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Introducing: A venue with the X-FACTOR! Conference & Meetings Guide 2022-24

Welcome To Blackpool

… and welcome to another exciting chapter in the resort’s glorious conferencing history.

The publication of this new business tourism guide coincides with the much-anticipated opening of the new £30m Conference & Exhibition Centre alongside the historic Winter Gardens.

It is a development that encapsulates Blackpool’s resort regeneration - the revitalisation of historic assets to create world-class facilities for visitors and residents alike.

In this case, the end result is a contemporary conference facility that seamlessly integrates into the Winter Gardens’ magnificent architecture. Together, it has created a conference and exhibition space like no other.

With a combined capacity of up to 7,000 delegates, Blackpool now provides a wholly unique experience for conference and event organisers, o ering state-of-the-art facilities alongside truly stunning spaces such as the Empress Ballroom, Opera House and Spanish Hall.

But the new investment in the Winter Gardens is only part of Blackpool’s ongoing regeneration story.

During the past decade, there has been a gradual repositioning of the resort to create a place with a rich blend of heritage and contemporary attractions.

This considered and consistent approach has led to the town cementing its position as the most visited seaside destination in the UK with around 18 million visitors a year.

With almost £500m of investment already made in the town’s infrastructure and millions more in the pipeline, Blackpool has emerged as a vibrant destination that can o er an unforgettable experience to leisure and business visitors.

There is an unrivalled range of unique venues; a fusion of next-generation hotels and allbudget accommodation; world-class attractions, outstanding year-round shows, and entertainment; great connectivity and direct transport links.

We can’t wait to share it with you.

Welcome To Blackpool 3

What’s Inside Your Guide

6 - 13 Conference & Exhibition Centre

Blackpool’s stunning new Conference & Exhibition Centre unveiled

14 - 21 Welcome To The Winter Gardens

Presenting Blackpool’s world-famous historic entertainment venue

22 - 23 Why Blackpool?

Right place. Right time. Right now.

24 - 25 The Fruits Of Our Investments

Read about Blackpool’s major programme of regeneration

26 - 27 After The Hard Work, Let’s Eat All tastes are catered for in Blackpool

28 - 29 Sunset Beach

The perfect end to a working day

30 - 31 A Meeting With A Di erence Board meetings don’t need to be boring in Blackpool

32 - 36 Blackpool Has It All

Discover an extraordinary choice of venues

38 - 39 Out Of This World!

Blackpool Illuminations – like nothing else on earth

40 - 41 Access All Areas

We are one of the most accessible towns in the country

42 - 43 Seasons To Be Cheerful

Whatever the weather, Blackpool delights the senses

44 - 45 Blackpool Enterprise Zone

There’s never been a better time to invest

50 - 51 Discover Fylde And Wyre

Find out more about our near neighbours

52 - 66 Check-out Then Check-in Hotels, apartments and guest houses to suit every budget

68 - 69 All Mapped Out

Get around with the help of our detailed plan

70 - 71 Festival House

Home of weddings and the Tourist Information Centre

6 - 13 Centre Stage The MeetBlackpool guide is part of the Blackpool’s Back Tourism Recovery Campaign, part-funded by:
What’s Inside Your Guide 5 14 - 21 Welcome To The Winter Gardens 40 - 41 Access All Areas 30 - 31 A Meeting With A Di erence 26 - 27 Great Places To Eat 52 - 66 Check-Out Then Check-In

Where The Old Meets The New


1Here it is. A place where state-of-the-art conference spaces merge seamlessly with the magnificent architecture of the historic Winter Gardens. A place where delegates can enjoy the unique surroundings of a contemporary, purpose-built facility alongside the sheer splendour of rooms such as the

Floral Hall, the Empress Ballroom, Opera House, and the Spanish Hall. With a dozen di erent venues under one roof, it o ers the ultimate flexibility, catering for intimate events through to large exhibitions, gala dinners, symposiums, and conferences with a combined capacity of up to 7,000 delegates.

Where The Old Meets The New 7

Centre Stage

Blackpool’s stunning new Conference & Exhibition Centre is open for business.

As the photographs here and over the next few pages clearly show, this purpose-built venue o ers a completely di erent experience for event organisers and delegates.

The £30m development has been expertly designed so that it seamlessly integrates with the historic Winter Gardens complex, creating one of the largest venues of its kind in the north of England.

Take a careful look and you will see the original brickwork of the legendary Empress Ballroom alongside the polished surfaces of the elegant new conference and exhibition halls.

Built on the site of a former car park, the scheme was facilitated by £18m of funding from the Government’s Growth Deal, which is managed by the Lancashire Economic Partnership, almost £3m from the Coastal Communities Fund and the remainder from Blackpool Council and the Blackpool Entertainment Company Ltd (BECL).

It is the first major building development at the historic Winter Gardens complex since the construction of the Opera House

in 1939 and represents a masterclass in bringing together the old and the new.

With an impressive 2,400sq metres of dedicated space set over two magnificent floors and equipped with cutting-edge audio and visual technology, the new build adds a unique contemporary twist to the Winter Gardens site providing total flexibility for large and small-scale events.

Together, it creates a hub of 12 distinct venues o ering almost five acres of

connected conference, meeting, event, and exhibition space.

With the original Winter Gardens buildings also enjoying a multimillion pound upgrade with a new air-conditioning system, improved digital connectivity and extensive refurbishments to restore it to its original splendour, there has never been a better time to take a fresh look at all that Blackpool has to o er.

Centre Stage 09

Meet The Team

Our expert team have many years of combined knowledge and experience in the conference and events industry, and hospitality sector. With a new, state-ofthe-art Conference & Exhibition Centre sitting alongside the beautiful spaces in the historic Winter Gardens, their goal

is to grow and promote Blackpool’s business tourism o ering to put it back on the map as a mainstream conference destination. They are passionate about building strong working relationships and creating the best possible customer experience.


Meet The Team 11
Julie Vincent Conference and Events Sales Manager Rebecca Thompson Special Events Sales Manager Carla Hunte Events Co-ordinator Anthony Williams Sales and Marketing Manager

Making History



The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP, officially opened the new Conference & Exhibition Centre on March 19, 2022, on the second and final day of the Conservative Party Spring Conference. He unveiled a plaque which is now sited in the foyer area. It was the first time that the Conservative Party had held a conference in Blackpool since 2007 and marked a welcome return of major party political conferences to the resort, which has hosted numerous Prime Ministers down the years.

Making History 13

The Winter Gardens Blackpool

The world-famous Winter Gardens Blackpool first opened to the public on 11 July 1878, with a lavish ceremony attended by the Lord Mayor of London and Mayors and Mayoresses from 68 towns across the country.

Dubbed “the most magnificent palace of amusement in the world”, the venue now welcomes more than 1.3 million visitors each year to its stunning collection of rooms including theatres, ballroom, exhibition halls and public spaces that accommodate a wide range of events.

Winter Gardens Blackpool boasts a long and illustrious history and has provided the platform for speeches by virtually every prime minster since Sir Winston Churchill as well as staging two Royal Variety Performances attended by HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

The venue has a dozen unique spaces showcasing the finest in Victorian

architecture through to contemporary Art Deco design including the Opera House, one of the largest theatres in the country and which has played host to global superstars such as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Bob Hope as well as more recently sell-out shows featuring Bob Dylan, Little Mix, One Direction and Peter Kay.

The original building is going through a phased refurbishment that is highlighting the sheer grandeur of this iconic entertainment venue, with work already completed on the Floral and Spanish Halls.

Clients can book single venues or combine multiple spaces to create a larger o ering. All the connected spaces are unique in style, but each provides the perfect backdrop for any event whether that’s a gathering for 50 people or 7,000.

The Winter Gardens Blackpool 15

The Splendid, Newly-Renovated Spanish Hall

Existing Conference
The Splendid, Newly-Renovated Spanish Hall 17
Conference centre 2

Inspire Greatness

Whatever the nature or size, with almost five acres of connected space, Winter Gardens Blackpool provides the perfect venue for a wide variety of events from large-scale conferences, exhibitions, and awards nights right through to smaller more intimate dinners and receptions.

