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Members of the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership (SRIP) in Health – Medicine, Slovenia

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Who are we?

Slovenian Innovation Hub, European Economic Interest Grouping – SIH EEIG (also known by Slovenian acronym SIS EGIZ) Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana • • • •

• •

Established in 2015 – haven’t even reached 3rd milestone, but have much to show; Located at the new University Campus in Brdo, Ljubljana; Bridging academia, innovation and business to create global value chains; Connecting groups of researchers and/or innovators from Slovenia with partners worldwide in order to create critical mass and synergies needed for successful breakthrough in international environment; Monitoring the development in the knowledge triangle in similar innovation hubs, and proposes the new measures, supporting R&D and innovation policies. Simultaneously, it takes various actions and tasks, necessary for improvement of innovative potential in Slovenia; Communicating internationally and nationally on best innovation results of its members, on their networking and successful collaboration with the international players. Actively implementing Slovenian Smart Specialisation Strategy in Health – Medicine; Creating better tomorrow SINCE together we make changes happen. Strategic Research Innovation Partnership Health – Medicine is dedicated to achieving Strategy’s goals as well as to the improvements in society in general: • Connecting the creative and ambitious to improve healthcare and create higher value added; • Identifying new business opportunities, promising technologies and big projects; • Creating opportunities for new projects; • Supporting the stars of tommorrow; • Identifying and building future competences and skills; • Influencing legislation.


A1 Slovenija, d.d. Šmartinska cesta 134b, 1000 Ljubljana, A1 Slovenija is the leading private provider of integrated communication services in Slovenia. More than 500 employees are committed to creating solutions that enrich life in the digital age to more than 700.000 users. A1 Slovenia develops meaningful communication solutions that fulfil current and emerging needs of users so they will experience work play, creating, and sharing in a more connected way.

A1 Slovenija is in a 100-percent ownership of Telekom Austria Group (ATX:TKA) and is an important part of the leading digital solutions and communications provider in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 24 million users in 8 countries, more than 4 billion EUR income and more than 17.500 employees. The Group is the European unit of América Móvil, the third largest provider of wireless services in the world.

A1 Slovenija began offering its services in March 1999 as the first privately owned mobile operator in Slovenia. It has been retaining a position of a pioneer in the mobile communication field and constantly strengthening its position in the integrated communications market ever since. A1 Slovenija is using advanced technology to enable the users to shape the experience they want to live. Our vision: • We create unique experiences in the digital world. Our mission: • To provide our users with the best user experience to support their digital lifestyle. • To operate diligently, responsibly, and deliberately. • To be our users' reliable, attentive, and energetic companion. Our vision and our mission make it possible for us to focus on the fundamental principle of our operations – connecting people, places and things to improve the experience of working, living and entertainment.


Abies Labs, d.o.o. Celovška cesta 172, 1000 Ljubljana, Abies Labs offers unique premium quality ingredient silver fir branch extract Belinal®, which is scientifically validated for dietary supplementation and cosmetics. Whether you’re looking for a novel ingredient to add to a finished product, you’ll find unmatched innovation in Belinal®.

Our R&D network with universities, medical clinical centres and national Institutes is guaranty for inovation and improvement, scientific research and clinical human trials.

Belinal® is silver fir branch extract from unspoiled largest European forest formation. Never before was extraction made from the parts of tree we do. Unique composition of variety polyphenols with small molecule mass with very high absorption end scientifically proven inside cell activity. 36 different polyphenols identified so far. More powerful antioxidant activity than well-known standards, anti diabetic activity, anti inflammatory activity, anti aging activity*. Advantages of Belinal® - USP: • Components of Belinal® break through the cell membrane and act where they are needed. • Consequently stronger and effective indications when compared to wellknown standards ( Resveratrol, Green tea - ECGC, Vitamin E and C, Goji, Acaiberry,...). • New unique ingredient and origin on the world market for innovative products – exclusive advantage for competitors. • Small molecule mass polyphenols below 1000 Da reflects in very high absorption in small intestine. • Belinal® has scientifically proven strong indications on common diseases associated with modern civilization: cardiovascular and diabetes. • Belinal® has scientifically proven strong indications on modern well-being trends: sport & active, anti-aging, weight management. • Small single dosage 50-150 mg.


Acies Bio d.o.o. Tehnološki park 21, 1000 Ljubljana, Combining all key aspects of microbial technology development under one roof is one of our key advantages for rapidly and efficiently generating value of our clients’ R&D assets. Interdisciplinary research teams rapidly transfer new findings and successful approaches among production strain improvement, media and bioprocess development, scale up and DSP/isolation development, assuring fastest progress towards final goals. We ensure that all important parameters are considered throughout different stages of the development process, reducing project management burden on the clients’ side and assuring timely and professional delivery of milestone targets and products.

What do we do? • Strain development: Excellence in both directed evolution and synthetic biology. • Fermentation process development: Designing the processes with industrial scale in mind. • DSP development: Processing fermentation broth until final product using various techniques. • Chemical synthesis: Linking chemistry and biotechnology for semi-synthetic products or pure chemical projects. • Transfer to production: From laboratory bench, through pilot scale to technology transfer to partners’ facilities.


Agricultural Instiute of Slovenia Hacquetova ul. 17, 1000 Ljubljana, The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is the leading research institute in the field of agriculture in Slovenia, and comprehensively deals with the challenges of modern agriculture. The Institute is expanding its activities into the fields of environmental protection and ecology, and employs 187 workers, of which 89 are researchers. The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia is a public non-profit research institute that performs fundamental, applied, and developmental research. The Institute also performs specialist tasks in agriculture, publishes the results of scientific research, as well as professional and supervisory work, it performs tasks based on authorizations and accreditations, and checks the quality of agricultural products and products used in agriculture. The Institute also engages in the training of producers, the education of young persons, and consulting for various users in agriculture.

Our activities include:

• • • • • • • • • • •

Crop science and olericulture with seed science, Genetics, breeding, preservation selection and gene banks in agriculture, Animal production (cattle production, pig production, apiculture), Fruit science, viticulture and winemaking, Plant and environment protection, Supervision of fertility and quality of agricultural land, Ecology of the agricultural space, soil utilization and protection, analyses of soil, mineral and organic fertilizers, animal feed, honey, remains of pesticides, plant protection products, wine, must and spirit drinks, Agricultural engineering and energetics and Agricultural economics.


Ars Pharmae d.o.o. Litostrojska cesta 46a, 1000 Ljubljana, Ars Pharmae® is a Slovene private company, established in late 2007, engaged in research and development, marketing and sale of natural ingredients, food supplements and medical devices.

We offer: • Unique natural products for children and adults; • All clinically proven; • Suitable for medical detailing; • Unique natural ingredient Abigenol® - aqueous silver fir bark extract; • New product development.

