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Your Regional Visitors Guide for New Meadows, McCall, Donnelly, and Cascade, Idaho

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WELCOME TO McCALL The Summer 2019 issue of Visit McCall is dedicated to a person who embodies the best of what our community has to offer. On March 11, 2019, we lost an integral part of our team. Steve Muench was with us from the beginning, the veritable godfather of Visit McCall Magazine. He and his wife Kathy handled all advertising and print production for the magazine, along with offering the expert editing eye of experienced publishers. Without them, Visit McCall may have never gotten off of the ground. Words are often difficult to find at times like these, but not surprisingly, Kathy’s eloquence found the perfect ones: His sense of humor, carefree nature and fondness for beer drew friends to him like a magnet. Every day was a day to celebrate. He was a gentle man, compassionate with a quirky sense of humor that was always present. Steve especially enjoyed working under a deadline. This enabled his steady, patient demeanor to flourish. Most of all, he left his mark on all of us. He taught us strength, kindness and love. Let us honor him and embrace every day just as he did, with a smile, a beer and a glass of Maker’s Mark. To Steve, you are with us always, imprinted on these pages and on our hearts.

WHAT’S INSIDE RISING ABOVE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 FInd a new perspective in McCall

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A list of what’s happening this year

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Find a new perspective in McCall By McKenzie Kraemer

Ordinary: commonplace or standard; normal. At some point, something we love can become ordinary. Maybe it is a trail you hike, a road you drive, or a landmark you pass each day. When something becomes ordinary, we tend to take it for granted. But what if there was a way to turn the ordinary back into the extraordinary? Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective. Change your vantage point and explore some of our favorite ways to find a new view in McCall. Continued on page 8

Photo courtesy Gary Ertter


Breakfast at Sulphur Creek

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/Ca nyo n

Flyin g

Semina r s


sa e l is


Upper Loon Airstrip



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c yM


Window Seat Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby

Backcountry Flying

It isn’t often we get to experience something truly awe-inspiring. For Lori MacNichol, owner of McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, flying does just that. “It changes everything,” she says. “The way you look at things, the way you feel about them…it changes everything about the ‘ordinary.’” With our proximity to 4.5 million acres of wilderness area, McCall is a mecca for those seeking solitude in the mountains. Accessing that solitude, however, can be difficult, especially if you are short on time. And access is what it is all about; accessing remote places, accessing privacy, accessing a unique experience. That is where backcountry flying comes in. “I learned to fly so I could go fishing where other people couldn’t,” says MacNichol. “And get there quickly!”

Backcountry pilots are drawn to the region for the opportunity to fly into remote, undeveloped areas. For recreationalists, flying also opens up new areas to hunt, fish, hike, camp and even raft without a long day of difficult travel. But not everyone can fly into these special places. Pilots who regularly fly to area backcountry airstrips have honed a unique set of skills for this unique environment of high altitude, deep canyons and non-standard approaches and takeoffs. That is where MacNichol’s knowledge plays a big role. What started as training seminars for general aviation enthusiasts has turned into one of the top mountain and canyon flying schools in the country, training pilots for the military, Department of Defense, and various state departments. “I have a passion for transferring Continued on page 10





Landing at Sulphur Creek Ranch

u nt ain/C anyon Flying Seminars

Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby

Even a day trip from McCall can open up a whole new world. Charter a flight and spend the day exploring. Pack a picnic and cast a line or extend your stay with an overnight campout. For this type of adventure, one of the most popular destinations is the Johnson Creek Airstrip near Yellow Pine, a short 18 minute flight from the McCall Airport. Johnson Creek is maintained by full-time caretakers and has camping space, picnic tables, fire pits, primitive bathrooms and showers. It also sits along Johnson Creek where the fish are usually biting. Venture a bit farther north to the Big Creek Airstrip and visit the new Big Creek Lodge, which reopened to the public in 2018 after a fire destroyed it in 2008. Big Creek is a great basecamp for hiking, biking, fishing, hunting and horseback riding. The Lodge is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving up a delicious backcountry menu inspired by the season. You can also make a reservation to stay overnight in the Lodge or camp in the campground next to the airstrip. 10

a ll


Johnson Creek Airstrip


If jumping in a small aircraft to fly to a remote destination strikes you as a bit nerve-wracking, you are not alone. MacNichol says she helps her “NPFs” or “non-pilot friends” ease their jitters by explaining how an airplane moves through the air. “I like to think of the air like water,” she says. “In the morning, it is usually glass, the perfect time for waterskiing and a perfect time to fly without turbulence.” As the clouds build during the day, ridges in the air form. “It is akin to going through a rapid,” she says. “We may hit a few bumps, but then it smooths out.” Plus, she says, airplanes are designed to handle this environment and, perhaps more importantly, backcountry pilots are trained to navigate it.


knowledge,” she says. “Helping give people a unique skillset so they can do their jobs or take their airplanes to go do something fun is what it is all about.”

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Another way to get up the air is with a Scenic Breakfast Flight. Several backcountry ranches offer a hearty breakfast and a chance to explore their unique properties. Choose from the Flying B Resort which sits on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Root Ranch, a remote lodge high in the Chamberlain Basin, Mackay Bar with its beautiful deck overlooking the Main Salmon or Sulphur Creek, a hunting and fishing paradise with a private trout pond. Looking for a scenic tour instead? The possibilities are endless! In the air, access four of North America’s deepest canyons with a short flight. Explore Hells Canyon, the Main Salmon, the Southfork and the Middlefork from above. Fly over the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness and see some of the nation’s most untouched land. Even a quick trip around the McCall area to see Payette Lake, Ponderosa State Park and Brundage Mountain will leave a lasting impression. McCall Aviation and Sawtooth Flying Service both offer private and charter flights from the McCall Airport. “Flying is empowering,” says MacNichol. Not only that, it is a great way to see a lot of new places, with a guaranteed window seat. Continued page 12

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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has its own unique vocabulary. Trad, belay, beta, crux, protection, jug. If you are not familiar with these terms, you aren’t alone. But as any rock climber will tell you, the lingo is the least challenging aspect to the sport. “It is such an amazing feeling once you get up to the top,” says Kaylie Sylvester, “That feeling of conquering a fear, completing something that is physically super demanding is wonderful.” The McCall area isn’t widely known as a climbing hot spot, but there is ample terrain to explore no matter your skill level. The geology of the area means that granite is the primary climbing surface. “Granite is great to climb,” says Sylvester. “Unlike basalt, which is really cool to look at, but slippery, granite is a solid, sticky rock and you can find the tiniest little holes to place your fingers.” Climbing routes are classified by grade, ranging from 5.0 to 5.15. Typically, 5.0 to 5.4 is considered easy, 5.5 to 5.8 is intermediate, 5.9 to 5.10 is hard, 5.11 to 5.12 is difficult and 5.13 to 5.15 is very difficult. In addition to numerical ratings, many routes have a letter classification (a, b, c, or d) with “a” being easier than “d” on the scale. For easy access to some great climbing areas, look no farther than Payette Lake. Some of McCall’s most well-known routes can be found at The Thinking Spot. With sport climbing options on routes known by names such as “Big Ernie’s Revenge” (5.8c/5.10c), “Fire on the Mountain” (5.10c), and “The Sparkle Dance” (5.7), this climbing area has a wide variety of routes for all abilities. The east face and backside offer more challenging routes while the northeast face is a great for fun beginner climbs. On the southeast face, there is a great area to set up a top rope. To access The Thinking Spot, take Warren Wagon road and turn right to go toward North Beach. There is a pullout near the bridge about a mile from the turnoff. The formation is right by the road and easy to spot. Another mile down the road from The Thinking Spot is Fireman’s Point. This area is rated 5.8/5.9 and is a great top rope climb. Along with spectacular views of Payette Lake from the top, the parking area for Fireman’s Point has a beach to enjoy the water after a climb. If you are after a premier climber’s playground, head south of McCall to Gold Fork’s Pins and Needles. Ranging from 6,250 feet to 7,800 feet elevation, the climbing season here typically starts in June and lasts until the snow flies. The Pins and Needles are home to approximately 150 bolted routes ranging from 5.7 to 5.11, most falling in the 5.9 to 5.10 grade.


For a comprehensive guide on routes at the Pins and Needles, visit the Gravity Sports website: The McCall area is also a prime area for bouldering. Bouldering has its own classification system ranging from V0 (easiest) to V16 (hardest). Two well-known spots, the Aspen Boulder and the Lost Shoe Boulder, can be found just south of Fireman’s Point on the backside of Payette Lake. The Lakeside and Scree Boulders around Jughandle Mountain are also great for exploring. Louie Lake provides the best access point to both areas. If you are new to the sport, Sylvester recommends trying your hand at bouldering and top roping. But her best advice? “Find a group of people that you trust and they will show you the way.” While teaching her own five-year-old daughter, she says she realized that the rewards from climbing are universal. “Climbing is a confidence builder,” she says. “You have to trust yourself, trust your rope.” The view from the top isn’t bad, either. Continued page 14 Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby

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There is a magical time of year when the snow starts to melt, you can start to smell the pine trees, and that first sweet birdsong drifts into your ears. This heralding of spring can turn us all into bird enthusiasts, excited to see our first fat robin of the year perched on a fencepost. But birding isn’t just for spring. The State of Idaho is home to more than 400 species of birds and the greater McCall area is a spectacular place to find them. Our diverse habitat and ample open space combine to attract a wide range of birds in all four seasons. “Every time I am outside, I have one ear to the birds,” says Matt Dresser, a Biological Scientist for the Payette National Forest and avid birder. After taking an ornithology course in his undergraduate studies, Dresser’s interest in birds grew. Several biology jobs took him across the country as a “traveling bird bum” and finally landed him in Valley County working for the Forest Service and spearheading the Valley County Bird Club. “When I was younger, I would go out and hike, intent on a destination,” he says. “Now I hike to observe, slowing down and paying attention.”

Upper Lake Cascade

Which is exactly why birding is so appealing. It compliments many of the outdoor activities we already enjoy, provides a reason to get outside more often and keeps us in the moment.

