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January 2013 Theme: Where Do We Go From Here?

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There’s Only One Way To Go from Here by Brennan Lagasse


o, the world didn’t end on the 2012 winter solstice. As most of us who have looked into the ancient Mayan calendar already knew, the world was in fact never prophesized to end. Put simply, December 21st, 2012 was a date that marked the end of a long calendar for the Mayan culture. I’m guessing most of you reading this have at least heard of this by now as there’s quite a bit of accessible information available on the subject. With that said, this viewpoint piece is not going to be another article discussing the “actual” intent of the great Mayan calendar, the end of the 13th b’ak’tun. I’m not even going to get into the other significant astrological alignments that accompanied this past solstice (although those too are quite interesting to read up on). What I am going to offer is an interpretation of one of the many interesting theories associated with this now historically infamous date. Whether people have educated themselves about the many interpretations surrounding December 21st, 2012 or not is moot at this point. What’s important, in my opinion, is a look into what many have offered is an overall age of transformation that’s set to take place now that the 2012 winter solstice has come and gone. Although some may point to the idea of an “energy shift” as New Age in its orientation of thought, it’s really not. Rather, this interpretation stems from a longstanding tradition of educators and activists [who believe] that in order for true sustainability to be reached, implemented and felt by all inhabitants of this planet a major paradigm shift must take place. If there was ever a time for this shift to take place, it’s now. As the world welcomes 2013, it is my shared hope that this energy shift that some say started with this past winter solstice has actually been brewing for quite some time. In the past, humans have attempted to understand each other and their place on this earth in dramatically different ways. Some of these ways have been beautiful, other have been destructive. What’s paramount today is that progress is now better understood through this continued development, understanding and celebration of holistic sustainability. To the well-versed mind holistic sustainability is very attainable, but to the uninitiated it continues still seem far-off or even far-out. However, the hope of many concerned members of our greater biotic community is that this so called energy shift that began with the 2012 winter solstice is actually signaling to the humans of the world that we fully recognize the previous failures of our species, and we’re finally ready to make amends and move forward. What that means is instead of “business as usual” dramatic change that is completely necessary for a “New World” will be accepted and supported in order for the change to come about.

In current times people can look to the past and recognize the manner that the environment has been treated is not good for the well-being or future of humans, never mind the planet. It makes even more sense to understand that the manner by which some humans have treated other humans is not good for the future of humans or the planet. The crux of where we are now is the same as it’s been–those with power and wealth are reluctant to let go even though these forces lie as the root causes for the majority of issues facing people and the planet today. The issues are easiest to understand by acknowledging that they are socially constructed. Sure, politics and economics are what run and rule today’s globalized world, but humans in fact created them. If the root causes of the earth and all its inhabitant’s problems can be understood through these human crafted forces doesn’t it make sense that an alternative set of human forces can rectify the issues that have been brought by these forces? What I’m offering here is the same critique many have been developing for quite some time. The systems of power and affluence that have brought the world so much wealth for so few has also caused the majority of the most degrading issues for the majority of the planets population. What’s left to analyze at this point? It’s painfully clear from the top down, and the bottom up, as these human created forms have grown with population, their issues have grown to be what seems an insurmountable force. That is just not true, although those with financial wealth and power will hope you believe it. It might at times seem that way–that our economic systems can’t change, modes of government can’t change, and even our day-to-day lives can’t really change all that much. Why? Just because that’s all we’ve known, and that’s all many of us have ever been taught to know. That’s all. I ask of you, as we move and grow into 2013, to what all of the sensationalized rhetoric involving the Mayan culture and the 2012 winter solstice was really speaking to was an energy shift. That’s it. This energy shift aligns with the belief that all forms of life should be afforded the ability to live a high quality life that cannot be altered or manipulated by anyone for the purpose of burdening them to receive unequal amounts of benefit for themselves. In 2007 “the market” crashed. It’s built on infinite growth. It doesn’t take much intellect to realize that is not possible to continue indefinitely, and no matter what political rules are in place, at some point it just won’t be possible, period. Perhaps the energy shift is the universe’s way of telling the world that to allow “the market” to continue as it has for the last 500 or so years must end. In any case it’s the perception of you, me and everyone in the world that believes in sustainability for people and the planet to then to do whatever we can to support this shift in energy. The world didn’t end last December, we’re still here, and ultimately there’s only one way to go from here.

No, the world didn’t end on the 2012 winter solstice. As most of us who have looked into the ancient Mayan calendar already knew, the world was in fact never prophesized to end. Put simply, December 21st, 2012 was a date that marked the end of a long calendar for the Mayan culture.

6 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

Brennan Lagasse is a writer, teacher, and mountain guide living in Lake Tahoe, CA. Brennan can be reached at



Three Simple Rules to Help You Choose the Right Food for Your Body T

by Nathan Crane

he theme for January 2013 is Where Do We Go From Here? I believe we can radically change our lives by integrating three simple concepts into our lives. With so many options for food nowadays, it seems there should be some kind of system or procedure for determining which food is truly right for you. When you go to the grocery store, you’ve got organic, and then you’ve got GMO.  When you go to the market you’ve got “spray free,” then you’ve got the “regular stuff.”  When you go to a restaurant you’ve got gluten free, wheat free, and fat free.  So the question is, how does anyone determine which food is really right for their body?  For someone who spent over five years figuring out the answer to that exact question, I’ve been able to break it down to three simple steps, or “rules” if you will.  These are the exact rules I apply in my own life as often as possible and that I share with thousands of people around the world.  My first rule would be choosing chemical free food. Would you consciously go out and buy pesticides or herbicides to drink alongside your meal?  Do you go to the restaurant and ask for a big plate of pesticides?  Of course not.  Nobody consciously asks to ingest poisonous chemicals into their bodies, so why would you want them inside your food.  Organic means that the food has been certified to be naturally grown without GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides.  Organic produce can cost more than the regular chemically sprayed produce because it doesn’t produce as large of crops, but in the long run with less medical bills and a healthier more energetic lifestyle, it usually pays off.   It can also be expensive for a local farmer to get certified Organic, so if you shop at the local farmer’s market you can ask them if they use “sprays” or chemicals on their vegetables, and if not, it’s a great way to get Organic produce for less money out of pocket.  A key sign of natural produce grown without chemicals is that the vegetables don’t look like they were manufactured in a plastic toy factory. The more obscure and unique the fruit and vegetables look, typically means they were grown naturally without the use of any harmful and synthetic additives.  An important one is the question should you ingest cooked or raw food. This is the second rule. This is a no-brainer, though if you’ve never given much thought to it, you will probably

have to use your brain a little bit to make sense of this. Most of us have been raised on cooked food - from pork, to beef, to soups, and everything in between. What Dr. Price found over a couple decades of studies is that animals who ate cooked foods versus raw foods got sicker, lost fur in their coats, and passed on a degenerative complex to their offspring generation after generation. The animals who ate a mostly plant based diet without cooking anything ended up living longer, having more energy, their coats of fur shined and were full, and their offspring got healthier and healthier each generation.  What I tell people is to imagine if you stuck your arm in boiling water for forty minutes, what do you think would happen? That’s exactly what happens to the nutrients in the food–you kill it. Pasteurized, or in other words “cooked” milk causes lactose intolerance. The proof of this is as soon as anyone drinks raw whole milk from an organically fed cow in a pasture, their lactose intolerance is gone - 100% of the time. The more raw food you eat, excluding meats of course, the healthier you will become, it’s a simple fact that is now becoming more widely accepted amongst our society.   Number three examines the question, What about meat? I grew up eating meat. I spent an entire year of my teenage youth hunting deer and living off its meat. But if you analyze a carnivore, their entire design is completely different than humans. Take wolves for example. Their snouts are long and full of razor sharp teeth which makes it easy for catching their pray and eating them. Their digestive systems are extremely small so

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V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M


HOLISTIC LIVING it’s easy for them to digest raw meat quickly. If you look at a human’s design, you can see that our teeth are flat, are jaws are square, and our digestive system is long and twisted. If a human ate raw meat it would make them sick and probably die. If humans are supposed to eat meat, then why do we cook it on high heat killing any nutrients it might have, then add all kinds of spices and herbs to mask its flavor? There are over 20,000 known species of edible plants on our planet. That includes everything from nuts, seeds, and berries, to herbs, vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes. It is now known that one handful of broccoli offers our bodies more protein than the same amount of steak. After having quit eating meat nearly two years ago, my life has radically changed and I feel healthier, more alive, and in better condition than every before.  Right now more than 50% of people in the United States are getting cancer, diabetes, and a whole assortment of diseases before they even reach fifty years old. And more than 50% of people in the U.S. also eat cooked food, synthetically grown vegetables, and gobs of meat. Now let’s head over to the frozen Taiga Forest of Russia where there has been a civilization of people passing down their heritage of living in harmony with nature for many thousands of years. The average person lives well into their hundreds without a single sign of disease or discomfort. They are extremely healthy without even knowing what cancer is. They live on a 100% whole plant based diet eating mostly raw food without cooking or eating meat. If the United States is to break free of our disease ridden systems than we have to become more conscious of which foods are right for our bodies.  These three simple rules will get you well on your way. 

8 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

Nathan Crane is a healer and intuitive who speaks to thousands of people around the world about achieving higher levels of consciousness, cleansing out toxins and negative emotions from the mind and body, overcoming addictions and cultivating higher levels of intuition through natural co-creative processes.


THIS MUCH I (DON’T) KNOW! © 2013 by Michael Raysses

“Wise is the man who knows what he doesn’t know. You keep it up and you could qualify for one of those genius grants...” my Uncle Tasso


or me, this month’s theme is the equivalent of a journalistic Wet Willie. For the uninitiated, a Wet Willie is a very specific form of torture. Actually, given our country’s love affair with euphemism when applied to acts of unspeakable violence, make that ‘enhanced irritation technique.’ The Wet Willie came into vogue some time back in the dark ages of the late 1960s-early 70s, and when executed to perfection, involved a perpetrator coating a pinkie finger in their own saliva for purposes of thrusting it as deeply as possible into an unsuspecting victim’s ear. I mention this because contemplating the question “Where do we go from here?” elicits the same reflexive convulsion as that of the most potent WW; my shoulders contract so rapidly they become an express elevator headed at warp speed to the penthouse of my skull. When I think about alternative locales, I look around and realize you’d have to be legally blind, mentally infirm, morally bankrupt, and spiritually dead to not grasp that the wheels have definitely fallen off the cart, making it difficult to even envision a destination beyond the quagmire we currently call home. I am talking about instances of behavior that render the stereotypical WTF question irrelevant. Internationally, you can throw a dart: Syria, Africa, Israel and the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, are all each roiled in a toxic stew of upheaval, unrest and unease that is palpably repugnant to even the casual observer. Economically, the same dynamic attaches. With each passing quarter, the European Union is sounding like nothing more than an ironically named, multicultural improv group whose mission statement now is to provide surreal laughs in lieu of anything even remotely approaching governance, let alone singularity of purpose. Domestically, we are more than pulling our weight when it comes to conduct that leaves one permanently shaking their head in disbelief. In fact, we have so exceeded the subterranean standard for that as to reach lows that are stripped of any shame, becoming, curiously enough, shameless in the process. Our political system is so glutted with money stained with monomaniacal greed that even as we are literally awash in destruction shot from guns at a rate that would make an illegal arms dealer blush (As if!), we suffer the braying of a noxious lobbying group that floats the feculent idea that the cure for all of the carnage found at the end of a smoking barrel is more guns, all in the name of their right to bear arms. Meanwhile, at the other end of the rights spectrum, women’s reproductive rights are in the crosshairs of those who believe that a woman is ineligible for an abortion because pregnancy begins at the instant of conception. (Wanting to get in on the ground floor of this lunatic structure, in the state of Insanity that is otherwise known as Arizona, pregnancy occurs two weeks before conception according to a law that went into effect last August.) Personally, I am amazed that the NRA hasn’t suggested arming fetuses with derringers as a means of protecting them from homicidal mothers intent on aborting them inappropriately. But I digress... As outlandish as these examples are, though, I can attribute them to forces I can identify with: namely greed and fear. Thus, I can at least conceive of someday understanding them. But recently I came across a story that left me struggling to relate to on any level. Last April, in Tokyo, Japan, artist/aspiring chef Mao Sugiyama, an avowed ‘asexual,’ offered his genitals as a meal for 100,000 yen in a Tweet, stating that he would prepare said offering however the buyer desired. Just days after his 22nd birthday, Mr. Sugiyama underwent elective genital-removal surgery, divvied up the relevant organs (do the math, kids) between diners, and garnished it with button mushrooms and Italian parsley. (As a waiter, it’s always refreshing to see a chef exert a little self-restraint in the kitchen, emphasis “little.”)

I recognize that there are people whose lives are devoid of sexuality, making them asexual. And even though it’s a stretch, I can see how someone might want to surgically remove any part of their body that violated their asexuality. But things really begin to spin off the rails for me when said person decides to offer to cook their severed genitals for the highest bidder. I suppose it will come as no surprise that not only did this happen, but that Mr. Sugiyama found six takers for his offer, though one of them didn’t show up in what has to arguably be one of the most understated cases of buyer’s remorse ever. They each spent $250 a piece for the risque repast at an event that was attended by 70 people. Like me, perhaps you’re thinking how was this legal? I am here to tell you it might not have been because, though there are no laws against cannibalism in Japan, prosecutors there are mulling allegations of indecent exposure over the exhibition of the night’s menu. That’s right--in Japan it’s okay to feast on human flesh, but if the flesh happens to involve someone’s genitals, well, now we have a problem... Beyond redefining the word “special” as it relates to eating in a restaurant, I am left with an emptiness, a sense of not knowing anything anymore that, for better or worse, leaves me feeling so full that I can only conclude I’ve had enough. Check please!

Last April, in Tokyo, Japan, artist/aspiring chef Mao Sugiyama, an avowed ‘asexual,’ offered his genitals as a meal for 100,000 yen in a Tweet, stating that he would prepare said offering however the buyer desired.

Michael Raysses is a writer/NPR commentator who lives in Malibu, California. You can follow him on Facebook at Or e-mail him at

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Ask the

LifeQuake™ Doctor Dr. Toni Galardi

Whew! We made it into 2013. The world didn’t end but there certainly has been much upheaval. Climate disasters, devastating school massacres, and a continuing unstable economy has most people around the world feeling fear about what will unfold in 2013. So here is my suggestion. Every time you hear something grim on the news, take a moment and surround that crisis or challenge with a pink bubble of unconditional love. Then do this with every problem you have. Sending love is a powerful tool to assist in the transformation of our planet. Dear Dr. Toni: I have been reading your column for several years and enjoy it very much. My husband died of cancer a year ago. I have been living in the same city for 15 years but am feeling a pull to move to a new city in Mexico where there is an artist community. I am an artist, too. I am scared to uproot myself alone in my 60’s. I have the means to do it, just not the guts. What is the best way to figure out if this is the right decision? And I am also concerned about timing. How does one know when the right time is to make a move? A faithful reader Dear Reader: There are a number of ways to make relocation decisions. I myself have relocated 4 times in my adult life. One way is to work with an astrologer who can look at your chart and the charts of places you want to relocate to in order to determine if the city of inquiry is best for what you want. For example, if you want to emphasize your career, you might choose a city that would enhance those possibilities. If you wanted to emphasize partnership or marriage, it may be a different location. An astrological reading can also give you information on good times to move versus other times. Another approach to this is to set an intention before going to sleep to get intuitive information from the dreamtime. Do this over and over again until you get an answer but write down any dreams you have in the morning. If you write your dreams down it will stimulate more dream recall. When we are asleep, we leave the reality of linear time and are able to travel so to speak to the future that already exists in a parallel universe. I have received many messages in my dreams that did not come to pass until at least 6 months later. It has been documented that people have been given premonitions about future events like earthquakes, plane crashes, and people dying before they happened. Keeping a record of your dreams will strengthen your intuition. The third way of accessing wisdom for major life decisions like relocation is to meditate. For most people in the West, learning to quiet the mind takes time and discipline and is the slowest means of developing one’s intuition. Never the less, it has many other benefits such as stress management and enhancing mental focus so I am always an advocate for developing a meditation practice.

