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15 May, 2018


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Vol 11

An Elegant Party Center

Formar Dhaka Club

Issue 20

May 15, 2018

Page 36

Capacity : 350 Plus Special Any kind of Party Offer We have Standard Kitchen Liquare Permit

(718) 457-4577, (917) 662-0910, (718) 908-7552 l l 59-15 37th Ave. Woodside, NY 11377

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James Lim 69-07 Roosevelt Ave., 2nd Fl. Woodside, NY 11377 Open: Monday-Friday (9am-6pm) Saturday (9am-4pm)

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L.I.C# 1294360 Phone: (718) 205-1050 Fax: (718) 205-0976 E-mail:

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clxn] ev{/} ;Dks{ ug'{xf];\ 718-612-1156

61-43 186th St, Fresh Meadows NY

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@@ Sof/]6, @$ Sof/]6sf ;'gsf d'Gb|L, sfgsf] 6k, cf}+7L nufot ;a} lsl;dsf uxgf rflxof] < cfh} cfpg';\ . We unlock all kinds of Phone (globally) and repair MacBook, Laptop and all kinds of Phones too.  We provide services:  If you activate new plan you will get phone free.  All phones at discounted price. 

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YAMUNA JEWELRY 3750 74th Street Jackson Heights, NY 11372 phone: 929-395-4334

Lyca mobile giving 180 minutes to nepal Only 28 dollars per month

YOU AND ME WIRELESS Connecting People...

37-50 74th St. (Right) l Jackson Heights, NY 11372 l Tel: 646-875-3666 l E-mail:


Lamb  Goat  Meat Market

92-56 165st & Archer Ave. Jamaica, NY 11433 Tel: (718) 657 2700 : (718) 657 2772 Free Parking Available

Store Hours

Da Days 8am 8a a - 6pm


15 May, 2018

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(212) 334-3737 150 Broadway, St. 512, New York, NY 10038


Register Now SAVE $ 200 To Parents: We invite your child to join our intensive academic summer program. Classes will be in session from July to August or October. Parents may choose from among class and tutor for AP, SAT, PSAT, Regents, SHSAT, Hunter, Statewide, Gifted & Talented Prep. All of our veteran teachers are New York State certified. Your child will receive maximum attention because of our low teacher-student ratio. We prepare students for their upcoming grades’ work as well as standardized examinations. We provide our pupils with the training they need to be successful on the NYS Common Core, the Hunter Campus School Admission Test, the NYC Specialized High Schools Admission Test, the PSAT, and the SAT. During the past two and a half decades we have utilized specially developed programs designed to improve competence and instill confidence. Let your child reap the rewards of a summer at SPI.

• SAT / ACT • AP / Regents / PSAT • SHSAT • Hunter • ELA / Math / Essay & Debate • Science / History • One on One Tutor

Early-Bird Discount Sibling Discount

NYS Statewide Test Prep Classes SATURDAY 3rd ~ 8th GRADES / 9:00 A.M. ~ 12:00 P.M. ELA, MATH

January 13 ~ April 7, 2018 (12 Weeks)

P.Y.E. Education Center 41-32 75th street Elmhurst, NY 11373

(718) 565-1846



15 May, 2018

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W We Sell Natural Local Chicken W We sell Hard Chicken, Soft chiciken, medium chicken and W We sell Duck, quail, chakker, Roster, rabbit. W We sell local Hen, Eggs, Fresh Duck Eggs, Fresh Liver. We sell Fresh Goat's Leg. 3 hard chichen special - $ 12.99 We Accept EBT/Debit card/credit card

Bismillah Live Poultry Certified by Shariah Board of USA

baby goat.

