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Yo u r M i r r o r t o t h e Mo o n by Marijayne King


n the darkness of the new moon, the sun sets on the horizon. The pale blue sky becomes veiled with stars. A young couple stands in the soil, their feet planted in the moist earth. In this time of visions, dreaming, and growth, they have planted seeds, as our ancestors have always done. It is an auspicious period for new beginnings. In the fullness of the moon the sun has set and the silver wheel of radiance rises high above the Earth to greet its children. A group has gathered around the fire to honor the moon. In this time of completion, celebration, and reaping the rewards of the seeds that have been planted, they dance. As our generation is reclaiming nature and the wisdom of the old ways are being called back, I would like to take a moment to help remind all of us to thank the moon. Do you remember the last time you saw its presence in the night sky? Do you have a favorite cycle of the moon? We all are drawn to it—as beings of water and earth, we are pulled toward its gravity and magic, always. In ancient times, we seemed to remember to praise the moon’s presence more often, as it is our planet’s most obvious and predominant example of the need for balance. As the Earth rotates and cosmic energies shift, our bodies shift as well. The waxing and waning of the moon remind us to give and receive equally. The fullness and darkness of the moon show us to appreciate the polarity of light and dark. The effect it has on the living beings of the Earth is not just emotional. Amphibians mate only under the full moon. Wolves have learned to call to the moon as it rises over the sky. Flowers such as evening primrose and jasmine unfold their petals to the glow of the moonlight. Out of the 240 moons in our solar system, planet Earth has the only moon that can fully eclipse the sun. Every culture has a legend or story to explain the moon to

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help their children’s children remember to embrace the ebb and flow of life, just as the moon and oceans control the ebb and flow of the tides. In Old England and in Europe, the people disbelieved in the Julian and Gregorian 12-month calendar. The lunar calendar, a 13-month calendar with 28 days per month totaling 364 days a year, had always been used. No one believed in disregarding the cycles of the moon. The people fought to use this old way until the Tudor times. Some of the old ways have not changed. To this day, people leave food out overnight to absorb the healing rays of the moon. They believe that this will cure disease and prolong life. Although pagan historical relics are very rare, archaeologists believe that their burial mounds in the shape of a disc are tributes to the moon. Medicine people of several cultures still make herbal remedies by the moonlight. The Islamic moon calendar is also based on 13 moons and is still in use today. Many moon gods and goddesses are currently worshipped around the world and have specific months which relate to their cultural legends. I am honored every month to come together with people to celebrate the moon, whether it is a ritual with friends or a simple gesture of thanks as I look above. photo by Elyssa Paige We are also celebrating the culmination of events and changes that take place on a very personal level within all of us. It is important to realize that as every month has a beginning, the moon returns full circle to the beginning as well. This gives us, as beings sharing this planet, the opportunity to change aspects about ourselves and our lives. I carry a very personal tribute to the moon inked on my chest. I feel that my connection to the moon has led my growth and evolution. This began with my first word: moon. I have always enjoyed knowing that a simple symbol that carries so much meaning and importance to me can inspire someone else to look up to the stars. As a woman, my cycles correspond to the moon, as with many other women. I have also noticed that important events in my life have aligned with the lunar phases. In our society as a whole, we seem to have lost many of our connections to the moon. However, there are some who remember the knowledge and ways. Through ritual, dance, prayer, or devotion, you, too, can open your arms and heart to the silvery glow of our moon. I hope that as the sun sets tonight, you will gaze up to the sky, and feel the moon’s influence on your life. Know that even in its darkness, there is a message. Honor the symbols in life that surround us. Give thanks to nature for the balance that it gives us. As the moon casts its glowing rays of light, let us remember to reflect that light to all and spread the moon’s message of balance and healing in every moment. Marijayne King lives on four wheels, traveling and exploring the beauty of California. She is an artist, and co-owner of The Crystal Deva, a crystal and jewelrybased traveling company which can be seen at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market in San Diego, CA. She would love to hear stories of your experiences with the moon at marijayneking@gmail.com.


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By the Light of the Moon: A Yogic Perspective by Laura Plumb

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Buddha hose of us who live yoga are reminded often that the supreme goal of our practice is to unite. “Yoga” literally means “union” in Sanskrit. Mostly, in America, this is said to mean that we unite body and mind. We integrate the parts and return to wholeness. But what are those parts? What was not whole that becomes whole? And where is our mind that it gets disconnected from the body?  “As above, so below.”  – The Vedas The women and men who lived in the fertile Himalayan valleys many thousands of years ago studied the sky, and from their observations learned much about life on Earth. Many years before Copernicus, they were able to perceive that all planets revolve around the sun, our principle light and energy source. The sun is our beginning, our sustaining power and, ultimately, a fire capable of consuming all. From the sun, all emerged; without the sun, there is nothing. In this, they realized that the sun is truly the heart of our world. By night, these sages contemplated another reality. Without the light of day, you can see where the sun lives, its “heart space,” as a glittering, seemingly infinite realm, like an endless ocean. The sages saw that the heart light occupies a field of intelligence and beauty that we can only begin to peer into. In this vast realm, they saw that while the sun is very regular in shape, occurrence, and motion, there is a light in the night sky that is irregular in all the same ways. Most importantly, this moonlight is not self-generating. It is bounced light, reflecting the sun in the same way that water reflects light. Its reflection changes daily, waxing and waning, growing and shrinking, rising and falling in an everchanging, rhythmic arc through the night sky. The sages saw the moon like a beacon of mirrored light in that cosmic ocean of space. In studying the variations of the moon—mobile, subtle, sensitive and dualistic— the sages realized that it is like the human mind.  In fact, the English word “moon” comes from the Sanskrit word manas, meaning mind. “Man” and “human” have the same root, suggesting the moon-like, varied nature of human existence. Like the moon floating in outer space, our “atomic” mind is a point in a larger field of consciousness—one of many points of light in the infinite field of awareness that life presents. What’s more, our mind is not even the light itself, but a refection of the light of experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Sometimes this mind of ours reflects the “light of the heart” fully. But most of the time, it reflects the heart light only fractionally. Occasionally, we have dark moons, just as we can sometimes feel like our mind is dark, full of doubt, confusion and fear.   As scientists of the cosmos, the people of the ancient Vedic cultures developed Jyotish, or the “Science of Light,” which amazingly describes the soul, like the sun, in its journey through time and space. How well an individual is able to reflect this inner light, the “sun” at the individual heart, can be mapped through this yogic science. Specifically, through Jyotish, we can determine our mental/emotional nature by looking at the exact location of the moon in the sky at the moment of our birth. From the quality and placement of the moon, a good Jyotish Master will understand

the strength and stability of one’s inner nature, and how available one is to nourishment—as the moon represents the water element, and water is the nourishment of life. If the sun represents the soul, and is the core of the self (the Self within the self), then one with a weak moon is not naturally anchored in their light, their truth, their essence, or their pure being. There may be a lack of self-esteem or direction for these usually sweet-natured people. Money, food, and love are often not “metabolized“ well. These forms of nourishment may be in short supply or they may enter but don’t integrate, support or serve us well. We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us, that they may see, it may be, their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our quiet. – W.B. Yeats Yoga was created as a science to unite the aspects of the moon and sun in the individual human universe. When describing the tools of this mastery, the sages called it HaTha. “Ha” means sun and “Tha” means moon. So the practice of yoga was the deliberate, personal unification of the inner sun and moon elements, the fire and water



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Astro Feng Shui:

Activating Lunar Power through Ritual by Simone Butler


stro Feng Shui is a unique way to harness the potent energies of the lunar cycle and catalyze magical changes in your life. At the new moon, also called the dark of the moon, the sun (masculine) and moon (feminine) join in the heavens. The dark of the moon is a potent time for ritual, especially in the waxing period 12 hours prior to its exactitude, when the sun and moon are building toward union. As in conception, it’s a time in which new seeds are planted that will bear fruit over time. Wherever the new moon falls in your horoscope reveals what theme is up for you during the next four weeks. During the first half of the cycle, you set your intention, take action and gain awareness related to the part of life that’s been activated. Then, as the full moon approaches, the results of your efforts and intentions manifest. Combining Western Astrology and Western Feng Shui with an awareness of this lunar cycle will help you balance your inner and outer worlds. These two ancient systems of thought share a common understanding confirmed by quantum physics: Life is a hologram in which each part reflects the whole. To change our lives, we must change our thoughts—as well as our surroundings, which then reflect our thoughts. Tuning into your Environment Becoming conscious of your surroundings gives you clues about the habitual patterns of thought that create your reality—and helps you alter them. A bunch of random stuff in your relationship corner, for instance, shows that you haven’t been paying much attention to your love life. Maybe that’s okay for now if you’re mourning a lost love or focused on your career. But once you’re ready for a little romance, clear out the clutter, add some pink, festive items and you’ll be

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amazed at what happens! This is especially true if the new moon activates your Love gua (sector of your home). I had recently broken up with my partner and was engaged in a deep review of what had occurred so that I could figure out what I really wanted. As the new moon approached, I dismantled my altar in my Love gua (which falls in my bedroom), carefully cleaned all the sacred items and replaced the stubby pink candles with new ones. I also removed several things that had been given to me by my ex-partner, stripped the bed down to the mattress, washed all the bedding, and bought new pillows (this helps to release your former partner’s energies so you can move on). At the moment of the new moon, I lit the new candles and invoked for my perfect mate. Then I joined a dating site, went through the process of describing myself and what I wanted in a partner, and traded emails with several prospects. During this cycle, I ended up reuniting with my former partner—but on a new basis that serves both of us much better. Setting Intentions in your Guas Let’s say that your second house of financial earnings and self-worth is about to be activated by the upcoming new moon. You’d perform a ritual in the Wealth gua of your home to align your intentions with the cosmic flow and open yourself to money-making opportunities. Maybe you’d frame a picture of Lakshmi, and hang it in your Wealth gua. Saying prayers to the Hindu goddess of abundance when you’re already in a prosperity cycle doubles your chances of receiving more wealth and wellbeing (abundance comes in many forms). Traditional Chinese Feng Shui combines Chinese Astrology with compass directions to determine the best placements for objects such as the bed or desk. The system I use, Western Feng Shui, emphasizes the Bagua—an octagonal map that corresponds with your floor plan. The nine basic guas, or aspects of life, fall into different sectors of the home. The guas are sensitive to neglect and require regular maintenance. It’s easy to let papers pile up on your desk or dust collect on bookshelves. Things that clearly don’t belong can also block the flow of chi. A swinging hammock that made it difficult to get to one client’s front door was symbolically keeping people away. Once she moved it, her career opened up. Often people feel overwhelmed after a Feng Shui assessment of their home— there is so much work to do! This system breaks it down into bite-sized chunks that you can handle on a monthly basis, which makes turning your home into a sacred space a joyful process. Working with a different part of the home each month—and witnessing the results—keeps your chi from stagnating, and reminds you that you live in a sacred universe. And doing regular rituals and cleansings to enhance specific parts of your life elevates your consciousness—while it also helps keep your house neat and clean! The Power of the New Moon The Astro Feng Shui system came to me in a synchronistic fashion—when a friend gifted me with a dinette set just after a new moon in my 11th house of friendships. An astrologer for the last 25 years, I am inclined to relate everything


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

h o l i s t i c l i v i n g At the new moon, perform your ritual. A ritual can be simple or complex. In her fun and inspirational book, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, Karen Rauch Carter tells the story of a woman who, upon first learning about Feng Shui, walked over to her Love gua and tossed a pair of red panties in the corner, saying “There, take that!” Soon, claims Rauch, the woman was happily married to a millionaire. You might prefer to do an elaborate ritual with pink candles, special incense and love incantations. Whatever works! It all boils down to setting intentions and following through. As one of my participants put it, “It’s puzzling to me that something this innocuous could be so powerful, but it proves itself month in and month out. I think it’s directly tied to intention—what we intend and believe will happen, happens. Each time it works, your intention gets stronger—and the effect intensifies as time goes by because you’re convinced it works.”

to the planets—but in this case, it was the astrological houses that spoke to me. Through my study of Western Feng Shui, I knew that my kitchen (which now housed the new dinette set) corresponded to the Helpful People gua. Suddenly it clicked: 11th house = Helpful People. What would happen, I wondered, if you intentionally activated the part of your home that corresponded to the Bagua at each new moon? To test my theory, I asked 30 people to perform new moon rituals in different parts of their homes each month for a year. The results were fascinating—one participant spiffed up her bathroom in the Creativity gua at the new moon in her fifth house of creativity and speculation, and won $3500 at a local casino. Another built a support structure under his kitchen sink at the new moon in his fourth house of home and family—improving his relationship with his mother. Other rituals catalyzed unsettling changes that ultimately proved beneficial—after a new moon eclipse which activated her seventh house of partnership, one woman realized her marriage was over. Though not easy, breaking free from her husband opened up a more fulfilling path. How to Work the System First, assess each area of your life shown in the Bagua map. Then, think about the related areas of your house. Jot down the improvements you’d like to see over the next 12 months, for both your home and your life. If you have specific goals, like painting the bathroom for company coming in December, or refurbishing the living room for a wedding, time them to correspond with related new moons. Let’s say you want to start teaching a series of classes. If you set your intention and launch the classes at a new moon in your third or ninth house of teaching and learning, they’ll have cosmic momentum behind them. If you want to start a fitness campaign or lose weight, set your intentions and take action at the new moon in your sixth or 12th house of health, or your first house of personal image, and you’ll be more likely to succeed. Next, make a sketch of your floor plan (preferably on tissue paper), roughly the same size as the Bagua map. Include any attached outside areas such as a garage or patio. Then, lay this sketch on top of the Bagua to determine where your guas are located. If you live in a multi-story house, repeat this process for each level (you can perform your ritual on both levels or save one for another time). The guas merge fluidly into one another, so don’t worry about dividing your home exactly. Trace a rough diagram of the nine guas onto the sketch of your home, and label each one according to its function—Career, Love, etc. Do a thorough cleansing of the gua you’ll be working on. Remove all dust, dirt and cobwebs. Scrub the floor or countertops. Clap your hands, shake a rattle, burn sage or incense, toss salt in the corners or spray an aromatherapy mist in the air to disperse any stagnant energy. Add appropriate colors, elements and enhancements. The idea is to balance the five elements—wood, earth, metal, fire and water—by placing them in the area with which they resonate best. Water, for instance, nourishes Career—so it’s good to put a fountain near your front door. Metal is destructive in Family (so nix the suit of armor in that gua). Plants are great, as the Family color is green, but you’d want to avoid the color white, associated with metal. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

To order your personalized Astro Feng Shui report, which will show where each new moon falls in your chart for the next 12 months and provide more details on how to work the system, visit www.AstroAlchemy.com.


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L i f e Q u a k e ™

Ask the LifeQuake™ Doctor Dr. Toni Galardi


ear Dr. Toni: I am an addict but there is no anonymous program for me. I’m not addicted to the typical things like drugs, alcohol, or food. My addiction however, is far more crippling. It is affecting every area of my life: my career, my health, and my family. I’m addicted to procrastination. I procrastinate over deadlines at work, when and where to take vacations with my kids, committing to an exercise routine—you name it. How do I get over this? It feels like a disease as incapacitating as alcoholism. Desperate for a Breakthrough Dear Desperate: First of all, let me say that desperation is not necessarily bad. As much as that feeling can make us do destructive things, it can also motivate us to take risks because we are fed up with the same old fear. Yes, fear. Procrastination at its core is motivated by the fear of change. Psychologists and motivational speakers have all debated as to whether the fear of success or the fear of failure is at the root of this complex. I submit that it is both, but that the deeper issue is the fear of loss. It is thinking that if you make this choice, it might be “the wrong one.” Choosing also means the death of other choices and committing 100 percent to your decision. What if this decision takes you on a path into an unknown future that you’re not prepared for? Stagnation sucks but it is something you are familiar with,

something you think you can control. The problem is that this is pure illusion because we are evolutionary beings. Survival of the fittest means the survival of those who can adapt to change. If your soul needs you to get healthy through exercise, advance yourself professionally, or take a vacation and rest, and you maintain the status quo, you invite a crisis and the decision is made for you. Of course, when we move forward through the trauma and drama of a crisis, we don’t have to own responsibility for the aftereffects. We can think of ourselves as victims and simply cope with the aftermath. We are a nation of procrastinators. If you look to all the warnings that we received about terrorist threats before 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina, we can see that this exists both personally and governmentally. Over the course of 20 years, I incurred three near-death experiences every time I needed to make a change and did not listen to my intuition—so I understand this addiction. And it is an addiction, (which I define as whatever is between you and what you’re really afraid of). So, now that we are in the season of change where the leaves begin to turn color as they die, it is a great time to celebrate and ritualize the death of this old habit. Here are some tips: 1) Go back to your earliest memory of a decision you made that didn’t turn out as you wanted. Was it trying out for sports, turning in a school assignment, or expressing your feelings to someone you had a crush on? As you recall this event, where do you feel the emotion in your body? Now, focus your breath on this spot. As you keep breathing into it, allow your body to surrender and receive your breath just as you would if you were stretching a muscle that was tight. As the feeling begins to change, notice what is replacing it. Now think of a time when you committed to something 100 percent and it produced your desired effect. For example, you ate healthy food and exercised and your body got stronger. Place that feeling of mastery in your non-dominant hand—the one you don’t write with— and place it over the spot in your body that once held the fear of commitment. This will anchor that feeling. 2) Take one area of your life that you need to make a decision about that has the lowest level of anxiety connected to it. If you need to make a career change and have been dragging your feet, do one little thing like pay attention to everything you encounter in a day that produces great enthusiasm or even mild interest. Keep a journal of all of this. Risking change through decision making begins with experiencing a good feeling around low-level change. 3) Commit to 15 minutes a day of quiet contemplation. No TV, computer, or even reading. Sit still and center yourself through the breathwork of step one and then ask the question of your intuition: What step would you have me take next? All you need to know is the next step. The answer may come right away or it may come spontaneously when you are doing something else like a household chore or as you wake up from a dream. The key is to know that you don’t have to know the five-year plan, just the next step. Healing the addiction to procrastination requires tolerance for the unknown future. If you focus just on the truth of the next step, you become more oriented toward the journey of life, rather than an end goal. For more on this subject, a taped radio interview is available at http://www. blogtalkradio.com/Tom-on-Leadership/2009/09/22/Special-on-Procrastination. Dr. Toni Galardi is a licensed psychotherapist, public speaker, and the author of her new book: The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval. For those seeking private consultation, she can be reached at 310.712.2600. To submit questions for “Ask the LifeQuake™ Doctor,” contact Dr. Toni Galardi at DrToni@LifeQuake.net.



