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Peru Express   8  Days  /  7  Nights   Lima,  Cusco,  Awana  Kancha,  Sacred  Valley  &  Machu  Picchu   Final  Price  From  USD  $729   DAY  1  -­‐    ...  /  LIMA  


Flight to  Lima  (Not  Included),  arrival,  reception  &  transfer  to  your  hotel.  

DAY 2  -­‐    LIMA  


Breakfast   Pick  up  from  your  Miraflores  or  San  Isidro  hotel  or  home.   During   the   morning   you   will   receive   a   group   excursion   through   Lima.   Our   excursion   offers   Lima’s   best   attractions  in  its  three  historical  periods:  pre-­‐Hispanic,  colonial  and  modern.     ANCESTRAL   LIMA:   We   start   our   tour   with   a   panoramic   view   of   the   “Pucllana   Pyramid”   a   magnificent   ceremonial  and  archeological  center  built  in  the  4th  century  a.D.  and  considered  a  “Sacred  Village”  by   the  Incas.     The  Viceroyalty  of  Perú  was  the  most  important  of  the  Spanish  Empire  and  Lima  was  its  capital.   COLONIAL   LIMA:   We   visit   the   Historical   Center   of   Lima,   where   you   will   appreciate   more   than   fifty   monuments   and   Colonial   edifications,   such   as   the   Paseo   de   la   República,   the   San   Martín   Square,   the   Main   Square,   the   Government   Palace,   the   Archbishop’s   Palace,   the   Cathedral   Basilica,   and   the   City   Council  Palace  amongst  others.     We   will   visit   the   monumental   SAN   FRANCISCO   CONVENT,   which   displays   the   largest   collection   of   religious   art   in   America.   Our   highlight   will   be   the   visit   of   the   underground   vaults,   known   as   “Catacumbas”  or  Catacombs.     Optional:  Lunch  &  Larco  Museum  visit   Return  to  your  hotel.  

DAY 3  -­‐    LIMA  /CUSCO  


Breakfast. At  a  coordinated  time,  transfer  to  Lima  airport.   Flight  to  Cusco  (Not  Included)   Arrival  to  Cusco,  reception  &  transfer  to  your  hotel.   Afternoon   pick   up   from   your   hotel   and   city   tour   visiting   the   Main   Square,   known   in   Inca   times   as   Huacaypata   or   “The   Warriors   Square”,   this   was   the   scene   for   many   key   events   in   Cuzco’s   history.   The   Cathedral,  built  between  1560  and  1664  with  large  stones  of  red  granite  taken  from  the  Inca  Fortress  of   Sacsayhuaman,  the  Cathedral  is  one  of  the  most  imposing  structures  in  the  city.    It  also  houses  one  of   the   most   important   collections   of   gold   and   silver   work   of   the   colonial   period,   elaborately   engraved   wooden   altars   and   a   beautiful   collection   of   oil   on   canvas   paintings   from   the   Escuela   Cusqueña.   Koricancha  and  the  Santo  Domingo  Convent.  The  Convent  was  built  on  the  spectacular  Koricancha  (site   of  gold),  the  most  important  temple  dedicated  to  the  worship  of  the  Sun  and  whose  walls  were  plated   with   sheets   of   gold.   As   well   as,   the   convent   was   built   above   a   foundation   of   smoothened   stone   structures,  the  most  finely  crafted  in  Cusco,  taken  from  the  Inca  Sanctuary.  Then,  we  will  continue  to  the   nearby  ruins:  Kenko,  where  you  will  see  its  underground  galleries  and  its  semicircular  amphitheater.  

Lima: Telf:  (511)  630-­‐9800  /  Fax  (511)  630-­‐9822     24Hrs  (511)  99756-­‐9756  (RPC)  -­‐    Aeropuerto  (511)  575-­‐5252  /  575-­‐3305   Email:


DAY 4  -­‐  CUZCO  /    SACRED  VALLEY  (Full  Board)


Breakfast.   Early  in  the  morning  you  will  be  picked  up  with  your  group  for  your  Sacred  Valley  tour.  You  will  visit  the   typical  Pisac  Market  where  you  will  have  the  opportunity  to  bargain  with  the  vendors.  Lunch  is  included   at  Sacred  Valley  Local  Restaurant.   After  lunch,  you  will  visit  Ollantaytambo  Fortress.  A  typical  Inca  community  located  at  21  Km.  from   Urubamba  at  2,800  masl,  named  in  honor  of  the  chief  Ollanta,  who  was  famous  for  courting  an  Inca   princes,  daughter  of  Pachacutec.     Transfer  to  Sacred  Valley  hotel.    