37-15, 55th st, woodside, NY 11377 Ph: (718) 205-7200, (917) 295-4011


15 May, 2018

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Lunch special

11 am to 3 pm

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15 May, 2018


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15 May, 2018

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15 May, 2018

ACE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY â&#x20AC;&#x153;Your First Step towards a Successful Futureâ&#x20AC;? Get a Career in:

Medical Assistant (EKG & Phlebotomy Tech, Medical Office Procedures, Medical Billing & Coding) OR

Computer Networking

(A+, N+, Security+, MCITP, MCTS & CCNA Certification) ACE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY offers one of the lowest tuition charge for Medical Assistant and the Computer Networking programs in the New York State. ACE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is one of the leading training providers in New York City with locations in Queens and Manhattan. The school is licensed by the New York State Education Department. Ace has dedicated and expert faculty that ensures you receive the highest quality of training possible. Ace offers day and evening classes to fit your schedule. Small classes allow each student to get a personalized training experience. Ace is also authorized to enroll non-immigrant foreign students for select programs. Ace provides its students with different financing options to pay for their educational expenses, including its own 0% interest payment plans. In addition, Ace also provides job placement assistance. Job developers at Ace help you make your resume, give you interview tips, and guide you through your job search process. For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information; please visit our website Financial Aid is available for select programs to those who qualify. CLASSES STARTING NOW! (Manhattan) 312 West 36th Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY - 10018 Tel: 212-695-9700 or (Queens) 4040 75th Street, Suite 4038 Elmhurst, NY - 11373 Tel: 718-575-3223 Where it is all about Excellence in Education!!



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15 May, 2018


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VISHWA SANDESH NEW YORK INC. Executive Director: Roshan Dhungana Managing Director: Kedar Timilsina Editor in Chief: Bijaya Poudel Editor: Suraj Bhandari Guest Editor: Kalpana Ghimire Op-ed Editor: Sharad Pokharel Special Contributor/Columnist: Yogesh Aadi Nepal Bureau Rosan Puri (Editor) Mohan Bastola (Reporter) Shyam Smrit (Entertainment) Cartoonist: Rabi Mishra Graphic/Layout: Shyam Kumar Syangbo Advisor: Suresh Sapkota/Hemanta Shrestha 35-06, 2E, 73st, Jackson Heights, NY-11372 646-724-4431, 646-750-3746 Email:

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15 May, 2018


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15 May, 2018

GET YOUR TLC LICENSE ! BE YOUR OWN BOSS !! 6LPn;L nfO;]G; lng';\ Ú cfkm}+ dflns aGg'xf];\ ÚÚ 24 HR RSE TLC COU



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clgoldt sIffx? Unlimited Classes z cEof; k/LIff Practice Test z 6LPn;L b/vf:t TLC Application z cf}+7f5fksf] ldlt Finger Print Appointment z nfu"cf}ifw k/LIff;DaGwL hfgsf/L Drug Test Information z ^ 306] ;'/Iff;DaGwL kf7\oqmd 6 Hr Defensive Driving Course z ljz]if sIff Special Class z

JamaicaOne Taxi Trainers School 8712, 175th Street, C1, Jamaica, NY 11432 (Corner of Hillside Ave), Email:


2 Blocks from 179th Street, ‘F’ Train Station CALL US NOW:

SK DRIVING SCHOOL Learn Driving Safely

b'O{ xKtfd} 8«fOleª l;Sg'xf];\ .

xfdL;Fu % j6f sIffsf] Kofs]h z'Ns dfq @@% 8n/ (Including 5 Lessons+5 Hour certificate+Rush appointment+Car for exam)

!) j6f sIffsf] Kofs]h z'Ns dfq #%) 8n/ (Including 10 Lessons+5 Hour certificate+Rush appointment+Car for exam)

!% j6f sIffsf] Kofs]h z'Ns dfq $&% 8n/ (Including 15 Lessons+5 Hour certificate+Rush appointment+Car for exam)

sG6\ofS6 ckm/ dfq %)) 8n/ SPECIAL DISCOUNT 1 Lessons+Rush Road Test appointment+Car for exam (To Staten Island) only $100 * We pick up and drop off * Our all cars are new. We gave lesson from early morning to late night. * Available on Saturday road test

