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Welcome to The A-Z Guide of Autumn & Winter in the Isle of Man - bursting with ideas and inspiration to help you capture 'golden moments' with friends, family and loved ones. Re-charge as you explore the changing colours of the Island's magical vistas and landscapes carved from pure imagination, or follow in the footsteps of the discoverers before you, as you roam the Island from dusk 'till dawn and let your extraordinary story unfold. This Season, the Island offers an ideal mix of adventure, romance and escapism; watch as autumn arrives with its ever changing tapestry of colour across our 18 national glens, get wrapped up and brave the elements along our coastal footpath spanning over 100 miles, reward yourself with a hot chocolate or a pint of the Isle of Man’s finest ales or check out the abundance of cosy staycation opportunities. With a wide selection of Hop-Tu-Naa and half-term events and activities, and a host of eateries offering the purest locally sourced and produced mouth-watering dishes there will be something to entertain everyone this Autumn.


RTISINAL DELIGHTS Immerse yourself in a melting pot of character and taste and enjoy the purity and provenance of our local ingredients.

Autumn is a great time to treat yourself to some warming dishes in our local eateries after a long walk. Spend lazy afternoons with friends and family enjoying a delicious afternoon tea or sample the Autumn & Winter Fynoderee Gins by our local distillers.

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WATCHING The Isle of Man boasts more species per square mile than Britain or Ireland. In just one day, it is possible to visit soaring granite cliffs, sheltered bays, rugged heather moorlands and more. The views of the landscape are simply breath-taking...all of which make it an ideal birdwatching destination. While rarities can never be guaranteed, here's a selection of birds you may spot this Autumn/Winter: Golden Plover Ravens

Short-eared Owl Twite


Shoveler Waders

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With a plethora of on and off road cycling routes, the Island is a haven for cyclists at all times of the year. Head to South Barrule or Archallagan and ride the twisty tree-lined trails or journey on-road and admire the colourful shades of autumn. Click here for cycling inspiration



The Isle of Man's open countryside, beaches and hilly viewing spots allows for some seriously sensational stargazing opportunities. Boasting a total of 26 Dark Sky Discovery Sites, the largest cluster in the British Isles, the Island is an astronomer's paradise. Many astronomical sights can be seen through the naked eye, including the Orion Nebula, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Northern Lights if you're lucky! Let our night sky inspire you...here's our top Autumn/Winter stargazing hotspots: Port Soderick The Sound Fort Island Axnfell Tholt-y-Will Click here for more dark sky delights



Discover your #IOMstory at one of the Isle of Man's extraordinary events. Autumn sees an abundance of events on offer, including Hop-Tu-Naa treasure hunts, fire festivals, craft workshops, Oktoberfests, Heritage open days, live music gigs, art exhibitions and more...

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Discover fascinating tales of fairy folklore across the Isle of Man this Autumn or Winter. Begin your journey of magical wonder by crossing the Fairy Bridge - a quaint old stone structure where trinkets, tokens and letters are left for the 'Little People' to bring luck. Continue your adventure to Balley Cashtal Beg, Manx Gaelic for 'Little Castletown', to try and find the intricately decorated 70 Fairy doors hidden across the Southern town! For your final stop, take a wonder through Summerhill Glen; aka the 'Fairy Glen' and marvel at the abundance of locally hand-made Fairy doors.



Capture golden moments with your family, friends and loved ones this Autumn. Whether it's a relaxing staycation with a loved one, an adventure-fuelled family day out or a visit to one of our special events, the Island has something for everyone. Embrace travel like a true Mover on board a dining car, follow in the footsteps of Discoverers before you around our Island or search like an Explorer around one of our fascinating Museums.

Like a Believer, seek hidden tales of giants, fairies and brownies or cycle like an Adventurer amongst a world of tangled trees. Feast like an Artisan at one of our eateries where high quality food and drink await you. Rediscover the Isle of Man this Autumn - your #IOMStory is waiting to be told, so go forth and create yours.

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Hop Tu Naa, the Manx equivalent of Halloween - is one of the Island's oldest traditions that celebrates the Celtic New Year. From traditional festivals and turnip carving, to spooky trains and murder mystery nights, our Hop Tu Naa celebrations are nothing short of extraordinary. Enjoy a wealth of events this October and help us celebrate this unique tradition!

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The Island's weather in Autumn and Winter can be pretty wet, wild and windy. So we've listed below a selection of activities you can enjoy in the comfort of the warm indoors, plus they're only on your doorstep!

