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Connect, Balance and Integrate

by Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. t has been my passion for many years to Our higher Selves are hard at work. The help people understand what spirituality “Green Movement” that touches on many is. And what a tall order that has been— aspects, is a reflective response to our current to describe something that cannot be directly era as we embrace the closing/beginning of observed or measured. How do you connect the Great Cycle at 2012. It is really an inner to spirit, balance your dual nature (spirit and desire to connect, balance and integrate not physical), and integrate the two over time? only our custodial relationship with Earth, With all spiritual growth there is discipline but the ever-unfolding infusion of what I call required, but most importantly your heart the ‘Soul Quality’ into our physical beings. must be open to connect to the higher experience. Humor says a lot: “if you knew Indeed, we are living in an age, as told by the ancients, when we are supposed to what an epiphany is, it wouldn’t be one.” The higher sense perceptions do not become aware of the subtle forces in the universe. work in the same way as the five senses, so true growth must be beyond what the The Healer’s Training program teaches, in an experiential environment, the mind knows intellectually or beyond expectations. energy tools and philosophy of integrating the mind-body-spirit of the ‘Whole I started teaching Healer’s Training over 10 years ago, with two simple goals: to Human Being’—that is, the four archetypes of who we are: mental, physical, empower the individual and to take the mystery out of metaphysics. spiritual and emotional. This 2+ year course of study is designed to encourage In my opinion, we really are luminous beings of light who are radiating into the students to use their chakras in healing work, and to therefore activate higher this dimension in these physical bodies. I teach my students that 95 percent of all consciousness as they work (awakening the ‘inner knower’). communication is not verbal or physical, but energy or consciousness; and that Students gain knowledge of the character of the person with respect to the four we develop a psychic relationship with each other long before the mind thinks a archetypes. This helps integrate in the students their higher sense perceptions with single thought. their rational minds. Holding the balance of these two states of being evolves the Connection, balance and integration can be difficult. We’re living in an age of students’ higher awareness and character development. rapid technological development, vast volumes of information at our fingertips, We live in a time where we are beginning to learn the ‘how to’ of evolving and the rise of the social networking environment. Still, these outer manifestations ourselves. I hope you will take the time in your life to connect, balance and and fascinations with our ability to create, do not really answer the fundamental integrate your true nature. questions of who we are. (New Healer’s Training Program begins May 8, 9, 2010)




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Greening Our Lives

by Barbara Emrys point we developed a fixation for communicating Go Green! is the popular new slogan for a nation exclusively with ourselves. We have inward responsible for most of the world’s industry and conversations and story narratives that directly affect consumption. This call to consciousness may sound the body chemistry—and we refuse to notice this or too ironic to work, but Americans can usually get a lot admit accountability. accomplished when we turn a simple human mandate Neurosis is a popular term that describes the direct into a craze. So, good for us. Let’s go green and get results of our thinking. If our thoughts are toxic— clean! angry, guilty or disheartening—conditions turn grim If we really want to improve the health of the on our personal planet. Body chemistry goes wacky planet and the species that attends to it, however, we and physical function dysfunctions. The atmosphere need to make a big effort to change another sort of turns wretched and our vital force is compromised. environment. We need to look inward. We need to That sounds bad enough, but when these toxins improve the climate and correct the imbalances that escape—when we start talking—we endanger the have already affected our present condition and will health of those around us. One thought, one bad idea, surely determine our future. We need to clean up. We spreads like a virus through a network of minds that need to change our minds. have no immunities. Let me say it again. We need to change our minds. What do I mean by immunity? I mean being able Altering the way the mind thinks is a task for rare to perceive without having to put it all into a sentence. individuals. It’s quiet, lonely work and it is rarely The strength to listen to others without being applauded by society. In fact, its rewards may go captivated. The ability to choose and discern when it unnoticed by everyone but the silently committed. comes to knowledge. We are immune when we stop Even so, the rewards are breathtaking. Liberating believing what we think. The fact is that nothing we the mind is a mandate foretold before our births and documented in all heroic storytelling. It starts with the first conscious step most of think is new—it’s old stuff that cannot be refreshed. Our inner narrative only us take toward the truth and ends with our last great leap into spiritual maturity. knows stale stories. Every moment offers us an original perception, and thought Our planet is a body, full of organs and elements. So is a human. Earth has a doesn’t do justice to true perception. Life is spontaneous and authentic. So, too, nervous system, a method of perception, and ways to process those perceptions. So should we be. It’s great to recycle our bottles and cans, but not our thoughts. We does a human. Earth is host to numerous life forms and is blessed with a multitude need to discard our old, familiar ideas and avoid being swayed by the ideas of of expressions. So is any human. We are each a universe existing in and around others. We need to emit no toxic fumes. We need to respect and to engage, but countless other universes, all of which mirror our own basic composition. We feel rise above the tempest so that we can create and communicate with authenticity. comfortable calling the planet Mother because, let’s face it, she gave us her genetic We need to start seeing—really seeing—as if we were just brought into being and material. Her secrets, and the secrets of our outward universe, are buried within struck dumb with delicious wonder. We need to experience life. We need to realize that we are life. The evidence lies in every single cell of us. a single human cell. If there is a notable distinction between us, it is in the way we dream ourselves. We are not ideas or ideals. We are not the sum total of our knowledge. We are life, Like all bodies, celestial or otherwise, each interprets its environment in different and life wants balance. Life wants motion. Life wants more and more life, which and unique ways. The way humans do it is to name a thing, define it, and then is difficult to cultivate when we are so busy being us. It’s difficult to cultivate attempt to put it into a sentence. This is one way of explaining thought. Our talent love, life’s most precious commodity, when we are so busy being right. Let’s stop for language is awesome. It makes complex communication possible, but at some belittling love by turning into a campaign slogan. Let’s stop wasting words and squandering human energy on divisive opinions. We can stop arguing any time and save energy at once. In doing so, we may save a body other than our own. The body of Earth will wait. It has waited for billions of years to bring forth a species that is aware of itself and able to put that awareness to constructive use. It has waited for a species that is immune to its own corruption. Integrity is your true north. Value and protect it. Honor your birthright, your destiny, and be a free mind in a true universe. Yes, we can change the temperature of the ocean. We can clear the air and make life a blessed, joyful venture again. We can open our hearts. We can modify our minds. Yes, we can. Go Green! Barbara Emrys is a speaker and writer on the subject of human awareness and personal freedom. She teaches in San Diego and can be contacted online at or V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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Worker Cooperatives

h e a l t h

by Cindy Chen


y first co-op experience was in the small town of Brattleboro, Vermont. The concept was new to me at the time, and it seemed like such a great idea that I wondered why we didn’t have a co-op here in San Diego. I learned soon thereafter that of course we do have a coop—the Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market, founded in 1971—better known as People’s which is a haven filled with healthy and nourishing food options and products. Also not to be missed is their deli café, an exquisite option for fresh, natural entrées. Even on my no-sugar diet, I was able to find something to eat there. They use plenty of sugar alternatives in their pastries, such as agave and stevia. Interestingly, my discovery of our local co-op didn’t come about until after I had made two journeys: the one to Vermont and back, and then Glasgow, Scotland. In Glasgow, I was surrounded by an array of natural health choices and shopping options. There were larger local cooperative markets, and a handful of small, wellstocked natural food markets that were more open-air than your typical urban food store. My favorite was called Roots & Fruits, which always had plenty of fresh and organic produce complete with the dirt still packed in and carrots that looked like they were freshly picked that morning. If anything wasn’t organic, the fact that it was local and fresh more than made up for it. In San Diego, we now have our share of local farmers’ markets, offering an alternative to shopping at the large supermarkets, where much of the produce we buy comes from thousands of miles away. However, now even the larger supermarket chains have organic food sections and perhaps even local produce. One line of products I discovered at Roots & Fruits is from a company called Suma Wholefoods, which is a worker co-op based in the United Kingdom. I wondered, What is a workers’ cooperative? Namely, it is a business that is owned and operated by its workers. There are four kinds of cooperatives, which include: consumer, producer, worker, and purchasing/shared services cooperatives. According to the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, there are two main operating principles that comprise a workers’ co-op: “(1) workers invest in and own the business and (2) decision-making is democratic, generally adhering to the principle of one worker-one vote.” All cooperatives operate within the principles of a democratically controlled business that focuses on its members and the impact on the community-at-large by meeting the need for affordability, quality and ethical business practices, as well as a larger move for sustainability. You may be aware of more and more cooperatives forming around the nation, and within San Diego there is even a cooperative charter school. Suma is an example of a unique worker cooperative based in the UK, and

possibly a model for the formation of similar cooperatives on this side of the pond. Suma is, like all worker cooperatives, collectively owned and managed by its workers. Like People’s, it was also established in the 1970s and concentrates on ethical trading, as well as environmental and social responsibility. Members plant trees in local areas and work to clean up rivers in their area. The company limits energy consumption by improving efficiency, while operating their distribution fleets through biomass fuels and other alternatives such as compressed natural gas (CNG). They also take back cardboard and plastic from their customers and reuse them, as well as recycle. In addition to these operating practices, the company concentrates on sourcing foods and products that benefit the wellbeing and health of its consumers and business partners. It distributes all-vegetarian products and incorporates organic foods whenever it can. They also participate in the fair trade system, and carry plenty of fairly traded goods. What sets this company apart is the fully democratic system it operates from. Suma not only gives each member a say in the operations and management of the business, as per their workers’ cooperative, but each member/worker is directly involved with and responsible for decisions. There is no chief executive, managing director or company chairman. Each member can cycle through various roles within the business, with an emphasis being on the larger picture. Cooperatives exemplify the larger roles we play and the affects we perpetrate on society and the environment. Cooperatives also build on the specific skills of each worker, while ensuring the enhancement of multiple skills and the contribution of different perspectives that play into the bigger picture of not only the participants’ lives but, the co-ops’ successes. In theory, these elements contribute to job satisfaction and a peoplecentered model of business that ties into an understanding and respect for the ripple effect involved between people, business, and environment. This form of business can be a sustainable and viable model for implementing on a wider scale in all of our communities. But as in all things, it is up to each one of us to live lives that are meaningful and have a positive impact on the world. Hopefully it will be put to the test as more awareness and creation of cooperatives come into place in the future and subsequently, as we rethink the practice of business and the development of our economy. To find out more about Suma, and to order their products, please visit www.suma. coop. Ocean Beach People’s Co-op can be found online at Additional information about cooperatives can be found at cfm and fair trade information at Cindy Chen is a writer and traveler. Email her at

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ho l i s t i c

h e a l t h

New World Leadership Children’s Academy A New Philosophy of Education


t’s never too early to go green! When you instill green values in preschool children they can carry those values throughout life. Kraig Kidd, the founder of New World said, “It’s what you model to them, [the children]; it’s what they see around them that is most important.” Established in 2009, New World Leadership, Inc., a private non-profit, officially opened its doors as a new educational philosophy and is located in beautiful Encinitas, California and caters to children ages 2–6. The New World Leadership curriculum philosophy is based on four cornerstones. Like the foundation of a new home that provides a solid support system, the Four Cornerstones of Curriculum at the Academy provide children with the language and learning systems that enable them to become strong and sturdy in their core values and encourage healthy and peaceful beliefs that will help sustain them for

the rest of their lives. The NWL academic approach presents children with awareness, creativity and a love of learning and brings forth a world of possibilities. It is based on the philosophy and work of Maria Montessori and the belief that each child is unique and has unique learning styles. It is a flexible approach allowing for individual, peer and community development and is an integrated path for meeting academic standards with purposeful learning. The NWL approach also allows for the foundational establishment and integration of our remaining cornerstone supports. Emotional Literacy is grounded in R. Drieker’s psychology and is applied through the development and teachings of the Redirecting Children’s Behavior parenting discipline (a design from the International Network of Children and Families.) This program is guided in the belief that all behavior is communication and has something incredibly meaningful to share. It is also the structure that provides common language and common learning techniques for communication, behavior discipline, emotional development and understanding, as well as a platform for utilizing coaching techniques to let the “children lead the way.” As children are supervised in self-directed learning and develop their own solutions to problems, they can maintain accountability and responsibility for their feelings, which helps to foster a world of self-confidence and self-reliance. Sustainability is essential to developing the child as a ‘whole.’ When you teach children their relationship to the Earth and their community, you can then ask them to take care of the environment. Maria Montessori once said, “to go out of the classroom in order to enter the outside world, which includes everything, is obviously to open an immense door to instruction.” Founded on a curriculum designed by the Montessori School of Maui, creating consistency from organizational strategy to the indoor/outdoor classroom, NWL imparts to children love, respect and sustainability through venues in which the Earth supplies the needs of its inhabitants. The Spiritual Approach is based on the belief that all children are co-creators of their worlds and there are tangible tools to be learned to bring God-inspired ideas into a form that is a contribution to their community. New World is preparing the children of today to be the stewards of our communities for all of our tomorrows. Stay tuned to hear from founder, Kraig Kidd, as he is interviewed by Sandi Schwartz of Parenting Edge Radio and soon on Law of Attraction Radio Network. You may also visit the Calendar page of their Web site at and the NWL Blog at New World Leadership has been featured on NBC Green Week and San Diego Insider with Jack Gates. You can find the footage on and the NWL Web site. To schedule an interview or tour of the Academy with the founder, Kraig Kidd, e-mail Kraig@NewWorldLeadership. org



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© 2010 by Michael Raysses

“Going green is easy—getting there is another story.” - My Uncle Tasso I’ve never had my color chart done so I have no idea what shade I most embody. I have been around long enough, though, to know that I have been angry enough to see red. I’ve been so depressed as to feel the blackest blue, and as a writer I have been responsible for more than my share of purple prose. But the color green poses an interesting dichotomy for me. Do I address it in its most recent incarnation as the hue du jour within the hearts and minds of those dedicated to recasting the world in its verdant tones? Or do I engage it based on the level of intimacy we have shared these many years? I plead no contest. My relationship to the color green is long and storied. If it is the color of envy, I arguably qualified as the original not-so-jolly Green Giant. My introduction to Envy, though, came by way of its ugly twin brother, Greed. As a young kid I had a go-cart. Or to put it more accurately, I had some decrepit two-by-fours that were nailed together with a used vegetable crate that I painted red placed atop them. I affixed four wobbly lawnmower wheels to the two-byfours, with the front two being attached to a plank that swiveled from a rusty bolt that had a rope connected to it, allowing me to steer it by pulling to one side or the other. And the only way it moved was if somebody pushed it. Some time after I put my go-cart together, a close friend of mine got a real one. It was a motorized midget-racer with a fiberglass body, and it was all I could think about. After just one ride on his cart, mine became nothing more than a termite’s wet dream. I remember how I felt as I gazed longingly at the object of my desire, wondering if I would have my very own. But though I never got one, somewhere along the line I learned that that acquisition would never be as satisfying as it should have been based on how deeply I thought I wanted it. Unbeknownst to me, this realization not only transitioned me into the realm of envy, it was a telling insight into its intricate design. I associated greed with tangible goods, which was so much easier to deal with than envy’s gauzy web. As I got older my affection for physical objects waned, replaced by a desire for things that other people had. Had accomplished, that is. If greed was irresistible, envy became implacable. When I started acting, for instance, I had a friend who was a struggling stand-up comedian. We used to commiserate over the frustrations of being poor, jockeying for chances to perform, and the attendant insecurity of that landscape. He fell on some hard times, had his car repossessed, and needed work. I was able to hire him for some acting gigs at local high schools in which we performed. It wasn’t much, but it was something to keep the dogs at bay. Then, after we had each moved to Los Angeles, his career began to take off. And very gradually, he began getting opportunities that I had no access to because of his status as a stand-up comedian. It was around that time that I became gripped with envy; the green-eyed monster had now become a serpent twining itself around me like a vine that choked me from understanding myself. Things escalated. My friend became even more successful and famous, while I began to have doubts about continuing to pursue a career as an actor. Not surprisingly, any achievements I attained felt puny and inconsequential, and even V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

g r e e k

t o

m e


when my friend got me an audition for a show that he was the star and producer of, and I got the job, it felt crushingly lacking. It was around that time that I began to shift my focus to writing, a move that resulted in me interviewing my friend years later for a movie that he had starred in and was now promoting. You might think that set of facts would have weaned me from my addiction to envy, but I found out otherwise. While cruising through a local bookstore recently, there among the latest offerings was a book by my friend. It was put out by a big publishing house and was doing very well. I was now pulled under in a riptide of resentment—I had been working on a book proposal and was immediately overwhelmed with the vilest sense of jealousy. Thankfully, my involvement with “going green” ran its course as I hit rock bottom that day. That’s when I realized that there was a way out of my blizzard of envy—and the answer, ironically enough, was to be found in the principles of green living. Author David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done, espouses the following tenets for green living: strive for simplicity, be fair, establish a relationship with your community, aspire to sustainability, assert a plan for your life, and conduct it with transparency. These are all admirable goals, worthy of as much effort as I can muster. Moving forward, they will challenge me greatly. I’m just more than a little regretful that envy didn’t combat male pattern baldness, didn’t give me a flat stomach, or at least make me seem more worldly. I know a healthy green lifestyle can be created. I see people all around me making it happen for themselves. My problem? I envy them. Which is decidedly Greek to me. Michael Raysses is a writer/National Public Radio commentator/actor, living in Los Angeles. Email him at

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L i f e Q u a k e ™

Ask the LifeQuake™ Doctor

into debt and I can’t get a 9 to 5 job that will cover my overhead. I am going to bed scared every night. I would ask my colleagues to send me business, but most of them are in the same boat. I have a feeling there might be something else for me to do with my life but I haven’t the faintest idea what that is. What do you suggest I do, Dr. Toni? I feel like I am running out of time and will be facing bankruptcy if I don’t act soon. Desperate in Brentwood

Dr. Toni Galardi


pring is here! Have you done a spring cleaning at the body, mind, and soul level yet? What is flowering in your life this season?

