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EDEN a natural paradise


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Eden and its surrounds, the Thaua people of the Yuin Nation. Here in Eden, we are Katungul (we belong to the saltwater), and we live under the shadow of the sacred mountain Balawan. While enjoying Eden travel with appreciation as you move through Country, and have respect for those that we continue to honour who were here long before you.

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Duurunu Miru Dancers


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Instaworthy Locations INCLUSIVITY Accessible for All


Snug Cove has been the busy, bustling, beating heart of Eden for almost two hundred years. It is where three wharves unite, is the hub for vessels that enter Twofold Bay and is the southernmost deep water harbour in New South Wales.

FISHING Eden is renowned for its excellent deep-sea fishing with a fleet of fishing boats operating daily out of Snug Cove, as well as divers who scour the local waters for abalone, lobster and sea urchins. Wander the wharves to catch a glimpse of local fishermen (some of whom have been doing it for generations) unloading their catch to be shipped off to market, mending their nets and preparing their vessels for the next trip to sea.

CRUISING The Eden Breakwater Wharf Extension Project, completed in 2019 provides facilities for both domestic and international cruise liners of up to 325m in length to now berth alongside. This has increased the visitation of cruise ships during the cruise season which generally runs from September to April, an industry that has had steady growth since the

first official cruise ship visit in 2005. The cruising operations are supported by the Port Authority of New South Wales and local volunteer organisation Cruise Eden

SAILING Eden has a unique relationship with yachties, particularly those that sail the famous annual Sydney to Hobart race. The ‘First into Eden’ trophy is bestowed to the first yacht to reach shore to acknowledge effort and raise spirits of those sailors that have had to retire early. The local community provide support by opening their homes and the Eden Marine Rescue radio room works closely with race organisers to track the fleet. By way of thanks the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia annually hosts students from Eden Marine High School to attend their youth academy in Sydney.

Snug Cove | Eden Wharf

HISTORY The traditional owners of the area knew Snug Cove as Weecoon. It was actually George Bass who devised the name Snug Cove after declaring it “a snug and safe anchorage for any ship during a blow” when he entered Twofold Bay in 1798. You will find the memorial plaque commemorating the first European visit by Bass and Flinders at the main wharf area, which was also the site of one of Australia's first commercial shore-based whaling stations established by Thomas Raine in 1828.


The tug boats and pilot boats that call Snug Cove home assist cruise ships, as well as Australian Navy vessels and cargo ships that berth over at the chipmill wharf and multipurpose wharf on the other side of Nullica Bay. Whole log and woodchip export continues out of Eden and the deep natural harbour provides easy access for these large ships to come and go. The multipurpose wharf is 760m long and open to the public for walking or fishing when not being used for loading/unloading and can be accessed from Edrom Road. Check vessel movements on the Port Authority website to confirm when open/closed to the public.

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Come to where majestic mountains, tall forests, vivid rock formations, lakes and remote beaches form a diverse landscape with spectacular beauty and history. Here you can find the hidden beaches and coves that lie within the Beowa National Park, climb the Balawan Summit of Mount Imlay National Park, or immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the remote Nadgee Nature Reserve.


The closest national park is Beowa, which surrounds Eden both to the north and south. The smaller more easily accessible part of the park sits to the north of Eden which is home to the famous 65 million year old erosion feature – The Pinnacles - a must see. Also explore the beautiful sheltered beaches of Severs and Barmouth that sit on the southern side of the pristine Pambula Rivermouth, the perfect location to swim or picnic. Haycock provides BBQ areas, an endless beach and a lovely walk over the grassy headland down onto the rocky point. Find out more about the walks within Beowa National Park on page 11. If you have a

4WD you can also explore the tracks to Lennards Island, North Head / Worang Point and Terrace Beach.

To the south you will find a small section of the park that is home to the historic Davidson’s Whaling Station, a place where you can travel back in time and imagine what used to happen on this site when generations of the Davidson family were whaling here. Davidson’s Whaling Station and Boyds Tower form part of Eden’s Killer Whale Trail which you can read more about on page 14. Boyds Tower is a must visit in the southern part of the park with Ben Boyd’s sandstone tower that was constructed in the 1840s standing impressively on the southern tip

National Parks and State Forests
Bittangabee Bay

of Twofold Bay. The walkways surrounding the tower provide perfect vantage points of the coastline including Eden's famous Devonian red rock.

This part of the park is also home to Saltwater Creek and Bittangabee Bay which both provide campgrounds to enjoy (bookable through National Parks and Wildlife Service). The beach at Saltwater is popular with surfers and the creek area provides a location for sheltered swimming and fishing, whilst Bittangabee is a jaw dropping sheltered hidden cove perfect for swimming, kayaking and snorkelling.

The southern area of the park is where you will find the heritage listed Green Cape Lighthouse, the southernmost lighthouse in New South Wales and the first constructed of concrete in Australia. Wander the path down to the viewing platform at the cliff edge where you might spot seals (or whales during the spring months), also keep an eye out for the resident wombats that call this area home. Tours of the lighthouse are available during school holidays or by request and the old lighthouse keepers cottages are available for overnight stays, all bookable through National Parks and Wildlife Service. Nearby you can explore the Ly-ee-Moon Cemetery, Pulpit Rock, City Rock and make sure you stop by the Disaster Bay Lookout on the drive in (or out) for sweeping views of Bay Cliff and Greenglades Beach. This national park is home to one of the east coast's most famous coastal walks – the Light to Light Walk, find out more about this multi-day hike on page 11. Always check the National Parks & Wildlife Service alerts on their website before venturing into any national park and remember there is a park fee for the southern part of Beowa National Park.

Boyds Tower The Pinnacles Davidson Whaling Station
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National Parks and State Forests


The natural beauty of the Nadgee has been preserved for centuries allowing visitors to enjoy a remote, pristine coastal landscape. Encompassing the areas near the small hamlet of Wonboyn the park includes Bay Cliff, Greenglades and the remote 55km long Nadgee Wilderness Walk.


This national park to the south west of Eden is home to Balawan (Mount Imlay) which dominates the southern skyline. The summit rises to 886m, giving outstanding views of the mosaic of natural and modified habitat across the district. Find out more about the 6km, grade 5 hike to the summit on page 11.