50 – 350 people

Winter Gardens Blackpool has three small venues including the Baronial Hall with Jacobean style banqueting suite; the Derham Lounge; and the Renaissance Room, each adorned with timeless features.

350 – 1,000 people

Perfect for a moderate sized event, there is the popular Arena; stylish Spanish Hall; and the Pavilion Theatre –the oldest venue in the Winter Gardens complex.

1,000 – 7,000 people

The larger spaces within the Winter Gardens such as the iconic Empress Ballroom; Opera House; Olympia Exhibition Hall; and, of course, the new Conference & Exhibition Centre o er unparalleled, flexible, future-proof venues whatever the event.

AR Arena OH Opera House RR Renaissance Room

Venue Specification

Venue Specification

Venue Specification

Venue Specification

Ro om C apac ities

Ro om C apac ities

Venue Specification 21 VENUE LENGTHWIDTH HEIGHT NATURAL DAYLIGHT THEATRE CEREMONYCONCERT BANQUET EB AR OH FB SH BH WB RR DL HP OL EMPRESS BALLROOM 49m 24m 19m YES 1500 1000 800 3250 ARENA 35m 16m 11.7mNO 400 200 1000 OPERA HOUSE NO 2813 2813 FOYER BAR 23m 11.5m 6.5mYES 200 SPANISH HALL 24m 19.5m 12.8mNO 450 350 BARONIAL HALL 25m 11.4m5.9m NO 250 120 275 WINDSORBAR 22.5m 12.4m5.5m YES 60 RENAISSANCEROOM 12.7m 17m 5.5m YES 150 100 DERHAM LOUNGE 21m 11.5m YES 200 140 HORSESHOE & PAVILION 1435m² YES 500 300 900 OLYMPIA 2600m² YES 2600 AR WB BLACKPOOL CONFERENCE& EXHIBITION CENTRE FL CL
FOYER LEVEL SIZE FOYERLEVEL COMBINED 771m² BREAKOUT SPACES FROM 81m² CIRCLE LEVEL SIZE CIRCLELEVEL COMBINED 1444m² BREAKOUT SPACES FROM 232m² EMPRESS BALLROOM EB ARENA AR OPERA HOUSE OH SPANISH HALL SH BARONIAL HALL BH WINDSOR BAR WB RENAISSANCE ROOM RR DERHAM LOUNGE DL HORSESHOE* HP OLYMPIA** OL FOYER 1 FOYER 2 FOYER 3 FOYER 4 CIRCLE 1 CIRCLE 2 CIRCLE 3 CIRCLE 4 CIRCLE LEVEL (WHOLE) PAVILION* HP FOYER LEVEL (WHOLE) FL CL GROUND GROUND GROUND GROUND GROUND FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST GROUND L GROUND L GROUND GROUND GROUND FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST L GROUND L GROUND 5 5 5 5 5 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7 MAX 19.2 MIN 9.5 19.66 8.5 MAX 6.13 MIN 3.35 12.18 5.27 13.48 MAX 5.6 MIN 3.16 MAX 5.4 MIN 2.6 MAX 5.54 MIN 3.3 20.5 10 10 10 10 36.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 47.3 28 97 29.2 28 21 54.82 25.8 17.17 22.54 17 9.1 9.1 7.4 7.4 28 14 14 14 14 23.3 15 9.6 22.4 20 11.6 25.04 10.5 12.9 12.24 348.5 91 91 74 74 1022 231 231 231 231 1102 221 931 654 560 241.5 1373 266 221 276 416 98 98 84 84 1100 198 198 198 198 1200 560 N/A 670 500 22 1152 304 280 80 2800 300 70 70 60 60 770 180 180 180 180 830 320 300 360 340 140 880 180 150 50 360 84 84 72 72 924 216 216 216 216 996 384 360 432 408 168 1056 216 180 60 231 72 72 48 48 800 162 162 162 162 800 162 N/A 150 180 80 850 100 80 30 20 6 6 4 4 44 12 12 12 12 50 22 33 28 24 14 75 14 12 25 25 25 25 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 30 25 25 20 500 150 150 100 100 1500 300 300 300 300 3250 1000 450 450 600 300 2600 300 200 150 FLOOR CEILING HEIGHT (M) LENGTH (M) WIDTH (M) AREA (SQM) THEATRE CABARET (x10) BANQUET (x12) CLASSROOMEXHIBITIONBOARDROOMRECEPTION
Pleasenote that measurements are approximate *Horsehoe & Pavilion cannot besold separately **Olympia narrowsto 19 72mwide. VENUE LENGTHWIDTH HEIGHT NATURAL DAYLIGHT THEATRE CEREMONYCONCERT BANQUET EB AR OH FB SH BH WB RR DL HP OL EMPRESS BALLROOM 49m 24m 19m YES 1500 1000 800 3250 ARENA 35m 16m 11.7mNO 400 200 1000 OPERA HOUSE NO 2813 2813 FOYER BAR 23m 11.5m 6.5mYES 200 SPANISH HALL 24m 19.5m 12.8mNO 450 350 BARONIAL HALL 25m 11.4m5.9m NO 250 120 275 WINDSORBAR 22.5m 12.4m5.5m YES 60 RENAISSANCEROOM 12.7m 17m 5.5m YES 150 100 DERHAM LOUNGE 21m 11.5m YES 200 140 HORSESHOE & PAVILION 1435m² YES 500 300 900 OLYMPIA 2600m² YES 2600 EB AR OH FB HP OL DL RR BH SH WB CL FL BLACKPOOL CONFERENCE& EXHIBITION CENTRE FL CL
FOYER LEVEL SIZE FOYERLEVEL COMBINED 771m² BREAKOUT SPACES FROM 81m² CIRCLE LEVEL SIZE CIRCLELEVEL COMBINED 1444m² BREAKOUT SPACES FROM 232m² EMPRESS BALLROOM EB ARENA AR OPERA HOUSE OH SPANISH HALL SH BARONIAL HALL BH WINDSOR BAR WB RENAISSANCE ROOM RR DERHAM LOUNGE DL HORSESHOE HP OLYMPIA** OL FOYER 1 FOYER 2 FOYER 3 FOYER 4 CIRCLE 1 CIRCLE 2 CIRCLE 3 CIRCLE 4 CIRCLE LEVEL (WHOLE) PAVILION HP FOYER LEVEL (WHOLE) FL CL GROUND GROUND GROUND GROUND GROUND FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST GROUND L GROUND L GROUND GROUND GROUND FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST L GROUND L GROUND 5 5 5 5 5 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7 6.7 MAX 19.2 MIN 9.5 19.66 8.5 MAX 6.13 MIN 3.35 12.18 5.27 13.48 MAX 5.6 MIN 3.16 MAX 5.4 MIN 2.6 MAX 5.54 MIN 3.3 20.5 10 10 10 10 36.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5 47.3 28 97 29.2 28 21 54.82 25.8 17.17 22.54 17 9.1 9.1 7.4 7.4 28 14 14 14 14 23.3 15 9.6 22.4 20 11.6 25.04 10.5 12.9 12.24 348.5 91 91 74 74 1022 231 231 231 231 1102 221 931 654 560 241.5 1373 266 221 276 416 98 98 84 84 1100 198 198 198 198 1200 560 N/A 670 500 22 1152 304 280 80 2800 300 70 70 60 60 770 180 180 180 180 830 320 300 360 340 140 880 180 150 50 360 84 84 72 72 924 216 216 216 216 996 384 360 432 408 168 1056 216 180 60 231 72 72 48 48 800 162 162 162 162 800 162 N/A 150 180 80 850 100 80 30 20 6 6 4 4 44 12 12 12 12 50 22 33 28 24 14 75 14 12 25 25 25 25 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 30 25 25 20 500 150 150 100 100 1500 300 300 300 300 3250 1000 450 450 600 300 2600 300 200 150 FLOOR CEILING HEIGHT (M) LENGTH (M) WIDTH (M) AREA (SQM) THEATRE CABARET (x10) BANQUET (x12) CLASSROOMEXHIBITIONBOARDROOMRECEPTION
Pleasenote that measurements are approximate *Horsehoe & Pavilion cannot besold separately **Olympia narrowsto 19 72mwide.

