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Starting A School –

N o t fo r t h e F a i n t o f H e a r t! by Carla Gerstein


y husband thought I was crazy. My friends couldn’t believe I would leave my high paying software development job to do something that appeared to be a passionate whim. But my mind was set, and in that mad mind of mine was the notion that not only could I do this, but it would be good for the community, if not the world, too. Let me go back to the beginning. How does one come up with the perhaps insane thought to start a school? It actually came about from a merging of three independent notions I had. The first can be traced back to when I first moved to San Diego, about 25 years ago. Shortly after I moved here, a friend of mine from college invited me to come to a personal growth workshop he himself had just completed, and was raving about. I took the workshop, and my life forever changed because of it. It opened up a whole new realm of learning for me, where I became educated on the behavioral aspects of being human, and a little on how our minds work. I learned much about taking personal responsibility for everything in my life, and how I, and hence others, think. I learned not to take things so personally, and that we all have similar problems and issues in our lives. This made me think, “Why did I not learn this in school?” This kind of information would have made high school, in the least, much less full of angst, and therefore much more enjoyable. While that notion was sitting in the back of my head for many years, I got married, then had a baby. Well, there is much to think about when you are responsible for another life, not the least of which was how we were going to raise her. I got to thinking that I needed a new job, one where my hours will be more aligned with her needs. “I know,” I thought, “I’ll become a teacher!” So I started the process of getting a teaching credential. In this process of credentialing, I learned much about our educational system. I learned wonderful “constructivist” approaches to teaching, where the children learn hands-on, in meaningful ways,

The 1st Yoga Studio In The Crenshaw Area O u r M i s s i o n :

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2 spacious studios available to rent for personal or group use at very affordable rates.


Yoga • Pilates Burlesque Ballet Drumming • Street Jazz Belly Dancing • Salsa African/Latin Kickboxing & West African Dance

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as they scaffold concepts and ideas upon each other. Unfortunately, I also learned that very few schools actually use these approaches, as they are constrained by a system that was developed over 100 years ago, set to serve a very broad industrial age audience, with politics and bureaucracy prevailing over what research shows are good education methodologies. After getting my teaching credential, I had several ideas about improving approaches to teaching, one being that we need to teach more life and communication skills to our children. I also decided that I would need to change careers to be a better mother. Finally, I realized that our educational system is not meeting the challenge of educating our children to be independent and responsible citizens. So then it struck me, “I need to start a school!” At that point, luckily for me, failure was not even a concept in my head. And fortunately, any doubting friends or husbands kept their opinions primarily to themselves! So I went on my merry way in this creation. First, I reconnected with an old friend of mine, Prapanna Smith, who I knew also wanted to start a school. His scholastic vision was taking place in Northern California, but he had not gotten too far along when I contacted him. In fact, at the time, he was living in India and teaching and studying at a school based on a philosophy called Integral Education. He invited me to come visit before he left so I could see what it was all about, which I did. It was exactly what I was looking for: an approach to education that was meaningful, considered the whole being, i.e. mental, physical, vital/emotional/creative, and spiritual, and taught children how to be responsible and independent learners. By the time I left, I had convinced Prapanna to come to San Diego and start his school with me. With a partner and a vision, we came back to San Diego and gathered up a team of committed individuals. We were thus armed with two of the four parts that are essential to starting up school: a vision and a team! The third crucial thing is to gather money, so we set about finding people and organizations that were aligned with our vision and had money to support us. We were fortunate enough to be able to find this, and I have to say that our school would probably not have started if we did not have the support of a local San Diego philanthropist, Craigar Grosvenor, and his family. Their generous trust and support made the difference in allowing us to keep going until our school was financially viable. The final piece in the four-part equation of starting a school was finding a location. Because no other Integral Education school had ever been started in the United States, we were on the cutting edge of innovation. We were also offering up an unknown concept to parents. Our vision was to provide Integral Education (IE) for children in preschool through high school. We felt the best way to introduce IE to San Diego, and the United States, was to start with the preschool, where there was a low risk factor for families to try it out. Finding an available preschool location in San Diego, however, is no easy feat. Eventually we found a location in Mira Mesa, with a very large play area for the continued on page 39


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h o l i s t i c

by Jerriann J. Taber Ph.D.


re you caught in the vicious cycle of needing stronger and stronger glasses? Does it seem that every time you go to the optometrist, your prescription just keeps getting stronger and stronger and you are becoming more and more dependent on them? Do you feel out of control and that there is nothing you can do about it? Well the good news is that there is something you can do about it! You can take charge of your own eye health no matter where you are visually. There is a way to educate yourself and actually improve or completely do away with eye glasses or contacts. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. This statement could not be truer. Since the beginning of using lenses for poor eyesight, man has been wondering what causes poor eyesight. There is nothing new under the sun. Man has discovered and lost knowledge over the centuries. Dr. William H. Bates M.D., an ophthalmologist, discovered the cause and cure of eye problems in the early 1900s. The optometric and medical fields took a different direction. They now treat the symptoms instead of dealing with the cause. Dr. Bates found in his research that stress in the mind interfered with the natural focusing muscles of the eye. He discovered that vision is psychosomatic. When the mind is tense, the eyes are tense. He discovered that emotions played an important role in the cause of vision problems. This was one of the questions that Dr. Bates asked many years ago that led him to do research and discover the cause and cure of eye problems: “Why if glasses are correct, must they continually be strengthened because the eyes, under their influence have weakened?� He probed deeper into the relationship between our vision, our eyesight, and our way of being. Dr. Bates discovered that mental strain or tension in the mind interfered with the involuntary focusing muscles of the eye. In the normal eye, whether you look near or far, the eye automatically focuses where you put your attention. This is called eye-mind coordination. We see with our mind first directing our attention. Vision is nine-tenths mental and one-tenth physical. The eyes are tools of the mind. Just as ulcers and heart attacks are caused by prolonged stress (psychosomatic illness), so is the vision effected by stress. These stresses are always accompanied by changes. Along with the physiological reasons, Dr. Bates took it a little farther. He noticed that fear created mental strain and stress and affected the eyesight. What is fear? Fear is created when we experience a change from the norm such as people moving, changing schools, a divorce, a death, career changes, or a difficult relationship. These changes create stress and an element of the unknown, which evokes fear. This fear is usually repressed as a survival mechanism and is never dealt with again. Whether nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatic, or if you experience glaucoma, cataracts, or any other eye problem, all eye problems begin with the initial cause of fear or fear of anger. If you look back to the beginning of your eye problems, you will probably find circumstances that evoked fear on some level. You may have been aware of it briefly, but because of lack of opportunity to express it, or the fear was too much to bear, you quickly repressed it. Fear occurs at all ages from very young to very old. The key is to become aware of the cause of the trauma or incidences that cause the

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h e a l t h

ho l i s t i c

h e a l t h

The Rules of Good Health Have Changed in Today’s World: It’s Not Only What You Ingest, But Where It Comes From by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra


nce upon a time, the “rule of thumb” to attain and maintain good health was to eat proper foods, get plenty of exercise, and, if need be, diet occasionally to make up for excesses. As technology advanced, however, a variety of new products emerged (e.g. vitamins, supplements) devoted to providing minerals and nutrients for the body, and this changed the equation. The ingestion of minerals and nutrients is especially important for numerous reasons. First, as health research and science have progressed throughout the years, it has become more readily apparent that there is an interrelationship between the health of the body and the health of the mind, spirit, and soul. Many believe that diseases are energetic and that energy vibrations affect healing. When the energetic body is healthy, disease is prevented. This is supported by those who contend that 90% of diseases emanate from the diet and nutrients are a key component of this. In addition, in the course of life, minerals are lost in the body, so it is critical that they be replaced for the body to function properly. Unfortunately, the soil in the ground today is depleted of minerals as compared to the past. Minerals and nutrients are vital as fuel for energy, to keep the glands and organs operating optimally, to prevent premature aging, and even to keep the body beautiful. Thus, it is imperative that people fill this nutritional void. Is it enough, then, just to take the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients? The answer is no. Equally important is the source that they derive from. It is paramount that they come from natural or organic sources, not from products that are manufactured, processed, or synthetic (with additives and fillers). Those from natural sources can be easily absorbed, digested, and assimilated by the body’s cells; those from processed sources cannot. Furthermore, it is most helpful to begin integrating natural supplements into the diet as soon as possible – even as early as two years of age. The longer one takes vitamins and minerals, the more the body will have in reserve for use. Insufficient levels of nutrients and minerals will lead to poor health on all levels, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Also, when one part of the body is deficient in nutrients, it will extract them from some other part. One of the purest forms of all-natural, organic products are those made of herbs.

There are a myriad of supplements that are important to the health and well-being of one’s body. One example is vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, enhances the health of a person’s hair, nails, and skin, and also enhances the beauty of each of these areas. If one is just beginning a regimen of taking vitamins, minerals, or nutrients, taking vitamin C is probably the best place to start. Another essential supplement is iron. This is very important for women to take, especially in relationship to their menstrual cycle, which causes a loss of a large amount of blood containing iron. Finally, there are the vitamins E, K, and B12. The female reproductive system is greatly taxed, and these vitamins help to strengthen, nourish, rejuvenate, and tonify the glands and organs of this system. Without nutrients to provide fuel, one may not have the energy for sex, which translates in a low sex drive or poor libido, as well as possible infertility in females. While taking supplements to provide the necessary minerals and nutrients to the body is key, it isn’t the beginning or end of what is needed to attain and maintain good health. Augmenting natural supplementation with a clean, healthy diet is equally important. What should this consist of? One essential aspect of a healthy diet is a diet that is rich in green leafy vegetables, fruits, and seeds. These types of foods will provide a healthy balance of vital nutrients, such as minerals, trace elements, vitamins, B-vitamins, phytohormones, amino acids (protein), essential fatty acids, and others. One other key ingredient they provide is fiber, which aids in colon and intestinal health, especially peristalsis (bowel movements). Having a clean and well-functioning colon is a key to good health. It is also important to consider what should be avoided as well. Good examples are foods that are acidic and mucus forming. Therefore, it is important to avoid, whenever possible, dairy products, refined grains, processed foods, or meats. It should be noted as well that meat and dairy production is very detrimental to the earth, and harms the environment. Once again, processed foods are to be avoided because they lower the body’s pH level and rob the body of what little nutrients it may have. Without question, there is an interrelationship between the health of the body and the mind, soul, and spirit. Survey after survey has shown that Americans today, as a whole, are generally in poor health. The percentage of people being overweight or obese is around 70% and rising. Diabetes is rampant. About 133 million Americans have at least one chronic disease, and one of out ten has three or more. Chronic diseases are the leading cause of disability and death. Nearly two-thirds of people are stressed and half are depressed. This bleak assessment of the nation’s health situation makes it even more imperative that health-conscious people—who really care about their health and make it a priority in their lives—have the determination and dedication to follow through to do what is necessary to enhance and protect it. In doing so, the future for them is bright, and their lives will be infinitely more rich, rewarding, and fulfilling because of it. Djehuty Ma’at-Ra, an herbalist, is a noted author, lecturer, and media analyst who also serves as a counselor to many luminaries in the world of entertainment and sports. He is a founder of DHerbs. com (, a Los Angeles, Californiabased manufacturer and distributor of over 300 allnatural herbal products.



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g r e e k t o m e loathe generalities. Unless they are true. In which when it was right. case, I come to a grudging acceptance of So a few years ago when the blues settled in over the holidays, them, while maintaining a healthy sense of I baked pies. I made two on Christmas Eve day: one for a detachment from their influence. That said, if you food drive and one for a dinner I was attending. Coring grew up during the 60s in the Midwest and you and slicing the apples, the kitchen filled with the scent happened to be the offspring of people who came from of autumn. In that delirious state, I engaged every pie what was known as “immigrant stock” (How’s that for maker’s dilemma: The Dough. That inscrutable blend of bovine imagery?), you had an essential relationship with flour, water, salt, and butter that can yield perfection or the concept of education. That’s because the chances are become a lifeless lump of twisted twine. So I massaged that your parents were weaned on a diet of what was the dough with a marble rolling pin I had chilled in known as “hard work.” That was the main lever they the freezer so as not to vex it. I stroked every tear in its had to winch themselves up the socio-economic fabric, drizzling cool water to mend its tender skin. And ladder of their day. It had little to do with choices after I larded it with Granny Smith’s finest, I delicately or aesthetics or personal preferences. It had a lot slid it into the oven the way a mother tucks her newborn to do with doing whatever it was that paid enough into bed, leaving it to become itself. money for your family to live. It was their essential Thinking back, I realize that my initial experience of relationship—grueling toil. education that relegated me to being just a student was a So by the time you came along, hard work gave way lot like eating. I would consume what was put in front to education as the means by which you would achieve of me, gaining whatever I could. But the act of learning social and professional upward mobility. And because to teach myself to do something I couldn’t do before you grew up in the 60s, you were lucky enough to have meant a lot more than just learning to bake. It gave me attended public schools back when you could still get an the perfect recipe for educating myself for the rest of my education there, before they became little more than weigh life: a dash of giving, a pinch of receiving, with a liberal stations for kids on their way from a meaningless here to an sprinkling of observing. Don’t ask me how I know—it just illusory there. feels right. That was certainly my experience. Michael Raysses is a writer/ Looking back, though it made perfect NPR commentator who lives in sense, that fixation on education still Malibu, California. Email him at © 2010 by Michael Raysses left me with a feeling that something was amiss. That was because education was always presented as something outside of me. It felt separate and distinct, formal and lofty, elevating me only if I achieved it. As I grew older, it smacked of parchment and Latin phrases that sunk to the bottom of my mouth before I could learn to pronounce them, much less understand what they meant. My role as a student was to be taught, as opposed to learning how to learn. Strangely Sept. 13 & Oct. 11, 9:30am – 3pm Whether you seek quiet for reflection, Day of Mindfulness w/Esther Kennedy enough, what jarred me out of that two-dimensional paradigm was as easy as pie. personal growth, prayer, meditation When I was a kid, my Aunt Cal made the best apple pie in the world. A slice of or spiritual guidance, you can find it Sept. 18, 2pm – 4:30pm ecstasy, it was a culinary Norman Rockwell. Golden, flaky crust, tart apple filling Women Inspiring Women - Leadership, at Spirit Mountain Retreat. laced with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Even then I knew it was a treat I would Creativity & the Arts - Part One: Glow is an Energy - a Spark - Everyone has it! cherish all my life. I don’t know what made me happier, though: eating it or watching We Offer... my Aunt watch her husband as he took his first bite, his eyes closed in blissful retreat. Sept. 26 In that moment, she was living proof that it was better to give than receive. Spirit Mountain Retreat Open House, 1 – 4pm - A Private Serene Atmosphere w/Autumn Equinox Ritual 2:30 - 3:30pm When my Uncle died, Aunt Cal quit baking. Years later, when I asked her why, the - Individual and small group retreats light drained from her gaze. Noticing her sadness, I told her that every time I had a Oct. 1 - 3 and programs piece of pie I said a silent prayer that it would be as good as the ones she used to make, Write Ways to Love - A Retreat for Writers - Awareness Meditation Class w/Susan Bono & Joan Zerrien but it never was. When I asked her about her recipe, she confessed she had none—it - A beautiful Mountain Setting was a pinch of this, a dash of that. She told me she just knew when it was right. For all


Recipe for Self-Fulfillment

Oct. 9, 2pm – 4:30pm

of my curiosity, though, it never once occurred to me that I might ever teach myself to bake a pie. When I first moved to Los Angeles, there were times when I would do anything not to feel homesick. I would watch an old movie, call a long-lost friend. And sometimes I thought about Aunt Cal’s pie. I was in one of those reveries when I met a guy who baked. A version of me died that day because when I asked this fellow to teach me to make an apple pie, he told me that baking was one of those things that couldn’t be taught. He would let me watch him, but I was going to have to learn to bake, myself. Tasting my first creation was like seeing an old friend in an unlikely place. And having the ability to make the pie was like gaining the mystical power to conjure that person whenever I desired. When I asked specific questions about his recipe, my mentor gave me his version of what my Aunt had said years earlier: he, too, just knew V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

Women Inspiring Women - Leadership,

Creativity & the Arts - Part Two: Meinrad

Craighead ~ Artist, Mystic, Visionary (DVD) Please see website for more information:

Please call or email for each program:

951.659.2523 •


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L i f e Q u a k e ™

Ask the

business is not that uncommon. Before you get fired again from this job, start exploring how to get potential investors, a small business loan, or a grant to begin launching your own mission, and visit the local gay and lesbian center for counseling. They often provide services on a sliding scale. You need to address how you really feel about your husband and go into couple’s counseling to resolve this. Living authentically may come at a price, but living a lie can ultimately cost you so much more.

