Estonia, an international elite cyclists’ competition. The two stages of the tour—the Tallinn-Tartu group ride and Tartu GP—are an opportunity to get acquainted with Estonia’s towns and villages, beautiful nature and picturesque locations on the cycling route. The culmination of the cycling festival is Eastern Europe’s largest road cycling race—the 38th Tartu Rattaralli.. www.tourofestonia.ee www.tartumaraton.ee


24 May

International Night of Churches in Tartu

Together with numerous churches in Europe the churches of Tartu open their doors to all the visitors in the evening of 24 May. During the Night of Churches one can observe the everyday life of various confessions, receive answers to questions, discover the art treasures hidden in churches and enjoy the music in a relaxed atmosphere. There are activities for big and small, from quiet meditations to the conquering of towers.



31 May—01 June

Children’s Day

The International Day for the Protection of Children is celebrated with a fun but also development-oriented festival in Tartu. The morning program is organised in the form of outdoor learning and is intended for pupils, the afternoon program is open to all. It’s a good opportunity to spend an eventful day discovering your talents, learning new things and enjoying good company with games and the best entertainment. www.facebook.com/lastekaitsepaev


Summer events page 19

page 22

08–09 June

20–22 June

page 20

page 23

Estonian Aviation Days

Street Art Festival Stencibility 10–16 June page 21

Tartu Nature Festival

Tartu Song Festival

Tartu Dance Day

Festival Glasperlenspiel 11–16 July page 27

Estonian Summer Games

21 June

12–14 July

page 24

page 28

Midsummer’s Eve at Raadi

23 June

12– 15 June

page 25

Tartu City Day

28–29 June 17

page 26

Shell Helix Rally Estonia

12–14 July

page 29

page 33

page 36

Tartu Mill Triathlon

Tartu Food and Wine Festival

Urban festival UIT

page 30

page 34

page 37

13–14 July


18 July

page 31

Hanseatic Days 20–21 July page 32

The Summer Concert of Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra 28 July

02–04 August

Emajõgi River Festival 09–11 August

21–24 August

13th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon 25 August

page 35

Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF 12–17 August

page 38

Festival in Aparaaditehas 30–31 August


08—09 June

Estonian Aviation Days The largest outdoor aviation event welcomes aviation fans both young and old on June 8-9, in (and up above) the territory of the Estonian Aviation Museum in Tartu county. It is possible to see parachutists, or go on a sight-seeing flight. Different attractions are open, e.g. simulators, a catapult, a parachute simulator, trampoline beds etc. Two days filled with state of the art aviation equipment and an interesting programme both on land and in air. www.lennundusmuuseum.ee


10—16 June

Street Art festival Stencibility

Stencibility is an annual street art festival that began in 2010 in Tartu, and now it simultaneously takes place in other cities as well. The name is a reference to the stencil technique. The festival is about introducing, promoting and creating new street art. Guided tours and street art maps are available. www.stencibility.eu


12—15 June

Nature Festival inspires people to cherish urban nature and notice the species living side by side with us in this environment. Although one might not notice the variety of species in the city, nature can be found in the strangest of places.

Tartu Nature Festival Festival events are both entertaining and educational and you can learn practical skills to create a more comfortable and natural living environment in the city. www.loodusfestival.ee


20—22 June

Tartu Song Festival

The main concert of the Tartu Song Festival, which will feature a selection of beloved Estonian songs, will take place on 22 June at Tartu Festival Arena. More than 8000 singers from pre-schoolers to their grandparents will perform the works by famous Estonian composers. On 21 June, the Tartu Song Festival will celebrate its anniversary with a festival day. The programme will feature a variety of concerts that take the listeners on a journey through time. On 20 June, the Tartu Song Festival and the XXVII Estonian Song Festival will join hands for a collaborative concert at a special venue – the restored St Mary’s Church, where it all began 150 years ago. www.tartulaulupidu.ee 22

21 June

Tartu Dance Day

On 21 June 2019, folk dance groups from Tartu and Tartu County will gather on various stages around the city to perform beloved Estonian traditional dances and their modern interpretations, which are still interwoven with folk elements.

Tartu Dance Day will culminate with a spectacular dance show entitled “Loodud jääma” (“Here to Stay”) which will take place in the evening at Kassitoome. The show was created and is being directed by Jaanus Randma and will feature around 800 dancers.