We develop products for preserving health, which combine the best from traditional and integrative medicine. But only where we can prove high effect and safety by tests and scientific research. Ars Pharmae® is extremely proud succeeding to research and develop active natural compound of polyphenols, Abigenol®, aqueous silver fir bark extract. Patented, GMP certified green extraction is used to enable greater purity of the ingredient. ®

Abigenol extract has superior anti-oxidative effect, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-atherogenic, all confirmed in extensive in-vitro and ex-vivo studies. The compound is highly effective nutraceutical for comprehensive prevention and add® on therapy. In addition, the strong safety profile of Abigenol has been proven by extensive toxicological studies. ®

First food supplements containing Abigenol have been launched in home Slovene market and the USA. Ars Pharmae® R&D activities are focused in polyphenols from silver fir and other trees from pristine forests in Slovenia to confirm health benefits of polyphenols.


Ascalab d.o.o. GorkiÄ?eva ul. 18, 1000 Ljubljana, Ascalab is an innovative company in industrial software development, integration, big data management, security and embedded systems. Our expertise includes software development from scratch for any platform that reduces time to market and simplifies scalability in the future. With references in healthcare, insurance, industry 4.0 and security the guarantee for reliability is indisputable. Our QA frame platform offers an advantage, and an easy-to-use solution that enables manufacturing companies to accelerate development and increase production far beyond their client’s own HR capabilities. Founded in 2012, Ascalab supports clients in four markets, and provides back-up services to end users in the EU and the USA.

We are comitted to deliver more than just development and integration, but customized solutions empowering our partners to deliver top-notch solutions.


Alma Mater Europaea - ECM Slovenska ul. 17, 2000 Maribor, Alma Mater Europaea - ECM is an independent higher education institution, accredited according to the accreditation criteria of Republic Slovenia. It specializes in the offer of career-oriented education for deficient professions. Our study programmes are relevant, modern, interdisciplinary and interactive. AMEU works under the patronage of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, striving towards supporting the new international leading elite in the areas of education, culture, economics, humanities, arts, law, health, social studies and the environment.

The mission of AMEU - ECM is to offer educational and scientific research programs of the highest quality in various fields, and to serve the community as a university center that promotes development, dissemination, and the use of knowledge in various sciences.

AMEU - ECM develops cooperation with universities in the region and other countries in Europe with the aim of adopting new knowledge and implementing it in the area, while developing new knowledge in cooperation with other universities in the region. Alma Mater Europaea – ECM carries out its activities in 4 locations; in Maribor, Ljubljana, Murska Sobota, and Koper. The premises offer the most state-of-the-art ICT and research infrastructure, and which are suitable for higher education and scientific cooperation in health, business, socio-gerontological,ecological, and humanist areas as well as the arts.


Association Forget-me-not Linhartova ul. 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Spominčica (Forget-me-not) – Alzheimer Slovenia was established in 1997 on the initiative of dr. Aleš Kogoj, Slovenian psychiatrist, who recognized enormous burden among family members when taking care of persons with dementia at home. Spominčica- Alzheimer Slovenia is a non-governmental organization acting in public interest. Main activities are aimed at: • providing support to carers, • raising awareness, • reducing stigma of dementia • and promoting dementia friendly communities. Spominčica is full member of Alzheimer’s Disease International, Alzheimer Europe and national coordinator of Dementia Friendly Spots network.

Our activities are emphasized on the timely post-diagnostic support and guidelines for those affected by the disease. Caregivers and carers of persons with dementia could seek help, support,information, and education through some our substantial activities, such as: • personal and telephone counselling, • non-formal educational programmes, • companionship for persons with dementia at home, • workshops for prevention and cognitive training, • training for public workers about dementia, • support groups, and • publishing awareness-raising and information materials about dementia. On occasions Spominčica organizes round tables, Conferences on Dementia (national and international), participates at important public events as well, like Memory Walk (on the 21st September – World Alzheimer’s Day), fairs, public debates, and campaigns about dementia.


BIA d.o.o. Teslova 30, 1000 Ljubljana, BIA d.o.o. is SME from Ljubljana, Slovenia, established in year 1989. Our key activity is technical support and sales of laboratory consumables and instruments for customers in R&D labs. We are also active in R&D and have had status of research organisation from the beginning.

Our fields of activity include: • • • • • • • • • •

biotechnology, chromatography, organic synthesis, dissolutions, evaporations/concentrations, liofilizations, sample preparation, software for laboratories, Raman spectroscopy, and single use products for biotech.

Our suppliers include: ACDLabs, Akzo, Antec, Biolog, Distek, Genevac, Harvard Bioscience, Hichrom, Infors, Interchim, Kaiser Optical Systems, Levitronix, Lonza, Knauer, MachereyNagel, Radleys, SP Scientific, and Thomson.


BioSistemika d.o.o. Koprska 98, 1000 Ljubljana, BioSistemika specializes in the development of smart and inter-operable software for the life science industry, with a focus on molecular biology, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. The company employs highly qualified programmers and informatics experts, designers and engineers, researchers and scientists. Half of all our employees hold a university education in the field of bio sciences (six PhDs in the field of biomedicine, biotechnology, and biology).

In the past five years, the company has managed to substantially increase the added value per employee without excessive growth in the number of employees. Nevertheless, in the coming years, we plan to increase our staff, with a special focus on our research and development team. BioSistemika is a recognized leader of software companies in the fields of laboratory automation, liquid handling and data management systems.


• • • •

Custom software development for life science and the biotech industry, Custom software development for medical devices and IVD, Instrument and software integrations, IoT platform solutions (Internet of Things for laboratories and instrument providers).


• • • •

SciNote – Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook, SciNote Manuscript Writer - SciNote A.I. add-on that generates a draft of your scientific manuscript based, PlatR - Pipetting assistant app for effortless manual pipetting, GENEIO qPCR Workflow Automation App.


BLCKB d.o.o. Obrtna cona Logatec 21, 1370 Logatec, Since 2013, BLCKB has been performing research and development activities in the field of applied neurosciences. With an interdisciplinary approach, we are looking for solutions in various fields, from neuromarketing (researching emotional experiences) to exploring cognitive decline. We are also developing innovative solutions for improving the use of the EEG (electroencephalography) research method, which we believe will be one of the main diagnostic tools in determining an individual's cognitive ability in the future.

We conduct research on the recognition of emotional experiences that we apply in the field of neuro-marketing throughout all of SE Europe. The databases that record the experiencing of various visual stimuli we create serve as a reference framework for further development of approaches to identify the needs of individuals. The ADAM project (Alzheimer's Dementia Automated Monitoring), which we are currently implementing, has utilized more than 450 elderly participants from all over Slovenia who have been involved in the first phase. The purpose of the research is to develop new approaches for the early detection of Alzheimer’s dementia with the EEG method. We presented the results in Washington at the Society for Neuroscience June 2017.


Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia Šlajmerjeva ul. 6, 1000 Ljubljana, The Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia (BTCS) is a public healthcare institution that: • supplies blood and blood products, • renders diagnostic and therapeutic services within the transfusion and transplantation fields, • manages the Registry of bone marrow donors, • and supplies blood-derived medicinal products within the scope of its public health service. BTCS also conducts research and development, as well as the education from primary schools to PhD programmes.

The Centre's primary task is to provide patients with compatible, quality, and safe blood and blood products. The areas of our operations span from the donor's vein to the recipient's vein and beyond. BTC develops doctrines, monitors their implementation, and professionally integrates blood transfusion services into a national transfusion network. BTCS also networks with the relevant national and international institutions. The vision of the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia is to develop into an active national, regional, and European centre of excellence in all areas of its activities. Such a vision is also supported by EU Directives on blood supply.


Celica Biomedical Tehnološki park 24, 1000 Ljubljana, CELICA BIOMEDICAL develops proprietary new technologies for research into physiological processes at the level of a single cell. The company also develops new therapies for neurological applications and advanced cell-based medical products to be used in personalised medicine.

CELICA BIOMEDICAL was established with a mission to pursue biomedical research, and to efficiently transform findings into products and services that address significant challenges in biomedicine. Since the year 2000, CELICA BIOMEDICAL has received funds from the Slovenian Research Agency,and has been actively engaged in the National Research Programme together with the Medical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. CELICA BIOMEDICAL is a regular member of international projects such as those funded by the National Institute of Health (USA) and Framework Programme projects funded by the EU.

Our products and services: HybriCure® SmartCure®. The key activities of CELICA BIOMEDICAL are the development of research technologies for the assessment of single-cell function, services related to confocal microscopy, scientific research in neuroglia, the development of technologies for the production of hybrid cells for use in cancer therapy through immuno-modulation, and the development of new neurologic treatments based on targeting neuroglia.


Centre of Excellence NAMASTE Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Centre of Excellence NAMASTE (Advanced materials and technologies for the future) is combining science, technological and business excellence driven associates. Three partners University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor and Josef Stefan Institute cooperate with 16 partners from industry in order to foster key technological advances in areas related to non-metallic materials and their implementation in electronics, optoelectronics, photonics, and medicine.

Scientific excellence, multi-disciplinary connection, knowledge and technology transfer lead to higher added value and competitiveness and better position of Slovene industry in the global market. Excellent balance between academic and application research is our advantage.

R&D activities: • Ceramic 2D and 3D structures: The know-how and equipment for preparation of functional materials, processing of various complex 2D and 3D structures with embedded functional materials are the main features of the group with distinctive references. • Materials for overvoltage and EM protection: The projects on materials, components and technologies for high level of overvoltage and electromagnetic (EM) protection lead to perfecting of ZnO varistors, foil and composite EM absorbers and othe innovative solutions. • Materials, micro- and nano-systems for sensors: Artificial nose for detection of explosives, optical positioning sensor, smart sensors- these are just a few of the many of development achievements of the group for micro- and nanotechnologies for advanced sensor systems. • Soft composites for optical, electronic, photonic and sensor applications: Light tunneling process between optical fibers and microresonators is just one of the several research areas the group is active in. • Bioactive, biocompatible and bioinert materials: Excited nanomaterials offer new ways of fighting off bacteria, various bio-compatible materials will possibly replace our damaged tissues.


Centre of Excellence Nanocenter Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana, The main goal of the Nanocenter is to increase competitiveness of Slovenia in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology to a world class level bringing together 4 research institutions an 15 companies. This goal is achieved by investment in new technologies and infrastructure which allows partners from academia, dedicated research organisations and industry to develop new products, new knowledge and new technologies based on nanotechnology in the next decade and beyond. The Nanocenter’s success in achieving its declared goals was evaluated as “excellent� by international evaluation, which is evident from the evaluation report made public in 2012.

The Nanocenter acts as an intermediary between researchers in universities and industry providing an easily accessible platform for joint projects, including training. It offers transparent supported access to top equipment, which neither industry nor academia can afford individually. Industry thus has unprecedented direct access to facilities, know-how, equipment and students. Importantly, the facilities and topics of emphasis were chosen largely by industry partners.

The added value to the taxpayer is in maximum possible sharing of expensive equipment and facilities, avoiding duplication and its utilization on a 24 hour per day basis. Recent analysis shows equipment is in use more than 10 hours per day on a monthly average, and more than 16 hours per day in peak periods. Without such sharing, Slovenia could not afford such equipment, and consequently would not be competitive in this important industrial area. The main strategic goal of the Nanocenter has been to achieve a paradigm shift regarding shared investment in high technology facilities which is fully transparent and is supported by training, thus allowing Slovenian industry do develop products on a technical level not achievable until now. In practice this means that young researchers working on projects in industry can obtain full access to world-class equipment, training of its use and a supported platform for the development of new products, equipment and services on a world competitive level.


CIPKeBiP Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana, The Centre of Excellence for Integrated Approaches in Chemistry and Biology of Proteins (CIPKeBiP) connects the top available expertise, knowhow, and technology of Slovenian research laboratories in protein science, thus emphasizing biomedical relevance of the applied project (priority health and life sciences). The Centre is coordinated by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular and Structural Biology at JSI, the leading edge of Slovenian biochemical science and includes institutions from central and northeastern region of Slovenia as well as small, medium and large industrial entities.

Centre of Excellence for integrated approaches in chemistry and biology of proteins links knowledge, experience and technology of top Slovenian research groups involved in research in biomedicine, biotechnology and understanding of life in extreme conditions. The main research targets of CIPKeBiP are proteins together with their DNA and RNA. All together are representing the corner stone for all molecular processes in living organisms and cells. The transfer of knowledge in the industry environment is integrated into the research of the centre of excellence. The research work is organized within a single research program led by Prof. Dr. Dusan Turk, ARRS code 2990-001. It is carry out through funded projects obtained on the basis of the successful applications to the calls published by i.e. Slovenian Research Agency ARRS, European Regional Development Fund, Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.


CO BIK Tovarniška 26, 5270 Ajdovščina, The Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation, and Process Control – CO BIK is a not-for-profit organization established to facilitate innovation, hi-tech entrepreneurship, and the transfer of research results to the market. CO BIK has a strong expertise in the field of biotechnology, with an emphasis on biochemical engineering and bioprocessing, microbial ecology, bacteriophages, aptamers, and sensors technologies.


• •

Manufacturing process development for proteins, plasmid DNA, viruses, and virus-like particles, Development of continouos bioprocesses.

Development pipeline:

• •

Development of safe and sustainable bacteripophage-based antibacterial solutions and tools, Sensor for proteins, viruses and virus like particles size measurement.

