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redmond itinerary eat, drink, shop and play in redmond

embracing winter at black butte ranch


Experience high desert luxury near Bend, with two courses, a spa, lodge and unique Ghost Tree Forest.

REDMOND ITINERARY Tips on where to eat, drink, play and shop in this centrally located Central Oregon city.


Black Butte Ranch’s Jeff Fought offers tips for embracing the snow, looking ahead to spring.


Signs of Central Oregon’s volcanic past are often in plain sight from the golf course.


Grab a bite at Carson’s American Kitchen in Sunriver.


Tetherow’s sixth hole has a slender fairway, with water on the left and a bunkered ridge on the right.

Adventures await in Central Oregon. Start planning your future golf trip with our helpful tips. We look forward to the day when we can welcome you back, so here are some stories to get you excited for your next vacation!


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“Central Oregon’s Best Golf Value”

– Bend Bulletin

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the art of living well A look inside Pronghorn Resort

Pronghorn Resort boasts about perfecting the art of living well, and it’s no joke. Pronghorn Resort is located in beautiful Central Oregon, northeast of Bend and south of Redmond. Aside from the luxurious amenities, such as the new Huntington Lodge and the resort’s impressive spa, Pronghorn features two golf courses that roll through the high desert landscape, offering amazing opportunities to take in unforgettable views while playing a round.


Tom Fazio Championship Course

Unforgettable courses

ronghorn is home to two highly-rated golf courses, both named among the best courses in Oregon by Golf Digest in 2019. The Jack Nicklaus Signature Course was ranked sixth, followed by the Tom Fazio Championship Course, ranked seventh. Set aside the time to learn about both, and see why the publication identified them as some of the best in the state.


The Jack Nicklaus Signature Course is a sight to behold; 18 holes and over 7,000 yards of play accommodate golfers of every skill level. The course provides a minimalist experience with an emphasis on the golf game itself, combining strategy with playability, beautiful transitions and true putting surfaces. Designed by master golfer Jack Nicklaus, this public course is a must-play for any golfer. The man himself actually comes back frequently to

play on his course, which takes golfers on a journey through tall juniper trees only to open up and provide views of the pristine Cascade Range. Nearby, the Tom Fazio Championship Course combines championship level play with panoramic backdrops. Similar to the resort’s other golf course, the Tom Fazio Championship Course features rolling green hills, tall, mangled juniper trees, and calming water features all along the way. This course also boasts 18 holes and over 7,000 yards of play through a picturesque desert landscape. This one-of-a-kind course also includes one of the world’s most unique holes; a par 3 that includes a 45-foot canyon and an exposed lava tube. This course is an unforgettable golf experience reserved for Pronghorn members and their guests only, with a limited amount of reciprocal play for resort visitors.


rest and relaxation

hen you’ve played your fill on Pronghorn’s nationally acclaimed golf courses, consider getting some rest and booking a stay at the Huntington Lodge. The lodge is an artistically stunning structure on the inside and out. Modern and clean architecture are complemented by soft accents that add both comfort and style. In the Huntington Lodge, you get to experience high-end resort luxury combined with a style that incorporates the surrounding landscape with calm earth tones and plenty of exposed wood.


Every room in Huntington Lodge, from the standard two-queen room to the breathtaking penthouse option, offers convenient room service, so you can relax after a long day and

let the food and wine come to the door. Or, head on down to the spa for some professional relaxation. Known throughout the resort as the oasis in the desert, the spa at Pronghorn invites you to leave all worries at the door. A spa experience begins with a warm welcome and a plush robe, followed by flickering candlelight, soft scents of the surrounding juniper forest, and the skilled, intuitive touch of caring therapists. Whether you are looking to soothe sore muscles, melt away stress, hydrate dry skin or nourish the soul, the seasoned staff at Pronghorn guarantees that you will enjoy pure relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul.


Ghost Tree Forest

mong the natural beauty on display at Pronghorn Resort are “ghost trees,” mangled but beatiful old juniper trees growing on the property.


The resort has recently set up a new ghost tree forest feature that both lights up

the resort at night and provides a unique perspective of the native flora in the area. This decorative piece not only adds to the beauty of the resort, but can also be reserved for intimate dinners, cocktail parties and other special events where wowing your guests is a must.

