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1-Hour Quick Bites Frame Line Upgrade and Online Optical Sales Strategy with Dr. Dubick

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10/18/13 12:34 AM

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Optometry in 2013 Traveling in my role as President / Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vision West I have the privilege and opportunity to interact with individuals making decisions for their companies in their position as a President and/or CEO. The decisions made by certain individual leaders of large multi-national companies within the optical industry are influenced by and influence the practice of Optometry in 2013.

P3 within the US Healthcare System. Ophthalmic frame companies, ophthalmic lens manufacturers and contact lens manufacturers that portray the role of the OD within the US Healthcare System to be one of only delivering lenses and frames to patients dishonor the profession. This portrayal of the OD as something less than a Primary Entry Point into the US Healthcare System is inappropriate and simply can no longer be merely accepted by anyone in our profession. While this portrayal may come about because of the lack of knowledge of these decision makers regarding the true

What difference might an individual who is not a

nature of the profession of Optometry, it remains up to

Doctor of Optometry (OD) have upon the profession of

each OD to call it to the attention of the offending party

Optometry in the year 2013? An interesting question,

when seen.

one that deserves special consideration, at first glance one expects such individuals to understand the education and level of health care delivery ODs provide to each patient they interact with every day. When considered in light of the emergence of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) such is not necessarily always the case.

From experience, I know the individuals capable of deciding what and how their entity does to further the wrong impression of a General Practice OD as less than that of a General Practice MD, a General Practice DDS, and that of a General Practice Podiatrist is something they are willing to change when it is pointed out to

Taken as a whole, my thought is many individuals in

them. It should not come as a surprise that many

these positions attempt to educate themselves regarding

in these positions do not know that the OD in 2013

the profession of Optometry as it exists in the year

participates in the diagnosis of many systemic diseases

2013. However, exceptions to every comment or

like diabetes, hypertension, skin cancers, brain tumors

opinion do continually occur. Such is the case in the

and many more. The lack of this knowledge only

optical industry. Not every industry leader takes the

empowers those within the optical industry interested

time to seek the current information regarding the

in the sale of optical materials to focus their efforts

delivery of Health and Vision Care provided by the OD

on behalf of the profession of Optometry only upon

in the year 2013. When this individual make decisions

emphasizing the role the OD plays in prescribing their

that when implemented can inadvertently provide a


‘wrong’ perception of Optometry his or her company is not serving the best interest of the profession.

The point of this brief article is to clearly state that it is the obligation of every OD to offer to these individuals

Why do I step into this controversial area? I believe

a complete explanation of what our profession

each OD has the responsibility to make certain every

represents to those thousands of patients who benefit

patient, every business contact and when possible every

from our extensive clinical and didactic education and

President / CEO within the optical industry knows how

training. Additionally, I call upon every President /

important Optometry is to the delivery of health care in

CEO or Senior Management Team leader I know to

2013. The patient in your office whose title is President

reach out to their personal OD with a request to better

/ CEO has the ability to influence the Human Resource

understand what the OD in the year 2013 contributes

Manager / Director of his or her entity regarding the

to the US Healthcare System and his or her patients.

healthcare plan selected for their employees. Having

Should you not have a personal OD, contact me and

reviewed the initial rules of the emerging ACA and how

I will refer you to one and help you to understand

major medical plans must meet the minimum criteria of

Optometry in the year 2013.

the State Exchanges implementing the ACA, I can state with certainty that these individuals can and will play a role in which plans provide healthcare services to their staff members. This can and will directly affect the profession of Optometry in the year 2013. One other view of the role these leaders play relates to what the public perceives the role of the OD is

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Joseph C. Mallinger OD MBA FAAO CEO & President Vision West Inc.

10/18/13 12:34 AM


Online Education Portal



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New State Optometric Partners in 2013 Vision West has long supported organized Optometry by creating non-dues revenue for State Optometric Associations. Vision West is proud to now be the preferred Eye Care Business Group of the Optometry Association of Louisiana, the Arkansas Optometric Association, and the Mississippi Optometric Association.

25th Anniversary Lunch Winners In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we have been providing lunch for one of our valued members each month this year. Here are some of our winners: MAJOR AND HILE OD’S OFFICES: PASO ROBLES AND LOS OSOS, CA DR. CAYWOOD’S OFFICES: SPRINGFIELD AND PROVO, UT

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National Seminars Training

The Vision West Customer Service Team recommends these webinars from our vendor partner, National Seminars Training. Vision West members can access over 1,000 on-demand webinars for only $49 year. Contact us at 800-640-9485 to see how easy it is to sign up. CARLINE: I have enjoyed various webinars and quick tips offered by National Seminars from improving on computer skills to customer service etiquette. The quick tips series are easy to fit into anyone’s office schedule at just 2 – 5 minutes! Some that I found helpful to share would be: Boosting Staff Effectiveness – working together for a goal to keep your team strong and prioritize work to focus on the most important. Identify hot priorities and be upfront when priorities change.


WEST Complaining, Rude, Demanding, Abusive Customers – Be nice…exceptionally nice. Treat them with the same respect like any other customer and concentrate on their needs. They eventually will give you the same respect you give them. Making Every Team Member Feel Valued – Get to know your team strengths and delegate tasks. Encourage participation from each team member and show appreciation on feedback that will strengthen and build. Don’t forget to involve everyone in problem solving as it will show trust and value.

