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Your Regional Visitors Guide for New Meadows, McCall, Donnelly, and Cascade, Idaho

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I came to McCall for its rivers and 15 years later I have remained in McCall for its winters. Brundage Mountain raised me like a 30-year-old ski baby. Bluebird, thank you for showing me how to get off the lift without wrecking and 45th Parallel, without your support, I would still only be able to turn right. Here my friends taught me French words such as “après ski” and I got to know my other local mountains, Tamarack and the Little Ski Hill. Soon after moving here, McCall hosted the Nordic World Masters Cup and from then on skiing took on a whole new meaning for me. I still can’t go very fast, but I can access a number of world-class Nordic trails just outside my door. Regardless of the activity, many of my favorite memories are of friends and family tucking into a big meal at many of our great restaurants or breweries and reliving the day’s adventures. After a few years proudly serving with the Payette Lakes Ski Patrol inbounds, I began to explore new terrain in McCall’s immense and incredible winter backcountry. Every season I continue to learn more as a backcountry ski guide and novice (more awkward) snowmobile rider. Simply put, our snow is the best! A new appreciation for winter found a profound way into my life when I took my skis off. This included a blind date at the world famous Blue Moon Yurt that introduced me to my wife and the Winter Carnival that now is a treasured time of exploration and marvel with my parents and young family. My boys can’t wait to see the ice sculptures and to participate in the parade. When the first snow began to fall on the hills around town this year, I was left grateful and excited to experience another great winter season in McCall. I hope you will join us and find out what makes winter in McCall special for you. Sincerely, Gary S Thompson President, McCall Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau

Photo courtesy Gary Ertter


WHAT’S INSIDE FREEDOM TO EXPLORE. . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Snow Biking Takes Winter Sports By Storm

WINTER ADVENTURE GUIDE . . . . . . . . 12 PLAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 HIDDEN GEMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Treasure Hunting McCall’s Shopping Scene

SHOP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 SLICE OF LIFE: McCALL-DONNELLY HIGH SCHOOL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 FEATURED ARTIST: JOHN SCHULZ. . . . . 38 STAY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 CALENDAR OF EVENTS. . . . . . . . . . . . 44 A list of what’s happening this year

5 QUESTIONS: McCALL BOAT WORKS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 EAT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 OPEN FOR BUSINESS.. . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 See What’s New in the McCall Area

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since 1904


Photo courtesy Chad Case Photography


By McKenzie Kraemer

Snow Biking Takes Winter Sports By Storm It isn’t often we get to witness the birth of a new sport. In recent history, only a handful come to mind, the most notable being snowboarding. Today, there is another new sport taking winter recreation by storm. Snow biking. A few years ago, you would have been forgiven for having never heard of it. Now, snow biking is more popular than ever and giving its big brother, the snowmobile, some fierce competition. “It doesn’t replace the snowmobile,” says Brett Blaser, Senior Technical Expert at Timbersled, “it has actually created a whole new segment in snowsports.”

What is a snow bike? Snow biking is a hybrid of snowmobiling and dirt bike riding. The idea for the snow bike can be traced back to the 1920s when prototypes for tracks that could be placed on motorbikes were first built. In the 1930s, the idea of putting a ski on the front was first envisioned. Several more attempts at snow bikes were made over the years, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that snow biking would finally have a winning design. Allen Mangum and his wife Natasha first established Timbersled in 2002 after Allen developed a new rear snowmobile suspension that enabled riders to control the ski lift on high horsepower machines. This innovation spurred the development of the first Timbersled snow bike concept and the initial prototype was built in 2009. Continued on page 6


Photo courtesy Timbersled

What makes snow biking attractive? The Timbersled system takes a motocross or off-road motorcycle from dirt to snow by replacing the wheels on a motorcycle with a ski in the front and a track system in the back. Timbersled systems fit a wide range of modern motocross and off-road dirt bikes from lightweight 250s that mimic a 600 sled to more powerful 450s akin to 800 sleds with explosive power. No matter what bike you convert, this system means you can essentially ride your motorcycle year-round. The initial adoption of the Timbersled system was swift, appealing to both snowmobilers and dirt bike riders alike. This success also caught the eye of Polaris, a leader in the powersports industry, and Timbersled joined the Polaris family in 2015. This partnership has helped spur new innovation and accelerate the growth of the snow bike industry. Blaser says this partnership has been a game-changer. “Our ability to innovate with all of the Polaris resources behind us has been amazing,” he says. “We had ideas before, but not the resources.” But it isn’t only that snow biking is providing new options for winter recreationalists …it is also an Idaho success story. From the onset, all manufacturing and operations have been headquartered in Sandpoint, Idaho. Closer to home, the McCall area has provided a playground for snow biking. Much of the initial concept testing was conducted right in our own backyard above Cascade Lake near Donnelly, Idaho.


Idaho continues to be the epicenter for snow biking, even attracting big names like pro freestyle motocross rider Ronnie Renner to try out the sport near Burgdorf. But what is it that makes snow biking so appealing? In a word, freedom. “On a snow bike, you just point in the direction you want to go, throttle up and lean where you need to,” says Sarah Whipple, a McCall area local. “A snow bike is much easier to ride in variable terrain,” says Whipple. “I feel more freedom on a snow bike, both on-trail and off-trail, because it’s so easy to go where I want without hesitation.” Continued page 8

Photo courtesy Ride McCall

Whipple is a both a Polaris snowmobile ambassador as well as a Timbersled ambassador and has found that each sport offers a unique experience. It isn’t that one is better than the other, but they offer different line choices and enable you to access different types of terrain. “Snow bikers have the most fun where there are a lot of trees and a lot of variation in the landscape,” says Whipple. On a snow bike, you can traverse very steep slopes with ease in very packed, hard snow, yet you can also gracefully float through the powder, carving back and forth like a snowboarder does. Whipple says that her favorite areas to snow bike around McCall are in the 5,500 to 7,000 feet elevation range where there are the most trees. “These are also the areas that are quickest to get to so you can start playing much sooner,” she says. “Plus, a snow bike doesn’t need as deep of snow to play in, just a good solid base.”

How to get started For those looking to get into the snow bike game, we recommend you start with a reputable dealer. Mile High Power Sports in McCall has knowledgeable snow bikers on staff and carry the full line of Timbersled kits. They also offer select demo days where you can try before you buy (please check with Mile High Power Sports for demo schedules).

Photo courtesy Brett Blaser

Photo courtesy Brett Blaser

Photo courtesy Chad Case Photography

Timbersled currently offers several models depending on the type of bike you own and riding you want to do. Brand new this year is the ARO model. This fully redesigned system includes a completely new chassis for improved handling and quicker install. Choose from options including the short track (ST), the race track (SX), or the long track (LT). Timbersled also offers the “93 ST Ripper” to fit 110 CC dirt bikes for youth riders so the entire family can get out and ride together. “It doesn’t matter what kit you decide to purchase, the fun factor is the same on all of them,” says Blaser. Continued page 10

Safety while riding Before you head out on your bike, be sure that you are well equipped and knowledgeable about how to use safety equipment. Here is our quick list of safety tips: • Layer up and dress for the weather. • Always wear a helmet. • Include a first aid kit, water and snacks in your pack. • Having safety equipment like a shovel, probe, beacon and avalanche backpack are highly recommended, but it isn’t enough to have them—know how to use them! • For courses on avalanche training, visit the Payette Avalanche Center at • Never ride alone. Photo courtesy Timbersled



where you play!


FULL-SERVICE POWER SPORTS Dealer! SALES SERVICE PARTS GEAR (208) 634-7007 Mon.- Fri. 9am- 6pm Sat. 9am- 5pm

Come check out our NEW Showroom! 6,000 sq. ft.


13924 HWY. 55, McCall, Idaho

Photo courtesy Chad Case Photography

Photo courtesy Ride McCall Photo courtesy Timbersled


• Know where you can ride and share the trail. Be respectful of private property and ski areas. • Be sure to check area 43A on your trail permit. This supports our local grooming efforts!

To convert your snow bike, no major modifications are needed. “The systems are 100 percent bolt on,” says Blaser. “It is really just a few bolts, a brake line and a chain in the back.” If you are going the DIY route, plan on about three hours the first time you convert your bike. You can also opt to have a dealer like Mile High Power Sports do the conversion. Once you have your bike ready to go, Blaser recommends you take an hour in a meadow to get a feel for riding. Whipple agrees. “Start out in a flat powder field and work your way to variable terrain while getting used to how the machine handles and reacts,” she says. The best recommendation from Whipple is to find an experienced snow biker to show you the ropes. “Other riders can give you insight on the machines and equipment, show you where to ride, and help you understand what these bikes are truly capable of.”


Photo courtesy Chad Case Photography

Photo courtesy Ride McCall

Once you have the hang of it, there is really no limit to where a snow bike can take you. “My favorite thing is to pick a lake on the map and head out through the trees,” says Blaser. “On a snow bike, you are free to explore.”

Learn more about snow biking with these great resources: • • Central Idaho Trail Riders Association (CITRA) • McCall Area Snowmobile Club •


ADVENTURE GUIDE There is no end to the action in the winter wonderland that is McCall. Get the most out of your winter experience and add these must-do activities to your adventure checklist.

SNOWMOBILE & SNOW BIKE With more than 500 miles of groomed trails, we promise you won’t be bored! Strike out on your own with your personal machines or rent them from one of our local businesses. You can also follow an experienced guide who can show riders of all abilities everything from gentle slopes to challenging hillsides that tempt even the most adventurous of the “high-markers.”

Photo courtesy Chad Case Photography

NORDIC & SNOWSHOE When the sun shines in the winter, powder can play second fiddle to a fresh groomer…a staple for Nordic skiers and something McCall has plenty of. The rolling meadows and challenging hills winding through the trees offers unparalleled options. Want to trek into a winter wonderland? Snowshoes are a great way to blaze your own trail!


Photo courtesy Chad Case Photography

The Historic

YACHT CLUB building

McCall’s best lake-view setting since 1926

203 E. Lake Street | Lakeside, downtown McCall


Located below the Yacht Club

McCall Lake Cruises

~ See McCall like you’ve never seen it before! BOOK ONLINE: PUBLIC CRUISES & PRIVATE EVENTS FULL BEVERAGE BAR OR CALL: 208-634-LAKE (5253)

ALPINE SKI & SNOWBOARD With three alpine ski areas, McCall is home to some of the finest skiing and snowboarding in the Northwest. Untracked powder, smooth corduroy, and plenty of terrain park features will keep you shredding at Brundage Mountain Resort, the Little Ski Hill and Tamarack Resort. Want to get out under the ropes? Access more than 20,000 acres of snow with a cat ski trip or adventure with Brundage SnowCat Adventures or Payette Powder Guides.

Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby Photography

WINTER EVENTS The entertainment heats up in the winter! Start with the Festival of Trees Thanksgiving weekend then cruise right into the holiday season with “Mountain Hollydays.� This two month extravaganza offers everything from wine tastings to shop local deals. In January, celebrate all things winter with the 10-day Winter Carnival which will include the second annual Idaho Sled Dog Challenge, a 150 and 300-mile Iditarod qualifying race.


Photo courtesy Idaho Sled Dog Challenge

208.634.0017 313 McBride Street • McCall, ID

Guided Snowmobile Tours & Riding Clinics Trail Sleds • Mountain Sleds UTV’s • RZR’s

Come Experience The Ride!