Why Blackpool? Why not!

Following a huge programme of regeneration and investment, Blackpool is once again able to stake a claim in the competitive world of business and tourism events.

The resort performs exceptionally well in the leisure tourism market with more than 18 million visitors a year, maintaining its position as the UK’s most popular seaside destination.

Now, on the back of around £500m of resort-wide regeneration, we are in a powerful position to grow our business tourism o er too.

As part of this ambition, Blackpool has taken a critical look at its business tourism product including facilities, venues, accommodation, and transport links to ensure that we are best placed to compete with other destinations.

This has resulted in a sustained period of investment that has already had a transformational impact.

The process started in 2010 when the Winter Gardens and The Blackpool Tower were brought into public ownership in a £50 million acquisition by Blackpool Council. More than a decade later and


both iconic heritage assets have been rejuvenated.

The Winter Gardens has been through a phased refurbishment that showcases the magnificent splendour of this iconic entertainment venue including the Floral Hall, Spanish Hall and the Empress Ballroom.

The new Blackpool Conference & Exhibition Centre has been designed to seamlessly integrate with this majestic building, o ering an additional 6,000 square feet of dedicated state-of-the-art space set over two floors..

Following the acquisition of The Blackpool Tower, there has been a replacement of the steelwork on the structure, new external lighting and a £1m facelift for the ornate ceiling and dance floor in the famous ballroom.

With an unsurpassed range of unique venues; a fusion of next-generation hotels and all-budget accommodation; world-class attractions, outstanding yearround shows, and entertainment; great connectivity and direct transport links, Blackpool is ready for the next chapter in its business tourism history.

For more information or to arrange a familiarisation visit, contact:

Why Blackpool? Why not! 23

Blackpool Makes It Work

In Blackpool, we know that achievement in business isn’t down to luck. It’s hard won.

Success here comes through grit and determination, from a desire to always find a way forward. It comes with the imagination to innovate and a sense of adventure and the ability to spot a great idea or an opportunity in the market - and to back it.

That’s why we’re investing over a billion pounds in a growth and prosperity programme that is transforming Blackpool for business. For example, there’s the Winter Gardens Conference & Exhibition Centre, and the £300m Blackpool Central leisure development, one of the UK’s most important regeneration projects, that is expected to create around 1,000 new jobs, bring in an estimated 600,000 additional visitors each year, and boosting annual spend in the town by £75m.

Then there’s the £200m Talbot Gateway Central Business District, a major mixeduse regeneration scheme and extension of the tramway network transforming the heart of Blackpool town centre. Or the redevelopment projects at the Houndshill Shopping Centre and Abingdon Street Market. We’re building tram extensions and a rejuvenated Blackpool North Network Rail Station. Plus, new projects at the Enterprise

Zones at Blackpool Airport and Hillhouse, new hotel developments, investments in new attractions for the Promenade, and multiple schemes using Blackpool’s £40.5m Town Deal Fund.

We’ll help you recruit the right talent for your business - perhaps from the 18,000 professionals working in science, research, engineering, and technology locally. You’ll benefit from Blackpool being connected to a new generation subsea fibre optic cable network, joining the UK to North America and Northern Europe, and delivering some of the world’s fastest and most resilient Internet speeds. And our Growth and Prosperity team are ready to o er you all the help and assistance you need as you land in your new home.

Here in Blackpool, we work hard for our rewards and as the world knows, we do it with a smile on our faces. Discover for yourself how Blackpool makes it work.

Blackpool Central - an aerial view of the planned new £300m development Top, the planned new town centre civil service hub, bottom, the planned new £300m Blackpool
Central development It Work 25
Blackpool Makes

After All The Hard Work, Let’s Eat

There is a huge selection of restaurants, bistros and unique dining experiences across Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

Whatever your preference, be it casual and relaxed or more formal fine dining, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

• If you hanker for a true taste of Italy, then Amaro on Church Street will not disappoint.

• Situated on St John’s Square, Quilligan’s Café Bar is renowned for its food and friendly service. Film-themed artwork and related dishes create a lively atmosphere.

• If you like to start the day in the best possible way, then Number Five is famed for its fabulous full English breakfast!

food and drinks –including cocktails. Open all day, without any need for advance booking.

The beautiful Empress Grill inside the Winter Gardens can o er a private dining experience or exclusive events for delegates using the venue. Menus can be adapted to include locally sourced produce, themed choices or include any specific dietary requirements you might need.

Step outside the Winter Gardens and there is a myriad of eating out experiences to enjoy. Here are just a few options to whet your appetite:

• Stoke your passion for tasty traditional wood-fired pizza at Stefanis. Owner Nico travelled to Napoli to discover how the Italians do it best.

• Hive epitomises ‘café culture’. This independent stylish artisan co ee shop and bake-house is perfect for a tasty light bite or brunch.

• Vintro Lounge is a home from home, o ering delicious

• The longestablished West Coast Rock Café o ers burgers, steaks, fajitas, chilli, chicken, ribs, veggie options, as well as a gluten-free menu all cooked in full view in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Close by the Conference Centre Wok Inn Empress Grill Empress Grill
Vintro Lounge

On the seafront…

• You’ll find breath-taking views and fresh wholesome food with a Mediterranean feel at The Beach House Bar & Bistro.

• The Wild West Diner at Blackpool’s planned new five-star Sands Venue Resort Hotel & Spa is an authentic themed American-style family eatery and the place to go for big mouthwatering steaks, burgers, ribs, and chicken dishes.

• Great food, live entertainment and good fun is on the menu at the Viva Vegas Diner and Bar, a classic retro 50s eatery with a modern twist.

In and around the town centre…

• The signature Beachside Restaurant at The Boulevard Hotel fuses cuisines from across the globe with a focus on locally sourced ingredients.

• There is a wide-ranging menu of cooked to order rotisserie and grilled seafood and meat dishes, together with world-famous fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s, situated beneath The Blackpool Tower.

• The nationally acclaimed Wok Inn o ers a great mix of authentic Asian dishes and eclectic modern design.

• Award-winning Papa’s is the largest fish and chip shop in Blackpool with 250 seats and outdoor dining.

• On Talbot Square, opposite North Pier, the Cookhouse & Pub beneath the new family-friendly Premier Inn is perfectly placed within easy reach of the conference centre.

• Saunter down Birley Street and marvel at the Brilliance lighting display while deciding where to eat at the many places on this vibrant stretch of independent eating places.

• The family-run Bank Bar & Grill restaurant o ers fresh, locally-sourced food including steaks, burgers, mixed grill, fish, strogano , and beer-battered fish and chips in a modern, relaxed environment.

• Traditional fish and chips are on the menu at the long-established Yorkshire Fisheries, one of the mustvisit places on many visitors’ Blackpool itinerary!

• Voted ‘without a doubt, the best Chinese restaurant in Europe’ by the renowned Big 7 Travel guide, The Mandarin on Clifton Street has been serving nationallyacclaimed food for more than 55 years. Visitors come from all over the world to try the delicious Cantonese dishes.

A taxi ride away…

• It’s worth venturing further afield to check out what’s on o er on Highfield Road, Devonshire Road, and Red Bank Road.

• Out of town, Lytham has a vibrant restaurant quarter as does neighbouring St Annes. In Poulton-le-Fylde you’ll find a great choice of places to eat out with a wide variety of cuisines.

Something to drink?

Chill with a cold beer, cocktail, or glass of wine. There’s so much choice Cheers!

Bank Bar & Grill - in the heart of town, family-run

The Galleon Bar - live music venue on Abingdon Street

Bar 380 - at the top of The Blackpool Tower

1887 The Brew Roomhistoric pub on Church Street

Soul Suite - on the Promenade by North Pier Dirty Blondes - near the Grand Theatre

The Velvet Coasterimpressive roof terrace overlooking the sea.

