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Cyprus Conferences & Incentives

Top meeting place Lying in the sparkling blue waters of the Eastern Mediterranean and at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and Asia, Cyprus has always had an important strategic position throughout history. Nowadays, as the Easternmost member of the European Union, the island is a perfect meeting place for decision-makers from all over the world. An ideal all year round climate, beautiful scenery, a traditionally hospitable people and a civilisation that goes back 10,000 years. The island has everything to offer to make your next meeting, convention, incentive or other corporate event a tremendous success. Having hosted meetings of heads of government in the past and with over 600 top companies and organisations holding conferences here every year, Cyprus has all the facilities that even the most valued VIPs would need. With a reputation for quality and professionalism, as well as top class facilities and service, you'll find there's no more distinctive venue than Cyprus.


Accommodation Comfort and service for all your needs

When it’s time for business you’ll find everything you need. Whether you are planning a full-scale conference of over a thousand participants, or an innovative incentives programme, Cyprus can provide it. There’s an abundance of quality hotels in all towns and holiday resorts with high standards of service to choose from, allowing you the convenience of staying in the same location as your corporate event. The excellent amenities offer fully equipped conference rooms with varying capacities, the latest audio, visual and video conferencing equipment, flexible meeting rooms, break-out rooms and technical equipment, as well as simultaneous translation facilities. Secretarial services are also widely available. Hire the executive boardroom for a small group meeting, host a product launch in the foyer, or hold a reception around the pool or on the terrace, and let the professionals accommodate you. After a day of tough decision-making, put your feet up in your wellappointed air-conditioned room or suite. Cyprus hotels provide every amenity the modern business traveller has come to expect and more, from swimming pools, tennis courts, sauna rooms, and beachfronts, to salt-water pools, exotic gardens, thalassotherapy and health spas. Buffet style dining is popular and presents your participants with a bountiful array of market fresh local and international cuisine. Benefit from special off-season discounts that are usually on offer between mid-November and mid-March, excluding the Christmas period.



Infrastructure keeping in touch Cyprus has a well developed physical and social infrastructure. Efficient dual carriage motorways link all towns and resorts, keeping travel time low and allowing you the freedom to indulge in your pursuits. Many international airlines operate regular flights to Larnaka airport. Transfer times to the capital Lefkosia (Nicosia) and Lemesos (Limassol) are less than one hour. Pafos is served by its own international airport. Within thirty minutes of leaving the arrivals lounge you may find yourself enjoying a drink at your venue hotel. The island’s geographic proximity to other popular destinations means you can add an extra dimension to your event by combining it with a short, value-for-money cruise to a neighbouring country such as Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Greece and the Greek islands. A sophisticated communications system including tele-conferencing, video-conferencing, and widely accessible internet and e-mail facilities will link you anywhere in the world and help you maintain contact with your corporate base at home. On the social side, Cyprus can offer the coporate events organiser a stable economy and a safe and secure European country that respects law and order.


Incentives a bonus worth working for Providing incentives through travel can be very effective and rewarding. Turn experiences into motivation and motivation into returns. A successful incentives program not only increases profits by motivating employees to work harder and customers to buy more, but it also builds loyalty, dedication and camaraderie. Offer your staff the chance to hone their golfing or tennis skills at one of the island’s purpose-built resorts set in peaceful surroundings with spectacular views. Make them feel like millionaires for a day experiencing the comfort of a private yacht, or let them be pampered at one of the island’s luxury spa resorts. Cyprus has an abundance of added-value amenities such as archaeological sites, museums, galleries, sporting and leisure activities, nightlife and entertainment. The culture and heritage of Cyprus is unique, with a 10,000 year history as a meeting place for continents and peoples. This cosmopolitan element gives Cyprus its distinctive flavour, a feature in the choice of destination by corporate clients. Jeep safaris into the countryside, wine tours round picturesque mountain villages, a themed cruise around the attractive coastline, are just some of the possibilities which Cyprus has to offer.


Destination Management Companies leave it to us... Whether you need a live band to play for your soirée, someone to organise games, gimmicks or other entertainment for your pre and post event tours or for escorting members, let the experts do it for you. Numerous professional destination management companies with experienced, efficient and multilingual staff will draw up a complete tailor-made programme to suit your needs and be on hand at all times to supervise every stage of the event. Their portfolio of original, innovative and creative ideas can include anything from an afternoon experiencing village life - sipping coffee and playing backgammon, or baking home-made olive or ‘halloumi cheese’ pies - to a day following in the footsteps of Aphrodite, the legendary goddess of love and beauty, protectress of Cyprus. From the place where she rose from the waves, to dedicated sites where she was worshipped. Having one of the oldest civilisations in the world, there is so much in Cyprus to see, from ancient prehistoric sites, Greco-Roman theatres, exquisite mosaics, to skilfully painted Byzantine churches on the UNESCO world heritage list. Cyprus’ rich cultural heritage, in combination with the beauty and tranquility of its mountainous hinterland vastly enhance the drama and memorability of group events.






