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Your Regional Visitors Guide for New Meadows, McCall, Donnelly, and Cascade, Idaho

A WALK IN THE WOODS. . . . . . . . . . 6 A local’s guide to hiking in the McCall area

IDAHO GOLD. . . . . . . . . . 38 An inside look at a coveted Middle Fork river trip

THE TRAPPER CABIN. . . . . 48 HAPPY CAMPER. . . . . . . . . 62 Sleep under the stars in McCall

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Hiking Trails for all Abilities

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WELCOME TO McCALL This summer feels like a reawakening. After a tough year, we are basking in some light at the end of the tunnel. If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is that we are all connected and that being outside has found a renewed importance. We saw visitors and locals flock to the fresh air and open space in our community and we couldn’t be more excited to see so many new outdoor recreation users. With this growing interest in our natural environment and the endless recreation that awaits, we want to put a focus on responsibility and stewardship to help keep our forests, trails, rivers, and lakes intact for all who love to use them. There are many actions we can all take to protect this special place – we invite you to review Leave No Trace best practices and our own “McCall Promise.” If we all do a little, it adds up to a lot. And while we are enjoying brighter days, we are still working very hard to keep our community, residents, and visitors healthy. Please continue to wear your face coverings, physically distance and be kind.

–The Visit McCall team

Photo courtesy Jon Conti

Photo courtesy Jon Conit

Loon Lake Plane

WHAT’S INSIDE A WALK IN THE WOODS. . . . . . . . . . . 6 A local’s guide to hiking in the McCall area

25 TRAILS TO TRY THIS SUMMER. . . . . 16 PLAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 EAT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 IDAHO GOLD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 An inside look at a coveted Middle Fork river trip

STAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE TRAPPER CABIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . CALENDAR OF EVENTS. . . . . . . . . . . . SIP & SAVOR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SHOP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HAPPY CAMPER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Sleep under the stars in McCall

LIVE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AREA MAP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE MCCALL PROMISE. . . . . . . . . . . . PLAN AHEAD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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It’s never too early to plan your winter adventure

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Photo courtesy Jon Conti

By McKenzie Kraemer

A local’s guide to hiking in the McCall area By McKenzie Kraemer It is no secret that there is something special about putting one foot in front of the other along a dirt path. From Pythagoras and Hippocrates to Muir, Longfellow and Thoreau, philosophers, writers, and scientists alike love to wax poetic about this simple outdoor activity. And for good reason. There are about a million benefits to hiking – from the stunning scenery to the cardio boost of an uphill climb – but the underlying appeal, and the thing we always come back to, is that a walk in the woods has a magical way of bringing calm and connection. Continued page 8

Loon Lake


While the appeal of hiking is not in question, which trail to take is. The McCall area has a huge variety of trails – many leading to one of the area’s 300 alpine lakes, historic lookouts, or high mountain peaks. For new hikers, the extent of options can be overwhelming. For seasoned hikers, it is easy to overlook a new option in favor of tried-and-true routes. To get your boots in the dirt and enjoying the serenity of a quiet forest trail, we put together some of our favorite hikes – some well-known, others a bit more off the beaten path. Our list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope that a few spark your interest and spark your love of walking in the woods.

Roger Phillips: Upper Hazard and Hard Creek Lake Goldilocks destinations Many McCall mountain lakes share similar traits – they’re shimmering mirrors in rocky basins or verdant meadows and kind of a pain in the butt to reach. You often face a bone-rattling drive followed by a lung-searing hike with ascents that make your quads feel like pineapples and descents that make your knees feel like battering rams. The payoff is scenery that can make you question if it’s real or hypoxia-induced delirium.

Ask an Expert

I’m exaggerating, but spend much time hiking to McCall’s mountain lakes and you might say “well, yeah, sort of.”

We all have a few secret favorites around here. Those hikes that never disappoint on the scenery, the solitude, or the experience. We went directly to our resident hiking experts to get the inside scoop on the hikes that earn top marks in their book.

But then there are the “Goldilocks lakes,” where the drive is enjoyable and the hike requires just enough energy that when you arrive it won’t be as crowded as Payette Lake on the Fourth of July.

Hard Creek Lake

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Roger Phillips lived in McCall for six years in the 1990s and continues to hike, bike and hunt McCall’s vast backcountry. He lives in Boise, remains a part-time McCall resident and is one lottery ticket away from returning as a year-rounder.

I will cut this long-winded preamble short and skip to the spoiler alert: If you want a reasonable backcountry drive and a nice hike to drop-dead gorgeous lakes then plan a trip to Upper Hazard Lake and Hard Creek Lake.


Your trip begins on Goose Lake Road, which is suitable for most vehicles, but beware the road can be a bit bouncy. Go about 8 miles to Hazard Lake Campground on the lake of the same name, which is not to be confused with Big Hazard Lake, a little farther down the road (and also worth checking out).

Hard Creek Lake

There’s a campground at Hazard Lake if you want to, you know, camp. Be careful picking your campsite because you might get so mesmerized staring at the sparkling blue water that you forget about your destination upstream. Here’s how to coax yourself out of your camp chair to check it out. It’s a leisurely 2 mile hike up a well-maintained trail with barely enough elevation gain (about 350 vertical feet) to make water run downhill. Upper Hazard Lake is about 40 acres of surface area with more sparkling blue water and Bruin Mountain rising to about 8,600 feet from its south shoreline. Bruin’s north face holds snow well into summer, which makes the scenery look like it was poached from the Alps. Still not enough? Hike another quarter mile up and over a ridge and you’re at Hard Creek Lake, another scenic gem that’s about 8 acres and shaped like a peanut shell. In case you’re curious, both lakes have trout, so don’t forget your fishing rod.

Getting There: From McCall, drive north on Highway 55 and turn right on the Brundage Mountain-Goose Lake Road. Keep left at the junction toward Hazard Lake and 21 miles after the junction, look for a sign on the right for “Upper Hazard Creek Trail.” Turn right down a short road that leads to a parking lot and the trailhead. Continued page 12

PLAN YOUR SUMMER ADVENTURE w i t h S a l m o n Ra f t i n M c C a l l , I d a h o

M E E T U S AT T H E B OAT H O U S E ! F u l l y c a t e r e d w i l d e r n e s s r a f t i n g a n d fi s h i n g exc u r s i o n s .

8 0 0 - 3 5 0 - 6 6 5 4 I SA L M O N R A F T. C O M Ra n ke d # 1 A c t i v i t y o n Tr i p A d v i s o r

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Whitewater trips leave daily with round-trip transportation from o u r M c C a l l l o c a t i o n o n t h e c o r n e r o f B o y d s t u n & I n d u s t r i a l Lo o p.


MCCALL’S FINEST SPIRITS Straight up or on the rocks? Shaken or stirred? McCall’s finest spirits are handcrafted at The Bar.

Scott Marchant: Granite Mountain, Box Lake, Lava Butte Lakes Wildflower Pilgrimages Photo cour S tesy

t cot Ma

Granite Mountain

rc h

The rugged mountains surrounding McCall offer an array of hiking destinations, but the best treks for me are wildflower pilgrimages. There is nothing like a wildflower-filled meadow to stir my heart. For wildflower lovers, here are three of the best trails near McCall to experience a sensational wildflower hike.

t an

Scott Marchant is a Boise-based guidebook author and landscape photographer. He is the author of The Hiker’s Guide McCall & Cascade and the recently released—The Hiker’s Guide Exploring Greater Boise. All of his products are available at

Granite Mountain It is not often that I find a spectacular wildflower hike that is married with postcard views. The 2.3-mile hike (one-way) to the 8,479-foot Granite Mountain captures both themes. From the grassy meadow near the trailhead to the lofty destination, colorful wildflowers and neck-bending vistas are a constant. The eye-popping view extending over the two-mile long Goose Lake is one of the highlights along the first segment of the hike. The last stretch of the outing climbs along steep hillsides covered with sheep sorrel, wildflowers and granite benches. The final

destination, having gained 1,800 feet from the trailhead, is atop the nearly half-mile wide Granite Mountain where phlox, arnica, lupine and Indian paintbrush color the treeless mountaintop. The stunning panoramic views from the appropriately named mountain extend more than 30 miles in every direction. Wildflowers begin their bloom in early July and usually peak towards the end of the month. Not surprisingly, there is an active fire lookout atop Granite Mountain, so please respect the occupant’s privacy.

GETTING THERE: West of McCall, head north on Brundage Mountain–Goose Lake Road for 6.1 miles to a Y-junction. Bear left (FR 257) towards Hazard Lake. Continue another 7 miles and turn left for the signed Granite Mountain/Twin Lake Trailhead.

The hike to the nearly mile long Box Lake is unquestionably the epitome of wildflower hikes near McCall. Even though I have hiked this trail no less than a dozen times, I’m always amazed at the variety of colorful wildflowers including lupine, penstemon, cinquefoil, sego lily, Indian paintbrush, scarlet gilia, beargrass and a slew of others. Although the trail is steep, the trailside scenery changes frequently and always keeps me anticipating what is around the next bend. The wildflower bloom is best in mid-July, but many wildflowers linger well into August. Continued page 14 14

Photo courtesy Scott Marchant


Box Lake

2,200 feet. Nearly half of the elevation gain occurs in the first mile, and beyond this point, the wildflower journey is in full-bloom.

Photo courtesy Scott Marchant

Getting There: From Davis Avenue near Ponderosa State

There is a grassy meadow bordered by steep granite slopes near the end of the hike—just before descending to Box Lake—that always takes my breath away. Pink mountain heather, lavender shooting stars and the droopy, yellow, glacier lily makes me feel like I have stumbled on paradise. Beyond the meadow, before the trail descends 400 feet, there is a spectacular vista overlooking the nearly mile-long Box Lake. Of the three hikes, Box Lake is by far the most strenuous. It is 6 miles out-andback with a total elevation gain of

Park, turn right onto Lick Creek Road. Follow Lick Creek Road for 14.1 miles (the road turns to a dirt surface at 6.5 miles) to the signed trailhead on the west side of the road.

LAVA BUTTE LAKES (From Big Dave Trailhead) Whenever I am looking for solitude, gobs of wildflowers, an opportunity to see wildlife and a stunning lake basin, I always head to the Lava Butte Lakes. Several trailheads lead to the lakes with the east Clayburn Trailhead (there is a west Clayburn Trailhead too) seeing the least amount of recreationists. It is a long drive—nearly 30 miles on a dirt-surfaced road—but the scenery alone makes this a worthy outing. I try to time the 2.3-mile, one-way hike the last week of July or the first week of August when wildflowers are in full bloom. The narrow trail is one of my favorites for it wanders through fragrant, old-growth forest, past several creek-laced meadows and to a flower-filled knoll overlooking the lake basin. The three Lava Butte Lakes at the end of the hike are framed by grassy hillsides and gray cliffs. Total elevation gain for the hike is 850 feet.

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Lava Butte Lake


Photo courtesy Scott Marchant



Photo courtesy Steve Stuebner

Bear Pete Trail


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n Stueb

GETTING THERE: West of McCall, head north on Brundage Mountain–Goose Lake Road for 6.1 miles to a Y-junction. Bear left (FR 257), continue north another 18.7 miles and turn right towards Elk Meadows. Continue along this road another 8.5 miles to the signed trailhead on the left side of the road.


