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2014 Second Quarter Edition


Cayman islands

Dear visitors and friends, The Cayman Islands experience – our inviting and gracious hospitality, world class diving and snorkelling, white beaches and warm Caribbean sea with its many shades of blue - is something enjoyed by all. For those of us who call Cayman home, it is essential that we take pride in our unique heritage and share our Caymanian courtesy with every guest we meet. For those of you who are guests, or business partners, we trust that you will grow to love the Cayman Islands as we do. To assist you in getting more familiar with us, we designed this reference guide to answer basic questions about the Cayman Islands and to provide you with a ‘snapshot’ of our home. We hope that you find it useful and look forward to your continued support. With warm regards,

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism


Cayman Brac Grand Cayman

Three islands. Endless possibilities. Grand cayman | cayman brac | little cayman

world-renowned for our dining, snorkelling and diving. Nestled in an unparalleled tropical setting. Offering that luxurious blend of sun-kissed beaches and calm, turquoise seas. Legendary as being one of the world’s premier places to indulge in romance, recreation or relaxation. An adventure for people of all ages – and interests. Three islands. Endless possibilities.


• • • • • •

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands. It is 76 square miles: 22 miles long with an average width of 4 miles. One of the most striking features is the shallow, reef-protected lagoon, known as the North Sound, which has an area of about 35 square miles and is home to the world renowned Stingray City. The island is low-lying, with the highest point about 60 feet above sea level. Grand Cayman is the most cosmopolitan, offering an eclectic range of shopping, dining, nightlife and attractions. There are five districts: George Town (the capital), West Bay, North Side, East End and Bodden Town.

• • • •

The word “Brac” is the Gaelic name for bluff the islands most prominent geological feature. The Bluff is a large central limestone outcrop that rises steadily along the length of the island up to 140 feet above sea level at the eastern end. Cayman Brac is 12 miles long with an area of 14 square miles and is located 89 miles northeast of Grand Cayman. There are four districts: The Creek, Spot Bay, West End and Stake Bay.

Little Cayman • • • • •

Little Cayman is the smallest of the three islands. It is 10 miles long and is situated 58 miles northeast of Grand Cayman and five miles west of Cayman Brac. There are more iguanas and birds on Little Cayman than there are people. Little Cayman has some of the country’s most famous dive sites namely Bloody Bay Wall and Jackson’s Bight, both located on the north side of the island. Owen Island is a small islet just off the south coast of Little Cayman and can be visited via sailboat or kayak. The islet does not have any human habitation, homes or buildings. 5

What is the History behind Cayman Carnival Batabano? Cayman Carnival Batabano was launched in 1983 by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman and now is in its 31st year. Cayman Carnival Batabano - the island’s national carnival - is held annually during the first week of May – a vibrant highlight in the island’s entertainment calendar, organized by a volunteer committee chaired for past 14 years by well-known local impresario Donna Myrie-Stephen. The carnival has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception, and now also includes a Junior carnival. The festival’s original name, Batabano, is a salute to Cayman’s turtling heritage - the word “Batabano” refers to the tracks left in the sand by sea turtles as they crawl onto the beach to nest. Finding these tracks was – and still is – a reason to celebrate. Carnival itself is joyous, cultural celebration throughout the Caribbean – a kaleidoscope of music, dance and pageantry, rooted in the region’s diverse historical influences. Colourful costumes reflect the vibrant landscapes, heritage and culture, with the music the very rhythm of island life. Carnival in the Cayman Islands has a distinct flavour as the islands are home to a melting pot of over 100 nationalities – one country celebrating many cultures. The energy of Cayman Carnival Batabano is electrifying, with thousands of locals and visitors flocking to the streets to enjoy the signature, spirited parade, creative panoply of costumes, choreography and floats that becomes more elaborate each year. It is a time to celebrate local surroundings, to showcase creativity, to voice social issues and, of course, to party and unite – and there’s nothing like a great party to bring people together.


