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GEILO Dagali - Skurdalen - Haugastøl - Ustaoset - Hol - Hovet - Sudndalen - Myrland

Welcome to the mountains!



GEILO all Year Geilo is a travel destination that you can visit the year round. We get snow early, the winter is snow-secure, and in May, you can both ride a bicycle and go cross country skiing. «The seasons» can be a little longer or shorter compared to other places; therefore, we have made this year wheel. It is simply an icon that is sectioned for each month. January starts «up at 12 o’clock» in the circle. Welcome to the mountains all year long!

Photo: Paul A Lockhart Design: • 12’ - 05/18

Summer in Geilo................................23 Activities............................................24 Mountain Calling...............................28 Norwegian signage...........................29 Hiking/cykling...................................30 Suggested Routes Geilo....................31




Info All year

Restaurants & Eateries

The environmental certification is concrete and measurable, and is your guarantee that the company actively reduces their environmental impact. The Travel Green symbol is valid when one is certified within the following systems: The Swan, Environmental Lighthouse Norwegian Eco-Tourism, Blue Flag, or ISO 14001.

Shopping and Pleasure

The accommodations and activities listed under Travel Green are environmentally certified. They have introduced rules and guidelines for production and handling of waste, energy use, transport, requirements for subcontractors, and use of chemicals. Their actions extend beyond what Norwegian law requires.


We have made it easier for you to think of the environment when you come to Geilo. The environmentally-certified activities and accommodations in Geilo are marked with a green tussoc of grass in this catalog.

Winter................................................70 Geilo – Children’s Choices.................72 Alpine Map and Geilo Ski Bus...........74 Alpine and Snowboard.....................76 Ski School and Ski Rental.................78

Satisfy Your Appetite!........................96 Eateries at the slopes........................98 Nightlife and After Ski.....................100 Food-Service Cabins in the Mountains.............................102 Restaurant.......................................104

Shopping and Pleasure...................112 Fashion, Clothing, and Interior.......112 Petrol Station and Service..............113 Fashion, Clothing, and Interior.......114

Welcome..............................................4 Geilo in Europe....................................7 Traveling in Geilo...............................10 Accessibility.......................................12 Round trips by car.............................14

Code of Conduct for Being a Good Host.....................145 Tourist Information | Local Media Telephone Directory........................146

Hiking.................................................32 Cycling...............................................38 Bike trips............................................40 Fishing...............................................44 Fishing Waters...................................46 Hardangervidda National Park.........48

Hallingskarvet National Park............50 Arne Næss..........................................52 Churches and Culture.......................54 Cultural heritage...............................56

Activities............................................58 Geilo 365............................................60 Activity Providers..............................62 Children’s Geilo .................................66 Event Calendar..................................68

Parks..................................................80 Snow Kiting and Ski Sailing..............83 Cross Country Skiing and suggested routes...............................86 Winter activities.................................92

Cafés and Other Eateries................105 Bakery..............................................107 Local Food Producers.....................108 Food of local origin.........................110 Hallingkost......................................111

Health and Wellness........................117 Sporting Goods Stores....................119 Household Articles and Groceries.... 121 Made in Geilo...................................122 We build Geilo.................................123

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Cabins | Vacation Liason..............138 Hostel and Camp.............................139 apartments......................................141 Camping..........................................143

Welcome to Geilo and Hol Municipality!


Info In Hol, we are proud tourist hosts, and put a lot of love and commitment into it. Wayfarers and guests have visited our area through the ages. They have come from both eastern and western Norway to experience all the good things we have here in the municipality, which is beautifully located between the Hardangervidda and

in the area also include world class cross country tracks. Here in Geilo, new trails are being developed for cycling, and we are continuously improving the signage and the logistics regarding hiking trails, so that it will be easier to make use of everything around us.

Hallingskarvet National Parks.

Sustainable Destinations in 2016. We are proud of that fact and want you to notice that we stand together to create good experiences for you every time you come here, no matter what time of year.

Geilo is a complete destination for those who wish to experience fresh air, enjoy an active life style, and at the same time enjoy a modern society with all its delights and privileges. Geilo, as an alpine village, is well-known for its alpine slopes and every conceivable element in the many terrain parks for both big and small. The attractions

Geilo received the Award for

We wish you a pleasant and safe stay. Welcome to the mountains. Petter Rukke, Mayor

General info Geilo in Europe......................................................................7 Traveling in Geilo.................................................................10 Accessibility.........................................................................12 Round trips by car...............................................................14 Code of Conduct for Being a Good Host.......................................................143 Tourist Information | Local Media Telephone Directory..........................................................146 | 5

Experience Norway at its best. Travel by train. Travelling by train on the Bergen Railway, you can sit back and enjoy one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. With its highest point at 1,200 metres above sea level, you can witness several seasons and a landscape that varies between mountains, fjord and plateau; brilliant sunshine or violent storms. The Bergen Railway will fascinate you, every time. Welcome aboard!

Geilo in Europe

Geilo in Europe

Distances to Geilo in km From Bergen  From Gardermoen  From Kongsberg  From Kristiansand  From Oslo  From Trondheim 

239 km 243 km 163 km 456 km 218 km 517 km





Oslo Torp – Sandefjord

Hours by car Rv7 Bergen – Geilo FV50 Bergen – Geilo Rv7 Oslo – Geilo  Rv51 Fagernes – Geilo Fv40 Larvik – Kongsberg – Geilo

3,5 hours

Hours by train Bergen – Geilo  Oslo – Geilo 

3,5 hours 3,5 hours

3,5 hours 3,5 hours 3,0 hours 1,5 hours

Oslo: 1 h Bergen: 1 h 25 min


3,5 h


3,5 h

20 h 9,25 h


Hirtshals Frederikshavn

Train Ferry

Oslo: 55 min Bergen: 1 h 15 min




Oslo: 1 h 55 min Torp: 1 h 55 min


Oslo: 1 h 10 min Torp: 1 h 10 min Bergen: 1 h 20 min

Oslo: 1 h 35 min Torp: 1 h 35 min



Oslo: 1 h 35 min Bergen: 1 h 50 min

London Oslo: 1 h 55 min Bergen: 1 h 55 min



Brussel Oslo: 1 h 55 min


Oslo: 2 h 5 min | 7

Ustedalen Hotel & Resort

40 60



my r






Geilo Hotel


Geilo Gaarden




ge ove Geil





ege nav

le Ves


82 tve slåt

3 gen












32 8







n vege




62 89e







Geilolia ferieleiligheter

Geilo Hestesenter



33 9 90

Geilo kulturkyrkje



Vestlia Resort / Vestliheisen / Geilo sommerpark

Rv 7





86 31

84 11 39

Fv 4


40 egen ov Geilo eil 7 stasjon G

gen nave Heg



Dr. Holms Hotel


als ve g

0S ku rd


a Trek








Ge en

ilo ve g


0 Fv 4


e veg aug reh Tim

til K


/ ikut

len rda Sku


/ Da

/ gali

rg e gsb Kon

Geilo Samfunnshus


7 Rv

s afo ag il H -t









Bardøla Høyfjellshotell / Prestholt

Map of Geilo Center | 9

1 Infotec Geilo 3 Amok Geilo 3 Epic Boardshop og Snowboardmuseum 3 Blomsterstua Geilo 3 Geilo Bunad Og Bygdekunst 3 Min Beste Venn 4 Geilobygg-Hellvik Hus Geilo 5 Sport 1 Geilo 5 Boots Apotek 5 Geilo Frisørcenter 5 Geilo Sko & Accessories 5 Nille 5 Europris 6 InterSport Geilo 6 Interoptik Geilo 6 Sunkost Geilo 6 Vinmonopol 6 Vita Exclusive Geilo 7 Geilo Sport 8 Annekset Interiør 9 No. 1 9/16 Spar - Geilo Handelslag 10 Power Geilo 10 Geiloporten 10 Herleiks 10 Kiwi Geilo 10 SAMSARA Geilo 10 Traktøren GEILO 10 Yes, vi leker 11 Matkrok`n Delikatesse & catering 12 Geilo Skishop 13 BLEST Hår og slikt 14 Gjenbruksbutikken 15 Cirkle K- Geilo Autosenter 17 Montèr Geilo


Ustedalen Hotell & Resort Geilo Hotel Ro Hotel Geilo Gaarden Dr. Holms Hotel Geilolia Ferieleiligheter

46 Geiloholtet 47 Highland Lodge

40 41 43 42 44 45


36 Geilo samfunnshus / Kino / Bibliotek 37 Geilo Idrettslag/NTG 38 Kommunalt servicetorg / NAV 39 Gjensidige Hallingdal 40 Geilo Taxi

30 Politi 30 Reiselivssenteret: Visit Geilo, turistinformasjon 30 SkiGeilo 30 30 Aktiv Helse Geilo 31 Sparebank1 / Minibank / ATM 32 EiendomsMegler 1 Geilo 32 Skue Sparebank / Minibank / ATM 33 Geilotorget: Post 34 Kulturkirke med galleri 35 Munnviken tannlege


FOOD AND BEVERAGES  80 Geilo Sushi 81 Golden House 82 Ro Kro 83 Hallingstuene / Vinkjelleren Vinbar 84 Café Mocca 85  Diaz spill & lunsjbar / Pizzabakeren 86 Peppes Pizza 87 Off Pist Lounge 88 Dr. Holms Hotel: Bowl & Dine / Skibaren 89 Highland Lodge: A Tartiner Bakeri og Pizzeria 90 Perleporten Geilo

60 Ustedalen Hotell & Resort: Svømmebasseng 61  ­Dr. Holms Hotel: Bowling / Spa / Velværeavdeling med basseng 62  Highland Lodge: Spa / Svømmebasseng


Map of Geilo Center

D Ustedalsfjorden Rundt L Lysløypa


A Revesporet B Pilvegen og Pilturen C Rundtur Slåttahølen D Ustedalsfjorden Rundt



Turforslag (se andre side)


Free Wi-Fi in the whole center of Geilo. And please tag your pictures with #visitgeilo in social media. The free Wi-Fi is sponsored by Ustekveikja Energy AS.





Ski vinterløype

Tursti fottur





Tursti sykkel


Knutepunkt transport

Anbefalt fotomulighet


Parkering nasjonalparken




Traveling in Geilo


Traveling to Geilo Bus to Geilo The airport bus between Hønefoss - Gardermoen. See Askeladden Reiser and transport. Geilo-Gol-Hønefoss/DrammenOslo. See Nettbuss NX 175 (Hallingbussen). Geilo - Kongsberg. See the Numedalsbussen schedule (route 420). Sogn & Fjordane ekspressen. bus to Førde/Sogndal - Oslo w/ transfer to Geilo in Gol (NX170). Bus from Geilo to Eidfjord-Kinsarvik-Odda. Schedules (see Odda, Eidfjord, Ullensvang, Etne and Jondal, and Route 991 Geilo-Odda). Schedule information Buskerud: Brakar, tel + 47 177 or +47 3220 3090.

10 |

For transport toward West, see, tel + 47 5523 8700

Train to Geilo The train from Oslo and Bergen takes about 3-3,5 hours and has 5-6 arrivals/departures per day to/from Geilo. You can purchase your ticket at the NSB ticket machines, by calling+47 815 00 888 or online at

Car to Geilo For road warnings - if you are driving over Rv 7, Fv 50 or Fv 51 during the fall and winter, - and incidents check the Statens Vegvesen. For English please call phone no. 175 (from Norway) or +47 815 48 991.

E-Charging points • Kiwi Hagafoss • Circle K Geilo • Esso Geilo • Geilo Sentrum • Vestlia Resort • Bardøla Høyfjellshotell

Reisen til & fra Geilo Info

Geilo Turbusser

Geilo Turbusser has tour bus services both domestic and abroad. We have buses from 16-55 seats. Newer buses. Environmentally certified company, and a RGF member. Offers transport in Geilo and other passenger transport.

FossgĂĽrd Bilruter

Geilo Taxi

Family-run company since 1936. FossgĂĽrd Bilruter offers modern tour buses, with experienced drivers, for transport both domestic and abroad.

Geilo Taxi offers transport in Geilo and to and from Geilo. Geilo Taxi has a total of ten cars that seat 1-16 passengers. We are located at the train station.

Tel: + 47 32 09 09 67

Tel: + 47 32 09 10 00

Tel: + 47 32 08 80 80

Geilo Turbusser offer tour buses in Norway and abroad. Our modern buses have 16-53 seats. Experienced drivers provide excellent service, so that you can enjoy a pleasant trip with us.

Contact us: Tel +47 32 08 80 80 | | | Facebook: Geilo Turbusser | 11



Accessibility Contact Visit Geilo and we will give you more detailed information regarding your stay in Geilo. Tel: +47 3209 5900 or

Geilo has a goal to be a destination for everyone, also those with limited mobility. Here you will find information regarding where you can stay, dine, activities and outdoor life in the whole municipality.

Outdoor Life Geilo is known for its wonderful scenery. So why not experience it? We don’t want a wheelchair to stop you. Geilo has, therefore, created some nice spots that you can easily access. One of these spots 12 |

is by Ustedalsfjorden Round, just east of the Cultural Church. Here is a nice fishing pier, a shelter and a bonfire area. Another nice spot is by the Seimsbrua bridge , located by the Holsfjorden lake in Hol.

Geilo for alle Info

Activities In Geilo and the surrounding areas, you will find the diverse activities that are specially adapted and universally designed: • Horseback riding – Geilo Hestesenter

• «Circular-track activities» for groups upon request.

• Sleighing – Geilo Hestesenter

• Fishing pier at Slåttahølen and by the Holsfjorden lake

• Ride in a carriage (summer) – Geilo Hestesenter • Bowling – Dr. Holms Hotel and Vestlia Resort • Swimming pool – partially adapted at 2 hotels • Swimming pool – possibility to swim in treatment pool • Sledding on sledding hills

• Adapted information posts at Geilojordet and at Prestholtseter • Ustedalsfjorden Round, trail for all users • Geilo Town Center has a universal design •S  ki and snow sport for everyone at Geilo Ski School – Slaatta

• Dogsledding, passenger on sled (4 different providers)

Eateries and Nightspots Geilo has many different restaurants and cafes. Many of them can be packed with guests, which sometimes can give challenges in regard to moving freely. Therefore, we recommend that you call ahead and book a table, to ensure accessibility.

Activities In Geilo, we want skiing and snowboarding to be an option for everyone, no matter the preconditions. Therefore, Geilo Ski School at Slaatta offers a separate «Adaptive Program » for the disabled who want to participate in snow sports. There is also an eventful activity week for those with Downs Syndrome at Slaatta ski center. The week is packed with activities for the whole family. Here you can do downhill,

sledding, test out dogsledding, go bowling, and many more fun activities.

Ski instruction Geilo Ski School at Slaatta offer private instruction for the disabled. No matter whether you have reduced vision, blindness, deafness, are an amputee, paralyzed, or have other functional hurdles, we will make sure that you are well taken care of and experience the magic on the ski slopes. Geilo Ski School at Slatta have a junior bi-ski, adult sitski, outriggers, etc, that we use during the instruction. Geilo Ski School has profesionally trained instructors who will give you confidence, proper equipment, and support.

Bardøla Høyfjellshotell

has 2 hotel rooms that are designed for wheelchair users; but they can adapt more, if needed. The hotel is equipped with an elevator, and the restaurant is very roomy.

Geilolia hyttetun

offers cabins and apartments adapted for the disabled, upon request. It is important to book early. | 13

Roundtrips by Car


Roundtrips by Car Geilo is a perfect startingpoint for roundtrips by car, train or bus. Here are some suggestins for where to go and experiences along the way.

14 |


Hivjufossen Hivjufossen waterfall is a slightly hidden gem on FV50, which is worth visiting. Storåne is the name of the river that runs from Strandavatnet and down through the valley along FV50, creating Sudndalsfjorden, Hovsfjorden, and Holsfjorden. Even though the watercourse is regulated, there are some places that are quite nice. Especially wild is where Storåne meets the tributary Hivju by the road, a couple of kilometers before Sudndalsfjorden. There you will find a parking area. Use this to see

the river, and go up along the tributary to Hivjufossen waterfall, which you can’t see from the road. It cascades along the mountain in 2 stages, is a total of 250 meters high, and a wonderful sight, especially during spring flooding. The falls are 1 kilometer from the parking area, but there is a well-marked trail up to a viewpoint close by. Please, be careful by the river, as the rocks are very slippery. Do not go close to the waterfall.


Round trips by car


Information National tourist route E-charging Winter closed road

16 |

Rundtur med bil Info


3 5 1



6 | 17

Roundtrips by Car

1. Route 50 Along route 50 from Hagafoss to Aurland and Flåm you will find nice dining places, view points, attractions and hiking trips, both summer and winter. Route 50 is a development project where the aim is to develop all those amazing things you can experience along the road 50 between Hagafoss and all the way to western Norway greet you.

Bring your camera! • Hol museum at Hagafoss • Hol old church • Hol cheesery and local food store • Fagerdalen mountain farm • Fishing in Holsfjorden lake, Hovsfjorden lake and Sudndalsfjorden lake. • Birkelund Camping • Nice hiking trips to Hivjufossen and

Einsetnuten • Hallingskarvet Ski Resort • Dokken Mountain farm • Gurostølen Mountain farm • Storestølen • Hiking or skiing to Urdvassnutane and Blåbergi


2. Round trip to the Fjords Follow Route 50 to Aurland and Flåm. From Flåm you drive to Voss, Eidfjord and follow Rv7 over Hardangervidda plateau to Geilo. The trip is about 320 km. • Route 50 • Aurlandsdalen Valley • Flåm • Fjord cruise • Ægir brewery • Flåm Railway • Nærøy Fjorden World Heritage Park • Stalheimskleiva • Voss • Skjervsfossen • Hardanger Bridge • Eidfjord • Hardangervidda Nationalpark center • National Touristroad Hardangervidda • Måbødalen Valley • Vøringsfossen Waterfall • Halne Fjellstugu mountain lodge and Halnekongen boat transport • Haugastøl • Rallarvegen Road

18 |


Route 50 Info

3. Local Food Round with a view Drive from Geilo, on to Route 50, then drive up to Holsåsen (toll road 60NoK). Drive towards Vats, Rødungen, Tvist, please do visit Bergsjøstølen and Iungsdalshytta. From Tvist west wards to Fagerdalen Mountain farm. From Fagerdalen you drive to Hovet, take on to Route 50. Stop at Hol Ysteri in Hol Center. The round is about 90 km. • Bergsjøstølen • Fagerdalen Mountain farm • Hol cheesery and local food store


5. On mountain roads in Hallingdal & Valdres Drive from Geilo, on to Route 50, and up Holsåsen to Vats (Toll Road 60NoK). Drive along "Fanitull-Road" towards Lauvdalen and Hemsedal. Then towards Lykkja and over the mountain to "Panoramaroad" along Nøsen and Vaset down to Fagernes. From there take to Leira, over the Golsfjellet mountain and back along Rv7 passing Ål to Geilo. About 225 km.


• Route 50 • Reineskarvet Mountain • Lauvdalsbrea • Hemsedal • Ulsåkstølen • Skogshorn

• Fagernes • Golsfjellet • Gol • Torpo Stav Church • Ål Culture center

4. Wilderness Round Drive Fv40 from Geilo through Skurdalen, take on to road 120 towards Tunhovd and Langedrag. Langedrag Naturepark is an attraction well worth a visit! - enjoy the day and eat lunch here. Head back, choose between driving passed Rødberg or Nesbyen. About 140-190 km. • Langedrag Nature Park • Uvdal Stav Church • Torsetlia mountain lodge • Rafting, Paintball, karting and more in Dagali • Meteorite Park at Gardnos


Roundtrips by Car

6. A taste of Hardangervidda (Geilo-Tuva) A nice trip by car, bus or bike up to the Hardangervidda plateau. Also, a nice starting point for hiking and fishing in Hardangervidda National Park. Accommodation and food at Tuva Tourist Cabin. Drive from Geilo on Fv40 to Skurdalen. Follow the road to Tuva Tourist Cabin. Toll road NOK 70,-. Prohibited for motorhomes and caravans. About 50 km back and forth.