LifeQuake™ Doctor Dr. Toni Galardi

Well, summer is over, and as we look to the season that brings both harvest and new beginnings, so as the leaves begin to die and turn brilliant colors, it is a great time to contemplate where in your life things have come to fruition and are in need of a new approach or palette for you to paint a new life design. Dear Dr. Toni: I have been married for fifteen years and have a beautiful 10-year-old girl that my husband and I both love very much. My husband and I have known each other for 20 years and started out as great friends. Until I met him, I primarily had romantic relationships with women. In fact, I identified myself as being gay. Then I became a Christian and very active in our church. Recently I began to realize I was in love with a co-worker who has been promoted to become my boss. She is actually a few years younger than me, and I resent taking orders from her. To make matters even more complicated, what I really long to do is have my own business, but I need the paycheck. My husband and I tried to launch a business of our own but trusted the wrong people and it failed, so we don’t have the savings for me to quit. After my now boss became my boss, she wrote me up for making sexual advances toward her although I felt I was simply appreciating how great she looked in her workout clothes. I don’t know what to do. Should I look for another job? I’ve only been in this one a year and was fired from my last one because I had trouble taking orders. Mixed Up Dear Reader: Well, there are many things operative here. “De Nile” ain’t just a river in Egypt. When someone tells me they were gay until they became a Christian and got married, I find myself being very curious about exactly where those sexual feelings toward the same sex were put. Christianity or any formal religion cannot remove one’s natural inclinations. Now, had you told me you were bi-sexual prior to marrying, I would see this differently, but there are many other things here to look at. If your feelings for your boss are getting so obvious that she had to document them, you are clearly in the danger zone of being accused of sexual harassment. I encourage you to explore honestly if you are using your Christian beliefs to deny your true sexual preference. Furthermore, most people who are born to be entrepreneurs often have trouble taking orders from authority figures and keeping jobs because they have their own dream to make manifest, and failing at one’s first

Spiritual Counseling Your Inner Journey

Dear Dr. Toni: My husband is a cheap tipper. It drives me crazy. Not only does he tip 15%, he doesn’t tip housekeeping when we go to a hotel. He also is not a big complimenter. I praise him all the time for how he dresses and what he does for me, and I tip the housekeeping staff when we travel, thinking he will finally get the message, but he doesn’t seem to. He never buys me any gifts but is a very generous lover, so I’m perplexed. His position is that if he were to compliment me frequently, I wouldn’t appreciate it as much, and he feels that 15% is adequate. Do you think there is a connection between emotional generosity and tipping the help well? Frustrated Dear Reader: You don’t say how long you’ve been married or what his financial situation is. Some people will contract on tipping when they go through tough financial times. Waiters will tell you that tips have really been off the last 2 years. I also don’t know if this is a second marriage. Perhaps he was taken for a ride by his first wife. Having said that, I do think there is a connection between being emotionally generous and financially generous. We know from quantum physics that everything is manifested out of energy. Whether we are showing appreciation for our partner or to a waiter for good service, we are expressing gratitude, and that registers energetically as expansiveness. Parceling out appreciation like coins from a change purse does not engender prosperity. Yes, there are millionaires who are known for being cheap tippers, but having millions doesn’t make a person prosperous. There is an Italian word, “abbondanza.” It translates literally as abundance, but it means more that; it also means class. Italians are known for their generosity—with food, with laughter, with whatever they have. Since he is a generous lover, praise him for how sexy he is when he is generous, and how it turns you on. Rent the film, “Dirty, Pretty Things” by Stephen Frears. It may provide some compassion from him for the service worker in hotels, but, more importantly, let him know how much it means to you when HE IS generous. Buona Fortuna! Dr. Toni Galardi is a licensed psychotherapist, public speaker, and author of The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive (not just survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval. She can be reached through her website at or for consultation at 310.712.2600.

Getting To Know Your Self And God You will learn to...

x Witness and transform old patterns x Connect to a higher awareness x Live your life’s purpose Phone sessions are available


Deb Vogel is an ordained Metaphysical Minister and has an advanced degree in Pastoral Psychology. She has been in private practice since 1992. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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2012: Time for Change


love the fact that in the new Daniel Pinchbeck film he asks us all to “Be Part of the Solution for 2012.” He speaks to many teachers, activists, shamans, and philosophers from around the world. There is much concern but yet also optimism. And many of those interviewed tell us that we don’t have to wait until 2012, that the changes are already happening, something I believe as well. A few years back when I was receiving an alarming number of 2012 review books I think my mind just turned off to the 2012 theory. I didn’t buy into the gloom and doom of the prophecies. I believed then, as I do now, that this change in the Mayan calendar is an opening for a new way of living, that if we change the way we live, truly from our heart and do what is best for ourselves, our world and those around us then the world can change. The possibilities exist that we as a human race might eradicate hunger and suffering. We might spend more of our money on alternative fuel sources than on war. This film presents an optimistic alternative to apocalyptic doom and gloom. Directed by the Emmy Award nominee João Amorim, the film follows Pinchbeck on a quest for a new paradigm that integrates the archaic wisdom of tribal cultures with the scientific method. Pinchbeck says, “As conscious agents of evolution we can redesign post-industrial society on ecological principles to ensure a world for future generations.” There is no doubt that great change is upon us, and whether the predictions of the ancient Mayan’s have any validity in the current time it is that the old ways are not working. I believe, that each one of us must find ways to lessen our impact on the environment and increase our positive impact on the world. Tutor a child. Clean an elderly neighbor’s yard. Use your gifts for the betterment of humanity. Open yourself up to a new way of living. The time is now. Be part of the solution. Featuring world teachers such as Sting, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ellen Page, David Lynch, and many more. Opening Oct. 8 in California. Visit www.mangustaproductions. com or for distribution information e-mail V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


Synergistic presents

THE PRESENCE OF BREATH with Judith Kravitz and the work of Michael Brown

“Discover the two integrative tools that will change your life” Experiential weekend of insight and awareness into a deeper understanding of yourself and your world 4 powerful Transformational Breathing Sessions Introduction to The Presence Process and book Never before seen footage of Michael Brown talking about The Presence Process Profound changes at the causal level

Transformational Breath® with Judith Kravitz Judith is a Dr of Metaphysics, ordained minister, mother of eight and founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation. Author of “Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly”. She healed a cancerous growth on her throat with breathing, 33 years ago, has since trained thousands of individuals to empower themselves. She now travels the world sharing this amazing process. DATES November 20-21 - PLACE: Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, California - COST $400 or $375 registration before 10/1 - CONTACT Jessica at Times 9-1 , 3-6

S EP T E M B ER 20 10

m i n d s t a t e s

A Conversation with a Truly A live Ma n by Sydney L. Murray


ingtong Gu is an internationally recognized teacher and healer who received his training from a variety of Grandmasters in China and at the world’s largest Qigong hospital. This “medicine-less” hospital, Zhineng Qigong Center, has treated over 200,000 patients, with over 185 different illnesses, and with a 95% effective improvement rate. He is the founder of The Chi Center and Wisdom Healing Foundation and has taught Qigong to thousands of people in the United States, China, and Europe. As a child growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution, Master Gu learned much patience and endurance. The youngest of seven children, he was adopted out to a new family, then returned to his birth family at age seven. His family often went without food for days. Despite such hardships, his mother was determined by any possible means to support his dream of education. He became the first from his village to attend college. He earned his BA in Math from Hangzhou University and an MA in Math from the University of California at San Diego. He continued his training at Brandeis and Harvard University until deciding to pursue an artist’s career. He earned an MFA from Ohio State University and taught at Columbus College of Art and Design. As a graduate student in Art, Master Gu discovered the treasures of his own culture through the spiritual

iconography of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Western mystic traditions. He also practiced Yoga, Tantric Buddhism, and Qigong. In 1997 he returned to China for Qigong training under Dr. Pang Ming, a Qigong Grandmaster trained in Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Pang synthesizes his profound medical knowledge of the old and new healing sciences into the ancient Qigong practice and presents this integrative system of self-healing and cultivation for the present pragmatic world. In the 1980s, he founded the world’s largest medicine-less hospital known as Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training and Recovery Center. Through enormous scientific research (3000 research papers were published during the 90s) and more than twenty years of experimenting with Qigong healing, Wisdom Healing Qigong has developed into a scientific system of working with energy to improve life, including healing. Through this practice, he recovered from his own chronic conditions of asthma, scoliosis, back pain, and kidney weakness. In working with his students he found his life passion, purpose, and fulfillment in this union of spiritual practice and applied healing wisdom. He lives and teaches with his wife Linling, who is also a gifted teacher and healer, with their 3-year old son whom they call their “grandmaster.” Master Gu’s teaching emphasizes activating the power of inner self-healing which facilitates the release of chronic illness, while improving health and wellbeing. Deep awakening and transformation typically arise in this process of healing. Wisdom Healing™ Qigong integrates many forms of traditional Qigong with Eastern and Western medicine. It is a concentrated and powerful system, engaging all levels of physical, mental, emotional, and soulful healing. Through posture, movement, breath, and mental concentration, Qigong offers a methodology to rediscover the inner medicine–chi, the vital and healing resource within us, and to magnify the exchange between ourselves and nature, enabling us to fuse with the infinite creative power of the universe that ultimately is the origin of love, compassion, and the source of all healing. Now please allow me to offer to you a much too brief conversation with this inspirational teacher. Vision Magazine: What led you to dedicate your life to educating people? Master Mingtong Gu: This moment I felt inspiration in looking for meaning and fulfillment in this life; that would be the underlying drive leading myself to



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m i n d s t a t e s this point. In the practical level, I feel that I grew up practices. Of course she is still facing challenges. A few “Master Mingtong Gu and in a small village [in China] and was fortunate months later, her body is still weak. Right now she enough to go to a small college in China and is living and practicing with so Wisdom Healing Qigong are the partners continuously moved on to graduate school in mathematics. much inspiration and appreciation for life. [It Then I traveled to the United States to study I have been searching for during my 40 years as has been] almost a year [since] she was given mathematics. My longing for fulfillment a few weeks to live last September. guided me to fall in love with fine arts. I a western physician. My personal experience with VM: If someone wanted to introduce was very passionate about fine arts. I gave up this powerful mind-body practice has confirmed Qigong in their life, what would be a way to mathematics and went to graduate school for begin? fine arts. I felt a deep level of opening which its amazing (in some cases, miraculous) ability MTG: The most beneficial way to begin had a lot to do with an internal opening by is to find a teacher in the local area. When engaging with myself in a different way. I was to heal emotional distress and physical illness, you go into this type of class, that means around that time reintroduced to Qigong and you are getting a direct experience, not only from life-threatening to life-altering.” quickly I realized that it was my life passion. I mentally but also very physically. If you do that —Jerome Weiss, MD, director ended up giving up my career in art and dedicating everyday, then that energy is forming in a beneficial my life to Qigong. Mainly, for me, it was about the quality of way. Qigong is providing an opportunity for the healing of Qigong. When you are teaching it, you are sending out your your body and mind. You don’t have to live the story of your heart energy, making change in the world, and making a better past. In Qigong you are asking, “Can my body and mind heal life for the next generation together?” That is a new story for you and can be a huge shift. VM: What would have been an inspirational experience you People are not only finding hope, but a direct experience of have had with one of your students? change beyond what they could conceive before. To a lot of MTG: This moment in my mind it was Nancy. She came people dealing with physically debilitating conditions, they to a seminar last November and basically had the Western realize now they can recover. This experience is important. medical community give up on her health, as they told her VM: Can you explain the Qi projection? she was going to die. She was in a hospice center because of a MTG: It is so simple. Qi is basically energy around you. cancer diagnosis. She came to our retreat and started to feel We see the physical phenomenon. When we are working with much better. She even went on a cruise [ship]. She had enough Qi, it is more about this energy. You are using your mind energy to come back to life. Afterwards she continued the and body, in a way, and you are realizing that you have more [Qigong] practice and went to the doctor to see that the bone control of your Qi. With the Qi projection, mainly your mind cancer was recovering without any standard [Western] medical can transport the Qi. The first stage is to train your mind to continued on page 40