Steve Stuebner: Bear Pete Trail It’sall about the view Steve Stuebner is an avid outdoor adventurer, author, writer and Dad. He’s been a part-time resident of McCall for 20 years. See more outdoor ideas on his blog,

I discovered Bear Pete Trail over 25 years ago while canvassing the Payette National Forest for potential mountain bike rides. Bear Pete is known as a super-strenuous, day-long ride, but starting from Cloochman Saddle, Bear Pete Trail is actually a delightful 5.5-mile out-andback hike to a prominent rocky peak overlooking Josephine Lake and the surrounding countryside. Simply put, hiking is a much easier way to enjoy the trail. In fact, the Bear Pete hike to the un-named 8,000-foot peak overlooking the lake has some of the best open views of the Payette National Forest and Frank Church-River of No Return

Wilderness that you’ll find anywhere in the greater McCall region. And the wildflowers are utterly spectacular. You’ll feel like you’re walking through a rainbow of colors on the way up and the way down. That’s part of what makes this hike so special. It features almost 2,000 feet of vertical climbing from Cloochman Saddle to the peak over 2.75 miles away, but the scenic views of the surrounding mountains go on forever on a clear day, and the wildflowers are so pretty it’s hard to even notice that you’re sweating. Be sure to pack plenty of water and a lunch to enjoy the views overlooking the lake. Kids over 8 years old will enjoy this trail, and they’ll probably beat you to the top. If you catch the trail during the spring wildflower bloom in early June, you’ll see white bear grass bulbs in the first mile, and then Continued page 16 17

when you’re climbing the open ridge on a series of switchbacks, you’ll see a variety of flowers like red Indian paintbrush, white and pink phlox, and blue/purple penstemon. Often times, we encounter a few bands of deep snow on the ridge walk. That’s a welcome sight for our dog, who can eat snow for a quick drink and roll in it to stay cool. It’s also a good idea to bring a pair of binoculars in case you might see a herd of elk or other critters off in the distance. Off to the West, you’ll see the forested headwaters of French Creek tumble down toward the Salmon River, the Seven Devils peaks looming above, and to the east, the Payette Crest rises impressively with snow-smothered peaks lording over the

Salmon River Country. Looking back toward McCall, you’ll feel like you’ve gone to heaven in that mountain paradise around Bear Pete. Bear Pete was named for Pete Brockenau, according to Idaho author Tom Lopez. Brockenau was apparently famous for his bear-hunting stories.

Getting There: Take Warren Wagon Road north from McCall over 20 miles to the north. After you pass by Upper Payette Lake, watch for a signed left-hand turn for Cloochman Saddle. A higher-clearance vehicle is best for this dirt road (SUVs should be fine). Go several miles to a saddle where the road ends. The trailhead is located at the saddle by the trees.

25 Trailsto Try ThisSummer

Photo courtesy Brett Johnson

Louie Lake


Sometimes the best way to pick a hike is to figure out what your mood calls for. Are you up for a gut-busting climb or after something more mellow? Are you wanting to drop a line and reel one in or is a 360 degree view at the top more important? Whatever your mood, McCall has a hike for you. Continued page 18


Golf, hike, bike, snowshoe, Nordic ski, paddle, fish, forage and aprés-adventure with dinner and drinks at the Clubhouse Restaurant. Find it all right here at Jug Mountain Ranch.



Granite Lake While Granite Lake is accessible by car, some of the best fishing can be found by hiking around the lake’s perimeter. A trail can be found from the campground and circles a good portion of the lake for a chance to reel in a rainbow trout. This is also a great lake for a float tube, kayak or canoe. Trailhead Directions: To access Granite Lake, drive past Brundage Reservoir (also a great place to stop and fish on your way in or on your way out) to the fork at Sater Meadows. Take road 446 three miles. Four-wheel drive is highly recommended.

Upper Shaw Lake

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Twin Lakes

5 Hikesfor Great Fishing Hooking a fish is always exciting but reeling one in from a high mountain lake you have all to yourself takes the experience to a whole new level. Idaho Fish and Game stocks many of the lakes in the area with trout. Find their stocking schedule online at And while the goal may be to catch a trophy rainbow, cutthroat or brook trout, don’t forget to enjoy the scenery, solitude and fresh air.

Louie Lake This lake is one of the gems of McCall. Set beneath towering Jughandle mountain, its crystal clear waters are home to trophy cutthroat trout. The short 2.5 mile out-and-back hike makes packing in a float tube doable and well worth the effort to get out onto the water. Trailhead Directions: From McCall, drive south on Highway 55 and turn left onto Elo Road. Take the left fork after 2.8 miles onto Boulder Lake Road. Follow this road to its end at a campground about 5 miles in and turn right to park at the trailhead.

This is a great hike if you are after a quick outing or have little ones along. A short 1.8 miles out-and-back provides stunning scenery and some great shoreline fishing. For the best fishing holes, we like to head around the west side of the lake toward the stream inlet. Trailhead Directions: From McCall, head north on Highway 55 and turn right onto the paved Brundage Mountain/Goose Lake Road. Continue 3.9 miles until the pavement turns to dirt. Once on the dirt road, bear left toward Hazard Lake. Continue past Goose Lake (also a great fishing spot) and turn left at the sign for Granite Mountain/Twin Lake Trailhead.

Grass Mountain Lakes These two beautiful lakes are a bit farther off the beaten path and offer up solitude along with great fishing. The two lakes are just a short quarter mile apart after a two-mile hike in. You can also kick your hike up a notch and access Coffee Cup Lake from Grass Mountain Lakes to add another scenic destination to your day. Trailhead Directions: Follow the same route as Twin Lakes, but rather than turning into the Twin Lakes trailhead, continue along the dirt road to the Grassy Mountain Trailhead (about 18 miles from the initial turn at Highway 55). There is a large parking lot on the right and the trailhead is located across the road.

Shaw Twin Lakes These scenic lakes are just a short drive from downtown McCall, but feel like you are deep in the wilderness. Lower Shaw is an easy hike, more akin to a stroll, that follows an old irrigation ditch. To get to Upper Shaw, follow the footpath from Lower Shaw around the left side of the lake. It is a short scramble up and over a boulder field to reach the upper lake. Cutthroat trout rule these lakes and while trophy fish are rare, the action makes up for it. Trailhead Directions: From McCall, head south on Highway 55 and turn left onto Elo road. Take the left fork after 2.8 miles onto Boulder Lake Road. Two miles up Boulder Lake Road, veer left and continue up the dirt road for another 4.5 miles then turn left down a short dirt road to a parking area. The trailhead is unmarked, but easily found form the parking area. Continued page 26


To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles

Photo courtesy Jon Conti

– Mary Davis

Hidden Lake

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CRUISING ON BEAUTIFUL PAYETTE LAKE PUBLIC SCENIC CRUISES, 1.5 hours at 2pm Wednesday through Sunday and evening SUNSET CRUISES, 2 hours. Hear about local history & points of interest during your cruise. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Sharlie our Lake Monster! The IDAHO is available for PRIVATE CRUISES, such as; wedding, rehearsal dinner, birthday, anniversary or business gatherings up to 85 passengers. Our local A-Team will strive to make your cruise special. Aboard you’ll find, clean restrooms, full service bar, snacks, enclosed heated cabin and sun deck.


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5 Overnight Backpacking Hikes Sometimes a destination is simply too beautiful to leave. If spending a few hours at an alpine lake just isn’t long enough, try one of these great lakes for an overnight campout. Each offers secluded campsites along the shore for a magical night in the forest.

Deep Lake (easy with kids) This short hike is great for a first overnight trip with younger kids. The hike in is beautiful with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains, but short and sweet at just under one mile. The lake is stunning and several well-established camp sites are nestled along the water’s edge. Once there, you can also explore nearby Trail and Frog Lakes if you are up for a bit of off-trail hiking. Trailhead Directions: Follow Warren Wagon Road 21 miles and turn right onto Forest Service Road 431. Follow this dirt road about 2 miles to its end at a small parking lot.

Curtis Lake

East Fork of Lake Fork Creek Most overnight destinations take you to an alpine lake, but this hike is a bit different. The trail winds for six miles along the scenic creek and ends in a stunning meadow. You can choose to camp here or at any of the prime campsites along the way. Along the way, the creek offers pools to take a dip in and plenty of wildflowers to keep your attention focused on the forest floor. Trailhead Directions: Take Lick Creek Road about 7 miles past the fork and turn right immediately after crossing the bridge. You will follow a short road to a parking area.

If you are looking for solitude, Curtis Lake is a solid choice. This lesser-known lake sees less traffic than some of its counterparts and while the trail is still easy enough to follow, colored tape helps with route-finding as well. After a threemile hike in and 1,400 feet of elevation gain, you are rewarded with this scenic little alpine lake and plenty of campsites to enjoy. Trailhead Directions: From Cascade, turn right onto Warm Lake Road and continue 6 miles to Horsetheif Reservoir Road. Turn right and drive about one mile to Lost Basin Road. Turn left and continue along, veering left at the fork in the road at 3 miles and follow another 7 miles (keeping left at the second fork) to the parking area.

Twenty Mile Lakes Twenty Mile Lakes zone is one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the McCall area. This area boasts four alpine lakes, each just a half-mile from one another, with campsites available at each lake. Spend a night or two exploring each lake (North, South, East and Long) and soaking in the night sky. The hike is about 6 miles in and while this area was partially burned in a fire, plenty of green forest remains. Trailhead Directions: Follow Warren Wagon Road for 17 miles and look to the right for a large parking area and trailhead sign for Twenty Mile Lakes.

The best way to experience Loon Lake is to make a loop of the two routes, although it does not matter which direction you follow the loop. In either direction, you will get to hike through wildflowers and along the Secesh River canyon to reach the half-mile long Loon Lake. Perhaps best known for the B-23 Dragon Bomber that crashed in 1943, Loon Lake offers a piece of history paired with some excellent backcountry camping options. Trailhead Directions: Follow Warren Wagon Road and pass the Burgdorf Junction. Stay on Warren Wagon Road for another 6.5 miles past the junction until you reach the Chinook Campground. Turn right into the campground and follow the single-lane road 1.2 miles to the parking area. 28

Photo courtesy Jon Conti

Loon Lake

Loon Lake

Sometimes we just can’t wait to get back on the trail after a long winter. If you are itching to get out an explore, we rounded up a few options for early season adventures. As with any early season recreation, keep an eye on the weather and postpone your hike if trails are muddy.

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

5 Early Season Hikes

Rapid River Trail – March This lovely trail is technically accessible year-round, but we like to hike this in early spring when everything starts to green up and the flowers start to bloom. Most of this hike is spent down at the water level, but it does start out along a steep hillside – be sure to watch small children and pets in this first area. Make this hike as long or as short as you want. Most people hike to the second bridge at about 4 miles in, but the trail extends well beyond this point to Potter’s Flat (another 5 miles) or McCrea Place (3 miles beyond Potter’s Flat). Trailhead Directions: Follow US 95 from New Meadows 30 miles toward Riggins. Turn left onto Rapid River Road (look for the Hatchery sign) and continue 3 miles to the parking area.

Hazard Creek Falls – late April If you are chasing early-season waterfalls, Hazard Creek is a great option. During the spring runoff, this creek rages and a rocky overlook three miles up the trail is your destination for views of the area and the falls. Trailhead Directions: From New Meadows, travel north on US 95 15.5 miles to Hazard Creek Road. Turn right on this road (also known as FR 287) and travel about a mile, taking the left fork in the road. The unsigned trailhead is about a half mile up on the right.