CHARIS: One of my favorite webinars is: “Complaining, Rude Demanding and Abusive Customers”. Part of the excellence in customer service series. The information gives you the tools to deal with difficult customers/patients without losing them.


ERIKA: I really like “Creating an Environment of Customer Service Excellence” located under E-Library. Here are some of the points I believe are important: •

How to have happy employees which leads to happy customers

Having employees that are passionate in serving in customer service and providing an ‘Excellent Experience’

Building relationships with our customers and treating them with respect and undivided attention

Keys to building long term valued customers


We are here to assist you. CONTACT US BY PHONE


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10/18/13 12:35 AM

1Q-HOUR uickBites



Next in a series of easy, quick management tips that you can implement in your practice today in less than an hour, by Fred H. Dubick, OD, MBA, FAAO.

1Q-HOUR uickBites

One Hour Quick Bites: Frame Line Upgrade and Online Optical Sales Strategy

Fred H. Dubick, OD, MBA, FAAO

This column is a reminder for the ECP to take an objective look at the frame lines that are currently being offered in your boutique. Any member of the team that has any interaction with patients as they are in the boutique should be included in a meeting after close of business with the frame buyer(s). Take a frank look at what lines are being carried and review sales numbers to see if each line turns over at a pace to warrant taking up board space. Consider replacing the slowest moving one or two lines with a fresh line. Resist the inertia to keep a line that has become stale just because the buyer is a friend of the sales representative for that line. Use this small, incremental change to put in a line with a slightly higher price point that will increase sales figures. Adding a more contemporary unique line that will set your optical boutique apart from your competition that carries all the same standard lines from the giant ophthalmic product companies. Highlighting one or two special lines will rejuvenate both the look and feel of the product mix and perhaps energize the opticians with something different to sell.

Your patients are exposed to online optical sales options for frames and lenses at discounted prices daily. Rather than alienate them by refusing to give them the PD they need to place the order, consider creating a small five or six frame collection in a display box to be pulled out as needed at a fixed price including single vision polycarbonate AR coated lenses that provide an instant, comparable option. Many of these patients want to stay in your office, but feel that they must try the online deals because their friends have. Give them that option and some will take it and some will rethink the limited choice and end up moving back to a full price frame and lens package. Those that take the Rx out and order online will return to you next time if they know you understand the situation and will not inflict guilt on them or make them uncomfortable.

VIEW & PAY Your Statement Online visit:

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10/18/13 12:35 AM


Top Priority for Children in 2014 A nationwide analysis of health plans offered under the Affordable Care Act shows that nearly all states will institute an annual comprehensive eye exam for pediatric patients. This benefit is to be provided by eye doctors as part of the overall health insurance plan. Over the past years’ regulatory and legislative struggle over health care reform, many optometric associations, such as the American Optometric Association (AOA), have fought for the inclusion of the new benefit within the law to ensure that it is implemented within the health plan reform and is based on an annual comprehensive eye exam. In all 50 states and Washington D.C., pediatric eye health coverage has been recognized and an annual comprehensive eye exam benefit offered through age 18 by all health plans in the state-based health plans, as well as new health plans to be offered outside of the state marketplaces. The exceptions being that Hawaii will follow recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Kentucky will provide eye exam benefits until age 21, with Massachusetts covering eye exams every two years. With the exception of just a couple of states, pediatric eye health coverage will include materials. It is reported that Massachusetts and Colorado plans will not cover materials. The Kansas plan includes up to three sets of lenses and frames per year. Vision therapy may also be covered. It is yet to be determined how many states may include eye health benefit in their plans at no additional cost for adults.

Should the analysis prove to be accurate, this is not only a great victory for eye care providers, but more importantly for children. Children will now have the advantage of good eye sight right from the beginning of their education, to say nothing of the many diseases and illnesses that may be discovered early on.

OUR SERVICES • A/R Clean Up • Claims Submissions • Credentialing • Unpaid Claim Investigation • Coding & Billing • Fee for Service Investigation • Phone & Email Support for FAQ


“Back in the Black” CALL US TODAY!

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(888) 791-0324

(770) 364-8186

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Convert a Vendor



For each new or converted vendor you add and bill through your Vision West account by 12.31.13, you will receive a $5 Starbucks card and each will earn you an entry into our raffle for a new Keurig® Coffee Brewing System.

HERE’S HOW: To qualify you must add or convert the vendor through our website and select the code ‘Starbucks/Keurig Promo’. Simply log in to your Vision West account at, go to the Vendor Info tab and select Add/Convert a Vendor. Select the Vendor(s) you would like to add/convert and then in the Reason drop down box, select the promotion code.

The Starbucks word mark and the Starbucks Logo are trademarks of Starbucks Corporation. Starbucks is also the owner of the Copyrights in the Starbucks Logo and the Starbucks Card designs. All rights reserved. Starbucks is not a participating partner or sponsor in this offer. Starbucks cards will be distributed in January and the raffle will be held on 1.10.14.

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10/18/13 12:35 AM

social media, search engine and sales growth initiatives.

What you can do to drive traffic to your practice’s website Product_Summary-SalesSheet-v7-VW.indd 1

By Michael Porat, COO When it comes to conducting web marketing, optometrists have taken a

Should you have a caller questioning an eye problem, your staff can also

black and white approach – either I do it all by myself or I hire someone

refer them to your library of eye care ailments on your website. Patients

else to do it for me. In fact, the best approach to web marketing is a

can find and identify their condition making for significantly improved

partnership between your practice and an expert web marketing firm.

communication about their ailment and a better triage experience.

