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IN PURSUIT OF POWDER . . . . . . . . . .6 An intro to backcountry skiing

CROSS-COUNTRY PRIMER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 A local’s guide to Nordic skiing in McCall

5 QUESTIONS. . . . . . . . . . 64 Ice fishing with Cody Fox

FEATURED ARTIST . . . . . . . 74 Artist Adri Shurtleff-Meckel

Photo courtesy McCall Outdoor Science School Photo courtesy John Webster

WHAT’S INSIDE IN PURSUIT OF POWDER . . . . . . . . . . . 6


An intro to backcountry skiing

STAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 CROSS-COUNTRY PRIMER . . . . . . . . . 22

The theme for this year is undoubtedly “resilience.” We have seen such incredible flexibility, adaptation, and a willingness to try new things…from our businesses, our visitors, our community. It hasn’t always been easy, but we are grateful for everyone’s willingness to learn and change. The McCall area has been a refuge during this pandemic. We have seen visitors and locals alike flock to the fresh air, open space, and the recreational amenities in our small mountain town. The diligence in wearing face coverings, physically distancing, and hand hygiene has helped us keep our community as safe as possible. This winter, those health and safety practices will be more important than ever. We welcome you to the McCall area and the access to the beautiful winter landscape and outdoor fun that awaits. Please wear your face coverings, physically distance and be kind. Even a smile behind a mask can make someone’s day and remind us that we are, first and foremost, in this together.

A local’s guide to Nordic skiing in McCall

PLAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 SLICE OF LIFE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 An outdoor education

SIP & SAVOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 EAT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 CALENDAR OF EVENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 NEW BUSINESS ROUNDUP . . . . . . . . 52 SHOP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 5 QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Ice fishing with Cody Fox

LIVE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 FEATURED ARTIST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Artist Adri Shurtleff-Meckel

PLAN AHEAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 It’s never too early to plan your summer adventure

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"My wife said simply, "this is the best place we've ever stayed!" -N. B.

Authentic Scandinavian design Boutique motel and event venue Beautiful grounds in heart of downtown McCall Award winning UVC disinfection after every stay



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Photo courtesy John Webster

In Pursuit of


Powder By Samantha Sais

Backcountry skiing tends to have this mythical aura about it. That expanse of untracked snow, the sweat equity earned climbing up a mountain, the thrill of exploration, and just a hint of the unexpected create a temptation few can pass up. McCall may be best known for our developed resorts, Brundage Mountain Resort, the Little Ski Hill and Tamarack Resort, but the 300-plus inches of snow each winter paired with vast public lands make this a worthy backcountry destination. Continued page 8 7

While stories of “white rooms� and waist-deep powder tend to steal the show when it comes to backcountry skiing, it takes a ton of preparation, planning and backcountry safety before the stories can be experienced. For anyone new to the sport, or new to the area, one of the best ways to earn your backcountry turns is by hiring a guide service.


n t Pho

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es ur t


If one of these epic trips has been on your bucket list, you probably have a million questions about the experience. We asked Samantha Sais to document her first overnight backcountry ski trip at the Lick Creek Yurts to help us provide the answers. Continued page 12


Photo courtesy John Webster

W eb



Brundage SnowCat Adventures offers full-day ski trips on close to 18,000 acres of terrain while Payette Powder Guides in McCall offers both daily and overnight backcountry trips off of Lick Creek Summit with 30,000 acres of untracked snow. In addition, Payette Powder Guides offers several avalanche safety courses each month to help give recreationalists the tools to stay safe in the backcountry.


HOMESITES AVAILABLE NOW Homesites now available, perfect for setting up the ultimate mountain basecamp. Golf, hike, bike, snowshoe, Nordic ski, paddle, fish, forage and aprés-adventure with dinner and drinks at the community clubhouse just steps from your new home.



welcoming guests

since 1904


Photo courtesy John Webster Photo courtesy Samantha Sais

an Photo cour tesy Sam

Photo courtesy Samantha Sais

th a



Getting an invite to go on a backcountry yurt trip was equally exciting as it was overwhelming. This was my first multi-day backcountry ski trip and I had so many questions. Who else would be going? What is the skiing ability of everyone going? Has anyone taken some type of avalanche safety course? Is it required? Where are we skiing? What’s the terrain like? What gear do we bring? Do I have the right gear? What do we eat? Where do we poop? How do we get to the yurt? With all of these questions, you might ask why anyone would go on a backcountry yurt skiing adventure. The answer is simple… the freshies! All that fresh, untracked powder, and the pleasure of climbing the mountain to ski your line of choice. On top of that, the group bonding experience is something I couldn’t pass up. Like any great adventure, be it backpacking, rafting, mountain biking, or backcountry skiing, the enjoyment you can have with a great group of friends is unforgettable.


Photo courtesy Samantha Sais

Our trip had an eclectic mix of people: some were great skiers, some were moderate skiers, and a few had only ventured off of a groomer a handful of times. I’ve gone backcountry skiing less than 10 times and really only started skiing two winters ago. I felt good about my abilities and knew where to push myself. Still, the backcountry asks for another level of caution that I knew I had to respect. To risk an injury meant a potentially long and difficult evacuation out of the mountains with only myself and my fellow skiers to rely on. The most difficult part of my first overnight backcountry ski trip was admittedly the logistical planning. It is intimidating! But a bit of prep and a few trusty checklists helped me overcome this hurdle. Focusing on my own gear, I packed the essentials: skis


te s




th a

S a is

For my first foray into the overnight backcountry skiing world, we planned to spend four glorious days at the Lick Creek Summit yurts. Our group met at the Lick Creek trailhead and we were shuttled 15 miles up to the Lick Creek summit via the Payette Powder Guides’ snowcat, driven by Marty Rood, the company owner. o Ph



with touring bindings and boots, climbing skins, ski poles, a beacon, probe and shovel in my day pack. Also, plenty of water for each day we planned to ski, along with food, snacks, and a couple of beers. It’s important to wear and pack the right clothing, making sure you have good layering to help you adjust for uphill and downhill body temperature, so I packed a good assortment of layers. After all that planning and packing, it was finally time to board the snow cat for a ride to our new home away from home at the Continued page 14 13

Photo courtesy John Webster

backcountry yurts. After settling in and unpacking a bit, we practiced using our avalanche transceivers. We discussed our game plan, reviewed the route, and off we went, everyone with a clear understanding of our plans for the first runs of the trip. We did a short tour that afternoon that gave us a glimpse of the beauty of the surrounding area. There is something special about skinning up a mountain…it gives you an appreciation for the terrain, and an up-close-andpersonal look at the slope you will soon be skiing. Once we reached our summit destination, we set up for our descent by switching out gear– taking off our skins, snapping into ski mode, and throwing on a jacket. We didn’t know it at the time, but for most of us, this would be our only lap up the mountain to ski for the entire trip. After that first day on the mountain, a large system moved through, dumping five feet of snow on our little slice of backcountry paradise. While snow can often bring that sought-after untracked powder we all dream of, it can also create dangerous conditions. This particular storm brought heavy, wet snow that resulted in high avalanche danger and very low visibility, keeping us stuck at the yurts. Each morning we routinely checked the safety of the snowpack by digging a snow pit and assessing the layers. The recent heavy layer of new snow created a dense and unpredictable ski surface. While the main purpose of our trip was to ski, it wasn’t worth taking the risk in these conditions. Sometimes, those are just the cards you are dealt. So, what do you do when you’re snowed in at the yurt on a ski trip where you can’t ski? Yurt Olympics in 80’s wear! A few people in our group created a series of athletic challenges and the games were born. We held opening ceremonies by torching a sock. There was a long jump off the balcony into the snow. Judges were designated to mark each jump and note the length. Tug of war teams were assembled and a competition ensued. We had a relay race around the perimeter of the camp. A bobsledding course was constructed. Everyone received a medal made of aluminum foil on a beaded necklace. The close quarters of the yurt offered a dim radiance courtesy of a wood-burning stove, making it a very cozy shelter. We actually had the run of two yurts, one equipped with a kitchen and


dining setup including a propane stove, pots and pans, spices and dishware. The second smaller yurt was mostly a bunk house, also heated by a wood-burning stove. Each bunk had a sleeping pad and we each brought our own sleeping bag and pillow. For breakfast, lunch and dinner we prepared meals together in the larger yurt, an improvised large family-style affair. There was an enclosed outhouse, and for the guys, a tree to pee beneath, creating a yellow hole in the snow that may or may not lead to another dimension. For my first overnight experience, the one thing that stood out to me was that traveling in the backcountry requires respect for your environment. I had visions of powdery laps on the mountain and hours spent in the white room, but Mother Nature had other plans and I am grateful we heeded the signs. A lot of people may think that your skiing ability is the most important thing when it comes to the backcountry, but this trip really solidified for me that being knowledgeable about conditions and putting responsibility and safety before everything else should be the primary backcountry skill. Having the required knowledge of snow safety, especially with a group, is essential. It’s important to spend plenty of time preparing before the trip and know what to expect when it comes to weather, avalanche hazards, and snow conditions. Checking the local avalanche forecast and understanding the risk is critical. Bring your mapping tools and GPS devices and know how to use them. Practice plenty with your beacon, shovel and probe. Our yurt trip was an incredible experience despite not skiing much. The group made the trip epic, and more than anything, it made me want to explore this world of backcountry skiing even further! Continued page 16

PLAN YOUR SUMMER ADVENTURE w i t h S a l m o n Ra f t i n M c C a l l , I d a h o Whitewater trips leave daily with round-trip transportation from o u r M c C a l l l o c a t i o n o n t h e c o r n e r o f B o y d s t u n & I n d u s t r i a l Lo o p. M E E T U S AT T H E B OAT H O U S E ! F u l l y c a t e r e d s i n g l e & m u l t i - d a y w i l d e r n e s s exc u r s i o n s .

