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Holograp Holographic Projection

Introduction Vision2Watch offers a spectacular new way of presenting your brand, product or service with the Holographic projection. Whether it’s on the shop floor, at a conference or in the lobby of your building, people will stop and watch. A spectacular sight for every passersby and an extraordinary way for your company to stand out: it gives your message the attention it deserves.

How it works Using special projection techniques people, products or other objects seem to float in space. This creates the illusion of areal hologram. The holographic projection is a spectacular experience and therefore an effective way to attract attention.

Vision2Watch B.V. - Kryptonstraat 102 - 2718 TD Zoetermeer - The Netherlands

The possibilities Because the holographic projection system uses very little space pretty much every construction is possible. You can use holographic projection in shop windows, in offices, lobbies or at events. This solution can even be applied on existing glass. The content can be pretty much everything you can think of. You can have customers interact with the holographic image of your product, let your salesmen float into the air or have butterflies fly through your room. Or imagine a product launch where you can show your product’s features via a 3D holographic display without using clunky 3D glasses. The holographic projection is also available as touch screen, making the image on the screen react or change when touched.

In brief: •

A unique way of communication

Attracts attention

Simple and quick to install at almost any location

Flexible in content and size

Holographic screen available in sizes from 35 inch to 134 inch, larger on request

Stable software, projection screens and projectors

Low maintenance

Not only for sale, but also for rent

Vision2Watch provides standard- or custom-made software

tel. +31- (0)79362 46 60 - -

Vision2Watch B.V. Kryptonstraat 102 2718 TD Zoetermeer The Netherlands tel +31(0)79 362 46 60 email:

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