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Bodø & Salten


Major attractions




Culture & Festivals


Food & Drink




Local Hiking Favourites


P r a c t i c a l I n f o r m a t i o n & Tr a n s p o r t 3









Just a 90-minute flight from Oslo, between the archipelago and the peaks of the Børvasstindan mountains, the coastal town of Bodø is a natural communications hub and the perfect base from which to explore the whole Salten region. Discover gourmet restaurants, an indoor water park, cafés and shopping centres, as well as numerous festivals, including the Nordland Music Festival featuring concerts in a beautiful outdoor setting. You can experience natural phenomena close-up the Salten region. It’s a region of contrasts – from the sea to high mountains, from the Midnight Sun to the Northern Lights, and from white sandy beaches to bare mountains. The area is a natural paradise with wild landscapes and several famous national parks. You can enjoy the magnificent natural surroundings without big crowds.

Attractions in Salten range from the Svartisen Glacier in the south to the Realm of Knut Hamsun in the north. From Norway’s second largest glacier in Meløy, your journey will take you north via unique accommodation options, countless hiking trails and mountain peaks, caves, fantastic fishing spots, museums and cultural events, and urban life in one of the country’s most rapidly growing cities, Bodø. At the Hamsun Centre in the Realm of Knut Hamsun, you can learn all about the life and works of the Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun, while on the outermost point of Tranøy you can enjoy open-air art installations against the panoramic backdrop of the Lofoten mountain range. 5



In Hamarøy, the land of the fairy tales, you will discover magnificent nature stretching from fjords to mountains. Coastlines, high mountains and rolling hills provide a vibrant landscape. Where the regions of Salten, Ofoten and Loften meet, you will discover a miniature version of Nordland as described in Knut Hamsun’s internationally renowned novels.

Explore nature from summit to sea on a hike with a fishing rod or paddling around the many islands. Immerse yourself in stories from thousands of years back at Gildeskål Old Church or experience Norwegian coastal culture and unique architecture at Langsanden or The Arctic Hideaway. Find peace and quiet and disconnect from everyday stress when visiting Gildeskål.



Steigen is often referred to as the most beautiful natural secret in Nordland! The views from Steigen include the entire Lofoten mountain range. Steigen has an outstanding archipelago with white sandy beaches and azure green waters and beautiful inland areas with long fjords, rivers and valleys, farmlands, cultural landscapes and forests.



Bodø is the region’s largest town and communications hub, which makes it easy to explore the region. The world’s strongest tidal current, Saltstraumen, is just a 30-minute drive from Bodø. Besides exciting nature-based adventures, popular attractions include an indoor water park, flight simulator, bowling, Bodø Action Hall and the Norwegian Aviation Museum.


Rødøy is a coastal municipality below the Arctic Circle. Rødøyløva and Hestmannen are iconic mountains on two of the thousands of islands in the archipelago. The Svartisen Glacier is on the mainland. Visit the fishing village of Myken or explore the Rødøy basin by ferry or express boat. Marked trails make the beautiful mountains and beaches easily accessible.

Sørfold is a national park municipality and an outdoor recreation paradise. Go on a fishing trip in the fjord by veteran boat, hike in wild and beautiful Rago National Park or relax beside a peaceful mountain lake. The landscape is rich in contrasts, including high mountain peaks, deep fjords and beautiful waterfalls.



Saltdal is situated just above the Arctic Circle, in a beautiful part of Norway between mountains and fjords. The unique landscape is among Norway’s finest natural heritage. Much of the area is protected as national parks and nature reserves. Two national parks, Junkerdal and Saltfjellet-Svartisen, are situated in Saltdal.

Beautiful Beiarn stretches from the Beiarfjord in the north to Svartisen Glacier in the south. One of Norway’s best salmon rivers, the Beiarelva, flows through the lush valley. Much of the municipality comprises majestic mountains with gently rolling plateaus, high peaks and glaciers.

Meløy. The Svartisen Glacier. The name alone sends shivers down your spine. It’s Norway’s second largest glacier, while the Enga glacier arm is the lowest on the European mainland. Climb the famous Fykan stairs, the “stairway to heaven”, visit the national parks of Làhko and Saltfjellet-Svartisen, and explore the idyllic archipelago with 755 islands and islets.



Centrally situated Fauske stretches from the Valnesfjord in the west to the mining town of Sulitjelma in the east. A fishing rod, hiking boots or helmet and headtorch will all come in handy. You can also bike or hike the many marked trails. The gateway to the “children’s national park”, is also situation here.





Gildeskål Beiarn





Photos: Dan Mariner



EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2024 Bodø is the first European Capital of Culture north of the Arctic Circle. In 2024 Bodø and the region of Nordland will reconnect with Europe. ARCTICulation is the title of Bodø’s bid. It’s time to show Europe the pulse of the Arctic. The word ARCTICulation contains many aspects that are important to us; Arctic and Articulation, of course. But also Communication. Art. Cultivation. Community. And even Artig, a North Norwegian word for fun. Our programme will celebrate and reflect the qualities of the Arctic. Its unique relationship with land and sea and nature. Its unknown and exciting history. Its invention, resilience and imagination. We want to share with Europe some of our Arctic values, by delivering a challenging and innovative cultural programme. Bodø is ready to transition from Arctic to ARCTICulation. From cold to cool. The doors of our region – and our hearts – are wide open to Europe.


Photo: Martin Losvik 10

Meet the locals

Gøril Pedersen After ten years in Oslo, Gøril moved home to Gildeskål. She lives right by the open sea and runs the clothing brand FOGG Gildeskål with her sister. She is inspired by the nature and architecture in Salten.

1. What is your coolest cultural experience in Salten? There are many art and music experiences in our region, but the nature also provides powerful and defining cultural experiences. I grew up 150 m from the sea. Although not as many people live directly from the sea as they did in the past, I believe the impact the sea has on us remains just as great to this day. Ureddplassen (maybe the world’s most beautiful public toilet) is a wonderful experience right by the sea. It offers award-winning architecture in majestic surroundings. 2. What are your best cultural tips? I like good architecture, design and art – surprises that fit in perfectly perhaps just by sticking out. We have the Stormen Concert Hall and library in Bodø. On the island of Sandhornøy, the Hjertefølger family has built a nature house in a dome.

At Fleinvær, the Arctic Hideaway is built for peace and tranquillity on a windblown islet at sea. We at Fogg Gildeskål are also developing a construction project that we hope will add to this range of architectural experiences in Salten. 3. Why should people experience the Salten region? I would recommend people to feel what it’s like to live here. Most of Salten is not densely populated, which is something us locals really appreciate. What I missed most when I lived in Oslo was the weather and being able to see and feel the seasons changing. When I got off the plane and smelt the salt from the sea, I knew I was nearly home. We enjoy it here, regardless of the season and the weather! Everything has its charm and time, providing you allow time to be captivated. 11





Just 33 km from downtown Bodø, you can experience a spectacular natural phenomenon that has thrilled visitors from near and far. The maelstrom occurs when tidal waters flow in and out of the narrow strait connecting the outer Saltenfjord with the Skjerstadfjord. Every sixth hour, 400 million m³ of water forces its way through the 3 km long and 150 m wide strait at speeds of up to 20 knots. This forms mighty whirlpools up to 10 m in diameter and 4-5 m deep. Visit at high tide and marvel at the immense forces of nature. The tide times vary from day to day, so check the tide table on visitbodo.com. This way you can plan to be at Saltstraumen when the current is at its strongest. Saltstraumen is famous for its marine life. The abundant stocks of cod, saithe, halibut, monkfish and wolffish make it an Eldorado for anglers and seabirds such as eider ducks and white-tailed eagles. The world record for a saithe (coalfish) caught with a fishing rod was set here. Besides the huge shoals of fish, you will discover shellfish, crustaceans, sea anemones, coral reefs and much more. An incredible underwater world awaits sports divers but diving in this current is not something for novices. 12