Cow Camp Trail – May This little-used spring trail is great for an amble through the forest after a long winter. The trail traverses some steep hillsides, gaining 1,600 feet in elevation before reaching its destination: Squirrel Creek. This spot is a great place to sit and relax or dangle your feet over the bridge. The trail does continue on from the bridge another three miles to connect to other trails in the area. Trailhead Directions: From New Meadows, drive north on US 95 for 12 miles and turn left onto Smokey Boulder Road. Follow the road 2.3 miles then take the right fork and travel another 4 miles to a bridge across Boulder Creek. The signed trailhead is just beyond the bridge.

Vulcan Hot Springs – mid-May This short hike is great for a little exercise that ends with a soak in a hot spring. The trail winds through Stolle Meadows and along Tyndall Creek. About a mile in, you will see a large soaking pool that converges with the creek — a necessary mixture as the hot springs can reach a temperature of 190

Vulcan Hot Springs

degrees. Trailhead Directions: From Cascade, turn right onto Warm Lake Road. Typically you can take FR 474 in Stolle Meadows, however this road is currently being reconstructed. We recommend driving to the Warm Lake Lodge and following the road around the west side of the lake to connect to FR 427. This road will connect back to FR 474. About 4 miles from this junction, look for a large parking lot on the left side of the road. The trailhead is across the road from the parking lot.

Goose Creek Falls (from Last Chance) – June There are actually three ways to get to Goose Creek Falls, one from the Gordan Titus parking lot along Brundage Mountain-Goose Creek Road, one from Brundage Reservoir, and one from Last Chance Campground. Due to its lower elevation, the trail from Last Chance Campground is typically accessible earlier and, in our opinion, offers the more scenic route. Wind through a thick canopy of trees while crisscrossing several small creeks and bridge crossings to get to a scenic overlook of Goose Creek Falls. Be sure to look for morels along the way as well! Trailhead Directions: From McCall, drive north on Highway 55. Past the Brundage Mountain turn, you will wind through a canyon. At the bottom of the canyon, look to the right for Last Chance Road. Take this road 2 miles and turn into Last Chance Campground. The trailhead is located near the back of the campground. Continued page 28 29

Needles Summit

Snowslide lake

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

The primary benefit to gaining elevation is gaining panoramic views and the trek to Needles Summit does not disappoint. This trail typically sees less traffic and offers a secluded trail to have all to yourself. This hike is an impressive 11 miles out and back with an elevation gain of 2,400 feet along the way. On a clear day, you can see for miles into the surrounding Salmon River Mountains. Trailhead Directions: From McCall, drive south on Highway 55 and turn left onto Paddy Flat Road. Cross Farm to Market and continue on Paddy Flat Road to the Summit junction at 5 miles. Take the left fork and continue on to the Kennally Creek Campground. Follow the trail to the signed junction (about 2 miles in) for Blackmare and Needles Summit, turning right.

5 Uphill Hikes to Get Your Heart Pumping Sweat equity can make the view at the top so much sweeter. These hikes are some of our favorite uphill treks that pay dividends both along the trail and at your destination. Higher elevation means wildflowers bloom a bit later, the landscape is lush, and the views are nothing short of spectacular.

Snowslide Lake/Maki Lake This is a leg-burner any way you cut it. For a shorter uphill session, you can stop at Snowslide Lake. That still gets you 1,300 feet in elevation gain and impressive views along the way. For those wanting to continue the burn, Maki Lake is another mile and another 1,300 feet higher. Both lakes offer some spectacular wildflower blooms starting in mid-July. Trailhead Directions: From McCall, turn onto Lick Creek Road. From the fork, continue on Lick Creek and drive 11.5 miles to the parking area. Look for the East Fork Lake Fork Trail sign on the right. To start this hike, you must immediately cross the North Fork of Lake Fork Creek before starting your ascent. 30

Granite Peak/Tripod Lookout Any time you can hike to a lookout you know the view will be spectacular. At the end of this 3 mile hike are 360 degree views of Long and Round Valleys. There are two routes to the top, one a shorter scramble up a less maintained trail, the other a bit longer in length but following a maintained trail to the Lookout. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with the views or the workout as you climb 1,600 feet. Trailhead Directions: From Cascade drive south on Highway 55 and turn right onto Cabarton Road, following for 2.5 miles before turning left onto Snowbank Road. Follow this for an about 9.5 miles and turn left onto an unnamed road. At the end of this road is the trailhead and parking for a few vehicles.

Crystal Lake and Fall Creek Saddle When the hike is said and done, this steep trek will gain 2,200 feet in elevation along the 5 mile out-and-back trail with plenty of scenery to soak in along the way. You are welcome to cut this hike a bit short and make Crystal Lake your final destination or continue another quarter mile on to Fall Creek Saddle and take the short footpath to a stunning overlook of the lake below. Trailhead Directions: From McCall take Lick Creek Road, taking the right fork. From the fork, drive 10 miles and look on the left for the Fall Creek Trail sign.

Lake Rock Lake This short hike doesn’t waste time gaining 1,500 feet in elevation. The solitude and lake often see local fishermen and women traverse this trail, but it is not well maintained so expect to encounter a lot of deadfall. One of this trail’s most loveable features is a boulder field near the outlet creek that is home to an abundant colony of whistle pigs. Listening to these marmots whistle back and forth is quite an experience! Trailhead Directions: Follow Warren Wagon Road for 25.5 miles. The trailhead is not marked, but there is a small parking area on the right side of the road and the trailhead is located right along the tree line. Continued page 30


since 1904



Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

5 Hikesfor Younger Kids Finding a trail with a gentle slope and manageable distance for little legs without sacrificing scenery can seem like a daunting task. But McCall is home to a plethora of short, stunning hikes the entire family will enjoy. And if all else fails, remember to bring some candy for the trek. There is nothing like a little chocolate motivation to keep a kid moving!

Meadow Marsh Loop Just about every trail in Ponderosa State Park is a great option for little ones, but this trail comes with great interpretive signs that make this a fun learning experience. This is a foot traffic only trail, so there are no worries about running in to mountain bikers with little hikers in tow. The full loop is just under two miles, but there is a good option to cut that hike in half by taking the Fir Grove

Boulder Lake

Cut-Off a half mile in. Trailhead Directions: The trailhead is well marked on the right, just over half a mile on the main road after entering the Park. We like to park at the Activity Center and walk the short distance to the trailhead.

Pearl Lake For a longer hike with an easy slope, Pearl Lake is the gold standard. There is plenty to keep little ones entertained on the trail with wildflowers, Teardrop Lake, and a couple of easy creek crossings before reaching your destination. While the hike is a manageable 3.5 miles out-and-back, the road into the trailhead is a bit rocky, so plan to take it slow. Trailhead Directions: Follow Warren Wagon Road just under 14 miles and turn right at the Crestline Trailhead 7 sign (you will cross a bridge).


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Continue 7 miles up the dirt road to the trailhead, keeping straight at the first two junctions and veering right at the next three.

Duck Lake This great little hike starts out at 6,600 feet and has a gentle climb of 300 feet in just over a mile. The lake is a great day trip, but there are also some great campsites along the lake’s perimeter that make this a perfect first overnight backpack with kids. Trailhead Directions: From McCall take Lick Creek Road, taking the right fork. From the fork, drive 16 miles. On the left will be a large parking area and trail head.

Josephine Lake

cK en





While the shortest hike on our list at just 1.5 miles out-andback, Josephine Lake may also be the most stunning. The 8,286-foot Squaw Point rises out of the emerald green water for a breathtaking destination. M sy rte u o Trailhead Directions: Travel along to c Pho Warren Wagon Road, passing Upper Payette Lake and Secesh Summit. Three

miles after the summit, take a left on Forest Service Road 316, marked “Josephine Lake.” The road to the trailhead is a bit bumpy so a vehicle with good clearance is recommended.

Boulder Lake Perhaps the most well-known hike on our list, Boulder has earned its reputation as a favorite for good reason. The trail winds through beautiful terrain and the infinity edge of the dam makes Boulder Lake one-of-a-kind. While a bit longer and steeper than the rest, Boulder is a great option for kids looking to take hiking to the next level. At 3.2 miles outand-back with 800 feet in elevation gain, the trail is still manageable for families. Trailhead Directions: From McCall, drive south on Highway 55 and turn left onto Elo Road. Take the left fork after 2.8 miles onto Boulder Lake Road. Follow this road to its end at a campground about 5 miles in and turn left to park. The trailhead can be found at the base of the Boulder Meadow Reservoir dam. For more hiking ideas, maps, and trail information, we highly recommend picking up a copy of one of our featured expert’s trail guides. You can find these at Barn Owl Books and May Hardware in McCall, or feel free to visit the author sites directly: | Continued page 32

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Trail Etiquette Just like at the dinner table, hiking has its own set of etiquette rules to abide by. Here are the commonsense ways to keep everyone happy on the trail. • Downhill hikers yield to uphill hikers. • Passing lanes are like driving — walk on the right and pass on the left. • Mountain bikers yield to hikers, hikers and mountain bikers yield to horseback riders. • Keep your dog under control or leashed if required by the trail and always clean up after your pet.

• Leave No Trace: Pack it in, pack it out (trash, recyclables, food waste), stay on the trail to avoid damaging the surrounding environment, and don’t add to or take away from rock cairns. • Be mindful, not fearful of wildlife. There is a good chance you will encounter a deer, elk, moose, fox, bear or other animal while in the forest. Educate yourself on the best ways to steer clear — remember that you are a visitor to their home! 34

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. – Henry David Thoreau

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

• Be friendly to other hikers – along with being the nice thing to do, it is also a great way to learn about trail conditions ahead. Plus, if you are solo hiking, it is great to have someone know where you have been in case of an emergency.


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The Narrows Steakhouse. Brilliant choice.

Open Daily, 5–10pm. For reservations, call 208.630.0203 | 501 West Lake Street | McCall, Idaho 83638

Fogglifter Café

Ph o



co ur



V is

it I d



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Mile High Marina & Grille

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Café 6 three 4

Drive-Thru featuring:

The Coffee Shop at Shore Lodge

*Espresso *Smoothies *Small Bites

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Cutwater Grill at Shore Lodge 501 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 800-657-6464

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Dee’z Squeeze

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…your local java stop since 1998!

My Father’s Place

Secesh Stage Stop

The Narrows Steakhouse at Shore Lodge

Smoky’s Bar and Grill at Brundage Mountain Resort

North Fork Coffee Roasters

Stacey Cakes

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Subway of New Meadows 505 Virginia St. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-4000

The Sushi Bar

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Wild River Java

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Tee Up a Golf getaway in mccall You don’t have to be an avid golfer to appreciate the natural splendor of our area courses. Teeing off over a green meadow with a snowcapped mountain at your back may not automatically improve your handicap, but it will improve your mood! Stay and play packages at two of our area courses make planning your next golf vacation in McCall easy. Get a preview of what to expect at McCall Golf Course and Jug Mountain Ranch then start packing that golf bag.

Photos courtesy Gary Ertter Photography


Tucked right in the heart of McCall just a few blocks from Payette Lake and a few blocks from Ponderosa State Park, the McCall Golf Course is 27 holes of bliss. Wildlife is abundant, conditions are always good, and the course boasts a vibrant golf culture. Banyans on the Green restaurant and bar offers a place to meet and mingle as the central gathering place.