Breakfast   Early  in  the  morning,  you  will  be  transferred  to  Ollantaytambo  train  station  to  board  the  Expedition  train   to   Aguas   Calientes.   Upon   arrival   in   Aguas   Calientes   a   small   bus   will   be   waiting   for   you   to   take   you   to   Machu  Picchu  ruins.     You   will   receive   a   Private   tour   of   the   ruins   discovered   in   1911   by   the   explorer   Hiram   Bingham,   this   citadel   is   considered   to   be   one   of   the   most   extraordinary   examples   of   landscapes   architecture   in   the   world.  Located  in  an  enclave  on  the  saddle  of  a  mountain  overlooking  the  deep  canyon  of  the  Urubamba   River,  in  an  area  of  lush  tropical  forest,  it  served  as  a  place  of  worship,  a  site  for  star-­‐gazing  and  a  private   hacienda   of   the   family   of   the   Inca   Pachacutec.   It   consists   of   two   main   areas   one   agricultural,   formed   mainly  by  mountains  and  food  stores,  and  the  other  urban,  which  is  noted  for  its  sacred  zone  with  its   temples,   squares   and   royal   tombs.   The   stairways   and   canals   carved   out   of   stone   are   recurrent   throughout  this  remarkable  archaeological  site.         Lunch  at  Machupicchu  Pueblo  restaurant.     Return  by  bus  to  Aguas  Calientes.       In  the  afternoon,  you  will  take  Expedition  Train  to  Ollanta.  Transfer  to  your  hotel  in  Cusco.       Overnight  at  Selected  Hotel.      

DAY 6  –  CUSCO  /  LIMA


Breakfast.   At  a  coordinated  time,  transfer  to  Cusco  airport    to  take  your  flight  back  to  Lima  and  connect  with  your   flight  back  home.  


Lima: Telf:  (511)  630-­‐9800  /  Fax  (511)  630-­‐9822     24Hrs  (511)  99756-­‐9756  (RPC)  -­‐    Aeropuerto  (511)  575-­‐5252  /  575-­‐3305   Email:


Suggested hotels  or  similars   Category  A  -­‐  Tourist   • Lima  (2  nights)  -­‐  Britania  or  similar   • Cusco  (2  nights)  -­‐  San  Agustín  Internacional  or  similar   • Sacred  Valley  (1  night)  -­‐  La  Hacienda  or  similar     Category  B  -­‐  Tourist  Superior   • Lima  (2  nights)  -­‐  Jose  Antonio  Lima  or  similar   • Cusco  (2  nights)  -­‐  San  Agustín  El  Dorado  or  similar   • Aguas  Calientes  (1  night)  -­‐  El  Mapi  or  similar     Category  C  -­‐  First     • Lima  (2  nights)  -­‐  Casa  Andina  Select  or  similar   • Cusco  (2  nights)  -­‐  Eco  Inn  or  similar   • Sacred  Valley  (1  night)  -­‐  Sonesta  Posada  del  Inca  or  similar     Category  D  -­‐  First  Superior   • Lima  (2  nights)  -­‐  Double  Tree  El  Pardo  or  similar   • Cusco  (2  nights)  -­‐  Aranwa  Classic  or  similar   • Sacred  Valley  (1  night)  -­‐  Casa  Andina  Private  Collection  or  similar  


Net  Rates  in  US  Dollars:  Price  Per  Person   Double  and  Single  Room  


Tourist   Tourist   Superior   First     First   Superior    

Price per   person  in   single  room       (Private   Service)  

Price per   person  in   double  room*       (Private   Service)  

Price per   person  in   double  room*       (Share  Service)  













* Minimum  two  passengers  

Our  Price  includes   • • • •

Bus/Train Expedition  Sacred  Valley  -­‐Aguas  Calientes  -­‐  Cuzco.   Tours  &  Excursions  mentioned  on  the  program  with  Spanish  or  English  Speaking  Guide.   Share  services  will  be  in  shared  bus  and  tours.   5  nights  at  recommended  hotels  or  similar,  bed  &  breakfast,  2  lunches,  1  dinner.    

Not Included   • •

International flights   Domestic  flights:    Lima  -­‐  Arequipa  //Cuzco  –  Lima  

Lima: Telf:  (511)  630-­‐9800  /  Fax  (511)  630-­‐9822     24Hrs  (511)  99756-­‐9756  (RPC)  -­‐    Aeropuerto  (511)  575-­‐5252  /  575-­‐3305   Email:



Prices valid   only   for   2014,   except   for   the   holy   week,   Inti   Raymi   (June   20-­‐   29),   Peruvian   independence   (July   23   –   31),   Christmas   &   new   year   holidays   (December   22   –   31).   Some   hotels   &   services  have  different  rates.   Rates  are  valid  only  for  foreigners’  nonresidents  in  Peru.    

• • •

Lunch at  Café  del  Museo  restaurant  &  Larco  Herrera  Museum  entrance  USD  84   Visit  to  the  Magical  Water  fountain  park  of  Lima  with  Dinner  &  Show  USD  49   Nocturne  visit  to  Larco  Herrera  Museum  &  Dinner  at  Café  del  Museo  USD  110  

Supplements  in  shared  services   LIMA  

CUSCO   • • • • •

Vistadome Train  USD  34.   Hiram  Bingham  Luxury  Train  (Monday  through  Saturday)  USD  602.   Second  Visit  to  Machupicchu  without  guide.  USD  74.     Second  visit  to  Machu  Picchu  +  Huayna  Picchus  (Huayna  Picchu  limited  spots  to  400  daily)  USD  84.   Andean  Explorer  luxury  train  Puno/Cusco  USD  199.00.  Mondays,  Wednesdays  &  Saturdays.  

Lima: Telf:  (511)  630-­‐9800  /  Fax  (511)  630-­‐9822     24Hrs  (511)  99756-­‐9756  (RPC)  -­‐    Aeropuerto  (511)  575-­‐5252  /  575-­‐3305   Email:


Peru express 2014  
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