Training program:

Managerial-Entrepreneurial Skills Development for Researchers (MBSDr) is an international, highly-intense, training program targeted at: (1) researchers, and (2) R&D managers employed in high-tech companies. The main aim of the MBSDr program is to develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills.


Cosylab d.d. Gerbičeva ul. 64, 1000 Ljubljana, Cosylab is a leading company in the field of integration of control systems for particle accelerators and other large physical infrastructures, such as tokamaks, medical accelerators, and radio telescopes.

Cosylab is a fast growing high-tech Slovenian company that is focused on the development of advanced technologies for the global market. They produce innovative products and services that are designed for the technologically most demanding customers and markets. With high-quality work in the biggest experimental research infrastructures such as CERN, ITER, ALMA, ESS, FAIR, SNS, and others, Cosylab has become a leading company that specializes in the development of control systems for accelerators and other large experimental infrastructures. The company has branch offices in America, Japan, China, Sweden, and Switzerland. Cosylab currently has more than 100 employees with expertise and experience in the fields of control systems development, hardware development, and systems integration for accelerators. Cosylab also cooperates with many scientific and research institutions from Slovenia and abroad, where they act as a coordinator or partner, while certain projects are performed independently.

Products for proton therapy for cancer treatment - C-ACS, the Accelerator Control System, is the nerve center of the accelerator, where all monitoring and control of the various subsystems is centered. For delivering the various beams that are needed to perform a tumor irradiation. The ACS receives high level commands from the control system of the medical part of the system to deliver the various beams that are needed to perform a tumor irradiation: the C-TCS, the Treatment Control System. CTCS is also offered by Cosylab as a ready-for-certification software product. Services of the company include: • System integration: demanding HW and SW products/services. • Experts for Realtime/FPGA programming, signal acquisition, motion control and big data. • Systems for electric energy supply, conversion, and storage. • Innovative: experts in physics, systems. Cosylab is active in the field of Proton therapy for cancer treatment (Accelerator Control System for PT, Treatment Control System for PT, Our products for the PT market), Big physics (Turnkey Control System, Machine Protection System, Precision Timing Solutions), New energies (like ITER) and Space and astronomy).


EN-FIST Centre of Excellence Trg Osvobodilne fronte 13, 1000 Ljubljana, EN-FIST Centre of Excellence is an innovativity hub with the mission to strengthen partnerships between research infrastructure and various industries (i.e. pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics, chemical industry, paints / coatings / varnish / resings industry, and others. One of the main focuses in ENFIST Centre of Excellence is applied research in materials and biomaterials in the field of NMR spectroscopy.

EN-FIST Centre of Excellence offers services for your success! We have united our human resources, NMR infrastructure and expertise to provide you one-stop-shop for innovation in technology where pharmaceutical and chemical companies can definitely find appropriate answers for a specific development challenge. Since simple molecules are rarely encountered in our projects, we provide a tailor-made services to meet your specific requirements. • • • • •

Is your business focused on the development of new products based on various chemical compounds? Have you during development or production encountered challenges, where external espertise is needed? Do you need access to NMR infrastructure and you are looking for external expert with verifiable references? Are you challenged with impurities in the procurement of active compounds for your new product? Did you receive a complaint on your product and need an independent expert opinion on qualitative assessment of product purity?

If you have answered YES to the above questions, then our team of experts offers services that will turn your challenge into a professional answer and business success. Keywords: Liquid-state and solid-state NMR – Structural elucidation – Quality control – Authenticity screening – Genotoxic impurities – Quantitative analysis – Biosimilars – Polymorphism – Natural products - Metabolomics


Freyherr d.o.o. Tobačna ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana, The company Freyherr is continuing the tradition of Freyer family dynasty of pharmacists and alchemists, dating back to the middle of 18th century. In Freyherr we believe in natural medicine and safe consumption. We are dedicated to reliability, quality, safety, science based innovation, sustainability and health.

At FREYHERR® our primary focus is to research and develop innovative Cannabis plant based substances that can help to balance the human endocannabinoid system making them accessible world-wide. We believe that through targeting the human endocannabinoid system we can help many people on this planet to restore their internal balance. We are dedicated to producing the finest and purest quality Cannabis products like CBD extract while never compromising on quality. FREYHERR® products are the result of a safe approach to the production of highquality cannabis extracts. For extraction, a modern method of extraction with carbon dioxide (CO2) is used, preserving a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial ingredients of cannabis in the final product. • 100% Natural CBD (cannabidiol) Extracts • Made from Organically grown Cannabis in Germany • Registered as borderline medical product in Macedonia • Precise micro-dosing solutions • Full spectrum Extract profile • Supercritical CO2 extraction


Helios TBLUS d.o.o. Količevo 65, 1230 Domžale, HELIOS TBLUS, d.o.o. offers a wide range of coatings and solutions for various industries, professional users, and end customers. Helios TBLUS d.o.o. is the largest production company in the Helios Group, with almost 800 employees, as well as years of experience and knowledge, and is one of the leading paint manufacturers in Europe. The main programs are decorative coatings, industrial paints for wood and metals, a car refinish program, road paints, resins, and powder coatings. More than 100 developers work in the R&D department, which also has excellent labs. Development and production follow trends and demand in the market, and pursue the goal of reducing resource and energy consumption, since the concern for the environment and sustainable operation are the principles that Helios introduces to all areas of its operation. Since March 2017, Helios is owned by Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. Under the new strategic owner, Helios represents the European Center for Innovation, Know-how, and Business Development, thus increasing its importance in the European coating industry.

Our products and services (developing and providing the following):

Decorative coatings, coatings for metal and wood industry, car refinish coatings, road paints, powder coatings, and resins.


IEDC – Bled School of Management Prešernova cesta 33, 4260 Bled, IEDC–Bled School of Management was originally founded in 1986 as the first business school of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe with the institution in accordance with the Higher Education Act in Slovenia. In 2003, the IEDC Faculty, in accordance with the national legal requirements, introduced an accredited Master's in Management program. In February 2010, the IEDC Faculty received national accreditation for the Executive PhD Program in Management. Our mission is to attract the most promising and high potential managers, as well as established leaders, and offer them world-class development programs and activities in a truly international and creative environment. IEDC also strives to inspire and excite them for life-long learning, and to prepare them for act and add value as competent, ethical, and socially responsible leaders.

The Research Group of IEDC Faculty has been focused on general management and leadership studies and centered on the following seven core, interrelated areas: Leadership practice, Leadership Development, General Management, Innovation & Creativity, Strategy, Sustainability & Ethics, Management & Leadership Education. IEDC also hosts 'The Coca-Cola Chair of Sustainable Development' chair which is active indeveloping a culture of sustainability in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond via research, teaching, and outreach efforts. In 2017 IEDC also founded 'WISE' – World Institute for Sustainability and Ethics which focuses on rising economies and already has centers in China, Germany, and South Africa.