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Because the Night © 2009 by Michael Raysses


t’s 4:09 a.m. in Los Angeles. An oasis of darkness in a city renowned for its relentless sunshine. I’m up late, writing, trying to harvest ideas that tend to mushroom only in the night. But all I find are toadstools, leaving me teetering, halfpresent on the page. I am reminded of the time a few years back when my Father was still alive and going into the hospital early one morning for back surgery. I had stayed up all night in an attempt to bridge the 2000 miles that separated me from him in a time of need. Inadvertently, pulling an all-nighter triggered memories of an old love affair, one I thought I’d forgotten or at least had gotten over. Sitting here now, I know that’s still not true. The relationship began innocently enough when I was a child. Growing up in the Midwest, our house wasn’t air-conditioned and during the hot summer months, blankets of hot air would force us out of our beds. So we would spread the patchwork quilt my Grandmother made across the living room floor and sleep on it to escape the crushing heat. There was an ancient clock in our living room that would chime on the hour; when it struck midnight, I could feel the world’s mood shift. It was in that silence that I first heard a distant thunder that rumbled within me. Ever since, I’ve been in love with the night. Not just that time when the sun has ceded its turf to the stars, but specifically midnight and beyond, when the moon would zigzag across the inky sky, playing chicken with the gloom. It was a time when while everyone slept, a roiling hush filled the air, posing the promise of things not yet created but there to be summoned if one had the courage to confess the desire and address the need. As I grew older, my romantic notion of the night became tempered, quite literally, by steel—I went to work as a laborer at Inland Steel Company in Indiana Harbor. Every third week, I’d work midnights from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Nothing stripped the glint from the shimmering image of a night spent toiling in the shadow of the moon like a shift spent at the bottom of an oil tank with a steam gun and a respirator. But the night’s charm was so lustrous that even that didn’t V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

g r e e k t o m e dull the beauty of witnessing it negotiate its inevitable exit to accommodate the coming day. Steel mills gave way to law school, where the act of staying up all night took on a redefined utility. I swapped shovels for textbooks filled with trivia fine as silt, seemingly designed to drive me into a state of suspended animation. Of all my latenight activities, this was the most difficult to bear. The abstract knowledge pouring silently into my consciousness while the rest of the world slept only heightened the theoretical nature of what I was reading, making it all feel hopelessly intangible and meaningless. It was around that time that I came to a deeper sense of the night’s value. I got involved with managing a rock band; one night we went into a studio to record some songs. Starting at dusk, we didn’t emerge until dawn, accomplishing more than anyone expected. When we exited the studio into the first light of day, I felt an indescribable joy—I knew that while the sun made its appointed rounds, something had been born that wasn’t there the day before. It was then that I learned that the night was a time of communion with the prospect of what could be—something that the daylight blinded me to. My experiences as an actor only buttressed this epiphany. Late-night rehearsals for plays that were coalescing into being and all-night shoots in out-of-the-way locations all deepened my appreciation for the nocturnal fields that the night afforded me. It’s 6:31 a.m. now. Looking through the shades covering the windows, I can see that the night has lost its tug of war with the sky, as the moon readies itself to sleep. I reread what I’ve written, and I feel the night with renewed passion. It is my lover, my partner. As I close my eyes, we silently renew our vows… Michael Raysses is a writer/actor/National Public Radio commentator living in Los Angeles. E-mail him at MichaelRaysses@hotmail.com.

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m i n d s t a t e s

Devin Grace is a Gift to Our World by Sydney L. Murray


ave you ever had someone come into your life whose very presence helps you remember what is important? Devin Grace is that person for me. Her humor and amazing humanity are apparent in her loving and trusting heart. Every time I speak to her, I am reminded of what a wise person she is. She helps people all over the world as a consultant who is clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), and clairaudient (clear hearing). Grace’s life has been filled with much accomplishment and service to others; she is a gift to our world. Vision Magazine: When did you first know that you had a gift? Devin Grace: I always had the gift, but my first knowledge of it was when I worked with a healer at the age of 17. I had information that was coming through about other people and I started to share it. I’d already been doing this all along, but the healer was giving me the confidence to speak and express what I was seeing to other people because it would help them heal. VM: What is a typical session with you like? DG: Someone can expect very deep processing. I work with the guides and we act as if it’s the first and only time we’re ever going to speak to this person, so we go as deep as possible from the beginning of the session. As soon as I get on the phone, I take about 45 seconds to connect deeper with my guides and theirs. I start to get visions and clairaudient messages, meaning that I will literally get a voice telling me information and experiences about this person that has passed onto the unconscious thought system. The unconscious thought system is where people function from on a daily basis through the ego [which] triggers behaviors that aren’t coming from their true selves. I once had client and for the first hour, there was really deep, hard stuff coming through. I could tell that this client was having a hard time. I can’t change it and

suddenly say, “Your future’s going to be really bright!” because I’m not in charge of the information. I can’t be inauthentic with what’s coming through. I have to be very clear, honest, and present to what is there. During the last 20 minutes of the session, she was getting annoyed and asked, “What am I supposed to be doing with my future?” And I said, “Let me see if that information is there, for your highest good.” Immediately, I saw this woman communicating and clearing energy with animals. During the whole session, I didn’t hear anything about her with animals. So, I just went out on a limb and told her what I saw. She started crying and was so lifted in her energy because she had been doing that for years but had never had the self-worth or the self-confidence to really go out and do it. She asked, “Who told you that?” and I said, “Who could tell me that? There’s nobody who could tell me except for your guides, my guides and our oneness.” VM: Looking back, I was amazed at your response to the incorrect phone number that we published in your ad in the last issue—in that you weren’t more upset. Is this typical of how you handle life’s challenges? DG: When the magazine came out and I knew that 90,000 copies were out there, I just started cracking up because I knew that this must be perfect. I trust that all of these things happen for something beyond what we can understand. All of those calls were going to a

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law firm—maybe there was one person in the law firm that needed help in a way that I would have never known. Who knows? I’m not attached to knowing—I just trust. The ego wants to know; the ego wants answers. The ego loves to be in therapy for 20 years. It loves to analyze itself and go in circles. But the guides I work with are very clear. They do not waste any time; they go straight to the source of the matter and they deal with it. Do I handle all of life like this? No, definitely not. There are certainly things in my unconscious thought system that get triggered and as soon as they do, I stop everything and ask myself what part of me needs attention right now to clear this. VM: What is something that you do every day to help you in your life and in your work? DG: I live on the island of Maui, so I go to the ocean or for hikes in the mountains. Getting out in nature is great for me, as well as connecting with friends and family. I probably spend about three hours a day in my own healing work connecting to spirit. I always make time in the day for it. VM: With more than two decades consulting with people, what has been the most surprising element of your work? DG: The courage of people. Before a session I’m always thinking, This person might hang up in the first five minutes and I would refund their money 100 percent, but no one has ever done that. I’m constantly shocked when people are ready to face the information that comes through and when they have the courage

m i n d s t a t e s to shift out of their egos and more into their spirits. It’s so beautiful. Every session is like a flower blooming. VM: How do you think that the moon affects each one of us? DG: I believe that the moon can represent clear focus. It also can represent a lot of ego. People can use the shifts of energy of the moon and the planets to make excuses for not showing up and taking responsibility for their own inner processes. There’s some part of the moon planted in the mind of the ego, and people respond to it as, It’s a full moon; of course I’m acting this way, instead of asking, regardless of the moon phase, Is how I’m acting today in line with my higher self? So everything—the moon, the stars, the ocean—I think it’s all a reminder to reflect back on ourselves and ask, Am I in line with my higher self in this moment? Is my perception coming from my right mind? VM: Is there anything new on the horizon for you in the next year? DG: I might put out a few more ads with the wrong phone number and see what happens after that. [She laughs.] Seriously, I feel that there’s probably going to be more group work; that’s what the guidance is starting to slowly open me up to. I’ve always done individual work but after doing it for so many years, I can see that others witnessing sessions can be really healing. I’m seeing a much larger group experience where viewers’ own issues will be cleared as a result of watching continued on page 42

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m i n d s t a t e s

Human Transformation through the Bronnikov Method by Ashlie Rodriguez


ntroduced by Ukrainian Author, Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov, the Bronnikov Method is a Tibetan system that activates dormant abilities inside of us. Bronnikov was taught by a Tibetan Slavic monk beginning at the age of three. Since then, he has combined ancient and modern teachings to synchronize the cerebral hemispheres. Once the right and left brain are synchronized, there is a rapid increase in human energy potential that brings to light incredible potentialities of human ability. The Bronnikov Method allows one to come into contact with the super-consciousness. From being able to self-heal and turn on psychic powers, all the way to teleportation techniques, it is transitioning humans into cosmic beings everyday. The five-level method is considered an established scientific practice. Presently, the Method has become so popular that over 100,000 people have now participated in this system. Bronnikov’s miraculous workshops have even caught the attention of Russian and American governments. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Bronnikov Method specialist, Hendrix Castro, who began as a student of the Method and now teaches this transformational technology all over the world. Vision Magazine: What is the Bronnikov Method? Hendrix Castro: It is an ancient Tibetan system called the Eye of the Dragon. It’s a Tibetan-Slavic system of human development that is the agent of healing

Kundalini Awakening

and development which activates up to 80 percent of the brain. VM: How did you get introduced to it? HC: I had heard about methods that help activate dormant abilities. I was told that the Bronnikov Method was the only system that taught how to activate these abilities, such as walking through walls, teleportation, and super psychic gifts. Programs like these are normally controlled by the federal government, but the Bronnikov Method was the only one open to the general public. I then went to Bronnikov in the Ukraine, and was directly taught by him for over 60 days. VM: How do the Method’s initial three levels activate our dormant abilities? HC: Level One basically provides the energy to activate the psycho-bio computer, which is the equivalent of a cosmic microscope. It’s an instrument that allows us to interface with the cosmos. When you activate the psycho-bio computer, you basically transition from a human being to a cosmic being. In Level Two, a holographic or photographic memory is developed. Level Three is where you learn to see with your eyes closed what you see with your eyes open. As a byproduct of this work, blind people were able to see. In fact, they can see up to 65 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum. VM: How long does the three-level process take? HC: It’s a four-day program, four hours a day. You have to understand that this is only three stages out of a 324-stage program. It’s just the beginning. In

Take The Next Step in Your Evolution

Kundalini is our divine heritage located at the base of the spine. Its awakening is one of the most blessed and powerful events in the life of an individual.

A Weekend of Bliss! October 23-25 A Kundalini Intensive With Master Chrism Bandy Canyon Ranch San Pasqual, California Receive Support & Instruction if your Kundalini has already been awakened! Shaktipat activations and practice by:

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fact, Levels One through Three are just entry levels. In Tibetan monasteries, it would take 20 to 30 years to develop what we achieve in just 12 days. VM: How does the Bronnikov Method heighten our spiritual abilities? HC: It’s a complete system of human development. And we’re not just talking human development—we’re talking human evolution, a spiritual evolution. When people think they have activated the third eye, they haven’t. They’ve only activated the psycho-bio computer, which is a prelude that prepares one for the third eye. Someone who has a third eye open and active could potentially hypnotize everyone in the country. There are only a few people on the planet with an active third eye. You can kill the physical body and the body will just re-manifest. You can go into the past, present, and the future—and all simultaneously. What’s interesting is that there are programs through clairvoyant and psychic systems that will help you develop what you would receive in Level Two. Level Three, however is not taught—it’s a divine secret. It’s the technique of fine tuning. It’s the equivalent of tuning a guitar before you play it. So what you’re doing is basically merging the internal world with the external world. I remember in Level Three, we drew a line on a sheet of paper while being completely blindfolded. Someone took the sheet, moved it around, moved it upside down and we had to retrace the line. I thought I was just fantasizing retracing the line, I thought I was just imagining it, but when I took off my blindfold, I had actually done it, from beginning to end. I had basically merged my cerebral hemispheres. VM: What are some of your experiences with the Method? HC: When I went to the Ukraine, there was a 12-yearold blind girl who had been blind from birth. She began to scream with joy because it was the first time she had seen in her life. She was shouting about what people were wearing, the color of their clothes, and identifying if they were male or female. It was incredible. This last summer, during the 22 days I was in the Ukraine, I met a man who was blind for 40 years. He was in his 50s and early on, he’d had cataract surgery and lost his vision because of it. Bronnikov told him, “Your eyes are a piece of cake. You’re going to see with your eyes and with your brain.” There was a 12-year-old girl there conducting the informational diagnostics. She was an expert and when she talked, you would have imagined she was a doctor. She basically turned on his eyes. It was the first time he saw light. She turned on his eyes using the psycho-bio computer. VM: How can the eyes of a blind man be turned on? HC: By using the psycho-bio computer. The computer is in the non-material realm. When you dream, there’s a difference between when you’re asleep and when you’re awake. This program merges both worlds. You actually are in a lucid dreaming state when you’re awake. This is normally done at the highest level of yogi practitioners. Imagine you are aware that you are dreaming. Now you are able to consciously create, change and manipulate while you’re in your dream. If you merge your dream world with reality while you’re awake, manifestation doesn’t have to take time; it happens immediately. That is the merging of the non-material realm with the material. This technology has a high level of accuracy. We have 11, 12, and 13-year-old children in Russia identifying cancer cells with up to 100 percent accuracy. If you talk to anyone in the medical field, there’s no technology on the planet that can do such a thing. That’s why the president of Russia is working with us. VM: Are there others who are interested in the program? HC: When he was president, Bill Clinton sent a team of specialists to the Ukraine to see Bronnikov. He had a five-minute interview scheduled with Bronnikov that turned into a 45-minute interview. Clinton offered Bronnikov the chance to move his team of specialists to the United States and he declined. Bronnikov has worked with President Putin and President Medvedev. He’s worked at the highest level of the military and politics. He’s given us a step-by-step spiritual program for human development and evolution. VM: How can people get started learning the Bronnikov Method? HC: They can find DVDs on the Neurovision Web site and attend workshops. In October, Bronnikov is coming for the first time to the United States. He is offering discounted prices and I strongly recommend that people come to see him and learn the Method directly from him. A child with cerebral palsy who was able to walk through the Method presents roses to Hillary Clinton

Vyacheslav Bronnikov will be conducting trainings and lectures in San Diego, CA November 3-10. Required prerequisite classes will be held in October. Learn more at www.neurovisionacademy.com or call 888.928.7333. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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m i n d s t a t e s

m i n d s t a t e s

Medical Marijuana: The Right to Wellness by Elyssa Paige


f the police barged into your place of wellness pointing guns, what would you do? This may seem farfetched to some, but not when the medicine in question is a controversial plant known as herb, weed, pot, ganja, Mary Jane, or of course, marijuana. Police raided 14 medical cannabis centers September 9 in San Diego, California, one of which was Hillcrest Compassion Care, a rapidly expanding collective that grants members safe access to their medicine. Rev. Paul Cody, president of Hillcrest Compassion Care, explains that the cooperative is more than a place to get marijuana. “We don’t want a pot shop in our town,” he declares. “We want a mental and physical wellbeing center to heal people who are at the end of their ropes and are going through possible terminal illnesses. We want to help them live vibrant and healthy lives in the community.” That’s right; it’s not about getting high legally. Indeed, through a citizen vote, state legislation allows California residents over the age of 21 with a doctor’s recommendation to safely access medical cannabis, either by growing it themselves, or receiving it through the cooperative effort of patients and caregivers. A medicinal herb that was cultivated in China as early as 5000 BC, marijuana is currently used to treat multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, pain associated with cancer and HIV, headaches, nausea, anxiety, menstrual cramps, and many other conditions. “The wonderful accomplishment of medical marijuana is that it provides a sense of control over people’s lives so that they can function,” Cody points out. “People do not get stoned; they get medicated.” So what’s all the fuss about? San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced in a press release the day after the raids that all local medical marijuana centers were illegally dealing drugs for profit. The law mandates that collectives are non-profit entities. On the day of the raids, police literally bashed in the doors of Hillcrest Compassion Care, handcuffing several patients and caregivers, while taking

possession of the collective’s medicine and confidential patient forms. The arrest procedure posed a specific problem for Cody, who is in a wheelchair. Possessing no movement from the waist down, he would require the handcuffs to be placed in front of his body while being positioned in the front seat of the car for bodily support. His requests were ignored and consequently, he flopped to the side in the back of the police car with his hands cuffed behind his back, receiving several injuries. Subsequently, no charges were placed on any collective members. Cody reflects, “We feel that our civil rights are being violated on multiple levels. That’s why there will be several attorneys specializing in different fields to address this matter. We are holding the City of San Diego, the City of San Diego Police Department, the County of San Diego, and Bonnie Dumanis responsible for how the raids were conducted.” Several protests were held September 17-21, where demonstrators voiced their opinion that the state law be upheld. People must be able to exercise their right to safely access medical marijuana through non-profit collectives without harassment from the authorities. On a larger scale, the question to legalize marijuana statewide is coming to a head. Activists in Oakland are moving forward on an initiative to tax and legalize marijuana for personal use. In effect, the measure would allow residents 21 and over to grow or possess up to one ounce of marijuana. Local governments would decide whether to tax and regulate sales. The projected economic impact would be monumental in bringing the state much needed revenue. The signatures of 433,000 registered California voters are necessary to get the initiative on the 2010 ballot—and as of October 1, there are 100 days to get it done. In the meantime, Hillcrest Compassion Care, along with other cooperatives, are working to safely supply medical marijuana to collective members. continued on page 43

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e a r t h w a t c h

Achi e v in g Wat e r S e c ur ity N ow by Jim Bell s the moon exerts its gravitational attraction upon Mining RO wastewater for salt and other minerals opens the Earth, the tides respond by rhythmically up other local business and employment opportunities rising and falling. If you stand along the ocean for the region and could potentially eliminate the need shore, the water seems vast and endless, stretching beyond to return RO wastewater to the ocean at all. limits. Water, water everywhere. But is there enough water The magnitude of the “worst case scenario” RO on this planet to provide all that we want to drink, shower system discussed above could be cut in half if recycled in, swim in, and grow food with? sewage water were filtered, disinfected, and used for Many experts are projecting doom and gloom scenarios irrigation. Using greywater at home would also be a plus of decreasing water supplies and increasing cost. However, for efficient water use. This is because half of the potable the San Diego/Tijuana Region can easily become water water currently used in the region is used for irrigating self-sufficient and even a net water exporter. landscaping and crops. Water efficiency improvements Sound incredible? Even if we assume the worst case could reduce the role of renewable-energy-powered RO scenario of zero precipitation and the complete cutoff of as well. all imported water, the San Diego/Tijuana Region could By combining water recycling and efficient water use completely replace all of the freshwater it currently uses by installing photovoltaic with better rainwater runoff collection and storage systems, the region would (PV) panels over a mere 4.3 percent of its roofs and parking lots. only need to install 15 percent efficient PV panels on two percent of its roofs and To be clear, the above statement assumes a yearly average of five hours of sunlight parking lots to provide equal or superior water use services in the future, compared per day, 1,000 square feet of roof and parking lot per capita, an average potable with what we have today. Plus, if we want more freshwater, we can cover more water consumption level of 180 gallons per capita per day, and a 2015 regional roofs and parking lots with PV panels to power expanded RO capacity and create population of six million people. all the freshwater we want. With these conditions in place, 70 gallons of freshwater can be extracted All of this can be funded through a water purchase agreement model that will from seawater through reverse osmosis (RO) per kWh of electricity consumed. pay for itself by redirecting the dollars we now export to pay for imported water This assumes that PV panels are 15 percent efficient at converting sunlight into into hiring local businesses and workers to make our region renewable water electricity (commercially available panels are already pushing efficiencies of 20 self-sufficient, with renewable energy powered RO being our backup for water percent or better). The electricity produced by this system would power large if all else fails. The solution is available now. It simply requires a commitment to scale RO pumps to convert seawater into freshwater. The pumps push seawater sustainability that can only come through a transition from water exploitation to through filters that let freshwater through while excluding salt, other minerals and water self-sufficiency. contaminants in general. Jim Bell is an internationally recognized expert on life-support-sustaining The controversial issue of sucking marine life into RO systems can be solved development with over 40 years experience in the design and construction industry. His if the seawater to be processed into freshwater is extracted from wells close to the projects include the design and construction of the San Diego Center for Appropriate ocean above high tide instead of through direct ocean extraction. Since seawater Technology and Ecoparque, a prototype wastewater recycling plant in Tijuana, Mexico coming into such wells would be sand filtered, marine organisms will be eliminated that converts sewage into irrigation water and compost, and the Ocean Beach People’s from the process. Organic Food Co-op’s green store. For free online books, videos, and commentaries on Similarly, since “wastewater” from the RO process will be twice as salty as how to use free-market investment strategies to create life-support sustaining economies seawater, it will have to be diluted with seawater also extracted from the near and ways of life on our planet, go to www.jimbell.com. ocean wells until the water to be returned to the ocean is no more than 20 percent saltier than seawater. Once diluted, its release into the ocean would be defused as an additional precaution against negative ecological consequences. Other sand filtering technologies have also been proposed.