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Supporting The Vision: S p a rki n g C o m m u n i t y A t C o n f e r e n c e s by Jason Andrew Wrobel


n today’s age of rapidly advancing digital technologies, you’re no further than a few clicks away from attending the next big teleseminar or teleconference that promises sweeping changes in your life. To have the power to instantly connect with someone across the globe has myriad benefits to be sure. There’s just something more tangible and more satisfying to be physically present at a conference or workshop. It just might make all the difference in creating a breakthrough in your life. If you’ve ever had a life-altering experience at a workshop or conference, you know there’s nothing quite like the experience of a major personal transformation in the midst of a supportive community. The accompanying shifts in your life can range from the mild to the meteoric, and it’s beneficial to have supportive, like-minded people to fuel your inspiration and gather support for your vision. To connect with others and share your personal story of evolution can create new opportunities to master your life in a variety of ways. If you tap into the all-encompassing frequencies of health and prosperity, you can easily and gracefully live your true passion and life purpose. Each year, people from across the globe attend The Reconnection’s Annual Mastery Conference—a celebration of healing, science and consciousness held in Los Angeles, California and Riccione, Italy. This year, world-class speakers such as Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, John Holland, Lynne McTaggart, Raymond Moody, Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, Terry Cole-Whittaker, Eric Pearl and others will lead you into a deeper understanding of the marriage of healing, science and consciousness for life transformation and human evolution. Cutting-edge new research findings from Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, and Doug De Vito promise a greater understanding of healing on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and more. The benefits of attending the conference extend far beyond a greater sense of well-being and the joy of connecting with a supportive community. At these unique events, there is a very real, palpable shift in your consciousness. This “field effect” has been documented and recorded independently by Drs. Tiller and Korotkov and is the subject of published research in peer-reviewed science journals. By simply being immersed in these events, your vibrational frequencies begin to entrain to higher levels. There is something truly unique that is present—a literal engagement with the frequencies on all levels of being. The Mastery Conferences offer an invitation to step out of your comfort zone and into your personal life mastery. It provides powerful tools to move beyond fear, lack, and limitation and into the consciousness of love, abundance, and trust. There is something truly special about being present in a room full of people basking in the same vibrational frequencies and thoughts. It’s as if the new frequencies in the room throttle you into a new echelon of expansion and evolution. At seminars and events around the world, Eric Pearl and The Reconnection Teaching Team present Reconnective Healing®—a comprehensive set of healing frequencies comprised of energy, light, and information that are here on the planet for the very first time. To date, over 60,000 people in more than 60 countries have learned this work. While thousands of those practitioners are medical doctors, nurses, V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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l i v i n g chiropractors, and master healers, most come from non-healthcare backgrounds. They include engineers, teachers, housewives, students, attorneys, government officials, celebrities, and even royalty. Olympians and professional athletes are now recognizing its benefits as well. People of all ages and backgrounds are able to master and share this work at the highest level. Many who’ve learned this work report significant healings and performance enhancements for themselves and their clients. At a Reconnective Healing seminar, people regularly feel something very tangible in the room. A presence, an energy, a shift—whatever descriptions they provide, there is now scientific evidence supporting that, indeed, something profound and transformative is happening. People leave the seminars with powerful new healing abilities beyond anything they’ve dreamed about. There is new published research that demonstrates that simply sitting with the embodied energy in a “conditioned” room at a Reconnective Healing seminar can bring you into a higher vibrational resonance. Dr. Tiller has released research findings confirming that Reconnective Healing seminars produce a powerful field effect that supercharges the environment for several days. In Dr. Tiller’s words, this expanded field effect is absolutely huge, as if the normal room temperature were increased by 300 degrees Celsius. This enhanced field effect occurs at every seminar and has been corroborated by multiple independent measurements. Researchers have never seen this type of amplitude change in thermodynamic free energy before. It’s as if the energy, light, and information are entering from a higher source and substantively changing the room. This field is very noticeable—it’s something you can feel and work with to heal yourself and heal others. People from all walks of life can interact with these frequencies and become master healers in just one weekend. Further scientific explorations into Reconnective Healing by Drs. Konstantin Korotkov, Gary Schwartz, Ann Baldwin, and others, as well as what is documented in Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, are validating the powerful effects this new healing spectrum is having on people. It is showing us a new level of healing and opens a doorway to the next level of evolution where instantaneous healing is a simple, everyday fact of life. The best part about learning these powerful new healing frequencies is the ability to share them with others while healing yourself. It’s as if the Universe has a built-in “incentive” system that takes your personal healing and evolution to new heights while you heal others. To stand on the leading edge of thought—integrating healing, science and consciousness—is to not only evolve yourself, but all of humanity. When you make a profound investment in your growth and transformation, the rate of return is incalculable and can affect everyone around you. When you experience The Mastery Conference, you also foster new connections with people who are dedicated to exploring self-transformation and the unlimited possibilities for healing and expansion. It appears that part of our purpose may be to not only heal ourselves and others, but perhaps also the planet itself. Coming together with people from around the globe creates a powerful, unified energy of transformation and healing that can collectively usher humanity into the next stage of our evolution. For more information about Reconnective Healing and to register for The 8th Annual Mastery Conference in Los Angeles, visit www. Jason Andrew Wrobel ( is a conscious writer, editor, and blogger. He focuses on green, eco-friendly, spiritual and socially-conscious topics. He is also an accomplished health coach, raw food chef, and singer/songwriter. He cultivates his own personal mastery in Los Angeles. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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c u l t u r e


A Modern Day Sadhu by Elizabeth Brady

65 of the World’s Best Products

From the U.S.A., Germany & Sweden Guaranteed best of the best: Pollution free vacuum cleaners, air filters, drinking water filters (rental & sales), alkaline water devices, travel water filters, shower filters, whole house water filters, water softeners, non-chemical non-toxic swimming pool and spa purifiers, spa enzymes, non-toxic carpet and padding, least toxic carpet cleaning, vegetable juicers (conventional & hydraulic), wheatgrass juicers, Temper-pedic mattresses, non-toxic organic latex mattresses, electromagnetic field testers, German made dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, rotary irons, and built in appliances, including refrigerators, cook tops, ovens, turbo steam ovens, vent hoods, and fully automatic coffee machines and much more... Free literature available on most of these products. The quality of these appliances is so good that they make the competitive brands seem like toys!

n my wildest dreams I never imagined I would embark on an undefined journey without a destination. I am too level-headed and responsible for such an irrational course. No one was more surprised than I was when my life began to mimic that of a Sadhu. Sadhu is the Hindu name for a person who gives up all possessions to wander in search of spiritual emancipation. In other centuries and cultures, these renunciates were also known as wandering monks, mostly men, who were completely dedicated to liberating themselves from ego conditioning and attachments. The path of the wandering monks interested me because I too desired to be free in life, liberated from mind traps that kept me bound to suffering and struggle. I wanted freedom so intensely that I gave up my job, home, furniture, and community to attain it. Any similarities between a wandering monk’s life and my life ended there. I am an ordinary woman, courting the distant edge of middle age, and preferring to live on the cautious side of adventure. My life was wrapped in predictable days neatly arranged in unconscious patterns that did little to encourage my potential. Then one day I awoke to the stark realization that I was alone, with no sense of belonging to myself or to life. I felt caught in a trap of busyness and narrowness, only living to work without really living. Even though I had engaged in two decades of focused self-discovery and emotional processing, and even though I meditated and felt a sweet love for the magic and mystery of life, there was an acute lack of joy in my days. Years had slipped by as I tumbled deeper into a halfhearted existence that eclipsed true happiness. Life has a marvelous way of supporting us with persistent wake-up calls. An impulse to live a full-hearted life was escalating in my heart to a level impossible to ignore. Finally I said yes to this inner call, and in that life-affirming moment something big shifted. I knew I had to get off the gerbil wheel of my life and bring hidden possibilities to light. Immediately I began to untangle my daily commitments. I planned to leave town, and as my departure date neared, my thoughts were dogged by the temptation to overthink every step of the journey, to stay safe and on track with a plan. Since my goal was to reestablish a relationship with myself and with life—one that included a wholehearted approach to living—a plan was useless. The journey needed to progress organically. In my rational mind I knew that I didn’t need to turn my life upside down or go anywhere to discover

Rev. Uki MacIsaac

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by love and support from the angelic realms, as channeled through Uki. Gain clarity and insight in all areas of your life.

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the freedom I craved. Everything I needed already existed inside me, but it seemed to vanish when I needed it most. So I left town with three suitcases in the trunk of my car and little else to call my own. The ensuing journey that I thought would last a few months stretched into a few years. During my travels, I explored nooks and crannies in towns tucked into sleepy canyons and remote hillsides. As I poked around new environments, pieces of my identity fell away in sudden bursts. At other times, the reference points of my identity leaked away like a slow faucet drip. A spacious perspective began to open. Destruction and creation, both elements of nature’s cycle, played their parts equally. Rich compost began to form. From the decaying scraps of what no longer served me, wisdom arose to teach me about change, uncertainty, endings, and loss. It didn’t take long until the life I knew was little more than a memory. One early morning while zipping along the highway under a darkly clouded sky, I noticed a foal being born in a grassy field. I pulled off the road to watch the miracle of life unfold. No barn or ranchers or vets, just a mare following her inner impulses. Later that same day after cresting a steep hill, I witnessed a double rainbow blessing a still valley with its presence. I learned that presence, as life moves through me, is enough. On a sultry summer day about six months into my journey, I met a woman who was on a similar course. She had been without a home—what she called being home free—for over two years. After that, I met many women who were undertaking similar explorations. With each new acquaintance, a larger picture emerged. What I thought to be a unique journey arising from a personal need for change appeared to be more than that. Women are stirring and moving in large numbers. These women are like my soul sisters, all expressing a shared longing to birth collaborative lives that include space for evolving possibilities. My journey overflowed with examples of life moving in concert with a greater unfolding. Though life often feels personal when we believe in a limited perception of wholeness, I recognized that the human condition is not personal. Our unique laughter and tears are humanity’s laughter and tears. One person’s journey is humanity’s journey. And what I know now that I didn’t know before is that letting

c u l t u r e go of personal attachments does not have to be a struggle. It can be as simple as a breath, a smile, or remembering a double rainbow. Big chunks of what was once my life no longer exist. Oceans of experience lie between the person I am now and the person I was then. My home is the silence that expands with each new internal horizon. I am growing into a life where liberation and joy are not something to get, but something I already am. The ups, downs, and sidelong journeys are experiences we share equally, though it may look different for each of us. It isn’t necessary to leave your job, home, relationship, or community to find anything. Life is evolving naturally. If your life is shifting and inviting you to make key adjustments, listen for the deeper invitation. It is up to each of us individually and collectively to claim our life, take hold of it, shake out the cobwebs, and build every new moment on a supportive inner framework where freedom and joy are the norm instead of the exception. By leaning into life, we are emptied of what no longer serves us and filled with the truth that is always present. In this, the movement of life is simply the movement of life.

ur M i n d nI trodutoceyourYobody.

They just might like each other.

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Elizabeth Brady is a healer and the developer of a transformational approach to healing that provides a shift from limitation into truth and its gift of service. She offers private sessions and classes. Contact her at or 949.370.3382.


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september b y

A d r i e n n e

forecast A b e y t a

Adrienne Abeyta presents a unique forecast blending the tarot with astrology. A gifted reader of intuitive arts, she offers private consultations and psychic entertainment for parties and events. To set up an appointment, she can be reached at 619.917.0998 or (See her ad at the bottom of the page)

Aries: High Priestess (4 of Cups) 3/21-4/19 While emotional intensity is strong this month, your first instinct may be to hide. Should you try, you will only fall deeper into a feeling of overwhelmingness. The purpose of these feelings is to rescue you from a recent bout of apathy. Avoiding the emotion keeps you from receiving the essential message. Be still and listen. At the very least, observe the currents of your emotions. Don’t be afraid to submerge yourself in the depths, however. You may be surprised to find that your internal resources are much stronger than the external circumstances. The Full Moon on the 23rd begets a mystery. Taurus: Fool (3 of Cups) 4/20-5/21 Feelings of contentment make flowers smell sweeter, food taste better, and people seem rosier. If you follow your instinct to preserve that status quo this month, you may lose the chance to develop something deeper. Shaking things up may feel risky, but rather than resting on your laurels, this is your moment to take a chance on something less predictable. If you’ve been standing on the threshold of some new idea or experience waiting for the right time to jump, here it is. You’ll be amazed at the results, and will indeed have another reason to celebrate. Gemini: Tower (King of Wands) 5/22 – 6/21 Beliefs based on a fallacy begin to waver and will inevitably crumble. Unfortunately, the fall that results from this web of misconceptions is necessary for further growth. Beginning as a slight suspicion, your crisis of faith could evolve into a total breakdown. Truth hidden under the illusion of security always shatters the ego. In order to change your vision of life, you must eradicate old habits and erase conditioning. There is no blending the old with the new. The wake-up call around the 27th is the catalyst to overcoming your self-deception. Self-knowledge is more powerful than pride. Cancer: Magician (Knight of Pentacles) 6/22 – 7/22 It’s time to take action and make the most of your talents. You’re in a favorable spot to manifest your vision. Potentials emerge around the 4th, awaiting your application. Be confident enough to creatively work a situation to your advantage. If you don’t seize this opportunity with determination, the window may close and you’ll be stuck on the outside looking in. Remain humble in your pursuits and respect how everyone plays an intricate role in the story of your life. Remember though, only you have the power and ability to create your destiny. Leo: Emperor (9 of Swords) 7/23 – 8/23 A sense of anxiety could be the cause of feeling out of sorts. Refrain from judging yourself and others, as it only leads to separateness. It may be helpful to explore and acknowledge your resentments. Many times, unresolved issues from the past trigger reactions in the present. Pay attention to the areas in which you feel disempowered, and find something positive to replace your negative thinking. It’s likely your fears carry more weight than they’re worth. A power struggle around the 6th provokes an extreme level of anxiety. Be wise about how you project yourself – you’ll receive what you put out. Virgo: Temperance (9 of Pentacles) 8/24 – 9/22 You are the Alchemist this month. Recognizing the causal relation between people and situations that appear contrary or that seem arbitrary or confusing to others gives you the power to see how all things are interrelated. Use this knowledge to review your own life and explore unresolved emotions. Find the correlation from the past to synthesize the present, creating a new emotional perspective from which to assess the situation. You have the opportunity to combine the energy of thought and feeling in order to generate harmony and self-healing. The New Moon on the 8th brings a lucrative business deal.

Libra: Devil (Knight of Wands) 9/23 – 10/23 Notice how your problems have made you a prisoner, locked away inside yourself, in a world of self-created contradictions. Although you may feel chained to a situation and too ashamed to admit desperation, ask yourself what behavior, thought, or feeling this brings out in you. This is your reality; fighting against it or blaming or persecuting others will only hold you hostage. Use this sobering opportunity to change your ways and become conscious of how and where you’ve been acting against your own convictions. Around the 10th, you’ll be challenged to face a fear – don’t run away! Scorpio: Lovers (6 of Wands) 10/24 – 11/22 Relationships mirror achievements in your life; as you’re seeing and feeling success around you, so are the people in your circle. If you’re in a romantic relationship, there may be a celebration in store – perhaps a wedding or anniversary. The weekend of the 11th is a great time to express your feelings with a thoughtful gesture. If you’re in business, your partner or associates are in a good position to work with you and validate your current project. Remember, acknowledgment is an exchange of energy. To give is to receive, so be sure to give as many compliments as you can and let nothing go unnoticed. Sagittarius: Star (Page of Cups) 11/23 – 12/21 A vague feeling of disenchantment lifts this month, as a refreshed sense of faith and purpose washes over you like holy water. Around the 14th, the light of clarity evaporates your doubts, restoring motivation and self-confidence. A recent test of faith has brought you closer to your own source. As you honor a deeper relationship to this power, you honor your truth. Be open to feelings as they arise and allow them space to move through you without attaching a value. Truth and purpose are fluid; they take the shape of what contains them. Your mind and heart are vessels, so be wise and keep them clean. Capricorn: Death (2 of Wands) 12/22– 1/20 There’s potential to move forward; however, something must be relinquished in order to obtain this. It’s imperative you realize how circumstances and behaviors are holding you back. This will require you to break routines, stretch beyond your comfort zone, and face your fears. You cannot stop the inevitable, and, as transformation begins, your identity will succumb to the consequences. Behind every ending is another start. Once the past is put behind you, there’s room for something greater. The weekend of the 17th marks the threshold for this change. Rather than fight against the current, use this period to launch new ideas. Aquarius: Hanged Man (4 of Swords) 1/21 – 2/18 Feeling caught in a place of constriction without the ability to move or even think straight? It’s essential to give up or surrender to the experience in order to revise your outlook. The lesson is to learn how to change your perspective and detach from the ego. Although things seem difficult, this is part of the path. Practicing patience leaves you open to insights, which will free your mind and end the struggle. Let go of the past to make way for new enlightenment. Around the 19th, you’ll encounter a bewildering situation – do the opposite of what’s expected. Pisces: Hermit (Page of Wands) 2/19 – 3/20 An inkling of dissatisfaction is encouraging you to search for deeper meaning within your soul. When your imagination is polluted by mundane concerns, the world appears bleak. In turn, this causes optimism to dwindle into doubt or impatience. Be honest about the things you cannot change and change the things you can. Rather than brood about what isn’t making you happy, reflect upon what is. Contemplation is your gift this month; to make the most of it, be conscious of what you choose to explore. The Equinox on the 21st is a powerful time for meditation and ritual. Give expression to what is meaningful.