For more information on dining out go to:

After All The Hard Work, Let’s Eat 27
The Beach House

Sunset Beach

Paradise on earth

The perfect end to a busy day.

Relax and unwind watching colours stretch for infinity across the Irish Sea. Orange, pink, purple and gold, lighting up the sky like fire.

Hundreds of photographs of incredible sunsets in Blackpool have been taking social media by storm.

Gazing at just some of them, it’s easy to see why…

Cocktails at sunset

Take time out watching the sun go down sipping a glass of something special in one of these perfectly placed seafront venues.

•Spyglass – shaken not stirred is order of the day in this new themed bar on the Golden Mile

• Perch above the sea in the stylish Bloom Bar at the end of North Pier

• Hit the heights at Bar 380 at the very top of The Blackpool Tower

• Relax on the elegant terrace overlooking the Irish Sea at the Beach House Bistro & Bar

• Earn your stars and stripes at Viva Vegas on the Promenade

•The Velvet Coaster is a contemporary pub with multiple terraces overlooking South Beach

•The Gin House on South Pier is just the tonic with chilled out vibes

• Pull up a seat and catch the last of those rays at the Terrace Bar alongside Central Pier

The New Conference Centre 29
Sunset Beach

Business And Leisure – In Unison

With the largest collection of branded visitor attractions outside London, Blackpool is the perfect location for those who want to create a meeting with a di erence.

The Blackpool Tower & Ballroom

The Blackpool Tower is one of Britain’s best-loved landmarks and has the unarguable wow factor. Every week event organisers stage events in this prestigious and iconic landmark. It can often be di cult to find a “feel good” venue suitable for demanding requirements. Whether a business, social or live event, The Blackpool Tower o ers a variety of venues suited to events; they are transformed to host something quite spectacular and awe inspiring for guests.

The Blackpool Tower can incorporate various attractions to exceed all guests’ expectations. Event bookings range from single to multiple venues and Blackpool Tower takeovers. These venues will give teams the wow factor they deserve, with away days and conferences they will never forget. Work hard, play hard in The Blackpool Tower Ballroom and The Fifth Floor to name a few. The iconic venues deliver the impact businesses demand for their events including meetings, conferences, seminars, awards ceremonies, product launches and more.

Fully-catered or a venue hire-only solution is available, while making consideration for all the event extras that may be required. The experienced Blackpool Tower team works closely with event planners to understand a company, its event aims and objectives to ensure delivery of an on-point event.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

If you’re looking for an unusual venue to add a di erent dimension to your next function, then look no further than Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Your conference, company day out or corporate entertainment event will be one to remember.

We o er innovative venues, with a reputation for first-class hospitality and close attention to detail. The Shoreside Conference Centre at the Boulevard Hotel provides unique meeting places with state-of-the-art technology and turnkey event planning, complemented by an innovative culinary team to provide the perfect menu to suit your event.


Madame Tussauds

This is the perfect themed venue to host your party, celebrity launch or corporate event. You can party with ‘stars’, celebrate your event on the famous Coronation Street cobbles in the venue’s very own Rovers Return pub, or you can make your event a true red carpet experience surrounded by the likes of Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and the Marvel Comic Heroes. It will give your guests the ultimate selfie moment.

Madame Tussauds o ers a variety of amazing spaces for you to host your event, drinks reception or more intimate gathering.

Awards and gala dinners are another reason to consider Madame Tussauds as a venue. Just imagine handing out your annual sta awards surrounded by the stars of stage, screen, and music. Figures such as Brian Cox, the stars of Strictly Come Dancing and The Royal Family.

Sea Life

Prepare to be amazed as SEA LIFE Blackpool o ers unique spaces perfect for corporate and social events. With a range of impressive displays creating an ocean of dazzling creatures and giant windows ensuring fantastic visibility and ambience for any occasion.

Business And Leisure - In Unison 31

Blackpool Has It All

A board meeting doesn’t need to be boring in Blackpool. You can inspire delegates or colleagues by organising a business event they will never forget.

With a unique range of venues and the largest number of visitor attractions outside London, Blackpool is the perfect destination for an event with a di erence.

The resort has a vast assortment of venues, hotels, and meeting spaces able to o er an unparalleled service, whatever the requirements.

Whether you are looking for something unusual such as a brainstorming session at the top of The Blackpool Tower, a meeting overlooking the famous pitch at Blackpool Football Club, a state-ofthe-art, luxury hotel experience, or a 7,000 delegate conference or exhibition, Blackpool is ready to meet the needs of the most discerning of organisers.

Contact the MeetBlackpool team to see how they can best support you. We guarantee the level of service provided will be above and beyond your expectations.


If you are looking for a venue to add a new dimension to your next conference or corporate event then look no further!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach can offer innovative locations in five star surroundings. With a reputation for first-class hospitality and close attention to detail we can turn any event into a memorable occasion.

With a choice of two hotels, the Boulevard and Big Blue, plus wonderful venues such as the Arena or White Tower, Pleasure Beach offers stunning solutions to all conference and banqueting needs, providing unique meeting places to suit your event.

call 01253 336346


The Blackpool Tower

The Fifth Floor

The newest venue to The Blackpool Tower portfolio and its best kept secret, The Fifth Floor plays host to business meetings, product launches and away days. The stylish venue gives businesses something to talk about with their coworkers, o ering a range of day delegate packages which can include visits to the amazing Merlin attractions.

Located on Level 5 within The Blackpool Tower and accessible via lift, The Fifth Floor is a modern space, with air conditioning, its own private entrance, and facilities. There is no natural light within this room which in turns allows event organisers to get the best from the state-of-the-art AV capabilities on o er. The in-house seating capacity allows up to 500, or standing up to 750. The room can be adapted to your required layout and includes a built-in stage that has access via crowd-facing steps or backstage, perfect for presenters and guests who are invited to the stage.

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is an experience guests will never forget. The venue oozes Victorian architectural splendour and will ignite a magical feel to any event. The unequalled grandeur, charm and ambience has been described as a masterpiece of artistic architecture and decoration. Historically hosting a diverse array of events, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom remains one of the most spectacular ballrooms in the world. This versatile venue can be set in a number of formats to suit event requirements. With numerous bars, a stage and stunning balconies, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is truly unique, oozes historical beauty and o ers event organisers a venue to make the event extra special. The Blackpool Tower Ballroom provides a venue with the wow factor for presentations, gala dinners and award ceremonies. It can comfortably seat 550 guests on the iconic Ballroom dancefloor in cabaret style.

Contact: Email: Web: The Blackpool Tower, Promenade,

The Blackpool Tower 35
Blackpool, FY1 4BJ The Fifth Floor The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Blackpool Football Club

• Unique venue steeped in history

• Extensive range of function suites

• Versatile conferencing spaces

With its very own 66-bedroom hotel, Blackpool Football Club can accommodate over 1000 delegates in a wide selection of meeting rooms, most of which have views overlooking the famous pitch.

Our dedicated conference and banqueting team are on hand to o er professional advice on the extensive range of function suites and services available to you. Organisers can choose facilities which will best complement any event, whether the brief is based on room size, location, privacy or budget.

Boasting 17 function rooms, the Football Club has both larger suites catering for up to 350 dining guests and smaller, more intimate spaces. Our 12 executive boxes can hold up to 12 people in a boardroom style format making them perfect for small business meetings or break-out rooms.

As well as an on-site hotel, Blackpool Football Club has its own bar and

restaurant - The Corner Flag. With menus expertly created by our team of chefs and a wide array of drinks, The Corner Flag is the perfect place whether you’re looking to enjoy mouth-watering food, a relaxed drink or both.

As the name suggests, The Corner Flag is located in the corner of Bloomfield Road Stadium on the second floor of the hotel. With ceiling to floor windows looking out over the playing surface and with The Blackpool Tower as a backdrop, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an amazing view over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Blackpool Football Club is also licensed for weddings and is the perfect venue for any kind of dinner, party or celebration.