Blaafarveværket (the Cobalt Works) is one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions, offering a mix of art and cultural experiences in scenic and historical sorroundings.

May 12 – September 23 – 2018•


Guided tours in the Cobalt Mines several times every day. New! First underground suspension bridge in Norway Three new art-exhibitions every year. Main exhibition 2018:

«Treassures of the Home» •Theodor Kittelsen museum •Children’s Farm •Cultural tracks •Three cafeterias •Six exciting shops

20 |

Distance to Blaafarveværket: Geilo: 169 km • Oslo: 75 km • Drammen: 35 km


7. A taste of Hallingskarvet A car ride that takes you all the way up to the foot of Hallingskarvet, and close to the national park. Starting point for the Prestholt Round. Serving at Prestholtseter. Take

off RV 7 at Geilohallen and onto Nye Havsdalsvegen. Then follow Havsdalsvegen and Prestholtvegen (toll road NOK 40, -). About 25 km back and forth.

8. Fjords and mountains Follow Route 50 to Aurland, where you can choose to drive the National Tourist Route Aurlandsfjellet or through the Lærdal tunnel, the world's longest tunnel. Further, past Borgund and over Hemsedalsfjellet, to Gol and back to Geilo, about 290 km. • Route 50 • National Tourist Route Aurlandsfjellet • Lærdalstunnelen • Borgund Stave Church • Hemsedalfjellet • Hemsedal • Gol • Ål



Summer in Geilo

Summer in Geilo

We know that you will find a varied and rich activity menu in Geilo. Enjoy every single day, and head out into nature! At the Tourist Information, there is always updated information regarding what is open.

Summer Summer in Geilo................................................23 Activities............................................................24 Mountain Calling...............................................28 Norwegian signage...........................................29 Hiking/cykling...................................................30 Suggested Routes Geilo....................................31 Hiking.................................................................32 Cycling...............................................................38 Bike trips............................................................40 Geilo Bike Park..................................................45 Fishing...............................................................46 Fishing Waters...................................................48 Hardangervidda National Park.........................50 Hallingskarvet National Park............................52 Arne NĂŚss..........................................................54 Churches and Culture.......................................56 Cultural heritage...............................................58



Summertime in Geilo is a good time for big and small experiences. There are activity programs, many open tourist cabins, trails and destinations; and clearly a diversity of experiences for the whole family.



For those of you with patience and precision, maybe golf is your activity. For those who want more speed, what about rafting, go-­carting and paintball? To catch a fish, take it off, grill it and eat it, is for many a unique experience. Summer-Geilo offers the best of Norwegian ­mountain nature: Lushness, fresh and clear streams, lakes and an infinity of high-mountain plains with their peacefulness and ­special flora.



There are two bowling alleys in Geilo. Both Dr. Holms Hotel and Vestlia Resort offer bowling. Vestlia Resort has eight lanes. Dr. Holms Hotel has six lanes; and offers, in addition, a real, American diner with hamburgers and milkshakes. Bowl and Dine på Dr. Holms Hotel Tel: +47 32 09 57 60 Bowling på Vestlia Resort Tel: +47 32 08 72 00

24 |


A spectacular nature experience, where you make your way on foot and on ropes, swimming across deep pools, jump in rock pools, and slide down natural slides. Dagali fjellpark / Full On Tel: +47 906 22 675 Serious Fun Tel: +47 400 05 786

Go-Cart and Motor Activities

The Dagaliopplevelser's motor center, with go-carts, car slalom and powerturn buggie, is located at Geilo Lufthavn Dagali. The go-cart track has drop-in from May 20th - October 15th, but it is recommended to book in advance. Dagaliopplevelser Tel: +47 32 09 38 20 post@

Opplevelser Activities




Glacier Hiking

Join in on an exciting glacier hike at Norway’s 6th largest glacier. Expertly qualified guides take you on a trip in an exciting landscape. So special and different that it even was used during the filming of Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back. Jøklagutane Tel: +47 993 31 222

Langedrag Nature Park

At Langedrag, the family can experience wild animals up close, such as wolf, lynx, arctic fox, moose and reindeer. There are also different farm animals. There is guiding with feeding every day during the school vacations and weekends,at noon and 2pm. 45 km from Geilo (RV 40 road to Skurdalen and then follow the road that follows the Pålsbufjorden lake to Tunhovd). Langedrag Nature Park Tel: + 47 32 74 25 50

Mountain Horseback Riding

Experience the mountains from horseback. Join a guided tour. Choose between a couple of hours, day trips, or multi-day trips with overnighting. Geilo Aktivitetssenter Tel: +47 905 68 305 post@ Geilo Hestestenter Tel: +47 906 43 545


Paintball is an action-filled and exciting game, where two teams shoot at each other with paintballs; and is offered several places in Dagali, just south of Geilo. Especially popular among school trips and bachelor/bachelorette parties, but most people think it is fun.

Try the summer’s freshest experience: rafting at the Dagali Falls! You raft in the upper region of the Numedalslågen river, known as one of Europe’s best rivers for rafting and river sports. Here they offer everything from trips for children to extreme trips for the toughest, who are experienced in rafting. If you don’t get enough of the wild, white water, you should try duckies or river boards Dagaliopplevelser Tel: +47 32 09 38 20 post@

Dagaliopplevelser Tel: +47 32 09 38 20 post@

Dagali fjellpark / Full On Tel: +47 906 22 675

Serious Fun Tel: +47 400 05 786

Serious Fun Raftingsenter Tel: +47 400 05 786 | 25



Serious FUN oers nature-based and energy-packed activities! Join in on adventurous rafting, relax in the hot tub, and enjoy the beautiful scenery while in the wilderness camp. Bring your friends with you for an exciting round of paintball or for some entertaining teambuilding. Serious FUN is a family-run company that personally follows-up every detail. Welcome!

Raftingcenter Serious Fun Dagali t. e. w.

60.40622353738311, 8.437145948410034

Keep up with the exciting updates coming in 2018!


hot tuB

wilderness camp

400 05 786



2018 updates

Opplevelser Activities


Geilo Zipline

Ever dreamt of flying through the air? Geilo zipline is 1100 meter long, and an exhilarating journey through the sky, from the top of Vestliaheisen lift. SkiGeilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00 booking@

Golf Course

For those interested in golf, Geilo can offer a challenging 6-hole high-mountain golf course. With a location of around 800 meters elevation, the golf ball will fly up to 10% farther than at courses in the low-lands. Test it out to see if it is true! Golfbane Vestlia Resort Tel: +47 32 08 72 00

High Rope Courses

At the high rope course at Geilo Summer Park, you can fling yourself and balance from tree to tree in varying levels of difficulty. Different climbing elements can be trapezes, ladders, tunnels, Tarzen-slings, climbing nets and other exciting obstacles, a total of 31 elements. M-Event Tel: +47 32 09 00 00 booking@


The Geilo area offers exciting paddling rivers for hefty, river kayaking and quiet waters for a calm, family trip by canoe or sea kayak. Here you can learn river paddling and rent a kayak or canoe for one or more days. Hol turlag has canoes for rent. Contact the Tourist Information for rental. Kayak instruction and rental of sea and river kayaks: Tel: +47 90622675 Rental of canoe: Geilo turistinformasjon Tel: +47 32 09 59 00

Chairlift in Vestlia

Take the chairlift up to the national park viewpoint. Enjoy the view from one of Geilo’s best viewpoints. Here you can take a closer look at the national parks that surround Geilo through the telescope. A great starting point for trips in the mountains, with the Hardangervidda plateau in sight. SkiGeilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00 booking@

Rental of canoe/ducky: Tel: +47 400 05 786 | 27

Mountain Calling


Can you hear the Mountain Calling? Download the app Outtt for free to get our hiking and biking trips with maps on your phone.

In Hol Municipality, where most of the area is uncultivated and mountains; people have been traveling from east to west for hundreds of years. Some of the old roads and new trails have been marked, for you to enjoy your hike on foot or bike.


28 |

Vandring ogsignage Norwegian sykling


"Vardene" – landmarks in the mountains A cairn (in Norwegian: "varde") is a human-made pile or stack of stones. Cairns are erected as landmarks, a use they have had since ancient times. Placed at regular intervals, a series of cairns can be used to indicate a path across stony or barren terrain, even across glaciers. Such cairns are often placed at junctions or in places where the trail direction is not obvious.

The placing of the cairns is important, especially in bad or foggy weather, and it is highly important that cairns are not built just for the fun of it, but solely for the reasons mentioned above.

They may also be used to indicate an obscured danger such as a sudden

Please, do not build your own cairn! Instead, a Norwegian tradition is to bring a stone you find along your hike,

drop, or a noteworthy point such as the summit of a mountain.

and place it at the top of an existing cairn, usually at the summit. | 29

30 |

Til Aurland

Til Haugastøl

Geilo Center.

maps at the Tourist Information in

described on the next pages. Buy

The marked trails on this map are

Hiking and biking

Til Geilo


Til Gol





Suggested Routes | 31




5 3




7 F

6 G E




Suggested Routes Geilo



1. Prestholt Round At the foot of the mighty Hallingskarvet and at the entrance to Hallingskarvet National Park, lies Prestholtseter Mountain Farm. Here you kan take a hike in the National park and up to Hallingskarvet, with a stunning scenery. The stone steps up Prestholtskaret makes the hiking trip a pure joy. The steps are laid by Sherpas from Nepal. The Prestholt Round takes about 2 hours, and is 6,5km long. Starting and ending at 1240 MSL and up to 1700 MSL. From July, you can drive all the way from Geilo to Prestholtseter. Take off Rv7 on to Nye Havsdalsvegen by Geilohallen Sports center.


Drive approx. 2 km, then take Havsdalsvegen road and Prestholtvegen road, approx. 10 km. (Toll road, 40,-NoK) If you are in good shape you can hike all the way from Geilo town centre by following Pilvegen trail up to Geilohovda, and follow the trail west passing Gullsteinhovda and Urundberget.

Where: Hallingskarvet / Prestholt Round Distance: 6.5 km Surface: Stone/gravel Tip: Prestholtseter is open for food service during the summer and winter seasons.

32 |

Vandring Hiking


The stone stairway at ­Prestholtstien has made it ­possible for everyone to experience the joy of reaching the top of the Hallingskarvet mountains. It is impressive stonework in real Nepali crafts tradition that was started in 2011 and finished in 2013.





2. Hardangervidda / Finse / DNT-route Geilo’s nearest neighbor in the west is the Hardangervidda, Northern Europe’s largest high-mountain plateau and Norway’s largest national park. The area is an eldorado for mountain hikers with or without a tent and fishing pole. The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) offers a network of well-marked trails and many cabin accommodations. Geilo, and several places along the RV7 highway, are great starting points for a day trip or a week’s trip «from cabin to cabin.» During the summer, there are buses crossing the Hardangervidda plateau, and 34 |

the Tuva bus drives round-trip Geilo—Tuva Tourist Cabin. The Hardangervidda plateau is especially important as a habitat for the largest wild reindeer herds in Europe. So bring some binoculars with you in your rucksack! At the Hardangervidda Plateau we recommend a hike around the Storekrækkja lake, a round trip of approximately 12 km, starting at Fagerheim. Also, Finse is a lovely starting point for hiking. Finse 1222 offers accommodation.

july sept.

Where: Hardangervidda Distance: Hiking network of approx­ imately 500 km Surface: Dirt, gravel, stone Tip: A good map makes the trip more safe and even more interesting.

Geilo Beach is located just over 2 km from Geilojordet. Here there are great conditions for swimming on warm summer days. The trail continues past the Fekjo Cultural Park, where the landscape installation, «House for wind drawings and color tones» is very popular with the children. You will also find the Fekjo Burial Mounds from the Viking era (dated to about the year 900), an old hay barn, a stable, a very old trail, and an old stone wall. Barely 1 km further on westward, the

trip goes over Tuftebrui bridge. The bridge is built in a special log construction and is a copy of the old bridge from 1884. On the south side, the trail winds up a small, birch-covered hill; and then down again to the lake and back to the center of town via the golf course area at Vestlia. Along the way, there are several fishing spots and rest areas with barbeque facilities—and many fine viewpoints. You will also find the bike trail "Skurfen".


Where: Ustedalsfjorden Round Distance: 10 km Surface: Gravel road Tip: Bring swimsuits if the weather is warm.



This is the perfect round-trip (10 km) that is suitable for the family – on foot or bicycle. From Geilojordet (the yard with ancient buildings in the town centre) the popular nature and culture trail winds itself around the whole Ustedalsfjorden lake. Information boards underway tell the history of Geilo’s plant and wildlife.

Vandring Hiking

3. Geilo / Ustedalsfjorden Round

4. Havdalshovda Round



Park at Havsdalen Ski Center. Follow a nice trail up along Fjellheisen lift. Cross the road to Prestholt. The trail goes out to the right (eastward) at the upper part of the cabin area, and follows a fine, dry trail around Havsdalshovda. The trail turns westward and you will have a nice view over Budalen and Hallingskarvet mountain. At the trailcrossing at Snøhovda you will find the trail to Vestreim and Budalen. Take left towards Havsdalen. A little marshy before the trail continues nice and dry back to Havsdalen.


Parking: West of Tuftelia Vertshus Distance: 13 km round Time: 4 hours


Parkering: Havsdalen Skisenter Distance: 9 km round Time: 3 hours

5. Round trip Tuftelia-Prestholt The trail starts from the parking lot west of Tuftelia Vertshus (see the sign toward the east outskirt of the lot). Starts with a gravel road up to the railroad track. Then the trail goes steeply up a birch hillside. Turn left at the trail crossing by the campfire area. The trail winds westward in easy terrain, rounds Fjellstølhovda and arrives at the Eima river, where it throws itself into a cascading waterfall. The trail continues along Eima until the river turns westward and the trail continues northward toward the Hallingskarvet

mountains until it meets Prestholtvegen road, approximately 500 meters before Prestholtseter. The trip back follows partly Prestholtvegen and a nice carriage road about 1.5 km east. Take off right at the sign to Urundberget. Easy, nice path southwards. Take a detour to Urundberget before continuing on the trail down the slopes. Eventually the crossroads by the bonfire site appears again. Follow the same path down as up.


36 |


Ole Slaatta’s road up / Rudolf Olsen’s road down.

Parking: Old Geilo Taubane lift building or Geilo center Distance: 4,5 km return

Pilvegen is no less than a gem that winds itself up to the top of Geilohovda (1,080 m. elevation). The trail is well marked from the town center, under the railway and to the right (east) of Dr. Holms Hotel. Follow the road to Geilo Panorama apartments, and the trail that starts in the ski slope. Follow the signs for Ole Slaatta’s road upward. and Rudolf Olsen’s road down again. That makes for a nice round.


Time: 2 hours

7. Round trip Vestlia-Birgithovda Choose between taking the chair­ lift up from Vestlia up to 1052 MSL or follow Pariserløypa trail up to the top (only option outside the chairlift’s opening hours).

8. Skurdalsåsen – Round From the parking lot at Kikut, follow the small road in to the Rundetjørn pond (sportfishing permitted). The trail continues eastward to the trail crossing before Bruslettstølen. Alternativtely, park in the center of Geilo, walk over the bridge towards Vestlia, follow Stølsvegen road passing the horse center until the trail takes off to the right (marked with Bruslettstølen). The round at Skurdalsåsen is an easy, nice round just over 1,000 msl. It is recommended to go from Bruslettstølen toward Skurdalen (Skurdalsstølane). The trail turns toward the east and meets the old trail, «Gamle Skurdalsvegen.» This trail is cultural heritage in its own right and a joy to hike! Try a little detour up to the «Soria Moria» cabin by Leirtjørn pond. An idyllic place with a 360-degree view! By the mountain farming hamlet by Nybu, the trail takes off westward where it generally follows the winter route 3.5 km back to Bruslettstølen.


The trail is well-marked southward to Hakkesetstølen. Nice and dry trail, but a lot of rocks; wear mountain boots. From Hakkesetstølen the trail turns westward passed Store Hakkesettjørn pond and Grødalstjørnan ponds. Sports fishing permitted for those with a fishing license! The terrain is hilly through the sparse birch woods at Grødalen. Then the terrain


Vandring Hiking

6. Pilvegen – up to Geilohovda

Parking: Geilolia, Geilo Sommerpark

opens up with a view over many ponds. The trail rounds Beinstigtjørn pond before it continues in a nice terrain up to Birgithovda (1,173 MSL). Large cairn at the top and view over all the mountains and mountain areas miles around! Birgitstølen is located just below the top. Further on, in the trail crossing before Øvre Langetjørn pond, the trail again turns north. Here you will have a beautiful view of Hallingskarvet Mountain. Then go down the steep slope toward Tuftebrui and the Ustedalsfjorden Round. Follow the trail back to Vestlia.

Distance: 16 km round Time: 4,5 hours

Parking: Kikut or Geilo center Distance: 14 km (round-trip Kikut), 17 km (round-trip Geilo) Time: 4-5 hours VESTLIA. PHOTO: TERJE BJØRNSEN | 37




Cycling Try out downhill cycling or take a calm family trip. Geilo offers so many bicycle possibilities. In Geilo Summer Park, you take the chairlift up and bike on adapted trails of varying difficulty at the ski facility. This includes 4 trails adapted for children and beginners with its own lift. The Ustedalsfjord Round goes out from the center of Geilo and is suitable for both family outings and training rounds. Stop by Fekjo Cultural Heritage Park or go for a swim at the nice, sandy beach. The Navvy Road (Rallarvegen) was built as a construction road for the Bergen Railway Line, and was completed in 1902. It was 38 |

named by the Cyclists Association to Norway’s best bicycle route. The Navvy Road is 80 km long and goes from Haugastøl to Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and Flåm. There are daily bicycletrain departures during the summer season if you would like to bring your own bike with you; or you can rent a bike at Haugastøl, Finse, or Geilo.

Sykkel Cycling


Fatbike – A Must Experience Snow cycling on wide tires has become very popular in Norway. If you haven’t tried this yet, you

fatbike behaves quite simularly to a regular terrain bike, but biking on snow is both fun and

can get your chance in Geilo. Super-wide tires give a large supporting surface and make it possible to bike on snow.A

adventurous. Geilo Aktiv organizes «mini expedition trips» with guide and all equipment included.

Geilo Aktiv

Tel: +47 993 49 341 ninagessler@hotmail. com

Rent a bike Geilo Sommerpark Bike Rental

Large selection of terrain, trail, and downhill bicycles for rent. Also has E-bikes for rent. Here you will find everything you need for a successful day on a bicycle, including an authorized workshop. Bakkestølvegen 80 Tel: + 47 32 09 00 00 booking@

Rallarvegen Bike Rental

Haugastøl Tourist Center is Norway’s largest bicycle rental. Rent out bicycles from both Haugastøl, Finse, and Flåm. Committed to providing new bicycles that are specially adapted for The Navvy Road. All of the bikes go through a full service after each trip.

Sykkel 1222

The hotel Finse 1222's bicycle rental along Rallarvegen Navvy road. All bikes perfect for gravel roads. Also sells necessary equipment for the bike trip, as well as bicycle workshop. Finse Tel: + 47 56 52 71 00


3595 Haugastøl Tel: +47 32 08 75 64 | 39

Bike trips


Bike trips The recommended bike trips that are described here, can also be seen on the map, pages 30-31. Enjoy!



A. Geilo – Budalen – Vestreim Starting at Geilojordet, you follow the road along the river toward the Geilo Sports Arena. Continue along RV7 road to the Øyo Factory and cross at Luten. Continue by following the road signs to Budalen. From Budalen, you follow the road along the Budalsvatnet lake in to Vestreim. Return the same way.

40 |


Where: Geilo Distance: 11.3 km Surface: Asphalt and gravel. Tip: How about biking to Havsdalen from the east end of Budalsvatnet lake?