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october b y


A d r i e n n e

A b e y t a

Adrienne Abeyta presents a unique forecast that blends the tarot with astrology. A gifted reader of intuitive arts, she offers private consultations and psychic entertainment for parties and events: www.Fivemuses.com. To set up an appointment, she can be reached at 619.917.0998 or Adrienne@fivemuses.com. (See her ad at the bottom of the page)

Aries: Sun (4 of Pentacles) 3/21-4/19 Self-recognition is the highest form of personal power. When you embrace the totality of who you are, the desperate need for material security begins to diminish. During the darkest of times, it is not the physical comforts that will save you, but rather, the awareness of your uniqueness that will lead you back into the light. As you grow to trust in the universe and the nature of your character, you will find positive reflections of your knowing. Use this time for self-expression and focus your energy on making conscious decisions—you will find fulfillment in even the smallest of tasks. Taurus: Devil (Queen of Wands) 4/20-5/21 You have the potential to see yourself in your entire splendor, yet you must first discard any judgments of good and bad because they have no value. As you embrace both the light and dark aspects of your being, you will find less need to define your actions. You may also want to question the value of your current relationships. Is what you’re getting out of them equal to what you’re giving? As you have compassion for your own shortcomings, so will others; and as you accept and come to respect all that is within you, you will have the freedom to accept others. Gemini: Hierophant (9 of Pentacles) 5/22 – 6/21 The need for social acceptance can be a distraction from honoring your own truth, and in an attempt to fit in, you may adopt erroneous beliefs. A viewpoint based upon your own life experience is wiser than one borrowed from another’s. It’s when you are feeling most satisfied with yourself that this becomes apparent. Even in times of trouble, look to your own wisdom and recognize your abilities. Search for answers, discover your own path, and take responsibility for all occurrences. When you establish your own philosophy, you become a divine law unto yourself, no longer dependent upon group thought or approval. Cancer: Emperor (6 of Swords) 6/22 – 7/22 When you were a child and in the premature stages of developing autonomy, entities like parents, teachers, police and the government represented authority. Then, as a natural life passage, you rebelled against the establishment. Through this process, you developed a deeper understanding of your own unique power. In the areas that you feel disempowered, you are again being called upon to reclaim a sense of command. No one can make you feel subservient but yourself. This reorganization of authority will lead you to a place of least resistance. When you accept responsibility for your journey, you are truly your own keeper. Leo: Moon (3 of Swords) 7/23 – 8/23 Still in the underworld…there are many perceptions to be viewed. Confrontation with your own deception is always challenging and often unwelcome. However, freeing yourself from this elusive enemy creates an inner-world peace. Fear has a way of distorting truth because it clings to the most convenient excuses: I didn’t know; it’s not my fault; this is unfair. Fear separates you from your deepest knowing. The defenses you employ work against you. If there’s an outward betrayal, there’s an internal design. Be honest with yourself, so others may be honest with you as well. Virgo: Tower (4 of Cups) 8/24 – 9/22 An assumed feeling of security may become threatened in a way that forces you to recognize your greatest fear. Although the temptation may be to simply wait until it passes, it will not pass—it cannot pass. Security is an illusion unto itself and when you fall victim to its lull, you must be jarred back into your senses. The measure of discomfort you feel is proportionate to the mistaken ideas you have adopted. However, the silver lining is that after it all falls down, only the truth remains—your truth.

Libra: Hermit (2 of Pentacles) 9/23 – 10/23 Life demands an active engagement which is often mistaken as activity. To believe that every moment in time must be actively filled in order to be productive is untrue. Unfortunately, most people use this exhaustion as justification to avoid deeper reflection, and then feel helpless in the despair of what they call depression. Ironically, it is wise to pursue this depression as a way of filtering out the superficial concerns of life, for you are constantly impressed with the cares of the world. Make time each day to reflect and regulate your sensitive system. Choose what you want and discard the rest. Scorpio: Fool (King of Swords) 10/24 – 11/22 The adventure of life is a perpetual journey into unknown spaces of time and thought, and as you maneuver around one experience, you are introduced to three more. Your mind is like a sword carving a path for you to follow, stepping upon the many beliefs you have created and cutting away those that do not serve. You may experience a powerful impulse that seems outside your everyday thinking. There’s great opportunity available, as long as you do not dissect it too much. Rather, use your mind to project the results you desire while at the same time honoring the intuitive spark that motivates you. Sagittarius: Hanged Man (5 of Wands) 11/23 – 12/21 In an attempt to control situations, we inadvertently fight ourselves. This leads us to claim that life is challenging, so we end up fighting even harder. It’s commonly taught that “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” Yet, the “way” is also learning to relinquish will to a higher source. You may find yourself in what seems like a precarious situation. Here’s your chance to let go and allow the natural flow to redirect you. Life is a paradox; you must counteract an influence by engaging its opposite. If you can emotionally disengage, you may gain greater perspective and awareness. Capricorn: World (Ace of Wands) 12/22– 1/20 Within every seed lies the blueprint of existence, and through your intention and attention, you give birth to the process called life. Inspiration entices us to raise the stakes and aspire for more than what we are. You are in the stages of a new phase. It is important to plant the seeds that you desire and tend to them completely. Half-wanted desires produce diseased crops. Universal principals will guide you, as long as you remain active in the process and detached from the outcome. Marriage and/or celebration are also on the horizon as your relationships progress to the next level. Aquarius: Wheel of Fortune (10 of Wands) 1/21 – 2/18 Much like the seasons, life is also subject to cycles. One minute you can be on top and the next second, at the bottom. We are the choreographers of this eternal dance and when your intentions are consciously expressed, you begin to see how each step sets the next one in motion. A heavy load will lighten and spin you in another direction. The areas that once felt oppressive will encompass new opportunity and you will create new momentum. There’s no need to abandon your goals; rather, redirect your intentions and be sure that the two are congruent. Pisces: Death (Queen of Pentacles) 2/19 – 3/20 Stripping away all that is superfluous is what makes space for new growth. In your attachment to what is, you may overlook a valuable process. If you hold too tightly to something or someone, you will inevitably lose either that object or your self-respect. You must trust that you’re capable of managing life under any circumstance. An area of security has reached the need for change. From this, you may experience a major transition. As your environment changes, so does your philosophy. This is the magic of self-renewal; within every death is an opportunity for life.

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r e g i o n a l

FLOAT for Health, Happiness and Harmony by Ashlie Rodriguez


magine yourself suspended weightlessly therapy has become increasing popular. in space. Your mind is clear. It is now, at “Active floating helps you to attain certain this very moment, that the universe has brainwaves, like theta or gamma waves, which slowed down, allowing you to capture your are only attained through years of meditation inner joy and undiscovered creativity. and dreaming,” Stuedemann says. “You can You are floating. Literally. [enter these levels] in less time in a floatation Green Tara Float Center is nestled in the tank—it’s like a shortcut to the same states of trendy neighborhood of North Park, San Diego. mind that seasoned yogis get.” With a big smile, Dave Stuedemann, certified Stuedemann believes hypnotic CDs are even Holistic Health Practitioner and owner of this more effective while floating. For example, he comfy nook, sat down with me and introduced explains, “If you want to lose weight, you can the amazing and mesmerizing world of float put in a hypno-CD for losing weight while therapy. you’re floating and it will go even deeper into In 1954, inventor John Lilly explored the the psyche.” realm of human consciousness in what he called A positive mental state is a key factor to a a “sensory deprivation tank.” The first tank was healthy lifestyle. Eating right and exercising upright, uncomfortable, and it forced patients regularly will have no influence on our overall Dave Stuedemann and the Samadhi tank to use a breathing apparatus as they were health and quality of life if the mind is not completely submerged in water. in the right place. From money troubles to Evolving into what looks like a small car, the Samadhi tank was developed in traffic jams, we are constantly hammering our minds with negativity, stress and the 1970s by Glenn and Lee Perry. Filled with a water and Epsom salt solution, the distractions that take away from the joy for life that lies within. tank allows for buoyancy and effortless floating, much like the salty waters of the Consistent meditative floating is a mental-wellness exercise that rejuvenates our Dead Sea. One simply enters the tank and is pushed to the top by the water, which best characteristics, peace of mind and positive energy. is a soothing 94 degrees Fahrenheit. continued on page 43 Dave Stuedemann disagrees that floating is “sensory deprivation.” Instead, he prefers to call it “stimulus reduction.” Rather than depriving our senses, floating reduces the sensory overload that comes with modern day living. “We are so flooded with information from external stimuli that we have no chance to just relax,” says Stuedemann. “So if you remove all that, [as well as] the effect of gravity, you are left with only your pure essence.” Inside the tank is total darkness. You can choose to float in silent suspension, or “actively float” by playing music, mantras and hypnotic CDs of your choice to help aid the meditative process. Within seconds, your senses relax and muscle tensions lessen. Floating can also create a bridge between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, leading to a higher consciousness, or a serene, dreamlike state. “My first time floating was the closest thing I ever felt to actually connecting with my true self,” describes Stuedemann. “To me it’s the equivalent of coming home to myself.” Floating has healing effects on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Physically, floating relieves chronic pain by stimulating the brain to secrete large amounts of endorphins, our natural pain killers. The Epsom salt solution also works to restore and regenerate the body through its two components, magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium, the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, is necessary for digestion, energy production and creation of new cells while assisting in heart, kidney and brain functions. Many people do not get enough magnesium on a daily basis, and even deplete it through the intake of caffeine, sugar and alcohol, or diets laden with carbohydrates, sodium and calcium. Sulfate is essential for protein formation, absorption of nutrients, digestive enzymes, and flushing toxins out of the body. It is not easily absorbed by organs, but it can be absorbed through the skin. This is good news for floaters. Tanks contain 10 inches of water saturated with 800 pounds of healing Epsom salt, ensuring beneficial amounts of both minerals. The effects go beyond the body. Floatation as a meditative and stress-relieving V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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l i v i n g

a r t s

Self Care:

Embracing the Tides of Change by Rhonda Grace Sandhu


s there any doubt that current times are influencing our health and wellbeing in ways never seen before? As phases of the moon influence the tide, they affect life on the planet through weather patterns, animal migration and even land mass movement. Similarly, these historic economic times shift human patterns in physical, mental and emotional tides, often creating a heightened sense that the land beneath our feet is shifting. It is a new type of stress leading to new health conditions and a perpetuating cycle of concerns. Our economic downturn simultaneously presents a catalyst to reform our healthcare plan. While we investigate what would work for us as a nation, we must consider what would work for each individual. We need an efficient and attainable plan that addresses individual needs and steers clear of cookie-cutter solutions that diminish personal choice. The United States has made progress by including some alternative modalities into new legistlation, such as massage and acupuncture, yet there is the need for much more. Is there a way that we can use the momentum of this time and really put healthcare choices into our own hands? We could call it America’s Self Care Plan with the hopes that in the near future, our values of holistic modalities will be included in our healthcare system, creating more choices for all. We must set the example and create the solution ourselves. Caring for the self starts before a doctor is needed by bringing awareness to our attitudes and actions. It involves a system that includes everything from stretching, nutrition, and hydration, to injury recovery, posture and overall daily wellness. The simplest techniques to wellness are often overlooked because they are so

Self Care Plan in Action Create Time for Yourself Make time to be present with yourself Find the right space to tune in Set a regular schedule that is realistic Design a Personalized Check-in System with: Habits Pain Discomfort Educate Yourself Research holistic alternatives Attend community health events Explore open houses for schools and clinics Connect Try a new modality Attend workshops Volunteer Be Patient with yourself Set aside funds for self care as best you can Treat yourself as you would like others to treat you and pass it on!

easy. For example, breathing is something we do without thinking. However, when focused on, deep breathing can dramatically reduce physical stress on the heart and change the heart rate, in turn, affecting blood pressure. Pain and stress are present as alarm systems that inform us when something needs to be changed. For example, if our back hurts from sitting at the computer all day, stopping and bringing awareness to our posture and adding a stretching routine may break the cycle of pain. Self care can be that simple. In the long term, as confirmed by Dr. Matt Sanicki of Chiropractic Release and Acupuncture Center in San Diego, this practice can even prevent degeneration of our skeletal structures and

dramatically reduce the risk of nerve damage. Most importantly, self care includes working with, managing and being able to change physical, mental and emotional patterns that do not serve our highest health goals. The first step to creating a self care system is the awareness that implementing one is necessary in the first place. The second step is researching and finding holistic health models that serve our individual purposes. Adjusting unhealthy habits—whether they concern our diets, exercise patterns, or emotional tendencies—and adopting new patterns that promote daily health can be easy once we make the choice to do it. Once individually examined, awareness and accountability are the cornerstones that support a healthy model resulting in the most powerful of changes. The physical body is made up of an amazing circuitry that informs us of its needs. Self care starts with tuning into our intuition. If we listen, instead of ignoring the signs continued on page 44

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Enforcing His Grace:

l i v i n g

a r t s

A Conversation with Rev. Juliana Taylor by Catalina Andrade


ctober’s full moon is a symbol of harvest. The more we nurture the soil, the better the crop will be. What are you harvesting in your own life? Does this autumn represent oncoming change for you? Let us take this time to reflect upon our lives and look inside our spirits to see how well we are listening to our hearts. Rev. Juliana Taylor, author of Enforcing His Grace, believes that the heart is the center of all illness. If people don’t listen to their hearts, illness consequently invades their bodies, like weeds in a garden. In Enforcing His Grace, Rev. Taylor relates her personal tale of how she conquered all of her allergies and illnesses with God’s grace. She tells her story as an inspiration for her readers to discover their own path of healing. Recently, she took some time to share her insights, so that all who read these words may find truth and grace. Vision Magazine: What was your life like before you found God’s grace? Rev. Juliana Taylor: I was a psychologist. I saw clients and thought that I was centered. By having a PhD in psychology and with all of the training work I did in emotional and anger release, I thought I would be healthy. I was angry when I started getting sick. It was something that really upset me. I wondered how it was possible because I’d dedicated myself to years of training and working with my clients. When I got sick, at first it wasn’t that intense, but then I got terminally ill. I thought, how could I have done all that work and be here? I couldn’t understand it. I wasn’t a particularly spiritual person, but I was doing that kind of healing work. VM: When did you decide to give up on the therapy? JT: When I started getting sick, I realized that something was missing. I’d done all of the different therapies and nothing was working. I was dying. I couldn’t eat food or stand up because I was so weak. I was 60 pounds at the end. VM: When did your life turn around? JT: All of a sudden as I was sick, I found myself attracted to the Christian shows on television. There was something there for me. A spiritual Christian church invited me to pray every morning at 6 a.m. and something in me knew that if I went to that meeting every day, I would be healed. Something in me knew, but I couldn’t put it together and I really couldn’t go because I was so sick. VM: How did your life change when you found a connection with God? JT: I felt so privileged, like God was spending all of His time with me. I just felt so lifted up. I believed that nothing bad could ever happen to me. I knew that I would be healed. It was very different from church; it was very personal. The revelation that God gave me was to be impeccable emotionally and to simultaneously have spiritual integrity. I had to learn that path through trial and error. I learned that integrity was about keeping my power. If I didn’t express my truth, I would give my power away. Eventually, I learned that grace was about being able to take it for myself. Even if I did give power away or compromise myself, I didn’t have to be the victim. Enforcing that grace took awhile. Finally I realized that I was going to have to V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

take it step by step because I kept falling to that pattern of giving power away. Illness is when you have given the power to somebody else. When that happens, the heart shuts down and we become angry, fearful, and the body collapses. The body is just reacting to the heart. It is ridiculous to give medicine to the body when the heart is saying no, this is the area [where] I need to have my power restored. VM: What was the specific purpose of writing Enforcing His Grace? JT: In my heart, God has given me a love for sick people and the concept of divine retaliation. When I was sick and broken down, I gradually began a battle that I call retaliation. To explain, I was so environmentally ill that I couldn’t move into any house. I would live in a little place with all my windows sealed up because I couldn’t be around anything, any people, or any chemicals. Everything was set up for my illness. If I had a little chemical exposure,


continued on page 45

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i n n e r

h e a l i n g

Exploring Consciousness with Jeffrey Mishlove by Sydney L. Murray


effrey Mishlove, PhD, has been studying parapsychology for decades and has been on the forefront of the exploration of consciousness since the early 1980s. The president of the Intuition Network, Mishlove has been a writer, television host and producer, psychotherapist, businessman and researcher of extraordinary human capacities and psychic abilities. He will be presenting the keynote address at the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) October 16-17 in San Diego. Vision Magazine recently had the great opportunity to speak with him about near-death experiences (NDEs), as well as the world of parapsychology and its implications for humanity. Vision Magazine: Are there any physiological changes that happen to people that have had NDEs? Jeffrey Mishlove: It really depends on the situation. I am not a medical doctor; I am a parapsychologist. My work focuses strictly on the psychological dimensions, and you might even say the spiritual dimensions. People will have NDEs for a variety of physical causes and I’m sure that there can be complications associated with them on occasion. There are a whole spectrum of experiences related to NDEs that are very interesting to me and my work as a parapsychologist. I’ve also researched out-ofbody experiences (OBEs), remote viewing experiences, and lucid dreaming. VM: What sorts of psychological changes can occur in people who have these experiences? JM: In terms of personal change, NDEs are the most profound. They can be very dramatic and people who encounter the near-death state often have life reviews in which their whole lives flash in front of them and they begin to take stock of themselves, much the way, according to various mythological accounts, it occurs on judgment day after death. People sometimes come out of that experience with a sense of renewed purpose and vigor; they want to make up for past mistakes

or change their lives dramatically. On occasion though, it can be disheartening; some people come out of that experience thinking that their lives have been a mess and it can be very depressing. In some cases, it takes years for people to work through the implications of the insights that will occur in a near-death state. VM: Can you talk a bit about the Intuition Network? JM: The Intuition Network is an informal network which includes people who are professionals in the field of intuition. There are intuitive readers and researchers, as well as people who write about or teach seminars on intuition. We have formed a mutual support group because often, when people in this field have an NDE, it’s hard to talk about it. They feel alone and we want to provide a place for them to express and understand the experience. The same is true for people who are gifted in the area of intuition. Many people feel isolated and we try to overcome that by creating opportunities for individuals who are gifted with these talents to provide support for each other. The main activity of the Intuition Network is an online discussion group for leaders in the field. VM: You were the first person to receive a PhD in parapsychology from Berkeley. Are you still the only person to have received this degree? JM: Yes, and that was nearly 30 years ago. It’s been a bit disheartening that more people haven’t come into the field. But our culture seems to be moving overall in a different direction, more toward materialism. While there is enormous popular interest, there’s less support for parapsychology or near-death studies within academia, in terms of courses, research or funding at the university level. Because of this, I helped to found the University of Philosophical Research, which offers accredited master’s degrees through online courses in Consciousness Studies and Transformational Psychology. VM: After all your years of research, what has been your most significant discovery?