Events and Dates: Adult Batabano May 1 – Le Masque World Fete – Royal Palms @ 7pm May 2 – Happy Hour at the Sky Lounge – Touch the Clouds with Oscar B May 3 – Adult Costume Parade and Street Party – Harbour Drive, George Town @ 3PM Junior Batabano May 10 – Cayman Carnival Junior Batabano and Family Fun Day – George Town @ 1PM For more information, visit 7

rundown 2014

Pedro St. James Great House Towering three stories and sporting stone walls 18 inches thick, the Great House at Pedro Point dwarfed the surrounding single-level “wattle-and-daub” dwellings that were its neighbors in 1780. Its massive size was accentuated by sweeping verandahs, large shuttered windows, and slate imported from England to fashion the roof and floors. The elaborate construction made this Great House the Caymanian equivalent of a European castle and the term Pedro “Castle” is used by local residents to this day.



May 23rd-May 25th, May 29th-June 1st, June 12th-June 15th THURS, FRI & SAT @ 8:00PM SUN @ 6:00PM TICKETS $25 ADULTS & $15 CHILD FROM FUNKY TANGS, ALL FOSTER'S SUPERMARKETS & CNCF 949-5477

rundown A good Rundown, or stew, has a little bit of everything in it. And like its namesake, RUNDOWN, is a smorgasbord of nationalities, headlines, catchy tunes and hot topics that have kept Cayman’s audiences coming back for second and third helpings over the past 21 years! This annual comedy revue was the brainchild of Dave Martins, and over the decades, it has been one of the most popular stage productions in the Cayman Islands. In every pot, there’s a serving for everyone --- politicians, media, the man on the street, expatriates and even our (in)famous chickens and ‘greenies’. RUNDOWN is not to be missed, especially if you are new to Cayman and really want to embrace the multicultural society that is Cayman. RUNDOWN is written, designed and directed by Henry Muttoo and features a star studded cast of local actors and musicians. For more information and reservations for this event see details below. Contact: Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) Telephone: (345) 949-5477 Email: Website:


April / may / june Every Wednesday in April, may & june Camana bay Farmer’s Market

Camana Bay celebrates the heart of the harvest season every Wednesday through 16 April with an expanded weekly market featuring twice as many local purveyors offering products and experiences found only in Cayman. Come early for the widest selection of fresh produce or after 3pm for art and cultural demonstrations, and stay for live music from local performers starting at 5pm, the Paseo, Camana Bay. Contact: The Discovery Centre Telephone: (345) 640-3483 Website:

Every Saturday Morning in april, may & june (7am – 12pm)

Wednesday april 26 Drum Circle

Professional drummers Randy Cholette, Damion Thaxter and Eden Hurlston of the musical group I Am Percussion Ensemble bring the Town Centre to life with a jam session featuring African, Cuban and Caymanianrhythms. All are invited to join the jam or just enjoy the show 5pm - 7pm, Gardenia Court, Camana Bay. Contact: The Discovery Centre Telephone: (345) 640-3483 Website:

Market at The Grounds

A vibrant and lively place complemented by the natural beauty of its surroundings, The Market is a place to unwind with friends and family, sample traditional Cayman cuisine and get fresh ingredients for your home-cooked meals, all of which are grown right here in Cayman. Telephone: (345) 947-3090 Website:

April saturday april 19 National Trust Easter


Need a few minutes to take care of you before Easter arrives? Let the National Trust help! Sign up your “little bunnies” for Easter at the Mission House. There will be fun activities that include a Peter Rabbit theme, including craft activities, Easter obstacle course around the Mission House, grow your own carrots and stories from the Beatrix Potter collection. Cost is CI$25 per bunny. Bunnies between the ages of 6 to 12 are welcome. Space is limited, so hop on this offer today! Email: Telephone: (345) 749-1121

Wednesday april 30 Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: Guava jam

Jams and jellies are a common part of Caribbean delicacies. The Caribbean have a wide variety of fruits and jams are a popular way of preserving them. Our jams are very fruity and sweet.




saturday May 3

wednesday May 28

Batabano Carnival Adult Parade

Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: Choko

Starting from 3pm, enjoy a kaleidoscope of music, dance and pageantry in this our 31st anniversary of carnival celebration. Stilt Walkers, acrobats, and limbo dancers will lead a colorful parade of masqueraders. The parade starts from George Town and travels along West Bay Rd, ending on ending on Harbour Drive where the fun continues with a street party vibrating with live music by local artists and visiting entertainers. Little Cayman Agriculture Show/Exhibit

The Agriculture Show gives exhibitors and farmers exposure, to educate the public on the many aspects of agriculture in the Islands and for people in the community to socialise and renew old friendships.

