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Not all scars are created equal.


Neither are... compounding pharmacies.


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Custom Scar Formulations by CCCA

Only PCAB Accredited pharmacy in the Tri-Cities.

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COPY EDITOR Lucy Honeychurch GRAPHIC DESIGN Alice Salyer CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Liz Bushong Kris Cantu Linda Coffey Rita Dykes Lynda Fontaine Savanna Smith April Taylor DISTRIBUTION Will Campbell Susan Couch Bobby Flowers Lynda Fontaine Tucker Shull Savanna Smith

When I was growing up I remember how much it hurt when I fell and skinned my knee. Both my pride and my skin ended up scraped and scratched, but there was nothing that could heal that hurt faster than my mother could with a band-aid and a kiss. It was this tender caring that made all the difference in the world and had me back on track, enjoying my day outside in the neighborhood. This tender caring is something that all of our doctors in the annual medical issue have in common: that and a passion for making it all better. Doctors are a breed all their own and there is a reason that medical school is so difficult, because not everyone is cut out to be a medical professional. The everyday heroics of a doctor is something that never ceases to amaze me, and Brian and I have both discussed, on more than one occasion, how remarkable it is to see a knowledgeable clinician in action. We see doctors, hopefully, on a regular basis and might have the tendency to take our doctors, nurses, and dentists for granted, but this would be a huge mistake. They are there for us in nearly every aspect of our lives from the time we are born until the time we die, in good and bad and for the ugly as well as the beautiful and they do all this for one reason; so that we may live the healthiest lives possible. As you read about the doctors in this issue, remember the old adage about an apple a day keeping the doctor away, but remember too all the times that you have been helped by a doctor when you felt your most miserable during a winter cold, when your child was hot with fever and you feared the worse, or when you were unafraid you had the strength for that final push during delivery. Apples are delicious and helpful, but when they cannot do the trick it is a doctor we call on first. The doctors, both in this issue and our community, continue to educate themselves about medicine and its effect on our physical and mental health. They are constantly educating themselves and consistently learn amazing things about the human body and how we age. There are advances everyday that can help us hear and see better, exercise more efficiently, look better and eat better. There are medicinal discoveries made each year that provide doctors with more efficient ways of helping patients. There are new medical procedures being invented at every moment: in the hopes that man can one day live disease free. Brian and I present you this August with the medical issue in the hopes that you will learn something new about our community and about those who selflessly server the people in the region with the sole desire of keeping us healthy and making us better if we are hurt or sick. These doctors do not hide behind masks, they cannot fly, nor do they have superhuman strength or super powers but they are special nonetheless. They are supernatural to us mere mortals because they can help with the normal ailments that face us on Earth and they do so with skill and knowledge that seems otherworldly. Next time you are in the doctor’s office waiting for what seems like forever; try to keep from getting frustrated and instead thank your healthcare provider. Without them who knows what might ail us that a simple band-aid and kiss could not fix. Angela Striligas, Publisher Brian Hullette, Co-Publisher

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ON THE COVER 2013 Medical Showcase A closer look at a few of our regions medical experts

Photography by Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photographics

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Beer Tasting @ Inari Wines 4-7 pm Bluegrass on Broad @ Downtown Kingsport 7 pm

State Street Farmers’ Market in Downtown Bristol 8 am-12 pm Kingsport Farmer’s Market @ Downtown Kingsport 8 am-12 pm Wine Tasting @ Inari Wines 4-7 pm







31 AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 7

There is one Doctor you should never trust… Story by Savanna Smith


hile today’s society relies heavily on staying informed through the World Wide Web, there may be things, dare we say it, even the web doesn’t know. Sure it’s easy to trust the weather report, the new trends, and who said what in entertainment; but some information from the Internet should not be trusted. For example, when it comes to an illness Dr. Google is not your friend. Self-diagnosis is at an all time high and whether you are the person who shrugs the illness away or becomes convinced you are dying there is only one way to know what is truly wrong. It is simple, old fashion, and the one way to find out the problem- visit your doctor! These professionals dedicate their lives to helping others, not to mention spend years educating themselves just to be the best and do their best to treat you. It’s also really important to remember that doctors have a much fuller understanding of symptoms than any search engine could. Many diseases share similar symptoms but what distinguishes them from each other is the combination, severity and frequency of these symptoms. For the most part the average person won’t have the tools and experience to make a truly informed diagnosis and in many cases will just cause themselves unnecessary panic. There are plenty of reasons not to self-diagnose, such as jumping to the worst-casescenario, misdiagnosing something serious, spending more money than simply going to the doctor, and self bias just to name a few. Most doctors even say searching for random symptoms is a terrible idea, mainly because while people are hoping to find a sense of relief, self-diagnosing does the exact opposite. Sufferers spend countless hours searching online, self-diagnosing and stressing out until finally visiting a doctor. When you find yourself under the weather, jut save yourself the worry and stress and go see your doctor. With the knowledge, skills, and experience doctors have, it is also reassuring to know you will receive the right diagnosis and receive the right treatment.


2013 Medical Showcase A closer look at a few of our regions medical experts


Penny Williams-Cordeiro, RN; Jennifer Brown, Esthetician; Justin Adams, MSN, FNP; Robin Lyons, RN Skin Deep Medical Spa Johnson City, TN PHILOSOPHY The owners of skin deep medical spa are aware that coming to a spa and treating yourself to products, procedures, or pampering is something that most people enjoy. Everyone works hard, but few can afford the luxury of coming to a spa. Skin Deep uses high end products with the client in mind. We keep our prices very competitive so almost anyone can afford to gift themselves some TLC. Skin Deep Medical Spa and Weight Loss Clinic aims to be the premier destination for aesthetics, weight loss, and medical spa services within the Tri-Cities region.

Jennifer Brown, Esthetician Jenny Lea Academy

Penny Williams-Cordeiro, RN Currently attending Frontier Nursing University finishing MSN, FNP

10 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Justin Adams, MSN, FNP; Board Certification; American Academy of Nurse Practitioners; University of Virginia

Robin Lyons, RN; ETSU

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

Skin Deep Medical Spa and Weight Loss Clinic aims to be the premier destination for aesthetics, weight loss, and medical spa services within the Tri-Cities region. Our comprehensive treatment regimens are individually designed with you in mind, because you are in fact why we are here. Our highly trained staff will customize your individual treatments to ensure you are a satisfied client. At Skin Deep, you will experience an upscale and welcoming atmosphere and we look forward to catering to your needs.


With platelet-rich plasma therapy, the patient’s blood is collected and placed into a centrifuge. It is then separated into components and the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted. The PRP is then activated so that the growth factors are readily available, and then is injected back into the area to be treated. These growth factors stimulate stem cells to regenerate and rebuild new tissue. PRP therapy will repair and rebuild new collagen, and improve skin tone and elasticity. It is also used for hair restoration, and to diminish scars and stretch marks. Cutting edge therapies include treatment for male and female sexual dysfunction using the “M” and “O” shot. PRP is extremely safe and there is no risk of allergic reaction because the patient’s own plasma is used.

“We provide very high-end services and products but keep it affordable for everyone.” ASK THE EXPERTS What services do you offer? Skin Deep Medical spa offers a vast array of services including weight loss, nutritional counseling, personal training, cryolipolysis, aesthetics (facials, waxing, spray tans), treatment of acne, rosacea and other skin concerns. We also are on the cutting edge offering a wide selection of services with platelet rich plasma (PRP) including the popular Vampire Facelift, Vampire Facial, hair restoration, scar rejuvenation, “O” shot, “M” shot, and more. We also feature microneedling and massage therapy.  

What is your most requested service? Our most popular and requested service is our weight loss program. Each client receives nutritional and exercise counseling as well as customized meal plans. We also offer the option of one-on-one personal training.

How do you stay on the cutting edge? Skin Deep stays on the forefront and cutting edge of our market by constantly researching for the best ways to serve our clients. We do extensive research on safety and efficacy before we offer new services. One of the most exciting things we are offering is Platelet rich plasma therapy, which uses stem cell technology to revitalize and rebuild cells.

What Makes Skin Deep unique? Skin Deep Medical Spa keeps our clientele as our number one priority. We stand out from other spas by offering private spa parties. Your very own private party would take place after regular operating hours. It is a fun evening of pampering complete with catering and wine. You can receive any service we offer in your own private party. Skin Deep also offers a spa club membership, which is similar to a savings account. If a client wants a certain procedure, but does not have the funds up front, they can join the club’s installment plan and can have the procedure they want once their account is funded.

Location Johnson City

CONTACT Johnson City

3119 Bristol Highway, Suite 308

(423) 282-3333

To learn more about the practice visit

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 11

Larry “Todd” Breeding, MD Robert H. McQueen, MD

Mountain States Medical Group Cardiology Kingsport, TN


How would patients describe you? I am hopeful my patients would describe me as someone who is genuinely concerned for their health. I want my patients to get the sense that I will go the distance to help them improve their cardiovascular health as best as I can.

How does your staff enhance the patient experience? Well, the staff here is great! They are all from this area and have a lot of local cultural knowledge. I’ve often heard patients say that the staff makes them feel comfortable here and that’s important to us.


Describe your practice: MSMG Cardiology in Kingsport is a well-oiled machine of sorts. We have an excellent blend of talent and experience throughout the practice. Physicians and clinical staff work well together to keep the well-being of our patients at the center of our focus.

How would you describe your operating room manner?

Our Mission at MSMG Cardiology At MSMG Cardiology, we work diligently to help people throughout our region reach their full cardiovascular potential. We believe that this potential can only be reached by a participatory practice that actively involves patients in all aspects of their disease management and focuses on patient-centered care.

12 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

I am calm and focused in the operating room. Cardiovascular procedures can be complex so it is important to me that I give every patient my complete attention during any procedure.


Our Services at MSMG Cardiology – Kingsport: Comprehensive outpatient cardiovascular consultative services Outpatient diagnostic testing Cardiodynamic noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring Echocardiographic lab services Stress testing and nuclear imaging Outpatient lab services Inpatient cardiovascular care Interventional cardiology Cardiac CTA Permanent Pacemaker Implantation Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Bi-ventricular pacemakers / defibrillators

Our practice philosophy is participatory. Our vision is to provide you with the highest possible cardiovascular care through superior cardiovascular disease management, while encouraging you to take an active role in your health. MEET THE EXPERTS Larry “Todd” Breeding, MD

Robert H McQueen, MD

American Board of Internal Medicine Cardiology Fellowship at the University of Kentucky Medical Center

American Board of Internal Medicine Cardiology Fellowship at the Medical College of Virginia

What makes your practice unique?

Describe your philosophy:

One of the factors that make this practice unique is that most of the staff, including myself, grew up in this area. Talking to a physician who understands the mountain culture, and the unique characteristics of the folks who live in this area, makes patients feel more at ease and that translates into better communication and higher patient satisfaction.

My approach is focused on quality outcomes. I want my patients to come away from their experience with a stronger heart and the ability to do more than they ever thought was possible.

How do you relate to your patients? I treat my patients like family. I talk to them as if I am talking to one of my own family members. I use language that they can understand while giving them good solid information about their cardiovascular health in a comfortable atmosphere; much like sitting across from each other at their kitchen table.

Location Kingsport, TN 2205 Pavilion Drive, Suite 201 on the campus of Indian Path Medical Center

How do you ensure patient satisfaction? I spend time building a rapport and trust with my patients so that they feel comfortable before, during, and after any procedures. It is my job to make sure that I convey how I can improve a patient’s cardiovascular health in such a way that the patient is assured that I will take care of them and that they will ultimately be satisfied with the results of their procedure.

CONTACT Call us to learn more about the practice or schedule an appointment

Memberships American College of Cardiologists Society of Cardiac Angiography and Interventions


AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 13

A better way.

Interested in Becoming an HMG Patient? It’s never been easier to become an HMG patient! Call 1-877-HMG-1213 and one of our new patient coordinators will be happy to help you find the HMG provider and location best for you and your needs.

The starting point for all of your medical needs.

Around-the-clock, secure access with myHMG.

The region’s first urgent care is still the best.

With more than 115 of the region’s most experienced primary care providers, including a team of dedicated pediatricians, primary care at HMG is the starting point of medical care. It’s where the commitment to patient-centered care begins.

Review a summary of your office visits. Communicate with your provider/nurse team. Request appointments and medication refills. Review routine laboratory results, medications, immunizations and allergies. You can do it all, securely. Anytime. Anywhere.

Offering shorter wait times, lower cost and a team of experienced physicians, HMG’s first provider of after-hours care is still the best. Today, HMG has two dedicated urgent care locations, in Bristol and Kingsport.

Holston Medical Group

Top 3 reasons to schedule an annual exam with your HMG provider 1. Even family pets visit the vet once a year. 2. An annual physical exam is a covered benefit within many commercial insurance plans.* 3. Annual exams often provide early detection of potential health concerns, helping you enjoy a lifetime of great health. *Please verify coverage with your insurance carrier.

Join in on the

Fido FANtastic Summer Fun Photo Contests!

Pick up your FIDO fan at any HMG location and visit Holston Medical Group’s Facebook page for details!

HMG: Always striving for “a better way” From its very inception more than thirty-five years ago, Holston Medical Group physicians have been single-focused, always striving for “a better way” to deliver the very best medicine has to offer. “We lead the region for a reason,” says HMG President & CEO Scott Fowler, MD, JD. “And that reason is that we’ve never been content with mediocrity. If there’s a better way to provide the excellent care our patients deserve, then, we’re going to do everything possible to do it.” As such, HMG is known for a hallmark of care that is marked by the delivery of attentive, compassionate, leading-edge care. With 15 locations throughout the region and more than 150 primary care and multi-specialty providers, HMG’s multi-disciplinary team approach to care has earned the group national recognition as the region’s first NCQArecognized patient-centered medical home.

A Better Way: The starting point for all of your medical needs.

With more than 115 of the region’s most experienced primary care providers, including a team of dedicated pediatricians, primary care at HMG is the starting point of medical care. It’s where the commitment to patient-centered care begins. Leading the nation in a paradigm shift in the delivery of patient-centered care, HMG is working to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, while leading the way in reduced costs, most notably in the treatment of chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

A Better Way: Urgent care when you need it most.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility to medical care after regular office hours, in 1985, HMG became the region’s first provider of after-hours care. Today, HMG has two dedicated urgent care locations, in Bristol and Kingsport. Offering shorter wait times, lower cost and a team of experienced physicians, HMG Urgent Care is the region’s best choice when it comes to non-emergent health concerns.

A Better Way: Around-the-clock, secure access with myHMG

At HMG, patients have secure, online access to their personal medical record 24-hours a day, seven-days-a-week. “myHMG greatly improves the patient experience by allowing patients to interact with their healthcare provider, at their convenience,” says Fowler. “We’ve had direct feedback from users who say they love the ability to securely message back and forth with their provider, directly. With myHMG, patients are able to communicate with their provider/nurse team, request an appointment or medication refill, as well as view routine laboratory results and medication listings. For more information on Holston Medical Group, including a listing of specialties, services and additional “A Better Way” articles, please visit or call 1-877-HMG-1213 to find a primary care provider near you.

Scott R. Miller, DDS and Associates Christopher M. Davenport, DDS Brittney C. Ellis, DDS Scott R. Miller, DDS Bristol, VA

A new style of dentistry

All the doctors work together in a weekly meeting to discuss every new patient to ensure the best possible and predicable options are presented to their patients. All their work comes with a guarantee against mechanical failure. They are confident that their office will be your last dental home and have multiple reviews that must be read to understand what you will encounter at their office.

16 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

Our office is dedicated to making your next dental appointment a totally new experience. Our modern yet comfortable office is full of the latest in dental technology. The newly featured T-Scan is a 3-D computer aided bite analysis that will allow us to analyze a patient bite to see what pressure occurs during function.





Our digital radiographs (X-ray) use USB sensors that require no sharp film in the mouth and just a fraction of the radiation used in the past to acquire an immediate image on the computer screen. We also have a digital Panorex machine for images needed to evaluate younger patients for tooth development and older individuals for tooth replacement options including implant.


Staying on the cutting edge

“Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality dental care that you deserve.” MEET THE EXPERTS Services Offered Implant Tooth Replacement

Dr. Scott Miller is a certified Prosthodontist having 18 years of experience in restoring many various implant

Crowns (Caps)/Bridges

systems. He is a National Trainer for the Larell One-Hour Denture system and has visited the Zimmer Institute, Noble Implant Center, and the University of Frankfort for advanced training in implant tooth replacement. Dr. Miller’s office is the referral center for many other dental offices encountering questions regarding treatment recommendations for advanced dental problem patients. He also sees patients needing dental obturators due to cancer treatment and cleft palates. There are currently 3378 Prosthodontists in the USA. Dr. Miller is one of two Prosthodontists between Knoxville, TN and Roanoke, VA. He is a very down to earth local son of a coal miner and enjoys meeting new people.

White Composite Fillings

Dr. Brittney Ellis received her dental degree from VCU School of Dentistry in Richmond, VA and joined the

Dentures/Wireless Partials

General Dentistry Teeth Whitening New Patient Exams/ Cleanings Digital X-Rays Root Canals

practice two years ago. She has developed an excellent practice in general and family dentistry treating patients of all ages. She works very closely with Dr. Miller in treatment planning on a variety of dental conditions. She, along with Dr. Chris Davenport, have help create a dental center in Bristol, VA that can address any dental question and concern anyone may have.

Dr. Chris Davenport is a native of Glade Spring, VA and graduated from Patrick Henry High School in 2004. He received a bachelor’s degree from UVA-Wise in 2008 and graduated from VCU School of Dentistry in 2013. Dr. Davenport is a great addition to our dental practice and offers Friday hours along with daily emergency appointments. Our goal is to continue to provide the people of our surrounding areas with quality dentistry and advanced prosthodontic services.