8 0 0 - 3 5 0 - 6 6 5 4 I SA L M O N R A F T. C O M Ra n ke d # 1 A c t i v i t y o n Tr i p A d v i s o r

Tech in the Backcountry We know the point of getting out of bounds is to disconnect for a time, but a few apps out there are worth bringing along on your adventures. And most work without cell service to keep you safe in the backcountry.

o to


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te Webs


Photo courtesy John Webster


J es y ur t



www. Helps search and rescue teams find you in the wilderness. Just download the app, subscribe, and enable the beacon before heading out for an adventure. If the worst happens, Search and Rescue teams can search for your beacon.

Powder Project

www. Know exactly where you are at all times – no cell service required. Powder Project helps you find ski lines wherever you travel and know where you are on the map in the backcountry.

Avalanche Forecasts www.

Know before you go! This app is an easy way to see the current avalanche forecast quickly. The data is cached so you can reference it if you lose cell service.

Avalanche Inclinometer


Be avy savvy when it comes to the three biggest influencers of an avalanche: the slope, the elevation and the aspect. This app shows you all three based on your location

Open Snow

www. Know when to plan your powder days! Open Snow provides a 10-day snow forecast, a snow report and ski conditions all at the tip of your fingers.

Gaia GPS

In addition to the daily forecasts, the Payette Avalanche Center hosts several education programs and clinics each winter. From two-day immersive avalanche safety training to women’s only clinics, we highly recommend partaking in one of these educational courses, especially if you are new to backcountry recreation. Check the forecast here and subscribe for updates here:

What is a transceiver and why do you need one? Avalanche transceivers are worn close to the body and continuously emit a radio signal that can be picked up by other transceivers in the area. Companions with transceivers can switch them to “search” mode to locate a buried person’s signal, and with a probe help them te Av pinpoint exactly where to dig. It a la n ch e Ce is important to note that a nter transceiver is different than a personal locator beacon which can only be used to send an SOS signal to search and rescue teams. ay yP


The map builder tool in this app is ideal for creating your own customized, layered map tailored to your specific needs. Optional layers include everything from public land designations and management agencies, motor vehicle use and routes, slope angle shading, sun exposure and more.

We are extremely fortunate to have the Payette Avalanche Center located right in McCall, one of just 14 centers in the United States. This team provides daily avalanche forecasts from November through April. These forecasts are a tool for the recreating public to use to understand avalanche conditions and decide where and when to go.

te s


It is worth repeating…knowing avalanche conditions is key to any out of bounds recreation. Whether by ski, snowmobile, snowbike or even snowshoe, checking conditions before you leave the house can save your life.

r cou


Know Before You Go

o Phot

A great planning tool with offline GPS maps, satellite imagery, topo maps and navigation tools to help you analyze the terrain while you are in the backcountry.

Avalanche Education:

Continued page 18 17

Backcountry Packing Essentials * Skis, snowboard or splitboard * Boots * Poles * Goggles & Helmet * Climbing Skins * Avalanche Transceiver/ Beacon * Shovel * Probe

Photo courtesy John Webster

* Sun Protection (sunscreen, sunglasses) * Insulation (layers, layers, layers) * Illumination (headlamp or flashlight, extra batteries) * First Aid Kit * Fire Supplies (matches, fire starter kit)

* Slope Meter

* Repair Kit (multi-tool, duct tape)

* Avalanche Airbag

* Food & Water

* Navigation Tools (map, compass, GPS)

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Call 208.630.0203 for reservations or book online at 501 West Lake Street | McCall, Idaho 83638

P h o t o co


u r te sy






o to


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A Local’s Guide to Nordic Skiing in McCall By McKenzie Kraemer Nordic skiing has been a staple in the mountains around McCall since the Finnish and Scandinavian settlers first homesteaded here in the 1880s. Work didn’t stop because of deep snow. Families used cross-country skis to traverse the landscape, trappers and mailmen relied on them in the backcountry and children often built homemade skis to play or get to town. While the equipment has made leaps and bounds since the 1880s, the exhilaration of flying along on “skinny skis” remains the same. Not only is Nordic skiing a workout, it is an easy way to enjoy the peace and solitude of a winter forest. There are two main types of cross-country skiing: classic and skate. Most beginners can jump on a pair of classic skis and “kick and glide” to explore a groomed trail or venture out across a snowy field in no time. Skate skiing takes a bit more practice, but a few lessons can set you on the right track. 22

And finding that track is easy in McCall. This area is home to five cross-country ski or t Res a ck r areas offering worlda m Photo cour tesy Ta class terrain. Each trail system has a wealth of options for a quick and easy outing or a longer, endurance-testing loop. We asked Kurt Wolf, the City of McCall Parks and Recreation Director, for a few tips on where to find the best Nordic skiing in the area. Not only is Wolf the go-to guy when it comes to all things recreation, he is also an avid Nordic skier, decorated competitor and board member for the McCall Remastered Race held annually in McCall.

Tamarack Resort While Tamarack Resort may be best known in the winter for its alpine skiing and snowboarding, the extensive Nordic trail system is something you don’t want to miss. Starting from the Osprey Meadows Nordic Center you can explore meadow, aspen grove or forest by ski, fat bike or snowshoe. All trails are dog friendly and are open from dawn until dusk every day. Daily passes and season passes are available at the Nordic Center.

Pro Tip: When the weather warms up and Nordic conditions are soft, switch out your skis for a pair of snowshoes and explore the snowshoe trails at Tamarack Resort.

Quick and Easy


“There are so many great combination loops you can make off of the Pelican trail,” says Wolf. Head south from the Nordic Center to find long, easy, semi-flat skiing. While there are a few short climbs along this route, the terrain is rolling with minimal climbing required.

Run the full gamut of Nordic terrain with this sweeping loop. Cruise the meadow along Pelican then connect the loop by climbing to Redtail and Merlin. “This loop has the best of both worlds,” says Wolf. “It has some great longer climbs with sporty, fast descents.”


Pelican | Redtail | Merlin Loop

Photo cour tesy

Ch a

as dC

Quick and Easy Just Right

h eP




This Nordic gem is a local favorite. Bear Basin offers the highest elevation Nordic skiing in the McCall area which means trails are typically skiable earlier and later into the season. The trailhead is located off of Highway 55 just before cresting the hill near the Little Ski Hill and offers an ample parking lot with a warming hut where you can purchase daily or season passes. “It isn’t unusual to pull into the parking lot and see a line of cars,” says Wolf. “But don’t let the number of cars deter you. Once you get on the trails, everyone spreads out and it feels like you have the place to yourself.” The terrain at Bear Basin is attractive to both beginners and experts alike. While you can find smooth rolling trails for a lesson or quick outing, it is also a favorite training location for competitors. “Bear Basin is a terrific place to find Pro Tip: interval loops or tempo skis for a long-distance The endless loops and day,” says Wolf. “A skier can link a 25k loop variable terrain can make it together without skiing the same trail twice.” easy to get yourself turned Continued page 24 around. Bring a map or a GPS app just in case, especially if you are new to skiing Bear Basin.

As the name implies, Just Right is about as good as it gets for an easy loop with your four-legged friend. This trail also provides a great opportunity to add in some distance or figure-eight through the meadows if you want to extend the route.

Endurance Lyle’s Loop

To really experience Bear Basin, head out from the trailhead and link all of the outer loops together. This route skis well in either direction and offers scenic views of the Seven Devils Mountains culminating with a sweeping panorama on Lyle’s Loop.

Photo courtesy Chad Case Photography



Bear Basin


Fat bikes are popular at Jug Mountain Ranch. While some trails are specifically groomed for fat bikers only, several trails are shared between bikers and skiers. Be aware of other users on the mixed-use trails.

Jug Mountain Ranch The world-class mountain biking trails at Jug Mountain Ranch are transformed each winter into a cross-country haven. “These trails are laid out really well and take full advantage of the beautiful scenery,” says Wolf. “This is my favorite terrain to ski a hard interval or short tempo.” Jug Mountain Ranch offers skiers an opportunity to make short, steep climbs that transition into fast descents and sweeping turns. But don’t let the elevation intimidate. “Every trail evens out at just the right time, and skis smooth and slower in the end,” says Wolf. “That makes the trails great for anyone just getting into the sport or hesitant to carry too much speed into a corner or off of a climb.” After an outing on the trails, warm up at the Clubhouse or stick around for dinner and drinks at Supper Club. A day or season pass is required to access the Nordic trails at Jug Mountain Ranch.


In the springtime, snow conditions align for a magical crosscountry experience known as crust-cruising. If the days are warm and the nights are cold, the snow crusts over and enables skiers to venture just about anywhere on the valley floor…no trail needed!

Continued page 26 24

Photo cour tesy Jug


ain unt




Quick and Easy

Fenceline | Harper’s Loop | Lower Hoot | Gully From the Clubhouse, head out on Fenceline and connect with Harper’s Loop and Lower Hoot. To keep it short and sweet, take Gully back to the Clubhouse or extend your ski by adding some short climbs with Up & Over and Harper’s Cutoff.


Reservoir Loop Take South Boundary to the Upper Jug Reservoir and ski the reservoir loop. On the way back down to the Clubhouse, choose to take South Boundary for a gentler descent. For an exciting ride to the bottom, both Mainline and Around the Mountain are the way to go.

Photo courtesy Jug Mountain Ranch

Pro Tip:

Open Year Round Full Service RV Sites Cabin Rental WiFi Access Bath House + Showers Beach Access Sand Volleyball Monthly/Weekly Rates Inside/Outside Monthly Winter Storage 9 MILES UP THE MAIN SALMON RIVER FROM RIGGINS

Tours Charters Powerline Construction Fire Fighting Fire Rehabilitation Logging Aircraft Recovery Heavy Lift Freight Ski Lift Construction

Quick and Easy Easy Does It Loop

This loop is perhaps the best beginner route you could ask for with a few great views of Payette Lake. To avoid downhills, ski this trail clockwise from the Activity Center.