The stadium has easy access to both motorway and rail links and has complimentary car parking and WiFi.

Contact: Email:

Matthews Suite 1953 Lounge Heineken Lounge
Park and pay from the comfort of your car Simply download the PayByPhone app & park in 3 simple steps! Download our app today!

Out Of This World!

We might be biased, but we believe there’s nothing else on earth like Blackpool Illuminations. And the generations of children and adults who have been held spellbound by the seafront spectacle no doubt agree.

For more than 140 years, people have been star-struck by our heart-warming and uplifting displays, lost in the wonder of a world transformed by light.

From out of the darkness shine more than a million magical bulbs, bathing the entire Promenade in a sea of colour. Each twinkling glow radiating hopefulness, happiness, and a promise of good times ahead.

Rumour has it you can even see the Illuminations from outer space. But you don’t need to go that far to enjoy this heavenly free show!

Out Of This World 39

Access All Areas

There’s a warm welcome for everyone in Blackpool.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most accessible towns in the country, whether visitors have physical, sensory, mental health or learning difficulties.

Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we work very closely with AccessAble to provide detailed, accurate information.

There are Access Guides available for hundreds of venues including The Blackpool Tower, Madame Tussauds, Pleasure Beach, the Comedy Carpet, and the Winter Gardens so that anyone visiting the resort can find out in advance if a setting is going to be easy to navigate and enjoy.

The guides are available via both the AccessAble and VisitBlackpool websites as well as AccessAble’s free iOS and Android Apps.

They include photographs and maps and detail such things as ease of access

from outside, lifts and lighting, change in levels, car parking spaces, accessible toilets and changing facilities as well as the availability of devices such as hearing loops.

Trained surveyors check out every single location in person and the information provided is decided by the AccessAble user community ensuring everyone can make informed decisions.

AccessAble aims to help people with a wide range of accessibility requirements including visual and mobility impairments, autism, mental health issues and long-term health conditions.

The guides are also designed to help others with access needs, such as parents with prams or the elderly needing to know more about walking distances or areas to rest.

To find out more, go to or


Home from home

We want everyone to enjoy their time in the resort. That’s why many establishments in our accommodation sector take part in the National Accessible Scheme enabling a comfortable stay for guests with hearing, visual or mobility needs.

These places are full of extra touches to ensure a trouble-free holiday. These might include handrails, ramps, and step-free entrances (ideal for wheelchairs, walking frames and buggies), level access showers and colour contrasts in the bathrooms.

Members of staff may have attended a disability awareness course and have additional knowledge that may be of benefit to guests.

When you see one of the appropriate National Accessible Scheme logos you can be sure the accommodation and

the core facilities have been thoroughly assessed against demanding criteria.

Further information can be found on the VisitEngland website.

Visiting the Conference & Exhibition Centre

The Conference & Exhibition Centre offers every delegate a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable visit.

Accessible parking spaces are located on several car parks within a short distance of the venue.

The Conference & Exhibition Centre provides flat level access throughout with motion-controlled doors. The lower ground floor and Circle Level are accessible via lifts with accessible toilets and changing facilities in a variety of configurations including with hoist on each floor of the venue.

The main spaces within both the Foyer Level and Circle Level benefit from a hearing loop system and feature no fixed seating, therefore wheelchair spaces can be positioned throughout each venue.

The Conference & Exhibition team are on hand throughout should any assistance or further guidance be required to ensure you make the most of your time at Winter Gardens Blackpool.

Access All Areas 41

Seasons To Be Cheerful

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter … whatever the season, Blackpool o ers the perfect all-weather backdrop for your business event.

Spring symbolises fresh beginnings and we’ve lots of things to look forward to enabling you to combine the pressure of work with some light-hearted release, such as booking your seat at one of the many shows on o er.

Summer brings the sunshine. Clear your head with a stroll along the Promenade taking in the refreshing sea air. And make

sure to check out our calendar of exciting major events including a series of live music shows on The Tower Festival Headland during the summer.

Autumn - the mellow fruitfulness of this beautiful season provides the perfect setting for the bright lights of our illustrious Illuminations. Be at one with nature and walk through the blanket of

golden leaves at award-winning Stanley Park. Enjoy a takeaway fish and chip supper gazing skywards in wonder at the World Fireworks Championships.

Winter – there’s no need to feel gloomy when you have our incredible free-to-see Lightpool Festival, set against midnight blue skies. Get into the Christmas spirit Blackpool style, with an end-of-day

glass of mulled wine or a warming hot chocolate in one of our beach side venues with panoramic views across the Irish Sea.

Conference, convention, or business meeting, Blackpool is truly a resort for all reasons and seasons.

Building For Success

Lancashire Enterprise Zones are helping to attract more investment into the region, bringing jobs, greater skills and new business, delivering long-term, sustainable growth based on cutting-edge technology and enterprise.

Nowhere is this more true than at Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone, where we’re continuing to build on our successes.

Since its Enterprise Zone designation in 2016, Blackpool EZ has attracted £50m of private sector investment, generated circa 350,000sq ft of new commercial development, supported more than 130 new businesses to the site and 2,000 new jobs.

And we’re not done yet. Government support continues with more than £1m funding to deliver top-class business facilities, with an allocated £7.5m of Blackpool’s successful £40.5m Town Deal

going towards the construction of a new access road to open up a further 10.5 hectares for commercial development and new sports facilities.

There’s financial incentives for businesses too; in some areas of the EZ, companies can benefit from 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances (tax relief) for large investments in plant and machinery up to €125m, available until November 2023.

Digital Innovation

Blackpool EZ continues to define itself as a centre of excellence in key sectors. Traditional sector strengths in the area remain strong such as aviation, advanced


manufacturing, energy, and food and beverage manufacturing, with clusters of world-class businesses and supply chains right here in our midst.

Blackpool is also adapting and attracting interest from emerging digital and technological innovation sectors. Blackpool EZ is a strategic landing point on The North Atlantic Loop - a global, next-generation, subsea fibre optic cable network, joining the UK to the USA and Northern Europe. Delivering some of the world’s fastest and most resilient transatlantic switching speeds to New York than via traditional routes like London, <0.64 seconds, the route has the ability to carry more than a third of the world’s internet tra c.

This gives the resort and its businesses a huge competitive advantage as it seeks to attract more cutting-edge, techbased industries to the North West coast, supporting the needs of the pan-Atlantic hyper-scale providers that underpin today’s international cloud industry for global carriers, cloud-based networks, internet service providers, data centres, IT companies and the global media.

In a fast-paced, changing world we can also help organisations to recruit the right talent for their business, from the 18,000 professionals working locally in science, research, engineering and technology, or from our connections with UKleading institutions in the region, such as

Blackpool & The Fylde College’s Lancashire Energy HQ, based here on the EZ.

Our award-winning Blackpool Enterprise Zone o ers a wealth of opportunities and the team are ready to o er all the assistance required from identifying high-quality site solutions at great value, helping with business and relocation support, to sourcing top talent.

Come and see for yourself –we’re here to help!


Nicole Billington, Blackpool EZ Team, Tel: 07393 796951

Email: | @BlackpoolEZ

Building For Success 45

Organising a conference on the Fylde Coast?

Work with Blackpool Transport and let your delegates travel with ease.

O er discounted travel tickets to your delegates

Transport your delegates with our conference shuttle service

How can we help conference organisers?

If you are planning a conference in Blackpool, we can work with you to provide an exclusive discount on tram and bus tickets. This will allow your delegates to use any Blackpool Transport bus or tram service while they are in the town for a conference. We can offer discounted bulk purchases for you to distribute, or we can sell discounted tickets directly via our mobile app.

Additionally, if you are considering the logistics of transport between different locations, let us look after your delegates once they arrive. We can arrange pick up and drop offs from any location with our conference shuttle services. Giving you peace of mind that they will conveniently be transported between their hotels and the conference venue, helping your event run smoothly.

Contact us for more information:


T: 01253 473001


Blackpool Transport want to talk to any conference organisers who are planning events in Blackpool. Whether you’d like to discuss the opportunity to provide a dedicated shuttle service as part of your conference offer or be able to offer discounted tickets as an additional extra, our team want to help.