Whether you are an experienced birder or new to the game, a great Pho starting place is the Idaho to c our t r e e s y M cK m e Birding Trail. Sixteen stops on the enzie Kra trail can be found between New Meadows and Cascade including Lost Valley Reservoir, Brundage Mountain, Bear Basin, Ponderosa State Park, Lake Cascade State Park and Warm Lake. Joe Foust, District Wildlife Biologist with the Boise National Forest, says he likes to head to Lake Cascade because of the diverse landscape. “From the west side of the lake you have wetlands and water in front of you and forest behind you so you have a chance to see a wide range of birds.” In addition, Bear Basin is his go-to place for the best chance to see one of his favorite species, the Great Grey Owl. Owls are actually a big draw to the area and some of Dresser’s favorite species as well. “The Boreal Owl is about the size of a dove and found in the high mountains,” he says. Another unique 14

Mountain Bluebird owl that ranks high on Dresser’s favorite list is the Flammulated Owl, a small, robin-size owl that lives in forested areas and can only be seen in the summer months. Along with owls, expect to see common species like the Mountain Chickadee, Mountain Bluebird and Dark Eyed Junco, birds of prey like Bald Eagles, Osprey, and Hawks as well as many migratory birds. One that is not so common is the Bohemian Waxwing. “In McCall we have a group of about 300 Bohemian Waxwings,” says Dresser. Across the country, you may find one or two of these birds in a group of similar birds, but it is rare to see so many together. “Sometimes, it simply takes a connection to a specific bird to spark someone’s interest,” says Dresser. If birding is new to your list of hobbies, there are several resources to help you get started. You can find great brochures on birds in the area at both the Ponderosa State Park and Lake Cascade State Park visitor’s centers or stop by Barn Owl Books in McCall for a selection of IdahoContinued page 16

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specific field guides. You can also download apps to help you with identification. Foust and Dresser both recommend the Merlin and eBird apps which feature interactive maps based on your GPS location,

Great Grey Owl

the ability to take a photo of a bird for a match analysis, and recordings of bird sounds to aid in identification. “You often hear a bird before you see it,” says Foust. “Because of that, a lot of people actually identify birds by sound rather than sight.” As far as equipment goes, everything is optional! Some birders use binoculars or bring a camera along, but it is a personal preference. The McCall Public Library has a birdwatching kit available to rent that includes a pair of binoculars and five field guides (requires a valid library card to rent, for out of area visitors, a three-month membership is $15). “Part of the fun of birding is to just go out and see what you can see,” says Foust, “That is usually when you see something unexpected.”


Lookouts The feeling you get when you find a great view can be breathtaking. The beauty of the landscape, the sense of being above the daily grind and the inherent satisfaction of exploring a new place provide an opportunity to pause and take it all in.

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Carey Dome

“Hands down, the best scenic vistas around McCall are lookouts,” says Dean Martens. And Martens would know. Having worked for the Forest Service for more than 30 years and now the Outdoor Ambassador for Jug Mountain Ranch, he continues to spend most of his time exploring the great outdoors. “The area around McCall is heavily timbered, so you have to get above the tree line to get a great view.” The Payette National Forest is home to a large number of lookouts, many of them still staffed today. Lookouts first started dotting the landscape of Valley County in the 1920s, spurred by a destructive series of forest fires in 1910. Early lookouts consisted of a wooden platform for a tent that the firewatcher could live in. If smoke was detected, the firewatcher would telephone the nearest guard station and the information would be relayed by a central dispatcher. With the mobilization of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the network of fire lookouts and their infrastructure expanded. Between 1930 and 1945, the Payette National Forest had 84 16

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

operational fire lookouts, 50 having permanent structures built during this time. Today, new technologies have become a big part of modern-day fire detection and many lookouts were shuttered, but those still in operation continue to play a vital role in forest management. Continued page 18

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damaging the buildings. An ornate stone patio is outfitted with four telephone poles at each corner. Copper wires run from the roof of the lookout to the telephone poles, creating a “halo” of protection. “The views from No Business are fantastic,” says Martens. “From this point you can look down into Payette Lake and Lake Cascade from one side, and across the Council valley on the other.” Carey Dome is best known for the 72-foot Aermotor steel tower, built in 1934, the only such tower in operation in the area today. Because of the tower, Carey Dome is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register. Located near Burgdorf Hot Springs, this lookout can be accessed by car, although the road can be a bit rough at times. Once at the top, take in the views of the Salmon River and Seven Devils Mountain Range.

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

A trip to a lookout never disappoints. And for those that are still staffed, Martens says there is a great opportunity to learn. “Many of the lookouts still use an alidade to determine the location of a fire,” he says. “The alidade moves, but the map underneath it stays still so when you point to a specific spot, all you need is one other lookout pointing at that same place, and where those two lines intersect is the location of the fire.” For easy access to some of the Payette National Forest’s best scenic vantages, Martens suggests exploring Brundage, No Business, Carey Dome and War Eagle lookouts. Brundage Mountain Lookout is the most-visited lookout in the area and is managed by the Southern Idaho Timber Protective Association (SITPA). The actual lookout structure has been rebuilt several times; however, the original one-room white pine cabin built in 1914 is still standing. During the filming of Northwest Passage, stars Walter Brennan and Spencer Tracey visited the site and signed the visitor’s logbook. “The Brundage lookout is really unique because you can either drive to it or take a chair lift,” says Martens. If you opt for the chair lift route, the lookout is just a short, scenic hike from the Bluebird Express at Brundage Mountain Resort. No Business Lookout, accessible by car, is another site managed by SITPA featuring a unique way to deter lightning strikes from

Near Secesh, a road can take you up to the 8,200 foot elevation War Eagle Lookout. This lookout played a vital role in spotting the start of what would become one of the largest forest fires in recent McCall history, the Burgdorf Junction Fire of 2000. The lookout itself was evacuated, wrapped with fire protective material and doused with several buckets of water by helicopter. The lookout survived, but more than 65,000 acres around it burned. The views from War Eagle showcase the Salmon River and 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains. From here, you can also spot several other lookouts that form the Payette National Forest’s network. If you are after a bigger adventure, Martens recommends a visit to the Granite Mountain Lookout that requires a two mile hike in. This lookout got its start as a patrol point in 1913 and the current structure was built in 1954. To get here, start at the Twin Lakes trailhead near Goose Lake. About a half mile into the hike, the trail forks toward Granite Mountain. The trek is steep, but manageable as it winds through sections of recovering forests, grassy saddles and rocky terrain. Many of the lookouts in our area are actively staffed during the summer months. A good rule of thumb is to announce yourself as you arrive and bring a little something with you to share with the caretaker. “I used to take newspapers so the lookouts could catch up on current events,” says Martens, “but today, most have access to Internet.” He recommends something as simple as a baked good or small snack, anything to show your appreciation for their time and service…and for sharing the view. Continued page 20

No Business


Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer



Night Skies As kids, a lot of us fell asleep each night to the ambiance of glow-in-the-dark star stickers. We heard the stories of Ursa Major the Great Bear, Orion the hunter, the Gemini twins and the Seven Sisters. We can all identify the Big Dipper. The lure of the stars and the space beyond has a magical quality. That is what keeps Chuck Smith with the Valley County Astronomical Society coming back for more. “I have always wondered what’s out there,” he says.

Photo courtesy Roger Craig Smith @rogercraigsmith

The hunt for a dark sky is something residents of Valley County often take for granted. The rural nature of our communities paired with the growing movement to preserve our dark skies makes the McCall area a prime place to view the stars. “All you really need is to be in a place between the horizons,” says Smith. Which means just about anywhere you choose to look up is perfect for stargazing. And once you look up, what a view! Beyond the familiar constellations, Smith says that there are some really special things to see in the night sky. The most prominent is the Milky Way Galaxy. Even without a telescope or binoculars, this galaxy shows up as a hazy band of light to the naked eye. The best chance for viewing the Milky Way is at least 40 minutes after the sky turns dark. “It takes at least that long for your eyes to adjust fully to the dark,” says Smith. For the best experience, try limiting your exposure to light as your eyes adjust. “A car’s interior lights or cell phone screen can reset the clock.” During the summer months, the Perseid meteor shower is a great event to watch with the whole family. This annual meteor shower happens mid-August when the Earth passes through a stream of debris left behind by comets and asteroids. The small debris collides with the Earth’s atmosphere where they burn up and appear to us as shooting stars. At the peak of the show, expect to see as many as 30 “shooting stars” each hour in the McCall area. 20

One of Smith’s favorite objects to look at is the M13 Cluster, also known as the Great Cluster in Hercules. The stars that make up this “globular” are thought to be more than 12 billion years old. To see this one, you will need a telescope and know where to look. M13 is located in the constellation Hercules between two of the brightest summer stars, Vega and Arcturus. Other fascinating sights a telescope can reveal are the Whirlpool Galaxy and the Ring Nebula. The Whirlpool Galaxy is near the Big Dipper and it noticeable for its two distinct “swirls.” Although a telescope will bring out more definition, this galaxy can come into view with a pair of binoculars as well. To view the Ring Nebula, however, a telescope is the way to go. “The Ring Nebula is actually the remains of a star that went supernova,” says Smith. “Now it looks like a smoke ring.” Even without a telescope, there is still plenty to see. One tool that will help you navigate the skies is a current star wheel. “A star wheel can show you where all the major constellations, deep space objects and planets will be based on your location and the time of year,” says Smith. “It is basically a road map to the night sky.” Another helpful tool is a green laser. These lasers can help you point out sights to your companions. “Just be aware of your surroundings,” says Smith. A green laser is great to use with a small group, but are typically banned at larger gatherings or

stargazing events as they can be distracting in large numbers. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned stargazer, the night sky provides an opportunity to see something remarkable. Smith says that one of his favorite things about astronomy is the science of it. “The photons that make up the light you see are traveling huge distances,” he says. “The light that hits your eyes is unique to your position; no one else gets that exact same light.” Talk about seeing things in a whole new light. Continued page 22

Day trips into the wilderness Breakfast flights to back country lodges Scenic flghts around the McCall area Off the beaten path? There is no path! The road less traveled? There The are no roads!

Find a new perspective in McCall Photo courtesy Roger Craig Smith @rogercraigsmith

Backcountry Airstrips 1 Bernard 2 Big Creek 3 Chamberlain Basin 4 Cold Meadows 5 Flying B Ranch 6 Indian Creek 7 Johnson Creek 8 Krassel 9 Lower Loon 10 Mackay Bar 11 Mahoney Creek 12 Pittsburg 13 Seven Devils 14 Upper Loon 15 Warren

12 3

15 2

Anchor: a point on a climb with fixed bolts or removable protection

Belay: securing the rope while your partner climbs with a belay device that provided friction to the rope and locks or helps support a climber’s weight if they fall.

Beta: step-by-step description of a climb or a sequence. Bouldering: climbing on large boulders or low cliffs without ropes or a harness.

Crimp: a small ledge where you have to “crimp” your fingers with a tight grip.

Crux: the hardest part of the climb. Jug: a large hold that is easy to grip. Protection: devices used to reduce the risk of climbing and protect others while you climb including nylon webbing, cams, and bolts.

Sport Climbing: a form of lead climbing using fixed protection, typically drilled-in bolts.

Trad Climbing: a form of lead climbing that does not use 22

1 5


Rock Climbing

permanent man-made protection.