Gaiety Theatre Guided Tours Steeped in history, the Gaiety Theatre is one of the finest remaining examples from legendary architect Frank Matcham. The tour gives a unique opportunity to see the Theatre's working attributes, decor and machinery in all its glory.

Hot Rocks Climbing Wall Complete beginners, seasoned outdoor climbers, bouldering geniuses or anything in between, visit Hot Rocks Climbing Wall - the ultimate venue for climbing fun.

Craftworks Studio Get crafty in the cosy Craftworks Studio where you can paint your own decorative and useable ceramics.

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...muddy puddles, leaves and FUN this Autumn and Winter! There's no need to hibernate in the cold weather. Grab your winter warmers, don the wellies and leave all your worries behind as you explore the Island's shades of autumn.

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and relax! Traa dy Liooar (time enough) as the Manx saying goes. There's no better tonic than unwinding in a cosy cottage or luxury home in a secluded spot nestled in the heart of the countryside. Whether it's a solo adventure, a romantic gesture or avoiding the hustle and bustle of Christmas, a short Autumn or Winter Manx staycation will give you the chance to relax and revive. Unplug and find comfort in one of our many Autumn or Winter hideaways with room for one, two or squeeze in a few more of your loved ones for a relaxing family escape. Options include: Just 'be' by the Sea Yn Thie Thooit Cottage Maughold Beach Cottage Surfside, Port Erin Langness Ligthouse

Restful Rural Retreats Valley Views Cottage Little Ballkewin Barn Pippen at Ballavilley

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Lights, lights and more lights will enchant you this Winter season. From impressive bonfires and dazzling firework displays to the hugely anticipated Christmas Light Switch On, there's plenty to illuminate your visit to the Isle of Man. Light up your life here



Ancient monuments, historic castles and museums narrate our 10,000 year story of the extraordinary lives of our ancestors. Escape the cold weather and get wrapped up in our fascinating Manx history. Follow in the footsteps of Vikings at the House of Manannan or trace the Island's heroic poignant war story at the Manx Museum and journey

through our legendary 100 year old motor racing history at the Isle of Man Motor Museum.

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Seasonal shifts in the Isle of Man bring new flavours, sights and sounds. The best way to experience these is out in nature; see the colours ripen, from green to burnt orange, caramels and chestnut browns. Listen to the sound of leaves crunching underfoot and take a deep breath of the Island's fresh crisp air. Revitalise with nature and tread through the twisted trails of our 18 National Glens; marvel at the vibrant colours of Autumn around you. Or soak up the stars in Winter, the prime time for stargazing. Enjoy nature's authenticity right here on the Isle of Man.

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The Isle of Man hosts many traditional ceremonies throughout the year; dating back to Viking times, old customs are still very much celebrated today. Here's a list of customs held throughout Autumn and Winter:

October 10th - Old Michaelmas Day 31st - Hop Tu Naa/Hallowe'en/All Hallows' Eve

November 1st - All Saint's Day/Hollantide Day 11th - Old Hollantide Eve 12th - Old Hollantide Day 18th - Winter Feast Day of Hospices 26th - Maughold's Feast Day of Winter

December 6th - St Nicholas' Day 11th - Old St Andrew's Day 20th - St Thomas' Eve 21st - Winter Solstice 24th - Christmas Eve 25th - Christmas Day 26th - St Stephen's Day 31st - New Year's Eve



The Point of Ayre is the Island's most northerly tip and when you stand here you are closer to Scotland than you are to Douglas. Catch a stunning sunset in the early evening and behold nature's colourful palette. Or gaze at the sensational starry sky above you; as one of the Island's Dark Sky Discovery Sites you may be lucky enough to glimpse the magical aurora borealis, most likely spotted in the North of the Island.



Winter and Christmas, the most wonderfully chaotic time of the year, where the stress of festive preparations and present buying can be completely overwhelming for some. The emphasis on 'quiet time' can be very important at this time of year and escaping to a place where stunning seaside views can be enjoyed in the comfort of a cosy country cottage can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. Perhaps this Autumn, relax and get ready for the busy festive season ahead...here's a list of our top five perfectly peaceful places to relax and unwind on the Isle of Man: Niarbyl Beach - a secluded bay on the west coast of the Island Brightlife - a luxurious spa in the North of the Island Seascape - a boutique B&B spa resort on the Island's east coast The Shed - a quirky, cosy artisan beachside eatery in the East The Sound - the most southerly spot on the Island and a stargazer's dream

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Dining Cars

Fancy fine dining while travelling through the beautiful Manx countryside? The Dining Cars offer the perfect dining experience; themed trains such as the Dining Cars of the World and Steam Theme series offer unique dining experiences with menus inspired from around the world. Built in 1905 and lovingly restored to service in 2013 the dining cars are one of only a handful of narrow gauge dining cars in the world. Offering mouthwatering menus using the best of local Manx produce teamed with a carefully crafted list of 14 wines, cocktails and soft drinks from the bar. Start your dining car experience here



Snaefell is the Island's highest mountain and the only summit higher than 2,000ft above sea level. On a clear winter's day you can take in the spectacular views of the Seven Kingdoms of Mann, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Sea and Heaven...unless Manannan cloaks you in his mist!