The Forestry Corporation of NSW maintains many recreation areas around Eden with facilities including picnic tables, fireplaces, toilets, and at some sites, free camping. There is an extensive network of roads and fire trails that are popular for 4-wheel-driving and many of the locations allow dogs. New mountain bike trails being constructed in the Nullica State Forest will form Gravity Eden set to open in Autumn 2023.


[includes Bondi Forest Lodge]


[includes Edrom Lodge, Scrubby Creek Picnic Area]


[includes Broadwater Picnic Area]


[includes Imlay Creek Picnic Area]


[includes Newton's Crossing, Allan Brook]


[includes Pambula River Picnic Area]

For more information on State Forests scan the QR code.

Wonboyn Beach
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Balawan [Mount Imlay]


Gravity Eden is Eden’s new world-class mountain bike park, set to open in Autumn 2023. Located in Nullica State Forest just out of Eden, Gravity Eden will feature 56km of specialist machine-built mountain bike trails with 300m elevation and 20 unique trails for riders to explore, set in an epic coastal landscape. Gravity Eden trails are managed under a Forest Permit by the Eden Mountain Bike Club, support the club by joining today!



Sapphire Coast Guiding Co. offer immersive, nature based experiences along the stunning Sapphire Coast of NSW. Our small group and private walking tours explore Beowa National Park, Bournda National Park & Mimosa Rocks National Park. Join our local guides on a single day or multi-day trip showcasing the best of what our area has to offer. Stay with us in amazing locations and enjoy seasonal local produce to nourish your journey. 0408 898 805 www.sapphirecoastguidingco.com.au SAPPHIRE COAST GUIDING CO.



2km [one way]


Walk in the path of the Indigenous ancestors who used to walk from here to Mount Kosciuszko. This path traces the coastline from Cocora Beach to Quarantine Bay, providing breathtaking views and story boards along the way.


3.8km [one way]

A favourite among birdwatchers, this walk meanders from Aslings Beach through the quiet stillness of Lake Curalo and then through eucalypt forest, salt marsh and grassland to the mouth of Lake Curalo.


2km [one Way]

A lovely flat walk along the edge of the main beach, Aslings. Enjoy the maritime heritage pathway with murals and a description of the different types of vessels to have entered Eden's waterways over the years.


A self-guided tour of Eden’s historic sites, all sign posted and numbered in consecutive order. Pop into the Visitor Information Centre for a map and embark on a fascinating journey through Eden’s history.


3km [one way]

This is a delightful walk that will take you across the grassy headland of Haycock Point (look for kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas) and down onto Barmouth Beach with spectacular views of the Sapphire Coast’s most stunning waterway –Pambula Rivermouth.


6km [return]

This very challenging 6km return hike will take you to the summit of Balawan (Mount Imlay). The track climbs steeply through dry eucalypt forests and grassy woodlands to an altitude of 886m. The hard work will reward you with views south to Mallacoota and north to Narooma.

Always check the National Parks and Wildlife Service website for alerts or closures before entering.


32km [one way]

One of Australia’s most beloved coastal wilderness walks stretching from Boyds Tower in the north to Green Cape Lighthouse in the south. Usually enjoyed over two (or three) days whilst camping at Saltwater Creek and Bittangabee Bay along the way. Contact National Parks and Wildlife Service to lodge a Trip Intention Form, hire a Personal Locator Beacon or book the campsites. Sections of the walk can also be accessed for day visitors as a sample of what this popular hike has to offer including Boyds Tower to Leatherjacket Bay (9.3km return) or Saltwater Creek to Bittangabee Bay (9km one way if a member of your party can drop off / pick up or you arrange a transfer). Skilled and knowledgeable local tour operators Sapphire Coast Guiding Co. and Navigate Expeditions offer a range of guided tours to enjoy this famous walk and can also personalise their tours to suit your needs.



Welcome to the Humpback Highway! Eden is one of the premier whale watching destinations in Australia, unique in that it offers both ocean and land based whale watching, and is one of very few places in the world where whales can be observed feeding.


During the winter, humpback whales leave their feeding grounds in the Antarctic bound for warmer tropical waters to calve and mate. Although they do pass Eden on their northern migration, most are observed further out to sea and only a few venture into the bay. The best whale watching opportunities in Eden occur during the spring months (September / October) when the whales are migrating south to Antarctica, it is then that they hug the shoreline and move slower, as they are travelling with their young.

12 Whales

Eden is one of

you can be

to witness the feeding behaviours of these gentle giants of the sea, as they lunge feed and even bubble net feed in the waters off the coast.


The majority of whales sighted in the Eden area are humpback whales, but other species also sighted include the southern right, blue, dwarf minke, bryde’s, orca, pilot, sperm and several species of beaked whales. The humpbacks can regularly be seen breaching, spyhopping, pectoral or tail slapping – see the handy guide at the bottom of the page to learn the behaviours.


The best way to get up close to these intriguing mammals is to get onboard with the local tour operators, who pride themselves on their skill and knowledge of the whales and their involvement in admiring and protecting them. Out of Eden, Cat Balou Cruises offers multi-level comfort aboard their 16m, 75 passenger catamaran with all cruises including light refreshments. Sapphire Coastal Adventures offer adventure whale watching cruises out of Merimbula on their 15m, 50 passenger, 'Sensational' aluminium vessel popular for its waterline viewing, as well as cruises departing Bermagui on their large 24m, 100 passenger, vessel ‘Bubbles’. Both companies offer a whale sighting guarantee on cruises throughout the spring southern migration period (generally from September to early November).


Eden provides the unique opportunity to spot whales from land at multiple locations both in town and in the surrounding National Parks. Great locations to spot whales during the spring months are at Haycock Point (northern section of Beowa National Park) and Boyds Tower and Green Cape Lighthouse (southern section of Beowa National Park).

If you hear the Killer Whale Museum sound their siren, you know there is a whale close to shore within Twofold Bay and to head to the various lookouts around town.


For over a hundred years, from the 1820s, whales were hunted in Twofold Bay with one of the most unique symbiotic relationships in the world formed between humans and orcas that dates back to presettlement times with the local Indigenous people. An era of men in small open wooden boats were assisted by the orcas to hunt whales for their baleen and oil. Take the Killer Whale Trail (more information on page 14) and visit the Killer Whale Museum to learn more about this amazing relationship, meet ‘Old Tom’ and learn the famous story of the Killers of Eden.