The IEDC–Bled School of Management, founded in 1986 as the first business school of its type in Central and Eastern Europe, is one of the leading international management development institutions in Europe. The IEDC-Bled School of Management believes in ethical and socially responsible leadership which can be promoted through learning from art, science, sports, and other different professions, drawing parallels around them and making people reflect. IEDC integrated a Business Ethics component into all of its longer management programs more than 20 years ago. As an additional innovation, sustainable development was added to the curriculum 10 years ago. Over the last decade, IEDC has pioneered work on the incorporation of the arts and artistic processes into management education. The school itself was designed and built as an art gallery and is conceived as a place where managers come, not only to learn, but also to become inspired. IEDC has also incorporated Art and Leadership as part of its Executive MBA course, which is one of the first of its kind in the world. IEDC has national Bologna accreditation, as well as AMBA and IQA accreditations.


Institute of Oncology Ljubljana Zaloška 2, 1000 Ljubljana, The Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is a comprehensive cancer center comprising both a hospital specializing in oncology, and a pre-clinical cancer research department. It was founded in 1938, and at that time was one of the first comprehensive cancer centers in Europe.

The Institute of Oncology Ljubljana is a publicly-owned hospital and research facility, and so it has entirely independent research premises for clinical trials, diagnostics, and pre-clinical research. Its main mission is to: • reduce cancer incidence and the cancer death rate; • to ensure equality of access to treatment potential, and a high quality of life to cancer survivors; • and also to provide palliative care. Areas of work: (1) prevention, screening, (2) diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care, (3) research and education.


IOS, d.o.o. Beloruska ulica 7, 2000 Maribor, IOS – Institute for Environmental Protection and Sensors is developing optical chemical sensors for detecting freshness of food, water monitoring, air monitoring, personal safety and protection. The sensors can be personalized by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection with smartphones. For the market we developed sensor for detecting freshness of the food, FreshSens and sensor for detecting pesticides, organophosphates, OptiSens.

In the area of environmental protection, we are advising, optimizing and upgrading technologies for preparation of drinking and process waters as well for industrial and municipal waste water cleaning. During the concept of circular economy, we developed two modern combined processes for water cleaning Water4Future and Water(R)euse. We have the knowledge and experience in the field of nanomaterials synthesis and their functionalization for various applications in sensors, ecology, medicine, protection, safety, etc. IOS holds the the equipment which allows preparation of larger quantities of nanomaterials and their characterization. At the same time, we place great emphasis on understanding and checking nanosafety of newly developed nanomaterials for both, environment and humans.


Jafral d.o.o. Stegne 13, 1000 Ljubljana, JAFRAL is a contract manufacturing (CMO) and contract research organization (CRO) which provides both pre-GMP process development and GMP manufacturing of biological macromolecules in conjunction with all relevant analytical methods. Our specialty lies in producing particulate entities, such as: bacteriophages and VLP’s, as well as lysins, pDNA, and proteins, regardless of the field of application. Our one goal is to partner with our clients and aid them in their product development, using our many years of experience.


• • • • •

bacteriophages, diagnostic proteins, plasmid DNA, phage lysins, virus-like particles (VLPs).


• • • • •

contract manufacturing, process development and scale-up, analytics, project management, support for regulatory CMC section submission.


Jozef Stefan Institute Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana, The JoĹžef Stefan Institute is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research. The staff of more than 960 specializes in natural sciences, life sciences and engineering. The subjects concern production and control technologies, communication and computer technologies, knowledge technologies, biotechnologies, new materials, environmental technologies, nanotechnologies, and nuclear engineering. The mission of the JoĹžef Stefan Institute is the accumulation - and dissemination - of knowledge at the frontiers of natural science and technology to the benefit of society at large through the pursuit of education, learning, research, and development of high technology at the highest international levels of excellence.

In terms of research the Institute is divided into departments, laboratories and centres. The departments perform the research activity that is defined as a longterm programme of the Institute. In order to pursue the programme of the research, educational and other expert activities the work of the departments is coordinated within the context of the broader activity of the Institute.
The Institute pursues its activity by engaging in research programmes, research projects, development programmes and projects for the establishement and maintenance of the research infrastructure. The Institute has a long tradition in developing collaborative pratnerships with industry and the alliance with industry continues to be a priority of the Institute. This collaboration turns out a continuous stream of new products and services, which in turn advance our economy, improve our quality of life and bring realworld technology and management issues into our research laboratories.


Labena d.o.o. Verovškova ul. 64, 1000 Ljubljana, Labena is focused on developing market segments in the pharmaceutical, medical, food, and petrochemical industry, as well as in research and development fields in the industries and academic institutions. We provide our customers comprehensive technological solutions in process and laboratory analytics, and we participate in the introduction of new technologies and training of personnel in all markets where we operate. Our analytical GMP/FDA laboratory BIA Separations CRO also provides a wide range of services in the field of analytical testing of drugs, according to the requirements of cGMP. Our 2020 goal is to become a leading regional company in the area of high-tech and accompanying activities for supporting services in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and food industries.

Our products and services:

• • • • • • •

Provider of various analytical instruments, Production, design and setup of laboratory grade furniture, Research - development services for the development of HPLC and GC analytical procedures under cGMP, Development and validation of nucleic acid based testing methods for biotech and bio-pharmaceutical applications, Development and validation of digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) methods for pharmaceutical industry and diagnostics, Protein purification, Dissolution and stability testing in cGMP environment.


Lek d.d. Verovťkova ul. 57, 1000 Ljubljana, Lek is a part of Sandoz, the generic division of Novartis, a pioneer in the field of biosimilars and the second-largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. Our pharmaceutical generic organization operates in Slovenia, Europe, and worldwide. It focuses on connecting with customers and evolving the future. We help secure long-term access to healthcare. We develop, produce, and distribute effective, safe and high-quality medicines, ranging from standard generics htorugh modern biosimilar medicines. The foundation of our success is our knowledge, innovation, courage and care for our patients’ welfare. We aim to build and preserve the reputation of a dynamic, ethical, and trustworthy pharmaceutical company.

It was the competence and knowledge of our associates that paced us among the most important Sandoz global production centers for active pharmaceutical ingredients and medications. The cornerstone of our success is our knowledge. We heavily invest in development, education, and training of our associates. We live quality every step of the way. Quality is an essential part of our daily work and relationships with our associates, patients, and customers. Social act socially responsible. We believe that business success and social responsibility go hand in hand.