Dear Dr. Toni: I have been in a long distance relationship with a man for the past six months who lives in Minnesota. I have made most of the trips to see him because my ailing father lives nearby. On the last day of every trip, he closes down and disconnects. Then he gets critical in his comments to me. I have mentioned this to him and on my last trip he took some time to examine his feelings. He shared with me that he doesn’t feel he can have a relationship at a time when his son is in crisis at school; his company is in peril, and he is about to lose his home. The problem is that once there is distance, he starts to warm up again and I get hooked back in. Should I cut off the relationship altogether or maintain a friendship by phone? I feel this deep connection with him and I know he feels it with me when he lets himself, but I cannot take this roller coaster ride when I’m with him. What should I do? Deborah Dear Deborah: It sounds to me that you have your answer. He has told you he isn’t available for a relationship. Can you be just his friend? Only you can answer this. If not, tell him you need a break to make the transition to a friendship and that you will call him when and if you can. Then, be your own best friend. What kinds of activities do you like to do? Make a list of 50 and start doing them. Make your life a joyful experience that any man would love to be invited into. Dear Dr. Toni: I have been a medical professional for 20 years and my practice has virtually dissolved in the last year. I don’t know what to do. I am going further and further V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

Dear Desperate: I hear your fear and it probably is very little consolation to know that many people are in the same boat with you, and it might feel like that boat is sinking. There are a couple of things I would like to recommend. On the physical level, I suggest that you include a multi-mineral supplement with your breakfast or lunch and add some extra magnesium. This does two things: it supports the immune system in that it alkalinizes the body when you’re under stress (and the body becomes acidic), and it feeds the nervous system. Magnesium is especially good for this. The most absorbable magnesium is magnesium glycinate. Eating lots of leafy greens helps too. Secondly, make sure you are exercising four to five times a week at something that is not depleting to your adrenals. You can tell this by how you feel when you are done with your routine. Next, incorporate what I call emotional pulse checks, three times a day. Set an alarm on your computer or cell phone to go off and remind you to notice your breath. Take five minutes to consciously breathe down into your gut and set an intention for releasing all muscle tension from your body. Before you go to sleep, do my evening download technique of scanning your day and consciously releasing all events that registered stress in your body. Forgive yourself or anyone else who might have been a catalyst for that stress. Both of these techniques are on my CD, The LifeQuake Method and can be obtained by going to my Web site and clicking on Next, if you go to the very bottom of the media page, there is a free video to view called “Connecting the Dots” which will give you an exercise for observing your life and discovering what gives you energy now. The gift inside your practice is the opportunity to reinvent yourself. As this chapter is ending you are entering what I call in chapter four of my book, “The Cosmic Barbecue.” Transition is never easy, but if you get in touch with disowned parts of yourself it can lead to your life purpose and more meaning in your career. Change is good. We just need to be calm enough first to recognize the clues to journeying on the path that is meant just for us! I am excited to announce that my book The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive (not just survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval is available April 14 in paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online book stores. To submit questions for Ask the LifeQuake™ Doctor, contact Dr. Toni Galardi through (no period after the Dr.) For those seeking phone coaching, Dr. Toni can be reached at 310.712.2600.


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Energetic Spring Cleaning by Brandy M. Castro


ith the time change to “spring our clocks forward,” the sun peeping out from behind the clouds, and the call of the dust bunnies, it is officially spring-cleaning season. Often, we clean the garage, the closet, the cupboards—all of the hidden places that are rarely seen, but what about cleaning the hidden places inside ourselves? One of the techniques of the Bronnikov Method, a Tibetan-Slavic system of human development, is to clear energy blocks inside the body allowing for a strengthening of those hidden places. This technique is called “Moving the Energy Ball” and it can be done alone or with a partner. To practice the technique by yourself, sit in a chair with your back straight,

m i n d s t a t e s legs relaxed, and hands on the knees, palms facing up. Your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees approximately four to six inches apart. This sitting position is called the Professional position. Next, rub your palms together to sync the left and right hemispheres of your brain and to connect with the energy sensations between your hands. These are unique to each person, so you may experience tingling, buzzing, itching or heat or coldness, in your hands. Once you acknowledge these energy sensations, you can then create an energy ball in your right palm. The ball should have some densification to it and a different physical sensation than the air around your hand. With your hands again in the Professional position (on your knees with your palms facing up,) you can begin to consciously move the energy ball from your right hand to your right elbow, then on to your right shoulder, to the back of your neck, to the left shoulder, to the left elbow, to the left hand, and then back again to the right hand to complete the circle. When you move the energy ball through your body, focus the energy on moving through your bone channels rather than just moving over your skin. As you move this energy to each part of your body, pay attention to the physical sensations. The energy may move more freely through some parts of continued on page 40

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Don’t miss,,, ‘It’s Story Telling Time’ with Kjo Dindee Amazing stories tying in Mythology to Reality! V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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m i n d s t a t e s

Basking in the

HIGH GLOW o f by Brooke Betts


esearch shows that music affects sections of the brain like no other stimuli can. We relate to music on a deep, emotional level, and it intrinsically has the power to inspire us, make us dance, and move our hearts and souls. Music can take us back and allow us to reach levels of thought we never could have attained otherwise. We can also dramatically improve our moods. Rare is the album that can provoke such a variety of sensations in one fell swoop. High Glow by Jes is one such album. Available in stores worldwide, High Glow contains beats so infectious that they will leave you with no choice but to move your body. Atop those pulsating rhythms lies a buttery smooth voice that drops pure poetry; a voice that sings about love

themes so universal, anyone who’s ever felt strong emotions for another human will relate. In High Glow, Rocktronica creator Jes’ second album, she sings about the thrill of meeting someone new, about the peacefulness of an established relationship, and finally, finding the courage to dare to love again after a breakup. She seamlessly moves across topics like love to self-awareness to positively transforming our lives— with a blink of an eye. Jes sings the songs of our collective souls. She understands what we go through. She gets it. Jes’ expression of her energy and life force in High Glow radiates from each track, and listeners almost immediately move into a high-vibration state. You can

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m i n d s t a t e s practically feel your positive energy expanding and connecting with hers on each song. High Glow can confuse you a bit; you don’t know whether to dance or to sit still and really absorb the lyrics. Deeply satisfying on many different levels, High Glow takes us to another world. We become Greek gods and goddesses calling in our power from a cliff in Santorini; priests and priestesses expressing love from the mountaintops of Machu Picchu, or men and women falling in love with each other (and themselves) all over again. Well-known for her mesmerizing live shows, New York native Jes pioneered the combination of rock and electronica to form the musical genre Rocktronica in 2006. Disconnect, Jes’ first solo album, catapulted her into superstardom as it wove rock and electronica together so naturally, one might think they had always been combined. Disconnect produced three major hits, and Imagination reached #1 on Billboard’s Dance Airplay chart in 2009 and #46 on its Decade 2000-2010 chart. Jes has collaborated with the best in the business, from the Guardians of the Earth and Paul Oakenfold to BT, Armin Van Buuren, Gabriel & Dresden and DJ Tiësto. Spreading her message of love, Jes performed a series of concerts at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and she has toured the globe. Her award-winning As the Rush Comes by Motorcycle reached #1 in various countries and won the International Dance Music Award at the World Music Conference in 2004. While making her music, Jes doesn’t adhere to any set rules. “When you let yourself be free and don’t judge yourself, you can come up with so much more,” she explains. On High Glow, Jes says she “felt more confident about breaking the rules and trusting that what I wanted to express would come through. All my songs come from inspiration and excitement, as well as my struggles, and ongoing feelings of hope and love. High Glow allows me to reinvent and develop.” In Jes’ interpretation of Lovesong by The Cure, she brings a new upbeat take to the 80s classic while still maintaining the integrity of the lyrics. Lead singer of The Cure, Robert Smith said that he, “loved it [Jes’ version]…had my hands in the air!” With a natural beauty and smoothness, the title track on High Glow’s simple piano intro enraptures you and immediately pulls you in. All Night, a beautiful love song, has violins gracing the background. Do You Love Me takes more of a rocker approach that makes you want to headbang and thrash about. Just a little. “Expressing a feeling and really connecting, that’s the ultimate goal of an artist,” Jes explains. And High Glow certainly does connect, not only uniting various musical genres to form a unified sound, but bonding all people around common love and life experiences. She reminds us that love and the universal energy that permeates every one of us is always present. As the strongest force out there, love’s transformational power shines throughout High Glow. The result? Music that encourages us to be free, to wake up and live, to dance, and to keep an open heart. “I am thrilled to spread new feelings and sound around,” Jes said. “But most importantly, to connect with fans at a basic level. That’s what drives music in the first place.” Be warned, High Glow might just leave with you an afterglow that’ll last for quite some time.,,, www. Record is on sale at all major outlets, like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble or online @ iTunes, Amazon and Zune. It can be purchased from and V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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c u l t u r e

When Al l We Need Is Just Enough by Cara Cadwallader


he first quarter of another new year has come to pass and Daylight Savings Time has sprung us forward, adding an hour of light to our busy, after-work schedules. Spring is in the air. Here in Southern California, a cornucopia of blossoms— from purple Arroyo Lupine to yellow Bermuda Buttercup, and Baby Blue Eyes, Yellow Tidy Tips, Dandelions, Red Maids and more—fill our nostrils with their sweet, pungent scents. During a daily commute, visions of swaying California poppies and blankets of lush, green hillsides dance, illuminating the main thoroughfares of the I-5 and 15. An unusually wet winter has brought with it an Earth bursting into life. To the east, the towering peaks of San Gorgonio, Mount Baldy and San Jacinto twinkle and glisten as an emerging sun’s rays now begin to slowly melt the snow, turning it into runoff and fresh water. Across the nation, the winter of 2009-10 brought with it snowstorms of historic proportions and record-breaking cold. “Everything was extreme. There was no run-of-the-mill storm this year,” said Expert Senior Meteorologist Bernie Rayno. According to AccuWeather, it was because of this combination of cold and moisture that snow covered a portion of every one of the 48 continental United States, including the Florida Panhandle. On February 13, sixty-eight percent of the nation was covered in snow. “It was the worst winter some people will see in their lifetime,” said Rayno. Indeed, the unusual cold, resulting in flooding and mudslides,

and blizzards of mammoth scale, required massive cleanup and repair efforts, cost millions of dollars, and disrupted daily life for thousands of people. Ironically, many politicians, pundits, and shock jocks were quick to argue that the severe weather was irrefutable proof that global warming is a hoax. However, the loss of ice covering the Great Lakes, (a reported 30 percent decrease over the past 50 years,) has created an abundance of moisture in the atmosphere. Also responsible for this phenomenon is the 11.2 percent of Arctic Sea ice that has melted over the last decade, according to the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC.) In lieu of a great conspiracy theory, it is exactly as Newton’s Third Law of Motion ascribes: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” and as gravity dictates: what goes up must come down. Yet, what we have experienced here in the United States, which only covers about two percent of the Earth’s surface, has been an anomaly. Brenda Ekwurzel, a climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, claims, “We’ve just completed the hottest decade around the world, and the oceans have reached their hottest records ever.” The planet, the only home we have known for hundreds of thousands of years, is heating up—a direct result of the heat-trapping emissions that are released from our cars, from our power plants that burn fuel, and from our consumption-based way of life. If we continue down this same path, then we will only accelerate the warming and continue to experience these radical climate shifts.


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Hay House, Inc. proudly presents “It is these extremes that matter to people because you have to dig yourself out of snow; weather-related fatalities are occurring more frequently and businesses are being shut down,” says Ekwurzel. At a time when we are in the midst of an economic downturn, the quick-fi x solution of increasing governmental expenditures on snow removal as well as on road and bridge replacement costs, is no longer an option. If we don’t plan our infrastructure accordingly and increase our understanding of how our cultural norms impact our planet, then it will be more costly to all of our day-to-day lives down the road. As our education and health bills continue to soar, is this a gamble still worth taking? In his book, Just Enough: Lessons in Living Green from Traditional Japan, Azby Brown draws a parallel between today’s environmental predicament and 17th century Japan. Prior to entering the Edo period in 1603, Japanese society was on the brink of collapse due to similar issues that we find ourselves confronted with today—degraded watersheds, deforestation, soil erosion, and a diminishing supply of natural resources. Rather than follow a business-as-usual mentality, the Japanese of the Edo period adopted and embodied a sustainable philosophy in which taking “just enough” from their immediate environment led to meaningful and satisfying lives. As a trained architect, Brown hopes it is this model that we will now use as a blueprint for greening our lives. By applying ecological thinking to their urban and rural development, the people of the Edo period learned how to integrate the natural elements into their building design; discovered how these fed into and supported each other and created solutions for solving many problems at once. In other words, Edo Era villages and cities mimicked an ecosystem—the water supply, food production, material procurement and energy provisions functioned along with the physical factors of the environment, which, in turn, created a flow of energy that clearly defined structures, diversity and cycles. Working with the environment, rather than against it, examples of this ecological thinking in action included the use of: trees and other plantings as a means to help modulate the interior temperature of a house; climbing vines for creating shade; and ponds for cooling the air. A gravity-fed water supply naturally moved stored masses of snow and ice down from mountaintops and into feed rivers, and crucial habitats were preserved directly because of the regional diet—rice paddies have always functioned as person-made wetlands. The use of livestock for food was minimized as well, so that arable land was not devoted to feed production. Cities were sited in places that provided optimum solar exposure, near moving waterways in which the transportation of people and goods required low energy and below extensive tree canopies from where birds sung, insects hummed, fruits fell and nuts were picked. All in all, Edo was a brilliant example of intentional city planning that maintained an intimate connection between the Earth and a civilization. This natural integration inspired in the Edo people a belief system in which waste was considered unethical and ugly, conservation was status quo and any changes that might affect the biological balance of the environment were cautiously and judiciously approached. At its peak, Edo was a pedestrian city with a high population density. Limits were established for the size and number of wheeled vehicles allowed on city streets. Selfsufficiency at the community level was a goal, and institutions for monitoring the long-term viability of the environment, particularly of forests and watersheds, were held sacred. The result was a people who were, on the whole, well-housed, well-fed and economically robust, and who left behind an enduring legacy of ingenious design and simple beauty. It is this ideal of sustainability that I am now hedging my bets on.