Photo: Tommy Andreassen


Photo: Emil Sollie, Brixton Frames



The name Svartisen is derived from the old term “svartis”, which describes the distinctive deep blue colour of the ice, contrasting with the white snow. The ice masses span a range of blue tones, from transparent ice through to turquoise and dark blue. Covering an area of 370 m², Svartisen is Norway’s second biggest glacier. Most of Svartisen is at an altitude of 1,200-1,400 m. On the ice plateau, the mild, moist air masses from the Atlantic Ocean fall as snow most of the year, and the ice masses grow. The ice then slides slowly down the valleys and forms glacier arms known as ice tongues. Engenbreen, the ice tongue that has reached closest to the sea, has the lowest altitude of any ice tongue in mainland Europe. This makes it the most accessible glacier in Europe. Engenbreen is located at the head of the Holandsfjord in Meløy municipality. Engenbreen Skyss operates a regular shuttle boat service across the fjord from Holandsvika, which is just off the main road. The boat trip takes 10 min and the season runs from late May to early September. Engenbreen is retreating but Svartisen remains stable. This is because the annual precipitation on the plateau glacier exceeds the amount of ice that melts during the summer. Consequently, Svartisen is not shrinking even though the ice tongue has retreated significantly since the late 1990s. The ice tongue retreated 140 m in 2018 alone. 14


Have you experienced the Northern Lights? Perhaps one of the most wonderful light phenomena nature can offer. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is at its most intense far north in the northern hemisphere. It’s beautiful and mythical, like floating silk veils waving across the night sky in shades of green, yellow, white and pink. Sometimes as a flickering light, other times as an explosion of colours. There are few things more magical than standing in a white-covered landscape and admiring the green diva dancing in the vaults of heaven, like the universe’s own pulse. It’s an experience you will never forget it. The Northern Lights may be observed on dark, clear evenings from September to April. For optimal conditions, head out of town away from the bright lights. Remember to turn off your headtorch and car lights, too. The Northern Lights often start as very dim light in the north and move higher during the evening and night. Check the Northern Lights forecast on Storm’s website: storm.no/nordlys Keen to take good photos of the Northern Lights? It’s important to use a proper camera. Capturing the lights on a mobile phone camera is rare. Some good advice for camera settings is to start with an ISO setting of 500, aperture of 3.5 and shutter speed of 8 seconds. If it’s too bright, reduce the shutter speed by one second, and the opposite if the photo is too dark. Remember that with such a long shutter speed, you need a tripod. Good luck!

15 Photo: Petter Formo

16 Photo: Frank Dahl



The circles of latitude around the Earth’s poles marking the boundary of the areas that have Polar Night (winter) and Midnight Sun (summer) are called polar circles. The area north of the northern polar circle is referred to as the Arctic, and the area south of the southern polar circle is referred to as the Antarctic. In Bodø & Salten, just north of the Arctic Circle, we can see glimpses of the sun just below the horizon all winter long. The deflection of the sunlight means that the boundary for the Polar Night is slightly north of the Arctic Circle, while the boundary for the Midnight Sun is slightly south of the Arctic Circle. Consequently, Bodø has Midnight Sun but not Polar Night. However, high mountains in the south block the sun in winter. This makes it dark and creates spectacular light during the winter. The Polar Night (or winter darkness) here is actually countless variations of light – from dark blue via shimmering yellow to deep pink. This amazing phenomenon has become a much-loved subject for photographers wishing to capture the ever-changing winter light. In the summer when the sun never sets, you can wander barefoot on white sandy beaches and warm coastal rocks. You can admire the Midnight Sun from a mountain summit or watch it hanging like a piece of polished gold jewellery on the horizon while enjoying the tranquillity of a private beach and great views north. Being outside in the bright light when sounds and wildlife indicate that it’s night-time is a unique experience. The Midnight Sun is visible in Bodø from 4 June to 8 July. 17



Dog sledding Bodø

Photo: Gaute Nordberg

Looking for speed and excitement during the winter? We offer dog sledding trips with top trained huskies at our mountain base camp, Ljøsenhammeren. An unforgettable experience! Book easily via our website. Northern Lights International (+47) 959 86 387 www.northern-lights.as

Fishing/Sea Eagle Safari Saltdal

Join us for a fishing trip on board an authentic fishing boat. Maybe you will also experience the majestic whitetailed eagle at close range. We also run fjord cruises and other activities. Book easily via our website.

Photo: Northern Lights International

Northern Lights International (+47) 959 86 387 www.northern-lights.as


Meløy, Glomfjord

“Stairway to heaven” is what we call the Fykantrappa stairs. At the top you will find a traditional mountain cabin, Rallarbrakka, selling food and drinks. Welcome, with love from the top!

Photo: Visit Bodø


Nedre Naver (+47) 451 28 000 www.fykan.no


Flightseeing & airtaxi Saltdal

Explore wonderful nature from the air in our seaplane. Fly between majestic mountains and over crystal clear fjords and beautiful glaciers. Need transport from A to B without airport? Contact Saltenfly.

Photo: Gunnar Egeberg

Saltenfly (+47) 468 64 368 www.saltenfly.no

Hunting the Northern Lights Bodø Hunt the Northern Lights close to Bodø: Depart from downtown Bodø at 21.00 and return by midnight. We chase the Northern Lights where conditions are best. Includes: transportation, hot drinks/ snacks, guiding, film and headtorch.

Photo:Gaute Nordberg

Polar Tours (+47) 755 63 000 www.polartours.no

Hunting Lady Aurora Bodø

Join us for an unforgettable experience under the Arctic sky! Let us guide you to your Lady Aurora and experience the magic of the Northern Lights! Visit our website for more information and bookings.

Photo: Meike Kathrin Zylmann

Stella Polaris (+47) 755 28 508 www.stella-polaris.no 19


Adventures in Saltstraumen Bodø, Saltstraumen The trip starts with city sightseeing and then continues to Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest tidal current. Guided tours in 6 different languages. The trip starts from downtown Bodø at 12.10 (book via our website).

Photo: Tommy Andreassen

Polar Tours (+47) 755 63 000 www.polartours.no

RIB Safari Saltstraumen

Bodø, Saltstraumen Come and experience the roaring tidal current of Saltstraumen by RIB! Enjoy a close-up experience with the elements as we travel through wild and beautiful nature. Daily departures from 1 June-31 Aug. Award winning excursion!

Photo: Andrea Karstaedt

Hurtigrutekaia, Bodø (+47) 755 28 508 www.stella-polaris.no

Moose Safari Bodø

Photo: Marten Bril


Join our safari to see these marvellous animals just outside the city. Departure every evening except Saturday from the tourist information. Moose guarantee: Full refund if we don’t spot a moose. Book on our website. Polar Tours (+47) 755 63 000 www.polartours.no


Arctic Coastal Walk Bodø

Photo: Andrea Karstaedt

Come and join us on a guided historical walk along our beautiful coast. Experience the traditional Norwegian outdoor life and learn about our proud cultural heritage. Daily departures year round at 12:30. Hurtigrutekaia, Bodø (+47) 755 28 508 www.stella-polaris.no

RIB safari to Saltstraumen Bodø, Saltstraumen Daily trips to Saltstraumen from downtown Bodø. The departure time varies depending on when the current will be at its strongest. We use large, sold rigid inflatable boats (RIB).

Photo: Explore Salten

Ambulanseflåten ved Stormen bibliotek/redningsskøyta (+47) 941 77 962 www.exploresalten.no


Royal Bowling Bodø

Photo: Royal Bowling

Fun activities for young and old with 12 bowling lanes, shuffleboard, pool tables and snooker tables. Several slot machines. Bar serving beer and wine. Mon-Thurs 11-00, Fri-Sat 11-01, Sun 12-00. Storgt. 2, Bodø (+47) 755 28 820 www.royalbowling.no 21


Bodø Golf Park

Bodø, Myklebostad Just a few minutes from Bodø airport and the city centre, you will find a spectacular 18-hole links and woodland course. Salten Golf Club is the largest golf club north of the Arctic Circle and the scenery is breathtaking.

Photo: Kent Even Grundstad

post@bodogolfpark.no (+47) 755 32 220 www.bodogolfpark.no

Bodø Action Hall

Bodø Bodø Action Hall is 800 m² of fun and games for children (from age 7) and adults alike. Our attractions include laser tag, escape rooms, arcade, virtual reality and much more.

Photo: Rolf-Arne F. Vaag

Storgata 8, 8006 Bodø (+47) 402 15 050 www.bodoaction.no

Nordlandsbadet Water Park Bodø Pools of all shapes and sizes: exercise pool, diving pool (1 m, 3 m and 5 m diving boards), training and therapy pool, children’s pool, wave pool, outdoor pool and three water slides. Open every day.

Photo: Marthe Mølstre


Plassmyrvn. 11. (+47) 755 91 500 www.bodospektrum.no



Spektrum Wellbeing

Bodø One of Norway’s most impressive spa and wellbeing centres with exclusive furniture and architecture. Amenities include six different saunas, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, food and quiet room. Over 18s only. Open every day.