Location Bristol, VA


15325 Lee Highway

(276) 466-9800

To learn more about the practice visit

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 17

Melissa K. Taylor, MSM, PA-C

The Laser Center at Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer Johnson City, TN ASK THE EXPERT

Why should patients consider using several procedures in combination? Patients would see more dramatic results from combining procedures- for example, the smoothing effects of Botox for the muscle layer, the filling and shaping ability of Juvederm, the firming effect of Sublative Rejuvenation all work in combination with minimal downtime to give patients the natural brightening and smoother effect they desire.

How do you achieve natural results?

What sets your office apart? We offer a team approach. Our physicians, mid-level providers, nurses and aesthetics staff, and our receptionists all work together to provide a quality experience for the patient. We pride ourselves on educating our patients, offering services with science that support the results, and ensuring that our staff is expertly trained. The health and beauty of your skin is our only concern.

Mandy Mann, LPN Aesthetician

18 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Tracey Ferguson, Aesthetician

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

I feel that giving a patient a very natural result is of utmost importance. I see the patient as a work of art- and I use the same amount of detail that I would if I were painting a portrait. I take the time necessary to perfect their result.

Sublative Rejuvenation is a unique combination of superficial ablative techonology with skin resurfacing and tightening with minimal downtime. Don’t let your “skinhibitions” hold you back from smoother, brighter and tighter skin.



Sublative Rejuvenation



“Patients would see more dramatic results from combining procedures.” MEET THE EXPERT Melissa K. Taylor, MSM, PA-C PROTECT WHERE UV FILTERS CANNOT: ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION FROM THE INSIDE Skin Ceuticals topical antioxidants work below the skin’s surface to neutralize UV- and IRA- induced free radicals that cause environmental skin damage such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and lost elasticity. By strengthening skin’s natural defense system against free radicals not blocked by sunscreens, Skin Ceuticals antioxidants help protect the epidermal and dermal layers from the inside to correct visible premature aging.

Location Johnson City

CONTACT Johnson City

1009 North State of Franklin Access Road

(423) 929-7546

A board-certified Physician Assistant, Melissa has practiced with Tri-Cities Skin and Cancer since 2001. She holds a B.S. in Biology and a B.S. in Health Science from Lee University, and a Masters of Science in Medicine from Trevecca Nazarene University. Melissa treats a variety of general dermatology conditions and performs general dermatologic surgery. She also performs a wide variety of cosmetic procedures which include, but aren’t limited to, Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, and Sclerotherapy for spider veins. Melissa approaches each client as an individual and listens to specific concerns. She strives to achieve a natural look for all of her clients. She also does everything possible to make every procedure as comfortable and painless as possible. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons.

To learn more about the practice visit

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 19

Shannon Finch, MD

Finch Family Medical Care Bristol, VA


Shannon Finch, MD grew up in rural upstate South Carolina near Clemson University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences in 1994. An interest in going “to medical school to deliver babies” prompted him to apply to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. It was during the interview, however, that he was interviewed by a jolly, elderly, and satisfied appearing Family Physician in Clemson, SC, that inspired him to enter Family Medicine as a specialty: that never changed. After training at the ETSU Family Practice Residency Program in Bristol, 3 years of residency, and 7 years with Holston Medical Group: Dr. Finch went into solo Family Practice in 2008. Dr. Finch, with an excellent friendly staff, can offer tailored, personal, caring medical care in a flexible solo practice setting. Dr. Finch offers standard medical care to patients, but the practice also offers a selection of several natural products to benefit health, in addition to the Moringa profiled on the following page. These include: a colloidal silver product for infection prevention, natural joint & muscle pain remedies (including Biofreeze & Orthogel products), GreenTeaHP (green tea drink with many benefits), Nerium Age Defying skin care, natural weight loss products (as well as prescription weight loss options), Human Growth Hormone spray, and an array of great Genesis Pure health products.

Dr. Finch uses & offers for purchase a totally unique supplement called Zinga Moringa, available as all natural capsules of shade dried & powdered Moringa tree leaves.

Moringa oleifera is a species of hardy, not-so-attractive tree that grows naturally in arid, equatorial regions of the world, especially in India. It has been nicknamed a “Miracle Tree” because it has so many nutritional & even medicinal benefits. Its uses range from a food source (in the leaves, roots, & fruit), to a crop growth enhancer, to a water purifier, to a source of natural medicine, as well as other uses. It is truly amazing.

20 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013


What is “Moringa”?


Tired of being tired? ASK THE EXPERT Why would Moringa help me? Moringa leaves, quite miraculously, contain all major nutrients the body needs to function at its best, naturally packaged in a leaf state that the body can absorb and use much more readily than lab synthesized vitamin supplements. Our Western/American diets are full of foods that are highly processed, nutrient deficient, carbohydrate and additive rich, and these foods in many ways bog the body down rather than help it thrive. Moringa supplemented in one’s diet undoes that to a great degree and gives much benefit.

What nutrients in Moringa will give me benefit? Moringa leaf contains all the major vitamins: A through K. It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in a plant form. It contains many minerals, such as iron, potassium, and calcium. It contains all 20 of the amino acids which body must have to build its proteins that give the body its structure and function. In the leaves there are dozens of antiinflammatory compounds and anti-oxidant compounds, which give untold health benefits in making the body feel better, cleanse its impurities, and prevent disease. All of these types of nutrients are in one all natural supplement composed of simply the dried leaves placed in capsules. So much is available nutritionally in Moringa leaf capsules that one does not need to take multivitamins or many other specific vitamins.

What conditions can be helped by Moringa? First and foremost: FATIGUE. Many, many people consuming Moringa get great help with chronic fatigue and sluggishness. Many of the nutrients specifically help brain alertness, wakefulness, and focus. Whatever job one may have, Moringa can help anyone by boosting mental and physical energy. This is the main benefit Dr Finch himself gets from Moringa: “I would not do without my 4 capsules a day, having experienced the help with focus and energy that I get from it. It has totally improved how I function in my work.” In patients using Moringa, Dr. Finch has seen it many times help fatigue, joint pain, well being, mood, sleep cycles, attention difficulties (ADD,

Location Bristol


1318 Euclid Avenue, Suites 2 & 3

(276) 466-0744

etc), and weight loss. Due to helping most of these problems just listed, Moringa helps many people with the terrible condition Fibromyalgia. Dr Finch says: “It seems to me that the benefits people may get from Moringa occur because consuming Moringa is putting exactly the right building blocks into your body that help it work its best.”

What dose of Moringa should I take and is it safe for kids or elderly? It is absolutely safe. Side effects are very rare: The main one Dr. Finch has seen is occasional stomach upset. All ages can safely take Moringa; just use little doses for little ones, and more in adults; Moringa has been used to help malnourishment in infants and breastfeeding babies in starving areas of the world. Just look at it as a food, and dose loosely based on size. For adults, start with 2 capsules daily, together or separate early in morning and about midday. The effects seem to be better if taken on empty stomach, but that is not a must. More or less can be taken as desired.

How can I get Moringa? Locally Dr. Finch is a rare source for purchase of Moringa. He had never heard of it until April 2011 when a patient told him about it. He researched it, tried it, loved it and started ordering it to offer to patients to help them as well. Many patients now enjoy it and Finch Family Medical Care is happy to offer it for purchase to anyone who would like to see what Moringa can do for them. Dr. Finch obtains “Zinga Moringa” pure natural Moringa leaf capsules from 21st Century Designer Health Products in Boca Raton, FL. Their source, after looking worldwide for the best quality Moringa, is a 200-year-old organic farm in India that raises the tree as a crop, as is done now in many areas of the world. This is a top quality, safe, effective product that may end up being life changing for you, as it has been for Dr. Finch and many others.

To learn more about the practice look for Finch Family Medical Care on facebook.

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 21

Vijay Singh, MD Imperial Medicine Kingsport, TN


Dr. Vijay Singh is board certified in Family Medicine; bringing patients 10 years of experience in Emergency Medicine in the two hospitals in Kingsport, TN. He received his M.D. from SS Medical College in Rewa, India in 1995. He completed his residency at UT Memphis and ETSU Kingsport. Dr. Singh has a beautiful wife, Radhika, and a very enthusiastic threeyear-old daughter, Aizah, who are most important in his life. He as well as his staff put God and family above all.

Becoming a Family Practitioner “I left the ER to pursue a practice in family medicine, this way I could get to know the patients and really find out their problems and cure them. I love making people well again, it is truly my passion.”

Learn his practice Not only do we worry about our patient’s health and well-being, but we also help them achieve their full function. We have an array of services in behavioral health that are used to manage Obesity, Hypertension, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Anxiety, and dependence on tobacco.

His philosophy Providing simple and sincere medicine. I believe in treating the person as a whole, not just their symptoms.  We want to help patients get to the bottom of what is really going on, not just what we see on the surface. It is this way that the person will really be cured of their problem instead of simply suppressing it.

Visit Imperial Medicine

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

Our comprehensive weight loss program is the lowest price in the region, and includes behavioral counseling, nutritional counseling, medications, and injections. We treat every patient like a person, not just another payment. Nothing is more important than the trust of my patients.

22 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013


“Imperial Medicine provides comprehensive care of the whole person, and takes pride in doing so simply and sincerely, because that is our mission.” A special service We at Imperial Medicine believe a person cannot be well until they are free of what ails them. We have found a lot of patients suffer from anxiety and do not have the means to control it. We offer free anxiety discussion groups every Friday afternoon at 3:00 to all our patients and their families. This is a free service to help people understand where their anxiety and depression come from and to give them a platform to talk through things with other people experiencing the same problems.


What other services do you provide for your patients? We also offer complimentary medicine using herbal, natural products, and supplements. We are convinced using the natural cure truly is the best way. We perform immigration exams, have a diabetes clinic, pediatrics clinic, cardiac health clinic, and offer pain management. We are very active when it comes to weight loss; our obesity clinic offers phentermine, HCG, and Lipovite.

How are you involved with the community? I work closely with the HOPE program and focus on helping the youth. We have donated office space for HOPE and believe in its mission. I help to get the kids the volunteer hours they need. We place them in jobs they would like to see themselves in to shadow professionals. I feel the youth is the most important part of community focus.

Location Kingsport, TN

CONTACT (423) 245-1560

To find out more, please visit

1201 North Wilcox Drive

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 23

Erika L. Grigg, MD

Gastroenterology Associates Kingsport, TN


Dr. Erika Grigg is originally from Hollywood, FL and grew up in Coral Springs, FL. She enjoys general gastroenterology and has a special clinical interest in IBD and GI bleeding. In addition to her medical practice, she enjoys working out, playing golf, and spending time with her husband, Leon, and their four dogs, Axel, Chloe, Tuxedo and Midnight. M.D. Degree Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica, West Indies Residency Internal Medicine, Medical College of Georgia Augusta, Georgia Fellowship Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Medical College of Georgia Augusta, GA Certifications Board Certified, Internal Medicine Board Certified, Gastroenterology Professional Associations American College of Gastroenterology American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy American Gastroenterological Association Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America

Douglas J. Springer, MD Fredric R. Mishkin, MD R. Douglas Strickland, MD J. Michael Spear, MD James L. Lapis, MD Douglas E. Homoky, MD Jeffrey S. Levine, MD Alan G. Carnell, MD Rathi Narayan, MD Christopher M. Mathews, MD Josh D. Hall, MD Garieann C. Fish, DO Michael D. Gilles, MD Erika L. Grigg, MD Suzanne Saylor, FNP Danielle Overton, FNP

24 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo




“Do you need a Gastroenterologist?” Colorectal Cancer and Polyp Screening Over the last few years, we have instituted an aggressive course of colorectal cancer screening for anyone over the age of 50 and for African Americans over the age of 45. This entails a full colonoscopy to look for any abnormal colonic lesions or polyps (growths on the lining of the colon) and if present, remove them. If a patient has a family history of colon cancer in an immediate family member, that puts them at increased risk for colon cancer. It is recommended that those individuals undergo a screening colonoscopy 10 years before the age of diagnosis of their family members’ cancer. Future screening intervals will be determined by your gastroenterologist based on screening colonoscopy findings.

Dysphagia A medical term for difficulty in swallowing. It is usually a sign of a problem with your throat or esophagus- the tube that moves food and liquids from the back of your mouth to your stomach. There are many different problems that can prevent the throat or esophagus from working properly, some of these are minor, but others are more serious. Any of these conditions can be easily evaluated by a gastroenterologist.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) IBS is a very common disease process, which is associated with abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating and fullness. IBS presents with frequent episodes of diarrhea and/or constipation. There may be serious underlying causes of alterations in bowel function, which need further evaluation. This is sometimes accomplished with a colonoscopy. IBS is a disease that can frequently be controlled with medication for almost complete, long-term relief of symptoms.

Diarrhea Diarrhea can be an ongoing and/or very severe problem. When diarrhea is persistent, it merits further investigation. Diarrhea can be secondary to irritable bowel syndrome, but it can also be due to a bacterial infection or due to chronic inflammatory disease of the colon such a Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. These conditions merit aggressive treatment. Uncontrolled diarrhea can be associated with weight loss, abdominal pain, and/or bleeding and needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Gastrointestinal Bleeding Bleeding can come from one or more areas of the GI tract (esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine or colon, rectum and anus). In an adult, blood loss is often from the GI tract. The most common causes are due to an ulcer in the stomach, hemorrhoids, polyps, cancers, or diverticular disease. It is important to not make the mistake of assuming that a small amount of blood seen with a bowel movement or on the tissue is due to hemorrhoids. It is possible that a tumor may be located above the hemorrhoids and further investigation may be lifesaving.

GERD Gastroesophageal reflux disease is associated with indigestion and heartburn, but can be associated with atypical symptoms such as choking and/or a cough. The end result of long-term, untreated reflux can be esophageal cancer and/or narrowing of the esophagus.

Miscellaneous If you experience any of the following signs and symptoms, a trip to the gastroenterologist’s office may be warranted: unexplained weight loss, persistent nausea & vomiting, abdominal pain or a feeling of abdominal fullness, excessive belching or burping, chronic constipation, or jaundice which is the yellowing of the skin or sclera (white of the eye). Talk with your primary care provider about any problems you are having, but a referral to a gastroenterologist may be needed to get you back to feeling your best.

Location Kingsport

CONTACT Kingsport

135 West Ravine Road, Suites 3 & 4

(423) 246-6777



235 Medical Park Boulevard

(423) 274-6350



616 Campus Drive

(423) 274-6350

To learn more about the practice visit

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 25

Tom Rogers, MD; Brooke Bentley, FNP; Performance Medicine David Marden, DO; Embrace Advanced Gynecology

Mission Statement: Providing Total Health for men and women. At Performance Medicine and Embrace Advanced Gynecology and Wellness, we are committed to providing our patients with the best, comprehensive care possible. By partnering together, we are able to focus on our primary specialty areas and expand the services provided to our patients.

26 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

Kingsport, TN ; Johnson City, TN; Bristol, TN

Why do you like da Vinci (robotic) surgery?   Da Vinci surgery combines the positive aspects of cutting edge technology with superior results. Less pain, faster recovery and better results all make this approach to surgery a patient favorite.

David Marden, DO Embrace Gynecology


Why do you like Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy? Many women seek options and alternatives. Bio identical or natural hormones have become one of the most requested treatment options. Most patients do extremely well in my 15 years of using these hormones.

Why are you doing the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention clinic? It’s just math. Eighty percent of women see their OB/GYN’s once a year and only 20% see their primary care provider. With heart disease as the number one killer of women, prevention and early detection are crucial.

The Power of Three.

Tom Rogers, MD Performance Medicine

Why do you not accept insurance at your practice? I have been a family physician for 28 years and was tired of the insurance companies dictating the way I saw and treated patients. 7 years ago, I decided to specialize in Preventative Medicine, Weight Loss, and Hormone Balance. This allows me to truly find the root cause of a person’s illness instead of just prescribing medications to mask the symptoms. What is Integrative Medicine? Integrative medicine focuses on treating the whole person and not just the person’s disease. It combines traditional treatments and non-traditional treatments with strong scientific results. I am Fellowship trained in integrative medicine and specialize in men’s health, weight loss, sports medicine, and hormone replacement for men and women.   I heard that you were named “Doctor of the Year.” Yes! I was recently named Doctor of The Year for the state of Tennessee by Men’s Health Network. I am very humbled to have received this honor. Why is Performance medicine successful with helping patients to lose weight? We take everything into account, including the patient’s medical history, hormone balance, diet, exercise, and other factors. Weight loss is complicated and that is why we stay up to date with the latest research and information to help our patients achieve their goals. We also keep close contact with the patients to provide the support that they will need. What is your specialty at Performance Medicine? In addition to hormone replacement, weight-loss, and total health, I specialize in cosmetic procedures for men and women to help reverse some of the external signs of aging.

Brooke Bentley, FNP Performance Medicine

What are some of the new therapies available? In addition to therapies we have been doing for a long time like Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Radiesse and Restylane, we are now happy to provide Sculptra which is an injectable dermal filler that is FDA approved to treat facial fat loss. Sculptra is unique compared to other fillers because it lasts much longer and stimulates your own body to produce collagen.