Saturday May 3 – 4 55th Flower Show - Living in Paradise

This Mother’s Day fundraising event will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and hosted by the Cayman Garden Club. Contact: Cayman Garden Club Telephone: (345) 929-9979 Website:

Wednesday May 7 Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: Coconut (Oil, Water, Milk, Grated)

The coconut palm was considered the “staff of life” for centuries in the Caribbean. Coconut oil is the cooking oil of choice - it has a high smoke point and good flavor. The liquid in a coconut is coconut water; the liquid mixed with grated coconut meat is coconut milk. In one form or another, coconut is used in all kinds of Caribbean savory dishes, desserts and drinks. 12

An avocado-sized squash, green in colourand pear-shaped. Has a fairly tasteless flesh and must be cooked before eating.

Friday May 16 – 18 Braccanal (Cayman Brac Carnival)

saturday May 10

Braccanal Committee is to foster a community spirit and to reignite the renowned Cayman Brac essence.

Batabano Carnival Junior Parade and Family Fun Day

wednesday May 21

The children will parade from the old Tower Building into George Town in a mass of color, music and creativity. They will return to the stage at the old Tower Building to be judged. After the parade, the fun continues with face painting, mask decorating, snow cones and many family fun activities. Family Fun Day starts at 1pm.

saturday May 10 – 17 Fourth Annual Cathy Church Underwater Photo Festival

This is a fun, week-long dive vacation that includes morning boat dives with extra-long bottom times to allow divers the time to concentrate on their photography. There are photo coaches on each boat, and afternoons offer shore diving, photo critiques and/or lectures at a very low package price. The event includes a room at Sunset House, special extra-long dives with Sunset Divers, lectures with Cathy Church, critiques, contests, lots of prizes and give-aways, socials and more.

wednesday May 14 Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: Turmeric

In the Caribbean, this yellow-coloured spice is often used to add colour and flavor to many curry dishes. It’s sold fresh or as a powder.

Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: Rum

thursday May 29 – June 1 rundown – The Rollicking Comedy Review

Location: Harquail Theatre Thurs, Fri & Sat @ 8pm and Sun @ 6pm Telephone: (345) 949-5477 Website:

A distilled spirit made from sugar cane or molasses, Rum is most often associated with pina coladas and rum punches. It is also used in cooking, especially desserts.

thursday May 23 – 25 rundown

A good Rundown, or stew, has a little bit of everything in it. And like its namesake, RUNDOWN, is a smorgasbordof nationalities, headlines, catchy tunes and hot topics that have kept Cayman’s audiences coming back for second and third helpings over the past 21 years! This annual comedy revue was the brainchild of Dave Martins, and over the decades, it has been one of the most popular stage productions in the Cayman Islands. In every pot, there’s a serving for everyone --- politicians, media, the man on the street, expatriates and even our (in) famous chickens and ‘greenies’. RUNDOWN is not to be missed, especially if you are new to Cayman and really want to embrace the multicultural society that is Cayman. Location: Harquail Theatre Thurs, Fri & Sat @ 8pm and Sun @ 6pm Telephone: (345) 949-5477 Website:

saturday May 31 South Sound Stride 5K Run/Walk

Course: Start and finish at First Baptist Christian School. The course is Old Crewe Road to South Sound. Right on South Sound Road to the Rugby Club. Turn around at the Rugby Club and return to First Baptist Christian School. Race Coordinator: Tim Eastman Email: Telephone: (345) 946-7906 ext. 3619 Website:


june Wednesday june 4 Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: rice and beans

Typically the rice used in this dish is long grain white rice. Also, the beans are red beans or kidney beans. The peppers used in this dish are called seasoning peppers. They are actually related to the Scotch Bonnet pepper, but they have more flavor and less heat.

Wednesday june 11 Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: calabash

In days gone by Caymanians used the dried gourds from the Calabash tree to dip and drink water, to bail boats; to carry things.