8 7

9 6



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Lake Cascade – East

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Warm Lake

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Rotary Park

Davis Reservoir

Legacy Park

Horsethief Reservoir

Riverfront Park

Weiser River Trail

Little Payette Lake

Area Lookouts Brundage Mountain

No Business

Carey Dome

Pilot Peak

Granite Mountain

Pollock Mountain

Heavens Gate


Hershey Point

War Eagle

Horse Mountain

Williams Peak

Miners Peak


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Southside Grill Kitchen & Cocktails All Events Catering 339 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2128

Sprout Design

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MUSIC AND NIGHTLIFE Anchor Restaurant 203 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4665

Bistro 45

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1101 N 3rd St McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8108

Salmon River Brewery

411 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4772

Southside Grill Kitchen & Cocktails 339 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2128

Seven Devils

Playwrights Conference

1101 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4515

Broken Horn Brewing Company 201 Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-5472

Brundage Mountain Resort Smoky’s Bar & Grill 3890 Goose Lake Rd McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4151

Forester’s Club & Doghouse Saloon 306 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8529

Lardos Grill & Saloon

600 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8191

June 10-22 All events are FREE and OPEN to YOU!

From rehearsals to rewrites to staged readings, experience some of the most exciting new voices in American theater!

Alpine Playhouse

1201 Roosevelt Ave, McCall

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Steamers Steak and Seafood 308 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-638-1411

Yacht Club

203 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5649

RECREATION The Activity Barn

Backwoods Adventures

North Beach Boat Launch Warren Wagon Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 Memorial Day through Labor Day 208-469-9067

Bear Basin Nordic Center 3635 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5691

Bear Creek Lodge

141 Moonridge Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3298 Winter Hours 208-634-4151 ext. 124 Year-Round

3492 ID-55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3551

America’s Rafting Company

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85 S. Superior Street Cambridge, ID 83610 208-347-3862

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The Boardroom

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Fly Fish McCall

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Gravity Sports

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Harlow’s School Bus Service 14030 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1089

Hells Canyon Adventures

Cascade Aquatic and Recreation Center 208-541-3352 333 Kelly’s Parkway Cascade, Idaho 83611 208-382-5136

Hells Canyon Raft

MeadowCreek Golf Resort

Home Town Sports

Mile High Marina & Grille

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Organic apothecary & facial spa featuring brands made by indie creators…many from Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

Jug Mountain Ranch

13834 Farm to Market Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5072

Kelly’s Whitewater Park

Hwy 55, Mile Marker 114 Cascade, Idaho 83611

Lake Cascade Sport & Marine

Products for your face, body, baby, dog, and home. Organic makeup. Gifts galore!

102 S. Front Street Cascade, ID 83611 208-382-4277

Little Ski Hill

McCall, Idaho 83638

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Mile High Power Sports 13924 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7007

Mountain River Outfitters 411 S Main St. Riggins, Idaho 208-628-3733

Payette National Forest 500 N Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0500

Payette Powder Guides

Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch

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Manchester Ice and Event Centre

212 N. 3rd Street, Ste A

1300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8605 Memorial Day through Labor Day

(Payette Lakes Ski Club) 3635 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5691

Confluence of the South Fork & Main Salmon River Riggins, Idaho 83549 208-413-2109


2975 Kimberland Drive New Meadows, ID 83654 208-347-2555

200 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3570

McCall Area Snowmobile Club PO Box 354 McCall, Idaho 83638

McCall Curling Club

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McCall Golf Club

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McCall Lake Cruises

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McCall Mountain Canyon Flying Seminars, LLC 104 S 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1344

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6793

PlayLive McCall

Redline Recreational Toys 13876 Hwy 55 McCall, ID 83638 208-695-2288

Rapid River Outfitters

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Salmon Raft

McCall, Idaho 83638 800-350-6654

Salmon River Tours & China Bar Lodge 411 N Main St. Riggins, Idaho 83549 208-628-3737

Tamarack Resort

311 Village Dr. Tamarack, Idaho 83615 208-325-1000

Taylor Outfitting

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McCall, Idaho 83638 888-982-8386

Ya-Hoo Corrals

Emulate Natural Care

Zip McCall Adventures

Gold Fork Hot Springs


The Lash Lodge

2280 Warren Wagon Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3360 Boulder Lake Road McCall, Idaho 83638 208-271-1440

Alpenglow Salt Spa

212 North 3rd Street, Suite B McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6585

Burgdorf Hot Springs

404 French Creek (FS#246) Burgdorf, Idaho 83638 208-636-3036

Cloud Nine Hair & Nail Studio 1002 N 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3434

The Cove at Shore Lodge 501 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2244

124 N Main St. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-283-0438 1026 Gold Fork Rd. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 866-453-3675 207 Colorado St. McCall, ID 83638 760-271-2547

Spa del Sol and Shanti Yoga 100 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9711

Tom Halvorson LMT

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Unwind Body Spa

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Farm Fresh Meet the farmers behind McCall’s local market By Deanna Clauson Christina Castelanelli drives more than two hours over rough dirt roads to sell her flowers at the McCall Farmers Market each week, departing in the cool morning hours with buckets of freshly-cut blooms packed in the back of her truck. Although she is one of the market’s newest vendors, it is this type of dedication that has made the market so vibrant and successful over the years, says Susie Marshall, the original founder who remains the market organizer. The long history of the McCall market—2019 is its 29th season—is owed to the perseverance of a handful of devoted vendors. Continued page 30

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer


The twice-weekly event, operating between June and October, has become a staple for both locals and tourists. You’ll find dozens of varieties of fruits and vegetables, eggs, flowers, morel mushrooms, hand-roasted coffee, local meats, baked goods, skin care products, grass-fed burgers, and more. Operating on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, the Market boasts 25-30 vendors per day. You can’t miss the line of tents and trucks in the long, dirt parking lot next to the Salmon River Brewery, overlooking the picturesque Payette Lake. Vendors are limited in order to balance the types of goods sold, according to Patsy Kelley, who has helped run the market almost since its beginning. “We don’t want vendors to go back home with their trucks full,” she says. As you fill your bags and chat with the vendors, you’ll find a multitude of characters giddy about their products and wholly invested in the future of small-scale farming, delicious food, and direct-to-market goods.

South Fork Flowers Christina Castelanelli and her partner, Wes Gregory, serve as caretakers of the historic South Fork Ranch in the Salmon River backcountry, located about 2 hours from McCall. From Thanksgiving through May, the road to the ranch is closed and the only way Castelanelli and Gregory can leave is by plane. But Spring comes earlier there than in McCall, and the lower elevation allows her to start flower seeds in her greenhouse as early as February. She continues to plant every two weeks through July. “I try to focus on flowers that your grandma used to grow,” she says, “Ones that bring back memories, like sweet peas, zinnias, dahlias, cosmos.” “People love the natural feel of these flowers. They’re flowy and vibrant and the bouquets are a lot more alive. These are different than the flowers available in the supermarket,” she says. Many of the flowers she grows don’t transport Continued page 32 30

welcoming guests

since 1904


well, which is why they’re not found in the grocery stores. Eighty percent of flowers in the U.S. are grown outside the country and imported, she says, and they are sprayed heavily with pesticides when they cross the border. Although she grew up farming, last year was her first as a dedicated flower grower. Castelanelli, who has a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, says her experiences last year taught her what people like to buy, what failed to grow, and what took a long time to bloom. Castelanelli works with local florists, hotels and restaurants in addition to the Farmers Market. She also offers flowers for weddings, from full-service flower arrangements to her “buckets of blooms” option available for DIY brides. Her favorite flower? Dahlias, particularly the dinner plate dahlia. “They’re so high maintenance, but still beautiful. I’m addicted to growing them now; I’ve got dahlia fever.”

Butler Grass Fed Beef The Butler family – Ty and Christine and their four children – have become a friendly favorite of the Farmers Market. In addition to the variety of grass-fed beef cuts they sell, their grilled burgers available at the market have developed a small, cult-like following. The Butlers’ desire to sell grass-fed beef came about from a frustration with low quality commercial meat. After moving from Arizona to Idaho, they discovered that they could partner with ranchers who were invested in raising grass-fed meat and hand-pick the high-quality steers they wanted to sell. Even with the small-scale approach, their prices are comparable to grocery stores, says Ty Butler. “We have a super high-quality product that actually tastes great too,” Butler says. He attributes this to the genetics of the herds he has chosen to work with, the humane and calm way the animals are handled, and the high-quality Idaho grass the animals eat. Butler is involved in each step of the animal’s life as he brings it to the consumer, from hand picking the steers to rounding them up on horseback, to delivering them himself to the USDA-approved processing plant. The cattle he works with spend winter near Indian Valley and summer near Tamarack. “There is an art behind handling them properly so that they are as tender and tasty as possible. The way we treat the animals matters,” he says. The meat is available at local restaurants and can also be direct ordered by consumers for delivery. Besides the market, they plan to sell their popular burger in surprise, pop-up locations throughout the summer. Continued page 36


scenic, rustic, r elaxing Hot Springs & Cabin Rentals

A tradition since the 1870s. 32 scenic miles north of McCall.




f i

401 E Railroad Ave | 208.634.4730 |


Cutwater Grill at Shore Lodge

The Intersection BBQ

Dee’z Squeeze

Jug Mountain Ranch Clubhouse Restaurant

501 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 800-657-6464 209 N 3rd Street McCall, ID 83638 (208) 469-9475

Evening Rise Bread Company


132 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8166

Anchor Restaurant 203 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4665

The Bar at Shore Lodge

303 Sunset St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5031

13834 Farm to Market Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5072

KB’s Burritos

616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5500

Fogglifter Café

1003 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5507

Lardos Grill and Saloon

Growler’s Pizza Grill 501 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7755

600 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8191

McCall Brewing Company 807 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3309

501 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2244

Ice Cream Alley

Banyans on the Green

Incahoots BBQ and Catering

925 Fairway Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6575

206 Virginia St. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-4499

310 E. Lake Street McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-4700 102 Moser Ave. Council, ID 83612 208-634-5BBQ (5227)

The Baum Shelter

131 Bemis Gulch Road Warren, Idaho 208-636-4393

Bistro 45

1101 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4515

Café 6 three 4

208-634-4634 1304 Roosevelt Ave. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-4634

The Coffee Shop at Shore Lodge 501 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 800-657-6464

Family owned & operated since 1989

Cougar Dave’s Food and Spirits 263 Main St. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-325-4005

Crusty’s Pizza

214 Lenora St. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-5005


901 N 3rd Street, McCall 208.634.4401

Salmon River Brewery

411 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4772


1304 Roosevelt Ave. (208) 634-4634

Smoky’s Bar and Grill at Brundage Mountain Resort 3890 Goose Lake Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4151

Southside Grill, Kitchen and Cocktails 339 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2128

Stacey Cakes

136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2537

Steamers Steak and Seafood 308 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1411

Subway of McCall 320 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2855

Subway of New Meadows Mile High Marina & Grille

1300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 Open Memorial Day through Labor Day 208-634-8605

The Mill Steak and Spirits

North Fork Coffee Roasters 303 Colorado St. McCall, ID 83638 719-330-4069

The Pancake House

324 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7683

209 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5849

Miner’s Grab N Go

Pueblo Lindo

147 North 3rd Street McCall, ID 83638 208-634-2004

Mountain Java & The Back Room Bar 501 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2027

My Father’s Place

901 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4401

The Narrows Steakhouse at Shore Lodge 501 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2244

1007 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2270

Ragazza Di Bufalo 319 Main St Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-325-3463

Ruby’s Kitchen

324 W Lake St. McCall, ID 83638 208-630-6574 fb: RubysKitchenMcCall

Rupert’s at Hotel McCall 1101 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8108

505 Virginia St. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-4000

The Sushi Bar

414 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7874

Tamarack Resort

311 Village Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-325-1000

TJ’s Cutting Edge Café

200 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8558

Toll Station Pizza

410 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7818

Wild River Java

201 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5282


Fiscus Farms Ron Fiscus and Tresa Shearer, owners of Fiscus Farms, have been vendors at the market for just under ten years but the two continue to fine-tune which crops to bring to market. Currently, they sell about 400 lbs of beets, 500 lbs of potatoes and 300 lbs of carrots each year. They also have created a niche of selling sweet corn, picked asparagus and pickled eggs. Their 2.5-acre homestead is in Pollock, between New Meadows and Riggins, and sits at 3,200 feet elevation, which means they start planting potatoes in early April. Fiscus and Shearer do not use sprays or pesticides on their crops. Shearer’s favorite line sums it up: “Have you seen the price of sprays?” The rabbits that take bites from the beets are their biggest issue, says Fiscus.

