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A guide to direct vision

what is dvs? From October 2020, all vehicles more than 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) will require an HGV

safety permit to operate in Greater London. This quick guide explains what this means for your vehicles and how we can help. Direct Vision was launched by the mayor of London and created to improve the safety for all road users.


3,750 130 Direct Vision was launched by the mayor of London and created to improve the safety of all road users in the city. Vision Zero means ensuring the street environment incorporates safe speeds, safe behaviours, safe street design and safe vehicles to target road danger at its source.

even though they oNLY made up 5% of traffic in both 2011 and 2012.

More than 130 people died on the roads in London in 2017, while 3,750 people were injured.

lorries were involved in over half of cyclist’s deaths

The DVS objectively measures a driver’s direct view through the windows of an HGV cab. Vehicles will be issued with a star rating from zero (poor) to five (excellent), which indicates the level of risk to people walking and cycling near the vehicle.

People walking, cycling or riding motorcycles


OF ALL DEATHS made up more than 50% of all casualties and

do i need a safety permit? All HGV’s more than 12 tonnes entering or operating in Greater London from 26 October 2020 will need to hold a safety permit. Permits will be issued from October 2019. The scheme will be enforced from 26 October 2020 across Greater London, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is the same date heavy vehicles will need to meet even stronger Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards London-wide.

are you ready for direct vision? Your vehicle needs to meet the minimum DVS star rating to be granted a permit.


What is the Direct Vision Standard? The DVS has been developed in order to address the high number of collisions in London involving HGV’’s and people walking and cycling.

From 26 October 2020, the minimum DVS rating will be one star to enter or operate in Greater The DVS measures a driver’s London and this will then increase to direct view through the windows of a minimum of three stars in 2024. an HGV cab (see image) If your vehicle does not meet the DVS star rating or is not rated, you will need to meet the ‘Safe System’ requirements to be granted a permit Under the scheme proposals, it would be unlawful to: • Operate an HGV more than 12 tonnes GVW in Greater London without a permit. • Breach Safe System permit conditions.

What is the safe system? The Safe System is a series of vehicle safety measures (fitted after point of manufacture) which are designed to reduce the risks that HGV’s present to people walking, cycling and other vulnerable road users. Vision Techniques have been at the forefront of safety for over 30 years and our products have been developed specifically for this purpose.

0 1 2 4 5

limited direct vision

increased direct vision


what do i need?

class v and V1 mirrors We offer a range of mirrors on our VT Store https://www.vtstore.co.uk/

required products for dvs

side under run protection

Advanced safety systems

audible alert for vehicle Prevents accidents in difficult driving conditions by specifically warning vulnerable road users of the vehicle’s intentions when they are conducting a turning manoeuvre.

blind spot camera Our Alpha range of cameras eliminate blind spots.

illuminated sign Improves vehicle visibility for approaching cyclists and vulnerable road users, warning them away from the left-side of the vehicle.

reversing radar

cyclist safety external warning sticker Self adhesive sticker to warn vulnerable road users.

A system using video analytic to detect cyclists and pedestrians.

close proximity sensors Detects moving objects within range of ultrasonic sensors and warns of hazards both visually and audibly on a display unit.

FMCW technology detects and monitors moving and stationary objects with 100% accuracy, with in-cab visual and audible alarms alerting the driver of hazards.

360° cameras Uses stitched images to give the driver a “birds eye” view for the safe manoeuvring of the vehicle.

required products mirrors

The Class IV & V Wide Angle / Close Proximity HGV Mirror has been designed to eliminate blind spots on a variety of different vehicles. The wide angle convex design ensures that the widest possible angles of view are made available, either at the rear or down the sides of the machine. This robust mirror has an unbreakable acrylic lens and moulded ABS body to ensure that it can stand up to the harshest of environments and meets EU Regulation e11iv and V03*6343. Mirror radius: 330mm Dimensions: 307mm Diameter

Alpha camera The nearside blind spot is accountable for many collisions, aerodynamic in design to fit on the side of your vehicle Alpha wedge camera eliminates these types of blind spots. Durable but lightweight this wide-angled view camera is built to withstand the rigours of daily life. Available in Standard 960H and High Definition 720p. Dimensions: 78(w) x 62(h) x 56mm

VT turnsensor Our VT TURNSENSOR system detects moving objects within range of ultrasonic sensors and warns of danger both visually and audibly to the driver. Helping to prevent collisions. The sensor system uses voltage-controlled echo pulse tones which reflect back to the sensor at their wide-angle radius. VT TURNSENSOR system is available with 2, 3 and 4 waterproof sensors and can be installed wherever you want them on your vehicle. The digital indicator uses a sleek, compact, easy-to-understand design and is simple to install. The cameras have two fitting positions, they can be underslung or flush mounted to suit.