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JM: My most significant discovery has been in the area of remote viewing. Researchers have been able to demonstrate over and over again that without any special training, many individuals are capable of engaging in a clairvoyant process, or seeing at a distance. The government trains soldiers in the military to do this and there is supported research from the last 20 years showing good results. VM: What are some practical applications for remote viewing? JM: Remote viewing has been used in archeology. It’s also used by medical practitioners to offer diagnoses. But for the average person, I think that the important thing is just to be aware that these abilities exist. For most people, it may be that once every few years, something dramatic will happen. The tendency is to try and push it out of their minds and act as though it didn’t happen. This is because it’s hard to talk about it when other people may become sarcastic or unfriendly. But if you know that there’s solid research and that the experience is very likely an important and meaningful one, you can then begin to integrate it into your life. VM: Do you believe that human consciousness is expanding? JM: Yes, I think that’s fair to say. A nice analogy would be to say that the human life span is expanding. People are living longer than their parents or grandparents did and at the same time, human culture is expanding as well. There is an explosion of knowledge going on and very slowly, human consciousness is expanding, by which I mean the capacity to take all of this in and integrate it. Compassion is very important. I would say that this is the bottom line. I’ve conducted hundreds and hundreds of television and radio interviews, and the point I’d like to emphasize is that usually at the end of every interview, we’d come around to an understanding of the fundamental truth of all mystical traditions. It is a concept that I believe to be well supported in scientific theory, and it is that we’re all interconnected. We’re not isolated from anything. The idea of “us” and “them,” (as if you can separate yourself from other groups) is really counter to reality and self. We are part and parcel of everything, like it or not. VM: What has been a dominant influence in your life? JM: There have been mentors who have been very influential. My life has also been dramatically changed by dreams. I feel like I’ve been guided by dreams and that there is a higher spiritual intelligence that can reach out to us in dreams and altered states of consciousness. I had a dream on one occasion that led me to produce the television show, “Thinking Allowed,” which ran for 16 years every week on public television stations all over North America. Another very important dream that led me to get my doctoral degree in parapsychology occurred in 1973 when a great uncle of mine appeared to me in a dream and began talking to me deeply about my life. When I woke up, I was actually singing and crying at the same time. I woke up from that dream and knew that it was significant. I wrote home and asked, “How’s Uncle Harry?” My mother called me instantly and said, “How did you know Uncle Harry just died?” That experience was so important that if I spent my whole life just trying to understand • All-Natural, Holistic Benefits • Instant Results you can feel • Increased Mental Clarity • Tension caused by stress is immediately relieved • A “true reboot” of the brain is felt. “Whatever the stresses put on my body by chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the alignments kept me in balance. I feel strengthened by every visit. I survived stomach cancer and Dr. Steve is a major contributor to my success.” -Julie Wood, La Jolla, CA

i n n e r h e a l i n g what was behind that dream, then that would be a life well spent. VM: What can we expect from the upcoming IANDS conference? JM: The theme of the conference is how higher consciousness, which often results from NDEs, can be put to good social purposes—not just to feel good, but to actually do good in the world. It’s about integrating the inner journey with the commitment to making the world a better place. VM: How can people do that in their everyday lives? JM: It’s going to be different for each person, but let me say this: People who begin a journey of spiritual exploration or meditation—which is a way of gradually inducing the kind of consciousness that can hit people over the head like a sledge hammer when they have an NDE—almost inevitably discover that consciousness itself has innate healing properties. Further, directing positive thoughts to others can be beneficial for healing. There’s quite a lot of research that’s been conducted on psychic and distant healing which uses double blind laboratory methods to show that directed thought or prayer is actually effective. It goes back to the idea that we’re all connected. We can have a healing influence throughout the entire day by holding positive thoughts and by learning how to discern and remove negative thoughts from our stream of consciousness. It’s a subtle way in which we all can improve our environment. The IANDS 2009 Annual Conference will be held in San Diego, CA, October 1617 at the Mission Valley Resort. See www.IANDS.org or call 919.383.7940 for more information. For more on Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, visit www.mishlove.com, www. intuition.org or www.uprs.edu.

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c u l t u r e


An Ancient Solution to Modern Problems


ith so many of us facing increasing stress over the economy, pressure at work (if we’re fortunate enough to be working at all), uncertainty in our personal relationships and concerns about the toll which long hours, hurried meals and frustrating commutes are taking on our health, perhaps the timing has never been better to turn to the past in order to ensure a better future. Some find answers, serenity, and healing in an approach rooted in the ancient tradition of alchemy. Beyond the old lead-into-gold legend, though, the new alchemy strives for an even more powerful result: the positive transformation of the human body, mind and spirit. His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, “I believe the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness. Whether one believes in religion or not, we all are seeking something better in life.”

To help individuals explore ancient solutions to modern problems, the office of the Dalai Lama is cooperating with the organizers of an upcoming event in Los Angeles: the Third Annual International Alchemy Conference at the L.A. Convention Center October 23-25. This multimedia event is designed to let the past come alive. A compellingly diverse array of thinkers, topics and solutions will be presented, with a field of internationally renowned experts addressing the diverse facets of alchemy. They will include Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best-selling The Four Agreements; Hans Andrea, author of The Alchemy of Harry Potter, revealing deeper meanings in the best-selling novels; Scott Cole, one of America’s top celebrity fitness trainers leading yoga/tai chi sessions which blend healing and martial arts; and Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages of Water, pioneering research on consciousness-driven molecular transformation of water crystals (Dr. Emoto was also featured in What the Bleep Do We Know?). Also featured will be Dr. Alfredo Sfeir-Yunis, a Chilean economist formerly with the World Bank and WTO and an expert on the spiritual dimension of sustainable development in the global economy, and Chase Masterson, an actress in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” who was named one of Femme Fatales magazine’s “50 Sexiest Women.” Lastly, the award-winning film Yesterday Was a Lie, starring Masterson, will be screened during the conference. continued on page 44

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Moonlight in Vermont


by Blayney Colmore

aunting, that bright yellow object. Some nights it is so clear and seemingly so close. I felt I had come to know the man in the moon by the time I was eight. He knew things about me I told no one else. Now I turn back to him, looking to revisit those secrets. The man in the moon has transgendered to become my trusted sister, as well as the brother I almost had but who couldn’t survive being born at six months gestation after our mother was banged around in the hurricane of 1938. He had a name, Garrett, and he has lived these 70 years among the many mysteries I bring to the moon—more to bathe in the light than for answers. Every month he/she reassures me with that same full face, ready to listen, eking out a little more of what I revealed before my mind became cluttered with concern for myself and my place among my fellows. And then he/she gradually dwindles, her light retreating until the dark sky becomes dotted with billions of lights, from incalculable distances and millions of years ago—stars, planets, galaxies, even an occasional star of our own creation, inviting me to consider my true place in the order of things. The moon, cosmic neighbor, our closest heavenly kin, waxing and waning, shining, obscuring, revealing. Our Norfolk Terrier, Cosmos, and I like to go across the road from our old farmhouse in rural Vermont and spend a few minutes with our forebears in the cemetery before we turn in. Although for Cosmos the happiest part of the half year we spend in Vermont is running free in the fields and woods, on the night walks I leash him knowing he’ll pick up a scent—skunk, raccoon, fox, fisher cat—and I’ll never catch him. Occasionally, when the moon is high and full and Cosmos casts a dark shadow, I can let him off the leash—not only because I can see him, but because he seems to stay still, as mesmerized by the moon as I am. He and I often stand dead still in the silence one can find only in so small and poor a place as our town. From a small mound we can look down on the lights shining through the windows of our house. I entertain the ridiculous but fun fantasy that perhaps those lights would be visible, like tiny stars, if you were standing on the moon. A few of our kind have actually done that—stood on the moon, that is. They needed heavy shoes since the moon’s thin atmosphere provides only 17 percent of the gravity that holds us onto the Earth. I wonder if any of their clutter is on the part we see. It seems a wonder and a sacrilege that we have begun to litter yet another planet. My wife Lacey meant Cosmos’ name to refer to the flower, but when he and I stand out under a full moon in the graveyard, I remember the sense I had of him from the start—that he was sent to us, assembled from primordial dust, a V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

wise old being returning to lend us a hand as we navigate this late chapter of our lives through tides as uncharted as the infinity of the cosmos, that endless dark envelope we look into. On some nights it is dotted with stars while on others, there only seems to be that huge yellow moon. And is that Venus that refuses to have her light dimmed even when the moon is full? Somewhere there’s music, how faint the tune Somewhere there’s heaven, how high the moon – Nancy Hamilton and Morgan Lewis (Best version sung by Les Paul and Mary Ford) No doubt Cosmos understands the tiny hill we stand on is the plot Lacey and I gave each other for Christmas several years ago, where our ashes may mingle with our mother, the Earth. I have yet to persuade Lacey to order the marker—as some others have—that will mark our moment. For a moment. When the moon is waning or altogether missing from the night sky, the dark can become so deep on a cloudless night that it is possible to pick out individual stars in the Milky Way. Our tiny village is one of the few places left in the northeastern United States with so little ambient light. Standing amidst the mingled dust of those who have been here, considering how soon mine will join theirs, I consider the stars for a spell. A reverie—that incredible lightness of being—makes it seem that I have been granted a momentary reprieve from gravity. A taste of our origins. And our destiny. This biological marvel that is the human nervous system—consciousness, every cell, every neuron—synapses firing near the speed of light, assembling this awareness, all formed from stardust. Like the moon. The Earth. Heaven—in every religion, poetry, and song—stands for eternal ecstasy because we are from there. Here. Heaven and Earth. It is our own substance. Fly me to the moon Let me sing among those stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars – Bart Howard (Best version sung by Frank Sinatra) President Kennedy, searching to regain the ground lost to our Cold War rivals when they successfully put a piece of hardware into orbit after several of our attempts had blown up on the launch pad, looked up to the moon. “We’ll put one of our own kind on the moon in this decade,” he boasted, unaware that he would have returned his own cells to celestial dust by then. Lunacy, his detractors said. Science fiction. There are still those who believe that Neil Armstrong faked it. Like virgin birth and bodily resurrection, precious expressions of human desire, the moon worked better as a distant dream. To step


continued on page 28 O CTO B ER 20 0 9

f e a t u r e

Moon Phases: Our C

by Barbara Schif


s you rush around juggling work, family, e-mail and errands, do you ever look up in the sky and gaze at the moon? It’s working hard reflecting the sun’s light every night of the year. But unlike most people, the celestial body called Grandmother Moon by Native Americans and “the creator of all things” by African Bambuti pygmies takes a break each month to rest and renew herself. She reminds us that we should rest too. For centuries, humans have tuned into the moon to honor life’s cycles. Farmers use moon phases to pick the best days for planting and harvesting crops. They plant seeds when the moon is new or dark and use its energy while it changes from new to full to improve their plants’ quality and quantity. They also harvest crops after a full moon during the cycle’s weeks of completion. Women’s fertility cycles often synchronize with new or full moon phases, especially in households with several women of child-bearing age. Groups of female friends who gather to celebrate the new or full moon each month may also find their physical cycles are flowing concurrently, as do many coeds living in dorms. Cultural Perspectives and Celestial Balance Points If you’re reading this during a full moon week, tune into the beauty of Grandmother Moon. Native Americans believe her job is to remind us of our life cycles which teach us “when enough is enough.” Other cultures consider the moon as the sun’s consort. In an Amazonian legend, the sun and moon are lovers, but the sun’s hot passion nearly sets the Earth on fire and the moon’s tears threaten to flood it. So the sun and moon find a perfect distance from each other to be close but to maintain balance on Earth. Eclipses, solstices and equinoxes are considered astrological and astronomical balance points of the year. The sun, moon and Earth come into alignment at those times so their collective energy is considered balanced, as it is in the Amazonian legend. Eclipses are noticeable as the sun’s aura radiates around the dark moon as it moves between the Earth and the sun. In some cultures, eclipses were considered magical or dangerous times. In Mark Twain’s novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, for example, the Yankee-hero uses the eclipse of the year 528 to convince King Arthur he’s a magician. Solstices and equinoxes are considered sun-moon-earth balance points. The sun and moon get equal time on the equinoxes, while one gets more time than the other on the solstices. These quarterly points also correspond to agricultural cycles and seasonal shifts with spring, summer, autumn and winter officially beginning at the solstices or equinoxes. The Chinese principle of yin and yang or the balance between male and female energies is also based on a legend of the sun and moon as lovers. The moongoddess could visit the sun-god once a month but not vice versa. So the moon reflects the sun’s light to unite them and is dark or reflective based on its proximity to the sun. The moon thus serves as a celestial mirror to help the sun do its work. It also marks the separation between day and night. During the day, we directly receive the sun’s energy which fuels our activities. At night, the indirect sunlight—or moonlight—calms our thoughts and inspires our dreams. The Chinese are not the only ones who believe that the moon reflects the feminine yin-principle. The Egyptian moon goddess Isis is considered a healer who wears a headdress with a disc for the full moon framed by two cow horns—or moon slices—for her waxing and waning phases. In the Arctic, Eskimos believe that the moon is the home of the Lovely and V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

Glorious Lady who oversees our life-sustaining oceans. In New Zealand, the Maori say that the moon goes through a process of death and rebirth as it waxes and “dies,” then bathes in an enchanted lake beyond the clouds where Ka-ne, the water of life, rejuvenates it each month. In India, traditional moon goddesses include Lakshmi, who brings prosperity and abundance, and Kali, who destroys what’s no longer needed and maintains the cycles of time. Greeks and Romans worshipped a wide range of goddesses to reflect all four moon phases, from Diana or Artemis who hunts under the waxing or waning moons, and Selene, who tunes into the stars during the full moon, to Hecate who infuses the dark or new moon with magic. The Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone also represents the moon’s waxing, full and waning phases as the stages of human life from youth to fertility to wisdom. The Moon’s Phases: New to Full and Back Again Clearly, the moon has been honored and revered across the world. However, in our always-on cyberworld, we usually ignore the moon’s monthly phases, except when we see the full moon. But this natural energy cycle can help us consciously create balance by tuning into the moon’s powerful rhythms. Many standard calendars include new, waxing, full and waning moon dates each month. If your calendar doesn’t, visit www.moonconnection.com for a daily moon phase calendar, moon-related info and a shop with moon phase software, calendars and moon posters. An astrological calendar can be found at www.zodiacarts.com showing the moon’s daily zodiac signs. The moon passes through the full spectrum of astrological signs in 28-1/2 days. While our modern calendars are based on a 30 or 31-day month (except for February), ancient Celtic calendars were based on a 13-moon year. So our calendars have two full moons in the same month at least once a year—usually at the beginning and end of a five-week month. When this occurs, the second full moon is called a blue moon. That’s why we use the phrase “once in a blue moon” to describe rare occurrences in our lives. The phases of the moon serve as a mirror for the phases of our lives. The new moon reminds us to focus inward and take a break on a regular basis. Recharging our energy once a month keeps us in balance while relaxing only once a year barely relieves stress. The new or dark moon organically reminds us that it’s time to clear our mental/ emotional slate. By releasing the past and shifting focus to what’s next, we can create new beginnings every month—not just on New Year’s Eve, your birthday or an anniversary. As noted earlier, the new moon week is traditionally when farmers plant seeds. So it’s also a good time for us to plant fresh ideas in our minds or envision the first


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

Image b

f e a t u r e

Celestial Reflections

a Schiffman, CHt

steps needed for creating new projects or relationships. Astrologically, the new moon is usually in the same zodiac sign as the sun. Energetically, we get a double dose of that month’s strongest astro-frequency which then permeates the whole month. I therefore use the new moon week to reset my focus for the coming month and choose actions which resonate with its zodiac vibes. This helps me tune into the full energy spectrum over the course of each year and creates balance by making sure each life-slice, so to speak, gets a bit of positive energy. Simple Tools for Using Moon Cycles You don’t need to know what zodiac sign the moon is in to use it to create life balance. Here’s a simple way to think about the phases of the moon: New Moon: On the day or evening of the new moon, pause for a few minutes to mentally and emotionally release anything you’re holding onto from the past month. You can do this before going to sleep or just after waking, when your conscious and subconscious minds are naturally in sync. Just close your eyes and visualize a mental whiteboard. On it, write the things that you accomplished or made noticeable progress on during the past month. Use whatever color markers you prefer—a different one for each item if you wish. Then take a deep breath before reading the items over. As you read them, appreciate anything and everything you’ve done, no matter how small. Even thinking about something counts, as thoughts are the first step to taking action. Trust that these items are as complete as they need to be for now, even if there is more to be done. Now erase the mental whiteboard, releasing everything you wrote and cleaning the board for the coming month. This gives you a fresh place to record your accomplishments each month, even if you have an ongoing project or long-term relationship. The moon’s phases remind us how projects and relationships also work in cycles. The new moon’s energy lasts for seven calendar Image by Caitlin Rose, www.caitlinrose.com days as it gradually begins to reflect more light again. You can use the new moon week for recharging and also to do research or choose actions for the waxing moon week ahead. Waxing Moon: Notice how the waxing moon is evolving from a thin crescent to a half-circle. During this phase, add positive energy by taking actions which will lead to results by or soon after the full moon. This first half of the month— between new and full—is when ancient farmers believed the moon super-charged their crops. Full Moon: Most people think the full moon is the end of the monthly cycle because it’s so big and beautiful—but it’s actually the midpoint. We see the full moon two weeks after the new moon and have two weeks before the moon goes dark again. This reminds us how our positive actions germinate our inner seeds V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

which bud during the waxing weeks. When results blossom like an opening flower at the full moon, we can see them, even if they’re not yet complete. So the full moon is a good time to celebrate your results so far and be grateful for them. Waning Moon: A week after the full moon, the waning moon reminds us that there’s one more week to complete what we’re working on before we can create a clean slate again. This lets us handle finishing touches and helps us evaluate what we’re ready to release so we don’t drag it into the future if it’s not useful anymore. Many of us hang on to everything in our lives—at least in our thoughts and feelings—and carry it with us from month to month. This can be exhausting and stressful. Our energy naturally gets drained if we drag around feelings of regret, unworthiness or inadequacy, as well as the belief that we haven’t done enough or moved forward fast enough. Back to the New Moon: Letting go of negative energies that often settle into our bodies and create stress or disease is a powerful use for the new moon. If you feel like you’re always behind or running late, start using the waxing moon’s final week of the cycle for completion. Then let go of negative energies at the new moon and start again. If the moon can, we can! In brief, the new moon gives us new beginnings, waxing (growing) moon helps us add positive energy through action, full moon lets us celebrate our results so far, and waning moon gives us another week for completion before starting fresh again at new moon. Tuning into the moon’s phases is one easy way to create and sustain life balance, no matter where you are or what you’re focusing on. It can strengthen your connection to the cosmic-global energy currently evolving as we blend consciousness with action for the benefit of all. Since Grandmother Moon reflects light upon everyone on Earth, let her be an example of how you can amplify and reflect your own positive energy upon everyone in your life. Barbara Schiffman, CHt, is a Life and Soul Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. A spiritual synthesist who blends astrology, natural elements, tarot archetypes and guided imagery, she helps groups and individuals evolve from the inside out. Get info on her teleclasses, private sessions, and her New Moon*New Beginnings guided meditation CD kit at www.hypnosynergy.com, www.yourlifeandsoul.com or 818.415.3479.


Moon-Related Resources Books: • New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller: Writing affirmations tuned to the new moon’s zodiac energy stimulates release or change and manifests healthy desires. www.janspiller.com has free astrology charts and daily moon phase reports. • Secrets of Moon Astrology by Teresa Moore: Explores personal moon-signs of birth horoscopes and positive actions for each moon phase/sign combo. • Moon Time by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe: Covers moon phases plus suggestions of best moon phases for specific healing treatments. • Naturally Powerful by Valerie Wells: Suggests ways to mentally shine intentions on your goals at full and new moons. CDs • New Moon New Beginnings Meditation Kit: 12 zodiac-attuned guided meditations and astro-action lists cover a full year for group or solo rituals. www.eclecticdelights.com O CTO B ER 20 0 9

f e a t u r e

“Moonlight in Vermont” continued from page 25

on it is to wake us and cause the dream to evaporate. Loony. Lunatic. As far back as we can look, the moon has had hold of our sanity. Emergency rooms overflow when the moon is full. Werewolves. Hormones. Honeymoons. I once got a call in the middle of the night from a parishioner asking if I would come over right away, as his wife was in terrible distress. When I arrived, she was sitting in the middle of the road on a manhole cover baying like a feral animal at the full moon. What part of us is it that recognizes the moon as our sister? She is our kin who knows our secrets. The first time I scattered the ashes of someone who had died, I opened the container gingerly, not sure what to expect. Already unsettled at being able to hold in my hands what remained of the person (some say your cremated remains are equal to your birth weight…alpha, omega), I was startled at the plastic baggie inside with tiny bone chips. (These days they pulverize them into much finer ash). Cremation is fast oxidation. Burial of a body in the ground is slow oxidation. When we’re born, we are 78 percent water. We have been floating in water from conception. Burning a body evaporates the water. The part of us that isn’t vapor can be poured into a medium-sized baggie. Those of you who live near the ocean know that you can track the tides by the phases of the moon. The astonishing grunion run in spring in southern California. Millions of the tiny fish come in on the highest tide, the females swirl like a dervish on their tails, dropping eggs into the holes they create. The males wrap themselves around the females in the most enthralling dance. The time and date of the run can be precisely pinpointed by the tide charts set through the phases of the moon. The grunion know. Our brains—which, after centuries of searching, increasingly look to be the locus of that ephemeral construct, the mind—float in a brine much like the ocean from which our kind emerged not so long ago. (Some years ago, I read that if you are at sea and someone suffers a sudden, catastrophic blood loss, you can keep them going for several hours by transfusing them with sea water, which is chemically close enough to blood plasma). Though we have not yet measured the gravitational pull of the moon on our brains, it seems a good bet that the waxing and waning of the moon exerts a significant—if subtle—push and pull on the pond in which our brains float. Physics, astronomy, anatomy, and chemistry support superstition, accounting for lunacy. Cranial tides. We are temporarily Earth-bound celestial bodies, miniscule moons, assembled for a moonlit moment into these fascinating arrangements, subject to the

same cosmic forces as our kin, the moon and the stars. This is wonderfully confirmed now that we know the moon was formed when there was a catastrophic collision several billion years ago, and a piece of protoearth was flung into our orbit. The moon, our closest kin. A fragment of us. The high carbon content required for building our bodies and these complex cellular structures that support consciousness must have come from those same cosmic collisions. Stardust.