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A PR I L 20 10®

e a r t h w a t c h he abatement of global warming should never depend on the proliferation of nuclear power. For decades, atomic scientists have speculated through sheer mathematical odds the inevitable possibilities of nuclear disasters. Nuclear weapons, accidents, and complications with proper waste disposal are all determining factors in this theory. Limited public awareness bolstered by political and economic propaganda has led to a resurgence of a pro-nuclear mentality. Climate change, depletion of resources, and shortages of energy are all supposed justifications for such a mindset. Since nuclear power does not contribute to global warming, many misinformed individuals consider it a green technology. Regardless of global warming, true green energy technology should never carry with it the risk of Armageddon, let alone dangerous radioactive contamination. While analyzing the nuclear paradigm, three separate types of risk become immanent: the contingent relationship of the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear weapons, nuclear accidents, spills, leaks, contamination, meltdowns and system failures, and the safe disposal of nuclear waste. In the past, scientists developed nuclear energy with the false hope that in the future a safe and permanent system of radioactive waste disposal would be developed. Even in the new millennium, scientists still don’t fully understand the terrifying implications of storing radioactive byproducts. Nuclear waste has an afterlife, which dramatically increases with age, peaking thousands of years into the future, putting the human race at risk. Many conscientious scientists feel that by just taking into account the current way nuclear power is stored, even without factoring in the threat of nuclear



The Insidious Nature

A collection of Neil Pine annihilation, there may only be cockroaches left inhabiting the earth someday if a safe and permanent method of storage is not implemented. The public is not very aware of the current methods of nuclear storage. The idea of storing this material in deep mines, such as the Yucca Mountain Salt Mines in Nevada, has been thrown around for over 50 years but has never been properly implemented. The cost of this proposed site has risen exponentially over the years. The problem is that the storage life of this material under our current technology is roughly 40 years, and then must be dug up and re-contained. Since nuclear power is more than 60 years old, this has been an ongoing and neverending process. Scientists still lack the knowledge to properly estimate the potential migration of radioactive nucleoids into the environment. However, it has been determined that peak levels of radiation from this waste will occur thousands of years into the future, thus potentially displacing major portions of the earth’s population, or even worse, making the planet completely uninhabitable. Economic pressures, combined with a different mindset about nuclear waste disposal (who wants radiation in their backyard?) will be a motivation in the future to store these dangerous byproducts in less developed countries. Many corrupt third world governments are notorious for cutting deals with nations who would love to get their hands on this highly hazardous material. A new world revival of nuclear power would make weapons of mass destruction much easier to acquire by these nations. According to sources at CNN, in March of 2009 the United Kingdom reported an increased threat of chemical and nuclear terrorism. Officials in London believe that there were several interrelated terrorist sources culminating and planning their next move in regard to this threat. The Al-Qaeda Organization seems to be involved predominantly, however, there are many other factions of Islamic extremist groups who share the same rigid ideologies as Al-Qaeda. The United States, Iran, North Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, and Israel all have major interests in the development of nuclear weapons. Middle Eastern


A PR I L 20 10

ure of Nuclear Power

ine’s research and thoughts and northeast Asian countries have been involved in a nuclear arms race, trying to get an edge over the other in an attempt to gain superiority. Nuclear weapons would be highly desirable by a weaker power, which either feels threatened, or is currently under attack by conventional weaponry. The threat of acquiring dangerous radioactive byproducts by non-nuclear nations led to international safeguards. Under the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, sovereign, signatory nations agreed to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA.) Currently the IAEA operates under the guise of the U.N. Security Council, adhering to international guidelines and policy regarding licensing, safety, compliance, and operational integrity of nuclear facilities all over the world. In April of 2009 President Obama called for a worldwide freeze on all nuclear weapons, citing concerns with North Korea and Iran. With the advancement of true green alternative energy, there should be no excuse to continue with highly dangerous nuclear technology. Ocean Power Technologies Corp. is a global provider of ocean power, generating equipment with billions of dollars in projects all around the world. According to PR Newswire, OPT uses PowerBuoy technology which is “based on integrated patented hydrodynamics, electronics, energy conversion and computer control systems, [to] capture and convert energy from the natural rising and falling of waves into low-cost, clean electricity.” Beyond OPT’s technology, there are many new methods being developed which can capture the energy of crashing waves. Experts have projected that these new systems could someday generate a potential target of two trillion watts of power. Hydroelectric power is nothing new. Nicola Tesla designed the hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls which was built in 1907, and today it safely generates 4.4 gigawatts of power. First Solar is a 12 billion dollar corporation and the world’s leading producer of photovoltaic technology. It has been established that solar power will grow by a staggering 26 percent annual growth rate to a projected 170-200 gigawatts V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

e a r t h w a t c h by 2030. And there are also untapped wind energy sources. There are currently new buildings (domestically and internationally) and ones being built or being developed that incorporate wind turbine technology. The Price Anderson Act, last renewed in 1987, states that in the event of a nuclear disaster, the total liability incurred by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) would be limited to 8 billion dollars. And guess what? We as tax payers would be forced to pay the difference. To put this in perspective, the Chernobyl disaster, one of the worst nuclear power plant accidents in history, has already cost Russia over 300 billion dollars, with additional costs coming from interdicted land, radioactive disposal, and ongoing health effects. The deeper that scientists delve into a nuclear solution, the more they realize it is useless. The conclusion always remains the same: too many unknown variables, which can only lead to serious risks and consequences. The elimination of all coal, oil and nuclear energy technologies, and the development of wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy sources, will someday represent a landmark in the evolution of humanity. Neil M. Pine, Securities analyst, specializing in Green Alternative Energy Technologies & formally a Federally Registered Investment Advisor. He is a devout Vegan, nationally published fine artist, and author of the upcoming book, “The Conscious Planet”, (Transcripts & Endangered Species art available). He also serves as an alternative-healing consultant for The G-3 Holistic Health Center. Mr. Pine can be contacted at or 626.428.4825.

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april b y


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A b e y t a

Adrienne Abeyta presents a unique forecast that blends the tarot with astrology. A gifted reader of intuitive arts, she offers private consultations and psychic entertainment for parties and events: To set up an appointment, she can be reached at 619.917.0998 or (See her ad at the bottom of the page)

Aries: Justice (10 of Cups) 3/21-4/19 A situation in the family calls for a careful examination of your priorities. Although circumstances are emotionally charged, you must maintain a dispassionate view of things. Certainly, family concerns take priority, but when they begin to interfere with other important obligations, you need to reassess. Your involvement in family matters may also distract you from accomplishing other tasks. Be sure to balance your own responsibilities with those of others; codependent behaviors will thwart your efforts if you’re not attentive. Be aware of legal matters around the 12th and don’t try rescuing anyone. Taurus: Fool (King of Swords) 4/20-5/21 A battle between trust and control ensues as you encounter resistance from an authority figure. A situation you feel very comfortable with is suddenly interrupted by another person’s opinion. Before reacting, listen to what’s said. Best case, you could learn something valuable; worst case, you will reaffirm what you’re already doing. In either case, this challenges you to clarify your position on matters. Trust yourself enough to at least entertain the possibility of change. Control for the sake of power is limiting, even when you know you’re right. A seemingly ridiculous offer around the 14th is more lucrative than you’d imagine. Gemini: Devil (Ace of Cups) 5/22 – 6/21 When what you value becomes superficially admired by someone else, it’s often the case that you put the person on a pedestal. Similarly, when you become consumed with something, you also become bound to it. A situation you feel deeply about is taking more of your energy than it’s giving back. Notice how your feelings have changed from satisfaction to obligation. Rather than blame a person or events, take responsibility for how you have contributed to this state of affairs. It’s unrealistic to expect any one thing or person to fulfill you. The weekend of the 16th will bring you face-to-face with this dilemma. Cancer: Wheel of Fortune (5 of Wands) 6/22 – 7/22 Changes and new opportunities are always available; however, to take advantage of them, you’re the one who needs to move toward them. Be honest about how your problems might be serving you by asking yourself: “If I didn’t have this problem holding me back, what would I be doing?” You may realize that what you’re really resisting is the responsibility of having the very thing you wish for. Ironically, problems are buffers and excuses that disguise themselves as roadblocks. Stop spinning aimlessly and commit to a direction. The chance you’ve been waiting for presents itself around the 18th, so go for it! Leo: Hanged Man (King of Cups) 7/23 – 8/23 A great paradox in life is that what you resist persists. In your refusal to accept a situation or person, you inadvertently commit yourself to the charge of that feeling. Emotions are full of energy and energy cannot be destroyed; it can, however, be changed. A seemingly hopeless situation around the 20th offers a catalyst for growth, but to take advantage of it, you must be willing to let go of your defenses and excuses. There’s more movement in this than you realize—specifically pertaining to your perspective. Don’t look at things like a problem; look at them like a puzzle. Virgo: Judgment (5 of Cups) 8/24 – 9/22 Feelings of regret only block your opportunity to learn and heal. Mistakes are the fertilizer from which great accomplishments are grown. You’re not always going to get it right, but the degree to which you do your best will yield the most positive results. A loss around the 22nd brings up feelings of failure. It’s important to allow yourself to grieve through the process. The stages of grief are denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance. Recognize where you are by giving expression to the associated feelings. Things don’t happen to us, they happen for us.

Libra: Death (6 of Wands) 9/23 – 10/23 Each passage of time is accompanied by a period of grief or celebration. It’s usually during these stages that a person becomes colored by the experience. You will encounter an exciting change around the 24th which positively affects your self-esteem. This might come in the form of a promotion, a proposal, or an award. In any case, this calls for celebration. More subtly, a personal goal will be realized when something you have been striving to let go of finally falls away. Use this period to connect with a deeper sense of personal glory. Scorpio: Empress (Knight of Cups) 10/24 – 11/22 Love is a mystery. The lessons of love, however, are most dramatically experienced when there is an object for affection. When emotions are aroused, you could be swept away by them, and, depending on the response you receive, your feelings can either intensify, fizzle out or be transferred. Note how those feelings carry you, what they awaken in you and how you channel them. Near the end of the month, you’ll encounter a charming individual or tempting situation; don’t underestimate the opportunity or you may miss out on a heart lesson. For Scorpio artists, inspiration will bring about success if you let it. Sagittarius: Moon (Ace of Wands) 11/23 – 12/21 When you focus on your inner world, a light of illumination can emerge out of the dark. Although subtle and somewhat fleeting, the resulting feelings can motivate you into action. Insight and imagination are born from the invisible realm of the subconscious; to access this and turn it into something tangible, you must grab hold of it and make it yours. A seemingly ambiguous situation around the 1st has more clarity than you’re admitting; rather than trying to find the answers, be flexible and spontaneous. There’s untapped potential that requires a little magic and risk-taking on your behalf. Capricorn: Hierophant (7 of Swords) 12/22– 1/20 Social conventions and traditions are thought to serve a purpose that can be trusted over time, but when these norms conflict with personal experience, a battle can arise. You are faced with the expectations of social norms to follow the rules; however, this month your own colliding opinions cause a moral crisis. If you are sneaky about how you handle this, it might backfire with undesirable consequences. Use this conflict to communicate your thoughts and experiences; although there may be a differing of opinions, your self-respect and integrity will remain intact. An error in the system causes unforeseen problems around the 3rd. Aquarius: Star (2 of Cups) 1/21 – 2/18 Balance and harmony are not merely mental representations; they are physical, emotional and spiritual experiences evident in the relationships of nature, our bodies and the people around us. Healing is also based upon this redistribution of energy. If you want to improve something, you must create a balance between yourself and the other. An important reconciliation occurs during the first week of the month which lands you and another person in a much better place. Take this time to heal old resentments and go past your comfort zone to make amends for past mistakes. Pisces: Lovers (2 of Swords) 2/19 – 3/20 Relationships are a series of choices—all of which have consequences. If you choose a person or situation that you know will not fulfill your needs, then the consequence is a dysfunctional relationship. Do not be blinded by black and white thinking of passion vs. safety. Love is a choice. If you can identify your needs and honestly express them, the logical consequence is a healthy relationship—not perfect nor set in stone, but authentic and more fulfilling. Evaluate your relationships and determine which, if any, require adjusting. If nothing more, take responsibility for your part.

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e a r t h w a t c h

Gas To Electric Conversions: The Road to a Greener Life by Alyssa Barigian


hile interviewing Paul Pearson, the president of Gas To Electric, Inc., I learned about his mission for Los Angeles County: to reduce gas emissions by bringing electric cars to San Fernando Valley. He introduced the Gas To Electric Ford Ranger to the City of Santa Monica, California, and with this electric car, he believes we can further lower carbon emissions, starting with one county at a time. Vision Magazine: As president of Gas To Electric, Inc., how do you feel now that your new electric conversion of the Ford Ranger is helping the city of Santa Monica be greener? Paul Pearson: I think the best part about it is that the city has a very progressive fleet department. At least 90 percent of the vehicles you see use some form of alternative energy. This is the first fully electric truck in the fleet. They work really well in stop and go traffic and they’re good city vehicles because one of the things that an electric car does is that when it stops at a stoplight, it is not polluting the air; in fact it is not even running. It uses zero energy as it’s stopped at a red light. So for congested cities like Santa Monica, that’s where these vehicles are exceedingly good. VM: There is a new strict mindset of “going green” these days. How does your new Ford Ranger live up to that mindset? PP: The City of Santa Monica program is a good example to the rest of Los Angeles as to what a truck should do. Yet I was the only one in a city of about nine million (and probably 2 ½ million cars) in a fully electric vehicle. Eventually this Ford Ranger project will turn into a much larger project, possibly converting 1000 Ford Rangers within the area. I don’t know how many people I influenced on my way to work today, but two people thought enough about it to call me. VM: How did you get the idea to start Gas To Electric, Inc.? PP: The City of Santa Monica, through the Department of Motor Vehicles, actually arrested me a little over a year ago, for building electric cars. They did an undercover operation at my small workshop in Santa Monica and somehow decided that there was a law against building electric cars. The cars I was building were not for sale; they were merely for personal use. So after spending six months in court with the City of Santa Monica and incurring charges from the state of California, the judge finally threw everything out. During that time I got a call from a man whom I had met a few times in Santa Monica at different electric car events, and he said, “I’ve seen your work at car shows; have you thought of doing full custom electric cars? We have a Ford Ranger program that we would like to get started and I’d like you to put in a bid on it.” So I bid on it and a couple of other companies did the same, and I won the bid. That’s where we are now. I spent the last 30 years in Hollywood owning a mechanical special-effects company. One day, I discovered a little neighborhood electric vehicle; this inspired me to start building them from scratch and then I started building prototypes for other show cars. That’s when Gas To Electric started. Now we’re turning toward conversions because even though there are people who do conversions in different states, there is almost no one to do them in Los Angeles. Here we are sitting in the most polluted city in the country, so I felt the need to set an example. Now I’m back to where I was when I was a 10 year old, fascinated with traveling on an extension cord. VM: What advice would you give others who want to further lower carbon emissions in the city of Santa Monica? PP: One thing about an internal combustion engine is that if you start up your V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

gasoline car and you drive it two miles and pick up groceries, and then you drive back two miles, you’ve probably polluted the equivalent of driving 15 miles on a freeway. One of the important things about reducing emissions in Santa Monica is that whatever pollution we cause in Santa Monica almost invariably is lowered by the ocean winds, yet it is blown east over the city of Los Angeles into Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and into Arizona. So what we create in our community in Southern California is actually worse east of here. Fifteen years ago, I had a business in the San Fernando Valley and I contracted chronic bronchitis and my doctor told me to leave the Valley. So we closed down my special-effects business in North Hollywood and moved to the other side of the hill because the air quality was considerably better. Still, though, I’m looking at one of the busiest freeways is the world and I picture that 20 years from now, that freeway can be 50 percent electric cars. Santa Monica is an important place to start cleaning up as much as possible. People driving electric cars represent the future of what’s going to have to happen. To learn more about Paul Pearson or Gas To Electric, Inc., please visit www. Alyssa Barigian is currently attending college in Michigan and pursuing an English and Communication double major. Her passion is to become an editor for a magazine and also write non-fiction books.