23 June

Midsummer’s Eve at Raadi

Throughout centuries, this most romantic holiday in our folk calendar has brought together family members of all ages to celebrate. People dance and sing, invite musicians and bands to play around the Midsummer bonfire. In addition to this, the Estonian National Museum and its Friends’ Club have planned many more activities so that you could enjoy yourself in the manor park and on the shore of the beautiful lake at Raadi. www.erm.ee 24

28–29 June

Tartu City Day Much fun and many activities take place on every 29 June in Tartu – the City Day is turning into an easy to navigate mini-festival of opera and other beautiful, occasionally a bit unusual forms and crossovers of classical music. Opera and soloists will once again have a blast in the city centre! Opera cross over into concerts and performances that will force different genres to melt together beautifully and make people think twice before writing off any type of music out of being unaccustomed to it. www.tartulinnapaev.ee/en


11—16 July

Festival Glasperlenspiel Glasperlenspiel (Klaaspärlimäng) – the name of the festival is inspired by the novel by Hermann Hesse. It provides a hint that the festival expects musicians that interpret the music from an unorthodox angle. This prestigious festival focuses on special instruments, unusual associations and relations with other fields of art and philosophy. www.erpmusic.com


12—14 July

Estonian Summer Games The Estonian Summer Games are the largest sports event in the Baltic States and are expected to attract over 4000 participants. The games are held every four years under the auspices of the Estonian Olympic Committee. The participants include teams from Estonian counties, cities and municipalities. They will compete in 25 disciplines in order to determine the most athletic counties and municipalities. www.joud.ee 27

12—14 July

Shell Helix Rally Estonia The leaders of the European rally will compete in Tartu and on the gravel roads of South Estonia. There will be over 35,000 tourists from about 25 countries. The televised rally will reach 20 million viewers. There will be lots of entertainment during the 3 days: it is possible to view the competition alongside the track, it is worth to come and see the attractive start and finish ceremonies and the exciting city race, in addition, an open air concert will take place. www.rallyestonia.com 28

13—14 July

Tartu Mill Triathlon

Tartu Mill Triathlon is a city triathlon, which has been held for several years. The programme includes a real challenge for professional athletes as well as amateurs’ triathlon for everyone and children’s triathlon. The competition track is very demanding for the participants and offers the audience an exciting spectacle. www.tartutriatlon.ee 29

This summer, Raadi Airfield in Tartu will host Metallica – one of the world’s most influential and successful rock bands. The American group will be performing their only outdoor show in the Baltic States as part of their WorldWired Tour. The show will feature special appearances by Swedish metal sensation Ghost and Norwegian stonerpunk trio Bokassa. The massive stage for the concert will be built next to the Estonian National Museum.

18 July




20—21 July

Tartu Hanseatic Days celebrate their 24th birthday this summer and bring a medieval vibe, joyousness and many splendid events to Tartu in midsummer. For two days, the visitors of Hanseatic Days will partake in live concerts, playful performances and other events that invite both young and old visitors to join in. As usually, the plentiful Hanseatic fair is open. www.hansapaevad.ee/en

Hanseatic Days


28 July

The Summer Concert of Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra To the great satisfaction of Tartu citizens a popular tradition of the first quarter of 20th century has been revived – a free summer concert of mainly classical music. This year’s open-air concert is conducted by Paul Mägi, the music director and chief conductor of theatre Vanemuine. The concert will take place in a natural amphitheatre in the heart of the city – the Kassitoome Valley of Toomemägi. www.vanemuine.ee


02—04 August 33

Tartu Food and Wine Festival offers genuine Estonian taste experiences courtesy of small producers from South Estonia and pop-up restaurants as well as a rich selection of wines. Everyone can participate in the open tasting events and get advice from the best Estonian sommeliers. Your enjoyment of good food and wine will be complemented by a family-friendly entertainment program, a unique gourmet dinner, home cafes at various city districts and many other tasty and exciting events. www.maitsevtartu.ee/en

Tartu Food and Wine Festival

The focal point of the festival is the most essential natural symbol of Tartu – River Emajõgi. Several competitions are arranged around it. Events take place on the river and its banks with lots of good music. This high-spirited event is an excellent meeting place for all folks!