Ron grew up on a family farm in Potlatch and has always had a garden. He still uses the cultivator his dad built in a high school shop project in the early 1930s. The bike tire on it is down to just a rim, he says, but still works. Fiscus Farms is known for their 5-seed cracker, which is also sold at the market. They bought an ancient Danish recipe and the accompanying special convection oven from a friend before she returned to Denmark.

Patsy Kelley, High Country Gardens The longest-running vendor, but not quite the oldest, Patsy Kelley has sold her greens and herbs at the market for 28 years. Kelley, 79, is a wealth of high country gardening knowledge. She passes it on by taking on “interns” (average age in their 50s) who help her with labor while she shares her well-earned secrets. “Getting your hands in the dirt with someone who has been here a while is quite helpful,” she says. Kelley, known as the “lettuce lady,” has narrowed the produce she sells at the market to herbs and various greens, such as lettuces, kale, chard, spinach, mustards, and bok choy. She also sells tomato starts of varieties that will ripen in time at McCall’s altitude. She helps customers understand how to cook the greens in tasty ways, she says, which combines her love of growing with her love of cooking. Kelley, who is one of a handful of vendors actually based in McCall, has a group of “bag ladies” who help bag the freshly-cut greens the day before market. They largely come “for the mental health aspect,” she says. It helps her reduce her pre-market prep time from about 20 hours to around 10. Continued page 38 36

RAZZLE DAZZLE Unique Gifts, Local Artists Home & Garden Decor A fun place to shop!

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Kelley and her partner, Dan Wilson, grow at their property off the appropriately named Farm to Market Road, where they have two greenhouses and open gardens. They are both involved with the operation of the market. Not only is Wilson their home garden mechanic, he is also the “vendor wrangler” and site manager.



Valley County Markets McCall Farmers Market: Every Wednesday and Saturday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., corner of Railroad Ave and Pine Street.

Donnelly Farmers Market: Every Wednesday, 3-6 p.m., at Donnelly City Park. Each week approximately 20-25 vendors will offer fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy, grains and crafts. Starts June 19th.

Alpha Nursery Farmers Market, Cascade: Wednesdays 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and Saturdays 3:30-5 p.m., one to two vendors each day.

Even if you’re just visiting the McCall area, we want you feel like you belong here. While you’re enjoying our uniquely Idaho way of life, stop in and pay us a visit. We’ll welcome you with a friendly ‘hello’, a fresh cup of coffee, and an invitation to discover how it feels to belong. McCall ~ New Meadows


McCall’s favorite bakery and so much more! 136 E. Lake St., Downtown McCall Next to Albertsons

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McCall Vacation Rental



208 Thula Street McCall, Idaho

Located in Idaho’s Adventure Corridor. Fully renovated Stibnite Mine home accommodates 6. Convenient to downtown McCall & area amenities. | 208.890.1588 | Reserve Now

Camp Ida Haven


2595 Eastside Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5922

Camp Pinewood

300 Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5598

Creekside RV Park and Campground Alpine Property Management Services PO Box 2996 McCall, ID 83638 208-315-3358

Alpine Village Company

616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3430

Aspen Timeshares / McCall Area Timeshares 1607 Davis Ave., #149 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7028

Bear Creek Lodge

3492 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3551

Best Western PLUS McCall Lodge & Suites 211 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2230

Blackhawk on the River

11 Shooting Star Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-4825

Brundage Bungalows

308 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-473-2894

Brundage Inn

1005 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2344

Burgdorf Hot Springs

404 French Creek Rd. (FS#246) Burgdorf, Idaho 83638 208-636-3036

Cabernet Cottage

208 Thula Street McCall, ID 83638 208-890-1588



Johnson & Company Vacation Rentals 110 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8500

Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch

3278 Highway 55 New Meadows, ID 83654 208-315-3080

Confluence of the South Fork and Main Salmon River Riggins, Idaho 83549 208-413-2109

DoneRight Vacation Rentals and Property Management

McCall Cabins

200 Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0030

Frost Management Company 150 W Roseberry Road Suite 1C Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-391-3711

Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council, Inc. Camp Alice Pittenger 2111 Pilgrim Cove McCall, ID 83638 208-377-2011

Grand Welcome Idaho 270 Main St. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 888-780-4809

The Hartland Inn Bed & Breakfast 211 N. Norris Avenue New Meadows, ID 83654 208-347-2114 www.

Havens Haven Guest House and Bed & Breakfast McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6600


1308 Hearthstone Ct. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-991-9380

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 201 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4700

Hotel McCall

1101 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8105

305 E Park St., Suite D McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-5045

McCall Campground and RV Park 190 Krahn Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5165

McCall Property Management

P.O. Box 2586 McCall, ID 83638 208-250-2430

McCall Property Services/McCall Outfitters 204 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6257

McCall RV Resort

200 Scott St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5646

McCall Super 8

303 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4637

McCall Vacation Properties

PO Box 3013 McCall, Idaho 83638 866-788-7333

McCall Vacation Rentals


McCall Vacations

805 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7056

Mundo Hot Springs and RV Park 3016 Goodrich Rd. Cambridge, Idaho 83610 208-257-3849

Northwest Passage Bed & Breakfast 201 Rio Vista Blvd McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1951

Quaker Hill Camp and Conference Center

Paradise Point Episcopal Church Camp

1440 Warren Wagon Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2083

Payette National Forest

400 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7671

Perfect Stay Properties, LLC

1010 Main St. Riggins, Idaho 208-628-2743

Pilgrim Cove Camp and Conference Center

401 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7394

2755 Eastside Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-345-4440 500 N Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0700

Rustic Inn McCall

Salmon Rapids Lodge

McCall, ID 83638 208-315-5411

Scandia Inn

1075 Plymouth Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5555

Ponderosa State Park

1920 Davis Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2164

Seven Devils Lodge Guest Ranch and Guide Service 4043 Council Cuprum Rd. Council, Idaho 83612 208-253-3014

Shore Lodge

501 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2244

Tamarack Resort

311 Village Dr. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-325-1000

Third Street Inn

415 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6300

Timberlake Rentals

628 Ruby Street McCall, ID 83638 208-250-2430


302 N Third St, Suite A McCall, ID 83638 208-634-7766 • 800-863-8415

WorldMark McCall

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1308 Hearthstone Court McCall, Idaho

(800) 574-6377


210 N. Third St., McCall, ID 208 634-4700 •

Slice of Life:


18 Years in the Making

By Lindsey Harris

From the outside, this nondescript building on Pine Street in downtown McCall may go unnoticed. Inside, however, Toby’s Place is home to a remarkable organization on a mission of inclusion and empowerment. Toby’s Place is a new non-profit thrift store whose mission is to “empower people with developmental disabilities.” Founder and Director Suzie Rohnert describes the opening of Toby’s Place as one that required a lot of faith, the right timing, the right people, and a whole lot of love. All proceeds from the thrift store support the goal of building Toby’s Place, an integrated living community that addresses the residential, vocational, educational, social and recreational needs of people with disabilities. They also employ young adults with disabilities to teach important life skills and cultivate social engagement. For Rohnert, Toby’s Place has been 18 years in the making. Originally from Michigan, Rohnert found herself living in Arizona after following her brother in search of new opportunities and sunshine. It was in Arizona that she met her husband, Howard, whose roots were in Idaho. This prompted a move to the Treasure Valley and how she met Toby, the namesake of Toby’s Place. While teaching Sunday school in the late 1990s, Rohnert’s prized pupil was Toby. His autism diagnosis spurred her to learn more about caring for children on the spectrum. She says her eyes were opened to how misunderstood autism was and how challenging it can be for families to care


for a child with any type of disability. Armed with new information and a desire to help, Rohnert became Toby’s one-onone buddy and the two forged an enduring bond. After three biological children of their own, the Rohnert’s became adoptive and foster parents to several more children. Today, they are the parents/legal guardians of two children with autism and 3 more children with varying disabilities. Her children’s desire to eventually live on their own despite their disabilities prompted Rohnert to rethink the care process. She saw a strong need for support and resources for families of children with special needs. The last piece of the puzzle fell into place with an uncharacteristic Sunday road trip to McCall on a snowy November day in 2015. The family enjoyed Chinese food and as they looked out over beautiful Payette Lake, the words “what would you Continued page 44

guys think of moving to McCall” came out of Rohnert’s mouth. She was blown away by the family’s enthusiasm. They moved here the very next month. It took a couple more years of laying the ground work, but the dream of Toby’s Place was finally born. On November 20, 2018, Toby’s Place officially opened its doors. Rohnert recalls how special that Thanksgiving was for everyone, fondly referring to that meal as a feast of love. “We couldn’t have done it without our friends and congregation,” she says.



Lithium 6.94


Co Cobalt 58.933



Mg Al Magnesium


Ni Nickel 58.693








Titanium 47.867








Cr Mn Fe

Chromium 51.996


Cu Zn Cd Sn Copper 63.546



Cadmium 112.41









Sb Antimony 121.76


Pb Lead 207.2

GET GEARED UP Get to the water.

Currently, Toby’s Place employs eight teens and adults with varying disabilities. “Some of these kids have never had a paycheck before,” says Rohnert.” They light up when they get to do something like budgeting their money…and most importantly, it is their money.” Rohnert says that being able to provide an opportunity to learn new skills like customer service, understanding currency and making people feel cared for and welcomed is a privilege. She adds that working at Toby’s Place has put her own life into perspective. “We try to never take advantage of the simple freedoms we get to appreciate daily,” she says. While the ultimate goal of Toby’s Place is to build an integrated living community, Rohnert is dedicated to adding new programming as soon as possible. She plans to partner with area organizations Continued page 46

Responsible mining helps us all get outside.