Originally built as an 18-hole course, the facility was expanded to add an additional 9 holes and now provides three 9 hole course options for players: Aspen, Birch, and Cedar. Play one or play them all. These 27 holes are also home to one of the biggest match play events in the Northwest…the McCall Amateur. The tournament is comprised of three separate competitions, junior, women and men, that takes place over the course of a week each summer and draws golfers from ages 5 to 85.

someone hits a great shot on Aspen 8…it sits right next to the Snack Shack and is a bit of a gathering place that adds a bit of pressure and a lot of fun to this hole.

BIRCH 3 A bit of a challenge keeps you humble on the course. This par 3 has a blind uphill landing area and sits right in front of the restaurant deck. Between the elevation change and gallery watching your tee shot, Birch 3 is bit of a pressure cooker.

CEDAR 6 Where Aspen and Birch take advantage of the wide, rolling meadows, Cedar is narrow and built into the mountain terrain. Cedar 6 is one of the farthest points away from the Clubhouse and with pines flanking either side of the hole, makes you feel like you are in some faraway forest. For a bit of quiet and a lot of scenery, nothing beats this hole.

Personal Picks from Superintendent Eric McCormick:

ASPEN 8 This fun little par 3 has received a lot of time and attention from the maintenance staff and has a green that plays like a dream. The hole has a slight uphill over water and you can always tell when Photo courtesy Mel Ota

JUG MOUNTAIN RANCH One of the things that sets Jug Mountain Ranch apart is the challenging mix of terrain that makes up the course design. From meadow to forest, natural water hazards to bunkers, Jug Mountain Ranch serves up stunning scenery and exhilarating play. Plus, it isn’t uncommon to see a moose, elk, deer or fox along they way. Built within a private residential community, Jug Mountain Ranch is a public course that has a country club experience. In fact, the course was named by Golf Pass as one of the 25 courses for value in the U.S. in 2021. The Clubhouse serves as the Pro Shop and includes a full bar and restaurant with spectacular views of the course and valley below. A perfect place to relax after a round. Personal Picks from Dustin Ames, Jug Mountain Ranch Golf Pro:

HOLE #1 The first swing gets you right down to business with an elevated tee shot that starts on the ridge at the Clubhouse overlooking the valley and Boulder Creek below. This short par 4 is a bit deceiving, with a lay up necessary before the water and a second shot needed to get up onto the green.

HOLE #12 It is all about risk versus reward on Hole 12 with a tee shot that takes you over a large pond. Be bold and go for the green at 310 yards or use a short iron to get you over the water down the left side with an easier second shot to the green.

HOLE #16 As a long par 5, this hole keeps you guessing. The tee shot is uphill with wetlands and out of bounds to the left and right of the fairway. The second shot is all downhill and while it is possible to get to the green in two shots, Boulder Creek has been known to steal a lot of golf balls in the attempt.

Photo courtesy Case Conti Visuals

Photo courtesy Samantha Sais Photography

An inside look at a coveted Middle Fork river trip By Samantha Sais

Sa tesy Photo cour

The rivers of Idaho offer an enormous variety of accessible whitewater rafting, perhaps more than anywhere else on earth. Whether you are seeking a moderate class II-III, or are kayaking some serious class V, there’s a world-class section of river for everyone, and a guided outfitter in every corner of the state to take you. If you have the time, the gear, and the skills to coordinate your own self-supported river trip, then Idaho has many rivers to choose from.

o ot Ph ais aS nth ma

Locally, McCall’s whitewater options focus on day trips along the Payette River. The North Fork Payette Cabarton class III section, just south of Cascade, is an 11-mile stretch that provides a continuous, scenic day trip, and ends with the climactic Howard’s Plunge. Downstream, the Payette’s Staircase section offers a steeper, more exciting five-mile roadside run to the town of Banks. This stretch is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced and is essentially a class III - IV rapid from start to finish. The Main Payette, or Upper Main, begins in Banks, offering a popular and splashy seven-mile class III float to the Beehive take-out. 40

gr ap


Photo courtesy Samantha Sais Photography

For multi-day trips, head further into the mountains for the classic river experience. Idaho’s Salmon River, known as the ‘River of No Return’ starts near Salmon, Idaho at the mouth of the Middle Fork of the Salmon. The Salmon, known as the Main, is an 80 mile, five-six day expedition, starting just west of Salmon and ending upstream of Riggins at Vinegar Creek. The Salmon’s pool-drop characteristic offers huge volume, and class III-IV wave trains and holes, capable of swallowing a large raft at higher flows and making for one epic experience on the water. Experienced

I was lucky enough to be invited on one such private trip and it is an experience I won’t soon forget.

Hitting the Jackpot Pulling a Middle Fork permit is basically like winning the outdoor adventure lottery. And for a private trip, the permit holder gets to select who comes along on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The crew typically consists of some old boater friends, some new acquaintances, and some capable bodies. If you’re lucky enough to meet one of these criteria and get invited, then clear your schedule and pack your dry bag. If you have your own boat or bring other talents to the table, even better.

outfitters and guides based in McCall and Riggins offer several multi-day trip options. However, there is one stretch of the river revered by all, the quintessential “gold standard” for river rafting…the Middle Fork. In the heart of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness—the lower 48’s largest federally protected wilderness area—lies the Salmon river’s largest tributary, known as the Middle Fork. The Middle Fork is perhaps the most coveted multi-day river permit in the world. While several rafting companies offer guided trips, many opt to seek a private trip. A private permit is only awarded to a lucky applicant under Idaho’s 4 rivers lottery permit system. According to the USDA, in 2020, the Middle Fork had more than 17,000 applicants, and only 387 permits, which gives each applicant a 1-in-45 chance of winning.

Photo courtesy Samantha Sais Photography

So, you’ve been invited. The crew has been chosen. Logistics are passed around, funds are met, and inventory is gathered. The launch date is approaching and the excitement for adventure is drawing near. Eventually, the car is packed, and you head out to leave the rest of the world behind.

The Launch The Middle Fork’s 100 mile, free-flowing, crystal clear water is among the longest, un-dammed, uninterrupted bodies of moving water in the country. Typically floated in six to eight days, it is a major commitment. From May 28th to September 3rd, only seven permits are launched per day, private and commercial. The day prior to the launch, each trip leader must reserve assigned campsites for each night of the trip. The daily itinerary for every day on the river is planned around the distance from each camp. On night two, you may get that large sandy beach with a waterfront tent site. On night three, maybe a small, wooded site surrounded by hot springs. Each camp offers a unique perspective of the river canyon. Continued page 40 41

most flows, and they feature large drops or boulders to navigate through. Other, unnamed rapids should not be underestimated and require close attention.

Photo courtesy Samantha Sais Photography

th an Sam tesy Photo cour

During our late-season trip, this section turns into a channelized boulder garden. The real challenges are choosing the right channel, not getting stuck, aS ais and not snapping an oar Ph oto between the rocks. Many grap hy experienced with these flows deflate their floors and run the rafts soggy to noodle over the shallow, rocky river bottom. Even the most experienced boaters need a partner with a strong back to help push off rocks. The entire trip looks out for one another, waiting and setting safety for hang-ups. Some may shy away from late-season trips, but in my experience, they’re missing out on the action. Once you are through the narrow and steep S-shaped drop at Pistol Creek Rapid, you’ve officially made it through the upper 25. At this point, around day three for our trip, the Indian Creek Ranger station offers an alternative launch for those who may want to avoid the upper section during extremely high, or very low flows. Permit holders may fly in with their crew, gear, and boats. Sometimes additional supplies are flown in here to lighten the load on the upper section.

From the Boundary Creek launch site, the Middle Fork begins in a cool, lush alpine forest and although recent fire activity has left much of this forest burned, lodgepole and Douglas Fir still line the river’s edge. Prior to each trip’s launch, the Ranger educates the group on several topics including fishing and fish habitat, historic artifacts and archeological sites, and overall river etiquette. Once boaters finish rigging at Boundary Creek, the first contact with the water begins by sliding your boat down a long, steep ramp, sometimes requiring lowering your boat into the river by rope. Once the boat splashes into the water, this marks the true beginning of the adventure.

Daily Action During the first 25 miles, the river is continuous and technical. Small creeks and hidden waterfalls spill into every corner of the river, and the flow increases with each mile. The action begins immediately. There is no warmup on the Middle Fork. Large, named rapids, such as Velvet Falls, may want to be scouted at 42

Photo courtesy Samantha Sais Photography

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Photo courtesy Samantha Sais Photography During our trip, I found that one of the most fascinating aspects of the Middle Fork, and something that separates it from other rivers of this length, is its continuous flow. The current will help push you along from top to bottom. This allows for a craft unique to the Middle Fork, the ‘sweep’ boat. The sweep is a large (up to 28 ft long) gear boat used by commercial outfitters. The oars are positioned on the bow and stern and swing sideways in a sweep-like motion. The guide stands in the center on a deck platform surrounded by baggage. This design does not allow for forward momentum, but it gives a boat this size a huge advantage with side-to-side maneuvering. An impressive sight as a spectator to see these beasts in motion. One of the best parts of each day is arriving at camp. There seems to be a natural ritual every day when our feet touch dry land where we all get a moment to share with our fellow travelers and reflect on the day. Often, this is followed by smaller groups splitting off to eventually be with themselves and absorb the river atmosphere before returning for the highlight of camp…dinner. The kitchen is set up and food and refreshments are pulled from coolers. Each crew member takes a turn presenting their chosen camp cuisine. Your appetite tells you it is the most satisfying meal in memory. Dinner is flavored by the essence of the outdoors and the company around you. 44

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Indian Creek also marks the transition from the upper, dense, forested section to the more open, dry, middle section, where larger tributaries and hot springs enter the wide, sloping canyon walls. Hot springs are created by the pressure from the many layers of the surrounding rock. As water from rain and snowmelt work their way deeper into the earth, it heats up. Water heats up at a rate of 2 degrees for every 100 feet of depth. Pressure from the rocks pushes the water back towards the surface. The water carries minerals from each rock-type. Some of these minerals in combination with sulfur, create a stinky, rotten egg smell - but the hot springs on the Middle Fork aren’t the stinky kind!

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History on the River Days on the river are broken up with hiking, hot springs soaking, and exploring the amazing history of the area. There is always something to see of significance on the Middle Fork. Hiking and historic artifacts can be found on old homestead sites, marking humanity’s earlier attempts at settling the area. Some settlements paint a clear picture of how tough full-time settler life was in the canyon. There’s an obvious awareness of one’s total isolation and self-reliance. Many prehistoric native habitants left their markings on canyon walls, showing evidence of an ancient hunter-gatherer civilization. Early Shoshone and Nez Perce Native Americans lived in small villages along terraces above the river. The tribes were known to have occupied the isolated canyon as long as 8,000 years ago. All early settlers of the canyon were known to have little to no contact with life outside of the canyon. For every modern visitor, we have an opportunity to disconnect and reconnect to a simpler time, and to put our devices and real-world obligations aside to remember our place in the natural world. The river canyon is a refuge for anything that may be missing from our normal lives. Our experience depends entirely on what we bring to it.