Location Johnson City - PM

CONTACT Johnson City - PM

3135 Peoples Street, Suite 400

(423) 854-9200

Kingsport - PM

Kingsport - PM

109 Jack White Drive

(423) 245-2078

Bristol - EAG One Medical Park Boulevard, Suite 205E

To learn more about the practice visit

Bristol - EAG (423) 844-5640 AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 27

Bernard A. Tisdale, MD T. Mark Davis, MD Ahmad Hammad, MD Johnston Memorial Hospital

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

Abingdon, VA

28 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013


The Regional Cancer Center at Johnston Memorial Hospital provides world-class cancer care in a modern facility close to home. You will find the latest treatments and technologies in a comfortable, contemporary environment that promotes healing. At the Regional Cancer Center, we work to keep our patients lives as normal as possible. “Oncology patients are at a very vulnerable time in their life,” says Dr. Bernard A. Tisdale, Radiation Oncologist with the Regional Cancer Center. “Our patients are regular, normal people that just happen to have cancer. They are scared, but that brings out a deeper, more spiritual side of the patient. We help them by offering them options that can potentially cure their life-threatening disease, in a new-facility, and friendly atmosphere.” Dr. Tisdale is uniquely qualified in Prostate Brachytherapy which allows prostate patients a one-day treatment option. He says, “one of the best things about this field is that the advances in technology allow us to see dramatic results in our patients.” Staffed by a highly-skilled and compassionate team, the Regional Cancer Center provides a personalized treatment plan based on each patient’s individual needs. Every team member and each individualized treatment plan is grounded to, and deeply rooted in, one simplystated mission: to fight cancer and to win.


“We actually get to see true benefit and healing as a result of the services we provide.”

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Image Guided Radiation Therapy 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy Electron Therapy Prostate Brachytherapy Hematology Medical Oncology Chemotherapy Blood Transfusions Non Chemotherapy Infusions Bone Marrow Biopsies

MEET THE EXPERTS Bernard A. Tisdale, MD Radiation Oncologist 276.258.1822

T. Mark Davis, MD Medical Oncologist 276.258.1880

Ahmad Hammad, MD Medical Oncologist 276.258.1880

American Board of Radiation Oncology Medical Degree University of Virginia – Charlottesville

American Board of Internal Medicine Medical Degree University of Virginia – Charlottesville

American Board of Internal Medicine Medical Degree Jordan University School of Medicine

Residency University of Louisville

Residency University of Kentucky – Lexington

Residency & Fellowship East Tennessee State University, James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Fellowship Wake Forest School of Medicine

Location Abingdon, VA

CONTACT Medical Oncology

16000 Johnston Memorial Drive


To find out more, please visit

Radiation Oncology 276-258-1822

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 29

Sue Prill, MD, oncology

Leonard Family Comprehensive Breast Center at Bristol Regional Medical Center Wellmont Cancer Institute ASK DR. PRILL

What attracted you to oncology? Oncology is a field that is constantly changing, so it appeals to the scientist in me. It is also a field where I really get to help patients going through tremendous emotional stress and upheaval. I also receive so many positives from the interaction I have with my patients.

Where is your office located? I actually just moved. I am now conveniently based out of the new Leonard Family Comprehensive Breast Center at Bristol Regional, where I am getting the opportunity to focus exclusively on breast cancer treatment and diagnosis.

What makes the Leonard Family Comprehensive Breast Center unique? We’ve created a collaborative care model that brings radiologists, medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, lymphedema specialists, nurse navigators and other integrated caregivers together to design our patients’ treatment plans. Each new case we diagnose is discussed among the team, and then we arrive at a care plan that is customized around each patient’s individual needs and circumstances.

How was this new center made possible? All of this became possible with a donation from the Leonard Family Foundation to Wellmont Foundation. After Frank Leonard’s wife, Jackie, recovered from cancer, he recognized the value of cutting-edge technologies in detecting and treating cancer. Wanting to enhance the cancer care available here, Mr. Leonard and his family established both the Jackie Leonard Infusion Center and the Leonard Family Comprehensive Breast Center at Bristol Regional.


That’s what we’ve created with the Leonard Family Comprehensive Breast Center. We provide personalized care in a healing environment for those patients. They’ve given so much to care for their friends and loved ones. Now it’s our turn to care for them. I believe it’s important to remember that every breast cancer is different and every patient is different. With that in mind, our care model is collaborative – doctors and other caregivers from several disciplines work together to tailor treatment plans to the unique needs of each patient. We also wanted our patients to be as comfortable as possible. That’s why the breast center provides a level of comfort and convenience you might be surprised to find in a medical setting. It all serves to reinforce fact that we really do care.

30 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

.. . that our community would have a breast center that provides access to expert physicians, advanced technologies and unmatched support for the needs of every patient, from prevention to treatment to survivorship.


“This center is about the women and the few men who have been diagnosed and who will be diagnosed in the future.” – DR. SUE PRILL


The Leonard Family Comprehensive Breast Center provides Comprehensive breast care services in one convenient location A multidisciplinary team approach to the coordination of breast care Dr. Sue Prill, a Wellmont Medical Associates oncologist dedicated exclusively to breast care Dedicated radiologists with specialized training in breast health A comforting, spa-like atmosphere Reserved breast center patient parking Extended evening and weekend hours Compassionate nurse navigators to help you every step of the way

ABOUT DR. PRILL How do you start each day? Each day is started with a cup of coffee and hospital rounds before I go into the office. And the folks in the hospital are really glad I have my coffee first!

How would you like to be remembered? I would like to be remembered as someone who cared about her friends, colleagues, community and family. My family is the thing that motivates me.

What is your favorite part of your job? My patients – I am so privileged to know them and to be allowed to help them through their cancer diagnoses.

What are you currently reading? I am reading a series called Tiger Quest. It is a book about an Indian prince and his brother who were turned into tigers by an evil magician and the girl who works to break the spell. It is a total escape! – Dr. Prill earned her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

Accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers

Location Bristol, TN

CONTACT To schedule a mammogram call

To learn more about Wellmont Health System’s breast cancer services, please visit


AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 31

Jeffrey O. Carlsen, MD; Amy B. Young, MD; Michael F. Shahbazi, MD; Peter Lemkin, OD; John C. Johnson, Jr., MD; Randal J. Rabon, MD; Calvin L. Miller, MD; Alan N. McCartt, MD; and James W. Battle, MD Johnson City Eye Clinic Johnson City, TN

McCartt, who completed his medical residency in ophthalmology at the University of Tennessee at Memphis, is a member of the Tennessee Medical Association. His colleagues at Johnson City Eye include Drs. John C. Johnson Jr.; Dr. Jeffrey O. Carlsen; Amy B. Young; James W. Battle; Alan N. McCartt; Randal J. Rabon; Calvin L. Miller; Michael F. Shahbazi; and Peter Lemkin, a doctor of optometry.

32 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013


The physicians of Johnson City Eye Clinic also operate as part of the Johnson City Eye Center in Med Tech Park, a surgery center that serves as another component of their commitment to provide complete eye care. Patients can undergo same-day procedures in a center that is has earned the status as an Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc., facility, a distinction that is awarded after a facility has shown it meets the highest standards of quality care.

As the old adage goes, “eyes are windows to the soul.” As for its validity, that’s something Alan N. McCartt, MD often ponders, despite the plethora of knowledge he has accumulated about the human eye through his years of practice in ophthalmology. McCartt, however, is sure about one thing: For an ophthalmologist, eyes are windows to some disease conditions within the human body. “A regular eye exam can provide insights as to some disease processes within the body,” said McCartt, a member of the medical staff at Johnson City Eye Clinic. “It’s not unusual that some conditions we detect during an eye exam merit follow-up with a patient’s primary care physician or a specialist.” McCartt can speak from a vantage point of considerable expertise. A board-certified member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, McCartt has practiced with Johnson City Eye Clinic since 1987. The practice has a history of excellence that dates back more than 70 years, and it serves not only Tennesseans, but also patients from Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina.

Diabetes, too, is another disease process that can manifest itself in symptoms through the eye. “Most people with diabetes will have other signs and symptoms of the disease as the related signs begin to show in the back of the eye,” McCartt says, “but you can see how much damage is going on through the eye. What we’ll often see are little broken blood vessels in the eye, petechiae, and through that we can make a good, general estimation of what’s going on in the kidney and the heart.” And then there is one of the most common eye disorders that McCartt and his colleagues see: dry eye. “It’s a very, very common complaint, and it’s something I see almost every day,” McCartt says. “That sandy, burning feeling it causes in the eye can be incapacitating.” Dry eye can be an indicator of another incapacitating condition, McCartt says. “One of the most common conditions associated with dry eyes is arthritis,” McCartt says. “Dry eyes can be specifically associated with a disease called Sjogren’s syndrome. But it can also accompany more typical rheumatoid arthritis.

McCartt is one of the nine dedicated physicians and over 100 ophthalmic staff members at Johnson City Eye, which is located at 110 Med Tech Parkway. The clinic specializes in offering comprehensive eye care, including the treatment of glaucoma, macular degeneration, pediatric ophthalmology, retinal disease and cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

“We’re not exactly sure why dry eyes is associated with arthritis, but we think it has to do with the collagen vascular disorders, which occurs when problems with the immune system affect collagen. We believe that the lacrimal glands -- which are almond-shaped glands, one for each eye -- get damaged by inflammation, and they’re the glands that are responsible for producing tears.”

“Without question, the eye is the most amazing sense organ we have,” says McCartt, who serves as a clinical assistant professor with East Tennessee State University’s James H. Quillen College of Medicine. “It’s the only organ system where you can examine some of the processes in the internal organs, can actually see blood vessels and assess functionality without having to do anything invasive.”

The mildest cases of dry eyes can be treated with over-the-counter eye drops, and if cases are more severe, there are other treatment modalities that may be called for. Johnson City Eye physicians can prescribe Restasis, an effective prescription remedy for dry eyes. They also perform a simple procedure that essentially helps along the eye’s natural tear process.

Because of this, in cases of patients with hypertension, McCartt can often detect changes in their hypertension through an eye exam. That’s an especially important diagnostic, as hypertension can be a precursor to stroke and heart attack.

Location Johnson City

CONTACT Johnson City

110 MedTech Park

(423) 929-2111



“eyes are windows to the soul.”

“In the corner of your eye there is a drain tract for your tears to drain, and what we do is put a plug in that drain tract,” McCartt says. “It’s a simple treatment -- but a very effective treatment.” – East Tennessee Medical News, April, 2013

To learn more about the practice visit

225 Medical Park Drive

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 33

Cleve Anderson

Anderson Compounding Pharmacy Bristol, TN


Anderson Compounding Pharmacy (formerly Clark & Palin) has been serving the Bristol Community for over 20 years. We strive to provide our community with the most up-to-date services and equipment that is available anywhere. We are members of Profession Compounding Centers of America, Inc. PCCA provides us with all our training and up to date information on new equipment, procedures, and help topics for our patients. Through our relationship with PCCA, we are building a better pharmacy to serve the needs of all our patients and improve their quality of life. Cleve Anderson has been the chief pharmacist and owner for the last 20 years. Anderson Compounding Pharmacy moved to a new location in September 2000. The move provided newer facilities and better equipment to serve the community.

Topical THERAPY For chronic pain sufferers worried about drug interactions or drug levels in their bodies, topical ointments and/or combination therapies offer viable alternatives. Ease of use, fewer side effects and reduced costs make them attractive – and beneficial – for all patients, especially the elderly. These treatments also may be customized for individual needs.

As always, the FDA does not review any compounded medication for safety or efficacy. This is the primary reason that we encourage any patient or healthcare provider looking to compounding as a treatment option to always engage a USP 795/797 Compliant Pharmacy.

34 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013


Topical gels are applied directly to the area of pain and affect the tissues directly beneath that area. Administration of the gels is painless, with minimal amounts entering the body. This lowers the risk of toxicity (poisoning) and gastrointestinal problems.


Target your pain.

ABOUT TOPICAL GELS Undesirable side effects, such as increased sensitivity caused by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), can be avoided with the use of topical gels. Following are proven examples of such use: • Topical ketamine can reduce the effects of substance P, a neurotransmitter implicated in pain syndromes; • Topical administration of clonidine helps alleviate a condition (sympathetic afferent activation) causing increased heart rate and blood pressure, among other things; • Topical opioids can prevent pain at the site of an injury by binding receptors in the brain, spinal cord and digestive tract. Binding receptors reduces the release of the calcitonin gene- related peptide (CGRP) and substance P from nerves, where the pain mechanism originates; • Topical application of pentoxifylline has effectively provided relief for some neuropathic conditions; • Topical tricyclic antidepressants, such as doxepin and amitriptyline, have been effective in reducing neuropathic pain.

Location Bristol, TN 310 Bluff City Highway

CONTACT (423) 764-4136 (800) 263-8890

With their potential to provide pain relief without adverse side effects, topical NSAIDs are widely used to treat acute musculoskeletal conditions, often caused by strains, sprains or sports/overuse-type injuries. Topical creams also can be effective in treating osteoarthritis. Researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine examined the effect of a topical cream in treating 40 patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis of one or both knees. Treatment consisted of cetylated fatty acids (CFA). After treatment, significant improvements were noted for knee range of motion, ability to walk up and down stairs, walking and sitting down, ability to rise from sitting, and unilateral balance. The professionals at Anderson Compounding Pharmacy have received advanced training and use specialized equipment, FDAcertified chemicals and cosmetically-appealing bases to customize medications that address the individual needs of each patient. We work together with physicians and other healthcare practitioners to solve medication problems.

To learn more about Anderson Compunding, please visit

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 35

Bob Harshbarger, III, Pharm.D. Diana Harshbarger, Pharm.D

Custom Compounding Centers of America Kingsport, TN and Johnson City, TN MEET THE EXPERTS

What aspects of compounding do you most like/appreciate? As a compounding pharmacy, we can service each patient’s unique health needs; a service that off-theshelf medications cannot meet. We also are able to provide specific answers for healthcare providers and empowering their drug therapy recommendations for their patients.

How does compounding help patients in ways others can’t? Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for each patient’s needs. Individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage-form required by each patient, allowing the compounding pharmacist, patient and prescriber to work in unison.

What is most important to you when helping customers? Quality is the most important aspect of our pharmacy. With our Johnson City location, CCCA is honored to be the first in Tennessee, and one of few nationwide, to earn PCAB accreditation, as it sets us apart from other compounding pharmacies. Whether it is the finished product, the equipment used or our customer service, quality is always the underlying theme. CCCA is also the first pharmacy in the nation to validate the use of the Minncare Dry Fog system. These efficiency systems are only found in major manufactures such as Pfizer and Merck & Co to sanitize their laboratories and further proof to our commitment of care and safety for our customers.

PCAB Accreditation gives patients, prescribers and payers a way to select a pharmacy that meets or exceeds USP’s high quality standards. Our Johnson City location was the first pharmacy in Tennessee and the only pharmacy in the Tri-Cities to be PCAB accredited.

36 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013


The Tri-Cities first and only PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy.


“The Tri-Cities first and only PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy” 701 N. State of Franklin Road in Johnson City ASK THE EXPERTS Services offered

How DOES your pharmacy go beyond simple compounding to help change lives?

Transdermal Pain Management Topical Scar Therapy Topical Sinus Therapy Topical Wound Therapy Upper and Lower Respiratory Therapies Hormone Replacement Therapy Metabolic Syndrome Therapy

• “Lives depend on a job well done.” For over 25 years at CCCA, we have practiced this approach in our business. While our pharmacy has access to over 4,600 active and non-active chemicals, the advantage we bring our patients and their prescribers is one of the most comprehensive quality control and assurance programs. • Diana is one of only a handful of pharmacists nationwide completing the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Regenerative Medicine Fellowship program.

Laboratory Evaluations Clinical Trial Services Andropause Therapy Dermatologic Compounds and Skincare Veterinary Compounding

• We have been members of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) for nearly 25 years and are founding members of the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacist (IACP).

Dentistry Compounding Adrenal Fatigue/Thyroid Replacement Pediatric Compounding Podiatry Compounding Sports Medicine Palliative Care

• We have represented the practice of compounding pharmacy in Washington D.C. for the past 19 years as activist to make sure patients and healthcare providers continue to have access to customized medications. • We are entrusted to compound specialty medications for some of the nation’s foremost hospitals such as Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson, Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital, UCLA Medical Center, Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and The Florida Hospital system. Healthcare providers trust us because of our clinical knowledge, quality of medications, and the exceptional customer care service that we provide.

Location Kingsport, TN

CONTACT Kingsport, TN

109 Jack White Drive

(423) 245-1022

Johnson City, TN

Johnson City, TN

701 N. State of Franklin Road

(423) 207-4290

Prescription Distribution Regions We service patients in the southern and northeast regions of the country and are licensed in 22 states.

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 37

Randy Falconer, MD

Accents Facial Plastic Surgery Kingsport, TN ASK THE EXPERT

Can other procedures be done at the same time as a facelift? Yes- Dr Falconer frequently combines procedures such as eyelid surgery ,laser peels, and chin augmentation to give patients maximum benefits. Safety is of utmost importance and Dr Falconer’s experience allows him to know what procedures can be done in the same setting. Dr Falconer will also explain any differences in downtime and discomfort that could be expected from combined procedures.

What is a “minilift”? Younger patients with good skin tone and minimal age-related facial changes are good candidates for a less aggressive facelift known by many names but usually considered a “minilift”. This procedure targets the jaw line and under-chin area to reduce jowls and “bands” in the neck, two of the earliest signs of facial aging. As a less aggressive procedure, both costs and downtime are typically less than that of a “full “facelift.

How long does a facelift “last?”

At Accents Facial Plastic Surgery, my goal is to provide cosmetic facial surgery for real people, not “real housewives” (as seen on television!). While Hollywood may thrive on excess, including over the top cosmetic surgery, the people of East Tennessee desire more subtle, conservative, and natural results. If you have thought about “having something done” but have balked after seeing these Hollywood types, please give us a call at 423-230-6354. During your complimentary consultation, I would be delighted to present treatment options tailored to your needs.

38 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

A facelift does “turn the clock back” but the clock continues to run. Patients are typically pleased with their results for five or more years, often longer. This time varies from patient to patient based on variables such as smoking, skin care, and sun protection.