Photo courtesy Gary Ertter

Re-Mastered Race Route This loop covers just about every trail used during the 2008 World Masters and runs from top to bottom along the peninsula. Starting from the Activity Center, take Northern Lights and wind your way up to Thread the Needle before heading back down Fox Run. For a detailed map of this championship route, visit

Pro Tip:

Ponderosa State Park

Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby

The 1,000-acre peninsula into Payette Lake at Ponderosa State Park offers some of the most family-friendly Nordic trails around. “The trails are scenic, fun, and challenging if you want them to be,” says Wolf. “Plus, Ponderosa has some of the most consistent grooming from the experienced, full-time staff.” Ponderosa is also home to many of the local, national and international Nordic ski events hosted in McCall, including the World Masters race held in 2008.

co oto Ph

ur tesy Melissa Shelby

Pro Tip: When it is warm, the Activity Barn and the North Valley Rail Trail are a great choice. The open, sunny trails are less susceptible to the damage and debris that melting snow dripping from trees causes along more forested routes. 26

Dogs are not allowed on trails at Ponderosa, with the exception of Rover’s Round-ABout. This trail is a flat, shorter loop and a great way to get in some skiing with your best doggie buddy.

Activity Barn/North VaLL ey Rail Trail The Activity Barn offers a great 5k loop for anyone looking for a quick adventure in the fresh winter air. There is no fee to ski the trail. The Activity Barn loop also connects into the North Valley Rail Trail which runs south to Heinrich Lane. The rail trail is maintained by Valley County Pathways and there is no fee to use this trail. Originally a Union Pacific railroad track, the line was retired in 1979. It now provides a scenic, multi-use pathway. The North Valley Rail Trail is a wide, gently rolling route perfect for first-timers or pros after a sun-filled ski. Dogs welcome! For trail maps, daily rates and season pass information on all five Nordic areas around McCall, please visit

616 N. Third Street, Suite 101 | McCall, ID 83638 | 208.634.4705 209 N. Main Street | Cascade, ID 83611 | 208.382.1334 | GOFIRSTAM.COM

Brundage Mountain Catering


r te



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Photo courtesy Roots Forest School

An Outdoor Education By McKenzie Kraemer

Even in an outdoor mecca like McCall, the lure of a screen can be a hard to overcome. But nature is a powerful remedy, and access to the natural environment is one of the biggest reasons many locals choose to call this area “home.”

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Nature deficit disorder. Yes, it is really a thing. The phrase was coined in 2005 by Richard Louv in his best-selling book, Last Child in the Woods. The idea is that with the rapid development of technology over the last three decades, our entire society, and children in particular, are spending less and less time outside and more and more time immersed in the digital world.


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This love of the outdoors, paired with the readily accessible natural environment in McCall, has fostered a number of amazing programs to nip nature deficit disorder in the bud. From the McCall o Ph Winter Sports Club’s ski racing teams, to the Little Ski Hill’s after-school programs, to the youth Nordic and Biathlon club, there is no shortage of ways to get kids active outside from an early age. In addition to these more traditional outdoor recreation programs, McCall is also home to a unique outdoor educational opportunity. Two, in fact. Roots Forest School caters to children 18 months to five years old, while the University of Idaho College of Natural Resources McCall Outdoor Science School (or MOSS for short) offers a Master’s program for college grads who then teach immersive classes for elementary school children. 34

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What makes these two schools unique is the focus on place-based, STEM, outdoor education. While the educators throughout this community do a tremendous job of integrating relevant place-based learning opportunities for their students, both Roots and M.O.S.S. do so in an almost exclusive outdoor setting. Rain, snow, sleet or shine, these outdoor schools take the classroom to the forest. No nature deficit disorder allowed.

Roots Forest School Roots Forest School got its start after founder and Executive Director Stephanie Day sought to create an opportunity to get her own son connected with the community. “We moved to McCall when my son was one and we spent a year going to story time at the library and toddler tumble time, but I kept hearing from families that it was difficult to find group activities for really young kids in the winter,” she says. That got her wheels turning, and the next year, eight families partnered together to host a weekly play group for toddlers. “I spent that year researching different early education ideas, and when I heard about ‘forest school’ it was a perfect fit for this community – we all love being outdoors,” says Day. The puzzle pieces continued to fall into place when Roots found a

Photo courtesy Roots Forest School

permanent home at Ponderosa State Park, which continues to be an integral partner in Roots’ success today. What started out as a toddler-focused program has grown to include classes for children 18 months to five years of age. And the appeal of these outdoor early education offerings is evident. “It is really all about connections,” says Day. “Roots grows every year and it is almost exclusively from word of mouth.” Roots is currently able to serve 70 children per school year in six different classes. Continued page 36 35

Classes are aptly named after the trees found in the Roots classroom. Two “Saplings” classes for children 18 months to three years of age, accompanied by a parent, are held once a week for 75 minutes. Drop off classes include the “Douglas Firs” and “Aspens” who meet twice a week for children ages three and four while the “Larches” and “Ponderosa Pines” meet three days a week for children ages four and five. A typical day at Roots starts with an opening circle where students greet one another and get introduced to the day’s themes. The class then embarks on a “walkabout” where children engage in constructive play in the forest classroom. This may include activities like music or art, cooking in the forest kitchen, work in the building site, or exploring seasonal materials in the science center. Teachers help facilitate play based on the day’s themes and the interest of the students. “We work on an inquiry-based learning model,” says Day. “One of the biggest misconceptions about this model is that we just ‘play in the woods,’ but that play, and the experience, is very intentional.” This is where the staff at Roots really shines. “Our teachers are basically researchers,” says Day. “They are taking notes and really cueing into the interests of the students and developing purposeful curriculum around those interests.” In this way, the teachers at Roots act as the guide—asking questions and throwing out provocations to help take students deeper into a topic or think about topics in a new way. In addition to learning on-site, students at Roots also explore the McCall community. From a ski day at Tamarack Resort to dog sledding demonstrations, field trips to the McCall Golf Science School tdoor l Ou Ca l Course to study c yM


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water and snow melt to meeting with snow sculptors at the McCall Winter Carnival and learning how to build a sculpture, the kids get to do some pretty amazing things. “At its core, Roots is a community-based school,” says Day. The thousands of volunteer hours donated by retired teachers, Nordic instructors, dog sled mushers, and community members offering unique instruction opportunities make the McCall community an essential part of the Roots experience. “We simply could not do what we do without this amazing community,” says Day. The stand-out aspect to all of Roots’ programs is that they happen almost exclusively outside. While there are times that classes will use indoor spaces like a wall tent or the Activity Center at Ponderosa Park, kids are generally out-of-doors in sunshine, rain, sleet and snow. “Surprisingly, having kids outside isn’t a huge hurdle,” says Day. “As long as they have the right gear for the weather.” To ensure that every student has the clothing to make a winter day outside comfortable, Roots runs a gear loan service to enrolled families. Scholarships are also funded by donors and alumni families to ensure any child that wants to attend can do so. No matter the age, Day says the one thing kids leave Roots with is resilience. “It isn’t just about adapting to being outside in all sorts of weather,” she says. “It can be getting through a tough hike, a tough day. It is instilling the idea that if they can do this hard thing at the age of three or four, down the road they can get though other challenges. We are building grit, teamwork, collaboration and a real sense of community.” That aspect of resilience has never been more important. Even though Roots operates outside, COVID-19 has forced them, like most schools, to re-work their protocols. “We are altering just about every aspect of our classes to ensure the health and safety of our students and families,” says Day. From new ways to pick up and drop off students to intensive cleaning protocols and requiring masks in indoor spaces, adjustments have been made across the board. At the end of the day, however, the essence of the Roots experience is alive and well.

MOSS Down the road from Roots in Ponderosa State Park is MOSS. The McCall Outdoor Science School got its official start in 2001, but its history in McCall goes back to the 1940s when the campus was used as a summer camp for University of Idaho’s forestry students. Some of the original buildings were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). In the 1990s, Clara Bleak, a donor, wanted to put funding toward environmental education. With the summer camp in McCall getting less and less use, new funding for programming, and a vision to bring education not only to college students, but younger kids as well, the stars aligned and the McCall Outdoor Science School was born. Continued page 38 36


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ci e






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Photo cour tesy McCall O


One of the aspects that makes MOSS so unique is the breadth of programming offered in one place… often at the same time and intertwined with one another. At the core of the ch oo l school is the graduate program for students in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho. What started out as a semester course has grown into a full master’s program. Graduate students typically take about 32 credits over the course of a year focusing on place-based education, leadership, ecology, science communication and field science teaching. In addition to these classes, graduate students also become teachers for youth programming at MOSS. “A huge part of the experience for graduate students is the teaching practicum,” says Karla Eitel, Director of the McCall Field Campus and Outdoor Science School. “The coursework provides the theory and the big, broad concepts and then the teaching practicum provides an opportunity to immediately put those theories into practice.” While the teaching practicum provides hands-on experience for the graduate students, it also creates an opportunity to share place-based STEM education for K-12 students. The youth programs offered at MOSS span a wide spectrum, including outdoor education curriculum taught by graduate students in local classrooms, summer programs for high school students, and a residential program where kids from schools across the state come and spend a week of immersive study on campus. In every case, the youth courses are taught by graduate students

Even if you’re just visiting the McCall area, we want you to feel like you belong here. While you’re enjoying our uniquely Idaho way of life, stop in and pay us a visit. We’ll welcome you with a friendly ‘hello’, a fresh cup of coffee and an invitation to discover how it feels to belong. McCall ~ New Meadows

“When I first arrived at MOSS I thought that the learning and teaching would be

Photo courtesy McCall Outdoor Science School

separate things,” says Hannah Wilson, a recent graduate of the master’s program at MOSS, “but the two really mesh together.” In a typical year, MOSS hosts a new school group every week from September to May. Graduate students are divided into two cohorts, one spending a week in class and the other spending a week teaching the visiting school groups, alternating this schedule weekly. This year, however, is not a typical year. “We have always had the advantage of having the forest as our classroom,” says Eitel. “Even without the pandemic, many of our classes for both graduate students and our K-12 students are held outdoors.” And while MOSS has been able to welcome a new group of graduate students as usual, the youth programming has changed. “Given the current health concerns, we were not comfortable offering our residential programming for the fall semester,” says Eitel. “But it really created a fantastic opportunity to work with our local school district and serve the current needs of the community while still offering our graduate students the teaching experience.” This year, MOSS will be swapping the residential program for daily on-site programming for students in the McCall-Donnelly School District, kindergarten through fifth grade.