But that begs the question, “If I have hired an expert firm, what should I be doing?” There is a lot of room for partnership and a partnership gets the best results.

Are you using your website for the reorder of contacts? Reducing your inventory of contacts means more cash in your pocket and no loss of profit on contact lens sales. Today’s consumers expect the convenience

First, let’s make sure we are all in

and ease of ordering repeat

agreement that web marketing

products online so they might

is one of the most effective

as well do that through your

and least costly approaches to


marketing your practice and

Other web assets that support

attracting new patients. Period.

your website presence are

Sure you can find approaches

also important places to send

that have a higher yield, but you

patients. Make a set of business

will pay dearly. You can also

cards that show your Facebook

find approaches that have less

page (this assumes you have a

cost (or no cost) and have little

Facebook page and are using it

to no yield at all. With use of

to promote your practice). Use

the Internet surpassing television

the Facebook page header as

viewing just a couple of years ago, your customers are online. Are you?

the background for the card and have the cards readily available at your front desk. While so many

Your website is a convenience (for both patients and your practice)

people are spending time on the Internet, most of them are spending their

and you should use this tool to your advantage. Any new patients can

time on Facebook and this is regardless of age. This is an opportunity

and should be directed to your website to complete their intake forms

to show the non-clinical, relationship side of your practice and trust that

and submit them. What’s better than arriving to your practice with no

this is a very important part of the patient’s decision making process to

paperwork to complete? Your front office staff can inform new patients

choose you as their eye care provider.

that, “We’d like to keep your wait time as brief as possible. Please visit our website to complete our new patient registration form.”

There are many activities that you can drive from your practice leaving the more time consuming and more complex tasks to your web marketing

Referrals to your website need not stop with new patients. You can be

partner. Create a single strategy that you and your web marketing

merchandising your website in the same way you merchandise your

provider are both working on for even greater effectiveness. Measure

store. Returning patients can then be referred there to preview your latest

the results of your efforts in the form of new patients coming from your

frame lines, new contacts and medical test and procedures that are now

website. If you do, you should see a strong ROI (return on investment)

being offered and conducted in your office.

from the marketing fees paid and the investment of your time.

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10/18/13 12:35 AM



What are you waiting for? By Jay Binkowitz President GPN/The Edge Over the last 10 years of visiting practices all over the country I have narrowed down my questions to one. “What are you waiting for?” As an industry of professionals we are stuck in a time warp of indecision and procrastination brought on by being overwhelmed and quite frankly inexperienced. Yet we are surrounded everyday with the answers to another very important question. “What do I need to do to grow successfully?” Every day we are consumers that make purchases and have experiences from all types of providers; restaurants, hotels and clothing stores, not to mention our favorite coffee and ice cream stops. Every successful business embraces the understanding that if you keep doing things the way you did them yesterday you will not be as successful as you can be tomorrow. Yet we hold onto yesterday’s ways because that is the way “we” like it. It has no regard for what our patients needs are. I enjoy reading up on the “happenings” in all industries but especially the hospitably industry. To me this is the holy grail of what to do and how to do it. Just last night I had the pleasure of dining at McCormick & Schmicks in Boston with family from Europe. WOW! is the only way to describe the experience that our waitress Samantha provided us. Starting from pre-dinner drinks she enticed us with such a wonderful explanation of her favorites that we all had to try them. And I might add they were as good as she promised. Then she walked us through an experience that made it clear to us that she not only understood the strengths and core values of the restaurant but more importantly how to make sure that whatever we ordered was going to make us happy, which clearly was her number one priority. She let us taste drinks before committing to them. When our food was ready she wanted to know if we were happy and/or if we wanted to change anything. She visited our table frequently and never ignored us. Our satisfaction was her only

VW-324_OptiCenter_Fall13_v4.indd 12

goal. Her work load and demands did not interfere or preclude her from making sure we were having a wonderful experience. We could not say enough about Samantha as we learned she is going to get married at the end of this year and will be promoted to manager. Clearly she exemplifies the culture that M & S uses to nurture their team. We in turn wanted to do something special for her so we spoke to the manager and expressed how Samantha provided us with an invaluable experience that enhanced the food and the restaurant. Anyone can cook up some great steaks and veggies but to deliver them in such a way as to heighten your senses and leave you wanting to return ASAP is the magic. This is our Achilles heel. We all have really nice well-meaning folks working for us but do very little to truly nurture them. Worse yet is the fact that we use them for an excuse as to why we cannot implement new strategies. That is totally unfair to them and to you. At the end of the day we set ourselves up for failure. As I said earlier there is much to learn from what the business world does. Here’s a tidbit from a successful company that many of you may have heard of. California Pizza Kitchen, the 28-year-old Los Angeles casual dining chain known for its cookiecutter mall eateries, is opening a prototype store Wednesday that executives are describing as “rustic,” “rough,” “organic” and “relaxed.” What I hope is going through your mind is the fact that despite their success they understand that the experience they provide their “patrons” needs to be refreshed. And we are not just talking about new paint. They understand that if they do not “HUG” their folks with the environment they will not grow. When is the last time you refreshed the environment you provide for your “patrons”? How often do you reinvest in yourself and your team? Does your team really have the skills and knowledge to provide a new experience for your patrons or are they all tied up in the shackles of “this is the way we have always done it?”

