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Introduction Don’t just say what’s on your mind, Shoot it! Twitter, Facebook, slow media. They just take too long. Just shout and shoot it! Grab the slingshot, type your message and shoot it on the wall.

“What’s on your mind right now?” That’s the question on the mind of everyexhibitor. What are the people that are walking by thinking right now? What is their opinion about your brand, your stand, your products? Captivate them withthe Slingshot. A device designed to get the answers, but also the attention thatyou want., whether it is small and personal in your own stand, or 20 meters tall, visible from any angle.

What is the Slingshot? The standalone Slingshot system is a wooden catapult with an integrated touch screen onwhich a user can write whatever they like. After they’ve written their message theycan pull the elastic strapand aim at the projection on the wall. Their message is shot like apaintball on the wall, visible for all to see. Because the Slingshotis based on projection, you can add it to your stand or store without having tomake any large adjustments to what is already there.

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What can the Slingshot do for you? Not only does the Slingshot offer a stage to the thoughts and ideas of visitors, youcan also use it for other communication. You can show videos and pictures while it’snot in use. You could have people leave their details behind, so you can send theman email afterwards for example. You could even have the system take a picture ofeverybody that shoots, all automatically. Giving you even more options to reach outto your visitors afterwards, and at the same time gives your visitors a nice memoryof the fun they had at your stand.

The Slingshot: All of this makes the Slingshot an extremely powerful and effective addition to yourstore or stand. Not only is it fun, but it actually helps you with understanding what’sin the head of your visitors. It gives you the best tools to approach your visitorsbecause they are actually there, enjoying the Slingshot, and with that showing you first hand what’s on their minds. And because all the information is stored, you can use this afterwards as well. •

A unique way of communication

Attracts attention

Custom design

Low maintenance

Not only for sale, but also for rent

Flexible in content, size and effects

Can be placed at almost any location

Stable software and projectors

Recommended Application Areas: • Events • Expositions • Seminars

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Interactive Media Solutions from Vision2Watch

Within the ever-growing field of communication, it is important to stand out, to be unique. Vision2Watch is an agency specialised in interactive communication, combining creativity with state of the art technology to achieve just that. Development never stops at Vision2Watch and because of that we are alwasy able to offer you and your clients a stunning and refreshing experience that will leave a lasting impression. An entirely new way of communication: Advertisement 2.0

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Brochure Slingshot Finland  
Brochure Slingshot Finland