Sykkel Bike trips

Summer Finse 1222 moh

Hallingskeid 1110 moh Vatnahalsen 812 moh Myrdal 870 moh

21 km

Haugastøl 1000 moh 28 km

15 km

17 km


23 k

Flåm 2 moh

B. Rallarvegen from Mountain to Fjord

Geilo 790 moh

The 82 kilometer long Navvy Road is Norway’s most popular bicycle route, and a journey in both majestic scenery and fascinating cultural history. The Navvy Road was built as a construction road for the Bergen Railway and was finished in 1902. The Navvy Road is located between Oslo and Bergen. It is possible to bike the entire distance in one day, but calculate two to three days and time for some

experiences underway. The most common is to start the journey from Haugastøl, Finse or Myrdal; and the most popular part of the route is between Finse and Flåm.


Where: Rallarvegen Distance: 82 km, traffic-free road. Surface: Gravel. Tip: The NSB train brochure, «Cycle and train along the Rallar Road» gives useful information about the road and the cultural heritage underway. | 41

C. The Factory Trip


Bike trips

Starting from Geilojordet, you bike through the town center and follow Timrehaugvegen road passed Dr. Holms Hotel and Slaatta Ski Center to Bardøla Høyfjellshotell. You then follow the signs from Bardølavegen road to Lutenvegen road and on to Øyovegen road to the knife factory, Brødrene Øyo AS. Not far away, you will find the well-known and tradition-rich knife factory, Brusletto & Co; and a little further along the road you will also find Skaugum Cutlery Factory. From the factory outlets, you follow the pedestrian and bicycle path long the RV7 highway back to the center.


Where: Geilo Distance: 8 km road Surface: Asphalt and fine gravel road. Tip: Drop by the factory outlets to Øyo, Brusletto and Skaugum, and grab a bargain on tools, knives, and ­cutlery from Geilo.



D. Skurfen Skurfen is a bikingtrail, as a 1 km detour to Ustedalsfjorden Round. The name Skurfen is chosen because a "skurfer" was someone who where looking for or who found iron ore. In the area where the trail is built, there are lot of remains of iron mining. Let your bike follow Skurfen along its cur-

42 |

ves and bumbs, and play with the felling of being weightless. The trail is built to outlast rain without being slippery or muddy. The trail is well suited both for kids and enduro enthusiasts.


Where: Geilo Distance: 1 km Surface: Gravel

Sykkel Bike trips

Is perfect for the little ones! Start the trip at Geilo Fjellandsby, by the Kikutkroa Café, and down to Geilotjødne Lake. Here you will find a fantastic bicycle road with fine gravel and a bridge connection over the streams. Geilotjødne Round is a nice, short trip.


Where: Kikut Distance: 1 km, traffic-free road Surface: Gravel. Suitable for bicycle carts and short hikes.


E. Geilotjødne Round

Tip: Stop by Hakkesetstølen mountain lodge! PHOTO: MARIUS RUA

F. Geilo – Kikut – Tuva Demanding, long route in the high-mountains! From Geilojordet, you bike southward passed the Geilo Horse Center and continue to keep right. You are then on the Gamle Skurdalsvegen road, that you follow out to the FV40 road. The trip continues passed the Kikut Fjellstue and down to Skurdalen. At Hovde, you take off toward Nedrestøl/Tuva. Follow the road in to Nedrestøl and continue on the rise from the toll road until you are in the high mountains. After about 3 km, the road flattens out and goes through great high-mountain scenery with views of mountains in all directions.


Where: Geilo Distance: 48 km Surface: asphalt, mountain road and gravel Tip: Take a side-trip up to Ustetind to enjoy the view from there.

After 24 km from the starting point, you arrive at Tuva Tourist Cabin, located at 1,200 msl. , and is one of the oldest tourist cabins on the Hardangervidda plateau. Our tip is to taste the waffles – before you start on the 24 km trip back to Geilo.

G. Geilo Bike Park Geilo Bike Park park at Geilo Summer Park offers exciting bicycle experiences for both beginners and experienced cyclists.


The chairlift transports both you and your bike to the top, where the fun begins! On the way down, you have a selection of trails to choose from - technical single tracks, dose trails or a familyfriendly dirt road. The park has four trails suitable for beginners and children from 5 years of age. The area has a belt lift, which even the smallest children can take alone.


Hvor: Geilo Number of Tracks: 10 (whereof 4 in children’s downhill area) Longest Trail: 2.2 km Total Trails: 9.9 km Elevation Difference: 278 m Tel: +47 32 09 00 00 | 43



Happy Fishing! jan-mar, may-sept

Fees: Normally, prices for a day-card in the above-mentioned areas are from NOK 50-70; children under 16 years fish for free. Guided fishing tours, see Minnows in a trout lake is a tragedy. The use of live bait is prohibited. Relase of Minnows is prohibited.

What tastes better than self-caught, pan fried mountain trout, simmered in sour cream? Chances are good to get a bite. You can choose between 90 fishing waters and rivers, located from 446 to 1,523 msl. There are many fishing spots; from small, idyllic ponds to large, open lakes in the mountains, as well as good stretches for fly fishermen at the Holselva river at the very bottom of the municipality. Most waters have trout; but in some cases, there is also char. The fish size is preferably between 100-1,000 grams; but each year, fish up to 3 kg are caught. Fishing is a fine activity for the smallest in the family, and can teach them to appreciate nature. More information on fishing can be obtained by contacting the Geilo Tourist Information or the sports stores in Geilo.

The hiking maps over Geilo and Hallingskarvet mountains show the fishing areas. The sportfishing season starts when the ice melts and goes to September 30th. Sportfishing is an important part of the Norwegian outdoor life culture. In Geilo, you can choose between the fishing possibilities in rivers and mountain lakes. Fishing is suitable for everyone, and is relatively easily accessible.


44 |

The Hardangervidda Plateau is the largest mountain plateau in Europe where trout is the main species. Wheter you are on a vaccation with family or an experienced angler that wish to spend the day fishing in the mountain, there are many alternative trips that will suit you.

Fishing Tips Remember that the ice melts late in the high mountains. Lakes up in the high-alpine areas, like Skorpa and Hallingskarvet, are often not ice-free until way out in July. In addition, if the late summer and autumn have been cold, the fish won’t bite. Concentrate instead on the lakes that are located in more low-lying regions. Access to nutrients are often limited in the high mountains; and, therefore, the water is almost crystal clear. This means that the fish can be easily frightened. Pay attention when you move along

More about fishing in Hardanger­ vidda National Park, Hol and Nore and Uvdal

the bank (the trout can be found very close to the shore), and don’t use a heavier line than necessary. If you use a colorful multifilament, it is a good idea to tie on a leader with a more «invisible» monofilament line. Lures give consistently the best results, especially in the high mountains. Colors and varieties don’t mean everything—the presentations is more important. Herring lures are always effective, because they are long-casting and go deep. In shallower waters, where distance isn’t as important, the traditional spoon lures, wobblers, and spinners are good.

The eigth rules for anglers • think safety in all you do as an angler • treat the fish with respect • show moderation • leave no trash or traces • show respect for others using the nature • know your first aid • get home safely • be a proud angler


Enjoy small and large lakes, rivers and streams, the Hardangervidda plateau offers great fishing experiences.

Fiske Fishing

Fishing at Hardangervidda

On warm days, with lots of insects on the water surface, the fly imitations could be a good choice. If you aren’t a dedicated fly angler with a fly rod, etc, toss floats and flies work just as well. Variations of the Streaking Caddie almost always work as an all-round fly in most of the lakes in Hol Municipality. Mild, cloudy weather, with a light breeze, is a good starting point for the fish to bite. Don’t be swayed by categorical advice and tips. The big ones have a tendency to show up when you least expect them to do so. | 45

Fishing Waters



Fishing and Fishing license Geilo Hunting and Fishing association (Geilo Jeger og Fiskeforening) This is an association for fishers who live or own land in Geilo/Hol. As a visitor you are free to buy a fishing license, and use the lakes that are covered by GJFF fishing license. Ice Fishing Free Ice fishing at the Ustedalsfjorden Lake, Bergmulfjorden lake, Nygardsvatnet lake and Sløddgjorden lake; when the ice is safe.

Fishing License Areas for Geilo Hunting and Fishing Association

The area consists of, among others, Ustedalsvassdraget river course, which passes centrally through Geilo. From Kikut and westward to Grødalen, we find several good lakes; for example, Store Hakkeset. Above the Hallingskarvet Ski Center, Halletjønn should be named. North for Haugastøl are several alternatives; and last, but not least, a 1-hour’s walk from Tuva Tourist Cabin, Skjerja tempts you with trout around one kilo. Fishing License: Among other places, diverse sports stores, Geilo Tourism Center, accommodation companies. Free icefishing at the Ustedalsfjord, Bergsmulfjorden, Nygardsvatnet and Sløddfjorden when the ice is safe. More information: Ask at the Tourist information or a sporsstore that sell fishing licence.

Some examples of fishingwaters under Geilo JFF

The Ustedalsfjord, Veslefjorden, Grødalen, Little and Large Hakkeset, Skjerja, Svartesteintjønn, Runde­ tjønn, Geilotjønn, and more. Fishing license can be bought at: Geilo Tourist Information, the sports stores, Hakkesetstølen, Haugastøl Tourist Center, Hermon Høyfjellssenter, Ustaoset petrolstation and kiosk, Knuts Hyttegrend, Øen Tour­ ist center, Skjerja, Tuva Tourist Cabin.

46 |


The lake lies idyllically beside the Budalsvegen road with fantastic view of the Hallingskarvet mountains. Good population with some cases of large fish. Fishing License: Payment at fishing license box by the eastern parking lot.

Tuva Sameige

In the area around the Tuva Tourist Cabin, there is a relatively short way to the fishing waters, with still having the feeling of being out on the Hardangervidda plateau. The populations range from dense to balanced and good. Fishing License: Among other places, Tuva Tourist Cabin.

Lower Part of the Skurdalsvatnet Lake

Varied population of trout and char. Pleasant surroundings well protected with conifer forests on all sides. Fishing License: Knut’s Cabin Village and Grøsland Camping.

Lower Part of Holmevatn Lake

Much of the same surroundings and fishing conditions as the above-named area. Fishing License: Lia Mountain Hotel More information: Send an E-mail to:

Fiskevann Fishing Waters


Lågen from Upper Svangtjørne and Westward to Ossjøen and Heinelvi

From the Heinelvi on the Hardangervidda plateau, the Lågen river makes its way via the Ossjøen. Here the river course continues through the Seterdalen valley and, eventually, Dagali village. The Ossjøen can report on great catches with sportfishing equipment. Fishing License: Joker Dagali Handel, Dagali Hotell, Oset Fjellstue and Åan Tourist Cabin.

Fishing License Areas for Eastern Hol Hunting and Fishing Association

Most of the lakes that the association manages are located within the Hallingskarvet National Park, from Ynglesdalen to, among others, Kyrkjedørsvatna. The lakes are stocked with trout regularly, so the populations are generally good and are relative to the food availability. The flesh quality is usually good with a nice red color. Fisking License: Can be purchased at, among other places, Storestølen Mountain Lodge, Myrland Tourist Center, Best Hol and Kiwi Hagafoss.


Medium population, sometimes big fish. Notice that parts of the lake are excluded to the public (see the map on the fishing license). Fishing License: Myrland Tourist Center and Storestølen Mountain Lodge.

Inlet in the Hovsfjord and Westward

Via gravel roads in South Hovet or «Ruud Bridge,» there is easy access to this part of the river. Especially he bottom part toward the Hovsfjorden lake is recommended. Fishing License: Birkelund Camping.


Holsfjorden lake is located close to the FV50 throug-


hout the whole Hol village,. Access to a boat is beneficial. Plentiful trout of fine quality. Char is frequently among the catch. Fishing License: Among others, Kiwi Hagafoss and Storestølen Fjellstugu.


The intake river to Strandafjorden has become a concept for many fly fishermen. That stretch of river has a strict management regime with specific rules for fishing methods, equipment, maximum fish size, zoning, etc. Read the fishing regulations closely! Fishing License:

You will find these fishing lakes and other exciting things along route 50.

Skorpa Common Lands

In Sveingardsbotn, north of FV50, it is possible to gain access to the high-alpine Skorpa. Steep and, at times, tough terrain to hike in, but several exciting lakes. In Vestre Volavatn on Skorpa, yarn cards are sold. For more information or bookings please contact Storestølen Fjellstugu. Fishing License: Free angling.

Bakkahellern and Surrounding Region

Geiteryggvatna, Bakkahellertjørnane and Omnsvatnet are located in a fantastic, high-mountain landscape. The trout population is variable, but big fish may be caught. Fishing License: Geiteryggen Tourist Cabin.


Fishing in the watercourse along Fv. 50 from the end of Urevassfjorden to Vierbotn. Fishing License: Storestølen Fjellstugu and Myrland Turistsenter.


About 20 waters in Ynglesdalen between Strandavatnet and Hallingskarvet. Plentiful trout of fine quality in the least elevated waters. Fishing License: Storestølen Fjellstugu | 47

Hardangervidda NP


Hardangervidda National Park You might have to hike quite a while to reach the National Park, but a couple of places you can drive almost all the way: • Sæterdalen/Ossjøen, junction from Dagali • Trondsbu/Tinnhølen, junction by Tråstølen/Dyranut Nice starting points for trips in the Hardangervidda plateau: • Geilo/Ustaoset/ Haugastøl • Halne Fjellstugu • Dagali/Sæterdalen • Torsetlia Fjellstue • Tuva turisthytte Trips: - Around Storekrækkja - Halne or Fagerheim to Heinseter - Tuva to Lægreid - from Halne to Halnekollen

All year

48 |

Hardangervidda is a mountain plateau that has great opportunities for hiking and skiing. It is also Norways largest National park. Hardangervidda National park is the largest national park in Norway. It represents a highly valuable mountain area. The area is a habitat for the largest wild reindeer packs in Europe, and the southernmost area for the Arctic fox and snow owls and other arctic plants and animals. The mountain plateau with the thousand lakes is heaven for hikers with a tent and a fishing rod.

settlement and mountain farms. Today the hunting and fishing is valuable for those living around Hardangervidda. Visit Hardangervidda – it is amazing, but you do not need to go within the borders of the National park to experience the area. The entire plateau offers beautiful nature and a special scenery.

Traces of human use of nature is prominent at Hardangervidda with old routes, hunting traps,

The seasons: - Ski season from December, but due to the weather the nicest trips are from March until June. - Hiking season from July until the snow falls, usually in September/October.

Hardangervidda NP

Hardangervidda National park


• The National park is about 3422 km2, the whole plateau is about 8000 km2. • Protected as a National Park from 1981. • Highest peak Sandfloegga 1721 MSL. The characteristical peak Hårteigen is 1690 MSL. • There are 7 catered cabins and 5 un-serviced tourist cabins in the national park. | 49

Hallingskarvet NP



Welcome into Hallingskarvet National Park Hallingskarvet is a characteristic element in the landscape, with nice tracks and paths it gives several opportunities for trips, summer and winter. The terrain is varied with gentle moors in the south to the high mountain plateau on top of Hallingskarvet. Bare ground and stones on top of Hallingskarvet makes it difficult for plants to grow, but hardy plants such as the glacier buttercup or crowfoot can grow here. Further down with more shelter climate and rich soil you can find a rich and varied flora with pseudorchis, snow gentian and alpine speedwell or Alpine Veronica. Birds as the Golden Eagle, gyrfalcon and several waterbirds.

50 |

Hallingskarvet is a habitat for the wild reindeer, and you might spot pitfall trappings and other culture heritage that witness the long lasting use of this area for hunting. The location of the National park makes it a desired goal for day trips and longer trips in the mountain. Good starting points for your trip are: Geiteryggen, Raggsteindalen, Vestreim, Budalen, Prestholt or Finse.

HallingskarvetNP Hallingskarvet


The Arctic Fox

The arctic fox has for serveral years been an endangered species and is prioritized. At Finse they are working to re-establish the arctic fox.

Hallingskarvet National Park


The Blue Heath

The Blue Heath or Blue Mountain Heath is an evergreen species of dwarf scrub. Its latin name - Pyllodoce caerulea is inspired by greek mythology, where Phyllodoce was a sea nymph. It grows in nutrient-poor soil, but prefer calcareous soil. Blooms in June-July.

• Approximately 450 square kilometers. • Protected as national park by royal resolution on December 22nd, 2006. • Opened by former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on August 9th, 2008. • Highest peak is Folardskardnuten with 1,933 MSL. • The plateau is approx. 35 km long and varies in width from 1-5 km. • Many cultural relics from trapping, from up to 8,000 years ago. • Important grazing area for wild reindeer.

Wild Reindeer

Wild Reindeer or Caribou graze both north and south of Hallingskarvet. During the winter it draws eastward, while in the summer it is in the west part of the National Park.

Do you have questions about Hallingskarvet National Park? Contact Marit Hellan,, tel +47 959 74 251

All Year

• A large and varied flora. • You can see golden eagles, foxes, wolverines and a variety of other species. • Attractive area for hunting and fishing. | 51


Arne Næss

The Mountain Philosopher Arne Dekke Eide Næss (1912-2009), who built Tvergastein in 1937, is considered one of Norway's most significant philosophers.

Arne Næss got his master's degree in philosophy, as the youngest ever, in 1933, and became Dr. Philos in 1936. At the time of employment as a professor, he was 27 years old. Næss was a professor at the University of Oslo for 31 years. Arne Næss is known as the founder of the deep-ecological movement, which means that all beings are one, all things are connected - as a whole. Our planet is seen as a living system that requires our care, so-called extended care. Such an understanding must, according to Næss, characterize our actions in general, as well as our personal lifestyle.

The principles of the deep-ecological platform are • That all life has a value in itself. • The richness of differences between living beings has a value in itself • That human beings do not have the right to reduce the diversity of life forms except to meet vital needs. • That population growth must be limited. • Today's human intervention in nature is excessive and destructive. • Significant improvement requires the change of economic, technological and ideological conditions. • The focus on quality of life should replace today's excessive focus on living standards. • The connection to the eight points commits to act to take the necessary measures.

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I was not the one who started climbing, you stopped. Arne Næss

Fjellfilosofen Arne Næss

Arne Næss' mother was one of the first owners of a cabin at Ustaoset. At a young age Næss was tied to the place and to the large mountain - Hallingskarvet. Arne described his feelings for Hallingskarvet as "overwhelmingly powerful, rough, solid, stable, calm, self-respection, all those qualities I wish I had, but mostly never had". As a 10-year old Arne sought towards the large

mountain, in 1937, at the age 25, his dream of living just under "Skarvet" was achieved - he built his own cabin at Tvergastein. In the 1930's Arne brought bolt climbing to Norway, in 1936-37 he climbed direct routes up Stetind in Nordland (1392 MSL). This improved climbing technique in Norway, and made climbing more safe with anchored ropes.

The first Norwegian fortification of Tirich Mir (7708 moh) in 1950 is known as our first modern climbing expedition. The expedition was lead by Arne Næss, with Per Kvernberg, Henry Berg, Tony Streather and Hans Christian Bugge. This was the fourth highest climb ever, (Annapurna 8091msl in Nepal was summitetd a few days before).



Arne the mountaineer

Churches and Culture


Churches in Hol In Hol Municipality there are many beautiful churches that is worth a visit. Churches from different eras, in wood and stone and some richly decorated. Dagali church from 1850 is given a special protection by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage. The same goes for Hol church from 1924 and Hovet church from 1910. The old white church in the center of Geilo was built in 1890 and is a popular church for weddings. Skurdalskyrkja from 1969 is built in stone and masonry and is adorned by one of the country's foremost artists Victor Sparre (1919-2008).

Several of the churches are open to visitors in the summer. Religious services in general every Sunday in one or two of the churches. «Leggsta'n» is an old graveyard in Dagali. It was in use until 1850, when Dagali got their own church and graveyard. Worth a visit. For worship services, concerts and opening hours see:



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Hol gamle kyrkje is open from June 30th - August 5th, Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00-16:00. Outside of opening hours, groups can book guiding at tel: +47 48 15 00 15.