Photo: Marthe Mølstre

Plassmyrvn. 11. (+47) 755 91 500 www.bodospektrum.no

7. Himmel (7th Heaven) Bodø

Classic skin care clinic with shop in downtown Bodø. Skin care, massage, hair removal, foot care and makeup. Drop-in appointments always available.

Photo: Marthe Mølstre

Storgata 6 +47 75 50 45 50 www.syvendehimmel.no



Photo: Martin Losvik 24

Meet the locals

Ulf Mikalsen The boat builder at Kjerringøy has his workshop a stone’s throw from the old trading post. With strong affection for the region’s proud boatbuilding tradition, he wants to strike a blow for the coastal culture.

1. What is your coolest cultural experience in Salten? My coolest cultural experience was the Norwegian Coastal Federation’s national gathering in Bodø in 2006 and 2016. There were people from the entire Norwegian coast, along with 200 traditional boats. Craftsmen, professionals and musicians were all gathered here. We experienced regattas, entertainment, stories from Norwegian coastal culture, boats and handicraft activities. The gathering confirmed that coastal culture is Norway’s strongest cultural expression. We at the Salta Coastal Association, Nordlandsmuseet and other associations are keeping this culture alive. 2.What are your best cultural tips? As a boat builder, I would recommend the Jekt Trade Museum, an informative experience. But travel first to Kjerringøy with the old trading post, boatbuilding yard,

cheese factory, Karl Erik Harr Museum and Zahlfjøsen gallery. See the white sandy beaches, harbour and Nordland boats there. Maybe you can go on a quiet evening trip under sail to Karlsøyvær to catch saithe. It can’t get much better than that. 3. Why should people experience the Salten region? Diversity! You can find traces here from the Stone Age and Era of Norwegian Sagas. Museums, handicrafts, music and open-air theatre. There is a large range of nature-based experiences from the open sea to the high mountains, the world’s strongest tidal current, as well as easterly winds and south-westerly storms or strong winds. Experience windblown and friendly people all year round, a modern city and the country’s best-preserved trading post from the 19th century. 25


& EVENTS 2020

BLÅFROST FESTIVAL 19. – 22. February

Rognan, Saltdal

BODØ JAZZ OPEN 6. – 9. May

Annual cultural and music festival on the unique “Slipen Scene” industrial rock stage. www.blaafrost.no

Bodø A jazz festival featuring national and international artists at various venues in Bodø, including unique ones like a lavvu! www.bodojazzopen.no


Bodø Two days filled with beer from some of the finest breweries in the Nordic region.



18. - 21. June

Rognan Come and taste one of the real sweet treats of the Salten region. Courses and award for the best lefse.



Traditional mid-summer weekend full of activities, entertainment sales stands, flea market, evening parties and good food.

25. – 28. June Meløy, Ørnes

The North Norwegian revue championship, which is held every second summer www.nnrevy.no




Market, music, entertainment, sale of møsbrømlefse, sour cream porridge and barbecue food. Awarding of the annual Skogvokter (forest range) prize. www.heimhug.com/skogvokterdagen


Gildeskål The 2 km long and 300 m wide white sandy beach is perhaps the world’s most beautiful festival arena. www.langsandfestivalen.no

SAGFJORD DAYS 10. – 12. July


Bodø An intimate festival experience with a difference focusing on new artists and nature-based activities. www.bodofestivalen.no

Innhavet Market with local food, handicraft products and more. Sami culture and events all weekend long.


24. – 25. July

Bodø A two-day music festival in downtown Bodø focusing on music for younger people www.oppturfestival.no

GOD NOK FESTIVAL 23. – 26. July Steigen God Nok (Good enough) is an active festival combining music, theatre, dance, mountain hikes, fishing trips, local food, paddling in the archipelago, climbing and a great atmosphere round the bonfire. www.godnokfestivalen.no

NORDLAND MUSIKKFESTUKE 31. July – 9. August Bodø

HAMSUND DAYS 1. – 4. August

Hamarøy Celebrating 100 years since Norwegian novelist Knut Hamsun won the Nobel Prize in Literature for “Growth of the Soil” in 1920. Promises to be one of the great literature festivals. www.hamsunsenteret.no

An annual music festival with a classical profile known for concerts in non-traditional venues such as the summit of Keiservarden. www.musikkfestuka.no

GATA FESTIVAL 14. – 15. August Fauske A three-day music festival in the beating heart of Fauske www.gatafestivalen.no


THE WILDERNESS DAYS 14. – 16. August Beiarn The largest wilderness expo in the Salten region focusing on hunting, fishing and outdoor life. More than 100 exhibitors, local food and live music. www.facebook.com/villmarksdagan


BODØ RUN FESTIVAL 15. August Bodø Bodø’s fastest celebration – a running festival for young and old, recreational and elite runners. www.bodorunfestival.no

20. – 23. August Rognan

Market, exhibition of traditional boats, rowing regatta for traditional Nordland boats, concerts and activities for children www.saltdal.kommune.no

BODØ BIENNALE 3. – 6. September

PARKEN FESTIVAL 21. - 22. August Bodø Music festival in Rensås Park right in the heart of Bodø spanning various genres with national and international artists www.parkenfestivalen.no

Bodø An interdisciplinary festival of visual art and dance art. www.bodobiennale.no

SALTEN FOOD FESTIVAL 25. – 26. September Fauske


Meet local food producers and taste specialties from the sea and land. This is the place to savour and buy local food.

4. – 8. November

Bodø Classical organ concerts, choir concerts, lunch concerts, master classes, rhythmic concerts and the children’s organ festival. www.biof.no

BLANKBYGDA SHOPPINGSENTER 24. - 26. Oktober Oppeid Large market featuring exhibitors, activities, culture, shows, revue and After-shopping






19 1

16 17 Steigen


5 2



4 Bodø 13


9 Gildeskål


10 Beiarn

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6 Meløy 7 Rødøy


Culture & Festivals


The Hamsun Centre Hamarøy

National centre about the life and works of writer Knut Hamsun (1859–1952). Large exhibition in tower. Culture hall, library, art installations, shop and café. Open Feb-Dec. See website for more info.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Presteid (+47) 755 03 450 www.hamsunsenteret.no

Jekt Trade Museum Bodø, Bodøsjøen

New national museum. Gripping stories of unity, shipwrecks, powerlessness and wealth. Experience our main attraction close-up: our unique jekt (traditional cargo vessel) Anna Karoline. Restaurant and museum shop. Open year-round.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


(+47) 755 03 500 www.jektefart.no www.nordlandsmuseet.no

Kjerringøy Trading Post Bodø, Kjerringøy

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Beautifully preserved 19th-century trading post. Guided tours, general store, multimedia show, activities, events, café and museum shop. Open year-round (check website for opening hours). (+47) 755 03 505 (+47) 910 06 443 (booking) kjerringoyhandelssted.no

Culture & Festivals


Løp Gård (Farm) Bodø

An old farm with proud traditions. Some of the buildings are more than 300 years old. Café, various activity days during the season and exhibitions. Open Saturday and Sunday 11-17 from 20 June – 30 Aug.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Løp (+47) 948 05 288 // (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no

Bodø City Museum Bodø

Multimedia show about Bodø, temporary exhibitions, “Our City” exhibition, 1,000-year-old silver treasure and stuffed fish. Summer (13 June – 16 Aug): daily 11-17. Other seasons: Tue-Fri 11-15 and Sat-Sun 12.-15.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Prinsensgt. 116 (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no

Meløy Folk Museum Meløy

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet

Local school history presented in authentic surroundings. Exhibition on school life, games and fishermenfarmers. Open for events during the summer season (13 June – 8 Aug). www.kalender.nordlandsmuseet.no. Øde v/ Reipå (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no 31

Culture & Festivals


Ørnes Trading post Meløy

Trading post dating back to 1794. Cultural and historical exhibition in Meløy. Activities and exhibitions. Beside Hurtigruten, bus and ferry connections. Open Mon–Sat, 11-16 from 13 June – 8 Aug. Open for groups on request.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Ørnes (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no

Gildeskål Church Site Gildeskål

The best-preserved mediaeval churches in Nordland. Vicarage dates from around 1750 and main church from 1881. Shop and café. Open every day 11-16 from 13 June – 15 Aug. Guided tours on the hour 11-16.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Kirkeveien 5, Inndyr (+47) 908 37 302 / (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no