KEY †Church, Monastery Archaeological site Town Village Main Road Motorway Limit of area under Turkish occupation

17,5 8,1 7,2 16,6 73 9,1


19,4 10,0 8,0 16,9 68 8,9


22,6 12,7 9,2 17,4 67 5,0


26,6 16,5 11,2 19,0 69 2,6


30,7 20,1 12,8 21,8 70 0,3


33,0 22,2 12,6 24,1 71 0,0



17,3 8,4 6,1 16,5 77 11,4


Humidity (%)


Sea temperature in oC


Maximum daily coastal temperature in oC Minimum night coastal temperature in oC

Mean daily Sunshine (Hours)


33,2 22,6 11,9 25,4 73 0,3


31,3 20,4 10,6 25,8 67 0,3


28,6 17,7 8,9 23,2 68 3,4

OVEMBER 23,5 13,4 7,2 20,2 73 7,3 ECEMBER

19,0 10,0 5,8 18,6 81 10,0


80 LEMESOS 152




70 142 LARNAKA



51 123 121 TROODOS

AGIA NAPA 81 107 184 POLIS

188 108

41 163 AGIA NAPA

37 177 160 220 POLIS

PARALIMNI 85 111 178

44 158

5 219

Unusual venus one of the kind A number of venues throughout the island lend themselves to small conferences, gala dinners or themed nights, offering unusual surroundings that are bound to impress your conference participants or incentives group.


Book a medieval manor or hold a reception in the courtyard of a castle, like Richard the Lionheart did. Hold your meeting at an ancient carob mill or wine museum. Experience theatre in Roman style, under starry skies with the moon on a twinkling sea as a backdrop. Or go local in a village square and try your hand at traditional Cypriot folk dancing and get a taste of Cypriot cuisine and hospitality. You can even send the group off for a fun day out at a donkey farm, riding the island’s beast of burden.


Cyprus state fair authority exhibit with confidence The Cyprus State Fairs Authority, with its many years of experience, has the know-how that is needed to guarantee the organisation and coordination of successful local and international exhibitions, conferences and other events. Its Multipurpose Hall Complex situated within the International Fair grounds in Lefkosia (Nicosia) can meet the growing demand for high standard exhibition centres, combining functionality and flexibility. 9

It offers both a conference facility as well as an exhibition area accommodating up to 1,200 participants, a foyer, pavilions, audiovisual equipment, restaurants and cafeterias, as well a technical and administrative support.


Useful information Passports and Visas Cyprus is a member of the European Union since May 2004. No visas are required for entry into Cyprus by nationals of most European countries. Nationals of other countries should contact their nearest Cyprus consulate, or if none, the nearest British consulate. For more information visit the website: http: // There are no vaccination requirements for visitors to Cyprus. Banks The currency of the Republic is the Cyprus Pound (CYí) which is divided into 100 cents. Notes are issued in í20, í10, í5 and í1 denominations. Bank opening hours are from 08:30 to 13:30. Certain banks in tourist areas open during the afternoon. Automatic Exchange Machines and ATM Machines operate on a 24-hour basis and most currencies and denominations are accepted. As of 1.1.08 the Cyprus Republic is expected to enter the euro zone and employ the euro as its currency. The prices listed in the contents of this publication (í) are converted into euros (e) based on the exchange rate of the Cyprus pound against the euro which was set on 10.7.07, i.e í1 = 1.71 or 1=í0.58 Business Hours Shop opening hours vary according to the season. In the summer they are usually open between 09:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00 and at other times of the year from 09:00-3:00 and 14:30-18:00. On Wednesdays and Saturdays morning opening hours are observed. Weather Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers from mid-May to mid-October and mild winters with some rain and snow on the Troodos range from December to February, separated by short autumn and spring seasons. Extremes of temperature are rare. There is abundant sunshine all the year round, even in December and January when there is an average of six hours of bright sunshine per day. Electricity The Cyprus electricity supply operates on 240 volts a.c 50 H.z with normal 13 amp square pin plugs. Adaptor plugs are widely available from hotel receptions or shops.