The New Conference Centre

Blackpool – Getting Here Is So Easy

Blackpool sits right in the middle of the UK, situated on the North West coast of England. The resort is no further than a three-hour commute from most major cities in the UK.

Whatever your choice of transport, train, car, or plane, getting here couldn’t be easier. In fact it’s far easier now than it’s ever been. Major works on the main train line, including the electrification of the line between Preston and Blackpool, have now been completed and are fully operational. The new line allows Blackpool to welcome direct trains into North Station from all major destinations from across the UK. To further enhance your travel, the resort tramway has been extended from the Promenade up to a new integrated transport hub opposite North station allowing direct connectivity while in resort - a real doorto-door service. The tram extension and interchange is due to open during 2022.


The new electrified train line is now fully open and operational which has greatly improved travel times from across the country into Blackpool North. The ease and accessibility of Blackpool to the business traveller has been further

enhanced with a new direct London to Blackpool Avanti West Coast train service from London Euston. Direct trains now travel straight into Blackpool Northtravel times are approximately 2.45hrs. The resort is also connected through the main train network to all other major towns and cities. For more information and a full timetable go to


Blackpool remains easily accessible by car. The M6 motorway runs directly from the M1 and links Blackpool via the M55 to the main motorway network. Driving into Blackpool couldn’t be simplerfollow the M55 right into the heart of the town centre and the resort’s largest car park. This and our nearby town centre car parks offer a safe and welcoming place to park while in Blackpool. For further information and for details of how you can pre-book your parking space visit getting-around/by-car


Situated on the Fylde Coast (just 2.5 miles from the town centre) and owned by Blackpool Council, Blackpool Airport was

one of the first aviation sites in the UK. With a history dating back to 1909, all the resort’s attractions including the Winter Gardens, The Blackpool Tower, Illuminations, Promenade, Zoo and Pleasure Beach are on its doorstep.

This is a new and exciting era for the airport. It is open for general aviation and can offer circuits, instrument training, night flying, aircraft parking, refuelling and a new lounge and flight briefing facility. The airport still welcomes a range of private aircraft and is open all year round.

For our guests looking for commercial flights, the nearest airport is Manchester, accessible by direct train. The airport welcomes flights from over 200 destinations.

For more information go to or, telephone Operations on 01253 472 525

Coach and group travel

Modern coaches are superbly equipped offering luxury, comfort, high quality and value for money. National Express and other scheduled coach operators travel to and from the resort all year round.

For more information go to or call 08717 818 181


The Ideal Destination For Groups And Coach Travel

Blackpool has welcomed group and coach travellers into the resort for many years. The group travel market is an integral part of our offer and an area of business we value highly.

Whether you are visiting for just a day or making the most of the resort by staying longer, our team can assist in building and developing the perfect package for your group or tour.

If you’re planning a short break, a tour programme or visiting for a day, you will find a wealth of exciting events, thrilling attractions and lots of activities to keep everybody occupied.

Blackpool has a high regard for the coach and group industry and the valuable business it brings into resort. We know that by working together we can help you make the most of your time in Blackpool and the surrounding areas. Not only can we help with itinerary suggestions, but we can also help negotiate group travel rates at a number of theatres and attractions.

Lancashire is a region full of charm, character and history and Blackpool forms the perfect base for exploring a wealth of activities. If you’re looking

for a rural offer and a day trip outside Blackpool, there’s nowhere more beautiful than the Lake District National Park.

Blackpool has earned a reputation as a friendly, value-for-money destination, well placed to accommodate groups of any size. Below you can find some suggestions of what to see and do whatever the groups’ interest.

Heritage Tours

Come with us, step back in time and enjoy guided tours of two great Blackpool heritage sites – The Winter Gardens with its sparkling entertainment history and architectural beauty and Stanley Park with its blend of landscape design, historical buildings, and stunning gardens. Be engaged, enthralled, and entertained by our expert, fully-trained and knowledgeable guides.

School Groups

School groups can take advantage of special education ticket offers at Blackpool Zoo, The Blackpool Tower, Sandcastle Waterpark and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. All these great attractions offer presentations tailored

to the required key stages and subject requirements.

Illuminations Tours

No group travelling to Blackpool in the autumn could miss the unique experience of Blackpool Illuminations. Coach operators can book specialist Blackpool Illumination guides for their passengers.

Contact Steven Deakin on 01253 478225 for more information

Guides and Tickets

For information on group discounts and rates at the various attractions, you can call the Tourist Information Centre on 01253 478222 or email

Tour Guides can be booked by contacting the Tourist Information Centre on 01253 478222.

Private tours are also bookable subject to dates and availability.

Group And Coach Travel 49

Meet Our Neighbours!


To the south of Blackpool sits the tranquil area of Fylde, o ering a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of Blackpool and its many attractions.

Lytham, St Annes, and the beautiful villages in the surrounding area o er a gentler pace to those looking for postconference relaxation.

Sandwiched in between Blackpool and Lytham, St Annes not only has a great mix of bars and restaurants, but also has a lovely pier stretching out over a sandy beach into the Irish Sea.

If you are looking for something sportier and golf is your game of choice, the surrounding area boasts some of the North West’s best courses, including the famous Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club.

Lytham, a little further along the coast, has some great places to sit and watch the world go by. The Green, with its

iconic windmill, is a popular place to walk and it’s the perfect setting to watch the sun set.

The town has a very cosmopolitan and vibrant selection of bars, cafes, and an eclectic mix of restaurants to suit every taste and budget.


Wyre is north of Blackpool and includes, on its coastline, the traditional seaside resort of Cleveleys and Fleetwood, with beautiful and award-winning beaches with views that stretch across the Irish Sea.

Cleveleys is a resort with miles of flat Promenade to walk along. Visitors can enjoy the stunning Mythic Coastline, which includes Mary’s Shell and the Sea Ogre. You can even visit the 18th Century Grade II* Marsh Mill Windmill and enjoy the story of milling in a bygone age. The sails turn on special event days.

The Victorian port of Fleetwood is beautiful. Make your way to the seafront and enjoy its amazing views across Morecambe Bay, its historic lighthouses or take a ferry across to Knott End-on-Sea.

If you fancy a spot of retail therapy visit traditional Fleetwood Market with its 200 stalls and enjoy a bite to eat.

You can also discover A nity Outlet Fleetwood on the marina, a great place to grab a bargain. Fleetwood is also home to the magnificent Fleetwood Museum. Discover the story of the fishing industry and its Victorian roots. The museum is packed with glorious maritime and social history and exhibits.

For more information go to:

Images: Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club. Opposite page from top: Forest of Bowland, The Olive Tree, The Deacon (both Lytham). Marsh Mill Windmill (Andy Marshall), Mary’s Shell, Cleveleys. All Fylde images provied by Discover Fylde.
Meet Our Neighbours 51

Accommodation For All

Millions of visitors flock to Blackpool every year. For some it’s a welcome return to the seaside town, for others it’s the first time in the resort.

Every one of our guests can rest safe in the knowledge that, whatever their needs, they’ll find the perfect place to stay.

Whether it’s a traditional retreat or state-of-the-art accommodation, we have a vibrant array of establishments to consider. From a next-generation luxury hotel to a comfortable guesthouse, Blackpool o ers an extraordinary choice to suit every pocket.

To ensure your stay is exactly what you’re hoping for, we would encourage you to look for quality assessment accreditation such as the VisitEngland blue quality rose, the AA gold plaque, or the blue sign of our Blackpool Approved Accreditation Scheme.

Many of our proprietors take part in the National Accessible Scheme, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests with hearing, visual or mobility needs, just make sure to enquire when booking.

For your event, we can o er a bespoke accommodation booking service. Often, delegates are not familiar with the destination so, to ensure they make the right choice, we can o er a dedicated web page that allows guests to book direct at the hotels of your choice.

We can negotiate rates, oversee individual visitor requests, arrange rooming lists, and manage and monitor bookings ensuring you have a detailed picture of how many delegates have booked and where they are staying.