10 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

It has been documented that people have been given premonitions about future events like earthquakes, plane crashes, and people dying before they happened. Keeping a record of your dreams will strengthen your


Trust where the energy is taking you and if you are having trouble with trust, work with a coach who knows how to clear emotional blockages that are preventing you from hearing the truth for yourself. Dear Dr. Toni: Since you are a dream expert, what does it mean when you keep dreaming that you’ve gone back to school. I have no plans of going back to school so I just wondered what the message is. A reluctant student Dear Reader: If we look at this as a metaphor, I would ask you to reflect on what school symbolizes to you. What was the emotional tone of the dream? Were you happy or anxious about being back in school? What level of education was it? Grammar school, college, or graduate school? I would say that you are being called to either get more traditional education or you are in a new spiritual initiation. Pay attention to these dreams to see if they change at all. Does the emotional tone of the dream change as well. Before you go to sleep, ask a question of your unconscious to answer you in your dreams. Then notice in your waking life if there is a new level of consciousness showing up in your thoughts. Pay attention to your thoughts by being a witness to them. Working with a therapist who is trained in dream analysis can also support a time of great transition. Happy New Year, everyone! Dr. Toni Galardi is a transitions coach, psychotherapist, and the author of The LifeQuake Phenomenon: how to thrive not just survive in times of personal and global upheaval. She can be reached by phone at 310-890-6832 and


Kundalini Rising

An electric convergence of yoga, live music and community.


undalini - Goddess, Great Mother, Great Lover, all names of the Divine and often elusive female energy that is present in all of us. Waiting in stillness at the base of the spine to be awakened, to guide us to union with the universal Self, the Self that when recognized, is everything. It is pure, it is love, it is light. It is the culmination of all our trials and tribulations, which inspired us to seek her out in the first place. On January 12th, 2013, The Art of Living Institute in Los Angeles will host a Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Chant benefit for Yogi Bhajan’s Miri Piri Academy, promising a powerful and transformational start for the new year!  The Siri Singh Sahib, more commonly known as Yogi Bhajan (August 26, 1929–October 6, 2004) was a beloved spiritual teacher who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the United States. Kundalini Yoga is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions, combining meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques. Recognizing the debilitating effects that much of the 60’s drug culture was having on individuals, particularly the youth, Yogi Bhajan first gained popularity in the U.S. when he created the Healthy, Happy & Holy Organization, or 3HO ( in 1969 as an alternative, more permanent, way of reaching states of peaceful, inner euphoria than that achieved through the quick fix of drugs. His work through 3HO served to spread his message that every human possessed the birthright to be healthy, happy and holy, and by 1972, there were over 100 3HO ashrams throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel. Yogi Bhajan left this world in October of 2004 with a distinguished reputation as a man of peace, world-vision, wisdom, and compassion. He authored and published more than 30 books on topics ranging from spirituality and consciousness to communication and psychology. Throughout his life Yogi Bhajan was passionate and influential with inter-faith work, nuclear disarmament, Sikh rights and unity, healing arts and the foundation of Miri Piri Academy (, an international school in India for children from 3rd to 12th grade. Serving students from all over the world, Miri Piri Academy combines a rigorous Cambridge curriculum with daily spiritual and yogic practice. Based upon the teachings of its founder, the school’s program and curriculum are designed to prepare students for the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges of life with a solid academic foundation and a unique opportunity for the practice and mastery of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. The school strives to be accessible to all who wish to learn, providing Financial Aid to nearly 70% of its students.   The January 12 benefit for Miri Piri Academy, titled “Kundalini Rising: An electric convergence of yoga, live music and community” features a who’s who of Kundalini teachers and musicians, including Snatam Kaur, Gurmukh, Guru Singh, Guru Prem Singh, Leonardo Har Prakash, Nirinjan Kaur, Jai-Jagdeesh and more, and runs 12 hours from 10:30am-10:30pm for an all day pass or come for Snatam Kaur’s concert at 7:00pm. Snatam Kaur was introduced to music and spiritual practice at an early age. Schooled in kirtan, meditation, and Gurmukhi, the Sanskrit-based language of Sikh scriptures from Northern India, the young Snatam Kaur began to develop the devotion and skills that have grown and blossomed into a compelling, profound talent. Snatam Kaur personifies the meaning of her name: universal, nucleus, and friend to all. These themes have expressed themselves in a variety of ways throughout her life, and are particularly present in her music. Snatam Kaur is one of the most popular New Age artists of our time, selling over 70,000 albums a year. Her albums have topped New Age Retailer’s Top 20 lists every year since 2004.  Gurmukh is the co-founder and co-director of Golden Bridge Nite Moon, Los Angeles’ and New York City’s premier center for the study and practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Since being baptized 42 years ago with the Sikh spiritual name that means “One who helps people across the world ocean,” Gurmukh has dedicated her life to fulfilling her namesake. For more than four decades, students in Los Angeles and from around the world have sought out her classes in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Pre- and Post-Natal care. Dr. Guru Singh DD, MSS is a yogi and teacher, a musician, composer, and author; he is a Minister of Sikh Dharma with a Doctoral of Divinity, but most importantly — to him — he is

a family man and human being. With a base in Los Angeles, Seattle, and India, Guru Singh teaches throughout the world with his wife Guruperkarma Kaur. Guru Prem Singh Khalsa is a Yoga Teacher and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 25 years. He is certified by the Kundalini Research Institute as a Trainer of Teachers of Kundalini Yoga. Guru Prem and his wife Simran travel throughout the world teaching the principles of Divine Alignment to students of all types of Yoga. He has had a Yoga therapy/ therapeutic massage practice for 25 years at the Khalsa Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA. These accomplished musicians and teachers will be joined by Miri Piri Academy alumni who have become accomplished dancers and musicians in their own right. Jai-Jagdeesh’s journey as a dancer and singer began over 20 years ago, in India, and the soundcurrent was nurtured while at school in Amritsar.  She has traveled the world singing and performing classical Indian dance. Leonardo Har Prakash was born in San Luis Potosí, México. Different guitar teachers introduced him to music, but it wasn’t until he attended Miri Piri Academy that he discovered sitar, which became his main instrument. He has performed in México, United States, Russia, France and Germany, collaborating with musicians of many genres. Nirinjan Kaur grew up with sacred music and Naad Yoga as a natural part of her life. This was developed in study with classical Indian Master Ustaad Narinder Singh Sandhu in India. Her deep understanding of the Shabd Guru, and the sacred Naad is reflected powerfully in her voice and her rendition of these ancient sacred mantras. With such a devoted lineup of practitioners in Yogi Bhajan’s lineage, Kundalini Rising promises to be a very powerful and transformational event for all in attendance. Whether you’re a long time practitioner of Kundalini Yoga or are just learning about it now for the first time, Kundalini Rising offers something for everyone, including beautifully sacred music, insightful talks, delicious food and much, much more, with all proceeds going to support the children at Miri Piri Academy.  For more information and to purchase tickets, visit  Kundalini Rising: A benefit for Miri Piri Academy, Amritsar, India. 

January 12th, 2013
All Day Pass 10:30am – 10:30pm  Snatam Kaur Concert Only 7:00pm-10:30pm The Art of Living Foundation,
948 West Adams Boulevard,Los Angeles, CA

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Courageous Loving

by Jill Miller MA, and Rémi Thivierge MSW


re you ready to be in a wonderful relationship? Whether to improve your current one or looking for a fabulous new one? One of the great secrets about creating the relationship you truly desire - one that supports your growth, helps you heal, and gives you companionship in service and love – is that it’s an inside job. One of the aspects of this is that we have sub-personalities that don’t always cooperate with our highest goal. Subpersonalities are the parts of us that we don’t always have full control over because they’re partly unconscious. They run on old unconscious beliefs that don’t always fit our current reality. Think of the woman who’s looking for a relationship, but doesn’t trust men at all because her father mistreated her. She’s done lots of healing work on this and thinks her issues are fully resolved. However, her inner child is still devastated and unhealed by the old trauma. As a result, she’s terrified of getting into a new relationship even though she’s consciously yearning to find a mate. Think of the male who’s learned to avoid expressing his feelings because it was not ok for him to express his tender feelings as a child. His mom believed that he was supposed to always be strong because he was male. As a result, his inner male never grew up to be able to express his feelings constructively. Think of the woman who idealizes her husband who died some years ago, and thinks no one will ever be good enough to replace him. She thinks she’s healed all that but she’s looking down on her husband of three years because he’s not her first husband’s ghost. Her inner female is still married to her first husband, though he’s been dead for fifteen years. One of the issues to consider is that we have lifetimes of experience with many of the people we work with, with our friends, and certainly with our spouses, children, and other family members. Think of people you’re similar to – we have a lot in common with many of them because we’re very closely connected as souls. We’ve been each other’s mother, father, spouse, and child – often many times. The result of being similar to these people is that we can really relate to each other. However, there are old karmic debts to pay. With one person, they’ll work wonderfully with us at the beginning. However, as an example, they can later sabotage our financial success because we created financial difficulties for each other over previous lifetimes. We may trust each other a great deal, for example because the other person was our mom a previous lifetime. And then we experience a difficulty, and the unresolved negative karma between us comes to the surface. Now our distrust really goes up because of what the other person did to us seventeen lifetimes ago. Of course, we’re not conscious at all of the cause of our feelings, and label it as something else. Think of the woman who’s jealous. Her husband cheated on her some lifetimes ago, and she still doesn’t trust him as a result. All of these relationships will work poorly, unless the issues are resolved. These are old beliefs that are held by our sub-personalities that we may or may not be

12 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

M I N D S TAT E S conscious of. They’re out of date and are driven by old unconscious programs that we’re often unaware of. We have old outmoded beliefs like that regarding the spiritual path as well. For example, we may believe that getting closer to God/Spirit is dangerous, that we’re unworthy, or that God can’t be trusted because we died each and every lifetime, among other reasons. We work really hard to evolve but, because of these unresolved issues, we do it in such a way that we guarantee that we’ll fail. The same applies if we want to manifest – money, a project, etc. Parts of us prevent us from succeeding because of old unresolved issues from this and previous lifetimes, including vows of poverty, vows to remain celibate, and so on. Every time we have difficulty with someone or our path is an opportunity to look at ourselves and heal old issues, in our personality, our sub-personalities, such as our inner critic or inner child, and at the soul level in the akashic records, which is the history book of our previous lifetimes. Of course, the issues discussed here also relate to you and your children. If the issues aren’t resolved, they’ll play out in your relationship. In addition, the kids are more likely to act out and under-perform at school or at work when they’re young adults. As a result, many adults and children get labeled and medicated by professionals who don’t understand the fact that we’re spiritual beings living on Earth School, and are here to learn to resolve old issues we’ve been carrying this and many other lifetimes. For more information visit We provide workshops in person as well as online. Our writing is aimed toward sensitive souls as well as indigos, who are very intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, and strong-minded. Jill Miller MA, splitting her time between Indiana and Vancouver, Canada, is a transformative counselor, guide and healer with 18 years experience. For more information, go to or email Rémi Thivierge MSW RSW RMFT is an intuitive transformational healer with 35 years experience in the helping field. He is an accredited therapist and trainer with the American and Canadian Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy. For more info, go to www.indigosoulwork. com or contact Rémi at indigosoulwork@gmail. com in Vancouver, Canada.

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March 29-31, 2013 Unlock your true potential! Learn Sunburst Kriya I meditation, or refresh and empower your practice. Refresh your spirit in the natural beauty and tranquility of Sunburst Sanctuary. Please contact us for more information and donation suggestion. The Sanctuary is located 40 miles north of Santa Barbara, California. Email: (805) 736-6528

V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M



SO - WHAT COMES NEXT? “Love is but the song we sing. And fear’s the way we die. You can make the mountains ring. Or make the angels cry. Know the dove is on the wing. And you need not know why. “C’mon people now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try and love one another right now.” – From the song “Get together,” by the band, Youngbloods – late 1960’s


n the morning of 12-21-2012 I awoke with these lyrics running through my head, and I don’t think it was random – as a matter of fact, I don’t think anything is random any more! We must pay close attention to the things that happen both inside and outside. Our very soul – no the soul of the world - is calling to us. It’s time to listen!

In this spirit, I invite you to join me on a Sacred Journey – THE KEEPER OF THE DIARY. The book is a mystical adventure of synchronicity, intrigue and romance – with most definite Spiritual underpinnings. Traveling alongside our heroine, Cassie, is a great way to uncover your own person Vision Quest at this remarkable time of the Cycle of The Turning Of The Ages on Planet Earth! We stand poised on a threshold of incredible possibility. What happens next on our little blue-green planet is up to us. Each choice we make, small or large, matters. We are the collective and it’s no accident that each of us is here at this powerful moment in history – a moment that has never come before. While it’s true we face great challenges – we also have great opportunities. We hold the possibility of creating a magnificent garden on earth. We can create a world where hunger and poverty are things of the past. But, we must listen closely, and quietly - and allow the new technologies mind and spirit to make themselves known. We understand that everything is energy, now it’s time to walk that walk. Each thing we think, do and feel matters. We have the gift of choice – do we chose love or fear? Shall we feed the Light or Dark? We hold the fate of the world in our hands! The old ways no longer work – we need a new Vision for our world. The end of the Mayan calendar is a clarion call to return to our roots – our connection to our mother earth, to oneanother and to all life around us. Three excerpts from the book, “THE KEEPER OF THE DIARY” – Judith Diana Winston Day 1 - Night I do not know anything except what I have been told. I am lying on a cot in a small, cement and steel house in an Arab village close to the Sphinx on the Giza plain near Cairo. The night is hot and dry, and the air is thick with dust. The locals say that I was near death from exposure and dehydration when I was found two days ago lying near the Sphinx. I am awake again. I have no idea whether days or only moments have passed. It is pitch black, and except for the flickering flame of a small candle casting patches of light on this page, I cannot see anything. My fingers feel stiff and sticky on my pencil stub as they struggle to form these words. My eyes burn and my head is pounding. I do not know how long I have been here or how long I was in the desert before they found me. I do not know who I am.... My whole body shuddered as I put down the diary I was reading. For some unknown reason I had been trembling since the moment I opened it. Some kind of strange altered state had overtaken me the instant I spotted the unexpected object in my camera case. My hand still smarted from the electric-like shock that burnt my fingers when I first touched the small, soft, leather-bound book. I know it sounds crazy, but it felt like the diary was alive! It was like seeing a ghost, except the ghost was real. Real – and somehow familiar! That was the bizarre part. I had never seen it before, but it seemed like an object I had known all my life. I felt, literally, compelled to open it, to look inside. This is insane! One moment I was calm, in complete control of my mind and emotions, and the next? Suddenly a new and crushingly obvious thought slammed me. This book

14 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

M I N D S TAT E S doesn’t belong here! Where could it have come from? I knew I had just taken it out of my camera case, but it was the same camera case I had packed at home in Los Angeles, handcarried through four airports and never let out of my sight. How could it have gotten here? I quickly checked out my film and equipment. Everything seemed fine. I looked back at the book lying close to me on the bed. I don’t know whether I even want to touch you again. I shut my eyes for a long moment. Finally, I forced them open and looked – really looked at it. Clearly what I was seeing was simply an ordinary, rather worn leatherbound notebook, nothing to get excited about. It was just an old notebook that someone had used as a diary, and somehow it had landed in my camera case. So why did it create such a real and visceral reaction in me even before I read a word of it? It was just plain eerie. I went into the bathroom, splashed cold water on my face, and stared blankly at my image in the mirror. What am I sup- posed to do with the damn thing now? I closed my eyes once more. My head began to throb. I sat back down on the bed. Okay, this whole thing is absurd! What I had just felt was probably my imagination – or maybe my surroundings. After all, I was in Egypt, one of the most enigmatic places on earth. Yesterday was the first day of our trip, and we were in Cairo, home of possibly the most famous and mysterious structures in the world, the Great Pyramids of Egypt. A sudden quiver ran through my body. I was too exhausted to think, but I forced myself. Of course, that has to be the imagination...or even hallucinations! Because I’ve been sick, really sick, fever sick! The week before I left had been filled with frenetic activity alternating with a virus-induced numbing fatigue. Nonetheless, I had pushed myself forward, moving mechanically through each day. I had to because I had made a commitment. I was to be the photographer for a group of people touring ancient Egyptian sacred sites as a part of their spiritual quest. I had never been interested in anything even remotely connected to spirituality. I don’t belong here! I’m not on any kind of spiritual quest! What a mess! November 29 It is the six-month anniversary of my being discovered in the desert, but it feels more like a year. Last night I had a very strange experience. During the night I was awakened from a deep sleep, or what felt like a deep sleep, by a high pitched whirring sound. As I opened my eyes and sat up, I thought Rashid was standing by the side of my cot. I blinked to clear my vision then realized it was not Rashid, but rather a tall figure whose facial features were almost completely hidden by the deeply draped hood of its long dark robes. Only the eyes showed, like two brilliant blue stars in a night sky. The scent of roses filled the air, and although there was no light, the phantom was illuminated by a greenish-gold glow that seemed to emanate from within the cowl of its robe and surround it like a halo. I opened my mouth to speak, but before I could utter a sound, the apparition put a finger to its lips, signaling silence. It then spoke in a low, clear masculine voice. “I have very little time, so I want you to listen carefully, David. Yes, that is your name, and you are at the center of warring forces that you have no way of understanding at this time. You could say that you are in the eye of the hurricane. It is very quiet where you are, but a

great storm rages around you. For now, you must take what I am about to tell you on faith. You must trust that I am here to help you. Later, you will remember who I am, and all of this will begin to make sense. “It is important for you to know that there exists an ancient drama, older even than Mankind. It is a drama in which you now play a pivotal role. In fact, it is one in which at an earlier time you yourself chose to participate. You have long since forgotten that decision, but it has not forgotten you. How you handle the tasks ahead will determine the future of the Hu-man Race as you know it, as well as that of Planet Earth, itself. “There has been a clamp put on your memory while the warring forces were aligning their positions. That clamp is now being loosened, and you will begin to remember things quite naturally and quite quickly. At first, you may feel overwhelmed by so much information coming back to you at once, but there is a Spiritual Law in place that states, ’We are never given more than we can handle.’ I have known you for a very long time and I know how strong you are. Whatever emotions you may experience in the coming weeks and months, keep in mind what I have just said.“ I focused on the Great Crystal and, like a camera coming in for a close-up, saw the Earth growing large before me. It was green and blue and fresh. I saw strange and unusual forms of plant and animal life that have never been seen by present day human eyes. There were giant plants that moved of their own volition and great flying creatures with golden feathers. Their wings spanned twenty feet and glistened in the sunlight as they glided sleekly and gracefully through strangely colored skies. I saw the stuff of myths – giant griffins and winged horses. Before my eyes, great silver spaceships and flying discs were carrying many types of Star Beings, some similar in appearance to those in the room. I saw them land on Earth and materialize whole cities, even instant architectural wonders, out of barren rock. I watched as they transported giant boulders, first by making them weight- less, then easily moving them and finally placing them gently and precisely into position. Once in place, the boulders resumed their former massive weight. The Star Beings were able to perform these feats effortlessly by collectively focusing the vast power of both their minds and voices. At times, in order to sound a particular tone, they enhanced their voices by using small machines. During those times, their voices rose in unison to such a high and harmonious level of vibration that they could suspend gravity. They were also able to create extensive rock carvings by projecting an image directly from their minds onto the rough face of the rock. Among the variety of creatures I saw in the crystal were the great apes, those associated with the ancestry of Man. I watched as some of them became illuminated by the glowing light and were transformed, becoming more and more Hu-man-like. I saw other life forms that came into being in a different way – exactly as they had in my dream in the Arab village. They began as pure light. As time passed, they grew more and more solid, then more and more dense. Eventually, they became humans. I watched as two highly developed civilizations emerged and later, vanished. The first Root Race was destroyed, and the second one simply disappeared. This second Root Race, the Lemurians, occupied a magical Island-Continent located in the Pacific Ocean. Only a very

continued on page 39

V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M




Better Dead Blue Sky’s Than Read C U LT U R E

“Magician, come before me! Last night I had a terrible dream. I was in my room, and all was dark because it was night. Suddenly the floor became covered with blood, and soon the blood began to fill the whole chamber. I dipped my finger in the blood and started to write words on the wall, but because of the darkness, I could not read the words I wrote. Tell me, magician,” said the great lord uneasily, “what is the meaning of this dream?” © 2012 to Me bythen Michael Raysses The magician thought for aGreek moment and spoke plainly. “The dream means that you will drown, great Uncle Tasso: “Why don’t you ask your grandfather?” lord! It is that old woman, she is the cause. Listen to dead.” byMe: Dana Stewart, me and“Because you willhe’s beEditor-at-large saved.” Uncle Tasso: (beat) “He gotwith off lucky...” The lord became furious the seer. Never would An exchange between my Uncle Tasso and me when I asked to read an up t was a clear, perfect temperature, late (though September as Ihim wound my way he admit to fearing an old woman heSaturday made amorning, early draft I’dguard). written the Northwest face of El her Capitan to the Blue Sky Ranch in Lakeside. Having come from an mental noteoftosomething double earlier meeting, I arrivedyou several ahead of timeare fortrythe day’s events. I was truly looking “What foolishness talk,hours magician. You forward meeting me up with and colleagues ing totounnerve andfriends gain power over me.I had Youknown have for some time, and meeting an extended family of that have a great vision for living in harmony with the land. Our long Whom It folks May Concern: putToyour fingers into too many pots, and I will end held As mutual concerns for a healthier, greener, you read this, I wanthe you to heargreater it San Diego was bringing everyone together your meddling. Guards!” bellowed. to celebrate with the folks who had succeeded in forming a sustainable community in the east like“Take a public only thisservice verminannouncement, away and cut off his fingers. Blood, you shall see blood, and county back country. They were living the dream! the meaning of my dream....” not as lighthearted or as much fun. This After driving to a couple of likely spots on the 60-acre property, I found the center of activity With order, the deedmyself, business. What I was am done. about to to dive right in and help with the food prep inistheserious main his house, introduced and offered