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fortunate enough


The Killer Whale Trail will immerse you in the history of Eden’s whale migration, a story that spans thousands of years and includes one of the only known hunting partnerships between wild animals and humans. The self-drive day trip takes you to five historic sites which you can do at your own pace.

01 EDEN KILLER WHALE MUSEUM | This museum has been telling Eden’s stories for over 90 years and is home to one of the only full orca skeletons in the world. Open Monday to Saturday 9.15am to 3.45pm and Sunday 10.15am to 2.45pm.

02 ROTARY LOOKOUT | With commanding views across the bay it is easy to imagine the whalers scouting for whales from Boyds Tower and the tiny timber whaling boats rowing out to the humpbacks. You can also enjoy the short walk around the headland from here that takes in two more viewing areas and Eden’s Seamen’s Memorial.

03 BEERMUNA BEACH AND SEAHORSE INN | This is the site where the incredible relationship between the beowa (orca) and the Thaua people first began, and many years later became the base of Ben Boyd’s empire. All that remains is the Seahorse Inn, now a stunningly renovated historic hotel, home to a bistro, bar and art and craft gallery.

04 DAVIDSON WHALING STATION | Wander the beautiful grounds of Loch Garra, home to generations of the Davidson family, and down to the beach where artifacts from the tryworks still remain. This location was home to Australia’s longest operating shore-based whaling station.

05 BOYDS TOWER | Constructed in the 1840s and originally designed to be a lighthouse, this impressive sandstone tower provides commanding views across the bay. Once used to spot whales for hunting, it now provides the perfect viewpoint in the spring months to watch the humpback’s southern migration.

For more information scan the QR code or drop by the Eden Visitor Information Centre for a Trail Map.

Killer Whale Trail


Eden is a town steeped in history that can be explored through a variety of trails, walks and pathways.

The Eden Heritage Walks and Drive map links together all the sites in town that have numbered plaques through walks of varying grades, or takes you further south around Twofold Bay on a heritage drive. Pick up a copy at the Eden Visitor Information Centre.

Along Aslings Beach you can enjoy the Maritime Heritage Walk with depictions set into the pavers of twenty types of vessels that make up the maritime history of Eden. You can also learn about Eden as a maritime destination through the lens of ship arrivals by visiting the Maritime History Pathway harbourside at the Eden Welcome Centre at Snug Cove – pop into the centre for a brochure.

Learn about the pioneering Ben Boyd by visiting the Ben Boyd History Centre at Boydtown, or by taking the Boydtown

History Walk.

Eden is home to some special historic sites and places of memoriam including:

Seamen’s Memorial (at Rotary Park): Commemorating all the seamen of Eden who were lost at sea. National Timber Worker's Memorial (on Mitchell Street): Opened in 2008 to honour those in the timber industry who have given their lives. Mary MacKillop Museum (on Calle Calle Street): Australia’s first saint has links to Eden through the passing of her mother, Flora, who tragically drowned in the shipwreck of the Ly-ee-Moon at Green Cape in 1886.

Edrom Lodge (off Edrom Road): This stately mansion was built in 1913 and today provides accommodation for conferences, and school/educational groups. With no public access (unless you’re a house guest) the best vantage point to see this beautiful building is from the multi-purpose wharf.

Eden Historic Cemetery (on Aslings Beach Road): The amazing beachside location for Eden’s cemetery is classified by the National Trust, and with graves dating back to the 1830’s, it contains many notable names from Eden’s history.


The Eden region is a highly significant geoheritage site due to flora and fauna fossils dating back to the Devonian Period, world class fish fossils and the fact that we are home to some of the oldest rocks on the New South Wales coast. Drop by the Eden Visitor Information Centre for more information on the fascinating geology of Eden.

Sites and Trails
Edrom Lodge


a while

Eden offers a broad choice when it comes to accommodation, with something to suit everyone’s taste and style. If you would like to wake up to the sound of breaking waves in a luxury beachfront hotel, or you would like a water park and pump track in a caravan park for the kids – you will find your perfect getaway in Eden.


A popular destination for caravanners, Eden has six caravan parks and four of them are beachfront. Facilities range from camp kitchens to water parks, with options of simple grassed sites through to powered slab sites. All the parks offer the ability to have your dog with you during off-peak times.


Covering all options from budget overnight motels through to stunning renovated historic hotels and beachfront luxury you are sure to find the right hotel/ motel for you. Many motels also offer self-contained stays and the Eden Motel specialises in pet friendly accommodation.


Eden offers a broad range of self-contained accommodation from barn studios to five bedroom homes. These are a great option for families, those with dogs, visitors looking for a unique stay, or those in need of room to park the boat. B&Bs are a great way to experience local hospitality.


Within the Beowa National Park you will find low cost bush camping at both Bittangabee Bay and Saltwater Creek that is suitable for tents, swags and camper trailers. These sites are limited and are booked through the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Free bush camping is available at Scrubby Creek Rest Area just south of Eden and Newton’s Crossing.

For detailed information on where to stay in Eden, head to the Visitor Information Centre or scan the QR code for accommodation listings.

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Due to Eden’s unique location a variety of seafood comes through the port. Fishermen, some of whom have been in the trade for generations, come in with fresh fish, as well as abalone, lobster and urchin, which is either sent off to Sydney Fish Markets or processed through local facilities at Snug Cove.

In Twofold Bay you might spot the large black buoys bobbing around which are part of the mussel farm operated jointly with the farm at Jervis Bay.

With the pristine lakes of Wonboyn to the south and Pambula and Merimbula to the north, the (native Australian) Sydney Rock Oyster is in abundance. Visit the farmgates for the freshest oysters and for experiences such as farm tours and shucking schools.

North of Eden Gin offers internationally award winning gin using local produce, such as oyster shells and kelp and offers tastings and gin school at their Stony Creek Farm distillery.

At the historic Hotel Australasia you can enjoy locally made gin and vodka from Nine Circles Distillery, and across the road, Florabel showcases local produce in their flagship store trading as cafe by day, and cocktail bar and tapas by night in their terrace with fabulous views of Balawan.