VT turnalarm VT TURNALARM prevents accidents in difficult driving conditions by specifically warning cyclists of the vehicle’s intentions when they are conducting a turning manoeuvre. The VT TURNALARM system is a visual and audible alarm warning system. Inactive during normal driving, the system only activates when turning left and/or right. During a vehicle manoeuvre, the high-intensity LED’s will flash whilst the built-in speaker will beep and audibly state “Caution this vehicle is turning left” to gain the cyclist’s attention. By offering both audible and visual warnings, you can make cyclists and pedestrians more aware of the vehicle even if they are wearing headphones whilst travelling.


Viewing angle up to 150°

This external warning sticker drives best practice across the European fleet industry in terms of safety efficiency and environmental practice. Suitable for outdoor use, UV resistant, Anti-Scratch and over-laminate applied.

IP Rating: IP68

Size: 200mm x 300mm Material: Self Adhesive Vinyl

advanced safety products turnaware VT TURNAWARE is a blind spot camera system that uses sophisticated video analytic software to detect anyone moving towards the vehicle and will warn the driver of their approach. Using video analytics detection software VT TURNAWARE analyses the camera’s image to determine and senses whether a hazard is approaching the vehicle, recognising and ignoring any stationary objects or street furniture. The driver is then warned with an audible alarm and any movement is highlighted on the screen within the side detection area in a highlighted border. VT TURNAWARE provides full coverage along the full length of the vehicle, unlike ultrasonic sensors.

collision avoidance radars Designed for all types of on-road commercial vehicles, our state of the art radars detect with 100% accuracy. The in-cab audio and visual alarms alert the driver of hazards giving them enough time to react therefore significantly reducing the risk of an incident. Choose from our fully programmable VT BANKSMAN radar with our award winning auto- braking system for the ultimate in protection and collision avoidance or our cost effective 24GHz radar with its pre set detection zones. We believe that everyone deserves to go home safe, so whatever system you chose, you will be safe in the knowledge that you are providing workers, vehicles and the general public with a safe environment to operate in.

Depending on the type of vehicle or its driving conditions the detection zones can be customised to suit, we offer the option of adding an additional forward-facing camera to analyse the front of the vehicle and warn the driver of any pedestrians crossing in front of the vehicle when stationary. Speed sensors are used making those irritating false alarms a thing of the past.

360° overview

illuminated sign

Our VT OVERVIEW system has been hailed as the most comprehensive ‘overview’ any driver can have for the safe manoeuvring of their vehicle. The system is perfect for vehicles operating in busy environments. Our customers use VT OVERVIEW on construction sites, high street deliveries, congested traffic or when lane changes and turning is necessary.

Statistically, the most dangerous actions for a road user is to undertake a vehicle on its left-hand side, the driver can easily miss vulnerable road users who are hidden in their blind spots.

Four cameras are mounted around the vehicle providing drivers with a 360° and bird’s eye view. VT OVERVIEW works with each side camera to warn the driver if a car, cyclist or pedestrian enters the blind spot on either side of the vehicle. VT OVERVIEW uses overlapping stitched images to cover all angles around the vehicle to give the driver a completely clear vision in one easy to understand screen. The monitor and trigger system can be used for tailored screen set ups, such as a split screen to display specific camera’s when reversing or indicating.

Our tests show that using high-intensity warning flashes that are visible at eye-level is the most effective way of warning a vulnerable road user – heightening their awareness that the vehicle is about to turn. Waterproof and built using a light-weight yet robust aluminium frame this system can withstand the daily rigours of everyday life. It works effectively as part of our cyclist safety range, helping reduce the risk of incidents with cyclist, motorcyclist and pedestrians. The sign has been developed as a modular device -The sign content and colour can be adapted to meet your requirements. However, we’ve tailored the standard product to be either constantly illuminated or flash when the vehicle indicates.

what’s the difference between fors silver and direct vision? side proximity


A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user to be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle

front proximity

Left hand side camera


rear camera

front camera


right side camera

mobile recording


left side external audible alarm

not specified

Reversing alarm

Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left Additional front sensors with coverage defined by the UNECE Regulation 46 Class V1 mirror coverage zone

A fully operational camera monitoring system shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle

This device should have a manual on/off switch for use between the hours of 23.30 and 7.00 Should consider a system that combines spoken warning and white noise

fors silver

A close proximity sensor and audible driver alert system to notify the driver of other road users

Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left

Rigid goods vehicle over 75 tonnes gross vehicle weight to be fitted with a camera system that monitors the nearside blind spot A camera system that monitors the nearside blind spot

Camera system should also monitor front blind spot A camera system may also be fitted to the rear of trailers

A camera system should also monitor off-side blind spot

Camera systems should also be able to digitally record incidents and assist with driver training and development

Should be fitted with a manual switch to mute sound as required such as operating between 23.30 and 07.00 May be supplemented with a visual warning to vulnerable road users

Rear warning alarm activated when reverse gear is engaged

Should be fitted with manual switch to mute the sound when required such as operating between 23.30 and 07.00

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