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Transparent LCD Transpare

Transparent LCD Retail merchants must continuously display their goods and descriptive content with high quality to attract customers’ attention and persuade them to purchase products. Sellers also need display solutions that are easy to install and control. By using a transparent LCD, you will not only be looking at an LCD, you will be seeing through it, showing the product. And by adding touch technology, you can create an innovative solution for any business.

Great news for businesses wanting to: •

Revamp their window, foyer or billboard-style display

Showcase their products in a new and creative way.

Coupled with a clever Transparent LCD Screen unit set-up, the latest mobile phone, face cream or jewellery is encased inside thedisplay while pictures, video or special effects (think snow and sparkles)simultaneously surround the product to inform and dazzle onlookers.

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How does Transparent LCD work? The LCD utilises ambient light, with no internal black lightening requirement.For this reason, it’s more energy efficient, costs effective, and reliable than otherdisplays of similar size.

Transparent LCD Screen: •

Available in 22” and 46”

Integrates physical product display and electronic content displayfunctionality

Accommodates Touch Technology; Touch Foil

Allows you to plug in and play Pc or Media Player content

Lightweight, durable and available in a range of sizes

What can the transparent LCD do for you? •

Showcase your product line and communicate your message in a unique, dynamic and memorable

Promote YOU and make your business premises stand out

Generate revenue through advertising

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Interactive Media Solutions from Vision2Watch

Within the ever-growing field of communication, it is important to stand out, to be unique. Vision2Watch is an agency specialised in interactive communication, combining creativity with state of the art technology to achieve just that. Development never stops at Vision2Watch and because of that we are alwasy able to offer you and your clients a stunning and refreshing experience that will leave a lasting impression. An entirely new way of communication: Advertisement 2.0

Vision2Watch Sorvaajankatu 11 A, 4th fl., 00880 Helsinki, Finland T: +358 207 419 950 E:

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