While these changes have meant a lot of new logistical and curriculum planning, it has also presented an opportunity for deeper connections. “The students who come for a week have life-changing experiences here,” says Wilson, “but we don’t get to see how that impacts them once they leave. Getting to work with and teach the same group of kids over the course of a year is a really exciting prospect because we can actually see how they grow and learn and build lasting relationships.” In addition to the graduate program and K-12 outreach, MOSS is also a research hub. “It may be one of the least understood aspects of what we do here,” says Eitel, “but our faculty are always involved in some really interesting research projects.” These projects cover a wide range of topics, from climate change to tribal water quality governance. And while the research is technically separate from the other programs, it all works together. “To have faculty who are doing research in all of these diverse areas and across disciplines is such an asset,” says Wilson. “The perspectives and ideas they bring to class helps to connect the concepts we study in meaningful ways.” It also provides a path for graduates of MOSS to continue their education. Post-graduation, many MOSS alumni stay on to help as research assistants, including Wilson. “I had the choice to work on the main campus in Moscow or stay here in McCall and it really wasn’t a choice at all,” says Wilson. “Why would I want to leave this lifestyle and the connections I have made here? I want to continue to be a part of this community.” Which is perhaps the most lasting takeaway of both MOSS and Roots Forest School… community. A deeper connection to the landscape and the people, a deeper understanding of the unique natural forces that shaped this special place, and a deeper appreciation for just how special this outdoor mountain community is.

Photo courtesy McCall Outdoor Science School


Photo courtesy Chad Case Photography



There are not many things better than a hot, hearty bowl of soup after a day in the snow. Except, perhaps, a soup that includes our delicious hand-crafted beer. We asked our three local breweries for a soup recipe to warm us up on a cold winter day…and a craft brew pairing to enjoy along with it.

MCCALL BREWING COMPANY’S BEER CHEESE SOUP* INGREDIENTS: 1 large onion, peeled and chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 Tbsp butter, or bacon grease 24 oz beer (for a lighter soup, try the Kilowatt Kolsch or for a deeper flavor, try the Wobbily Man Smoked Scotch Ale) 32 oz chicken broth

14 oz shredded cheese (sharp cheddar, smoked gouda – anything will work!) 14 oz low-fat cream cheese, cut into cubes 2 Tbsp cornstarch, or arrowroot powder 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce Garnishes: crumbled bacon, and chives

DIRECTIONS: Set a large sauce pot over medium heat. Add the butter, onions, and garlic, and sauté for 3-5 minutes. Scoop the softened onions into the food processor (or blender) and add one cup chicken broth. Puree the onions and broth until completely smooth. Pour the onion mixture back into the sauce pot and add the remaining broth and beer. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat. Toss the shredded cheese with cornstarch. Add the shredded cheese, cream cheese, Dijon mustard and Worcestershire to the broth. Whisk to melt the cheese and break up the cream cheese cubes. Whisk until the soup is completely smooth and slightly thickened, about 10 minutes. (Do not boil the cheese! Lower the heat if needed.) Taste, then salt and pepper as needed. Serve as-is, or garnish with bacon and chives if desired.


*This recipe will get you close to the delicious beer cheese soup at McCall Brewing, but it is not the exact recipe. Some secrets must remain safe!



INGREDIENTS: 1 lb bacon, cooked and crumbled 1 small onion, diced 1 cup celery, diced ½ cup carrot, diced ½ cup mushrooms, thinly sliced ¼ jalapeño, finely diced (more for added heat) 2 cups red or yellow potatoes, cubed

1 can corn 2 cups whole milk ½ of a 750ml can Hells Canyon Jalapeño Beer 32 oz chicken broth ½ cup green onion, sliced 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Brewing Co.


McCall Idaho


DIRECTIONS: Fry bacon until crispy. Crumble and set aside. Keep 3 tablespoons of bacon grease. Add bacon grease to large stock pot and sauté over medium heat onion, celery, carrot & mushrooms. Once onion is translucent add chicken broth and beer. To that add potatoes and jalapeños. Simmer until potatoes soften. Mash some of the potatoes into the broth using a potato masher. Next add corn and milk and simmer on low until hot. Serve topped with shredded cheddar, green onions and bacon crumbles.




Award-Winning Hand-Crafted Beer Daily Happy Hour Dine-In/Take-Out Curbside Pickup Delivery


SALMON RIVER BREWERY’S HEARTY CHILI CHILI INGREDIENTS: ¼ cup bacon fat 2 lb elk (ground or stew meat) 2 lb bison (ground or stew meat) 2 lb beef (ground or stew meat) 2 each onion, diced ¾ lb poblano chilis, seeded and diced 2 jalapenos, minced 3 Tbsp garlic, minced 3 Tbsp chili powder 3 Tbsp paprika 1 Tbsp cumin ground 1 Tbsp dry mustard 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 Tbsp oregano 2 tsp black pepper 1 Tbsp salt 2 tsp tabasco 7 x 28 oz cans peeled tomatoes 1½ cup guajillo chili sauce (recipe below) 16 oz Udaho Gold 2 qt chicken stock 1 pt black bean puree (recipe below)

GUAJILLO CHILI SAUCE INGREDIENTS: 4 each guajillo chilis, stems removed 4 each corn tortillas, fried 1 Tbsp shallots, chopped 1 Tbsp garlic, chopped 1 qt chicken stock 1 tsp oil salt & pepper to taste

BLACK BEAN PUREE INGREDIENTS: 2 each 15 oz cans black beans 1 small onion, diced 1 Tbsp garlic, chopped 1 Tbsp shallot, chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped ½ lb bacon, chopped salt and pepper to taste


DIRECTIONS: Prepare the Guajillo Chili Sauce: Sweat garlic and shallots. Add chilis, sauté 10 minutes. Add chicken stock, bring to boil, reduce to simmer. Cut or tear tortillas, deep fry crisp, add to sauce. Simmer 45 minutes or until chilis turn bright color. Blend in blender or food processor until very smooth. Pass thru large mesh strainer. Set aside. Prepare the Black Bean Puree: Brown bacon in a large pan. Add shallots, garlic, onion and celery, sweat until soft. Add beans (with liquid in can). Bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer 30 minutes. Puree in blender then set aside. Prepare Chili:

411 Railroad Ave McCall, ID

Brown meats in oven. Sautee onions, garlic, chilies, and jalapeños in fat until tender. Add dry spices, hot sauce and tomatoes, cook 20 minutes. Add chicken stock, beer, guajillo sauce, black bean puree, and meat. Simmer 90 minutes until meat is tender. Dish into bowls and serve with your favorite toppings (cheese, sour cream, green onions, rice, etc.).

MCCALL’S FINEST SPIRITS Straight up or on the rocks? Shaken or stirred? McCall’s finest spirits are handcrafted at The Bar.

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EAT ot




Frenchie’s on Third

Ph o t o

co u r t e s y C h

ad C

as e



132 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8166

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Subway of New Meadows

1101 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8108

505 Virginia St. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-4000

Salmon River Brewery

414 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7874

411 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4772

Secesh Stage Stop

24728 Warren Wagon Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-636-4498

Smoky’s Bar and Grill at Brundage Mountain Resort 3890 Goose Lake Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4151

Stacey Cakes

136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2537

The Sushi Bar

Tamarack Resort 311 Village Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-325-1000

Toll Station Pizza 410 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7818

FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 1989 Forged from over 31 years of tradition, “My Father’s Place� is a family owned and operated restaurant that blends just the right amount of vintage charm, contemporary style and unforgettable tastes to create a dining experience that transcends generations. The menu at “My Father’s Place� boasts some of the best charbroiled burgers, fries and shakes in the great state of Idaho.

Wild River Java

201 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5282

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Fresh food, not fast food. Quality made to order! In the Hotel McCall Courtyard

(208) 634-4515

901 N 3rd Street, McCall 208.634.4401









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Live Music at Yacht Club: Thursdays Second Sunday Sounds at 6 48



Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April

Donnelly Farmers Market every Wednesday, 3pm-6pm To ur ism McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, 10am-2pm McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August TGIF Summer Concert Series: Brundage Mountain Seven Devils Playwrights Conference Idaho Free Fishing Day Father’s Day Celebrations McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program Summer Grand Openings: Tamarack Resort & Brundage Mountain ho

Live Music at Crusty’s: Wednesdays and Sundays in Summer; Saturdays in Winter

Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April Women with Bait Tournament: Riggins Chix with Stix Tournament Snowmobile Crab Feed: Warren Military Springfest: Brundage Mountain Theatre Production by McCall Arts & Humanities St. Patrick’s Day Parties: Yacht Club & Foresters Brewski: Tamarack Resort Spring Break Lunch & a Movie: Shore Lodge


Dinner and a Movie at Shore Lodge: Tuesdays, movie begins at 6:30pm


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Acoustic Jam at Broken Horn Brewery: Mondays 5-8pm

Donnelly Community Yard and Craft Sale Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Idaho Gives Mother’s Day Celebrations Riggins Rodeo and Parade GIG Foundation Annual Fundraiser and Silent Auction: Bistro 45 Historic Roseberry Open House and Volunteer Picnic Memorial Day Observance

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McCall Ale Trail: Every Day!





Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April Payette Children’s Forest Winter Adventure Idaho Free Nordic Ski Day Youth Ice Fishing Day McCall Re-Mastered Nordic Race Winter Carnival Events begin the last r Friday of January elte Sh um a Idaho Sled Dog Challenge

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This event calendar represents typical happenings you can find throughout the year in McCall. Keep in mind that many events may have a new structure to account for COVID-19 public health and safety concerns. Please visit each group or business website for specific information on each event.