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HORN to not only serve those with disabilities, but also enrich the lives of everyone in the community by educating and inspiring. Toby’s Place is also looking to develop a mentoring program, incorporate vocational classes and integrate an animal therapy program with a pet hotel. Toby’s Place offers affordable and quality items including clothing for adults, kids, and babies, furniture, housewares, books and more. For information on current hours, find Toby’s Place on Facebook or visit Rohnert says she has been grateful for all the encouragement thus far. The support from neighboring thrift stores including MCPAWS, St. Luke’s Auxiliary, and the Donnelly Thrift Store has been immense “There’s enough room for all of us and the community has really shown us that,” she says. “We are going to find the best way to help these individuals find their purpose and develop their dreams,” Rohnert says. “Given a shot, these kids can do such big things.”

Escape to Heaven’s Gate

The Back Cabin

Beautifully constructed home set among the aspens and backing up to endowment land providing both privacy and frequent visits from fox, deer and elk. Four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, sleeps eight.

A quiet refuge far enough away from town to feel like you are secluded, yet close enough to enjoy all the seasonal activities around McCall. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, sleeps nine.



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Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April Women with Bait Tournament: Riggins Chix with Stix Tournament Snowmobile Crab Feed: Warren Military Springfest: Brundage Mountain Theatre Production by McCall Arts & Humanities St. Patrick’s Day Parties: Yacht Club & Foresters Telluride Mountain Film Festival Brewski: Tamarack Resort Spring Break Lunch & a Movie: Shore Lodge TA WI


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Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April McCall Starz on Ice Winter Carnival Events through y s the first Sunday of February e ur t – co Heritage Night: Little Ski Hill Brundage Mountain Diva Days Destination: Beer Snowmobile Fun Run: McCall Snowmobile Club Valentine’s Day Dinners: Shore Lodge & Rupert’s Winter Jamboree: Cascade Meadows Valley Snow Jamboree Women with Bait Tournament: Riggins McCallin’ All Cats Vintage Snowcat Jamboree Winemaker Dinner: Shore Lodge

Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April Idaho State Pond Skimming nt a in Championships: Tamarack Resort Brundage Crazy Daze & Pond Skimming State Gelande Quaff Championships: Brundage Mountain Salmon River Jet Boat Races: Riggins Easter Brunch: Shore Lodge & Rupert’s Community Easter Egg Hunts Howdy’s Gas and Grub Annual Fishing Tournament Shore Lodge Culinary Festival and King of the Mountain Culinary Championship Mountain High Quilt Camp: Quaker Hill Shore Lodge Spring Concert & Jazz Party eM



– cour tesy Brundag

Cabin Fever Series at McCall Arts & Humanities: January through April Bears Den Dinners After Dark at Brundage Mountain: January through April Payette Children’s Forest Winter Adventure Idaho Free Nordic Ski Day Youth Ice Fishing Day Beer & Gear Festival: Brundage Mountain McCall Re-Mastered Nordic Race Winter Carnival Events begin the last Friday of January Idaho Sled Dog Challenge


Donnelly Community Yard and Craft Sale Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Idaho Gives Mother’s Day Celebrations Riggins Rodeo and Parade GIG Foundation Annual Fundraiser and Silent Auction: Bistro 45 Historic Roseberry Open House and Volunteer Picnic Memorial Day Observance Kentucky Derby Party: Shore Lodge


McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday 10am-2pm McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August Dinner and Music Series: Brundage Mountain Seven Devils Playwright Conference Idaho Free Fishing Day Father’s Day Celebrations McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program Summer Grand Openings: Tamarack Resort & Brundage Mountain Kaleidoscope Children’s Art Festival: Central Idaho Historical Museum Cowboy Trade Days: Roseberry Taste of McCall Alpha Days: Alpha Grange Moudy Mountain Summer Festival Ponderosa Park Run for Payette Lakes Ski Club


McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday 10am-2pm McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program 4th of July Celebrations and Fireworks: McCall, Donnelly, Cascade & New Meadows –c o ur Cruiz’N McCall tesy M cCall Auto Club Car Show Thunder Mountain Days: Cascade Summit Cat Track 10k: Brundage Mountain Roseberry Arts and Crafts Festival Payette Children’s Forest Take it Outside Event McCall Amateur Golf Tournament Roseberry Summer Music Festival


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SummerFest presented by McCall Music Society 4 Summit Challenge: Cascade Adams County Fair and Rodeo Roseberry Wednesday Night Concert Series TGIF Summer Concert Series: Brundage Mountain Sunset Concert Series: Tamarack Resort Supersize Music Events: Jug Mountain Ranch Payette Lakes Classic and Wooden Boat Show Riggins Hot Summer Nights


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McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday 10am-2pm McCall Arts and Humanities Creative Campus Series: June through August McCall Public Library Summer Reading Program Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival Huckleberry Festival in Donnelly MWSC’s Ski Bum Scramble Long Valley Pioneer Picnic Payette Lakes Fine Art and Craft Fair Cascade Medical Center Foundation Golf Tournament Payette Lakes Ski Club Mountain Triathlon TGIF Summer Concert Series: Brundage Mountain Roseberry Wednesday Night Concert Series Sunset Concert Series: Tamarack Resort Supersize Music Events at Jug Mountain Ranch The Shepherd’s Home Benefit Concert at The Barn Valley County Fair and Rodeo Chalk on the Walk: Cascade Art in the Courtyard


McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday 10am-2pm Meadows Valley Days Roseberry’s Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social Alpha Nursery Fall Harvest Festival Judge’s Fishing Day: Cascade Payette Lake Run


McCall Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday 10am-2pm Skate By The Lake Hockey Tournament McCall Curling Club Roktoberspiel Cascade Lake Run McPaws Oktoberfest Jason Hawkins Skate by the Lake Barn Dance: Roseberry Annual McCall Ski Swap Haunted House: Little Ski Hill Halloween in Donnelly Harvest Fest: Donnelly Elementary Trunk or Treat Halloween Events: Alpine Village McCall & City of Donnelly


Theatre Production by McCall Arts & Humanities Council Cascade Holiday Bazaar: Ashley Inn Thanksgiving 6K Turkey Trot: The Club at Aspen Village Festival of Trees and Holiday Bazaar Hunt Lodge Holiday Bazaar Mountain Hollydays – Thanksgiving to New Year’s Small Business Saturday Pray for Snow Party: Activity Barn Thanksgiving Dinner: Shore Lodge, Rupert’s & the Ashley Inn Community Thanksgiving Dinner: Cascade Fall Concert: Shore Lodge


Downtown Shop-Around Downtown Tree Lighting: McCall and New Meadows Snow Ball benefiting the Payette Lakes Ski Club Backcountry Film Festival St. Luke’s McCall Holiday Happenings Moudy Mountain Christmas Cascade Community Center Christmas Craft Fair b –c McCall Music Society i Cl u o ur t esy Payet te Lakes Sk Community Carol-Along Breakfast with Santa: Shore Lodge Pictures with Santa: Various Locations Santa Paws Christmas Cookie Decorating: Shore Lodge Christmas Eve Dinner: Rupert’s & Ashley Inn Christmas Dinner: Shore Lodge Santa Skis: Brundage Mountain & Tamarack Resort Holiday Ice Show: Manchester Ice & Events Center Light Up the Night: Brundage Mountain New Year’s Eve Celebrations: Tamarack Resort & Shore Lodge

ONGOING McCall Ale Trail: Every Day! Acoustic Jam at Broken Horn Brewery: Mondays 5-8pm Dinner and a Movie at Shore Lodge: Tuesdays, movie begins at 6:30pm Live Music at Crusty’s: Wednesdays and Sundays in Summer; Saturdays in Winter Live Music at Yacht Club: Thursdays Second Sunday Sounds at 6 Live Music at the Anchor: Thursdays 5-7pm

Featured Artists:

Gallery Fifty-Five With Gallery Fifty-Five showcasing a diverse selection of local artists in different mediums, we couldn’t pick just one artist to feature. So, we are featuring the entire gallery! Overlooking Payette Lake in downtown McCall, Gallery Fifty-Five is a showroom of creativity. From paintings to photography to metal works to jewelry to glass art to ceramics, this member-owned gallery has something to inspire everyone.

We asked each artist member to answer the question, “Where do you find your creative inspiration?” Here is a selection of their responses.

Genie Sue Weppner

Clay has a memory and when fired, it retains the memory of the crafts person’s touch. I believe that when handmade pottery is used to serve or display food, it brings a Medium: Pottery distinctive elegance to the meal. My creative inspiration comes from the energy and fellowship generated when people gather together to eat. I want my vessels to contribute to that.

Katharina Roth

Katharina Roth (ceramics): The process of working with clay, of feeling and molding it with my hands, often leads to new discoveries. Something unexpected that shows up while working entices me to pursue a direction, like the texture that I often use Medium: Ceramics in my wall pieces, “Fabrics of Life.” During my artist residency in China I discovered that the pinched lines reminded me of rice fields and rivers that I encountered in there. Similarly, I came up with my “Moon Bowls” after the shape of balloons made me experiment and see how I could use that playful shape in my work. And voila! The whimsical and fun “Moon Bowls” were born.


I am influenced by the human form, with a touch of nostalgia.

Martine Castoro Medium: Paint

I make regular pilgrimages into the wilderness to gather ideas for new works. In order to convey the essence of my elusive subjects it is necessary to put myself in a position to directly observe them in the wild. Being in remotest Alaska in the Chugach Range where I have ascended the rugged crags to the breathtaking views of Kodiak Island; the desert canyons and timber of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah; to the rugged mountains and high plateaus of northwestern Canada, my wanderings fail to quench an endless thirst for wildlife and wild places.

Allen Malaise Medium: Metal Sculpture

My art is rooted equally in autobiography and mystery. With my family—my father was military—I lived overseas and in various parts of Medium: Paint & the U.S. but frequently Printmaking returned to my grandparents’ farm in South Central Texas, which was really home. There, my grandmother taught me to garden in her world, a living earth full of worms and insects, flowers and vegetables, chickens, cattle, and cats. When I was away from there, I learned to appreciate differences in others and other cultures, while often experiencing my own discomfort in being different from them. But, as a pre-teen and an avid mystery reader, I counted myself fortunate to live in Orleans, France, surrounded by the most mysterious and beautiful medieval structures and ancient infrastructure. As I grew older, the appeal of mystery never left me.

Theresa Burkes

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Noreen Shanafelt Medium: Paint

I am a former high school art teacher and I find my inspiration in the eyes of beautiful animals. In this age of uncertainty, people turn to the most innocent, loving things they can find…their pets! I get great joy from pleasing people by providing a lasting image of the object of their affection.

I get my creative inspiration from those moments when a scene, a cast of light, a color or a form in nature illuminates the mind with that fleeting “aha” moment. So brief and lovely, often impossible to capture in photos that I get to try to come close to with my paints and brushes.

Laurel Lake McGuire Medium: Watercolor

Larry Mehaffey

I find inspiration in all of the beauty and diversity of God’s creation in wildlife. Living off the grid in the Nez Pierce Medium: National Forest my wife and I Wood Carving experience from our cabin this beauty and diversity of the wildlife almost daily. Inspiration is simply the result of seeing and appreciating not only the diversity of animals, but the many behaviors, postures, and expressions they continually display.