Delegates can book directly with the accommodation provider of their choice. Our team can assist with amends, cancellations, or individual requests all from one click or call.

To book or enquire about a venue or accommodation please contact:

The Boulevard Hotel
BIG BLUE HOTEL FOUNDED 2003 relax Boulevard Hotel - Ocean Boulevard, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1PL +44 (0)1253 336073 A glamorous place to stay, at the heart of the excitement. Big Blue Hotel - Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire, FY4 1ND +44 (0)1253 400045 Luxury at the heart of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


The hotel has 66 rooms, made up of standard rooms, superior pitch view rooms and a 2 bedroom suite, many of which offer impressive views of the pitch. There is a restaurant and bar serving traditional British cuisine, a lounge sports bar and a large function room that can accommodate up to 300 guests. Located next to Bloomfield Road stadium and within close proximity to Blackpool town centre, Blackpool FC Stadium Hotel, a member of Radisson Individuals is

• Just a ten-minute walk from Blackpool South railway station.

• A ten-minute drive from Blackpool North station, which offers regular services to Manchester and Liverpool - both of which can be reached in a little over an hour - plus Leeds, York and London Euston

Bloomfield Rd, Seasiders Way, Blackpool, FY1 6JJ 01253 401953 BlackpoolFCHotel @bfchotel



Finding a good hotel in Blackpool can be a real hassle, there are thousands! Let Blackpool Promotions, the UK’s largest operator in the resort, take away the stress.

We have hotels in prime spots both in the centre of Blackpool and overlooking the Irish Sea, all offering excellent service, top food and top-class entertainment. It’s no wonder over 100,000 people each year choose Blackpool Promotions as their go-to holiday operator.

The Royal Seabank Hotel is a lively hotel, especially on a warm summer’s day with many patrons sitting outside on the seafront decking and cafe area watching the world go by whilst enjoying an ice cold drink. Boasting 120 bedrooms many of which have been recently refurbished, great entertainment and excellent service, the hotel is also home to a Starbucks coffee shop.

The Royal Boston on Queens’s Promenade is tastefully decorated throughout with newly-refurbished cabaret lounge, the perfect setting for brilliant shows featuring some of the UK’s finest performers plus the resident show team.

Close by is The Doric Hotel, TripAdvisor’s Family Hotel Of The Year in 2019. This hotel comes highly recommended and features wonderful leisure facilities with both indoor and outdoor pools.

Located on Queens Promenade and boasting 103 en-suite bedrooms - The Park House Hotel is a family favourite due to the wonderful location and great service offered. As well as providing live entertainment nightly, the hotel features a superb standalone function suite able to cater for most events.

There are many more hotels offered by Blackpool Promotions so rest assured you are in safe hands if you’re looking for excellent standard accommodation in Blackpool.

Blackpool Promotions also offers nationwide return travel options with luxury coach travel and rail packages available from a range of departure points.

T: 0800 804 4444



Hampton By Hilton Located in Blackpool’s South Shore just a 10 minute walk from the Pleasure Beach and Sandcastle Water Park, with stunning views over the Irish Sea. Our 130 modern bedrooms come with high speed internet and Digital Key option, Bar and Lounge facilities that are open 24 Hours a day and Free Breakfast each morning as standard. 595-601 New South Promenade, FY4 1NG T: 01253 922 540 W: NEW FOR 2023 Additional 74 Bedrooms Meeting Space Modernised Fitness Centre Enhanced Dining Area

Holiday Inn Blackpool

Welcoming the first guests in early 2023.

144 bedroom hotel complete with Marco Pierre White Italian Restaurant.



• With free car parking and stunning views of the sea, Number One South Beach o ers 5 Star Gold accommodation.

• All the attractions Blackpool has to o er within easy walking distance and a tram stop just opposite.

• All rooms are individually designed where a king-size bed, 45” TV, DVD, free WiFi, remote lighting, refreshment tray, usual bits’n pieces, full bathroom en-suite including a Whirlpool bath with SplashTV and separate power shower, come as standard.

• Lift to all floors.

• Stylish bar and restaurant, 50” lounge TV, pool table and indoor golf simulator.

• Number One South Beach really is Blackpool’s Number One Place to Stay!


01253 343900

4 Harrowside West, FY4 1NW




• Free private parking, gardens and greenhouse.

• Quietly located in Blackpool’s South Shore, Number One St Luke’s is the perfect place for a hassle-free stay in this bustling seaside resort.

• The property o ers individually appointed rooms including a king-size bed, 50” TV, CD, DVD, free WiFi, remote lighting, fridge, refreshment tray, full bathroom en-suite including Whirlpool bath, SplashTV, power shower, bathrobes and slippers.

• With a bus stop at the end of the garden, the seafront, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and trams a 3 min walk away, Number One St Lukes is ideally situated for easy access to all the region has to o er.

• A visit to the UK’s B&B of the Year is not to be missed!


01253 343901

1 St Lukes Road, FY4 2EL



Accommodation Guide 59
is standard unless otherwise stated.
* Free WiFi
down down Tools Head At over 800 locations Only available at



• ART B&B is an independent boutique hotel on Blackpool’s North Promenade a convenient location and within walking distance of the Winter Gardens, Funny Girls, and Blackpool’s main night life and restaurants.

• An original Victorian seafront hotel, completely renovated to a high standard by 30 contemporary artists.

• Nineteen rooms range from seafront suites to family rooms - each one with its own unique sleep-in art installation.

• Features the Art Cafe / Cocktail Bar and multi-function meeting and performance B/space.

• Convenient Promenade location close to Blackpool North Train Station.

• Close to North Pier with a tram stop within walking distance and car park 100yds from the hotel.

01253 708061

180-182, Promenade, FY1 1RJ





• Maggie and Simon are passionate about providing 4-Star quality accommodation and look forward to welcoming you to The Berkeley!

• Extensively refurbished throughout. The Berkeley is in a prominent position on Queens Promenade, ideal for all amenities, with bus and tram stops outside the building.

• The Berkeley comprises 13 beautiful, fully equipped and furnished en-suite apartments, each with sea-views, for 2 to 7 guests.

• There’s a ground floor apartment suitable for guests with limited mobility, and dog-friendly apartments on the ground and first floors.

• Free parking for direct bookings. EV charging point. Lift to all floors, laundry room, sun lounge, front patio and rear courtyard.

• 2-night minimum. Corporate discounts available by arrangement for longer stays.

01253 351244

6 Queens Promenade, FY2 9SQ



* Free WiFi is standard unless otherwise stated.



• Five star, two bedroom, fully accessible disabled ground floor apartment.

• Four star, three bedroom apartment with private balcony.

• Four star, two bedroom penthouse apartment.

• Four star, dog friendly apartment with own private entrance.

• Four star, one bedroom apartment.

• Garden and BBQ for all guests by request.

• All apartments have fully equipped kitchens and fridge freezers, some including washer/drier.

• WiFi and flat screen TVs in all bedrooms and lounge areas.

• No lift available.

• One personal free parking space (additional cars by arrangements).

01253 356657

198 Queens Promenade, FY2 9JS





• Friendly and professional service.

• Large conference suite with built in projector and screen.

• Conference facility available with air conditioning and natural lighting.

• An imposing early 20th century building on the renowned Queens Promenade, the Cli s o ers superb accommodation and exceptional value for money.

• The fine range of facilities, from the swimming pool, leisure centre with cardio-vascular gym and free weights gym, to the Cafe Bar, cabaret room and conference suites make this the ideal venue for both family holidays and business travellers alike.

• Free WiFi available.

• Limited forecourt parking.

01253 595559

Queens Promenade, FY2 9SG



Accommodation Guide 63 * Free WiFi is standard unless otherwise stated.



• This property is two minutes walk from the beach.

• Forshaws Hotel - Blackpool stands as a splendid grade II listed building. It has a great location, opposite North Pier on the popular seafront.

• Free WiFi access is available throughout.

• Each room has a flat-screen TV, tea / co ee making facilities, and an en-suite shower room.