Atmospheric concerts are held in Hol Old Church every Tuesday in July, at 20:00. After the concerts, coffee is served on the church grounds.

Kirker og and Churches kultur Culture


All year

Geilo kulturkyrkje s open from 9 am. Art gallery and café Monday to Saturday 11-15. Special architecture and decoration, wedged in 2010. Architect: Jorunn Westad Brusletto, stained glass / decorations: Kjell Nupen. Nice recreation area and good starting point for easy walks in scenic surroundings summer as winter. Tel. +47 32 09 69 30 - Skurdalsvegen 22, Geilo - www.



Experience the Stave Churches The stave churches are considered to be among the ultimate representatives for European Middle Age architecture. There were probably over 1,000 stave churches in Norway; today, there are 28 that have been preserved, and 3 of these are located a days-trip away from Geilo.

Nore Stave Church

Highway FV40, the church was built as a cross church around 1167.

Torpo Stave Church

Highway RV7, the oldest building in Hallingdal, from around 1160.

Uvdal Stave Church

Highway FV40, findings indicate that the church was built at the end of the 1100’s. | 55

Cultural heritage


Cultural heritage along the Ustedalsfjorden Round Geilojordet An idyllic yard with ancient buildings from the 1700-1800’s. A gem in Geilo center for recreation, experiences and activities. During the summer, there is an outdoor cafÊ that serves sour cream porridge and other tradtitional local food and sweets. In the barn, there are exhibits, and all the buildings are open for visitors. For the children, there is a nice play area; and they can visit the goat kids and chickens.

and sound art installations that make sound when wind and weather touch the instruments. At Fekjo there is also a 1,100 year old graveyard which consists of 20 graves and several coal pits from the Viking era. Several arrow and spear tips have been found in the area.

Tuftebrui The bridge was probably built in 1884/85. In 1985, a new bridge was built and was to be as similar to the old one as possible, both in construction and appearance.

Fekjo kulturminnepark In the Cultural heritage park there are beautiful sculptures

June August

Geilojordet Open June 16th August 19th, 11:00-16:00. For other times, groups can contact "Friends of Geilojordet" at Tel: +47 97 08 19 57


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Cultural heritage


June October

Fekjo Beautiful sculptures and sound art installation.


Activities Info

We Create Big and Small Moments ...


Activities and experiences can be so many things, and you can find them in Geilo! Up here in the mountains, there are many people working to make sure that you and yours will have meaningful and memorable experiences during your visit. Rafting, horseback riding, cycling, kayaking, canyoning, fat bike, ski schools, glacier hiking, guided mountain hikes, kiting, and sledding, to name a few. And many of our activity providers tailor their activities for you and your group trip. Activities Geilo 365................................................ 60 Activity Providers.................................. 62 Children’s Geilo ..................................... 66


Event Calendar...................................... 68 | 59

For those who wish to experience everything exciting in Geilo, all year. Geilo is the perfect destination for several activities: rafting, horseback riding, glacier hikes, snow shoeing, snow kiting, dog sledding, fatbike, ice fishing, biking and more.


Geilo 365

Exciting activities all year!

Geilo 365 See all activities and book online at: Tel: +47 32 17 80 20

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Geilo Hestesenter

Geilo Husky

Tel: +47 90643545

Tel: +47 905 98 252 booking@

The horse center offers horseback riding from 1 hour to full day trips in Geilo and close to Hardangervidda. They offer sleigh riding in winter and organizes wedding driving all year. Geilo Hestesenter has a nice sledding hill, and an area with cozy atmosphere. Book at

A short walk from Geilo center you can try dog sledding coached by experinced mushers. They have many stories to tell you around the bonfire afterwards. Longer trips are available close to Geilo and Hardangervidda Nationalpark. Dogsledding are suited for everyone. Welcome to a diffrent experience!

Geilo Skiskole & Event

Our base camp is located at Slaata Ski Center. We tailor experiences for both large and smaller groups. We deliver complete and fun activities for courses and conferences, company outings, birthday parties, etc. Each week, fun activities are organized that the whole family can enjoy. Tel: +47 32 09 03 70 booking@

Haugastøl 1000 Moh

Haugastøl is, with its location between the Hallingskarvet and Hardangervidda National Parks, one of the world’s absolute best areas for snow kiting. The areas around the hotel offer stable wind conditions and an endless terrain all winter. At Haugastøl, courses are held every weekend all winter. The courses are held by experienced instructors, who guide you safely into the sport. Tel: +47 32 08 75 64

Geilo 365



With a base at Finse, Jøklagutane have the possibility of showing you this unique mountain area, both summer and winter. Glacier guiding on the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier, bicycle trips on the Navvy Road, meals in a Sami tent, team building, and guiding. Join Jøklagutane on a trip! Tel: +47 993 31 222

Serious Fun

Serious FUN offers nature-based and energy-packed activities! Join in on adventurous rafting, relax in the hot tub, and enjoy the beautiful scenery while in the wilderness camp. Bring your friends with you for an exciting round of paintball or for some entertaining teambuilding. Serious FUN is a family-run company that personally follows-up every detail.

Geilo Aktiv

Fatbike, showshoe, guiding! Join Geilo Aktiv on a trip you won’t forget. Try a bicycle with extra wide tires or a trip on snowshoes. Choose if you want a short trip around Geilo, or join us on an exciting expedition in the mountains. Tel: +47 993 49 341 ninagessler@



Tel: +47 952 23 534

Tel: +47 416 36 579

M-Event offers everything within activities and events. You decide where it will happen! With 23 years of experience in the service, event, and activity sector, M-Event will guaranteed give you a good experience.

Vinternatt offers ice fishing, guided snow shoeing with bonfire and supper, ski-trips and camping in tents or snow caves. They take you safely on adventures around Geilo and at Hardangervidda.

Tel: +47 400 05 786 online booking: | 61

Activity Providers


Play and fun have always been an important part of a visit in Geilo. Let our activity providers create good memories together with you and your flock.



Try an activity day with Dagaliopplevelser with rafting, go cart, powerturn buggie, car slalom, paintball, ice-track driving, snowmobile on a track, or how about a snowmobile safari in snow-covered woods in winter? Tel: +47 32 09 38 20 post@ www.dagaliopplevelser

Finse 1222

Liaises and organizes activities. Ski season from New Year’s to end of May. The hotel holds courses in ski-sailing. Ski rental, both mountain skis and randonnée. Rental of snowshoes. Marked ski tracks in all directions. Guided trips from Finse over the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier. Summer season from the beginning of July to the end of September Summer: bike rental for the Navvy road. Tel: + 47 56 52 71 00

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Dagali Fjellpark / Full On

Offers summer and winter activities for those who love an active lifestyle. Alpine and sledding slopes and lifts, family to extreme rafting, canyoning, sea and river kayaking. And a lot more, for the whole family! Tel: +47 906 22 675

Høve Støtt

Eco-certified company offering experiences all year round. Skilled tutors charged with local knowledge, bring you on tailored tours in the local community. Games and fun for groups and businesses is another specialty. Do you want to meet and experience the local in this area? Contact us in Høve Støtt. Tel: +47 975 34 333

Langedrag Naturpark

At Langedrag, the family can experience wild animals up close, such as wolf, lynx, arctic fox, moose and reindeer. There are also different farm animals. There are activities and guiding with feeding every day during the school vacations and weekends,at noon and 2pm. 45 km from Geilo (RV 40 road to Skurdalen and then follow the road that follows the Pålsbufjorden lake to Tunhovd). Langedrag Naturpark Tel: + 47 32 74 25 50

Activity Providers



Blaafarveverket, about 2.5 hours from Geilo, is one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions with art and cultural experiences in scenic and historical surroundings. In 2018 the museum celebrates its 50th anniversary with, among other things, underground suspension bridge in the cobalt mines as a new attraction.

Epic Events

From the startup in 2008, Epic Events established itself as Norway’s largest event company in snowboarding and extreme sports. Epic Events is behind large winter and summer events in their genre, both in Geilo and otherwise in the country. We have Norway’s only snowboard museum. Tel: +47 930 47 581 snowboardtrener@

Koboltveien 11, Åmot Tel: +47 3277 8800,


VI REALISERER DRØMMEN OM FJELLET Herland Eiendom Geilo har en sterk posisjon innen salg av fritidseiendommer og bolig på høyfjellet. Med kontor på Geilo tiltrekker vi oss kunder fra både Øst- og Vestlandet. Vi har gjennom en årrekke opparbeidet oss spesialkompetanse innen salg av fritidseiendom – med et mål om å levere det lille ekstra.


J annike Seljevoll Herleiksplass

979 75 151

Ådne Holestøl Hognerud 922 08 195

Hanne Blikås Handeland 988 22 926

Sykkel Activity Providers


Groven Fjellgård

Guided flyfishing and courses in fly fishing, that gives the basic knowledge in technique, knots, fly choice and more. Also offer accomodation and dinner. Tel:+47 950 92 224

Geilo Aktivitets- Geilo Dog senter Sledding Brusletto Farm offers snowmobile driving, snow rafting, biathlon, sledding Halling-style, water relay, milk-can throwing, and sawing contest. The farm houses many horses, and riding trips are organized on the Hallingskarvet mountains during the summer. Tel: +47 905 68 305 post@

Geilo Dog sledding offers dog sledding at the Ustedalsfjord lake with starting point at Geilo Beach, 2 km from Geilo center. Choose between 5 or 10 km trips. Longer expeditions are also possible. The guides are experienced mushers who also participate in sled dog races. Book after 4pm on week days, all day on weekends. Tel: +47 976 30 592 geilodogsledding@ www. is Norway’s largest kiting school; and has 100% dedicated, locally-familiar and skilled instructors. In Geilo, the courses are held at the top of Havsdalen. This is a well-known kiting location, and is very wind stable. Tel: +47 417 77 888

Rallarmuseet Finse

The Rallar museum at Finse is located in the eastern locomotive-stable, and is open during the summer. The exhibit shows the building of the Bergen-railway from 1871 until it was opened in 1909. The Museum also has a cafe at Fagernut 10 km west of Finse. Tel: +47 905 00 940 | 65


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Children’s Geilo


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The climbing park, water park, bowling halls, bicycle parks, snow parks, and activities in the town center, just to name a few. Geilojordet, in the center of Geilo, is a great place. Time will fly by at Geilojordet for both grandparents and grandchildren. We hope that all children will enjoy all the exciting things one can do in Geilo.

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It is a real pleasure to go hiking with children; for both the children and the adults. In our area, there are many exciting activities and experiences for children together with adults, and for children alone.

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Children’s Geilo



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garten lubben kinder k ll ro T in Play Stay a whole day at


Play at the amphi in Geilo center

Visit the animals on the


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Hol IL – est. 1903 Hol Sports Team has active groups within soccer, all-sports, skiing, and skating. The sports team is also responsible for weekly children’s and family swimming in Hol and in Hovet. There are trip programs during the summer, and we want to welcome everyone to become a member and as a participant in our activities.

Barnas Turlag Geilo The Children’s Hiking Association organizes trips for both big and small throughout the year. It is a great way to get to know other parents and new hiking destinations within the whole National Park Municipality.

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Children’s Geilo

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Geilo IL - est. 1917 Today, Geilo Sports Team has approx. 1,500 members and 10 subgroups: alpine, soccer, golf, cross country, biathlon, snowboard, Telemark, freestyle, cycling, table tennis, and all-sports group. There is a lot of activity in the groups, and children are especially welcome.

Event Calendar

Event Calendar See also and Here you can take a look at all the events in Geilo and the rest of Hallingdal; and can search by time, place, and category.




10.-13. Jonfru­ weekend 2018 at Vestlia Resort, for more Information


17. Summer 17. May-Celebration opening of the of National day, canoe house. in the villages, and Hol turlag. 17th of May parade on skis from Finse to Hardangerjøkulen.

7. 8. 13. 15 and 16. Spring skiing from the mountains to the fjord with Finse 1222, 2 nights.


16. Summer Opening Hol bygdeopening Geilojordet, museum open every day in the 3. Summerevening summer, 11-16 in Hol gml. Kyrkje (Hol Old Chruch), Concert at 20:00

23. Opening of "Tusseskogen", an outdoor art gallery and nature area by Slåttahølen at Geilo.


4.-12. Nasjonalparkdagene (National park days) Program with hiking trips, food and more,

10. Summerevening in Hol gml. Kyrkje (Hol Old Chruch), Concert at 20:00 17. Summerevening in Hol gml. Kyrkje (Hol Old Chruch), Concert at 20:00

18. Voss-Geilo, bike race with finish in Geilo Center, ritt/voss-geilo

4. Holsdagen, Traditional wedding with ceremony in Hol Old Chruch, bridal procession and 18. Barnas skarveritt, bike race for celebration at Hol kids, bygdemuseum 18. Geilotun­ dagene, auction and entertainment at Geilojordet

19.-22. Dagali Dagan/Dagali River festival, for more information:

21.-22. Rallarvegsløpet. Ultra run from Flåm to Haugastøl.


1. Skarvet opp, Mountain race and mountain walk up the Prestholt steps,

2. Kom deg ut-dagen (outdoor day), with Hol turlag and Barnas turlag Geilo at Holsåsen. 15. Haustmarknad in Hol (Fall marked) 27.-30. Stetten wine festival at Geilo, Wine tasting, dinners and more,

Lordemarsjen Beautiful hike from Raggsteindalen to Haugastøl. Shuttle bus service. 18. Handelens dag, summer sale,

68 |

17.-19. FENTEtrøkket, inspiring girls weekend at Torsetlia, Dagalifjell

28.-30. Fjell og ord in Finse (mountains and words), Finse 1222,

Event Calendar

2019 October

1.-12. Fall break in Geilo, for more information 5.-7. Norsk Matglede, food festival. Market day Saturday 6. October, for more information


Nasjonalparkmesterskap i rakfisk, (National Park Competition – rakfisk),

16.-18. Vinteråpning, winter opening at Geilo,


Christmas Marked in Geilo Center,

16.-18. Fjellmatfestivalen, food festival at Dagalifjell fjellmatfestivalen/

12. Ustedalsfjorden Rundt, 18.-20. Snowjam, Finse 1222, date is not determined,

22.-31. Christmas in Geilo, 28. Finse 1222 opens the hotel, 31. Torchlight procession, in the slopes at Geilo

Octoberfest at Dr. Holms Hotel


25.-27. Spark-VM, for more information


8.-10 Expedtion Finse, Finse 1222, date is not determined, 15.-17. Visit Hoth, Finse 1222, date is not determined.


12.-22. Easter at Geilo. See our Easter program at 13. Hallingspretten Cross counttry ski race from Kikut, Geilo to Ål.

15.2 -10.3 Winter holiday in Geilo, See activity program at


17-22. DS19, Family Activity Week, Designed For People With Down Syndrome. Slaatta ski center.

25.-27. Finsejazz, Finse 1222, date is not determined, Ice Music Festival, for more information

27. Skarverennet Spring's most beautiful adventure! Cross country skiing race from Finse or Haugastøl to Ustaoset. | 69



Winter in Geilo – Norway’s Most Complete Winter Destination


Geilo is a classic winter sports resort, and one of the most complete and popular winter destinations. With a great terrain, an atmospheric, city feeling and lots of skiing possibilities, the area is created for many pleasant winter vacation days. Few resorts in Norway have so many accommodation alternatives, activities, and service offers – right in the center. In Geilo, you will find real joy of skiing, where the children are the focus. Winter in Geilo Geilo – Children’s Choices..........................72 Alpine Map and Geilo Ski Bus....................74 Alpine and Snowboard..............................76 Ski School and Ski Rental..........................78 Parks...........................................................80 Snow Kiting and Ski Sailing.......................83 Cross Country Skiing and suggested routes........................................86


Winter activities..........................................92 | 71

Children’s Choices

Geilo – Children’s Choices



Geilo is a skiing paradise for children and has specially adapted offers. Fine areas with figures and jumps, lifts and trails adapted for children, where children may easily be watched. Here they may play to their delight in a safe environment. Vestlia The Troll Club is a unique children’s area. There are rope tows, slow-moving platter lifts and gentle slopes. The slopes have many fun, colourful elements to ski around, slide under or jump over. The Troll Club child care services are located here: a ski in/ski out Kindergarten. Once children gain more confidence on skis, they may move a few meters away to the Troll lift, a platter lift that is a bit faster and goes farther up to a longer, but just as gentle, children’s slope.



The children's area with a separate sledging slope is safe and exciting for the smallest. The ski lift, a slow moving ‘magic carpet’, is safe, and fun and easy to use! The children’s slope has its own beginners’ area and characters to encourage children to play, swing and crouch to bend their knees. The platter lift goes somewhat higher up and provides a challenge to slightly older children.

At Slaatta you will find a large children's area with both a "magic carpet" lift and a plate lift. Fun items like terrain waves, mini skicross, figures, forest trails and self-timer. The staff

All our children's lifts are manned by a lift driver who inspires and helps the kids to master the ski lift.

Havsdalen Havsdalen has a lovely children’s area with a rope tow down in the lift area and near Havsdalkroa. Try the child-friendly platter lift, and the separate children's area.

72 |

is there to make you feel safe. Slaatta Parken with jumps and rails of different levels, especially adapted for children and beginners. Geilo Ski School organizes activities throughout the week and you can also rent sledges for the separate sledding hill. Slaatta Stugu is right next to the slope and is a popular cafe for families with children.

Children’s Choices


Children really enjoy themselves on alpine slopes! At Geilo, there are children areas with rope tows, platter lifts and amusing figures in the slopes.

Ski School Give children a sense of mastery on the slopes! Let a skilled ski instructor encourage and instruct your children so that they can have even more fun on the slopes. Choose between lessons where children can meet other children of the same age or level, or book a private lesson for closer supervision.

Child care services

Activities – even more to consider

If children wish a break from skiing, they may take a few hours to play at the Troll Club Kindergarten. A stay at the snug log cabin in Vestlia is popular for small children and provides an opportunity for mum and dad to enjoy a few hours together on skis.

Fun activities for the smallest are arranged throughout the winter. Join us for the Children's Skiing Adventure, slalom skiing and sledging. At Geilo, children have their own aprĂŠs-ski with stick bread grilling and many other activities. | 73

N Trollklubben

K Barnetrekket

L Fjellheisene

M Vestliaheisen EXPRESS

M T-kroken

B Fugleleiken

D Geiloheisen EXPRESS

G Slaattaheisene

H Korken

S Kikutheisen EXPRESS

R Toppheisen

P Hufseheisen

M Trollheisen

K Arnetrekkene

A HalstensgĂĽrdheisen




Lift chairs for 4 Medium

Restaurant Information

T-bar lift Button lift

Difficult Not prepared

Sledding hill


Terrain Park

Railway Ski bus stop

Lift chairs for 6 Easy


Ski Patrol

Ski bus Very easy


Tourist information

Magic carpet Snow trail Sledding hill

Ski lifts

Alpine Map and Geilo Ski Bus

Seasonal card for the 18/19 winter season will apply both at Geilo and at Hallingskarvet ski centre! Hallingskarvet ski centre is in Sudndalen and has 3 lifts, 8 trails and excellent off-trial opportunities.

Create your profile at and have full control of family ski passes. Next time you can refill online or add money to a family card for payment in cafés or at the ski rental shop. Use a ski bus to the skiing areas free of charge and read about many more benefits at There are 2 ways to buy a ski pass online: 1. I don’t have a Smartcard

2. I have a Smartcard

Register your profile at, and purchase the ski pass online!

Register your profile at, and load your Smartcard online.

During the purchasing process, select “I need a new Smartcard”. Complete the purchase.

During the purchasing process, select “Register new Smartcard for my profile”.

Scan the barcode on your receipt at the pickup box.

Input the WTP code on the back of the card. Complete the purchase.

Go directly to the lift.

Go directly to the lift.