MEET DR. FALCONER Services offered Non-Surgical Treatments Such As Facial Filllers, Botox, And Lip Enhancement Full Range Of Cosmetic Surgical Procedures Including Facelifts, Eyelifts, And Facial Peels Reconstructive Surgery For Trauma


“Dr Falconer was easy to talk to. I didn’t feel intimidated, and he explained everything in terms I could understand. This was very important to me, because I really didn’t even know what questions to ask. (I am the first among my friends to get any type of plastic surgery. But I won’t be the last!)” – Gina, Kingsport


I enjoy the creativity that goes into cosmetic surgery. The process begins with a patient explaining their concerns in their own words. Together we analyze treatment options, taking into consideration the individual needs of each patient. After deciding upon treatment goals, an individualized plan is developed. This process involves an analysis of everything from a patient’s anatomy to their lifestyle and occupation. There is no “cookie cutter” approach to cosmetic surgery- I find it calls upon all my years of experience and I enjoy this challenge. I believe my communication skills allow me to “get to the heart of the matter.” A patient’s motivation for surgery needs to be understood in order to provide a successful outcome- a satisfied patient. I encourage patients to take their time and ask questions. Trust is vital and this trust cannot be established with a brief visit. I encourage people to seek different opinions in order to find the doctor and treatment plan that is most suitable. I want patients to feel my treatment has made them feel better about themselves. This is achieved in the consultation room as well as the operating room. People often struggle to reconcile their deeper beliefs with the “vanity” of concern about their appearance. Cosmetic surgery will not make an unhappy person satisfied with their life. Because the consultation process is an exploration of a patient’s motives, sometimes the best outcome is a new insight rather than a new look. I consider this as rewarding as a good surgical outcome.

Location Kingsport, TN

CONTACT (423) 230-6354

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1728 N Eastman Road

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Donald E. Sweitzer, M.D. Roderick P. Zickler, M.D. Cosmetic Surgery Associates Bristol, TN


Drs. Sweitzer and Zickler are both certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and have been in practice for over 20 years each. Dr. Sweitzer attended the Medical College of Georgia, did his General Surgery reesidency at Orlando Regional Medical Center and his Plastic Surgery residency at George Washington University Medical Center. Dr. Zickler attended the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, did his General Surgery residency at University of Maryland and did his Plastic Surgery residency at George Washington University Medical Center.


They believe in listening to their patients and providing individual tailored solutions to achieve cosmetic goals and solve reconstructive problems.

40 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013


Chocolate or Chocolate Flavored? DRS. ADVICE Sometimes chocolate-ish is good enough, but then sometimes nothing but the real smooth, rich, creamy confection will fit the bill. When it comes to your health and your body you don’t want to accept an imitation, you want the real deal. How do you know? The American Board of Medical Specialties oversees 24 approved Medical Specialty Boards. They make sure people are really good and really trained at what they say they do. Among them are such familiar specialties as Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology and Plastic Surgery. Someone who has done the rigorous training and has a thorough knowledge of his field and who has passed the requirements of his specialty Board can very rightly be proud to call themselves “Board Certified.” Sometimes in advertising you may find the phrase, “Board Certified” followed by “cosmetic surgeon” or other words like that describing what they intend to do, but how do you know if they are really board certified in cosmetic surgery or if that is just marketing? You could go to the website of The American Board of Medical Specialties and type in your doctor’s name and they will tell you what the doctor is Board Certified in, if anything. There is an easier way to find out when flipping through a magazine who is chocolate-ish and who is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. It is as easy as looking for a little circle in their advertisement. The circle of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons can only be used by doctors who are certified in actual Plastic Surgery and most of them will proudly display that in their ads because it is a very difficult certification to achieve. It sets them apart from the imitation cosmetic surgeons. Sometimes chocolate-ish is good enough, but there are sometimes when you really need real chocolate.

Location Bristol, TN


350 Blountville Highway, Suite 205

(423) 968-2732

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H James Webb MD, FACS

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery New Horizons Plastic Surgery LLC Kingsport TN


What Aspects of Plastic Surgery Do You Enjoy Most? I enjoy most the feeling I get when I can offer and deliver a solution to a problem that a patient has felt burdened with. It’s why I went into medicine.

How do you make the patients experience more relaxing and comfortable? Many plastic surgery problems interfere with ones concept of “self” and patients are effected differently than if they have problems with their gall bladder or a hernia. I let patients know I understand their anxiety, and that “gravity” more than “vanity” is usually the problem.

How do you show patients you care about them beyond their appearance or immediate problem? That is a tough question. I don’t think I make a conscious effort to convince patients that I care for them. In the course of trying to understand their problem or concern, I am usually able to establish a rapport with them, and actually I am subconsciously determining if the patient is someone I can work with, someone I can understand and can understand me. From that interaction I think I genuinely do care and hopefully it shows.

RESTORE YOUR CONFIDENCE! How do you make patients more confident?


Some of the most beautiful people in the world are not confident. And some of the most unattractive people are. So simply changing ones appearance doesn’t guarantee confidence. However, if there is some aspect of your appearance which makes you overly concerned, it is worth discussing with someone who can understand the problem, and help you decide if the risks of change are worth the potential benefits. If so, you can move forward without that concern impairing your self image. Confidently.

42 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013



Tailor your body...


...not your favorite jeans. ABOUT DR. WEBB Dr. Webb was raised in Indiana and attended Purdue University obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry. He attended Indiana University School of Medicine, and then a five year general surgical residency at the United States Air Force Medical Center Keesler, in Biloxi Mississippi.

General Surgery ( 1988, 1998). He is a diplomat of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

While serving a four-year tour of duty in Japan as a general surgeon, Dr Webb completed the Primary Course in Aerospace Medicine at Brooke Air Force Base San Antonio, Texas and was heavily involved with TriService Joint Medical Readiness Training and Military Medical Disaster Response within the region. He returned the US and completed a threeyear plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio Texas, before becoming Chief of Plastic Surgery at Keesler Air Force Base Medical Center. Dr. Webb received training at the Brooke Army Burn Inst. Of Surgical Research in San Antonio,TX, Kleinert Kutz and Associates Hand and Microsurgery Surgery, Louisville Kentucky, and completed course work in the Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties at Fort Dietrich Maryland. For a period of ten years Dr. Webb led numerous Military Humanitarian Medical Missions to Central and South America performing burn reconstruction, repair of cleft lip and palate, and hand surgery on impoverished host nation civilians. Dr Webb served as a surgeon for the Joint Special Operations Task Forces North during Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) in 2001 and again during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003, earning the Joint Meritorious Service Medal, the Bronze Star and Army Combat Medical Badge. He presented his experience as a military surgeon in support of Special Operation Forces at the annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons in Chicago 2003.

Why did YOU become a plastic surgeon?

Dr Webb is Board Certified by the ,American Board of Plastic Surgery (1998, 2008, MOC 2012) and held previous Board Certification in

Location Kingsport, TN 1880 N. Eastman Road, Suite 310

CONTACT Call today for an appointment (423) 207-4627

Dr Webb is currently in private practice at New Horizons Plastic Surgery LLC operating in both Kingsport and Johnson City, TN.

I was a general surgeon before I decided to go into plastic surgery. I found that I was more interested in the reconstructive procedures than the ablative procedures, which left patients, at times, with little hope and with surgical deformity. Plastic surgery was an overall more positive way to view surgical problems for me.

What procedure DO YOU perform regularly? Since moving to Kingsport in 2009 I have performed a number of breast reconstructive procedures, breast augmentation and abdominoplasty. (Tummy tuck)

What is most important to you when treating patients? I think it is most important for me to have the patient engaged in what is going on and understand the process, potential hills and valleys. I want the patient to feel that we are walking through this problem together. Maintaining that trust relationship is important.

What is one of your favorite procedures to perform? I really enjoy breast augmentation because it is overall a very positive enhancement, with immediate results. The patients are excited and motivated. Most people who have breast augmentation really just want to look normal in their clothing or sundress. I’ve seen it help women young and not so young feel better about themselves, so it is a win-win situation.

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Chris Allen, DPM Patrick Saavedra, DPM Highlands Podiatry

Bristol, TN and Abingdon, VA ABOUT DRS. allen AND SAAVEDRA

Dr. Chris Allen has an undergraduate degree in Zoology from Auburn University. His doctorate in Podiatric Medicine is from Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. He completed his residency at James H. Quillen School of Medicine in Johnson City, Tennessee. Dr. Allen and his wife Melissa have four lovely young girls, Summer, 15; Sarah Grace, 13; Elizabeth, 6; and Emmerson, 4. They enjoy spending time together as a family and have just recently completed a house restoration project in a historic Bristol neighborhood. Dr. Patrick Saavedra completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at the University Of Akron. He graduated from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio and completed his residency in Podiatric Surgery at the Dunlap Memorial Hospital in Orrville, Ohio. Dr. Saavedra and his wife Dr. Jennifer Greiner, an ENT physician moved to the area in 2011. Dr. Saavedra is an accomplished runner and has competed in several marathons. He enjoys all aspects of Podiatric practice but especially those conditions involving sports related injuries and issues.

Little guy who always has a smile for them.

What do you like most about your job? I can help people and make them happy by relieving their pain and that helps to improve their quality of life.

Where do you go to escape the office? My favorite place would be on the water, but I don’t currently have a boat, so it would be on the trail or down on the river.

How do you start out each day? Home: Get up, take a shower, dress, kiss wife and dog, go to the office. Office: Set up my computer and go to the back to fill my coffee.


44 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

ASK DR. ALLEN How would your patients best describe you? I try to have fun at the office and to that end I’ve developed a reputation for friendly office banter and being a bit of a prankster. I think it takes the edge off of being in an ‘examination’ room. Also I wear a bow tie nearly every day to the office–it’s something patients have come to expect.

What do you like most about your job? Meeting new patients! Over the past eleven years I’ve been introduced to over eleven thousand new patients. Every night at the dinner table someone is sure to ask if I ‘met any interesting patients today and I seem to always have.

Where do you go to escape the office? We have a small farm out in the county that we escape to. It’s very idyllic, with chickens pecking and scratching, rolling pastoral views and a huge pool. It’s very secluded and offers uninterrupted family time...unless you sneak off to the tree house or hide in the workshop. (smiles)

How do you start out each day? Ideally, with a 3-5 mile run, year round, regardless of weather. We have a long standing tradition of morning devotions that start at a seven a.m. sharp.

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

ASK DR. Saavedra How would your patients best describe you?


Step in the right direction. Treatment specializations Bunions Fungal Toenails Ingrown Toenails Hammertoe Heel Pain Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Care Sports Injuries Orthotics Warts

DRS. ADVICE Running is a great way to get in shape and increase your overall level of health. It can benefit almost every part of your body, as well as even lift your mood. Proven research shows that running can raise your levels of good cholesterol, increase lung function and boost the immune system. It is also one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining weight. Running is second only to cross-country skiing as the most effective exercise in terms of calories burned per minute. Let’s consider the foundation for all of the benefits that running has to offer: your feet. The human foot is extremely efficient at carrying the body in a variety of gaits and stride patterns. The foot will adapt to whatever demands are placed on it. Your feet are so durable that they will tolerate the abuse of poor form much longer than other body parts. The foot is comprised of 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 ligaments, tendons and joint capsules, all working in unison to propel your every step. Because the structure of the foot has such a large proportion of bones and tendons as compared to other body parts, it will usually take longer to become conditioned to the new stresses of running. One of the most common and natural processes of the foot during gait or stride is pronation, a state where the foot and arch absorb shock when the heel hits the ground, thus preparing the foot for midstance stability for propulsion and push-off. There can be neutral, excessive or even under-pronation noted in different individuals. Over or under-pronation can contribute to some of the most common running injuries you may incur including plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and IT band syndrome. Appropriate examination and evaluation of your foot anatomy and mechanics is essential for any new or veteran runner. Matching the proper style and fit of shoe to the individual anatomy of your foot is critical in preventing injury or set-back. Considering the above, it is vital to have a solid foundation established with your feet in order to achieve and enjoy the benefits that running has to offer. At Highlands Podiatry we can help you control some of the strain your feet will endure while running. We will evaluate your anatomy and biomechanics making specific, individualized recommendations for appropriate foot wear. We can also help you control and optimize your running mechanics by prescribing custom-fit orthotics. We’ll help you get started on the right foot so you can maximize your natural running potential, while remaining injury-free.

Location Bristol


2765 West State Street

(423) 764-2299



616 Campus Drive, Suite 300

(276) 525-1917

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Steve Kilgore Vice President

Mountain States Health Alliance


Blue Ridge Medical Management Corporation (been with MSHA 15 years) MEET STEVE KILGORE

As vice president of Mountain States Health Alliance and president/CEO of Blue Ridge Medical Management Corporation (BRMMC), Steve Kilgore has a simple philosophy: don’t try to be someone you aren’t. With an undergraduate degree from King College and an MBA from Milligan College he has coupled his education and this philosophy to help Mountain States and BRMMC become the foremost providers of health care in the region. As a fellow at the American College of Medical Practice Executives, his influence goes beyond the region. Steve grew up in Gate City, Va., and now lives in Kingsport, but he always has stayed close to home and loyal to this region. He and his wife Cathy have raised four children in the region he calls home: Brantley, 26; Clayton, 23; and twin daughters Alison and Claire, 15. He enjoys sports, music, and reading in his free time. Still, whether at work or home, his passion is helping others to live the highest quality life possible.


We all have an incredible responsibility to care for people when they are most vulnerable. With our outstanding team at BRMMC, and specifically at First Assist Urgent Care, we are committed to providing great, patient-centered care. I’m especially proud of the fact that we have an almost 99 percent patient satisfaction rate in our First Assist clinics; this is proof of our focus on and commitment to our patients.

46 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

Alex Haley once said, “Find the good and praise it.” I think that’s a great reminder that no matter how bad a situation may seem, we can always find something good whether it’s in our personal or professional lives.


LOCATIONS First Assist Urgent Care+MedWorks 603 Campus Drive, Suite 100 Abingdon, VA 276-739-8010 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday - Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. First Assist Urgent Care+MedWorks 4600 Fort Henry Drive Kingsport, TN 423-224-3950 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday - Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

ASK THE EXPERT Why visit First Assist? First Assist offers convenient, affordable health care for patients who have minor injuries or illnesses. We’re open weekdays, evenings, weekends and holidays for the convenience of our patients. When illness or injury comes at the most inconvenient time, First Assist Urgent Care is here for you, providing peace of mind that comes from expert treatment, without a trip to the emergency room.

Do I need an appointment to visit First Assist? No appointments are necessary. You can just simply walk into any of our seven locations.

What services do you offer at First Assist? We offer comprehensive evaluations and treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, as well as onsite x-ray and lab services, sports and school physicals and occupational medicine services.

What if I don’t have insurance? Is that a problem?

First Assist Urgent Care+MedWorks 314 Rogosin Drive Elizabethton, TN 423-542-8929 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Sunday, Closed First Assist Urgent Care+MedWorks 1019 W. Oakland Ave., Suite 1 Johnson City, TN 423-915-5000 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday - Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. First Assist Urgent Care+MedWorks 395 Forrest Circle, Suite 100 Jonesborough, TN 423-753-0721 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday - Sunday, Closed


First Assist Urgent Care+MedWorks 1101 E. Stone Drive, Suite 2 Kingsport, TN 423-224-1110 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday - Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If your injury is non-life threatening, First Assist is more cost effective than a visit to the hospital emergency room. However, if you are experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath, we recommend that you call 911 or proceed to the closest emergency room.

Piney Flats Urgent Care 6419 Bristol Hwy., Piney Flats, TN

No. We are happy to see patients who are currently uninsured. Self-pay patients receive a 25% discount automatically on their bill.

WHAT TYPE OF PROVIDER WILL I SEE AT FIRST ASSIST? WILL I SEE A PHYSICIAN OR A NURSE PRACTITIONER? At First Assist we employ physicians, physician assistants and family nurse practitioners. Our physicians all are board-certified in family medicine, and our physician assistants and nurse practitioners are experienced in emergency medicine, family medicine and pediatrics.

*An affiliate of Mountain States Medical Group

423-538-5202 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

To learn more about First Assist Urgent Care visit

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Willie Hamilton, BC-FNP

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitoner Board Certified in Nutrition & Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Strongman Certified, CrossFit Football Certified, CrossFit Kids Certified LiveFit Medicine ASK THE EXPERT

What aspects of being in healthcare do you most like or appreciate? I love being able to make a difference in peoples lives.

How does HCG help patients in ways that other diets or weight loss programs cannot? HCG is unique in many ways. First of all it is a clean diet that helps the body to detox from years of poor eating. The hormone injection allows the body to tap into those abnormal fat reserves for energy while dropping those unwanted pounds fairly quickly but the most important thing about this diet is the fact that it helps to reset the metabolism.

What is most important to you when helping your patients?

At LiveFit Medicine we go beyond just putting people on diets. Everyone here has been overweight. They all understand how difficult it is to lose and maintain. We struggle everyday with food choices. Many people have told me that what surprised them most was the fact that the people they have seen on our website are real people and when they walk into the clinic they are greeted by those same people that they have seen. What really makes us unique is our follow-up. We follow each patient every 3 weeks for 1 year to ensure they are able to maintain their weight. And lastly it is our partnership with Anytime Fitness and CrossFit “Shifty” Powers that truly helps our program to complete that lifestyle change. Our staff and Trainers at Anytime Fitness are friendly and helpful. They care about helping in your health. The coaches at CrossFit “Shifty” Powers help take you to that next level to bring the athlete out of every person.

48 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

PHOTO BY Randy Gentry, Fresh Air Photo

My goal is to help people live a happy healthy life but my goal is to help each person with their individual goals.