FAMILY FUN If cabin fever threatens, get the entire family out to play! Strap on the ice skates and hit up open skate at the Manchester Ice Center or ride up the magic carpet at the Activity Barn to fly down the hill on a snow tube. For a quick sledding adventure, try Legacy Park in downtown McCall. The gentle slope is perfect for the little ones! We also recommend hitting up Gold Fork or Burgdorf Hot Springs to warm up on a cold day. Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby Photography

DINING Get cozy! Our eateries and bistros offer a haven from the brisk weather. Enjoy everything from fresh pastries to locally sourced venison. Cuddle up and sip a hot toddy by the fire or gather your friends at one of our local breweries for some après ski pints. From tasty take-out to casual fine dining to adventurous dinner events, we have something for everyone.

Page through our Play and Eat sections to learn more about how to enjoy these popular activities, or head online for more information:

Photo courtesy Rupert’s at Hotel McCall


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Seven Devils Delights McCall, Idaho 83638 208-484-3469

Southside Grill Kitchen & Cocktails


All Events Catering 339 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2128

Abe’s Kettle Corn

Sprout Design


Bear Creek Lodge

3492 ID-55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3551

Brundage Mountain Catering 3890 Goose Lake Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4151

Delish Catering

136 E Lake St., Suite 6 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1646

Harlow’s School Bus Service 14030 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1089

Idaho Impressions

New Meadows, ID 83654 208-746-6099

KB’s Burritos

616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5500


337 Deinhard Ln, Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3342

McCall Party Rentals


McCall RV Resort (Northfork Lodge) 200 Scott St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5646

McCall Weddings

136 E Lake St., Suite 6 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4567



McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1309

MUSIC AND NIGHTLIFE Anchor Restaurant 203 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4665

The Mill Steak and Spirits 324 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7683

Rupert’s at Hotel McCall 1101 N 3rd St McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8108

Salmon River Brewery

411 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4772

Southside Grill Kitchen & Cocktails 339 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2128

Steamers Steak and Seafood

Bistro 45

308 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-638-1411

Broken Horn Brewing Company

203 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5649

1101 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4515 201 Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-5472

Brundage Mountain Resort Smoky’s Bar & Grill 3890 Goose Lake Rd McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4151

Forester’s Club & Doghouse Saloon 306 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8529

The Intersection BBQ

206 Virginia St. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-4499

Lardos Grill & Saloon

600 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8191

McCall Brewing Company 807 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3309

Mile High Marina & Grille

1300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8605 Open Memorial Day through Labor Day

Yacht Club

RECREATION The Activity Barn

141 Moonridge Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3298 Winter Hours 208-634-4151 ext. 124 Year-Round

America’s Rafting Company 85 S. Superior Street Cambridge, ID 83610 208-347-3862

Apex Electric Bike Sales & Rentals 616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6290

Backwoods Adventures

North Beach Boat Launch Warren Wagon Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 Memorial Day through Labor Day 208-469-9067

Bear Basin Nordic Center 3635 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5691

Bear Creek Lodge

3492 ID-55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3551

The Boardroom

305 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3400

Brundage Mountain Ski Resort 3890 Goose Lake Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4151

Cheap Thrills Rentals

303 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7472

CM Backcountry Rentals

313 McBride St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0017 - Be in line @ 6:30PM if you want to sit. Games begin @ 7:30PM. - $15 adult admission both evenings.

- $8 youth admission, Friday night ONLY. - Tickets on sale in advance at Albertson's or at the rink. NO will-call sales.

- Doors open @ 7:00PM. Performance @ 7:30PM. - $25 adult, $12 youth (ages 6-17), 5 & under FREE. - On-ice seating available! Call for reservations. - Tickets on sale in advance at Albertson's or at the rink. NO will-call sales.

Fly Fish McCall

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-3868

Gravity Sports

503 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8530

PLAN YOUR SUMMER ADVENTURE w i t h S a l m o n Ra f t i n M c C a l l , I d a h o


Whitewater trips leave daily from downtown McCall with round-trip river transportation. F u l l y c a t e r e d s i n g l e & m u l t i - d a y w i l d e r n e s s exc u r s i o n s .

802 N 3RD ST | MCCALL, IDAHO 208.634.2334

8 0 0 - 3 5 0 - 6 6 5 4 I SA L M O N R A F T. C O M

Ra n ke d # 1 A c t i v i t y o n Tr i p A d v i s o r


Harlow’s School Bus Service 14030 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1089

Hells Canyon Adventures 208-541-3352

Home Town Sports



Offering fine boutique wines • 2 tastings per month • 5 - 6 wines per tasting • Wines paired with cheese • Members receive discounted tasting fees, discounted wine, bulk coffee & tea @MountainJavaMammas

7 days a week 7 AM to 6 PM

208.634.2027 501 Pine St., McCall

300 E Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2302

Jug Mountain Ranch

13834 Farm to Market Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5072

Kelly’s Whitewater Park

Hwy 55, Mile Marker 114 Cascade, Idaho 83611

Lake Cascade Sport & Marine 102 S. Front Street Cascade, ID 83611 208-382-4277

Little Ski Hill

(Payette Lakes Ski Club) 3635 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5691

Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch

Confluence of the South Fork & Main Salmon River Riggins, Idaho 83549 208-413-2109

Manchester Ice and Event Centre 200 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3570

McCall Area Snowmobile Club PO Box 354 McCall, Idaho 83638

McCall Curling Club

200 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638

McCall Golf Club

925 Fairway Dr. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7200

McCall Lake Cruises

203 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5253

McCall Mountain Canyon Flying Seminars, LLC 104 S 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1344

MeadowCreek Golf Resort

2975 Kimberland Drive New Meadows, ID 83654 208-347-2555

Mile High Marina & Grille

1300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8605 Memorial Day through Labor Day

Mile High Power Sports 13924 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7007

Mountain River Outfitters 411 S Main St. Riggins, Idaho 208-628-3733

Payette National Forest 500 N Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0500

Payette Powder Guides

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6793

PlayLive McCall

616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5188

Redline Recreational Toys 13876 Hwy 55 McCall, ID 83638 208-695-2288

Rapid River Outfitters

Riggins, Idaho 83549 208-628-3862

Salmon Raft

McCall, Idaho 83638 800-350-6654

Salmon River Tours & China Bar Lodge 411 N Main St. Riggins, Idaho 83549 208-628-3737

Tamarack Resort

311 Village Dr. Tamarack, Idaho 83615 208-325-1000

“McCall’s Mountain Recreation Experts”

Taylor Outfitting

PO Box 1198 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-3539


McCall, Idaho 83638 888-982-8386

Ya-Hoo Corrals

2280 Warren Wagon Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3360

Bike Sales | Rentals | Full Service Repair Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals, Sales & Delivery | Wakeboards | Water Skis Sunglasses | Alpine & Nordic Skiing | Snowboards | Clothing | Footwear

Downtown McCall • 300 East Lenora Street 208.634.2302 •


404 French Creek (FS#246) Burgdorf, Idaho 83638 208-636-3036

Cloud Nine Hair & Nail Studio 1002 N 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3434

The Cove at Shore Lodge 501 W Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2244

Emulate Natural Care

laxing e R ~ c entals ~ Rusti Scenic gs & Cabin R rin Hot Sp

A west central mountains’ tradition since the 1870’s. 32 scenic miles north of McCall. Winter access by snowmobile.

208-636-3036 •

124 N Main St. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-283-0438

Whatever the road throws at you, from potholes to nails — any road hazard, our FREE GUARANTEE protects you

Gold Fork Hot Springs

1026 Gold Fork Rd. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 866-453-3675

The Lash Lodge


207 Colorado St. McCall, ID 83638 760-271-2547

Peace of Mind Tire Protection

Spa del Sol and Shanti Yoga 100 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9711

• If a Tire is Damaged Beyond Repair, We’ll Replace its Value • Our Work is Guaranteed for the Life of Your Tires

Unwind Body Spa

• Free Pre-Trip Safety Checks

301 Colorado St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5729

Lifetime Tire & Mileage Care • Free Flat Tire Repairs

Yoga Inbody

• Free Tire Rotations

Riggins, Idaho 83549 208-315-0820

• Free Tire Rebalancing • Free Air Checks




• Free Brake & Alignment Checks • Hundreds of Locations to Serve You For a location near you, visit:




By McKenzie Kraemer There is a side to McCall that often plays second fiddle to the lure of a fresh powder day. It is a pastime we all love and a way to bring a piece of our adventures home with us. What is this hidden gem we speak of? Retail therapy. For some, there is no better way to spend an afternoon than perusing the shops and boutiques searching for a new treasure. For others, knowing what to buy is the easy part, figuring out where to find it becomes the challenge. Fortunately, behind each storefront is a trove of unique finds from home décor and antiques to clothing and gifts. And while we all know the McCall area has a wealth of outdoor adventure, the breadth of retail options our little town offers might just surprise you.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS Sometimes, the piece that pulls a room together is also the piece that makes a house a home. It can be as big as a sofa the family gathers on to watch movies in front of the fire or as small as a baking dish that plays host to grandma’s famous huckleberry crumble. No matter the size, quality housewares that stand the test of time are waiting to be discovered in McCall. At Bella Kitchen you can find a fabulous mix of kitchen tools and gadgets as well as unique décor to spice up your table. We love the line of Polish Pottery, hand crafted and painted stoneware that is also dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Looking for an easy way to keep your produce fresh? Try a set of Food Huggers. These colorful silicon wraps cover everything from avocados to grapefruit to apples so your produce stays fresh after you slice! We are also big fans of the selection of commemorative McCall coasters and flour sacks. Choose from iconic scenes like Payette Lake, Brundage Mountain and Sharlie to keep a



touch of McCall in your kitchen. And don’t forget to check out Bella’s Second Story Consignment shop for small furniture and home goods. Up the road, another treasure trove of kitchenware can be found in a truly unexpected place. May Hardware has a carefully cultivated selection of kitchen items, cookbooks, stationary, candles and gifts. Here you can find Finex Cast Iron, heirloom quality cookware made in Portland, Oregon, and a rainbow of Le Creuset signature cook and bakeware. We also love the line of Bees Wrap sustainable food storage cloth that is a great alternative to traditional plastic wrap. If you are looking for the perfect gift, pick up a print from Boise based company Mitchell Geography, These prints showcase diverse features from Idaho breweries to waterways or find the suitable sentiment in a card from Kinship Letterpress made right here in McCall! For more than 40 years, Krahn’s Home Furnishings has been providing quality furniture, home décor and window and floor coverings to help you bring the comfort of McCall into your home or cabin. Whether you are looking to decorate an entire room or simply

add an accent to your home, Krahn’s offers a wide selection of one-of-a-kind pieces. We recommend starting with the stunning photography by Carolyn Fletcher. These framed prints capture the beautiful scenery in and around the McCall area and make the perfect addition to any room. We also love the unique live-edge wood furniture. From dining tables to coffee tables, each piece brings a bit of the outdoors into your home with natural elegance.