• We have variety of rooms that include guaranteed sea-views.

• The hotel can be easily accessed from the M55, and is less than a mile from Blackpool North Rail Station.

• The Blackpool Tower, Grand Theatre, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach are all easily accessible.

• Discounted parking in the local area is available.

01253 752378

Talbot Square, FY1 1ND





• FourRooms Blackpool is a unique oasis of luxury in the Central Blackpool area.

• The Winter Gardens and The Blackpool Tower, are close by.

• Each of our luxury ensuite rooms includes super kingsized beds, quality Egyptian cotton bedding and soft flu y towels, with Elemis toiletries.

• Whether you choose the Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter suites, you are sure of a warm, friendly 5-star welcome.

• Parking provided, one car per suite.

• Free WiFi.

01253 752171

60 Reads Avenue, FY1 4DE



* Free WiFi is standard unless otherwise stated.



• One of the best family run hotels in Blackpool.

• Beautifully designed conference facilities with everything you need.

• Great value for money with lovely food and fabulous service.

• Maximum 100 delegates.

• New indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi.

• Amazing sea-view location on the cli s just north of Blackpool town centre.

• Excellent live nightly entertainment.

• 80% of bedrooms fully refurbished, three fully accessible.

• Small hotel car park, large car park on next block and unlimited street parking.

• Free WiFi.

• Fully accessible on all floors.

01253 352723

54-62 Queens Promenade, FY2 9RP





• The Imperial is an integral part of Blackpool’s culture. An iconic Victorian building, this 4* hotel is positioned on Blackpool’s beautiful seafront, just ten minutes’ walk away from key conference venues in Blackpool and with a tram stop directly outside the hotel.

• This regal venue is an exemplary example of Blackpool hospitality, with facilities to meet all you conference and event needs from 10 delegates to 600.

• We do fine dining beautifully with a team of dedicated and creative chefs committed to an exceptional banqueting service, but we also have more casual dining options in our lounge areas and serve a spectacular daily afternoon tea.

• With over 150 years of organising events, our team are all about flexibility and finesse, from working with local partners and creating bespoke packages with a little Blackpool sparkle.

01253 754601

North Promenade, FY1 2HB



* Free WiFi is standard unless otherwise stated.
Accommodation Guide 65



• Take your notion of a bed and breakfast and throw it away.

• A contemporary designed, newly refurbished, 5 star gold luxury bed and breakfast.

• O ering the more enlightened guest, who demands only the best, the opportunity of a luxurious stay whilst visiting Blackpool.

• Crisp linen sheets and Hungarian goose down duvets with luxurious 100% lambswool throws adorn our high quality beds.

• Superior wet rooms fitted with power showers have been professionally crafted to o er opulent surroundings.

• Come and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and unique style of Langtrys.

01253 352031

36 King Edward Avenue, FY2 9TA





• Operated for 50 years by the McSorley family with their friendly team ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

• Prime town centre location, ideal for the seafront and all major attractions including The Blackpool Tower.

• Well-appointed non-smoking en-suite bedrooms with hospitality tray, hairdryer, LCD TV and free WiFi.

• High standard of food and varied menu.

• Lift to all floors and night portering service.

• Contact us or visit our website for latest o ers.

01253 620781

70-72 Albert Road, FY1 4PR

E: bookings@sutcli

W: sutcli

* Free WiFi is standard unless otherwise stated.

What Category Of Accommodation Will You Choose?

To ensure your stay in Blackpool is exactly what you want, we would encourage all of our guests to look for quality assessment signs before making a final decision.

All of the accommodation providers in our guide hold an accreditation from VisitEngland, the AA or our local Blackpool Approved assessment scheme. All ratings assure our visitors that each property is a minimum of safe, legal and clean but do be aware ratings can and do change throughout the year and it’s

Places that ‘go the extra mile’ to make your stay a special one, may achieve a Gold or Silver award in addition to their star rating

Guest Accommodation categories: Guest Accommodation tends to be personally run by the owners.

Guest Accommodation/Houses is the category which encompasses anything from one-room bed and breakfast to the larger establishments found in Blackpool and may o er dinner and be licensed.

Bed and Breakfasts generally accommodate no more than six people. It’s like staying as a special guest in someone’s home.

For self-catering accommodation the layout, design and the range and quality of the kitchen equipment is assessed, as well as the quality and comfort of the bedrooms and bathrooms and most importantly, the cleanliness.

Blackpool Approved

This local scheme has been introduced to o er a stepping stone to those properties that want to reassure our visitors their property is ‘safe, legal & clean’ and that the property meets all requirements with regards to health and safety and demonstrates good customer practice.

Accessible Accommodation

advisable you research your preferred property prior to arrival.

When choosing your accommodation we would urge you to look for the blue quality rose, the gold AA plaque or the blue Blackpool Approved assessment sticker.

The Breakfast Award is given to those hotels and B&Bs who achieve exceptionally high scores for their breakfast.

Hotel categories:

Hotels are fully licensed properties o ering a dinner service and all rooms must be en-suite or o er a private bathroom.

Hotels are serviced accommodation providing hotel services with a minimum of five bedrooms. the AA or VisitEngland in any category

Metro Hotels are found in city/town centres, o ering full hotel services, but no dinner, and will be within easy walking distance of a range of places to eat.

Budget Hotels are part of a chain of branded hotels o ering clean and comfortable en suite facilities, 24 hour reservations and a consistent level of facilities. They are not awarded a star rating.

Please note that accreditation can be awarded by either the AA or VisitEngland in any category

Proprietors of accommodation taking part in the National Accessible Scheme have gone out of their way to ensure a comfortable stay for guests with hearing, visual or mobility needs. These establishments are full of extra touches to ensure your visit is trouble-free. These might include handrails, ramps and step-free entrances (ideal for buggy and wheelchair users), level access showers and colour contrasts in the bathrooms.

Members of sta may have attended a disability awareness course.

When you see one of the appropriate National Accessible Scheme logos you can be sure the accommodation and the core facilities have been thoroughly assessed against demanding criteria.

For further information:

Accommodation Guide 67

Key to symbols:

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Tram track Train Station


For information on all Blackpool attractions, events and accommodation or to book discounted tickets visit our Tourist Information Centre or go to: or call: 01253 478222

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Oh, ‘I Do’ Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

Pack your bags and run away to the seaside for a spectacular wedding day in one of the most original venues in the land. Whether it’s small and intimate or large and lavish, our Wedding Chapel’s beautiful backdrop of The Blackpool Tower, the sea, sunset or Illuminations can o er you the picture-perfect wedding you have always dreamed of.

Start your planning here:

The Wedding Chapel, Promenade, Blackpool FY1 1AP

Tel: 01253 477177

Tying The knot In Blackpool

There has been many a romance made in Blackpool – and we have exactly what it takes to create a unique wedding. Apart from our traditional venues, you can enjoy your ceremony in more than 20 approved locations ranging from elegant hotels and restaurants, to attractions such as the top of TheBlackpool Tower, SEA LIFE, the Winter Gardens, Viva Blackpool and even the Blackpool Tower Dungeon!

Wedding images by James Jebson Photography

VisitBlackpool Tourist Information Centre

If you are looking for help and guidance to make the most of your time in Blackpool, make sure to visit our Tourist Information Centre on Central Promenade.

Situated at Festival House, between the Comedy Carpet and North Pier, the centre assists more than 100,000 visitors every year.

With unparalleled first-hand experience, not to mention great love for the town, our dedicated team can help with every aspect of your time in the resort.

The centre sells an array of attraction and theatre tickets, many at reduced prices, as well as bus and tram tickets. The sta have the knowledge to provide you with upto-date information on attractions, accommodation, shows and events, bars and restaurants, and can also help with wayfinding, maps, and general information.

The centre also stocks a wide range of merchandise that is ideal for gifts or souvenirs, including the resort’s very own ‘IheartBPL’ collection.

Tourist Information Centre

Festival House, Central Promenade, Blackpool FY1 1AP

Tel: 01253 478222


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