Becoming Who YOU Are! Adrienne Abeyta, Sacred - Self Coaching

Using Astrology, Numerology, & Tarot to discover the hero in your life story. Answering the questions:

• What is my purpose • What is the lesson of this challenge • When will my life look different • Where do I go from here Contact Adrienne for consultations, events, and private lessons. • (619) 917-0998 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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a r t s

Inner Work with Socrates and the Tao I by Chi Luciano Pellos

was trying so hard to make a living that I forgot what it was like to live. I see this all around me—so much struggling, eyes dimming, running out of light. The routine is numbing, while the soul sleeps, tired from enduring. Then a simple thought comes into my mind: I am free. I realized I couldn’t even find the time to think. Something must be done. I had to come back to my two favorite influences: Socrates and the Tao. As a student of Philosophy, “To Know Thyself” as Socrates suggested,

is no joy without pain, and that the deeper the heart can feel pain, the greater joy it can hold. I learned not to fight my sorrow, but understand that it is part of living, and that if I be patient with myself and life, it will eventually turn to joy. In times of hardship, I remind myself that I must flow with life as it moves from one moment to the next, and choose moments of joy when I can, savoring every experience. Empty the self completely; Embrace perfect peace. The world will rise and move; Watch it return to rest. All the flourishing things Will return to their source. This return is peaceful; It is the tide of nature, An eternal decay and renewal. Accepting this brings contentment, Ignoring it brings misery. (The GNL Tao Te Ching, Poems 1-21,

The world will rise and move; Watch it return to rest. was just a phrase I had to memorize for an exam until I discovered how powerful this statement is, how much it could help me make myself happy, because no one else in the world can. And all it takes is some time and silence to ask myself these questions: Who am I, and am I happy with this person? Who is the person I want to be, and how do I become this [person]? What is the most important thing in life for me, and is this how I want to live my life? I often realize that the source of my stress is not what I really want to focus my life on. I have an internal checklist I try to go back to: my spirit; my health; my heart; and my joy. Next, my personal relationships and also how I can contribute to this world. How can one become happy? I believe it is by deciding to be. By finding the delicate balance of taking care of oneself, but realizing that being happy involves going beyond the self and finding greater meaning in life other than the self. I also find that I am often unhappy because I am struggling with a situation I don’t want to be in and I feel trapped. I have to remind myself that I am free and that the sense of entrapment is my creation. There are always two options: to change or accept. Changing takes courage because humans tend to prefer the status quo. But accepting a situation takes even greater courage because it requires more inner work. If one cannot change external circumstances, then the will has to change how the world is perceived. My mother passed away eight years ago from cancer, and it was the most difficult time of my life. My beautiful, active, lively mother was bedridden for a year before she died. From one hospital to the next, I sat there and watched her pain, denial, and eventually, blessed acceptance. I remember my old boss telling me, “Death is as regular as brushing your teeth.” It’s part of life, it happens to all of us, but it is one of the hardest truths to accept. I felt closer to my own mortality, life’s impermanence, and the power I had over the life choices I could make. But I could not accept that she was gone. After she died, in the midst of my grief, that’s when I learned the Tao’s flow. The Tao Te Ching celebrates life’s contrasts and taught me to accept that there V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

When I think I have learned a life lesson, I soon discover that I have to learn it again. I know that this cycle will happen until the day I die, and I try to tell myself to expect it. But when I find that I am unhappy, I am so struck by the weight of it that it still takes a while for me to figure out what to do. Fortunately, I have, in Boethius’ words, “the consolation of Philosophy” to help me find my way. Chi Luciano Pellos, MA was a college instructor for seven years, writing part-time for lifestyle and travel magazines, and is also a student of Reflexology. Chi would like to hear your questions and comments at


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Miracle Ranch West by Lisa M. Peterson


n a beautiful five acre ranch house located in rural Northern San Diego County is a place of peace and comfort for those who have had suffered from any form of cancer. Joan Salat, LCSW is the owner and founder of a space she rightfully named Miracle Ranch West (MRW). Salat, who was diagnosed with cancer herself, made it a lifelong goal to help those with this disease. She started working in the field in 1976 and was involved in the initial stages of the first Orange County Hospice here in California. In 1977, she interned at the University of Utah and was sponsored by the National Cancer Institute providing in-home counseling for terminally ill cancer patients and their families. In the early 90s, Salat volunteered at several organizations, providing emotional support for the dying at their bedside, particularly for those who had no family to be with them. Salat was also the co-coordinator of the Spiritual Care Program for the Living and Dying through RIGPA (an international organization dedicated to offering opportunities to study and explore Buddhist teachings) in Los Angeles. This spiritual support group was created for mental health and healthcare providers who worked with the terminally ill and focused on learning how to be more present for the patient in transition. Salat was also involved with the Cedars Sinai Outpatient Cancer Center, where she ran outpatient groups for cancer patients, including a women’s sexuality group that brought focus and depth during her attendance at UCLA’s Advanced Sexuality Program, focusing on sexuality and cancer. Joan has attended professional and spiritual workshops internationally, and her personal experience with this disease has added depth and richness in working with others. All of these amazing experiences have helped Salat create a tranquil space for healing. It has a relaxed “down-home” feel with a seasonal stream, Koi pond, horses, and private benches throughout the property. Although the horses are not for horse-back riding, they will be incorporated into future programming for Equine Therapy. Miracle Ranch West is a day retreat center created exclusively for women who have been touched by cancer at any point in their life. Its purpose is to provide complementary treatment to traditional medicine, and is not a replacement for it. Over the last 35 years, clinical evidence has increasingly supported the positive impact of alternative techniques, and although Miracle Ranch West is not focused on a cure, it is focused on quality of life and longevity. This facility is dedicated to spiritual and emotional transformation on all levels, and its measure of success is in the quality of the journey, not the results or outcome. At MRW they make it very clear that the beauty is in the moment and the joy is found in the process of becoming. Cancer has been prevalent in my life, as my mother lost her life to liver cancer, my cousin lost his leg, and my aunt recently overcame breast cancer. Most of us, unfortunately, have very similar stories. It truly helps to know that there are such dedicated people in the world such as Joan Salat, who has not only overcome cancer herself, but also continues to educate those who have had encountered this disease, assuring them that they can pick up the pieces, apply what they have learned, and move on to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. For any questions or to get the upcoming schedule, please contact Joan Salat at 760.751.9277 and visit her website at

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cognition by Brennan LaGasse


t some point we all must come to question “what we know” in order to further the natural process of growth. Metacognition begs us to question what we know, and to use this information to build more useful and productive knowledge to further the path of education. It all seems so easy at first. Someone tells you about a historical occurrence you have never learned of previously. You listen, taking in each thought like a sponge, and come away with a new file in the cabinet of your psyche. But how do you know that what you’ve just learned is accurate? Does it matter if it came from a book? An institution? A government? Just think if you took every story and piece of history as it was presented. What would the world look like? Deconstruction is another term used in social justice circles that speaks to the process and essential application of metacognition. To stretch yourself out of your comfort level is what allows you to question what you believe, what you have been taught, how you have learned to be who you are. We all travel different roads in life, yet the end point is never quite as concrete as some may think. The process of deconstruction is such a tool that can help bring you to the place of discomfort, which helps lead to education. I know no one wants to read about purposely placing themselves in a space of discomfort, but think about it for a second. If you’ve been taught to look at natural resources as purely for the pursuit of human well-being, it is also easy to rationalize the “essential” need for these same

s u s t a i n a b l e l i v i n g resources to promote economic well-being. If natural resources are viewed in such a way, as they are by most resource extractive corporations, how might dialogue and education on the dramatic need for habitat and ecosystem health fare? The educating process is never that smooth, never that objective. In fact, it’s literally a bumpy ride that will never stop once you jump aboard. But therein lies the reward. Educating oneself can’t be that easy, otherwise we would all be enlightened beings treading in perfect harmony with Mother Earth and all our brothers and sisters. We know that is not the case, but it is a goal we are collectively shooting for. And it is possible through the process of metacognition. Developing the courage, accepting the sacrifice, and investing in educating yourself depends on building from your core knowledge base that has brought you all the way to this very day. Yet the process continues to unfold as you follow up on what has spoken to you the most in your own life. Personally, my core transformations have happened in the mountains. Some of my earliest memories are of being a very young child and feeling somewhat altered when playing in the snow, or viewing sprawling vistas of alpine environments. Over the years I thankfully find myself locked in these areas constantly, and although I attempt to live in a way that is rooted in thanks for my beautiful surroundings, I know I need to constantly challenge myself to understand how my education informs decisions that will either help or hurt the world around me. I want to learn more, constantly, and drawing from what’s excited me the most in life have shaped who I am. What sparks you the most? Investigating the answer to this simple question opens the door for education in your world. You cannot really expect to teach others unless you are educating yourself. If you think about some of Vision Magazine’s past issues this year, such as Greening Our Life, Activism, and Nourishment, none of these issues would exist if someone had not stopped to question why things are not “green,” why action is necessary regarding an issue like SB 1070, or why there are vast barriers to eating holistically. continued on page 40

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Science and Nondualit y : A Conversation with Peter Russell by Shannon Nies


eter Russell has long been intrigued by the mysteries of the human mind and consciousness. After studying mathematics and physics at Cambridge University in the UK, he shifted his focus to the psychology of the mind— mind over matter. Since then, he has incorporated his research and fascination with consciousness into work with different organizations and educational institutions. One of his contributions included working with Tony Buzan, who developed “mind maps,” to bring this study method into fruition. The method involves students making notes with only key words and images, using the visual aspect to help retain and review material. Russell has created books, articles, audio tapes, and videos to share his view of humanity’s oneness and nonduality among the seemingly apparent diversity. Through these materials, he discusses and offers information on science and spirituality, meditation and mindfulness, and much more. In addition, he has spoken at many conferences throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, and Japan. He will be speaking at the Science and Nonduality Conference in October in San Rafael about his idea of “The Primacy of Consciousness.” Here is my brief, yet intriguing and exciting, conversation with Russell.

“Connections between consciousness and reality have taken center stage due to similarities between Eastern spiritual practice and counter-intuitive scientific discoveries that challenge everyday views of the world.” Vision Magazine: Have you been to the Science & Nonduality Conference before? Peter Russell: Yes, I was there at last year’s conference. I couldn’t attend all of it because I had some other commitments, but I was there for some of it. VM: What is the atmosphere like when you go there? PR: It’s exciting. I think it’s one of the most exciting conferences I’ve been to in the last ten years. There’s something very fresh about it. It’s very open for people being able to meet presenters and other participants. There are a lot of presenters there who are not just your regular famous presenters, but people doing interesting research and such, and you really get to meet and hang out with them. And it’s a conference which is really pushing the boundaries of our thinking, so it’s exciting for me. VM: What do you plan on discussing when you speak at the conference in October? PR: My own talk is going to be on what I call “The Primacy of Consciousness,” which is the idea that underlying everything, the fundamental essence of the universe is actually more like the nature of mind than that of matter. The current world view of science is that everything ultimately can be reduced to a unity of some physical essence. We don’t know what it is, but something, some physical essence lies beyond matter, energy, space, and time. What I am suggesting is that modern science is also pointing towards the possibility that it may not be physical at all, but the fundamental essence of the cosmos may actually be consciousness. So I’m going to be talking about that from the position of contemporary science. Spiritual teachers have been saying for thousands of years that ultimately everything is consciousness. But I think this is the first time we can approach the idea from a scientific perspective, and it’s coming out of some of the leading age discoveries of modern science. VM: I was looking at your website and I understand that you first studied mathematics and theoretical physics, so what got you so interested in the human mind, meditation and consciousness? V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


S EP T E M B ER 20 10

PR: The shift actually happened while I was studying math and theoretical physics, though the seeds were there long before. As a child I’d always been interested in the mind. Like many other kids I dabbled in things like self-hypnosis and twirling myself around to producing interesting states of consciousness. Then when I was about fifteen or sixteen, I had long debates at school about free will and determinism and the relationship between mind and brain—the sort of things that many of us get interested in at that age. And at university, this interest in the mind was still there. I was getting more and more intrigued by questions around mind and consciousness, and I realized that physics was never going to answer these questions. I was studying physics because I was good at it, but I never really questioned, was that my calling? I realized my calling in life was much more about understanding the mind rather than understanding matter. VM: Now, back to the conference itself. I was looking at the website, and it says that nonduality deals with “nonseparation and fundamental intrinsic oneness.” Could you try to explain this for me? PR: It builds from what I was touching on earlier. The key is this idea that is found in many systems of thought, that there is an underlying oneness to things. In our daily lives we do not see that. We see a world of diversity. We see things around us—buildings, trees, other people—we see a diversity of forms, and they are always changing. But there’s always this deep, philosophical quest for what is behind the diversity. Modern science is on that quest, seeking a unity behind that diversity. It is seeking an intrinsic oneness behind all the differences and opposites, the world of duality. The dualities that we observe are only there in appearance. We see a tree and it appears different from a lamppost, but when we look deeper into their structure, we find the atoms composing the tree are the same as those in the lamppost. There’s a certain oneness, or nonduality, there. So the question is, what is the ultimate nature of the oneness? The intrinsic oneness that the conference is focusing on is the nonduality of consciousness. The oneness behind everything is of the nature of mind. One way we can interpret this is

s u s t a i n a b l e l i v i n g that all our experiences, everything we know, is really just a construct of the mind. When I see a tree, I see the image of the tree appearing in my mind. When I hear music, my brain is processing the signals and creating the sounds that appear in my mind. We’re beginning to understand that everything we know, every experience, is somehow created in consciousness. The question about separation usually refers to the self, our sense of “I,” this sense of there being a separate self. If you really look closely, and this is what a lot of mystics and meditators have done, if you really look closely at your mind, you realize that this sense of “I,” which to most of us seems very, real, is actually another construct appearing in consciousness. When you go into these deep states of meditation, this idea that “I” is separate from the world tends to dissolve. You begin to realize there is just experience. There isn’t a separate “I” that’s doing the experience. It seems there is, but it’s actually another illusion of duality. There’s an apparent duality of observer and observed, but in the deeper analysis, it doesn’t actually exist; there is just “observing”. VM: So when meditating, do you focus more on that nonduality and the oneness as opposed to the individual self, then? PR: Some teachers do focus on that. But I prefer to teach people to relax their mind, to begin to soften their thinking and let the mind quieten down. I believe the feeling of separation comes from the fact that we are thinking. We are caught up in our minds too much, in worrying, planning, and such. If we can quieten the thinking mind, and ultimately allow it to become still, then we start dropping continued on page 41