You need to break loose of these shackles and adopt new ways of explaining the products and services you provide along with how you present them. AND we cannot accept the status quo, unless growth and increasing profits are not one of your goals. What else is CPK doing? In full view of luxury neighbors such as Henri Bendel and Burberry and in the path of strolling shoppers, there’s a 1,000-square-foot openair bar space. An enclosed 5,351-squarefoot eatery is adjacent and instead of bolteddown furniture, the tables and chairs can be reconfigured. “It’s more about evolution and staying competitive,” he said of casual-dining chains taking pains to tout their recycling measures and local sourcing efforts. “They are definitively taking their cues from the fine dining restaurants where the local, sustainable movement is now a way of life.” I know many of you have heard others express these thoughts to you so I cannot take credit for being the first one to ask this question, but “What Are You Waiting For?” Our industry has many resources to accomplish your goals and yet we are stuck in neutral which is as good as moving backwards. There are many influences on our businesses from products and technology to the affordable care act straight through to vision care plans. But at the end of the day you and you alone are the only one who can influence your business. I have dedicated my entire career to helping independents transform their model. It can be done if you’re willing to make the commitment. This is a wonderful industry with great opportunities if we would just get out of our own way. Darwin said it best! “It is not the strongest to survive, it is not the most intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change . . .”

10/18/13 12:35 AM


EDGE 2.5


DR. ROBERT BASS, VIRGINIA “Since the implementation of The EDGE™, I am able to drill down quickly and easily into many aspects of my business, ensuring that I stay on top of not only the clinic side, but the optical side as well. There are many things that have been brought to my attention with The EDGE™ and I am looking forward to implementing more new strategies moving forward. Kudos to GPN™ and The EDGE™ Team!” DR. SCOT MORRIS, COLORADO “When I saw The EDGE™, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. I learned how to utilize my managed care plans more effectively, how to determine my retail markup more precisely and how to analyze who among my sales staff excelled and who needed a little more work.” DR. BOB THEAKER, CALIFORNIA “The Edge has been a wonderful addition to my practice. By pulling real, usable data out of my EMR software, it serves as a management tool to help organize both clinical and optical sides of the office. I highly recommend this service to all doctors interested in better tracking sales and financial data in their practices.”

WHO IS MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS? The EDGE™ is a “Performance Management Philosophy” that provides EASY ACCESS to your Profit Centers through a web-based system. It is a true “Consultative Tool” that highlights your businesses strengths & weaknesses.

WHAT ELSE IS INCLUDED? In addition to the license, your monthly fees include live business webinars, monthly VIEW’s from The EDGE™, consultative reviews, ongoing maintenance & upgrades, unlimited electronic support and access to our exclusive EDGE™ User group.

WHAT DOES IT DO? The EDGE™ gives you the ability to evaluate vision care plans, staff, products, and professional productivity with ease. With The EDGE™ business philosophies you will quickly identify your weaknesses & overcome obstacles to greater profit.

DOES IT SYNC WITH MY PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM? The EDGE™ seamlessly works with many of the industries systems & we are adding more all the time.

HOW DOES IT DO THAT? The EDGE™ takes your information and plugs it into a series of simple to understand “gauges” like the dashboard in your car. One click of a button lets you know where to focus and why. Behind the scenes, our practice specialists are standing by to guide your steps as you implement new strategies.

VISION WEST MEMBERS 2.5 Setup per location =


HOW MUCH IS IT COSTING ME? How much time do you have to dedicate to understanding your business now? How much is your time worth? How much is the time of your manager worth? For about $2.50 per day you can have what you need to grow a profitable business. Isn’t your time work more than that? TO VERIFY YOUR SYSTEM Call 631-626-9783 or email TODAY!

SAVE $300

Vision West Members $495 Non-Member $795

SAVE $120/ YR

2.5 Monthly License and Maintenance = Vision West Members $79 Non-Member $89

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FASHION OPTICAL DISPLAYS Fashion Optical Displays is proud to be an American manufacturer. They design and build each optical dispensary in Paradise, California and have been doing so since 1978. Over the past 3 decades, they have grown to be one of the largest and most respected employers in the community and one of the most reputable and trusted optical display manufacturers in the nation. Fashion Optical Displays offers Vision West Members FREE Interior design coordination, Full office space planning, or Dispensary design services. Call Fashion Optical Displays today to get started and be sure to ask about Vision West Members Only Special 30/60/90 Split Billing Terms! Free Design Services include: Interior Design Coordination ($575.00 value) Full office space planning (avg $200-$300 value) Dispensary Design Services with no charge for changes

Contact Information: Matt Kiraly 800.824.4106 Products: Optical furnishings & displays - Made in the USA! Vision West Discount: 10% off All Standard Products plus FREE Premium Design Services What Makes them Special: From private practices to large, multi-location regional centers, Fashion Optical Displays has been the industry leader in full service design, manufacturing and installation of custom, dispensary environments for over 30 years. From small merchandising accessories to unrivaled full service design, Fashion Optical has you covered. Special deferred billing: 30/60 30/60/90