We love our spa days in McCall. A massage or facial or pedicure can do wonders to restore the balance after a hectic day. And while we would love to be able to book a daily treatment, the reality is we aren’t always able to carve out the time. Luckily, we can bring a bit of the spa home with us! Try a few of our favorite local finds and indulge. At Spa Del Sol and Shanti Yoga Studio, find a variety of clothing and jewelry along with a large selection of body care products. This is our go-to spot for Lululemon gear and the latest prAna styles. They also carry a full line of Eminence skin care products. From lotions and serums to toners and exfoliants, these organic products will make your skin glow. We also love the Farmhouse Fresh skincare line at Spa Del Sol. Along with using delicious ingredients like fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, this skincare line also gives back. The creed of Farmhouse Fresh is “Life is Short, Save Something Furry” and a portion of all proceeds goes to saving neglected and abused animals.


When you step into Unwind, the stress immediately starts to melt away. Keep that feeling alive by picking up some of the fabulous products to take home with you. Locally made in Cascade, Idaho, Timber Town Wicks help set the stage for relaxation. These soy-based candles and wax melts smell amazing with scents like West Mountain Huckleberry, Sugar and Spice, and Christmas in McCall. We also love the Skinful Pleasures Shea Butter soaps which look as good as they smell. Along with skincare products, Unwind also stocks a beautiful selection of local jewelry. The Cove at Shore Lodge may be best known for its saltwater immersion pools and spa treatments, but they also carry a decadent selection of skin care products and spa accoutrements. Along with a full line of Eminence, we love the fresh scents of the elizabethW hand and body lotions. Try our favorites, “orange flower chamomile” or “leaves.” We also can’t live without the reed diffusers from Archipelago Botanicals to keep our house smelling delicious with varieties including “verbena basil” and “agave sage.”



Located along Donnelly’s main drag you will find a little shop that packs a big punch. Emulate is the place to find native and holistic Continued on page 24


products made from wild herbs and flowers harvested from right here in Valley County. Along with herbal infusions, extracts and skincare products, Emulate also offers a unique essential oil testing bar. Here you can mix and match more than 70 different oils to find your perfect combination. They also offer free facials (yes, we said free!) using their proprietary skincare products that can treat everything from acne to wrinkles.


THE ART OF THE CRAFT Art is synonymous with happiness. Whether it is finding a one-ofa-kind painting at a gallery or creating a masterpiece of your own, artwork is a way to express ourselves. In McCall, our galleries offer a wide selection of unique pieces from talented local artists and our arts and craft stores provide all of the materials you need to bring your own vision to life.


Overlooking Payette Lake in downtown McCall, Gallery Fifty-Five is a showroom of creativity. From paintings to photography to metal works to jewelry to glass art to ceramics, this memberowned gallery has something to inspire us all. Among our favorite finds are the whimsical ceramic creations from Etta Mayfield and Benita Giltzow. From flowers to salt monsters, these fun and colorful pieces are sure to be a conversation starter! We also can’t get enough of the rock and steel sculptures from Zella Bardsley and the stunning landscape photography from Melissa Shelby. Nicknamed the candy store for nature lovers, the Granite Mountain Nature Gallery puts Mother Nature on display. Here you can find everything from stone carvings to polished rock spheres to fossils. One of the most striking finds at Granite Mountain is the huge selection of vividly colored agate cross sections. The vibrant purples, greens, oranges, pinks and blues of these unique formations are said to help clear negativity and create a sense of security and safety. We also love the peacock marble canisters. They come in a variety of sizes are perfect for storing dry goods on your kitchen counter.


For more than 20 years, Keep Me In Stitches has offered a kaleidoscope of colorful yarn and fibers for DIYers to spin their art. Here you can find homespun yarns made in Idaho tucked next to popular brand-names, all ready to be turned into scarves, sweaters, socks and more. Along with a huge selection of yarn that will appeal to both knitters and crocheters, Keep Me In Stitches also has ready-made items to take home today. Find knit hats and scarves, intricately designed blankets and quilts as well as handcrafted plush toys. And don’t miss “Lynda’s Rack” upstairs to find a great selection of gently used clothing, purses, shoes and accessories! Stepping through the doors of McCall Craftworks is stepping into a world of possibility. With a myriad of art supplies like paint,


paper, textiles, clay and more, your imagination is the limit! Can’t decide where to start? We are obsessed with the ready-made craft kits from Kid Made Modern. These themed kits offer everything from chalk sets to “Paint a Picnic” where kids can decorate wooden shapes housed in a delightful mini picnic basket. We also love the selection of coloring books for kids and adults, color-themed puzzles and finger paint sets. Stop in to see what will inspire you to get your craft on! Find McCall Craftworks on Facebook

THE THRILL OF THE HUNT Some shops deserve extra time to explore. These are the places where you may not go in knowing what you are looking for, but leave finding something you can’t live without. From sentimental antiques to charming handmade goods to repurposed furniture, our thrift stores and antique boutiques are a treasure trove waiting to be explored. With 29 unique dealers, Rustic Outlet is a one-stop shop for antiques, home décor, clothing and gifts. The ever-changing inventory resides in a lovely red barn that adds to the rustic charm of the experience. Wander room to room and discover locally made pieces like handcrafted Idaho-shaped cutting boards, embellished glassware and serving pieces, jewelry, wine bottle art and much more. One of our favorite finds is the selection of vintage ice skates, skis and snowshoes. We also love the delicious bread mixes from Peak Provisions based in Donnelly, Idaho. Try the scone or potato bread mix to keep cozy and warm on a winter day! Located next to the Scandia Inn, Farm to Market Antiques is a delightful walk down memory lane. This eclectic shop is the perfect place to find a new cherished heirloom. From furniture to pottery, western wear to kitchenware, there is a unique piece around every corner. Be sure to check out the selection of hand-painted Americana signs, vintage tins large and small, and classic Adirondack chairs. You may even get lucky and find a classic wooden sled to use this winter! Find Farm to Market Antiques’ business listing at Looking to shop with a purpose? Both of our local thrift stores benefit great causes! Stop in at the MCPAWS Thrift Store where all proceeds go directly to maintaining and improving the care of shelter animals. Find everything from furniture for an upcycle project to dishware to winter clothing. A few finds you might be surprised to see at MCPAWS is a collection of classic records and even a wedding dress or two. And don’t miss a chance to see some of the adorable and adoptable cats from the shelter while you shop! Continued on page 26

WHERE BEER LOVERS MIGRATE! Hand-Crafted Beer Gourmet Pub Grub Lunch & Dinner Lake View Dining Happy Hour 3:30pm - 6pm Daily



411 Railroad Ave McCall, ID Follow us on Facebook

One block away, the St. Luke’s McCall Auxiliary Thrift Store has a little bit of everything. Along with a large selection of clothing from men’s suits to kids gear, the kitchen section is always well stocked. Find glassware, serving and bakeware, full dishware sets and even small kitchen appliances. We also love the large kids area filled with toys, books and stuffed animals. But the most unique find at the Auxiliary Thrift Store has to be back porch full of headboards for your bedroom!


FIND YOUR STYLE If you are looking for a statement piece to add to your wardrobe, we have you covered. From designer jeans to show-stopping jewelry to upscale menswear, McCall has a fabulous selection of clothing and accessories to keep you in style.



Start at Dandy Lion Consignment where you can find previously loved clothing and accessories for kids and women. This boutique is one of our favorite places to peruse the always changing inventory for scores like designer jeans and brand-name apparel. They also carry tons of kids clothing as well as a full line of new Melissa and Doug toys to keep everyone entertained. You can also find the perfect accent to any outfit with shoes, purses, and “Local Fox” jewelry made right here in McCall. When you need a bit of bling, McCall Jewelry Company is the place to go. The showroom sparkles with the rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories on display. We love the garnet collection configured in an array of settings that show off these brilliant red gemstones mined in northern Idaho. McCall Jewelry also carries luxury watches from Geoffrey Roth who spends part of his year in McCall. If you are looking for the perfect gift, we highly recommend the snowflake series of necklaces and earrings and the Briolette Collection for its simple elegance. Unless you are a guest at Shore Lodge, you may miss the Shore Lodge Mercantile, but this great little shop is definitely worth a special visit! Along with the hotel logo-wear you would expect to find, they also carry a great selection of apparel, jewelry, games, toys and gifts. We are immediately drawn to the rows of colorful plaid button-downs that are essential to any McCall wardrobe. Trust us, you need one. This is also a great place to pick up Barr-Co hand lotion and lip care products or a colorful set from Ridley’s Games Room line to keep the whole family entertained. We have a blast with the quiz series games that cover everything from food and drink to 80s pop music.


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Locally owned and operated for over 15 years managing Long Term Rentals, Vacation Homes, Commercial Properties and Homeowners Associations in McCall.

Lakefront, in-town and golf course properties of all sizes available.

305 East Park Street, Ste. D | McCall, ID 83638 | 208.630.5045

Find everyday elegance at Mountain Monkey Business. This little green boutique next to Legacy Park is as charming on the inside as it is on the outside. Each piece is thoughtfully selected to add a unique touch to your wardrobe. Luxurious fabrics, eye-catching prints and on-trend styles fill the store

with color. Mountain Monkey also offers accessories, shoes and jewelry to pull your look together. Some of our favorites include handcrafted leather boots by Jafa and the stunning designs of Denise James Jewelry, made locally and featured in everything from InStyle Magazine to the red carpets of Hollywood. And guys, don’t be afraid to stop in and browse for yourself…Mountain Monkey also offers a collection of men’s clothing!

UNIQUELY MCCALL When you need to find a perfect gift, our shops and boutiques are a haven for unique ways to celebrate a holiday, say happy birthday, commemorate the McCall lifestyle or simply treat yourself to a fun new find “just because.” The Brundage Downtown shop is so much more than a place to find the latest Brundage logo-wear. In addition to a huge selection of hats, fleece, jackets, décor and souvenirs commemorating our local ski mountain, you may be surprised to find the wide variety of unique items this boutique boasts. One of our favorites are the soy-based candles in recycled wine bottles from Lit & Co. While they come in a variety of styles, we can’t get enough of the signature McCall and Brundage scents. Another fabulous find is the Ityse reusable mesh bags, a versatile and stylish alternative to plastic grocery sacks. Brundage Downtown also offers a curated selection of Fish Flank glassware from Derek DeYoung. These pilsner and wine glasses feature beautifully wrapped fish scale prints in Brown, Rainbow, Brook and Cutthroat. Perfect for the trout lover in your life!




You may have wandered into Auggie’s Sheepskin while having breakfast at the Pancake House in McCall, if not, this cozy boutique is a stand-out you will want to make a special trip to see. The authentic sheepskin, alpaca and leather goods found at Auggie’s are warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and comfortable all the time! The first thing you see when you stop in are the beautiful sheepskin rugs and throws. The second thing that catches your eye is the wall of comfy slippers for the entire family. We are also big fans of the Montana West handbags, Organic Farm Buddies plush toys for kids and the super soft alpaca socks. There is a perfect spot in town where you can sit back, relax and take in a good book. The Barn Owl Books and Gifts is a community hub where the hectic pace of the day melts away. Find a huge inventory of current and classic titles as well as a specially curated collection of gifts and stationary. We love that you can find puzzles and games, cards for any occasion, gift wrap so pretty it deserves to be framed, the special line of National Parks commemorative stationary and the hand embroidered pillows depicting iconic Idaho scenes. But our favorite feature of The Barn Owl has to be a chance to snuggle with the adoptable cats from MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter. We can’t forget about our furry friends when we are out hunting down a great deal! McCall Pet Outfitters is our go-to place to find a


Best authentic mountain lodge value in McCall!