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f e a t u r e

by Brian L. Patton


s a vegan chef, I’m always in search of high quality organic ingredients, especially for an episode of The Sexy Vegan or a recipe that I’m developing for Vegin’ Out. I was recently testing a recipe for a homemade BBQ sauce that was to adorn a new tofu dish, so I went out to pick up the ingredients. Organic ketchup? Check. Yellow mustard? Check. Orange juice? Check. I continued checking off the ingredients as I filled my handheld basket, when I realized that it was getting pretty darn heavy with all those liquids. I quickly concluded that I was ‘gonna need a bigger boat.’ I reluctantly went back to the front of the store, and traded up to a cart. With what now seemed to be a ridiculously over-sized shopping vessel (considering my express-line-worthy number of items) in tow, I finally came to last ingredient on my list: apple cider vinegar. It’s what gives BBQ sauce that unmistakable tang, and if you don’t use a good one, well, I hope your dog likes BBQ kibble. When I arrived at the vinegar aisle, I didn’t even have to give my brand selection a second thought. I zeroed right in on that large glass bottle with the yellow label, and that smiling, radiant, goldenlocked lady with the flowery hat: Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve always known it to be of high quality and great flavor, and I use it in all kinds of dressings and sauces. However, if someone was standing next to me in the vinegar aisle that day and told me that I was going to interview and write an article about the woman on the label who happened to be a life extension nutritionist, author of ten self-health books, a lecturer, health crusader, educator, daughter of health pioneer, originator of health stores, Paul C. Bragg, fitness advisor to world leaders, Hollywood stars, singers, dancers, and athletes, I’d say, “Why would that ever happen? That makes absolutely no sense! Get away from me, strange person!” Well, it did happen. I interviewed Patricia Bragg, and here’s what went down: Vision Magazine: Tell me, Patricia, about the Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother? Patricia Bragg: Well, the old adage is so true: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used apple cider vinegar in 400 B.C. because he recognized its powerful cleansing and healing quality. He was a nature boy, and he treated his patients naturally. Apple cider vinegar is a naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic. It fights germs, viruses, bacteria, and even mold. With the apple cider vinegar, you’re getting the essence, the mother enzymes from the apples. The mother is the miracle enzyme that makes the miracle in Bragg’s Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and it is all organic. VM: Now, I’m not positive, but if I remember correctly, the “mother” is the growth of acetic bacteria which is responsible for turning alcohol into vinegar, V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

and when the vinegar is left unfiltered, gives the final product countless health benefits, right? PB: Yes, and in the old days it was the only type of vinegar people had, but in modern times and as machinery became more advanced, what started to happen is people would say, “Oh, what’s that floating in there? It looks like it’s dirty, what is that?” That was the mother. So the manufacturers said, “Okay, we’ll take care of that.” So they boiled it and they filtered it, thus killing the mother enzyme. To me, it’s dead vinegar, not alive. Our vinegar is alive, and live foods make live people. We haven’t killed it, and we don’t boil it or filter it. It’s organic and all-natural. VM: It’s amazing that they did that purely for aesthetic purposes. PB: Well, why do you think they did that to white bread? They called it the white wonder bread. My father called it the “staff of death.” He would roll the Wonder Bread up like a ball and it would bounce. He would say to keep your life simple as 1-2-3. I also don’t believe in any liquids that are fluoridated or chlorinated. They use fluoride to make rat poison of all things. I believe in purified water. The less you do to food, the better it is for you. I’ve made over thirty trips around the world, and some of the countries I’ve visited don’t even have a drug store. They don’t know what aspirin is. And, guess what? A lot of these countries don’t have arthritis or neuritis, or any of the joint disorders that Americans are burdened with. VM: We’re such an advanced country; we have the ability to create things like iPods, iPhones, iPads, and many other things that begin with a lower case “I”, so why do you think we have so much trouble taking care of ourselves? PB: Somewhere along the line we became engulfed in drugs, in pharmaceuticals. Big business saw the money they could make with synthetic treatments as opposed to natural remedies, and many Americans bought into it. The two biggest sellers in drugstores today are laxatives and aspirin. You see, the fast foods, high sugar foods, and refined foods cement in the colon. VM: As much as I would love to talk about things being cemented in colons all day, I’d really like to know what would be the first step for repairing one’s body? PB: Make a pact with your body, and tell your body that you love it. Say, “I love you, I thank you for being a home for my heart and soul, and I want to keep you in good working order so I can have a healthy, happy, long life.” Be sure to keep your life simple. Go through your pantry, your refrigerator, your entire kitchen. I used to go to a lot of our clients’ homes and become their kitchen police. If you read the ingredient list and there are words on there you can’t understand, it’s not worth keeping.


S EP T E M B ER 20 10

It comes down to my father’s healthy lifestyle philosophy: “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say, and do.” What you eat and drink today, walks and talks tomorrow. It’s as simple as that. Your food and your drink is what keeps you going. I have people open their mouth and tell them, “This is your fuel tank, and this is where your digestion begins. Remember, your stomach has no teeth, so chew your food thoroughly. What you put in your mouth is going to either bring you health or sickness. It’s up to you. You are the captain of your life.” The Bragg book, Apple Cider Vinegar—Miracle Health System, has sold over 8 million copies in the United States alone. Famous Dr. Gabriel Cousens (and many other doctors) recommend Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to help stop GERD and heartburn, and help with digestion, sipping ½ tsp before meals. I tell new mothers, “With your two hands, you can either bring your family health or sickness through what you prepare for them.” It actually starts before the womb. I tell prospective mothers to prepare to carry their baby three months before they conceive. And how should they do this? By fasting and cleansing, and eating 100 percent organic healthy food. VM: It’s well documented that you fast at least one day a week. Why fasting? PB: The miracle of fasting has been proven throughout history for physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. It’s been around since the beginning of time. Practically every religion around the world has their periods of fasting. Why do they do it? To improve their bodies physically and mentally, to get closer to their spiritual beliefs and to get closer to Mother Earth. Paracelsus, a 15th century physician, and the father of body chemistry said, “Fasting is the greatest remedy the physician within.” Our Miracle of Fasting book has been the #1 health book in Russia for over 35 years! We have millions of Bragg health followers throughout Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Europe, and more world-wide. VM: Can you give me a personal story of someone you know who turned their life around by adopting the health philosophy that you promote? PB: One of the finest examples, who I talked to last night, is Jack LaLanne. He was a puny, sickly little boy. He was so weak, he had to have a back brace to sit up. He had boils, pimples, and blinding headaches. It forced him to stay out of school for a year and a half. Then one day, the neighbor lady insisted on taking Jack and his mother to my father’s Health Crusade in Oakland, CA. Jack said, “I won’t go, I won’t go, no doctors have helped me!” After some persuading, they agreed to go to the lecture. My dad loved teaching people. He’s the father of the health movement in America, and on that night Jack LaLanne’s life was turned around. Many years later, Jack said to me, “Patricia, if I hadn’t heard your father’s lecture that night, I would have been dead by seventeen.” He’s now going on ninety-six. He has sold more juicers than any one man in the world. He believes, as my father did, that people need more fruit and more vegetables in their diet, and juicing is a simple way to get more in your diet. I also have quite a few people of prominence that I counsel, like The Beach Boys, Jane Russell, Tom Selleck, Clint Eastwood, and since you mentioned iPods earlier, I’m reminded that Steve Jobs has been reading Bragg books since high school. I V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

f e a t u r e bought pop-star Katy Perry her first guitar at 12 years old and got her first big singing appearance at 13, on the 4th of July, singing “God Bless America” at a big sporting event in a Los Angeles stadium. Her parents were my ministers in Santa Barbara. She loves our Bragg vinegar drinks that she drinks daily, and does the Bragg deep breathing exercises we teach in our Bragg Super Power Breathing for Super Energy Book. Also, Cloris Leachman has followed us for forty years, and she tells me not a day goes by that she doesn’t thank me and my father. VM: You have so much energy. How do you kick off each day to get that long lasting boost? PB: I’ve never drank coffee, and I don’t believe in caffeine. I’m also not big on a heavy breakfast. I get up at 5 a.m., and mix up a Bragg organic vinegar drink. I stir 2 tsp of our organic apple cider vinegar into 8 oz of purified/distilled water. I then add a little raw honey to taste or I sometimes use stevia powder for sweetness. About an hour later, I have the Bragg Pep Drink, which is a recipe that you can find on our website, That’s what gives me energy. I usually take a nap for forty-five minutes in the middle of the day, to recharge my battery, and I’m usually in bed by 9 p.m. I do a lot of walking and exercising, as well. My father said, “Walking is the king of exercise.” You have 640 muscles, and you can either use ‘em or lose ‘em. Pump your arms, get out, and strut. Your heart is the master pump, pumping every second of your life. I also never sit with my legs crossed. I just got back from lecturing in five states, and as I looked around the airports and on the planes, I saw people sitting with their legs crossed. This is very dangerous because there’s a major popliteal artery in the back of the knee that feeds your legs and feet. Your heart, then, has a hard time getting the blood down there, and it causes a host of problems. Issues like varicose veins, hemorrhoids, headaches, and backaches can be caused by sitting with legs crossed. They also find that a large percentage of people who have heart attacks while sitting down, had their legs crossed at the time. So, uncross those legs. You have seventy trillion cells, and they all need to be nourished by what you eat and drink, and what you do. VM: We’re in the heart of the summer, so do you have any favorite foods you’re enjoying right now? PB: Well, I’m a vegetarian, and I love organic fruits and veggies. My favorite dinner recipe is the brown rice and lentil casserole that you can find in our Vegetarian Recipe Book. My dad gave Jack LaLanne that recipe at that first lecture over ninety years ago, and it’s still his favorite. I travel the world, and when I’m traveling, if I can’t get what I want to eat, I fast. I was in Texas for two days recently, and I did a watermelon flush the entire time I was there. They had such delicious watermelons. I even chew up the seeds. In the old days they used to make a jelly out of the rinds. They wasted nothing. VM: I read that you now have an organic teaching farm. Tell me about that. PB: We have a 120 acre organic farm at our headquarters here in Santa Barbara. We teach our patrons to be self-sufficient and to be able to grow their own veggies,


continued on page 46 S EP T E M B ER 20 10

f e a t u r e

L e a r n i n g A n o t h e r Wa y A C o n ve r s a t i o n w it h D r. Z h i G a n g S h a by Sydney L. Murray

The world is full of wonder and mysteries.

I am amazed by the times we live in and by the changes that are unfolding. I believe in the power of each one of us to actively engage and change our lives in a positive manner. I am always open to receiving new information on how to live a more engaged life. I realized in the last month I had the opportunity to speak to two teachers from China and I found that my Western mind was resistant to not their teachings but their words and my difficulty in understanding their English. What a gift of education it is to learn from someone with a totally different mind-set. I hate to admit it but I envied their love of life. I want more of that in my own life, a thriving versus surviving mechanism that is alive and well in my own heart. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Master Zhi Gang Sha. It was so interesting partially because of my necessarily apt attention to listen to his heavily accented English. I had to really focus to catch all of his words. I realized during this conversation that he is here to help others help themselves and that healing and transformation are open to us all. Below is some of our conversation.

forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace. Divine compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. Divine light heals, rejuvenates, and transforms relationships and finances, as well as every aspect of life. The lyrics of this Divine Soul Song are:

I love my heart and soul I love all humanity Join hearts and souls together Love, peace and harmony Love, peace and harmony VM: What began your spiritual journey? MS: I started at the age of six. I went to the park with my parents. I saw a Tai Chi Master who taught a few disciples. The Master used some chi and one disciple was pushed fifteen meters away. I said, “Wow, pretty amazing. How powerful is this master.” I went to him and he looked at me and said I was too young to do this. Please I asked, “I’d love to learn this.” He said he wanted to see my parents. So, I went to my parents and pulled their arms, and said to my Papa and Mama, I want to learn this. With great support from my parents I started my Tai Chi training at age six. Every Saturday and Sunday I spent a few hours per day. At age ten I started with another master. At age twelve I started training with more teachers. VM: How did you go from a Medical Doctor to a world healer? MS: I saw my relatives had swollen ankles, heart conditions and asthma. I felt compassion for them. Then, because I studied in Chinese schools, they showed me the eternal chi, how you can use your palm and project the chi out, but this was not enough training to heal people. Later, I went to college, I studied Western Medicine to become a Medical Doctor. Afterwards, I studied traditional Chinese Medicine. I also studied acupuncture. In 1993, I met a master; he is the founder of body-space medicine, in which he tries to teach humanity the space concept. He said the sickness is that chi is blocked in the space [around someone]. Like in a cell, if this balance is broken, a sickness

Vision Magazine: I understand your life mission is to “transform the consciousness of humanity.” Master Zhi Gang Sha: Mother Earth is in transition now. More and more natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, typhoons, droughts, floods, as well as war, sicknesses, financial challenges, and more are happening. Millions of people have been affected. I believe the most important thing is to create love, peace and harmony for you, your family members, society, cities, countries, Mother Earth and all universes. One of the most important tools to create love, peace and harmony is to sing the Divine Soul Song of Love, Peace and Harmony. I received this Divine Soul Song on September 10, 2005. I created the World Soul Healing Peace and Enlightenment Movement in June 2008. Since then, every Monday through Friday, we gather hundreds of people on a teleconference to sing Love, Peace and Harmony and other Soul Songs to serve humanity and Mother Earth during this difficult time. VM: How do love, peace and harmony work? MS: Any Divine Soul Song carries divine love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. Divine love melts all blockages. Divine V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