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Acceptance: In this phase, problem which, thoughmuffins it the foraddress around is 150a people. Once the zucchini and the pasta with reader fragrant homegrown Beth Green awere spiritual teacher, intuitive counselor, founder The Stream doesn’t strike ismany, permanently scars basil and vegetables put out with the homemade lemonade, andof the kitchen wasspiritual clean community spearhead of Change campaign. This short story is aexthose it doesand understands and shipshape, I afflict. went exploring of onthe the Vortex companion hill to the main house, where there were cerpted from one of Beth’s five books, Memoirs of the New Age, a collection of rich fables, couple other houses and a variety of fruit Weofall know that the Internet hastrees de- and grape vines. Beautiful deeply colored and heart-wrenching prayers poignant stories. Beth speaking at the 2012: snowy white peacocks greetofand visitors withsotheir baby cries will at resistance thebeentry way from the “Peacock that isBirth mocratized the world writing that Creating Vortex ofa Change event, being held at Celebration Center for Spiritual Palace” aviary. there arethe arguably lot more writers Living on isDecember 22, 2012. The view quite one as might way up here – about a 300-degree futile, and that today than ever spectacular, before. Butasjust sureguess, from vista all the way to the coast. There are popular public hiking and riding trails along Blue Sky as there are more people who expressly the materials in devote time to writing and getting published, there are per force more people question must who are cast in the unenviable role of having to read those writers’ first drafts. be addressed. They are the ones expected to wade through the swamp of that initial effort. Typically, writers refer to these people as “my spouse/partner/cellmate.” In short, they are modern-day heroes, diving on the grenade of the writer’s aspiration. Or literary crash test dummies, suffering in silence as they endure the premeditated train wreck that is a first draft. For me, the lines blur. Regardless, if this scenario sounds familiar, this column is dedicated to you. That’s because though lots of people want to be writers, no one wants to be the person some writer asks to read a first draft. For the uninitiated, in its darkest light, “first draft” is writer-speak for “I finally sat my lazy ass down and actually strung some words together. Would you mind reading it and telling me how great I am?” Speaking only for myself, I would rather be the taste-tester

GREEK TO ME at the Monsanto Research Kitchen, Genetically Modified Foods Division, than that person. But this isn’t about me--it’s about those poor wretches, in what may be otherwise fulfilling relationships, who are impaled on the spike of their partner’s prose. Perhaps you’ve just met a writer and are thinking about getting more deeply involved with that person. Beyond telling you to immediately run as fast and as far as you can from them, I will offer these simple practical solutions. First, ever-so-subtly plant the seed that you’re functionally illiterate, and that if the scribe in your life really cares about you, they will accept you as such. Be aware that this will in all likelihood only temporarily keep them at bay. If that ploy begins to fail, drop strategic hints about your nascent interest in firearms, hand-held explosives and the lost art of the perfect crime. If that doesn’t work, put the focus for your remedy on the writer, suggesting alternative modes of expression, activities that can act as substitutes for writing. The key here is to suggest something more glamorous or colorful. Like, say, Extreme Taxidermy™ (This is a budding sport/hobby that involves stuffing animals. While they’re still alive. I took the liberty of trademarking it just in case it catches on.) And if that doesn’t work, I give you the Kubler-Ross model*. (* The reference here is to the model put forth by Bucky Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ much younger, far less intelligent brother, in his seminal book On Death and Ranch Road and up to the summit. It is adjacent to 3 public parks – El Capitan, Oak Oasis, Reading, a tome inspired by his work with terminally bad writers.) and the Audubon Society’s Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary. Like his older sister’s model, Bucky’s incorporates the five stages of grief. Let’s After my brief survey of the lay of the land, Cristina Smith, one of the property managers, apply that of model to the the of involuntarily conscripted reader. took several us early birdslife on of a tour the ranch. We learned of the Cedar fire in 2003 Stage confronted with unsolicited reading been material, which had1/Denial: devastatedWhen the terrain and destroyed what had originally there.this Thecan fire take14many forms. can be manifested with regard totoyou target of the cost lives and 2300Itstructures over a vast acreage. It is hard tell as thatthe it ever happened, writer’s (“This be the happening to me.”) or thethewriting (“This as the newwork growth beginscan’t to hide scars between the places fire haditself jumped over. Itisn’t is a that placebad...”). of regeneration and healing. The fire left behind a melted metal roof whose Signs that either approach aren’t working include a sudden beautiful and shine became the symbolic sculpture “Phoenix”, was placed at the desire toshape enter the federal Witness Protection Program or aand sap-like material entrance to the oozing looped geomantic available tours. You can visitin their website inexplicably from yourLabyrinth, ears whenever youforread the material question; at: have a number of events enjoy throughout the year, and Stage 2/Anger: HereThey the reader recognizes thattodenial isn’t working, giving this gathering of sustainable development organizations and experts was one of the best. birth to rage. The anger can express itself in many different ways, with just It was the right place to gather to see folks, like owner Ingrid Collins, actually developing as many objects. Typically, though, it finds its target in any and all expresa sustainable community like the Blue Sky Ranch. They can demonstrate ways to build sions, written or otherwise, fromhad thecontinual-loop offending writer. to lookdisplays for: dead with climate change in mind, and videosThings and table-top on fish/animals wrapped in newspaper, left within close proximity to the writer’s their story, their contractors, and their methods. At Blue Sky, ground-mounted solar arrays computer; were well-placed along the nearby slopes, and a wonderful variety of food crops made for Stageand 3/Bargaining: This involves the reader’s attempt to farmers, do anything but pleasant fragrant borders along the pathways. There were resident to show us around andmaterial tell the stories of their nutrition, placement The invoking Farm at Blue Sky is a read the in question. Sometimes this and can care. involve a higher CSA – a (“Why Community Supported They provide and power don’t you payAgriculture an editorfarm. to do this?”) in in-season exchangefruits, for aherbs, severely

vegetables to member families and many fine restaurants locally, and in the cities. Great for folks in urban “food deserts”. continued on page 39

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Better Dead Than Read


© 2012 Greek to Me by Michael Raysses

Uncle Tasso: “Why don’t you ask your grandfather?” Me: “Because he’s dead.” Uncle Tasso: (beat) “He got off lucky...” - An exchange between my Uncle Tasso and me when I asked him to read an early draft of something I’d written To Whom It May Concern: As you read this, I want you to hear it like a public service announcement, only not as lighthearted or as much fun. This is serious business. What I am about to address is a problem which, though it doesn’t strike many, permanently scars those it does afflict. We all know that the Internet has democratized the world of writing so that there are arguably a lot more writers Ingrid and her team won the SANDEE Award from the San Diego Regional Energy Office of today than ever before. But justEnergy, as sure the California Center for Sustainable in 2007. They even recycled a whole house from as there more people expressly town – theare main house. I went who on a walk to watch the metal sculptor work, and then doubled devote to Tarot writing getting pub-so popular. Ingrid Coffin is also a Metaphysical back for time the free cardand reading that was lished,andthere are per more guide counselor. Sheforce certainly has people gathered the right folks to co-create their sustainable vision of Nature andthe Spirit fusion into reality. who are cast in unenviable role of One oftothe most charming stops wasdrafts. at the water, lemonade and cookie stand run by the having read those writers’ first children. It was spot andto a good place to rest in the shade of tall trees. It certainly They are thea great onesview expected wade showed delightful throughwhat the aswamp of experience that initialgardening effort. is for bonding with your family and friends and enjoying the benefits. I watched the children dancing in a circle with their Mom in the Typically, writers refer to these people as dappled sunlight and enjoying their audience. Idyllic. And real. Good food, and growing it “my spouse/partner/cellmate.” yourself, is a great way to anyone’s heart. In they are modern-day on Ithe writer’s as-and As short, I had arrived so early, I was bit heroes, early to diving leave. But hadgrenade a chanceoftothe quickly greet piration. Or literary crash test dummies, suffering in silence as they endure the celebrate with a few long-time green building enthusiasts. Jim Bell, a perennial Green Party premeditated wreck is atofirst draft. For me, the linesDemocratic blur. Regardless, candidate, was train there to lend that support environmentally concerned candidates if this scenario column is dedicated you. for office, Patricksounds Hurley familiar, and Davidthis Secor. Jim and a colleaguetohad shown in their 2010 detailed that, though if less than of the rooftops San Diego That’sstudy because lots28% of people want toand beparking writers,structures no one inwants to had solar, the entire wouldasks be energy ThisFor would the controversial, be the person somecitywriter to readindependent. a first draft. the make uninitiated, in its and environmentally counterproductive, windfor farms invading along with darkest light, “first draft” is writer-speak “I finally satthe myEast lazyCounty, ass down and the power towers, mostly unnecessary. I’ll be writing a separate article regarding the battle actually strung some words together. Would you mind reading it and telling me against the killer propellers (and threatened “Relocation” of Native Americans!) next month. how great I am?” Speaking only for myself, I would rather be the taste-tester

Acceptance: In this phase, the reader understands that resistance is futile, and that the materials in question must be addressed.

There are more efficient, helix-shaped and vertical-axis windmills that are silent and safe, and

can be used for family, farm or business energy generation. at the Monsanto Research Kitchen, Also there were Dr. Mark Hanson and his artist wife, Jacqueline. They run the United Green Genetically Modified Foods Foundation which sponsored the sustainable development conference (and a terrificDibarnthan person.proponents But this of burner speech by Robert Kennedy, Jr.) at SDSU. vision, They have beenthat formidable about Free”, me--it’s thoseMedved, poor what I call, “Eco-Development”. Even the Navy’s isn’t “Operation ledabout by Captain came to speak on alternative energy for their shipswretches, and United works to provide whatGreen may be otherwise green jobs and training, as well. Please visit their fulfilling website at: relationships, who are imEco-Development, to me, is vital to healthy people economies. example, paledand onhealthy the spike of theirFor partner’s just orientation and insulation can save over 80%prose. of the energy costs for a building. I think that solar rooftops should be mandatory on all new construction, and a concerted effort Perhaps you’ve just met a writer made to retrofit older buildings. Just think of all the JOBS that would provide! At every skill and are thinking about getting level. That is why the Urban League, which provided a shuttle van for the attendees, and more deeply involved with perthe Home Builders Institute (HBI is sponsored by the Department of Labor), are that enthusiastic son. Beyond you to immedisupporters of, and partners with, United Green and thus, the Bluetelling Sky community. The Trinity ately run as fast and as to farHBI as you can Lutheran Church in Chula Vista, for example, is making 4 acres available to provide them,food I will offerAsthese a well-stocked Food Pantry for all the residents infrom their urban desert. an oldsimple farmer’s wife’s sampler I saw said, “Whoever plants a garden, hand-in-hand God”. To me, practical solutions. First, ever-so-subtly plant Works the seed that you’rewith functionally ‘God’ is Nature hand-in-hand to nurture our Minds That illiterate, and and thatSpirit, if thewhich scribegoes in your life really cares about you, and theyBodies. will aciscept a connection you Be willaware also feel waywill of the of the singing and drumming you as such. thatbythis in music all likelihood only bowls temporarily keep circles them atatBlue bay.Sky. If that ploy begins to fail, drop strategic hints about your nascent At the Blue Sky event were backyard beekeeping kits and composting-made-easy kits. interest in firearms, hand-held explosives and the lost art of the perfect crime. There is so much that can be done, and it is certainly well within the scope and budget If that doesn’t work, put the focus for your remedy on the writer, suggesting of most folks to begin taking steps, even in little ways with container gardens and the like. alternative modesand of purification expression,methods activities can actcritical as substitutes for writing. Water conservation arethat especially to the Southwest, as well, The key here is to suggest something more glamorous or colorful. Like, say, like their grey water plumbing system. For other green jobs, there could be local businesses Extreme Taxidermy™ (This is a budding thatxeriscaping involves stuffing and restaurants that would be well-served by ediblesport/hobby landscaping and businesses. animals. While they’re your still own alive.nutritious, I took the liberty of as trademarking in Involvement with growing organic food, a community,itisjust a terrific learning experience for families, friends, and neighborhoods. Check out the variety of “Ecocase it catches on.) architecture” anddoesn’t building typesI on Stephen J.model*. Bolling’s(*interesting website: And if that work, givetheir youarchitect, the Kubler-Ross The reference here is to the model put forth by Bucky Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’

much younger, far less intelligent brother, in his seminal book On Death and Reading, a tome inspired by his work with terminally badcontinued writers.) on page 40 Like his older sister’s model, Bucky’s incorporates the five stages of grief. Let’s apply that model to the life of the involuntarily conscripted reader. Stage 1/Denial: When confronted with unsolicited reading material, this can take many forms. It can be manifested with regard to you as the target of the writer’s work (“This can’t be happening to me.”) or the writing itself (“This isn’t that bad...”). Signs that either approach aren’t working include a sudden desire to enter the federal Witness Protection Program or a sap-like material inexplicably oozing from your ears whenever you read the material in question; Stage 2/Anger: Here the reader recognizes that denial isn’t working, giving birth to rage. The anger can express itself in many different ways, with just as many objects. Typically, though, it finds its target in any and all expressions, written or otherwise, from the offending writer. Things to look for: dead fish/animals wrapped in newspaper, left within close proximity to the writer’s computer; Stage 3/Bargaining: This involves the reader’s attempt to do anything but read the material in question. Sometimes this can involve invoking a higher power (“Why don’t you pay an editor to do this?”) in exchange for a severely continued on page 39



JANUARY 2013 FORECAST By Adrienne Abeyta Aries: High Priestess (7 of Swords) 3/21-4/19 Mysteries are the little adventures of our lives and you, this month, are the detective searching for clues. A current situation that seems vague and uncomfortable will begin to reveal signs pointing in a definitive direction. In terms of a business pursuit, wait until you feel it’s the right time before executing your next step. Trust your intuition. Be conservative with finances too, because all is not as it appears. The 16th will likely reveal something that has been in the background for some time. Keep from jumping to conclusions until you’re certain what it means. One wrong word can bring down a relationship.

Libra: Moon (8 of Cups) 9/23-10/23 The past always has an odd way of showing up in the present, particularly when feelings are intense. This month, an emotional situation may trigger some of your forgotten tendencies – that is to say, behaviors you thought you had left behind. You cannot avoid facing the reality of this situation no matter how hard you deny it. Something or someone will likely bring out the worst in you. Though you may feel confused and overly pressured, your decisions will give you the movement needed to face your problems. Illusions may serve in the moment, but will only lead to harder times.

Taurus: Magician (3 of Pentacles) 4/20-5/21 You are in a very creative spot this month, especially in terms of generating clever ideas or plans for others. You emanate a certain charisma that is recognized by others as a gift for recruiting or delegating. Because you are receptive to the talents of others and mindful of how to assist with practical uses, you are able to animate the latent skills of others. Be aware how this process will also stimulate your own potential for further growth. Let your curiosity lead you to avenues of inspiration. For those in school, take the initiative to start discussion groups or lead presentations.

Scorpio: Lovers (3 of Swords) 10/24-11/22 Relationships are best experienced between two individuals; however, to your dismay, that will not be the case this month. You will find that a connection you are trying to make is interrupted by an outside influence. If this is a person, it is likely they will interfere with your channel of communication. Do your best to ensure that what you say is being understood. In terms of an important decision, get ready for an unexpected detour. What you think you want will be challenged by an annoying factor around the middle of the month. Be flexible!

