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How To Remove Scarab Ransomware? Scarab Ransomware is a recently discovered HiddenTear Ransomware variant that employs strong AES encryption to lock user files. This cryptocurrency virus came into existence in June 2017 and since then has evolved to include more sophisticated features to evade detection. Let us read more about this Ransomware & learn ways to get read of it.

Ransomware attacks have grown to be one of the major problems on the web. In the recent past, Ransomware features have expanded to include data exfiltration, participation in distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) & anti-detection components.

Recently a series of Scarab Ransomware variants were released that dominated Ransomware distribution. The malicious program employs sophisticated AES-256 & RSA-2018 encryption algorithm to lock personal information on targeted systems. The Ransomware belongs to hidden tear Ransomware family. Scarab Ransomware was spotted for the first time in June 2017 & since then has been reappearing with new versions. Amongst the many variants of this Ransomware the updated ones encrypt files by appending it with .RAP, .zzzzzzzz, .krab, .fast, .key, .ERROR, .skype, .hitler, .mammon, .walker, .please, .Recovery, .red, .osk,, .bomber etc. The list of scarab Ransomware variants is endless. Scarab Ransomware is no ordinary Ransomware as it uses Necurs botnet to spread around. The popularity & imperilment of this spam botnet largely intensifies the possibility of getting infected with this malice. The targeted files of this Ransomware attack include:

Video files

Audio files

Picture files

Document files

Text files etc

Unlike other Ransomware attacks, the virus soon after encryption places HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES ransom note in each of the affected folders. The ransom note is usually in Russian language but the latest variants use the English translation of the Russian note without correct grammar. The note informs users that the files have been encrypted & contains details about the ransom to be paid & the contact details of the attacker. The ransom note reads as:

The threat actors of this Ransomware usually demand $300 to $500 in exchange for the decryption key to unlock the encrypted data. They use different email address to communicate with victims. These include: •;;

Help-Mails@Ya.Ru;;;; etc

Ransomware attacks usually result in deletion of files regardless of whether or not the payment is made. Agreeing to pay to cyber maniacs hence reaps no fruits. Victims are therefore recommended to try some other ways to recover the lost data instead of contacting cybercriminals. Scarab-krab Ransomware & Scarab-Zzz Ransomware- Most recent variants of Ransomware Attacks Scarab- krab & Scarab- Zzz are customized versions of the Scarab Ransomware Trojan released on January 12th& January 14th, 2019 respectively. The sacarb-krab Ransomware is known to be used in attacks on small businesses that use poorly protected remote desktop accounts & outdated software infrastructure. The Ransomware is known to remove the System Restore points & the Shadow Volume snapshots on the infected devices making the recovery possible only through third-party backup solutions. The encrypted files receive the .[[]].krab extension. The Scarab- Zzz Ransomware is similar to its other variants & uses identical ransom note. The rename pattern include .zzzzzzzz extension. For instance, a file named test.docx is renamed to 3RvbmV5d29vZCBwYXBlciBtaWxsLmRvY3gNCg==.zzzzzzzz. The threat actors appear to use ‘‘ and ‘‘ email accounts for reaching out to victims.

Other traits of these Ransomware variants resemble its earlier versions. The targeted files include images, audio, video, databases, and office documents.

How to prevent Scarab Ransomware from your system

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How to Remove Scarab Ransomware  

Scarab Ransomware is a huge family of cryptocurrency viruses that came into existence in June 2017. This is one of the many HiddenTear Ranso...

How to Remove Scarab Ransomware  

Scarab Ransomware is a huge family of cryptocurrency viruses that came into existence in June 2017. This is one of the many HiddenTear Ranso...