S EP T E M B ER 20 10

occurs. This teacher has taught me the sacredness of the soul. The key theory is that our matter translates into an energy message. Matter and energy are the carrier of the soul. The important wisdom is that the soul is the boss. The soul can directly affect the transformation between the matter inside the cell and the energy outside the cell. So, therefore heal the soul first, then the healing of mind and body will follow. After many years of studying I have realized this wisdom. I share with my fellow human beings how to heal the soul of the sickness. Then the healing of sickness will follow. VM: What can we do, as individuals, to help our own transformation? MS: Purifying the heart is the key for your own transformations. Purifying the heart can transform every aspect of life. Five thousand years ago, The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, the authority book of traditional Chinese medicine, stated, “the heart houses the mind and soul.” The Divine has unlimited treasures. Your soul is the master. You may think it is the mind, but it is the soul. Everything has a soul. A house has a soul. The Divine can download a soul to your house that can transform its energy. The Divine can download a soul to your business that can transform your business. If you are wearing a ring, that ring has a soul. If the Divine downloads a new divine soul to your ring, you can ask the divine soul in your ring to offer divine healing and blessing. VM: What is, according to the Tao, the simplest action we can take every day? MS: Tao is in daily life. There are important teachings and practices for your daily life. For example, before meals, prepare your digestive system by chanting “Jin Dan Jin Gu” for a few minutes. “Jin Dan” means golden light ball. “Jin Gu” means intake of food. Jin Dan Jin Gu means that the golden light ball prepares the digestive system to prepare for food intake. After meals, people can chant “Jin Dan Hua Gu.” Jin Dan Hua Gu means that the golden light ball can assist digestion and absorption of the food. When you are tired, chant “Jin Dan Neng Liang.” Neng Liang means energy. Jin Dan Neng Liang means golden light ball boosts the energy of the whole body. If you have any pain, stiffness or inflammation, you can simply apply the Tao teaching and practice, “Jin Dan Zhi Liao.” Zhi Liao means to heal. “Jin Dan Zhi Liao” means Jin Dan heals. There are many practical techniques I offer in Tao I: The Way of All Life. VM: For someone who may not be familiar with the Dao De Jing, can you give your insights into it? MS: Lao Zi, the founder of Taoism, wrote “Dao De Jing”. It is one of the highest philosophy books available in my opinion. It guides spiritual practice and development. It also guides country leaders on how to manage a country. It guides everyone on how to develop wisdom and intelligence. It guides everyone on how to deal with every aspect of life. It has guided millions of people in history to V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

f e a t u r e transform all life. VM: What is an example of a mind or body blockage that someone might have? MS: In my teaching there are three blockages. Number one mind-blockage is inside the cell. Secondly, the chi-blockage is between the cells. And thirdly the soul-blockage is in the karma. In the mind-blockage there are the attitudes and attachments. These are emotional blockages. Therefore the human has a physical body, emotional body, mental body, and a spiritual body. The physical body is energy matter blockage inside the cells. Emotional blockage is anger, depression, fear... etc. Mental blockage is negative chi. Soul blockage is the bad karma. The route cause of the sickness and the relationships are due to bad karma. Bad karma is the root cause to all blockages in life. VM: How have you adapted the Tao for your own work and mission? MS: My mission is to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls in order to enlighten them and create love, peace and harmony for humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes. It includes three empowerments. The first empowerment is to teach healing to empower people to heal themselves and others. Tao I teaches practical techniques on how to self-heal and heal others. The second empowerment is to teach soul power to empower people to enlighten themselves. Tao I teaches the reverse creation of Tao. Reverse creation is the advanced spiritual journey. To meld with Tao is the highest achievement for one’s spiritual journey. My third empowerment is to teach universal service. Be an unconditional universal servant. Tao I teaches the importance of serving humanity and all souls, and of serving Mother Earth and all universes. It emphasizes serving all life. All kinds of spiritual study, regardless of religions and groups, are following Tao reverse creation. The optimum goal of Tao reverse creation is to meld with Tao. Humans live in the yin yang world. Yin yang controls humanity. Advanced spiritual study and practice is to go beyond the yin yang world. It is possible to reach such an advanced spiritual state that yin yang can no longer control you. If you can go beyond the yin yang stage, you have reached Tao. To reach Tao is to meld with Tao. You are Tao. Tao is you. The benefits of melding with Tao are beyond words, comprehension and imagination. VM: Why is the Tao “the way of all life”? MS: Tao is the source and creator of all things. We are living in the yin yang world. We are dealing with Heaven and Mother Earth every day. Tao creates Heaven and Mother Earth. Tao guides Heaven and Mother Earth. Tao’s profound wisdom can guide Heaven, Mother Earth and humanity. Human beings have to follow Tao. For example, there is a Tao of weather. People have to adapt to it. If the temperature is -40°, everybody has to wear the proper clothing. It does not matter if you are a kind person or you are a bad person.


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naugural LEADERShift 2010 draws forward thinking luminaries including bestselling authors Stephen R. Covey, Mark Victor Hansen, Grammy Award winning Jason Mraz, Challenge Day founders and other great visionaries who are here to create Shift and inspire change From Howard Hughes to Tony Robbins, Southern California has had a long tradition of producing innovative and daring thinkers taking action to change the world. So it is perhaps fitting that for two days this November, a ground breaking new conference called LEADERShift touches down at the Long Beach Convention Center that will empower people to think way outside the box, inspire leadership, and create sustainable solutions worldwide. Featuring heavyweights ranging from worldrenowned author Stephen R. Covey speaking on trust as a critical leadership competency to Ishmael Baeh (author of bestselling A Long Way Gone) sharing his life as a child soldier to Grammy Award winning artist Jason Mraz, bestselling author and motivational coach Byron Katie, Randy Haykin and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)–the event is designed as an interactive laboratory where attendees are given access to the nation’s luminaries. With more than 100 top thinkers in the fields of business, spirituality, media, human rights, the environment, and finance, attendees will take a transformational journey

Hypnotherapist Program! Mueller College of Holistic Studies is proud to add the Hypnotherapist program to its existing bodywork programs - the first new offering in its 34-year history! - Learn how to open your own practice as a professional hypnotherapist

a r t | c inem a | perf orm a nc e a rt s | t hea t re | g

through workshops, panels, music and round table discussions to share knowledge and explore shifting paradigms, essentially, leaders causing more leaders in the world to employ real action. “The time for transformation is now. We must take it upon ourselves to lead society and ourselves through the many challenges facing the world today,” said Kenneth Schwenker, conference founder and Bhakti Fest producer. “Assembling our top minds in one place, this conference will catalyze leadership in a way we haven’t gathered in the past. If you are a business professional looking to inspire transformation, or a mother of a teenager looking to guide and empower, this conference is for you. It’s our change to galvanize as leaders, gain tools, and take them into the world.” LEADERShift is hosting a Youth Leadership program that will run parallel to the conference and include presentations from the much acclaimed Challenge Day, an organization that leads experiential workshops to “demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through celebrating diversity, truth and full expression.” The two-day transformational event offers a host of activities outside of main stage speakers that are designed to encourage interactivity and networking in a great setting with all of the right inspiration. Additional workshops include open collaborations for creating the future, conscious money, human rights, women in sustainable business and social entrepreneurship, among dozens of others, as well as organized lunch opportunities with keynote speakers and a live music festival. On Saturday evening, the event will move to Hotel Maya, one of Joie de Vivre CEO Chip Conley’s (also a speaker) boutique hotels, with a music celebration including live performances from Jason Mraz, Donna DeLory, Larisa Stow, and a few to-be-announced special guests. Planning for over three thousand attendees, the two-day adult pass costs $125, students at $65, young adults (age 14 to 17) at $25, and children (up to 13 years) just $5. There is also the option to purchase specific program elements á la carte. For more information or to buy tickets visit or call 310.246.1466.

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n cafe

t r e | galle ries | p oet s | con v e rs ation | cu ltur e

The New Visionaries by Robert Quicksilver


hen Martin Luther King spoke to us, he presented a vision of the future. When John Kennedy said we were going to the moon, he created a whole generational shift with this clearly elucidated vision. Other visionaries have helped show the way for all of us, including Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Michael Beckwith, and many others. These are the famous visionaries, icons almost, who have risen to a level of fame in their ability to communicate and help transform individuals and the world. Mostly, however, the visionaries that impact our lives the most are not famous. They might have been our teachers, our friends, or someone we know in our family. Inside the constantly shifting pattern of our lives, we often come into contact with individuals whose message and whose skill in communicating that message is amazing and powerful. New necessities develop in the human organism, and new visions of the human experiment become available, then become obvious. We are witnessing new leaders, spokespeople, and visionaries emerge. Who are these new visionaries? What are they telling us, sharing with us? What new models of the universe are they describing? Some of this is obvious and self-evident: “We better clean up this mess that we’ve made.” Some of it is more abstract: “We are the doorway of Ascension.” And some is more mundane: “The new economic reality is at hand.” Also, there is not an undersupply of vision. To the contrary, it can be said that each one of us is an envisioning agent. Maybe we are all participating in the same vision, all of us as agents in the transformation of human consciousness—locally and globally. Maybe we are witnessing the manifestation of a common, even universal, vision. Maybe we are all dreaming the same vision, foreseeing the same possible future. At the October Conscious Life Expo, the new visionaries will appear. The following are just a few of these visionaries: Alfonso De Rose’s seminars have transformed the lives of thousands in the areas of personal performance, career, love, and spiritual growth. He tells us to trust food and make love to it, and how to eat consciously, lose weight effortlessly, and create more personal power in our lives. Farah Yurdozu, Turkey’s first female UFO researcher, will be disclosing a very rare and groundbreaking UFO contact case which was documented after the 1999 earthquake in Turkey. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine. Despite numerous Discovery Channel specials, the question of ancient astronauts remains as compelling as ever. Tsoukalos asks the compelling question, “Who were these so-called gods? Were they really just figments of our ancestors’ imagination, or were they flesh and blood extraterrestrials who visited our ancestors in the remote past?” Judy Satori brings the gods and goddesses of the spiritual world into our day-to-day life with energy activation events. She reminds and empowers us to become the Light that we already are. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, known as Guruji, was born in 1963 in a small town in central India. In 1995 he received guidance that the unique gifts he had been given were now to be used for the welfare of humanity, and to find those who he could help with his gifts to change the world for good.  Vickie Gay tells us we are all mediumistic. She has the skill and technique to help open our own internal doorway to the psychic realm, maintaining a discriminating mind that distinguishes conscious cognition from spirit communication from our own imagination. continued on page 46 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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c a f e



ow in its 22nd year, the Body Mind Spirit Expo (BMSE) has become the largest health and wellness expo in the United States. BMSE creates an arena for the general public to increase their knowledge of alternative health and metaphysical topics. Two presenters who will both offer much food for thought are Michael Fischman and Carrie Louise Daenell, ND. Fischman focuses on personal development, as he offers a direct experience of meditation and insight into the secret power of the breath and the laws that govern the mind. He will also share the remarkable journey of his spiritual memoir, “Stumbling Into Infinity: An Ordinary Man in the Sphere of Enlightenment,” the compelling story of his journey from a challenging childhood to the unlikely position of friend and helper, on to that of an enlightened seer. Or, on a different note, join Carrie Louise Daenell, ND as she offers to Fix Your Food Allergies...for Good! Daenell asks if you are losing more foods in your diet over time and never Encinitas really feeling that well. She speaks on resolving Type II delayed sensitivity “food allergies” permanently, which may resolve other Insurance Agency chronic degenerative health issues such as fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune challenges, allergies, and digestive distress. Join Daenell and learn how to restore healthy variety to your diet and (760) 942-5555 get your life back! 148 N. El Camino Real BMSE is coming to San Diego for the eighth year from October Encinitas 2-3 at the DoubleTree Mission Valley Hotel. The expo brings to life a positive, healing environment. Come and experience the CA Lic: 0686321 very best from your community and join others from throughout the country who provide the essential tools for discovering overall health and well-being. Retail exhibitors offer everything San Diego's only from natural and holistic health products to spiritual books and enlightened art. Healers at the expo provide treatments ranging Certified Green from massages and yoga techniques to intuitive readings extending Insurance Agency advice to those seeking enlightenment regarding their current life course.

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Weekend admission of $12 includes all lectures and demos as well as admission to the exhibit hall. Rejuvenate! Receive a relaxing massage, have your aura photo taken, and open yourself to new ideas and familiar revelations, or shift your perspective altogether. The expo offers a safe environment for growth and exploration, so mark you calendars for October 2-3. Visit our website, for a $2 off coupon! You can also call 541.482.3722 for more information.

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r e v i e w In a time of information overload, I was compelled to devour all of the teachings in the new book by Nicole Grace, entitled Bodhisattva. Her words offer an insight into our world that are truly valuable—a way to view the world in a clear and concise manner. These teachings are jewels of wisdom, and even enlightenment, given up in delicate offerings. These words were, for me, to be savored over and over again, divulging wisdom for our lives. Grace promises to bring you home, to bring you back to your true self. The princess of Bhutan, Her Royal Highness, Ashi Kesang Wangmo Wangchuck, was so impressed with this collection of teachings that she was compelled to write this book’s introduction. She noted, “The book Bodhisattva: How to Be Free is a breath of freshness. It sings loudly the profound messages of the Buddha in the practice of compassion and tolerance. This book reminds me of the saying, ‘Easy reading is damn hard writing.’” I feel compelled and propelled to be here and live now. Grace’s words are so seemingly simple, yet are so compelling that the entire scope of my life is laid bare in her words. Grace is an internationally beloved teacher, Buddhist monk, and mystic who has offered her profound philosophical insights to many grateful students. I know that all of my life can be more fully lived through the lens of her words. I savor them, and so will you. For more information visit Available September 23, 2010 for $12 US. – SLM

I hint by Amanda Hinds

f you are preparing for a long day in the office or some fun in the sun, Hint is a superior alternative to your boring old hydration practices. Your body and mind will welcome this refreshing blend of fruits and water, and the taste will keep you coming back for more. This all-natural product is perfect for active individuals or just as a healthy alternative for a refreshing beverage. While all the flavors are delicious, I enjoyed the blackberry Hint the best. As great blackberries are usually hard to find in the stores, due to their soft skin being hard to transport, Hint brings out their natural flavor without the hassle. The taste was a perfect hint of blackberry, not too much or too little. Being made with all-natural ingredients and with no added sugars, Hint is an even more appealing beverage. I am very healthconscious and very active; the sleek, small bottle is perfect to hook onto my bike or pop into my purse. Whether I am cruising in the bike lane or driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, Hint is the perfect choice for a great flavored beverage that will keep me hydrated all day long. For more information visit

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Certified Executive Coach Courses,

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b u s i n e s s

Why Does This Keep Happening to Me?


e have all had it happen to us before. We wonder why the same things keep happening to us. Why do I always argue with my spouse? Why can’t I seem to keep a job for more than two years? Why can’t I maintain a healthy relationship? To the uninformed, it seems like these are just random events of drama. But that is not the case. If you want to change your life and move away from the pain and suffering that comes with the drama, then you need to understand the cause of these [types of] behaviors. The cause of our suffering begins early in life. Babies and children experience the world through feeling. They cannot process mental concepts until around the age of seven. At that time children are taught mental concepts like reading and writing. After another seven years, the child enters its teen years to begin its journey into adulthood and the physical world. By the time they are 21, they are firmly rooted in the physical world. All of us go through this journey which Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process, calls the Pathway of Awareness, by Judith Kravitz a journey of emotional, mental, and physical experiences. As children, when we experience emotional trauma, we do not have mental concepts to put them into context. They are merely feelings. If we were not allowed to fully express feelings such as fear, sadness, and anger, then we would suppress them by shutting down You who let yourselves feel: our breathing. This creates an emotional charge and blockage of energy within our enter the breathing that is more your own. body. The result is suffering and disease. – Rilke A bound energy by definition is fixed; it does not move. Life force energy is free flowing, like water in a stream. Life and breath are free flowing movement. As life force energy comes into the body and meets the resistance of these suppressed energies, heat is created through friction. This is experienced as negative drama and is the cause of the behaviors mentioned above. Since life is striving to bring awareness to these conditions, the pattern continues to repeat itself until the energy is released. Therefore, through our suffering we are subconsciously bringing our past into the present. Few truly live in the present. The result is that may we deny ourselves the great gifts that only the present can bring. The good news is that what has been done can be undone. Since we suppressed our emotions by not breathing, we can restore balance, joy and peace by restoring our breathing pattern to an open natural flow. Transformational Breath® is a process that helps a person unlock their restricted breathing pattern. It also raises the vibration of a person’s energy field by introducing a high frequency energy that integrates suppressed feelings and memories. A conscious breath, unlike anything else, brings you back into the present moment. You cannot consciously breathe without maintaining some part of your awareness in the present moment. In that moment, there is no negative charge, no repeating scenes of drama, and life no longer keeps happening to you. When you undo what was done, you can regain the innocence of childhood and return to living in the present moment. You can reclaim your power, live in the now, and welcome the true essence of your being.