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Idaho State Pond Skimming Championships: Tamarack Resort Brundage Mountain Crazy Daze & Pond Skimming State Gelande Quaff Championships: Brundage Mountain Salmon River Jet Boat Races: Riggins Easter Brunch: Shore Lodge & Rupert’s Community Easter Egg Hunts Howdy’s Gas and Grub Annual Fishing Tournament Revel on the Shore Epicurean Experience: Shore Lodge Mountain High Quilt Camp: Quaker Hill Shore Lodge Spring Concert & Jazz Party

Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April McCall Starz on Ice Winter Carnival Events the first weekend of February Brundage Mountain Diva Days Heritage Night: Little Ski Hill Beer & Gear Festival: Brundage Mountain Destination: Beer Snowmobile Fun Run: McCall Snowmobile Club Valentine’s Day Dinners: Shore Lodge & Rupert’s Winter Jamboree: Ca Cascade se Ph oto grap Meadows Valley Snow hy Jamboree Women with Bait Tournament: Riggins McCallin’ All Cats Vintage Snowcat Jamboree Winemaker Dinner: Shore Lodge

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p hy Kaleidoscope Children’s Art togra Pho lby Festival: Central Idaho e Sh sa Historical Museum Cowboy Trade Days: Roseberry Taste of McCall Alpha Days: Alpha Grange Moudy Mountain Summer Festival Ponderosa Park Run for Payette Lakes Ski Club


Donnelly Farmers Market every Wednesday, 3pm-6pm McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, 10am-2pm McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program 4th of July Celebrations and Fireworks: McCall, Donnelly, Cascade & New Meadows 4th of July Music Festival: Brundage Mountain Cruiz’N McCall Car Show Thunder Mountain Days: Cascade Summit Cat Track 10k: Brundage Mountain Roseberry Arts and Crafts Festival Payette Children’s Forest Take it Outside Event Shepherd’s Home Annual Golf Scramble McCall Amateur Golf Tournament Roseberry Summer Music Festival SummerFest presented by McCall Music Society 4 Summit Challenge: Cascade Adams County Fair and Rodeo Roseberry Wednesday Night Concert Series TGIF Summer Concert Series: Brundage Mountain Sunset Concert Series: Tamarack Resort Payette Lakes Classic and Wooden Boat Show Riggins Hot Summer Nights



Donnelly Farmers Market every Wednesday, 3pm-6pm McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, 10am-2pm McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival Huckleberry Festival in Donnelly MWSC’s Ski Bum Scramble Long Valley Pioneer Picnic Payette Lakes Fine Art and Craft Fair Cascade Medical Center Foundation Golf Tournament Payette Lakes Ski Club Mountain Triathlon TGIF Summer Concert Series: Brundage Mountain Roseberry Wednesday Night Concert Series McCall Ball presented by McCall Rotary Sunset Concert Series: Tamarack Resort Valley County Fair and Rodeo Chalk on the Walk: Cascade Art in the Courtyard Mountain Brewfest


Donnelly Farmers Market every Wednesday, 3pm-6pm McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, 10am-2pm Meadows Valley Days Roseberry’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social Alpha Nursery Fall Harvest Festival Judge’s Fishing Day: Cascade Payette Lake Run


McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, 10am-2pm Skate By The Lake Hockey Tournament ws cPa yM McCall Curling Club tes r ou Roktoberspiel Cascade Lake Run McPaws Oktoberfest McCall Ski Swap –c


Haunted House: Little Ski Hill Halloween in Donnelly Harvest Fest: Donnelly Elementary Trunk or Treat Halloween Events: McCall & Donnelly


Theatre Production by McCall Arts & Humanities Council Cascade Holiday Bazaar: Ashley Inn Thanksgiving 6K Turkey Trot: The Club at Aspen Village McCall Festival of Trees Hunt Lodge Holiday Bazaar Mountain Hollydays: Thanksgiving to New Year’s Small Business Saturday Pray for Snow Party: Activity Barn Thanksgiving Dinner: Shore Lodge, Rupert’s & the Ashley Inn Community Thanksgiving Dinner: Cascade Fall Concert: Shore Lodge


Downtown Shop-Around Downtown Tree Lighting: McCall & New Meadows Snow Ball benefiting the Payette Lakes Ski Club Backcountry Film Festival St. Luke’s McCall Holiday Happenings Moudy Mountain Christmas Cascade Community Center Christmas Craft Fair McCall Music Society Community Carol-Along Breakfast with Santa: Shore Lodge Pictures with Santa: Various Locations Santa Paws Christmas Cookie Decorating: Shore Lodge Christmas Eve Dinner: Rupert’s & Ashley Inn Christmas Dinner: Shore Lodge Santa Skis: Brundage Mountain & Tamarack Resort Holiday Ice Show: Manchester Ice & Events Center Light Up the Night: Brundage Mountain New Year’s Eve Celebrations: Tamarack Resort & Shore Lodge 49

Providing top quality pet food, treats, supplements, toys, clothing & gear since 2006.

Now offering Online Ordering & Curbside Service!


200 Lenora Street, Downtown McCall

WE’RE HERE TO TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF HOME OWNERSHIP. Locally owned and operated for over 15 years managing Long Term Rentals, Vacation Houses, Commercial Properties and Homeowners Associations in McCall

SET YOUR SOUNDTRACK DJ and Emcee Services for weddings and events.

Lakefront, in town and golf course properties of all sizes available 305 E. PARK ST. STE. D MCCALL


208.469.9200 DJ-MCCALL.COM

Idaho’s favorite apparel. Made Right Here in McCall.

Visit our flagship store @idahoshirts

Bring this in and get 20% off* Production Tours Daily Open M-F 10-6 ◊ 200 jacob st. McCall, ID ◊ 208.634.5850

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New Business Roundup By Lindsey Harris

2020 has been a roller coaster for a lot of small business owners, but we are always grateful to see the lightness emerge from the dark. Our new businesses this year highlight the resilience, passion, and commitment to the community that makes this place special. They are led by entrepreneurs who deserve to be celebrated for finding a niche to fill, who embraced the chance to offer something new, and who now get to see their passion projects come to life.

Here are just a few of our new area businesses and the amazing people behind the scenes.

Mountain Valley Networks

Silver Linings

136 East Lake Street, McCall (208) 634-3363

Gabriel Martineau, founder of Mountain Valley Networks, has two passions that helped start his business in his hometown of McCall: a love of technology and a love of helping people. Gabe brought home his first computer in third grade and built his own computer as a freshman in high school. That set the stage for him to bring his clients the best internet service possible. He accomplishes this using customized solutions including SIM Smart Cards, mobile solutions (hot spots), mesh networks, full home or business Wi-Fi, and more. In addition to high speed internet, Mountain Valley Networks specializes in security surveillance systems, VoIP phone services, and computer networking. Mountain Valley Networks works with both residential and commercial clients. Give them a call to find the right internet solution for you!


If there was ever a time to look for a Silver Lining, this is the year. Shop owner Cori Rice launched her passion project, Silver Linings Home & Gift Boutique, inspired by a difficult time in her life. Silver Linings is her happy place. It shows in every nook and cranny of her shop. She carefully selects each item for sale with the hope that it will bring a sense of fun, joy and a touch of class - or unique whimsy - to her customers. Silver Linings offers a wide variety of gift items for all occasions ranging from candles to music boxes to unique mugs to tea towels and everything in between, including a complete McCall souvenir section. The tastefully decorated shop also offers high quality pillows, linens, clocks, picture frames, wall art and a vast

selection of garden and silk floral and greenery items offered throughout the year. The large retail space also offers Rice the ability to showcase small furniture items and large wall decor, including custom McCall, Idaho signs made in the USA. As a proud shop owner and second-generation McCall retailer, Rice says she is thrilled to continue to be a part of McCall’s growing retail community. “I particularly enjoy the shared camaraderie with fellow shop owners and the support I have received from them after relocating to the new downtown space,” she says. While visiting Silver Linings, be sure to visit her sister store next door, the popular Christmas House, formerly located inside The Pancake House.

WorkX 616 N. 3rd Street, Suite 103, McCall In this day and age, working remotely is a new way of life; however, working remotely from paradise is optimal. WorkX opened its doors this fall to professionals in need of a secure, quiet, professional place to conduct business while visiting or living in the McCall area. With high-speed internet, tailored workspaces, a central location at Alpine Village, and all the bells and whistles (full kitchen, onsite shower, height adjustable desks, video conferencing, smart TVs, conference rooms, and laser printer), WorkX has filled a much needed void for the area. Choose from private office suites, dedicated desks or a hot desk with café style seating. Onsite parking and bike racks make it easy to increase productivity, while also creating socializing and networking opportunities. The intention of the space is to bridge the gap for smaller organizations to share information and to share fun. The possibilities of bringing people together in this setting are endless. Founder Michael Eck saw that more people were looking to move to the places they had dreamed of, places like McCall. COVID-19 fast-tracked a lot of these dreams and presented the “push” people needed to make the move. One of those people is Kristi Thomasson, CFO for Duracell. She and her husband fell in love with McCall while visiting five years ago and desired to return permanently. The pair are now in McCall

and building a home. While work is underway on their property, they are living in their adventure rig and Thomasson needed a reliable place to work. WorkX passed the major test within the first week when Kristi hosted an online, week-long conference with more than 80 individuals from around the world. She said it went “flawlessly” and so has every day since for the two months she’s been working from WorkX. “For me, it is really nice to get away from the property, to be able to focus on work,” Thomasson says. “I am very productive with the thoughtful office design and service, but at the same time I can enjoy the fountain and deer walking by. I can walk to lunch and sit outside, enjoying the beautiful setting. My commuting experience has been upgraded tremendously from that which I had in Chicago, and I am more productive in a place I am blessed to now live… McCall. I just love it.” Continued page 54 53

Hydrate 208 203 East Lake Street, Ste 7, McCall Hydrate 208 is McCall’s first IV hydration, IV therapy, and IV nutritional service lounge. As a registered and practicing nurse, owner Jennifer Horn opened her doors in 2019 inspired by her work in the medical field and desire to provide an immediate and efficient way to improve health. Jennifer and her husband stumbled upon McCall while on a travel nursing assignment at St. Luke’s Meridian many years ago, and like many who visit the area, vowed to return and make it their home. She felt McCall was the perfect place to start her hydration business due to the active, outdoor lifestyle and the mix of residents and visitors seeking healthy enhancements. From the extreme athlete after peak performance to the stay-at-home mom needing an energy boost, to an elderly client in need of some extra nutrients and an individual who suffers from auto immune diseases or is struggling to absorb nutrients, Jennifer loves to help people and customize the treatment to their needs. The menu of options includes immunity boosters, hangover helpers, rebuilding and recovering nutrients for athletes, beautifying mixes for skin to glow from the inside out, traditional hydration, and more. Choose to receive treatment from her comfortable space overlooking the lake in the historic Yacht Club Building or select the mobile option to bring the services to you. Visit Hydrate 208’s website for the full list of options and products available.