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l i v i n g

a r t s

Endless Energy by Dana L. Stewart


recent brouhaha has erupted over the merits of Wind Farms versus Mountaintop Coal Mining. Neither argument is valid. The respective industries spend enormous sums to market, and lie, about the “greenness” of their processes, but both are severely damaging to the environment. Destruction of the environment by coal mining of any sort is well-known, and coal slurry disasters have been the biggest, and worst, in the nation’s history. There is no such thing as “clean coal.” As a matter of fact, the article “China’s Wind Farms Come with a Catch: Coal Plants,” by Jing Yang, (which appears on the home page of Nettie Peña’s They’re Not Green), shows how these industries support one another. This is also true in Palm Springs, California, where 4,000 windmills produce less than 1 percent of the energy used—a very inefficient, polluting, expensive and destructive system. These are the wrong design in the wrong places. They are placed in the Pacific Flyway, killing nature’s pest-control and migratory birds and bats. Thus, West Nile virus and Hantavirus are on the rise there because of mosquito and rat infestations. As a member of the top of the food chain, I really don’t like any weak links. A dozen species a day go extinct. Graft and collusion of political and corporate power make it possible. Public campaign financing would go a long way to decrease the influence of big business on policy, but until then, for those who have no idea what ‘socialism’ means, we suggest a visit to the dictionary to look up the definitions of the various “isms.” Meanwhile, the following quote from Benito Mussolini should at least ring some bells, “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism since it is the merger of state and corporate power.” I also recommend all recent books by former Vice President Al Gore, and Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded. Corporatism, where profit always takes precedence over the public good, is not merit-based capitalism. Fortunately, we have two golden bullets, and lots of silver ones. We can biologically and chemically solve more than 95 percent of our pollution and energy problems without toxic chemicals and one of the keys to success is “Point-of-Purchase” power. That means building–integrated

energy systems, and producing what is needed as closely as possible to where it will be used. Like food. This is the fastest, cheapest, cleanest way to achieve the U.S. national security objective of energy independence. Only public opinion will change public policy. Endless energy and “green-washing” black-hearted greed. As the latest reports on global climate change are becoming ever more dire, and the data becomes more complete, we are becoming aware of the impossible actually becoming the imperative. To prevent the worst hangover from our addiction to fossil fuels, we begin with “Conservation is half the Cure.” Orientation and insulation can save up to 80 percent of a building’s energy use. We have had the technologies for endless energy for decades, even centuries and millennia! We can be energy independent from filthy fossil fuels as soon as … yesterday. The two golden bullets for perpetual power are solar and biomass fuels from wastes. Pay yourself for your power with Point-of-Purchase systems. These two power systems can be adapted anywhere, to virtually any home or business. These are home-based, farm-based, and business-based energy systems. They include small and safe, viable and sustainable, clean energy generation. This, of course, reduces demand for energy from utilities and will alleviate grid crashes and brown-outs. It will also significantly reduce the need for more fire hazard power towers—the so-called “Smart Grid,” marching across our pristine lands. This is another example of a green-washed energy scam. Individual energy independence has incentives. Funding needs to be continued for more to participate. The billions of dollars spent for oil exploration and extraction can be redirected. Government and giant energy companies’ industrial projects are costly, polluting, and are accelerating climate change. This includes wind farms, in agreement with energy companies, which are falsely promoted as “green” but are actually part and parcel of the extremely costly “Military-IndustrialFinancial” complex schemes that favor very few. As a country, we have provided too much for the common defense, and provided too little for the common good. The war industry is the world’s largest polluter. Biomass fuels made from wood and farm wastes were used on farms during World War II. Crop waste disposal is a major expense for farms which can be turned into a profit center with bio-composting. Green and wood wastes from forest fires and hurricane debris can be pelletized for clean electric power fuel in non-polluting facilities. We do not have to “grow” our source material. Big Ag and Big Chem are saying that we do, but this is a scam by the Petro-ChemicalPharmaceutical (PCP) cartel, as was the corn ethanol hoax. The PCP cartel is now developing algae fuels by developing genetically-modified microbes. Algae fuels are terrific, but this is completely unnecessary and extremely expensive. They are backed by British Petroleum (BP) and Shell Oil, and they are following the Monsanto model of patents for profit—for seeds and now, microbes. Lauded as a “green” breakthrough, it is corporatism at its worst. And it is unconscionable. I

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have a corporation or two, but I am not a corporatist, and I do not favor corporate welfare. I often ask, “Where are the trust-busters when you need them?” Fish and livestock can be raised organically. As Hippocrates said, “let thy medicine be thy food, and let food be thy medicine.” Food is medicine. But now we are getting DNA-altering geneticallymodified crops. Lands (and people!) are being sterilized by chemicals. It takes nine tons of petroleum to make one ton of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. Think of the savings if we used bio-compost, instead. That alone could make us energy independent. Then no one can make improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or Oklahoma City-type bombs with it. Buy organic foods, or compost and grow your own; for safety and for health. Vote with your wallets. There is no reason to have chemicals in our water, such as the fossil fuel mining wastes that generate counter-productive fluoride (it makes teeth brittle and discolored,) and cancer-triggering chlorine. When chlorine combines with organic matter, it creates Trichlorohalomethanes, one of the most carcinogenic combinations known to man. Human thyroid diseases are tremendously accelerated by these pollutants posing as beneficial additives. The rise in cancer and thyroid disease can be correlated to the rise in the use of these chemicals. All water and soil restoration can be accomplished through biological and mechanical means. Stronger fuel standards can be mandated. All energy generation facilities can be fi xed to be nonpolluting. This can happen at wartime speed. And it must. Climate change is real because we have fought against nature rather than working with it. Chemicals have no place in our food and water, or in the production of energy. It is unnecessary and wasteful. There are helix-shaped wind systems that are safe and silent and can be integrated with solar into buildings. Costs of “upstream” manufacturing pollutions and “downstream” contaminations must be factored in to perceive and achieve the real savings of an energy system. This is where wind farms and nuclear power facilities fail. Speaking of which, no more nukes! Not for energy, not for weapons. Nuclear power is the world’s most expensive and dangerous way to boil water. It carries with it radioactive wastes and terrorists vying for the discards, making it the most dangerous, devastating and expensive form of energy. It is not clean and green, either. Nuclear plants in France are leaking and will contaminate rivers for tens of thousands of years. They must be banned except for one use - to deflect the inevitable asteroid on a collision course with Earth. We all deserve clean air, water and food. By using more sustainable environmental technology, many more millions of jobs could be offered at all skill levels. Renewable resources can provide all of the green building materials we need. Get the miners out of the mines and into manufacturing solar and biomass equipment. Put deserted Flint, Michigan, and devastated New Orleans back to work. Providing jobs and not bombs, will work to implement a democracy anywhere—in foreign and domestic policies. How much could we save if we solarized Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan? And China, India and the U.S.? Chemical fertilizers and herbicides are sterilizing our lands, and creating “red tides” and “dead zones” in the oceans. Everyone in the world is going to need to do everything they can to turn the tide. The combined forces can get rid of the worst of the catastrophic consequences of climate change. This combined “Coalition for Conservation” has no room for the “4 Fers” – Filthy Fossil Fuel Folks. If you are farming, drilling or mining for fuel, you’re doing it wrong. It is time for a united effort to truly “go green to make green,” and to restore our Eden, the earth. As his holiness Bartholomew I said, “Polluting the environment is blasphemous—we are ruining God’s work. There is only one planet and one people.” Endless wastes and endless sunshine can give us endless energy. The British Petroleum ads show symbols to follow in which energy priorities are in this order: V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

l i v i n g a r t s oil, gas, wind, solar, biofuels, and energy efficiency. If we follow these priorities in reverse, we will not need much of the first two. Siemens promotes wind farms on the plains, delivering energy to homes on the coast. So all that energy is lost in transmission! We need POP Power. Worldwide scientific consensus can no longer be ignored, and nay-saying scientists bought off by the energy industries no longer have credence. Dinosaurs chasing the dinosaur juice would take us all to extinction. “Drill, baby, drill” means “kill, baby, kill.” How many solar rooftops would one nuclear facility provide? Or the one-year budget for oil or gas exploration? We could be energy-independent…yesterday. We cannot indulge in denial; we just don’t have the time. And this can no longer be politicized as left or right. We must unite to meet the challenge of the survival of our planet. We’re all in the same boat, so please, wage peace. It is far more healthy, productive, and lucrative than waging war. We are grateful for those who take time to become aware and informed, and to take action. For the truth about the leftover ENRON Wind Farm Energy Fraud and its devastating effects on the environment—in their manufacture, installation, and operation, I suggest a visit to the website for National Wind Watch ( and a look at Nettie Peña’s documentary films, They’re Not Green at thrnotgreen/thrnotgreen/Home.html. Dana L. Stewart is a writer and promoter of green technologies, for Alliance BioConversions Corporation (ABCC) and ADANA Company–A Development Alternatives Network and Alliance; Marketing Director for Golden State Solar Electric (GSSE,) and is a Board Advisor for the Universities Media Alliance. If you would like further discussion or information, please contact Dana via e-mail at, 619.749.6707.

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Seek Joy, Strength and Love Among the Tree Spirits by Joan Klostermann-Ketels


f you go to the woods or take a walk around the park today, every now and then just pause, take a breath, and welcome in the tree spirits. They are all around you. Some may have been right in front of you the whole time, and perhaps you didn’t notice. Tree spirits are coy and playful, mysterious and bold, and frequently invisible until you are ready for them. They seem to know when that happens—and they reveal themselves in good time. I’ve allowed them to find me, and it has changed my life. Now, “tree spirit walks” are part of my everyday routine. Walk with me and feel the healing power of trees… JOYOUS I walk a three-mile trail around the lake where we live nearly every day. I have done this for many years. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I walked up a small

hill, turned a corner and spotted “Joyous” out of the corner of my eye. He was high atop the next hill. The tip of his hat was shining in the sunlight and just happened to catch my eye, so I stood on my tiptoes and there he was—mouth open, singing at the top of his voice—“Hallelujah!” As I stood there staring at my new friend, I couldn’t help but feel his joy and it seeped into me like I was a thirsty plant being watered after weeks of waiting. The connection was incredibly powerful and I stood there for quite some time. I marked the spot in my mind so that I could greet him again. FORMIDABLE “Formidable” is one of my favorite tree spirits because it literally stopped me in my tracks when I saw it the first time while visiting a cemetery. As I looked up at this giant tree I saw a woman standing strong with arms outstretched and a child on her back. Upon closer examination it was clear that she had had a mastectomy because of the scar on her right breast. She was saying, “I beat cancer!” As a breast cancer survivor and having lost a sister to the disease, this tree spoke loud and clear to me that day. Every time I look at the picture I feel her strength and thank her. My husband and I frequently walk the trails around the lake together. Many years ago we began pointing out tree spirits to each other and it became something that we continued on page 44



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Devin Grace is a Gift to Our World by Sydney L. Murray


as someone ever come into your life whose very presence helps you remember what is important? Devin Grace is that person for me. Her humor and amazing humanity are apparent in her loving and trusting heart. Every time I speak to her, I am reminded of what a wise person she is. She helps people all over the world as a consultant who is clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), and clairaudient (clear hearing). Grace’s life has been filled with much accomplishment and service to others; she is a gift to our world. Vision Magazine: When did you first know that you had a gift? Devin Grace: I always had the gift, but my first knowledge of it was when I worked with a healer at the age of 17. I had information that was coming through about other people and I started to share it. I’d already been doing this all along, but the healer was giving me the confidence to speak and express what I was seeing to other people because it would help them heal. VM: What is a typical session with you like?

l i v i n g a r t s DG: Someone can expect very deep processing. I work with the guides and we act as if it’s the first and only time we’re ever going to speak to this person, so we go as deep as possible from the beginning of the session. As soon as I get on the phone, I take about 45 seconds to connect deeper with my guides and theirs. I start to get visions and clairaudient messages, meaning that I will literally get a voice telling me information and experiences about this person that has passed onto the unconscious thought system. The unconscious thought system is where people function from on a daily basis through the ego [which] triggers behaviors that aren’t coming from their true selves. I once had a client and for the first hour, there was really deep, hard stuff coming through. I could tell that this client was having a hard time. I can’t change it and suddenly say, “Your future’s going to be really bright!” because I’m not in charge of the information. I can’t be inauthentic with what’s coming through. I have to be very clear, honest, and present to what is there. During the last 20 minutes of the session, she was getting annoyed and asked, “What am I supposed to be doing with my future?” And I said, “Let me see if that information is there, for your highest good.” Immediately, I saw this woman communicating and clearing energy with animals. During the whole session, I didn’t hear anything about her work with animals. So, I just went out on a limb and told her what I saw. She started crying and was so lifted in her energy because she had been doing that for years but had never had the self-worth or the self-confidence to really go out and do it. She asked, “Who told you that?” and I said, “Who could tell me that? There’s nobody who could tell me except for your guides, my guides and our oneness.” VM: Looking back, I was amazed at your response to the incorrect phone number that we published in your ad in the last issue—in that you weren’t more upset. Is this typical of how you handle life’s challenges? DG: When the magazine came out and I knew that 90,000 copies were distributed, I just started cracking up because I knew that this must be perfect. I trust that all of these things happen for something beyond what we can understand.

continued on page 41

One moment in His presence is worth a lifetime of searching.