Life at Pronghorn Resort is best experienced in person. In light of the impacts of COVID-19, the resort has adapted its operations to put your safety first. Pronghorn is doing everything possible to provide all guests and members with world-class lodging, golf and relaxation. Contact the resort or visit pronghornresort.com for more information.



plan ahead! add some of these ideas to the itinerary for your next visit.

Redmond is a fast-growing city in the heart of Central Oregon. As the surrounding region continues to grow its world-renowned golf scene, more eyes look to Redmond as a potential weekend getaway spot or area to explore when not on the course. Downtown Redmond offers quality lodging, coffee, cocktails, food and shopping.

where to stay

where to eat In keeping with Central Oregon tradition, Redmond boasts an impressive brewery scene for a town of its size, and a growing number of dining options are popping up around town.


Photo SCP Hotel Redmond

While there are several lodging options across town, one of the highestrated hotels is also a favorite among locals looking to vacation in their own backyard. SCP Hotel Redmond guarantees a unique and relaxing stay in any of the thoughtfully detailed rooms. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, you’ll find what you need here. SCP stands for Soul. Community. Planet., and these are the things that the hotel promises to support whenever anyone books a room. With environmentally conscious designs, connections to local vendors and producers to stock their market and rooftop bar, and rooms designed around mindfulness, SCP Hotel Redmond stays true to those promises, so guests can relax with peace of mind.

Wild Ride Brew is a brewery and food truck pod just a block from the downtown area with four food trucks and an impressive selection of local beers. For a lighter, plant-based meal, try out Budo Bowls. This food cart is the perfect stop for a quick and healthy bite. Fill up on sushi, Asian entrees and bento boxes at Oishi, which offers a variety of fresh Japanese cuisine from their location downtown. The name “Oishi” means delicious, scrumptuous or tasty in English, so be prepared for an enjoyable meal. Mexican food options are plentiful in Redmond, too. Plan a night out at Diego’s Spirited Kitchen. This upscale Mexican-American fusion restaurant boasts some of the best reviews in Redmond for their ambiance, as well as dishes like pork osso buco and seafood enchiladas.

Top Photo Mooney Markeing, Bottom Porter Brewing

where to drink After a day of exploring Redmond, unwind with a cocktail or craft brew. For English ales, visit Porter Brewing for hand-pumped pints of caskconditioned brews. Try the coffee-chocolatecaramel-malty 1772 Porter, the Irish REDmond Ale or the Jackpine IPA. Redmond is also home to Gomper’s Distillery, producing gin in small, hand-crafted batches. The gin exudes local flavors, infused with Oregon juniper berries, golden pear and hand-picked lavender. Pick up a bottle at liquor stores around town or plan to visit the Prohibition-themed speakeasy.

where to shop With a fast growing boutique shopping scene, downtown Redmond will keep shoppers busy. For clothes, Willow Wild has become a favorite for their high-end boutique feel and affordable prices. For those looking for home decor or gifts for someone, Maple Moon Boutique is the spot to hit. To peruse through the cowboy and rancher history of Redmond, check out Beyond the Ranch Antiques.


 fly into town: central oregon's regional airport (rdm) is in redmond, less than 10 minutes from downtown.



WHEN THE SNOW FLIES… Central Oregon’s winters are a variable mix of fluffy snowfall, showers and brisk, sunny days. But winter weather doesn’t mean golf isn’t still on the mind of enthusiasts near and far. Here’s to enjoying the cooler season, and planning ahead for hitting the course as soon as the spring thaw comes. Read on for a few tips from Black Butte Ranch golf professional Jeff Fought on how to spend the winter months.

Gear up

Embrace the snow When Black Butte Ranch’s Big Meadow course gets six or more inches of snow, we groom a cross-country skiing trail all around the course, starting at the Big Meadow Golf Shop. The views of the snow-capped mountains are even more spectacular in the winter. For a little more excitement, take the family to the Glaze Meadow sledding hill or try a day of snowshoeing through the meadow, followed by an evening sleigh ride.

Plan ahead and save The winter is one of the best times to get a great deal on the next season’s passes or punch cards for golfing. We have early season incentives, and remember, you get two championship courses to play on all season with your pass or punch card, as well as other special deals.

Make sure to stop by the Big Meadow Golf Shop to grab a gift for the golfer you know or get some Black Butte Ranch logo apparel. The golf shop is open all winter long.