Keeping it Wild The Middle Fork was not always as pristine. From the effects of its early gold-rush history and heavy grazing from cattle and sheep ranchers, the river saw its latest transformation during the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. This act helped in preserving our wild rivers, promoting public participation, and recognizing the potential for the river’s appropriate use. After the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was passed, much of the surrounding wildlife ecosystem has returned, and the river’s water clarity, litter, and fish habitat have seen major improvements. As disheartening as the lottery permit system may seem as an applicant, it has helped tremendously to lessen the impact of river recreation on the environment. The permit helps to control the flow of visitors and enforces rules and regulations to help preserve the habitat. From my experience, all boaters take pride in having good etiquette. The camps are clean, and there is no trace of their use, boaters always leaving their camp better than they found it.

Going Out with a Splash

Photo courtesy Samantha Sais Photography

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Tappan Canyon marks the beginning of the lower stretch, where the sloping canyon walls enter the steep, talus cliff banks and the whitewater action picks up again. The lower canyon geology is the most dramatic. In Impassable Canyon, the final segment of the Middle Fork, you pass beneath the second deepest canyon in North

America, where 2,000-foot cliffs tower over the river bottom. The last few miles consist of stunning views, vertical walls, and huge, technical rapids, pushing you into steep, narrow corridors, and polished sculptures in the rock. After the grand finale of whitewater, you are only a couple of miles from the end. The Middle Fork tapers out into a mile-long straightaway and enters the Main Salmon on its journey to the ocean. For me, this last stretch is representative of the entire trip. Big whitewater and grand stories to tell, paired with quieter moments, reflection, and a deeper appreciation for this wild place. That is perhaps why the Middle Fork is such a sought-after trip. You get so many unique experiences wrapped up into one adventure on the water. Pure Idaho gold, right there.

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Take care, someone needs you. When you’re trying to take care of everyone else, make sure to take care of yourself. Let us be your partner in health, whether you’re recovering from an injury, checking in for your annual exam, or learning to meditate in an online class. Because when you take care of yourself, everyone around you benefits.

The Trapper Cabin By Lindsey Harris

Wallace Stegner wrote in The Sound of Mountain Water, “One cannot be pessimistic about the West. This is the native home of hope. When it fully learns that cooperation, not rugged individualism, is the quality that most characterizes and preserves it, then it will have achieved itself and outlived its origins. Then it has a chance to create a society to match its scenery.” That hope, and the cooperation it inspires, can be seen all around us, but perhaps never more so than in a small cabin located 22 miles north of McCall at the end of a dirt road in the Payette National Forest. The “Trapper Cabin” was built in 1936 and is one of only two cabins left in Idaho that were built by the USDA Wildlife Service (WS). The mission of WS is to provide Federal leadership and expertise to resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist. At that time of its construction, the Trapper Cabin was used as an outpost to control the predator populations as agricultural industries grew in the area. Constructed in the traditional Rocky Mountain log cabin style, using lodge pole pine logs and mud chinking, the Trapper Cabin is the only cabin remaining in the Payette National Forest built using this historic method. While a second cabin was originally built at Blackwell Lake, it sadly burned in the Blackwell Fire in 1994. The remaining cabin had been eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places, however a vandalism incident in September of 2015 derailed that opportunity and set this historic place on a new path. On a fall day in 2015, a group of people shattered the Trapper Cabin’s serene setting, breaking the windows and using cables attached to an ATV to pull logs from the base of the cabin. The torque from this action caused the cabin to partially collapse. After reports of the vandalism reached the Payette National Forest, which was actively fighting the large TeePee Springs fire nearby at the time, 50

Morgan Zedalis, Heritage Program Manager and Forest Archaeologist (PNF Heritage Program Manager and resident archeologist/ anthropologist), was able to drive out and assess the damage a few days later. What she found was disheartening. Zedalis grew up recreating and visiting the woods where the Trapper Cabin sits, so this historic place has personal significance for her. These fond memories, family traditions, and love of the great outdoors along with her position at the Forest Service, sparked a personal pursuit of justice for the Trapper Cabin. After seeing the damage, Zedalis spoke with her Local Enforcement Officer and learned the situation was bleak with no real opportunity for recourse or straightforward way to find who was responsible and seek compensation for the damage. However, thanks to the urging of family members, Zedalis and the Payette National Forest took to social media to seek out any leads as to who may have done the damage. Less than 24 hours, 38 comments and 79 shares later, they had a lead. An individual came forward after seeing cell phone video footage of the incident. This spurred a major effort by Zedalis to restore the cabin and preserve its historic significance. Before getting started, however, she had to actually determine who owned the Trapper Cabin. At that time, the Payette National Forest did not own the cabin and there was no clear paper trail to help determine who the owner of record was. After some digging, it was discovered that it was still owned by the WS, and since the building was a liability and hazard, the WS earnestly sold

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American Designers

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Mountain Chic

way we could save it. When you go into a project with Ed we call them Ed-Ventures, and I just labeled this as another ed-venture. He is just remarkable at his ability to solve problems.” Swan says he got on board because the project was infectious. “I would have likely just passed over the project, but the vision is what motivated and galvanized the group,” Swan says. With a plan in place and the winter behind them, restoration work commenced the following spring. The men got to work replacing the damaged and rotted logs, replacing the floors and windows, and rodent-proofing the structure to ensure its longevity. The goal was to re-build the cabin as close to its original state as possible to retain its signature character. Although experienced, Allen had not spearheaded a project of this magnitude that involved recreating a cabin with full structural rehabilitation, but the team was able to make it happen. it to the Payette National Forest for a nominal amount. With ownership secured, the Forest Service could move forward with the restoration. But restoration was a difficult task, at best. To improve the odds of success and buy some time to plan and brainstorm solutions, Zedalis was able to stabilize the structure before winter set in. This task complete, she then contacted retired Forest Service employee Ed Allen who had previous experience restoring cabins in Idaho’s backcountry. From there, Allen recruited two additional former Forest Service employees and friends, Larry Swan and Dave LeClair. Swan and Allen met in 1968 during their rookie year of smokejumping in McCall while LeClair was a hot shot firefighter who ultimately retired as the forest carpenter. All three men shared great connection to the Payette National Forest and stewardship. When the three first started to evaluate the scope of the project, they knew the task would be difficult…a perfect “Ed-Venture.” “Ed has the know-how to view this situation as a challenging opportunity,” said Swan. “I looked at it and thought there is no

Zedalis attributes the success of the project to Forest Service personnel for getting through the red tape and the rehabilitation of the cabin to the ingenuity, hard work, and sense of stewardship of Allen, Swan, and LeClair. The builders, in turn, give the credit to Zedalis and her tenacity to make the restoration possible against all odds. The willingness of everyone involved to give credit to someone else is a shining example of the altruism of this community and the humble cast of characters that quietly live here. “This project was a risk that was taken on by many individuals and departments; a rare situation all-around and a complete leap of faith on everyone’s part,” says Zedalis. “I was overwhelmed by the love and support that we received,” says Zedalis. “Not only did social media help us find the perpetrators, but it also gave us the opportunity to hear the meaning and significance of this place to so many people.” In


addition to stories from social media, during the restoration, countless recreationalists, hunters, and adventurers would stop in to see the progress of the project and would recount their own stories from the area, expressing their gratitude for saving the cabin. The Trapper Cabin represents much more than just the structure. The cabin is a reminder that history is important to society and there is value in seeing and preserving what came before. Allen says he believes when people encounter something like the Trapper Cabin it heightens their awareness of their surroundings. “In my opinion, we don’t put enough value on those types of things,” Allen says. “Unless we have these tangible things to connect to, that element of respect will be missing. They are important to us, they remind us, they connect us, keep us hanging on to that era.”

When you have to work in paradise Our flexible workspace and virtual office options are tailored to fit the unique needs of your business from day one, so you can focus on what you do best: giving your business the fuel it needs to grow exponentially.

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Connie McClaran

David Armstrong

Debra Bonsack

Lynn McConnell

Marcia Hietala

Michele Applebee

Noreen Shanafelt

Stephanie Teeter

Thea Belecz

regional artists · downtown mccall

Open Daily 11am to 5pm · 311 E. Lake St, McCall · Lake Level on Hwy 55 in downtown McCall

208.634.6313 · Photo courtesy McCall Outdoor Science School



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Donnelly Farmers Market Zi m every Wednesday, 3pm-6pm m er McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, Activity Barn McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August Roseberry Museum Open Friday-Sunday, 1pm-5pm TGIF Summer Concert Series: Brundage Mountain Seven Devils Playwrights Conference Idaho Free Fishing Day Father’s Day Celebrations McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program Summer Grand Openings: Tamarack Resort & Brundage Mountain Kaleidoscope Children’s Art Festival: Central Idaho Historical Museum Cowboy Trade Days: Roseberry Taste of McCall Alpha Days: Alpha Grange Ponderosa Park Run for Payette Lakes Ski Club sy






Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April McCall Starz on Ice Winter Carnival Events the first weekend of February Brundage Mountain Diva Days



all cC



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Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark s& at Brundage Mountain: January Humani ti e s Coun cil through April Idaho State Pond Skimming Championships: Tamarack Resort Brundage Mountain Crazy Daze & Pond Skimming State Gelande Quaff Championships: Brundage Mountain Salmon River Jet Boat Races: Riggins Easter Brunch: Shore Lodge & Rupert’s Community Easter Egg Hunts Howdy’s Gas and Grub Annual Fishing Tournament Mountain High Quilt Camp: Quaker Hill r tes

– cour tesy Case Co


– cou

Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April Payette Children’s Forest Winter Adventure Idaho Free Nordic Ski Day Youth Ice Fishing Day Brundage Mountain Diva Days McCall Re-Mastered Nordic Race Winter Carnival Events begin the last Friday of January Idaho Sled Dog Challenge

Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April Women with Bait Tournament: Riggins Snowmobile Crab Feed: Warren Military Springfest: Brundage Mountain Theatre Production by McCall Arts & Humanities St. Patrick’s Day Party: Yacht Club Brewski: Tamarack Resort Spring Break Lunch & a Movie: Shore Lodge

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ou –c

This event calendar represents typical happenings you can find throughout the year in McCall. Keep in mind that many events may have a new structure to account for COVID-19 public health and safety concerns. Please visit each group or business website for specific information on each event.