To find Eden's fresh seafood on menus head to the takeaways, cafes and restaurants. Retail sales are also offered from the fish processing factory and smokehouse at Snug Cove.

Various locations throughout town including the Visitor Information Centre also showcase local chilli products along with sauces, preserves and honey.

Local Produce & Dining



FISHING For those fishing from land, try for catches of salmon and tailor off Haycock, Pinnacles, Boydtown, Saltwater and Greenglades beaches. Youngsters get tremendous enjoyment fishing for yellowtail, slimy mackerel and trevally off the wharves and pumping for nippers at Nullica Rivermouth. Head to Kiah, Wonboyn or Nullica for estuary and river fishing to catch a hearty feed of bream, whiting or flathead and enjoy (careful!) rock fishing off the shelves at North Head, Eagles Claw, Green Cape or the legendary Pulpit Rock to take home drummer, luderick, leatherjacket, salmon and tailor. For those with a boat, enjoy the excellent facilities at Quarantine Bay to launch and hose off the boat and clean your catch on return at the fish cleaning tables. Safety is not compromised as you have direct access to the bay and ocean without the worry of bars or shallow reefs to cross and you can enjoy game fishing for marlin, tuna and swordfish and reef fishing for kingfish, snapper and morwong.

SNORKELLING & DIVING Eden is the best kept secret of the diving world where you can see a myriad of underwater life even the elusive weedy seadragon. If you are an experienced underwater huntergatherer Eden provides an abundance of abalone, mussels and eastern rock lobster especially during the autumn and winter months when the westerlies flatten the sea for diving. If you are scuba certified, enjoy vibrant wharf dives, cave dives and shipwreck dives to the 'Tasman Hauler' and 'Henry Bolte'. There is a choice of tour operators that offer guided snorkel trips, freediving and learn to scuba sessions. Equipment and tank hire / refills are conveniently available locally as well.

SUP / KAYAK For some memorable kayaking or paddle boarding don’t miss the Pambula Rivermouth, Bittangabee Bay, Wonboyn Lake and Kiah River and on calmer days launch at Quarantine Bay or Cattle Bay to explore Nullica Bay and Snug Cove.

Fishing, Snorkelling, Diving, Kayak & SUP


If beach bliss is your thing, then you have plenty of choice in Eden! Famous for its pristine beaches and being spoilt for choice, it's not unusual even at the busier times of year to find a beach all to yourself.


Centrally located Aslings Beach is the perfect spot for a surf or bodyboard. If swimming here be aware of rips and swim between the flags (when setup in summertime). For more sheltered swimming, head to the northern end of the beach near the Curalo Lake entrance, or the rock pool at the southern end of the beach. Family friendly Cocora Beach is always a crowd favourite with its beachside playground, BBQ area and toilets.


Just out of Eden you will find some real hidden gems. The beaches in the northern part of Beowa National Park, Severs and Barmouth, sit on one one of the most stunning waterways in New South Wales. In the southern section of Beowa National Park you will find Saltwater, which is home to an open ocean surf beach and a creek for calmer swimming, and Bittangabee Bay which is a magnificent sheltered cove where crystal clear turquoise water meets red Devonian rock.


If you like to get off the beaten track and explore in your 4WD then you’ll discover some stunning beach locations. Venture into the northern part of Beowa National Park to find Terrace Beach and Lennards Island or search for the hidden unmarked trail that will reward you with Brandy Creek Beach just south of town. Further afield head to Wonboyn and out to Greenglades Beach.

Enjoy a swim at Cattle Bay where jetty jumping is a right of passage for the local kids.

Please respect Eden's pristine beaches, don’t leave anything behind but your footprints and be careful around sand dunes and on beaches for endangered species such as the Pied Oystercatcher. Drop by the Eden Visitor Information Centre for some local tips on where to find your piece of beach paradise and while you’re there pick up a copy of the “Beaches of Merimbula and the Sapphire Coast” book.

Beaches & Hidden Coves
Cattle Bay Saltwater Beach Terrace Beach


Eden is the ideal destination for the family to get back to nature and enjoy the simple things in life – getting sand between your toes, exploring rock pools, meeting local residents [such as wombats and stingrays] and having a true coastal adventure.


Playgrounds with BBQ facilities are located at Cocora Beach, Rotary Park Lookout and Apex Park as well as additional playground facilities at Wellings Park and next to the Eden War Memorial.


Cocora Beach is Eden’s main family friendly beach, there are plenty more sheltered swimming spots in town and nearby, see further details on page 19.


Kids love exploring rock pools at the southern end of Aslings Beach and Haycock Point to find crabs, anemones and other creatures. Visit Nullica Rivermouth at low tide to watch the swarms of soldier crabs, or higher tide to enjoy lazing in the water on your floats. Eden is also home to an olympic size swimming pool for more water fun.


Keep your eyes peeled at Green Cape Lighthouse for resident wombats. Seals can sometimes be spotted off rocky headlands at Boyds Tower, Green Cape and the Rotary Lookout and look for kangaroos and echidnas at Haycock Point. A visit to Eden isn’t complete unless you’ve met the resident Quarantine Bay giant stingrays who cruise the fish cleaning table area looking for scraps (sometimes fighting with pelicans and seals for them).


Other activities that are family friendly include visiting the Eden Killer Whale Museum, taking the Killer Whale Trail and adventuring into the surrounding areas of Beowa National Park to see sites such as the Pinnacles.

Family Friendly


Eden isn’t just the perfect holiday destination for those looking for a coastal getaway, it is also the pawfect destination for a fur baby holiday as well! Providing off-leash beach areas, dog friendly walking trails and accommodation and an endless list of dining options you can enjoy along with your four-legged friend.

ACCOMMODATION The Eden Motel specialises in motel accommodation allowing pets and all six of Eden’s caravan parks allow dogs at off-peak times. Contact the Eden Visitor Information Centre for up-to-date recommendations.

DINING The Seahorse Inn at Boydtown is a great place to enjoy lunch, dinner, morning tea or even just a nice icy cold beer while you sit on the lawns with your four-legged friend and soak up the beachside views. You will also find an endless list of other dining options where you can sit with your pooch including Florabel Café (streetside tables), Fig Café and Bar (front verandah) and the Great Southern Inn (back balcony) just to name a few. Drop by Supply Central if you are in need of some doggy treats (or other pet items).