Free bus to skiing areas! Three ski buses provide transport between Vestlia ski lift and Geilo ski lift, each on their own side of the valley. You can take the "The White Ring" in Geilo and make use of the entire alpine offer ­without taking off your alpine ski boots! The ski buses run a shuttle service during the lifts’ opening hours. For information on stops and times, see



Geilo has alpine slopes in all degrees of difficulty on both sides of a bustling town centre. Here there are 22 lifts and 38 slopes. 4 children’s areas, 3 terrain parks and all of 6 restaurants.

Alpine Map and Geilo Ski Bus

Buy your skipass online

Alpine and Snowboard


Alpine and Snowboard November - April

In the Geilo area, you will find over 40 alpine slopes, large and small snow parks, and many frolic areas.

76 |

Geilo is an historic alpine skiing destination and provides one of Norway’s best skiing experiences. Well prepared slopes of all categories, efficient lifts, ski patrols and separate areas for the smallest, ensure safe and excellent skiing days no matter one’s skill level. The ski slopes are located on both sides of the centre, with ski buses connecting the two sides of the valley. SkiGeilo • Number of ski lifts: 22 (5 chair lifts, 4 T-bar lifts, 8 platter lifts, 4 tow lines) • Number of parks: 3 • Number of descents: 39, including 9 green, 13 blue, 13 red and 4 black • Slopes measured in km: 35 km • Floodlit alpine slopes: 8 • Longest slope: 2000 metres •G  reatest difference in height: 378 metres

Lia Skisenter Lia Fjellhotell in Skurdalen has 3 slopes, a ski lift and its own 1200 metre sledding slope. The difference in height is 160 metres.

A hidden gem just 33 kilometres from Geilo towards Aurland. You will find long slopes of up to 3 km with a difference in height of 510 metres, and off-piste and freeriding opportunities in a class of their own.


22 km Rv. 7 fra Oslo Hagafoss

Rv. 50 til



1244 m.o.h

Dagali Fjellpark The mountain park is located 24 km tin the other direction, towards Kongsberg. Here you will find a family-friendly centre with 5 long runs, a separate children’s lift and sledge and airboard rental services.

Heis Lett Middels Vanskeligere Skredfare

735 m.o.h. | 77


10 km

Hallingskarvet Skisenter

Alpine and Snowboard


Ski School and Ski Rental


Ski School and Ski Rental


Some people are beginners, others are masters. Geilo has knowledgeable and experienced instructors who can help both adults and children to achieve that lovely feeling of mastery. Perhaps you want to refine your technique with your own pro-coach? Choose among group ski schools, or instruction with your own personal trainer in alpine skiing, snowboarding, Telemark skiing, park and cross-country skiing. Whether you are just learning to ski or refining your technique to attempt the more advanced slopes and trails, Geilo has a course for you.

78 |

It is smart to rent! You get the latest equipment, always newly waxed and prepared, when you rent skis. Select from among a large range of skiing equipment, for different levels and types of skiing, and for all ages. Ski rentals are found near ski lifts and slopes. Ski rentals are also helpful in adjusting bindings or preparing your own equipment.

Ski School and Ski Rental

Geilo Skiskole and SkiGeilo Vestlia: Ski school Slaatta Skiutleie Ski school and ski rental Tel: +47 32 09 03 70

Finse 1222

Ski rental: Randonée and mountain skis.Ski sailing courses on request, and weekend courses during specific weekends. Tel: +47 56 52 71 00

- Ski rental Havsdalen: Ski school - Ski rental Kikut: Ski rental Slaatta: Ski school - Ski rental (see Geilo Skiskole) Tel: +47 32 09 00 00

Geilo Skishop Ski rental Tel: +47 970 90 189

Hallingskarvet Skisenter

Ski rental - Ski school upon request Tel: +47 908 24 022

Lia Skisenter Ski rental Tel: +47 32 08 74 00

Dagali Fjellpark / Full On

Ski rental - Ski school upon request www.fullon.on Tel: +47 472 38 232 | 79






80 |

Parks Geilo has a broad range of skiing parks with various challenges for beginners as well as experts. You will find jumps, rails, boxes, walls and other elements to challenge your creativity and skills.

Grades Very easy Easy Medium Difficult


Geiloparken - Havsdalen


The park in Havsdalen is exciting and offers room for mastering and challenges. It has blue, red and black jump lines as well as rails, PVC tubes and boxes. The park will also be open when Havsdalen (Arne tow line) is open in the evening, with good lighting conditions.

Geiloparken - Kikut The biggest and most used park in Geilo. The park includes the Guro and Tone (2) trails This blue park has 1000 meters of fun for children and adults of all ages, no matter their skill level. Fantastic rails, boxes, jumps, butter boxes and rainbows - all together over 50 elements - make this a park where you can find new variations to master over the entire season.

Slaattaparken Slaatta has a park for juniors and beginners of all ages. The park has a good selection of jumps and rails with varying degrees of difficulty, although for the most part, easier elements. PVC tubes, various rails and boxes are some of the elements. At the children’s lift, there are minor jumps, terrain waives and PVC tunes for the smallest. | 81

GEILO SKI SCHOOL We inspire and develope you on the snow...

…and like to make your ski holiday a fantastic memory! SKI PASS, SKI RENTAL, SKI SCHOOL & ACTIVITIES // +47 32 09 03 70

Snow Kiting and Ski Sailing



World Class Snow Kiting and Ski Sailing Take a trip to the mountains and experience this fascinating sport, with high flights, high speed, and lots of fun. Haugastøl, which is located only 25 minutes from Geilo, is considered one of the foremost places in the

the Hardangervidda plateau and Havsdalen, make the Geilo area a paradise for everyone who wants

world to engage in snow kiting. Both the World Championships and the World Cup have been organized at Haugastøl. Kiting on snow is full action. More and more people like the experience of using wind power, also on skis; and kite-skiing is the action-sport which is growing the fastest in the world. The landscape and wind conditions at, especially,

to try it out. The extreme qualities of Finse, makes the perfect conditions for ski sailing. Steady winds and large surfaces to move on, makes the Finse water the optimal place for your first expedition with sail. Ski sailing is best known as a mode of transport for long trips, but it is also a nice family activity.

Booking For Kiting courses, contact Haugastøl 1000 Moh at For kiting courses contact Tel: +47 417 77 888 For courses in ski sailing and kiting contact Finse 1222 at | 83

Fill in your profile at Registrerdeg!





S • GR


r istre deg! Reg











Full control of family ski passes Recharge your ski pass online, and go directly to the ski lift Add money to the Smart card and use it as payment in the cafés Bus to the skiing areas free of charge!



Cross Country Skiing

– Grand and Easily Accessible


Cross Country Skiing


Good quality characterizes the ski tracks at Geilo and Hol Municipality. The ski tracks are prepared by expert grooming-machine drivers every day. You can follow the live ski-track updates over when the different ski tracks were last groomed at

Hallingskarvet lies majestically and guards over everywhere and everyone. Around the mountain are miles and miles of inviting ski tracks. Let the peacefulness and nature envelope you. Several of the cross country tracks are tied to the Norwegian Tourist Association’s (DNT) marked tracks on the Hardangervidda and Skarvheimen area. In addition, there is a 5-km lighted track at the Geilohallen sports arena. The tracks around the Ustedalsfjorden lake is made for families with children, with information boards about nature and culture in the area. Geilo is known for its many cozy dining offers in the mountains. Others again demand a little longer trip. Common for all of them is that you can come in and warm yourselves while you enjoy something hot in a cup and real home-baked goods. Read more about our food-service cabins on page 102. The ski trip doesn’t have to be very long, as a short trip can be just as nice. The terrain under many of the short trips is slightly hilly and fun, without long and exhausting uphill tracks. The ski-track map can be obtained at the tourist information office and at most of the accommodations providers. If you need to rent equipment, you can do this at one of the ski rentals. Here you can also receive help in waxing your skis so that the equipment doesn’t hinder your trip out on the plains.

86 |

Hallingdal can offer more than 2000 km of Cross Country Tracks!

Cross Country Skiing

Welcome to the mountains!


Tag your crouss country ski pictures: #hallingspor.

Hallingdal is one of Europe’s best cross country regions; and Hol Municipality, and especially Geilo, wish to deliver world class cross country tracks. Around Geilo center, you will find tracks that go through wooded terrain and high mountains. At Geilo ski stadium there is a floodlit track. Geilo has several food service cabins in conjunction with the track network. The map shows all the ski tracks in Hallingdal, and highlighted longer skitraks; the Hallingdal track South from Ustaoset or Kikut to Norefjell and the Hallingdal track North from Myrland to Gol.


88 |

Til Aurland

Til Haugastøl

Winter Suggested Routes - West Valley

Til Geilo



Skiløype, enkel. Ski track, easy. Skiløype, medium. Ski track, medium. Skiløype, krevende. Ski track, demanding. Skiløype, ekspert. Ski track, expert. Skiløype, kun stikket. Ski track, not groomed.

Til Gol | 89

The marked tracks on this map are described on the next pages. See when the tracks were last groomed at

A cross Country skiing paradise

Til Eidfjord

Til Raggsteindalen


Til Raggsteindalen




Skiløype, enkel. Ski track, easy. Skiløype, medium. Ski track, medium. Skiløype, krevende. Ski track, demanding. Skiløype, ekspert. Ski track, expert. Skiløype, kun stikket. Ski track, not groomed.

Suggested Routes - Geilo



1. Ustedalsfjorden Round For the long round, start by Geilo stadium, or by Geilojordet. Perfect for beginners and families, especially if the weather is windy in the mountains. You get a good view of Geilo and the Ustedalen valley.

December - April

Length: ca 10 or 12 km


3. Veslerunden Round, daytrip


Suggested Routes

Begin in Vestlia head up Pariserløypa to Hakkeset, or take the chairlift. Follow a slightly hilly track to Grønebakken towards Ustetind. Take down towards Ustaoset and up Eimehæe towards Prestholt. From there the terrain is easy down to Havsdalen and Geilo. A nice

January - April

Length: ca 35 km


2. Budalsrunden Round Start in Havsdalen, follow the track east in a cosy birch forest around Havsdalshovda. Follow the track to Vestreim at the north- or south side of the Budalsvatnet lake. If you wish for a shorter round, it is nice to take the east round in Veslebudalen. Lovely terrain and a beautiful scenery towards Hallingskarvet mountain.

December - April

Length: ca 14,5 or 10,5 km


90 |

roundtrip in a varied terrain, amazing scenery (if the weather is nice) towards Hardangervidda, Hardangerjøkulen and Hallingskarvet. It is possible to buy food and beverages at Hakkesetstølen, Grønebakken, Prestholt, Havsdalskroa and Slaattastugu.

4. Round trip at Holsåsen Park your car by Steinstølen (Tollroad 60 NOK) and follow the track up to Storemyr, Nyset and Feten. From there take the track to Brenthovd (and a detour to the top) before you head back along Nyset mountain. Panorama view towards Hallingskarvet, Reineskarvet and the mountains in Ål.

December - April

Length: ca 14,5 km

5. «Hotel California» and Glitreberget, round trip

December - April


Park your car at the junction Fv40/Tjuvkjellaren and follow the Glitreberg-track westwards, with a detour to the little emergency shelter «Hotel California». Follow the track around Glitreberget and back to Tjuvkjellaren.

Length: ca 10 km


6. Hallingdal Track South Adventurous skiing between Ustaoset and Norefjell. Ski the whole distance with sleep­overs on the way, or choose a part. Hallingdal track South starts at Ustaoset, passes Grønebakken and Hakkesetstølen to Kikut. From Kikut it continues towards Bruslettstølen and Sangefjell mountain. The track continues over Rødungshovda, Buhovdnatten, Steinstølen up to Dyna on the border between Ål and Nes. From Dyna the track continues to Ranten (Myking). Between Synstevann up to Liaset there is no groomed trail. If you can not find the track of others who has been skiing there, you can take the road from Fv 214 to the parking spot at Liaset, and find the ski trail that continues southeast towards Halling­natten. From Hallingnatten you ski along Reinsjøen and down to Flatvollen. The trail continues towards Tempelseter and ends at Norefjell.

Suggested Routes


February - April

Length Ustaoset - Kikut - 17 km Kikut - Sangenuten - 14 km Sangenuten - Dyna - 23 km Dyna - Myking - 10 km Myking - Flatvollen - 38,5 km Flatvollen - Haglebu - 2,5 km Haglebu - Tempelseter - 22 km Tempelseter - Norefjell - 11 km Totalt - 138 km | 91

Winter Joy for Everyone

Contact us at, and we will put you in touch.

Have you had enough of ski slopes, or are most happy without skis on your feet, as we Norwegians are reported to be born with? Geilo has lots of other fun and exciting things to offer. You just have to decide what you prefer. Dive into one of Geilo’s sledding hills, try fatbike cycling on snow, or drive your own dogsled over glistening white plains. If you

like motor action, you can try snowmobiling or drive on an ice track with rally cars.


Winter activities

For groups and company events, Geilo has several good event providers that deliver everything you need.


92 |

Winter activities


What about a kicksled or

even more of horse activities,

snowshoe trip? Both can be rented at the Tourist Information Office. Guided snowshoe trips can also be organized.

you can go horseback riding in the winter woods.

When the evening decends upon Geilo, there isn’t anything nicer than going on a sleigh ride. Snuggle under warm pelts and enjoy the experience and the view. If you would like

These are the experiences that can give you great joy by just sitting and reading a good book. Or perhaps charge your batteries with a spa experience that gives you energy for a hectic schedule. | 93

Winter activities



Kicksled WC is arranged at Geilo every year. A fun competition for children and grown ups. Lots of play and a little serious. Classes for costume and "trim". In addition there is a costume class for children.

Sleigh Rides


Geilo Hestestenter Tel: +47 906 43 545

The tourist information in Geilo Center offers rental of kicksleds. Drop by for information and prices.

Experience Geilo at a slow pace and from a different perspective. Forget your everyday struggles and calm down. Let the winter mood enter the soul by the sound of the bells and the smell of steaming horses. Bring your family and friends on a pleasant break during your stay in Geilo.

The kicksled might stand out as a lost memory from when you could sled on wintery roads. At Geilo we are blessed with white winters and the kicksled is a ­cherished type of transport. The kicksled comes in several sizes, and the seat in front works for two on the same kicksled.

Visit Geilo/Tourist info. Tel: +47 32 09 59 00

94 |

Finse 1222 Tel: + 47 56 52 71 00 Geilo Dog Sledding Tel: +47 976 30 952 (after 16:00) geilodogsledding@ Geilo Husky Tel: +47 905 98 252 booking@ Langedrag Naturpark Tel: +47 32 74 25 50


Are you looking for speed and excitement, Norway’s longest sledding track at Dagali Mountain Park is an excellent playground. The track is 1,850 meters long with straight speed legs, turns and moguls. Under good conditions, the sleds can get up to a speed of 70 km/h! For the younger children, Slaatta Skisenter rent out sledges and snow­ racers to be used in a separate sledding area. Dagali Fjellpark / Full On Tel: +47 90622675 Slaatta Skisenter/ Geilo Ski School Tel: 47 32 09 03 70 booking@


Go on a different kind of trip in the woods, or to a great viewpoint. Snowshoeing has been a beloved mode of transportation in Norway, as it gives you a totally different experience of the fairytale-like winter landscape. You can either go alone (several places have showshoes for rent), or you can go on a guided trip and get new knowledge about the landscape around you, and of what might show up. The touristinformation has showshoes for rent.


Whether you are very careful or looking for real action, there is a snowmobile activity to suit you. Drive on long snowmobile tracks, where you can really give gas. Dagaliopplevelser Tel: +47 32 09 3820 post@ Geilo Aktivitetssenter Tel: +47 905 68 305 post@

Winter activities

How tall is the kicksled at Geilojordet?

Drive your own dogsled over glistening white plains. Experience the speed and excitement, in harmony with nature. Dogsledding is an experience that you just have to try. Experienced guides take you on a trip you won’t forget. You can choose whether you drive your own dogsled, or just sit good and warm in the sled. Drive a short or long trip.



Geilo Aktiv Tel: + 47 99349341 Halne Fjellstugu Tel: +47 994 43 389/ +47 53 66 57 12 Slaatta Skisenter/ Geilo Ski School Tel: +47 32 09 03 70 booking@ Visit Geilo / Tourist Information Tel: +47 32095900 | 95

Answer: 4,53 meters

Satisfy Your Appetite!


Geilo has over 20 restaurants that offer a wide variety of food and drink; from the simplest, tasty meals to the most wonderful menus with accompanying drinks. You can find local dishes and food made with local products. We have international choices and restaurants that you might have visited previously. We hope that you will take time for a meal when you visit us. You will also find good restaurants at all the hotels in Geilo. Restaurants & Eateries Satisfy Your Appetite!....................................................94 Eateries at the slopes....................................................98 Nightlife and After Ski.................................................100 Food-Service Cabins in the Mountains.......................102 Restaurant...................................................................104 CafĂŠs and Other Eateries............................................105 Bakery..........................................................................107 Local Food Producers.................................................108 Food of local origin.....................................................110

Restaurants & Eateries

Hallingkost..................................................................111 | 97

Restaurants & Eateries

Eateries at the slopes


Slaatta Stugu

Eateries at the slopes

Here you get served warm soup, rolls, salads, wonderful baked goods, and more. Don’t forget to taste the delicious Slaatta sweet roll, SlaattaBollen. Licensed for alcohol.

After skiing for a few hours, you are guaranteed hungry. There are many eateries directly at the ski slopes. Several of the eateries also offer catering and party menus.

Timrehaugvn. 34, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 03 70

98 |

Fjellparken Kro

The café at Dagali Fjellpark / Full On offers hot and cold dishes. Open during the lift opening hours: weekends and holidays, as well as summer holidays and weekends during the rafting season. Dagali Tel: +47 90 62 26 75

Hallingskarvet Skisenter

The café at Hallingskarvet Ski Center offers hot and cold dishes. Try their homemade goulash soup and wonderful, freshly-baked cinnamon rolls. Sudndalen Tel: +47 908 24 022

Nye Havsdalsvegen, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00


Kikutkroa serves delicious homemade food. Classic alpine atmosphere and cozy premises 1010 m above sea level. Here you get Geilo's best hamburgers! Kikut, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00


Fast quality food with good and fresh ingredients. Large children's menu and lovely baked goods. A nice place for the whole family. Vestlia, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00

Toppen Kafé

Toppen Ski Café, with Geilo’s best view, serves coffee, hot chocolate and simple dishes -together with a glass of wine or beer. Vestlitoppen, Geilo Tel: +47 32090000


Taubanekroa is the spot for the younger crowd, Lovely filled crepes and local sausages on the menu. The bar is upgraded with lots of good drinks. When the days are longer you can enjoy the sun at the large outdoor seating. Hegnavegen 77, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00

Eateries at the slopes

Havsdalskroa is a gem at Havsdalen, with lots of good food and drink! Has local food in several of their dishes. Known for their good pizza. This after ski is the best in Geilo!

Restaurants & Eateries



Nightlife and After Ski

Restaurants & Eateries

Nightlife and After ski Even though Geilo is mostly known as a family resort, we also have a good selection for the party animals. Have you heard of the champagne air in Geilo?

100 |

Barocken bar

Barocken is located on the 2nd storey of the hotel. Fully-licensed. Have a chat in the bar or enjoy yourself in front of the fireplace in the lounge. Parts of the lounge can be sectioned off for private parties. There is also a billiard table and a game room. Bardøla Høyfjellshotell, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 41 00


The main bar at Dr. Holms Hotel. A lovely meeting point for friends and families, in classical, historical settings and stylish bartenders. Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 57 00

The wine cellar at Hallingstuene


Feet itching to rock? Havsdalskroa delivers Geilo's best afterski! Here, you are allowed to dance on the tables and sing along. Open large rooms and high ceilings. THIS is REAL afterski! Nye Havsdalsvegen, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00


Dinner, music and mingling. Afterski with live music. Here we cherish the good atmosphere, either in the Easter sun on the terrace or within the sheltering timber walls. Enjoy a perfect dinner and relax. Kikut, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00

Off Pist Lounge Stylish and airy club for people of all ages. Plays the right music, and shows the important football games. A place where everyone feels welcome.