Eyes of Faith was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Jim and Amy Schneider to provide a faith-conscious eyewear option to the optical industry and contribute to the global mission of serving people in need. The Eyes of Faith vision is to be the leading designer of eyewear for Christ-followers, sought out for its style, quality, Wear & Share™ give-back program, and features that provide an opportunity to proudly display and share faith. Share the Gift of Sight with Eyes of Faith’s Wear & Share™ program that transforms a portion of each eyewear purchase into a donated pair of prescription glasses, readers, or sunglasses that reach people in need via Sight Ministries optical missions around the world. Sight Ministries partners with missionaries and indigenous pastors to conduct multiple eye clinics in communities where eye care providers and facilities are not readily available. Visitors to the clinics receive eye exams and prescription glasses, reading glasses, or sunglasses at little or no cost. Through Wear & Share™, your purchase provides the funds to donate these glasses or sunglasses, which allow individuals to see clearly who may never have had the opportunity. Contact Eyes of Faith today and ask them about HOPE, an innovative way to see their collections!

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Contact Information: Jim Schneider (888) 777-9390 Products: Manufacturers/Distributors of: Eyes of Faith, Veggie Tales and Not Of This World Vision West Discount: 5% - 12.5% Discount Order Minimums: 1 pcs – Special discounts for 24-pack opening orders No minimum reorder

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that purchase


W i l e y X frames at a

time can cho ose from Vision West M ember

30/60/90 BILLING!

The order ca n be split into three separate bill p ayments, 1/3 due at 30 days, 1/3 at 60 & 1/3 at 90 an exclusive membership offer. www.vweye.c om 800.640.9 485 VW-324_OptiCenter_Fall13_v4.indd 16 WileyX_Stuffer_8-5X11_v4_FINAL.indd 1

10/18/13 12:35 PM AM 1/27/11 10:25



Vision West Member Profile Dr. Corbell and his wife Ruth are the owners of Seacoast Vision Care. Their office has a modern yet elegant flair. The front desk is custom made to match their display cases. They have a lab off from the optical area showcasing a restored antique window. The office has two exam lanes, a contact lens room, and the doctor’s office. Ruth, a former business consultant, is the Dr. Nathan Corbell office manager and they Seacoast Vision Care have 3 full-time and one parttime employee. Their office is located in the Hannaford Plaza in Scarborough, Maine, a fast growing seaside community.

Dr. Nathan Corbell was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where he attended Catholic High School for Boys. In 1990, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Centenary College of Louisiana with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. In 1999, he received a PhD focusing on molecular genetics of bacteria from the department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Oregon State University. He has authored and co-authored several journal articles regarding bacterial antibiotic synthesis. He decided to pursue a new career and graduated in 2001 from New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts where he received clinical honors for his patient care. Dr. Corbell is a member of the American and Maine Optometric Associations HOW DID YOUR PRACTICE BECOME WHAT IT IS TODAY? Seacoast Vision Care has been open for a year and half and was a cold startup. We carefully planned and invested in technology. We purchased a fundus camera to provide our customers with a retinal image allowing for early detection of retinal disease. A picture really is worth a thousand words especially when we can show and discuss the image with our patient in the exam lane. As a busy Optometrist, our high tech exam lane links with all of our equipment which has increased my efficiency and has perceived value for our patients as well. Patients love it when you can take the time to talk with them. The automated exam lane enters the routine data, reducing errors and frees me to focus on the patient. We have a lab with an edger which reduces the turnaround time for our glasses. We found that this is very important to our customers when you are competing with the big box stores. Most importantly, we have been blessed to have a very experienced Optician, Cheryl Jaynes, who is very customer focused. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL PROJECTS THAT THE PRACTICE SUPPORTS?

VW-324_OptiCenter_Fall13_v4.indd 17

Ruth and I serve meals with our church at the local homeless shelter, Preble Street in Portland, Maine. When we were there serving meals at Preble Street we realized that the customers did not have glasses. We decided that Preble Street would be Seacoast Vision Cares adopted nonprofit. We recently provided free on site eye exams for fifteen patients using handheld equipment. We also donated 13 pairs of glasses with some of the best lenses. We could not do this without the support of our local equipment vendor OIC and lens rep. We have planned at least two more visits and will donate 50 pairs of glasses by the end of the year. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE NEW TO THE PROFESSION? Find a great mentor(s) when considering employment opportunities and build good relationships! Your skills are valuable so don’t sell yourself short. Find a high functioning innovative practice to learn the optometric business and study what they are doing right. Put yourself in some unfamiliar and maybe even uncomfortable situations to push yourself to experience different modes of practice. I have learned from working in various optometry practices that every optometrist does things differently. There is not just one right way to do things so create your own style. Take the best practices from each learning opportunity to create your own practice in the future. WHAT IS THE MOST CHALLENGING ISSUE FOR YOUR PRACTICE? Learning how to provide excellent quality of care and being profitable when faced with reduced reimbursements by insurance plans. We are always dealing with the pressure from the online stores that provide glasses that are low cost and popular styles. HOW HAS VISION WEST HELPED YOUR PRACTICE? When we started Seacoast Vision Care we interviewed quite a few buying groups and decided Vision West was the best match for us. At our staff meetings, it is not unusual for us to say “call Vision West” they have the big picture and know what is selling. We treat Vision West as a crucial business partner. They have been and will continue to be our biggest cheerleader, a wealth of knowledge and can offer caring advice when needed. When we started to buy frames for our boards Vision West was very helpful in narrowing down which frames were a good match based on our practice’s marketing studies & demographics. The discounts are really significant for our profit line and the monthly billing is great for cash flow. We have been able to offer high quality lens packages with the Vision West I-sight lens with Hoya. Our practice has been able to reach new customers by using Eyecare Pro a Vision West vendor. After Vision West connected us with Eyecare Pro they created a no cost website for us including the hosting which matches our branding. Eyecare Pro has been excellent to deal with and are experts in online branding, advertising and marketing.