Lek Veterina d.o.o. Lipovci 251a, 9231 Beltinci, Lek Veterina is a small-sized company in private ownership. The company manufactures concentrated micro mineral and vitamin products, dietary compound feed, as well as care products for animals and people. The global orientation of the company reflects itself in maintaining, consolidating and upgrading of the market direction on the domestic, as well as European and world-wide market. Expertise and awareness of market conditions that we hold in our company have been continuously directed into the development of new products with proved active agents into the food for pets. The development vision of the company aims to find improved ways of feeding that are animal and environment friendly, based on the concluded and new expert’s research and studies. The long-term development strategy of the company is adjusted to the development of new products with high added value that will provide effective and ecologically sustainable natural products. In cooperation with numerous domestic and foreign research institutions, a special research and development team is active in the company which continuously implements the results and findings of new studies into the new products. Lek Veterina has been producing special animal compound feed, mainly in powder for 36 years. The strategic aims of the company that have been set with the appropriate diversification of the company, the expansion of the actual products with new products, and so enhancing its competitiveness, technologicallyequipping the new facility in the company by establishing a so-called “clean space� thus establishing and building a new production line for liquid and water soluble products that have a continuously increasing value with the added value on a global scale.

Our products include NutriSel plus, Bronhifit, Vitaredin, Kravimin, Pravimin, Pervimin, Nutrivit Hepa, NutriVit Cal, Rumiforte and NutriBio.


Lotrič Metrology d.o.o. Selca 163, 4227 Selca, We have been calibrating and testing with a love for metrology for nearly three decades. We develop state of the art, highly perfected, but easy to use metrology products and services. We transfer knowledge, represent top Slovene and foreign producers of measurement, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment, and are at the same time a driving force for progress of the field of metrology.

Services and products: • Calibrations: At LOTRIČ Metrology Group we perform calibrations for the widest possible range of needs. Measurements are conducted by qualified experts using state-of-the-art equipment on location or at our accredited laboratories. After every calibration you receive a certificate, which ensures traceability of measures for establishing and maintaining quality management systems, technical recommendations, and specific requirements. • Testing: We are an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory. We work in compliance with your customers’ requirements and perform testing through the entire life-cycle of your sample. On the basis of acquired testing results we offer expert counselling to help you optimise your processes and sales. • Control and verification: At LOTRIČ Metrology we ascertain the conformity of a wide range of legal measuring instruments, equipment under pressure, health and safety regulations, fire regulations, concordance ofvehicles with ATP, good practices in the pharmaceutical industry,and technical specifications of producers. • Metrology solutions: Would you like to save 1FTE (man–day) per 500 pieces of equipment? To work with a partner that offers know–how and 24/7 availability, as well as support when and how you need it? At LOTRIČ Metrology we take care of all your measurements. • Products: We are developing state-of-the-art solutions and products that are the result of our own knowledge and development. • Training: We share our knowledge and the development of metrology with you through M&Q academy.


Microbium d.o.o. Brnčičeva c. 5, 1231 Ljubljana - Črnuče, The company Microbium d.o.o. was founded in 2015 in response to the needs of the industry, which is challenged by microbial contaminations. In response to the growing demand for quick analysis, Microbium provides optimal and wholesome solutions addressing specific, industrial problems. Company Microbium is proposing tailor-made field methods and testers for detection of bacteria in industrial liquids. The main advantage is speed of analysis as we are shortening the time of analysis from days to hours. The user can react in real time to appearing contamination challenges. This means that further contamination issues and damage are under control. Our goal is to become world leader in rapid detection of microbes in industrial liquids.

Our products and services include:

• • • • • • • •

Testers / systems for rapid detection of bacteria in water and industrial liquids with sensitivity of several bacteria per ml, Development of specific detection methods, The first on-line & real-time system in Slovenia for control of microbiological quality of drinking water, Microbiological analysis according to the ISO standards in our laboratory, Identification of microbes, Educational trainings on microbiology of water in industrial currents, Laboratory equipment and furniture, Removal of microbes from industrial processes.


National Institute of Biology Večna pot 111, 1000 Ljubljana, The National Institute of Biology is leading Slovenian public research institute in the field of biological sciences. NIB has established a number of strong business relations with industry and research partners in Slovenia and abroad, in particular in the sectors of pharmacy, biotechnology, environmental protection, and agriculture.

NIB’s researchers consult Slovenian Ministries and their Offices on performing tasks to support policies in the fields of health, agriculture, environmental protection, and food.

NIB is an internationally recognized scientific institution due to excellent scientific staff that creates knowledge and develops state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of environment and health. NIB R&D activates are performed in four major themes:

• marine biology and coastal management, • biotechnology and systems biology, with emphasis on plant pathogens (virology & microbiology), and genetically modified organisms, • genetic toxicology and cancer biology and • organisms and ecosystems research. NIB is the holder of accreditation for the detection of GMOs in foodstuffs, feed, seed, plants, and agricultural products. NIB is a holder of the national standard for The Amount of Substance and Microorganisms. NIB is accredited for Mutagenicity Testing According to the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).


National Institute of Chemistry Hajdrihova c. 19, 1000 Ljubljana, The National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) is modern, dynamic and well equipped research institute established in 1946 with the mission of expanding the knowledge of chemistry and related studies, the transfer of knowledge to younger generations, and the application of newly acquired knowledge in industry. NIC has over 300 employees that carry out research work in 10 departments and 2 infrastructure centres.

The internationally recognized Institute proves its scientific excellence in basic and applied research that is focused on fields that are of long-term importance to both Slovenia and the world, like: • biotechnology, • synthetic biology and immunology, • environmental protection, • structural and theoretical chemistry, • analytical chemistry, • materials research, • and chemical engineering, through which the institute performs world class fundamental research and supports the needs for technology transfer of the domestic chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The Center for Validation Technologies and Analytics, as part of the NIC, holds JAZMP certificate for performing quality control of physical and chemical measurements in compliance with the standard of good manufacturing practice (GMP). The Knowledge Transfer Office and the Commission for Innovations provide the necessary suppport for the protection of intellectual property and for improving cooperation with the economy. The Project office provides support to researchers in their integration into international interest networks, and cooperation with domestic and foreign research and industrial partners.


Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region Tehnoloťki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana, The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RDA LUR) unites 26 municipalities and communities in central Slovenia, in which it supports sustainably oriented business, infrastructural, social, cultural and creative activities. At the same time, it encourages connecting and developing partnership networks among various stakeholders whose activities bolster the region’s sustainable development. A young and highly qualified team of experts from diverse fields conceives, coordinates and carries out the development projects that contribute to the rise of the quality of life in the region, looks out for synergies among projects and connects with domestic and foreign experts. The agency advises and helps interested stakeholders find financial resources for the successful preparation, coordination and implementation of their projects; simultaneously, it handles the promotion of the region, its development and achievements at both the national and international levels.

In the international setting, the RDA LUR is known as a development agency synonymous with cutting edge knowledge and innovative projects, as well as high value-added products and services. It is a distinguished partner of international institutions, which it cooperates with on a variety of development projects.