7 DAYS OPEN 7 am to 10 pm

t'?Gt} /f]8 6]:6sf nflu dfq @% 8n/ z'Ns All in 1 Offer 1. Lerner Permit 2. Driving License (E) 3. TLC License 4. Highway Practice 5. Yellow/Black Cab

Tel: (347) 607-2780, Cell: (646) 944-3346 E-mail: 69-07 Roosevelt Ave, 2nd Floor Woodside, NY 11377


15 May, 2018

K.M. Haque, CPA, P.C. Certified Public Accountant

TaxGuru Services:

- Federal & All States - Payroll Tax - Individual - Business - Corporation - Partnership - Employee Paycheck - Not-For-Profit - Sales Tax - Business Incorporation - Audit Representation - Certified Financial Statements - Tax Planning & Others - All Immigration Forms - Real Estate


7 DaEyKs A WE

MBA, CFE, CGMA, CITP, CRMA, CPA (USA), MBIM, ACEA (UK) M.Com (1st Cl., 1st), FCMA (BD)

Ex-Senior Tax Auditor (USA)

Notary Public

Tax Filing

By 26 years Experienced CPA 10 years of Tax Dept. Experience in USA Our Office is OPEN all year around

QUEENS: 70-44 Broadway, jackson Heights, NY 11372 (Between 72 & 70 St.) Subway: E / F / R / G / V & 7 Train (2 Blks) Tel: 718-478-7071, 917-939-7877, 718-650-9242 LONG ISLAND: 8 Schoolhouse Way, Dix Hills, NY 11746 Tel: 631-680-4837 Fax: 347-507-1001 l l

TLC sf]

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cfpg'xf];\ xfdL $) jif{b]lv oxL ;]jf lb+b} cfPsf 5f}+ . cg'ejL lzIfs Vollo n] tkfO{+sf] TLC Driver aGg] OR5f tTsfn k"/f ug]{5g\ . n clxn] g} kmf]g ul/xfNg';\ Ú l9nf gug'{;\ Ú

TLC License


nfO;]G; lngb]lv TLC uf8L rnfpg];Dd ;a} sfdsf] lhDdf lng]

Official TLC 24 Hour Class & E-exam

Start immediately for your convenience you can start your 3 Day training on any: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturday or Sunday: 9AM – 5:30PM

Unlimited Classes

Over 40 years of Industry Experience

Defensive Driving

210 E 43rd Street New York, NY 10017 MTA’s 4,5,6, or 7 train to Grand Central Terminal walk 1 1/2 blocks east to 210 E 43 rd St. Phone:(718) 705 - 1111 Email:


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15 May, 2018

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15 May, 2018


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15 May, 2018

Consult Swami Manjitji for Accurate Horoscope Reading, Palm Reading and likelihood of Major Events of Life: Love, Marriage, Children, Employment, Health, Business, ImmigraƟon, Real Estate, and Court Cases. Lucky Stones and Lucky Numbers. Horoscope Readings are much more Accurate than Computer Readings. Swamiji Removes Black Magic, Gives ProtecƟon and Helps in Resolving Various Problems by Powerful Holy Mantras and MeditaƟon on God. Doctors, PoliƟcians and Bureaucrats also consult Him.

"Swami Manjit also teaches Astrology with 90% accurate prediction"

"He will reveal you most of the secrets of Astrology"






11 10 7 9 8

Excellent Results

718.358.2901 917.497.3212 1143 Fortune Court Wantagh NY-11793


15 May, 2018

C& A

We are the company of the community. LEGAL ASSISTANCE IN THESE AREAS:

Chhetry & Associates










CALIFORNIA OFFICE 638 WEBSTER STREET SUITE 430 OAKLAND CA 94607 Tel: +1(510) 832 1004 Fax:+1(510) 832 1006

Advocate Samindra G.C. Mobile:977-9851131483 Heritage Plaza, 4th Floor South Wing, Kamaladi Fax: 977-01-4169171

Contact me to learn more about securing your family's financial future. New York Life Insurance Company 95-25 Queens Blvd, 4th Floor Rego Park, NY 11374 Ph: (718) 286-1033 Cell: (646) 696-1654 Fax: (718) 286-1001

Deepak K Pradhan

Agent, New York Life Insurance Company


Insure. Prepare. Retire.