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Fl ow

y Jo

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The Story of

STUFF An Interview with

Annie Leonard by Daphne Carpenter


oday I learned that 2,000 trees are cut down every minute in the majestic Amazon forest. When I read this statement, it felt like my soul was being violently struck. I even held my breath for a moment. Have you ever been in a rainforest? The forest is its own mystical realm, ready and more-than-willing to teach you about your ancestral self and the magic of nature. The feeling of being in it is like no other; it’s indescribable. Through the heavenly rainforest flows an endless stream of life-force energy. It’s as if we are passing through a supernatural portal that opens up into what seems to be something higher. The natives who care for Mother Earth in these forests do so with a tenderness that goes beyond words. However, according to the corporate world, these people, the keepers of the forest, do not have inherent rights to it—the ones with the money do. Meanwhile, we, the ones reading this “holistic” magazine, consider ourselves to be conscious, right? We recycle, we bring our stylish re-useable bags to the grocery store with us; we might ride our bikes, practice yoga, and do what we can to leave V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

less of a footprint. But let’s face it, we’re all part of this system and we’re all to blame. To fuel the market economy that we live in, we need to cut down forests, invade other peoples’ lands, dump toxic wastes into the water, and then eventually throw our unused, and now out-dated crap into landfills, where it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Annie Leonard, the creator of The Story of Stuff video, which has received worldwide acclaim and has been translated into more than 40 languages (and has subsequently been banned in some U.S. schools), shared with Vision Magazine details about her crusade to do what she can to help Mother Earth, and to inform the public about where all of our technological (and other) trash eventually ends up. In the video Leonard provides cold hard facts about what she considers to be a crisis. After spending more than 10 years traveling the planet and visiting industrial waste sites and dumps, she now shares with us what she’s learned in this 21 minute presentation. The Story of Stuff brings our attention to the exploitation of natural resources (blowing up mountains to get metal, deforestation) and reminds us how these unkind activities fuel our consumer economy. We also learn about ominous landfills, which are, as Leonard says, “difficult to comprehend the scale of.” This video is a wake-up call and a must-see for those of us who don’t wish to remain in the dark about the destruction of the planet. Vision Magazine: What was your inspiration for making The Story of Stuff? Annie Leonard: I grew up in Seattle—at that time a green and luscious city. My family would go camping every summer. Since this was in the days before DVDs were played to numbed little passengers, in the backseats of cars, I’d look out the window, studying the landscape, for the whole drive. Each year, I noticed that the stores and strip malls extended a bit further out and the forests started a bit later than the previous year. I wondered where all those forests were going. I wondered how I could stop them from going away entirely. It turned out to be fortuitous that I went to college in New York City, even though at the time it seemed an odd place to go for environmental studies. The college campus was on 116th street and my dorm room was on 110th street. Every morning I would groggily walk those six blocks, staring at the piles of garbage that line New York City’s streets every dawn. Ten hours later, I’d walk back to my dorm, staring at the empty sidewalks. I became increasingly intrigued with this microcosm of materials flow. My curiosity got the best of me and I started looking into the trash each morning to see what was in those never-ending piles. It was mostly paper. Paper! That is where my beloved forests were ending up. In the United States, 42 percent of industrial wood harvest is used to make paper and about 40 percent of the stuff in municipal garbage is paper, all of which is recyclable or compostable if it hasn’t been treated with too many toxic chemicals. VM: And where do all those “cut trees” end up? AL: Once I realized that those morning trash piles were nearly half paper— were once forests—I was determined to find out where they were going. So I took a trip to the infamous Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island. Covering 4.6 square miles (12 square km), Fresh Kills is one of the largest dumps in the world. When it was officially closed in 2001, some say its volume was greater than that of the Great Wall of China and its peaks 25 meters taller than the Stature of Liberty. I had never seen anything like it. I stood at its edge in absolute awe. As far as I could see, in every direction, were couches, refrigerators, boxes, apple cores, used clothes—stuff. You know how a gory car crash scene makes us want to turn away and stare at the same time? That is what it was like. I just couldn’t comprehend this massive mountain of materials, reduced to muck, by a system obviously out of control. I knew this was terribly wrong. I didn’t understand both how we could have developed a system based on such rapid destruction of the Earth’s resources and how it could be so well hidden. So I vowed to investigate it


A PR I L 20 10

further and share what I learned along the way. VM: You spent 10 years traveling the world, researching how our “stuff” gets made and eventually thrown away. What countries did you visit, and what did you see during your travels? AL: I had the amazing good fortune to visit over 40 countries in the course of this work. I have visited Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. For three years, I lived in South Asia. During my travels, I investigated the factories where our stuff is made and the dumps where it is dumped. I met workers and activists and community residents. I attended conferences and strategy meetings. I visited infamous places like Bhopal, India, the site of the largest chemical industrial disaster in history and Gonaives, Haiti, where ash from a U.S. municipal waste incinerator was disguised as fertilizer and dumped on a beach. VM: What is the work-watch-spend treadmill? AL: The average American (“United States-ian”) is working longer days, watching TV for more hours and spending more time and money shopping than he did in previous decades. Many analysts say that we have less leisure time than we did in feudal society. And guess what the top activities are that we spend our scant leisure time on? Watching TV and shopping! At the same time, we’re spending less time with our kids, less time in community and less time engaged in civil society activities than previous generations. So we are on this ridiculous work-watch-spend treadmill, where we have to work like dogs just to keep up and we’re all exhausted and stressed and not having nearly as much fun as we could have. We’re so busy and tired that vibrant community life erodes and is less able to provide traditional community services like child care, moving assistance, friends to talk to when we’re down, rides to the airport, and entertainment and socializing. All of these things are increasingly being commodified. Ironically, this means that we have to work harder to get the money to pay for these things, which leaves us even more depleted. It is a treadmill that requires us to run faster and faster just to stay in place. VM: What’s the most important thing we can do to green our homes? AL: Here in the United States, much of our consumption is based on our relative perception of “enough.” That means we tend to evaluate whether or not we have enough based on what others have. There’s lots of evidence that the more TV we watch; the more of those ad-packed fashion magazines we read and the more we compare ourselves to higher-consumptive neighbors and co-workers, the less adequate we feel with the stuff we have. It is a destructive pattern yet most of us subject ourselves to it at some level, without even being aware of it. So, I think the most important green item that we can bring into our homes is an internal yardstick of satisfaction. If we can learn to evaluate our stuff based on a sense of sufficiency, rather than the latest commercials we watched, we would be easier on ourselves and the planet. But if you’re asking about actual stuff one can bring home, often the greenest stuff means less stuff. Buying less, buying local and buying secondhand all can help the planet (and our budgets, which helps reduce our stress). The two “green” items that I most enjoy, and which are within the budgets of everyone, are my clothesline and my worm bin. These are inexpensive, simple things—easily made rather than bought—which help green my daily life. I love my clothesline, not just because it allowed me to avoid replacing my V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

f e a t u r e ancient dryer when it broke last year, but because it reaches across my luscious green garden which I too often don’t take the time to enjoy in my hectic life. I also love my worm bins. If worms aren’t your thing, a regular compost bin will do. VM: What do you personally do to reduce, reuse and salvage? AL: My first preference when I need something is to borrow it. My neighbors and I share everything from cars to gardening tools to sporting equipment. I like sharing since it requires that we talk to each other too, which helps build our social fabric and community strength. If it is something I want or need to own myself, or if it’s my turn to provide something to share, I try to buy secondhand items, not just because I get what I need without adding to the upstream waste, but also because I can afford higher quality items which last longer. Over the past 15 years, my close friends and I have bought six houses on the same block. We have taken down the fences and we share big yards. Our backdoors are open so that we can borrow milk or sugar in the middle of a baking project. We share gardening tools, grills, outdoor tables, a swing set and tree house. We dine together outside in the summer and inside in the rain. We watch out for each other, cheer each other on during good times and provide comfort during the rough patches. Paul Hawken has said that “working for the environment is not a way to get rich; it is a way to be rich.” I feel the same about living in community. Our houses are not grand but our community is. VM: What’s the best way to educate people about environmental issues? AL: I like Saul Alinsky’s famous advice to “talk to people where they’re at, not where you’re at.” That’s really key—especially for those of us who spend a lot of time studying environmental facts. The statistics are grim, scary, and intimidating. But fear and guilt are not powerful motivators; they don’t leave people feeling resourceful and inspired. So, I recommend first listening to people, finding out what their concerns are and then starting a conversation which relates environmental issues to their lives and their concerns. This way, each of us can better understand our connections to environmental issues, rather than perceiving them as abstract and distant things that only affect polar bears and residents of low lying islands. The wonderful, late, environmental justice leader Dana Alston defined the environment as “where we live, work and play.” For some people, hearing about tropical rainforest destruction will move them to action. For others, figuring out how to shut down the smokestack that is giving their kids asthma will be a more immediate concern. One of the good things about such an allpervasive problem is that there are infinite entry points to the issue; we need to find the entry points which are relevant and rewarding for each of us. Daphne is sensitive person who is saddened to know that the rainforests are being destroyed. What will happen to all the creatures who live there? What will happen to us? You can find more information at www. and you can read Daphne’s blog about child homelessness in Brazil at www.sublimeadventures.


A PR I L 20 10

f e a t u r e

” ! H n e e r “Go g

ow many times have we heard this phrase? It has become as trendy as it is important to take care of our earth and not waste its resources. The green movement is profoundly vital to our existence. But what about just getting back to the heart and soul of our relationship to the earth–spending time with her? You know, taking a long walk in the woods, watching the sunrise, or gazing at the night sky—just simply enjoying nature. I was thinking of ways that I could start spending more time in nature, mainly just to acquire a sense of peace and happiness in doing so. I admire nature on a daily basis, whether gazing out of my car window at the distant mountains while driving down the freeway, or taking a moment to delight my eyes with the sight of lush trees in the park. But honestly, I don’t spend nearly enough time outside as I would love to, and should. According to Joe H. Slate, author of Connecting to the Power of Nature, it turns out that hanging out with nature can do a lot for us. Slate explains in his book that nature is so powerful, that it can help us to achieve our personal goals. I knew that spending time in nature can give us the mental clarity and peace that might assist us in pursuing what we want in life, but I hadn’t really thought about it as being so supremely powerful as Slate conveys. I had the opportunity to talk to Slate about his book and his insights on nature. As a child, Slate grew up on a farm in the Deep South, so he developed a connection with nature early on. Slate reveals to me that as a child he had, what he describes, as a “breakthrough experience.” While climbing a tree in a forest, he lost his grip and fell to the ground, his head hitting the roots of the tree. When this happened, he explains that he felt himself ascending above the tree and the forest, reaching some point up in space. He hovered there, and while doing so, he describes that an iridescent sphere began to form around him. In the distance, he saw planes of different colors, which he describes as full of energy. Slate notes that these planes were non-threatening and friendly. He was not afraid as he looked upon them; rather he embraced their presence before his eyes. The planes then gave off beams of energy which struck the sphere that Slate was hovering in. When this occurred, he explains that he instantly felt a complete oneness with the universe. “I was responding to the universe and it was responding to me,” he says, describing that he was having a two-way interaction with it. Slate tells me that he had achieved reaching a different dimension of reality. After these moments


of enlightenment, Slate says that the sphere he was in then began to slowly descend, encircling the tree as it did so, until finally it settled down at the base of the tree. When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the roots of the tree where he had fallen; his friend standing over him, asking if he was okay. He said that he was perfectly fine, in fact, much more than fine after having had such a wondrous experience. Aside from a few minor scrapes, he was virtually unharmed from the fall. (You can read about this experience in his book.) Slate emphasizes that this event never led him to a sense of arrogance or superiority for having had such a profound experience. Rather, he describes it as a “humbling awareness,” and tells me that he felt honored to have had it. He notes that he feels we are all a part of the wonders of the universe, no matter what types of experiences or revelations we have had. “It’s my view that we’re all in this together,” he says. Thereafter, Slate looked upon nature and life from a different perspective. But regardless of this spiritual awakening, it seems that he had felt connected to the power of nature already. He tells me that simply holding a handful of sand and allowing it to flow through his fingers enabled him to experience a powerful oneness with nature and its energies. “Tapping into this power by interacting with nature is how we achieve our goals,” he explains. So, simply touching sand made him feel energized and powerful? What other interactions with nature could lead to revelations like these? In his book, Slate details a variety of “exercises” he has created that involve interacting with nature to achieve your goals. He tells me about the “Crumpled Leaf Technique.” The exercise, he explains, is based on the idea that when a leaf is removed from a tree, it holds a connection to that tree and to the universe at large. You begin the exercise by selecting a tree. “Place your hand upon the tree’s trunk and sense its unique features,” Slate explains. “Think of the tree as your interactive partner that can connect you to the highest sources of energy and power.” You then carefully remove a

Empow Yours Thro Natu


A PR I L 20 10

by Nadia Da

leaf from the tree, and while holding it between your palms, sense its connection to the tree. You then crumple up the leaf, keeping in mind the feeling of its energy in your hand. Carefully unfold the leaf and examine its lines and patterns. “Take plenty of time for thoughts and feelings to emerge,” Slate instructs. Then, close your eyes while holding the leaf and sense its energies interacting with you. “Note your sense of renewal and balance,” Slate says, and explains that at this time you can state a personal goal and engage the leaf as your partner in achieving it. End the exercise by returning the leaf to nature or keeping it in a safe place for the future. Sounds simple enough, right? But according to Slate, the benefits of doing this can be pretty powerful. “It’s through this technique that profound new insight often unfolds. Spiritual enlightenment, including awareness of a guiding presence, can emerge,” Slate says. He tells me that his nature exercises can positively affect us in many different ways. By connecting to nature, he says you can “generate a state of mental, physical, and spiritual balance that promotes health and fitness, increases longevity, and even reverses the effects of aging.” A nature exercise a day keeps the doctor away? Sounds great to me! He details many other exercises in his book, including gazing at the stars in the night sky, tossing a pebble into a body of water, and interacting with other plants as well as trees. Slate doesn’t really differentiate between the various elements of nature—one doesn’t hold more power over the other. He explains to me that he has felt a connection with trees and plants, as well as with insects and animals. From a huge tree that towers over all of the others in the forest, to a tiny lizard scurrying across the ground, all manifestations of nature are equally amazing to Slate. He explains that it is just as wondrous to observe a lizard as it is to observe a star in the sky. Hearing this from Slate awakens my own inner child. I recall playing outside in my backyard when I

wering rself rough ature

dia Dahdouh


f e a t u r e was a kid, marveling at a simple plant or insect, as children do. It seems that as we age, we tend to take nature for granted. Listening to Slate’s perspectives on nature and how even now as an adult he still experiences a sense of wonder when coming across something as small as an insect, reminds me of just how incredible nature really is. Slate adds that engaging in nature can even empower us to find ways of solving global problems, such as poverty, war, and discrimination. If only everyone could take a moment to do these exercises, maybe we could create a better world. Maybe peace and understanding could begin to seep into the cracks where hostility and conflict have been imbedded for many years. Humanity could turn over a new leaf, no pun intended. “Absolutely nothing is impossible for you, once you are connected to the power of nature”, Slate says. But what about Mother Earth: Do these practices benefit her as well? Slate explains that when we engage in these exercises, we gain an appreciation for the globe as a place for growth, as well as a vessel for the powers that sustain our existence. “The planet becomes more than simply a material place for our physical existence,” he states. He says we will be motivated to better care for the planet and to share it in peace with others. So not only do his practices benefit us, they will encourage us to care more for Mother Earth, and in turn, benefiting her. How frequently should we engage in nature using Slate’s methods, in order to get the most out of the experience? Slate says that practice makes perfect. “With practice, you will discover the techniques that work best for you personally,” he says, adding that frequent practice will lead to perfection. “Perfection in this context can best be defined, not as a lofty unrealistic goal, but as continuous growth and progress.” And Slate tells me that by practicing his techniques, “you will discover the best of all teachers—the one existing within yourself.” “That inner teacher is an essential part of your being,” he says, and he explains our inner teacher will guide us through the journey to achieve our goals, whatever they may be. Connecting with nature in this way seems really to be about merging nature with oneself. Viewing it in this light, no longer would you look at nature as a separate entity from yourself, rather, you would feel it within yourself. Talking to Slate and reading his book has certainly made me feel more connected to nature’s power, and has awakened in me the realization that I can continue to let nature into my life on a daily basis. Building a relationship with the earth in this way is more than greening your life, it is greening your soul. Joe H. Slate is a licensed psychologist and professor emeritus of psychology at Athens State University. For more information on connecting to the power of nature visit Nadia Dahdouh is a writer and journalism student. Email her at