EXERCISE We all know our four-legged friends love a run, so get down to the marked area halfway along Aslings Beach or duck into Bungo Beach / Keith’s Pinch Beach (near Quarantine Bay) for some real off-leash fun. You can also enjoy leashed walks on the Bundian Way Story Trail and Lake Curalo.

Although dogs are prohibited within the surrounding National Parks, there are plenty of locations within the State Forest where they are welcome including the Yambulla State Forest (locations such as Newton’s Crossing and Allan Brook) and the Bondi State Forest. Check with the Eden Visitor Information Centre for doggy daycare options if needed.

THE HON KRISTY MCBAIN MP Federal member for Eden-Monaro


One of my favourite places in the world to be is on the #SapphireCoast and I am so lucky to call this place home. As an Eden Marine High alumnus, a former Mayor of the Bega Valley Shire and now as the federal representative for Eden-Monaro, there is nothing I love more than spruiking the wonders we enjoy every day.

So, here’s a few of my favourites for you to check out:

1. Seahorse Inn – Boydtown. The history of the place is second to none and it’s also where we got married, so it will always hold special memories for me and my husband.

2. Bundian Way – the walk from Cocora Beach to Quarantine Bay is beautiful, with wonderful story boards, fantastic scenery and two amazing locations to jump in the ocean. This is a small section of the 365kms from coast to mountains that Aboriginal people traversed many years ago.

3. Beowa National Park – Boyds

Tower, Green Cape Lighthouse, the Pinnacles, the Light to Light walk, Disaster Bay and Bittangabee Bay, enjoy it all—it’s simply breathtaking.

No doubt people have told you about the gorgeous rock pool at Aslings Beach, the Eden Killer Whale Museum and the hospitality of our locals. Make sure you enjoy your time in our part of the world and tell others about the amazing #SapphireCoast

Take care and hope to see you soon.

Eden Enthusiast


API ROBIN Comedian


Eden is a special place, rich in history and spirit. There's a few things I look forward to whenever I come back.

I'm always drawn to the coastline. It's spectacular. The Great Southern Ocean meets land and you can see the immense geological forces pushing and folding the landscape to the shape it holds today. You get a sense of time, of how very old this place is. It's beautiful and humbling. You can explore coastal tracks that skirt the town, follow old Indigenous paths around the bays and further. Much further. They take you past secluded beaches, rocky out crops, through clearings full of wildlife and if you're lucky…into some good waves.

One of my favourite things to do is jump in the boat with my brother. We dive numerous inlets and crags looking for lobster, if there's not many around there's always plenty of mussels on offer. Nothing's better than a feed of fresh caught seafood with the family.

I cant wait to get back!

“We dive numerous inlets and crags looking for lobster, if there`s not many around there`s always plenty of mussels on offer.”


George Bass Marathon (biennial)

February | March

Eden Sport & Game Fishing Tournament


Eden Amateur Annual Fishing Competition

EAT Festival


Art Month Sapphire Coast

September Wanderer Festival


Eden Whale Festival


Giiyong Festival


Christmas on Imlay

New Year’s Eve Fireworks


Bega Farmer’s Market

Candelo Market

Merimbula Seaside Market

Pambula Village Market

Eden Community Market

Nethercote Produce Market

Also check out the school holiday programs run in and around Eden by National Parks and Wildlife Service, the local Eden Library and local tour operators. Scan the QR code below for more detailed market and event information.

Love the south coast! Bag limits met.
Eden Enthusiast
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Eden is the perfect place to base yourself for day adventures across the beautiful Sapphire Coast.


Pambula, Merimbula, Lochiel, Nethercote Head up to Pambula to fossick through the quaint village shops, visit Oaklands (home to a brewery, café, gallery, garden shop and chocolatier), take a walk through the bird conservation area of Panboola and head down to the stunning Pambula River Mouth at Pambula Beach. From here, head north for the short drive into Merimbula where the views at Short Point will take your breath away, visit Bar Beach, walk around the Fish Pen and do some holiday shopping. For the drive back, take Mount Darragh Road and visit the beautiful Goodenia Rainforest if time permits, before heading back to Eden via the beautiful rolling green hills of Lochiel and Nethercote


Tathra, Bermagui, Cobargo, Bega

This round trip will take you along one of New South Wales most stunning coastal scenic drives. Head north to Tathra and visit the historic steamer wharf and take the headland walk for beautiful views. From here the drive goes north taking

in the spotted gums of Mimosa Rocks National Park, historic timber single lane bridges (keep an eye out for the give way signs!) and past the breathtaking areas of Cuttagee Beach and Barragga Bay. In Bermagui explore the famous Blue Pool, Horse Head Rock and of course the wharf area with its Fishermen’s Co-op building. From here, head west through Coolagolite to Cobargo to wander the quaint shops. Take the highway south to Bega, to visit the famous Bega Cheese Heritage Centre and SECCA gallery (South East Centre for Contemporary Art) before heading back to Eden.


Greenglades, Newton's Crossing

For those that enjoy the road less traveled head into the deep south to visit the sleepy hamlet of Wonboyn. Call ahead to arrange a visit to a local oyster farm, hire a tinny or kayak and explore the lake (a haven for fishermen) and head down to pristine Greenglades Beach (4WD recommended) and Bay Cliff (if time permits). From here head out to Imlay Road to visit the crystal clear fresh waters of Newton’s Crossing for a dip before making your way back to Eden.

Day Trips
Blue Pool




This stunning rock pool was constructed in 1961 and is where local children had their swimming lessons. Built into the unique pink and white cliff face at the southern end of Aslings Beach, it is only accessible by getting sand between your toes and walking the beach to get there.


There’s something romantic about the wharf area of a little fishing village, steeped in history and full of stories. Wander the wharves for your perfect shot. Locals top tip is that this is the best place for sunset, with Balawan (Mount Imlay) as the perfect backdrop.



This 65 million year old erosion feature has been touted as being almost “mars like” in the many shots shared to Instagram. It is located within the northern section of Beowa National Park and is accessible by a short 1km loop track that will take you past three viewing platforms. Locals top tip is to visit at low tide and take the path down onto the beach to walk up into the base of the Pinnacles.