RAZZLE DAZZLE huge selection of pet food and treats. We love the rainbow of collars and leashes to keep your four-legged friend looking stylish, the selection of food and water bowls (hello, Fiestaware) and the variety of toys and gear to keep your pet entertained. One of our favorite finds is the West Paw line of durable dog toys. From frisbees to chew toys, these colorful and eco-friendly toys are built to last, but if yours gets worn out, simply mail it back to the company and they will recycle it into a new toy! There is no shortage of unique finds at Razzle Dazzle in McCall. From custom antiquethemed signs to artwork from Ed Anderson, Scott Anderson and Bobbi Kelly to “McCall Is My Happy Place” onesies, this lovely little shop has it all. While perusing the selection of kitchenware, huckleberry jams, bath and body products and rustic barn wood frames, don’t miss the delightful collection of Idaho and McCall-themed cards from Chique Lixo. Each handcrafted card starts as a watercolor painting and evolve with embellishments Continued on page 30


• Walk to Payette Lake, restaurants & shopping • Rustic decor • Free Wi-Fi • Flatscreen TV, cable & HBO • King suites • King, queen, double queen & pet friendly rooms • Comfortable beds • Hospitable staff

Sales. Service. Rentals. Gear. Clothing. Accessories. BIKING • PADDLE BOARDING • KAYAKING • HIKING • CAMPING ALPINE • NORDIC • BACKCOUNTRY SKIING • SNOWSHOEING 208.634.7671 400 N. 3rd Street McCall, Idaho

created from junk mail, wrappers, tickets and found items then finished off with a touch of glitter. Jingle bells chime year round at The Christmas House, Idaho’s largest Christmas store! Massive displays of ornaments, Santa and snowmen figurines, stockings, holiday signs, and Christmas décor fill this charming space. We can’t get enough of the vintage trailer ornaments painted in turquoise and red or the plush reindeer complete with an elf hat that welcome your holiday guests. There is also a yummy selection of Christmas bakeware and accessories so you can whip up seasonal dishes in style. And before you go, be sure to stop and see the life-sized nutcracker!


Looking for that quintessential McCall souvenir? The McCall Store is the place to go! This downtown shop boasts the largest selection of McCall apparel, drinkware, stickers and collectibles around. Here you can also find a delicious crop of huckleberry products from jams and jellies to syrup to jelly beans to coffee. We also love the line of Lazy One Slippers. These cozy treats for your feet come with caricatures of a bear or moose on the top or you can opt for the oversized bear paw slippers to really make a statement! Find The McCall Store on Facebook




THE GREAT OUTDOORS Having the right gear can make or break your outdoor fun. Our local retailers are here to outfit you for any adventure that might come your way. From apparel to equipment, find the latest technology to take recreating to the next level.



Gravity Sports is best known as the local Nordic skiing experts. Rossignol skis, boots and bindings are available for purchase and also comprise their rental fleet so you can try before you buy. While Nordic may take center stage, Gravity also offers alpine and backcountry setups from Rossignol and Dynafit plus apparel and accessories from much-loved brands including The North Face, Mammut, Marmot, Bjorn Daehlie, Smith Optics and SmartWool. You can also find Atlas snowshoes and Salsa fat bikes. To find the latest gear and expert local knowledge on where and how to use it, stop in to Home Town Sports. Browse a huge selection of jackets, base layers, gloves, goggles, hats, helmets and footwear. One brand we love is the outerwear by Picture Organic. This French company uses only recycled materials to make their unique and highly technical products. Home Town also offers a

wide range of winter equipment including current gear to demo before you buy. We also highly recommend getting your boots custom fit by Home Town’s master certified experts (just call ahead for an appointment). They can help fit new boots or make your current boots feel like new! Looking for a great deal? Visit McCall Sports Exchange and find great prices on gently used apparel, accessories and equipment. The ever-changing selection provides a great opportunity to score name-brands at an affordable price. Find everything from Patagonia jackets to Burton snowboards. Along with consignment items, find brand new gear including hats, goggles, snowshoes and more. They also offer winter fat bike rentals so you can hit the trails and snowshoe rentals for those looking to blaze their own trail. If snowboarding is your thing, The Boardroom McCall is your place. The experts here can help you find the perfect board, boots and bindings to carve groomers, attack powder, or explore the backcountry. Along with tuning services and boot-fitting to ensure the perfect fit, find a huge selection of boarding apparel to show off your style on the slopes. Find brands like Burton, Rome, Six Eight Six, and Smokin’ Snowboards which are made to order. Mile High Power Sports is the go-to place to find Polaris and Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Timbersled snow bikes. In addition to all things power sports, Mile High is also the largest retailer of Klim apparel, a leader in winter and snowmobile gear made in Rigby, Idaho. You can also find a huge selection of accessories and after-market add-ons to customize your winter power toys and keep you safe out on the snow. If a fun souvenir is on your list, pick up the tongue-in-cheek “Mile High Club” shirts.

211 E. Lake St., Downtown McCall

208-634-2193 |

Furnishings & Accessories Floor & Window Coverings Interior Design Services

Mountain Chic 207 E. Lake St., Downtown McCall 208.634.GEMS (4367) Follow us on Facebook 501 Pine St., McCall - Open Daily 10am to 5:30pm | 208 634.8268 -



Dandy Lion Consignment

Gravity Sports

Farm to Market Antiques

Home Town Sports

403 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1580

503 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8530

405 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4791

Farm to Market Floral Design Adventure Floors and Window Coverings 135 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3115


132 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8166


212 North 3rd Street, Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638

Auggie’s Sheepskin

209 North Third Street McCall, ID 83638 208-634-4030

The Barn Owl Books and Gifts

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0636

Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store 216 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2088

Franklin Building Supply 14047 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8111

Idaho Impressions

New Meadows, ID 83654 208-746-6099

Franz Witte Nursery 530 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1001

Keep Me in Stitches 136 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2906

Gallery Fifty-Five

311 East Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6313

Krahn’s Home Furnishings

Granite Mountain Nature Gallery 305 E Park St., Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1111

300 E Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2302

211 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2193

616 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4440

Bella Kitchen

401 E Railroad St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4730

Black Pine Deer Farm


13508 Farm to Market Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-325-8886

The Boardroom

305 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3400

Brundage Downtown Shop 307 Park Street McCall, ID 83638 208-634-7772

Builders FirstSource

Gift Wrap. Gift Certificates. WISHES GRANTED.

400 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2234

The Christmas House

209 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3333


401 E Railroad Ave | Upstairs, Hotel McCall Courtyard

The Leisure Company

Keep Me In Stitches

611 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7570

Home-spun, Hand-crafted Yarns & Fibers Hand-crafted Scarves, Sweaters, Accessories

Magnum Floors

114 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6292

Knitting & Crocheting Classes

May Hardware

208 634.2906

809 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7665 136 E. Lake Street

Market Square ~ Downtown McCall

McCall Craftworks 305 East Park Street McCall, ID 83638 208-630-6577

Black Pine Deer Farm

McCall Farmers Market

Raising European Fallow Deer for their high quality venison

The corner of Pine St. and Railroad Ave. 208-634-9777 Season: June through October Wed. & Sat. from 10am – 2pm

Farm tours available from mid-May through Labor Day Call ahead for appointment

McCall Jewelry Company

207 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4367

McCall Sports Exchange 802 N 3rd St. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-2334


• Hair-on-Hides, Buckskin & Antlers • Venison Cuts Available Year Round Burger, Stew, Steaks, Roasts, Tenderloin, Pepperoni, Salami Available at our farm & at the McCall Farmers Market

13508 Farm to Market Road • McCall • 2 miles south of the Finn Church

208.325.8886 •

The McCall Store 1012 N 3rd St. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-4581

McCall Woodworks

100 Helmich St McCall, ID 83638 (208) 634-2378

McPaws Thrift Store 301 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4434

Mile High Marina & Grille

1300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 Open Memorial Day through Labor Day 208-634-8605

Browse Relax Sit Read

Mile High Power Sports 13924 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7007

Mountain Monkey Business

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Old Town Market 507 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2016

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Alpine Village 616 N. 3rd. St. McCall, ID

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Wear Boise

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Serving McCall, Cascade, Donnelly, Adams & Idaho counties

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Your source for previously loved womenʻs & childrenʻs clothing, accessories & gently used baby gear. RECYCLING YOUR THREADS FOR OVER 10 YEARS! Tues-Sat 11 to 5, Sun 11 to 2

403 Railroad Ave., behind My Fatherʻs Place

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McCall-Donnelly High School Ranked #1 in Idaho

Photo courtesy Petra, Inc.

Slice of Life By Deanna Clauson

Photo courtesy Pam Benham

Last June 2018, when many teachers across the country were enjoying a well-earned break from the classroom, McCall-Donnelly math teachers from the elementary, middle school and high school levels spent a week collaborating on a district-wide strategic plan for math instruction. The approach was teacherinspired and teacher-led, says McCall-Donnelly School District Superintendent Jim Foudy. “We already had a district math plan, but the teachers thought they could do better,” Foudy says. “We had elementary school teachers in the same room as the high school algebra and calculus teachers, so they were able to say, ‘How can I set up my second graders for eight years from now?’” This type of initiative, Foudy says, is the perfect example of why the McCall-Donnelly High School (MDHS) was ranked

first in

Idaho in the 2018 U.S. News & World Report Best High Schools, an annual analysis of public high schools in all 50 states. The goal of the high school rankings, says the magazine’s website, is to “provide a clear, unbiased picture of how well public schools serve all of their students—from the highest to lowest achieving—in preparing them to demonstrate proficiency in basic skills as well as readiness for college-level work.” The methodology looks at graduation rates, scores on state reading and math proficiency, and how well a school prepares students for college with Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses and exams.


Photo courtesy Pam Benham

The most recent rankings are based on data from the 2015-16 school year, when students at MDHS scored well above state averages on state test. 73% scored proficient or advanced in reading and 48% scored the same in math. State averages were 60% and 31%, respectively. “It’s a hard test,” Foudy says of the math exam. In addition, 75%

of MDHS seniors have taken at least one AP course at the school. “The goal is for 100% of seniors to graduate with either an AP course, a college dual credit course they’ve taken here at the high school, or a career technical education Capstone course that provides a certificate in a trade,” says MDHS Principal Tim Thomas, who is in his 15th year as leader of the school. Taking both AP classes and exams is the best way to prepare a student academically for the rigor of college, he says.

The prestigious accolade is a tribute to the community’s support of education, according to both Foudy and Thomas. They also credit a focus of the teachers and staff on being a united team and a dedication to serving every individual in the school district. “This ranking is a celebration of the

community’s commitment to education

and our kids,” Thomas says. “McCall has a long history of quality education. The culture in this town is that we support education and we love education and that’s part of our fabric. That’s what makes it great.” Thomas recognizes that the community has supported the school district even during tough financial times by passing bonds and levies. But it’s a symbiotic relationship, he says. “We’ve been fortunate that the community supports and believes in education,” Thomas explains. “But we earn that every day in this town. That support could be gone tomorrow if we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing. We have a responsibility to be good stewards of it.” “Great schools have great teachers. We have great teachers that also work really hard. And we have families who are very supportive of education who send their kids to school with the expectation that they’re going to work.” Although the job of a school should never be to chase rankings, Thomas says, the top ranking shows that the approach of the district as whole is working. “It’s a validation to us that we’re doing the things that a strong education program in the 21st century should be doing. That people here are working hard for kids.” Thomas points to a high quality reading program in elementary schools that is followed with a focus on writing at the middle school. He also highlighted early learning opportunities in math. “This award is not just about the high school,” says Thomas. “This has been built from the elementary on up. It’s a systems approach. It’s the whole district and whole community commitment to quality education for kids.” Photo courtesy Pam Benham

“It’s one student at a time, one day at a time, day after day after day,” says

Foudy, who was an elementary school principal in the district from 2003-2014 before becoming Superintendent. “Every single student matters, every single staff member matters. That’s the way schools thrive and achieve excellence. And it’s amazing the heart and soul that goes into this type of effort.” Foudy also mentions that the district motto, Developing

Lifelong Learners

Today, purposely omits the word student in order to include both adults and children. “The adults are not the keepers of the knowledge, we’re facilitators of learning and growth,” says Foudy. And that learning is on track to stay strong in the McCall-Donnelly district.