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SHAMANIC FAITH HEALING Private sessions and classes, Nicole Desert Sage is a healer with 10 year of experience in natural wellness. 619.565.0846. 04/10 sound healing SOUND HEALING WORKSHOPS AND PRIVATE SESSIONS in Santa Barbara and via Skype with Christine M. Grimm. See or call 805.698.3580. 05/10 spiritual counseling/ reiki training SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR, METAPHYSICAL MINISTER, Reiki, Karuna® Reiki Master, Empowerment Readings, Meditation Training, Energy Healing, Attunements, Wendy Chaffin, www., Pacific Beach, 858.270.2908. Phone Sessions Available, Credit Accepted. 04/10

MEET MEDIUM MICHELE FLETCHER An Evidential, Medium, Psychic, Empath, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer And Spiritual Counselor. Visit her websites at www.mysticshift. com 03/10 psychotherapy SPIRITUALLY ORIENTED THERAPY Support in your search for meaning. Jungian/Transpersonal Orientation, EMDR, TFT. Miriam Erb, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist. PSY5497. 619.296.6757. 05/10 reiki SACREDTRANSFORMATION.NET offers 30 CEU’s to nurses, acupuncturists, LCSW & MFT for Level 1-2 Reiki along with in-depth energy healing course. Contact 619.204.0504 for more info. 04/10 REIKI TREATMENTS, MEDITATION INSTRUCTION, SPIRITUAL COUNSELING/ LIFE COACHING. Fallbrook Office- www., 951.795.3546

surrogate wanted SEEK HEALTHY, POSITIVE WOMAN TO CONCEIVE AND BEAR A CHILD NATURALLY, FREE OF CHEMICALS. “Surrogate mom.” Willing to pay good amount so I can then adopt as legal, custodial parent. You can choose to be completely non-involved after birth to being involved, at any future time and to whatever amount you wish, as separate parent. I am sincere, tested very healthy in all aspects, holistic, deeply caring, love kids, have time, commitment, heartfelt appreciation, resources. Sincere inquiries only: “Loving Dad”, P.O. Box 566, Cardiff, CA, 92007. Please also e-mail to: lrluke7@ 04/10 tarot LEARN TAROT WITH WENDY Now you can read too! Learn to interpret the cards, how to ask questions and how to bring it all together. 7-9 pm Thursday nights at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356. $35 per lesson. Register at 818.345.1100 or online at www. 04/10

Natural Healing Institute Professional License & Certificate Programs

Comprehensive Training • Highest Caliber Instructors Massage Therapist • Nutrition • Herbology • Aromatherapy Holistic Health Practitioner • Spa Therapist • Sports Therapist Yoga Instructor • Thai Massage • Lomi Healing • Shiatsu • Somatics Oriental Healing Arts • Naturopathic Practitioner • Energetic Healing • More

+ Distance Learning Options! • Special Discounts

Encinitas • (760) 943-8485 •

ene r g y

TIME SHARE RENTAL MAUI, HI-TIME SHARE RENTAL One week, between April 1 to July 31. Oceanfront, two bedrooms, pool, Jacuzzi, beautiful sunsets. 619-443-2844



A PR I L 20 10

h ea l in g


40th Anniversary of Earth Day


n honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, there will be lots of activities for kids and adults at Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade on Saturday, April 17 from 10am–7 pm. The Promenade (between Broadway and Wilshire) will transform into a free Eco-Fest with over 60 fascinating ecoexhibits, food, music, and fun. Interactive, kid-friendly entertainment and exhibits will include an interactive drum circle; Stuart Wilde’s live llamas, the wild animals of STAR Eco-Station and Children’s Nature Institute, Heal the Bay, Surfrider, and California Science Center’s nature exhibits. Kids will have a chance to adopt a shark, pet a llama, or sit in the driver’s seat of a Big Blue Bus powered by natural gas. A “Sustainable Transport Village” will include displays of alternative fuel vehicles including Toyota’s 3rd Generation Prius, Honda hybrid(s) and electric bikes and scooters. However, festival attendees are encouraged to walk, bike, or take the Big Blue Bus to the event. “We are pleased to return to the Promenade and bring so many family-oriented exhibits to Earth Day, because kids can encourage parents to buy environmentally friendly products, which reduces pollution and global warming, making a healthier future for all of us,” said Environmental Consultant to Earth Day LA, Jim Stewart, PhD. “Earth Day helps people learn about environmental solutions already in the marketplace and learn effective ways to take action. This year we are urging everyone to go to and see how they can become ‘carbon neutral’ and reduce their carbon footprint.”

a r t | c i n e m a | p e r fo r m a n c e a rt s | t h e a t re | g At the heart of the festival, live music will be presented by Mamapalooza: Women-empowered, Mom-branded Entertainment & Activism for a greener planet, featuring, among others, Stacy Robin and the Mama Earth Band and Sabina with “Free To Be Me Drum Circle” and other award-winning singers & songwriters who will grace the stage from 11am to 7pm. Santa Monica City Councilmember Kevin McKeown, and other public officials are expected to speak. An estimated 15,000 people will join the carbon neutral event on the Promenade to learn about solar energy systems, environmentally responsible investing, organic gardening, hemp and organic cotton clothing, and much more. Festival Director, Kacy Palmieri notes, “This festival has always been for the community of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and the World, as visitors will now come to shop green and have fun while doing it!” Sponsors of Earth Day include the City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Mirror, KPFK 90.7 FM, Mamapalooza, Vision Magazine, Whole Life Times, and LA Weekly, and Women of the Green Generation, Green Business Networking, and The event is organized by Earth Day Los Angeles, a project of the non-profit International Humanities Center. To volunteer, email, or call 866.220.2370. For more information see or call 866.295.8372.

Exotic Tropical Flowers Bouquets starting at $65, Great for any occasion

A Unique Gift for Mother’s Day!

FREE SHIPPING! • 800.339.3350 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


A PR I L 20 10

n cafe

r e | g a l l e r ie s | p o e t s | co n v ers at io n | c u l tu r e


hakti Fest 2010 switches on the lights September 9 - 12 in Joshua Tree, California. This four-day music festival is a celebration of devotion to spirit and vibrant living with the foremost leaders of kirtan (sacred chanting), yoga, raw and natural foods, and seminars. Bhakti Fest takes place in the magical desert of the Joshua Tree Retreat Center on 450 acres of sacred land. The ingenuity and aesthetic of Frank Lloyd Wright is alive in the five buildings being used during the festival for classes, workshops, seminars, meditation and bodywork. Festival-goers will experience an abundance of kirtan on two stages, with over 80 hours of music by notable kirtan performers such as Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Deva Premal & Miten and Dave Stringer. The country’s leading yoga instructors will share their energy, spirit and experience with practitioners of all levels for 12 hours each day in two yoga halls. Yogis and aspiring yogis alike will have the opportunity to deepen their practice and challenge themselves with new asana styles. Yoga instructors include Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, Duncan Wong, Annie Carpenter and Sienna Sherman. The beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright sanctuary will hold workshops and seminars with Ram Dass (via video), Shyamdas, Howard Wills and many more, while the healing sanctuary will house top bodyworkers practicing massage, Shiatsu,

Bhakti Fest Turns On

Reiki, acupuncture and “structural energy-work.” On the outdoor Oracle Row, practitioners will offer readings using various ancient philosophies. In the Vendor Village, the leading organic food, clothing, beverage, vitamin and yoga supply companies will display their wares. Hemp clothing, herbs, coconut water, sunscreen and jewelry are a taste of the cornucopia of items for sale. Bhakti Fest is green! The festival’s Web host buys wind energy credits to offset energy consumption. During the festival all plastics, paper and glass will be recycled, and only carbon-free, recyclable water bottles will be available for purchase. All food vendors are vegetarian. Bhakti Fest charities will have booths set up for people interested in contributing or discovering more about the services of these organizations. Substantial portions of festival proceeds are donated to charities each year. Attendance at Bhakti Fest 2009 swelled to 2,500, with over 60 hours of kirtan in three days. Bhakti Fest 2010 promises to be an even more powerful convergence of people and energy! Come early for a special pre-conference Yoga Intensive with Shiva Rea on September 8, and stay for a post-festival Yoga Intensive with Saul David Raye on September 13. See you there! For more information, visit



A PR I L 20 10

v i s i o n

c a f e

Festival Encourages People


to ‘Be Awa re’

abriel of Urantia & The Bright & Morning Star Band are on a national “Be Aware” concert tour to raise awareness of important en-vironmental, social and spiritual issues. Gabriel of Urantia calls attention to global concerns and offers positive, practical solutions. Join them on May 7-9 at Avalon Organic Gardens, Farm, and EcoVillage in Tubac, Arizona. Global Change MultiMedia will be presenting the Be Aware Festival featuring the 11-piece Gabriel of Urantia & The Bright & Morning Star Band. Additional artists include Van’sGuard, Starseed Acoustic Ensemble, The Change Agents Band, DeoVibe, Israfel Awakened, and SaTNesu. Urantia’s unique style of music, CosmoPop, attracts people from all religions and walks of life who come together under a banner of “One God, One Planetary Family.” Urantia encourages everyone to be aware of such things as: The need for more green products and living more sustainably; the need to buy locally and to grow organic; the unequal Encinitas distribution of wealth, supplies, and material goods, such as the lack of proper health care and the high costs of medical Insurance Agency services. Urantia also believes we are in need of true spiritual and political leadership. “These issues aren’t being addressed by mainstream media,” (760) 942-5555 says Global Change Multi-Media Executive Director, Ben 148 N. El Camino Real Dameean Steinhardt. “People need to realize how important Encinitas these topics are. To change the world, we have to identify the problems and find viable solutions.” CA Lic: 0686321 In addition to live music, the festival includes camping, independent films, activist theater, eco-conscious speakers, Kids’ Village, hayride tours, ethnic foods, vendors, and more. A resident visitor experience is offered after the festival for those San Diego's only interested in learning more about organic gardening, eco-village Certified Green living, and the vision behind the ‘Be Aware’ movement. Insurance Agency “This gathering is by suggested donation,” says Gabriel of Urantia. “People of all ages, races, and economic brackets are encouraged to come, including the poor and disenfranchised. We trust that people who have the means will support the ‘newparadigm admission’ and give freely from their hearts so that these festivals continue and those less fortunate can attend.”

© 2009 Allstate Insurance Company



The festival is free for kids 11 and under. Suggested donations for ages 12 & up are given at the gate: 3 Days $30; Friday $16, Saturday $20, all proceeds benefit various nonprofit organizations. For more information and camping reservations visit www.BeAware2010. org or call 520.603.9932. Shuttle service available.

A PR I L 20 10

r e v i e w s “Issues In Your Tissues is compelling, honest, from the heart, grounded and believable. I recommend this book to anyone seeking insight into how to feel better.” ~ Alan Cohen here is no doubt in my mind that we hold memories in our bodies. Too many practitioners I have known over the years have described when a client, during a healing session, has had an emotional breakthrough. We all experience fear, sadness, anger, and joy but we don’t always have an appropriate outlet for them. Where does the energy of unshed tears go? Your body continues to experience physical symptoms as long as you carry the emotional charge or vibration associated with them. Your bones may have knitted back together and you may have regained physical function, but if you have not also released the sadness or anger or fear in those tissues, your body will continue to let you know that there are still issues to be worked on. I was recently introduced to Denise La Barre who has just written an amazing book entitled Issues in Your Tissues. The trick is recognizing your symptoms as an indication that there may be something non-physical to heal and then letting your body guide you to a solution. La Barre offers a Healing Catalyst where she intuitively listens to what your body is by Sydney L. Murray asking for via pain and other symptoms. In chemistry, a catalyst is the agent that causes a reaction but is not specifically part of it. La Barre says, “In a bodywork session, I don’t do the healing—that’s up to you, your body and the divine—but I can help you make connections that set your healing in motion. I then use my skill and experience to interpret that ‘asking’ into terms that your mind can understand and apply. Often it’s simply a matter of reassuring and relaxing your mind so that it gets out of the way for your body to heal itself.” The goal in La Barre’s book is to help more people make those connections in their own bodies and feel better. For over 35 years she has been doing bodywork, and she found that she says the same things to people over and over—things that we all have forgotten in our modern rush through life. She says, “We’ve learned to live in our heads, largely detached from our bodies and the information they give us about how to be wonderfully healthy. We go to doctors to ask questions about what’s ailing us yet the answers are already there, in our tissues, if we remember how to hear them.” You will understand the concept of the intuitive bodywork session by first reading Issues in Your Tissues. You can use the tools La Barre gives you in conjunction with bodywork or use them entirely on your own. It’s like sitting at the feet of an old healer telling stories that say, “This is what it can look like. You can heal this way, too.” The stories help you make connections between the tension in your body and the emotional issues that may underlie them. You see how you might also open up to shed your energetic “armor” and receive the indirect permission to continue doing so. The results can be amazing. Professional massage therapists will appreciate the candid recounting of sessions as a touchstone for their own work and as confirmation that we’re all finally ready to discuss intuitive bodywork openly. If you are looking to heal aspects of yourself and your life this book is must-read. For more information visit,


Whole Green Catalog: 1000 Best Things For You and the Earth Edited by: Michael W. Robbins


reen is here! Heralding a planet and people-friendly lifestyle, the Whole Green Catalog is a valuable resource in the move toward sustainability. Within these pages are plenty of great tips and advice, interspersed between useful articles on topics ranging from cleaning and eating well, to eco-technology and green pet care. This catalog is an accessible green lifestyle bible for those who are already part of the “green” movement, and it’s just as useful for those who want a guide to products and ideas that just happen to be environmentally conscious. Packaged in a large, unassuming catalog-style paperback volume, it reads like a “browser” book, with pages divided into sections under each category, and plenty of pictures for those who are more visually inclined. The layout also lends itself nicely to random browsing, or for tackling the book’s many categories in small sections at a time. For example, did you know that flying in the daytime uses up fewer greenhouse gases? At night a plane’s contrails (the clouds of water vapor that form in its wake) trap heat that is emitted from the earth’s surface, adding to the greenhouse effect that warms the planet. During the day, however, these white clouds reflect some sunshine back into space, reducing their impact. And flights during the winter are more environmentally destructive—something to keep in mind next time you make travel arrangements. You can find more about this and other subjects such as “voluntourism” and camping tips under the travel section. Of course, the book itself is printed with 100 percent post-consumer materials. Hopefully this volume can contribute to making the green movement an integrated and interesting part of everyone’s lifestyle. Whole Green Earth Catalog, $29.99. For updated blogs and articles, including a green glossary, visit their website at: – CC V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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Dr. Richard Bartlett

SAN DIEGO, CA August 20 - 26 Levels 1&2 and 3

Upcoming Seminars: SEATTLE, WA May 14 - 17, Level 1&2 w/Practitioner’s Certification May 18 DENVER, CO June 4 - 7, Levels 1&2 CHICAGO, IL July 10 - 11, Level 3 Whizard’s Training COMING SOON Atlanta, Boston & San Francisco Check our website for more upcoming national seminars and to watch video clips REGISTER ONLINE and WATCH VIDEOS at

In Book Stores Now! The Physics of Miracles

Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential

by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND Author of Matrix Energetics

MATRIX ENERGETICS 800-269-9513 Join our Matrix email list for news, events and newsletters.

h o i s t i c

p r o d u c t s

U-Turn 2 Tap Stainless Steel Water Bottles


am so glad to see people replacing individual water bottles with reusable ones. But where to start? There are many choices in the marketplace. How about stainless steel bottles that are beautiful and come in different colors/designs from a local California artist? Rarely would a food or beverage container be considered a work of art, but U-TURN 2 TAP proves that their premier line of stainless steel bottles is as stylish as it is eco-friendly. U-TURN 2 TAP’s products feature the original works of Laguna Beach eco-artist Shane Townley. These bottles—entitled the Natural Surroundings series— offer a stylish alternative to plastic water bottles. Townley’s designs use earthy tones to convey scenes of natural landscapes, evoking a sense of appreciation for the environment. “We chose Shane not only because of his natural artistic ability, but because he is as dedicated to environmental preservation as we are,” said U-Turn’s founder and co-owner Jessica Mulligan. “We plan on highlighting new artists with each product line that we roll out.” U-TURN 2 TAP’s ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of plastics and environmentally-hazardous materials being dumped into landfills and oceans each year. Bottles are made with premium quality 304-grade stainless steel and designed with non-toxic paints. Each bottle is completely free of plastics, bisphenol A (BPA) and other toxins. “As consumers, we don’t realize how many plastic bottles are thrown away each year, taking hundreds of thousands of years to decompose,” said Mulligan. “We’re proud to offer a solution that’s not only healthy, but it helps promote local artists in the process.” U-TURN 2 TAP bottles are currently available online at www.uturn2tapcom. In San Diego at all Jimbo’s, Henry’s Eastlake and Frazier Farms of Vista. The 27 oz. bottles are priced at $16.95. –SLM

Hypnotherapist Program! Mueller College of Holistic Studies is proud to add the Hypnotherapist program to its existing bodywork programs - the first new offering in its 34-year history! - Learn how to open your own practice as a professional hypnotherapist

- Have fun while becoming a life-management expert

Mueller College of Holistic Studies TM

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water purification




Laura Geralyn Kline

Skill in Action Evenness of Mind. Body-friendly Yoga for every Body...