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Somewhere between where you are and where you are going, there’s a Super 8. SEE YOU ALONG THE WAY.®


415 N. 3rd St., McCall, ID


303 South 3rd St, McCall, Idaho

Black Pine Deer Farm Raising European Fallow Deer for their high quality venison

Farm tours available from mid-May through Labor Day Call ahead for appointment

• Hair-on-Hides, Buckskin & Antlers • Venison Cuts Available Year Round Burger, Stew, Steaks, Roasts, Tenderloin, Pepperoni, Salami Available at our farm & at the McCall Farmers Market

13508 Farm to Market Road • McCall • 2 miles south of the Finn Church

208.325.8886 •

First Saturday Receptions Every Month from 4pm to 8pm Wine from Bistro 45 & Live Music

Michele Applebee

Terri Axness

Mary Butler

Martine Castoro

Allen Malaise

Genie Sue Weppner

Open Every Day 11am to 5pm · 311 E. Lake St, McCall · Lake Level on Hwy 55

208.634.6313 ·

Steph Tetter

Medium: Paint

I paint anything and everything that inspires me: a memory, a color combination, an odd shape, a momentary sensation. But the thing I enjoy painting the most is animals. I spent my life with horses riding competitively in the United States and around the world. When I paint a horse, all of my senses engage. I like to capture the personality of each animal as well‌they are as different as people are once you spend time around them. It’s not just about the subject, but all of the senses.

Specializing in Win-Win Transactions! | 208.634.2100 310 E. Lake St., Downtown, Lakeside

McCall Lodge & Suites

Free WiFi • DirecTV • Pet Friendly Indoor Pool, Spa • Fitness Center Complimentary Hot Breakfast

Lakefront studio condos on Payette Lake. Beach, dock, pool. Close to downtown, Ponderosa State Park and the McCall Golf Course. Fully equipped and ready for summer fun!

Contractor services McCall.Idaho

• Interior Painting • Finishing Carpentry • Tile & Wood Flooring • Bathroom & Kitchen Upgrades


Costco Wholesale


2051 South Cole Rd., Boise, ID 83709 (208) 321-8745 •

Dandy Lion Consignment

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Farm to Market Floral Design Adventure Floors and Window Coverings 135 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3115


Franklin Building Supply 14047 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8111

Franz Witte Nursery

132 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8166

530 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1001


311 East Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6313

212 North 3rd Street, Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-2802

Auggie’s Sheepskin

209 North Third Street McCall, ID 83638 208-634-4030

The Barn Owl Books and Gifts 616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4440

Bella Kitchen

401 E Railroad St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4730

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The Boardroom

305 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3400

Brundage Downtown Shop McCall, ID 83638 208-634-7772

Builders FirstSource

400 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2234

The Christmas House

209 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3333


McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0636

Gallery Fifty-Five

Granite Mountain Nature Gallery 305 E Park St., Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1111

Gravity Sports

503 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8530

Home Town Sports

300 E Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2302

Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store 216 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2088

Idaho Impressions

New Meadows, ID 83654 208-746-6099

Keep Me in Stitches 136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2906

Krahn’s Home Furnishings

211 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2193

The Leisure Company 611 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7570

Magnum Floors

114 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6292

May Hardware

809 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7665

McCall Craftworks

305 East Park Street McCall, ID 83638 208-630-6577

McCall Farmers Market

The corner of Pine St. and Railroad Ave. 208-634-9777 Season: June through October Wed. & Sat. from 10am – 2pm

McCall Woodworks

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McPaws Thrift Store

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Mile High Marina & Grille

1300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 Open Memorial Day through Labor Day 208-634-8605

Mile High Power Sports 13924 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7007

Miner’s Grab N Go

McCall Jewelry Company

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The McCall Store 1012 N 3rd St. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-4581

Mountain Monkey Business

Mountain Renewal Skincare & Women’s Consignment Boutique 321 North 3rd St., Suite 3 McCall, ID 83638 208-315-0762

Old Town Market 507 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2016

Razzle Dazzle

503 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1997

Ruby’s Kitchen

324 W Lake St. McCall, ID 83638 208-630-6574

Rustic Outlet

14120 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4445

Spa del Sol/Shanti Yoga 100 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9711

Toby’s Place Thrift Shop 506 Pine St. McCall, ID 83638 208-880-9886


McCall, Idaho 83638 888-982-8386

Wear Boise

828 W. Idaho St. Boise, ID 83702 208-680-6017


BOX LAKE Hidden white sand beaches in the Idaho mountains By McKenzie Kraemer

Box Lake is a fairly popular trail, and for good reason. Scenic vistas, crystal clear water and beautiful wildflowers are readily enjoyed by hikers that take this seven mile out-and-back route. While the trail sees heavier weekend traffic in the summer months, Box Lake itself is close to one mile long, so finding a spot all to yourself once you arrive is easy to do. The route is fairly steep in places, but flattens out at various points to give your legs a break. The first half mile of the hike climbs 400 feet along a switchback trail that weaves through a canopied forest of pine trees before opening up to a hillside of snags from a

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer


Keep Me In Stitches

MORE THAN JUST A YARN SHOP. Home-spun, Hand-crafted Yarns & Fibers Hand-crafted Scarves, Sweaters, Accessories Knitting & Crocheting Classes

208 634.2906 136 E. Lake Street

Market Square ~ Downtown McCall

“McCall’s Mountain Recreation Experts” Bike Sales | Rentals | Full Service Repair Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals, Sales & Delivery | Wakeboards | Water Skis Sunglasses | Alpine & Nordic Skiing | Snowboards | Clothing | Footwear

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Downtown McCall • 300 East Lenora Street 208.634.2302 •

forest fire in 1994. For most of the hike, the trail meanders next to Black Lee Creek with several creek crossings in between meadows of wildflowers and granite terrain. At the two mile mark, hikers can take a break and take in the views from a granite outcropping. This point is 7,400 feet in elevation and looks out over the Black Creek drainage and the mountains to the south. Continued page 60

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Since 1983, McCall local 208-634-6366 | Snake River | Salmon River | 3-6 day overnight trips | May-Sept.

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Another half mile from this vantage point, the trail enters a flat meadow area with a spectacular view of Box Lake at the end. To access the lake, continue along the trail down a switchback trail for another half mile that puts you at the south end of Box Lake. The lake itself is one of the largest alpine lakes in the area with plenty of camping sites around the perimeter. Box Lake also connects to Sisters Lakes on the north end which then connects to the Crestline Trail. With the proximity to several other lakes and trails, Box Lake makes a great basecamp for day tripping. Fishing at Box Lake is fair, but if you’re after a real catch, the larger Sisters Lake is where you want to be. While the trail and lake are beautiful in every season, our favorite time to make this trek is in the fall. By late August, the lake recedes a few feet, revealing stunning white sand beaches. Paired with the blue water, Box Lake is reminiscent of a Caribbean shoreline which makes the strenuous hike well worth the effort.

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer


Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

Continued page 62

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer


where you play!

(208) 634-7007 13924 HWY. 55, McCall, Idaho








Trailhead Directions: From McCall on Davis Avenue heading toward Ponderosa State Park, turn right onto Lick Creek Road. After 3.2 miles, the road will fork toward Little Payette Lake (keep right). From this fork, travel approximately 11 miles. There will be a parking lot on the left with a sign that says “Box Lake Trail.� The parking area can hold about five or six vehicles.

Photo courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

SIP & Summer makes us crave fresh flavors. Enjoy our two featured recipes and serve up a pinch of inspiration, a dash of deliciousness and a full serving of freshness.

RAGAZZA DI BUFALO EGGPLANT ZUCCHINI ARTICHOKE ROLL UP Owner and Executive Chef Steven Topple is sharing his passion for Italian fare at Ragazza Di Bufalo in Donnelly, Idaho. While he hails from Portsmouth, U.K., his world travels have inspired the menu which favors the northern style of Italian cooking with fresh homemade pasta, gnocchi, risotto and sauces. Want more of Chef Topple’s recipes? Pick up one of his two cookbooks, “So You Want to Impress” and “Signatures.”

SAVOR INGREDIENTS: 1 eggplant, sliced thin using mandolin long length wise 2 large tomatoes, diced and seeded 1 zucchini diced small 1 tsp chopped garlic 1 jar of marinated artichoke hearts, chopped into small dice

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 375º F, sprinkle eggplant with salt and pepper and olive oil. Roast in oven for 15 minutes, remove and cool. In a small sauté pan, cook the zucchini in a little olive oil, artichoke, garlic and add chopped diced tomato. At the end, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle in the basil. Cool the mixture. Lay eggplant on a table and place a spoonful of the zucchini, artichoke mixture in middle. Roll up the eggplant with zucchini mixture in middle, until a neat bundle. Place onto a baking dish or oven tray. In a small sauce pot, cook diced onion until soft and translucent. Deglaze with white wine. Once reduced, add in cream, reduce again by ½ and season with salt and pepper and add in mustard seed. Remove from heat. Place eggplant rollups into oven for 10 minutes. Once hot, remove and place onto a plate, then serve the mustard seed sauce over the top and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve and enjoy. Continued on page 66


2 leaves of basil, chopped into a fine chiffonade ½ onion peeled and diced ½ cup of white wine 1 cup of heavy cream 1 tsp mustard seed Salt and Pepper ¼ cup of olive oil ¼ cup of grated parmesan cheese for garnish



Offering fine boutique wines • 2 tastings per month • 5 - 6 wines per tasting • Wines paired with cheese • Members receive discounted tasting fees, discounted wine, bulk coffee & tea

319 Main St Donnelly, Idaho

Book now:

208.325.3463 Closed Mon & Tues

Focusing On N›th‹n Style Italian C³king @MountainJavaMammas

7 days a week 7 AM to 6 PM

208.634.2027 501 Pine St., McCall

208.391.3711 Book a home today for a luxurious, stress-free vacation MCCALL · DONNELLY · TAMARACK · CASCADE

Unbeatable Owner Services!

With decades of experience in property management we handle everything from marketing to maintenance. If you are a new homeowner, looking to buy, or to earn some extra income - contact us today!

Step up your mimosa game • Add a splash of St. Germain elderflower liqueur • Add a splash of Grenadine for a fun “sunrise” color • Add a splash of orange liqueur like Cointreau or Grand Marnier

DEE’Z SQUEEZE CLASSIC MIMOSA Dee’z Squeeze has taken the McCall area by storm. This a cold-pressed juice bar opened in 2018 at the Pancake House offering unpasteurized, raw juice using 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables. Grab a bottle to go or enjoy a glass with your meal. Dee also takes orders for your favorite custom blend. Dee’z Squeeze staples include “Green Power,” “Feel the Beet,” “Refresher + Ginger,” and “Orange Delight.” While every variety is delicious, “Orange Delight’s” blend of carrots, apples and oranges pairs perfectly with a glass of bubbly. Pick up a bottle from Dee at the Pancake House, Mountain Java or TJs Cutting Edge Café. After the juice is gone, you can exchange your bottle and receive a deposit back on your next juice.