Is in the stardust of a song Beside a garden wall When stars are bright You are in my arms The nightingale tells his fairy tale A paradise where roses bloom Though I dream in vain In my heart it will remain My stardust melody The memory of loves refrain – Words by Mitchell Parish, music by Hoagy Carmichael (Best version sung by Nat King Cole) When Francis of Assisi referred to “our sister the moon,” he may not have known how literally accurate he was. One night this summer, beneath a bright full moon and that one stubborn planet, Cosmos and I lay down on the ground where we will one day lie for much longer. We wondered whether the almost unnerving stillness could provide a hint of what mingling our cells with the Earth and stars may be like. No. The conceit that we may find ways to decipher the secrets that cause us to raise religious totems, compose songs and poems, are just that. Conceits, robbing us of the delight only awe can extract. We lay there a long time. I nearly fell asleep. Cosmos whined, breaking my reverie. Reminding me it was time to go back to our house to sleep under shelter for that night. Pennies in a stream Falling leaves, a sycamore Moonlight in Vermont Icy finger-waves Ski trails on a mountainside Snowlight in Vermont

And now the purple dusk of twilight time Steals across the meadows of my heart High up in the sky the little stars climb Always reminding me that we’re apart You wander down the lane and far away Leaving me a song that will not die Love is now the stardust of yesterday The music of the years gone by Sometimes I wonder why I spend The lonely night dreaming of a song The melody haunts my reverie And I am once again with you When our love was new And each kiss an inspiration But that was long ago Now my consolation V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

Telegraph cables, they sing down the highway And travel each bend in the road People who meet in this romantic setting Are so hypnotized by the lovely... Ev’ning summer breeze The warbling of a meadowlark Moonlight in Vermont You and I and Moonlight in Vermont - Written by John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf (Best version sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong) Blayney Colmore, retired Episcopal parish priest, is the author of two books: In The Zone: Notes On Wondering Coast To Coast, and God Knows: It’s Not About Us. He writes a blog at www.blogblayney. blogspot.com and sends weekly pieces from blayneyc@ earthlink.net.

The Twelve: A Review

c u l t u r e

by Sydney L. Murray

“This is a truly awesome and timely book.” – Tom Anderson, President, MySpace


what is expected of him. This career move takes him all over the world to places such as Jerusalem, Athens, London, India, Istanbul, China, Japan, and Mexico. Throughout his life adventure, Max is open to both his outer journey and his inner quest of human consciousness. His travels take him to some of the world’s most spiritual places, as well as some of the most rugged corners. Slowly he begins to trust himself and his instincts. He knows that there is something bigger than himself and his world. Max’s journey brings him to an understanding of why he and these 12 people are destined to unite and discover the true meaning of 12.21.2012. It has been said about The Twelve that, “If you have come upon a copy of this book and are drawn to reading it, then without a doubt, you are one of the chosen many who may help determine whether these end-times result in planetary destruction or the transformation of all humanity.” What do you have to offer our world in these tumultuous times? If you read The Twelve, you just may be inspired to find out.

ver the course of the last three years, Vision Magazine has received roughly 100 books on the 2012 controversy. Many of you may be aware that on December 21, 2012 the Mayan calendar ends. Many people have interpreted this to be the end of the world. I interpret it as the possibility of the end of the world as we know it. We can believe that the world is ending, or we can believe that we have the power to make a difference in the world from now and beyond this well-known date. Recently, I received a book called The Twelve and devoured it within a few days. Written by William Gladstone, this compelling work of fiction opens the reader up—not only to the amazing possibilities of his or her own life and how to change it for the better, but to the idea that together, we can bring about a worldwide shift in consciousness. Max, the primary character, has a near-death experience at the young age of 15 that will ultimately change his life. He sees a list of 12 people unknown to him. Max goes on to graduate college, and 12 years pass before he meets the first person on the list. At that point, his life begins to change. Max makes the move to do something that he loves, rather than doing

The Original

For more information on The Twelve, available through Vanguard Press, $19.95, visit www.12thebook.com.

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announcements THE IMAGINE CENTER in Tarzana, CA offers intuitive readings and retail merchandise for spiritual enrichment and personal empowerment. We offer books, candles, crystals, incense, jewelry, statuary, tarot and oracle cards. Retail store hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am to 7pm; Saturday 11am to 5pm; Sunday 11am to 3pm; closed on Monday. Located at 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. Call 818.345.1100 for information and to schedule services. Walk-ins welcome. Beautiful Healing Room available for use by certified spiritual practitioners at attractive rates. 10/09 POLESTAR – NEW INTENTIONAL YOGA COMMUNITY/RETREAT CENTER on 20 beautiful acres near Pahoa, Hawaii. Check website for programs (www. PolestarCommunity.org). Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. 808.430.8009 or infopolestar@gmail.com 01/10 VISION MAGAZINE IS LOOKING FOR PASSIONATE SALES ASSOCIATES. Email resumes to sales@visionmagazine. com



AROMATHERAPY CLASSES AND CONSULTATIONS offered by Dr. Matea Polisoto, owner of Exquisite Aromatherapy. Specializing in purification of the body using essential oils, using the finest artisan oils from around the world. La Jolla, CA. www.exquisitearomatherapy. com, 858.779.9120. 10/09




bodywork MASSAGEANYWHERE.COM Find a massage at MassageAnywhere. com! Leading directory of independent massage therapists & bodyworkers. USA to worldwide. Anywhere you are. MassageAnywhere.com 12/09



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books & dvds “EASTERN AND WESTERN RELIGION AND THE WAY OF THE MYSTICS” Unlock your Divinity! $10 Stephen P.O. Box 1018 Joshua Tree CA 92252 760.902.4330 11/09 MESSAGES FROM THE HOLLOW EARTH by Dianne Robbins $25 includes shipping & handling. Box 825, Weed, CA 96094. 585.802.4530 www. DianneRobbins.com 10/09 ARE YOU THE AUTHOR of a spiritual, personal growth, self-help, healing, metaphysical or other book that you are ready to publish? Visit www. RealityIsBooks.com or call 866.534.3366. No cost or obligation to discuss your project. 11/09

change your life FREE YOURSELF OF HEALTH PROBLEMS NATURALLY! Allergies, diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia and more disappear in weeks. Lose weight too! Lifestyle changing health program. Natural and inexpensive. 800.701.9364 10/09

children INTEGRAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (K-6) FOCUSES ON WHOLE CHILD Innovative program includes: academics, arts, PE, sciences, yoga and meditation. LOW student/teacher ratios. San Diego. Enroll Now! Call for tour 858.450.4321 www.IntegralElementary.com 01/10

COLON HYDROTHERAPY LIVING WATER REJUVENATION CENTERS Colonic, Lymphatic, Ionic Cleanses. 3 generations, 60+ yrs National/ I-Act Certified School. San Diego, Cardiff, Carlsbad, Escondido. 760.737.3500 www. livingwaterrejuvenation.com 12/09


The Institute of Thought

Nov. 21 - 22: 15th STEP PROCESS - 2012, Healing and the 15th Step

Get questions answered. Learn to live in the New World. Talk to your guides with “The 15th Step Process” Sat & Sun 10am-6pm

Better Life Classes

Dr. Joseph Costa

Oct. 3 - 4: TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY AND PAST LIFE TRAINING Become a Professional Hypnotherapist. Learn about Past lives and ego constructs, and grounding the body. Sat. & Sun., 10am-6pm $250, Saturday Lecture only $35 Wed. Oct. 7: 15th Step Practice night - Practice Makes Perfect. 6:30-9pm. $25 per person Call us about Past-Life Regression Counseling. It will change your life. *Ask about the World Healer Institute*

business opportunities SEEKING ENTREPRENEURS WITH A PASSION FOR HELPING PEOPLE Unlimited Income. Join the fastest growing team in the U.S. 800.601.6560 10/09

3511 Camino Del Rio So., Ste. 404, San Diego • 619-516-3999 • www.15thstep.com Dec A BUSINESS FOR ANYONE Second

stream of income, simple start-up, full support and training. 800.320.5645 x2116 10/09

c l a sses

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND EMOTIONAL WELLBEING? Now you can get in at the ground floor level. We are now accepting new members. Call 562.413.6112 02/10 LIVE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA? Want to make extra income? Vision Magazine is looking for advertising reps, writers and artists, to help out with our expansion. Call 408.293.2899 or email sydney@ visionmagazine.com V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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conservation GOT WATER? Learn how to harvest rainwater and conserve a precious resource. Discover greywater purification and sustainable land management. Contact Natural Nash Land Stewards at www.naturalnash.com, naturalnash@ gmail.com 12/09

counseling INSPIRE YOUR SEX LIFE Enhance communication, sensual connection, & relationship fulfillment through body, mind, & spirit counseling. Initial session $35. Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD. 858.880.5944. jennifer@drjennsden.com, www.drjennsden.com 12/09 AURAS, SHAMANISM, TRADITIONAL COUNSELING in an informal setting. Energy clearing. Experienced therapist. Uptown San Diego. Spanish speaking. Lightstone, MSW. 619.220.0916 01/10

dating SPIRITUAL SINGLES: The largest, conscious dating site on the Internet. Dating & Events in Southern California. Free to join, browse & send “hellos”. Your soul mate awaits…join today. www. SpiritualSingles.com 01/10

education TEACH A LANGUAGE FOR WORLD PEACE. TESOL International at WordWide. 4 weeks, 120 hours, work and travel around the world. Grow your garden: study@wordwide.us 619.222.6411 10/09

SINGLES’ CONNECTION: Friendship & casual dating, 888.777.2235. Text ‘4talk’ to 24824, $.99+ per pair messages. Love & romance, 877.333.2863. 18+ 01/10



ECOHOUSE THERE MAY BE ROUGH SEAS AHEAD But just in case, here’s where you can find everything you’ll need to fill your life raft. Captain John’s Trading Post WHOLEarthbuilder.com Sustainability Simplified. Every project is unique. Please call Lance 818.266.3834. 09/10




Clean Out - Feel Better!

Whole Food Nutritionals & Cleansing

PROFESSIONAL LICENSE & CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS: Massage Therapies (MT), Nutrition, Herbology, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Naturopathic Practitioner (NP), Aromatherapy, Spa Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Somatics & Movement Therapist, Energetic/Vibrational Healing, Thai Massage, Lomi-Lomi/Hawaiian Healing Arts, Counseling Skills, Sports Therapist & Performance Enhancement, Oriental Therapies, PLUS NEW DISTANCE LEARNING OPTIONS! Natural Healing Institute, Encinitas, 760.943.8485. Licensed school! www.naturalhealinginst. com. Private consultations also available. Steve Schechter, N.D., H.H.P., Director. 10/09 LEARN A LANGUAGE FOR WORLD PEACE English - Spanish - Italian French - German and even Mongolian. All immersion all the time. Grow your garden: 619.222.6411, study@wordwide.us 10/09


Christine Dreher, C.C.N, C.C.H., Nutritionist, Herbalist, Cleanse Coach, Author of “The Cleanse Cookbook.” Offering Arise & Shine, Ejuva, Garden of Life, Mt. Capra & More!

Christine’s Cleanse Corner, Inc.

Info: (858) 673-0224 Toll free Orders: (877) 673-0224 P.O. Box 28895, San Diego, CA 92198 www.TransformYourHealth.com Private Phone Consultations

hawaii VISITING MAUI? Visit MauiVision.net first! Explore our magazine’s extensive body, mind and spirit events listings and community resources. To order a sample copy call 808.669.9091, or e-mail mauivision@aol.com. 12/09 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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VisioN Magazine

call toll free: 866.804.8444 www.visionmagazine.com

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Independent Distributor

education LIFESHAPES CLASSES - continuing education for nurses, acupuncturists and NCBTMB.  Biodynamic Craniosacral, Face-Lift Massage, Integrative Equine Bodywork and more. lifeshape@aol.com, 951.677.0652, www.lifeshapes.org 01/10


hy d rotherapy

Wholistic Approaches to Health and Beauty

The Wellness Center

Voted BEST Day Spa in San Diego!

D E T O X I F Y | R E B U I L D | R E J U V E N AT E • Colon Hydrotherapy • Microscopy Nutrition • Reflexology • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

“The Forgotten Key To Health” Health Begins in the Colon

Experienced • Supportive • Nurturing

• Abdominal Massage • Dietary Support • Disposables • High-Tech Equipment National Board Certified

4605 Cass Street, San Diego, CA 92109 www.radiancedayspasd.net

• Nutritional Microscopy • Reflex Points • Whole Body and Intestinal Detoxification by Supervision

(858) 272-6337

co m m unity

healing MYSTICAL PERSONALIZED MEDITATION KIT – OPEN YOUR INNER BEING! Send $25 money order and birth sign to: P. Hoban, 5663 Balboa Ave., Box #188, San Diego, CA 92111. View kit @ FurballPaul@hotmail.com 10/09


CREATE YOUR OWN RETREAT Relax, Rejuvenate & Recharge Affordable Lush “Desert Oasis” with Soothing mineral baths sleeps 2 - 8 call 760.363.6300 GardenOasisRetreats.com 10/09 I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO HAVE REAL HAPPINESS THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE Call for free Introduction - 310.612.0111 or e-mail: HappinessMentor@gmail.com 10/09 RAPID RELEASE FROM PAIN, GRIEF, STRESS, TRAUMA AND MORE Yoga Therapy, Theta Healing, Advanced Breathwork, Affordable. Taught UNLV Baseball Team Yoga, Advanced 10yr student of KaliMa.org 619.804.9316 Cysodyssey@yahoo.com 11/09 DEALING WITH CANCER, TB OR INFECTIOUS DISEASE? Scientists have developed an immune-boosting supplement. Get informed at SanRx.com. 11/09



Traditional Medical & Dental Plans Individual & Groups! Includes Physical Exams • Prescriptions Alternative Medicine Acupuncture • Chiropractic Physical Therapy • Massage Therapy For complete details phone: Estelle Perod


www.epfinancialservices.com Lic. #0821783


The Power of Prayer with

Lawrence T. Bond, Ph.D., RScP Licensed Practitioner

CO U NS E L I NG / PSYCH OTHER AP Y Psychotherapy

Life Coaching

Meditation Training

Dr. Thurlow sees every person he encounters in psychotherapy as a Soul who is here for a purpose. Dr. Thurlow's life coaching helps clients connect to their inner truth and learn how to make more fulfilling and healthier choices. Clients discover their own inner guidance, empowering themselves to reshape career, education, relationships, health, financial goals, and spiritual life in harmony with their true nature. Dr. Thurlow facilitates meditation groups with students at all levels of experience.

Please contact Dr. Thurlow directly or visit his website email@ronthurlowphd.com • www.ronthurlowphd.com Office: 760-842-7006 - Cell 760-271-8250

Experience Financial Abundance with the Power of Prayer and a New Home-based Business Plan. Spirituality and Financial Wealth - Two Sides of the Same Coin.

Ron Thurlow, Ph.D. CA Licensed MFT

San Diego North County Offices: Oceanside & Encinitas


Let’s Manifest Love, Wealth and Health Together. 619.233.8230 • lawrencebond.com 2815 Camino Del Rio So. Suite 135


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Your Face ‘til You… read FREE REPORT – Amazing Skin Care BREAKTHROUGH: • Men, WOMEN - all skin types; • 5 Must-Do steps to great skin; • Skin-Care Myths CRUSHED; • REVITALIZE your skin • How to test for damaged, aging skin, harmful creams, oils…

THE VITAL IMAGE 439 Talbert St., Playa del Ray, CA 90293 You’ll always be glad you called today, Get FREE Report – CALL NOW! (800) 414-4624 24 hrs./7 days www.thevitalimage.com

FREE to “Vision” Readers

help wanted MASSAGE THERAPIST needed for busy upscale salon. DK Hair is looking for the right person. Experienced therapist. Deep Tissue a plus. Call 619.546.4550 and ask for Ken or David. 10/09 VISION MAGAZINE IS LOOKING FOR PASSIONATE Sales Associates. Email resumes to sales@visionmagazine.com

INTUITIVE MEDIUM EXPERIENCE A TRANSFORMATIONAL BREAKTHROUGH AND CLEAR BLOCKAGES TO ABUNDANCE Please contact me @ 760.766.3315 or email me @ brantburnett@sbcglobal. net. Check out my website @ www. BrantBurnettPsychic.com. For readings and classes in Orange County, contact Temple of Light @ 949.340.7408; and in Oceanside, SD, contact Kindred Journeys @ 760.721.2110 10/09

INTUITIVE MEDIUM / MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER BETTY SANABRIA-LIPKA Channeling guidance and greetings from Spirit for over 15 years. * Health * Money * Relationships * Career and Life Purpose. I will also assist you with how to activate your intuitive compass when you need direction in your everyday affairs. The more clarity you live with the less you will find yourself worrying and stressing. Other services: Private Psychic Parties or Public Psychic Groups. In person or phone readings. By Appointment only 619.846.1039 Visa/ Master Card welcomed. 10/09

life coach

MANIFESTATION EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE Empower yourself to experience what you desire in life. Imagine managing your personal energy field to manifest a life you love. Bring your desires to the session and hold them silently in your mind as you learn how to apply conscious use of mental, spiritual and physical energy to manifest their outcome. Circles convene on Sundays 4-5:30pm at the newly renovated Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356. Reservations accepted at 818.345.1100. Capacity is limited so register early. Suggested donation of $10 per participant. 10/09


Affordable Holistic Dentistry in Mexico

American BioDental Center follows the “Huggins Protocol” for dental revision and detoxification. • $50 for exam, x-rays, & cleaning • $150 wisdom teeth • Safe Mercury Filling Replacement for only $95! • Cosmetic Dentistry • Bio-compatible Dental Materials • Environmentally safe office. A five minute taxi ride from the border to “The Grand Hotel” in Tijuana.

Call today: 1-877-231-5701 Visit our website: www.americanbiodental.com

massage THERAPEUTIC SPINE MASSAGE Holistic & Teacher’s special 1hr $20. in Oceanside. Lic#HHP106725. 760.612.5585. Enrique. Se habla Espanol/Portuguese. 10/09 MASSAGEANYWHERE.COM Find a massage at MassageAnywhere. com! Leading directory of independent massage therapists & bodyworkers. USA to worldwide. Anywhere you are. MassageAnywhere.com. 12/09


Do You Feel Sluggish and Tired? Do You Want To Lose Unwanted Pounds? massage & WELLBEING

Ask about our 21 day purification program to cleanse, detox and shed unwanted pounds

Fall Cleanse Special colon

ic, acupuncture , infrared sauna , ionic footbath $120 (reg $2 20)

Manual lymph drainage, Triactive laser, Colon Hydrotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, 21 day purification program, Aromatherapy, Massage

beyond bliss


30 min massage! Upgrade $39/hour!