Be good at life.

We speak Nepali, Bengali, Tibetan, Hindi, Urdu & Mandarin languages


1714653 EXP: 11/14/2018


CAREER TRAINING CENTER Become a Medical Professional!

Career Skills That Prepare You to Get and Do a Real Job We offer internships that get you even closer to having a great job! N at i o n a l l y Acc re d i t e d - NYS L i ce n s e d S c h o o l - Fi n a n c i a l Ai d Ava i l a b l e i f Yo u Q u a l i f y Frequently answered questions: • Accredited License’s and/or Certificates • A New York State Official Testing Center • Financial Aid School Code #041337 • WE ARE A BONENT APPROVED TRAINING CENTER FOR DIALYSIS • New Equipment and State of the Art Facilities • Internship’s Offered for Many Courses • Career Development - Job Placement Assistance


Programs With Financial Aid: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Medical Assistant (RMA)

Weekly Payment Plans Courses Under 9 Weeks: ”No Financial Aid”

Manhattan Campus 500 8th Ave 5th Floor 212-947-4444 Queens Campus 36-09 Main St, Flushing NY 718-460-4340

• Dialysis Technician • EKG & Phlebotomy • CNA - Nurse Aide • PCT - Patient Care Tech • Pharmacy Technician • Medical Billing Learn on modern State of the Art machines - New York’s Best Instructors!

• Medical Office Administration - email: Open 7 Days a Week!


15 May, 2018

NYC DCA License# 1285898


Tel- 718.762.4001 Fax- 718.762.5289 136-87 Roosevelt Ave 2nd FL Flushing, New York 11354



g]kfnLx?sf] nflu ;Dks{

Welcome to Flushing Motel. For many years our goal has been to provide each client with complete satisfaction. Our wish is that you feel satisÀed with our efforts in accomplishing your expectations and know that our clients are our#1 priority.

d]g]h/ 6]saxfb'/ sfsL{ ;Dks{ M ^$^–&#)–#*(* Services:


z 25 inch TV and Work Desk in Room z HBO, CNN, ESPN, DISC, DIsney, NIckelodeon z High Speed Internet Service in all quest rooms z In Room Safes, for storage of your valuables z Massage shower heads z Non-Smoking Rooms z Outdoor Limited Free Parking

z New Motel z Special Day Rate z Newly Renovated Rooms z Free Parking

z ;:tf], e/kbf]{, ;'ljwfhgs z clt glhs z @$ 306f ;'ljwf pknAw

z Television with Cable Dish Network z l WIFI Internet in all rooms-FREE

Special Day Rates & Free Parking

65-09 Queens Boulevard, Woodside Tel: 718-426-6200

z Air Conditioner z Free Coffee & Tea z Mirror Rooms z Cable TV (HBO, Cinemax) Free Movies z Fast Speed Internet Free WIFI in each room z Business Accounts & Groups are welcome

3450 Linden Place z Flushing www.Á Tel: 718-539-1600

15 May, 2018



15 May, 2018

tkfO{+sf] :jl0f{d pd]/sf] e/k"/ dgf]/~hg lng';\ . u'0f:t/Lo hLjg lhpg'xf];\ .