09—11 August

Emajõgi River Festival www.emajoefestival.ee


12—17 August

Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF

Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF has offered great emotions, self-discovery, longing and a warm sense of recognition since 2006. 12 films in six days will be shown at the Tartu Town Hall Square, each speaking directly or indirectly about love. The screenings are accompanied by daily lectures and family friendly special events. With its cosy midsummer atmosphere and the biggest open air cinema in the Baltics, tARTuFF has grown to be one of the most beloved summer festivals in Estonia. 35


21—24 August

Urban festival UIT Spaces otherwise undiscovered, locations otherwise out-of-bounds and parties otherwise never held. The sixth interdisciplinary urban festival UIT focuses on our perception and use of urban space and engages in transdisciplinary cooperation with both local and foreign artists in order to offer the audience another perspective on their hometown. The festival encourages people to enjoy public spaces and think about what we can do in order to make our cities more homely and versatile. www.uit.ee


25 August

13th Tartu Inline Skating Marathon Sports friends can enjoy a marathon track and a half-marathon track during the Tartu Skating Marathon, the biggest inline skating marathon in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. A day before that, the Tartu Inline Skating Sprint and events for children will be held. www.tartumaraton.ee 37

30—31 August

Festival in Aparaadi– tehas

The Festival in Aparaaditehas (The Widget Factory) is taking place for the second time and in the course of two days provides a rich cultural program that joins offers from the Aparaaditehas, night cinema, flea market, catering, street sport and music. Events are held both in front of the building and in the yard, but also outside of Aparaaditehas’ grounds, making the streets, yards and corners of the Kastani-Vaksali quarter vibrate with festival vibes. www.aparaaditehas.ee


Autumn events page 40

Estonian Theatre Festival Drama 02–08 September page 41

22nd Tartu Mountain Bike Marathon

15 September page 42

Researchers’ Night Festival 26–29 September

page 43

International Author’s Song Festival Music of The Falling Leaf

page 46

International Modern Music Festival AFEKT

27 October–02 November

04—06 October

page 47 page 44

8th Tartu City Marathon

Tartu jazz and rhythm music festival IDeeJazz

05 October

07–09 November

page 45

page 48

International Early Music Festival Orient et Occident

Festival Crazy Tartu

08–09 November

10–13 October

page 49

Tartu Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF


15 November–01 December

02—08 September

Estonian Theatre Festival Drama

Drama will take over Tartu once more at the beginning of September. The main programme consists of the most interesting and the best productions of Estonian Theatre. In addition to the main programme, the festival offers an exciting side-programme, music events and many exhibitions. www.draama.ee


15 September 41

The mountain bike marathon which is third in size in the world provides joy of participation for cyclists of many age groups and different training level – some 7,500 cyclists ride the marathon. Main tracks are 89 km, 40 km and 21 km long and take the cyclists away from the city noise, to the varied landscape of SouthEstonia. Also, children’s races are held for the youngest

22nd Tartu Mountain Bike Marathon


26—29 September

Researchers’ Night Festival

Researcher’s Night Festival TÖF is a festival with a colourful programme for the whole family that opens the door to the world of science and values knowledge. We will investigate the latest topics in various fields of science. Therefore, the newest achievements in research will be discussed, those who are interested will be taken to discover secret laboratories, the elite scientists will introduce their work and it is possible to take part in free workshops, Science Theatre viewings, movie nights and experiments. www.teadlasteöö.ee/en


04—06 October

International Author’s Song Festival Music of The Falling Leaf International author’s song festival is a real treat for the listeners and performers of the author’s song genre. The festival holds a solid place among similar festivals of the world. Well-known and talented bards with a long and successful career in the genre, perform at the Music of The Falling Leaf (Lehesaju Muusika) festival. Performers from faraway countries and different places of the world come to the festival. www.mellnovfest.com


05 Ocotber

8th Tartu City Marathon Tartu City Marathon is one of a kind in Estonia—the whole 42 km long marathon distance is run on one circle. That means that each kilometre of the track is unique and offers new experiences. In addition to the full marathon, runners can choose between 21 and 10 km distances. www.tartumaraton.ee


10—13 October

International Early Music Festival Orient et Occident The festival is focused on Oriental culture and its relations with early European, primarily medieval culture. The goal is to create an artistic whole in which the topics are handled in depth from different viewpoints. Typical to this festival is a double concert format, with an ensemble from Europe playing in the first part and an ensemble from Asia playing in the second part and a final joint improvisation of both ensembles. www.festivitas.ee


XVII International AFEKT Contemporary Music Festival is a sequel to the Estonian Composer Festival that has been held in Tartu for the past 15 years and has also expanded to Tallinn in the previous years. The aim of the festival is to bring contemporary European musical environment to the Estonian viewers and the name change has been brought on firstly due to the gradual expansion of the festival into an international musical event. www.festivalafekt.ee

27 October—02 November

International Modern Music Festival AFEKT


07—09 November

Tartu jazz and rhythm music festival IDeeJazz

The Tartu jazz and rhythm music festival IDeeJazz brings into Tartu the Estonian music that is packed with creative power. Keywords like good sound, improvisation and idea connect the best thoughts of the Estonian jazz elite and the bold projects of the young musicians’ generation, filled with positive energy. The festival draws no clear genre borders – providing very diverse music from mainstream and chamber jazz, ethno and world music to groove rhythms and fusion.