INGREDIENTS: Champagne or Prosecco Dee’z Squeeze Orange Delight Garnish of choice

DIRECTIONS: Fill a champagne flute half full of chilled champagne or prosecco. Top with Orange Delight. Garnish with mint, orange peel or strawberry. Enjoy!


MOUNTAIN LAKES REALTY Knowledge And Experience At Your Service!


208.634.2728 • 805 N. 3rd St., McCall, ID


An esteemed group of resort-industry veterans has partnered to purchase and guide the growth and development of Idaho’s newest four season resort, Tamarack. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND!

208.634.7056 • 800.799.3880 805 N. 3rd St., McCall, ID

How do you define health? Physical? Mental? Social? Health goes beyond medical care. It’s how we take care of ourselves, how we interact with our communities, how we take care of each other. Let St. Luke’s support your health however you define it. #pictureyourhealth


Trisha Sears

Owner/Associate Broker



Jackie Richards Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-794-5697

Carew Co.

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Discovery Map of McCall McCall, Idaho 83638 208-481-4685

Element 242

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The Voice Goddess, Inc.

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The UPS Store

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McCall Woodworks

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ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS Better Buy Design McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7606

Mountain Element Construction, LLC 100 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0256

Crestline Engineers

323 Deinhard Ln., Suite C McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4140

Mountain Town Homes 215 Commerce Unit 2 McCall, ID 83638 208-630-4491


303 Colorado St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4540

Payette Builders, Inc. 219 Jussila Bow Pl. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9477

Jug Mountain Builders

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Holland Associates

lakeview chevron service


downtown mccall

Idaho Business Review

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Idaho Impressions

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McCall Digest

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AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES Bruneel Tire Factory 617 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2252

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Infrared Thermal Imaging ($125 Value) FREE with Full Inspection



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Edward Jones-Michael A. Vineyard

WORSHIP EXPERIENCE @ OUR SAVIOR 11 AM EVERY SUNDAY Adult Bible Study prior to the Worship Service @ 10 am every Sunday Children’s Sunday School @ 10 am every Sunday Receive weekly email devos by Dr. Robin J. Dugall, Pastor @

616 N. N Third Street, Ste 105 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5855

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Corner of Deinhard & Mission Streets, McCall


1 (844) RR IDAHO


First American Title 616 N 3rd St., Suite 101 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4705

H&R Block

307 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5847

Idaho First Bank

475 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1000

McCall Mortgage Company

310 E. Lake St, 2nd Floor McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8253

New York Life – Amy Clark 1109 W. Myrtle Street, #300 Boise, ID 83702


114 N 3rd St, Ste 2A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2200

Umpqua Bank

900 2nd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8185

US Bank

905 E 2nd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2281

Washington Federal

204 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2121

CHURCHES Elk Creek Church

14102 Highway 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-631-1938

McCall Church of the Nazarene 223 Hewitt St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5775

McCall Community Congregational Church 901 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5430


PLAN AHEAD In the heat of summer, we can’t help but dream of champagne snow, creamy corduroy, and fresh powder stashes. When the snow starts to fall, McCall transforms into a winter wonderland…see what’s in store:

SNOWMOBILE With more than 500 miles of groomed trails, we promise you won’t be bored! Strike out on your own with your personal machines or rent them from one of our local businesses. You can also follow an experienced guide who can show riders of all abilities everything from gentle slopes to challenging hillsides that tempt even the most adventurous of the “high-markers.” Want to try something new? Snow biking is gaining traction in McCall and a great way to experience familiar terrain in a whole new way.

ALPINE SKI With three alpine ski areas, McCall is home to some of the finest Alpine skiing and snowboarding in the Northwest. Untracked powder, smooth corduroy, and plenty of terrain park features to keep you shredding. Want to explore beyond the boundaries? Access more than 20,000 acres of snow with a cat ski trip or adventure with Brundage SnowCat Adventures or Payette Powder Guides.



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ndage Mountain Resor



Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby


The entertainment heats up in the winter! Start with the Festival of Trees Thanksgiving weekend then cruise right into the holiday season with “Mountain Hollydays.” This two month extravaganza offers everything from wine tastings to shop local deals. In January, celebrate all things winter with the 10-day Winter Carnival followed by our new favorite event from Idaho Brewers United in February, Destination:Beer.

NORDIC & SNOWSHOE When the sun shines in the winter, powder can play second fiddle to a fresh groomer‌a staple for Nordic skiers and something McCall has plenty of. The rolling meadows and challenging hills winding through the trees offer unparalleled options. Want to trek into a winter wonderland? Snowshoes are a great way to blaze your own trail!

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FAMILY FUN If cabin fever threatens, get the entire family out to play! Strap on the ice skates and hit up open skate at the Manchester Ice Center or ride up the magic carpet at the Activity Barn to fly down the hill on a snow tube. For a quick sledding adventure, try Legacy Park in downtown McCall. The gentle slope is perfect for the little ones! The area is also home to several hot springs perfect for warming up on a cold day.

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DINING Get cozy! Our eateries and bistros offer a haven from the brisk weather. Enjoy everything from fresh pastries to locally sourced venison. Cuddle up and sip a hot toddy by the fire or gather your friends at one of our local breweries for some après ski pints. From tasty take-out to casual fine dining to adventurous dinner events, we have something for everyone.

Photo courtesy Idaho Tourism


McCall Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Dwell Done Cleaning

Mountain Life Church

High Mountain Cleaning and Property Services, LLC

3592 Long View Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0053 14180 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3037

Our Savior Lutheran Church


100 Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-891-4608


201 Industrial Ave. Council, Idaho 83612 208-453-4561

City of Cascade

105 S Main St. Cascade, Idaho 83638 208-382-4279

City of Donnelly

169 Halferty St. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-325-8859

Fire . Water .Wind . Mold

City of McCall

216 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7142

City of New Meadows

401 Virginia St. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-2171

Idaho Department of Labor 299 S. 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7102

Valley County

Locally Owned and Operated

Valley County’s Proven Leader In Property Emergency Services


Emergency Response


219 S Main St. Cascade, Idaho 83611 208-382-7100

CLEANING SERVICES Daisy Days Home Cleaning Service 5918 West Victory Road Boise, Idaho 83709 208-315-0861

Disaster Response of Idaho 13888 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-3100

125 N. Commerce Street McCall, ID 83638 208-866-6719

(208) 741-2395

Lakeshore Disposal 200 Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7176

Maid in McCall

321 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-7429

Pim’s Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaners 208-628-4211


Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-455-5555

Frontier Communications 201 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6100

COMPUTER AND NETWORKING 4 Corners Communications 3208 Hwy 55 New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-4100

Intelligent Home, Inc. 114 N 3rd St., Suite B McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1100

May Security

345 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8200


McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6163

Schlieper Auto Freight, LLC Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-451-5488

HEALTHCARE Back Country Chiropractic and Wellness Center 201 Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8129

Brian W. Charles, DMD 509 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7653

The Cottages of McCall 700 Reedy Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3883

Hearing Connection, Inc.

116 N. 3rd St., #5 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-888-0387

McCall Rehab and Care Center 418 Floyde St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2112

Payette Lakes Medical Clinic

211 Forest St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2225

Pro-Active Physical Therapy

409 S 3rd St., Suite C McCall, ID 83638 208-634-8517

Solace Natural Medicine 301 Colorado St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7289

St. Luke’s Hospital - McCall 1000 State St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2221

Trinity Home Care and Resource 106 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1760

HOME AND CONSTRUCTION A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning 140 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1586


Able Property Services

PO Box 631 Donnelly, ID 83615 208-315-7222

• • • •

Cabinets Vinyl & Wood Windows Floor Coverings Custom Doors

• • • •

Wood & Composite Decking #1 Douglas Fir Timbers Wood Sidings Engineered Beams

14047 Highway 55 • McCall ~ 208.634.8111

Adventure Floors and Window Coverings 135 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3115

Builders FirstSource

400 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2234 www.

Central Idaho Pool and Spa


Sundance Spas of McCall Alpine Village 616 N Third Street, Suite 114 208-271-6142

Disaster Response of Idaho 13888 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-3100

Foundations McCall

335 S. Samson Trail McCall, ID 83638 208-315-3242


Franklin Building Supply

J & M Masonry LLC

14047 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8111

11307 W. Douglas Fir Ave. Nampa, ID 83651 208-249-7481

Hammerheads McCall


335 S. Samson Trail McCall, ID 83638 208-315-3242

Handyman Plus LLC 12954 Upland Road Donnelly, ID 83615 208-867-6115

High Desert Wildlife & Pest Solutions 9495 Galloway Rd. Middleton, ID 83644 208-590-3364

Inland Marine

13871 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2875

Inventive Cabinetry

201 Rio Vista Blvd McCall, ID 83638 (208) 871-2359

JSM Lawncare and Snow Removal


Kinetico Quality Water of McCall 125 Commerce St., Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1888

Lakeshore Disposal 200 Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7176

May Security

345 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8200

McCall Rental & Sales 500 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5709

McCall Woodworks

100 Helmich St McCall, Idaho 83638 (208) 634-2378

Authorized Dealer



616 N THIRD ST., STE 114 Alpine Village, McCall

Showroom Open: Tues - Sat 11am - 5pm Sun & Mon by appointment

Our Services:




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zie K





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Tamarack Resort Brundage Mountain Resort Jug Mountain Ranch Bear Basin Ponderosa State Park

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Jug Mountain Ranch McCall Golf Course Whitetail Golf Course Cascade Golf Course MeadowCreek Resort






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Kelly’s Whitewater Park Roseberry General Store & Barn Central Idaho Historical Museum Activity Barn Lake Cascade State Park



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HOT SPRINGS 16 Burgdorf Hot Springs 17 Gold Fork Hot Springs



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Precoat McCall

Sherwin Williams

Centerline Corporation

Resolute Restoration

Valley Fire Protection

Costco Wholesale

Westside Electric Company

Erekson Law Office


Eyespot Creative

335 S. Samson Trail McCall, ID 83638 208-921-1801 PO Box 336 McCall, ID 83638 844-774-3246

Resto Clean North

600 River Street McCall, ID 83638 208-315-4112

Rocky Mountain Crane & Equipment Rental 14032 HWY 55 McCall, ID 83638 208-696-1476

Rocky Mountain Excavation & Equipment Rental 14032 HWY 55 McCall, ID 83638 208-696-1476

Seed Woodworking

Handyman & Woodworking Services New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-315-2654

210 Commerce St. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-1124 461 Smitty Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2636

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-484-5193

208benefits, LLC

106 E Park St., Suite 100 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-225-5208


507 E Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-6346363

Benton Insurance

283 Main St. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-325-3253

616 N 3rd St., Suite 105 McCall, ID 83638

411 F-Deinhard Ln., #185 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-3860

2051 South Cole Rd., Boise, ID 83709 (208) 321-8745 • 1010 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7118 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-841-8594

Idaho Impressions

New Meadows, ID 83654 208-746-6099

John Curtis Hucks, Attorney at Law, P.C. 208-347-4128

Julia Berheim, Notary Public McCall, Idaho 208-691-0980

Auto • Home • Life Second Home • Business

BENTON INSURANCE Duffy Benton 208.325.3253 Donnelly 208.345.5900 Boise Servicing Valley, Ada and Canyon Counties Monday through Saturday.