“I could either choose to be negative or choose to be positive and I chose to be positive. It’s just that simple.” AFTER


Nathan Kilgore

Following a series of untimely deaths of his loved ones, former high school football star Nathan Kilgore weighed nearly 400 pounds. Today, Kilgore weighs just over 200 pounds and does pull-ups and olympic lifts, and completes competition workouts at Crossfit “Shifty” Powers in Kingsport. He credits 3 sources for his incredible transformation: faith, family, and a series of amazing coaches. The coaching theme began with former Gate City High School Football Coach Nick Colobro, who is known for saying “Take care of the little things and the big things take care of themselves.” It continued as Kilgore himself began coaching high school football, which he continues as the defensive line coach at Volunteer High School. Today, Kilgore finds himself motivated by the coaches at Crossfit. “The coaches here are motivating and positive, but they don’t cut you any slack.“ Kilgore’s brother Jason passed away in 2008 at the age of 27. Just before his death, his brother pulled him aside at a barbecue and asked him to promise him that he would lose weight and get healthy. Just three months later, Kilgore’s wife Bobbie was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and given a year to live. In the weeks before her death, she reminded him about that promise. Just six months after her death, Kilgore’s long time friend Dave Weese was killed in a vehicle accident. Dark days followed, but Kilgore knew that he had a reason to keep going: his son, Ethan. “I could either choose to be negative or choose to be positive and I chose to be positive. It’s just that simple,” he said.

Services offered Weight-loss: We have many programs other than HCG. Each client has a freeconsultation with our Board Certified Nutritionist to help determine which program is best suited for them. Hormone Therapy: This is for men and women. We do testing and treatment for hormone imbalance. Laser Therapy: From Skin tightening to hair removal we have 2 of the most advance Candela Lasers on the market. Aesthetics: We have a licensed Aesthecian on staff with years of training Anti-aging treatments. We also offer Botox, Juvaderm, microderm abrasion as well as vein sclerotherapy. Personal Training and Coaching: All of our personal trainers are certified and our CrossFit Coaches hold many certificates in CrossFit from Strongman to Kids.

To read more of Nathan’s story, visit

Location Kingsport, TN 1901 Brookside Drive, Suite 105

CONTACT (423) 765-9500

To learn more about LiveFit Medicine, please visit or visit us on FaceBook

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Monica L. Cooper, Registered Dietitian Angie Tolley, Behavioral Therapist The Wellness Center

THE WELLNESS CENTER: WHERE HEALTH AND WELLNESS COME TOGETHER The Wellness Center, Johnson City’s premier medical fitness center, is happy to welcome two new staff members to its team. As of May 2013, the services of Registered Dietitian, Monica Cooper and Behavior Therapist, Angie Tolley are being offered to members and non-members. With these new services, The Wellness Center will not only serve as a fitness center, but also a place to achieve your overall optimal physical, mental and nutritional health.

Left to right: Monica L. Cooper and Angie Tolley

50 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013


Johnson City, TN


“The number one reason diet plans fail to give lasting results is that boredom sets in with the plan and routine then people return to their established patterns of emotional and mindless eating. Most weight loss programs in the marketplace NEVER address these food addiction issues.”

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” -François de la Rochefoucauld ASK THE EXPERTS Sample of Services Provided Diet/Nutrition Improving Heart Health Weight Loss Management Diabetes Counseling Meal Planning Sports Nutrition Healthy Weight Gain

Behavior Emotional/Mindless Eating Food Addiction Stress Management Pain Management Goal Setting and Time Management General Counseling Concerns

Credentials Monica Cooper, Registered/Licensed Dietitian BS, Radford University MS, Marshall University Angie Tolley, Behavioral Therapist BA and MA, East Tennessee State Univeristy

What can a Behavior Therapist do for you? “Often people need guidance in identifying potentially self-destructing behaviors. An example could be giving in daily to emotional eating. My goal is to aid in replacing unhealthy behaviors (bad habits) with healthy behaviors (good habits) and help you cope with difficult situations. A person does not need to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder to benefit from behavior therapy and my overall goal for my clients is increased quality of life.”

How can a Registered Dietitian improve your life? “Understanding nutrition and making positive choices can be overwhelming at times. As the Registered Dietitian at The Wellness Center, my goal is to provide you with knowledge that brings understanding to food and the ability to make the right nutrition choices. I create personalized and realistic strategies that will make you confident when adapting nutrition choices. I create personalized and realistic strategies that will make you confident when adapting nutrition changes permanently in your lifestyle change. In addition to serving as a key role in the Wellness Weight Management Solutions program, I also serve as a referral source for dietetic counseling in reducing rick of many chronic disease states.” The Wellness Weight Management Solutions program has been created to provide knowledge, guidance and support while achieving a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. The dietitian, behaviorist, and trainer work as a team to adapt a plan to meet your individual goals.

How do services of Wellness Weight Management Solutions compare to other programs? We combine three unique approaches of exercise, behavioral patterns, and nutrition to create a lifestyle change. Wellness Weight Management Solutions provides a well-rounded program created to provide knowledge, guidance and support while achieving a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. This is not a diet or a short-term plan to follow, but permanent lifestyle modifications for ideal health. We also available to provide teaching lectures to community groups, tailor-made for whatever topic of interest may be desired.

Location Johnson City

To learn more about our services visit

200 MedTech Parkway, Suite 200

CONTACT (423) 979-3932 AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 51

O lde arm F The

“Savor the moment.” -Inquiries regarding Social Memberships are | 16639 Old Jonesboro Road • Bristol, Virginia 24202 | 276.669.1042

VIP PROFILE: Dr. Scott Miller

Dr. Scott Miller:

Improving Smiles, Improving Lives PhotographY courtesy of Dr. Scott Miller Story by Savanna Smith


cott Miller, coming from a long line of coal miners, was the first to step out of the mines and graduate from college. He is now an award winning Prosthodontist with his own practice. He has never forgotten his humble roots though; always doing anything he can to put a beautiful smile on someone’s face. AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 53

VIP PROFILE: Dr. Scott Miller

about six feet, and when we would go hunting he would clear the leaves and say, “You step where I step.” I have been trying to do that my whole life. He was a great guy. How did you meet your wife Valeria? That is a good story. A lady named Sheila Kiser, who is the sister-in-law of a buddy who has been on my bus since the first grade, worked for a radiologist at a hospital where Valeria worked. Sheila, myself, and a few friends were hanging out one day when she told me she wanted me to meet someone. I had just moved back from Richmond and was looking for things to do, I was glad to meet someone new. She invited me to their company pig roast so when I met Val it was love at first sight. We dated then got married on November 10, 2001. My dad passed away about a month later, so it was truly a blessing to have Valeria by my side.

What is one thing that always comes to mind when you think back to your childhood? I have a philosophy in life that I use in every aspect; it comes from one of my most memorable stories. My parents and I lived in Honaker, Virginia in a house right beside my grandfather who was a contractor and a school bus driver during the school year. When the bus was parked across the road from his house, I would sneak on and pretend like I was driving. I would pretend to switch gears and open the door to let “people” on and off. I have let people on and off my “bus” ever since then. There are many people who come in and out of a person’s life. There are those who have been on your bus the whole time such as family and close childhood friends, then there are those who get on the bus later in life. Some people should have never been let on and some should have never been let off. Sometimes the people in those seats determine if your bus stays on the high road or if it’s taken through the mud. There are times when everything is running smooth, and then there are times when the bus has to come to a toxic stop to let people off. Sitting on my grandfather’s bus has made me who I am today. It is this philosophy that I live by. The whole key is keeping it running and pointed in the right direction. Who would you consider to be the most influential person in your life? I would say my father. I followed him around everywhere when I was little. We would always sit on the riverbank after work and fish. He taught me a lot on that riverbank and I loved every moment with him. He was a big man, 54 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

On a side note, a few years after my dad had passed Sheila set my mom up on a blind date with a man whose wife had also passed. They had dinner one night, and he is now my stepdad. We joke with Sheila about it, she’s got a good track record. What would you be doing right now if you weren’t in dentistry? I would have a fishing boat and be Captain Scott trying to catch the big one. That is my goal, when I am ninety and can retire you’ll find me in Destin, FL. I spent many summer days at the John Sevier Power Plant fishing with my dad, which is probably where my love of fishing comes from. Why did you decide to become a prosthodontist? My grandfather wasn’t only a school bus driver; he was also the residential denture repairman. He had little tools that he could fix anyone’s teeth with. I would sit and watch him work on those teeth for hours. That is when I became interested. One day when I was in high school my mom took me to the dentist for a cleaning. While we were waiting on the dentist she asked if I would ever want to become a dentist. Looking around at the nice, air-conditioned office and noticing how nice my dentist dressed; then thinking of the stories my father told me about the coalmine, dentistry looked like a great profession. As soon my dentist, Joe, walked in my mom said, “Scott wants to be a dentist.” He replied telling me he could help make that happen. After that, during my cleanings he would coach me through them, then invite me to his office to teach me about the profession. When I transferred in to Virginia Tech, they told me I wouldn’t have much of a chance getting into the dental program since I didn’t start there as a freshman. I dropped the idea and majored in Biology; I figured I would teach and coach

VIP PROFILE: Dr. Scott Miller football. Then after I graduated and moved back home, I visited Joe for a cleaning and he demanded to know what had happened. I told him the story, but he wasn’t having any of it and told me I needed to at least try. I took the dentist admissions test and had a recommendation from Joe. I don’t know if he knew someone or they looked at my job (I worked in a lab at a hospital) and grades, but I got in. How was your experience at dental School? You know, I had worked at Hardee’s through college and I think that helped me learn customer service and how to get things done quickly. My father would buy me model cars and from the time I was little I would spend hours putting those cars together. So when I got to working on little teeth and setting dentures, I excelled at it. It just came natural to me. Then when it came time to do clinics, I didn’t have any problems with that either. At graduation there were two awards given to undergrads for excellence in prosthodonticsout of everyone, I won them both. One of my professors, who I considered my mentor, asked me what my plans were after graduation. I wasn’t sure until he offered me a position as a resident. So I did get to teach some after all and got to further my education. After I finished up, I stayed in Richmond for a great job with a friend from school. Then, one day my mom called to say my dad was sick. I went home to visit and decided I needed to be home. While I was visiting, I stopped by Joe’s office (my old dentist) and learned he had retired and sold his practice to a man named Tom. I explained my situation to him and his exact words were, “When do you want to start?” So on a handshake I gave a notice in Richmond, packed up and moved home. Why did you start a practice in Bristol? In the two years I worked with Tom we doubled his practice value. He wanted to sell me part of it, but it was clear I would not get enough referrals in Richlands. There are not any other prosthodontists around the area. There are four from Roanoke to Knoxville. I decided Bristol is where I should be, but Tom didn’t want to move so we parted ways and I opened my own practice. I started with a small office on exit seven. The office had two dental chairs and I was doing everything myself. Then people began to spread the word and it took off. Four years there and eight years in my current location, the practice has tripled in size. I now have two doctors working for me, and that was my goal - a group practice where each dentist has their own specialty. How involved are you with the community? I am the Co-Director of the Virginia Dental Association’s Mission of Mercy project denture team. Dr. Stephen Alouf is the other Co-Director. My wife, Val is the one who takes in all the names from the health wagon. This year we will have 180 names added to it. We try to pick the people who need them most. We have staff from all over the state come to help as well as lab technicians to make the teeth. All of the supplies and equipment are donated as well from offices across the state. We have a new guy helping us now; Dr. Larry Wallace is a retired oral surgeon. Almost four years ago he invented a one step denture with five sizes and with that it has really revolutionized how we do Mission of Mercy care. Before these dentures a person had to have five appointments to acquire a set, and the patients also had to wait three months. Now in a one-appointment step we can easily accommodate fifty people. We had a weekend clinic here where we serviced eighty people in two days with only three doctors.

When I first began doing this project there was about eight oral surgeon chairs and about 25 filling/ cleaning chairs. Now the oral surgery tent is the size of the restorative tent, which means we are taking out as many teeth as we are filling. While I love to help people, I wish we did not have so many people show up for these missions. We need to begin teaching children early about proper oral care. It should be a core curriculum in school. Why is helping the community so important to you? I know a lot of people who go out of the country to do mission work and that’s great, I admire them. I talk to people on a daily basis, though, who decide to delay things when they find out how much it cost. Everyone is tight now and keeping the lights on and food on the table tend to be more important than dental work. I came from a poor upbringing so I know how hard life is. I can remember one winter, my dad tells me we’re going to get a load of coal but our coalhouse was full so I couldn’t understand why. We go on and buy the coal from one of my dad’s friends and start going through town. We kept driving up a road I had never been on before until we got to a little white house and out came a little widow. We stocked her coalhouse for the winter. My dad was a great guy and I am still stepping where he is stepping so I guess that is why helping others is so important to me. What is the best thing about having two little girls? Being a hero. When they were real little, it is like their mom had two baby dolls and she dressed them so cute. I think just being loved as much as I am, to them I can’t so wrong. They both like to fish and love to take care of me. I dread the day I can’t lift them above my head. One is nine and the other is ten, soon they will be grown and boys will be chasing them. I dread that day. AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 55

SEEN IN BRISTOL Clear Creek Golf Club


gape Christian Mission held their second annual golf tournament at the Clear Creek Golf Club on June 21st. The tournament was a big success with 14 teams joining the mission to raise funds for the completion of a church at the mission’s Bremen, Haiti compound. It was a Friday afternoon of great golf and good fellowship at the post tournament awards dinner. The Interstate Realty Team of Mike Nidiffer, Jason Nidiffer, Tim Devault, and Jace DeVault were the 1st place team. Jace also was the winner of the longest drive. We wish to send out our thanks to all the teams who participated in the tournament. Our volunteers at the tournament and those who helped us gather 30 raffle prizes from the community. Special thanks to Subway for the food donation, Frito Lay for the donation of snacks for the goody bags, Food City for the donation of bottled water and Pepsi for the donation of Pepsi products. It is a great blessing when our TriCities businesses join with the mission to help us Bring Hope and Healing to those in Haiti. Our tournament was a success and we are now $3,000 closer to finishing our church on our compound in Bremen, Haiti. Soon the congregation will be worshiping in a Church structure rather than under the mango tree. The church will also serve as the home for Agape Christian Academy which is a free

Jace Devault - Won Longest Drive

school for the children of the village community. It is our prayer to be able to dig a well for the community of Bremen this summer. The current community water source is captured rain water or a dirty stream which is a mile away. This leads to many health problems in the community. On September 21st we will be leaving the Tricities with a Medical Mission Team to help treat those in need of medical care. This week long clinic has been occurring for the past three years with more than 600 patients treated and prayed over. Once again the community comes together to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Who would have guessed the difference this little golf tournament at Clear Creek could make the small Haitian community of Bremen. Agape Christian Mission wishes to thank all of the individuals and businesses in this area to their support both financially and with prayers for our mission work in Haiti. We invite anyone with a desire to be part of our team to contact us at Please visit our website at and learn more about our mission. You can contact the mission at 423366-1415 or write to us at P.O. Box 3142, Bristol, TN 37625.

Photography by Mickey Baker Story courtesy of agape Christian Mission

City of Bristol, VA Team

Miller McCord

Interstate Realty Team- 1st Overall Fellowship Baptist Church Team

Keegan Lahr

56 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Central Christian Church Team

Linda Lahr - Agape Christian Mission

Colin and Mark McCord

SEEN IN ABINGDON Photography and Story by Linda Coffey


aste of the Town Tours in Abingdon, Virginia offers guests the opportunity to visit 4-5 local restaurants. Guests are able to meet the chefs and learn how they use locally grown food in their dishes. The tour partners with Rooted in Appalachia – a program that promotes and encourages eateries to serve locally grown food and beverages from local breweries and wineries. “It is not a program where we go and measure and checkup to make sure a chef is using a certain amount of local foods, but it is a program to encourage those visiting the restaurants to ask about dishes that are made with fresh, local food,” stated tour guide Sara Cardinale. The sold out tour boarded the trolley at the Abingdon Farmers Market and made its first stop at The Wildflower Bakery where folks from Abingdon Vineyard and Winery were also featuring local wines. Stop two was “Sisters” within the Martha Washington Inn, that shared a salad of locally grown vegetables as well as a delicious cranberry wine from Mt. Vale Vineyards in Galax, Virginia. The Harvest Table from Damascus joined the crowd at Wolf Hills Brewery at stop number three. Wolf Hills offered a VIP tour of the brewery to share the brewing process. Final Stop of the tour was The Tavern that featured a scrumptious dish of mussels with local vegetables as well as a “Summer Thyme Cocktail.” “It really is a dining experience,” said Cardinale. Visit for upcoming dates and to purchase tickets.

58 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

SEEN IN BRISTOL Bill Gatton Honda

5th Annual Bill Gatton Honda

Memorial Day Freedom 5K O

n Memorial Day weekend Bill Gatton Honda held their 5th Annual Bill Gatton Honda Memorial Day Freedom 5K race. The event is held every Memorial Day weekend in our Honor of our War Veterans. This year 575 runners gathered early at the Bristol Train Station, and the race began right under the Bristol Sign. All the proceeds to this race will be donated to Make a Wish Foundation and ALS....Lou Gehrig's Disease. Donations are given by the runners, and from wonderful contributors such as JA Street and Associates, BTES, BVU, Auto Trader, Safeguard, Strategic Placement Group, Universal Fibers...and many others. Trace Bratton, with Bill Gatton Honda, had a few words to say about the event, "It is truly heartwarming to watch a group or family competing in a 5K for their first time or for their 100th time. Everyone has a story whether it's their first ever 5K or whether they are recovering from something or whether they are setting a PR. I have spoken with several friends since they participated in our 5K and they have told me that as a result of participating in it, they have continued to run and compete and have began setting goals for themselves in one way or another. In addition to our fund raising, it thrills me in a big way to see folks accomplish these things. We have the most awesome team that makes this 5K happen and they just step up in the biggest way. Rob Spangler, David Tollie, Damara Colley, Dave Bratton, Jennifer Clagg and others are who should get any credit. Hey, I just came up with the idea because it was a huge passion of mine and kind of just try to stay out of their way so they can do what they do.