Nordarnøy Coastal Fort Gildeskål

German coastal fort with three canons, guard tower, bunkers, ruins from the camp area and other installations. The coastal fort was one of 13 in the Germans’ ‘Festung Bodø’ defence system.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Nordarnøy post@nordlandsmuseet.no nordlandsmuseet.no

Culture & Festivals


Beiarn Folk Museum Beiarn

The museum has an idyllic setting beside a salmon river. Visit the exhibition in the old vicarage. Guided tours of the farmyard. Child-friendly. Museum shop and small café. Open Tue-Sat 11-16 from 23 June – 8 Aug.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Rv813 390, Moldjord i Beiarn (+47) 910 09 427 / (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no

Blood Road Museum Saltdal, Rognan

The Blood Road Museum depicts what life was like for prisoners of war during the German occupation (1942–1945). Suitable for wheelchair users. Open Tue-Sun 10-16 from 10 June – 16 Aug. Groups on request year-round.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Tunvegen, Rognan (+47) 908 46 598 / (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no

Saltdal Folk Museum Saltdal, Rognan

Historic buildings and artefacts covering agriculture, fishing, boat building, millstones and the Second World War. Historic wartime documentary. Open Tue-Sun 10-16 from 20 June – 16 Aug. Groups on request year-round.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet

Tunvegen, Rognan (+47) 908 46 598 / (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no 33

Culture & Festivals


Fauske Folk Museum Fauske

The museum has an idyllic location in a birch forest by the fjord. Exhibitions on the life of the fisherman-farmer, clothes and healer Johannes Brateng. Childfriendly. Open Tue-Sun 11-15 from 16 June – 14 Aug.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Sjøgata 46, Fauske (+47) 907 33 674 / (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no

Sulitjelma Mining Museum Fauske, Sulitjelma

The museum presents the history of one of the country’s biggest industrial companies and a unique mining community. Unique mineral collection. Open every day 11-17 from 20 June – 16 Aug.



Fagerli i Sulitjelma (+47) 908 02 583 / (+47) 948 02 519 nordlandsmuseet.no

Crofter’s Cottage in Kjelvik Sørfold

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Idyllic Sami crofter’s cottage, where time has stood still since the last occupant left in 1967. Guided tours. Visit the small café/museum shop in the barn. Open Tue-Sun 11-16 from 23 June – 14 Aug. Kjelvik i Sørfold (+47) 907 74 321 / (+47) 755 03 500 nordlandsmuseet.no

Culture & Festivals


Batterie Dietl Steigen

Batterie Dietl is one of Europe’s largest World War II coastal fortifications. Exhibition in one of the cannon bunkers. Tours every hour, on the hour. Open every day 11-18 from 15 June – 16 Aug or on request.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Bø, Engeløya (+47) 904 03 980 / (+47) 904 12 907 nordlandsmuseet.no

Steigen Folk Museum Steigen

Guided tours of in the old doctor’s residence, village shop, crofter’s cottage and smithy in Laskestad. Flower and herb garden. Café. Open Tue–Sun 11-17 from 20 June – 16 Aug or on request.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet


Laskestad på Engeløya (+47) 904 78 261 / (+47) 904 12 907 nordlandsmuseet.no

Hamsun’s Childhood Home Hamarøy

Visit the small wooden house beneath the great hills of Hamsund and get a glimpse into the childhood and adolescence of Knut Hamsun. Childfriendly. Open every day 11-18 from 19 June – 9 Aug, other seasons on request.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet

Hamsund (+47) 910 09 417 / (+47) 755 03 450 hamsunsenteret.no 35

Culture & Festivals


Breidablikk Trading Post Hamarøy, Oppeid

The Breidablikk trading post dates from 1845. Open some weekends during the summer for events. Guided tours for groups on request in the exhibition “Sigfred, Ragnar and the seven tidal currents”.

Photo: Nordlandsmuseet

Oppeid (+47) 755 03 450 hamsunsenteret.no

Norwegian Aviation Museum Bodø


Join us on a “flight” through Norwegian aviation history. Experience exciting stories and the history of how humans started to fly. See aircraft from the Second World War, Cold War and civil aviation. Gift shop and Café Gidsken. Olav V gate, Bodø +47 75 50 78 50 luftfartsmuseum.no


Magic Saltstraumen Bodø, Saltstraumen

Photo: Magic North


Magic Saltstraumen - a spectacular building near the world’s strongest tidal current. See photos of Saltstraumen under the water and a film of Saltstraumen or the Northern Lights. Café and small souvenir shop. Saltstraumen (+47) 915 40 915 www.magicnorth.no

Culture & Festivals

Saltstraumen Stories Bodø, Saltstraumen

Historic walk beside the world’s strongest tidal current. Historic trail past World War II relics and museum with finds from the Stone Age, jekt trade exhibition, the unique ‘straum boat’ and more.

Photo: Arne Kristiansen

Saltstraumen (+47) 465 29 488 www.saltstraumenstories.no


Gallery Zahlfjøsen Bodø

Gallery with sales exhibition by several well-known artists, the nature information centre and the exhibition “Hamsun in Film and Photos”. You will find us in the Zahl Barn, in the heart of Kjerringøy.

Photo: flightseeing.de

Kjerringøy (+47) 971 02 757 www.zahlfjosen.no

Arctic Philharmonic Bodø

The world’s northernmost professional orchestra is based in Bodø and Tromsø. Regular concerts at the Stormen Concert Hall in various formats, from the philharmonic orchestra, via fullscale operas to chamber music.

Photo: Marthe Mølstre

post@arktiskfilharmoni.no (+47) 993 87 810 www.arktiskfilharmoni.no 37

Culture & Festivals

Jektefartsmuseet Photo: Nordlandsmuseet

Hamsunsenteret Photo: Nordlandsmuseet

Kjerringøy Handelssted Photo: Nordlandsmuseet

Bymuseet i Bodø Photo: Nordlandsmuseet

Jekt Trade Museum

Hamsun centre

New national museum. Hundred years of costal history and what the jekt trade meant to Norway. Open all year. www.jektefart.no

The national center of writer and nobel price winner Knut Hamsun (1859-1952). Open February-december. www.hamsunsenteret.no

Kjerringøy Trading Post

Bodø City museum

One of Norway’s best-preserved trading posts. Livly museum with lots of offers. Open all year. www.kjerringoyhandelssted.no

City history and exhibitions in the middle of Bodø city center. Open all year. www.nordlandsmuseet.no/bymuseet

All museums: nordlandsmuseet.no // kalender.nordlandsmuseet.no 38

Culture & Festivals

Photo: Magic Saltstraumen


Magic Saltstraumen is situated in a spectacular building at the foot of the Saltstraum Bridge, close to the world’s strongest tidal current. Here, Saltstraumen’s hidden and exciting stories are brought to life and form the basis for many adventures, both culinary and through photographs and films. There is also a small souvenir shop if you want a reminder of your visit. Tlf.: 75 56 00 84 | Mobil.: 915 40 915 E-post: saltstraumen@magicnorth.no // www.magicnorth.no





ÅPNINGSTIDER Mandag–fredag kl. 10–16 Lørdag–søndag kl. 11–17 OLAV V GATE, BODØ, 75 50 78 50



Photo: Martin Losvik 40

Meet the locals

Øivind Holthe As general manager and festival manager of Blåfrost and Slipen Scene, Øivind manages Salten’s largest festival during the winter months. You can experience leading artists on this unique stage in what was once a boat building yard.

1. What is your coolest cultural experience in Salten? Providing its ok to be shamelessly immodest, nothing gives me more gooseflesh than seeing 1,200 people rocking in ecstasy here at Slipen Scene. Those special moments when the artist and the festival audience become one. A sing-along, forest of hands in the backlight and the total, all-consuming excitement instantly become a common memory book. Right here in this dilapidated boatyard that was transformed into a unique concert venue through creativity, fellowship and a sea of volunteers. It’s all about the moments when absolutely everything is right, an air pocket of collective joy. I have wiped many tears of joy in recent years, from my regular place at the back of the main hall at the top of the dark stairs where no one can see me. 2. What are your best cultural tips? My best cultural tip must be: Don’t postpone until tomorrow what you can experience today. Enjoy a delicio-

us lunch at Norway’s smallest hotel at Storjord for peace at heart and by a babbling river, then a coffee close by at the Adde Zetterquist art gallery. Eat dinner at Bjørk in Bodø, while the last beer tastes best at Hundholmen. Dama Di serves the small concerts you didn’t know you would love, and Pangea gives you a taste of the world in the middle of the square. Even better is the genuine North Norwegian sense of freedom of teeing off at the third hole at Myklebostad – with the Midnight Sun and the Lofoten mountains as a backdrop in an unbelievably beautiful painting. For a few brief seconds, before the ball drops into the Vestfjord, the world is completely level. 3. Why should people experience the Salten region? Salten has everything. We are far more than the Gateway to Lofoten. You can sum it up best by quoting the local musician Terje Nilsen: “You have to have been there to understand”. 41

Food & Drink


Hundholmen Bodø

Restaurant, gastropub and brewhouse. Frequently changing menu featuring classic pub food, traditional Norwegian food and local specialties. The heart of the premises is our brewery with a wide range of our own beers are on tap.