Eden and its surrounds are bursting with natural beauty providing endless opportunities for amazing instaworthy pics, here are some of our favourites...
Instaworthy Locations


Eden's local businesses are working hard to add accessibility options including cafés and restaurants, accommodation houses and attractions.

The Eden Killer Whale Museum has recently undergone a major renovation including the installation of an elevator so that the entire museum is now more accessible for everyone. If you continue on to enjoy the rest of the Killer Whale Trail you’ll find accessible walkways and disabled toilet facilities at the Seahorse Inn and even Boyds Tower (which underwent a major post-bushfire facelift in late 2022).

You can enjoy meals at many of Eden’s dining establishments including both the hotels, Great Southern Inn and Hotel Australasia, who have made the effort to install ramps to access their bistro facilities and the beautiful Florabel Terrace that opened in late 2022 that has a full lift installed to ensure easy access.

You can soak up beautiful views on flat friendly walkways along Aslings Beach and Lake Curalo Boardwalk as well as visiting the Rotary Park Lookout. Finish your day with a swim at the Eden Olympic Pool that has accessibility steps installed.

After your busy days you will find a broad range of accommodation options including self contained apartments, houses and motel rooms that are equipped with accessible features.


The Captain’s crew tell salty stories of the sea.


We hope you’ve got a boat, because the best parts of Eden are found on and in the salty stuff. We regularly slip into the port of Eden to plunder tales of the ocean and those who sail across its watery expanse. Eden is a boaties’ paradise and as we’ve come to learn, marine critters are also pretty fond of the place. In fact, the famous killer whale 'Old Tom', who guided whalers to their quarry by the stern lines on their timber whale boats, was the first local celebrity.

Out deep, the reefs are stockpiled with snapper, morwong and the occasional bar cod or trumpeter. In the summer months, striped marlin congregate around bait schools, to be caught by pitch-baiting a live mackerel or yakka into the feeding bait ball. No boat? No worries. Salmon and gummy sharks patrol the beaches and eastern rock lobster are always crawling over the weeds in the shallow bays. Just mind the oyster shells as you tip-toe through the rock pools! The deep water harbour and four-lane boat ramp at Quarantine Bay is open all hours, and protected in almost every direction. And there’s not a ticket machine in sight!

The Captain’s favourite fishy things to do:

1. Catch a flattie in the mouth of the Kiah River

2. Fish for salmon at Long Beach

3. Fish the wrecks in the deep using paternoster rigs

4. Explore the caves and rocks hunting for crays in Twofold Bay

5. Head offshore and pitch-bait for a marlin

Eden Enthusiast


Relax on the Cat Balou, as you cruise around one of the deepest and most beautiful harbours in the world. Family owned and operated with friendly, personalised service.

Discover why Eden has been named one of Australia’s top whale watching destinations! There is no better way to see majestic humpback whales as they migrate south from August to November than with Cat Balou Cruises.

0427 962 027

Weecoon Street, Eden www.catbalou.com.au

27 PRINCES HIGHWAY EDEN SPORTS & RECREATION CLUB STOREY AVENUE BEN BOYD DVE H O P K I N S KINGFISHER TUNA CLARE CRESCENT MOORHEAD ST BANKS Wellings Court MARLIN TRUMPETER BONITO Hollydale Place LAKESIDE D R I V E IRENE CR KING Blue Marlin Crt. EMBLEN ST RESERVOIR W E S T S T R E E T RODD STREET FLORA Twofold Court Fishermens Court Victoria Terrace WEECOON YULE ST BRAMBLE By St I D A RODD EVIRD Egan Court VIEW ST The Mews Bellbird Crescent ANDREA CLOSE BAY B E L LEVUEPL Melrose Street CALLE CALLE STREET C A T T L E BAY ROAD FLINDERS STREET Rose Crt BASS STREET STANLEY ST MALING STREET Lake Curalo Linton Allan Gibson Boardwalk Surfing Rock Pool Aslings Beach Calle Calle Bay TWOFOLD BAY Historic Cemetery Warrens Walk Marine Rescue Cattle Bay Snug Cove Cocora Beach PHILLIPPS ST Timber Workers Memorial TWOFOLD BAY ELAHW OC V E COURT Alms Street KOMIRRA DRIVE KB TIMMS ROAD GOVERNMENT ROAD Tennis Maritime Heritage Walk Swimming Pool Wykes Lane BARCLAY STREET CURALO STREET BUNGO STREET A S L I N G S BEACH ROAD MAHSOC CLOSE Killer Whale Museum Seamen’s Memorial Mary MacKillop Hall Public School High School George Brown Oval Albacore Crescent C O O K DRIVE Young Street Endeavour Court B O T A N Y STREET Rotary Park George Bass Park YPPAH LAV L E Y ROAD WIRRIGA STREET Cock’s Lane Ireland Timms Lane Wahoo Ct Dolphin Crt WAVEST LAKE ALBERT T E RRACE IMLAY STREET COCORA STREET MUSEUMST IMLAY STREET CHANDOS STREET Sports Ground BIMMIL Story Trail Bundian Way (2km) to Quarantine Bay Surfing LOVE ST P R I NCES H I GHWAY PRINCES HIGHWAY I M L A Y STREET PR I NCES HIGHWAY BOYD STREET MITCHELL STREET Logan Ct. > > > Hosies Rd (one way) > > > > > > Skate Park Little Bimmil St PALESTINE RD Nethercote Road EDEN WELCOME CENTRE P Eden Fitness Trail Whale Dreaming Trail TOWN MAP Medical Centre Whale Sightings Picnic Table Public Toilets BBQ Walking Track Lookout Playground Camping Caravan Park Accommodation Motel Swimming ATM Chemist Post Office Public Phone LEGEND: Police Church
GRAVEL ROAD CAPE HOWE 4WD ONLY The Pinnacles Haycock Point Barmouth Beach Leonards Island Worang Point PAMBULA (19km from Eden) LOCHIEL NETHERCOTE (11km from Eden) Severs Beach Broadwater Back Creek Road NethercoteRoad Broadwater Road Nethercote Road Calle Calle Bay 4WD ONLY Chipmill Boyds Tower (built 1846) Leatherjacket Bay Mowarry Point Nullica Bay SnakeTrack NullicaRiver TOWAMBA Kiah General Store KIAH TowambaRiver Light to Light Walk 30km walking track Saltwater Creek Bittangabee Bay Beowa National Park Green Cape Lighthouse (built 1883) Wonboyn Beach 19km from Eden 23km from Eden and 10km to Wonboyn Scrubby Creek Picnic Area Imlay Creek Picnic Area Newtons Crossing Nadgee State Forest Yambulla State Forest Timbillica State Forest Ranger Station Duck Hole Road Green Cape Disaster Bay Nadgee Nature Reserve Maxwells Rain Forest Walk WonboynRoad Ireland Timms Road Anteater Road Burrawang Road MaxwellsRoad Mt. Tumbledown Lookout Newtons Beach Jane Spiers Beach Walking track 4km from Ranger Station ROAD CLOSED Walking track only beyond this crossing NO VEHICLE ACCESS MerricaRiver Nadgee Nature Walk approximately 50km to Mallacoota (Permit required) Harrys Hut Nadgee Lake AllanBrookRoad Imlay Road WallagaruaghRiver PRINCES HIGHWAY To Bombala (110km from Eden) To Melbourne Beowa National Park WONBOYN Bay Cliff City Rock Wonboyn Cabins and Van Park Wonboyn Lake Resort Broadaxe Road Nethercote Picnic Area Goodenia Rainforest Walk (28km from Eden) VictorianBorder Yowaka River Green Glades Jigamy Farm Pambula Beach Quarantine Bay Nullica River Mouth Boydtown (built 1842) Mallacoota Lookout Towamba Road BenBoydRoad 8km from Eden TWOFOLD BAY EDEN Disaster Bay Lookout Nullica Road Haycock Road 15km to Chipmill 25kmto Green Cape NullicaShort Cut Access not recommended 40km from Eden 47km from Eden Pulpit Rock Rd. Multi-purpose & Navy Wharf Davidson’s Whaling Station Road Edrom Road Edrom Lodge Boyd Balawan (Mt. Imlay) Mt Darragh Road Chalk Hills Rd REGION MAP LEGEND: Caravan Park Picnic Tables Public Toilets BBQ Historical Site Swimming Boat Ramp Accommodation Sealed Road Unsealed Road Fishing Camping Lighthouse Petrol Whale Sightings Walking Track Food Lookout Water