3268 Governor Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

858.457.0191 • www.pamperyou.com

First time clients only. One per client. ($80 value)

Visit www.beyondbliss.usaloe.com to find out how to be your own boss and become financially stable! Contact me today to find out more: 858-342-3588 kerry@beyondbliss.biz



meditation “KNOW-THY-SELF” – Socrates. Means to: Experience thyself as eternal spirit – the true purpose of life. FREE PDF DOWNLOAD www.GuardianText.org 10/09 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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past life therapy HAVE YOU LIVED BEFORE? Discover your past life connections - what they can do for you. Release from guilts, habits. Gary 619.929.7815 gary@15thstep.com 10/09


Natural Healing Institute Professional License & Certificate Programs

Comprehensive Training • Highest Caliber Instructors Massage Therapist • Nutrition • Herbology • Aromatherapy Holistic Health Practitioner • Spa Therapist • Sports Therapist Yoga Instructor • Thai Massage • Lomi Healing • Shiatsu • Somatics Oriental Healing Arts • Naturopathic Practitioner • Energetic Healing • More

+ Distance Learning Options! • Special Discounts

Encinitas • (760) 943-8485 • www.naturalhealinginst.com

San Diego


Las Vegas

Since 1945, the Institute has taught the advanced Ingham method of foot and hand reflexology. Natural stress reduction therapy which allows the body to work at its optimum level. Take individual seminars or complete 200 hour Certification Program. International Institute of CEU’s - CA Nurses #CEP6125 • NCBTMB A#021995-00 INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS by appointment Bobbi and Muff Warren, Regional Directors bobbi@thefootladies.com • muff@thefootladies.com Bobbi & Muff Warren

psychic CLAIRVOYANT, MEDIUM AND TAROT READER SHELLEY CAN HELP THOSE WHO ARE SEARCHING for a deeper awareness about their innermost soul mate relationship, career path and financial concerns. Call for your FREE 10 MINUTE READING: 818.744.5241, psychichorizon. info 10/09 ANYA - HALLOWEEN BELLYDANCING PSYCHIC FOR YOUR PARTY! Customdesigned Program. Palmistry. Tarot. Numerology. Astrology. Runes. Angel Cards. 619.501.0043. Sacred Pathways 760.729.2434 10/09 CARING, HONEST PSYCHIC WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS AND OTHER CONCERNS Call David Champion toll free: 877.702.8598. $1.50/minute by credit card. 12/09 PSYCHIC READINGS BY CAROL: ADVISES ON LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, & BUSINESS. If you are depressed, I can guide you through all matters of life. 310.500.5923 10/09

Professional Psychic

Reflexology (619) 469-1694

Accurate and Powerful Spiritual Readings on:


Love • Career • Money • Health Life Purpose and Life Lessons Also Communication with Loved Ones on the Other Side Kathy Richardson Readings by Phone: 866-781-8300 www.mypsychiclady.com

psychic medium GIFTED DISTANT EMPATHIC HEALER. Tamalyn. Soulmate expert. Heals third person interference. 18 years Experience. 5 star. www.psychictamalyn.com. 866.826.2596 01/10 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

psychic medium


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

psychotherapy SPIRITUALLY ORIENTED THERAPY Support in your search for meaning. Jungian/Transpersonal Orientation, EMDR, TFT. Miriam Erb, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist. PSY5497. 619.296.6757 11/09

real estate AGENTS OF POSSIBILITY We help you attract and manifest the home of your dreams. www.agentsofpossibility.com 10/09

reiki S A C R E D T R A N S F O R M AT I O N S R E I K I .C O M offers 30 CEU’s to nurses, acupuncturists, LCSW & MFT for Level 1-2 Reiki along with in-depth energy healing course. Contact 619.204.0504 for more info. 11/09

rentals DESERT “GARDEN OASIS” Relax, rejuvenate or workshop at this lush, affordable, Hot Springs retreat that sleeps 2-8+ For info call 760.363.6300 GardenOasisRetreats.com 10/09

We’Moon on the Wall 2010


he wheel of life is an infinite cycle of birth and death. What is it that drives the natural rhythms of the seasons, planets, and stars? Whatever it may be, nature spins the wheel, and its balance is crucial to our survival. “Reinvent the Wheel” is the theme for the We’Moon on the Wall 2010 calendar, symbolizing a return to nature and the honor for Mother Earth. We’Moon enables us to stay conscious of nature’s infinite cycles and how they relate to our daily lives. This enlightening calendar not only provides detailed information pertaining to these natural cycles, but an array of beautiful artwork and inspirational quotes that gets you excited to turn the page every month. Each month contains clear, iconic illustrations of the lunar phases as well as symbols for the planets and astrological signs. These symbols allow you to make a connection between each day and the position of the planets in relation to the Earth. For example, when the sun moves into Libra, one can seek balance or when the moon is in Cancer, one may experience deepened emotions. We’Moon on the Wall 2010 is not only a calendar, but an inspirational guide that states its intention to “bring balance in your life and sustain the vehicle that carries us all, this Great Mother Earth.” For more information on We’Moon on the Wall 2010, $13.95, and other Mother Tongue Ink products visit www.wemoon.ws or call 877.OWeMoon (877.693-6666). – DG

Ascension Through Orbs


ince the advent of digital cameras, illuminated orbs have mysteriously appeared in photos. While many have disregarded this phenomenon, Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell have connected the presence of these round, concave and hexagonal shapes to the spirit world, higher consciousness and human ascension. To them, orbs are not mere imperfections of a camera’s lens, but spirit guides and angels specifically drawn to the individual taking the picture. In their newest book, Ascension through Orbs, the two writers include 48 pictures of these magical entities to help readers not only communicate with the other side, but visualize it too. Information on spirit guides, the angelic hierarchy, the powers and the Lords of Karma, chakras, archangels and the Ascended Masters allow for instant recognition of each being’s presence and their role in your ascension pathway. The authors also offer the Ascension Through Orbs double CD, which includes eights meditations to enable readers to absorb the energy of the orbs more fully so that intuition and spiritual gifts may flourish. Orbs cards are also available, inscribed with a daily focus to guide you on your journey.

On her U.S. tour, Diana Cooper will appear at Agape Unity Church in Los Angeles October 25 for a “2012 and Beyond” workshop. She will also offer free talks and book signings at The Imagine Center in Los Angeles October 24 and Soulscape in San Diego October 28. For more 2009 event dates and information on Ascension through Orbs, Findhorn Press, $24.95, visit www.dianacooper.com. – AR V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

r e v i e w s


with Dr. Richard Bartlett


Levels 1&2 with Practitioner Certification Tuesday, Dec 8, 2009 Upcoming Seminars: NEWARK, NJ

Oct 16-19, Levels 1&2 ATLANTA, GA

Nov 13-16, Levels 1&2 Check our website for more upcoming national seminars and to watch video clips REGISTER ONLINE and WATCH VIDEOS at


In Book Stores Now! Learn a Complete System of Transformation and Healing. Not just a technique, but a powerful shift in perception driven by a new consciousness technology.


www.matrixenergetics.com 800-269-9513 Join our Matrix email list for news, events and newsletters.


art | cine ma | pe rfo rman ce arts | th e atre | g

Sacred Global CosmoPop Concert & EcoFest


abriel of Urantia and The Bright & Morning Star Band’s most recent Sacred Global CosmoPop Concert and Eco-Festival in June will be followed up with another one October 23-25—with even more vendors and campers. Held at sacred Avalon Gardens next to the historic Tumaccori Mission in Arizona (the first mission in the United States), this is a “Festival of Hope.” Activities include live music, independent film, activist theater, ecoconscious speakers, a unique eco-village experience, a sweat lodge and Medicine Wheel ceremony, a variety of ethnic foods, vendors of all sorts, and the Camelot Kids Village. With the theme of creating our future together as a global ecovillage, the activities and games inspire kids to have hope for our world and empower them to be a part of the change. With the continued recession and economic crisis, more people are open to CosmoPop’s spiritual lyrics, as they are looking more inward and upward. What’s more, Gabriel of Urantia is bringing in a new paradigm in concert-going; rather than charging for tickets, he is only asking for suggested donations. Therefore,

many people from all walks of life are making pilgrimages across the country and the world to gain faith and hope in these troubled times. Many formerly distant fans have now become permanent community members, coming from various parts of the planet and staying to learn about permaculture and organic gardening. CosmoPop attracts people from all religions who come together under the banner of one God and one planetary family. Gabriel makes no bones about telling people to come out of the fallen system and join his community or start their own and create a new society. He believes that the present system is fallen because it is solely based on greed and has become corrupt beyond repair. Gabriel of Urantia’s community, Global Community Communications Alliance (also called Divine Administration), creates a forum, a learning center and a Planetary Sacred Home where people can live and feel supported by others of like mind. Together for over 20 years, the community consists of people who believe that they have a special calling from God to help make the world a better place. CosmoPop is a fusion of mantras with rock, pop, jazz, folk, Celtic, and even country-western. Added to the mix is a unique style of dancing, called CosmoDance, in which people seem to be following the Spirit within them. It’s a rare experience with the supernatural, minus any drugs or alcohol. Avalon Gardens is 165-acres of organic gardens and farm fields, with fruits, vegetables, and beautiful ponds. The Santa Cruz River flows through the ranch, adding beauty and serenity. A stage was built near one of the ponds, big enough to host the 11-piece Bright & Morning Star Band. It’s a three-day festival, with other bands from the Global Change Music Nonprofit Record Label, founded by Gabriel of Urantia, including VansGuard, Starseed Acoustic Ensemble, and The Change Agents Band. To reserve your camping spot or learn more, call 520.603.9932 or visit www. CosmoPopFestivals.org.



O CTO B ER 20 0 9

n cafe

Are you fulfilling

e | gal le rie s | p oets | c on v ers at io n | cult ure

Our Own Vi l l a g e Wi t c h


Spiritual Promise?

by Ashlie Rodriguez


lan and Valera Childers love celebrating Halloween, but for this San Diego couple, it’s more than just candy and costumes. Owners of The Village Witch temple in San Diego, Alan and Valera are leaders in the pagan community. Alan is a shaman who studies Native American spirituality overlaid with scientific theory, while Valera is an ordained witch of the Bruja tradition. Seemingly dissimilar, the couple follows different paths of spirituality, yet in essence, they are united. “Pagan is a big umbrella term for basically earth-centered religions,” says Valera. “In our temple we bring in all kinds of teachers from all kinds of traditions so people can get a broad look at what’s available.” From Native American shamanism, Wicca and witchcraft, pagans harness their power from the Earth, and namely, the moon. “My body energies go in cycle with the moon,” Valera tells me. “When I’m more balanced and in tune with my spirituality, I find my body is more in tune with the moon.” Alan agrees with his wife. He believes the power of the moon to be a tool each one of us can use to heal and regenerate. “The moon is the sunlight reflected back onto us,” Alan explains. “As the moon waxes, I’m getting more and more access to that energy. If I want to grow something or bring something new to prosper, I do it during the waxing moon, because it represents greater and greater energy.” The best way to gain energy from the moon is to wait until the day after the new moon. Then, day by day, through daily meditation on a desired goal, the phases of the moon lead to a culmination of energy and a stronger, empowered self. “On the other hand, if I wanted to get rid of a bad habit,” says Alan, “I would wait until the moon is waning to represent the decrease in energy. Start the day after the full moon and by the new moon, whatever you wanted gone, will be.” During the month of October, The Village Witch hosts a Full Moon Ritual where new and seasoned pagans alike can unify and celebrate their newly-acquired energy. This month is also the sacred time of Samhain, which is observed on the night of Halloween. Samhain is a magical interval when the thin veil between the spiritual and physical world is lifted. “Most pagans love Samhain,” says a smiling Valera. “For us it’s a time of honoring our ancestors. There’s a ritual called The Dumb Supper where you have a dinner and you leave one space at the table open for your ancestors. The whole meal is spent in silence so you can receive messages from your ancestors because that is when the veil is the thinnest,” she explains. “It’s really beautiful.” Leave trick-or-treating to the kids and spend time enhancing your spiritual journey with Alan and Valera Childers at The Village Witch temple this month. For more information on upcoming events, classes and healing services, visit www.thevillagewitch.org or call 619.255.5776. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

MSIA teaches Soul Transcendence

which is becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality. We provide tools and techniques for experiencing your Soul and, therefore, your own Divinity.

“All that you want to be, you already are. All you have to do is move your awareness there and recognize the reality of your own Soul.” – John Roger For information and to request a free book, Journey of a Soul:

www.msia.org servicedesk@msia.org 800-899-2665

h o l i s t i c

p r o d u c t s

Paradice: A Game of Give and Take


magination, fantasy and a shared sense of human consciousness come together in Paradice. The latest board game creation by See Through Games, Paradice is a world floating in a mysterious universe, but not unlike our own. In this land, a web of symbiosis reigns free as four enchanted forests whose coniferous, deciduous, tropical, and palm trees support spirits that in turn, support humans. Two humans, a Giver and a Taker, vie against each other in hopes of conquering Paradice, but eventually learn that they must work together if Paradice is to survive. Opportunity, a key element of the game, challenges the humans to look past their own points of view and meet eye to eye in order to maintain the balance between giving and taking. Although giving back to the land puts players at a disadvantage, taking from Paradice threatens its existence. It is inside this paradox that the humans discover that Paradice cannot be won, but instead, Paradice is one. Only by achieving united consciousness can the land be saved. Made from wood cast-offs and non-toxic dyes, the board game is completely sustainable. Paradice encourages consciousness beyond the game in our daily lives. As we confront worldly issues of unsustainable energy, greed and violence, we recognize the significance of our choices in saving the environment and the future of humanity. Humans can save Paradice, or they can destroy it. What will you do? For more information on Paradice, $69.50, one of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products for 2009 and winner of the A+ Award from www.education.com, visit www.gamewhys. com. – AR

Foreverlily Eau de Parfum


ith a soft and tantalizing aroma, Foreverlily allures the senses and soothes the heart. Foreverlily was inspired by author Beth Nonte Russell’s memoir entitled, Forever Lily: An Unexpected Mother’s Journey to Adoption in China. Throughout the book, Russell captivates readers as she describes the emotion she felt when taking the journey that was initially intended to help a friend adopt a baby girl, but ultimately led to her own motherhood. Russell remembered distinct scents from her journey, intrinsically connecting emotions to memories and inspiring the enticing fragrance of Foreverlily. A floral bouquet of clove, fresh lychee, fig and stargazer lily are wrapped in the soft accents of sweet vanilla and amber. Intoxicating and sensuous, Foreverlily radiates the calming effect of a cool mist, bringing serenity, an open heart, and peace of mind. Foreverlily and Russell’s accompanying memoir allow perfume lovers to experience a new way of enjoying a beautiful fragrance. While enjoying the fresh essences of sandalwood and lemon, readers are able to have a firsthand experience of Russell’s poignant and touching exploration of love and compassion. Foreverlily is the perfect gift for mothers old and new, and all those we hold dear. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Golden Phoenix Foundation, a non-profit organization that Russell and her husband created to help end child abandonment worldwide. Foreverlily fragrance, 3.4 fl . oz., $125, and accompanying memoir, $14, is available through GoodTrueBeautiful, Inc. at www.foreverlily.com. To learn more about the Golden Phoenix Foundation, visit www.goldenphoenixfoundation.org.


Vision Salon

Transform your Body!

A Cr eat ive Co llec t i v e

Pilates is a safe and effective way to develop better body awareness OUTH OAST and fitness. Based on a thorough ILATES understanding of human anatomy, 2240 Shelter Island Drive, Pilates can help improve posture Suite 100 and alignment, aid in recovery from (619) 817-5180 injury, and develop increased www.southcoastpilates.com coordination and strength.


Join Business Owners and Community Members to Share Ideas and Learn From Each O t he r

Wednesd ay Octob er 14 th , 6 -8 p m Music:

Jane Baek

CEO and founder of YourNetwork.tv, an interactive and non-partisan medium for the free exchange of ideas, entertainment, and news. She is a singer/ songwriter who will be debuting her new songs at this month’s Vision Salon.

Guest Speaker

Amanda Collins

An internationally recognized Feng Shui consultant, speaker, and instructor as well as the owner and founder of San Diego school of Feng Shui. She has traveled around the world receiving formal training from the leading Feng Shui Masters.

Nature’s Express 2949 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 619.294.2393 • salon@visionmagazine.com $10 suggested donation www.welovesuperfoods.com • Gengo Consulting - 760.822.2900

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rentals MEDITATIVE SPACE FOR RENT IN THE EYE OF BUDDHA RETAIL STORE. Rent our upstairs meeting room per hour or day for special events, meetings, trainings, meditations, or yoga classes. 700sq feet. Parking available. 4247 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92103. Call for more information 619.296.1150 11/09 CLASSROOM AND/OR THERAPY ROOM RENTALS: Different sizes available! Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485, naturalhealinginst.com 10/09

SOUND HEALING SOUND HEALING WORKSHOPS AND PRIVATE SESSIONS in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara with Christine M. Grimm. See www.TuneYourVoice.com or call 805.698.3580. 10/09

spiritual counseling / reiki training SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR, METAPHYSICAL MINISTER, Reiki, Karuna® Reiki Master, Empowerment Readings, Meditation Training, Energy Healing, Attunements, Wendy Chaffin, www. SacredDiscoveries.com, Pacific Beach, 858.270.2908. Phone Sessions Available, Credit Accepted. 12/09

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ACHIEVE 20/20 VISION Physical Therapy For The Eyes The Natural Alternative To Glasses, Contacts, & Surgery! Improve 25%-75% in Just SIX WEEKS INFO/CONSULTATION:


or www.eyerobics.net

WATER-N-ICE STORES 25271/2 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92104



(1 Block East of Texas Street)

Laura Geralyn Kline



• Healer • Spiritual Messenger • Twin Flame/Soulmate Reconnection

Pre-Pay: 45¢ per gallon Pay-as-you-go: 50¢ per gallon Up to 10 FREE Gallons upon your first visit to our store, just bring in your own bottle or buy one of ours! 9-7 Mon.-Fri. • 9-6 Sat./Sun.

773.354.6841 preciouspain4ever@comcast.net

yoga YOGA THERAPY - Private, individual instruction designed to meet your wellness goals. Develop greater strength, flexibility, balance and well-being. Release stress and anxiety. Local wellness center, your home or office. David Clark www.4dBliss. com 619.723.6770 10/09 HEALING SVAROOPA® YOGA INTENSIVE San Diego: Jan 27-31, 2010 Learn essential poses for spinal release, related anatomy, fundamental philosophy. Pre-registration: http://blissyogi.com/ workshops.html 10/09 SVAROOPA® YOGA INTENSIVE WEEKEND: GATEWAY OF THE HEART Vidyadevi (Bombay Stillman) returns to San Diego February 27-28, 2010. Sponsored by SD Svaroopa® Yoga Connection. www. etmyoga.com or CyndyG 858.829.9996. 10/09




h y p not h e r a p y

Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy HYPNOTHERAPY CERTIFICATION TRAINING • Ericksonian Hypnosis • Cognitive Behavorial Hypnosis • Energy Psychology • NLP • Wellness Workshops Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA info@sdhypnosistraining.com www.sdhypnosistraining.com 858.587.0422

P s y c h ic

O CTO B ER 20 0 9

Classes Mon thly! Ask about special disco unts!

“By the Light of the Moon” continued from page 7


Margo Mariana

Clairvoyant Counselor, Life Coach Medical Intuitive – Clarity and guidance for career and creativity, relationships, transitions and health – Personal tools for stress management, wellness, success and harmony – Discounts available

Appointments: 619.465.7909 Email: margomariana@yahoo.com Web: www.margomarianapsychiccounselor.com



Free Monthly Message Circles Need Answers?

Channeled Guidance for Life’s Issues & Your Soul’s Path to Joy

Rev. Elivia Melodey Psychic Medium since 1982


Accurate, Reliable Professional PHONE – IN PERSON READINGS All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Call or Visit Elivia.com for Schedules


San Diego Reader 2007

Advanced Foot Reflexology

“This is much more than reflexology – your feet are being read from sole to soul and worked on accordingly to deliver unbelievable results” –Louise Hay, best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life

1 Hour Session


Mind-Body medicine that actually works by boosting your own healing powers!


Ariel Talmor

Renowned Reflexologist & Intuitive Healer

(619) 282-4580 www.sole-to-soul.com

First time only-Call now!