Monday June 16 Flowers International 5K & 10K Sea Swim

Thursday June 12 – 15 rundown – The Rollicking Comedy Review

Location: Harquail Theatre Thurs, Fri & Sat @ 8pm and Sun @ 6pm Telephone: (345) 949-5477 Website:

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, the Flowers team will be hosting a 5k and 10k swim. The Flowers Sea Swim is Grand Cayman’s flagship sporting event. Participants vary in age from 8 to 80 years old and in skill from novices and first-timers to gold medal Olympians and world championship open water specialists from around the globe. The Flowers Sea Swim welcomes Swimmers from all strokes of life. Telephone: (345) 623-0000 Website:

Wednesday june 18 Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: Fritters

Saturday June 14

These are little fried pieces of dough that are usually eaten with fish.

22nd Annual Flowers 1 Mile Sea Swim

Over 800 competitors, including Olympic level swimmers, take part in this annual one mile swim along Seven Mile Beach. Hundreds of prizes to be won. Telephone: (345) 623-0000 Website:


Wednesday june 25 Camana bay Farmer’s Market Pick of the Week: Allspice

Allspice is the dried fruit of the P. dioica plant. It is one of the most important ingredients of Caribbean cuisine such as jerk seasoning.


Cayman Gourmet Pepper Jelly Cayman gourmet pepper jelly is a local product made in the Cayman Islands since July 2007 by Carol Hay. What started as a hobby for an avid backyard gardener has now become a “must have” in Cayman households and a perfect souvenir gift to take back home - Hot gourmet pepper jelly guaranteed to get your taste buds flowing. It can be eaten with crackers or used to spicy up a home cooked meal. It’s made from locally grown scotch bonnet peppers and what Caymanians call “seasoning” peppers. But, the list of ingredients does not stop there… freshly ground Jamaican pimento, nutmeg, cloves, garlic, onions, and other locally grown species of West Indian peppers and sweet peppers make up this spicy gourmet delight produced by Carol Hay. The pepper jelly’s delicious blend of sweet, tangy and hot is sure to add a tasty kick to any table.

how to eat You’ll find a myriad of ways to use Cayman Gourmet Pepper Jelly but here are a few simple tips for starters: 1. Mix with sour cream for a delicious dip. 2. Mix with coleslaw. 3. Mix with coleslaw and chopped shrimp put in eggroll wrapper and deep fry.

Cayman Gourmet Pepper Jelly is only available in Grand Cayman at: Foster, Kirk’s or Hurley’s Supermarkets All Cafe Del Sol locations Pure Art Gallery Pedro St. James The Red Sail Sports Shop at Rum Point The Bodden Town Art Shop The National Trust Gift Shop All Jacques Scott locations Guy Harvey’s Gallery For more details and information see contacts below. Email: or Website: Telephone: (345) 526-6932


Beach Bubbles Cayman Beach Bubbles Cayman’s specializes in locally handcrafted tropical soaps that are created with lovely ingredients such as honey, glycerin, creamy goat’s milk, coconut oil, olive oil, and aloe vera. Their soaps are not only beautiful but, they are also very good for your skin and they are all hypoallergenic. The pleasant aromas will stimulate your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and clean. These handmade soaps are perfect for souvenirs and gift bags. Types of soaps include Cayman Breeze, Mango, Nina’s Natural Neem and Cayman Coconut which all have a unique scent that will remind you of the wonderful tropical air that Cayman offers every day. Rich lathering soaps that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Each soap is made to deliver a specific result. Some are made for healing irritated skin, sun damage, dry skin, and many other skin related issues.

Beach Bubbles Cayman Gift Store Beach Bubbles is located in Bodden Town between George Town and East End. Stop by and see what this magnificent made in Cayman product. For more details and information about Beach Bubbles Cayman products, see contact details below. Address: 187 Bodden Town, Bodden Town, Cayman Islands Telephone: (345) 926-5812 Email: Website:


Our coat of arms

Who Ya Fa? Caymanians have a unique dialogue when they utter their words in a slow fashion especially when talking to their peers or family member. Here are a few of the sayings & meanings behind the words.