• Healer • Spiritual Messenger • Twin Flame/Soulmate Reconnection

Svaroopa® Yoga


Golden Hill class details:

WATER-N-ICE STORES 25271/2 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92104 (1 Block East of Texas Street)

619/296-1622 Pre-Pay: 45¢ per gallon Pay-as-you-go: 50¢ per gallon Up to 10 FREE Gallons upon your first visit to our store, just bring in your own bottle or buy one of ours! 9-7 Mon.-Fri. • 9-6 Sat./Sun.

KEEP YOUR YOGA GLOW EVEN IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC! Get centered beyond the yoga studio in all of life’s situations. Discover the tools to live your spiritual practice everyday. Jannine Oberg 760.580.2538, 06/10


ADVANCED 300-HOUR YOGAWORKS TRAINING: MAY-NOVEMBER 2010. In depth study with visiting master teachers and local mentors incl. Gerhard Gessner, Stacy McCarthy, Amy Caldwell, Dennis Dean, Ingrid Yang. Weekends & evenings. For details please visit www.prana-yoga. com or call 858.456.2806. 04/10 yoga dance fitness MIX. SD’S NEWEST INTIMATE STUDIO: 4836 Rolando Blvd. 92115 619.889.0061 First class FREE! SD residents only. Only $10 after! 04/10

h y p n o t hera p y


Margo Mariana

Clairvoyant Counselor, Life Coach Medical Intuitive – Clarity and guidance for career and creativity, relationships, transitions and health – Personal tools for stress management, wellness, success and harmony – Discounts available

Appointments: 619.465.7909 Email: Web: V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


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“Energetic Spring Cleaning” continued from page 11


Free Monthly Message Circles Need Answers?

Channeled Guidance for Life’s Issues & Your Soul’s Path to Joy

Rev. Elivia Melodey Psychic Medium since 1982


Accurate, Reliable Professional PHONE – IN PERSON READINGS All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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San Diego Reader 2007

Renew & Transform with Holistic Reflexology

Advanced Foot Reflexology

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Brandy Castro is a certified trainer of the Bronnikov Method with NeuroVision Academy. Castro conducts Bronnikov Method workshops throughout the Americas. For more information, please visit

–Louise Hay, best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life


Mind-Body medicine that actually works by boosting your own healing powers!

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“When All We Need Is Just Enough” continued from page 15

Ariel Talmor

Renowned Reflexologist & Intuitive Healer

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the body compared to other parts. Repeat the cycle several times. Each time you repeat, pay attention to the change in sensations. Are the sensations stronger or weaker in certain parts? Can you feel as if your bones are stretching with the energy movement? Can you feel the energy move through every part of your body and not just jump between the joints? You can also vary the speed of moving the energy: accelerate it, slow it and even stop it. The key is to be in conscious control of the movement. Your energy needs to move when you command it to move. Also, when you work with a partner, as he creates the energy ball, put it in your right palm and help move it through the same motions. Notice how the energy feels, moving through your body when you work alone versus working with a partner. By moving the energy ball from one area of your body to another, you reinforce the connection between the brain and that particular part of your body. This technique moves and opens energy through the bone channels. You then may be able to consciously determine problem areas within yourself based on the quality of these feelings and the degree of controllability. You might be able to repair or clean these hidden problem areas by continuing to practice with the energy during all of the seasons, not just spring.



However, transitioning into a new way of providing for our needs will not be easy, or without hardship. An overhaul of our power infrastructure must be undertaken and the use of most fossil fuels must be eliminated. We need to halt deforestation and start massive, global-wide replanting. Here in Southern California, it is especially important that we conserve and hold holy freshwater and rainfall. It is also essential that we again learn to enjoy what we are eating. Most importantly, though, we must re-pattern our thinking about where the things we use come from and where they are going once we are done with them. Reuse and recycling with a goal of zero-waste should be a requirement for all states and regions. Yes, we can begin today. All we need to do is start paying attention and consuming responsibly. Contrary to popular opinion, greening our lives is not solely situated within a commercial marketplace that touts eco-conscious products. Rather, it is about making the most of what we have and shifting our perceptions. Greening our lives is about celebrating and honoring this Earth while tossing out antiquated notions about “saving” it. After all, the living organism that is this planet could swallow our human race up whole, if and when it decided to do so. Most pressingly, stating that the Earth needs saving indicates a premise of lack and, thus, a denial of our humanity. Instead, let’s think like an ecosystem while adopting and embodying a premise of possibility. Truly, this is the most direct path to greening our lives now: by learning to notice with new eyes the sparkling branches outside your windows, the bending grasses, the trees and rocks, the singing birds, and the waving spring blossoms; by honing the ability to perceive your own thoughts along with the thoughts of others as a wider view and believing in the notion that everything is in its proper place, including you. Look out, around and say, “Yes, this is it. This is enough – it is just enough.” Deepen your understanding of how to integrate sustainable practices in your dayto-day life at the Cultivating Food Justice Conference, a free weekend event at SDSU, April 24-25. For more info, please visit or email cara@



A PR I L 20 10

“Devin Grace is a Gift to our World” continued from page 23

All of those calls were going to a law firm—maybe there was one person in the law firm that needed help in a way that I would have never known. Who knows? I’m not attached to knowing—I just trust. The ego wants to know; the ego wants answers. The ego loves to be in therapy for 20 years. It loves to analyze itself and go in circles. But the guides I work with are very clear. They do not waste any time; they go straight to the source of the matter and they deal with it. Do I handle all of life like this? No, definitely not. There are certainly things in my unconscious thought system that get triggered and as soon as they do, I stop everything and ask myself what part of me needs attention right now to clear this. VM: What is something that you do every day to help you in your life and in your work? DG: I live on the island of Maui, so I go to the ocean or for hikes in the mountains. Getting out in nature is great for me, as well as connecting with friends and family. I probably spend about three hours a day in my own healing work connecting to spirit. I always make time in the day for it. VM: With more than two decades consulting with people, what has been the most surprising element of your work? DG: The courage of people. Before a session I’m always thinking, This person might hang up in the first five minutes and I would refund their money 100 percent, but no one has ever done that. I’m constantly shocked when people are ready to face the information that comes through and when they have the courage to shift out of their egos and more into their spirits. It’s so beautiful. Every session is like a flower blooming. VM: How do you think that the moon affects each one of us? DG: I believe that the moon can represent clear focus. It also can represent a lot of ego. People can use the shifts of energy of the moon and the planets to make excuses for not showing up and taking responsibility for their own inner processes. There’s some part of the moon planted in the mind of the ego, and people respond to it as, It’s a full moon; of course I’m acting this way, instead of asking, (regardless of the moon phase), Is how I’m acting today in line with my higher self? So everything—the moon, the stars, the ocean—I think it’s all a reminder to reflect back on ourselves and ask, Am I in line with my higher self in this moment? Is my perception coming from my right mind? VM: Is there anything new on the horizon for you in the next year? DG: I might put out a few more ads with the wrong phone number and see what happens after that. [she laughs.] Seriously, I feel that there’s probably going to be more group work; that’s what the guidance is starting to slowly open me up to. I’ve always done individual work but after doing it for so many years, I can see that others witnessing sessions can be really healing. I’m seeing a much larger group experience where viewers’ own issues will be cleared as a result of watching someone else go through their process of clearing and awakening. VM: Do you have hope for our world? DG: I don’t have hope for the world; I have absolute knowing of it. Hope for the world is putting it outside of where it really needs to be. I have a knowingness that our world will go through exactly what it needs to in order for every single soul to awaken to who they truly are. So, if we have wars and nuclear bombs, I’m going to trust that this is something in the unconscious thought system that needs to be awakened somehow. Do I have hope for the world? No. I have knowing for every human being that we will all awaken. And awakening is simply remembering who we truly are, when the ego is no longer there and we’re in our right mindedness— so when wrong numbers are printed or when nuclear bombs hit, you can still be in a place of peace. Devin Grace offers business, personal or spiritual consulting sessions. She may be reached at 800.980.7636 or through Mention Vision Magazine and receive 10% off your first session. V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E



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TED “To Pain R p Ten Natur al elieve Health r, Consume r Diges t”

means I no longer wake up ~ Lolita R., Palos Heights, IL

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Calendar ‘star’ continues to herald the return of the Christ

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APRIL ‘star’ continues

‘star’ continues to APRIL 3 SATURDAY herald the FAIR return of HOLISTIC HEALING AT THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT 10am-3pm. Highest Quality Healers. $20 Christ for 20 minutes. First the Saturday of every month. Lake Forest, CA. 949.340.7408

Norway Learn about the World Teacher Maitreya Introductory Presentations 3 pm 1st Sunday of month Controversial Bookstore 3063 University Ave - SD 6:30 pm 2nd Wed. of month Philosophical Library 2091 E. Valley Parkway #D Escondido SD cable public access channel Wed 9:30 pm Cox Sat 5:30 pm Time Warner Visit our booth at local street fairs Serve through Transmission Meditation 9:30 am Sun, 7 pm Tue and 8 pm Fri in San Diego (619) 223-6703 For LA/SF info about events & Transmission Meditation groups in other cities: LA: (818) 785-6300 SF:

APRIL 9 - 11 FRIDAY & SUNDAY PRESCOTT, ARIZONA APRIL 9-11, 2010 FAMILY CONSTELLATION WORKSHOP Family Constellations create a living model of the family that discloses the deeper forces influencing our thoughts, behaviors Jersey and emotions.New Developed in Germany by Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations heal Learn about the deep-seated “entanglements” that may disturb one’s life and relationships. Claus World Teacher Maitreya Kostka, German psychotherapist and student of Hellinger, travels internationally facilitating workshops regularly sold out Introductory Presentations in Canada, U.S. and throughout Europe. Email - 3 PrescottFamilyConstellations@ pm 1st Sunday of month or for cost and information Bookstore call RitaControversial at (951) 203-3216. A September 2010 workshop will be held in San Diego. University - SDor Contact3063 Christine at (760) Ave 505-4559 E-mail:

6:30 pm 2nd Wed. of month Philosophical Library APRIL 10 SATURDAY COMPREHENSIVE 6-WEEK COURSES 2091 E. Valley Parkway #D ON REIKI AND ENERGY HEALING CA Board of Registered Nurses approves Escondido

this course for 30 CE contact hours CEP 15226SD cable public access channel 619.204.0504. 4/10

Wed 9:30 pm Cox

SUFI WRITING RETREAT AND MEDITATIONSat with5:30 Sufi Teacher Mary Ber 9:30 pm Time Warner - 3:30pm. or call 951.659.2523

Visit our booth at local street fairs

APRIL 10 - 11 Serve through SATURDAY & SUNDAY SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE ON Transmission Meditation BOTANICAL MEDICINE, TEMPE ARIZONA. Topics 9:30 am Sun, 7include: pm Tue Pelvic and Decongestants; Cardiovascular Blood Markers; 8 Top Ten Aromatic Herbs; pm Fri in San Diego Herb Walks and more! Keynote: Rosita Arvigo of Belize. CE credits. www. 800.252.0688 (619) 223-6703 04/10

For LA/SF info about events & APRIL 11 sunDAY Transmission Meditation groups COME JOIN US AT THE LA COSTA RESORT AND FOR THE SEVEN in SPA other cities: SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS TRANSFORMATION CIRCLES. Also May 16 &LA: June(818) 13. 785-6300 For details and registration visit mytransformationcircles. SF: com 05/10 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E


17 SATURDAY ‘star’ continues to APRIL DARSHAN WITH LOUIX DOR DEMPRIEY - Saturday, April 17th at 5PM herald the return Manifest Your Intentions & Desires of Rose Temple, 305 Rose Ave., Venice, CA 90291 To be in the presence of Louix Dor Dempriey is a rare gift that can the Christ have profound transformational effects.

Have better relationships, live the life you love! Come Join Us At The La Costa Resort And Spa For The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success Transformation Circles

To receive the blessing of this spiritual Master often evokes exalted states of bliss, kundalini rising, and even, at times, healing of physical ailments. This very special evening will be accompanied by devotional chanting performed by Pranam, musicians from Prema Drala Ashram, who traditional kirtan with contemporary April 11th, May 16th, June 13th blend music styles. For more information, please contact Samantha at 888.288.3735; or Norway Tuition is $25/advance and $30/door. e-mail This event For more details and registration visit is sponsored by the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation and attendance is by donation. Learn about the For more information, please visit: http:// World Teacher 04/10 APRIL 13 tuesDAY MASSAGEIntroductory SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE: Presentations Outstanding Career Certifications: APRIL 17 - 18 Massage Therapist, Much More. SATURDAY & SUNDAY 3 pm 1st HHP, Sunday of month Compare Exceptional Quality/Great THE CLAIRVOYANT EXPERIENCEInstructors, Controversial Save Up to 60%. www. PSYCHIC BOOT CAMP WORKSHOP Bookstore, 760.635.1085. APRIL 17-18 - 9:30AM TO 5:00PM, 3063 University Ave - SD Temescal Gateway Park. Join Author Debra lynne Katz (You are a Psychic, Extraordinary Psychic & Freeing the 6:30wednesDAY pm 2nd Wed. of month Genie Within) for this fast paced adventure APRIL 14 SYMPOSIUM: CHANGING THE DREAM exploring your own psychic abilities to Philosophical Library ~ AWAKENING THE DREAMER. levels never imagined. Learn to see visions An Internationally knownParkway program#D and “read” and heal yourself and others 2091 E. Valley through Pachamama Alliance www. utilizing exciting group format. emphasis 951.659.2523 on self healing and alchemy. All levels Escondido welcome. Call Sherri at 310.623.0580 or visit

SD cable public access channel

APRIL 17 SATURDAY Wed 9:30 pm Cox CHRISTIAN SCHOYEN, FOUNDER AND BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the Sat 5:30 pm Time Warner life manual, A SECOND LIFE, God Is Giving You A Second Chance, will be at Visit our booth The Imagine Center on Saturday, April 17 from 11am – 5pm. Book signing and a free at local street fairs talk on the life support and belief system designed to free you to create the life of Serve unlimited potential that through God intended. 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA Transmission Meditation 91356. Register at 818.345.1100 or online at 9:30 am Sun, 7 pm Tue and