Photo: Thomas Litangen

Tollbugata 13 (+47) 485 02 727 www.hundholmenbrygghus.no

Ohma Asian Cooking Bodø

Ohma serves exciting Asian crossover cuisine with a rich selection of sushi and Asian-inspired dishes combined with excellent local produce. Our stylish and elegant premises are centrally located in Bodø’s cultural quarter.

Photo: Thomas Litangen

Storgata 2 (+47) 755 64 650 www.ohma-asian.no

Restaurant Bjørk Bodø

Photo: Thomas Litangen


Italian-inspired restaurant serving pizza from our brick baker’s oven, homemade pasta and salads. We offer an extensive grill menu cooked on our Josper charcoal grill. The local speciality grilled stockfish is highly recommended! Storgata 8 (Glasshuset) (+47) 755 24 040 www.restaurantbjork.no

Food & Drink

Mon Ami Restaurants Bodø

Mon Ami is the name of two Frenchinspired restaurants in the heart of the Glasshouse arcade and at City Nord. We offer extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Photo: MonAmi

Glasshuset & City Nord (+47) 755 22 480 / (+47) 755 26 000 www.monamibodo.no

Arnøy Brygge Restaurant Gildeskål

The restaurant has an idyllic location on the island of Nordarnøy – a 30 min boat trip from Bodø. Our menu is based on local produce – traditional dishes with a new twist. On Fridays we have a big seafood buffet with live music.

Photo: Arnøy brygge

Nordhavn, 8136 Nordarnøy (+47) 926 77 000 www.arnoy.no

Kjerringøy bryggehotell

Photo: Kjerringøy bryggehotell

Bodø, Kjerringøy The restaurant at Kjerringøy Bryggehotell has a beautiful location with panoramic views of the fjord and mountains. It faces west, perfect for evenings and the Midnight Sun. The tempting and varied menu is based on local produce. Kaiveien 3, Kjerringøy (+47) 763 03 822 www.kjerringoybryggehotell.no 43

Food & Drink


Ljøsenhammeren Bodø, Misvær

Our mountain farm café is open in the summer. We serve delicious food made from local ingredients like moose, reindeer and salmon, as well as homemade cakes and light lunches. Open for groups in the winter by prior arrangement.

Photo: Morten Hugo Olsen

Kulturveien 5563, 8100 Misvær (+47) 902 47 100 / (+47) 959 86 387 www.northern-lights.as

Café Gidsken

Bodø, Norsk Luftfartsmuseum

Overlooking the runway at Bodø Airport. Watch aircraft take off and land with a backdrop of sea and mountains, while enjoying waffles made using our secret recipe. We serve homemade cakes, great coffee and light lunch dishes.

Photo: Martin Losvik

Olav V gt. (+47) 75 50 78 71 www.luftfartsmuseum.no

Bjørklund Gård (Farm) Sørfold

Photo: Karoline O. A. Pettersen


Enjoy fresh baking and fresh produce from our fields in our barn café overlooking Sjunkhatten National Park. We grow our own raspberries, strawberries and vegetables. Book lunch/dinner for groups. Strøksnes (+47) 95 20 47 16 borghild.wingan@gmail.com

Food & Drink

Brestua ved Svartisen Meløy, Svartisen

Welcome to Brestua. We are located practically midway between the quayside and the edge of the glacier. Lunch, dinner, coffee and waffles. We also recommend our popular Sunday buffet.

Photo: Brestua

(+47) 980 05 005 post@svartisen.no www.svartisen.no

Brødrene Berbusmel Bodø

Craft bakery, café and delicatessen on the square in Bodø. Watch as we bake bread, enjoy the beautiful aroma of freshly bread and pastries and chat with the baker. We focus on modern craftsmanship, quality and local produce.

Photo: Thomas Litangen

Storgata 7 (+47) 413 73 000 www.berbusmel.no

The Herb Garden at Tofte Bodø, Misvær

Located in the heart of Misvær’s beautiful cultural landscape. Enjoy the aroma and taste of herbs in the garden or Vikkastua, where we serve light lunches or baking from our wood-fired oven. Check our website for opening hours.

Photo: Hanna Tidslevold

Misvær (+47) 95 1 55 525 hanna.margrethe.tidslevold@sbnett.no 45

Food & Drink


Piccadilly Pub Bodø

A small English-inspired pub with long cultural traditions that has an intimate and cosy atmosphere and is a popular meeting place for locals of Bodø. Opera pub, jazz pub and other musical treats are often hosted here.

Photo: Picadilly

Storgata 4b (+47) 755 39 705 www. facebook.com/piccadillypub.bodo

Sportsbaren Bodø Bodø

The natural meeting place to watch major sporting events. Famous for succulent burgers and great milkshakes. Live music and great atmosphere in the weekends. Play shuffleboard, darts, foosball and board games.

Photo: Thomas Litangen

Storgata 4A (2.etg.) (+47) 755 33 000 www.sportsbarenbodo.no

Larsen mat & vinbar Bodø

Food & wine bar serving Spanishinspired cuisine with tapas and light meals for any occasion. Wine list with a wide selection and many served by the glass! The natural choice for a night out with colleagues, friends or loved ones.

Photo: Thomas Litangen


Storgata 4A (+47) 755 33 000 www.larsenmatogvinbar.no

Food & Drink


Bodø, Radisson BLU Hotel

Photo: Radisson BLU Hotel Bodø

Enjoy wonderful views of the sea and mountains from Top13 Bar & Lounge on the top floor of Radisson BLU Hotel. Elegant interior and a wide range of cocktails – the perfect place for a night out with friends and colleagues. Storgata 2 (+47) 755 19 023 www.radissonblu.com


Craig Alibone Chocolate Bodø

A chocolate shop right in the heart of Bodø, where only a glass wall separates the shop from the kitchen. Watch Craig and his team create artisan chocolates, cakes and macarons. Buy locally made confectionary of high quality.

Photo: ByNorth

Storgata 3 (+47) 755 60 060 www.craigalibone.com



Photo: Martin Losvik 48

Meet the locals

Lars Magne Andreassen Lars Magne is director of the Árran Lule Sami Centre in the village of Drag in Tysfjord. With a heart for Sami culture and identity, he has worked there for nine years. He wants to promote the region’s many excellent museums.

1. What is your coolest cultural experience in Salten? To me, cultural experiences are not just something that happens on a stage or in a concert hall. It’s hard to describe the feeling of cultural belonging and pride I had the day I saw a road sign with the Sami name had been put up where I live. The Sami culture has been hidden for so long so to me things like this have the greatest cultural significance. It makes me feel like a whole human being. My greatest cultural experience in Salten was the Mihá concert, which we arranged in 2018 in honour of those who broke their silence about sexual abuse. Rarely has a cultural event had greater significance. 2. What are your best cultural tips? I want to talk up the museums in Salten. The sections of Nordlandsmuseet and Museum Nord include everything from trading posts, folk museums, church sites and crofter’s farms to mining museums, war memorials and piers. Don’t forget the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø, Nordland National Park

Centre in Saltdal and the Sami sites Dållågadden and Duoddara Rafe in Beiarn. If you drive from Bodø or on the E6, you will find a huge and diverse range of museum experiences. In North Salten, I recommend visiting the Hamsun Centre and Árran and exploring all the galleries, cafés and the beautiful nature and cultural landscape. 3. Why should people experience the Salten region? Salten is a miniature version of Northern Norway with everything from islands and fjords to glaciers and high mountains. It has fewer tourists than Lofoten but is perhaps even more beautiful. The rich and diverse cultural landscape is characterised by thousands of years of human activity. Salten is also a very modern cultural area. I’m thinking about all the festivals, professional actors and the urban life in Bodø. As capital of culture in 2024, Bodø will be a natural centre in the years to come. Árran is also part of this and will contribute by establishing a Sami art gallery and museum. 49



Skagen Hotel Bodø

We want all our guests to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We pride ourselves on providing a cosy atmosphere and genuine Northern Norwegian hospitality. Welcome to Skagen Hotel!