Gemini: Chariot (6 of Swords) 5/22-6/21 Solutions to your problems will come in the most unconventional ways. However, you must be willing to face the apparent discord because within this dilemma is the new path to your next step. Rise above your ego’s need to control the situation, otherwise you will find yourself embroiled in unnecessary conflict. Be prepared for someone to challenge your ideas about something important at home, in the office, or among friends. Although conflict arises, separating your emotions from your better judgment gives the advantage of calm repose. To conquer the competing impulses within, self-discipline is necessary. Don’t react - simply respond. Cancer: Sun (Queen of Cups) 6/22-7/22 “Once upon a time…” is a great line to start each day with. There is something quite magical about this month, but only those with open eyes and active imaginations will experience it. You’re coming out of a hectic period and could use some rejuvenating. Find ways to surround yourself with joy and inspiration — adopt the wonder of a child and spend time doing fulfilling activities. You’ll notice that people unlike you are magnetically attracted to your charisma. The beginning of the month is full of opportunities for romance, so go ahead – strut your stuff and express yourself! Leo: Fool (4 of Pentacles) 7/23 -8/23 Caught between a rock and hard place this month, you’ll have a tough time deciding on whether to go for it or stay planted. What’s even more confusing is that what you’ve worked hard to get, is now causing feelings of repression. Keep in mind that security can’t be measured by material possessions. It could be worthwhile to risk a little, add some excitement to your routine and do something for the sake of adventure. The conservative side of you might cringe next month, but, hey, live in the moment. The Full Moon on the 27th is a great time to indulge! Virgo: Temperance (Page of Wands) 8/24-9/22 Life is a mixture of many elements; when your discover how to combine them creatively, you produce beautiful expressions of yourself. Too often though, amazing experiences are passed off as problems. Don’t get trapped in labeling things. Life as an ever- changing flow requires openness. Invoke your curiosity this month as you observe the ups and downs of your emotions. Don’t become swayed by fleeting feelings of anxiety. Think of these feelings as messengers and pay attention to how you respond. Now is a time to balance opposing forces within, find a middle ground, and let them flow.

18 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

Sagittarius: Judgment (5 of Wands) 11/23-12/21 Free yourself from the friction caused by imaginary strife. How, you ask. Nothing is bad, but thinking leads you to believe it is. Look deeply at what is troubling you most and you’ll discover that you have room for more movement than you think. Sometimes the questions asked are more important than the answers looked for. The energy you’re wasting on this disruption is precisely what’s needed to solve your dilemma. Let go of your need to be right. Even though you’re feeling frustrated, recognize how focusing on what you don’t have instead of focusing on what you want, is perpetuating the problem. Capricorn: Judgment (7 of Pentacles) 12/22-1/20 Oh prudent one, your ever-so-cautious are causing your insecurity. Consider how being overly prepared is an invitation for disaster. It conditions your mind to expect the worst or you miss opportunities by sticking too close to the to-do-list. Take a good look at what you’ve achieved and ask yourself whether it was worth your time and energy, and even more importantly, how it serves your life purpose. This is a critical time for self-analysis — not to point out flaws, but to find ways in which you can express more of yourself in the world. A reality check around the 18th reminds you what’s missing. Aquarius: Hermit (Queen of Wands) 1/21-2/18 Moments alone will bring you back in touch with the nature of who you are and what you really want, though you may need to step down from your throne to find that humble place. Your recent goals may be put on hold as you find yourself burnt out from too much effort. Pause for a second and feel proud of your past accomplishments; it is more important to honor yourself than aspire for worldly recognition. Be patient with others and keep your opinions to a minimum or you may end up in hot water with someone. Pisces: Emperor (Ace of Swords) 2/19-3/20 Power is in the eyes of the beholder; a clear mind is like a sword cutting through the illusions of space and time. You are human and therefore intended to make mistakes; however, you are the master of your own sovereignty and capable of transcending any barrier. You may be faced with what seems like a Herculean task. Just keep in mind that this is your empire and there is no such thing as defeat. After you shave away the fear, you will uncover a unique strategy that will win the battle. Think outside the box!

Adrienne Abeyta presents a unique forecast blending the tarot with astrology. A gifted reader of intuitive arts, she offers private consultations and psychic entertainment for parties and events. AdrienneAbeyta. com. To set up an appointment, she can be reached at 619.917.0998 or

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Waking up and Stepping up in the Age of Aquarius... Where do we Go from Here?

about our interactions. Every day we wake up with a blank canvas of twentyfour hours. We call it our “day”—but it’s really our canvas for creating our life. Day by day, choice by choice, thought by thought, word by word, we create by Anahata, Seed of Love our lives. And as our intentions and was reading the writings of Waylon Lewis, creator energies seep outwhat beyond theon boundaries the planet are noticing is going in this country’s of Elephant Journal, when the realization of what political realm. It isand the intermingle beginning of the Agethe of Aquarius of our flesh with The positive ORP value indicates speaking one’s truth really is all about. I noticed and and the blast offand is more thanofany of uswe could have intentions energies others, that the the water promotes oxidation. read about struggle his reality was presenting to him on anticipated. are funding the race and whose engageWhose in thedollars co-creation of our families, You can- as seeheevidence thisI read and watched with Facebook spoke hisoftruth. dollars are fueling the dramatic interpretation our communities, our cultures, and of who whenever admiration you see metal at the compassion, and appreciation. I was motivated mankind has become in the year 2012? Whose pockets ultimately, our civilization. If you’re bybottom the courage takes to is not only full ‘wake to stepof the oxidative influence of of a itlake—it likely of up’, rustbut because are the deepest? It makes everything else, obsolete. It is breathing, you’re creating something— up, speak up and truth! What now? Wherein doour I go bodies, the aging process is a display of what years of development and automation the water. Thisliveis our important to us because even if it’sIt nothing than the energy from here? And now, during this great Awakening where have produced. illustratesmore mankind moving further and partially driven by oxidation as free radicals attack cells. field a person walks into when they do we (all) go from here? further away from the community in which we are are meant by Phillips On Jan the other hand, if water were to have a negative ORP, it could help slow Jan Phillips It encouraged me to open up even more. It encouraged to be near What has happened to the cooperative gene down the effect of the free radicals and more favorably influence the oxidation me to speak up and to stand on the ground I felt was from science that ourhas it gone? pool, the We trueknow essence of mankind? Where versus regeneration equation. There is a kind of water with a negative ORP my earth. And to celebrate the freedom and the unique Has it been flushed out8-12 of thefeet DNA of our society electromagnetic field (em field) extends from beyond our and our known as Ionized Water. Beyondtohaving individuality that was Alkaline me. I was encouraged open an alkaline pH, this water culture? Has it been severed out of the hearts of mankind, bodies. The HeartMath Institute ( is micro clustered, theashydration and detoxification more and more to mywhich Higherhelps Self, improve my Source, well in general? Where we go from here? performed several studies to investigate theDO possibility that the Ionized Alkaline Water asproperties opening upoftothe mywater. gifts, my creations and my craft.isI made using a water ionizer No, by it has not. It is may still inherent. electromagnetic field generated the heart transmit information machine that to sitscelebrate on the kitchen counter or underneath the sink. There are was encouraged how it was all coming out The essence of who we are, who we all are, rich man, that can be received by others. They concluded that the heart’s em of many me. Asmodels a Kundalini Channel / Energy Worker, I have to choose from and I recommend paying the extra for the best poor man, dark skin, light skin - is still there. We are all field is an important carrier of information, so when two people are learned there is not one cure for all bodies, for all spirits. still created by, with and through that one thing. We are quality machine because it will produce a strong negative ORP and last many at a conversational distance, electromagnetic signal by and me There isn’t one spirit in a body that needed just one type all the still created of Love. We, everygenerated one of us, you years. one person’s heart can influence the other person’s brain rhythms. Forlove our of cure or healing modality. There is too much energy for and them, are all made of the essence of Love. To The one I personally use and recommend is the Enagic LeveLuk SD501 the first time, there is scientific proof that a compassionate heart can one modality to wake up a being. What I learned was that selves is to love our neighbors, our brothers and sisters. Kangen Water ® Ionizer. I have helped many people obtain one of these it is all of us, all of our gifts and the individual essence of who each one of us is, that brings bring peace to the Whatactually is true today is that man’s ego room. - based greed and fear driven propaganda have reached machines and my clients are very pleased with the results. I can’t think of us to the place of knowing and wanting one thing. Love. That one thing is Love. There is no their tipping The tipping pointgenerated where mankind continue ovingkindness, in the way we have, If in point. your heart you have peace,cannot compassion, anything thatofcould help tells so many as improving the quality of drinking mystery. The Law Attraction us andpeople illustrates to us all the time. It is about us knowing for much longer. Itexactly is time.what This isothers the time. There willwhen be changes occurring then that’s experience they are in yourin modern day they consume, and better Ithydrated! Notown to mention us,water as ourselves. It is about ourhelping ability tothem love get ourselves. is about our Self Love. The cultures that willYou be mind blowing. These changes are shifts ofintransformation and they come presence. create in the world what you hold your heart. this water’s to promote detoxification, free-radical scavenging relationship weability have with our Self. Waking up to whoprovide we are and accepting that... accepting from Gaia, Mother Earth. There are some things, many actually, that mankind cannot Years ago, we didn’t have the equipment to measure this kind of control. and encourage longevity. As a bonus, high quality water ionizers can produce our Truth. This is who we are, really! Human beings have no control over many things. And one of them is Mother Earth. phenomenon. We never understood that we literally, consciously create eople often deny their creative potential. They sayloved things “I’m not What does ‘selftypes love’ of really mean? What does it encompass? This, one,like is cleaning the beauty five different water, including water that can replace harmful She is our Mother Ship. She is our planet designed to support a loving humanity with things the entire electromagnetic field around ourselves—that we create how in chemicals the mystery. Forthat eachyou every human being onhome this line.” planet, ittoxic-free is“I’m what not makes each one of us creative. Iand can’t even draw a straight artistic. I can’t that grow and things that are alive. Can you see it? Do you feel it? It is all around you. It is so can create a greener withOr cleaning. it feels for others to be around us.Mother We had creativity small that to unique and it is what makes our gifts unique. This is how we are able to feed each other and Earth. The Lovein of aGaia. Shebox is designed There is anMatter assumption that being creative has something to do Love. The love of our Mother. The Love of Get topaint.” the Heart of the was related to paints, colors, the arts, ballet, opera, Russian novels. Most to serve as healers and teachers for one another. We are Light Workers and Way Showers for and she wants to thrive. with painting or drawing on straight creative feels Another area that I concentrate is the lines. role ofClaiming nutrition to in be cardiovascular ofituswhatever were taught notthe to truth think as We “creative.” a child went one another. onething of us showing the way for the other. one an of us ignitingnot flame in Call you want, is,of weourselves are all Love. live on a If planet based upon self like an arrogant to say about ifis you’re expert, making health. It Each is widely known that heartyourself disease byEach far not the number onethe killer another. It goes on and on. It is the cycle of life in the human body. If we were all exactly alike to ainparent wanted tobeings. be an Our artist when s/heis grew up,that themankind healing, and of saying Love. It s/he supports loving Planet Earth a planet atoday livinginfrom your creations, not well-known andaware publicly acclaimed for your the United States. Many people are not that they are at risk, and had the same constitution or ancestral paradigms, we would not be able to see others cannot control. Our Planet Earth,say, is out of reach to mankind. is nothing mankind parent would frequently “ Oh honey, you can’tThere make any money as can imaginative gifts. But creativity is much bigger than that. anda fewer yetperspective... are familiar with Nobel Prize winning help us from different from a broader perspective. If weresearch all camethat fromcan the same light do toan harm this self healing planet. She is on her else.” way toAnd risingthat above the destruction that has artist. You’ll have to be something child’s creativity Creativity the gift weweallwould havebe that enablestous convert experiences mitigate risk. isbeings, source, as spiritual then indifferent thetogifts and to our the ability we have occurred. She is rising aboveTheir mankind’s destruction now, not because we are entering the Age would rarely thrive. imagination would be nurtured. other stories, poems, gardens, recipes, quilts. Every day of Aquarius. There is forms—into one molecule that is of particular importance atwethe core to into heal one another. As spiritual beings having asongs, human experience, thrive onofthe contrast This is the Era of our Brotherly Love. There is only Love. Yes, Love does conquer all. And we know that imagination is the most potent engine we encounter ahealth, myriad of amalgamation people and adventures. We talk with people. We work cardiovascular it is known as thethese focus of the our uniquity brings. We are and an of Nitric spiritualOxide, beings in human bodies. We Do you trust? of change in the world. In the past year, we have watched people’s with people. Weon argue and laugh plan people. Then weitreceived create stories are1998 all living thisPrize Life Ride. And what a ride it is with becoming. What a show is playing out Nobel ina Physiology or and Medicine. Three U.S. scientists to the be and what an amazing celebration of Spirit. Nobel Prize for demonstrating the significant role Nitric Oxide plays in Yes! There is Where else can you find the drama and the diversity of whit and charm cardiovascular

Evolutionary Creativity I

What Is It, Who Does It, Why Does It Matter?

“Creativity is about being fully alive, living courageously, or as the painter Joan Miro´ says, Expressing with precision all the gold sparks the soul gives off. We inspire each other when we dare to create. We open others hearts. ”


that is being displayed in this country, now? It is quite a show. And, look who is watching? continued onfrom page Notice who’s attention this dramatic political showcase is drawing in. Those all41 over

N M AG A Z I N E 2 .C0 O MVI S I O N M AG A Z I N E • D E C E M B E R 2 012 • W W W.VI S I O N M AG V AIZSIIN MA Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M OE N .C MO AG



Inspiration For Embracing A New Way Where Do We Go From Here? “One may not reach the dawn save by the path of night.” Khalil Gibran


hile some of the world focused on the end of a world Age on December 21st, 2012, another group focused on December 22nd, 2012 as BIRTH2012 – an event to mark the beginning of the new age of humanity..a new earth…a new way of doing business…a new way of community…a new way of coming together knowing that we are all one. We are so blessed to be on earth at this time. Yes, there are systems failing all across the globe. There is poverty, starvation, war and destruction of resources on earth leading us towards a global catastrophe, however, each of us has a choice in thought and in action to participate towards a catastrophe or to make a shift towards positive solutions. It is the concept brought to life through the analogy of a glass ½ filled with water. When I view that glass, do I see a glass half empty or is that glass half full? Birth2012 sees the glass half full! A group of visionaries gathered at Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles to mark December 22nd, 2012 as the birthday of our New Humanity. Under the leadership of Barbara Marx Hubbard – Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Stephen Dinan - The Shift Network and Michael Bernard Beckwith – leader of Agape International Spiritual Center, people arrived in person and virtually from all corners of The Earth to celebrate this birth. Agape International Spiritual Center held a 13 hour vigil called Gateway to a New Era: Your Choice. Here people participated in guided meditations, chants, gongs, and music with the Agape International Choir and special guests led by Rickie Byers Beckwith and interactive activities led by Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and Dannon Brinkley. The focus was on releasing all thoughts, things and actions that no longer serve. It is the process of clearing the space internally for that which we name good.

2 0 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

When our bodies and minds are so filled with the thoughts of all that doesn’t serve, there is no room for good. When 2 or more are gathered…yes, the afternoon was filled with people meditating and holding the space for the world and as more people began arriving for the evening’s interactive keynotes and concert you could begin to feel the shift in energy rising. Activities focused on honoring Air, Water, Fire, and Earth and many activates focused on the breath. As Rev. Michael Beckwith describes, we listen with the ear behind the ear and see with the eye behind the eye and feel with the heart behind the heart and in that space we raise our vibration. And YES you could put out your arm and FEEL the higher vibration! Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is a chant that translates as Sun Moon Earth Infinity Infinity I Am Thou. This was one of the chants that was led by Dr. Joseph Levry, founder of Naam Yoga which is a unique perspective of combining the wisdom teachings of Kabala with Yoga. This chant was used to focus on healing the world. Dannion Brinkley author of Saved By The Light and founder of The Twilight Brigade, brought his near death experiences unique perspective of the shift from the Maya calendar and the focus to a new way of collaborative leadership. Participants at Birth2012 included those already mentioned as well as Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Sister Jenna, Oscar Miro-Quesada, Lisa Nichols, Marcia Wieder, Rinaldo Brutoco, Devaa Haley Mitchell, Chaka Khan, Esai Morales, Raphael Sbarge, Ozomatli, Freddie Ravel, Android Jones & Phadroid, James O’Dea, Banafsheh Sayyad Dance and more. Barbara Marx Hubbard, at 83, is a vibrant role model for active aging. She birthed this idea over 3 years ago and gathered a team of visionaries to put this idea into action. Global Birth2012 Hubs are popping up where like minded people are already coming together in their respective



Eco Chic Retreat: Community-Building Inside and Out by Nikki Lyn Pugh, MFA


“When you have peace within, real peace with others is possible.” - Thich Naht Hahn For all of us whose commitment to spirituality and sustainability go hand in hand, truer words were never spoken. Many of us had to learn this lesson the hard way as we experienced our own self-neglect turning quickly to reactionary statements and actions towards others. At the same time, we also see how the frenetic paceConversation, of our by Karen Sadler – Age Conscious Communication Strategist, Life & Career out-of-balance world creates Coach. Founder of The Wayseer Process for Active Longevity. Sales Associate Vision Magazine

We are so blessed to be on earth at this time. Yes, there are systems failing all across the globe. There is poverty, starvation, war and destruction of resources on earth leading us towards a global catastrophe, however, each of us has a choice in thought and in action to participate towards a catastrophe or to make a shift towards positive solutions. communities and focusing on immediate and long term solutions. It is the “new” leadership model of a focus on collaborative partnerships rather than the “old” model of competition. She eloquently summarized that just like any birth there is the process of growing up so for the next 8 years, there is the process and gatherings towards the Emerging2020 as the new humanity moves through its own stage of maturing. We already have the solutions, however, implementing them takes some time. Marianne Williamson reminded us that as we come together and focus on the positive outcomes we know that things are messy, just like a real birth “hurts like hell”. And just like a real birth, we call upon courage and to look beyond the “mess” to the spirit within and love that child immediately beyond the appearance. She reminded us that just because those of us gathered see The New Way, there are those in the world still holding on to The Old Way. It takes courage, commitment and integrity and an attitude of not giving up. Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byers Beckwith have been song writing partners for over 20 years and have brought into being what they refer to as “rhythm and joy” music. Singing and chanting is as much a part of the humanity of life as breathing. Singing is remembered in our brain in a different place than speaking which is why when some people develop dementia; they are still able to sing when they are not able to talk. I share that because singing brings us to a deeper connection to our heart space. So this event was filled to overflowing with the joyful sounds of music and dance. So… Where do I go from here? I am so grateful to have participated in person at this launch event. Personally, I am taking stock of who I have been and releasing the parts of me that no longer serve and I am choosing courage, leadership, love, peace and collaboration in all parts of my life. Where do WE go from here? It’s about taking right action now but first we must know “who” to listen to. I think that some of the words from Michael Beckwith’s Adventure In Paradise song apply: “I’m activating my spiritual stimulus package. I’m taking an adventure in paradise. Your stimulus package begins with an awareness that you’re sourced and fueled and funded by a renewable resource which is within you. It never runs out, it is your Essence it’s your life.”