JOHN SCHULZ By Deanna Clauson

Photo courtesy Deanna Clauson

John Schulz is a man known across McCall for a variety of talents. Depending on who you ask, you may hear about his detailed wood chainsaw carvings, the microgreens and other produce he sells at the Farmers Market, or the grandiose sculptures he’s known for creating in McCall’s Winter Carnival snow sculpture contest. It’s a testament to the myriad ways Schulz expresses his art.

Photo courtesy John Schulz

Schulz has been making wooden chainsaw carvings professionally for 32 years. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in wood and bronze sculpture, he apprenticed for a summer with a master chainsaw artist. He realized he had a talent for working with the medium and loved how quickly he could create a piece. “It was satisfying to start and finish something in the same day. I loved how you could move the wood so quickly with the saw and you didn’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on metal or bronze. You could just go get a log from the woods and make something beautiful out of it.” He was able to make a living at chainsaw carving almost immediately, he says, which was an incentive to fully dive into the craft. Schulz estimates that he has made over 4,000 chainsaw carvings over the last three decades. “Saws cut fast, you just have to know where to point them,” he says. “To be able to see something inside of a block of wood, to be able to visualize it and know where to make those first big cuts—that’s a huge part of it. I can look at it and make my first cut within an inch or so of the finished product.”


Photo courtesy Deanna Clauson

Schulz has competed in over 25 carving shows and competitions; he has won five international contests and placed in the top five in most of the rest. Fifteen-year residents of McCall, Schulz and his wife, Debra Yaritz, moved their family from the Spokane, WA, area because McCall provided a strong market to sell his art. They were also attracted to the area because of the good school system for their two children, now ages 20 and 17. Schulz is also beloved for his many winning snow sculptures in the snow sculpting competition, an event held annually during McCall’s Winter Carnival. He has won 10 first-place titles in the last 13 years. The first year he competed, he won first place with a sculpture for the Super 8 Motel called “The Bears’ Den.” It included a log cabin with big bear lounging on the couch, a fireplace with a fish over the mantel, a tile floor, a cobblestone sidewalk and more. He went on to create the sculptures for the Hunt Lodge Holiday Inn from 2007-2017, including a coral reef, pyramids, castles and dragons. In 2017, he fell off a ladder while carving snow, broke his ribs, and couldn’t complete his entry. Last year, he returned to win top prize once again with a dog-sledding sculpture for Ruby’s Kitchen – which was infamously vandalized the night after winners were announced. Working so extensively with chainsaws has taken its toll on Schulz’s body, though, and his shoulders, elbows and wrists can no longer support the art he’s done for so long. “After about 30 years of this, you start to feel the effects of it,” says Schulz. His solution is to replace chainsaws and wood with seeds, worms, and soil. He is determined to reinvent himself as a full time grower and farmer, which he sees as a career with longevity, physically. “This, I can do until I’m 90,” he says. Although he grows a variety of crops, such as tomatoes, carrots, garlic, radishes and herbs, Schulz is focused on microgreens, the small shoots that sprout from seeds

Photo courtesy Gary Ertter

and are heralded for their high nutrient content. Schulz’s operation, Hungry Bear Gardens, has been providing microgreens and other produce to local restaurants and Farmers’ Market goers for the last year. In addition, Schulz and his family raise rare breed chickens and turkeys and sell the eggs online as hatching eggs. Schulz aims to create a high-yield, sustainable practice on his 10-acre spread just outside of town. Each piece of his farm is integral to the next. Using organic seeds, the operation begins with sprouting and growing the microgreens in trays. Once the microgreens are harvested, the roots and soil are given to the chickens to pick through. The remaining organic matter and chicken manure, as well as composted horse manure, is then turned over to the worms. “The worms are the true workers on the farm,” he says, of his Red Wiggler composting worms, which he also sells online. “They’re small, but they’re the heavy lifters. They turn all this into the best garden soil you’ll ever see,” he says. That soil is then used to grow the remainder of his crops within multiple fields, hoop houses and greenhouses. Continued on page 40

Photo courtesy John Schulz


Although gardening has always been a way of life for him and his wife, Schulz started the more serious transition to this new career about three years ago. He estimates it’ll take him another three years to fully phase out chainsaw carving and solely make a living growing microgreens and other garden vegetables.



On his property, what once was a huge workshop for wood carving is slowly being developed into a facility for growing the microgreens – with multiple rooms for the different stages of growth. He has plans to build a 30’ x 100’ commercial greenhouse this winter and to turn his current processing station into a licensed commercial kitchen. His goal is to create a certified setup so that he can sell to produce distributors.

Even if you’re just visiting the McCall area, we want you to feel like you belong here. While you’re enjoying our uniquely Idaho way of life, stop in and pay us a visit. We’ll welcome you with a friendly ‘hello’, a fresh cup of coffee and an invitation to discover how it feels to belong. McCall ~ New Meadows

The farming enterprise also helps to balance artist burnout with the carvings, Schulz says. “It satisfies me to grow

 倀爀漀瘀椀搀椀渀最 琀漀瀀 焀甀愀氀椀琀礀 瀀攀琀 昀漀漀搀Ⰰ 琀爀攀愀琀猀Ⰰ 猀甀瀀瀀氀攀洀攀渀琀猀Ⰰ  琀漀礀猀Ⰰ 挀氀漀琀栀椀渀最 ☀ 最攀愀爀 猀椀渀挀攀 ㈀  㘀⸀ 

㈀ 㠀⸀㘀㌀㐀⸀㌀㐀㐀         洀挀挀愀氀氀瀀攀琀⸀挀漀洀

㈀   䰀攀渀漀爀愀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 䐀漀眀渀琀漀眀渀 䴀挀䌀愀氀氀

䘀漀氀氀漀眀 甀猀 漀渀 䘀愀挀攀戀漀漀欀

things. It also allows me to do a little less art, so I have more fun when I do the art.” As Schulz transitions away from carving full time, he is now only making commissioned pieces. His favorite work of art is still a portrait of his daughter fishing with her dogs. That piece, which he made at a competition 6 years ago, sits outside their front door. Although he has a looming retirement from chainsaw carving, he plans to continue competing in the snow sculpting championships each year because he gets so much enjoyment from it. “Working with the ice is fun because it’s even quicker than wood. You can move ice like butter with the tools I have.” It seems wherever Schulz turns his artistic eye, beautiful creation follows. So stay tuned for his next chapter. Photo courtesy John Schulz

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McCall Boat Works

Photo courtesy Don Hardy

Photo courtesy Don Hardy

By Deanna Clauson

Don Hardy founded McCall Boat Works in 2002. A native of Meridian, he started his own construction company in Sun Valley at the age of 17 and became a large-scale commercial builder and contractor, eventually employing over 200 people with his company in California. In the late 1990s, Hardy and his family moved from California back to the Boise area to escape a fast-paced, stressful lifestyle.

Photo courtesy Don Hardy

Hardy began coming to McCall as a child, where he would spend time at his grandparents’ house on Payette Lake. When he started restoring antique wooden boats, Hardy chose McCall as the best location for his business. His younger three children (of five) attended McCall schools. McCall Boat Works has won dozens of awards at judged shows over the last several years. His most recent project, Jelly Bean, won First Place In Class and Best of Show under 23’ at the 2018 Concours d’Elegance Wooden Boat Show at Lake Tahoe. Jelly Bean is a 22’ 1946 Chris Craft, the same model used in the movie, On Golden Pond, and was found in a barn in Washington that was slated for demolition. This was the 12th year Hardy has brought a boat to compete at the Tahoe show.


Photo courtesy Don Hardy

Photo courtesy Don Hardy

What Does McCall Boat Works Do? We take old, dilapidated boats – called barn wood or pattern boats – that have been left outside and rotted away and restore them to right-out-of-the-factory specs. That’s our specialty. A lot of research goes into it with a lot of parts to find. The wood series boats are anywhere from 1922 to 1967. We bring them in and patternize them, then take them apart and replace all the existing factory wood with new. We put a new bottom on first and then we flip them over. We do complete restorations: all new wiring, new chrome, new interior, new everything. We don’t like to leave too much of the used wood in there because most of it is 60 to 80 years old and it has exhausted its life and its strength. We do a complete duplication of the original; we take the hull numbers and stamp the hull numbers into the new wood and it remains the same boat. We do a lot of research on the boats: what year it was made and all the places it was sent, and we call the Mariners Museum in Newport News, VA, and the archivists’ collection sends us a packet for each Chris Craft ever made. The hull card they send us includes where it’s ever gone, who’s ever owned it, so we can get complete histories on the Chris Crafts. We work mostly with Chris Crafts because we can attain this information. When you get into the Centuries and the Garwoods, it gets more complicated because we don’t have these hull packages to go from. So we start calling places back East and looking for people that have owned the exact boats and asking for pictures of certain areas of a boat or for documentation of being authentic and real. The reason we go back East is because a lot of these boats have stayed in the same family for almost 100 years and they’re still taking care of them in boat houses or storage and many people will still have the original factory boat in their family’s name.

Photo courtesy Don Hardy

Why Wooden Boats? People love the nostalgia. We’ll take a boat down to the Marina and we’ll park it or launch it and people will just follow it. It just draws people in. You’ve got architectural design floating on water with a mechanical aspect. How much better does it get? The best part about working with these boats is the wood: cutting the wood, shaping and steam bending the wood, fitting it into place. Everything’s got a roundness to it or a twist to it. You’ve got to manipulate that piece of wood that’s going to fit. You’ve got to be selective in your material and understand the characteristics of the wood.

What Are These Antique Wooden Boats Made Of? They’re all made with mahogany. Chris Crafts are made with Phillipine mahogany, Centuries used African mahogany, and the Garwoods used either Honduran or Phillipine depending on the year. Mahogany has the ribbon and color and texture when we’re finished like a piano material or guitar building material. And also it has strength characteristics and particular oils that prevent rot. The aesthetic finishes can’t be beat. They did a lot of research on the woods in the 1920s and 30s and that’s why they used them—and we match the factory originals so it has to be the exact same type of wood. Continued on page 48


You can’t go to a competition show like Tahoe with a boat built originally with Phillipine mahogany and have rebuilt it with Honduran mahogany. I’m not going to win if I use the wrong species of wood on the boat.