Bourne Naughty 307 Park Street, Ste 104, McCall

Do not let the name fool you. This new boutique in downtown McCall is a warm, welcoming, comfortable space procured by owner and creator, Donna Bourne. Stop in to meet the charming and sweet proprietor while perusing the selection of women’s intimates, sleepwear, lounge wear, swimwear, high end soaps, lotions, shave creams, and adult items tastefully tucked away in the back. This boutique has been a dream of Bourne’s for more than 10 years. For her it is not just a business, it is a personal mission to empower women and help them feel good about themselves. Bourne is an artist and the boutique conveys that. There is something for everyone, with beautifully displayed products and clothing. Bourne Naughty offers a variety of brands and carries swimwear all year round for lake days in the summer and trips to the hot springs in the winter. Bourne felt the McCall area was missing a store like this after the former Sweet Pea Mountain Skivvies closed its doors. In the days of online ordering, she felt a true storefront was important so customers could feel the clothing and try it on. Upon reflecting on opening her doors almost a year ago, Bourne has learned to take things one day at a time, read the customer, and understand an individual’s level of comfort. Bourne Naughty successfully accomplishes just that.


The RV Landing at Carlson Ranch 1526 Big Salmon Road, Riggins

The RV Landing at Carlson Ranch, located along the beautiful banks of the River of No Return (the Salmon River), is the region’s newest RV resort. But this is not just any spot to park your rig. This place is special and has roots as a working, multi-generational homestead dating back nearly100 years. When staying on the property, you can feel the shift of stepping back in time, slowing down, and surrendering to the sights and sounds of river life. Just over an hour’s drive from McCall, The RV Landing is 9 miles up Salmon River Road from Riggins. Owners Cindy and Guy Carlson, along with their children, started the resort because they wanted to share the wonderful life they get to experience every day. The property has full RV hook-ups, with amenities including showers and bathrooms, a large, private sandy beach, sand volleyball court, playground, community firepit with smores on the weekends for the kids, boat mooring, Wi-Fi, and a Verizon cell phone booster. The youngest ranch hands, the Carlson’s grandsons, gather the firewood and offer adorably unsolicited fishing advice to hook the big one, enhancing the true Idaho experience. In spring 2021, the Carlson’s plan to have cabins ready to rent that will be equipped with A/C and heating units, electricity. There will also be a mini store onsite and plans are in the works to expand the wedding venue in the coming months. One unique aspect of RV Landing at Carlson Ranch is the adventure right outside your camper door. Many outfitters will pick up and drop off at the

When you have to work in paradise Our flexible workspace and virtual office options are tailored to fit the unique needs of your business from day one, so you can focus on what you do best: giving your business the fuel it needs to grow exponentially.

616 N THIRD STREET, STE 103 (208) 630-6599

Private Offices • Dedicated Desks • Hot Desks




136 E. Lake Street, McCall, Idaho 83638

ORDER ONLINE @ Drive-Thru featuring:

*Espresso *Smoothies *Small Bites 201 N. 3rd St. McCall, ID 208-634-JAVA (5282)

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…your local java stop since 1998!

ranch and CM Backcountry Rentals in McCall will deliver recreational rentals. The family is a wealth of information on the area with suggestions on day trips, things to see, and wildlife in the area. However, the one thing they will not be sharing is the family blackberry patch—that’s river code. Be sure to check out their sister business, Salmon River Helicopter Tours, located on-site, and offering trip options to see the stunning views of Hells Canyon, Seven Devils, Payette Lake area, and the Gospel Hump/River of No Return Wilderness.

The Rambler Boutique McCall 403 Railroad Avenue, McCall

The Rambler Boutique McCall, located in downtown McCall between My Father’s Place and Toll Station Pizza, is the area’s newest women’s clothing store. Owner Christina Erekson and her sister originally got into the clothing business with a traveling boutique, frequenting country music festivals and rodeos. When Erekson married her husband and relocated to McCall two years ago, she saw a niche to fill with the type of clothing and the price point that was offered at that time. Combining her family’s entrepreneurial roots with her traveling boutique, she launched her first storefront, and the Rambler Boutique McCall was born. Her shop keeps it cozy and cute in the cooler seasons, and fun and flirty in the summer months. From casual chic loungewear for those days where real pants are not a desired option, to the elevated outfit for dinner and drinks with the girls, there is something for every occasion. Erekson and her sister are both buyers for the store, and their different styles keep the inventory fresh and eclectic. The clothing is universal for an array of shapes and sizes. The Rambler’s Instagram account is a great way to see the look of the day and all the new arrivals, regularly updated with photos and firsthand video accounts of the clothing. During COVID-19, Erekson grew The Rambler’s offerings and launched her online store. “I have found that my customers want to support local and want to support my dream,” she said. “This year has been very eye opening for many of us to see where our money goes, who do we want to support, and I am truly touched.”

The Ponderosa Center 301 E. Lake Street, McCall The Ponderosa Center is the result of a long-term vision by a dedicated group of dreamers to create a centrally located, public, yearround community building for arts and education. Initial conversations and an assessment of community needs began in 2016. With a concept for the Center built from multiple years of planning, the next step was to establish a 501(c)3 and find the perfect location. That location was found at the park located northeast of Hotel McCall. The venue, which showcases Payette Lake as its backdrop and offers proximity to parks, pathways, shops, and restaurants, also highlights one of the unique aspects about the Ponderosa Center… collaboration. The selected location is a prime piece of real estate and the partnership with a private landowner to sell this space for public use and preserve the stunning views in perpetuity for the community is rare. The renderings of the proposed design of The Ponderosa Center aim to take full advantage of the lakefront setting by bringing the outdoors in to incorporate the natural landscape. Like most things, The Ponderosa Center is an evolving process that expands as they gather input from area non-profits, residents, and groups that will utilize the space. Local organizations that have signed-on include the McCall Music Society and the McCall Ski Heritage Continued page 58 56

Foundation. The space will act as a community hub for continuing education, movies, film festivals, performances, exhibits, school functions, graduations, conferences, corporate retreats, award ceremonies, civic events, public meetings, and social events. Ground officially broke on the property with the completion of the Bruce Ludwig Family Terrace this September 2020. The Terrace will be the future home for the Ponderosa Center building and fundraising is currently underway for the permanent building. All funds are independent of any government assistance and solely based on donations from passionate people. As the Ponderosa Center continues its journey, the Terrace offers a sneak peek of what is to come and a blank canvas of opportunity to start using the space for its original intention, building community. For those interested in hosting an event or concert at the Terrace, reach out to The Ponderosa Center or learn more at

Your CBD Store McCall 212 N 3rd Street, Ste A, McCall Your CBD Store McCall opened its doors in January 2020, adjacent to Holiday Inn Express and Alpenglow Salt Spa, after successfully launching sister locations in the Treasure Valley. Brenda Fulfer and her crew offer a boutique style CBD shopping experience, one that feels upscale, welcoming, and warm with high-quality, hemp-derived CBD. In addition to the CBD products (even some for the four-legged friends) and dōTERRA © products, they offer a wide-variety of luscious candles, bath bombs, handcrafted soaps and lotions, scarves, accessories, purses, cards, teas, and other warm, fuzzy, feel good products. Their goal is to carry items that both visitors to and residents of McCall will love. Building relationships with their clients is their number one priority and Your CBD Store McCall is equipped with knowledgeable staff. They listen to the needs of each person who walks in their door to ensure that with every sale, there is proper education of all products. A return customer is the goal whether this is an individual that visits McCall occasionally or one that lives here. There is something for everyone and more than just CBD. Stop by and see for yourself.

Whole Mountain Health 201 Park Street, McCall Whole Mountain Health is aptly named for owner Deanna Clauson’s approach to holistic medicine. Having launched her functional medicine certified health coaching practice in the spring of 2020, Clausen helps her clients use lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement, and relationships to prevent or manage chronic illness or to navigate other health challenges. Clauson focuses on creating achievable plans for her clients to reach their health and wellness goals. “My coaching is an individualized process based on meeting each person where they are,” she says. “We focus on what is right about the individual, as opposed to what is wrong. Together, we create something that works for them and I support them alongside their journey.”


At the age of 11, Clauson was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases, and she uses her own health journey in her treatment. For her, the holistic approach is what finally worked.

Clauson has a health coach certification with a program affiliate of the Institute for Functional Medicine and has co-authored two books on infanttoddler social and emotional development. Whole Mountain Health is located in the Backcountry Chiropractic office but also offers online sessions. Clauson is now accepting new clients and additionally offers essential oil services and dōTERRA © products.

Scandia Inn






W I T H I N T E G R I T Y, C O N S I D E R AT I O N , A N D P E R S E V E R A N C E


401 N. 3rd Street, McCall

Restoration North is a local company striving to deliver stellar results to our clientele. We work hard every day to maintain our position as the leading water damage and

The Scandia Inn has new owners and a whole new look! Book a stay to experience the updated Scandinavian design, a new wedding and event venue and medical-grade disinfection systems.

CUB McCall

disaster-mitigation company in McCall, Idaho.