Riko, d.o.o. Bizjanova ul. 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Riko is an internationally established engineering company that provides comprehensive technological solutions for industry, energy, environmental protection, logistics systems, and construction. We develop integral solutions using efficient, state-of-the-art, and eco-friendly technologies for various industries, including the automotive, tractor, and aircraft industries, as well as the energy, environmental protection, logistics, and the construction sector.

Our services include: Technological engineering, Engineering in warehouse and logistic systems, Engineering in power systems, Environmental engineering, Civil engineering.

• • • • •


Saving d.o.o. Finžgarjeva ul. 4, 1000 Ljubljana, The company's main activities are: • R&D in the area of medical devices, • R&D in the area of stem cells therapies.

Our main product is the Savvy ECG body sensor for the detection of cardiac arrhythmias to prevent cryptogenic brain stroke.

Unique achievements on the area of regenerative medicine which provide: Full body regeneration with stem cells therapies Existing therapies on the area of ortopaedy, cardiology, periodontology and therapies on the area of diseases caused by cancer (leukemia) Development of CAR-T and ATMP products.

• • •


SID bank d.d., Ljubljana Ulica Josipine Turnograjske 6, 1000 Ljubljana, SID Bank is a promotional development and export bank 100% owned by the Republic of Slovenia. With our banking and insurance services, we promote sustainable development and improve the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy.

SID Bank was established in 1992 as the Slovenian Export Corporation (Slovenska izvozna druŞba, d.d., Ljubljana), with the aim of providing insurance and financing of exports for Slovenian companies. Since then we have grown and evolved in step with development of the Slovenian economy. SID Bank is the parent company of SID Bank Group, which provides its customers a wide range of services for promotion of competitiveness in international business cooperation. The operations of SID Bank are based on a clear strategy and business model deriving from long-term development documents of the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia. The Republic of Slovenia provides long-term stable operations for SID Bank to carry out its transactions and activities in order to pursue the long-term development orientations of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union. As the sole shareholder, the Republic of Slovenia is responsible irrevocably and without limitations for SID Bank’s liabilities deriving from the transactions concluded during the pursuit of activities from Articles 11 and 12 of the Slovenian Export and Development Bank Act (ZSIRB).

As the national promotional development and export bank, we complement commercial banks with long-term funds and other financial instruments in the area of market gaps. Financing is available to small- and medium-sized enterprises for the internationalization of operations of Slovenian companies, as well as for developmental, environmental, regional, infrastructural, and other projects, which strengthen the Slovenian economy. SID Bank is a member of several international organizations of financial institutions, which operate in same or similar areas as SID Bank (mainly development banks, other financial institutions and export-credit agencies).


SIMPS’S d.o.o. Motnica 3, 1236 Trzin, SIMPS'S d.o.o. is a manufacturer of high quality care beds, and a wide range of products for treatment, and healthcare furniture. The company was established in year 1990. Our primary focus is caring for patients. We work closely with hospitals, healthcare centers, and nursing and elderly homes. The company mission is to develop cost effective solutions for high quality patient care. We listen to our customers, and offer the best service. We trust in the quality of our products, and we believe that our knowledge and experience will ensure that this mission will be fulfilled.

We manufacture a wide range of electric and non-electric care beds, including also a selection of products for treatment and healthcare furniture.


Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing Cesta Žalskega tabora 2, 3310 Žalec, The Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing (IHPS) is a public research, developmental, advisory, and educational organization. It acts for the needs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, as well as for the needs of domestic and foreign industry. The institute also has project partnerships with local and foreign scientific research and technical institutions. Its role in the food processing sector and in rural development is also crucial.

Its principal functions are research and advisory services in growing industrial plants (hops, hemp, biofuel plants), brewing, and the production of medicinal and aromatic plants. The research fields are complemented by applied projects relating to agriculture, environmental impact, as well as the development and preservation of the countryside. The principal research in hop growing is centered on hop breeding, agricultural technology, physiology, nutrition, hop marketing, protection of hops against diseases, and pests and the related prognosis and signs of diseases and pests, as well as the application of chemical solutions used for the protection of plants and economics in agribusiness.

Our products and services:

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Research in the field of agricultural plants; Technology of plant production; Testing of the fertilizers and biostimulators in crop production; Irrigation; Chemical soil analysis, advising in the field of fertilizing, fertilization plans Research in the field of agricultural ecology, sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection; Chemical analysis of plant tissues (hops, medicinal and aromatic plants) and agro-food products (particular beer); Gene bank of hops, medicinal and aromatic plants; Production of hops, medicinal and aromatic plants; Collection of plant pests (mushroom, bacteria, viruses); Monitoring and forecasting of harmful organisms; Plant protection against harmful organisms (diseases, pests, weeds) is our main focus within the framework of agricultural research and expert and educational activities; Biological testing of plant protection products based on the obtained international GEP (Good Experimental Practice) certificate.


Spovano d.o.o. Plese 7a, 9000 Murska Sobota, SPOVANO is an old word used in Prekmurje, which means something to produce, to create. We are growers, organizers of food production, and sellers. We connect various segments of agriculture production – cereal, vegetable, fruit, herbal and livestock farming. We offer crops of regional origin - from our own and cooperative production. With our work we are presented and active in the region of the European Union (EU) and in the Balkans. Our mission is to organize agricultural food production, primarily for human needs. The vision of company SPOVANO is to be a recognized provider of quality food, utilising from the regional environment.

Our products include: • Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, etc.), • vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, horseradish, pumpkins, etc.), • fruit (apples, plums, strawberries, etc.), • herbs, teas, • hemp products (teas, seeds, etc.), • packaged fruits and nuts, • and honey.


Špica International d.o.o. Ljubljana Pot k sejmišču 33, 1231 Ljubljana - Črnuče, Spica International d.o.o. was founded in 1989. Spica is regional (Adriatic) leader in manufacturing and distributing IT systems, equipment, and business solutions, based on automatic identification (RFID, biometrics, bar code, Voice, Vision). Spica offers business solutions developed in house as well as integrations with other systems. Beside in-house research and development products, Spica offers combination of carefully selected solutions, made by high quality manufacturers of worldwide renown. Spica started developing solutions for automatic identification at the end of eighties. Research and development of business solutions is main core business of Spica's vision. This led Spica”s to substantial know-how, many years of experience and numerous onsite installations all around the world. Spica's research and development team is around 30% of Spica's employees. Many of them are part of Spica's research center registered at the Slovenian Research Agency.

Our products include:

• • • • • • • • • •

Time&Space, Door Cloud, AllHours, MyHours, Frontman FIND, Frontman ePOD, Frontman SFA, Frontman LMS, Frontman WMS, Frontman Voice.