Don Hardy says each of his clients has their own, unique story to tell—much like the boats he restores—and counts himself fortunate to get a peek

How Did You Become A Boat Builder?

inside each of those stories. One of the most unique

When I was a commercial builder and contractor, I always got Architectural Digest. They put out an issue with the 100 greatest designs of the century and one of them was a 1925 20’ Chris Craft wooden boat, Miss Belle Isle – one of the oldest Chris Crafts in existence – which is in a museum now, and I was just intrigued.

clients he’s had was the King of Thailand, Maha

I remembered that when I was young a childhood family friend had a wooden boat in their barn, and, sure enough, I asked and they still had it there.

fully restored 1955 Chris Craft, but hired Hardy to

I bought the boat and spent all summer restoring it and when I was done I knew right then and there that what I wanted to do was to go the boat direction and reinvent myself. I was looking for a new career because mine was so stressful at the time and I’m very glad I chose the wooden boat scene. I think I chose well. I have a lot of fun and my passion is so deep for these boats. Through many years of study my knowledge is immense now. I was a carpenter all my life before this and everything was all plumb level and square, everything was box. You go to a boat and you’ve got round and tumblehome, all these baselines, half breadths and full breadth to do measurements and that was all just about two feet above my mentality. I just had to feed my head and figure it out. I worked two years full time by myself to learn the chemicals, the environment, all hands on. I taught myself everything, mainly

Vajiralongkorn, who became King in 2016 after the death of his father. Hardy corresponded via email several times with him before Vajiralongkorn revealed who he was. Vajiralongkorn already had a rebuild the boat’s motor.

through a very large library I have and from calling people who have 40 years more knowledge and experience than me. And so for the last 15 years, we’ve restored 8 to 18 boats a year for people all over the world.

What’s Your Favorite Boat? Justice, a 1946 Chris Craft Custom 20. They called it a Custom 20 because it’s a 20’ boat and it was the first year of the blonde deck. It’s called Justice because the owner’s dad was a federal judge. They were the first customers to take me to the Tahoe show to compete. They drove out here on a road trip from Seattle, put a down payment on a boat they wanted me to restore, and said they wanted to build the boat with the idea of competing at the boat show in Tahoe.

Photo courtesy Don Hardy

Photo courtesy Don Hardy


Making Dreams Come True 208.634.4567


Photo courtesy of Todd Nichols Photography


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The Sushi Bar

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Book now:

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Focusing On NNthhn Style Italian CCking

410 Railroad Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7818

Wild River Java

201 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5282


oPen FOR BUSINESS See what’s new in the McCall area By Chris Costa There are quite a few new “OPEN” signs up around the McCall area. Be it a craving, a lifestyle or a curiosity that inspires a new business; there’s one thing each of these entrepreneurs have in common…they have a unique story to tell.

The Guild The self-proclaimed, wooden plaque outside Jens’ office reads “Head Curmudgeon.” Jens Jensen, dreamer and builder of The Guild, started with a workshop for his hobby of building guitars – “a place to keep the dust away from home,” says Jens. The “workshop” has been a piece of artwork in itself as Jens has built two platform stages for performances, sound-proof walls for music lessons and recordings, floor racks and wall mounts from which his hand-made stringed instruments hang; and a shelf for his collection of books; including “Guitarmaking” written by one of the finest guitarmakers today and mentor to Jens, named William R. Cumpiano. Today, The Guild is a collaboration and a gathering place for professional and aspiring musicians alike. Since Jens opened his doors September 2017; people are coming, things are happening, instruments are being built…and music is being made. And that is the greatest gift. According to Jens, guitars (and other instruments) rarely last a lifetime; but music and the ability to make it lasts forever. And so the story goes for The Guild. When you next visit 302 N. 3rd Street, ask Jens about his dream of ukuleles playing Stairway to Heaven. Kind of silly and serendipitous at the same time.

Amy Isacson Photography Amy’s adventurous spirit and perspective show in her photography, which intertwines beauty, playfulness, and depth. “She has a gracious authenticity that she captures in the people she photographs and a joy that shines through her work,” says a client of Amy Isacson Photography. Amy’s English and Studio Art studies, engagement in the technological editing process, and instinctive artistic flair are


foundational layers for her work. The inspiration has always been from a sense of place and people. It has been a long-time dream of Amy’s to live in McCall. Since moving her family and business to McCall, her work has elevated to a new level. Conveyed with honesty and heart, her images come to life, each capturing a unique story through the lens of Amy Isacson Photography.

The Barn Owl Books and Gifts The doors of Barn Owl Books and Gifts swung open in October, 2017. Owners, Amy and Mike Cooper, wanted to create a hub for community members to plug in and connect over books. Perched on the shelves are bestsellers, classics, a large selection of children stories, and a collection of books written and illustrated by Idahoans. The Barn Owl social calendar includes author book readings and signings; “The Outdoor Conversations Series” co-hosted by McCall Outdoor Science School and Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Wilderness Foundation; and other literary-related reasons to gather. “The sharing, learning and teaching that occurs is inspirational,” says Amy. Next time you visit Barn Owl Books & Gifts at Alpine Village give the adoptable cats & kittens from McPaws a bit of affection; and treat yourself to a new book, boardgame, art kit, coffee mug, or other new treasure.

Operated by the Friends of the Library a non-profit organization

Selling gently used books to support special projects at the McCall Public Library Interested in becoming a Friend of the Library? Stop by the Pump House during open hours & introduce yourself.

Winter Hours: 12pm to 3pm Wed. - Sat. Summer Hours: 12pm to 3pm Tues. - Sat.

The Boardroom A passion for all things board sports: the lifestyle, the people and the culture. That’s what inspired Chris Heise to open The Boardroom in McCall in August 2017. “First and foremost, we are a toy store,” says Chris, whose specialty store features a quiver of 14 snowboard brands, skateboards, helmets, wax, backpacks, apparel for women and men, and skate/snow accessories. Chris smiles, joking that he hopes to have winter snorkels for sale for deep, deep powder days. The Boardroom is also a place for people to get stoked and excited together. Free summer skate camps, skateboarding comps, and movie premiers are just a few ways that Chris gives back to the community. “Come Ride With Us!” is his mantra. His goal is to provide an over-the-top experience, with educational tools for patrons so that they are equipped with the best-fitting gear for an optimal experience on the mountain and in the skate park. Feel the excitement at 304 North 3rd Street.

Pump House Books


1001 State St.

Located across from St. Lukes Hospital



Luxurious Vacation Homes

3 BR, 3 BA | Single-car garage | Sauna, hot tub, exercise facility | Full-time Concierge Service

Ruby’s Kitchen Local, farm fresh and organic foods are served daily at Ruby’s Kitchen. Ruby was Continued on page 54

Rental Reservations & Concierge: 800.574.6377 |


creator in a comfortable and relaxed space, free from critique, and among others with a shared curiosity for art and design. Debbie and Aaron Billingsley opened the store in June 2018 to supply local artists with mixed mediums, textures, and shades. McCall Craftworks, a local, craft gallery is the place to gather for art classes, scrapbooking, and story-telling.

Paw’s and Bark “We respect animals, all animals,” says Vicki White, of Paw’s and Bark, a gathering place for the furry kind. At the kennel in New Meadows, dogs get to interact with horses, other animals and all canine breeds. Each visiting canine receives exercise, security, safety, loving care, and the patience to meet their individual needs. Vicki is a retired Registered Nurse. Craig is a retired Veterinarian. The couple opened the kennel January 1, 2017. They are assisted by their three marvelous Airedale Terriers and a miniature horse, named Sky. Their philosophy and approach have been wellreceived and approved by Clancy, Blackjack, Maggie and every one of the four-legged guests that visit Paw’s and Bark.

Central Idaho Pool and Spa Central Idaho Pool and Spa is not your typical spa store. Joe and Julie have designed a tranquil and relaxing showroom to demonstrate the possibilities with Sundance Spa, whether in your five years old when the restaurant was established in November of 2017. Since then Ruby’s mom, Misty, kindly welcomes everyone with her distinctively East Coast accent. Ruby’s dad, Chef Chris Braden prepares every dish from scratch in the kitchen at 324 West Lake Street. His produce and meat ingredients are local and creatively cuisined. The coffee is locally roasted by North Fork Coffee Roasters and the juices are cold-pressed by McCall’s Ruby Red. Soups of the Day, Egg Bowls, Handhelds, Avocado Toast and Bubble Waffles… Vegan-Friendly, Gluten-FreeFriendly, Kid-Friendly, and just allaround-friendly happen daily for breakfast and lunch at Ruby’s Kitchen!

McCall Craftworks McCall Craftworks’ palette holds paints, pens, canvasses, paper, and craft supplies. Its place at 305 E. Park Street is designed to inspire any budding


Forged from over 28 years of tradition, “My Father’s Place” is a family owned and operated restaurant that blends just the right amount of vintage charm, contemporary style and unforgettable tastes to create a dining experience that transcends generations. The menu at “My Father’s Place” boasts some of the best charbroiled burgers, fries and shakes in the great state of Idaho.

901 N. Third St. • McCall, ID • 208 634-4401

backyard, on your deck, or in a custom place. The decision to open a store-front that also offered water care and spa services was not made lightly. Joe was a dedicated, full-time fireman on the McCall Fire Department for many years. Julie comments from their space in Alpine Village, that every time a siren sounds down 3rd Street, Joe perks up like a little kid. Joe and Julie Becker have been committed to our community for some time. The opportunity to add ‘fire’s opposing element’ to their life just felt right. Central Idaho Pool and Spas opened in July 2018.


High Desert Wildlife & Pest Solutions For many people, a day in the life of High Desert Wildlife & Pest Solutions owners, Amy and Craig Klagg, would be terrifying and unsettling. But to these two veterans, pest control is the day-to-day. Let’s just say you have a crawl space and it’s the down-under dwelling for a few mice families OR perhaps your attic, barn rafters or secluded spaces in your shed provide camp for a group of bats. Better call these guys at 208-599-3364. High Desert Wildlife & Pest Solutions provides the rodent elimination, the crawl space decontamination work, and the entry point repairs. The Klagg’s business is built on relationships and communication, beginning with free inspections and getting to an environmentally safe and friendly space.


More new businesses to visit:


Banyans on the Green The Lash Lodge McCall Upholstery


Authorized Dealer

Weekly Maintenance

Factory Trained Repairs - All Makes/Models

616 N. Third St, Ste 114 Alpine Village, McCall

Showroom Open: Tues - Sat 11:00 to 5:30 Sun & Mon by appointment



McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7606

Crestline Engineers

323 Deinhard Ln., Suite C McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4140



223 N 6th St, Suite 50 Boise, Idaho 83702 208-343-1664

Discovery Map of McCall McCall, Idaho 83638 208-481-4685

Element 242

1020 W Main St., #312 Boise, ID 83702 208-391-3356

Holland Associates


303 Colorado St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4540

Jug Mountain Builders

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-816-9243 208-305-1540

McCall Craftsman Homes, Inc. 208-634-3273

McCall Woodworks

100 Helmich St McCall, Idaho 83638 (208) 634-2378

Idaho Business Review

Mountain Element Construction, LLC 100 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0256

Mountain Town Homes 215 Commerce Unit 2 McCall, ID 83638 208-630-4491

Payette Builders, Inc. 219 Jussila Bow Pl. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-9477

Pinetop Custom Homes 112 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-0090

Robnett Properties

317 E. Lake St., Suite H McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3113

AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES Bruneel Tire Factory 617 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2252

950 W Bannock St., Ste. 1136 Boise, Idaho 83702 208-336-3768

Idaho Impressions

New Meadows, ID 83654 208-746-6099

McCall Digest

3294 Wallace Ln. New Meadows, ID 83654 208-347-3659

Print Shop McCall and United Graphic Design 200 Jacob St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5850

Rocky Mountain Signs 122 Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2045

• • • •

Cabinets Vinyl & Wood Windows Floor Coverings Custom Doors


Wood & Composite Decking #1 Douglas Fir Timbers Wood Sidings Engineered Beams

14047 Highway 55 • McCall ~ 208.634.8111


10 OFF

The UPS Store

411 Deinhard Ln., Unit F McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4048

• • • •

617 N. 3rd St. • McCall 208-634-2252


Lakeview Chevron Service 300 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7544

Les Schwab Tire Center 500 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6042

McCall Auto Club and Car Rental 325 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2886

McCall Boat Works

1304 Boydstun Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-941-5402

McCall Quick Lube

130 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6096

The MOST comprehensive guide to real estate in the McCall area.