Photography and Story by April Taylor

The We Run Events team of Hank and Natalie and his crew have been very instrumental in our success. Hank was kind of beginning his team about the same time that we started our race so it has been neat to watch his business grow as well. But thanks to his many years of running and success, it wasn't difficult for him to point us in the right direction." Looking forward to the 6th 5K on Memorial Day Weekend in 2014 and we hope to top 1000 runners very soon.

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 59



GAAM Ribbon Cutting Ceremony A

fter 20 years of successful business and building relationships with the community, GAAM Wealth Advisors commemorated this milestone with an evening full of family-friendly activities. The company recently changed its name after being known as Gilbert Advanced Asset Management, in order to incorporate the company’s previous achievements and focus on its future possibilities. Clients and community members were encouraged to join GAAM Wealth Advisors on Wednesday, July 10 at 4:00 p.m. as they marked the next chapter of the company’s history with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The afternoon kicked off with a ribbon cutting followed by a Funfest block party. Attendees enjoyed speaker Cody Sensabaugh. The community showcased their antique cars in the car show lineup and GAAM donated twenty-five dollars to the Ronald McDonald House for every car. There was fun for all ages, children enjoyed activities such as face painting and bounce house fun. For more information about GAAM Wealth Advisors, visit PhotographY by Savanna Smith | Story courtesy of Gaam

60 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Family-Friendly Event

SEEN IN KINGSPORT Performance Medicine

Man Up Photography by Brian Hullette | Story by Greg Depriest

Stan McCamey, Scott Fogle and Ernie Dixon

Tom Rogers and Greg Depriest

Danny Clendenin and Samuel Pierson

Roger A Brooks and Larry Galyen

Jason Heartgrove and Mike Odom

Dr. David Marden and Diane Harshburger


n June 25, 2013, Performance Medicine hosted a “Man Up” event. This event was designed to encourage men to address their health and wellbeing. Men were encouraged to not allow their “40, 50, 60 year old me be able to steal from their 60, 70, 80 year old me.” They were also motivated to see themselves as 3-dimentional, spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions), and physical. Dr. Tom Rogers, who specializes in men’s health spoke on the physical dimension of man and the need to engage the soul (mind, will, emotions) in making right choices for life (food, exercise, hormone replacement therapy, etc.). Men were challenged to set goals for their physical wellbeing. Where do they see themselves 10 years from now? What are the things they would like to be doing 10 years from now? Greg DePriest spoke on the spiritual dimension of man and how our spirit can assist in engaging healthy lifestyle choices. The event was a great time of discussion, sharing, and growing.

Christie Perry, Kelli Trent, Robin Short and Sherie Spencer

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 61

Beet the Summer Heat… Serve Up a Stunning Simple Salad!


urn over a new leaf with this trio of sassy but easy-to-put-together summer salads. Three different salads presented three different ways using one tangy vinaigrette. These no-cook, colorful salads offer a variety of fresh greens rich with disease-fighting antioxidants. In their pleasing variety of flavors, colors, and textures, these salads are the foundation of healthy eating. Lettuce start with the Tomato Melon Feta Salad. For this colorful salad, medium thick slices of ripe watermelon and firm red and yellow tomatoes are layered and sandwiched together like silver dollar pancakes or columns of crackers. Small cubes of feta cheese, salt and pepper complete the stacked wonder. Balsamic vinaigrette is drizzled lightly over the salad for a flavorful mix between the sweet and acidic taste of these fruits. Your palate will perk up with this unexpected pairing of fruits. According to Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia, a tomato is a fruit. “The fruit is rich in lycopene, which may have beneficial health effects.” The Cucumber Wrap Salad has a beautiful presentation. We eat with our eyes and this salad really alerts the senses. This salad looks complicated but it is easy to prepare. A seedless English cucumber is mandolin-sliced horizontally, and curled around to form a self-serving bowl. A handful of crisp baby spring mix is layered inside the cucumber, and other garden fresh vegetables are then added and positioned to create this one-of-a-kind salad. The tangy balsamic vinaigrette is served on the side and may be drizzled on the salad to the guest’s personal taste. Edamame, walnuts or pecans, blue cheese crumbles, steamed snow peas and sliced gala apples complete this simply-stated salad. You will be cool as a cucumber creating this salad for your next end-of-the-summer supper. The final salad in this dynamic trio is the Salad of Mesclun Greens and Baby Beets. It consists of a combination of mixed greens, shaved vegetables, and cubed beets all served with bagel croutons. A splash of the balsamic

vinaigrette brings out the artful essence of this salad. Your guests will enjoy this delightfully light and crunchy salad. To make this the main course, just add protein such as grilled chicken strips, flank steak, salmon, tuna or shrimp. Presentation for a salad or any meal is important. Be sure to set your table in style by using glass bowls full of the garden fresh vegetables and fruits that you have put in the salad. Potted herbs like dill, mint, chives, and oregano make a beautiful statement as the centerpiece. Cut watermelon slices and graduated bowls of fruit and berries can serve as the light dessert after your salad course. Be creative and have fun! Take time to enjoy the smallest of moments with family and friends. A good salad is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. Salads are satisfying, health promoting, disease fighting, and include the best fresh ingredients from farm stand finds. Serve up one of these tantalizing healthy salads for your next end-of-summer entertaining suppers. Food for thought: Just happened to turnip some nutritional information about a few ingredients in salads. The United States Department of Agriculture states that edamame beans are “a soybean that can be eaten fresh and are best known as a snack with a nutritional punch”. Edamame and all preparations of soybeans are rich in carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, and micronutrients, particularly foliates, manganese, and vitamin K”. The nutritional benefits of an apple are remarkable. “Apples can be found in the Food Rating System Chart. A link that takes you to the In-Depth Nutritional Profile for Apples, featuring information over 80 nutrients, can be found Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography, and Article submitted by Liz Bushong

62 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

under the Food Rating System Chart.” php?tname=nutrientprofile&dbid=94

for vitamin A and 20 percent of the DRI for vitamin C. Salad greens are also a rich source of iron and calcium and numerous trace minerals including magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale also are good sources of vitamins K and E.” – Read more at: http:// SpringGreensHelpYouDetoxifyNaturally#sthash.sIiaU5Mr.dpuf

Salad of Mesclun Greens, Baby Beets and Bagel Croutons 5 ounces mesclun or spring mix greens, washed and dried 2 medium sized beets, steamed, peeled and diced into ½ inch cubes 16 individual sliced chives 2 carrots, peeled and shaved with vegetable peeler or mandolin 1 English cucumber or cucumber of choice, washed and sliced to ¼ inch 2 plain bagels, or bagel of choice, cut in small pieces 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon olive oil 4-6 ounces thinly sliced smoked Gouda, rolled tightly Balsamic Vinaigrette or dressing of choice

Serve it Up Sassy

Wash greens and spin dry. Plate the greens in the center of plate. Shave peeled carrots, and then roll strips tightly to form a curl, position carrots as desired on greens. Slice cucumbers, dice the beets, and roll the cheese, position as desired on greens. Cut bagels into small bite-sized pieces using kitchen shears. In small zip lock bag, place soy sauce and olive oil mixture, toss croutons in this mixture to coat. Bake on baking sheet at 500 degrees for 2-3 minutes. Watch carefully not to burn croutons. Remove from oven and place on top of salad. Serve Balsamic Vinaigrette in a separate dish or drizzle salad with dressing. Garnish salad with X crossed 4 chive stems on each salad.

Tomato Melon Salad

Helping You Make a Statement: Make it Sassy, and Make it Yours! Liz Bushong is an expert in the three-dimensional art of entertaining. She transforms simple dining occasions into beautiful and memorable moments by adding a touch of her own “sassy” style. She makes elegance easy for her audience and encourages them to add their own Sassy touch to make it unique. Liz is famous for creating her own version of a beautifully presented tablescape – which she calls a Sassyscape ™ -and she also creates magic beyond the dining experience. In 2009 and 2010, she was selected from thousands nationwide to be part of an elite team of 100 professionals entrusted with decorating the White House for the Holiday. In 2011, she was part of seven-person team selected to decorate the Tennessee Governor’s Mansion for the holiday.

2 medium firm ripe yellow tomatoes, sliced ¼ inch 4 ½” thick sliced of watermelon, sliced melon in rounds 2 medium firm ripe red tomatoes, sliced 1/4 inch 1-(4 ounce) package crumbled –or block blue cheese, or feta cheese Balsamic Vinaigrette or light dressing of choice 15 steamed pea pods for garnish

Yield: 4 small salads

Yield: 4 salads

“Spring Greens Help You Detoxify Naturally, according to Medea Galligan, MS, Nutrition, AADP CHHC, RYT, with healthy lifestyle concepts blog. The health benefits of eating leafy greens can’t be overemphasized. Salad greens are loaded with vitamins A and C, as well as several of the B vitamins. Just one cup of these greens provides 70 percent of the daily recommended intake

Slice tomatoes into ¼ inch sections, leaving skin on. Using round cookie cutter, cut melon into ½ inch circles. Watermelon will be sandwiched between the two tomato slices … so make sure your cookie cutter is in size to the tomato rounds. On a plate, layer red tomato on the plate; add yellow tomato, then watermelon slice. Crumble blue cheese or feta cheese block into bite sized pieces, place on top of melon slice. Gently pour Balsamic Vinaigrette over stacked tomato melon salad. Serve with steamed pea pods.

To purchase her cookbook, find recipes, cooking, and decorating demonstrations, go to,, and twitter @lizbushong. AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 63

for Professional Women (and men can read it Too)

You Need a BRAKE


n the last issue, we talked about things to look out for with your vehicle due to the extra wear and tear on it during these hot days. I would like to talk about something that is taken for granted until it is too late. Let’s close our eyes and think about driving down a peaceful road in the country. The sun is shining, our favorite relaxing song is playing, and we see a beautiful little baby deer beside the road. As it strolls into our path we calmly press the brake pedal ... and keep going? Oh NO!!! Now we find ourselves paying a lot of money for repair!!! No, not from hitting the cute little deer, how sick do you think I am? In my story we get damage from the fence on the side of the road. The little deer scampers off into the woods chuckling to itself “Silly human, ha ha ha!”

The moral of this story is: Your brakes are the most important necessity on your vehicle. Here are a few things to be on the look out for: Brake Fluid: Stopping a car takes a lot more force than our little feet can provide (Unless you are Fred Flintstone). So our foot pressure is amplified by hundreds of times by hydraulics in our brake system. The brake fluid is used to create that extra force necessary to stop. Therefore, check your fluid level frequently and check the color for contamination. Brake fluid should almost be clear. 64 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Brake Sounds: It can be a little embarrassing to slowly pull beside someone at a quiet intersection and hear your car squeal like a cricket on steroids. Usually, this means that your brake pads have just about reached their limit. They are in what we call the squealers, funny huh? Seriously, when you hear this, it is time to have the brakes checked. Brake Pedal: You know your car’s brake pedal better than anyone. If you feel it become spongy or harder than normal, there is a problem. Don’t hesitate to make sure that your car specialist feels what you feel and tell him/her that it is different than what you are used to. There is a normal pedal play of about 1-2 inches. Brake Maintenance: To help avoid the Flintstonian Braking system, have your brake system checked at least annually, even if there are no signs of problems. Fluid needs to be flushed, braking components need to be checked. It is estimated that, on average, brakes are used around 50,000 times a year. Especially during the summer, brakes are exposed to even more heat than they produce themselves, which, in turn, creates quicker breakdown. Don’t take for granted that when you press the brakes, your car will stop. Keep your brake system in the check and avoid that silly deer laughing at you! As always, it is a pleasure talking to you and I look forward to seeing you next month.

SEEN IN BRISTOL Clear Creek Golf Club

Cancer Outreach Foundation PhotographY and Story by Savanna Smith

Golf Tournament T

he 10th Annual Cancer Outreach Foundation Golf Tournament was held at Clear Creek Golf Club on June 28th. The golfers enjoyed Jersey Mike’s Subs for lunch while watching a storm pass right over the course. The rain didn’t run anyone off though and soon the skies were clear and the golfers were off for a great day on the course. Prizes were given to the best teams and some attendees went home with impressive silent auction items. A cookout following golf tournament ended the fundraising evening.

Team First Bank ad Trust

Team Alpha Natural Resources

Rob McKenzie, Carl Spackler, Michael Warren, and Matt Perry

The Foundation assists Cancer Patients in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee with transportation expenses, medication expenses, and they support the youth in their service area with the annual Hope Scholarship. The Foundation would like to say thank you to all of the sponsors, players, and volunteers who give so they may give hope to others.

Team R.M. Wilson

Team White Pine Developers

Sam Edwards, Tanner Poore, and Evan Helton Ellen Myatt and Jeanie Garrett

Team Ron Adams

Team Office Place and Team Just 4 Guys

Jerry Mays and Jerry Widener

Mike Carter and Buck Statzer

Kim Warren Michael Warren and Casey Barnes

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 65


ETSU Celebrates Head Football

Coach Announcement


everal hundred gathered for a celebration at the Millenium Centre. Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Dr. Richard Sander announced that veteran college football coach Carl Torbush was named to lead the Buccaneers’ new football program.

Torbush, whose career includes head coaching stops at North Carolina and Louisiana Tech, has built a strong reputation as an outstanding defensive strategist after having served as a defensive coordinator at six FBS programs, including Alabama, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Kansas, Texas A&M and UNC. “As we started to develop a profile for the person to lead this team, it became apparent that due to the complexities of starting a football program we needed someone with an array of experience and talent,” Sander said. “The more we identified these characteristics and qualities, it was clear that Carl Torbush met the criteria to not only lead, but to also build this program.”   “I am honored, excited and humbled to be named head football coach at East Tennessee State University,” Torbush said. “The opportunity and privilege to lead such a tradition-rich ETSU football program into a new beginning is a responsibility that I cherish and look forward to. I would like to thank President Dr. Brian Noland, Athletic Director Dr. Richard Sander, and Coach Phillip Fulmer for having the confidence in me to lead ETSU into this new era of football.   “ETSU is committed to establishing a football program that achieves at the highest levels, both on the field and in the classroom,” Noland said. “To achieve that success, we had to choose exactly the right person to be our head football coach. Carl Torbush is that man. Coach Torbush has a history of success, a passion for excellence, and the energy to build Buccaneer football into a point of pride for our university.

Tara Byrne, Barb Mason, Betsy Byrne, Ron Naegle, Kathy Linebarger, Bill Linebarger, Susie Crumley, Larry Grogan, and Tom Scott

Adam Sayer (Head Women’s Soccer Coach), Lindsey Devine (Head Volleyball Coach), and Gary Mabrey

Carl Torbush has been named ETSU’s Head Football Coach with ETSU President, Dr. Brian Noland     

Dotty Gibson, Dr. Jim Gibson, Jo Anne Paty, Carl Torbush, and Bill Greene

Mary Jordan, Brittney Ezell (Head Women’s Basketball Coach), Carshonda Harris, Stefanie Murphy

Scott Jeffres, Dr. Joe Sherlin, Mike Wallace, and Allison York

Andrew Sheehy, Dr. Al Sprtzer, Dr. Linda Garceau, and Bill Greene

Chris Diehl, Tom Scott, Janey Diehl, Jared Diehl, and Dr. Brian Noland

Ron Ramsey, Sindy Ramsey, Jim Wells, and Janet Wells

Steve Grindstaff and Carl Torbush

Rick Story, Gene Whitson and Brenda Whitson

Gerald Sensabaugh and Matt McGahey Trey Torbush, Rebakah Rhodes, Janet Torbush, Carl Torbush, and Dr. Brian Noland

66 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Dr. Richard Sander and Coach Phil Fulmer

Lee Morrow, Matt Wilhjelm, Jatavius Sanders, Mike Rader, and Gerald Sensabaugh


Tone Zone 3k

Rock~N~Run F

riday July 5th was the fourth annual Tone Zone 3k in Mount Carmel. The theme of this year’s race was Rock-N-Run; the runners were encouraged to dress as their favorite rock star. We Run Events coordinated the registration and timing and did a fabulous job as always. The race was held at night for the first time, and the night air must have made a difference, as the record was broken this year. Simeon Roberts from Greenville completed the course in 9.33 minutes. Jacklyn Talbert holds the female record at 11.28. After the race medals were awarded to the winners in each age category, plaques were awarded to the top male and female finisher, and a trophy was given to the record holder. The fun didn’t stop then however; ZAFFIRE played well into the night keeping the crowd rocking after their run. For more information and full race results, please visit Photographt and Story by Savanna Smith

68 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

SEEN IN KINGSPORT MeadowView Conference Center

Kingsport Tomorrow’s Golf Classic

8th Annual


ingsport Tomorrow hosted its 8th Annual Golf Classic on Friday, June 14. The Golf Classic was played on the gorgeous course Cattails at MeadowView. Sixteen teams participated in the recreational fundraiser for Kingsport Tomorrow’s community projects; Kingsport Veterans Memorial, Phase 2, Healthy Kingsport, and R.E.A.C.H.

Dixon Golf

Team Brock Services, Ltd with golfers Jeff Richardson, Harold Corn, Rusty Henry, and Steve Smith took the win for the first flight. Winner of the second flight was Team Salvation Army consisting of golfers Sam Jones, Brian Shell, and David Thomason. Eastman Chemical Company’s team of golfers Klaus Schnede, Mark Carter, Jane Carter, and George DeCroes took home the win for the third flight.