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tesy Case C ont

Donnelly Community Yard and Craft Sale Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Idaho Gives Mother’s Day Celebrations Riggins Rodeo and Parade GIG Foundation Annual Fundraiser and Silent Auction: Bistro 45 Historic Roseberry Open House and Volunteer Picnic Memorial Day Observance


–c o ur





Heritage Night: Little Ski Hill Beer & Gear Festival: Brundage Mountain Destination: Beer Snowmobile Fun Run: McCall Snowmobile Club Valentine’s Day Dinners: Shore Lodge & Rupert’s Winter Jamboree: Cascade Meadows Valley Snow Jamboree Women with Bait Tournament: Riggins McCallin’ All Cats Vintage Snowcat Jamboree Winemaker Dinner: Shore Lodge

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Donnelly Farmers Market every Wednesday, 3pm-6pm McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, Activity Barn Roseberry Museum Open Friday-Sunday, 1pm-5pm Meadows Valley Days ou Roseberry’s Oldrte s Fashioned Ice Cream Social y April Whitney Alpha Nursery Fall Harvest Festival Judge’s Fishing Day: Cascade Payette Lake Run


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und e r so n

McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, Activity Barn Skate By The Lake Hockey Tournament McCall Curling Club Roktoberspiel Cascade Lake Run McPaws Oktoberfest McCall Ski Swap Haunted House: Little Ski Hill Halloween in Donnelly Harvest Fest: Donnelly Elementary Trunk or Treat Halloween Events: McCall & Donnelly

Theatre Production by McCall Arts & Humanities Council Cascade Holiday Bazaar: Ashley Inn Thanksgiving 6K Turkey Trot: The Club at Aspen Village McCall Festival of Trees Hunt Lodge Holiday Bazaar Mountain Hollydays: Thanksgiving to New Year’s Small Business Saturday Pray for Snow Party: Activity Barn Thanksgiving Dinner: Shore Lodge, Rupert’s & the Ashley Inn Community Thanksgiving Dinner: Cascade Fall Concert: Shore Lodge


Downtown Shop-Around Downtown Tree Lighting: McCall & New Meadows Snow Ball benefiting the Payette Lakes Ski Club Backcountry Film Festival sy Sie St. Luke’s McCall rra Swa in Holiday Happenings Moudy Mountain Christmas Cascade Community Center Christmas Craft Fair McCall Music Society Community Carol-Along Breakfast with Santa: Shore Lodge Pictures with Santa: Various Locations Santa Paws Christmas Cookie Decorating: Shore Lodge Christmas Eve Dinner: Rupert’s & Ashley Inn Christmas Dinner: Shore Lodge Santa Skis: Brundage Mountain & Tamarack Resort Holiday Ice Show: Manchester Ice & Events Center Light Up the Night: Brundage Mountain New Year’s Eve Celebrations: Tamarack Resort & Shore Lodge rte

Donnelly Farmers Market every Wednesday, 3pm-6pm McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, Activity Barn McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program Roseberry Museum Open Friday-Sunday, 1pm-5pm



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Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival Huckleberry Festival in Donnelly MWSC’s Ski Bum Scramble Long Valley Pioneer Picnic Payette Lakes Fine Art and Craft Fair Cascade Medical Center Foundation Golf Tournament Payette Lakes Ski Club Mountain Triathlon TGIF Summer Concert Series: Brundage Mountain Roseberry Wednesday Night Concert Series McCall Ball presented by McCall Rotary Sunset Concert Series: Tamarack Resort Valley County Fair and Rodeo Chalk on the Walk: Cascade Art in the Courtyard Mountain Brewfest


Donnelly Farmers Market every Wednesday, 3pm-6pm McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday, Activity Barn McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program 4th of July Celebrations and Fireworks: McCall, Donnelly, Cascade & New Meadows 4th of July Music Festival: Brundage Mountain Roseberry Museum Open Friday-Sunday, 1pm-5pm Cruiz’N McCall Car Show Thunder Mountain Days: Cascade Summit Cat Track 10k: Brundage Mountain Roseberry Arts and Crafts Festival Payette Children’s Forest Take it Outside Event Shepherd’s Home Annual Golf Scramble McCall Amateur Golf Tournament Roseberry Summer Music Festival SummerFest presented by McCall Music Society Roseberry Kids Mountain Music Program 4 Summit Challenge: Cascade Adams County Fair and Rodeo Roseberry Wednesday Night Concert Series TGIF Summer Concert Series: Brundage Mountain Sunset Concert Series: Tamarack Resort Payette Lakes Classic and Wooden Boat Show Riggins Hot Summer Nights Roots Forest School Ponderosa Trails Challenge



McCall Ale Trail: Every Day! Acoustic Jam at Broken Horn Brewery: Mondays 5-8pm Dinner and a Movie at Shore Lodge: Tuesdays, movie begins at 6:30pm Second Sunday Sounds at 6



SAVOR There is something big happening in the valley. This past winter, Tamarack Resort launched an abundance of brand new dining options that have our mouths watering. At The Reserve, guests are treated to an upscale yet approachable atmosphere where they can enjoy a hearty fusion of Mediterranean, Italian and American flavors. The menu features fresh, seasonally sourced ingredients as well as craft beer, wine and handcrafted cocktails prepared with homemade syrups and shrubs. The restaurant and bar’s modern interior is highlighted by floor-to-ceiling windows, creating a stylish and relaxing environment accented by rustic wood tables and plush seating. On warmer days, don’t miss the al fresco seating available on the expansive balcony, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the mountain. Across the Village plaza walkway, you will find The Rendezvous Food Hall— an indoor venue with open seating offering the following options: Triple B Diner (classic 60’s-style diner: breakfast, burgers and more); Crusty’s Pizza (hand-tossed, thin-crust sourdough pies and slices); Summit Bowls (fresh, healthy grain-based bowls with vegetables and other toppings); and El Pueblo Taqueria (fast-casual Mexican fare: burritos, tacos and more). Continued page 56


· The Historic Yacht Club Building in Downtown McCall · 203 East Lake Street

Favorite Local Happy Hour and McCall’s Premier Night Club


Noon - 2am, 7 Days A Week - Open To The Public!

208.634.5649 | YACHT-CLUBMCCALL.COM |

Want to get a taste of Tamarack’s signature “dining with altitude” flavors at home? Fire up the grill with this cocktail-and-dinner pairing from The Reserve:

CAPRESE DIEM INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 ounces Beefeater Gin 1 ounce Carpano Bianco

1/2 ounce Bitter Bianco 1 dash Angostura Bitters

DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir until well mixed. Strain into a stemmed cocktail glass (martini or coupe) and garnish with a cherry tomato on a cocktail pick.

HERBED GARLIC BUTTER 1/4-pound Plugra® Butter, softened 1 garlic clove, minced

2 teaspoons parsley, chopped 2 teaspoons chives, minced 1 teaspoon shallots, minced

DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients and mix well. Roll butter mix in plastic wrap and chill. Slice and serve.

WHERE LOCALS GO AND VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME Serving up fresh flavors from friendly faces

McCall Farmers Market Celebrating 30 years of bringing customers and growers together. Come visit us at the Activity Barn 141 Moonridge Drive, McCall

Worth the wait without the wait! 319 N 3RD STREET | MCCALL 208.630.6104

GRILLED RIBEYE WITH ROASTED POTATOES AND BROCCOLINI INGREDIENTS: 1 14-ounce, dry-aged ribeye 4 fingerling potatoes 2 bunches Broccolini

1/2 ounce extra-virgin olive oil 1 ounce herbed garlic butter (recipe at left)


DIRECTIONS: Preheat grill to hot. While grill is heating, cook potatoes in salted boiling water until soft and set aside to cool. Blanch Broccolini in salted boiling water for one minute. Drop into ice bath to cool. Once cooled, remove from ice bath and drain well. Dry and season with olive oil, salt and pepper and set aside. Once potatoes are cooled, cut in half, lengthwise. Season with olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika. Place on a roasting pan and cook at 375 F for 15 minutes or until crispy. While potatoes are roasting, season ribeye with olive oil, salt and pepper and transfer to grill. Cook ribeye to desired temperature and then transfer to a resting rack. While steak is resting, grill Broccolini until crispy on both sides. Garnish steak with a slice of herbed garlic butter and serve with potatoes and Broccolini.

Award-Winning Hand-Crafted Beer Daily Happy Hour Dine-In/Take-Out Curbside Pickup


Patio + Rooftop Deck



411 Railroad Ave McCall, ID

Adventure Floors and Window Coverings 135 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3115


132 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8166

Allen Malaise, Wildlife in Bronze Artist PO Box 725 New Meadows, ID 83654 208-890-7524

Bourne Naughty

209 North 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4030

307 Park St., Ste. 104 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-2064

Backcountry Boutique

317 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7772

1000 2nd St., Ste. 101 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9966

The Barn Owl Books and Gifts/McCall Mercantile 616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4440

Bella Kitchen 401 E Railroad St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4730

Black Pine Deer Farm 13508 Farm to Market Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-325-8886

The Boardroom

305 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3400

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul. – Unknown

Boulder Lake 60

Brundage Downtown Shop

Builders FirstSource 400 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2234

The Christmas House 136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3333

Costco Wholesale 2051 S Cole Rd. Boise, Idaho 83709 208-321-8745 •

Cross O Meats 5846 Hwy 95 S. Pollock, Idaho 83547 208-628-3868

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer


Auggie’s Sheepskin

Franklin Building Supply 14047 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8111

Franz Witte Nursery 530 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1001

Gallery Fifty-Five 311 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6313

Gallery 601 S 8th St. & W Front St. The Grove Plaza Boise, Idaho 83701 208-336-5899

Granite Mountain Nature Gallery 305 E Park St., Ste. A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1111

Gravity Sports 503 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8530

Home Town Sports 300 E Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2302

Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store 216 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2088

Huckleberry Garden Health Food Store 903 N 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8697

Idaho Impressions New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-746-6099

Keep Me in Stitches 136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2906

Krahn’s Home Furnishings 211 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2193

The Leisure Company 611 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7570

Magnum Floors 114 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6292

May Hardware 809 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7665

McCall Farmers Market The corner of Pine St. and Railroad Ave. 208-634-9777 Season: June through October Wed. & Sat. from 10am – 2pm

McCall Jewelry Company 207 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4367

McCall Sports Exchange 802 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2334

The McCall Store 1012 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4581

McPaws Thrift Store 301 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4434

Mile High Marina & Grille 1300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 Open Memorial Day through Labor Day 208-634-8605

Mile High Power Sports 13924 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7007

Miner’s Grab N Go 147 North 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2004

Mountain Monkey Business 501 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8268

MORE THAN JUST A YARN SHOP. Home-spun, Hand-crafted Yarns & Fibers Hand-crafted Scarves, Sweaters, Accessories Knitting & Crocheting Classes

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Photo courtesy Tamarack Resort

By McKenzie Kraemer

Photo courtesy Jon Conti

Some of our very favorite memories were made camping. There was the time when we all jumped in a huge mud puddle and had the time of our lives… until we had to rinse off in the freezing cold stream. There was that time when we discovered that adding a Reese’s peanut butter cup to our s’more made our favorite campfire treat out of this world. There are the times we sat by the lake and soaked up the sun, sang campfire songs and told scary campfire stories, counted shooting stars, picked wildflowers, listened to the coyotes howl and the elk bugle, and all of the times we got to explore someplace new. Camping definitely holds a special place in our hearts. If you are looking to ditch your four walls for a tent for the first time, or are interested in finding new places to stretch your legs in the great outdoors, we rounded up some of our favorite camping options in the McCall area to get you started.


Resorts & RV Parks

STATE PARKS Ponderosa State Park

McCall RV Resort


r ls



n ch

Located on the shores of Payette Lake, Ponderosa State Park offers standard and serviced campsites as well as cabins for For those looking for luxury RV small or large groups. Feel like you are in the camping along the Payette heart of the forest while still being just a short River, the McCall RV Resort is the at i ng d walk or bike ride from the shops and restaurants place for you. Each site offers water/ Lan RV T he y in downtown McCall. Ponderosa offers canoe, s e t r Photo cou sewer hookups, electric, cable and wifi. kayak and SUP rentals, a boat launch, sandy white As a guest, take advantage of the beautiful beaches, hiking and biking trails and even ice cream for the Northfork Lodge complete with indoor kids at the Visitor’s Center. Ponderosa offers multiple areas for RV swimming pool, spa, steam room, fitness facility and large patio. and tent camping including the main park near downtown Borrow lawn games or head to the onsite playground to keep the McCall as well as the Northwest Passage Campground near North kids entertained. Don’t have an RV? No problem! You can also Beach. Reservations are highly recommended. rent a log cabin.

