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Interactive media solutions

iFloor Floor

Introduction Turn your boring floor into an interactive sales medium! The iFloor turns your boring floor into a breath-taking, magical interactive experience for your customers or passers-by. It displays interactive, lively content that people can touch and play around with. And, more important, it increases sales! By using the touch free interaction in the interactive floor software, the customer is transformed from being an observer into a participant. He is not only being entertained, but you can also send him your message in an appealing way, thus making the recall effect much stronger than that of standard advertising media. The iFloor system consists of a sensitive infrared sensor that observes people’s activity. This sensor is connected to a computer with a high performance 3D engine running the iFloor software. The iFloor software then generates a visual effect, which is displayed by one or more projectors or any other display technology. What do you need? •

One or more projector

Pc with iFloor software


IR Sensor

Projection Floor

Additional elements are •

Sound system

Truss mounting

• Cube •

Wireless Network

These elements are only supplied on request

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Combine your corporate design with our iFloor Our Interactive Floors uses the iFloor software designed by Vision2Watch. This software can be tailored specifically to your multimedia advertising, marketing or general business needs. •

Promote YOU and make your business premises really stand out

Generate revenue through advertising

Communicate your message in a unique, fun and memorable way!

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Application areas The iFloor system can be used in various application areas, such as: •

Trade shows and events

Hospitality: bars, hotels, clubs, lounges

Recreation: museums and amusement parks

Shops: use it as an advertising medium

Digital signage and the out-of-home media

Children’s play areas

General information Installation Depending on the situation, the system can be installed in a number of ways. Most common is that the system will be mounted on a truss setting. This may be an existing truss arrangement or one that came with the product. Here, the projector is mounted to a suspension module and it is clamped with double clamps on the tubes of the trusses. This same principle is applicable when mounting to the ceiling. Another possibility is using a mirror plate: a plate designed by Vision2Watch that can be placed on the ceiling containing computer, projector, camera and mirror. This makes the system more compact and less obtrusive to work with. All installations are dependent on the situation and the items are delivered in with Vision2Watch.

Vision2Watch - Sorvaajankatu 11 A, 4th fl., 00880 Helsinki - Finland

Effects Vision2Watch offers a large number of effects, from a fish pond to a puzzle or even an interactive soccer game. All effects can easily be customized according to the customers’ demands by just changing the pictures in the effect. This can even be done from a remote location, as all systems offer a network option. Also, a playlist can be created. By using this feature, you can create specific time settings for each effect.


Settings to be altered



This effect shows a pond with various types of fish and crabs that react to people moving. Walking over the pons, you can see the water waves where you place your foot

Sensitivity of the fishes reaction, wave force, number of fishes, place a bridge over the pond, top view or side view etc

Place a logo in the pond


The puzzle effect uses 2 layers on top of each other. When someone walks over the floor, the parts will float up or down and show the 2nd layer

Pieces can be Rectangles or real puzzle elements, size of the elements, refresh duration, move up or down, sensitivity

You can change the image


There are a lot of floating objects through the field, from left to right and top to bottom. When the user steps on one of these objects will float to the camera, this will enlarge the object gives larger and makes it more visible, which is a nice effect to highlight the object

Size and amount of he 3d objects can be altered. Different background images can configured

You can change the background image and 3d skins


This effect is a combination of ice floes that respond to the user, and a fun retro game Pong. In this field, a number of ice floes floating on water, because these floes floating on water so they will respond. They would appear to float on small waves and constant in a small movement. At the moment the user stands on the ice they will start to move, they will be pushed under water and will float quietly resurfaced


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You can change the logo and corperate design colors


Settings to be altered


Quiz 1

The quiz effect is as the name implies, it is a quiz where the user should stand on the buttons to answer the questions. The field is divided into two sections, one for each player. Both sections are the same, but are mirrored to each other about the questions and answers make it readable. The quiz uses a points system, for every correct answer and how quickly the reply was given. The questions are asked randomly from a list and will be per game a few questions before a winner comes out

Quiz questions can be altered

Logo and corporate design can be altered

Quiz 2

The field is filled with an air like look. Clouds floats which are pushed away at the moment that the user here runs over it. In this field there are buttons which will become active 1 by 1 so that the user can stand on it. The moment the user stands on the button, it will become larger and change content. As a bonus there is constantly a plane flying through the field

Questions can be altered

You can change the background image, the plane skin, and the question cards


The scatter effect is a field that looks like a field. These are all images flying in all directions when the user walks over it with the result of the appearing of the underlying images

Size and amount of objects can be altered. Movement speed can be controlled. Different background images can be configured

You can change the background image and the floating objects


The eraser effect allows the user to erase any image displayed on the floor, by walking over is. Under the top layer lies another image layer that will appear the moment the top image layer is erased

The Size and the Amount of the eraser brush can be altered.

Change background images and place them in order from the top. You can change the color of the brush trail. You can place an image as an eraser, for instance an u.f.o. or a football


Vision2Watch - Sorvaajankatu 11 A, 4th fl., 00880 Helsinki - Finland



Settings to be altered



several buttons are placed on the background. When you touch the button, an animation starts. After x seconds the whole application reboot

Quiz questions can be altered

Logo and corporate design can be altered

Are you looking for a unique way to display your products? with the Jti effect you can show your products in 3d and let your audience interacti with it!

The size, movement and rotation of the 3d objects can be altered

You can change the background image and the skins of the 3d objects


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Interactive Media Solutions from Vision2Watch

Within the ever-growing field of communication, it is important to stand out, to be unique. Vision2Watch is an agency specialised in interactive communication, combining creativity with state of the art technology to achieve just that. Development never stops at Vision2Watch and because of that we are alwasy able to offer you and your clients a stunning and refreshing experience that will leave a lasting impression. An entirely new way of communication: Advertisement 2.0

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Brochure iFloor Finland