Kingsport Tomorrow would like to thank all of the organizations and businesses that have supported the tournament throughout the years. The tournament plays a vital fundraising role that allows Kingsport Tomorrow to continue serving the community. Kingsport Tomorrow is a non-profit organization that initiates and facilitates citizen-led projects. It organizes task forces to study and act on issues affecting the community. The organization serves the community as a vehicle for new ideas, encouraging citizens to seize opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked. Kingsport Tomorrow and area citizens share the vision to make greater Kingsport “A Community of Excellence and Opportunity.” For more information, visit Jacobs

Eastman Photography by brian and logan hullette | Story by rita dykes

MT Clean



Sterling Graphics

Health Fitness/Eastman


AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 69


Jonesborough Repertory Theatre August 22nd - September 15th

Tickets 423-753-1010 or Produced by Special arrangement with MTI Music Theatre International


Upcoming Events Washington Co. Courthouse Celebration - Aug. 9-11 Shrek the Musical - Aug. 22-Sept. 15 Shop, Dine & Unwind Extended downtown hours and storytelling concerts Carmen Deedy Aug. 1 @ 7:30 p.m. David Holt - Aug. 15 @ 7:30 p.m. Bil Lepp Storytelling - Aug. 22 @ 7:30 p.m. Ongoing Events Storytelling Live! - Tuesdays - Saturdays @ 2 p.m. Storytellers Guild - Tuesdays @ 7:30 p.m. Music on the Square - Fridays @ 7 p.m. Farmers Market - Saturdays @ 8 a.m. Movies on Main - Saturdays at 8:45 p.m.


SEEN IN JONESBOROUGH Jonesborough Repertory Theatre


Jonesborough Repertory Theatre Story and Photography by Susan Couch


ccording to a historical source, “Early in 1941, entertainment industry professionals helped the USO begin ‘Camp Shows’ with the entertainers waiving pay and working conditions to bring live entertainment to the troops at bases within the United States. With America’s entry into World War II, ‘USO Camp Shows’ expanded to bring live entertainment to Americans fighting overseas.” On Friday, June 28th the Jonesborough Repertory Theatre shared an enlightening musical with the community. Great times at the WJRT radio station took the crowd back with 40’s music and dance. There were hits from classic 40s like Rosie the Riveter, Route 66, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and so much more. JRT ended the show with a salute to our veterans through the Armed Forces Medley. This musical, just in time for the 4th of July, really shined light upon life during WWII. The entire local cast did a fantastic job portraying the lives of our beloved veterans.


Business After Hours Event at J

Cardinal Park Photography by Brian Hullette | Story by Rita dykes

ohnson City Chamber members and their families were treated to a fun-filled after-hours event at Cardinal Park on July 11. Only days following Independence Day, attendees celebrated another great American tradition…baseball. Guests were treated to a mouth-watering all-American grilled dinner as they mingled with fellow chamber members. The Johnson City Cardinals is a non-profit organization managed by the Johnson City Sports Foundation. The foundation distributes excess revenue from the baseball season to local youth sports and educational programs. The Johnson City Cardinals is a rookie league team affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals organization. The team has won several Appalachian League championships over the years with back-to-back wins in 2010 and 2011.

David and Dylan Brown

John Rolty and Candy Stieler

For more information, visit www.

Larry England and Richard Peter

Cara and Bradley Ledbetter Yankees from the Girls and Boys Club 2 & 4 Yr. olds

Bob Armstrong and Pete Peterson

Bob & Louise Mean

Lonnie Parker and Bob Armstrong

Kingsley, Jamie Thompson, Kimberly Brorhe Thomas, and Carter

72 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Gary and Lee Sowers

J.R. Coleman, Valerie and Jerry Cuddy

SunTrust Bank

C.J. Hallock, Richard Keen, and Ken Bradley


Story and photography by Savanna Smith

Take me out to the ball game! Its opening day around the Tri-Cities and the crowds could not be any more excited. It has been a long winter and everyone is ready for some baseball fun. The parks were packed as each team threw out their first pitch and just like that the season is underway. Grab the kids, some peanuts and cracker jacks, and head on over to the stadium to root, root, root for the home team. If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, remember it’s not too late to purchase a season pass. See you at the park!

White Sox

Kingsport Mayor Dennis Phillips and Jeff Wilpon

Brandi Starke, Kevin Short and Paisley


AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 73

SEEN IN BRISTOL Bristol Motor Speedway


REAGAN DAY DINNER Photography by Lynda Fontaine and Stephen Edwards | Story by Stephen Edwards

The Sullivan County Republican Party hosted its annual Reagan Day Dinner on June 20th, with some very special guests. Governor Rick Perry headlined the event, speaking to an audience of friends and like minds, all eager to hear from a leader of national prominence. The event was held in a lavishly appointed banquet tent outside the Bristol Motor Speedway. Dinner consisted of seasoned chicken, a home-made salad and a pudding parfait for dessert, and was served by a crew of cadets from a nearby Air Force base. After a period of mingling and table conversation, a series of speeches began, culminating in the address from Governor Perry. Among those leading up to the Governor were Keith Parker, chair of the Sullivan County Republican Party, and Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey. They both spoke enthusiastically about the progress made in recent years by Tennessee Republicans. When Governor Perry took the stage, he was met with thunderous applause. His speech briefly compared the success of Tennessee with that of Texas, both having had success in implementing a Republican agenda-his speech had to be kept brief, because he was expecting a granddaughter to be born that evening, and would have to fly out to Nashville to see her right after his speech! The evening ended with a surprise visit from country music superstar Ricky Scaggs. His arrival was truly a surprise-there was nothing about him in the program and nobody had said anything about him prior to his walking up on stage. Mr. Scaggs gave a moving prayer, then led the audience in singing, “Amazing Grace.� His short performance sent everyone home in good spirits. The Sullivan County Republican Party hosts the Reagan Day Dinner annually. If interested in the dinner or in lending your support to the local organization, please send an email to

Tucker Shull, Ricky Skaggs, Stephen Edwards

Sindy Ramsey, Gale Morton, Cheryl Russell

Jeff Cobble, Alma Carter, CM Cobble

Frankie and Wayne Lambert

TX Gov. Rick Perry, Lynda Fontaine, TN Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey

74 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Carla and Dany Karst

Jeff Cobble, Alma Carter, CM Cobble Texas Governor Rick Perry



SEEN IN BRISTOL Bill Gatton Chevrolet

Vettes of the Smokies

On June 15, an astonishing array of color and beauty filled Bill Gatton Chevrolet’s lot in Bristol, Tenn. for the 5th Annual Vettes of the Smokies Event. All types of Corvettes from the classic Stingray to gorgeous brand-new models made excellent eye-candy for all in attendance. Corvette enthusiasts of all ages came out to enjoy the day, visit with friends, and support a great cause. Proceeds from the car show went to benefit Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc. Small Miracles is a Christian-based, nonprofit founded by love with a mission to enhance the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth of individuals with special needs through equineassisted activities and therapies. Serving more than 300 individuals per year, Small Miracles provides a vast service to Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia through its mounted and unmounted programs. The 11-acre facility offers a herd of horses, an indoor heated riding arena, an outdoor arena with sensory trail, and experiential learning stations. Small Miracles provides services and programs that address the specific needs of individuals with ADD/ADHD, ataxia-telangiectasia, autism/Asperger’s syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, cerebral palsy, CHARGE syndrome, Down’s syndrome, stroke, visual impairment, posttraumatic stress, microcephaly, cryptic translocation, slow fine and gross motor skills, developmental delay, and social disorders. Programs are also available for at-risk youth and veterans.

BJ Cox, Jim Gibson, and Debbie Cox

Jan and Marc Paquette

For more information, visit Photography BY | Story by rita dykes

Tamera and Jamie Parsons

Ed Eder

Penny Gray

76 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Greg Beck and Chris Graham





CALL, COME BY OR ORDER YOUR TICKETS ONLINE! 310 Shelby Street | Kingsport | 423.247.1161 ext. 13

TAKE A LAP AROUND THE TRACK!! (additional donation) DRESS - SUMMER ATTIRE Sponsored by

ARTIST Profile: Matthew Almaroad


ow I started working and crafting leather is far from a simple explanation. As a boy I fell in love with Cowboys, saddles, military goods and all the things that come to a romantic’s minds when you think of well-worn rugged goods. I am the product of two artists and the teachings of my grandfather. My mother is a painter, weaver, and keeper of bees. My father is a sculptor, carver , stone cutter , sailor and pianist. My grandfather was a craftsman in the 40s and finish carpenter by trade. Each of these people has had a direct influence on me and how I think about and design a product is dependent on my unique relationship with each.

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 79

ARTIST Profile: Matthew Almaroad

80 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

ARTIST Profile: Matthew Almaroad

My mother is a very practical woman and believes that if you are going to own something it should be functional, beautiful, and well made. Most of what is for sale is not worth buying because it is often made of cheap plastic and glue. A grocery bag and a handmade leather tote both do the same thing, but at the end of the day which one do you want to be seen with? Leather, since it is a product of nature, has an inherent quality to it. It lends itself to clean lines and its durability makes anything made from it last a lifetime. My father prefers things to have substance and beauty. He loves the ascetics of sculpture: how one line flows into another and beauty for beauty’s sake. When I design a piece I keep these ideas in mind. A customer should want to look at one of my bags it should draw the attention of the passerby. A custom item should not fall into the background it should make a statement all its own and of the person that carries it. The last influence seen in my work is my grandfather. Early in my life he taught me to work with wood. He had a way of looking at a project and designing it based on how the end product would be used. His attention to detail and foresight always determined the selection of wood type, finish, and hardware. Many of my designs include wood in the final make up. I use certain types such as cherry and ebony, not because it is quick or easy, but because they make for a better product.

said they hated in a tote was that the bag would fall over on itself so, to solve this problem, I added a wooden bottom and a heavy canvas lining that lets the bag stand up and open on its own. As it turns out this is a very popular item to use for magazines, party supplies and even kindling for the fireplace. Since my father was also a stone mason and sailor I was taught the value of robust and over engineered hardware. All of the stitching in my goods is done with a very heavy weight thread that is usually used in work boots and saddles. My stitching is also done with bonded nylon on a hand operated manual sewing machine. This style of thread is made from one continuous nylon cord that gives it a huge amount of strength. Handles on the bags are hand riveted in place using oversized fasteners. Because I value quality all of the hardware, leather, and woods that I use; everything is made in the United States. All of my hardware is solid copper or brass and nothing plated or fake, in fact, much of it is made in Ohio. My leather comes from hides that are produced in the Midwest and tanned in Massachusetts. All of the hardwoods are farmed in the USA and are sold to me by Banish Lumber in Bristol, TN.

“I was drawn to leather early on. It is not a simple thing to work with. In fact, it can be difficult , temperamental and it does not always play well with others.� I was drawn to leather early on. It is not a simple thing to work with. In fact it can be difficult, temperamental, and it does not always play well with others. But when a piece of leather is unrolled and a design instantly stands out and a bag seems to make itself known. Most of the designs you see in this article are the result of a simple realization or solution to a problem. The wine caddy came to me at a party. Many of my friends are wine lovers. After seeing many of them juggling with multiple bottles and trays of appetizers, the idea of a carrier struck me. Most people, when they get together, take at least two bottles so what I came up with is a carrier made of Latigo leather and cherry hard wood. Latigo is moisture resistant leather that is semi-rigid and holds a form well. Cherry machines beautifully and its rich tones and coloring is what you would expect to see in something that holds your favorite beverage. The hardware you see was selected not simply for its looks. Wine bottles are heavy and the case needs a buckle that can stand up to the weight. This buckle was originally designed to be used with a draft horse collar, so it can easily handle a couple of bottles of wine.

I was not always a leather smith. I am in fact a classically trained French chef taught by the LeCordon Bleu School Of Culinary Arts and currently working for the Bristol, TN City Schools. I was never able to work behind a desk and my family has always cooked. It was only natural that I find a job working with my hands. Cooking professionally is a fantastic way to use a creative trait and an eye for design. The down side to the culinary field is that what you make never lasts more than an hour. This is another reason that I am drawn to crafting items that can last. I have always loved the personal side of the restaurant, such as working with a client to produce the buffet and parties he or she wanted. I take great pride in working with my customers to produce a bag or tote to fit the wants and needs. Many times it is a simple thing such as an exact sized pocket for a iPad or phone. These only take a few modifications to fulfill. On a rare occasion I will get a complete custom job like the forest green messenger bag you see pictured here. This client wanted a forest green leather bag to match the color of a particular material she was fond of. After a week of tossing designs back and forth and a month of cutting, dyeing stitching, lining and work; she had a bag unlike any available and it truly is one of a kind.

When I started to make and sell my work, I asked those around me what they wanted to see in a certain bag. When I designed my first tote I asked my female friends what the most important things were that they wanted to see in a bag. What I came up with was my market tote. The handles are wide and flat so as not to put too much weight on your hands. The one thing that all of my friends

If any of this has peaked your interest, or if you are just curious, visit my shop at Maybe you will see something you fall in love with. Perchance I can craft the perfect satchel for you. Quality is not cheap, but if you want something unique and lasting; then I am just the man to see.

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 81


United Way of Greater Kingsport and Regions Bank 2013


he 2013 United Way Week of Caring took place during the week of June 17th- June 21st and was an area wide event that demonstrated unity by bringing volunteers together to complete hands-on projects to help Make Life Better for others and our community. The United Way Week of Caring and its partnership with Regions Bank has been an annual tradition since 1992.

Domtar at Lee Apartments

Eastman at Boys & Girls Club of Kingsport

Eastman – CASA

In celebration of the United Way’s 125th anniversary, in June of 2012, more than 125 Week of Caring projects were completed across the Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia region with over 1300 volunteers participating in these projects. United Way of Greater Kingsport wants to thank local companies Eastman, Domtar, Jacobs, TECI. BAE, Trane, Appalachian Power, Signature Properties, Eastman Credit Union, Bank of Tennessee, Brock, AMECO, and Holtsclaw and Sons Guttering for participating in this year’s Week of Caring. These companies participated in approximately 98 projects in the city of Kingsport. This year’s projects included United Way member agencies as well as local schools, Kingsport Parks and Recreation and Kingsport Housing & Redevelopment Authority. Over 1,000 volunteers from the companies mentioned above, as well as member agency’s employees, participated in this year’s Week of Caring projects in Kingsport. Some of the year’s projects ranged from spring cleaning to painting a community room, office areas, and the outside of buildings. Landscaping, waxing the gym floors, installing tents, enclosing an office area, planting flowers for residents and many other miscellaneous projects were completed. Volunteers provided valuable skills and precious time to complete projects that involved sawing pavement at Frontier Industries to make sure the entrance area was safer for their clients. It is safe to say that this year’s event was a success!

Small Miracles

Frontier Industries

Small Miracles

Photography and story courtesy of the united way of greater kingsport

ECU at Lee Apartments

ECU at Lee Apartments

ECU at Lee Apartments

Frontier Industries

Small Miracles

Domtar – CASA

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 83


Independence Day


ommunities across the Tri-Cities know how to celebrate the independence of America with a BANG! Traditional colors of “Old Glory” were everywhere, from homes, business, and cars to beautifully decorated floats, painted hair, and festive clothing. July 4th is one of the most celebrated holidays nationwide and for a good reason; it represents the day American gained its freedom. Many look forward to a day of parades, family, friends, burgers, music, games, water sports, and fireworks.


The 4th of July parades and firework displays are among the largest celebrations in the area. Crowds of adults and children of all ages lined city streets in anticipation of the colorful floats, marching bands, beauty queens, unique vehicles, fire trucks, police cars, clowns, candy, balloons, and everything else that made its way along the parade route. This year VIPSEEN attended the parades in Rogersville, Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport. Each city’s celebration was different, but all were celebrated with much enthusiasm, patriotism, and grandeur. VIPSEEN would like to take this opportunity to express its deepest appreciation to every person that has served and are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. Without the sacrifice of these amazing, dedicated people fighting for our freedom, there would be no Independence Day to celebrate. Always remember the ones who fought and gave their lives to make our wonderful country free. The next time you see a soldier take a minute and thank them for their service.

johnson city Brenley Addington Band from Kingsport

Taste Budz downtown Johnson City

Miss Historic Jonesborough 2013 Emilee Ketron, Miss Johnson City 2013 Lilly Crouch

Bo, Missy & Kristen Whitiker, Jenny and John Keplinger

Happy Birthday A 84 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

in the Tri-cities



y America! AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 85


Each year co-owners of Gracious Design, Marty Glasgow and Cassie Kitzmiller, host a White Gloves and Manners Tea Party for patrons’ children. The tea party is just one way that Gracious Design gives back to its community and is a favorite for Gracious Design staff. Beautifully dressed children from the ages of 4 – 12 filled an exquisite room decorated especially for the tea party. As the children enjoyed tea and cookies, they were taught table manners such as being polite and appreciative to servers and how to remain seated until all are finished with their meal. They also learned what it means to R.S.V.P. to an invitation. Children were also given party favors of candles and tea. This too was a learning experience of being a proper host. Glasgow and Kitzmiller did a fantastic job teaching on a level that the children could understand. Gracious Design offers a wide array of free classes to the public throughout the year and have been doing so since it opened its doors more than nine years ago. Kitzmiller is not only co-owner; she is a licensed interior designer who can make any space into a space only envisioned in a client’s dreams. Gracious Designs also offers a wide array of home and event décor’, gifts, and professional services at their two locations in Johnson City and Jonesborough. For more information, visit Story by Rita Dykes

86 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

EXPERIENCE ALLANDALE FALLS and LIVE THE DIFFERENCE 423.246.7331 We offer $200 for referrals! Ask a leasing agent about our Merchant Referral Program.