Photo: Tomas Jenssen

Nyholmsgata 11, Bodø (+47) 755 19 100 www.skagen-hotel.no

Kjerringøy bryggehotell Bodø, Kjerringøy

Stay in spacious rooms or seaside apartments with balconies on the water’s edge 40 km north of Bodø. Enjoy panoramic views of the Karlsøyfjord, Steigen and the Lofoten mountains, majestic nature, hiking, fishing, art and culture.

Photo: Kjerringøy Bryggehotell

Kaiveien 3, 8093 Kjerringøy (+47) 763 03 822 www.kjerringoybryggehotell.no

Nye Glomfjord Hotell Meløy

The New Glomfjord Hotell is a pleasant hotel in the heart of Glomfjord. Enjoy delicious food, free Wi-Fi and an inhouse fitness centre.

Photo: Glomfjord Hotell


Glomfjord (+47) 757 52 500 www.glomfjordhotell.no


Bodø Hotell Bodø

A small, family-run hotel with a big heart in downtown Bodø. All rooms feature Jensen beds, flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi. Delicious breakfast buffet and free tea and coffee.

Photo: Bodø Hotell

Prof. Schyttes gt. 5, Bodø (+47) 755 47 700 www.bodohotell.no

Thon Hotel Nordlys

Photo: Thon Hotel Nordlys

Bodø The Thon Hotel Nordlys is centrally located by the small craft harbour and breakwater in downtown Bodø. The hotel has wonderful views of the Lofoten mountains, the sea and the Hurtigruten ships sailing past. Moloveien 14, Bodø nordlys@olavthon.no (+47) 75 53 19 00 www.thonhotels.no/nordlys

Scandic Fauske Fauske

Scandic Fauske is a conference hotel in Fauske with wonderful fjord and mountain views. Centrally located, 500 m from the railway station and 55 km from Bodø airport. Ideal for business trips, weekend visits and holidays.

Photo: Øyvin Dypvik

Fauske sentrum (+47) 756 02 000 www.fauskehotell.no 51


Saltstraumen Hotell Bodø, Saltstraumen

A nice hotel located by the world’s strongest tidal current - Saltstraumen. Facilities include a café and restaurant serving local food, spa section, gym and outdoors jacuzzi. Free parking and Wi-Fi for our guests. Welcome!

Photo: Arne Kristiansen

Kapstøveien 23 (+47) 755 06 560 www.saltstraumenhotell.no

Radisson BLU Hotell Bodø Bodø

Stay in the heart of Bodø near the marina, shopping, restaurants and bars. Relaxing atmosphere, nice rooms, the Fjord Eat & Drink Restaurant and the Top 13 Bar & Lounge on the top floor offering spectacular panoramic views.

Photo: Radisson BLU Hotel Bodø

Storgata 2, Bodø (+47) 755 19 000 www.radissonblu.com/hotel-bodo

Rognan Hotel Saltdal, Rognan

Photo: Rognan Hotell


Welcome to the quayside hotel in Rognan with its wonderful views of the Saltenfjord. The national park municipality Saltdal is the perfect base for a wide range of activities and nature-based experiences. Håndverkeren 14, 8250 Rognan (+47) 756 90 011 www.rognanhotell.no



Graddis Fjellstue Saltdal, Røkland

Mountain lodge, camping and camper van rental on the Swedish border in Saltdal. Great for hiking and skiing. Sites for camper vans, caravans and tents. Rental camper vans, cabin and annex. Café/function rooms.

Photo: Graddis fjellstue

post@graddis-fjellstue.no (+47) 958 36 618 / (+47) 918 39 221 www.graddis-fjellstue.com

Arnøy Brygge fishing lodge Gildeskål

Welcome to a quality fishing lodge on the idyllic island Nordarnøy, just 30 min by boat from Bodø. Accommodation for 74 guests. Enjoy delicious food in our restaurant, boat rental, deep-sea fishing, historic walks and canoeing.

Photo: Arnøy brygge

Nord-Arnøy (+47) 926 77 000 www.arnoy.no

Saltdal Tourist Centre Bodø, Misvær

A natural place to stop along the E6 in Saltdal. Enjoy culture and nature trails, rest areas, rustic shelters and fireplaces near Junkerdalsura. We have cabins, hotel rooms and camp sites for camper vans, caravans and tents.

Photo: Saltdal Turistsenter

Storjord, Røkland (+47) 756 82 450 www.isaltdal.no 53


Kobbelv Vertshus Inn Sørfold

Photo: Kobbelv Vertshus

A mandatory stop on the E6 in Sørfold. Enjoy tasty, traditional Norwegian dishes on our spacious patio with its great views of the waterfall and mountains. We also have 26 guest rooms and conference and meeting facilities. vertshus@kobbelv.no (+47) 756 95 801 www.kobbelv.no

Helnessund Brygger Steigen

Photo: Helnessund Brygger

Visit idyllic Helnessund to enjoy fjords, an archipelago, mountains, hiking trails and one of Norway’s nicest beaches. Accommodation for 56 guests, café/ restaurant, conference facilities for 40 people and 12 rental boats. Helnessund (+47) 476 78 277 www.helnessund.com


The Arctic Hideaway Gildeskål, Fleinvær

Unique accommodation where architecture meets stunning coastal nature. Facilities include a sauna, five private sleeping houses, kitchen, studio and tower house. Perfect for individuals or groups of up to 10 people.

Photo: Pasi Aalto


booking@fordypningsrommet.no (+47) 908 64 893 www.thearctichideaway.com


Tranøy Fyr Lighthouse Hamarøy, Tranøy

A magical spot for peace of mind and enjoyment. We offer 14 rooms of various sizes and a fully licensed café/ restaurant. You will discover wonderful opportunities for art, culture, hiking and fishing in the local area.

Photo: Andreas Ellingsen

info@tranoyfyr.no (+47) 997 04 499 www.tranoyfyr.no


Northern Norways largest shopping mall. 105 stores / 5 minutes from Bodø airport and city center Mon-Fri: 10 am-9 pm / Sat: 10 am-7 pm / Sunday: closed

Thon Hotel Nordlys har en fantastisk Thon Hotel Nordlys is fantastically situated inbeliggenhet Bodø harbour, onlyved a few minutes’ walk rett havnen i Bodø, from the city centre. kun minutters gange fra sentrum. Bestill thonhotels.no/nordlys Book at på thonhotels.no/nordlys or contact kontakt 75 53 19 00 useller on tel.: (+47)oss 75 på 53 tel: 19 00 56





Rødøyløva (The Rødøy Lion) Rødøy

Level: Moderate, marked path Duration: 4 hours Distance: 7.5 km round trip Highest point: 443 m.a.s.l. Ascent: approx. 450 m Terrain: Road with little traffic followed by a partly developed path, steep in parts and rather rocky Parking/start: At the ferry landing This is a classic summit hike in Helgeland. Start at the ferry landing on the island of Rødøya. Follow the road towards Klokkargården (the sexton’s residence), a well-known place to stay and eat. Turn right at the junction in Selvågen, approx. 200 m before Klokkargården. There is a clearly marked path about 70 m after the junction. Part of the path has been paved with good, solid steps. When you reach the top of the ridge, simply follow the path to the top. We recommend this route, but there is another path from the north of the island. Both routes lead mostly through open countryside and include some steeper sections. You can get to Rødøy by express boat or ferry. We recommend staying overnight on the island. The express boat from Bodø (Nordlandsekspressen) takes 3 hours, has daily departures and you can bring your bike free. The ferry departs from Jektvik.