10/18/13 12:35 AM




Grow Your Business With Education Silhouette Launches ABO Courses on Focal Point

Grow Your Business With Education

Green Island, NY – (May 31, 2013) – Silhouette Optical, Ltd. announces the addition of ABO Continuing Education Exams on Focal Point. This will now enable ABO Certified Opticians the Silhouette Launches ABO Courses on Focal Point opportunity to obtain their mandatory CE credits online. The courses on Focal Point were developed by industry leaders and are ABO, Silhouette will do it for you! designed to provide knowledge and insight to help you grow yourNY – (May 31, 2013) – Silhouette Optical, Ltd. announces Green Island, Silhouette’s Focal Point gives all staff access to: dispensary. the addition of ABO Continuing Education Exams on Focal Point. This

ABO Continuing Education Exams Silhouette understands that busy schedules and budgets sometimes will now enable ABO •Certified Opticians the opportunity to obtain their do not permit everyone in a practice to attend a group meeting • Educational content to sharpen their professional skills mandatory CE credits online. The courses on Focal Point were developed or seminar. Silhouette’s Focal Point gives all staff access to the by industry leaders and are meeting designed to provide knowledge and insight to • Staff resources educational content to sharpen their professional skills, earn ABO help grow your dispensary. CE credits, or allows them to discover content for a staffyou meeting. • Technical trainings Focal Point is available 24/7 and has a number of informative, GROW • And more! Silhouette understands that busy schedules and budgets sometimes do educational offerings that YOUR can be used to help grow your business Visit to sign in or register today! not CE’s permit everyone in a practice to attend a group meeting or seminar. through education. Don’t worry about submitting your to the BUSINESS

Silhouette’s Focal Point gives all staff access to the educational content to sharpen their professional skills, earn ABO CE credits, or allows them to discover content for a staff meeting. Focal Point is available 24/7 and has a number of informative, educational offerings that can be used to help grow your business through education. Don’t worry about submitting your CE’s to the ABO, Silhouette will do it for you!

Visit to sign in or register today! PRESS CONTACT


Silhouette Optical Ltd. Elyse Alexander (518) 270-3118

What began with a vision- eyewear as an accessory – in 1964, has become the lightweight, comfort-focused eyewear brand: Silhouette. With the rimless, screwless, hingeless, and virtually weightless Titan Minimal Art, Silhouette has made LiteStyle an attitude, revolutionizing the eyewear market. Silhouette eyewear has been on-board NASA missions, tours with the Vienna Philharmonic, and is the eyewear of choice for big names in entertainment, business and politics. VW-324_OptiCenter_Fall13_v4.indd 18

10/18/13 12:35 AM




EasyClip – EC311 Enhance your look with these stylish men’s stainless steel frames., featuring a matching polarized sun-clip. Style EC311 come in an array of classically chic color combinations including brown and gunmetal, navy blue and light green as well as black and gunmetal. EasyClip’s patented technology utilizes only rare-earth neodium magnets that have ten times the magnetic attraction of standard ferrous magnets. This means your EasyClip attachment stays securely in place regardless of movement or impact. No other eyeglass attachment (clip ons) combines adaptability, practicality, durability and style like EasyClip. All EasyClip styles Feature a polarized magnetic sun-clip, polarized Lenses, UV Filtering and Protection Enhanced Clarity / Glare.

Takumi – TK933 One of the hottest styles this summer, Takumi style TK933’s plastic frames are a must-have for all women. The classic lines and clean design features comfortable spring hinges and come in rich color combinations such as marbled caramel/brown gold, marbled brown/khaki and silver as well as a bolder marbled red/ black and silver for those who really wish to make a statement.

Greg Norman – GN227 Greg Norman now offers a fabulous line of optical eyewear that embodies the concept of high standards and an uncompromising adherence to quality. Now you can look chic on and off the course with these trendy metal frames featuring plastic temples and comfortable spring hinges.


L’Amy America’s Columbia Eyewear Introduces F90A: Ultra-lite Adjustable Ophthalmics

Function aside, “Eriksson,” a full-rim rectangle, and “Steen’s Mountain,” a semi-rimless design, both have plenty of fashionable appeal. The unique temples feature a ridged inset created through yet a second injection-molding process. The result is an eyecatching, distinctive detail that provides a more aggressive sport aesthetic, while the monochrome colorations mean frames are still suited for more conservative tastes. Both models available in 3 colors each. Sizing: 54-16-155 and 52-17-155, respectively.

Wilton, Connecticut August 14, 2013—L’Amy America, a division of global eyewear group TWCL’Amy, announces the worldwide launch of 2 new models, utilizing new and exclusive frame design and material named F90-Ultra Lite Adjustable. The new models feature stainless steel frame fronts, combined with F-90™ injection-molded temple stems.“ To create our new adjustable temples we started with a metal alloy core, then wrapped it in our exclusive H-90™, Hyper-Lite 90, injection-molded material, transforming it into a super-slim, flat profile temple. “The ‘F’ is for ‘flattened”, the “90” represents “H-90” and the “A” stands for adjustability—F90A” said Worldwide Brand Manager, Connie Reiss. “Despite the metal core, our F90A offers ultra-lite comfort and soft-rubberized surface for long term, secure wear in the outdoors” said Reiss.