North of Eden is a tiny artisan distillery nestled in the rolling green hills of the Sapphire Coast. It is the region’s most awarded and internationally recognised distillery, and its iconic Oyster Shell Gin was named Best Australian Gin of 2021.

Visitors to the cellar door can enjoy guided gin tastings and delicious cocktails in a stunning farm setting. For a more immersive experience, the distillery also offers fun and informative gin making classes.

To find out more, or to buy online, please visit www.northofeden.com.au

13594 Princes Highway, Stony Creek



[02] 6496 1560



in nature’s paradise at Eden’s new boutique hotel, where service is
anything but ordinary. 8 beautifully appointed
a wine
lounge and outdoor beer garden and “Pikes Bistro” there is something for everyone.


Eden Gateway Holiday Park is situated only minutes from clubs, pubs, shops and golf club. It offers a relaxing holiday for couples, friends and the whole family with a range of accommodation including 1 & 2 bedroom cabins, ensuite, powered and unpowered sites.

The accommodation is complimented by modern guest facilities including camp kitchen, BBQ shelters, playground, jumping pillow, hire carts and pool.


[02] 6496 1798

99 Princes Highway Eden


At Eden Motel we provide our valued guests, clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation. We pride ourselves on providing well-presented rooms and excellent customer service. All our rooms have kitchenettes and our Family Bungalow has a full kitchen, laundry, bath and double headed shower. Our guest facilities include an indoor heated pool, gym, guest laundry, guest BBQ and picnic area.


[02] 6496 1601

87 Princes Highway Eden

COAST MOTEL www.coastmoteleden.com.au 0474 694 322 167 Imlay Street Eden FAIRWAY MOTOR INN www.fairwaymotorinn.com.au [02] 6495 6000 180 Arthur Kaine Drive Merimbula Fairway Motor Inn Stay & Play SNUG COVE B&B www.snugcove.com.au [02] 6496 3123 0439 130 372 25 Victoria Terrace Eden HERITAGE HOUSE ACCOMMODATION www.edenheritagehouse.com.au [02] 6496 1657 178 Imlay Street Eden
WONBOYN CABINS & CARAVAN PARK www.wonboyncabins.com.au [02] 6496 9131 18 Wonboyn Road Wonboyn SEA SALT BEACHSIDE APARTMENT www.seasaltaccommodation.com.au 0419 716 756 34 Manuka Lane Eden GARDEN OF EDEN CARAVAN PARK www.edengarden.biz [02] 6496 1172 1 Barclay Street Eden GardenEden of EDEN HOLIDAY RENTALS www.edenholidayrentals.com.au 0421 027 867


Our small, privately-owned 4-star coastal property includes six cottages and three beachfront units, all fully self-contained and air-conditioned.


0419 543 760

31 Quarantine Bay Rd

Eden NSW 2551


The luxury Seahorse Inn Hotel and Villas is ideally situated on the sandy shores of Twofold Bay. The Brasserie specialising in local seafood, fine wines and cool ales, open 7 days for Lunch and Dinner.


[02] 6496 1361

Boydtown Park Road Eden


Immersive, regenerative travel experiences for the environmentally conscious traveller, from small group walking, kayaking to speciality tours.


1300 030 902


Take a journey on Pambula Lake, where you will be shown how we farm our premium Sydney Rock Oysters using modern aquaculture techniques. BOOK ONLINE.


0429 453 545

Landing Road



This farm on the foreshore of Pambula Lake is a ‘must-visit’ location! Book a Tour or Shuck School, buy fresh opened & unopened oysters or relax at picnic tables sampling local delicacies.


[02] 6495 6704

Shed 1, 52 Landing Rd



For all your hiking, camping, caravanning gear plus Weber BBQ, workwear and more. BIG BRANDS, great prices at the flagpole roundabout, Eden.


[02] 6496 1082

130 Imlay Street Eden


Florabel licensed café, in the heart of seaside Eden, is the perfect place to relax with fabulous food and fine coffee!