McCall Upholstery Industrial Loop McCall, ID 83638 208-315-0853

Pick up your copy at locations throughout town 100’s of listings updated daily at:

Precision Detail, Inc.

225 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3013

lakeview chevron service


downtown mccall

311 E Lake St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3773

(208) 634-7544

Allegis Financial Partners PO Box 113 McCall, ID 83638 970-209-9966

AmeriTitle McCall 507 E Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6363

Fuel Discount Cards Awarded With Shop Service

Edward Jones-Michael A. Vineyard 323 Deinhard Ln., Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5855

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. 502 N 3rd St., Suite 4 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4746

Convenience Store

Auto Repair Shop √ √ √ √ √ √

Lube, Oil & Filter Tires & Batteries Brakes & Cooling Systems Transmission Service Tune-Ups & Diagnostics Exhaust Systems

√ √ √ √ √ √

ATM • Lottery Ice, Beer & Soda Hot & Cold Deli Souvenirs & Post Cards Tobacco Products Oil & Auto Accessories

300 East Lake Street •• McCall, Idaho

First American Title 616 N 3rd St., Suite 101 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-4705

H&R Block

307 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5847

Idaho First Bank

475 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1000

McCall Mortgage Company

310 E. Lake St, 2nd Floor McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8253

New York Life – Amy Clark 1109 W. Myrtle Street, #300 Boise, ID 83702


114 N 3rd St, Ste 2A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2200

Umpqua Bank

900 2nd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8185

US Bank

905 E 2nd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2281

Washington Federal

204 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2121

CHURCHES Elk Creek Church

14102 Highway 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-631-1938

McCall Church of the Nazarene 223 Hewitt St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5775

McCall Community Congregational Church 901 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5430 Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby

McCall Seventh-Day Adventist Church 3592 Long View Rd. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-0053

Mountain Life Church

Valley County

219 S Main St. Cascade, Idaho 83611 208-382-7100


14180 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3037

Daisy Days Home Cleaning Service

Our Savior Lutheran Church 100 Mission St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-891-4608

5918 West Victory Road Boise, Idaho 83709 208-315-0861

Disaster Response of Idaho 13888 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-3100


Dwell Done Cleaning

Adams County

125 N. Commerce Street McCall, ID 83638 208-866-6719

City of Cascade

High Mountain Cleaning and Property Services, LLC

201 Industrial Ave. Council, Idaho 83612 208-453-4561 105 S Main St. Cascade, Idaho 83638 208-382-4279

(208) 741-2395

Lakeshore Disposal

City of Donnelly

200 Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7176

169 Halferty St. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-325-8859

Maid in McCall

321 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-7429

City of McCall

216 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7142

Fire . Water .Wind . Mold

Pim’s Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaners

City of New Meadows


401 Virginia St. New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-2171

Idaho Department of Labor 299 S. 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7102



Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-455-5555

Locally Owned and Operated

Valley County’s Proven Leader In Property Emergency Services WORSHIP EXPERIENCE @ OUR SAVIOR 11 AM EVERY SUNDAY Adult Bible Study prior to the Worship Service @ 10 am every Sunday Children’s Sunday School @ 10 am every Sunday Receive weekly email devos by Dr. Robin J. Dugall, Pastor @

Corner of Deinhard & Mission Streets, McCall


Emergency Response


Frontier Communications

Schlieper Auto Freight, LLC

201 Lenora St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-6100

Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-451-5488

COMPUTER AND NETWORKING 4 Corners Communications 3208 Hwy 55 New Meadows, Idaho 83654 208-347-4100

HEALTHCARE Back Country Chiropractic and Wellness Center 201 Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8129

Intelligent Home, Inc.

Brian W. Charles, DMD

114 N 3rd St., Suite B McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-1100

509 Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7653

May Security

The Cottages of McCall

345 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8200

700 Reedy Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3883


Hearing Connection, Inc.

Home Sweet Home McCall

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-6163

116 N. 3rd St., #5 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-888-0387

McCall Rehab and Care Center 418 Floyde St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2112

Payette Lakes Medical Clinic

d We

rs, w


c cut on’t

an e cle



211 Forest St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2225

Pro-Active Physical Therapy

409 S 3rd St., Suite C McCall, ID 83638 208-634-8517

Solace Natural Medicine 301 Colorado St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7289

St. Luke’s Hospital - McCall Residential & Commercial Cleaning Construction Cleaning

1000 State St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2221

Trinity Home Care and Resource 106 E Park St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1760


HOME AND CONSTRUCTION A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning 140 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1586

Adventure Floors and Window Coverings 135 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3115

Builders FirstSource

400 Deinhard Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2234 www.

Central Idaho Pool and Spa Sundance Spas of McCall Alpine Village 616 N Third Street, Suite 114 208-271-6142

Disaster Response of Idaho 13888 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-3100

Foundations McCall

335 S. Samson Trail McCall, ID 83638 208-315-3242

Lakeshore Disposal 200 Industrial Loop McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7176

May Security

345 Commerce St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8200

McCall Rental & Sales 500 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5709

McCall Woodworks

100 Helmich St McCall, Idaho 83638 (208) 634-2378

Precoat McCall

335 S. Samson Trail McCall, ID 83638 208-921-1801

Resto Clean North

600 River Street McCall, ID 83638 208-315-4112

208.634.8129 201 Park Street - McCall, Idaho 83638

Franklin Building Supply 14047 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-8111


Hammerheads McCall

335 S. Samson Trail McCall, ID 83638 208-315-3242

High Desert Wildlife & Pest Solutions 9495 Galloway Rd. Middleton, ID 83644 208-590-3364

Professional Detailing Scratch Repair Car & Boat Stereo Car & Truck Accessories

Inland Marine

13871 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2875

J & M Masonry LLC

11307 W. Douglas Fir Ave. Nampa, ID 83651 208-249-7481

Kinetico Quality Water of McCall 125 Commerce St., Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1888

Want a financial advisor that puts you first? Michael A Vineyard Financial Advisor

323 Deinhard Ln., Ste. A McCall, Idaho 83638 208.634.5855


Member SIPC


Photo courtesy Lindsey Harris

Sip and savor… the words alone illicit a calming and tantalizing response. Food and drink shared with loved ones provide a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The McCall area, although a seemingly small town, has dozens of tasty and varied places to eat and drink that can suit any palate. In this issue, we are highlighting two of the longest standing establishments in town, Lardos Grill & Saloon and Shore Lodge. Each of these coveted spots have hand-selected cozy winter recipes for you to recreate right at home – the classic “Old-Fashioned” cocktail with a special twist from The Bar at Shore Lodge and “Mushroom Sherry Bisque” from Lardos. Start a fire, change into your comfy clothes, put on your favorite tunes, and settle in with some McCall favorites.


Photo courtesy Lardos Grill & Saloon

THE BAR AT SHORE LODGE’S OLD FASHIONED The historical Shore Lodge has been on the southwest shores of Payette Lake since 1948. Recently re-imagined, “The Bar” at Shore Lodge offers a stunning view along with a robust wine list, hand crafted cocktails, and local, regional and international craft beers to compliment the small plate, tapas-style menu. 1 Bada Bing cherry (stem removed) 1 orange peel 4 dashes of regular bitters 4 dashes orange flavored bitters

¼ oz simple syrup Splash of clove-infused simple syrup 2 oz of bourbon or whiskey of choice Ice

Start on ice, with either a traditional ice ball (a large ice cube specially designed to accompany a slow melt) or over large ice cubes using your rocks glass. Add four (4) dashes of regular bitters and four (4) dashes orange bitters. Next, add the simple syrup and just a touch of the clove simple syrup. Then pour in your preferred 2 oz of whiskey bourbon or rye. For The Bar at Shore Lodge signature finish, lightly toast the orange peel with a lighter or match, squeeze over the drink (enjoy the aromatic properties), toss in for flavor, stir ingredients, and top with the Bada Bing cherry for the finale. ENJOY!

Photo courtesy Shore Lodge


Pro Tip: in the craft cocktail club, one never shakes bourbon or whiskey, only stirs.

LARDOS GRILL & SALOON’S MUSHROOM SHERRY BISQUE To compliment your Old-Fashioned cocktail, Lardos offers up a mushroom sherry bisque recipe, perfect for a winter evening. Located just across the street from Shore Lodge, Lardos has been providing homemade comfort food to McCall since 1973. From burgers, to prime rib, hot wings, and soup, this place has you covered. Lardos is a gathering spot filled with classic western charm reminiscent of the good ol’ days when Lardo was its own town and gold was king. Stop in sometime to eat their grub, post up at the original bar, and peruse the Lardos family photos from over the decades. Serves 8-10 4 cups water 1 Tbsp + 2 tsp chicken stock 1 cups milk 3 cups cream (half & half) 2 Tbsp + 2 tsp of olive oil 2 Tbsp butter 2/3 cup water 2 white or sweet onions

1 pounds mushrooms 1/3 cup + 2 Tbsp flour 1/3 cup cooking sherry 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 2 1/2 tsp tarragon 1 Tbsp + 1 tsp cup parsley

In your soup kettle, add water, chicken stock, milk and cream. While stirring and bringing the broth to a slow boil, in a pan, add the oil and melt down the butter. Next, sauté the onions in the pan until translucent and add the flour. Turn off the heat. Add the pan ingredients into the hot broth mixture in the soup kettle. Stir to combine those ingredients evenly. Finally, add your mushrooms, sherry, salt & pepper, tarragon, and parsley. Allow mixture to simmer stirring constantly until mushrooms are cooked.

Family Friendly Dining Serving great food at affordable prices Prime Rib & Seafood Specials Friday & Saturday Nights Full Bar • Local Beers on Tap Pool Table Happy Hour Tuesday - Friday 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM 1/2 Price Appetizers Open Tuesday - Sunday 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM

263 N. Main Street | Donnelly, ID


Serve with warm bread and VOILA, dinner is served.

Photo courtesy Lardos Grill & Saloon

45 BISTRO WINE BAR & CAFE Exploring the passions of living well

In the Courtyard Hotel McCall

208 634-4515

McCall’s favorite bakery and so much more! 136 E. Lake St., Downtown McCall Next to Albertsons

208 634.2537

Auto • Home • Life Second Home • Business

The RED line bus is a FREE bus serving the City of McCall operating 7 days a week (except Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day)


The GREEN line bus is a Commuter Express Route connecting McCall, Lake Fork, Donnelly & Cascade, operating Monday - Friday

Duffy Benton 208.325.3253 Donnelly 208.345.5900 Boise

The BRUNDAGE EXPRESS is a Seasonal Route that goes from McCall to Brundage Mountain. For route information please call the Brundage Adventure Center at 208.634.5021. Come ride with us this winter! Please contact us at:

Servicing Valley, Ada and Canyon Counties Monday through Saturday.