TECOS, Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre KidriÄ?eva ul. 25, 3000 Celje, Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre, TECOS, is a private non-for-profit organisation, established on the initiative of Slovenian toolmakers, by the Government of Slovenia, Municipality of Celje and the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce in 1994. In the last 20 years TECOS has become a visible player in knowledge-based society with a reputation of the leading research and innovation centre, supporting the Slovenian manufacturing industry. TECOS connects companies from Tool & Die Manufacturing, Advanced Material Processing, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering; Electronic & ICT supported products and services. Our mission is based on the development and transfer of state-of-the-art scientific and technological knowledge into industrial practice in the field of tooling and processing of materials and on the rationalisation of business of small and medium-sized enterprises by the means of joint R&D.

TECOS is the only competent institution with a key knowledge in the areas of performing complex numerical simulations of multi-physical processes, product development, development of injection moulding technologies and processing of polymer materials, development of smart mechatronic tools and IT support applications for digitally-oriented production companies. The technological expertise’s of TECOS are the advanced simulation analyses of polymer materials and plastic transforming processes, construction designing, optimising and developing of metal, plastic & hybrid parts, technological processes, multifunctional materials, and management of entire product life cycle for various industrial sectors, i.e. toolmaking, medical, automotive, packaging, house appliance and the electrical industry.

We are offering integrated solutions in the form of turnkey projects tailored to the customer needs, which includes an entire product design, advanced computeraided analysis, prototyping and installation of manufacturing processes for serial manufacturing on-site. We are promoting the knowledge transfer and have till now collaborated in more than 80 National and European projects, where we act as R&D partner or industrial association group (IAG).


Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o. Tehnološki park 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Founded in 1995, Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd. has grown into the biggest business support ecosystem for commercialization of technology-based innovation in SE Europe. Technologu Park Ljubljana is a leading national stakeholder for development of innovative and knowledge-based entrepreneurship in Slovenia, providing business talents and companies a comprehensive business support and ecosystem development. On its 75.000 m2 of high quality infrastructure, it encompasses more than 300 companies that employ more than 1.500 people in various sectors, such as ICT, Life Science, New Materials, Industrial technologies, etc.

Technology Park Ljubljana accelerates commercialization of knowledge and encourages entrepreneurship. It creates new high added values jobs and in doing so curbs Slovenian’s brain drain. Technology Park Ljubljana also invests in knowledge and R&D either through EUfunded projects or by itself. Technology park’s achievements are recognized by many distinguished international institutions, among which are IASP, OECD, European Comission, etc. Technology Park Ljubljana received, among others, the “John Shields Award” for contribution in development of innovation ecosystem in SEE and was in the TOP 3 chosen projects out of 343, within the European enterprise promotion award.


University Medical Centre Ljubljana Zaloška cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana, With approximately 8000 employees, University Medical Centre Ljubljana (UMCL) is one of the largest institutions in Slovenia. Thanks to its outstanding achievements in the field of health care, UMCL is comparable to some of the most renowned institutions in Europe and worldwide. It is the only hospital in Slovenia providing specialized care for some diseases. UMCL’s employees pursue a triple mission of health care, education and research and are committed to providing safe, high quality and standardised patient care. Activities undertaken to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided include the application of clinical care pathways and endeavours to acquire international accreditations and to win the business excellence award of the Republic of Slovenia, which is based on the European model of business excellence EFQM.

We are professional leaders in health services but above all in care, humanity and personal touch. UMCL accepts patients from all regions of Slovenia and from foreign countries. Maintaining the high quality and safety of patient care – the goal for which we strive on a daily basis – is today’s vision for tomorrow. UMCL’s key mission is to ensure high quality patient care and to promote the development of health services in Slovenia. Our patients are offered high quality health care in all specialties.


University of Ljubljana Kongresni trg 12, 1000 Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia. University with its rich tradition was founded in 1919. It has more than 40.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and employs approximately 5.600 higher education teachers, researchers, assistants and administrative staff in 23 faculties and three arts academies. The central building, all three academies and faculties are located in the centre. Some of the most recent and modern buildings were constructed on the outskirts of Ljubljana, giving the university and its students a ubiquitous presence in the city.

The University of Ljubljana builds and strengthens the academic union of professors, researchers, students and other associates and aims at the university enforcement at home and in the world. The research, education, professional and public activities, as well as the relations between the community members are based on the: • academic excellence and the highest possible quality, • academic freedom of the academic and other staff and students, especially the freedom of creativity, • autonomy in relation to the state, political parties, corporations and religious communities, • humanism and human rights including equal possibilities and solidarity, • ethical and responsible attitude towards the world. Members involved in SRIP Health – medicine include: • Biotechnical Faculty, • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, • Faculty of Health Sciences, • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, • Faculty of Medicine with ELIXIR, • Faculty of Pharmacy with EATRIS, • Faculty of Sport, • Veterinary Faculty.


University of Maribor Slomťkov trg 15, 2000 Maribor, With its nineteen member institutions, the university is turning into a central development institution attracting talented students from all over the world and providing a development context where excellence is at home at all levels. The management is aware that close ties between the university as a central educational and research institution and its local environment and the industry are of the utmost importance. For this reason, various activities aimed at integrating knowledge and R&D with the industry are being implemented in order to initiate concrete projects contributing to new jobs and new products with high added value. The University of Maribor is thus bringing together knowledge, research findings and the industry. The central project in this area is called IOT – Innovative Open Technologies. The information portal will serve as an entry point also in other development projects.

The University of Maribor is developing new fields, testing new teaching and learning methods and constantly searching for new methods of cooperation with its environment. Various international awards prove that the university is on the right track. This year, UM was ranked among the best global universities and earned the highest score among Slovene universities on Times Higher Education World University Rankings examining how universities fulfil their primary mission in different areas. In 2014, UM also received an award for the well-being of foreign students at HE institutions.a


University of Nova Gorica Vipavska c. 13, RoĹžna dolina, 5000 Nova Gorica, The University of Nova Gorica is a private, research-oriented and internationally established university. University's activity includes higher education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as scientific research and expert activity. It fosters student and teacher exchange programs with European and other universities. A choice of the language of study is adapted to this aim, especially at the graduate level. UNG takes special care to promote multidisciplinary study programs and research, designed to build partnerships between industry and academia, to contribute to creating a better society both at local and global levels.

The University of Nova Gorica (UNG) is strongly oriented to international collaborations with similar institutions around the world. UNG researchers and teachers are expected to be internationally recognized scientists who participate in international research projects.

The latest international Round University Ranking system (RUR) ranks the University of Nova Gorica among the leading world universities (186th place in 2017). RUR measures the performance in teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability. Global university ranking program ÂťUMultirankÂŤ show excellence of UNG in the field of research, international orientation, and regional engagement.


Other partners EMRI d.o.o., Grampovčanova ulica 17, 1000 Ljubljana Contact: prof. dr. Igor Emri,

HIETO, Croatian Institute for Experimental and Translational Oncology, Koledinečka 3, 1000 Zagreb, Croatia Contact: prof. dr. Bratko Filipić,


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