Florabel Terrace offers an atmospheric space with both lounge and outdoor areas with views to Mt. Imlay, offering wine, tapas, high tea, creative events, private functions, and live music.

Florabel is a responsible, family-friendly venue with disabled access, high chairs/ baby-changing facilities, and a courtesy bus available (Terrace customers).


0439 511 544

195 Imlay Street



The Great Southern Inn is the ideal spot to grab a bite to eat, settle in for a few rounds at the bar or simply catch up with friends. Whether you’re looking to enjoy traditional pub grub from our restaurant, an ice cold schooner or catch your favourite live sport in the Sports Bar, there’s a reason we are the locals favourite! Proudly showcasing every round of AFL, NRL, Rugby Union and Cricket on the big screens, plus we are the home of UFC in Eden with all major events broadcast live and loud.


[02] 6496 1515

158 Imlay Street Eden


Eden Sports & Recreation Club Golf Course is one of the Sapphire Coast’s hidden gems. This John Spencer designed Golf Course will challenge your golf while you enjoy beautiful surroundings. A fully stocked Proshop, onsite PGA Professional, equipment hire and great green fee packages.

Coast Wok & Grill Restaurant have a perfect balance of Chinese/Asian and Western meals to cater for everyone’s taste. Affordable dining 7 days a week.


[02] 6496 1577

79–81 Princes Highway



The Grand Matriarch Distilling Company is a micro-distillery located on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. Set on the Sapphire Coast with its blue skies, green pastures, forests, deep ocean and sparkling clear water our vodka is pure and refreshing.

We started making vodka from a small still in the kitchen to share with family and friends, who loved it so much that it just grew from there. While our equipment is getting bigger, we still lovingly create small batches of handmade vodka.


0417 917 979


Thirty minutes north of Eden you’ll find our native animal sanctuary where you can savour the rare opportunity to see a koala, wander among the kangaroos, touch a snake, or stroll through the walk-through aviary. Many of our animals roam the park freely and can be fed with an Animal Feed Bag. Daily tours, a cafe, and train rides are also available, and private animal encounters by booking only.


[02] 6494 9053

2372 Princes Highway Merimbula


We’re a small family run business in beautiful Eden on the far south coast, our aim is to be one of the more affordable crystal retailers... while also being very mindful of our carbon footprint. You can rest assured we pick only the highest quality collections, all ethically sourced from all across the world. We’ve evolved into a store that caters to an extensive range of crystal specimens, giftware, homewares, plants, books, tarot decks & so much more. There’s something for everyone to be found at South Coast Crystals. WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!


0478 840 425

Shop 1, 136 Imlay St



If you want to experience the inspiring beauty of the Sapphire Coast then joining one of our boat based adventures is a must! Experienced owner/operators (operating locally for over 18 years).

Passionate crew. Whale Watching –August to November. Ocean Wildlife Tours

- December to July. Fishing Charters –December to July. Connect with the Ocean. Contact us today to book your ocean experience! (02) 6495 1686 or book online.


[02] 6495 1686




Shop where the locals shop, at the family run Eden IGA Plus Liquor.

Conveniently open 7 days a week with extended trading hours and offering bottle shop, full service deli, in-store butchery, and more – all with a friendly smile and good old fashioned service.

Specialising in local products and produce, and also offering carry to your boot service and home delivery* (conditions apply). Drop by for all your grocery needs.


[02] 6496 1044

191 Imlay Street


FREEDOM CHARTERS www.freedomcharters.com.au 0415 602 446 Weecoon Street Eden EDEN KILLER WHALE MUSEUM www.killerwhalemuseum.com.au [02] 6496 2094 184 Imlay Street Eden OPEN 7 DAYS FIG CAFE & BAR www.figcafeandbar.com.au [02] 6496 1475 1/126–128 Imlay Street Eden MARK ANTHONY’S www.markanthonyseden.com.au [02] 6496 1748 201 Imlay Street Eden
PICKLES FISHING & OUTDOORS www.picklesfishing.com [02] 6496 1513 203 Imlay Street Eden EDEN SLIPWAY SERVICES www.edenslipway.com.au [02] 6496 1711 249 Imlay Street Eden NOLAN AUTO PARTS & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES www.nolansautoparts.com.au [02] 6496 1345 75 Imlay Street Eden WONBOYN ROCK OYSTERS www.wonboynoysters.com.au 0477 054 590 0448 969 140 Myrtle Cove Wonboyn Lake


Locally owned and operated seafood smokehouse, using only Australian seafood and specialising in local products such as prawns, mussels and abalone.

0439 416 071

Unit 9 18–20 Weecoon St



Visit our distillery door at Hotel Australasia and sample our award winning spirits made right here on the Sapphire Coast.


Islas Lane Hotel Australasia

144 Imlay Street



Visit our longstanding, family run Chinese restaurant and bar for delicious meals both eat-in and take-away. Dinner 7 days a week, Lunch from Wednesday to Saturday.

[02] 6496 1668 0499 159 999

1 / 162 Imlay Street



Eden is proud to have an award-winning Visitor Centre located at the Eden Wharf, Snug Cove. A must do when visiting our coastal town, the centre provides local tips and advice, maps and guides, and a beautiful selection of locally made souvenirs and gifts all within a stunning architecturally designed waterfront venue.

The Eden Welcome Centre which houses the Visitor Centre was opened in 2021 and has won awards for its use of recycled timber. Celebrating the town’s main industries of fishing, forestry and tourism, the building is intended to act as a symbol of Eden’s past and its future and has encompassed features from Eden’s rich maritime and fishing industries. Designed by Cox Architects and constructed by local company Rankins Builders, the building provides a striking piece of architecture at Eden’s beloved wharf area.

Included within the centre is a satellie gallery space operated by SECCA, the South East Centre for Contemporary Art with ever changing exhibitions, as well as a coffee cart in the foyer so you can enjoy a coffee waterside as you watch the boats come and go.

The Visitor Centre is open 363 days a year:

Monday – Friday | 9am – 5pm

Saturday | 10am – 4pm

Sunday | 10am – 2pm (Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day).

Eden Welcome Centre

Weecoon Street PO Box 435, Eden 2551 [02] 6496 1953






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