Laura Plumb is a teacher of yoga & Ayurveda. She offers trainings, retreats, and workshops on life mastery, conscious leadership and conscious wealth in the United States, India and Europe. She is the co-founder of the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts (DYSHA), based at Ginseng Yoga San Diego and the new Deep Yoga Sanctuary, opening next year in Point Loma, CA. DYSHA is hosting a children’s yoga workshop and Sacred Chants concert with Snatam Kaur at the Corky McMillin Event Center at Liberty Station November 14. Learn more at www.DeepYoga.com or contact Laura@ DeepYoga.com. “Devin Grace” continued from page 13

Renew & Transform with Holistic Reflexology

Special Offer $

elements, masculine and feminine duality, spirit and matter, expanded awareness and responsive thought. In this context, yoga is the technology of clarifying and expanding awareness so that our mind fully and wholly shines the light of our heart intelligence. Have you ever seen a full moon hanging low over the ocean, or glimmering upon an immense lake? A simple exercise to return the mind to its fullness and purpose is to close your eyes and picture a calm lake at your heart center, with a full moon reflecting upon it. As you breathe in, allow your inner gaze to focus on the light dancing upon the water. As you breathe out, sink your awareness into the darkness of the water. Drop your awareness deeper and deeper into your heart and try listening to the silence there. When we gaze at the light of the heart, we focus on the radiance of our inner spirit. When we listen to the silence of the heart, we access the ocean of infinite being. Ultimately, our mind can be a pure reflection of this vast vibratory field, an experience of aliveness without differentiation, a knowing of what is beyond all that is. My husband sings, “The ocean refuses no river. Spirit refuses no seeker. Heart light refuses no lover.”


someone else go through their process of clearing and awakening. VM: Do you have hope for our world? DG: I don’t have hope for the world; I have absolute knowing of it. Hope for the world is putting it outside of where it really needs to be. I have a knowingness that our world will go through exactly what it needs to in order for every single soul to awaken to who they truly are. So, if we have wars and nuclear bombs, I’m going to trust that this is something in the unconscious thought system that needs to be awakened somehow. Do I have hope for the world? No. I have knowing for every human being that we will all awaken. And awakening is simply remembering who we truly are, when the ego is no longer there and we’re in our right mindedness— so when wrong numbers are printed or when nuclear bombs hit, you can still be in a place of peace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just before we went to press, Devin Grace let me know that one woman had called the wrong number in her ad, spoken to the law firm that the number went to, and found the help that she needed about a medication she was taking with adverse affects. This was the one person who dialed the wrong number and was helped. Devin Grace had knowledge that there was a reason for the error. She trusted what happened with grace and humor and she helped that one woman immeasurably; she may have saved her life. It is the lives of those who come into contact with Devin that will truly change. Devin Grace offers business, personal or spiritual consulting sessions. She may be reached at 800.980.7636 or through www.devingrace.com. Mention Vision Magazine and receive 10 percent off your first session.



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“Medical Marijuana” continued from page 16



“Alternative needs are here,” says Cody. “Whether it’s through acupuncture, massage therapy, reflexology, or support groups—we need to have a place where we can access these medications and practices.” That’s why Hillcrest Compassion Care goes beyond providing medical marijuana by using its resources as a non-profit organization to benefit the community. “We have programs that aren’t just for collective members,” notes Cody. “We try to reach the community abroad. Everyone is welcome.” The collective offers yoga classes on Mondays, medicine education classes on Tuesdays, HIV support groups on Wednesdays, and music on Friday and Saturday nights. “There are many people out there who need help—that’s the bottom line,” affirms Cody. “It’s not done for profit; it’s done out of love and compassion.” For more information on the 2010 ballot initiative in California to tax and legalize marijuana, visit www.taxcannabis2010.org. To learn more about Hillcrest Compassion Care, call 619.291.4420 or visit 1295 University Ave. Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., or Sunday 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Mrs. Tracy Tells Your Past, Present & FUTURE! Blessed with a gift and an angels touch, Mrs. Tracy will help you with all matters of life... Est. 1979 appts. by phone or in person

“Float for Health, Happiness and Harmony” continued from page 19

Stuedemann points out, “Floating makes me calmer. I deal with people better and I’m a lot less likely to get upset. I’m just more in the flow of what’s going on. I’m able to get to the heart of the matter right away, rather than keep things locked inside. I can see through the conflict that might happen and go to the next step to prevent it from ever happening. I’m healthy!” he exclaims. Being mentally healthy can also make your resolve stronger and your dedication permanent toward living right. “Floating helps you overcome bad habits like overeating, drug use or alcohol abuse. It seems like it just makes you more comfortable with the way you are. You then don’t have to do anything to feel better because you already feel good. You don’t have to overeat to feel better; you don’t have to do drugs or alcohol to feel better. It’s because you’re finding the root of the matter.” Being enclosed in that dark space, suspended weightlessly and completely in tune with the universe and the self will help you clear your mind and move forward in your own spiritual evolution. “If you study psychology at all, there are different levels of gratification in life. If you’re at a base level, you’re just thinking about survival, food shelter, and sex. But once you go up higher and higher and obtain self-realization, you find yourself and why you’re really here. Floating can do that for you.” Opening up a float center was not a financial venture for Stuedemann. After experiencing the numerous benefits of floating, he decided that he wanted to share his happiness with the world. For him, it’s not about making money—it’s about making progress. “I’m trying to raise the consciousness level of everyone. I just feel like everything is so rushed and we’re trying to get something from somebody all the time. I think we really need to take stock in what’s important in our lives. We need to start looking out for each other and start caring about each other because that’s the only way we’re going to improve the quality of our lives.” Raising everyone’s consciousness begins with each individual. It’s time we turn off the TV, forget about the bills for a little while, and just let our bodies, minds and spirits float serenely into health, happiness and harmony.

3 1 0 . 6 5 9 . 3 6 1 0 • w w w. AT R U E P S Y C H I C . c o m

For more information on float therapy, visit www.greentarafloatcenter.com, call 619.683.3817, or drop by 3069 Lincoln Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92104. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


$35 Special Psychic Reading For 1st Time Clients (reg. $60)

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“Self Care: Embracing the Tides of Change” continued from page 20

and going about our daily routines, we will know when change is needed. We are fortunate in that if we seek out holistic health modalities in our country, we will find them. As a Holistic Health Practitioner in the field of bodywork and a student for 13 years, I am amazed at how many healing modalities are available. Holistic health professionals such as naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists and nutritionists are becoming more popular in today’s western world. We have many available models in our multi-dynamic culture that help us to increase awareness, support prevention and provide solutions for day-to-day wellness. Holistic modalities are even entering the field of allopathic medicine. A western medical doctor by the name of Dr. Janet Travell worked with President John F. Kennedy to relieve his back pain with her form of Trigger Point therapy. Trigger points are pain patterns between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system that can be interrupted. Dr. Travell created and implemented this therapy using anesthetic injections on trigger points in the body to relieve pain. Her technique evolved to a manual touch therapy known as Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), which is currently used without injections by massage therapists to similarly deactivate trigger points in the body. Though massage therapists are not doctors and would not diagnose an illness, they are great resources to call upon for wellness tips as a part of a holistic health care team. Massage therapy is one example of alternative healthcare. Self care involves researching the options, speaking to wellness professionals, and selecting the course that is right for you. Alternative plans involving self care can empower a nation in times of change and encourage a cultural attitude that takes more of a driver’s seat on the road of prevention. This can become a path to self-discovery—rather than turning solely to our political leaders for answers, we can lead ourselves. It is an opportunity to embrace the tides of change and implement a more accountable self care program within a healthcare plan that promotes a cultural sense of wellbeing. Self care can be attended to in our own corners of the world and someday it may be a part of a universal health care plan for us and for future generations.  Rhonda Grace Sandhu is a Holistic Health Practitioner who teaches at the International Professional School of Bodywork and leads wellness retreats. Learn more at www.bajawellnessretreat.com or contact info@bajawellnessretreat.com or 888.774.7887. “Alchemy” continued from page 24

Demonstrations and participatory opportunities will include sensory Harmonic Resonance technology and the Tesla coil sound chamber, yoga, Qi gong, meditation, and sexual improvement and healing techniques. Entertainment will include live music, dance performance, art, spoken work, poetry, and a dance party. “I’m confident that the age-old wisdom to be shared during this year’s conference will help a great many people better cope with the mounting pressures of life in these turbulent times,” says Dennis William Hauck, co-president of the International Alchemy Guild, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving the ancient teachings of alchemy. The Guild is producing the event jointly with the Modern Mystery School, which offers advanced spiritual training in ancient wisdom passed down through history. The practical knowledge shared facilitates spiritual growth and allows individuals to transform themselves and their world. For more information on the Third Annual International Alchemy Conference, visit www.alchemyconference.com, or learn more about the co-producers at www. alchemyguild.org and www.modernmysteryschool.com. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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“Enforcing His Grace” continued from page 21

my whole body would be in pain for weeks. I had to take my power back. If I ate one carrot, it would make me violently ill. By eating 20 carrots, I would enforce my grace. I then moved into a place that had all my allergens because I had to confront the illness. It was a big faith step for me. My theme was to enforce God’s grace, which is there for everyone no matter what they believe or don’t believe—it doesn’t change the fact that the grace of God is available. We have to open our hearts to know what the heart wants. The problem in my life was that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t setting boundaries and it manifested in my body. I couldn’t fight it physically because it wasn’t a physical problem. VM: What thoughts and emotional “allergies” did you have to fight? JT: When I believed I had reacted to something, I was very negative. The diagnosis creates a focus. First it was the food. I went into the macrobiotics diet, the rotation diet, the candida diet and I kept learning more and more about the allergies. I was really educating myself in a very negative direction [focused on] illness. I was filling my heart and mind with all those thoughts about what was wrong with the food. Then I would react to the food. It becomes like a vicious cycle that is created by the diagnosis. The diagnosis adds fear and negative focus on the physical body. When diagnosed, the heart knows it is not true. The heart is screaming: I’m distracted now into a belief system that is not going to help me and could kill me. VM: In what way has having a psychology degree helped you on your journey? JT: It did influence me of course. I think that it was hard for me to let go of all the knowledge I had. The only way I would use psychology in my practice is by doing anger release. I think that this is fabulous for everybody. The rest of the psychology doesn’t work. I’m not tempted to use it because I went through so much with it on myself. If I had to go back into it, I would lose spiritual power because I would be bringing in an existence that has left the truth. People have to climb the ladder of truth. If someone has the power to do healing and brings in psychology, they are undermining their power. VM: Is there anything you want to add about Enforcing His Grace? JT: Enforcing His Grace is just the process of standing on the blessings of God. Love, joy, power, and divine health are the things God wants us to give authority to. We are going to become the spiritual people that we were meant to be. If God has given me this revelation, there are other people who are going to get this revelation and join in. I know that God loves all people the same, whether they are Christian or non-Christian. People have to go in search of the truth. For more information on Rev. Juliana Taylor and Enforcing His Grace, visit www. enforcinghisgrace.com or call 310.281.3330.



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Like 2,000 years ago CHECK IT OUT! ‘star’ appears atural Healing Institute Healing this&time to herald ofessional License Certificate Programs Events mprehensive Training • Highestemergence Caliber Instructors imminent and assage Therapist • Nutrition • Herbology of the• Aromatherapy istic Health Practitioner • Spa Therapist • Sports Therapist Classes Instructor • Thai Massage • Lomi HealingChrist • Shiatsu • Somatics Planetary

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Introductory Presentation 3 pm 1st Sunday of month Controversial Bookstore 3063 University Ave - SD SD cable public access channel Wed 9:30 pm Cox Sat 5:30 pm Time Warner Visit our booth at local street fairs Serve through Transmission Meditation 9:30 am Sun, 7 pm Tue and 8 pm Fri in San Diego meditation.meetup.com/430 (619) 223-6703 For LA/SF info about events & Transmission Meditation groups: LA: (818) 785-6300 SF: www.sharingforpeace.org www.share-international.org

Yin (Women’s) Qigong for prevention & healing

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Chopra Center for Well Being, Sun. Oct 4 Tri-City Wellness, Sat. Oct 10 UCSD, Sat. Oct 17 San Diego Cancer Center

MEDIUMSHIP READINGS AT THE CELEBRATION CENTER Do you wish to hear from a loved one who has passed on? Come join us for “Messages, with Love, from the Other Side” Rev Roby Warren D.D., founding Pastor of The Celebration Center, will be conducting two new evening events at 7:00 pm on the 2nd and 4th Wed of every month. 5820 Oberlin Drive #108, San Diego, 92121. Call 858.320.0090 or e-mail admin@thecelebrationcenter.org 10/09 CASA CALIFORNIA: PRESTIGIOUS SHOWCASE OF WHO’S WHO OF LA AND ORANGE COUNTY DESIGNERS October 11-November 8 in Irvine’s exclusive Shady Canyon. www.philharmonicsociety. org. 714.840.7542. 10/09 COME LEARN YOUR 4 BEST DIRECTIONS AND ACTIVATE THE FENG SHUI IN YOUR BODY At Feng Shui For Your Body we give you more “Aha!” moments. FREE 1 hour class, 961 Turquoise St. San Diego. Oct. 7, 21 & Nov. 4 at 5:30. 858.488.8655. www. fengshuiforyourbody.com 10/09

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OCTOBER 10 SATURDAY WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF MUSIC ON SOCIETY AND WHAT ROLES DOES IT PLAY IN THE POLITICS THAT AFFECT OUR LIVES? “CABARET POLITICO,” an evening of new chamber music, featuring singer Lori Rivera, actors Martin Kachuck & Tom Graves plus guest speaker, Ryan Coonerty. 8pm Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA www.newmusicworks.org 831.425.3526 10/10 10/09 ENERGETIC/VIBRATIONAL HEALING – Highly experiential! Different modalities, plus learn to actually see the aura, assess and transform energy blocks. 9:00am – 5:40pm. Also October 24. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485, naturalhealinginst. com 10/09


SATURDAY FREE 2 HOUR WORKSHOP! Your Body’s Secret Language Revealed! How to understand your body’s Emotional, Mental, And Spiritual Messages! Learn how to decode your body’s Vibrational Language and how to harness your EMOTIONS. What pain is really about (surprise!) Learn your body’s spiritual language…it’s not what you think! 10am-12pm Carlsbad. Call Now! 760.692.0252. Space is Limited To 20 people. www.myinnerwisdom.com. 10/09 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


Breast Health Awareness Month


Learn about Maitreya

OCTOBER 11 SUNDAY FREE KUNDALINI YOGA CLASS / GONG EVENT Encinitas Training Info / Yogi Tea & Cookies - 4:30pm-6:00pm at Stillpoint Body Lounge - 965 2nd St. Encinitas RVSP message at 951.696.9063 x105 yogamurrieta.com 10/09

Wed. Oct 7, Carlsbad & Thur. Oct 8, Normal Heights

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San Diego ‘star’ sighting 9-5-09 9 pm


OCTOBER 10 & 11

SATURDAY & SUNDAY LA JOLLA ART & WINE FESTIVAL Experience Something New in La Jolla. Celebrate La Jolla’s artist colony roots and support public schools. Juried Art. Children’s Art Center. Live Entertainment. Gourmet Food. Local Wineries and Breweries. Adults $7/Kids 12 and under $3/Kids 2 and Under: free. www. lajollaartandwinefestival.com 10/09


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OCTOBER 16 - 18

FRIDAY - SUNDAY THE FOUR AGREEMENTS WORKSHOP and Toltec Dreaming monthly with Barbara Emrys! Now in San Diego! Come experience a total awakening beginning the weekend of October 16-18. For information and registration, contact Karen Harbour at toltecdreamer@cox.net or at 702.233.4236. 10/09 PATH TO THE BELOVED: GODDESS MEETS WARRIOR Programs for Singles & Couples. San Diego Weekend Workshop & Kick-Off to 8-Month Group Phone Coaching. 415.289.2213 http:// pathtothebelovedweekend.eventbrite.com 10/09


SATURDAY WORKSHOP “THE ART OF BLENDING ESSENTIAL OILS” Dr. Matea Polisoto, founder of Exquisite Aromatherapy, is offering a class on how to create your own custom blends for healing, natural perfume, cosmetics and more. La Jolla, CA. www.drmatea.com 858.779.9120 10/09


TUESDAY FREE 2 HOUR WORKSHOP! Your Body’s Secret Language Revealed! How to understand your body’s Emotional, Mental, And Spiritual Messages! Learn how to decode your body’s Vibrational Language and how to harness your EMOTIONS. What pain is really about (surprise!) Learn your body’s spiritual language…it’s not what you think! 7pm-9pm Carlsbad. Call Now! 760.692.0252. Space is Limited To 20 people. www.myinnerwisdom.com. 10/09 TRIGGER POINT THERAPY – Release muscle and deferred pain. Plus stretches and other bodywork for different pain complaints. 6 Tuesdays, 2 – 5:30. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485, naturalhealinginst.com 10/09

OCTOBER 23 - 25

FRIDAY - SUNDAY IMAGERY AND HYPNOTHERAPY INSTITUTE CERTIFICATION COURSE in Thousand Oaks. Visit www. imageryandhypnotherapy.com for complete program fees and information. BBS and BRN approved for CEU. jtamiazzo@ charter.net, 805.927.4182 10/09 SACRED GLOBAL COSMOPOP CONCERT AND ECOFEST: A FESTIVAL OF HOPE By Suggested Donation. Come to Avalon Gardens next to the historic Tumaccori Mission for a Sacred Global CosmoPop Concert & EcoFest featuring Gabriel of Urantia & his 11-piece, international Bright & Morning Star Band! If you missed this fantastic festival last June, you’ve got another chance to enjoy all the sights, sounds, flavors and more this time around as there will be added vendors, campers, and fun for the whole family. Festival activities include live music, independent film, activist theater, eco-conscious speakers, kids activities, a unique eco-village experience, a variety of ethnic foods, vendors of all sorts, and more. For info & directions - www. CosmoPopFestivals.org, 520.603.9932 www.futurestudios.org, 10/09


SATURDAY MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP Learn high-frequency techniques & receive highest priority clearing. Pacific Beach, 9am to 1pm. $212, w/ Swami Deviananda. 858.405.5088 / Martha@sacredrebirthing. com 10/09


SATURDAY DIANA COOPER, KNOWN AS BRITAIN’S “ANGEL LADY” will be featured at The Imagine Center in Tarzana, CA on ‘ANGEL DAY.’ Diana’s latest book “A New Light on Angels” will be available for signing. ANGEL DAY will also feature Angel readings, Angel healings, Angel cards, jewelry and other merchandise. The Imagine Center is located at 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. Call 818.345.1100 to reserve reading and healing sessions. Diana Cooper is scheduled to appear from 11 to 1. 10/09

OCTOBER 25 SUNDAY SPICA - WAY OF LIGHT CHURCH AND UNIVERSITY OF DIVINITY FUN RAISER From 1pm to 4pm. Readings, Astrology, Food, Healing and more will occur. Please call: 619.588.6483 and meet us at 1440 S. Orange Ave. El Cajon, CA (Clubhouse) 10/09 THE HIDDEN MESSAGES OF WATER Dr. Masaru Emoto is coming to the Temple of Light! 2-5pm, 23832 Rockfield Blvd., Ste. 195, Lake Forest, CA. Pre-register by October 15 - $65, or $75 after, This event will sell out, so don’t wait! 949.340.7408, www.templeoflight.info 10/09


THURSDAY “MYSTICAL READERS SALON” Halloween Party Event $20, 7pm. Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology Readings. Spiritual Discovery with Linda Berry and Jim Ellis, Lemon Grove. 619.507.6395, rsvp@spiritualdiscovery. org, www.spiritualdiscovery.org. 10/09

OCTOBER 31 SATURDAY COMPREHENSIVE 6-WEEK COURSES ON REIKI AND ENERGY HEALING CA Board of Registered Nurses approves this course for 30 CE contact hours CEP 15226 www.sacredtransformationsreiki. com 619.204.0504 10/09

Transformed in the Light:

Helping Humanity with Enhanced Abilities after NDEs

Near-death experiencers and researchers invite you to join them to share the truth about so-called “death” and the implications for Life. Amazing Speakers include: Charles Tart, Ph.D., transpersonal psychologist & author of The End of Materialism: How Evidence of the Paranormal is Bringing Science and Spirit Together Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., parapychologist, President of the Intuition Network, & author of The Roots of Consciousness: Psychic Exploration Through History, Science and Experience. ND MORE! A Mission Valley Resort, 875 Hotel Circle South Friday Oct 16 – Saturday Oct. 17 w/an optional Healing/Arts Day Thursday Oct 15 - 10am-4pm. Only $220 for two full days or $120 for one day until October 1 ($240 or $130 at the door).