Lock in a lesson Once spring is near, it’s time to dust off your golf clubs and sign up for one of our golf clinics. The “Spring Tune-Up,” “100 Yards and In” school or a private lesson with one of our PGA golf professionals will help you get ready for the new year. For junior golfers, plan to join the oldest junior camp in the northwest, running each week of the summer.

Focus on putting Challenge yourself and your putting skills in the new Little Meadow Putting Course. It will test even the most seasoned players.


FIRE BENEATH FEET How volcanism shaped Central Oregon Those lucky enough to explore Central Oregon’s golf courses have probably noticed a peculiar form of rock that dominates the landscape just outside some courses. Sometimes presenting itself in a black and jagged form and other times in a dustier, brown and fine-grain texture, these formations are volcanic rock, though sometimes simply called “lava rock.” Central Oregon, like many mountainous regions around the world, has a deep volcanic history. The earliest eruptions in the Cascade Range occurred nearly 40 million years ago. These early eruptions contributed to the growth of the mountain range itself, which finally grew to be large enough to block moist Pacific storms and convert our climate from a lush woodland to the high desert seen today. Much of the lava rock is simply left over material from these volcanic eruptions and lava flows. If you’ve ever flown above Central Oregon, you might have looked out the window and seen some of these formations. From far enough above, they still look like bodies of liquid, frozen in time.

At any course between Sunriver and Bend, it’s often easy to spot lava rock from the Newberry Volcano. With an eruption just 1,300 years ago, the Newberry Caldera is the region’s most recent eruption. This lava rock is so far reaching that the city of Bend actually sits on it, and the entire lava field is estimated to be a formation the size of Rhode island. One of the most striking features is the Big Obsidian Flow. It’s a one-square-mile flow of glassy black obsidian and gray pumice, a stunning attraction within the Newberry National Volcanic Monument south of Bend. Volcanic activity defines much of Oregon’s landscape today. About 50 million years ago, some of the first known volcanic activity in the region helped form the famous Painted Hills near Prineville, and in a year as recent as 2005, a bulge was growing on South Sister that was believed to be a build up of magma. So the next time you’re visiting a golf course in Central Oregon, pay close attention to the rocks and formations nearby—they just may be signs of the region’s very volcanic past.




CARSON’S AMERICAN KITCHEN AT SUNRIVER RESORT New levels of flavor at Carson’s American Kitchen With complete creative freedom, Hedrick is in charge of every plate that leaves the kitchen. When he first came to Carson’s, he asked himself the question, “what is the identity of this restaurant?” He found the answer by taking in all the needs and wants of his customers. By connecting with local farmers, ranchers and producers, Hedrick is able to create unique but familiar dishes that truly encapsulate the tastes of Central Oregon. One such dish is a 14-ounce ribeye with a massive twice-baked potato on the side. Hedrick, a self proclaimed “beef guy” is particularly proud of this one. “My goal is to give every guest that ‘umami’ kind of experience, where they’re sitting back in their hotel room hours after the meal and they can still only think about how good their meal was,” Hedrick said. Carson’s American Kitchen is a bite of Central Oregon flavor nestled in a picturesque forest of ponderosa pines in Sunriver. When you finally walk off the green and want to grab a bite to eat, Carson’s will be there to serve up classic American dishes with a fine dining experience. Joshua Hedrick, the executive chef at Carson’s is a well established Oregon chef who, after graduating from the Western Culinary Institute, ran several successful kitchens in Portland throughout his career. This year he is celebrating his first full year with Carson’s, and it seems his passion for cooking just keeps growing.

Hedrick’s goal is also to not challenge his guests. The dishes on the menu are all recognizable classics, like the meatloaf and a club sandwich. However, Hedrick has made it a goal to take these familiar dishes to the next level. “You’ve definitely had some of these dishes before, but we want to make sure that these are the best versions you’ve ever had,” he said. With this mantra in Hedrick’s head, Carson’s American Kitchen continues to confront the challenge of taking familiar and known dishes to a new level of flavor, by incorporating new and local ingredients.



Tetherow Golf Course - Hole 6

Take a moment to appreciate course architect David McLay Kidd’s work at Tetherow with a breather at the sixth hole, which he describes as “one of the most enthralling holes” he’s ever created. A conservative golfer will take the right side in an attempt to make par and move on, while a drive down the left offers more risk and reward. The slender fairway is bordered by water on the left and a bunkered ridge of native vegetation on the right. “There’s lots going on,” McLay Kidd said. “Think hard.”


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