APRIL 18 sunDAY THE ART OF CHINESE AND JAPANESE BOOKBINDING with Tara Hu 10-3pm. Creating fine art books, hand scroll book, accordion book and ancient bamboo bookbinding and more...Enso Meditation Retreat in Pine Valley. For more information and registration ensomeditiation@yahoo. com or see

APRIL 23 friDAY THIS IS NEW!8THIS IS DIFFERENT! FIND MIRABAI CEIBI SPIRITUAL CHANT pm Fri in San Diego OUT WHAT’S BAFFLING THE MEDICAL CONCERT Friday, April 23rd 7:30PM COMMUNITY. Discover why hospitals and 1401 Windsor Rd, Cardiff 92007 Tickets universities around the world are investing $20 Soulscape 223-6703 time and money (619) in an attempt to explain Bookstore 765 Southcoast Hwy, Encinitas these healings…and how you too, can 92024 More information call 619.692.3521 master this extraordinary work! Level I/ For LA/SF info about events & II Reconnective Healing & Level III The THE ART OF CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY Reconnection in Palm Springs with Doug with Tara Hu 2-6 pm. Mindful meditation Transmission Meditation groups De Vito April 17-20, 2010 Hilton Palm with the calligraphy brush in action... Springs Resort. in Level I/II Reconnective workshop class at Enso Meditation retreat other cities: Healing & Level III The Reconnection in in Pine Valley. For more information and Phoenix with Christine Upchurch May 15registration LA:Resort (818)&785-6300 18, 2010 Scottsdale Athletic Club. or see more information please contact: 888. Meditation/ SF: EricPearl, 888.374.2732 or 323.960.0012, or www. 04/10


A PR I L 20 10


APRIL 25 sunDAY SUNDAY MORNING WITH SPIRIT: Guided meditation and personal Angel messages by Rev. Uki in Carlsbad, 11 am. By donation. For details and reservations, 800.883.2840 or

MAY MAY 1 SATURDAY INTRODUCTION TO THE FLOWER REMEDIES of Dr Edward Bach, Level 1, Live Web Level 1 Course in advance of our onsite Level 2 training in California this July. Program approved by Bach Centre, UK. CEs available. Information and online enrollment at www.bachflowereducation. com. MAY 3 MONDAY 10% DISCOUNT FOR SERVICE PROFESSIONALS - The first Monday of each month is Service Professionals Day at The Imagine Center, with 10% off all retail merchandise with your business card. We offer intuitive readings and retail merchandise for spiritual enrichment and personal empowerment. 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. Free parking in the rear. Call 818.345.1100 or shop on line at www.theimanginecenter. com SACRED CIRCLE with exceptional healer Janice Hope. Guided meditation, breathwork, color and music. In Carlsbad, 7 pm. Private healing sessions with Janice available on Saturday. 800.883.2840 or www. APRIL 24 saturDAY DR. DAVID R. HAWKINS - “Power vs. Force” Internationally renowned spiritual teacher, author and speaker! Join him for an all-day Saturday seminar from 10am5pm at the Mingus Union High Auditorium in Cottonwood, Arizona. $125 Bookstore will be open! info@ 928.282.8722 APRIL 24 saturDAY FREE 2 HOUR WORKSHOP! Your Body’s Secret Language Revealed! How to understand your body’s Emotional, Mental, And Spiritual Messages! Learn how to decode your body’s Vibrational Language and how to harness your EMOTIONS. What pain is really about (surprise!) Learn your body’s spiritual language...It’s not what you think! 7pm-9pm Carlsbad. Call Now! 760.692.0252. Space is Limited To 20 people.

APRIL 25 sunDAY THE CHINESE ANCIENT ART OF CALLIGRAPHY ON SEALS with Tara Hu. 10-3pm. This is a unique opportunity to learn the art of engraving one’s own ‘chop’ or seal mark. Participants will work to unify calligraphy, composition and engraving. Enso Meditation Retreat in Pine Valley. For more information and registration or see http://

MAY 6 THURSDAY STARTING THURSDAY MAY 6TH from 7-9pm a series of classes will begin on the Tarot and Qabalah with expert Tarot Card Reader and Teacher, Bianca Waxlax at the Center of Sacred Transformations. Lecture, readings and more! For info call 619.384.9208.

MAY 7 - 9 FRIDAY - SUNDAY BE AWARE FESTIVAL 10:00 AM TO 10:00 PM by suggested donation at gate Featuring Gabriel of Urantia & the eleven-piece Bright & Morning Star Band. Additional artists include Van’sGuard, Starseed Acoustic Ensemble, The Change Agents Band, DeoVibe, Israfel Awakened, Sa T Nesu, and other Global Change Music nonprofit record label artists. In addition to live music, the festival includes camping, activist theatre, eco-conscious speakers, Kids’ Camelot Village, hayride garden tours, ecovillage experiences, ethnic foods, vendors, drumming circles, a purification lodge, and featured film by Michael Moore, Capitalism: A love Story. Proceeds from the event benefit local nonprofit service organizations. 2074 Pendleton Dr., Tumacacori, AZ. For info & directions - 520. 603.9932

MAY 15 SATURDAY TRANSCENDENTAL REBIRTHING™ One-day intensive Workshop: 9amcomplete. Transform your Life & Rebirth in Brilliance! In San Diego w/ Swami Deviananda 858.405.5088/www. 06/10 V I S I O N M AG A Z I N E

MAY 14 - 16 FRIDAY - SUNDAY I CAN DO IT! SAN DIEGO CONFERENCE The Mind Body & Soul Retreat featuring dozens of your favorite speakers including Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Cheryl Richardson, Joan Z. Borysenko, Ph.D., Krishna Das, Louise L. Hay, Lisa Williams, Caroline Myss, and many more in workshops ranging from health to psychics to spirituality. Optional Thursday Keynotes and friday pre-conference workshops. Visit or call 800.654.5126

JUNE JUNE 12 SATURDAY DIVINE TRANSFORMATION Transcendental Rebirthing™ Special Event: 107pm. Rebirth with the Divine Mother! In San Diego, w/ Swami Deviananda 858.405.5088 www.sacredrebirthing. com. 06/10


Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association


Incorporated and Serving ALL in California Since 1896

SaturdaysHealing 1:00pm Church 2:00pm Sundays Healing 10:00am Church 11:00am

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1st Sat. of Month, 10:00am-4:00pm

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• Mediumship • Healing • Ministerial • Ordinations

Private Readings Available Information about Speakers & Directions


Escondido, CA ONENESS MEDITATION - Learn to use breath as a pathway to Source/All that IS and Divine Earth. You will walk away connected to divine love, life purpose and support for moving your life forward. 11-12:30 at The Imagine Center, 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. Register at 818.345.1100 or online at $10 minimum donation. SPICA - WAY OF LIGHT INSPIRATIONAL SERVICES 2nd Sunday of the month at 10am, 4th Sunday at 9am. Myztic Isle Bookstore, 8036 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA. 619.588.6483 for information. 04/10


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OM SPIRITUAL CENTER SUNDAY 10AM SERVICE All Faiths are welcome! 1233 Camino Del Rio South-Mission Valley, San Diego, 92108 858.213.7061

FIND THE CENTER OF DIVINITY WITHIN! Inspirational prayers, metaphysical teachings, music, social hour to follow. 10:30AM-11:30AM. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007 04/10

MONDAYS FIRST MONDAY – The first Monday of each month is Service Professionals Day at The Imagine Center, with 10% off all retail merchandise with your business card. We offer intuitive readings and retail merchandise for spiritual enrichment and personal empowerment. 18635 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, CA 91356. Free parking in the rear. Call 818.345.1100 or shop online at www.theimaginecenter. com 04/10 FREE PSYCHIC READINGS every FIRST Monday 7:30pm by students in Vessa’s INTUITIVE INSIGHTS Clairvoyant Program, 4455 Morena Blvd. #108, 858.509.7582 www.MyIntuition.Net 06/10

WEDNESDAYS MIRACLE CIRCLE MEDITATION: Connect with your inner divinity through deep meditation, inspirational prayers, and group discussion. 7PM-8PM. Teaching of the Inner Christ 1100 N. Second St. Suite 1114 El Cajon, CA 92021. 619.447.7007 04/10 YOGA: SKILL IN ACTION - Stand in your bones, maintain an open spine. Learn to do “hard” poses, without tightening. San Diego 619.813.6733 04/10 THURSDAYS FREE DETOXIFICATION AND WEIGHT LOSS CLASS 1st Thursday of every month. 6:30 PM. Easy and successful program. Register @ Body Basics Health Center, San Diego. 619.296.7390 05/10

FRIDAYS HAPPINESS CLASSES - Based on the lifehealing teachings of VERNON HOWARD, Fridays - 8pm; Sundays - 10am. New Life Foundation, 5779 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA. 714.899.9300 Conquer stress, handle difficult people with ease, banish problems. Donation basis. 04/10

SATURDAYS PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE CLASSES. Outstanding Skills. Massage Therapist and HHP Programs for Licensing. Compare Exceptional Quality/Save Up to 60%., 760.635.1085. CERTIFIED NUTRITIONAL CHEF -THERAPEUTIC LUSCIOUS COOK (CNC -- TLC)™ Every other Saturday. 10 am – 1:30 pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760943-8485. 04/10 CERTIFIED ASIAN HEALING ARTS PRACTITIONER – Shiatsu, Acupressure, TCM, Nutrition, Herbs, plus many Asian Healing Therapies. Starts March 13. 1:30 – 6 pm. Natural Healing Institute, 760-9438485. 04/10

“Seek Joy, Strength and Love” continued from page 22

both looked forward to each day. I have told him many times that when I leave this life I want to come back as a tree. His comment back to me has always been the same. He insists that I need to let him know where I am planted so he can grow next to me. When we saw “Loving” on a spring walk one morning we knew that one day, that would be us. Many of us have probably discovered an inspirational quote that seems to show up at exactly the right time. More than anything, it’s that we are allowing ourselves to absorb its meaning for the first time. This is the way the tree spirits work and they are always there for us if we are receptive. Tree shapes depict the entire range of human emotions. It’s as if they know exactly what we’re going through and want to let us know that it’s all right. Relax, let them in, and enjoy them. You will find the ones who are seeking you. They will reveal themselves, all in good time. Joan Klostermann-Ketels is an author, educator, president of her own corporate training company, poet and musician whose professional and personal interests are dedicated to the health and well being of the human spirit. To discover more about her book PersonaliTrees, her activities and to explore the worldwide network of Beings of Sound Spirit, visit To order this book visit www.



A PR I L 20 10

a r t i s t

Louise Anne Marler

v i s i o n a r y

Louise Anne Marler is a Santa Monica-based photographer, designer and curator. She works in graphic and fine arts, specializing in vibrantly colorful imaging produced with super fine detail. Marler’s world communicates a deep tension between old and young; dirty and clean; rough and delicate. She distills beauty in the otherwise mundane. Marler is an outspoken environmentalist, incorporating sustainability into her art, and she works with activists to promote the message of ecological health. L.A. Marler is known for the Oil Is History® grassroots campaign that she created from her junkyard cars photo series. The photographs are paired with other artists’ work and alternative fuel autos to educate the public on new energy transportation. She says, “My passions for color, composition and communicating visually are demonstrated in my work and I strive for a simplistic beauty, rooted in truth and humor. Simple by design. Inspired by vintage Americana, I make contemporary statements of retro subject matters; I am fascinated by machinery as well as nature and I strive to create beauty from would-be mundane matter. I deliberately focus on the pure essentials of an image and I’m interested in the shadow, abstract composition, architectural geometry and organic beauty of landscapes. With an adventurous spirit, I explore different techniques and my favorite personal statement is, ‘You never know, unless you try.’ I consider myself original to the core, but I do love the work of Andy Warhol and Jeff Brouws.” Please visit



A PR I L 20 10

Wake up & smell the THC...


FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY l APRIL 23 - 25 2010 LOST YOUR JOB IS THIS ECONOMY? Don’t feel bad or ashamed come take a peak at the fastest growing industry in our economy. Maybe there is a future opportunity awaiting you in the cannabis/hemp industry for employment. Cannabis/Hemp is a 14 billion dollar crop in California alone.

WIN A FREE TRIP TO AMSTERDAM! At the THC EXPOSE, there are several chances to WIN A FREE TRIP TO AMSTERDAM FOR THE HIGH TIMES CANNABIS CUP 2010. Get a ticket to THC EXPOSE and be automatically entered into a drawing for a FREE trip to Amsterdam during the High Times Cannabis Cup.

THC INDIE FILM FEST A 100 seat movie theatre will be inside the THC EXPOSE viewing 20 hours of the greatest THC films ever made. It is FREE of charge once inside the THC EXPOSE. Check out our website for show times & details.

VIP TENT Mingle inside the THC EXPOSE with players in the industry.

ED ROSENTHAL GROW SEMINARS Bud guru Ed Rosenthal will offer his seminar lectures on Cannabis inside a private tented area inside the THC EXPOSE.

Open to everyone 18 years & older. Tickets are available online as well as at the box office the day of the events. April 23rd - 11:00 am - 9:00 pm - $10 Ticket April 24th - 11:00 am - 9:00 pm - $10 Ticket April 25th - 11:00 am - 6:00 pm - $10 Ticket www.THC

DEVIN GRACE Psychic Consultant /Energy Clearer

For over two decades, Devin Grace has assisted thousands of people to wake up to greater professional, spiritual and personal success. Her clients include politicians, healers, professionals, therapists, families, couples, addicts in recovery, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, spiritual seekers and many others!


• Over 20 years of psychic consulting experience • Advanced degrees in Business and Psychology • Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology • Award-winning spiritual screenwriter









How I work

“I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), and Clairaudient (clear hearing). I see, feel, and hear messages from your guides who are intimately familiar with you, your life, your lessons. During the sessions, vast amounts of blocked energy get removed and immediate healing begins.”

Psychic Consulting and Energy Clearing Business • Personal • Spiritual C l i e n t Te s t i m o n i a l H i g h l i g h t s

Absolutely blown away during my session with you ♥ Truly unparalleled ♥ Profound impact ♥ A single session with you is like ten therapy sessions ♥ I’ve been a skeptic about readings but this has changed my mind completely ♥ Far better than psychotherapy ♥ I could feel the energy coming through the phone ♥ I’ve had a few readings and by far, yours was the best! ♥ This unveiling of truth has changed my life ♥ What an astonishing experience! ♥ You got me through one of the most difficult periods of my life ♥ You were dead on! ♥ I found an immediate shift ♥ I couldn’t believe the amount of issues we covered in such a short time! ♥ It has lifted a deep private sadness ♥ That was completely amazing! ♥ How deep we were able to go in a short amount of time ♥ I think our session may have saved me years of anguish ♥ You are cheaper than a psychiatrist! ♥ The session was amazing! ♥ A state of peace and bliss that was completely brain numbing ♥ Giving peace of mind in times of total confusion ♥ No-nonsense explanation and loving, supportive guidance ♥ An incredible resource & ally ♥ Shockingly accurate – and always honest. ♥ Unforgettable! ♥ An answer to my prayers ♥ Understood to my core ♥ Unhindered ability to see and tell it how it is ♥ Awed by your gifts ♥ How accurate you are ♥ Great healing ♥ I am feeling more free and clear ♥ So inspirational and moving ♥ Awakening me to my possibilities ♥ Thank you for always being there ♥ You are truly gifted ♥ Amazing! ♥ I don’t think I could thank you enough ♥ Absolutely “right on” ♥ I don’t know how you nail it Devin, but you do! ♥ You really blew me away! • 800.980.7636

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