Crazy Tartu is an international interdisciplinary festival where writers, poets, musicians and artists from Estonia and abroad come to perform. One of the main principles of the festival is to bring as many unprecedented performances to the audience as possible. This principle is also followed when choosing the venue for the event. Each year, a piece of art is unveiled for the first time in the new environment.

08—09 November

Festival Crazy Tartu



15 November–01 December

Tartu Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) is an international film festival that will take place for the 23rd time. PÖFF also hosts short film festival PÖFF Shorts and children and youth film festival Just Film. PÖFF offers its Tartu audience an outstandingly diverse and exciting film programme each year. In addition, many events take place outside the cinema halls during the festival. www.poff.ee


Tartu becomes a Christmas City every year regardless of the weather! It happens on the first Advent Sunday when all of the city’s Christmas lights brighten up from the candle lit on the Town Hall Square. People meet in the same place on the following Sundays and on Christmas Eve as well. The whole Christmas time in Tartu are supported by the city’s cosy concert halls, museum workshops, festive churches, large Christmas Market and the dance festival in the wintry city centre. www.joululinntartu.ee/en

01 December—10 January

Christmas City Tartu


More events TRT Dance Masters–European Dance Championships 02–03 February www.tartutantsuakadeemia.ee

JAFF Japanese Animation Film Festival 19–28 April www.animefest.eu

International Ballet Schools Gala 19 February www.idatantsukool.ee

Supilinn City District Festival 26–28 April www.supilinn.ee/supilinna-paevad

Night of the Estonian National Museum 16 March www.erm.ee

Russian Ball 27 April www.tarturusbal.eu

Tartu School Theatre Festival 28–31 March kooliteater.tartu.ee Happy Big Band Weekend 29–31 March www.convivo.ee


Tartu Ekstreem Enduro 03–05 May www.msport.ee Spring Fair 04 May kultuuriaken.tartu.ee/en

Karlova City District Festival 13–19 May www.karlova.ee/karlova-paevad

Premium7 Cup Beach Volleyball 08–09 June www.volley.ee

Nordic Symphony Orchestra 18 May www.nordicsymphony.com

TaDaa! and Streetfood Festival 15–16 June www.tadaafestival.org

WDSF Tartu Open 2018 25–26 May www.tartuopen.com

ESTO 2019 29–30 June www.esto2019.com

Tartu Gymnastics Party 28 May tartuvoimlemispidu.weebly.com

Punk & Rock Festival 12–13 July www.facebook.com/punkrockfestival

Childrens’ Dance Party Summer Holiday 31 May trltegijad.wordpress.com

International Summer Days of Barrel Organ 02–04 August www.facebook.com/tartuvantorel

Tower music June–August www.mailaul.ee/tornimuusika

Wind Band Festival Mürtsub pill 09–11 August www.murtsubpill.com

PRIMAVERA XII Un Banco De La Calle 08 June stuudioduende.ee

Emajõgi Strongman WSF Tartu GP 10–11 August www.jousport.ee 52

Wisdom Day 01 September www.facebook.com/Tarkusepaev Autumn Fair 07 September kultuuriaken.tartu.ee/en Tähtvere City District Days 17–18 September www.tähtvereselts.ee Tammelinn City District Days 17–21 September www.tammelinnaselts.ee Japanese Pop-Culture Festival AniMatsuri 21–22 September www.animatsuri.eu Tartu Student Days: Autumn 23–29 September www.studentdays.ee Friday Night Run 04 Ocotber www.nightrun.ee 53

Independent and Student Theater Festival A-Festival 10–13 October www.facebook.com/tytafestival Tartu Children Literature Festival 16–19 October tartu.kirjandus.ee PAF Open Tartu 26 Ocotber–02 November www.tennis.ee/paf-open Street Dance Festival Battle of EST 09 November www.boe.ee Nordic Symphony Orchestra 04 December www.nordicsymphony.com Christmas Fair 14 December kultuuriaken.tartu.ee/en

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What takes place in Tartu? 2019  

What takes place in Tartu? 2019