VW-324_OptiCenter_Fall13_v4.indd 19

“Eriksson” C03 Navy with Navy/Grey temple

“Steen’s Mountain” C01 Gun with Black/Red temple

Wholesale cost: $69.95

10/18/13 12:35 AM



making the best eyewear in the world and hope Puig just keeps everyone in awe of his play.”

Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig Signs Endorsement Deal with Italian Sunglass Brand Rudy Project San Clemente, CA – Rudy Project, Italian designers and engineers of precision sunglasses and helmets, is proud to announce a partnership with Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig to wear its technologically advanced eyewear while on the baseball field for the remainder of his rookie Major League season in 2013.

Rudy Project is the premier brand of Running and Cycling Enterprises (RACE) and is a global leader in technologically advanced sports helmets, clothing and sunglasses – with award-winning frames, lenses and many prescription technologies. For more than 25 years, Rudy Project has designed sport sunglasses for elite and professional athletes, meeting the requirements for a wide variety of sports, premier MLB athlete endorser as the brand enters into the baseball market. The Rudy Project sunglasses Puig wears on the field and other eyewear products are available online at or at various retailers throughout the U.S., including optometrist offices, running stores and bicycle shops. For a limited time, consumers can

Rookie Phenom Becomes Rudy Project’s Premiere MLB Athlete The 22-year-old Cuban has rocketed into stardom after making his Major League Baseball debut with the Dodgers on June 3. With 44 hits in June, registering as the second-most in MLB history for a player during their debut month, Puig became the first player in baseball history to simultaneously win both the National League Rookie of the Month and Player of the Month Awards. “Although Rudy Project is more commonly known in cycling and running sports, having an athlete like Yasiel Puig wear our sunglasses while playing for the Dodgers will allow our brand to be widely recognized as we enter into the baseball market,” remarked Rudy Project North America Co-owner Steve Wagner. “All of us within the company are proud that Puig chose Rudy Project eyewear and sunglasses to be his choice on and off the field. We’ll keep

VW-324_OptiCenter_Fall13_v4.indd 20

take advantage of the Puig Special Offer and receive a free casual sunglass model when purchasing his favorite sports sunglass model or RX on the company’s website at While smashing records on the field, one of Puig’s go-to glasses has been the Rudy Project Magster. Crafted through a tedious but very effective digital modeling system, the Magster incorporates a number of breakthrough technical components including a stainless steel perforated grill built directly into the frame which allows optimal airflow to prevent fogging – a must while playing baseball. Another unique innovation, the Magster utilizes anti-shock pads made from megol, a highly engineered designer plastic compound embedded into both the frame and lens to create a vibration

10/18/13 12:35 AM



If he is in the mood to make a bright impression, Puig has been known to sport the new Ultimatum Shock sunglasses. These six colorful updates on a retro frame style are sure to get noticed and draw attention wherever they’re shown. Made from strong but lightweight grilamid, these casual shades feature superior optics and construction, and are backed by the same industry leading threeyear frame and lifetime lens warranty as all Rudy Project sunglasses.

dampening system. Combined with Rudy Project’s fully adjustable nose pads and temple tips for a precise and custom fit, the Magster becomes an indispensable pair of sports eyewear. The Rudy Project Genetyk sunglasses have also become a necessity for Puig while in the outfield. With an eye-shield design, the Genetyk offers unparalleled coverage from wind, debris and UV rays while remaining ultra-light. Their wraparound architecture allows for unobstructed peripheral vision and includes Rudy Project’s patented Quick Change™ system – allowing the glasses to effortlessly adapt in changing lighting conditions. Over 30 different lens styles ensure perfect customization for every sport, and include the Unbreakable ImpactX™ Photochromic lenses, which are based on Apache helicopter windshield panels.

When he is not in uniform, Puig can be seen relaxing in his favorite casual Rudy Project glasses, the Skymajor. These classic aviator style glasses bring together relaxed, vintage character with all the advanced technology you would expect from Italian made sports eyewear. Fusing chrome, gold or gunmetal frames with 360 degree adjustable temple tips and Rudy Project’s award-winning ImpactX PhotoPolar Lenses – which allow users to cut glare like traditional polarized lenses, but still allow users to clearly read the LCD screen on their GPS, phone or gadget. This technology won Rudy Project

For those who need prescription sunglass solutions, all of Puig’s favorite glasses and many more Rudy Project models are available with either intuitive optical inserts, or with cutting edge FreeForm Tek™ lenses. Rudy Project’s FreeForm Tek™ design utilizes back surface optics, an innovative way of widening the field of vision in various ranges by bringing the sighting surface closer to the eye. This surface is digitally crafted using Eyepoint Technology™, which simulates how the human eye actually looks through the lens with thousands of reference points to create the perfect prescription lens. In celebration of the partnership between the rookie sensation and Italian sportswear company, Rudy Project is launching the ‘Puig Special Offer.’ This limited-time deal enables those who wish to deck themselves out in the same gear as Puig to buy one of his favorite sports sunglass models or RX, and receive a free casual sunglass model in the program. Simply visit to take advantage of this special limited time offer. Rudy Project signed Puig as an endorser of its products through his agent Jaime Torres and prior to the outfielder’s new partnership with Radegen Sports Management.