Getting Around The best way to travel around Cyprus is by car. Self-drive car rental firms have offices in all towns, as well as at Larnaka International Airport. Modern air-conditioned tourist coaches as well as minibuses are also available for hire. Cyprus has a modern road network with dual lane motorways linking the main towns of Lefkosia (Nicosia), Lemesos (Limassol), Larnaka and Pafos. Approximate journey times from the capital Lefkosia (Nicosia) are 30 minutes to Larnaka, 45 minutes to Lemesos (Limassol), 1 hour to Agia Napa and 1hr 30 minutes to Pafos. Driving is on the left, as in the United Kingdom, and all signposting is in both English and Greek. The speed limit on motorways is 100 kilometres per hour. Both front and rear seatbelt wear is mandatory. The use of mobile phones at any time while driving is strictly prohibited, unless hands-free equipment is used. Communal "service taxis" provide connections between all major towns every half hour. Regular taxis are reasonably priced and are a good option for airport transfers. Petrol stations in all seaside areas and major towns are equipped with automatic pumps, accepting bank notes or credit cards and operating on a 24-hour basis. Medical Medical needs in Cyprus are met through government hospitals and private clinics and specialised doctors in private practice. Medical standards in Cyprus are high, as most practitioners are trained in European countries and the USA, while medical diagnostic centres are modern and wellequipped. Almost all brands of pharmaceuticals are available in Cyprus. Pharmacies are open during normal shopping hours. Late night chemists are listed in the daily papers. Water Tap water is safe to drink. It is a precious commodity on the island, especially during the summer months. Telecommunications Cyprus prides itself on having one of the most sophisticated telecommunications systems in the world. High quality value added services such as advanced data transmission systems, facsimile, mobile telephony, cardphones, paging, videoconferencing, private leased circuits, audiotex, and high-speed internet access, make the island an ideal location for businesses depending on fast, reliable telecommunications.



Business needs can be catered for by companies that offer office and secretarial services such as typing, photocopying, printing and bookbinding. Translation and interpreter services are readily available, as are tourist guides in many languages. The island offers excellent postal, messenger and courier services. Cyprus’ Department of Postal Services provides a universal, rapid, safe and low-cost service. All major international courier services have offices on the island, while local companies offer messenger services between towns. Specialised forwarding companies and customs clearing agencies can undertake any shipping, packing, insurance and delivery needs and are able to receive any type of goods either for final importation or for re-export

TV, Radio and Press There are seven national television channels with many programmes including news reports broadcast in English. Most hotels have satellite television broadcasting major network channels CNN, BBC, SKY, NBC, etc. There are numerous radio stations broadcasting both locally and nationally. CyBC 2 has regular programmes for visitors in several languages and one can also pick up the BBC World Service and the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) in Cyprus. There are three English language newspapers; the Cyprus Weekly and the Financial Mirror are weeklies, while the Cyprus Mail is a daily. Daily newspapers from other European countries are also available.



English is widely spoken, while French and German are spoken in tourist resorts.

Food and drink The various foreign influences on Cyprus over the centuries have left their mark on the island’s cuisine. On the whole Cyprus follows a Mediterranean diet, similar to that of Greece but with some additional influences. The traditional fast food of Cyprus is a pitta bread filled with souvlakia (kebab) and salad. Tavernas specialise in meze, which is an array of several dishes that enable one to taste everything at one sitting. Local delicacies include ‘halloumi’ cheese, a semi-hard cheese prepared from sheep's milk with the addition of mint, eaten grilled, fried or on its own. Other culinary influences have come from neighbouring Eastern Mediterranean countries. Italian, British and American fast food chains are also in evidence. Cyprus has a long tradition of winemaking that goes back over 4,000 years. One characteristic old wine, Commandaria, is acknowledged to be the oldest in the world.


Cyprus Tourism Organisation Worldwide Offices CYPRUS CYPRUS TOURISM ORGANISATION Leoforos Lemesou 19 P.O.Box 24535, CY 1390, Lefkosia Tel: +357 22691100, Fax: +357 22331644 E-mail: Web-site:

BELGIUM OFFICE DU TOURISME DE CHYPRE DIENST VOOR TOERISME VAN CYPRUS Avenue de Cortenbergh 61, Kortenberglaan B-1000 Bruxelles/Brussel Tel. 02/735.06.21, Fax: 02/735.66.07 E-mail:

UNITED KINGDOM CYPRUS TOURIST OFFICE 17, Hanover Street London W1S 1YP Tel. 0207 569 8800, Fax: 0207 499 4935 E-mail:

THE NETHERLANDS CYPRUS VERKEERSBUREAU Keizersgracht 635, 1017 DS Amsterdam Tel. (020) 624 4358, Fax: (020) 638 3369 E-mail:

IRELAND CYPRUS TOURISM ORGANISATION 71 Lower Leeson Str., Dublin 2 Tel. 00 353-1-662 9269, Fax: 00 353-1-662 9270 E-mail:

SWEDEN CYPERNS TURISTRÅD Sveavägen 66, 111 34 Stockholm Tel. (08) 10 50 25, Fax: (08) 10 64 14 E-mail:

GERMANY FREMDENVERKEHRSZENTRALE ZYPERN FRANKFURT Zeil 127, 60313 Frankfurt Tel. (069) 25 19 19, Fax: (069) 25 02 88 E-mail: info@cto–

FINLAND KYPROKSEN MATKAILUTOIMISTO Aleksanterinkatu 48B, 00100 Helsinki Tel. (0) 9-476 09 100, Fax: (0) 9-476 09 120 E-mail:

BERLIN Wallstr. 27, 10179 Berlin Tel. 0 30–23 45–75 90, Fax: 0 30–23 45–75 92 E-mail: cto_berlin@t— SWITZERLAND FREMDENVERKEHRSZENTRALE ZYPERN Gottfried Keller – Strasse 7, CH-8001 Zürich Tel. +4144 262 3303, Fax: +4144 251 2417 Geneva: Tel: +4122 741 33 03 E-mail: AUSTRIA ZYPERN TOURISMUS Parkring 20, A–1010 Wien Tel. (01) 513 18 70, Fax: (01) 513 18 72 E-mail: FRANCE OFFICE DU TOURISME DE CHYPRE 15, Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris Tel. 01., Fax: 01. E-mail:

GREECE CYPRUS TOURISM ORGANISATION ATHENS Voukourestiou 38, Kolonaki, Athens 10673 Tel. (210) 36 10 178, (210) 36 10 057 Fax: (210) 36 44 798 E-mail: THESSALONIKI Nikis Ave. 37, Thessaloniki 54013 Tel. 00 2310-242880, Fax: 00 2310-286881 E-mail: ITALY ENTE NAZIONALE PER IL TURISMO DI CIPRO Via Santa Sofia 6, 20122 Milano Tel. 02 58 31 98 35, 02 58 30 33 28 Fax: 02 58 30 33 75 E-mail: UNITED STATES CYPRUS TOURISM ORGANIZATION 13 East 40th Str. New York, NY 10016 Tel. (00 1212) 683–5280, Fax: (00 1212) 683–5282 E-mail:

ISRAEL CYPRUS TOURISM ORGANISATION Top Tower-14th floor, Dizengoff Centre 50 Dizengoff Str., - Tel-Aviv 64332 Tel. 00-972-3-52 57 442, Fax: 00-972-3-52 57 443 E-mail: RUSSIAN FEDERATION CYPRUS TOURISM ORGANISATION MOSCOW Povarskaya 9, Building 2 121069, Moscow Tel. 007 495 223 9684, Fax: 007 495 744 2955 ST. PETERSBURG 27 Furshtatskaya street, 191123, St. Petersburg Tel. 007-812 332-58-08, Fax: 007-812-332-58-09 E-mail: HUNGARY CIPRUSI IDEGENFORGALMI HIVATAL H-1051 Budapest Dorottya Str. 3. III floor Tel. 00-36-1-266 6044, Fax: 00-36-1-266 6043 E-mail: POLAND CYPRYJSKA ORGANIZACJA TURYSTYCZNA Ul. Piekna 20, 00-549 Warsaw Tel.+ 48 22-827 90 36, Fax: + 48 22 - 827 90 34 E-mail:


CZECH REPUBLIC KYPERSKÁ ORGANIZACE CESTOVNÍHO RUCHU Pod Hradbami 662/9, 160 00 Praha 6 Tel. 00–420-222–253 097 Fax: 00–420-222–251 639 E-mail: MIDDLE EAST AND ARABIAN GULF CYPRUS TOURISM ORGANISATION Al Ghurair Center, Offices Tower, 436B P.O.Box 94670, Deira Dubai - UAE Tel: + 971 4 2277637 Fax: +971 4 2277638 E-mail:





Cyprus Conferences & Incentives An ideal all year round climate, beautiful scenery, a traditionally hospitable people and a civilisation...

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