Call me for a no cost comparison! Rocky Mountain Crane & Equipment Rental 14032 HWY 55 McCall, ID 83638 208-696-1476

Rocky Mountain Excavation & Equipment Rental 14032 HWY 55 McCall, ID 83638 208-696-1476

Sherwin Williams

210 Commerce St. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-1124

Valley Fire Protection 461 Smitty Ave. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2636

Westside Electric Company McCall, Idaho 83638 208-484-5193


106 E Park St., Suite 100 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-225-5208


507 E Pine St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-6346363

Benton Insurance

New Meadows, ID 83654 208-746-6099

John Curtis Hucks, Attorney at Law, P.C. 208-347-4128

Julia Berheim, Notary Public McCall, Idaho 208-691-0980

283 Main St. Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-325-3253

Micael McKenzie Inc Creative

Centerline Corporation

Michael R. Gurney Agency, Inc.

411 F-Deinhard Ln., #185 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-3860

1607 Davis Ave., Unit 158 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7154

Erekson Law Office

Millemann Pemberton & Holm LLP Attorneys at Law

1010 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7118

Eyespot Creative

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-841-8594


Idaho Impressions

Web Design, Graphic Design & Marketing 208-271-6158

706 North First Street McCall, ID 83638 208-634-7641

Redfish | Bluefish

Leadership Design & Organizational Development McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-2058

Sarah Taylor Insurance, LLC 1650 S. Albright Lane Boise, Idaho 83709 208-377-6717


950 W Bannock St., Ste. 1136 Boise, Idaho 83702 208-336-3768

The Star-News

1000 N First St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-2123

MINING AND GEOLOGY Midas Gold, Inc. 13181 Hwy 55 Donnelly, Idaho 83615 208-901-3060

Granite Mountain Nature Gallery 305 E Park St., Suite A McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1111

Long Valley Preservation Society

McCall Fire Protection District


McCall Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau

McCall Folklore Society

Cascade Chamber of Commerce 101 S Main St. Cascade, Idaho 83611 208-382-3833

Donnelly Chamber of Commerce 208-325-8859

Friends of the McCall Public Library

13131 Farm to Market Rd. Donnelly, Idaho 836154 208-325-8628

605 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7631

McCall Area Snowmobile Club PO Box 354 McCall, Idaho 83638

201 Deinhard Lane McCall, ID 83638 208-634-7070


McCall Music Society

McCall Community Center 701 1st St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5408

1001 State Street McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5522

McCall Arts and Humanities Council 208-634-7136

McCall Winter Sports Club

The Housing Company

McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation

Payette Lakes Progressive Club

565 W Myrtle St., Suite 250 Boise, Idaho 83702 208-331-4811

Kelly’s Whitewater Park Highway 55 Cascade, Idaho 83611


McCall Farmers Market

Corner of Railroad Ave and Pine St. Wednesday and Saturday, 10am- 2pm June through October

Payette Lakes Ski Club/Little Ski Hill 3635 Hwy 55 McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-5691

Rotary of McCall Meets every Wednesday at 12pm McCall, Idaho 83638

Seven Devils Playwrights Conference

McCall, Idaho 83638 516-319-9089

Shepherd’s Home


Valley County Pathways

Steve Jones | 208-634-6497 Cindy Jones | 208-634-6849 Lolo Nelson | 208-315-1914

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-315-4991

Downtown McCall 301 E. Lake St.

PETS McCall Pet Outfitters 200 Lenora St. McCall, ID 83638 208-634-3440

Wherever you look, you see the signs...

McCall Pet Spa and Bath House 102 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3977

McPaws Regional Animal Shelter 831 S 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3647

Paws & Bark Dog Boarding 3713 Hwy 95 New Meadows, ID 83612 (208) 347-3880

208.634.1234 ~ McCall 208.325.5051 ~ Donnelly

PHOTOGRAPHY Amy Isacson Photography McCall, Idaho 83638 208-907-6593

Melissa Shelby Photography 208-315-1294

Pam Benham Photography 170 E. Lake Fork Road McCall, ID 83638 208-315-1028

River’s Edge Photography

313 McBride St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-870-4097

Summit Photography

McCall, Idaho 83638 208-469-0454

REAL ESTATE Alpine Village Company

600 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-3430




502 N. 3rd St., Suite 4 | McCall, ID

Blackhawk on the River

11 Shooting Star Ln. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-630-4825

Stacy L. Bowers, Realtor® Silvercreek Realty Group McCall, Idaho 83638 208-869-0705

Brundage Realty

403 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1234

Brundage Realty – Dawne Meckel 403 N Third Street McCall, ID 83638 208-634-1234

Century 21 Whitewater Clark

1007 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1800

Local Realtors® Know Best.

Community Group at Crawford Olson Real Estate Services 403 E. Park St McCall, ID McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-7778

Serving Valley, Adams & Idaho County.

Cory Corbet, Realtor®

Century 21 Whitewater Clark 1007 N 3rd St. McCall, Idaho 83638 208-634-1800

Shelly DeMoss, Realtor®

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PLAN AHEAD Bluebird days have an uncanny ability to remind us of summertime in the McCall area. See what’s in store once the snow melts…


Photo courtesy Idaho Tourism

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Jump in, dive in, or wade in! The West Central Mountains of Idaho are ot Ph teeming with lakes…over 300 of them. Our largest lakes, Payette Lake and Lake Cascade, offer swimming, sailing, waterskiing, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding…as well as a spectacular fireworks shows every Fourth of July. Rentals are available for just about any activity you have in mind. ou oc


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Take on the challenge of our four stunning courses. McCall Municipal Course provides 27 stimulating holes in an affable atmosphere for every level of golfer. Jug Mountain Ranch offers every golfer, social or competitive, gorgeous panoramic views of Jughandle Mountain, the Ranch’s natural wetlands, old growth forests and the rolling hills of the East Valley. The prestigious Whitetail Club and Resort offers an inspiring mountain masterpiece, while MeadowCreek Resort in Meadows Valley brings brilliant play and ample friendliness.




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The patio is open! One of our favorite things about warm sunny days in McCall is dining al fresco and sampling the delicious fare of our local restaurants, bistros, and pubs. Just about every eatery has a place to take advantage of the sunshine or pick up something to go and picnic at Legacy Park along the shores of Payette Lake.




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Photo courtesy Shepherd’s Home

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THRILLING WHITEWATER Idaho is well-known as the Whitewater State and there is certainly no shortage of rapids to satisfy thrill-seekers in the McCall area. From the laid back Cabarton Stretch to thrilling multi-day trips on the Main Salmon through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, we have the whitewater you are looking for!

Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby Photography

GET DIRTY MOUNTAIN BIKING The McCall area is ripe with miles of single and double track trails for all abilities and has been designated as a Silver Ride Center by the International Mountain Biking Association. Hitch a ride to the top with lift serviced mountain biking at Brundage Mountain Resort and Tamarack Resort or take advantage of the shuttle service at Jug Mountain Ranch. If you would rather take the trail less traveled, stop by and view our Mountain Biking itinerary with fresh ideas for easy, intermediate, and expert rides around the region.

MUSIC Summer turns up the heat on the mountain music scene. Catch weekly music everywhere from Crusty’s Pizza to the Anchor. Plan to hit up annual events including the Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival, Summer Music Festival at Roseberry, and SummerFest, or catch a summer music series session at Tamarack Resort, Brundage Mountain and Jug Mountain Ranch.

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Jackson Jet Center

When selecting a real estate agent you need someone who sees you as a person not a profit. “Evidence of Dawne’s expertise became obvious when we made our first cold call in search of an experienced local realtor... Dawne is a great negotiator...we always felt she took care of us & was on our team. We are very grateful to have found Dawne who helped us find a property we love & hope to use as an investment & also a place we hope to share with our family for decades.” Sincerely, The Millers



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How do you define health? Physical? Mental? Social? Health goes beyond medical care. It’s how we take care of ourselves, how we interact with our communities, how we take care of each other. Let St. Luke’s support your health however you define it. #pictureyourhealth 719.330.4069

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NORDIC/SNOWSHOE AREAS Bear Basin Ponderosa State Park Activity Barn Jug Mountain Ranch Tamarack Resort Lake Cascade State Park Hasbrouck Ranch (off Cabarton Road)

SKI AREAS 8 Brundage Mountain Resort 9 Tamarack Resort 10 Little Ski Hill

GENERAL RECREATION/ACTIVITY AREAS 11 Manchester Ice and Event Center




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14 18 55





12 Burgdorf Hot Springs 13 Gold Fork Hot Springs



SNOWMOBILE AREAS/PARKING LOTS 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23


Bear Creek Lodge Tamarack Falls Parking Lot Anderson Creek Parking Lot Green Gate Parking Lot West Face Parking Lot, across from Bear Creek Lodge Wallace Lane Parking Lot Gordon Titus Parking Lot, near Brundage Francis E. Wallace Parking Lot Clear Creek Parking Area Fall Creek Parking Area







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Photo courtesy Gary Ertter

Photo courtesy Melissa Shelby

Photo courtesy Gary Ertter

PARTING SHOT Top 5 Farmer’s Market Finds

All photos courtesy McKenzie Kraemer

When the snow starts to melt and the leaves on the trees start to pop, we know it is almost Farmers Market season. Our local markets may be small, but they pack a big punch. Local growers, ranchers, bakers and artisans come together each week to offer a wide variety of local delights. Here are the top five finds you will want to put in your bag.

#1 Fresh Produce

#5 Locally Sourced Skin Care Products

#2 Fresh Flowers


Find everything from berries to watermelon to squash. The variety of produce changes with the season and each week brings something new to put on your table.

The vibrant colors and fragrant smells of fresh flowers are definitely the stars of the show. Choose from ready-made arrangements or build your own.

#3 Baked Goods

From pies to muffins, brownies to fresh-baked bread, the market is our favorite place to get mouth-watering eats.

#4 Locally Grown Meat

Sirloin, short ribs, brisket, roasts, tenderloin and ground beef all grass fed and grown without antibiotics or added hormones. Sample the goods with a fresh-cooked burger while you stroll through the market.


Our mountains are brimming with herbs and botanicals that infuse everything from lotions to soaps to essential oils. Find a fabulous local selection each week at the market!

• Wednesday & Saturday, 10am – 2pm • June – mid October • Located on the corner of Railroad and Pine in McCall

Donnelly Farmers Market

• Wednesday 3:30pm – 6:30pm • June – August • Located next to the Donnelly Bible Church

Alpha Nursery Farmers Market

• Wednesday 10am – 1pm with Volcanic Farms (produce, pies, honey) • Saturday 3:30pm – 5pm with Nature’s table (produce) • Year Round • Located at 12 Alpha Lane in Cascade, Idaho

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Explore McCall, Idaho and plan your winter adventure!

Visit McCall Magazine Wintr 18-19  

Explore McCall, Idaho and plan your winter adventure!

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