really affo real quest long know decision-m There a erging at t tunnel, ho Chic Retr – based fi McNicho massage t Vardaneg unique an unplug an self. Eco C DVD-bas contains e woman ne Yourself M Renewal.” intention journaling “This e weekend e about EC way in ord long week kindness t in our mi One day DVD to h the two w Jody and from all o nurture m is fun and “We wa bringing o

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being? alled stress. ole in every on a person’s

response, assisting the body in its effort to regulate excessive stress hormone. One of the reasons you feel lighter and brighter after meditation is due to the intake of light into the chakras and the speeding up of the rotation of the chakras. This enables them to increase their intake of energy and expel dirty energy from the brain. All of these functions are choked off by a glandular system locked in chronic stress response. If you don’t take the time to deal with stress, creativity suffers as you withdraw from your heart chakra. Anger and frustration literally constrict your heart energy and shrink the chakras in your brain. Ego takes over and leads to more anger and stress. It becomes a vicious cycle. Your choices of food and herbs impact the way you express yourself at every moment. Being conscious of how food and herbs influence the chakras of consciousness creates a seamless transition into a more conscious life.

nergetically, ame glands, tation; it all tary-adrenal rgy (crown, e centers are

the stress


A Gnostic review of what we can and should change first: ourselves How does dealing with stress properly enhance you as a human being?

continued on page 39

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making it easier for both to work at optimum function. This also facilitates the processing of emotional stress since the solar plexus isn’t burdened with sluggish organs or the dirty energy of too much greasy animal based food. Science has proven that eating ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day reduces your chances of premature death by 40 percent. Even more importantly, these same ten servings would prepare you for experiencing higher consciousness. If you are on a path of enlightenment, Roger Drummer, concentrate on green leafy vegetables, salads, a.k.a. “Doc Alchemy,” and berries making sure you eat organically whenever possible. The aura of organic fruits and vegetables is so much more alive that it can’t help but transfer over to your own energy. I had unknowingly prepared my energy body for my awakening experience by eating a highly nutritious vegetarian diet for many years. Only then was a cup of Chinese herbal tea able to affect me the way it did and start me on a path of higher consciousness. Certain herbs have the unique effect of healing both your physical as well as your energy body and enhancing the way they work together. Herbs are concentrated foods and can have a much greater impact than food alone.

The mirror of all of us

The Solution: Adaptogenic Herbs One of the reasons I love formulating adaptogenic herbs is that you can regulate your stress response while simultaneously activating your upper chakras. This is a simple way to change your perception of and reaction to stress. I created my latest formula Tian Chi [tee-on-chee] for this specific purpose. It allows you to experience a shift in perception and create a change in consciousness. TianChi means “heavenly energy” and works immediately to influence the way you perceive and react to stress. TianChi contains five of the greatest adaptogens in the world, all of which are wild-crafted, non-GMO, Kosher certified, non-irradiated and pesticide free: Ashwagandha (Sensoril), Eleuthro, Reishi, Rhodiola and Schizandra. Each has its own function and works synergistically to have the potential to create a multilayered effect on your health. Stress and energy get peoples attention. The bigger picture is changing the

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We have a crisis in this country; in fact, it’s worldwide. It’s called stress. Everyone’s heard of it but no one really understands it. Stress plays a role in every chronic condition and dealing with it can have very profound effects on a person’s health and state of consciousness. Just relaxing doesn’t really relieve stress, as it has such a complex way of disrupting every bodily function. One of the worst effects of stress is premature promises a Golden Age, beginning of an era fulldiseases. of joy, unconditional agingo many, of the2013 brain, along with a host ofthe other life threatening The reality love and happiness, increased consciousness, world peace and social harmony. Yet to is that in today’s world, we have another crisis in addition to physical stress. It’s a many others, tired and in much physical and emotional pain, the new year is about spiritual one. to bring just another series of the usual struggles: the challenge to feed themselves and the inability of people see themselves as spiritual beings directlyand feeds into all, all dearThe ones, to pay the bills, toto manage the chronic pains, stress, loneliness, above the hate, anger, hostility and stress affecting the entire planet. There is a definite the ever growing sentiment of void and lack of higher meaning. disconnect between who we are and in life. There is still much beauty in really the world, andour yet expression too much pain: violence and armed You may think are actually withgrowing two issues—we’re conflicts in too manywecorners of the dealing world, ever economical not. and Energetically, social turmoil, the and root dangerous problem isdiseases, identical. stress thetosame glands, new a The planet that response is losing isitsworking balanceon due our careless exploitation of resources, mass produced that is not nutritious but meditation; rather harmfulitetc. energy centers and chakras involved food in transformation or even all For too many, livingthe the same every day became struggle not a joy, an unending pain and revolves around thing. The aHPA axisand (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal not a celebration. Taking a shot response at the world as a whole, what we seeofisenergy not a picture of axis) involved in the stress is linked to the centers (crown, the longmedulla expected&Golden Age, glowing beautifully over ourThese dear planet. There is still are too ajna, ming mein) involved in meditation. very same centers much sadness, too many tears, usexperiences. humans we seem to have failed to care and provide for involved in transformational

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our fellow man, for the dear animals and the extraordinary planet we’ve been entrusting with. How can a Golden Age come out of such sadness and pain? It is hard to believe… How does meditation relieve stress and increase consciousness? but it can happen.

Meditation nourishes chakras related to the glands involved in the stress


Heavenly Energy

Fuel your Body & Brain Handle Stress & Feel Alive


Brought to you by Doc Alchemy “The Most Important Formula I’ve Ever Created”


HEALING ARTS The world is a mirror of us, of each of us. None of us can, with sincere heart, put their hands up saying: “I have nothing to do with the pain of the world, none of it is my fault or my responsibility.” Gandhi’s simple statement seems to take us by surprise each time we hear it: “You must be the change you want to see in the world” - not because it is a hard concept to grasps, but one that is hard to apply, at all cost, for the longer term. This old saying applies to any of us, regardless our spiritual path, social status, political agenda or financial retribution. This old saying should prompt us to serious reflection., so that we can never talk about the pain of the world without knowing that we put our shoulder into carrying its burdens.

seeing only those of others but never ours. It involves to be good, and not only to feel good. In order for Love to shine in our hearts we must clean the dust of anger, resentment, envy, judgment, competition etc. that we carry inside. There is no other way, there is no shortcut to lasting changes – all ancient paths and spiritual traditions are very direct and clear about that. Changes always come at the price: the question is if we are ready to pay it, or remain behind professing wishful thinking. True humbleness and gentleness can only glow when vanity and self-importance is eliminated. We can’t love if we still carry hatred inside; we can’t be really humble if we carry despicable pride. We need to become responsible for our

There is still much beauty in the world, and yet too much pain: violence and armed conflicts in too many corners of the world, ever growing economical and social turmoil, new and dangerous diseases, a planet that is losing its balance due to our careless exploitation of resources, mass produced food that is not nutritious but rather harmful etc. The end of a year and the beginning of a new one invites each of us to imitate the cycles of Nature: reach the end of some things, and get something new one started. Rejuvenate, start anew, aim higher and be ready to pay the price. This should be applied to our own inner world first and foremost: get rid of our egoism, resentment, hatred, impatience, intolerance, laziness, covetousness for “things”, so that unconditional altruism, forgiveness, love, patience and deep peace can blossom within ourselves. Face our inner reality, not to blame ourselves but to discover who we really are, and be able to change for the better, once and for all - how could we change something we don’t know? Love is not about wishing good things and hoping they will happen by chance or mere miracle. Love, above all, requires becoming kind, thoughtful, giving, just and fair in every single thought and emotion that we experience, in ever word and action. It means to never justify our mistakes, nor

every acts, thoughts and words. In GNOSIS (the Eternal Ancient Wisdom which teaches how to live in a conscious and harmonious way) the sum of all human imperfections, or faults, that we carry inside is called Ego. “Ego” is not only about pride: it is something pluralized, multiple, as it refers to the sum of all our defects. Because of them we are so unstable, creating and living in a world of contradictions, confusion, misunderstandings which inevitably bring conflicts, anger, resentments, frustrations and problems at every level in the society: international, national, local, family, friends, job, street etc. and crises in any area: political, economical, environmental, geological, medical, social, familial, intergenerational, ethical, philosophical. Our Egos are preventing our OWN REAL DIVINE NATURE to manifest, to shine, and cast its beauty upon the world. Each one of us carries deep inside a piece of God, a Divine spark that is eternal, pure and self-giving, that is REAL, beautiful and makes us truly human.

continued on page 39 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M



Recollecting Realizations of the Reality of Repersonalization and Higher Destiny by Niánn Emerson Chase Yearning for More and Awakening


grew up on Native American reservations, so as a child I experienced wild open spaces of land and black evening skies unhindered by the lights of human civilization. I recall many nights looking up at the vastness of the star-studded heavens and experiencing fear and awe at the bigness and deepness of space. I felt very small and insignificant in the hugeness of what I sensed the heavens were and, at the same time, I felt lovingly enveloped by that same space. Most of my family and friends could not quite understand what I was feeling and thinking when I tried to express the depth of my emotions and thoughts when I looked into the night sky. It was as if they did not sense the immensity of space to the extent that I did, nor did they understand the paradox of my feelings about space—fear, awe, and being loved. By the time I was ten or eleven, I was more at ease with my mixed emotions about space. Thus I relaxed and basked in the beauty and wonder of the night skies, and did so without needing to share my thoughts and feelings with other humans, for I sensed the presence of unseen family and friends and was “at home” with seeming solitude. Often on long, sunny spring and fall days I would come home from school, have a snack, visit briefly with my cheerful and loving mother, and then leave to climb by myself the mesa behind our house. I would spend a couple of hours roaming the flat top, sometimes sitting on the edge of the east side, looking down on the village, observing the Apache children play outside while their mothers prepared supper over an open fire in their outdoor “summer” kitchens. As I heard the laughter of the children and smelled the smoke from the cooking fires, I would thank God for my own family and my own home that was filled with warmth, laughter, and safety. My love for my family enveloped the Apache families that I watched and heard from my perch on the mesa. I personally knew many of those families; many of the children were my classmates, and some were my close friends who sometimes explored the surrounding desert with me. Though I grew up with a sense of extended human family, feeling protected and cherished, I yearned for something more. I was brought up in a Godly home, experiencing a dynamic religion of the best of Christianity and Native American spirituality, but I wanted more. I wanted to find unknown persons who I considered “missing” in my life. I wanted the potential that I sensed when I contemplated space. I wanted the promise of adventure, exploration, and freedom that I saw when I sat on the western side of the mesa and looked out upon the miles and miles of land, untouched by human beings except for a small dirt road that wound its way through the rolling desert hills. Where did that road end? Did it end? What roads would I take as I grew up and composed a life on my own? When I left home for college, I never looked back. I embarked on an adventure of meeting new people; exploring different ideologies, philosophies, and religions; and traveling some. Of course, I still spent time with my family, visiting them often, bringing with me new friends who were missing their own families or who had never experienced the richness of a functional family. Always, no matter who I brought, regardless of their race, religion, or appearance, my 2 4 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

friends were welcomed by my parents and siblings. Once my mother asked me if it was ever possible that I would visit them alone, without a retinue of friends, but I could not come home alone, for after leaving home I realized how blessed I was in having the family I had, and I wanted to share them with others. I wanted my friends to experience the fun and warmth and closeness that I had with my family. Periodically I got into arguments with my father and uncles over politics or religion, for as I expanded mentally and spiritually, I embraced other values, other ideas that were foreign to most of my family members. My mother once lovingly said to me, “You are always changing on us. We never know what you are going to come up with next.” And some of the things I came up with, oh boy! But I won’t get into that. Often in college I would meet individuals who seemed so familiar to me, who I loved immediately or disliked instantly. Most I felt love for. I recall Kate, who reminded me of a carrot. (Have you ever known someone who resembled a vegetable or fruit? When I was in my early twenties I had a friend who was a perfect strawberry—round in body, red in her passions for artistic endeavors, and very sweet.) When I first saw Kate standing in a hallway talking with someone, I knew she was my sister. I decided that I needed to rekindle our relationship. Remember now that I had never met Kate before in this life, but she and I became almost inseparable for about three years, and then decisions we each had to make about our life paths sent us in different directions, and I have not seen or heard from her since. But I look forward to reuniting with her again some time in our future, whether on this world or another one. Presently, with my expanded understanding of cosmic family and repersonalization—due to Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (published in The Cosmic Family, Volumes I and II)—I know that Kate is a cosmic sister of mine, a much younger one, but one I have lived and worked and grown with on another world in another universe. I think I also knew her in a Native American life here on this world cosmically called Urantia. Kate is just one example. I have seen, briefly encountered, and become close with many cosmic family members and acquaintances during the years since I left home to go to college. Before having Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation, I did not completely understand the relationships, but I knew I had known them before in another life, and I knew that I was meant to have an encounter with them in this life. From my college days and onward, I have had intense, very close relationships with numerous individuals—men and women of all ages, races, cultures, and religions. We initially felt a strong attraction and jumped quickly into meaningful friendships. I did not jump into bed with the men; they became my best friends, like brothers and family. We would have these intense relationships of sharing our deepest selves, being there for each other in our ups and downs, and then part, never seeing each other again, in this life any way . . . so far. Before I had encountered Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (at around 39 years of age), I continued to yearn, to want something more. I wanted to know more about space, about God, about my unseen friends, about people on this world, about why this world

F E AT U R E seemed so messed up, about me, and why I felt that I had so many layers of experience within me (more than most people I knew). Why was my full and rich life not quite enough? Why did I sometimes feel so lonely, in spite of being surrounded by loyal and loving family and friends? Why did I get so restless? Why did I feel such frustration, and sometimes even rage, at the stupidity of human beings, including the frailty of my own humanness? Why was I dissatisfied with my work, even though I loved it and felt, to a certain extent, that I was fulfilled in it? Why, in spite of thinking that my life was full of purpose, did I strongly sense that I was just biding my time, that I had a bigger mission and purpose? Why did I experience feeling at home on this world, at home in the moment with my work and in relationships, at home with my personal relationship with God, and yet, paradoxically, not at home with any of it? Why did I feel as if I was still waiting for something to happen? A Personal Change Point 1987 was a year of extreme transition for me. After doing battle with the “Hound of Heaven” and giving in to the strong leadings of the Threefold Spirit that I was hearing within, I had separated from my husband of ten years a few years before. In 1987 I resigned from continuing my teaching profession of fifteen years and made plans to move away from what had been home for some time. At that time, I was dating a variety of men, some interesting and some not so interesting (which, by the way, had nothing to do with the guidance of divine spirit within me). I was a mess!

My control issues were coming up big time, and so were my security addictions—security of being with friends and family, security of having a regular paycheck coming in, and so on. I felt as if my life and I were being turned inside out, and it was not comfortable. In fact, half of the time I was miserable and terrified—terrified that in leaving my comfort zone I would be alone and no one would love me, terrified that I would end up on the streets homeless and penniless, terrified that I was making a big mistake (which of course, everyone I knew thought I was). Some even thought I was having a nervous breakdown, and it certainly felt like that to me. I had no idea where I was going or what I was going to do; I just knew that I had to go, that God was asking me to take a road into the unknown in order to meet those individuals I had been pining for, to do the work that I was sent to do, and to discover truth that I had been languishing to find. From the perspective of my reasonable self (and I can be quite reasonable), I was being very irresponsible and acting crazy. My parents, extended family, and friends agreed with the reasonable part of me. But that other searching-in-faith part was more real to me, and I acknowledged and embraced it. I finally quit inwardly arguing with my divine inner guidance and said to that spiritual pressure: “OK, OK. You win. What next?” I felt a tremendous burden lift. I felt relieved and freed. But I continued to briefly falter in my faith decisions and momentarily doubt my inner guidance. When I moved from that place of faith back into my so-called reasonable self, I panicked and became anxiety-ridden. So, at the time, psychologically I was on a see-saw.