Fri. Nov. 6 - Terri Quintel: “Astrology 101” Tues. Nov. 10 - Kay Taylor: “Discovering Your Soul Purpose” Wed. Nov. 11 - Edith Hathaway: “Understanding Vedic Astrology” Thur. Nov. 12 - Robert Blashcke: “Esoteric Wisdom Of The Planets” Fri. Nov. 13 - Karen Page: “Friday the 13th Psychic Night” Tues. Nov. 17 - Kevin Burke: “Law of Attraction Astrology” Wed. Nov. 18 - Amber Flynn: “Vedic Astrology Fundamentals” Fri. Nov. 20 - Robert Blashcke: “Soul Of The Zodiac” Tues. Nov. 27 - Hadley Fitzgerald: “Evolutionary Astrology”

www.iands.org for registration or call 919.383.7940

6:30pm - 8:30pm • Refreshments served • $25 a class 305 Rose Avenue (at Main Street), Venice, CA 90291

The optional Healing/Arts Day will be a day of energetic healing, psychic and medium readings, an art show, and NDE films for $25 (includes 3 healings/readings).

NOVEMBER 1 SUNDAY AWAKEN: JOINT LECTURE WITH THE WORLD’S FOREMOST PASTLIFE REGRESSIONIST AND NEW ZEALAND’S FOREMOST SPIRITUAL CHANNEL Dolores Cannon & Blair Styra. 6:30pm, The Renaissance Hotel, Long Beach, CA. www.dolorescannon.com, www.tabaash.com, 800.935.0045 10/09 NOVEMBER 6 - 8

FRIDAY - SUNDAY “THE PASSIONATE MIND REVISITED” WEEKEND WORKSHOP WITH MASTER YOGA TEACHERS JOEL KRAMER & DIANA ALSTAD. Bringing Spirituality Down to Earth; The Heart of Asana & Pranayama; Yoga of Relationship; and Yoga, Consciousness & Evolution. Prana Yoga Center La Jolla, www.prana-yoga. com, 858.456.2806. 11/09


NOVEMBER SNATAM KAUR: SACRED CHANT CONCERTS Angelic voices & uplifting beats with Snatam Kaur & GuruGanesha Singh. Huntington Beach: 11/13, 7:30pm. St. Wilfrid of York. San Diego: 11/14, 7pm. Corky McMillin Event Center. Bhava Ram Children’s Yoga Adventure workshop with Snatam Kaur at 3pm on both days. www. SpiritVoyage.com, www.SnatamTickets. com, 619.338.9642. 11/09 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

SATURDAY - SUNDAY EXPLOSIVE POWER OF SOFTNESS Release your internal power for healing, defense and realization with Internal Arts Masters Ken Cohen, Tang Wei-Zhong. See Workshops at SoCalTaiChi.com or info@SoCalTaiChi.com. 323.344.0254 10/09


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

The arts of divination are an important part of human history and culture. The knowledge and application of the intuitive sciences are a necessary requirement if human society is to advance in consciousness. Our objective is to elevate these arts to their previous level of respect and dignity. As the market for these sciences grows, so unfortunately do the number of unqualified practitioners. We offer exciting and stimulating workshops given by state-of-the-art professionals who embody the highest platform of credibility. Join us to learn, discover and enjoy yourself.



SATURDAY A NIGHT OF PSYCHIC INSIGHTS AND MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT. Join Jennifer Farmer, spiritual medium and teacher as she shares techniques on how to navigate your own journey more intuitively and to identify and recognize your individual gifts. The second part of the evening will be devoted to messages, demonstrates her astounding gift by giving readings to select audience members. Be prepared to be touched by the power of spirit and moved from within, which will leave you feeling amazed and inspired! 7-930pm, Handerly Hotel, San Diego. Reservations required. $60 per person $50 for two or more. www.butterflyspiritconnections.com 10/09

NOVEMBER 8 SUNDAY SALON TALK & RECEPTION “Images; Our Life Companions” Artist Pamela Underwood BFA, MA. 5:00pm7:00pm. San Diego Writers Ink Spot Gallery. Please RSVP, 619.857.8820, pamela@pamelaunderwood.com, www. pamelaunderwood.com 10/09 FREE CONCERT BY SAN DIEGO JAZZ ALL-STARS featuring Holly Hofmann, flutist, 7PM at La Jolla Presbyterian Church, 7715 Draper Ave. La Jolla, CA. Recorded Information 858.729.5531, www.ljpresmusic.com 10/09






SATURDAY PEPPER LEWIS AND GAIA BRING 2010 & BEYOND: Tough Matters, Big Questions. Seaside Center – 12–6. $100. Contact Bea Wragee 858.484.3513, beawragee8@ gmail.com, PepperLewis.com 12/09

FIND THE CENTER OF DIVINITY WITHIN! Inspirational prayers, metaphysical teachings, music, social hour to follow. 10:30AM-11:30AM. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007 11/09


THAI THERAPY MASSAGE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM Blends gentle, rocking, rhythmic acupressure & deep assisted stretches to open, exercise, & tone all systems of the body. Sundays October 4 – Dec 13 + 1 Saturday TBA. Natural Healing Institute, naturalhealinginst.com, 760.943.8485 10/09

BASIC ASTROLOGY CLASS – led by Eva Montealegre. This class provides the tools to understand the Zodiac and to interpret charts. Bring your birth-date plus time and place of birth as accurately as you can determine them. The stars will point the way and Eva will guide the starship! 7 – 8:30 pm Wednesdays at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356. $30 per lesson. Call 818.345.1100 to register or for more information. The Imagine Center, the Valley’s reborn oasis for the soul - new ownership, new energy. 10/09



Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association


Incorporated and Serving ALL in California Since 1896

SaturdaysHealing 1:00pm Church 2:00pm


Sundays Healing 10:00am Church 11:00am

FREE PSYCHIC READINGS every FIRST Monday 7:30pm by students in Vessa’s INTUITIVE INSIGHTS Clairvoyant Program, 4455 Morena Blvd. #108, 858.509.7582 www.MyIntuition.Net 10/09

Psychic Fair

1st Sat. of Month

Certification and Personal Growth Classes

NOVEMBER 14 - 15

• Mediumship • Healing • Ministerial • Ordinations

KABBALAH WORKSHOP: LETTERS OF FIRE Palm Springs 9am-6pm. For more info:: http://feu.tantrika.net. Registration: 760.328.8001 10/09

Private Readings Available Information about Speakers & Directions


Escondido, CA www.harmonygrovespiritualist.org

TUESDAY MONEY REALIZATION Transcendental Rebirthing™ Special Event, One-day Intensive Workshop: 9am to 7pm. Rebirth into Oneness! 858.405.5088, www. sacredrebirthing.com 11/09

NOVEMBER 26 - 29



EMPOWERMENT CIRCLE – Empower yourself to experience what you desire in life. Imagine managing your personal energy field to manifest a life you love. Bring your desires to the session and hold them silently in your mind as you learn how to apply conscious use of mental, spiritual and physical energy to manifest their outcome. Circles convene on Sundays 4-5:30pm at the newly renovated Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356. Reservations accepted at 818.345.1100. Capacity is limited so register early. Suggested donation of $10 per participant. 10/09 WE INSPIRE YOUR HEART, EDUCATE YOUR MIND AND EMPOWER YOUR SOUL! One Heart-One Mind Center for Spiritual Living 9:30am-Meditation 10amService 10225 Barnes Canyon Rd Ste C-100, in San Diego 858.453.9830 www. oneheart-onemind.org 10/09 OM SPIRITUAL CENTER SUNDAY 10AM SERVICE All Faiths are welcome! 1233 Camino Del Rio South-Mission Valley, San Diego, 92108 Ph: 858.213.7061. For more details: www.omspiritualcenter.org 03/10 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

BEGINNER TAROT, led by Wendy Kashefi. Now you can read too! Learn to interpret the cards, how to ask questions and how to bring it all together. Wendy will lead the way. 7 – 9 pm at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356. $35 per lesson. Call 818.345.1100 to register or for more information. The Imagine Center, the Valley’s reborn oasis for the soul - new ownership, new energy. 10/09 CLINICAL NUTRITION Introductory or full Certification. Special Discounts. Most comprehensive training from nationally honored Certified Clinical Nutritionists. 7:00 – 9:40 PM. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485, naturalhealinginst.com 10/09 BUDDHIST SUTRA STUDY Center for American Buddhist Practice. 6-8pm. Eye of Buddha, 4247 Park Blvd. All welcome, no charge. Info: Jonathan, 619.459.9313, www.cfabp.org. 12/09

WEDNESDAYS MIRACLE CIRCLE MEDITATION: Connect with your inner divinity through deep meditation, inspirational prayers, and group discussion. 7PM-8PM. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007 11/09


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

CLINICAL HERBOLOGY Introductory or Full Certification. Special Discounts. Most comprehensive training from nationally honored Certified Master Herbalists. 7:00 – 9:40 PM. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485, naturalhealinginst.com 10/09 ORIENTAL SPORTS MASSAGE – Asian Style Sport Stretching. Great for therapist, receiver, everyone! Wednesdays October 14 – November 4, 9:30am – 5:30pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485, naturalhealinginst.com 10/09

THURSDAYS FREE DETOXIFICATION AND WEIGHT LOSS CLASS 1st Thursday of every month. 6:30 PM. Easy and successful program. Register @ Body Basics Health Center, San Diego. 619.296.7390 09/09

FRIDAYS HAPPINESS CLASSES - Based on the lifehealing teachings of VERNON HOWARD, Fridays - 8pm; Sundays - 10am. New Life Foundation, 5779 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA. 714.899.9300 Conquer stress, handle difficult people with ease, banish problems. Donation basis. 10/09

SATURDAYS CERTIFIED NUTRITIONAL CHEF THERAPEUTIC LUSCIOUS COOKING – Learn how to prepare meals geared for balancing each major organ, gland, & system. Alternating Saturdays. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485, naturalhealinginst.com 10/09

v i s i o n a r y

a r t i s t

Helena Nelson-Reed

Helena Nelson–Reed is an American visionary artist of Celtic/Pawnee descent specializing in original watercolors and fine art illustration. Her primary focus is the portrayal of archetypal imagery in the tradition of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, exploring the collective consciousness evident in story, myth, and shamanism, as well as interpreting her own dreams and experiences. The images must be viewed in person to be fully appreciated as subtle color shifts, pluming, exquisite detail/line work and layers of applications are not fully visible in the printed mediums. Rendered in a luminous watercolor technique often described as ephemeral and unique, Nelson–Reed’s paintings are created in extraordinary detail, pushing the medium of watercolor past the usual limits. For more information on the art of Helena Nelson–Reed, please visit www.fine-art-studios.com or contact hnelsonreed@gmail.com.

Mother Goddess

Sacred Universe

“I think of reality as a subtle and not so subtle intermingling of light and shadow, of destinies crossing and interacting. As in the great mythic tales, most of us long ago succumbed to enchantment. Treading a bridge of dreams, they pass through this world, mistaking the illusion of a lucid dream for reality.” HNR Hand of the Seer




O CTO B ER 20 0 9

Her Highness the Moon


by Gahl Eden Sasson

he moon, along with the gravitational forces of the sun, causes the Earth to tilt 23.5 degrees on its axis, which in turn, makes the seasons possible and life on Earth so magical. The moon, through her influence over the tides, was probably the driving force behind the first creatures that left the ocean and made dry land their new habitat. And here we are, 2.7 billion years later, proud children of the moon. If the moon can manipulate the mighty oceans, surely she exercises a strong influence on our swellings and ebbings as well. After all, we are over 70 percent water. For millennia, the moon has made a deep impression on the human soul. Religious holidays such as Easter, Ramadan, Passover, and Vesak are all celebrated in congruence with the lunar cycles. The moon completes an orbital journey around the zodiac wheel roughly every 28 days. Since there are 12 signs, the moon visits every astrological sign for about two and a half days. As the closest and most visible heavenly body, the moon keeps a close watch over life on Earth. Our moon sign is extremely important, as it determines how we express our emotions. The moon embodies our core animalistic nature that has never been tamed by reason and socialization. Your moon sign manifests when you are anxious or in danger (physical as well as emotional), or whenever you shift to instinct mode, also known as the fight-or-flight mode. In legend, the werewolf, for example, transforms from a man (reason) to a wolf (instinct) at the time of the full moon, and Dracula transmutes from human (socially sensitive) to vampire (animal predator) in congruence with the cycles of the moon. The moon’s powers have penetrated every language. Words such as lunatic, moonstruck, and moony constantly remind us of the authority Mother Moon wields on our emotions.

The Wellness Center 1281 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 Suite A:

Optimum Health Chiropractic Wellness Center Dr. Dan Nuet 619.417.0249 www.to-good-health.com

Suite B:

Body Rescue SD Massage Therapy 619.952.2212 Karla “Koko” Klipper LMT www.bodyrescuesd.com

Suite C:

Laura Weide, HHP Massage Therapy 619.818.8449

Suite D:

Suite E:

Uptown Acupuncture and Massage Kirk Pfeiffer M.S. L.Ac. 619.339.9980 www.UptownAcupuncture.net

Massage Collective @ Uptown Acupuncture Kirk Pfeiffer HHP Massage Therapy 619.339.9980 Christine Husami LMT Massage Therapy 206.913.3139 Deborah DeCeasaris LMT Massage Therapy 619.218.2333 Tate Baker LMT Massage Therapy 414.324.3212 James Eason LMT Massage Therapy 801.433.8301

Suite F:

Vision in Design Graphic Design & Printing 619.985.6347 goodghostmarketing@yahoo.com or info@visionindesign.com

According to Kabbalah, the ancient mystical doctrine of Judaism, the moon is associated with the ninth sphere of the Tree of Life called Foundation. Kabbalists assert that the moon, governing our subconscious, is the foundation of our soul. The moon is believed to be associated with memories from this lifetime and past, and by tapping into the energies of the moon, one can access a great deal of both inner and outer wealth. One way to surf the cycles of the moon is to pay attention to its phases. On the new moon, start a new project, plant a seed, make a wish, or begin a new relationship. As the moon grows, when she looks like a D, add energy to the project you started. You will see that as the light of the moon grows, so will your endeavors swell. When the moon is full, it is time to rest, practice gratitude and see in what ways your wish or project is already manifesting. Then, when the moon is waning, as she loses her light and looks more like a C, it’s time to edit, revise, and let go of obstacles. In my years as an astrologer consulting clients, politicians and business people, I have witnessed that these simple tips truly make a difference. It is interesting to note that the United States, “born” July 4, is a Cancer. Since this is a water sign, Americans are far more influenced by the moon. For this reason, I recommend that you have at least one fountain or a water feature in your office or home to symbolize the ebb and flow of Her Highness, the Moon. Visit www.CosmicNavigator.com and click on the Free Chart tab to find your own moon sign. Gahl Eden Sasson teaches Astrology, Mythology and Kabbalah worldwide. His books A Wish Can Change Your Life (endorsed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama) and Cosmic Navigator, have been translated into over seven languages. A Lawyer You Can Trust with Your Business or Product For Business Start-Up, Incorporation, Trademark and Contracts

Z Specializing in Intellectual Property Y

Suite G:

The Law Office of Eric B. Alspaugh opened in 2003 with a straightforward mission: to give fast-growth to small and mid-size businesses and access to cost-effective general counsel services. We want to help these businesses chart their growth and mitigate the risks associated with success.

Vision Magazine Catalyst For Conscious Living 619.294.2393 www.visionmagazine.com

“Without the invaluable help of Eric Alspaugh, Esq. and his great team I would never have secured the National Trademark for Vision Magazine. He is easy to work with and gets the job done!” - Sydney L. Murray, Publisher of Vision Magazine.


phone - 949.716.5932 • cell - 619.322.4114 • email - ericalspaugh@cox.net V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


O CTO B ER 20 0 9

Celebrate this New Year auspiciously in jubilant health, beachfront on the sunny side of Maui! Come swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, whale watching, cleansing and feasting upon freshly-picked tropical fruits and tantalizing gourmet raw vegan cuisine prepared by Raw Spirit’s most beloved chefs: Jason Wrobel, Omar, Madhava and Chef Be Live. Learn from synergistic speakers, heart-stirring performers and transmutational playshop presenters in this intimate paradise. Dance to Shimshai and Scott Huckabay. Sing along with Kathy Zavada and Singing Bear. Move with modern improvisationalist Samantha Sweetwater and daring drummer Boaz. Dazzle thy mind with pragmatic yet transcendent, empirical researchers Chad Vandenberg, Lenny Watson, Brigitte Mars, Happy O and Jeremy Saffron. Play with Awahoshi and her crystal bowls, Amoraea’s offerings of light, Lori Grace’s sprouting with compassion, meditation with David Kaplan, and Dophinananda musical inspirations of Matisha. Perform Deep Poetry with Brother Northstar and Peace Parables with Mama Olatungi. Enjoy a massage, and above all, tickle your spirit throughout these precious days in community together.

Call 928.308.2146 Very Limited Tickets Available.


In-Depth Psychic Consulting Business • Personal • Spiritual

Devin Grace, MA

Psychic Consultant/Energy Clearer


For over two decades, Devin Grace has assisted thousands of people to wake up to greater professional, spiritual and personal success. Her clients include politicians, healers, professionals, therapists, law enforcement agents, families, couples, addicts in recovery, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, spiritual seekers and many others! To read client testimonials please visit www.DevinGrace.com

Photo by Maria Howell


• Over 20 years of psychic consulting experience • Advanced degrees in Business and Psychology • Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology • Award-winning spiritual screenwriter

How I work

“I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), and Clairaudient (clear hearing). I see, feel, and hear messages from your guides who are intimately familiar with you, your life, your lessons. During the sessions, vast amounts of blocked energy get removed and immediate healing begins.”

Client Testimonial Highlights

Absolutely blown away during my session with you ♥ Truly unparalleled ♥ Profound impact ♥ A single session with you is like ten therapy sessions ♥ I’ve been a skeptic about readings but this has changed my mind completely ♥ Far better than psychotherapy ♥ I could feel the energy coming through the phone ♥ I’ve had a few readings and by far, yours was the best! ♥ This unveiling of truth has changed my life ♥ What an astonishing experience! ♥ You got me through one of the most difficult periods of my life ♥ You were dead on! ♥ I found an immediate shift ♥ I couldn’t believe the amount of issues we covered in such a short time! ♥ It has lifted a deep private sadness ♥ That was completely amazing! ♥ How deep we were able to go in a short amount of time ♥ I think our session may have saved me years of anguish ♥ You are cheaper than a psychiatrist! ♥ The session was amazing! ♥ A state of peace and bliss that was completely brain numbing ♥ Giving peace of mind in times of total confusion ♥ No-nonsense explanation and loving, supportive guidance ♥ An incredible resource & ally ♥ Shockingly accurate – and always honest. ♥ Unforgettable! ♥ An answer to my prayers ♥ Understood to my core ♥ Unhindered ability to see and tell it how it is ♥ Awed by your gifts ♥ How accurate you are ♥ Great healing ♥ I am feeling more free and clear ♥ So inspirational and moving ♥ Awakening me to my possibilities ♥ Thank you for always being there ♥ You are truly gifted ♥ Amazing! ♥ I don’t think I could thank you enough ♥ Absolutely “right on” ♥ I don’t know how you nail it Devin, but you do! ♥ You really blew me away!

www.DevinGrace.com •

800.980.7636 • MC/Visa Accepted

10 % discount on your first session (when you mention Vision Magazine)

Profile for Vision magazine

Vision Magazine October 2009 Edition  

Vision Magazine, Your Monthly Holistic and Green Community Resource - Oct 2009 edition

Vision Magazine October 2009 Edition  

Vision Magazine, Your Monthly Holistic and Green Community Resource - Oct 2009 edition