Geilovegen 40, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 28 88


A memorable bar in the middle of Geilo center with dj’s, concerts, events and piano music. Geiloporten Tel: +47 909 92 963


Chill & relax. Calm down in the sun with some­ thing good in the glass. Sun loungers, snow sofas and chill music. Have a chat with new faces and breathe out after a lovely day in the slopes. Hegnavegen 77, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 00 | 101

Nightlife and After Ski

Geilovegen 56, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 12 50

Restaurants & Eateries


The Wine Bar is located downstairs at Hallingstuene. The Wine Bar is decorated by interior decorator, Elin Fossland, at Arkitetfossland, in a slightly rough and rustic style, with worn, barnwall coverings and lovely lighting. We offer a good selection of wines by the glass, wine tastings, as well as good, local cheeses.

Restaurants & Eateries

Food-Service Cabins in the Mountains

Food-Service Cabins in the Mountains The Geilo area offers a number of great eateries in the mountains. Some are open both summer and winter, others are only open during the winter. Take a look and drop by. Here you can get something to eat and something hot to drink.

All year

Langedrag Nature Park

Beautifully located 1000 msl. with lots of hiking trails, cross country trails and activities. Serving and accommodation all year round. Tunhovd Tel: + 47 32 74 25 50



Fagerdalen is a summer mountain dairy farm. They serve homemade products in the farm café and buy dairy products. Fagerdalen is a living farm, where you can get close to farm animals. You can also purchase a fishing license for the mountain lake. Open during Easter. Tel: +47 911 09 779

102 |



The Red Cross Cabin, Grønebakken, is located by the ski track between Geilo and Ustetind, and has an open kiosk during the winter. Grønebakken (Red cross cabin, kiosk) Tel: +47 900 40 581

All year


Hakkesetstølen Halne Fjellstugu In the middle of the Fjellstugu Hakkesetstølen Cabins are located at 1,050 MSL, right in the middle of the nicest hiking terrain on the Hardangervidda plateau. Marked hiking trails, nice fishing waters, and groomed cross country tracks. Short distance to the alpine slopes. Hakkesetvegen 73, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 09 20

Hardangervidda mountain plateau, with all it's possibilities. The kitchen at Halne reflects the seasons and a passion for natural ingredients. Waffles, apple cake w/ cream or milk chocolate. Everyone has their own favorites. Halne, Hardangervidda, Eidfjord Tel: +47 53665712

Prestholtseter is located by the foot of the Hallingskarvet mountain, at 1,242 MSL, right by the Hallingskarvet National Park. It is a popular destination, both summer and winter. Nye Havsdalsvegen 150, Tel: +47 959 47 626


Storestølen serves home-made short-range food in the café every day from 20.06 to 30.09, 11-20. The cafe is open Saturday and Sunday the rest of the year from 13-18. Superb vegan alternatives and offer most dishes without gluten and milk. Strønde, Hol Tel: +47 32090400

Feb.- Apr. June-Oct.


Fantastic location on the sunny side of Dagalifjellet with a great view of Hardangervidda National Park. Torsetlia is situated 30 km from the town centre of Geilo, and in the middle of the cross country tracks. Dagalifjellet, Nore og Uvdal Tel: +47 32743681

Feb.-Apr. Jun.-Aug.

Tuva Turisthytte

Tuva Tourist Cabin is located at Hardangervidda, 1,200 MSL, and was built in 1915. There are groomed ski tracks and food service all the weekdays during the open period. During the summer, you can drive up to the cabin. We can offer fine hiking trails and fishing licenses, if you desire. Remember to taste the Tuva-waffles! Tel: +47 482 19 414


Vestreim Fjellstugu

Vestreim Fjellstugu is located in Budalen, a summer dairy farm area 10 km from Geilo, near the Hallingskarvet National Park. You can drive all the way during the summer; during the winter, you can use groomed ski tracks from Geilo, Havsdalen and Ustaoset. Budalsvegen 320, Geilo Tel: +47 483 87 587 | 103

Food-Service Cabins in the Mountains


All year

Restaurants & Eateries

Dec.-Apr. Jul.-Oct.

In Geilo center, we have over 20 eateries that include bakeries, confectionary, international restaurants that serve traditional, Norwegian food with local ingredients. Enjoy!

Restaurants & Eateries


Bowl & Dine

A real American diner located with the bowling.

Food Service

American diner, pizza Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 57 00

Sofias Café & Bar

Restaurant Christian

Food Service

Timrehaugvegen 2, Geilo restaurantkontoret@ Tel: +47 32095700

Enjoy our homemade, good food and get inspiration from our creative recipes. Sofia’s is also known for our sweet baked goods, tempting cakes, and tasty bread from our own bakery. And we, of course, have an international coffee menu.

International, small dishes, bakery. Bardøla Høyfjellshotell, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 45 30

104 |

A la Carte Restaurant at Dr. Holms Hotel, inspired by Dr. Ingebrikt Christian Holm's philosophy of life, with an exquisite french cuisine in combination with local ingredients. Restaurant Christian is open every day from 18.00 to 23.00.


Cafe Mocca

Cafe Mocca is a nice café located in the heart of Geilo center. The café serves coffee of all types and tastes, cold drinks, soup, sandwiches, cakes, and candy. Café Mocca also has a good selection of coffees and teas in loose weight, cups, and other gift items. Café Mocca is fully licensed for alcohol, has free wifi, and nice, sunny outdoor seating.

Food Service

Small dishes, sandwiches, coffee bar Kyrkjevegen 8, Geilo Tel: +47 954 24 133


The restaurant is decorated like three traditional Hallingdal valley houses, with a fireplace and rose-painted walls. Here you can have local dishes and specialities, and an exquisite à la carte menu. Hallingstuene specializes in wild game such as, grouse, reindeer, and deer.

Food Service

Norwegian, wild game, wine Geilovegen 56, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 12 50

Food Service

I Kiosken

A kiosk with fast food, baguettes, buns and rolls, cold and warm drinks, car accessories and more. Carwash.

Food Service fast food

Lienvegen 90, Geilo Tel: +47 909 11 395

Peppes Pizza

Informal atmosphere, nice surroundings, and a varied and tempting menu are corner stones at Peppes. In addition to our traditional and immortal best sellers, we lance new and exciting products each year.

Food Service Pizza

Kyrkjevegen 2, Geilo Tel: +47 22 22 55 55

Tuftelia Vertshus

Lunch Small dishes Pub

Food Service

Geiloporten Kyrkjevegen 1, Geilo Tel: +47 90 99 29 63

Vesleslåttvn. 19, Geilo Tel: + 47 32 09 09 82

Tuftelia Inn offers traditional Norwegian food from 11:00-20:00, has room for larger groups up to 50 persons. Large parking spot. Perfect starting point for hiking, biking and skiing.


Ro Kro

Ro Kro serves good homemade food. Located by the train station. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you are waiting for your train to arrive.

Food Service

Lunch, Dinner, Coffee Ustedalen 367, Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 80 00

Pizzabakeren, on the pedestrian street in Geilo, serves pizza known for their fresh crusts. Here you can sit and eat. We deliver to companies and larger events!


A cozy fast food kitchen with different burgers, kebab, Philly Cheese steak, fish & chips and salad bar. Take away or sit down at the Perlegrillen café.

Food Service

Traditional Norwegian food Geilovegen 55-57, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 08 99

Kyrkjevegen 2, Geilo. | 105

Cafés and Other Eateries


Lovely pub with simple, but delicious food. Concerts, events and DJs at night. You can even play their piano, or the chef might play a song or two.

Pizzabakeren Geilo

Restaurants & Eateries

Perleporten Geilo



Rooms, apartments, spa, bowling, conference

Tel + 47 32 08 72 00 |

Rooms, cabins, food experiences, Sofias Café & Bar, conference

Tel +47 32 09 45 00 |

Rooms, apartments, bakery and pizzeria, conference

Tel + 47 32 09 61 00 | tastetrykket Grethe Melsom Hartz - +47 48060773 - Photo: Paul Lockhart - Emile Holba - Pål Harald Uthus - Terje Bjørnsen and others


Pizzeria 12.00-21.00 (22.00 weekends) Sofias Café & Bar Every day from 12:00 - 22:00

Sofias Café & Bar

Enjoy homemade, good food and be inspired by the creative recipes! Sofias is known for the good atmosphere, sweet baked goods and tempting cakes. The coffee is also great.

Food Service

International, small dishes, bakery Bardøla Høyfjellshotell, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 45 30

Highland Lodge Bakeri & Pizzeria

Restaurants & Eateries

Opening hours Highland Lodge Bakery & Pizzeria Every day 07.00-17.00


Fresh Baked Goods

Highland Lodge Bakeri offers delectable baked goods from their new bakery. The bakery is run by the Frenchman, Julien Fleckenstein.

Food Service Bakery Pizza

Highland Lodge, Geilo Tel: +47 951 14 601 | 107

Hol Ysteri (Hol Cheesery) You can also find their products at Spar Geilo, Matkrok’n Geilo, at the farmers market in Oslo, Drammen, and Kongsberg.

Local Food Producers

The cheesery is located 3,5 kilometers away from Hagafoss. Take route 50 from Hagafoss and turn on to Ålmannvegen/ Nerolsgutu in the center of Hol.

Visit the cheesery and local food store in Hol. The burned, rustic planking, local foods, sheepskins and the big table makes a welcoming feel. The windows inside gives a view into the cheesery and the cheese storage room, where the delicious cheese slowly matures. In the store there is a heavy larch table made out of a 130 year old tree from Ål Prestegård vicary. Here you can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and an oat biscuit with their tasty white or brown goat cheese.

Restaurants & Eateries

Hol Cheesery is a family business run by Reidar and Kjersti Stenberg with family, they are 3rd and 4th generation cheese makers. In addition to making Prestholt goat cheese at Prestholt 1242 msl they built their cheesery in Hol. Here they make the excellent Leirgrøv white goat cheese. While their brown goat cheese is made at their summer mountain farm Prestholt 1242 msl. since 1990. In adition they sell goat meat (kid meat), pekepølse, which is a kind of cured sausage or salami, and the exciting FjellGodt (Mountain Candy) chocolates. You will find their products in their store. Prestholt brown goat cheese won gold in the National Championchip of local made dairy products in 2015 and gold in the National Championship for Farm cheese in 2016. Cheesemaking requires patience, even though making the cheese does not take too long, you will not know the result until it is 3 months stored, and 108 |

then you can taste it, but it should be stored at least 6 months before it is ready for sale. With Hol Cheesery and Prestholt goat cheese, the Stenberg family have taken an important part of the national cultural heritage and summer mountain farming, which earlier was an important part of the selv-sufficiency in Norway, and made it into a living. The family develops new products and are planning a kitchen in their store, which will give them the opportunity to produce other products for sale. They are cooperating with other local food producers and in their store you can find products from Rueslåtten Cheesery; different types of cheese made out of cow milk. You can purchase meat from old norwegian Spel-sheep from Bergheim. A cooperation of cheese making with the summer mountain farms Hamarsbøen and Gurostølen that makes white cheese. You can also find other local food products from other places in Hallingdal, Numedal and more.

Local Food Producers

Restaurants & Eateries


Here is a list of our local food producers that you should visit: Rueslåtten Ysteri Hol Ysteri Herlig AS Bardøla Høyfjellshotell, Sofias Cafe og Bar Matkrok’n Delikatesse & Catering Restaurant Hallingstuene Geilomat Eira Vilt & fisk Øvrejorde Nerol Økologiske Andelshage Gurostølen Hamarsbøenstølen Fagerdalen Støl Geilo Handelslag Spar



Restaurants & Eateries

Food of local origin

Food of local origin With long traditions in home made food of local origin, Geilo and Hol has lots of small companies and restaurants that produce and offer local food. You will find everything from different methods of preserving fish and meat, bakeries, local cheese makers, to restaurants serving local game.

Herlig AS / Herligheten café

Herlig produces traditional dishes from Hallingdal, such as Småmat, which is an old tradition with local ingredients. Make sure to visit Herligheten cafe for lunch, where you can get sandwishes and other home made dishes. Lienvegen 155, Geilo Tel: +47 40880054

Eira Vilt og Fisk Local game products such as reindeer, moose and deer. Produces also cold and warm-smoked trout from mountain waters nearby. Håkonsetgutu 7, Hovet Tel: +47 991 57 077

Hamarsbøen Gard

Produce and supply milk for the production of cheese at Rueslåtten Ysteri. Produce sour cream at the mountain farm in Havsdalen during summer. Kvislavegen 25, Geilo Tel: +47 412 32 701 www.


Gurostølen mountain farm deliver the special mountain farm milk to the cheesery in Hol, for production of Gurostølen cheese. Tel: +47 908 65 957


Produce quality food such as smoked and cured salmon, sausages, sauces, etc. Jahn-Birger has over 50 years of experience as a chef. Tel: +47 908 72 004

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Prestholt Geitost

Genuine brown goat cheese produced 1242 moh. since 1990. Winner of several prestigious prizes in recent years. Tel: +47 992 74 157

Nerol organic shared garden Join the community and have the pleasure of sharing knowledge, experiences and local, organic vegetables. Tel: +47 415 12 855

Rueslåtten Ysteri

Production of cheese, yogurt and other milk products from own cows. Winner of several prestigious prizes in recent years. Liavegen 16, Hol www.rueslå Tel: +47 415 12 318 rueslaattenysteri@


Locally produced kid meat from Hovet. Fresh meat is available from February to June, frozen available throughout the year. Villandsvegen 38, Hovet Tel: +47 32 08 97 31



Treat Yourself to a Taste of Mountains and Plains Traditionally, Hallingkost is the food they used in Hallingdal, before it became common with «store-bought food.»

Restaurants & Eateries

Hallingkost BA Hallingdal Småmat Hemsedal Flatbrødbakeri Herlig Himmelspannet Ingunns Bakeri Leveld Lefsebakeri

In olden times, food was mainly prepared with local ingredients, and the recipes were passed down from mother to daughter. Today, Hallingkost is food for modern people. It is short-travelled food, mainly produced with local ingredients.

Pash Chocolate Prestholt Geitost Smak av Hallingdal Tamt og Vilt Vats Gardsmat Rueslåtten Ysteri Hallingdal Catering

Many of the products are organic, and pure ingredients without additives are used. Hallingkost wants to give people experiences with food that they only can get in Hallingdal. Hallingkost has, since 2002, built up a network organization of more than 60 members.



Hallingkost will help improve value-creation for the co-owners, make the locally produced food visible and strengthen Hallingdal as a tourism region. Hallingkost BA will work at the interface between agriculture and tourism. An active and vibrant agriculture is the basis for the future of tourism. Hallingkost will facilitate in such a way that you can experience all the fantastic things that are produced and served here in our valley. Here you will find more information regarding the life on summer mountain dairy farms and our food producers. | 111

Shopping and Pleasure

Fashion, Clothing, and Interior



Interoptik strive to provide the best advice when it comes to vision, use and appearance. They can recommend eyewear and visual solutions that work for you as a person. Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 45

Amok Geilo

In their product range, you will find furniture, interior decoration, rugs, mattresses, bed linens, duvets/pillows, lighting, sunshades, clothing, shoes, purses, etc. Geilovegen 52, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 01 00


G.S.A. (Geilo Shoes and Accessories) has shoe fashion for women, men, and children, clothing and accessories. Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 909 39 950

No 1

No 1 offers good guidance within clothing and fashion. The only ones in Geilo that have a wide selection for children and youths. Clothing from Fransa, Vero Moda, and Name It and more. Also has yarn and equipment for needlework. Geilotorget Tel: +47 32 09 09 99

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SamSara Geilo Nice store with style, that offers clothing of great designers..

Geiloporten Tel: +47 32 09 06 00

Geilo Auto

is open from morning to evening, and make sure that both you and your car can get a refill. Here you will find groceries, propane, hot food, kerosene, car accessories, car wash, freshly-made baguettes and hamburgers, and fresh buns.

Geilo Auto is located on the RV7 road, and is a dealer for Mazda and SsangYong. In addition, you will find a repair shop for cars and snowmobiles, ESSO gas station, car wash, and both NAF and Falck vehicle rescue companies.

Lienvegen 41, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 02 26 Johan.Helland@

Lienvegen 90, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 00 01

street house big and small events throughout the year. Freshly-brewed cappuccino, the latest fashion and interior trends and local treasures—you will find everything in the Geilo center. Shopping and Pleasure Shopping and Pleasure........................................112 Fashion, Clothing, and Interior............................112 Petrol Station and Service...................................113 Fashion, Clothing, and Interior............................114 Health and Wellness.............................................117 Sporting Goods Stores.........................................119 Household Articles and Groceries.......................121 Made in Geilo........................................................122 We build Geilo......................................................123 | 113

Fashion, Clothing, and Interior | Petrol Station and Service

Cirkle K Geilo

The heart of Geilo is characterized as an urban and welcoming city environment, right in the middle of beautiful mountain surroundings. The amphi-theater style area and pedestrian

Shopping and Pleasure

The center of Geilo is a unique meeting place, with a wide selection of stores and service offers.


Shopping and Pleasure

Fashion, Clothing, and Interior

Annekset Interiør

are located centrally in Geilo center, and you will find everything of interior products for house and cabin. They offer good service and sell quality interior items such as lamps, candleholders, glassware, decorative items, furniture, draperies and fabrics. Here you can receive help from consultants for your project, and talented seamstresses. Kyrkjevegen 10, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 10 14

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Blomsterstua helps you with everything within flowers: arrangements, wreaths, bouquets, and potted plants. Here you will also find candles and napkins. Vesleslåttvegen 14, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 15 50


Here you can find a wide variety of items for your home, leisure, clothing, yarn, and equipment for your cat or dog. Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 48 61

Geilo Bunad og Bygdekunst

Geilo Bunad og Bygdekunst makes and sells the Halling national costume as well as pelts, souvenirs, yarn, etc. Vesleslåttvegen 14, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 13 90


Here you will find interior items for children’s rooms and gifts for all occasions. You can find the norwegian brands Sebra Interior, Kids Concept, Blafre, Lillelam, and Lilleba. Geiloporten Tel: +47 32 09 48 61


Second Hand. Great selection, reason­able prices. Open Wednesday to Sathurday 12-4 pm. Geilovegen 12, Geilo Tel: 917 98 314

Nille Geilo

Nille Geilo – Bargains for nice occasions! Nille is a nation-wide, discount chain with a versatile range of products. Here you can find glassware stoneware, kitchen equipment, toys, tools, candles, napkins, electrical articles, textiles, gifts, hygiene articles, and candy. Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 953 30 622


Power is located in Geilo center, and offers electronics and appliances of known brands. Geiloporten Tel: +47 32 09 12 99

Traktøren kjøkkenutstyr

Traktøren Kitchen Equipment offers a very large and varied selection of brand name kitchen equipment of high quality, as well as trends in food making. The assortment in the stores vary. They gladly accept requests for special items and will help you with what you might desire.

YES! Vi leker

Yes! Vi Leker Geilo is Hallingdal’s largest toy store, with 200 m2. Here you will find a wide selection of toys, hobby, and seasonal items for children of all ages. Geiloporten Tel: +47 32 09 48 61

Geiloporten Tel: +47 32 09 48 61 | 115

Shopping and Pleasure

Kirkens Gjenbruksbutikk

Fashion, Clothing, and Interior

Would you like something new for your home or cabin, we guarantee that you will find something that tempts you in Geilo. There are many stores to choose between, whether you are hunting for the perfect sofa or a nice candleholder.