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V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M




hales and dolphins (cetaceans) have always intrigued mankind, entrancing people regardless of age or background, and surfacing in our mythologies and dreams. Yet today, even as technology allows us greater access to their world, life’s fast pace and complexity does not always grant us the luxury of connecting with them in a meaningful way. We may not often have the time to watch the ebb and flow of ocean waves on our doorstep, let alone delve deeper to explore the intricate world of cetaceans. And, given that humanity has had such a complex and often conflicted relationship with them, we are not always keen to look directly at the difficult issues relating to their welfare. While some of us experience a dulling of passion from our disconnection, others find the question of how to reconnect too daunting; so inhibiting intention from blossoming into action. As we embrace a new year, and the potential of a new phase for humanity’s relationship with this earth, the ability to reawaken our deepest passions and strengthen the will to act, will be vital allies. November 2012 provided a rare chance to become immersed in all things whale related and receive a welcome energy boost to recharge passion and willpower. This took

and this, the 13th such event, was attended by approximately 275 people and included two evenings and two full days of presentations, discussions, speeches, poster displays and information sharing. Saturday alone comprised twelve presentations, four discussions and a banquet, complete with an award presentation for leading cetacean researcher John Calambokidis and a talk by award winning photographer Charles ‘Flip’ Nicklin. Being an attendee, not surprisingly, required a degree of stamina plus occasional doses of coffee. But it was

Underpinning this diverse wealth of information ran a strong connecting thread; a sense of coming-together-ness between people of varying backgrounds and opinions. Cetacean conferences are not always this eclectic. Some are purely for the scientific community, with presentations reporting current research areas, methodologies and results. Others are aimed at igniting a spark of activism, urging attendees to take action against the perceived enemies of cetaceans. At this conference, many influences were present in one room together who, although united by a common


the form of a cetacean conference, held by the American Cetacean Society (ACS), on 9-11th November in Mission Bay, San Diego. And, in serendipitous fashion, the conference generated ideas which point towards some of the emerging themes and potential ways forward of tomorrow. Founded in 1967, the ACS today has local chapters in California, Oregon and Washington, with a membership that extends nationally and internationally. The ACS is built on inclusivity; anyone can become a member, participate in activities with their local chapter and attend such events as this conference. Conferences are held once every two years

Reconnecting with our Ocean Cousins

also an easy and stress free experience, aided by the friendly, welcoming and bubbly atmosphere. Sitting at tables around the room were specialists from the fields of cetacean research, conservation and campaigning. Amongst them were students, psychologists, artists, teachers, professors, whale watching representatives, and people from a diversity of professions and walks of life. Likewise, the speakers ranged from biologists, researchers and conservationists to veterinarians, photographers, neuroscientists, economists, psychologists, artists, educators, lawyers and philosophers. The result was a nourishing menu of multi-faceted topics, thought-provoking ideas, stimulating discussions and positive energy. With almost thirty presentations from such an eclectic group of highly knowledgeable speakers, the subjects inevitably roamed far and wide. These included presentations on current research projects, ethics in relation to cetacean rights, impactful teenage learning through hands-on marine research, positive and negative impacts of whale watching, the human-ocean predicament through the vision of an artist, and a keynote speech on empathy in mammals by the eminent primatologist Frans de Waal.

2 6 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

ground, did not necessarily share the same beliefs, methods or goals. This was a fundamentally important element both for the conference and what it represents as a model of behavior within the world generally. After all, a conference merely mirrors the larger stage of any human endeavor; where the characters, methods, opinions and agendas of differing groups can be divergent to the point of aggressive opposition. On that broad stage, decisions which impact our planet are made, or not made, on the basis of whether differing factions can hear one another, reach an agreement and take action. It was exciting to witness this trend of inclusivity and dialogue. The ride was not always easy. Discussions became heated on occasion, with one person’s, or group’s, agendas and beliefs becoming momentarily inflamed. But the discussions remained respectful and rational. The conference was entitled, “Whales and Humans: A Conflicted Relationship”. There was an inherent, comical irony to this, as it was evident how conflicted humans can become without the need for any other creature’s involvement! But, more importantly for the road ahead, the discussions demonstrated clearly how potential conflict can be resolved through committed effort, respect, compromise and good will. A second fascinating trend was a sense of being in transition. As individuals and societies, humans are constantly evolving and becoming something else. But, there are plateau periods, where a paradigm has been established and not much occurs, and transition periods that are full of action and upheaval, as one paradigm dissolves and a new one emerges. The ideas which surfaced during this conference reflected a potential dynamic shift. For example, some questions included: if cetacean populations recover and we can no longer use their ‘highly-endangered’

F E AT U R E status as rationale for protecting them, what rationale can we apply?; do we move away from a scientific position of defining healthy population numbers to a broader ethical and moral set of parameters?; if so, how do we define ethics, as differing cultures have vastly differing perspectives?; as our species has only recently established the paradigm that all human beings have basic rights, regardless of gender, culture or color, on what basis can we agree a set of rights for another species?; can we establish it on the basis of their being sentient “non-human persons” (as defined by writer and Professor of Ethics, Thomas White)?; if we assert that cetaceans have moral rights, how do we balance these with human rights? The topics, debates, questions and ramifications were mind-expanding in their complexity, subtlety and scope, and the simple fact that such a questioning process was occurring, even if not all the answers could be provided, was overwhelmingly positive. If we are to shift to a new paradigm, one where our relationship with all life is radically re-envisioned, we will have to grapple with tough questions, not seeking the quick and easy answers, but processing them thoroughly until new answers emerge from the struggle. As we think about how we wish to proceed into our collective tomorrow, three subjects from the conference provide additional food for our thoughts.

Jeff Friedman spoke on behalf of Hardy Jones from ‘BlueVoice’ about the death of an estimated 900 dolphins off the Peruvian coast in spring 2012. Autopsies carried out by BlueVoice and local marine rescue organization ORCA detected bleeding ears, fractured ear bones, air bubbles in the internal organs and pulmonary emphysema. These symptoms suggest that the dolphins suffered from acute decompression syndrome, possibly induced by repeated acoustic impacts. There remains no universally agreed conclusion about the deaths and the Peruvian government has stated that they were due to natural causes. However, an oil company was conducting seismic exploration in the area at the time and, in BlueVoice’s opinion, is a logical suspect. While this particular incident may seem far removed from American shores, it is pertinent to reflect that two of the main contributors to underwater acoustic disturbances are the navy and energy companies (predominantly oil and gas), both of which America has in plentiful supply. Marine mammal toxicologist Peter Ross based at the ‘Institute of Ocean Sciences’, Canada, spoke about the toxicity levels in killer whales off the west coast of America and Canada. Pacific transient killer whales are believed to be the most highly contaminated animals on the planet as their position at the pinnacle of the food chain, where they prey on other marine mammals, results in their receiving the most

concentrated levels of toxins. These toxins include chemicals used in agriculture, manufacturing and plastics industries. All ocean animals ingest them to a greater or lesser degree and they cannot be broken down or excreted from the body. Instead they remain in an animal’s tissues and organs and, as their chemical makeup resembles that of hormones, the illnesses they are likely to contribute to include immune and reproductive ones. While ‘VIVA Vaquita’ did not deliver a speech at the conference, they were providing information about a surprisingly little known cetacean and its potential demise. There is a species of porpoise called the vaquita about to become extinct in our backyard. The vaquita lives in a tiny area of the Gulf of California and numbers about 200 individuals. Although their home offers healthy waters, with a plentiful food source, the vaquita are falling foul of fishing methods. The almost invisible gill nets, used to catch shrimp and fish, inadvertently trap and drown the vaquita. The fishing industry in the area is operated by local, smallscale Mexican fishermen, however, much of the catch is subsequently imported into America for consumption. How we choose to respond to the three subjects above will be crucial to determining where we go next and what

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As we embrace a new year, and the potential of a new phase for humanity’s relationship with this earth, the ability to reawaken our deepest passions and strengthen the will to act, will be vital allies. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M


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VISION MAGAZINE has created an intention to seek a partnership with a spiritually minded individual or organization. Our goal is to expand geographically as well as in our online media. If you are you looking to make a positive difference in the world and have working capital, please contact us and bring in your creative energy and share your vision with us. Ask for Sydney 866.804.8444 sydney@visionmagazine. com 12.12


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CRYSTAL COMPANY. Tobias & Alysha Wholesale Crystal Company is a conscious business seeking outside sales reps! WE provide natural gifts, jewelry & décor items made of scared stones, crystals & minerals to various retail sources, focusing on Southern California. We have seen our strongest sales & most consistent growth in the last 5 years and desire conscious individuals with integrity and enthusiasm to join our team.”


Requirements: · Have metaphysical knowledge · Be on a path of personal growth · Have outside sales experience · Have an established territory or clients (Focus areas are Orange County, San Diego County) · Have your own vehicle This is a commission based position. Please respond with your resume and a cover letter stating why you feel you would be good fit for this role. Submissions without cover letters will not be considered. Tobias & Alysha Wholesale Crystal Company




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HOW TO MOVE BEYOND SUFFERING TERRY L. NEWBEGIN, channeller, author, and a teacher of New Energy Consciousness has released his third book, “Unlocking The Consciousness of Your Soul.” It is a book that reveals all the whys of you choosing sin, physicality, forgetfulness, and suffering as the means to remember who you truly are. It is a story about where you began eons ago, who you think you are because of your intellect, and how you were lied to, brainwashed, and led astray by those that were closes to you. It is a book that unravels the mystery behind God and your suffering. When you live and make decisions from the mind of reason, your intellect, and from what the experts declare what is best for you, your soul cannot bring forth the wisdom that you hold deep within your consciousness. Thus you become disposed to turbulent experiences. If you are looking for healing, how to create miracles, how to overcome distress, anger, being penniless, or whatever suffering you are experiencing right now, then it becomes important to understand “who

Book 3 AdS gET THE 4TH monTH frEE! dISPLAy Ad SIzE 1/10TH of A PAgE uP To A fuLL PAgE. InCLudES A fEATurE ABouT your BuSInESS, goodS or SErvICES.

VI S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.VI S I O N M AG A Z I N V IES.C I OO NMM AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M



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you truly are, where you truly come from, and how your soul participates in what you receive in life. Email or visit his website if you are looking for consultation or having a group workshop to help you open up to New Expansional Energy, bringing to you, wealth, health, and joy.

senting these art forms on a instructional platform as a Music Teacher to children and adults alike. Contact 619-368-8990 3.13



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SOFT WINDS SPIRITUAL LEARNING CENTER How to Use a Pendulum.When we watch the news on television, the newscaster is not inside the box. A signal is sent through the “air waves”. The television receiver converts the signal into electron beams that are projected against the fluorescent screen of the kinescope or picture tube, reproducing the original image. It could be said then, a television is a channel for information that is transmitted through the “air waves”. Just as the television... For more information, click here. 3954 Murphy Canyon Rd., Suite D207 San Diego, CA. 92123 619-752-6582





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RAHIS KHAN is a Indian Music Luminary that is versed in the art of Vocal and Tabla. He hails from a tradition of Indian Music that spans eight generations. Rahis is a unique artist for his ability to transport the listener on a musical journey. He also has a unique gift of pre-

3 2 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N .CW.VI O M S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M • JA N UA RY 2 013 • VI S I O N M AG A Z I N E WEW


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SOUL RETRIEVALS, PSYCHIC EXTRACTIONS, CROSSING OVER AND GRIEF WORK For more info go to SACREDTRANSFORMATION.NET or call 619.204.0504. 02.13 SPIRITUAL HEALINGS CELESTIAL HEALINGS A touch from God to help you heal and live your best life ever, Lake San MarcoS 760-717-4751 4.13 SACRED TRANSFORMATIONS SCHOOL OF ENERGETIC HEALING ARTS. NEW 12 wk programs Reiki Level 1-2, Shamanic Healing Practices and more. 30 CEU’s for RN’s, L.Ac.’s, LCSW’s:SACREDTRANSFORMATION. NET or 619-204-0504 for more info. 05.13



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REIKI 4 DEGREE HEALERS’ MASTER, LEADER #9 Master Lineage with Founder Usui Mikao. Healing from afar in seconds: Feeling,visualizing Samadhi Transend All You, change, condition before born… An Chan 619-792-2683 chan.an66@ 1.13



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T O P I C S ~ J A N UA RY 2 0 1 3 6 Kriya Yoga: Universal Science of God-Realization 13 Awakening Divine Memory 20 How to Be Stronger Than Life’s Trials 27 Making the Most of Sundays

Self-Realization Fellowship

The teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

San Diego Temple 3072 1st Avenue 619.295.0170 Encinitas Temple 939 Second St. 760.436.7220 Services every Sunday at

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Y O G A N A N D A – S R F. O R G

reaCH tHoUsanDs! aDvertise on oUr MontHly e-neWsletter only $50/MontH! Call toDay 1-866-804-8444

VE I S.C I OONMM AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M VI S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.VI S I O N M AG A Z I N




RAVI SHANKAR The man who healed with his music “Cometh the hour cometh the man “runs the saying, and on 7th April 1920 Indian musician Ravi Shankar was born with a unique fate indicated by his hands. April is ruled by Aries the first sign of the zodiac and 7 is the spiritual number, so we know that as Aries rules the head
this would be a spiritual leader with good thinking processes a levl head with his feet firmly on the ground, the tarot card for Aries in the Emporer, the man in power with all at his feet. 
His hand print shows a deep straight unbroken destiny line, known as the luck line in India and the Liping in Tibet this foretell’s a  great destiny, but one that could be likened to a railway line through life, it holds you straight to your purpose if you deviate from this line of karma you will feel out of sorts and constantly in the wrong place, until you come back to where you should be on lifes path, the closeness of the life and head lines gives caution sensitivity and thoughfulness, and is known as “The blessing of Shiva” His Jupiter or index finger is shorter than his third or Apollo finger, giving  self restraint low self confidence and poor self image, usually from an overstrict father,  these people have an inbuilt fear of failure, and are often perfectionists only showing what they are very good at because they cannot take criticism. Ravi excelled at playing the Sitar, the Beatles were astonished at his rhythm and control of such a complex instrument and George Harrison asked Ravi to teach him what he knew, it was to open a new window both in Beatles music and in Indian mysticysm for firstly the Beatles and secondly for the people of Britian. Ravi’s well built Mercury or small finger shows his terrific communication skills, this coupled to his angle of rhythm and timing give his music which his Apollo finger, the finger of love and arts enhances and his Line of Apollo stemming from his heart line shows he will be a success

3 4 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

at what he loves, the line at Mercuries base is part of the healing stigmata and shows healing was an itegral part of his work, which climaxed at age 62. Ravi Shankar was a huge hit here in Britian, today 12-12-2012 is a sacred day, events all over Britian have celebrated his life, he brought to us the love of Indian Sitar music and paved the way for the recent Bollywood successes, but Ravi’s skill did not just cement the love affair for Britian’s for Indian culture philosophy and history, but also helped heal wounds between Hindus Sikhs and Muslims, all regretted his passing.  The Bible says at Zechariah 2:1 “ and lifting up my eyes i saw a man with a measuring line in his hand “ a measuring line, was the measurement of a mans life, his line of  Destiny, and Ravis ends with a large square under Saturn the planet of destiny, a square is the most  protective sign in palmistry and seen on the Destiny line is called the “sign of the flag” as its just like a flag waving on a flagpole and is a supreme sign of fated good fortune, earnt by hard work in previous lives. Ravi died aged 92 his message of love and healing was in his music
Shakespeare said; “he was a man and taken all in all we shall not see his like again”

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feeding on the bottom of the lake, various kinds of plants growing, small and large stones lining the bottom and more. The secret life of your consciousness is like that lake. As you delve beyond the surface of who you are, you discover there is much more then what you see in a reflection. Your secret true self and the answers to why you are here lies beneath your consciousness. Ancient cultures had an advantage over modern societies. They knew the secrets of their true selves. The ancients didn’t have to wait for something to trigger off the awakening process. They came into life aware and focused on spirituality on a daily basis. In contrast, most of humanity today knows very little about their conscious life. our one source for Total Natural Health



The Total Source for Natural Health: Health Freedom Expo


in southern California is the 9th annual Health Freedom Expo at the Long Beach What Is Consciousness? Convention being held Marchyou 1-3. Consciousness is a special quality of the mindCenter that permits youthis to know World-renowned doctors, practitioners and exist. You perceive your world through your 5 senses and determine what you experts will gather to offer three days of dynamic like or don’t like. It is the me factor of existence. lectures and discussion panels addressing your Do all people have the same experience consciousness? SomeHear people are natural ofhealth care questions. leading more conscious than others. The degree is based on experience and how much authorities share the newest findings on natural you can concentrate and focus on a health particular thing.SitYour memosolutions. in onthoughts, leading-edge panel discussions sych change. as You One and Food, Youyou and ries, feelings, sensations and environment shift and moment Environment, The Politics of Health,onand can be reading a book and the next your moment your thoughts are focused a Longevity: Stem Cells, Cytokines and Telomeres: childhood memory. Your ability to focus enhances consciousness. How to Make 100 the New 50. Attendees Why bother to become aware? It can lead to inner peace, better decisions, can choose from 90 speakers, four dynamic greater faith, more confidence and spiritual wisdom. awareness limits discussion panels,Limited four feature documentary wisdom and your ability to accomplish your goals. films, and a buzzing Expo hall with over 150 booths filled with cutting edge products, information and services, samplings of natural foods and a wide selection books, andSpiritual DVDs. Your ofSoul Is CDs 100% Attendees choose viewspiritual any or all of four award winning documentary films endorsed You are can born withto the essence within you. It is untapped until by critics, celebrities and natural practitioners alike: GMO Roulette, The you begin to wonder, “Whohealth am I?” or “What is the purpose ofEscape life?” Fire: When Fight to Rescue Our Broken Health Care System, Folks, this Ain’t Normal: The disconnect you realize there is more to your existence than the cultural and childhood from natural food, and Simply Raw: Reversing diabetes in 30 days. boundaries imposed upon you, the spiritual process starts to unfold. This new The Health Freedom Expo is a non-profit organization sponsored by The Health Keepers awareness inspires you to lookYear beyond those boundaries. youworks do, sudden Alliance, a lobbying organization. round, the Health KeepersOnce Alliance to defeat wisdom, legislation deep emotion and apositive new awareness of the choices world around you further restrictive that limits health freedom and awareness. Their primary intention is to protect consumers’ rights and defend practitioners who use natural develops your spirituality. andHave nutritional to create full awarenesswho of health and wellness you cures, ever and experienced someone lamented aboutchoices.The a mistakeMission they of the Health Expoofis atodecision? bring the finest natural and made in lifeFreedom as a result Perhaps, youhealth haveinformation, heard the products comment,

services to the public. The smart health care consumer knows that getting and staying well is only part of a healthy lifestyle. People want answers about affordable health care; to understand health care reform; how to use food as medicine; how to prevent ill health rather than create it; how to deal with illnesses that affect the whole family; what foods are really organic and natural; and most of all, how to thrive in this climate of change. Come and learn how you can live a healthier life. March 1-3, 2013 Friday-Sunday
 Long Beach Convention Center Exhibit Hall A. 300 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802. or call 888-658-EXPO 
 $20 per day or $45 for three-day weekend  

da, n.