C A L L : 2 0 8 . 3 1 5 . 4 1 1 2 E M A I L : I N F O @ R E S T O N O RT H . C O M

114 N. 3rd Street, McCall This community co-working space is a collaborative option for area non-profits and organizations offering a common workspace in addition to being a venue for classes, guest speakers, workshops, performances, and more.

Browse Relax Sit Read

Interior Design Concepts 302 N. 3rd Street, McCall Interior Design brings more than 30 years of experience in the cabinetry business. They specialize in cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and closets and have a full line of countertop solutions.

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Alpine Village 616 N. 3rd. St. McCall, ID

SHOP Adventure Floors and Window Coverings 135 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3115


132 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8166

Auggie’s Sheepskin 209 North 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4030

Krahn’s Home Furnishings

The Christmas House

The Leisure Company

Costco Wholesale

Magnum Floors

Franklin Building Supply

May Hardware

400 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2234 136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3333

2051 S Cole Rd. Boise, Idaho 83709 208-321-8745 • 14047 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8111

Franz Witte Nursery 530 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1001

Gallery Fifty-Five

Backcountry Boutique

311 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6313

The Barn Owl Books and Gifts

305 E Park St., Ste. A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1111

Bella Kitchen

503 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8530

Black Pine Deer Farm

300 E Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2302

1000 2nd St., Ste. 101 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9966 616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4440 401 E Railroad St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4730 13508 Farm to Market Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-325-8886

The Boardroom

305 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3400

Bourne Naughty 307 Park St., Ste. 104 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-2064

Brundage Downtown Shop 317 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7772


Builders FirstSource

Granite Mountain Nature Gallery

Gravity Sports

Home Town Sports

Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store 216 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2088

211 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2193 611 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7570 114 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6292 809 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7665

McCall Craftworks

305 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6577

McCall Farmers Market

The corner of Pine St. and Railroad Ave. 208-634-9777 Season: June through October Wed. & Sat. from 10am – 2pm

McCall Jewelry Company 207 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4367

McCall Sports Exchange 802 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2334

The McCall Store 1012 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4581

McCall Woodworks 100 Helmich St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2378

Huckleberry Garden Health Food Store McPaws Thrift Store 903 N 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8697

Idaho Impressions

New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-746-6099

Keep Me in Stitches 136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2906

301 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4434

Mile High Marina & Grille

1300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 Open Memorial Day through Labor Day 208-634-8605


Mile High Power Sports 13924 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7007

Home-spun, Hand-crafted Yarns & Fibers Hand-crafted Scarves, Sweaters, Accessories

Miner’s Grab N Go 147 North 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2004

Knitting & Crocheting Classes

Mountain Monkey Business

208 634.2906

501 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8268

136 E. Lake Street

Market Square ~ Downtown McCall

Mountain Renewal Skincare & Women’s Consignment Boutique 321 North 3rd St., Ste. 3 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0762

Notta Jock

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0472

Old Town Market 507 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2016

Quality. Value.



302 N 3rd Street McCall, Idaho 83638 (208) 630-6597

Serving all of Idaho Bonded and Insured

The Rambler McCall 403 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638

Razzle Dazzle

503 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1997

Ruby’s Kitchen

136 E. Lake Street, McCall, ID 83638


324 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6574

Rustic Outlet McCall 502 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4445

Silver Linings Home & Gift Boutique 136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3363

Spa del Sol/Shanti Yoga 100 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9711

Toby’s Place Thrift Shop 506 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-880-9886

Treasure Valley Subaru 5605 E Gate Blvd. Nampa, Idaho 83687 208-475-3131


McCall, Idaho 83638 888-982-8386

Wear Boise

828 W Idaho St. Boise, Idaho 83702 208-680-6017

Wild Onion

805 N 3rd St., Ste. A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7788

Your CBD Store McCall 212 N 3rd St., Ste. A McCall, Idaho 83638

In-house licensed Real Estate professionals

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Ice Fishing with Cody Fox

Sitting on a frozen lake, staring down into a hole in the ice, willing a fish to bite may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But ice fishing isn’t just about the catch. It is an opportunity to get outside in the fresh air in the depths of winter. Ice fishing is about camaraderie. It is a chance to see the landscape in a different way and enjoy the quiet that comes with a blanket of snow. Ice fishing is gaining popularity in the McCall area with Lake Cascade being a hot spot for cold-weather trophy fish. If ice fishing is something you have been tempted to try, the good news is that it is surprisingly beginner friendly. We asked Cody Fox, helicopter short haul emergency medical technician with the Forest Service, for some pointers to get us newbies out on the ice with a line in the water this winter.

#1 Let’s start with the obvious question: why would anyone want to go ice fishing? “The biggest reason is getting outside,” says Fox. When those dark days of winter hit or the weather isn’t conducive to a powder day on the mountain, ice fishing provides a way to get some outdoor time with friends and family. Some would even say ice fishing is akin to tailgating…it is all about how you set up your space. Bringing a camp stove, chairs, some snacks and beverages of choice can make a day on the ice more like a party. No matter how you set up your space, the fish are another big reason ice fishing is so fun. “We also live in a really interesting fishery,” says Fox. From perch to trophy lake trout, the thrill of the catch is reason enough to try your luck.

#2 What equipment do you need to get started? One of the reasons ice fishing is taking off is the ease of entry. “All you really need,” says Fox, “is an ice fishing rod, a hook and some bait, an auger, a bucket, and warm clothes.” From there, the sky is the limit. “If you want to up your game, you can set up an ice tent, bring a heater, a fish finder, chairs, food, drinks and more,” says Fox. But be warned, the more things you bring, the more you have to haul. Many avid fishermen will use a snowmobile or ice sled to haul their gear. When it comes to bait, Fox says you can’t go wrong with a hook and a worm, but there is a huge assortment of jigs, weights and tackle to choose from. Fox recommends stopping into a local shop like Tackle Toms in Cascade for expert advice on what the fish are biting. Regardless of which lure you use or what equipment you bring, Fox says the one key is to respect other anglers. “Respecting other 64

people’s space, packing out what you pack in, being courteous, and generally being a good human is the most important thing.”


#3 Where are some prime winter fishing spots around McCall? “Lake Cascade is becoming much more known in the ice fishing industry and is definitely gaining popularity,” says Fox. It is a prime body of water for perch and holds the title for the largest Yellow Perch caught in the state of Idaho. Along with the state record, Lake Cascade has produced two national record fish. For a family outing, Fox recommends Horsetheif Reservoir for a chance to catch some lake trout. “You can even find some deep pockets for lake trout on Payette Lake,” says Fox. “They can actually be pretty active in the winter months.”



#4 What are some of the safety concerns we should be aware of? The obvious answer here is, of course, ice. “Ice conditions are really important to understand,” says Fox. “Even if you have checked the ice report, take the information with a grain of salt. Ice conditions can change.” The best season for ice fishing is late January to early March. In the spring, ice conditions can start to degrade and even if the ice is thick, the structural integrity can become compromised.




This is especially important, Fox says, if you are riding a snowmobile. Keeping speeds slow to avoid pressure cracks is crucial. Plus, a snowmobile can be challenging if conditions are slushy. An ice condition report can be found on the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s website and is also posted locally by Lake Cascade State Park and many of the local outdoor shops. Continued page 66

“The other concern while ice fishing is visibility,” says Fox. Flat light and fog can make it easy to get turned around on the ice and difficult to see other people. Fox recommends bringing GPS, either on your phone or on a portable GPS unit and always keeping a watchful eye out for other anglers.







THICKNESS GUIDELINES These guidelines are for new, clear, solid ice. But if something feels unsafe, err on the side of caution.

#5 What is your best ice fishing “fish tale?” “That one is easy,” says Fox. “Watching my two-year-old daughter catch her first perch on the ice was amazing…and it was a good one!”

Looking for a way to ice fish for a good cause? Each year the Wildland Firefighter Foundation hosts a fishing tournament on Lake Cascade, “Deep Freeze for Firefighters.” This event is held the Saturday before Super Bowl and along with the fishing tournament, includes a raffle and live and silent auction. All of the money raised goes toward supporting the families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and assisting injured firefighters and their families.

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Featured Artist:

Adri Shurtleff-Meckel

The Art of Surprise You have probably seen Adri Shurtleff-Meckel’s art all over McCall. Her drawing style has a distinct personality that is eye-catching on the surface and rich with detail and texture the deeper you look. But this amazing body of work Meckel creates didn’t start out on a traditional path. “I wouldn’t say that I was an artist as a kid,” says Meckel “I grew up on a farm and had free rein to do lots of creative things, but I never considered myself an artist growing up.” However, art was always something she admired, especially the artists within her own family. “I think I initially fell into art because I was influenced by my aunt who was absolutely amazing,” she says. “This all came about because I just loved someone so much and wanted to be just like her.” Her artistic journey began as an undergrad at the College of Southern Idaho, where she enrolled in a few art classes. There, Meckel found a wealth of support from the faculty and was initially drawn to photography and ceramics. 74

By McKenzie Kraemer

After two years at CSI, Meckel transferred to Boise State where her aunt was a professor. “I thought that would be it, that I would be done,” says Meckel, “but my aunt really encouraged me to continue exploring different aspects of art. That was really where the mediums that I was learning turned into a more serious voice of work.” Throughout her studies, Meckel continued to focus on photography and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts as a photography major. “I was always in the dark room,” she says. “I absolutely loved it. A dark room is so romantic and personal and had all these layers involved in creating something from start to finish.” After graduating from Boise State, Meckel and her now-husband moved to the Midwest for grad school where she earned her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas. In Kansas, Meckel found that her photography transformed into an experimental art. “I was working on a lot of photography that turned into video – the work was totally spontaneous and had no object or image that lasted,” she says. “It was all very selfinvestigative.” As part of her graduate studies, Meckel also taught

classes to undergraduates, including drawing. “It was really a serendipitous opportunity to reintroduce my drawing skills from my undergraduate work,” she says. “I was teaching drawing and I thought, ‘I need to practice more!’” Once her master’s was complete, Meckel continued to teach and continued to draw, putting in the time to hone her skills. All of that practice has definitely paid off. While most would consider Meckel’s skill a rare talent, she disagrees. “I don’t like the word ‘talent’ at all because it negates all of the hours people put into the work that they have done,” she says. “We can’t even fathom how much time and energy goes into perfecting an art – whether that be drawing or race car driving – and I think it is worth respecting the amount of time someone puts into whatever they want to give their time to.” For Meckel, that means time put down on paper. One of the things Meckel loves about drawing is its portability. “I love that I can sit down with a little lap desk and create something in 20 minutes that didn’t exist before,” she says. Drawing also opened a way for Meckel to bring her imagination to life. “One of the frustrating things about photography for me was that I couldn’t just take a picture of what I wanted to create,” she says. “Pulling things out of context was really tricky to do with traditional photography.” And Meckel has a knack for juxtaposing seemingly unrelated objects into something new. Meckel admits her inspiration a is “mixed bag.” “I draw a lot of animals,” she says, “but usually it is plucked from its normal world and taken out of context. I like to find weird little humorous situations between things.” She also finds inspiration from the creative community in McCall. “This community is full of really interesting makers and it is just small enough that we can know one another,” she says. “Being able to bounce ideas around, even if we aren’t creating the same type of artwork, is amazing, and in my experience, I have gotten so much from other people here.” When Meckel sits down to draw, she says she is not concerned with the technical stuff. “I loved the technical side of things with photography, but Continued page 76

Masks required to ensure safe shopping!