Shopping in stores in Geilo Geiloporten: KIWI minipris Power • Samsara Dale of Norway Herleiks Gaver & Interiør Herleiks Barneklær Geilo Apotek • YES vi leker Perleporten Café og Bar Traktøren Kjøkkenutstyr Vulkan Frisør • UnoX Geilo Eiendomsmegling Amfi Geilo: Rema 1000 Sunkost • Vinmonopolet Perlegrillen • Peppes Pizza Interoptik • Notabene Bror og søster • Intersport Geilo Sparebank 1 Hallingdal Valdres Princess • Europris Boots Apotek • Nille Geilo Sko og Accessories Tilbords • Geilo Frisørcenter IT-help • Aktiv Helse VITA Exclusive • Sport Outlet Pizzabakeren/Diaz Spill & Lunsjbar

Follow us Opening hours Mon. - Sat. 10 - 17 Fri. 10 - 18

Opening hours Mon. - Thurs. 10 - 17 Fri. 10 - 18 • Sat. 10 - 16

Grocery, Pharmecy and restaurant have separate opening hours

Grocery and restaurants have separate opening hours

Aktiv Helse is a treatment and training institute in Geilo; run by chiropractor, Marianne KrĂźger, and physical therapist, Siri Gaustad Kvinlog. Personal guidance, quality, and safety are their keywords. Chiropractor Tel: +47 32 09 39 70 Physical therapist Tel: +47 32 09 39 71 Naprapath Tel: +47 950 65 883

Boots Apotek

Do you need medicines? Boots Pharmacy in Geilo will help you. Here you can find products for health and diet, as well as what you need for baby, children, and bodycare. Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 58 80

Munnviken dentist

Their goal is to give their patients a safe and good follow-up of their mouth and tooth health. Lienvegen 24 3580 Geilo Tel: +47 21645564

Shopping and Pleasure

Aktiv Helse

Health and Wellness


The stores in Geilo have what you need for everyday and party life. Haircut, cough syrup, or health food? Geilo meets your needs.

Shopping and Pleasure

Health and Wellness


Blest - hår og slikt

Hair salon with jewelry and ladies clothing. Products from Alterna, So Pure, and Keune. Jewelry from the design-duo, EDBLAD and clothing from Danish GUSTAV. Geilovegen 23, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 11 03

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Geilo Frisørcenter

(Hairdressing Center) They perform everything within hair treatments, hair cuts, hair care, hair extensions, hairpieces, set-up/bridal, and permanents for children, men and women Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 16 62

Sunkost Geilo

VITA Exclusive

Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 481 40 340

Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 924 09 162

As a specialist in health foods and personal wellness. Here you can find ecologic foods, tea, herbs, supplements, and more.

Norway’s largest cosmetic chain, VITA, has gathered everything you need within beauty and wellness in one shop!


My Best Friend - Local pet store with focus on quality . Their knowledge and service will give your best friend the optimal quality of life. Here you can find what you need for dogs, cats, birds and fish. Vesleslåttvegen 12, Geilo Tel: +47 55 13 42 50

Epic Boardshop is a 200 m2 snowboard shop centrally placed in Geilo. The store is run by previously professional snowboarder, Rune Lundsør. The store also contains its own skate ramp. The venue can also be used for private events. Geilovegen 58, Geilo Tel: + 47 930 47 581

Geilo Sport

Offers a wide selection of famous brands in sports apparel for skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, cycling, and other activities. A good selection of accessories, such as caps, eyewear, gloves, etc. Geilo Sport’s vision is to be a quality store with good, old- fashioned service. Geilovegen 42, Geilo Tel: + 47 32 09 55 55


Intersport is located in Geilo center, and offer sports attire and equipment for the whole year. Waxing instruction and waxing tips during the winter. Amfi Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 12 00

Sport 1

Good product knowledge, with a selection that gives our customers the correct and good experience, that the mountain can give you summer and winter. The full-selection sports store. Also, Sport 1 have sport shops in the middle of the alpine slopes. Vesleslåttvegen 17, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 55 80 | 119

Shopping and Pleasure

Epic Boardshop

Sporting Goods Stores


EN FORLENGELSE AV SANSENE Alt i nye Mazda CX-5 tar utgangspunkt i deg som fører. Den er full av brukervennlig og intuitiv teknologi som hjelper og assisterer deg. Den sørger for god stabilitet, varsler deg om gjeldende fartsgrenser og firehjulsdriftssystemet gir deg maksimal fremkommelighet, uansett vær. Resultatet er en intuitiv og inspirerende kjøreopplevelse som elegant visker ut grensen mellom bil og fører. Alt i henhold til Mazdas filosofi.



M{zd{ cx-5 Mazda CX-5, drivstofforbruk komb. kjøring 5,0-7,1 l/100 km, CO2-utslipp 132-162 g/km og NOx 3,6-60,2 mg/km.

18022133 Geilo katalog ann 170x240+3.indd 1

11/10/17 1:39 PM


Geilotorget Tel: +47 32 09 09 99 Skurdalsvegen 26 Tel: +47 32 09 09 99

Welcome to Joker Ustaoset! A Sunday-open shop where you can find the majority of groceries, in addition to propane and non-prescription medicines. Joker focuses on local food, so you will find several local specialties. Joker Ustaoset is a seasonal shop, and has extended hours on Friday’s and during the season. Ustaoset Tel: +47 32 09 31 50 Email: joker.ustaoset@

Joker Dagali Handel

At the store in Dagali, you can get whatever you need. In addition to groceries, local products from Hallingdal and Numedal are sold. During the summer, you can buy fishing equipment and fishing licenses; and during the winter, you can get ski wax. Joker offers also some kitchen equipment, paint brushes, toys, repair equipment for bicycles, propane, etc. Dagali Tel: +47 32 09 37 14

Matkrok’n Delikatesse & Catering

Matkrok’n offers fresh fish from Tuesday to Saturday. In the store, you will find a meat counter, cheese counter, and cakes. In addition, Matkrok’n makes main courses in portions (fish au gratin, lasagna, game stew, beef stroganoff, Danish meatballs, Swiss bratwurst, and fish cakes, and more). Catering is also offered. Geilovegen 50, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 29 00

Kiwi Geiloporten

Kiwi is a bargain-priced store at the Geiloporten, right next to the roundabout in Geilo. Mon-Fri 07.00-23.00 Sat 08.00-21.00 Sun 09.00-21.00 Geiloporten Tel: +47 32 08 84 12

Kiwi Hagafoss

Kiwi is a bargain-priced store at Hagafoss, right by the juntion of RV7 and FV50. Mogrendvn 12, Hagafoss Tel: +47 32 08 84 12 | 121

Household Articles and Groceries

Spar have a wide assortment and high quality of fruit, vegetables and perishables. In addition to this, you can order items online via our internet store. The groceries are then delivered to your door.

Joker Ustaoset

Shopping and Pleasure

Geilo Handelslag Spar

Made in Geilo Smithy work in Geilo has traditions all the way back to the 1600’s. The first iron in Geilo was mined around the year 0. SKAUGUM BESTIKK. PHOTO: TERJE BJØRNSEN

Brusletto & Co

Shopping and Pleasure

Made in Geilo

The history of mining ore in the Hardangervidda area and the craftmanship of producing sickles, scythes, axes and swords around Geilo started already 1,500 years ago. Geilo was historically early an established craft center for forging of tools for work and leisure. The knife factory is located just 2 km east for the Geilo center, and has outlet sales. Lienvegen 123, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 69 00

Brødrene Øyo

Øyo AS in Geilo has manufactured tools, axes, knives, kitchen equipment and gift articles for over 130 years. The country’s only ax manufacturer, and the oldest enterprise in the mountain village of Geilo. In recent times, the company has been mostly known for their kitchen knives, outdoor-life products and other sharp tools. The factory is located approx. 2 km east of Geilo center, and has outlet sales. Øyovegen 32, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 09 11


Produces all types of signs in wood, plastic, aluminum and steel. Nametags, keychains, advertising signs, letters. Also produses printblocks for printing on fabric or sheep skin. Tel: +47 932 29 350

Skaugum Bestikk

Skaugum Cutlery factory is proud that, 60 years ago, the Norwegian Royal Family gave them the right to have Skaugum (name of the royal farm) as their brand name. That demands commitment, and Skaugum will continue to deliver design, quality, and development. Skaugum Cutlery is a unique store, and the only one in Europe that continues to manufacture cutlery with handles. The production is a combination of industry and handwork. Furusetveien 5, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 01 55

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Other providers Hol is one of Norway's largest cabin areas, and we are happy to be able to present those who can help you realize your dream project. Contact these companies, whether you are hunting for a property, completed cabin, or just want to fix something at a cabin or apartment that you already have.

Property and finance

Landfalløya 105, Drammen Tel: 952 88 415

Geilo Holding AS develops attractive holiday homes in connection with the Geilo ski resort. Apartments, cabins and plots ski-in ski-out with everything SkiGeilo has to offer. See for more information. Vesleslåttvn. 11, Geilo Tel: +47 908 99 105


Vacation homes in Geilo. Smaller apartments and free-standing cabins. Geiloveien 44, Geilo Tel: 480 35 565 pal.harald.uthus@

Holsåsen Utmarkslag

Organize construction of holiday homes in Holsåsen. In cooperation with, among others, 3G Hytter we can provide the cabin you want and plots in different price ranges.

Geilo Eiendoms­megling

A natural choice for those who want to sell and buy real estate in Geilo and nearby areas. A brokerage firm with great local knowledge. Kyrkjevegen 1, Geilo Tel: 3209 3300

Hallingdal Hytteservice

A construction company established in 1986. Several apartment facilities inGeilo. Quality and satisfied customers are the trademark. Torpovn 304, Torpo Tel: 32 08 66 80

Eiendomsmegler 1 Geilo

It's something special about being a broker on the mountain. We can never quite know what's waiting around the next turn. But with long experience with property sales we have a good idea. Geilovegen 34, Geilo Tel: 32 08 73 60 fjellmegleren/

Herland eiendom

We have been working on the sale of property in Hol Municipality since 1994. Herland Eiendom has a strong position within the exclusive segment of projects and leisure properties at Geilo. Kyrkjevegen 21, Geilo Tel: 915 05 560

Gjensidige Hallingdal

We are present in your local community and are owned by our customers. We make you well prepared with insurance, bank and savings.

Skue Sparebank

Local and competent advisors who know you and the local community. Geilovegen 34, Geilo Tel: +47 915 07 583

SpareBank1 Hallingdal Valdres The largest local financial institution in Hallingdal and Valdres. We are located 9 places in 9 municipalities. Kyrkjevegen 2, Geilo Tel: +47 915 03 202 nb/hallingdal

We build Geilo

Development and management of commercial properties for rent, and residential buildings for sale. Wholly or partly owned in partnership with others.

Geilo Holding/ SkiGeilo

Shopping and Pleasure

Kirkeng Eiendom

Kyrkjevegen 8, Geilo Tel: +47 32 07 90 00 hallingdal@ hallingdal

Øvre Holsvegen 105, Hol Tel: +47 48150055 | 123

Entrepreneurs, service etc. Geilobygg Hellvik Hus Geilo

Choose cabin model, customize, or create new projects based on your idea or sketch, together with skilled advisors. Geilobygg is also a Hellvik house dealer. Vesleslåttvn. 3, Geilo Tel: 3209 3996


A Geilo-based carpentry company that targets construction and rehabilitation of houses and cabins. Skurdalsvn. 570 Tel: 90578662

Shopping and Pleasure

We build Geilo

Øen Hyttebygg

A family company that started in 1999. Over 35 years of experience as a craftsman and with various types of construction projects. Lienvegen 155, Geilo Tel: 320916116

Arve Bergli

Performs everything in digging, drywalling, water and drainage. Hol Tel: 917 03 826

Bjørnstad Steen og Lund

All types of construction, rebuilding and maintenance of outdoor facilities in all sizes. Lienvegen 155, Geilo Tel: 32882100

Dybsjord Maskin

Aasberg Alarm Publicly approved guard and surveillance company with security-approved personnel.

Mjeltemyrvn. 2, Dagali Tel: 95792215

Electricians with office in Geilo. Stølsvegen 34 , Geilo Tel: 32095450

Elektroservice Hallingdal Installasjon

All types of electric installations within housing, holiday homes, commercial buildings or industry.

Furusetvegen 11, Geilo Tel: 97620680 post@

Stølsvegen 42, Geilo Tel: 32095960

Sjåstad Maskin

Hallingdal Alarmservice

Stølsvegen 16, Geilo Tel: 90060335

Leasing machines and equipment to the private and corporate market in southern Norway. Lundveien 2-4, Geilo Tel: 40004997

Elektro 12:24

Various digging work like water, drainage and cable trenches, as well as snow cleaning etc.

A local construction company. We do digging for both land, roads, water/drainage/sewage, rehabilitation and snow removal.

Haaland Liftutleie

Hallingdal Alarmservice AS is a partner with Sector Alarm and G4S, the area extends from Geilo to Flå. Lienvegen 24, Geilo Tel. 32090800 hallingdal@

Hallingdal Kraftnett

We transport electricity from your supplier and to you as the customer. From Krøderen in the south - to Finse in the west. Lienvegen 41, Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 71 00. In case of incorrect call: +47 32 08 71 30

JK – Service 24 JK Service 24 delivers janitor- and washing services to houses, apartments and cabins in Geilo. We help you all year round, with washing and maintenance in- and outdoor! Bakkenvegen 1, Geilo Tel: 401 04 300

Montér Geilo The leading supplier of everything in construction products in Hallingdal.

Skurdalsvegen 80, Geilo Tel: 31400130

Johnny Hermansen Snøscooter og Hytteservice Transport to and from the cabin and maintenance service. Tel: 90018634

Ustekveikja Energi

If you buy electricity from us, it's a small contribution to a living local environment. Thanks to you, we can provide support to local teams and associations, to culture and sporting events, ski slopes, and much more. Geilovegen 68, Geilo Tel: 32 08 70 00

Wellness Norge

Villeroy&Boch – the only world class hydromassages! Delivered by Wellness Norge AS Levert av Wellness Norge AS Leangbukta 40, Vettre Tel: 66 79 40 00

124 |


Geilo Trykk og Reklame

Geilo Teltutleie

Lundvegen 4A, Geilo Tel: 415 16 666


Design Agency. Our passion is to give you as good a starting point as possible to meet the market. We believe in simple, honest and direct communication Torget 6, Ål Tel: 32 08 25 60

Supplier of signs and profile products for over 30 years. Fløtagutu 38, Geilo Tel: 994 70 764 bjorn@mikanor

Nerol Glass & Utsmykning

We have tents and equipment for all types of events and parties. Please contact for prices and more information. Geilo Tel: 957 65 200 Tel: 905 37 276

Ord 2 Word

Norwegian/English translations. Translate your texts to get the best impressions for your guests. Geilo Tel: 992 51 119

Workshop with gallery in Hovet Næringssenter, 20 km from Geilo. The artist Gunnveig Nerol works with glass painting, painting, drawing, graphics. Takes assignments for small and large rooms, private and public.

Shopping and Pleasure

Total supplier of everything from signs and car decor to printed matter and clothing.


We build Geilo

Design, Art & Print

Hovsvegen 70, Hovet Tel: 902 82 481 nerol.gunnveig@ | 125

Experience a Conference in Geilo A conference, a meeting, or a seminar in Geilo is something that we would wish for everyone. Fresh air, lots of time to converse, and fantastic surroundings, with everything you could possibly imagine of possibilities. Professional venues and organizers. World class food, licensed liquor service, and enough room so that everyone can be seen.

126 |

Nature Experiences Contact Us! In this brochure, you will find an overview of the activity providers. In the hotel overview, you can choose between several hotels with first class conference facilities. Contact Visit Geilo on tel. +47 32 09 59 00, and we will gladly help you get started!

Team Building | 127


Conference in Geilo

Skiing and Snowboard

Architect-designed, turnkey cabins delivered in Hallingdal and surroundings

Contact: Asle Mørk E-mail: Phone.: +47 919 09 212

Pamper yourself with a wonderful spa treatment at one of Geilo’s hotels.

Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 57 00

Vestlia SPA

With 1,000 m2 for body and soul, Vestlia Spa wants to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Here you can relax and enjoy the moment. In the climate zone, with a temperature of 30 degrees, you will find a pool, whirlpool bath, different types of saunas and showers. Vestlia Resort, Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 72 00

Spa and Wellness

Spa and Wellness

Dr. Holms invites you in to their lovely facility—an oasis of pleasure and wellness in 1,000 m2—with décor inspired by Japanese minimalism. Here you will find peace and enjoy the nice atmosphere. In the reception area, you will find an exclusive Elemis perfume shop with makeup bar, a separate waiting zone with refreshments such as fruit, water, tea, and coffee.



Dr. Holms SPA

Sleep Well!



HOTEL Find your favorite among Geilo’s hotels and mountain lodges, which offer everything from spas and gourmet food to charming rooms in the middle of the high mountains

130 |

There are many possibilities to wake up refreshed in Geilo, summer and winter. In 1880, O.T Jeilo opened the first accommodation in Geilo; and in 1904, he expanded to «Jeilo Hotell». Many accommodations have come since then.


Sleep well in one of Geilo’s 5,000 beds in all categories, from luxurious to plain and simple. In Geilo, most of the accommodations have free internet access.

Hostel and Camp................................... 139

The national park hotel, Bardøla Høyfjellshotell. The classic mountain hotel in Geilo – one of Norway’s most visited hotels. Choose between double rooms, junior suite and suite.

At Dr. Holms Hotel, you will thrive and be filled with well-being. Has an original section decorated in a romantic english style and a modern section. Single rooms, double/twin rooms, family rooms and a suite



Sofia’s Cafe & Bar Hallingtunet Swimmingpool Barocken bar Gratis WIFI Bardølavegen 33, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 41 00

Restaurant Bar Pets permitted Fitness Room Swimming Pool Spa Play room Fridge at the room Timrehaugvegen 2, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 57 00

Hotels..................................................... 131 Mountain Lodge.................................... 135 Cabins.................................................... 136 Cabins | Vacation Liason.................... 138 apartments............................................ 141 Camping................................................ 143

Finse 1222

The Hotel Finse 1222, is located at the Finse Railway Station, and is only accessible by train, foot, bike or ski. The ski season last from New years through May. Summer season from July through September. Offers single rooms, double rooms and family rooms.


Restaurant Bar Conference room Fireplace free WiFi Winter: Ski-sailing-lessons, guided trips, snow shoe rental, ski rental (Randonée and mountain skiis) Summer: bike rental Finse Tel: +47 56 52 71 00

Haugastøl 1000 m.o.h.

Haugastøl 1,000 msl is located right by The Navvy Road, and offers several varieties of modern apartments for 2-8 people, as well as reasonable accommodations in dormitories. For those who desire, breakfast and dinner can be purchased.


Heating cables in the bathrooms TV Free fiber internet bicycle rental bicycle shop. Haugastøl Tel: +47 32 08 75 64

Vestlia Resort

The hotel for good experiences. Wonderful spa, food and interiør. Idyllic location SkiGeilo Vestlia and Summer park, golf course and the Ustedalsfjorden Lake.


Restaurant Bar Spa Pets permitted Fitness Room Swimming Pool Sauna bowling Shuffleboard Playroom Bakkestølvegen 81, Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 72 00


Dr. Holms Hotel

Spa and Wellness.................................. 129 | 131


Bardøla Høyfjellshotell

Conference in Geilo............................... 126

Miljømerket trykksak 2041 0711, Wera as 89592

Idyllic summer Sommeridyll på fjellet inleiligheter the påmountains Flotte Havsdalsgrenda - toppen av Geilo. Beautiful apartments in Havsdalsgrenda - on the peak of Geilo

Standard 5: apartment, 5-person 5 døgns opphold 5 nights

Executive 8(9): 8/9-person apartment, 55 døgns nightsopphold

Aktivitetsforslag Activity suggestions » Mushroom picking » Sopptur » Fishing » Fiske i fjellvann » Berry Picking » Bærplukking bedrooms » 4» 4 soverom » Cycling » Sykling 3 bathrooms with » 3» bad med dusj, wc,shower, toilet, » Rallarvegen » Rallarvegen saunaogand bath sauna badekar » Aurlandsdalen » Aurlandsdalen » kitchen withkjøkken » Fullt utstyrt » Hardangervidda » Hardangervidda dining area for 9 med spiseplass til 9 » Hallingskarvet » Hallingskarvet » cozy living » Koselig stueroom med » Prestholtstien » Prestholtstien with gas fireplace gasspeis » Climbing park » Klatrepark » Geilo zipline » Geilo zipline

5.990 NOK 11.000,9.290 NOK 5.990,-

» 3 bedrooms » 3 soverom » bathroom » Bad med dusj ogwith wc showerkjøkken and toilet » Fullt utstyrt » kitchen with med spiseplass til 5 area for 5 » Koseligdining stue med » cozy living room gasspeis with gas fireplace

Nye Havsdalsveien 216, N-3580 | Nye Havsdalsveien 216, N-3580 Geilo Geilo | Booking: +4731 41 11 15 | | Booking: 31 41 11 15 | | 89592 annonse sommer 170x240 engelsk.indd 1

19.01.17 11.25

Tuftelia Vertshus

Tuftelia Inn serves traditional Norwegian food from 11:00-20:00, has room for larger groups up to 50 persons. Large parking spot. Perfect starting point for hiking, biking and skiing.