Discover more about Snaefell here



Some may call the Isle of Man's traditional events unusual...and they would be right! From rowing a tin bath in the Irish Sea to singing and dancing the night away to Celtic folk music, you'll always find something a bit different on the Island. Here's a selection of traditional events that take place over the Autumn and Winter Season: Hop Tu Naa Hop Tu Naa is the oldest continuously existing tradition in the Isle of Man, celebrated each year on the 31st October with songs, dancing, turnip lanterns, curious customers and stories about Jinny the Witch.

Hunt the Wren Dancing on the streets around 'the king of all birds' who is being paraded around on a pole (don't worry, it's not a real bird)...Hunt the Wren is one of the most popular and yet more unusual Manx traditions in practice today.

Cammag The Isle of Man's traditional national sport played between the North vs South each year on Boxing Day.

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Often described as the jewel in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is the only entire jurisdiction in the world to be awarded UNESCO World Biosphere Region status. With such a prestigious award comes the promise of wonderful scenery and views as well as a mass of marine life, birdlife and wildlife which can be seen across the Island's landscape all year round. Rediscover the magic of the Isle of Man this Autumn and Winter and see for yourself why the Island is a special place to live and work. Start your discovery here



Long stretching coastlines, enchanted forests, a bridge that brings you luck and landscapes beyond your wildest dreams...the Isle of Man really does have something for everyone. For a family that loves adventure, the Isle of Man won't disappoint with many high quality adventure experiences for all ages, including Ape Mann Adventure Park, Segway Safari Tours and an indoor climbing wall. Or perhaps you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Whether you're looking to relax, explore or indulge, the Island has something for every couple. Walk hand in hand against the Island's gorgeous backdrop, showcasing mesmerising scenery and breath-taking autumnal sunsets, or rewind at one of the Island's luxurious spas. Whoever you choose to journey with, one things for certain...here on the Isle Man your story will be nothing but extraordinary.

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Autumn is a time of sensations when the Island's landscape turns into a kaleidoscope of colours. See the magnificence of nature with the gold, orange and green tones of the glens and forests, or embrace the coastal breeze along the Raad ny Foillan (Manx for Way of the Gull) 100 mile coastal footpath. With such a diverse selection of walking routes, guided and self-guided walks, the Isle of Man is truly a walker's delight.

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Are you born to be wild? Do you seek thrills to satisfy your need for excitement? As an Island made for adventure, it's the ideal playground for people of all ages.

The blustery breeze of Autumn and Winter sees the rush of wind and kite surfers to the Island's emerald shores and with such exposed coastal beaches, you're guaranteed to ride some gnarly waves. We'd recommend heading to the South of the Island - to Port Erin, Port St Mary and Castletown Beach to get the best waves and adrenaline rush.

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Imagine a place...shrouded by mystery, a seabound kingdom with its own captivating story to tell. With a rich history, that echoes through the ages. A melting pot of character and taste, where true heroes exist and sea monsters bask in the shallows. Landscapes carved from pure imagination and magical vistas of the Seven Kingdoms. A world of tangled trees and twisty trails. A place where legends are Manx made... Isle of Man - The Extraordinary Story

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OOM The Isle of Man's open roads beckon with a wealth of great driving routes. Covering all corners of the Island, the routes let you sit in the driver's seat and be wowed by the majestic scenery around you. Do you feel the need for speed? Take an exhilarating Trike Tour and feel the wind in your hair and the cold on your cheeks as you follow in the tire marks of TT riders along the famous Mountain Course. You'll need to wrap up extra warm! Wherever you go, the thrilling twists and turns of the quiet roads of the Isle of Man will provide you with memories and experiences you'll never forget.

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Discover Autumn and Rediscover the Isle of Man  

An A-Z Guide to all things Autumn in the Isle of Man.

Discover Autumn and Rediscover the Isle of Man  

An A-Z Guide to all things Autumn in the Isle of Man.