Photo: Frank R. Dahl 58

Photo: Rødøy Kommune

Ingeborgfossen waterfall Saltdal

Level: Easy, clear path Duration: 1 hour Distance: 2 km Highest point: 187 m.a.s.l. Ascent: 150 m Terrain: Rolling terrain, quite steep Parking/start: Botnvatn lake

Follow the E6 and turn off at the signpost leading to Botn krigskirkegård (war cemetery). Drive to the end of the road (about 3 km). Parking by Botnvatn lake near the suspension bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path towards the waterfall. Turn off the forest trail about 100 m after the bridge. It’s an easy walk across the marshes to the waterfall. If you wish to continue to the viewpoint overlooking the waterfall, allow an extra hour because it’s quite steep. The easiest way to get to Botnvatn lake is by car or bus. Bus no. 100 goes from Bodø and Fauske to the bus stop at Botn several times per day and takes about an hour. If you travel by bus, the hike there and back will be 6 km longer, but you have the option of bringing your bike on the bus.

Photo: Frank R. Dahl 59

Finnesfjellet mountain Gildeskål

Level: Moderate, partially marked path Duration: 3 hours Distance: 3.5 km round trip Highest point: 506 m.a.s.l. Ascent: approx. 490 m Terrain: Steep mountain terrain Parking/start: Finnes Turn off on route no. 17 to Storvik, drive to Finnes and park at the car park just before you reach the first houses. Cross the road and follow the markers up the steep slope. When you reach Juran, follow the path about 100-150 m to Brunen, where you will find a letterbox where you can sign the trip book. Follow the path up towards the top. When you reach the treeline, the path will disappear. Head north towards the edge and follow the ridge up to the summit, Finneskua. Please note that it is steep on the other side. Beware of snowdrifts here in the winter and early spring. The easiest way to get to Finnes is by car but bus is also possible. Bus no. 200 from Bodø/Ørnes goes to Storvika several times a day. If you travel by bus, the hike there and back will be 8 km longer, but you have the option of bringing your bike on the bus.

Photo: Arne Sklett Larsen

Photos: Frank R. Dahl 60

Nedre Naver Meløy

Level: Moderate Duration: 4 hours Distance: 10 km round trip Highest point: 570 m.a.s.l. Ascent: approx. 120 m Terrain: Construction road and path in mountainous terrain Parking/start: By Namnlausvatnet lake Turn off route no. 17 at Lake Fykanvatnet and drive up the road Fjellveien, along the shore of the lake and through the two tunnels to the car park by Namnlausvatnet lake. Please note that the road surface in the tunnels may be rather uneven, but this should not be a problem if you adjust your speed accordingly. Follow the old construction road west to the western end of Namnlausvatnet lake and then follow the path with the red T-markings westward towards the lower lake Navervatnet. When you reach Nedre Naver, you will find the Rallarbrakka cabin and the Fykan stairs, known as the “stairway to heaven”. We recommend taking the same route back but, before doing so, climb the 1100 steps to the top. The view and the stairway itself are very impressive! The easiest way to get to Glomfjord is by car, but bus is also possible. Bus no. 200 from Bodø/Ørnes goes to the Fykan tunnel several times a day. It’s about a 4 km walk from the bus stop to the start of the path. You have the option of bringing your bike on the bus but note that the road is steep.

Photo: Heidi Merete Mikalsen

Photo: Marlene Blomstereng Karlsen

Photo: Marlene Blomstereng Karlsen 61

Keiserstien (The Emperor’s Trail) Bodø

Level: Easy Duration: 2 hours 30 mins Distance: 4.4 km round trip Highest point: 366 m.a.s.l. Ascent: 230 m Terrain: Gravel road and path Parking/Start: The car park by Turisthytta Municipality: Bodø Drive, cycle or walk the mountain route up to the Tourist Cabin (Turisthytta), approx. 3.5 km from downtown Bodø. A clearly marked path leads from the end of the large car near the cabin. To turn the hike into a round trip, walk down on the gravel path and cross back to Keiserstien on the marked path when you reach the small lake, Kretjønna. On a windy day, you can seek shelter in the rustic shelter known as “Kværmannsbu” (Everyone’s hut) at the summit. This is a great place for a rest with covered seating for several people and wonderful views of the sea. If you are using public transport, take bus no. 3 from downtown Bodø to the bus stop at Vollen sykehjem (nursing home). There are many departures every day (except Sundays) and the trip takes about 10 minutes. Buses no. 100, 200 and 300 into Bodø correspond with bus no. 3 at City Nord.

Photo: Visit Bodø 62

Tuvlia - Seglfjell Beiarn

Level: Moderate, partly marked trail Duration: 6 hours Distance: 8.3 km round trip Highest point: 647 m.a.s.l. Ascent: approx. 640 m Terrain: Path, rolling terrain Parking/Start: The shop or the school Municipality: Beiarn This is a nice hike in varied terrain. Start at the school or the Coop supermarket and follow the Soløyveien road north beside the river. The path turns off the road after about 600 m. The first part is steep, but towards the top it levels out. Follow the marked trail up to the highest point and then turn off towards the mountain, Seglfjell. It’s easy to find the way. The easiest way to get to Moldjord is by bus or car. Bus no. 300 goes from Bodø to Moldjord daily and takes about two and a half hours.

Photo: Amund Kleist Godal 63

Mørsvikvasstinden mountain Sørfold

Level: Easy, marked path Duration: 2 hours and 30 mins Distance: 7 km round trip Highest point: 640 m.a.s.l. Ascent: approx. 350 m Terrain: Path and forest trail Parking/start: By the small lake Lomtjønna on the E6 If you are driving north on the E6, you can park at the car park just after passing the small lake, Lomtjønna, after ascending the mountain Kråkmofjellet. If you are driving south, the car park will be on your left near the end of a long, straight stretch of road. Follow the marked and signposted path. The summit is visible all the way and there is only a difference of 300 m in altitude from the car park to the summit of Mørsvikvasstinden Peak (640 m.a.s.l.). It’s easiest to follow the path, but you can also choose your own route to the summit. At the start, we recommend going slightly north of the small lake, Lomtjønna, so you avoid marshes and undergrowth. The easiest way to get to reach the car park is by car or bus on the E6. Catch bus no. 100 from Bodø/Fauske to Sortland and get off at the bus stop at Kråkmofjell. The trip takes about 3 hours and there are 2 departures daily, morning and afternoon.

Photo: Marita Pettersen 64

Sjønstå Gård (Farm) Fauske

Level: Easy Duration: 10 minutes Distance: 300 m round trip Highest point: 5 m.a.s.l. Ascent: 0 Terrain: Bridge and path Parking/start: The community hall (Folkets hus) at Sjønstå You can get to the farm Sjønstå Gård by turning off the E6 at Finneid and continuing towards Sulitjelma on route no. 830. After about 17 km, you turn left after the Sjønståfjell tunnel. After a short drive, park at Folkets hus (the community hall). To get to the farm, cross the bridge and then you will see a grey-brown cluster of buildings in an idyllic setting. The farm is situated near Øvervatnet lake, at the head of the fjord. The road there is closed by a barrier during the winter months until Folkets hus opens for the summer season. Every Sunday from mid-June, you can buy the popular, rich pastries known as møsbrømlefser. The easiest way to get to Sjønstå is by car, bus or train. There are buses and trains from Bodø to Fauske that correspond with the bus you need to catch. Ask the driver to drop you off at Ågifjellet, just after the Sjønståfjell tunnel. From there, walk down the road on your left to Sjønstå.

Photo: Gull H. Pedersen

Photo: Espen Johansen 65

Straumstien Hamarøy

Level: Easy, marked path Duration: 90 min Distance: 4 km round trip Highest point: 5 m.a.s.l. Ascent: 10 m Terrain: Road and path Parking/start: The car park at Ness Start at the car park near the end of the road and follow the path leading from the information board. You may be tempted to cross the sands at low tide, but beware: there is quicksand in certain places! There is a nice picnic spot with a rustic shelter by the strait, approx. 1.3 km from start. The round trip will take you around the headland and offers views of Skutvik. Signs along the way show you how to get to Viking burial sites. Leave the shore when you get past the first cluster of buildings and follow the farm road to the right after the gate. You will then be back on the road back to the car park near the marina. NB: There are grazing sheep in the area, so shut the gates and keep dogs on a leash! The easiest way to get to the starting point at Ness is by car, alternatively by bike in combination with the express boat (Nordlandsekspressen) from Bodø to Skutvik.