Judith Kravitz is the developer of Transformational Breath® process and founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation, author of Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly, and has taught Transformational Breathing throughout the world for over 35 years. Dave Krajovic is a Senior Trainer for the Transformational Breath Foundation and cofounder of the Global Breath Institute. Both combine Transformational Breathing and The Presence Process in dynamic weekend programs to free us from the past and fully live in Presence. Visit for more information.

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“Starting A School” continued from page 6


children, and four large classrooms. We started our school, Rainbow Kids Integral Preschool, in September of 2002, with five children enrolled, my daughter being one of them. By the end of the year, we had sixteen students. We were able to double our enrollment each year until we reached our maximum enrollment of around 100 full and part-time students. In 2006, we opened the next phase of our growth, the Integral Elementary School, for K-6th grades, in the UTC/La Jolla area. Phase 3 is yet to come, when we find a large enough campus to house the entire operation. In hindsight, I see that I may have been a little crazy, as I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. Yet through this journey, I have found my life purpose and passion, and I know I have made a difference in the lives of many families, so I wouldn’t change a thing! Integral Elementary maintains an approximate 12:1 student to teacher ratio. In addition to standard academics, Integral Education also focuses on the arts, values and character development, communication and mindfulness skills, and physical education, including yoga for children. More information can be found at www.IntegralElementary. com and, or by calling 858.450.4321.

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“Eyesight” continued from page 7

fear. I teach the Dr. Bates Method of Eye Training at the Vision Training Institute in El Cajon, California. I call it Eye-Robics. It is a perfect tool to bring awareness. As you work with this method, you loosen the tight muscles that are holding the eye and causing it to not focus properly. The emotions are held in that part of the body—the eye muscles. As you loosen them by relieving the stress and tension in the mind and autonomic nervous system, two things can happen: you just release the stress and the muscles loosen, or you become aware of an incident or trauma by remembering it and the feelings associated with it. The incident literally has come to the surface, so you can feel, heal, and release it. I have developed The Rapid Healing Technique specifically for this purpose. The Rapid Healing Technique is a very simple technique that anyone can learn, which instantly removes fear from the energetic system and transforms it into love. I teach it to all my students, and I also have an e-book. By using this simple system, you are connecting with your spiritual self, the God within. This method was developed from inspiration and allows a person to become his or her own healer. The Rapid Healing Technique allows you to go as deep as you would like to go. In this revolutionary process, you learn how to deal with and release emotions as they come up in your life, which makes Eye-Robics Vision Training a wonderful tool to enhance awareness.            Dr. Jerriann J. Taber is owner and director of the Vision Training Institute in El Cajon, California, and teaches Eye-Robics to individuals and groups. To contact Dr. Taber, e-mail her at or call 619.440.5224. To learn more about how you can improve or completely do away with glasses or contacts and heal the root cause of eye problems and the fear associated with them, visit to review the EyeRobics Home Vision Training Program and “The Rapid Healing Technique” book.

Prayer for Reuniting Twin Flames

In the name of my Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame I pray that we reunite I call for the consuming of all portents of our returning negative karma, clouding our ability to recognize each other, and creating a sense of separation. I call to dissolve the human imposed self-limitations that keep us from the full expression of our twin flame identity, and the fulfillment of our original contract with Spirit in service to mankind.

VisioN Magazine

Laura Geralyn Kline




I call for my Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. My Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. My Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. My Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. My Higher Self and the Higher Self of my Twin Flame. I pray that We reunite Uniting Twin Flames ~ Susay

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“Master Mingtong Gu” continued from page 13



Margo Mariana

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get familiar with the Qi. The second step is using visualization, like holding the Qi together and then moving the Qi directly to any location and to any person for any purpose. The key is visualization. Most people are familiar with hands-on healing. Qi is the mental capacity, and the projection is about basically projecting the Qi directly without physically touching [anyone or thing]. That can be more powerful because the mind can have a capacity to go to any place, including long distance healing. It is so powerful yet so accessible. VM: What does Qigong mean in Chinese? MTG: Qi is the universal life force. It is everywhere, it is right here in this moment. Gong is the ability to access Qi and use it. Working with the Qi is the essence of Qigong. VM: What is your most important life lesson so far? MTG: One of the most important lessons for me is finding home within myself. I had this wonderful moment of realization from my teacher. These are his very simple words, and in that moment, when he said them, I realized his words are true: “I am here, I am home, I am enough.” This is important to me because I was looking for home my entire life. In China, I couldn’t find my home; in the United States, I was still looking for home. Those words have given me so much freedom. VM: Do you have hope for our world? MTG: I have more than hope. I have absolute belief in all people. I just want to give an example of healing, because the physical condition of the body on the human level is merely a reflection of the life condition we are living. My fortune— my blessing because of Qigong—is allowing me to see a very practical level, moving through challenges as a possible opportunity in all of our lives, not only to make change. I’m engaging that in my Qigong, [which] is a proactive place for writing and creating our own stories. This is about writing a new story with others that can offer me not only just hope, but pure engagement and participation. If we don’t have any challenge or nothing to worry about, then there’s not much to learn anymore. Overcoming challenges, living and learning, from them is much more about the capacity of the mind and the many places in our own hearts of healing we have just come to. Master Mingtong Gu is an internationally recognized teacher and healer who received his training from a variety of Grandmasters of China and Tibet. Master Gu will teach the profound techniques prescribed by the worlds largest medicine-less Qigong hospital in China. This hospital has a 95% success rate working with over 200,000 patients and treating more than 185 diseases. He is the founder of the Chi Healing Center and Wisdom Healing Foundation, and has taught Qigong to thousands in the United States, China, and Europe. For September workshop visit or call 619.757.7387. “MetaCognition” continued from page 21



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This month and every day hereafter, take the time to ask questions. I trust you’ll find you have more to ask than you ever thought, and even though the path may be rough, making sure you do not close any doors that could lead to further growth will advance your education, and ultimately, metacognition will ensure you are making the effort to bring more knowledge to yourself and the world around you. Brennan Lagasse is a writer and environmental consultant living in Lake Tahoe, CA. His recently-published book, Waiting for the Snow to Fall: First Nations, Federal Policy and Environmental Justice, explores the tenets of holistic sustainable land-use policy applied and understood through critical examination of the plan to expand the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort near Flagstaff, AZ. He can be reached at


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“Science and NonDuality” continued from page 23


into that non-dual state spontaneously. So it’s a sort of backdoor approach for me. Rather than trying to meditate directly upon nonduality, or upon oneness, which is what some people do, my approach is to gradually reduce the thinking that gives rise to the duality. Then we’re just left in that space of oneness. VM: All these ideas about the nonduality and the TM technique, and meditation in general, how do all these different ideas and the feelings of consciousness fit into your everyday life? VM: Finally, going back to the conference, what do you hope your listeners will gain from your presentation and from the conference as a whole? PR: For my presentation, I would like people to gain a whole new sense of awe of the cosmos, just how magnificent it is, to see that the essence of the cosmos is spirit, and to see that that is a reasonable conclusion, rather than just something that you have to believe in. Today we can begin to understand the deeper truths of what great spiritual teachings have been saying. What people may get from the conference as a whole is harder to say because there’s such a breadth of speakers, from really good teachers like Adyashanti, to good neurobiologists, good physicists. So there’s a whole spectrum of people talking around the subject. I think people will certainly get very stimulated. I imagine they will be inspired to further their own inner worth, to make their own inner discoveries, exploring themselves. And as always, in any conference, there are a lot of the unexpected meetings that happen. So many times at a conference, people say the best thing was meeting up with so-and-so, or having this conversation with some speaker or someone who was interested in the same thing. So I see a conference both as an event which has its highlights, its inspiration, its knowledge, its information, and as an ongoing process in people’s lives, that comes from just having been there and being inspired, being connected to various people. Honestly, I really feel it’s one of the most amazing conferences around at the moment. Peter Russell, MA, DCS, FSP, is a fellow at various organizations, including the Institute of Noetic Sciences, The World Business Academy, and The Findhorn Foundation, as well as an honorary member of The Club of Budapest. He has written many texts and created videos and audio files which deal with his study and practice of consciousness and meditation. Contact him at or visit his website, The Science and Nonduality Conference is taking place at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael, California, October 20-24. The program includes workshops with speakers ranging from biologists to researchers to teachers, among many others. Registration before the event costs $395; at the door, $450. Register online at or contact Neti Neti Media at 707.596.0159 for more information.



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‘star’ continues to SEPTEMBER 12 SUNDAY herald the return of Spiritually the Christ

SEPTEMBER 8 WEDNESDAY Open Q & A EVENT WITH MSIA SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR JOHN MORTON at Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens, LA, 7 - 9PM. Becoming more aware of yourself as divine. Cost: $15 To Register:,


Cayce Pathfinders SEPTEMBER 9-12 Healing & Prayer Circle THURSDAY-SUNDAY BHAKTI FEST – SPIRITUAL WOODCome Experience a Unique form of STOCK IN JOSHUA TREE – Gather for Energy & Healing work. this amazing weekend that draws the best and the brightest from the Bhakti Mystical Dragon I Movement.Nuremberg Practice Yoga all weekend, Germany 570 Grand Ave. Sunday, 2-4 pm chant Kirtan, make new friends, relax Carlsbad, Ca 92008 Sept. 12th, Oct. 10th under the bright blue skies of Joshua Tree about the 760-720-1986 Nov. 14th, Dec 12th during the dayLearn or bask under the blanket of stars that covers the night sky. Come World Teacher Maitreya join us at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Performers include: Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten, Dave Stringer and many DAY OF MINDFULNESS with ESTHER Introductory Presentations more. Yoga Instructors include Shiva Rea, KENNEDY 9:30-3:00pm $35 suggested Mark Whitwell, Saul Raye, Seane donation 3 pm 1stDavid Sunday of month Corne and many more. Constant Kirtan 85 hours, 26Controversial Yoga Teachers, Bookstore Private and HEALING & PRAYER CIRCLE - Caycee Group Meditation, Vegetarian Cuisine. For Pathfinders–Sunday Sept.12th. 570 Grand 3063 University Ave SD more information or for tickets visit www. Ave. Carlsbad,Ca. 92008 760-720-1986 or email info@bhaktifest. com or call 866.992.4258.

6:30 pm 2nd Wed. of month 14-15 Philosophical Library SEPTEMBER TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER FRIDAY DEPRESSION & OTHER Mood 2091 E.10 Valley Parkway #D ANXIETY, LEVEL 1 KUNDALINI YOGA TRAINING Disorders -- Foods, Herbs, Supplements, starts Oct 2010 inEscondido Encinitas - FREE Amino Acids, Diet, Aromatherapy, +

Kundalini Yoga/Gong Workshops with more for treatment/prevention. Natural Surprise SD Tipscable & Treat: Friday, 10th Healing Institute, 760-943-8485 enroll@ public access 6:30-8pm and Sunday, Sept. 26th or visit www. 2pm - Training Q & A.Yogic Tips & Treats Wed 9:30 pm Cox - RSVP 951.696.9063 ext. 105 - for more info complete the Warner training Satinformation 5:30 pm on Time go to SEPTEMBER 16 THURSDAY WINE WOMEN & HORMONES – Join Visit our booth Dr. Janette Gray and Chris Givant, RPh, national experts in the field of balancing at local street fairs SEPTEMBER 11 SATURDAY hormones and healthy aging. FREE, RSVP. WISDOM HEALING SPIRAL – For Sept 16 The Center for Health and ACCELERATE Serve YOURthrough HEALING, Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA transformation and awakening with the 92103 www.integrativemedicinesandiego. Meditation collective Transmission field Master Mingtong Gu will com, 619.814.5542. be leading this healing spiral to amplify am Sun, 7 pm Tue healing for9:30 individuals and the planet as and a whole. Move slowly through SEPTEMBER 18 SATURDAY 8 pmand Fripersonally in San Diego a spiral made of creative healing energy, THE ART OF LETTING GO - Transforming activated and manifested as human and Loss with Yoga and Meditation vibration -- movement, visualization, with Michael Kolasa, MFT –Saturday Sept. (619) music, and prayers. This223-6703 is a process of 18 1-3:30 pm, $40 The Center for Health and releasing dis-ease, limitation of the past, Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA and re-creating the body, mind and spirit 92103, www.integrativemedicinesandiego. LA/SF infoCome aboutjoin events from theFor source within. us, &com 619.814.5542. collectively with your friends, family, and Transmission Meditation groups  healing community, to magnify the healing WOMEN INSPIRING WOMEN – of yourself with thein universal other energy. cities:Bring LEADERSHIP, CREATIVITY & the ARTS your intention and gifts to this collective Part One – September 18, Part Two – activation of community transformation. October 9 and Part Three – November 6th LA: (818) 785-6300 Sept. 11, Sat. 7-9pm at UCSD. $20 for more registered online (with special 2 for 1), information. SF:(as $15 at door space allows). For more information:


S EP T E M B ER 20 10


Are You Ready For Transformation? Manifest Your Intentions & Desires

Have better relationships, live the life you love! Come Join Us At The La Costa Resort And Spa For The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success Transformation Circles

Sept. 19th • Oct. 17th • Nov. 14th Tuition is $25/advance and $30/door. For more details and registration visit ASTROLOGY LECTURE. Linea Van Horns’ “2012: Galactic Embrace”. Mira Costa College, Cardiff Campus. 10am - 12pm Contact: Pam pciampi@ Registration: http://www. SEPTEMBER 19 friDAY CORE AROMATHERAPY – One day. Everyone welcome. Those wanting upcoming Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapy program must take this class as pre-requisite. Learn self-help, plus enhancing professional practice.  Taught by premier Aromatherapy instructor.  NHI had the 1st State Certified Aromatherapy program in U.S. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485 enroll@naturalhealinginst. com  or visit SEPTEMBER 21 TUESDAY CLINICAL NUTRITION. INTRODUCTORY OR FULL Certification. Special Discounts.  Most comprehensive training from nationally honored Nutritionists.  Revised! 7:00-9:50 pm.  Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485 enroll@naturalhealinginst. com or visit SEPTEMBER 22 WEDNESDAY CLINICAL HERBOLOGY.  INTRODUCTORY OR FULL CERTIFICATION. Special Discounts.  Most comprehensive training from nationally honored Master Herbalists. Revised! 7:00-9:50 pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485 enroll@ or visit   www. SEPTEMBER 23-26 THURSDAY-SUNDAY MANNA JOURNEY WORKSHOP in Joshua Tree, CA. Are you ready for a life-changing shift within yourself that will assist you on your path to freedom? We are extending a powerful invitation to You! Due to the current Shift in Consciousness our connection to our Source and our bodies require higher resonating nourishment. Manna is a powerful life substance generated in the body and illuminates the mind supporting you in your transformation. Download the Registration Form for the Joshua Tree Manna Workshop at www. or call Caitlin Kelley 858-344-2404

SEPTEMBER 24-26 FRIDAY-SUNDAY RAW SPIRIT FESTIVAL! World’s Leading Healthy-Living, Raw Vegan-Music-EcoYoga-Peace-Educational Inspirational Celebration! Raw Demos & Tastings, Dance Kids Program, Job Fair, Peace Walks and more! Fantastic Food and Fabulous Friends! On the wild rocky shores of Watson Lake Park of the gorgeous Granite Dells near Prescott Arizona. Onsite camping and parking with motels nearby. $130 for 3 days! 929.308.2146 or visit


SEPTEMBER 25 SATURDAY QIGONG TRANSFORMATIONAL BODY Relaxation with Fay McGrew, Saturday, Sept 25, 1-4 pm $45. The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103, www.integrativemedicinesandiego. com, 619.814.5542 SEPTEMBER 25 SATURDAY MASSAGE TECHNICIAN 100 hr. Program. Required for Massage Therapist License.  Special Discounts.  Comprehensive training with the most experienced, licensed instructor in USA!  Natural Healing Institute, 760-9438485 or visit   SEPTEMBER 25-26 SATURDAY-SUNDAY HOLISTIC ARTS FAIR 10am-7pm FREE PSYCHI, HEALTH, ART FAIR. Communication and Tantra for Love classes, panels, speakers etc. 1540 Hicks Ave. San Jose. Free Parking in lot/along streets. Exhibitors Wanted! 408.448.6726; www.


Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association


SaturdaysHealing 1:00pm Church 2:00pm

LIFE MASTERY COURSE - Come experience this 2 day transformation. What would you do without limits.? Sept. 25-26 at The Westin Hotel LAX Los Angeles. For more information or to register call 866-455-2155 and Visit www.

Sundays Healing 10:00am Church 11:00am

Psychic Fair

1st Sat. of Month, 10:00am-4:00pm

Certification and Personal Growth Classes

SEPTEMBER 27-28 MONDAY-TUESDAY Become a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH or EXECUTIVE COACH. A 2 day intensive that will teach you everything you need to succeed. The Westin Hotel LAX Los Angeles. Please call 866-455-2155 and Visit www.

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Escondido, CA

OCTOBER OCTOBER 2-3 SATURDAY-SUNDAY Body Mind & Spirit Oct 2-3, DoubleTree Mission Valley BMSE brings to life a positive, healing environment. Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5, weekend admission $12, $2 off coupon online!   mollie@  


Incorporated and Serving ALL in California Since 1896

MASTERING TRUE LOVE — An online listener call-in radio show. Join Paul Reinig live as he interviews guests and shares testimony on how he learned to cultivate a safe and sacred space within through accepting all aspects of himself. Sunday’s at 6 pm PST. Mastering-True-Love. For information about Paul see


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SUNDAYS TRANCE-FORMATION CIRCLE – STRESSED OUT? Feeling overwhelmed & out of control? Losing sleep? Not getting what you want in life? Attend this circle to find out how to feel more relaxed and in control, sleep peacefully through the night, and increase your confidence & motivation so you can reach your goals. Led by Mazda Lakpour, this circle convenes on Sundays from 2–4pm at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356. $10 donation at the door. Register at 818.345.1100 or online at GONG MEDITATION & ONENESS BLESSING Sundays at 7pm (Donation) Starting Aug 15 The Center for Health and Wellbeing, 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 www.integrativemedicinesandiego. com, 619.814-5542 ONENESS MEDITATION & ENERGY ATTUNEMENT – Offers deep breathing meditation and alignment of your personal energy field. An interactive Oneness group where each shares their gifts and holds the space for each other’s healing and empowerment. Don’t know your gifts? Goddess Light and Ordained Metaphysician Tauheedah Shakoor-Curry creates safe space and delivers spirit messages to help clarify your calling. 11am–1:00pm at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. $10 love offering. Register at 818.345.1100 or online at   DEVOTIONAL SINGING MANTRA MUSIC Every Sunday 7-9pm. FREE! Led by Cass Smith, Donna & Teeto Cheema, Jim & Lynn Chow & Friends. Singing and chanting the sweet names of God, with love and devotion is the easiest and most effective way to reach liberation. 2845 Cacatua St. La Costa, CA 92009. 760.431.7658 or 760.753.3353.   CARLSBAD CRYSTAL BOWL SUNDAY YOGA 9am use the power of sound and awareness to center, ground, and remember the Self. 2564 State St Ste C. or call 760.890.4062.    SPICA – WAY OF LIGHT INSPIRATIONAL SERVICES 2nd Sunday of the month at 10am, 4th Sunday at 9am. Myztic Isle Bookstore, 8036 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA. 619.588.6483 for information.    10/10   FIND THE CENTER OF DIVINITY WITHIN! Inspirational prayers, metaphysical teachings, music, social hour to follow. 10:30AM-11:30AM. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007              11/10 MONDAYS $8 BEGINNERS YOGA CLASSES Monday @ 6:00 p.m. Tuesday’s @ 5:30 p.m. 2333 Camino del Rio South #240 92108 619.917.0998   FREE PSYCHIC READINGS every FIRST Monday 7:30pm by students in Vessa’s INTUITIVE INSIGHTS Clairvoyant Program, 4455 Morena Blvd. #108, 858.509.7582 www.MyIntuition.Net           10/10

TUESDAYS FIRST AID FOR THE SOUL – Healing circle for nurturing the soul. Shift from highly stressful situations to a state of calmness and serenity, enabling wise choice. Guided creative visualization is used to release and renew. Through self-healing with forgiveness; transformation, empowerment and wellbeing are restored. Bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7 – 9pm; 9/7, 9/21, 10/5; at the Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. Free parking in the rear. Call 818-345-1100 or register online at www.theimaginecenter. com. Group Led by Rosalba Fontanez, Theta Healing Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. $20 per session with 15% Discount on selected crystals, candles and statuary with  paid registration, valid through end of month issued.  CLINICAL NUTRITION INTRODUCTORY OR FULL CERTIFICATION. Special Discounts.  Most comprehensive training from nationally honored Nutritionists. Revised! 7:00-9:50 pm.  Natural Healing Institute, 760.943.8485, email: enroll@ or visit www. WEDNESDAYS WEEKLY PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT CLASS – This class format supports development of your psychic abilities. Learn how to prepare to send and receive messages clearly and safely; connect to loving spirit guides, angels and deceased loved ones; to open and close energy fields; and to explore various forms of intuitive abilities. 7 – 9 pm at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356. $25.00 fee. Register at 818-3451100 or online at www.theimaginecenter. com. CLINICAL MASTER HERBOLOGY. INTRODUCTORY OR FULL CERTIFICATION. Special Discounts.  Most comprehensive training from nationally honored Master Herbalists.  Revised!  7:00-9:50 pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760-943-8485 enroll@naturalhealinginst. com or visit MIRACLE CIRCLE MEDITATION: Connect with your inner divinity through deep meditation, inspirational prayers, and group discussion. 7PM8PM. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007            11/10

THURSDAYS FREE DETOXIFICATION AND WEIGHT LOSS CLASS 1st Thursday of every month. 6:30 PM. Easy and successful program. Register @ Body Basics Health Center, San Diego. 619.296.7390            09/10   METAPHYSICAL HOUR – Explore and witness demonstrations of metaphysical realities on topics of interest to you.  Staff and Guest Presenters will share their expertise in a bi-weekly meeting led by Mazda Lakpour, Master Hypnotist and Family Practitioner. Every other Thursday from 7 to 9pm - 9/9, 9/23, 10/7 –at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356. $25 per session.  Registration and more info at 818.345.1100 or online at 15% discount on crystals, candles and statuary with paid class registration, valid through end of month issued.

FRIDAYS SPIRITUAL CINEMA FRIDAYS 7:30pm (Donation) The Center for Health and Wellbeing. 3636 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA92103 www. 619.814.5542 HAPPINESS CLASSES - Based on the lifehealing teachings of VERNON HOWARD, Fridays - 8pm; Sundays - 10am. New Life Foundation, 5779 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA. 714.899.9300 Conquer stress, handle difficult people with ease, banish problems. Donation basis.           09/10 SATURDAYS PSYCHIC SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES WITH CORRINE – Weekly practice circle will help increase your intuitive abilities and strengthen your connection with Spirit. Focus is to clearly and safely receive and deliver loving messages from/ to spirit guides, angels and transitioned loved ones. Goal is to relate messages that are for the highest and best good of each participant. Saturdays, 1 – 3pm at the Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356. $15 minimum donation. Register at 818-345-1100 or online at

“Master Zhi Gang Sha” continued from page 27

If you wear shorts, you cannot tolerate this kind of weather. Tao treats everybody equally. In the yin yang world people are not treated equally. We have to learn from Tao. Eating, sleeping, business, relationships and all aspects of life have to follow Tao. Follow Tao, flourish. Go against Tao, blockages. In one sentence:

Tao guides every aspect of life. VM: What are the keys, in your opinion, to eradicating modern day diseases and plagues such as cancer? MS: The root cause of sickness is bad karma. I shared this wisdom in one of The Soul Power Series books. To deal with challenging sicknesses, including chronic and life-threatening conditions, the most important thing is to self-clear bad karma. Bad karma can deeply affect sickness. Bad karma means one has done harm to others in previous lifetimes and in this lifetime. When one has harmed others, this one has a spiritual debt. This one must pay the price by learning lessons, which can include health challenges, and challenges in relationships and finances. This is the universal law of cause and effect.  How can you self-clear bad karma? The only way is to offer love, forgiveness, care, compassion and kindness to others. If one serves others, Heaven records this service. Heaven will forgive the mistakes one did in the previous lifetimes and in this lifetime. Your spiritual debt is paid by service. You are forgiven. When you are forgiven, chronic and life-threatening conditions could receive remarkable healing. VM: What does an educated life look like from your perspective? MS: An educated life means people offer love, forgiveness, care and compassion to each other. People help each other from the bottom of their hearts. The most important thing is love and forgiveness. If you have unconditional love and forgiveness, every blockage in every aspect of life can be transformed. There will be no fighting and no war if people apply unconditional love and forgiveness. VM: Do you have hope for humanity? MS: Yes, Mother-earth is in transition. Now you can see more and more clearly the natural disasters all over the world. There are all kinds of issues that we are dealing with. This is due to bad karma. Humanity has to make amends to Mother Earth. If a person has a chronic condition, this person could have made some mistakes in another life. Therefore in the spiritual teaching karma is the cause of this bad relationship. If you did good service before, you are rewarded, for the karma is the cause-effect relationship. We have to be awakened and serve humanity. One important way I share is to chant, love, peace, harmony. Monday through Friday we do this chanting for the war. Every week each day. We are going to continue to do this. VM: Some words of wisdom to leave us with? MS:

I love my heart and soul I love all humanity Join hearts and souls together Love, peace and harmony Love, peace and harmony For more information visit www.simonandschuster. Atria Books are a division of Simon and Schuster and have recently published Divine Transformation. Or visit: or call 888.339.6815. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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v i s i o n a r y

a r t i s t

AMANDA JEAN HINDS “24 years is what it took; 24 years for my dream to come true.” As I boarded the plane, my heart raced with excitement; 20 some hours later I arrived. I closed my eyes, blinked, making sure illusion hadn’t sucked me in again, but when my eyelids separated, I was there. The air was thick, the sun was shining, and around me was “The Pearl of Africa”. Africa has always been a part of me, even before I arrived. I lived day-to-day wondering what it would be like to live amongst a culture so rich and a land so beautiful. I tried to express my thoughts in my writings and paintings, but research only educated my mind, leaving my soul empty. By immersing myself into the rich African culture of Uganda, I came out with a very vibrant look on life. This spilled from my heart, into my everyday life and my artwork. The energetic colors and interlacing shapes symbolize the breathtaking scenery, the vast mixture of cultures and the many friends that I made, that still live in my heart. amandahinds



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“Patricia Bragg” continued from page 25

herbs, and even fruit trees. I love being a health-crusading teacher. Just before my most recent lecture tour, I spoke to every grammar school in Santa Barbara. We were teaching them about organic gardening and healthy living. And the youngsters loved it, even the little kindergartners. Sometimes I’d rather teach children than adults. They’re just so excited! VM: Where does your passion for organic gardening and vegetable growing come from? PB: Since I was 5 years old, my father taught me to keep my hands and feet in the soil in order to stay connected to Mother Earth and be healthy and happy. Everybody that has children should teach them gardening, to put the little seeds in the soil and watch what comes up. It’s thrilling! Everyday they’ll watch with anticipation, they’ll be so excited about it! They’ll be excited to eat and enjoy the yields of their health garden. This is how they learn to be self-sufficient. It’s simple. If you’ve got a fence, you should grow veggies on it. Many will climb; string beans, peas, Japanese eggplants, zucchini squash, cherry (my favorite), and all varieties of tomatoes will climb! If you’re in an apartment, get a window box and grow some herbs, cherry tomatoes, parsley, and lettuces. VM: What new things are coming up for Bragg Health Products? PB: I’m putting together an educational health video for children that we’ll be sending out to schools nationwide. We have Dr. John Westerdahl, PhD, our head nutritionist at the Bragg Health Institute here, working with us and the Santa Barbara County Schools to improve their food selections in cafeterias. We donate everything we grow on our farm to schools and food banks. The children say they’ve never had tomatoes that tasted so good. When it’s organic there’s no comparison! The other side of that is that it’s locally grown. We pick it and they get it right away. That’s why everyone should have some sort of a health garden. You pick it as you want it. I don’t believe in having things that spend weeks in the fridge. VM: What do you love most about what you do? PB: I love being a health crusader, and my love goes out to everyone. Go organic, and get back to Mother Earth and Healthy Living! Brian L. Patton is Executive Chef of Vegin’ Out, Southern California’s Premier Vegan Home Delivery Service: He is also the creator of “The Sexy Vegan,” a demonstrational cooking show with an adult twist: Visit for more information on Patricia Bragg.

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Kelly Carlin, daughter of America’s counter-culture hero, George Carlin, is “waking from the American dream” and shows us how we can claim our own voices and define our own meaning for success. David Raphael, MD is founder of the Light Party, a holistic political party dedicated to “Health Peace and Freedom For All.” Lisa Star, a student of Jose Arguelles, has studied the Mayan prophetic information extensively. Her conclusion is that it’s not just a simple date on the Gregorian calendar. We have to go beyond the hype and hysteria and make the prophecy real for ourselves. Mike Barra brings us a unified field theory of physics and metaphysics and identifies the choices we have in how we want to participate in choosing the final outcome over the next few years. Nia Peeples, movie actress, mother, and entrepreneur, having gone through the myth of perfection, brings us a new vision. She says, “It’s not about living a perfect life, it’s about living a life that’s perfect for you.” Emy Shanti, an Argentinian mystic, is bringing the wisdom and discipline of contemporary spirituality to the Latino community through workshops, concerts, and special events in Spanish. Who are these new pathfinders in the exploration of consciousness? Who are these new leaders that have glimpsed the road ahead and have given us lucid visions of the future? We have read Marianne and Deepak. We have been mesmerized by Eckhart and inspired by Byron. What does the next generation of visionaries look like? At the October Conscious Life Expo, dozens of other speakers and healers will gather to bring these visionary messages to the public. Call 800.367.5777, or email, or visit www. October 15-17, 2010 at the LAX Hilton.



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