Queens Borough Adult Day Care! b}lgs sfo{qmd -lgz'Ns_

b/vf:tsf] nflu cfjZostf M ^) jif{ pd]/ k'u]sf] jf Tof]eGbf a9L ;fydf d]l8s]8 x'g'k5{ .

v'Ng] ;do M ;f]daf/b]lv zlgaf/– laxfg *M#) b]lv ;f“em ^M#) ;Dd cfOtaf/– aGb /xg]5 .

b}lgs lqmofsnfk -lgz'Ns_ laª\uf] 6]lg;  g[To  lalnof8{  sf/fcf]s]

r]; s/];faf/L uf]8d]n  ufog  ;fdfGo Jofofd  dxhf]ª

lgMz'Ns ?kdf kf]if0fo'Qm ;Gt'lnt vfgf / vfhfsf] Joj:yf 5 .

lgz'Ns oftfoft tyf cGo ;'ljwf 3/sf] 9f]sfd} lng / k'¥ofpg] ;'ljwf  skfn, bfx|L sf6\g] ;'ljwf  cGt/f{li6«o kmf]g sn ;'ljwf 

QUEENS BOROUGH ADULT DAY CARE CENTER 6104 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside NY-11377  

PCT preparation and National Exam on site

cf6{ P08 qmfkm\6 sDKo'6/ sIff k]lG6ª lkofgf] l;l6hgl;k sIff rf8kj{ tyf hGdf]T;j 3"d3fd

Tel: 347-438-1842  347-732-0907 Fax: 347-732-4904


15 May, 2018

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Dr. Gulshan Malhotra, MD Eye Specialist

Dr. Surinder S. Malhotra, MD Otolaryngology Specialist

Dr. Rajinder S. Malhotra

Breast, Laparoscopic, and General Surgery

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xfdL ;a}h:tf] d'Vo OG:of]/]G; lnG5f}+ by appointment: 92-29 Queens Blvd, Suite 1-H Rego Park, NY 11374

Tel: (718) 830 - 9000


15 May, 2018


NY INSURANCE Black Car & Car Service Specialist

SHAH NAWAZ President & CEO


71-16, 35 Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Tel: 718-476-2025 Fax: 718-476-2026, E-mail:

Bhurtel Law Firm PLLC "Client's satisfaction is our stisfaction"

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Tel: 718-509-6181

15 May, 2018



15 May, 2018

World Tours & Travel Inc. Go"of]s{df ;ft} lbg ljZj;gLo / cd]l/sfb]lv sf7df8f}+ / sf7df8f}+b]lv rf}aL;} 306f cd] l /sf;Dd ;a} e Gbf ;:tf] l6s6 e/kbf]{ 6«fen ;]jf pknAw Ph]G;L Ph: 718-406-9745, 718-200-2655, 718-200-1842 5. 37-18 74St, 2nd Floor, Room# 203, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Web:, E-mail:

LAW OFFICES OF GIRIJA P. GAUTAM, PLLC. We provide effective representation in all kinds of immigration matters including:          

72-28 Broadway, 3rd Floor Jackson Heights, NY 11372 Tel. 347-813-4431

EB – 5 (green card through investment) EB-1 (people with extraordinary ability) Immigration for Foreign Medical Graduates F-1 Students H-1B, L-1, and O-1 Visas Finance Visa (K-1) Naturalization Family Based Immigration matters Provide representat ion before Immigration and Federal Courts. Any Other legal Services

E-mail: Website:

“Free consultation by appointment only” Since 1996


Since 1996

& Anchor Inc.

Limousine & Black Car Insurance


Anchor is being known for TAXI & LIMOUSINE INSURANCE

Limousine Liability Limits up to 1.5 Million Black car - UBER - Paratransit - Airport Transit Sprinters – Car Service Fleets – Livery – Taxi INSURE YOUR TLC CORPORATION WITH US

Specialized services for UBER & TLC Car Rental Companies FH – 1S – Can be issued the same day

‘‘We Service What we sell’’ Upstate NY – Westchester counties – Nassau – Suffolk 5 Boroughs of New York 83 – 10 Astoria Blvd East Elmhurst NY

Have question? e-mail:, PH:



15 May, 2018


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15 May, 2018

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15 May, 2018


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15 May, 2018

Ps}k6s $) cf/f]xL ;u/dfyf lzv/df GREEN CAB DRIVER WANTED

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New Cab, Uber & Curb e-hail dispatch legally street hail, experience driver make great earning within 12 hour shift. Limited Cab available Please Contact: 347 - 684 - 7963 (Tendi Sherpa)

b'j} v'§f gePsf lrlgofF cf/f]xL lzv/df ;Dks{ clws[t >]i7sf cg';f/ b'j} v'§f gePsf &) jifL{o lrlgofF gful/s



The Law Office of Keshab Raj Seadie, P.C. For Immigration & Visa Matters



Knowledgeable and Experienced US Immigration Law Attorneys Successfully processed more than 50,000 Green Cards and Visas


Strong Team of Attorneys and Support Staff consisting 25 dedicated professionals

Tel: 212-571-6002 VISIT: WWW.NEPALILAWYER.COM Green Card Options: • Employment/Labor Certifications • Marriage • Relatives • Political Asylum • Doctors, Scientists • Singers, artists, Movie Actors • Sports Figures


U.S. Visas: • L-1 Visa • H-1B Work Visa • K-1 Fiancé(e)/Fiancé Visa • Tourist Visa Extension • US Citizenship Application • B-1 Business Visa • B-2 Tourist Visa • F-1 Student Visa • J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa

Other Practice Areas: • Business Closings • Liquor License • Civil Litigation • Commercial Litigation • Company Information • Contract Law • Employment Law • Real Estate Closings • Personal Injury

• Have you overstayed your visa? • Have you entered the United States illegally? • Have you been convicted of one or more misdemeanors or felony? • Was your case denied by the USCIS or Political Asylum Office? • Have you been residing in the US for more than 10 years and you have US Citizen/GC Spouse or Child?

Law Offices of Keshab Raj Seadie, P.C. You can count on our office to be there for you. We will fight to obtain your legal status in the United States. – Keshab Raj Seadie, Esq.

CONTACT US: Law Office of Keshab Raj Seadie, PC 146 West 29th street, 10th floor, New York, NY 10001 Tel: 212-571-6002, Fax: 212-571-7302

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15 May, 2018

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15 May, 2018

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Global Driving School 37-66 74th St, 2nd Fl, Suite# B3, Jackson Heights, NY-11372 Tel: 917-832-7434(office) Cell: 646-226-0593 email:

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MEDICAL OFFICE 100% Customer Satisfaction Special Discount for No insurance person Annual Physical Exam

High Blood Presure Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Blood Test TLC Same Day Appointments Walk-ins Welcome

xfdL OG;'/]G; klg PKnfO{ ul/lbG5f}+ No Insurance ?

NO PROBLEM We Accept Most Insurance

Towhid Shiblee, MD Board Certified Internal Medicine

37-20, 76th Street Jackson Heights, NY 11372



15 May, 2018

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QUEENS HEALTH PHARMACY Discount To All Nepali People

76-11 BROADWAY ELMHURST, 11373 (718)5079277 (718)5079278 (FAX) 24H Emergency Care (917)544-8338 Medicaid – Medicare – Other insurance Prescriptions Emergency Care Surgical Supplies Infectious diseases Korean/ Chinese Herbs Dental Care

Courteous Sincere Kind caring


E, F, G, R, V

/ 7 6«]gaf6 aflx/ cfpgf;fy HofS;g xfO6sf] d'6'df g} xfdL 5f}+ .

xfdL cToGt ;:tf] d"Nosf] Kofs]hcGtu{t ljZjfl;nf] / e/kbf]{ k|lzIfsåf/f k|efjzfnL 9+uaf6 8«fOleª;DaGwL sIffx? lbnfp“5f}+ .