V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M


VISION Music Medicine- The Science and Spirit of Healing Yourself with Sound By Christine Stevens/ Sounds True/ $16.95 “This book is about a paradigm change. It is not about being taught music; it’s about music teaching us,” says local author and music therapist Christine Stevens in the first chapter of Music Medicine, published last August by Sounds True. The concept of ‘music as teacher’ is something Stevens has had first-hand experience in. As a drum-circle facilitator, for years she traveled and led drums circles in cities and small villages on almost every continent, often entering into disaster-stricken and war-torn areas and making music with others as a way to heal and build community in times of crisis. “I wanted to understand what the heartbeat of a powwow drum at a Lakota ceremony had in common with women chanting to celebrate the anniversary of the end of apartheid in South Africa; what singing to Hurricane Katrina survivors in New Orleans had in common with leading drum circles for peace-building in Iraq. What were the common themes that transcended location, people and culture and created sacred and healing musical experiences?” The answer came to Stevens in a new way of looking at the healing properties of music. Stevens calls these properties “the Four Elements of Music”—Silence, Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. Even in the West, where many suffer from what Stevens calls Instrumentaphobia (the fear of playing an instrument), there is an “organic seed of music within us all” and an inherent knowing that music-

CAFE making can lead to healing. For example, Stevens cites a 2009 Gallup poll study that found that only 5 percent of those surveyed started playing an instrument after age 18. However, when asked what would motivate those same non-instrument playing adults to pick up an instrument, 95% stated it would be health reasons. “At some level,” says Stevens,” we intuitively know that music holds healing benefits in our lives.” Through case studies, scientific data, personal anecdotes and downloadable music recommendations and links, Music Medicine is not only an inspirational and insightful read, it is also an opportunity to look deeply at what role music plays in our own lives and in finding the unique song within, no matter who we are. – NLP,

“I wanted to understand what the heartbeat of a powwow drum at a Lakota ceremony had in common with women chanting to celebrate the anniversary of the end of apartheid in South Africa; what singing to Hurricane Katrina survivors in New Orleans had in common with leading drum circles for peace-building in Iraq. What were the common themes that transcended location, people and culture and created sacred and healing musical experiences?”

Kriya Retreat Weekend

March 29-31, 2013 Unlock your true potential! Learn Sunburst Kriya I meditation, or refresh and empower your practice. Refresh your spirit in the natural beauty and tranquility of Sunburst Sanctuary. Please contact us for more information and donation suggestion. The Sanctuary is located 40 miles north of Santa Barbara, California. Email: (805) 736-6528 3 6 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M



In the hugest room—the one decorated by an ornate ceiling of Baroque architecture—six pressure cookers were set up on two rows of long tables. My workspace was in the middle. After garbing up in a sterile blue frock and disinfecting my hands, my work began. At 7 a.m. sharp, I became a mad laboratory woman, focusing with great deftness and skill so as not to cause an explosion. This part of my day was like a time bomb. I measured out one cup of uncooked, short-grain brown rice (which the truffles would later grow in) into small, hospital-grade plastic bags, added water, and put a plastic cork ring on them, corking them shut. When I had 60 bags, I placed ten in each pressure cooker and sealed them shut. With extreme caution, I ignited each one of those little devils and began to monitor, walking amongst them like a lioness whose smooth and intense prowl would install a sense of order almost anywhere. The stress level in working with multiple pressure cookers can be inconceivable. The advantage to using them is that steam pressure can cook and sterilize things rapidly. But what’s daunting is that you have to make sure that the pressure on each machine doesn’t rise in even the tiniest increment so that they don’t explode. Even walking next to one can be discouraging. You have to do so in an exaggeratedly slow motion to avoid a rise in pressure. Although I tried to embody that powerful animal spirit to be intimidating; on the contrary, once animated and pressurized, the highly combustible little beasts would come alive and start to whine and hiss at me. Stop, I’d implore, clipboard in hand, trying to convince each one to help me lessen the potential risk for disaster. We needed to unify for a common goal. But they would only proceed to taunt me with their high-pitched, malevolent shrieking howls—their wicked little laughter. They said they had no interest in safety. On the back of each machine it says that no more than two pressure cookers should be going at once. I knew what I was doing was potentially dangerous, but if I couldn’t do the job, Tony would have found someone else do it. I needed the work, but also, I grew to perceive these little fiends as challenges that I had to conquer. The rice was ready, and I was still alive. By this point, the entire Palace was infused with steam and the nutty scent of warm brown rice. When the bags were cool, I took them to Tony’s lab and left


him alone to work. This was the inoculation process. Tony would uncork each bag, and using a syringe, inject the distilled-water-andspores-solution into the cooked rice. I went to relax for a bit on the couch and ate a sandwich, then I opened to a passage in an Alan Watts book that read, “[In Western society] a ‘drugged’ person is by definition dimmed in consciousness, fogged in judgment, and deprived of will. But not all psychotropic (consciousness-changing) chemicals are narcotic and soporific, as are alcohol, opiates, and barbiturates. The effects of what are now Alan Watts called psychedelic (mind-manifesting) chemicals differ from those of alcohol as laughter differs from rage, or delight from depression.” This man’s insight inspired me greatly. My break was never long enough. Tony had finished the bags and returned them to me. Now, I must prepare you for the next phase in the journey. If you are religious and unfettering in your obedience to “law,” I urge you to distance yourself momentarily from judgment. Please allow any traditional, preconceived ideas stemming from religious values to slowly…dissolve. To Alan Watts, “I quote paint stuff and then Ithe sell way it.” one internalizes Part II of this story will “depend considerably on one’s own prior orientation and attitude to life.” Ron Read Wharton/The Pimp is anbecause Outsider,Underground thethat Eastthe Coast of with anArt open mind, it’s just beyondartist the born attic on door Maryland. Since 1998 Ron has resided in San Diego, California with roots in the Lowbrow magic begins.


Art movement and Pop Surrealism. His paintings hold a sarcastic colorful mirror to life in America. “The Art Pimp” has been involved in numerous presentations in the San Diego area as well as Art shows around the country. His weapon of choice is Acrylicon onpage Lauan40 (thin continued wood). Some of his Art is on permanent display at Seth’s Chop Shop in Ocean Beach, CA.

W W W.VI S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M • D E C E M B E R 2 012 • VI S I O N M AG A Z I N E 37 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M 37

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The Magic Letters Mushr oomFrom Earth Volume II

I took three deep breaths and opened the door with my bronze skeleton key. I removed my shoes, rolled up my pant legs and dipped my bare feet into a wide eyes and prayed from the depth of my soul: bucket filled with a bleach and “Please… please… please help us…” water solution. Everything in The by Craig Gordon Though I had given up my judgments against organized religion years Palace—a high-ceilinged, multinago, timesI was of darkness, people turn to writing including of God. But I still notmany completely comfortable using theone word roomed laboratoryand with white walls humanity sharing insight on humanity’s progress and suggesting America’s outstanding authors Mark Twain. He wrote a series of essays, gave it shot: that disinfected humanity has been slow but is now on an accelerated path to and pillars—was kept that“God, were from published were controversial please help us. PleaseThese don’tletters let baby die. Please God. Please and sterile, and thepositive bodieschange. that “Some of the God stuff You have done down here Tales aposthumously. Wildflower inmythe Grow Room because set them up as letters from Archangel Satan to Archangel is really interesting. help he us.” went in there had to match. Inside I call these God Shots. They happen all around Michael and Angel Carpenter Gabriel and these letters showed a darker side to the human race,ofbut most fail to se them. The beautiful sunset, a by IDaphne suddenly flashed back to September 11th 2001. There I was, back on was a full operationtheand harvest public image of Mr. Twain. baby’s smile, the smell of delicious food, sound sleep, how water Psilocybe tampanensis—Philosopher’s the rubble of the World Trade his Center, exhausted after 3bydays of digging Today, Craig Gordon has released own take on humanity quenches…wow, how great are these experiences You have given Part I Stone mushrooms,humans.” affectionately for survivors. I remembered mirroring Mark Twain’s methodology. the life lesson that came through that experiI woke up early, no Craig alarm. known as truffles, dueI to their ence. I isclosed myneeding eyes tighter triedjust a new prayer: Darkness dispelled by lighteven and has and captured the right mix like hisshape final note which Very my body felt to like a antics state and the warm chocolate-like rush the user experiences upon ingesting them. “Thank God this experience, exactly the way of it deep is.” sleep into of words toquickly bringyou not only a for bigmorphed smile butfrom full onwhat laughter the of suggests making a donation to an the ultra-alert statehas ofbeen awareness. Less thanson ten minutes later I was on The my bike, Truffles, in their natural environment, actually grow under mushrooms. This what race up to. He includes quotes from spiritually Athuman that exact moment, I heard my cry for the first time. male organizations that help those riding work along Amsterdam’s misty canals—those of conscious individuals likebreath Kurt Vonnegut... technically declassifies them fromand the “mushroom” people down out or in category so that they can nurseto released his as if he’d been holding it shimmery the entire expanses time. “That’s “Be careful of anyone who tells you there is only one definition of God water that make everything feel like a dream. I’m so glad to be alive, I whispered darkness or in doing something be purchased legally. what we want to hear!” he blurted, clearly relieved for us. Azai cried and itmyself is theirs” andaGordon without any was expectation of toharder. with smile. goes on to talk about “how humans use only Tony was in his good lab. My partner a 40-something, long haired heavy a small fraction of the brain You have given them.”of sunrays burst through the sky and a return. At“Is Leidseplein, a magnificent ceremony metal/Deadhead businessman from Michigan, and he was dressed in a white that our son?” Nadia asked. “Yes, my love. That’s our baby.” My takes with us through such serious topicsRiding as Thefaster, Workings of Volume II isa solution of distilled water IThen was he imbued rush ofasked. energy. my breath could be lab coat. Sitting in a Letters swivel Form chair,Earth he was mixing eyes flooded. “Is another he of okay?” she “He’s Capitalism and The Theory Consumerism as well as abeautiful. perspective He’s On absolutely a good quick read and is available seen from afar. From someone else’s perspective, it appeared as if I myself was and mushroom spores. beautiful my love.” Dogs, Cats & Babies or When Humans Really Act Like Gods! at or you can evaporating the air. a year “Hey, I’m here!”contact I yelledCraig out toGordon him from the dark hallway which was It’smakes hardinto to believe passed since that What this book stand out has is the modernization of moment. the topics Azai celebratat www. Myhishair was shoulder length—dark brown, untamed and wild—and my stapled wall-to-wall with black garbage bags. thated Mark Twain introduced over a hundred years ago. Yes, mankind is first Birthday today. Words cannot express the depth of love I feel was pale winter My eyes, aofgreen sea and foam. “Good, good,” he said, in a tone that implied, “Good morning, now get to stillskin working on tapping in tone. to themy 6thbest sensefriend. intuition weAt arethis stilltime in my for my ason, my teacher, young life, hadtoGod abandoned responsibilities and was living my work.” searching for a Iway get along in traditional peaceexactly as many nations together. Review by Karen Sadler at Thank you for Azai… the waycome he is. highest What Craigdestiny. points out is that in fact we have made progress and that the This day was noVision different from other days. Magazine Love Daddy… speed of progressto is The picking up. Craig touches on religion, Mother Nature my bike, I arrived Palace coated in perspiration. After locking


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“The Mirror Of All Of Us” continued from page 23

“So What Comes Next?” continued from page 15

That is our deep secret, that is our true Essence: we carry inside ourselves a magnificent seed of perfection, of everlasting felicity, of complete fulfillment – and the purpose of our life is to manifest and enrich this Essence. Make it grow and flower under any circumstances, no matter how hard or how adverse they are. Nowadays sociologists are warning that our humanity is turning every day colder and more inhuman, following behavioural patterns and obeying to norms that are completely disconnected from what the human nature truly is – that is way there are so many wars, that is way we don’t take action in healing the earth, that is way we accept on the market foods that are bad for us, that is way we see in our neighbour a competitor and not a true friend, a brother or sister of heart. Money, recognition, fame, power, access to the limited resources have taken us over and held us captive, away from reaching our full human potential. We are not an accident of nature, life is not a sum of “accidents,” as some pseudo-scientist may claim. Life is a supreme and divine gift, and human are by nature a miracle ready to happen, from moment to moment. What we need to do, is to recognize this as being of paramount importance for our existence, and value Life. Above all, our inner life, as it will be reflected in everything else around ourselves. Our inner transformation is at least as important as our worldly progress – in fact much more. That Essence within each of us (including plants and animals) live forever, it is what we take with us, after our death, into eternity. Why not then, once and for all, embark on the most amazing exploration of all: of ourselves! And as we discover who we really are, as we unveil our true nature and purpose, we will feel the flow of life running through our veins, and see our life being taken to places and transformed in ways we could never imagine. And when we feel the hardship of life, we ought to remember that we are never alone, not even in the deepest sorrow, nor in the lowest moment of despair: as the One who made us, and whose only purpose is our happiness, has always His gentle and generous hand in front of us, to guide and to support, to nourish and to heal, to hold and to keep tight until the pain of growth goes away. Let us take, this new year, the most worthy trip of all: the inner journey, the self-discovery voyage, one that will feed our Consciousness and rid ourselves of all Ego, and by that bring about the world The true Golden Age. Let’s make this great decision of freeing ourselves from our defects and vices who enslave us, and lead only to tears, suffering, fear, ignorance, violence or chaos. Let’s gain back our inner freedom, happiness and peacefulness along with the ability to truly love others, to bring about peace and harmony, patience and true care for everything created. Come closer to Nature, in which we can see all divine principles, and be grateful and worthy of what has been offered to us. Let us fight within ourselves to make joy and kindness triumph - and once they shine in our hearts, they will sparkle all the surroundings.

small part of its land mass continued in physical form when the Island sank beneath the sea, and most of its inhabitants vanished. The Lemurians were a highly spiritual, proud and beautiful race. They were unique in the history of Earth, because they had bodies that were never entirely physical in the sense that ours are. They had the ability to transform from an almost-solid state into a state of pure energy – and back again – at will. Before the Lemurian Civilization ended and its inhabitants disappeared, I saw them encode thousands of tiny “seed crystals“ with information – spiritual, historical, and technical – that would be helpful to future generations. They were able to program the crystals in such a way that their data would be available in a time-release, energy pattern. Then, according to The Plan, they scattered the crystals over the face of the Earth, insuring that they would be found by future generations. “The Plan!“ My mind flashed back to what Zev Moab had told me about a plan laid out for Planet Earth before the arrival of Hu-mankind. Could this be a part of that same plan? I pushed these thoughts away. It was hard enough to keep up with the images flashing in the crystal. I forced my mind to refocus and saw that when the Lemurians’ purpose here was complete and their Island was about to sink into the sea, they had lifted en masse, with some specific exceptions, and departed the plane of Earth, never again to incarnate in physical form. Those few who chose to remain behind, as guides and guardians for the generations of humans that would follow, established settlements in the mountains of Tibet. Images from the giant crystal faded, and I had a moment to close my eyes, but once I opened them, events passed quickly. After a time, the images began to slow down and I was witnessing what seemed like a somewhat familiar scene. It was the civilization of Atlantis with its sophisticated technologies. I saw Beings of the same race as the Twelve sitting with me now. They were Galactic Visitors, Pleiadeans, who were working with the Atlantean priests. They wanted to teach the priests what they knew about Earth’s powerful geometric grids and its natural electro-magnetic energy patterns. Before long, the peoples of Atlantis appeared. The general Population was made up of many different types of Hu-mans. Some were extremely tall, others exceedingly small. The hues of their skin were as varied as the colors of the rainbow. This was a result of the genetic seeding and intermingling of a great variety of extraterrestrial races. Although the greatest number of them had light skin and red hair, they all blended together into a beautiful medley of color, size and shape. The Atlantean Prince-Priest A-Ta emerged from the crowd. He was wearing robe-like metallic clothing with small crystals woven into the fabric. I realized I had glimpsed him in my long-ago dream in the village near the Sphinx. He was the one who had floated above the waves and watched in horror as the Island of Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves. Now my dream began to make sense….

Dear Reader, “to Be or not to Be” is definitely the question of our life. The end and the beginning of a year shall invite us all to reflect and give an answer to this questions: Is my life what I expect it to be? In order to change radically, we need to know ourselves deeply, and be able to “meet” others at that same deep level. It is not enough to live in “our small world”, made of personal interests, passions, habits - but in harmony with our bigger Selves, with others, with the larger world, the planet, the entire universe and beyond. We need to surpass our unending cravings, desires, complaining, demands from others, and become demanding of ourselves, become noble and sincere in everything, opening our heart in order to give, provide and comfort, unconditionally. All human beings are the same, at their core: Essences, sparks of the Divine, in a journey of self-realization. Let’s live in a more fraternal way, becoming conscious that life and Earth is a garden we all need to tender in brotherhood, a boat in which we all need to paddle together. Let us try to end with the bad habit of loving ourselves so much, that there is not room left for loving and serving others. Let us not allow another year to pass by, being hypnotized by egotistic preoccupations and worries, while this world is crying and suffering. Let us make the resolution to make the world around us better, by bettering ourselves, revealing our REAL NATURE, becoming the masters of ourselves and of our destiny, building something new, both internally and externally, turning our life into a Masterpiece. We owe this to ourselves, to each other, and to the One who made, and keeps making, everything possible.