Mundo Hot Springs

Lake Cascade State Park

Sitting along the Weiser River in Cambridge, Idaho, Mundo Hot Springs is the perfect basecamp for a weekend (or weekday) getaway. The facility has a beautiful pool fed by a natural mineral hot spring, RV sites with full hookups, camping sites, and several cabin accommodations options. With easy access to the Weiser River Trail, it is easy to grab your bike for a morning adventure then come back for an afternoon soak. (

This state park takes full advantage of everything Lake Cascade has to offer. With RV and tent camping sites spread across 10 developed campgrounds as well as two dispersed camping areas, it is easy to find the perfect site within the park. Enjoy boating, wind surfing, stand up paddle boarding, sandy beaches, hiking, biking, and some of the best fishing in the area on Lake Cascade. Camping is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and most locations within the park can be secured by reservation.

Creekside RV Park & Campground If you are looking for a quiet spot that keeps you in the center of all the action, Creekside RV Park is a great option. Located eight miles outside of McCall near New Meadows, Idaho, the park gives you easy access to MeadowCreek Golf Resort, Brundage Mountain Resort and downtown McCall. With 27 full hookups, 10 electric/water sites, a covered BBQ area, walking trail, tent camping area, fishing pond, bathrooms and showers, and laundry facilities, Creekside is a little slice of simple, secluded paradise.

Continued page 64

The RV Landing at Carlson Ranch

Photo cour tes

y V i si t I dah


This historic family ranch is a destination all on its own. Located along the Salmon River just outside of Riggins on the Big Salmon Road, the RV Landing at Carlson Ranch offers full RV hookups and guest cabins along with private beach access, boat mooring, beach volleyball court, firepits, a bathhouse and more. They have also partnered with CM Backcountry Rentals to offer ATV/UTV rentals during your stay and their sister company, Salmon River Helicopters, offers private tours along Hells Canyon, the Payette Mountains, and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area right from the campground.



There is a huge variety of designated campgrounds within the Payette and Boise National Forests around McCall. Here are a few of our favorite options from across the region.

Upper Payette Lake Campground Camp on the shores of Upper Payette Lake, 17 miles north of McCall. Stroll along the interpretative trail within the campground or along the paved paths by the lakeshore. Several hiking trails also leave from the campground including the Deep Creek Trail which connects the campground to Granite Lake (4.7 miles). A boat launch is located next to the campground (no-wake lake). Sites can be reserved for $10 per night (single unit) or $15 per night (double unit).

Grouse Campground Make Grouse Campground your home base for exploring the lakes and trails in the Goose Lake Road area. The campground is located on Goose Lake with 22 sites (nine are available for reservation). Bring your small motorized boat or float tube and take advantage of the prime fishing or pack the SUPs and canoe and paddle the shoreline. Potable water and vault restrooms are available. Sites are $10 per night (single unit) or $15 per night (double unit).

South Fork Salmon River Campground


Photo courtesy Jon Conti

This little gem sits right along Chipmunk Creek along the Warm Lake Road with campsites spread between old-growth Ponderosa pines. This is a great spot for a bit of quiet and relaxation with ample opportunity for wildlife viewing, fishing and hiking. In September, don’t miss a chance to visit the South Fork Salmon River fish viewing site with a bridge over the water for prime Chinook salmon viewing. South Fork Salmon is host to

Limited Edition Vacation Rentals, Experiences & Property Management

11 campsites priced at $15 per night on a first-come, first-served basis.

Picnic Point Campground Make the most of your stay at Warm Lake with a campsite at Picnic Point, situated on a bluff overlooking the lake. Fish for cutthroat, rainbow, lake and bull trout in Warm Lake. This is a great location for off-road riders. Telephone Ridge Trail (#112) offers 20 miles of ATV/ UTV trails and starts at Shoreline Campground next door. And don’t forget about the North Shore Lodge at Warm Lake where you can grab a bite to eat or stock up on supplies. Eight sites, $15 per night.

Chinook Campground

Photo courtesy Jon Conti

Chinook Campground may be best known as the trailhead for Loon Lake, but this beautiful campground makes a great overnight getaway in the mountains. The campground sits along the Secesh River and is right in the middle of some of the area’s best hiking, mountain biking and off-road riding trails. With Warren, Burgdorf Hot Springs, and Crystal Mountain just a few miles down the road, there is plenty to keep the family entertained. Chinook Campground offers 9 campsites at $10 per night on a first-come, first-served basis. Continued page 66



Treasured Faces Epic Places


Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer



1. Leave No Trace: If everyone does their part, we can keep our forests clean!




Ken z

ie Kra


Some of us just need to get rustic! For those looking to camp in non-developed sites (no restrooms, no potable water, no fire rings, no picnic tables), the McCall area has plenty to offer. If you are headed out into the woods for a weekend of off-the-grid camping, keep these camping etiquette tips in mind: Ph



2. Drown Your Fire: Take a cue from Smokey Bear and make sure that your fire is completely out before leaving your site. Never leave a fire unattended! Before you embark on your camp-out, be sure to check for any fire restrictions that may be in place. 3. Contain Your Food: Wildlife is great to look at from a distance, but the last thing you want is a baby bear rifling through your snack bin. Keep food in coolers or containers and consider putting them in the car when you are away from camp or overnight.


Ph o

to co u

r te


V is

it I d


4. Control Your Dog: When you are in the backcountry, dogs generally get to be off leash, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be under your control at all times. If hiking, please be aware of other trail users, especially those with pack animals. In the presence of pack (or wild) animals, grab your dogs leash/collar and prevent barking. 5. Respect The Need For Space: When you want to get away from it all, the last thing you need is for another group to set up camp right next to you. General etiquette suggests that if another group is in the area, put as much distance as possible between you and the surrounding campsites. Continued page 68



(208) 634-7570 611 N 3rd Street | McCall, ID

in c pl i

Planning is essential for safety as well as minimizing damage to the land. If you encounter unexpected conditions, it can be easy to get into tricky situations and put both yourself and the environment at risk. Consider things like your trip expectations, the skill level of those participating, knowledge of the terrain, equipment needed, weather conditions, group size, and planned activities (including meals).

2. Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces

The goal is to move through and enjoy natural areas without causing damage. One of the best ways to do this is to stay on identifiable routes, roads, and trails. Surfaces like rock, sand, and gravel are much hardier than vegetation and soil. It is also best practice to camp at least 200 feet away from water.

3. Dispose of Waste Properly

The idea of “pack it in, pack it out” applies here, but it is more than just trash. Many people forget to pack out food waste in addition to trash, but this is especially important to carry out with you to reduce impacts on wildlife. This principle also includes human waste. In most cases, burying it six to eight inches deep and at least 200 feet away from any water source is sufficient, however in many wilderness areas you are required to pack it out along with all of your other trash. 70




oT N e

Just like it says! Leave the rocks and trees and water as you found it. This means not digging trenches for tents, carving your initials into trees, or taking artifacts you may find. And while picking the occasional wildflower is generally fine, consider the impact before you pick…if this is a high traffic area and everyone picks a few flowers, the impact will be much more significant.

ce ra

1. Plan Ahead and Prepare


4. Leave What You Find


You have probably heard of “Leave No Trace” when it comes to anything outdoors, but what does that really mean? The Center for Outdoor Ethics promotes seven principles designed to minimize our impact and preserve our cherished outdoor spaces. The LNT philosophy does not just apply to backcountry wilderness areas, but can be used anywhere – from parks to National Forests to your own backyard.

5. Minimize Campfire Impacts

Campfires are the gold standard while camping and, in many cases, perfectly acceptable to build. Be sure to check for any fire restrictions in the area you are planning to visit and always consider how and where you build your fire. The best place to build a fire is in an existing fire ring or portable fire pan. Be sure your fire is completely out before going to bed or leaving the campsite. Put fires out with water, not dirt, and ensure that it is completely doused. If you hold your hand two inches from the firepit and still feel heat, you need to keep applying water and raking coals.

6. Respect Wildlife

Considerate campers observe wildlife from afar, give animals a wide berth, store food securely, and keep garbage and food scraps away from animals. Remember that you are a visitor to their home. When hiking, keep dogs on leash or under control and minimize loud sounds (one exception is in bear country where a little noise can keep you from startling them).

7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors In other words, be nice and show some respect! Finding solitude and enjoying the natural environment is pretty universal and keeping your impact on others in mind is key. Excessive noise, uncontrolled pets, and a lack of respect for your surroundings all detract from the experience.

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3 6

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19 55


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Payette Lakes Ski Club/Little Ski Hill 3635 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5691

Ponderosa Center 311 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-271-1185

Rotary of McCall Meets every Wednesday at 12pm McCall, Idaho 83638

Seven Devils Playwrights Conference McCall, Idaho 83638 516-319-9089

Kelly’s Whitewater Park Highway 55 Cascade, Idaho 83611

Long Valley Preservation Society 13131 Farm to Market Rd. Donnelly, Idaho 836154 208-325-8628

McCall Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau 605 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7631

Local Realtors® Know Best.

McCall Area Snowmobile Club PO Box 354 McCall, Idaho 83638

Serving Valley, Adams & Idaho County.

McCall Arts and Humanities Council 208-634-7136

McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation 208-634-6333

McCall Farmers Market

At The Activity Barn 141 Moonridge Dr., McCall Wednesday and Saturday, 11am- 1pm June through October

McCall Fire Protection District

We are committed to our community, our economy, our health, and our rivers.

201 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7070

McCall Folklore Society


McCall Men’s Golf Association, Inc 925 Fairway Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9770

McCall Music Society

McCall Community Center 701 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5408

“Perpetua Resources is a wonderful community partner and continues to work with local recreation groups to keep back country access open to the public.” - Ron & Tawni Robinson, Warm Lake Lodge & Warm Lake Riders Association



There is something about McCall. The natural wonders, the people, the smalltown charm. If you live here or have had a chance to visit, you get it. That spark, that uniqueness, is something we want to ensure isn’t lost for future generations.

So join us! Show your love for McCall and sign on the virtual dotted line. Leave this place better than you found it…and win sweet prizes along the way! We will draw one winner in June and one winner in December for a weekend retreat.

Go to to cross your heart and pinky swear today.

The McCall Promise 1. I will avoid left-hand turns during high traffic times to preserve my own sanity and that of the cars behind me. 2. I will brake for pedestrians and bikes and town deer (even when they forget to carry the bright green flags provided at crosswalks). 3. I will not invent my own trail while seeking the trail less traveled. 4. I will say please and thank you like my parents taught me and remember to tip my servers. 5. I will not get freaked out when someone tips a hat or waves in passing on a backroad – locals are just a friendly bunch. 6. I will stand in awe of the local wildlife, but not stand too close… even in pursuit of the perfect photo. 7. I will plan for several seasons of weather to happen in one day and pack clothing accordingly. 8. I will take my lead from Smokey Bear and drown my campfire. 9. I will soak in the fresh mountain air and small-town charm. 10. I will be kind and courteous, even when hangry. 11. I will respect the natural wonders that make this place so special and do my part to keep the water and the land as I found it. 12. I will respect no wake zones in the summer and avalanche reports in the winter. 13. I will adhere to Leave No Trace practices and take my trash with me (and any I may find along the way). 14. I will keep a keen eye out for Sharlie.