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Open Every Day 11am to 5pm · 311 E. Lake St, McCall · Lake Level on Hwy 55

208.634.6313 ·

when I draw, I am not following a guide,” she says. “There isn’t a ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’” One of the aspects of Meckel’s artwork that stands out is the detail and texture. “Sometimes I just get lost in the texture,” she says. “I will just start making hatch marks and then a new shape will come out of that and all of a sudden there is so much going on inside these shapes which I find really cool.”

Wearable Art

American Designers

Meckel’s work covers a broad spectrum and you can find a lot of her pieces scattered around McCall in unexpected places. She is the creative behind the mural that graces the side of My Father’s Place, small items like stationary and cash cards for sale at places like Mountain Java and Ruby’s Kitchen, a sly fox printed on a throw pillow and an amazing collection of alphabet worksheets for kids (or adults!). She has also worked on commissioned pieces for clients wanting something particular. “It is fun to make people delighted,” says Meckel. “To see images out there making a difference is more important to me than having my work in some big art gallery…that is not the road of art I chose.” One thing that is always interesting to Meckel is the popularity of one piece over another and how other people connect with her pieces. “My favorite drawings are the ones that I just sit down to start drawing and they accidentally fall out,” she says. “They are probably the drawings that most people wouldn’t be interested in, but they are my favorite because they were a surprise to me.”


Mountain Chic

See her latest creations on Instagram or for email Adri Shurtleff-Meckel directly at

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Custom Home Builders

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Amy Isacson Photography

Summit Photography

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-469-0454

REAL ESTATE Alpine Village Company 600 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3430 1416 Club Hill Blvd McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9472

Todd Nichols Photography

Blackhawk on the River

Samantha Sais Photography PO Box 2857 McCall, Idaho 83638 520-979-6947

Melissa Shelby Photography/ Mountain Town McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1294


Batchelor Realty

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-907-6593 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-550-1828

I built my own “dream home in the mountains.” Let me help you build yours.

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Jim Boley – the McCall Real Estate Company

301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638

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Bluebird days have an uncanny ability to remind us of summertime in the McCall area. See what’s in store once the snow melts…

MAKE A SPLASH AT THE LAKE Jump in, dive in, or wade in! The West Central Mountains of Idaho are teeming with lakes…more than 300 of them. Our largest lakes, Payette Lake and Lake Cascade, offer swimming, sailing, waterskiing, wakesurfing, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding. Rentals are available for just about any activity you have in mind.

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Take on the challenge of our four stunning courses. yE rtt er McCall Municipal Course Ph oto gra phy provides 27 stimulating holes in an affable atmosphere for every level of golfer. Jug Mountain Ranch offers every golfer, social or competitive, gorgeous panoramic views of Jughandle Mountain, the Ranch’s natural wetlands, old growth forests and the rolling hills of the East Valley. The prestigious Whitetail Club and Resort offers an inspiring mountain masterpiece, while MeadowCreek Resort in Meadows Valley brings brilliant play and ample friendliness. sy




DINING The patio is open! One of our favorite things about warm sunny days in McCall is dining al fresco and sampling the delicious fare of our local restaurants, bistros, and pubs. Just about every eatery has a place to take advantage of the sunshine or pick up something to go and picnic at Legacy Park along the shores of Payette Lake. Our local Farmers Markets are also open each summer and provide a great place to find fresh local produce, meat and baked goods.

THRILLING WHITEWATER Idaho is well-known as the Whitewater State and there is certainly no shortage of rapids to satisfy thrill-seekers in the McCall area. From the laid back Cabarton Stretch to thrilling multi-day trips on the Main Salmon through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, we have the whitewater you are looking for!

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The McCall area is ripe with miles of single and double track trails for all abilities and has been designated as a Silver Ride Center by the International Mountain Biking Association. Hitch a ride to the top with lift serviced mountain biking at Brundage Mountain Resort and Tamarack Resort or take advantage of the shuttle service at Jug Mountain Ranch. If you would rather take the trail less traveled, stop by and view our Mountain Biking itinerary with Hiking is hands down one of the fresh ideas for easy, most popular activities in McCall. intermediate, and expert rides There is a huge variety of trails to around the region including explore around the area. Only have an CIMBA’s Payette Lake Trail. hour? No problem, we have a trail for that. Want to turn a hike into a day-long adventure? We have that covered, too. And the scenery is epic no matter which trail you take.

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Begin your legacy at this premier, four-season alpine mountain community in the heart of the renowned Tamarack Resort. NOW OFFERING The Village at Tamarack luxury residences starting in the mid $500Ks.

80 TRIPOD | MOUNTAIN MAJESTY 5-bedroom, 6-bath • 6,763 SF Custom Estate Home bordering creek with 4 living areas, great rental

22 ROCK CREEK | COVETED COTTAGE 2-bedroom, 2.5-bath • 1,250 SF In the heart of Tamarack with direct ski, bike and amenity access

102 CANOE | MODERN LUXURY 4-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom • 4,148 SF Immaculate Custom Estate Home bordering creek with direct ski access

VILLAGE AT TAMARACK RESIDENCES From 1-bedrooms to 3-bedroom penthouses. Fully furnished mountain modern luxury at the ski base

208.573.1489 | Trisha Sears, Broker -

Tamarack Realty is an exclusive full-service brokerage company located on site at Tamarack Resort. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates will happily listen to both your dream and your needs, and then help you find the perfect home to fulfill both- whether that’s an Estate Home, Condominium, Townhome, Estate Lot, Cottage or Chalet.



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Brundage Mountain Resort Tamarack Resort Little Ski Hill


Manchester Ice and Event Center

SNOWMOBILE AREAS/ PARKING LOTS 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24



Burgdorf Hot Springs Gold Fork Hot Springs


Bear Creek Lodge Tamarack Falls Parking Lot Anderson Creek Parking Lot Green Gate Parking Lot West Face Parking Lot, across from Bear Creek Lodge Wallace Lane Parking Lot Gordon Titus Parking Lot, near Brundage Francis E. Wallace Parking Lot Clear Creek Parking Area Fall Creek Parking Area Brush Creek Parking Area






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Bear Basin Ponderosa State Park Activity Barn Jug Mountain Ranch Tamarack Resort Lake Cascade State Park Hasbrouck Ranch (off Cabarton Road)









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*Check for availability. COVID protocols may mean hot springs are closed temporarily.



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MEDITERRANEAN flavors for every taste

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McCall Golf Club Paths are open to the public for walking. Please clean up after your pets to preserve the beauty of our space.


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miles out and back Box •• 62,200 feet in elevation gain Lake • 4.5 hours

The Mountains Are Calling Perhaps more than any other time in recent memory, getting outside is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. And hiking is one of our favorite ways to get outside in McCall, with the promise of fresh air, a forest trail and a stunning lake waiting at the end. The Outdoor Foundation lists hiking as the fifth most popular outdoor activity in the nation, while hiking takes the top spot in Idaho outdoor activities according to the Idaho Department of Commerce. There are so many reasons why hiking continues to be so popular. Aside from the physical benefits, hiking has a magical way of freeing up space in that crowded mental place filled with to-do lists, obligations and worries. The McCall area is home to more than 300 alpine lakes, most with trails to access them by foot, bike or horse, and countless more miles of roads and footpaths that offer easy access to nature. But sometimes, too many choices are daunting. Where do you start? As we dream of warmer days to come and time spent on the trail, there are some great guides out there to get you started. We highly recommend picking up a copy of Scott Marchant’s book, The Hiker’s Guide to McCall and Cascade. This book is chock-full of stunning hikes, including Box Lake, featured in the photo here. 90

The summer issue of Visit McCall Magazine will also include a detailed guide to some of our favorite trails for overnight trips, family hikes, scenic hikes and more. Plenty of recommendations to get you into the mountains and onto the trail! Box Lake is a fairly popular trail, and for good reason. Scenic vistas, crystal clear water and beautiful wildflowers are readily enjoyed by hikers that take this seven mile out-and-back route. While the trail and lake are beautiful in every season, our favorite time to make this trek is in the early fall. By late August, the lake recedes a few feet, revealing stunning white sand beaches. Paired with the blue water, Box Lake is reminiscent of a Caribbean shoreline which makes the strenuous hike well worth the effort.

Trailhead Directions From McCall on Davis Avenue heading toward Ponderosa State Park, turn right onto Lick Creek Road. After 3.2 miles, the road will fork toward Little Payette Lake (keep right). From this fork, travel approximately 11 miles. There will be a parking lot on the left with a sign that says “Box Lake Trail.” The parking area can hold about five or six vehicles.






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