SUMMER PACKAGE Package 10 Class- $330 Package 5 Class- $220

Tel: 718-255-6269, Fax: 718-255-6389 37-18 74th St. 2nd Fl, Suite#200, Jackson Heights, NY-11372, E-mail:,

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15 May, 2018

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15 May, 2018


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15 May, 2018

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61-43 186th St, Fresh Meadows NY


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Help Wanted

Sprove Market Place, 70 Christopher Columbus Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07302

IS HIRING! Cashier: Part Time/Full Time

Deli Person with experience Part Time/ Full Time

Stock Boy: Part Time/Full Time

Come to the store for an interview and ask for one of the managers

Manager: 201-543-3136 Store: 201-478-5300

Dog Chew business in Sale

A Manhattan Law Firm seeks a Law Office Secretary (full-time). Must have good command in written and speaking skill in English and Nepali languages. College degree and general computer knowledge and typing skill required. Experience in the field and reference required.

Running Condition Dog Chew -5'kL{_ business in New York. There are lots of Dog Chew -5'kL{_ already in stock. Anyone interested please contact

Email resume to:

Nail Tech Wanted

Room for Rent

Very busy nail spa in manhattan Looking for nail tech with 3+ yrs experience. Both commission and salary option available.

Sunnyside Green Point Ave 3 Bed Room Apt., 1 Living Room, 1 Bath Room, Kitchen $ 2400 per Month Contact: 917-930-1170


212-661-0158, 646-648-1424

15 May, 2018



It’s not just what you do, it’s who you do it for.

I’m here to help you plan for the future so you can continue all the good you do in your life.

Janak Bhandari Agent, New York Life Insurance Company 95-25 Queens Blvd, 4th Floor Rego Park, NY 11374 (347) 656-3277




Life Insurance. Retirement. Long-Term Care. SMRU1614160(Exp.08/07/2016) © 2015 New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010

37-51 75st, 1st floor, Jackson Height, New York , NY 11372



Prime rib eye steak Boneless Fresh Prime Short rib Beef Brisket Thin, Marinated Slices of beef

15 May, 2018

Marinated beef short rib Beef brisket Berkshire pork rib marinated tender pork rib

Thinly sliced pork belly Pork Shoulder blade Marinated tender pork rib

Thin slices of duck Spicy marinated squid Chicken


15 May, 2018

Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP New York City Personal Injury Attorneys

REAL RESULTS Our New York City Personal Injury Attorneys Have Won Over $500 MILLION in Verdicts and Settlements 475 Park Ave. South, Suite 2800 New York, NY 10016

William J. Ryan


Attorney at Law



No Fee Unless Successful recovery We Are Members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum


TOP VERDICTS NY Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP



Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP CONSTRUCTION

Trip fall

Over $ 600,000,000 record for our Clients

Over 100 recoveries of $1,000,000 or more 2012


Attorney at Law

Construction All types


George W. Ilchert

Call 24 Hrs/ 7days/365days 2014

TOP SETTLEMENTS NY Top Construction Case




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15 May, 2018


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Bar and Restaurant Authentic Nepali/Newari Cuisine 64-23 Broadway Woodside, NY 11377 (347) 642-3445 M or R Train to 65th Street 7 Train to 69th Street Hours Open 6 days 11:30 am to 11:00pm Closed Tuesday

FREE Delivery

We do Caterings, Small Parties, Take Outs and Dhukuti Parties.

Full Immigration Service -;Dk"0f{ Oldu|];g ;]jf_

Business Buying & Selling -Jofkf/ lsga]r_

Divorce -;DaGw ljR5]b_

Real Estate -l/on O:6]6_

Bankruptcy -a}+s/K;L_

Trade Mark/Copy Right -6]8« dfs{÷k|ltlnlk clwsf/_

Land Lord/Tenant -3/k]6L÷ef8fjfn_

All legal Solutions -;a} k|sf/sf sfg'gL ;dfwfg_

Bhatta Law & Associates (646) 462-4246 Website: Fax: 646 355-0117

18 East 41st Street, Suite 1105 New York, NY 10017 (Between 5th & Madison Avenue)

Subway Train 7 E F R Q N 1 2 3 4 5 6 all Days

NY 20 issue, 2018  
NY 20 issue, 2018