Photo: Kjell Fredriksen 66

Trohornet Steigen

Level: Moderate, marked trail Duration: 4 hours and 30 min Distance: 8 km round trip Highest point: 645 m.a.s.l. Ascent: approx. 650 m Terrain: Path through woodland and mountain terrain, some scree Parking/start: Near the bus stop at Mølleskog The mountain Trohornet is on the island of Engeløya. Turn left at Ålstadkrysset junction and drive for about 5 km. Park near the bus stop at Mølleskog. The hike starts at the signpost and the entire route is well marked with T’s. The path has been cleared and is quite wide. After passing a gate just after start, turn right through the birch forest. A grassy slope will soon appear, which is the hardest part of the hike. When you reach the top of this slope, you will be in sparser birch forest and the path will flatten out. Turn left when you leave the forest and follow the path and cairns up the hills. Follow the path until you descend into a small valley and up through a section of scree. After a few hundred metres, you will reach the cairn at the summit. The easiest way to reach the start is by car or bike in combination with the express boat (Nordlandsekspressen) from Bodø to Bogøy. There are departures daily, the trip takes about 2 hours and you can bring your bike free.

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P r a c t i c a l I n f o r m a t i o n & Tr a n s p o r t

PRACTICAL INFORMATION & TRANSPORT Out-of-hours medical service. The telephone line for Out-of-hours medical service (Legevakt) is operated 24/7. Location: Bodø Spektrum, Plassmyrveien (+47) 116 117

Emergency assistance.

Ambulance: 113 Fire: 110 Police: 112 Bodø Police Station Address: Kongens gate 81 (+47) 755 45 800

General information about Northern Norway. Nord Norsk Reiseliv AS / Northern Norway Tourist Board (+47) 901 77 500 post@nordnorge.com www.nordnorge.com

Tourist information offices in the Salten region. PLACE Bodø Beiarn Saltdal Sulitjelma Sørfold, Rago Sørfold Gildeskål Hamarøy Rødøy Meløy, Holand Meløy, Ørnes Fauske 68

PHONE (+47) 75 54 80 00 (+47) 75 56 95 00 (+47) 454 23 300 (+47) 954 04 978 (+47) 908 95 598 (+47) 971 59 213 (+47) 75 69 58 01 (+47) 75 76 06 00 (+47) 75 50 34 50 (+47) 75 09 80 00 (+47) 919 24 062 (+47) 75 71 00 00 (+47) 476 48 890

OPEN 01.01 - 31.12 01.01 - 31.12 01.01 - 31.12 01.01 - 31.12 01.05 - 30.09 01.01 - 31.12 01.01 - 31.12 01.01 - 31.12 01.01 - 31.12 20.06 - 10.08 01.01 - 31.12 15.06 - 15.08

P r a c t i c a l I n f o r m a t i o n & Tr a n s p o r t

Bank services.

There are cash dispensers at several locations throughout the city and at the shopping centres.


There are two parking zones in downtown Bodø: ZONE 1 Parking fee per hour applies Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00 and Sat 08:00-15:00. NB: Some privately owned car parks are more expensive than the municipal ones and the fees apply 24/7. ZONE 2 Parking fee per hour applies Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00 and Sat 08:00-15:00.

Stormen Library.

This public library is an architectural gem in the heart of downtown Bodø with books, newspapers, journals and internet access. A place to work and be inspired by views of the harbour.Åpent hver dag www.stormen.no (+47) 755 56 100

Left-luggage lockers. BODØ RAILWAY STATION Mon – Fri: 07:30 – 21:10 Sat – Sun: 09:00 – 21:10

LONG-STAY CAR PARKS Bodø Airport and the Bodø Terminal at the Hurtigruten quay

THE SENTRUMSTERMINAL Mon – Fri: 07:00 – 21:00 Sat: 09:00 – 20:00 / Sun: 12:00 – 21:00

INDOOR CAR PARKS Glasshuset shopping: 06:00 – 21:00 Sentrumsgården: Open 24/7 Kvartal 99: Open 24/7 City Nord shopping: Free parking

BODØ AIRPORT Mon – Fri: 03:30 – 00:00 Sat: 04:30 – 18:00 Sun: 08:00 – 00:00

Toll roads.

Automated toll plazas have been established at Tverlandet and Strømsnes on the main road (route no. 80) from Bodø – Fauske and on all roads leading to/from the city centre. An invoice is sent to the vehicle owner by post at no additional charge. This also applies to foreign vehicles. For more info about road tolls, please visit: www.veipakkesalten.no Check the agreement for foreign visitors in Norway under ‘Visitors’ Payment’ on www.autopass.no

Gas for caravans/ camper vans.

Rønvik veiservice: Rønvikleira (+47) 755 50 000 Ess partner: Rønvikfjæra 1 (+47) 755 86 878

Camper van parking & waste stations. Rønvik veiservice: Rønvikleira (+47) 755 50 000

Tverlandet veiservice: Tverlandet (waste emptying station only) (+47) 755 07 740 69

Tr a n s p o r t


Air. Bodø Airport is located just 2 km from downtown Bodø. There are many direct flights daily to domestic airports including Oslo, Trondheim, the Helgeland coast, Lofoten and Tromsø. www.avinor.no

TICKETS Buy tickets at www.vy.no or call (+47) 610 51 910.

Check local and long-distance bus timetables at reisnordland.no

WAITING ROOM Mon – Fri: 06:00 – 00:00 Sat: 07:00 – 00:00 Sun: 08:30 – 21:15

Express boats.



For more info and tickets, please visit the Sentrumsterminal. Sjøgata 3, 8001 Bodø (+47) 917 14 203 TIMETABLES AND TICKETS www.reisnordland.no ekspedisjonen@thn.no www.thn.no

Car ferries to Lofoten/Moskenes. It is possible to make reservations for vehicles and/or groups yearround. www.thn.no (+47) 908 20 700 fergebooking@thn.no Travel info at www.reisnordland.no


Bodø is the terminus and northernmost point of the Norwegian railway network. There are daily morning and evening train services to/from Trondheim/Oslo. There are bus connections from Bodø/Fauske to Narvik, where you may continue by train to Sweden.

Bodø is daily port of call for the northbound and southbound Hurtigruten vessels. The northbound vessel is in Bodø from 12:40 - 15:00, while the southbound vessel is in Bodø from 02:30 - 03:45. The voyage to Stamsund takes 4 hours and Svolvær 6 hours. It takes around 24 hours to Tromsø and 48 hours to the North Cape (Honningsvåg). www.hurtigruten.com (+47) 970 57 030 Bookingtelefon: (+47) 775 97 045 booking@hurtigruten.com

Travel info in Nordland. You will find more info and timetables for buses, express boats and ferries in Nordland at www.reisnordland.no

Tr a n s p o r t

Main Roads & Distances.




120 min

60 min E10


Moskenes 5 km E10

Å Værøy Røst

36 km


E6 Skarberget 25 min Bognes 26 km


195 - 240 min

Misten 10 min Festvåg 28 km Fv834 Rv80 Bodø Fv17 29 km

Saltstraumen 90 km

FV812 39 km


54 km

52 km

142,5 km

Fauske 29 km

Misvær 36 km



Forøy-Ågskaret 10 min 150 km 28 km

Jektvik - Kilboghamn 60 min



Mo i Rana E6

Trondheim 71

Getting around Nordland has never been more beautiful

BYRAA byraabodo.no

Foto: Gøran Kristensen

Seven days of unlimited travel with express boat and bus for NOK 990 – only with Travel Pass Nordland.

Salten offers the perfect combination of lively, vibrant city life and amazing outdoor adventures. Explore the area by land and sea, using Travel Pass Nordland. Our public transport services offer frequent departures throughout the day, and cover Nordland both on land and at sea. The routes are interconnected and many of them correspond with each other. Plan your trip at reisnordland.com and find the fastest and best itineraries. Read more at reisnordland.com/travelpassnordland


Tr a n s p o r t

Polar Tours We offer transport for small and large groups in buses seating 16-50. Daily excursions in Bodø for individuals and groups. We can provide transfers or tours and excursions on request. post@polartours.no (+47) 755 63 000 www.polartours.no

Avis Bilutleie At AVIS, you can rent all types of vehicles: standard cars, vans and minibuses. Rent a car in Bodø and explore one of the most beautiful, picturesque parts of Norway.

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Bodø lufthavn og Storgt. 23B (+47) 755 41 000 www.avis.no

Budget Bilutleie Rent a car from Budget Bilutleie and enjoy the beautiful Kystriksveien (The Coastal Route) Helgeland coast, Kjerringøy and Saltstraumen, or Steigen and Lofoten! Contact us and let us make things easy for you!

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Bodø lufthavn og Storgt. 23B (+47) 94 80 43 33 www.budget.no 73



6 4 13 7 36

1 41 2 11









9 39

19 15








30 35







20 28

75 22


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