How the Cayman Islands got its name The Cayman Islands was first sighted by European explorers on May 10 1503, owing to a chance wind that blew Christopher Columbus’ ship off course. On his fourth and final voyage to the New World, Columbus was en route to the island of Hispaniola (home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic) when his ship was thrust westward toward “two very small and low islands, full of tortoises (turtles), as was all the sea all about, insomuch that they looked like little rocks, for which reason these islands were called Las Tortugas”. Columbus named the islands after the turtles he saw in the waters around them. The two islands sighted were Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. A 1523 map showing all three Islands gave them the name Lagartos, meaning alligators or large lizards, but by 1526 the name Caymanos was being used. It is derived from the Carib Indian word for the marine crocodile, which is now known to have lived in the Islands. This name, or a variant, has been retained ever since. Thus the word eventually developed into Cayman and adding the word Islands, we became the ‘Cayman Islands’.


The Cayman Islands coat of arms consists of a shield, a crested helm and the motto. Three green stars represents our Islands and rest on blue and white wavy bands representing the sea. In the top third of the shield, against a red background, is a gold griffin “passant guardant” representing Great Britain. Above the shield is a green turtle on a coil of rope. Behind the turtle is a gold pineapple. The turtle represents Cayman’s seafaring history; the rope, its traditional thatch-rope industry; and the pineapple, its ties with Jamaica. The Islands’ motto, He hath founded it upon the seas, is printed at the bottom of the shield.

Caymanian English Wha Happen?

Hi or How are you?

I coming Errectly

I’ll be there soon

Wha happen to unna?

Whats up with you?

Who you for?

Who is your mother?

Who ya daddeh Is?

Who is your father?

Who you Fuh?

Who’s your family?


Pet name for a guy


Pet name for a lady

Wha do you?

Whats wrong with you?

Soon come

It is happening - but don’t wait!

Come yah

Come here

Rite down deh

Right there

Na too far

Not too far

It jus rite dere

It’s just right there

It nuh too far from ya

It’s not very far from here

I tink so innu

I do think so

Doon fugget now

Don’t forget


You See

Wha ya sayin bobo

What’s up, how are you today?

Trouble Don’t Blow Shell

No warning when troubles arrive

The Wild Banana Orchid The woods provide shelter for several varieties of flowering plants, including orchids. Probably the best known of Cayman’s 26 species of orchids is the wild banana orchid, of which there are two varieties - one which originated on Grand Cayman, and the other came from Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Both varieties have scented flowers with purple lips. The flowers appear at the top of a long curved spike at the bottom of which cluster banana-like pseudo-bulbs that give this orchid its name.

Caymanian Symbols

A fascinating insight into the history of some of our symbols.

Silver Thatch Palm Tall, slender silver thatch palms are especially conspicuous at the eastern end of all three of the Cayman Islands, where they sway in the trade winds high above the low, dry thickets of native trees and shrubs. The leaves are what give this tree its common name; they are green on the top and silver on the bottom. Up to the early 1960s, the silver thatch palm played an important role in the lives of Caymanians. Unusually strong, the leaves have a variety of uses, from roofing for houses to the plaiting and sewing of hats, baskets and fans. In earlier years, thatch rope made from the thatch palm was highly prized in Cuba and Jamaica for use in shipping, fishing and sugar industries. Exporting rope was Cayman’s largest source of revenue.

The Cayman Parrot About 2,000 parrots inhabit Grand Cayman, while the quieter, smaller Cayman Brac Parrot maintains a stable population of about 400. Nesting in tree holes in old-growth forests, the colourful parrots depend on undisturbed woodlands and black mangrove forests for survival. Cayman’s parrots have iridescent green feathers with darker edges over the body, a white eye ring, red cheeks, black ear patches and brilliant blue wing feathers which are only obvious when in flight. Historically, parrots were common family pets. Today, however, it is illegal to take a parrot from the wild and keep it as a pet.


the Cayman Islands


“Only in Cayman”

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Soul Magazine 2014 (2nd Qtr Edition)  

Learn about what makes a Cayman Islands’ vacation different. Our people, the water, and the traditions that make these three islands unique...

Soul Magazine 2014 (2nd Qtr Edition)  

Learn about what makes a Cayman Islands’ vacation different. Our people, the water, and the traditions that make these three islands unique...