P.O. Box 1066, 706 N. First St., McCall, Idaho 83838 Phone: (208) 634-7641 Website:

Call me for a no cost comparison!

Micael McKenzie Inc Creative

Web Design, Graphic Design & Marketing 208-271-6158

Michael R. Gurney Agency, Inc. 1607 Davis Ave., Unit 158 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7154

Millemann Pemberton & Holm LLP Attorneys at Law 706 North First Street McCall, ID 83638 208-634-7641

Redfish | Bluefish

BOOK SALE Memorial & Labor Day Weekends!

Leadership Design & Organizational Development McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-2058

Sarah Taylor Insurance, LLC 1650 S. Albright Lane Boise, Idaho 83709 208-377-6717


950 W Bannock St., Ste. 1136 Boise, Idaho 83702 208-336-3768

The Star-News

1000 N First St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2123

MINING AND GEOLOGY Midas Gold, Inc. 13181 Hwy 55 Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-901-3060

Granite Mountain Nature Gallery 305 E Park St., Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1111


PO Box 228 McCall, ID 83638

Cascade Chamber of Commerce 101 S Main St. Cascade, Idaho 83611 208-382-3833

Central Idaho Amateur Radio Club PO Box 543 Donnelly, ID 83615

Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association McCall, ID 83638

Donnelly Chamber of Commerce

The RED LINE serves the City of McCall and is a FARE-FREE service


Operating 7 days a week: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

1001 State Street McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5522

(except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Years Day)

The GREEN LINE is a commuter express route connecting McCall, Lake Fork, Donnelly & Cascade Operating Mon - Fri: 5:55 am - 7:15 pm Contact us at:


Friends of the McCall Public Library

The Housing Company

565 W Myrtle St., Suite 250 Boise, Idaho 83702 208-331-4811

Kelly’s Whitewater Park Highway 55 Cascade, Idaho 83611

Long Valley Preservation Society 13131 Farm to Market Rd. Donnelly, Idaho 836154 208-325-8628

McCall Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau 605 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7631

McCall Area Snowmobile Club PO Box 354 McCall, Idaho 83638

McCall Arts and Humanities Council 208-634-7136

McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation 208-634-6333

McCall Farmers Market

Corner of Railroad Ave and Pine St. Wednesday and Saturday, 10am- 2pm June through October

McCall Fire Protection District 201 Deinhard Lane McCall, ID 83638 208-634-7070

McCall Folklore Society


McCall Music Society

McCall Community Center 701 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5408

McCall Winter Sports Club

Payette Lakes Progressive Club

Payette Lakes Ski Club/Little Ski Hill 3635 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5691

Ponderosa Center

311 E Lake St McCall, ID 83638 208-271-1185

Rotary of McCall Meets every Wednesday at 12pm McCall, Idaho 83638

Seven Devils Playwrights Conference McCall, Idaho 83638 516-319-9089

Shepherd’s Home






Full Service

Real Estate Team

Valley County Pathways

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-4991

Village of Yellow Pine Association

Phil ~ 208 630.3083 JoEllen ~ 208 634.6494 Philip ~ 208 315.0563

Local Realtors® Know Best.

Yellow Pine, Idaho 83677

PETS McCall Pet Outfitters 200 Lenora St. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-3440

McCall Pet Spa and Bath House 102 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3977

McPaws Regional Animal Shelter 831 S 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3647

Paws & Bark Dog Boarding 3713 Hwy 95 New Meadows, ID 83612 (208) 347-3880

Serving Valley, Adams & Idaho County.

PHOTOGRAPHY Amy Isacson Photography McCall, Idaho 83638 208-907-6593

Melissa Shelby Photography 208-315-1294

River’s Edge Photography

313 McBride St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-870-4097

Samantha Sais Photography

PO Box 2857 McCall, ID 83638 520-979-6947

Summit Photography

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-469-0454

REAL ESTATE Alpine Village Company

600 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3430



502 N. 3rd St., Suite 4 | McCall, ID

Blackhawk on the River

11 Shooting Star Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-4825

Brundage Realty

403 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1234

Steve and Cindy Jones, Realtors®

Brundage Realty – Dawne Meckel

McCall Real Estate Company 301 E. Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6497

Century 21 Whitewater Clark

13834 Farm to Market Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5072

403 N Third Street McCall, ID 83638 208-634-1234 1007 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1800

Community Group at Crawford Olson Real Estate Services 403 E. Park St McCall, ID McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7778

Cory Corbet, Realtor®

McCall Real Estate Company 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-3283

Shelly DeMoss, Realtor®

Crawford Olson Real Estate 403 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1390

Randy Funk Home Inspections 1740 E Fairview Ave. #53 Meridian, ID 83642 208-914-5793

Melanie Holmes, Realtor®

RE/MAX Resort Realty 1101 E Lake Street McCall, ID 83638 208-315-0865

Homes and Land of McCall-CascadeDonnelly 208-634-1472

Karen Johansen, Realtor®

Century 21 Whitewater Clark 1007 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1800

Johnson & Company Real Estate 110 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8500

Jennifer Jones, Realtor®

Brundage Realty 403 N 3rd Street McCall, Idaho 83638 208-440-9400

Jug Mountain Ranch

Juniper Realty Group of Silvercreek Realty 858 E Handel St. Meridian, Idaho 83646 208-488-1400

Cheri Lawrence Real Estate

Century 21 P.O. Box 2586 McCall, ID 83638 208-250-2430


Let’s go shopping for real estate!

McCall Home Inspections

494 Cammy Drive McCall, ID 83638 208-866-1578


Mountain Living Specialist Let me help you find your special Mountain property!

Cheri Lawrence, Realtor®


When selecting a real estate agent you need someone who sees you as a person not a profit. “Evidence of Dawne’s expertise became obvious when we made our first cold call in search of an experienced local realtor... Dawne is a great negotiator...we always felt she took care of us & was on our team. We are very grateful to have found Dawne who helped us find a property we love & hope to use as an investment & also a place we hope to share with our family for decades.” Sincerely, The Millers




Mountain Central Association of REALTORS 321 N. 3rd St., Suite #204 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7424

Mountain Lakes Realty 805 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2728 155 Old St. Donnelly, ID 208-325-3366

Jean Odmark, Realtor®

McCall Real Estate Company 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9280 CASCADE

301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2100

Northwest Passage Apartments

Representing Buyers and Sellers, our mission is to give you peace of mind through the entire transaction.

Steve Jones | Associate Broker 208-634-6497

McCall Real Estate Company

Crawford Olson Real Estate Cindy Jones | Real Estate Specialist 208-634-6849

403 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6060


RE/Max Resort Realty


1101 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5400

River Ranch McCall

105 River Ranch McCall, Idaho 83638

Marletta Romero, Real Estate Broker® Silvercreek Realty Group 411 Deinhard Ln McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0600

Signet Mortgage

3060 S. Rookery Ln Boise, ID 83706 208-409-2288

Joe and Toni Slaymaker, Silvercreek Realty Group LLC 311 E Lake Street McCall, ID 83638 208-315-0846

A Name You Trust, A Team You’ll Love! Find Us Behind Hotel McCall 1101 East Lake Street• McCall, ID | 208.634.5400

Tamarack Realty

850 Village Dr. Tamarack, Idaho 83615 208-325-1001

Haden Tanner, McCall Idaho Real Estate McCall Real Estate Company 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-2242

Team Reinhard, Keller Williams Realty Bryant & Janice Reinhard McCall, ID 83638 208-573-1326

Verna Vanis, Realtor®

Crawford Olson Real Estate 403 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1050

Jo Ellen, Phil and Philip Yribar, Realtors® McCall Real Estate Company 301 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6494

SCHOOLS Cascade School District 209 N School St. Cascade, Idaho 83611 208-630-6057

Crestline Academy

106 E Park St., Ste. 212 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-631-7632

Meadows Valley School K-12 500 N Miller Ave. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-2411

McCall College

106 E Park St., #220 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3456

McCall-Donnelly Joint School District 120 Idaho St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2161

University of Idaho- McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS) 1800 University Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3918

STORAGE 24-7 Storage McCall

14051 Burr Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4844

Stor-It Self Storage, Car Wash and U Haul 207 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7015

TRANSPORTATION Harlow’s School Bus Service 14030 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1089

Jackson Jet Center

3815 Rickenbacker St. Boise, Idaho 83705 208-383-3300

McCall Aviation/AVCenter 300 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7137 ext. 8005

Mountain Community Transit 208-634-0003 Call to schedule your FREE ride!


1611 Davis Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8181

ASAP Portables Co.

13831 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0012

Ed Staub and Sons 13858 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3833

Honey Dippers

13950 Nisula Road McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1230

Idaho Power

PO Box 70 Boise, ID 83707 800-488-6151

Lakeshore Disposal 200 Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7176

Suburban Propane

11121 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5330



SHOT Photo courtesy Sherri Harkin

Big Things Are Happening At Tamarack Resort A new round of improvements is underway at the direction of the new ownership group. This year Tamarack will be working to complete the exterior on three of the six buildings of the Village Plaza and more than 50 condominiums in that development. In addition, the first phase of retail, dining and guest services space will be finished in time for the 2019/2020 winter season. The Wildwood Chairlift is also being reinstalled to open up several hundred acres of new lift-served terrain. Expect to find intermediate and expert trails as well as gladed tree skiing in this newly opened area. Additions to the grooming fleet and brush clearing program aim to add accessibility and improve the existing slopes. “We’re focused on improving the guest experience from the moment they arrive at the Village through their last run of the day,” says Tamarack Resort President Jon Reveal. 86

This summer, get a ride to the top and explore the downhill mountain biking trails or enjoy the view with a scenic chairlift ride. Lifts will turn Saturdays and Sundays from May 25th through September 15th with a few bonus days on holidays. Tamarack Resort will also be hosting several events this season including the “Northwest Cup” and “Tamarack Twister” mountain bike races as well as the “Northwest Archery Challenge.” In November 2018, the resort was purchased by Tamarack Resort Holdings (TRH), a partnership of investors and managers with development and operations experience at premier resort properties across North America. For more information on events, resort amenities or to plan your trip, visit


McCall’s favorite family hotel destination offers adventures at our marina with standup paddleboards, canoes and kayaks. Friendly analog competition in The Tank game room. Dinner at The Cutwater On Payette Lake, our signature family restaurant. Movie time in the Shore Lodge Theater with freshly made popcorn. Sunset s’mores on the shores of Payette Lake. “Me time” at The Cove, and more — all within reach of your luxurious accommodations. Visit us at or call 208.634.2244 for reservations