For more information about the Gnostic Public Lecture , Weekly Classes and other Gnostic spiritual practices please contact us at: (818) 614 6700 or

Excerpt from “The Keeper of The Diary” by Judith Diana Winston, visionary artist, writer, life mentor, and author of “Meditative Magic—The Pleiadean Glyphs,” an inspired collection of consciousness-altering symbols. Find out more and/or download the first three chapters:

V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M


“Recollecting” continued from page 25 Today, after many leaps of faith, daily experiences in practical living, and increasing spiritual understanding of reality, I realize that higher reason and acts of faith actually do not create a mind of contradiction but a mind of clarity, focus, and expanded logic. In July of 1987, I and my three children spent about four days at a spiritual retreat event on Mingus Mountain in Arizona. One of those days I made the hour-long trip by myself to Sedona and was led to majestic Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing to spend some quiet time. While sitting and trying to tune into what God wanted to say to me, I had an “awake vision” of a powerful divine being sitting on Crusader Rock, which I was looking at. I knew he was someone I had known before, an ancient ancestor or elder of some kind. He seemed to be both divine and human. He looked at me with a piercing look that left me feeling both shriveled and blessed. I heard in my mind a message from him that said he had been with me before as a guide and spiritual grandfather and that he would soon be with me again in a closer way and that I was to rest and be at peace, that events would unfold for me on my new path. About half an hour later I had another vision where I was on the red rock plateau that was behind and above where I was sitting. In the vision I knew I was in the not-too-distant future. I was standing in a circle with a group of other people, holding hands. I had not met any of these people in this life, but they were familiar to me anyway, as if I knew them before and was going to be with them again soon. I felt comforted and more at ease. After those two visions, I looked forward to my future in anticipation, with less fear and anxiety and with more peace and assurance. I knew that God was with me and that my destiny was unfolding before me. I knew that I was surrounded by my unseen friends whose presence I had sensed from the time I considered space as a child. The following month, August, I came again to Red Rock Crossing to experience what people in the New Age movement were referring to as the “Harmonic Convergence.” It was my birthday, and I spent the night sleeping by the creek by myself, but not really by myself. I could feel and almost hear many unseen personalities around me. Sometime in the early morning hours I awakened and felt the earth shudder slightly and sensed some kind of shift. I looked up at the black silhouette of Cathedral Rock outlined against the silver, moonlit sky and was comforted in knowing that something “magical” and wonderful was happening on this earth that most human residents were unaware of. In December of that year I met Gabriel of Urantia, and the great adventure really began in full throttle and has not slowed down one iota. Tapping Into Astral (Past-Life) Experiences, Cosmic Family Connections, and Beneficial Energies and Circuitry I share some of my personal experiences to show the realness of cosmic family and memory circuits opening up to the fact of repersonalization for some people on this world and to the fact that there indeed is a regathering of the “goodly company,” of the “wayshowers,” of the “bird tribes,” of the “renaissance makers,” of the “cosmic family,” of the “destiny and cosmic reservists.” As I grew and developed from childhood on, my memory circuitry was gradually opened. Because I have known the cosmology of the grand universe as a mortal on other evolutionary worlds that are more progressed in their planetary mortal epochs, I sensed, as a child, the vastness and friendliness of space and the divine pattern that circulates throughout all of the universes. Because I knew and experienced a higher truth on these worlds, I also knew of the numerous celestial personalities who represent the Paradise Deities in some manner. So, even as a child in my current life, I was aware of unseen celestial personalities and recognized them as family, cosmic family. The yearning for so much more than I had (and I had a very wonderful and full life) was for a higher reality on all levels—material, mindal, social, and spiritual. I yearned for more beautiful and functional architecture, for silent and more efficient machinery, for more compassionate and ethical governments. I yearned for a broader understanding of the workings of nature, of societies, of human beings. I yearned for even more enriching experiences and relationships than I already had. I yearned for a greater understanding of and closeness to God. The desire for knowing and experiencing reality within the beauty and goodness of divine pattern is innate within all humans on this world, regardless of soul age, but unfortunately, most have not awakened to that higher desire that resides deep within them, for there are so many distractions to keep people preoccupied with lesser desires of a more selfish and materialistic nature. Those several hundred million starseed who have had past-life experiences on higher worlds in other universes may awaken more quickly to that innate higher desire, but all humans— including first-light (new) souls—have that desire residing deep within them. When I began to see and meet people that I had been acquainted with in other lives, they seemed familiar. Some I knew more clearly their relationship to me, like Kate. Continuing 4 0 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M

Fifth Epochal Revelation presented in The Cosmic Family volumes describes and names the various energies and circuitries that helped draw me to locations where cosmic acquaintances and family were and to “recognize” strangers (who did not seem to be strangers) upon my initial contact. Most people are not “awake” enough to be able to benefit from these energies and circuitries that are available for those individuals who are sincerely looking for a higher reality and seeking to know God more intimately, but when they are, like me, they can have many very interesting serendipities that give a richer and more purposeful meaning to their lives—serendipities that are signs guiding them to the next step on their life path. Why did I, a person who does not go around having visions and so-called mystical experiences, have two back-to-back visions at Red Rock Crossing at a certain time in my life? What did I see? A year after that experience, I realized that the strong, spirit personality that I encountered was Paladin, the great grandfather finaliter of the First Cosmic Family, one of the main celestial personalities to fuse with Gabriel of Urantia and bring through Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation. Who and what did I see with the circle of people? I saw the regathering of the cosmic family at Planetary Sacred Home, which, for about twenty years, was the headquarters for Machiventa Melchizedek (our unseen celestial Planetary Prince), gathered around Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. What have we mortals to do with Paladin, Machiventa Melchizedek, and other celestials? In collaboration with Celestial Overcontrol, we are to create a higher reality in our sacred home that will eventually spread across the entire planet, bringing Urantia into the first stage of light and life. Are we doing it? Yes, in spite of many seeming setbacks and challenges, we are indeed doing it. The Planetary Headquarters is now in southern Arizona in Tumacácori, where united cosmic family members—first-light souls and starseed—are creating a Divine-New-Order culture at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage. Why was the headquarters moved from Sedona? That is another story for another time. So, here I am, with many of my family, seen and unseen. Some still occasionally have temporary regressions into lower mindal patterns and behaviors when they hold back from making the moves forward that God wants them to. Some still occasionally get frustrated and discouraged with how slow and ponderous everything seems to be. But all of us still plug away on outgrowing our imperfections and strive to become more Christ-like daily. I personally am so grateful to be here in this very rich and full life that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I still look up in the night skies, feeling small and big at the same time. I still look off to the horizon, wondering what is on the other side. I still want to explore those earthly roads that I have not physically traveled on. I still want to roam the hills by myself, and sometimes with a couple of friends. I still want to bring newfound friends into my home and share my family with them, and now it is a bigger home with a much bigger family, a cosmic family. Niánn Emerson Chase grew up on four different Native American reservations in the southwestern United States. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Literature/English and Education, she returned to the San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona where she lived and taught for fifteen years. In 1989, Niánn Emerson Chase co-founded Global Community Communications Alliance—currently a 100+ member intentional community (at Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage) located in southern Arizona in the historic southwest towns of Tubac and Tumacácori. Within the community, Niánn Emerson Chase serves as the Director of the Global Community Communications Schools for Adults, Teens, and Children, as well as serving on the Board of Elders and as a pastor. Info@GlobalCommunityCommunicationsAlliance – Telephone 520-603-9932


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“Blubber Deep” continued from page 21

results we create. We could choose to expect businesses and governments to shoulder the responsibility of fixing the problems; laying the blame squarely at their feet and relying on their power to deliver answers. However this might be counterproductive if every day we choose to buy coffee in disposable cups with plastic lids, eat shrimp without verifying where it was fished from, and drive cars with big engines. A lasting shift towards a more positive future is unlikely to occur from the masses assuming a powerless, victim role; we have become weakened and lazy from living within the confines of that paradigm for long enough. Perhaps lasting change is more likely to occur if we choose the tougher road of dispelling our ignorance and powerless stance, and instead embracing awareness, discipline, passion, responsibility and courage. A perfect antidote to toxins entering at the base of a food chain and becoming concentrated up the chain, is for new thinking and action to be embraced at the grassroots level and create a spiraling bottom-up approach. To conclude, the emerging themes at the conference which may aid us as we move into a new year included: embracing differing perspectives, and encouraging dialogue and compromise; being willing to grapple with difficult questions to find new modes of thinking and behavior; nurturing our ability to love and strengthening our wills as a prerequisite to acting more responsibly. The conference ended with a sharing of ideas for how we can all embrace change in whatever small or large way it is within our sphere of influence to do. Ideas that were offered from attendees, included such simple ones as “carry your own cup everywhere”, “observe nature and keep a record”, “talk to kids and get them outside in the natural world”, “check how and where your seafood is fished”, “watch your personal habits and always leave things better than you found them”.

Sometimes the small things in life are the hardest; they are not exciting, they do not go ‘bang’ and they do not show big results fast. But, it is the small things as well as the large that make a difference, just as it requires the participation of many people from many walks of life. Whatever we make of our world today and tomorrow, we can be sure that it will be a product of us all, whether directly or indirectly. The ACS conference served to engender an attitude of positive participation; of choosing freely to be actively involved. Because, after all, who wants to play the cowardly, disempowered sidekick in a movie, when, deep down, we all have the capacity to play a braver, wiser and more honorable role? Further information: For information on the American Cetacean Society, please visit: http:// For information on BlueVoice and VIVA Vaquita, please visit: http://www. For information on Peter Ross (before April 2013, please visit: After this date Peter, along with eight other marine scientists from Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, are due to lose their jobs when the DFO’s entire contaminants program will be shut down. About the author: Amanda Penaloza-Banks is a British born dancer who additionally writes articles, blogs and stories about cetaceans, marine conservation and inspirational conservationists/researchers. For information and further writing, please visit: http:// Photo acknowledgement: Cetacean photographs are provided with kind permission from Peggy Stap, Marine Life Studies. Copyright belongs to Marine Life Studies. For information, please visit:

V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M


Calendar O V EvNeTn Sts oFfE e Space Sphere

Drops from the Sky

Namibia, 2011

This 3 foot diameter sphere, according to Benjamin Creme, NEW comes from Mars and monitored Maitreya the environment. Its physical HERE discovery was designed as a sign to humanity of the spacebrothers' and the World Teacher Maitreya's presence. Learn more:

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exercises. Dr. Barry Green, Ph.D., H.H.P. Jan. 25-27 Fri.-Sun. founder of 4 schools of Massage. 6:30 AKASHIC RECORDS TRAININGS WITH pm, 3 Thursdays. Natural Healing Institute, BARBARA SCHIFFMAN. 760-943-8485, 2013 Akashic Practitioner Certification weekends begin January 25-27, LA/ Dec. 12-18, Tues.-Sat. Burbank, includes Past Life healing WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO BE ON tools. Access the Akashic Records (your DEC. 21? How about Vilcabamba, Ecuador Soul’s energy-archive) for yourself and for the retreat of a lifetime Call 1-604-800others with Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer 1319 Process. Info: 818-415-3479, www., Dec. 15-16, Sat. –Sun. AkashicLA


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CERTIFIED NUTRITIONIST CONSULTANT PROGRAM (CNC) ™. Introductory or Full Certification. Special Discounts. Most comprehensive training from nationally honored Nutritionists. Revised! 7:00-9:55 pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485.7:00-9:55 pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485.

SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT INSPIRATIONAL SERVICES 2nd Sunday of the month at 10am, 4th Sunday at 9am. Myztic Isle Bookstore, 8036 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA. 619.588.6483 for information. LOOKING FOR A SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY? You are always welcome at the Celebration of Light Church. Visit our website for program. www. Vicente @ 23rd St. – San Francisco. THEOSOPHY CLASS IN JULIAN/SAN DIEGO, “What is Theosophy and How Does it Apply to Life?” 760.765.1090 619.283.0142 theosophy@theosconf. org Sally & Jim Colbert Meets: 1st & 3rd Sunday Mornings 10:30 a.m. to Noon with cookies CALL FOR DIRECTIONS Sunday Fellowship Meditation 10:30 AM Enjoy live, spirit-filled music, inspirational talk, and quiet meditation followed by a delicious vegetarian meal. Every Sunday! Call regarding childcare options. Email: (805) 736-6528


FREE PSYCHIC READINGS every FIRST Monday 7:30p.m. by students in Vessa’s INTUITIVE INSIGHTS Clairvoyant Program, 4455 Morena Blvd. #108, 858.509.7582 www.MyIntuition.Net Mondays March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4, July 2, August 6, September 3, October 1,

$8 BEGINNERS YOGA CLASSES Monday @ 6:00p.m. Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. 2333 Camino del Rio South #240 92108 619.917.0998.


Wednesday Evening Yoga and Meditation Yoga: 6 – 7:30 PM; Quiet Meditation: 7:30 – 8 PM, Sunburst Sanctuary Allow yourself to feel the peace within during a yoga class followed by an optional quiet meditation. www. Email: ContactUs@ (805) 736-6528


FREE DETOXIFICATION AND WEIGHT LOSS CLASS 1st Thursday of every month. 6:30p.m. Easy and successful program. Register @ Body Basics Health Center, San Diego. 619.296.7390 11.11

WEDNESDAYS MIRACLE CIRCLE MEDITATION Connect with your inner divinity through deep meditation, inspirational prayers, and group discussion. 7p.m.-8p.m. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007. Thai on the Table – Oil Deep Tissue Massage: Prone, Supine, Side, Sitting Positions – VERY popular with everyone—Therapists & Clients! – 9:30 – 5:30. Natural Healing Institute, 760-9438485, Hormone Balancing & The Endocrine System Understanding & working with lab tests - blood, urine, and especially saliva for women, men, and children. Includes Female & Male Hormonal Evaluations, Thyroid, Adrenal Stress, Cortisol, DHEA, Pituitary. Diet/nutrition, supplements, herbs, customized endocrine creams, Much More. 7:00 pm – 9:55. Natural Healing Institute, 760943-8485, Soul Live! 7pm - Join Tom and Trisha Kelly each Wednesday night ‘Live’ for this new interactive spiritual talk show with an exciting line-up of very special guests. Not in the Encinitas area? Check it out at! The Soul Center 627 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas www. 760.943.7685 CLINICAL MASTER HERBOLOGY CERTIFICATE PROGRAM (CMH)™. Introductory or Full Certification.

Special Discounts. Most comprehensive training from nationally honored Master Herbalists. Revised! 7:00-9:55 pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485.

GODDESS Gatherings 3rd Thursday of every month. Please visit www. for more information 3.12 Shiatsu/Accupressure, Tui Na Massage, Qi Gong, TOM. Become proficient in wide range of Oriental Healing Arts Practices. 6:30 – 10 pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485,


HAPPINESS CLASSES - Based on the life-healing teachings of VERNON HOWARD, Fridays - 8p.m.; Sundays - 10a.m. New Life Foundation, 5779 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA. 714.899.9300 Conquer stress, handle difficult people with ease, banish problems. Donation basis. 09.11


Saturday Deep Meditation 6 – 9 AM Come and go quietly during this special time of deeper meditation. Email: (805) 736-6528 Yoga Teacher Training (RYT, YISMT)™. Nationally respected yoga instructors.

V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M


Calendar continued Hatha, Vinyasa, Breath Work, Much More, individualized to you. Comprehensive, unique Yoga Instructor, Somatics, & Movement Therapist. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485. www. May 12 Saturday A Workshop for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers “An introduction to Understanding Energies, Consciousness, and Energetically Sensitive Children” -a workshop for parents and teachers with Energy Healer, Michael Simonson. Agape Spiritual Center, 5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, California Suggested Donation: $20.00 Saturday, May 12, 2012 – 10:am-1:00pm To RSVP: mailto:laurie@ energeticallysensitivechild.comlaurie@ For more info: www May 19 Saturday ONE DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP: “The Energetically Sensitvie Soul” “An introduction to Understanding Energies, Consciousness, and The Energetically Sensitive Soul” -an intensive workshop with Energy Healer, Michael Simonson. Beverly Garland Hotel - 4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91602Saturday, May 19, 2012 - 10:00am - 5:00pm Cost: $149.00\ To attend workshop: laurie@ For more info: www.


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Artist Statement My name is Tansie Stephens and I am a Varied Digital Artist, and Graphic Designer. I work with Photoshop + most adobe creative programs, Paintshop Pro and a Wacom Tablet. I have been working with Photomanipulation and other digital arts for about 7 years now. I am able to Retouch photos, digitally paint elements onto a digital canvas, create stationery for businesses, book covers, flyers, brochures, etc. I connect my artwork with what I feel around me (Mother Nature, Spirituality, Colors, Sounds, etc) These feelings help to shape what I create. You can find more of my work at:

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S.O.P. -- Save Our Planet! When

one looks deeply into the present situation in the world, two things stand out as particularly important: the danger of war and the acceleration of the Earth’s ecological imbalance. There are, of course, many other problems: the economic debacle which affects many countries, especially in the West; the huge increases in the price of food, especially the staple diet of many millions; the huge, and growing, disparity in living standards between the rich and the poor. All of these problems are important and require early resolution. The two first named must command the attention of all sensible men* and governments for they present the greatest threat to man’s well-being. Wars, large and small, should by now be unthinkable, but, sadly, this is not the case. Even a world which has known the folly and futility of war at its most terrible has still not relinquished, totally, that abomination. The governments are seduced into thinking that old ways will, after all, render up their coveted prize. The weapons of war, therefore, have become indispensable

and a major trading asset. While the weapons are there they will be used. Small wars beget large wars as more countries become involved. Large nations fight by proxy through their allies and so prolong unimportant quarrels into war. This major danger must be abandoned by all nations. It threatens the very existence of men on Earth.


from war, nothing so profoundly affects the NASA future of all men as much as pollution. Some countries have recognised this fact and have taken some steps to limit pollution and global warming. Others, sometimes the chief polluters, deny the reality of global warming despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Daily, now, the climatic changes prove beyond doubt that the planet is sick and needs immediate and skilful care to re-establish equilibrium. Time is running out for men to halt the transformation which is being daily wrought on planet Earth. Every man, woman and child must play their part in the task. Time is, verily, running out. S.O.P. Save Our Planet! u




This article, published in Share International magazine, was written by a Master of Wisdom. The Masters, headed by Maitreya, the World Teacher, are highly advanced teachers and advisors of humanity who are planning to work openly in the world very soon. Readers may be interested to note that it is hoped that S.O.P. will eventually become an internationally well-known phrase to rally all to take action to save our planet *The terms “men” and “man” are used throughout this article in the generic sense referring to all people.

4 6 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E • JA N UA RY 2 013 • W W W.V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E .C O M



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Vision Magazine JAN 2013  

Where Do We Go From Here

Vision Magazine JAN 2013  

Where Do We Go From Here