“Gear of the Year” from esteemed Outside Magazine.

Contacts: Devin Johnson (Rudy Project) (949) 272-2476,

VW-324_OptiCenter_Fall13_v4.indd 21

Shaun Rachau (All-Star PR) (602) 421-7785,

10/18/13 12:35 AM


PREMIUM VENDOR$ Are you aware that Vision West members can save even more money by increasing their purchase volumes with our Premium Vendors? In addition to our already low discounts, Vision West has negotiated these following “Money Saving” deals with our Premium Vendors:

Members receive up to an 18% discount, depending on the line. Members that purchase $10,000 (excludes empower! Frames) for the year and maintain a return rate less than 20% earn a 3% rebate.

Members receive a 10 - 20% discount, depending on the line. Members that purchase at least $3,000 per quarter earn an additional 10% discount.

Members receive a 10 - 20% discount, depending on the line. Members that purchase $8,500 for the year and maintain a return rate less than 33% earn a 5% rebate as a merchandise credit to account for future ClearVision purchases (in lieu of Co-op). Also, new ClearVision customers will receive up to 50% discount on their opening order (call for minimum requirements).

Members receive a 10% discount on all lines. Members that purchase more than $6,000 for the year and maintain a return rate less than 20% earn a 3% rebate.

Members receive a 10 - 20% discount, depending on the line. Members that purchase at least $1,500 per quarter earn an additional 10% discount.

Members receive up to a 30% discount, depending on the line. Members that meet purchase & growth targets and maintain a return rate less than 18% earn rebates from 2% to 9% based on below:

• Purchases $5,000 - $14,999, growth 20%, rebate 2% • Purchases $15,000-$49,999, growth 15 - 20%, rebate 3 - 6% • Purchases $50,000 and up, growth 7-10%, rebate 3 - 9%

Members receive a 5 - 20% discount, depending on the line. Members that purchase $5,000 for the year, grow at least 20% over the prior year and maintain a return rate less than 20% earn a 5% rebate.

Members receive up to a 20% discount, depending on the line. Members that purchase $1,500 per quarter earn a 5% rebate. Members earn an additional year-end rebate of 2.5% if annual purchases meet or exceed $10,000. Total potential annual rebate of 7.5%. Special new account incentives and extended billing terms available to Vision West members

Members receive a 10% discount on all lines. Members that purchase $9,000 for the year earn a 3% rebate.

Members receive up to a 15% discount, depending on the line. Members that purchase $10,000 for the year and maintain a return rate less than 20% earn a 10% rebate. Also, new REM customers will receive an additional 10% credit on their first order. Special deferred billing program for Vision West Members:

• Net 60 billing with $600 minimum purchase • 30/60/90 split billing with $1200 minimum purchase • 60/90/120 split billing with $2400 minimum purchase

Members receive a 10% discount on all lines. Members that meet growth targets and maintain a return rate less than 20% for the year, earn rebates from 1 - 5% based on below:

• 10% growth, rebate 1% • 15% growth, rebate 2% • 20% growth, rebate 3% • 25% growth, rebate 5%

Members receive a 10% discount on all lines. Members that purchase more than $10,000 for the year and maintain a return rate less than 20% earn a 5% rebate. 1

2009 EYEWEAR Members receive a 10% discount on all lines. Members that purchase six or more Wiley X frames at a time will receive 30/60/90 billing. This is an exclusive split-billing program only offered for Vision West members!

Vendor product and discount information subject to change without prior notice.

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P23 TO For BEquestions REFORMATED about

Please contact us at the following information

Southern California: Daniel Frutiger 760.637.0599

Outside California: Customer Service Department 800.640.9485 Northern California: Linda Butler 916.354.0232

For State Associations and Groups Laura Dorris 800.640.9485, x.456



HAVE AN IDEA TO MAKE OPTICENTER BETTER? Opticenter is a quarterly publication written, produced

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and distributed by Inc. The first T HVision E V O I CWest, E OF V ISIO N W E S Tfive members to submit an idea to with their suggestions of how to make OptiCenter better will receive a $5.00 Starbucks card. HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE ON US.


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15970 Bernardo Center Dr. San Diego, CA 92127-1828 Change the World… please recycle this newsletter

Essilor Labs of America (ELOA) and Vision West have teamed up to offer our members a way to earn rewards back when they increase their ELOA billing.


THANK YOU! Gift cards to be supplied by Vision West.

Starting January 1, 2013 and running through December 31, 2013, Vision West Members will receive a $ 25 AMERICAN EXPRESS GIFT CARD for every $1000 of incremental new ELOA business billed through your Vision West account. For more information please visit our website at or call one of our Customer Service Specialists at 800.640.9485. * Program will be tracked and awarded on a quarterly basis. Incremental new business will be determined by comparing the current quarters ELOA billing against the same quarter ELOA billing of the previous year. Offer only applies to actual ELOA labs and does not apply to Essilor partner labs.

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Opticenter - The Voice of Vision West - Fall 2013  

Opticenter - The Voice of Vision West quarterly Newsletter highlights Vision West Optical Buying Groups most current information including:...