Northern Giant

Thrill of the Chase

Catchin’ Some Sun

Available in all sizes for cabin, home or business. (call or text)




Cat Nap

Shepherd’s Home 309 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1152

Valley County Pathways McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-4991

Village of Yellow Pine Association Yellow Pine, Idaho 83677




DeTails Pet Grooming


Full Service

Real Estate Team

1304 Roosevelt Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-271-2669

McCall Pet Outfitters 200 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3440

Phil ~ 208 630.3083 JoEllen ~ 208 634.6494 Philip ~ 208 315.0563

MOUNTAIN LAKES REALTY Knowledge And Experience At Your Service!

McCall Pet Spa and Bath House 102 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3977

McPaws Regional Animal Shelter 831 S 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3647

PHOTOGRAPHY Autumn Lynne Photography McCall, Idaho 83638 208-907-1706

Cimbalik Photography McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-3908

Amy Isacson Photography McCall, Idaho 83638 208-907-6593

Todd Nichols Photography McCall, Idaho 83638 208-550-1828

Samantha Sais Photography PO Box 2857 McCall, Idaho 83638 520-979-6947

Melissa Shelby Photography/ Mountain Town


McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1294

REAL ESTATE Alpine Village Company 600 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3430

Blackhawk on the River 11 Shooting Star Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-4825

Mountain Living Specialist Let me help you find your special Mountain property!

Cheri Lawrence, Realtor®


Jim Boley – the McCall Real Estate Company

301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638

Brundage Realty

Local Experts Since 1980!

403 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1234

Brundage Realty – Dawne Meckel 403 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1234

Century 21 Whitewater Clark 1007 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1800

Serving Buyers And Sellers With Local Expertise, Global Exposure And World Class Marketing. Serving McCall, Cascade, Donnelly, New Meadows, Tamarack & Riggins

1007 N. 3rd St., McCall


Community Group at Crawford Olson Real Estate Services

Cory Corbet, Realtor®

McCall Real Estate Company 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-3283

Between every two pines there is a doorway to a new world. – John Muir

Shelly DeMoss, Realtor®

Crawford Olson Real Estate 403 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1390

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

403 E. Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7778

Randy Funk Home Inspections 1740 E Fairview Ave. #53 Meridian, Idaho 83642 208-914-5793

Jodi Guliuzza Real Estate Company 321 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-271-6334

Cara Hipwell, RE/MAX Executives McCall, Idaho 83638 208-204-9554

Box Lake 85

Melanie Holmes, Realtor®

Karen Johansen, Realtor®

Homes and Land of McCall-CascadeDonnelly

Johnson & Company Real Estate

RE/MAX Resort Realty 1101 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0865

Century 21 Whitewater Clark 1007 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1800


110 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8500

Jennifer Jones Campbell, Realtor® 454 W Roseberry Rd., Ste. 7 Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-440-9400

Steve and Cindy Jones, Realtors® McCall Real Estate Company 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6497

Jug Mountain Ranch 13834 Farm to Market Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5072

Cheri Lawrence Real Estate

Century 21 P.O. Box 2586 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-250-2430

Maupin Realty

1101 E Lake St. McCall, ID 83638 Sherry Maupin 208-870-9100 Jacob Maupin 208-954-6846

McCall Home Inspections Associate Broker & Local Realtor® Since 1998 Past President Mountain Central Association of Realtors® Client relationships are the oxygen of our business

Steve Jones


Partner, Assoc Broker

Cindy Jones


Partner, Realtor®


JONES GROUP Specializing in real estate in McCall, Cascade, Donnelly & surrounding areas

494 Cammy Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-866-1578

In the heat of summer, we can’t help but dream of champagne snow, creamy corduroy, and fresh powder stashes. When the snow starts to fall, McCall transforms into a winter wonderland…see what’s in store:

Photo courtesy Tamarack Resort

SNOWMOBILE With more than 500 miles of groomed trails, we promise you won’t be bored! Strike out on your own with your personal machines or rent them from one of our local businesses. You can also follow an experienced guide who can show riders of all abilities everything from gentle slopes to challenging hillsides that tempt even the most adventurous of the “high-markers.” Want to try something new? Snow biking is gaining traction in McCall and a great way to experience familiar terrain in a whole new way.

ALPINE SKI With three alpine ski areas, McCall is home to some of the finest Alpine skiing and snowboarding in the Northwest. Untracked powder, smooth corduroy, and plenty of terrain park features to keep you shredding. Want to explore beyond the boundaries? Access more than 20,000 acres of snow with a cat ski trip or adventure with Brundage SnowCat Adventures or Payette Powder Guides.


When the sun shines in the winter, powder can play second fiddle to a fresh groomer…a staple for Nordic skiers and something McCall has plenty of. The rolling meadows and challenging hills winding through the trees offers unparalleled options. Looking for a new way to explore the winter trails? Hop on a fat tire bike and cruise through the packed snow. Want to trek into a winter wonderland? Snowshoes are a great way to blaze your own trail! 88

Photo courtesy Idaho Tourism Photo courtesy Jon Conti



Photo cour

If cabin fever threatens, get the entire family out to play! Strap on the ice skates and hit up open skate at the Manchester Ice Center or ride up the magic carpet at the Activity Barn to fly down the hill on a snow tube. For a quick sledding adventure, try Legacy Park in downtown McCall. The gentle slope is perfect for the little ones! The area is also home to several hot springs perfect for warming up on a cold day.

tesy J o nt on C


The entertainment heats up in the winter! Start with the Festival of Trees Thanksgiving weekend then cruise right into the holiday season with “Mountain Hollydays.” This two month extravaganza offers everything from wine tastings to shop local deals. In January, celebrate all things winter with the 10-day Winter Carnival and the Idaho Sled Dog Challenge followed by one of our favorite events in February, Destination:Beer.

Photo courtesy Jon Conti


Photo courtesy Jon Conti

Photo cou

rtesy Sal

mo nR







DINING Get cozy! Our eateries and bistros offer a haven from the brisk weather. Enjoy everything from fresh pastries to locally sourced venison. Cuddle up and sip a hot toddy by the fire or gather your friends at one of our local breweries for some après ski pints. From tasty take-out to casual fine dining to adventurous dinner events, we have something for everyone. 89

McCall Real Estate Company 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2100

Mountain Central Association of REALTORS 321 N. 3rd St., Ste. #204 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7424

Mountain Lakes Realty 805 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2728

Northwest Passage Apartments 155 Old St. Donnelly, Idaho 208-325-3366

Crawford Olson Real Estate 403 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6060

RE/Max Resort Realty

1101 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5400

River Ranch McCall 105 River Ranch McCall, Idaho 83638

Marletta Romero, Real Estate Broker® Silvercreek Realty Group 411 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0600

Trisha Sears Real Estate/McCall Real Estate 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-573-1489

Signet Mortgage

3060 S Rookery Ln. Boise, Idaho 83706 208-409-2288

Joe and Toni Slaymaker, Silvercreek Realty Group LLC 311 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0846

Haden Tanner, McCall Idaho Real Estate 1000 N 2nd St., Suite 104 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-2242

Team Reinhard, Keller Williams Realty Bryant & Janice Reinhard McCall, Idaho 83638 208-573-1326

Verna Vanis, Realtor®

Crawford Olson Real Estate 403 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1050

Jo Ellen, Phil and Philip Yribar, Realtors®

Stor-It Self Storage, Car Wash and U Haul 207 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7015

TRANSPORTATION Harlow’s School Bus Service 14030 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1089

McCall Real Estate Company 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6494

Jackson Jet Center


McCall Aviation/AVCenter

Cascade School District 209 N School St. Cascade, Idaho 83611 208-630-6057

Meadows Valley School K-12 500 N Miller Ave. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-2411

McCall College

106 E Park St., #220 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3456

McCall-Donnelly Joint School District 120 Idaho St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2161

Roots Forest School 2018 State Park Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0925

University of Idaho- McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) 1800 University Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3918

STORAGE Northwest Self Storage – McCall 14051 Blur Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4844

Northwest Self Storage – New Meadows 3774 Hwy 95 New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-2773

3815 Rickenbacker St. Boise, Idaho 83705 208-383-3300

300 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7137 ext. 8005

Mountain Community Transit 208-634-0003 Call to schedule your FREE ride!


1611 Davis Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8181

Trish specializes in luxury resort and waterfront properties. With more than 13 years of experience in McCall, Donnelly and Tamarack Resort, she is an expert in the field helping her clients navigate the ever changing real estate market conditions. With over $200 million in sales, Trish has the experience and knowledge to help you find your next home in Valley County.

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ASAP Portables Co. 13831 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0012

Ed Staub and Sons 13858 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3833

Honey Dippers

13950 Nisula Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1230

Idaho Power

PO Box 70 Boise, Idaho 83707 800-488-6151

Lakeshore Disposal 200 Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7176


Let’s go shopping for real estate!

Suburban Propane 11121 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5330


616 N. Third Street, Suite 101 | McCall, ID 83638 | 208.634.4705 209 N. Main Street | Cascade, ID 83611 | 208.382.1334

We Specialize In

Real Estate Invvestment Properties Short-Term






We help you locate and purchase an investment property.

We market and book your property, handle inquiries and help you set an appropriate rate structure. We schedule cleaning, maintainance and repair on your property so you never miss a booking.

We are seeking out investment properties daily. Contact us today to stay informed on upcoming opportunities.

208.634.0030 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: 200 E. Park St., McCall 270 Main St., Donnelly

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer



Mc Call

This summer, we hope you find one of these local gems and take to heart the love behind them. Let’s keep spreading the love! 94




This simple act has sparked joy across our community and contributed to hot speculation about who these bearers of happiness may be. As of the magazine’s publication date, we have yet to uncover who the heart bandits are, but to be honest, we haven’t tried very hard to solve the mystery. It seems somehow more fitting and more enjoyable to not put a name and face to these random acts of happiness.


There is a heartwarming trend going around McCall. You can find them hanging from trees, storefronts and the occasional bronzed bear. These red painted hearts have been showing up in public parks, open spaces, and business storefronts since the beginning of the pandemic and bringing a smile to the face of anyone who stumbles upon one.

to Pho

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en cK

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YOU LIVE FOR THIS. It may be skiing in knee deep powder through the trees or navigating a mountain bike through the same terrain in the summer. It could be the calm of taking in the view of Lake Cascade from the top of West Mountain or hearing new stories from old friends during dinner in The Village. Or it may be like Tamarack Resort itself… it’s not just one thing – it’s everything. Come visit, ride the chair, stay the night and have some fun. Visit to book your adventure


Meet the Tamarack Realty Team The exclusive full-service brokerage for Tamarack properties conveniently located onsite at Tamarack Resort.

Whether you’re inspired by the vibrant life in the Village at Tamarack, or a quiet mountain getaway nestled on the mountain is more your style, let our TamTeam of real estate professionals make it easy for you to turn your favorite place to visit into your favorite place to live.

Dawn Beckman | Broker 208.325.1621

Schedule a private tour: (208) 325-1001 Email: or Visit: Brian Hurley | Salesperson 208.325.1634

$3,500,000 291 Whitewater Drive 6000 sqft | 5 Bed | 6.5 Bath

$1,999,000 760 Village Drive #PH501 2300 sqft | 3 Bed | 3 Bath

$1,049,000 760 Village Drive #202 1424 sqft | 2 Bed | 2 bath

Jennifa d’arcRaven | Salesperson 208.325.1624

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