14 rooms incl. breakfast Livingrooms Porch Large parking spot Free WIFI Ski in/ski Out Ustedalen 367, Geilo Tel: 32 08 80 00 PHOTO EMILE HOLBA


Bar Swimming pool Pool Bakery Playroom Fitness Room Lienvegen 11, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 61 00

Right by ski lifts and hiking trails you will find Geilo Hotel. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful scenery, and it is the first hotel that was established in Geilo.


Restaurant Bar Pets permitted Fitness room Sauna Playroom Gamleveien 2, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 05 11

Lia Fjellhotell

Lia Fjellhotell – with soul and atmosphere. The hotel is located in quiet and scenic surroundings in Skurdalen, 14 km from Geilo.


Own alpine slopes Sauna Grilling area Bar Lounge Playroom Floodlit ski tracks Fjellgrendvegen 125, Skurdalen, Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 74 00

Ustedalen Hotell & Resort

The high-mountain hotel is a fantastic starting point for mountain hikes and in the varied scenery of Geilo. Excellent for families with children.


Restaurant Bar Pets permitted Fitness Room Swimming Pool Sauna Playroom Drying Cabinet Gamleveien 32, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 67 00

Ro Hotel

Ro Hotel is a reasonable accommodation located right in the center of Geilo. Short distance to experiences, activities, and shopping.


Shower/toilet Telephone Satellite-TV Restaurant Free Wi-Fi Geilovegen 55-57, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 08 99 Hotels

Highland Lodge is suitable for families and small groups. Centrally located in Geilo.

Geilo Hotel | 133


Highland Lodge

Hallingskarvet National Park

Photo: Vegard Breie



Close to the majestic Hallingskarvet mountain at 1030 meters altitude in dramatic and magnificent scenery, with ski tracks and hiking trails. 1 hour to Aurland and Flåm along FV 50.



Food service Cooperation with DNT Drying cabinets Fireplace Hakkesetvegen 73, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 09 20

Double rooms and apartments Handicap accessible Restaurant Bar Fireplace Private bathroom with heating cables Free Wifi, Fire place Strøndi 216, Hovet Tel: +47 911 48 600

Tuva Turisthytte



Torsetlia has a fantastic view and location in the Dagali mountains, 1,040 msl. This gives a great view of the Hardangervidda Plateau. Torsetlia is located 30 km from Geilo center, and 7 km from Dagali. Right by the cross country trails and a short way to the slopes.

Cafè and food service Fireplace lounge Dining room Bar Outdoor jacuzzi Sauna Tennis table Playroom Trampoline Dagalifjellet, Uvdal Tel: + 47 32 74 36 81

Tuva Turisthytte is located at 1,200 msl. There are groomed ski tracks and food service all weekdays during the open period. During the summer, you can drive up to the cabin. Nice hiking trails and fishing licenses. NB! Remember to taste the Tuva-waffles!

Family room Dormitory Food service Shared showers/toilets Tel: +47 482 19 414

Vestreim Fjellstugu

Vestreim Fjellstugu is located in Budalen, a mountain dairy farm area, 10 km from Geilo, right by the Hallingskarvet National Park. You can drive all the way during the summer; but during the winter, you can use the groomed ski tracks from Geilo, Havsdalen and Ustaoset.


Cabin with a simple standard and wood burning stove. Food service and party venue. Rental by appointment. Budalsvegen 320 3580 Geilo Tel: +47 483 87 587 | 135

Mountain Lodge

Hakkesetstølen is located at 1,050 msl, in the middle of the greatest hiking terrain on the Hardangervidda plateau. rooms for 2-6 people, dormatory, apartment or cabins.

Torsetlia Fjellstue


Hakkesetstølen Storestølen Fjellstugu Fjellstugu



Geilo has nice cabins in all price classes. Rent a cabin right by the ski slopes and relax in font of the fireplace in the evening.

Bardøla Høyfjellshotell og Hytter Bardøla Høyfjellshotell has 27 cozy log cabins with 4 bedrooms, and sleeps 8-10 people. There are 2 bathrooms in the cabins. The hotel facilities may be used.


Heating cables in bathrooms Shower Wood-burning stove Pets permitted Fri WiFi



Bardølavegen 33, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 41 00

136 |

Birkelund Camping

Geilolia Hyttetun



Hovsvegen 50, Hovet Tel: +47 452 97 841

Solstadvegen 2, Geilo Tel: +47 979 71 414

Birkelund Camping is a natural starting point for mountain hikes, sportfishing, or if you just want to experience powerful scenery.

Pets permitted Sauna Play area Cooking possibility Self-catering Laundry room

Geilolia Hyttetun consists of 31 cozy cabins. Ski-in and ski-out, short distance to cross country and hiking trails, fishing and cycling.

Pets permitted Sauna Dishwasher Play area Drying cabinet Self-catering

Eldhuset 1727

Eldhuset is modernly furnished with romantic atmosphere. 3 km to shops, 1 km to the gas station, 15 minutes to Geilo Station. Renovated and refurnished. Very well equipped kitchen and free Wi-Fi. Transport can be arranged.


Airbnb booking Free wi-fi TV Coffee maker

Hakkesetstølen Cabins are located at 1,050 msl. Cabins for 4-8 people. Short distance to the alpine slopes, cross country tracks, hiking trails and fishing waters.


Restored old cabin Have an apartment Good fishing New cabin Cooperation with DNT Drying cabinet Hakkesetvegen 73, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 09 20

Hamarsbøen Hytteutleie

Two cabins for rent. Summer rental of cabin in Havsdalen. This cabin is located in open mountain terrain, at a summer dairy farm with cows and calves in July and August. All-year rental of cabin in calm surroundings in Kvisla, approx. 10 min. drive from Geilo center.


Operational summer dairy farm Children’s bed and chair Well-equipped kitchen Wood-burning stove Sauna Kvisla, Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 81 12 / 413 05 273

Knuts Hyttegrend

Knuts Hyttegrend has 12 well-equipped, family-friendly, cabins located at Kikut. Easily accessible to the high mountains with trails and ski tracks.


Sauna Well-equipped kitchen Dishwasher Skurdalsvegen 180, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 47 24

Raklidekkan Hytteutleie

Raklidekkan Cabin Rental is located in beautiful surroundings, at 950 msl, and has a great view of the valley. Raklidekkan is built for family reunions, and is equipped with a large kitchen, living room, and long dining table for 14 people. 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

Facilities Sauna Dishwasher

Kvisla, Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 82 64




Øvre Holsvegen 103, Hol Tel: +47 975 34 333

Hakkesetstølen Hytter


Torsetlia Hytter

Torsetlia is located at Dagali mountain, at 1,040 msl. The best location for cross country and short way to slopes, 30 km from the center of Geilo and 7 km to the activity centers of Dagali. Cabin for 8-10 people with 2 bathrooms. A larger cabin for up to 18 people with 3 bathrooms.


Cabins | Vacation Liason


Well-equipped cabins Free WiFi Outdoor hot tub Sauna Restaurant and bar Dagalifjellet, Uvdal Tel: + 47 32 74 36 81

138 |

Vestlia Resort Sollitunet

Sollitunet consists of 3 traditional family cabins, one cabin of 50 and two cabins of 75 square metres. Sollitunet is only 1 km from Vestlia Resort, and in walking distance to the center of Geilo.


Fully equipped kitchen Bakkestølvegen 81, Geilo Tel: +47 32087200

Ødegård Teigen Hytteutleie

The Ødegård Teigen cabins are located on the sunny side of Geilo. Beautiful scenery with views stretching east of the sun and west of the moon.

Facilities Sauna Dishwasher

Geilovegen 44, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 02 98

Norgesbooking Several cabins, apartments, and vacation homes for rent in Geilo and other places. Online booking can be found on the company’s home page.

Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 57 10



Half/full pension Private bathroom Tunhovd Tel: +47 32742550

Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem

Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Hostel is cozy vacation center with accommodations in well-equipped, roomy vacation apartments of good standard, and different cabins.


Sauna Café Washing Machine/Dryer Camging Play area Free WiFi Pets permitted Lienvegen 137, Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 70 60

Bjørkly Lodge

Located close to the center of Geilo, a 15 minutes walk from the train and bus stations. You can ski-in directly from Geilotoppen! You can also get on the cross country track or to the biathlon arena in 5 minutes. Family room with bathroom and 5 rooms with shared bathroom.


Airbnb booking Kitchen TV-room Waxing room Free WiFi

Fagerli Leirskole Fagerli Leirskole and Activity Center is located at 860 m. elevation in the mountain village, Skurdalen, 9 km from Geilo. Perfect for outdoor activities.


Dining room Fireplace lounge Horseback Riding Canoeing Skurdalen, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 47 25

Bardølavegen 4, Geilo Tel: +47 906 22 675

Hostel and Camp

Langedrag Naturpark Why not spend a night or more and join in on the daily activities in the barn during morningand eveningrounds, as well as joining for guided tours or other activities? | 139



Hallingdal Hytteservice Total supplier of holiday homes in Geilo: Hallingdal Hytteservice is a construction company established in 1986. They have several apartment complexes in Geilo and has delivered about a hundred holiday homes here. Hallingdal Hytteservice has been committed to quality and satisďŹ ed customers as a trademark ever since they started their business..


Unique apartments right in the center of Geilo. Restaurants, ski slopes, nightlife and railways is in the immediate vicinity. Close to everything Geilo has to oer!


Geilotunet is idyllically situated at the Ustedalsfjorden and a short walk from Geilo city center. Here you are close to the experiences, activities and quiet mountain!

Kikut Panorama

Freehold apartments on the top of Kikut. Apartments of high standard and unique location. Here you enjoy something extra in an exclusive setting!

Our future projects at Geilo

We have great faith in Geilo as a tourist destination and an attractive area for leisure property. We are working on several exciting projects at Geilo. Follow our website (NO):

hallingdalhytteservice // //

APARTMENTS Self-catering or full board? In many of ­Geilo’s apartments you can choose yourself. Find an apartment at the ski slope, in the town center, or in the high mountains.



Sauna Outdoor activity area Outdoor hot tub Possibility for food service Perstulvegen 100, Dagali Tel: +47 906 22 675

Geilolia Vacation Apartments–right in the heart of Geilo. Comfortable apartments with high standard, each with their own 10 m2 terrace.


Pets permitted Dishwasher Self-catering Lienveien 1, Geilo Tel: +47 979 71 414

Havsdalsgrenda Torsetlia Geilo Apartments Havsdalsgrenda is located right in the middle of the ski slope at Havsdalen, with a fantastic view toward the Hallingskarvet mountains. The apartments have high standard.


Pets permitted Fitness room Swimming pool Sauna Dishwasher Nye Havsdalsveien 216 Geilo Tel: +47 31 41 11 15

The apartments are located at Dagalifjell at 1,040 msl. 30 km from Geilo center and 7 km to the activity centers in Dagali. The apartments are in the main house at Torsetlia Fjellstue, and have access to the common room and saunas.


Well-equipped apartments Free Wi-Fi Restaurant Bar Outdoor jacuzzi Sauna Dagalifjellet, Uvdal Tel: + 47 32 74 36 81

Storestølen Apartments

Modern apartments of 42 sqm. With living room, two separate bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom with heating cables, located right in the heart of Skarvheimen between Iungsdalshytta and Geiterygghytta.


Dishwasher Sauna Possibility of serving Bonfire are Recreation Strønde 216, Hovet Tel: +47 320 90 400 apartments

Large and practical rental apartment with 25 beds, built with groups in mind, for companies, bachelor/bachelorette parties, sports teams, smaller school groups, or families that will travel together. 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and open living room/kitchen area. Located in an alpine and activity center.

Geilolia Ferieleiligheter | 141


Dagali Fjellpark / Full On

Cottages and sunny plots for sale • Opening of new exclusive cottage fields •

What does Holsåsen Stølsgrend have to offer? • Placed from the nature side between Hallingskarvet and Reineskarvet • South-facing plots with sunshine from morning to evening • Local history and cultural heritage • Peace and quiet • Machine-prepared cross-country slopes in the immediate vicinity • Good walking and cycling opportunities • Organized fishing area with lavo and free fishing • 20 minutes to Geilo’s shops, alpine trays, restaurants etc. • Midway between Oslo and Bergen

Land prices from Kr. 800.000,- + expenses

Ådne Holestøl Hognerud +47 922 08 195

Landowners Asle Mørk +47 919 09 212

Torstein Seim +47 922 48 884

Knut Medhus +47 481 50 055

Leif Johnny Nestegard +47 913 80 858


Camping Life

perfect. Tradition and charm, and a short way to every­thing in the area. When camping you manage your holiday as you wish, and can enjoy the silence and the natural surroundings.

Birkelund Camping is a natural starting point for mountain hikes, sportfishing, winter sports, or if you just want to experience the powerful scenery.


Pets permitted Sauna Play area Cooking possibilities Self-catering Laundry room Dishwasher

Øen Turistsenter

Øen Turistsenter is a cozy and family-friendly vacation center with long traditions. A diversity of accommodations.


Pets permitted Sauna Play area Drying cabinet Laundry room Lienveien 139, 3580 Geilo Tel: +47 32 08 70 60

Hovsvegen 50, 3577 Hovet Tel: +47 452 97 841


In Geilo there is camping at Øen Turistsenter and Geilo Hostel. In Hovet you will find Birkelund Camping. If you are looking for cheap accomodation these alternatives are

Birkelund camping | 143


The Geilo region has several alternatives if you wish to use camping as an accommodation alternative.


your best



with friends


family. Ustekveikja Energi

provides free wi-fi access throughout Geilo.

You shall do your utmost to be a good host for all visitors to our municipality. To be knowledgeable and well-informed is one of many duties for a host. It is permitted to communicate with a twinkle in your eye.

Keep up to date with what is happening, so that you can inform those who inquire. It is a shared responsibility that everyone is fully knowledgeable at all times. Be proud of your surroundings, what you have created, or what you are a part of in everyday life. Show pride for what you are proud, and tell the world.

Be an inspiration to those around you, and be inspired by all that the others do for the common good. Inspiration can come from the smallest thing, and result in it becoming really big.

Be perceived as credible. Familiarity and knowledge is often perceived as credible. Be yourself, and take responsibility for those around you. It will help you to cultivate strength.


Do more of the things that make you happy, and do even more of what you think can make others happy.

Show enthusiasm, and practice to inspire and engage others around you. Everyday life is meaningful with commitment from and to other people.

Talk with people and listen to what they have to say. Take seriously what people are wondering about, and include others in what you do. To feel included is both good and safe.

Be loyal to those whom you need and to those who wish you well. Buy what you need at your local store. Make use of those who are loyal to the common good, and common challenges. Think outside of the box, as this often is right on target. Finding solutions to challenges is both fun and extremely useful for those who need a solution there and then.

Code of Conduct for Being a Good Host


Based on our work to become a more sustainable destination, Visit Geilo has compiled 10 ÂŤsustainability commandmentsÂť/code of conduct that we hope will inspire both employees and members of our organization. As an employee and/or member of VISIT GEILO, we urge you to be:


Code of Conduct for Being a Good Host | 145


Follow Us and Get the latest news! Epostavisen

Tourist Information | Local Media | Telephone Directory

Epostavisen was already online in 1999, and has had an increasing number of readers, despite relatively small resources. The newspaper has always had links and source references to other news posts as a base for its operations. Self-produced articles come mainly from the areas around Hol Municipality. Links cover the whole of Hallingdal. Tel: +47 995 68 686


The Hallingdølen newspaper, established in Ål in 1936, is the largest dialect newspaper in Eastern Norway. In 2013, the newspaper was named the best local newspaper in Europe. Hallingdølen, today, is a modern and professional local newspaper, which is new-thinking regarding internet newspapers, video-journalism, and has several legs on which to stand. Hallingdølen is also responsible for, and is a contributor to society by telling the small stories just as much as the big and difficult. The newspaper is for sale in most grocery stores in Geilo and Hallingdal. Enjoy yourself. Tel: +47 32 09 65 00

Radio Hallingdal

Radio Hallingdal was established in 1985 as Hol village radio and Halling radio, which merged in 1993. Radio Hallingdal is one of Norway’s oldest local radio stations. The studio for Radio Hallingdal is located in Hol center, and the main broadcasts are on Friday evenings; but there are broadcasts every day, and not least is radio bingo every Wednesday evening at 20:00. Volunteer work has been a decisive and important foundation at Radio Hallingdal. This becomes visible via the Easter broadcasts, where over 60 people participate. We appreciate feedback about our programing, and appreciate tips regarding stories that the station can follow up.


Tel : +47 32 08 91 11

146 |

i Info Tourist Information Geilo Vesleslåttvegen 13, Geilo Tel: +47 32 09 59 00 -

Haugastøl Tourist info 3595 Haugastøl Tel: +47 32 08 75 64

Dagali Tourist info Joker Dagali Dagalivegen 150 3588 Dagali Tel: +47 32093714

Hol Ysteri Tourist info Hol Cheesery Nerolsgutu 7, 3576 Hol Tel: +47 99274157

Tourism Center

In Geilo center, you find the Tourism Information Center with tourist information. The Tourism Information Center is the hub for tourism, nature, management and supervision. At the Tourism Information Center, you can get tips and advice for different hiking and cross country trips. We can also answer most questions about Geilo. Check out the interactive, 3D-model of the Hallingskarvet National Park and learn more about the park. You can use the free WiFi at the Tourism Information Center and in the rest of the center of Geilo. There are also computers that you can use for free. Tel: +47 32 09 59 00 Email:

Service Office

The Service Office for Hol Municipality is located in Geilo. Here you will find the municipality’s service hosts and NAV Hol.

You can get

• Information • Advice • Simple case processing • Access for reading public plans and case papers for the municipality’s political committees • Application forms • NAV Services

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 09:00-15:00 Switchboard manned from 08:00, all weekdays. Tel: +47 32 09 21 00 servicetorget@ Visitor address: Kyrkjevegen 19, Geilo

Important Telephone Numbers Fire........................................................ +47 110 Police ................................................... +47 112 / +4702800 Ambulance....................................... +47 113 Hol Lensmannskontor:............. +47 32 09 56 56 Vehicle Rescue: Geilo Auto - Naf og Falck ........ +47 930 30 001 Geilo Bilberging – Viking ........ +47 915 10 800 Emergency doctor........................ +47 116 117 Doctor clinic Geilo ...................... +47 32 09 22 50 Doctor clinic Hol ......................... +47 32 09 22 00

Emergency dentist....................................+47 99 35 15 55 (saturdays 16:00-18:00) Dentist Munnviken, Geilo ...................+47 21 64 55 64 Mountain rescue, Geilo...........................+47 900 25 761 Mountain rescue, Hol..............................+47 32 08 96 22 / +47 958 98 600 Geilo Red Cross emergency.................+47 900 25 761 Veterinary emergency.............................+47 32 08 24 00 Veterinary emergency Geilo................+47 930 46 882 Dir. for Nature Mgmt...............................+47 92 40 77 71 Turistinformasjonen / Visit Geilo.....+47 32 09 59 00 Hol Kommune, Servicekontor............+47 32 09 21 00


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Get to know Geilo - all year around

Visit geilo helårskatalog 2018 eng 02 18 web  

Get to know Geilo - all year around