AllAndale Falls

Open House & Pool Party A

Jackie Sanders, Candice Moody, Vivian Keeton, and April Marburger

llandale Falls apartments held their annual open house and pool party Saturday June 22. Residents young and old came out to celebrate with the staff and hopeful future lessees. Local businesses such as Paparazzi Jewelry, Origami Owl, Premier Jewelry, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Charter, Tangles and Tans, Jenkins Insurance, It Works, Slab Happy Pottery, and Advocare were on scene for some convenient shopping between pool breaks. The DJs kept the party going late into the afternoon and the staff kept everyone fueled with hotdogs, snow cones, and delicious cotton candy. Allandale Falls in Kingsport is a beautiful apartment community featuring mature landscaping and a majestic view of Bays Mountain. They are conveniently located to shopping, dining and outdoor recreation areas such as the Greenbelt, Kingsport Town Center, Kingsport Pavilion, Bays Mountain Park, University Blvd and Warriors Path State Park. The apartments are professionally managed by Hawthorne Residential Partners. For more information visit


Photographt and Story by Savanna Smith

Allandale Falls Maintenance Team

Bryan Thacker and Chris Luce

Origami Owl

Jessica and Stephen Rest

Jessica Waterman and Chelsey Waterman

Charlie Mooney, Terri Dinsmore, and Jesse Mulvane

Nina Ripley

The Pampered Chef

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 89

MUSIC Profile: Annie Robinette

90 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

turns Story by Cathy Kerslen | Photography by Paul Robinette


he title of Annie Robinette’s long-awaited second album certainly characterizes the journey she encountered during the creation of this work. The time between her debut album, “Last July” and the latest release has been long – seven years to be precise. What happened during all that time, and why was it so unexpected? For those in the Tri-Cities who have followed the Bristol native’s music and performing career, the reasons are numerous, but not so unusual. “Life got in the way”, she says without hesitation. Unexpected Turns actually describes a lot more than just the time between the two albums. It is indicative of the meandering path she has taken through many various artistic pursuits dating back to her early years growing up in Bristol. Looking back to those times, Annie began her performing arts career as an accomplished ballet dancer. Studying under Constance Hardinge in the Bristol Ballet Company, at 15, she was accepted into a summer dance study program at Jacob’s Pillow in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, one of the most prestigious dance training centers in the country. In school, Annie excelled in visual arts, with a particular aptitude for uncannily detailed pencil drawings. At home, she could sit down at the family piano and figure out songs by ear, or pick up a friend’s guitar and work out chords to a favorite tune. Eager to explore life away from her hometown, Annie graduated high school after three years with plans to move to North Carolina and study Fine Arts at UNC Greensboro. Prior to leaving for college, she became close friends with Paul Robinette, who was practicing photography. She and Paul spent a large part of that summer building a portfolio of photos that Annie would subsequently use during college to obtain work as a model. At summer’s end, she left for North Carolina where she embraced a greater sense of freedom to embark on her creative travels. Annie’s studies in fine arts led her to become a portrait artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. She also worked as a professional model and actress, which garnered her jobs for clients like Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, and Levi’s. Annie had several roles in national and regional TV ads as well as principal roles in corporate and independent film. With no prior theater experience, she dove into stage acting at Raleigh Little Theatre. Nominated in two of the three shows in which she performed there, Annie won the Cantey V. Sutton award for best female actress in 1996. She was also the lead singer in several bands playing rock, pop and blues. While raising her two daughters, Annie found time to become more serious about writing and playing guitar. She began performing solo and gradually added her original material to her repertoire.



MUSIC Profile: Annie Robinette

AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 91

MUSIC Profile: Annie Robinette

ANNIE ROBINETTE The next musical endeavor for Annie was an all-girl original alt rock band, in which she played electric bass and shared lead vocals. During this time she got divorced, then later reconnected with Paul Robinette, who was living in Bristol and running a multi-media production company. Paul, also recently divorced, was raising two children of his own. Annie and Paul had never forgotten each other, and before long Annie and her girls moved to Bristol and the two families were combined. The Bristol music scene was just starting to grow, with several downtown venues opening up and hosting live music. Annie quickly became a regular, gaining a fan base that grew to include people in the Tri-Cities area and Abingdon, VA. As her popularity grew, she was invited to play the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, Twilight Alive in Kingsport, The Virginia Highlands Festival in Abingdon, The Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City, and Leonfest in Hiltons, VA. Having young children at home limited her geographical range, but there was no shortage of work for her, as she played regularly throughout the area. Annie also worked with Paul doing illustrations, graphic design, photography and television. She rekindled her love for theater as well, delivering noteworthy performances as Annie Wilkes in “Misery” at Kingsport Theatre Guild , and twice as Miss Hannigan in “Annie” at Theatre Bristol.

“Unexpected Turns” reflects Annie’s growth as a musician and songwriter. The songs vividly describe the turns many people face in life: love, loss, addiction and the struggle for artistic expression. It is a musical road trip you will want to take time and time again. 

With a number of original songs, Annie began recording her debut album “Last July” with Paul at their studio in Bristol in spring of 2006. The album was released just prior to the BRRR Festival that fall. The songs were primarily acoustic in nature and reflected her roots in folk, rock, and blues with a southern influence. Around 2008, Annie teamed up with several area players and formed The Annie Robinette Band. While working as a full ensemble and as a solo act, Annie continued writing and plans for the second album were made. She and Paul had expanded their recording capabilities and the new album was evolving into a more expansive project than the first. Between live shows and raising kids, time was limited and the project stalled many times. Annie managed to squeeze in some songwriting contests during this time, and came away a first place winner at the International We R Indie Songwriter Competition in 2011. In 2012 she won first place in the Pop/Rock/Folk category in the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival for her song “Hanging On”, second place in the Gospel/Inspirational category for her song “All I Know”, and an Honorable mention for her song “Bite My Tongue” in the Pop/Rock /Folk category. Hard economic times forced Paul to close the production company and seek full-time employment, which limited their time in the studio even more. In 2012, they took the project to another studio to record additional tracks. The Robinettes then returned the project to their own studio, bringing in Jim Price, a Grammy nominated engineer from the Kingsport area, to pull it all together. Annie took a year’s sabbatical from public performing during production. The album was completed and released in May of this year, and was launched with a CD Release concert at Theatre Bristol’s auditorium on State Street. “Unexpected Turns” reflects Annie’s growth as a musician and songwriter. The songs vividly describe that which many of us face in life: love, loss, addiction and the struggle for artistic expression. It is a musical road trip you will want to take time and time again. To keep up with the latest news, concert schedule, and to purchase her music, visit

92 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

SEEN IN Johnson City Johnson City Community Theatre

Maggie’s Getting Married

It’s the night before the wedding, but there’s still plenty of time for plans to change before “Maggie’s Getting Married,” opening Friday at Johnson City Community Theatre.

Performances of the side-splittingly funny comedy, written by Canadian playwright Norm Foster, are at 8 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays, June 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29, with a Sunday matinee at 2 p.m., June 23. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students, seniors and active military members. On the night before the wedding of their youngest daughter, Maggie (Kallie Gay) and their soon-to-be son-in-law Russell MacMillan (Daniel Reed Potts), the Duncans (Janie Jessie and Bill Campbell) have gathered for one final family party. When Maggie’s older sister, Wanda (Melanie Yodkins), returns home for the wedding with her boyfriend, Axel (Justin Aubin), she discovers that she knows Russell a little better than Maggie would like for her to, and the mayhem ensues. In the midst of it all, Maggie’s father tries to find a subtle way to question his daughter on her choice of a mate.

Carol Ferguson, Nancy Hope Major (Director), Tony & Cathie Ferro

Sydeny, Dale and Rececca Myers

“I want people to leave laughing and feeling good,” said the show’s director, Nancy Hope Major, “We have a wonderful cast and I can’t wait to share our hard work with the audience.” Major’s production staff includes Rachel Townsend as production stage manager, Keith Jeffers as set designer, Adam Honeycutt as lights and sound designer, Derek Smithpeters as makeup designer, Will Vincent as lighting technician and Stephanie Mangicotti as properties mistress.

Justin Aubin, Melanie Hodkins, Bill Campbell, Janie Jesse

Sponsored in part by TruPoint Bank, Southeastern Ford and Celebrate. Photography by Susan Couch | Story by Rita Dykes

94 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Norm Foster’s play offers some great one-liners and comic twists.



16 years of

business S

iegners Ltd is celebrating sixteen years of successful business with their gifts, jewelry, and clothing in a unique boutique setting. The small beginnings came through the Martha Washington Inn and have been growing ever since. Now Siegners Ltd. has expanded into a Main Street location in the historic district of Downtown Abingdon. Opening just two years ago, Mary Siegner has begun a partnership with her daughter Lauren, which Mary considers a blessing.

Siegners Ltd. specializes in Eileen Fisher. This brand is simplistic with quality. Mary says she chose the line because it is stunning yet basic, “Being located in the Martha, I wanted to have a line that women could purchase and wear that night in case they forgot something, packed for the wrong climate, or just wanted something new to wear.” The Downtown location carries missy sizes as well as petites for all seasons. Mary and Lauren handpick their clothing and accessories according to their customers’ needs. One fabulous quality all women like is that the colors in the clothing line are interchangeable separates from season to season; Mary points out this is her favorite aspect of the line. The core element of dressing begins with the washable stretch crepe pants, which happens to be Lauren’s favorite item, and then the underpinning/shell is added. From there the basic outfit can be topped off with sweaters, jackets, or pop color tops to create a unique individualized look.

PhotographY and Story by Savanna Smith

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. ~Romans 8:28 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. ~Proverbs 3: 5&6

In addition to Eileen Fisher clothing, other lines Siegners Ltd. offers are Three Sisters, Eyebobs, Eric Javits, Simon Sebbag, Paper White, and Lady Primrose. The community embraces Siegner Ltd., proving to be loyal clientele. The Siegners have turned retail into a personalized service, customers are almost like family. The ladies love dressing their clients, keeping them fashion forward, and making them feel their best from head to toe. To show their appreciation Siegners Ltd. supports local charities through donations. The charming, open layout of the Main Street boutique is complimented by Lauren’s artwork. Her work is featured throughout the historic setting bringing a modern feel. She not only brings an artistic display to the store, but her high energy and enthusiasm creates a vivacious atmosphere. While Lauren and Mary are different personas, they both are women of faith and know that relying on God’s wisdom is the only way to succeed. They are also very thankful to have their very loyal and loving friends and staff Jo Johnston, Bobbie Mowbray, Pat Roberts, and Sallie Hodges; each of who bring very unique qualities to the business not to mention their own customer base. Also such success could not happen without the support of the town of Abingdon and other local merchants who Mary and Lauren love to promote because these ladies know the other merchants do the same. Siegners Ltd. has two locations in beautiful Abingdon, the original location at the Martha Washington Inn 150 West Main Street Suite A; and it’s most recent location at 226 East Main Street. They can also be found on Abingdon The Siegner Ltd. family encourages everyone to visit the locations and enjoy the personalized shopping experience they created through a relaxed, warmly inviting atmosphere. AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 95

SEEN IN KINGSPORT DirtWerks Clay Studio & Gallery

at DirtWerks Clay Studio & Gallery


ost kids when they are little love to play in sand, dirt, mud, water, basically anything they can get into and some kids ….well they just never grow out of it! Molly Noseworthy is one of those, she is the new owner and operator of DirtWerks Clay Studio & Gallery in downtown Kingsport. The studio/gallery is filled with Noseworthy’s creations and they are unique and special, from the signature clay animal boxes and oil lamps to the wall hangings and christmas ornaments and everything in between. The shop is located at 119 E Market Street in the heart of Kingsport’s thriving downtown shopping area just steps away from many of the cities finest shopping venues. DirtWerks offers many items from home decor to home cookware and is a perfect go to shop for anyone on your birthday or holiday list. The shop even offers “Rent Wheel Time” which includes clay, tools, and the firing process. They can take one to two people at a time, so it’s a perfect way to bond with someone you care about,

Jenny Falconer purchasing an item from Molly Noseworthy

For more information regarding DirtWerks Clay Studio & Gallery you can contact Molly at dirtwerksclaystudio@ or call 423.765.2194 Photography and Story by Lynda Fontaine

Pam Mahaffey and John Barber

Molly Noseworthy, Owner and Artist

Laurie Norris and Jenny Falconer

John Perdue

Ava Carter and Abbie Kelly

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SEEN IN KINGSPORT J. Fred Johnson Stadium

Sensabaugh Camp Classic K

ingsport native and Tennessee Titans Cornerback, Cody Sensabaugh hosted the Sensabaugh Camp Classic on June 15. More than 500 excited youth ages 6 – 17 flocked into J. Fred Stadium in Kingsport to learn from the pros. The non-contact football camp focused on teaching football and athletic skills while developing character.

Camp participants received personal coaching from Sensabaugh, San Diego defensive back Marcus Gilchrist, Rashard Hall, former Clemson wide receiver, All-American quarterback, Clemson’s Tajh Boyd, and D-B graduates and current college football players, Ty Hayworth (Wake Forest) and Malik Foreman (University of Tennessee). Local trained high school football coaches also volunteered their time to help coach at the camp. Sensabaugh’s goal for the camp was to cultivate talented young people and to motivate them to become the very best athlete and person that they can be both on and off the field. The free camp is an effort by Sensabaugh to unite the community that has greatly supported athletics and scholarship. Sensabaugh believes that it is important for him to give back to the community that has supported him throughout his education and career. For more information, visit Photography by Brian Hullette | Story by Rita Dykes

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Mount Carmel Block Party M

ount Carmel’s annual block party took place on Saturday July 6th from 7-11pm. Bands played on three different stages set up along Main Street. The main stage groups were Dave Adkins and Repulik Steele and 19 year-old Kaitlyn Baker. Other bands included Eddie Frost & band and 2 Far Gone. Attendees walked main street tasting food vendors, listening to music, and socializing throughout the evening. The wrestlers were back again for another year. There were pony rides for the first time for the kids as well as face paintings and a children’s fun zone.

Several area car dealerships brought new cars to display for the crowd. An hour-long motorcycle ride finished through town with cash awards given away in a drawing. The crowd was big and everyone stayed to end the night with a twenty-minute firework show that is as good or better than any around. The block party is funded entirely by area business donations and food vendor spot rentals; the Mount Carmel Block Party is a registered nonprofit organization. Photography courtesy of Deena Davis Story by Savanna Smith

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Tennessee’s Largest Oktoberfest TITLE SPONSORS



13 ‘50 Favorite Festival List’ ’50 Favorite List’ 2012 2012Festival 2013

September 28, 2013 Free live music, entertainment and food court TP-2013

Artisan Craft Market with regional vendors Free Das Kidzone sponsored by Leaping Lizards Wiener Dog ‘Brat Trot’ race & Barrel race sponsored by First Kingsport Credit Union Oktoberfest Cornhole Tournament Tennessee Idiotarod Race - Shopping Carts, Costumes and Mayhem Smith Brothers Harley Bier Garden sampling of 100+ unique craft beers College Football and Beer Haus - Watch UT and College Football Free Beer University for Bier Garden ticketed attendees


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Making lashes


Sherrie Bacon - East Tennessee's ONLY Certified Advanced Eyelash Professional and Xtreme Lashes™ Educator 423.232.7437 • 129 East Springbrook Drive • Suite 2 • Johnson City •

NONPROFIT Profile: Donate Life


of you reading this issue of VIPSEEN maybe waiting right now for a meeting

and you’re passing the time checking out all the local celeb’s photos. Maybe you’re waiting at the doctor’s office for a general check up. Maybe you’re in the carpool line waiting for your kids to get out of school. Think for a moment about waiting….what’s something you’ve waited a long time for? Vacation? Christmas? Upcoming event? Can you imagine waiting for your life? 116,000 people are waiting for their lives right now in the US on the transplant waiting list. 116,000 people sounds like a lot of people, and it certainly is. It’s more than the population of Johnson City and Kingsport combined. Out of the 116,000 people waiting, 2500 of them are Tennesseans and 2000 of them are children. Here are the stories of a few members of our community that have firsthand experience of waiting for their lives about how organ donation forever changed their futures.

Stories courtesy of Donate Life Photography by

Jeff Clements

Jeff Clements lives in Johnson City TN with his wife Jennifer who is the Director of Marketing at ETSU. Jeff works at Eastman as a mechanical engineer. They are members of Munsey, avid ETSU fans, and travel in their spare time. For me, the first time that I heard or even thought about those words was not as pleasant of an experience. It was just after Thanksgiving of 2003. I was a senior in college, had just completed final exams of my first quarter at school that year, and was enjoying a little bit of a break. I can tell you from what my family and friends say; it was some of the scariest moments they can remember. The short of the story goes like this: One visit to a family doctor, one visit to the urgent care center, and three visits to the emergency room. The prognosis, liver failure. At that point, I wish I could say it didn’t get any worse, but it did. The cause for the liver failure was found not too long after that. It seems that your liver needs a strong blood flow from your heart to function, and come to find out, my heart wasn’t providing it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, after some more tests, it was determined that my kidneys were shutting down as well. Final prognosis: liver failure, kidney failure and heart failure, from which doctors gave me only about a 10% chance of survival. Then within a blink of an eye, heart, liver, and kidney failure had forced my weight down to 130lbs. I was unsure if a lifesaving transplant was ever going to be available. As you can guess, my story is one with a happy ending. After three months in the hospital and the implant of a mechanical pump called a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), I was able to head home and wait for my heart transplant. Almost 8 months after the whole ordeal started, on June 29th 2004, I received my heart transplant at the University of Michigan Hospital. The other organs were able to function on their own with the improved blood flow, and I have lived a full and healthy life ever since. For me, one family made the decision to donate life, and I am able to wake up every morning and thank them for that decision. I encourage you to sign up to be an organ donor. Decide to make the ultimate gift, the gift of life. AUGUST 2013 | VIPSEEN | 103

NONPROFIT Profile: Donate Life

John Caso

The emergency room called in cardiologist Dr. Ponder; who came into the room while I was having an echocardiogram. The technician politely asked me exactly how many heart attacks I had before, that stopped me cold, because as far as I was concerned I had never had a heart attack; at least I never knew of one. However that’s not what the condition of my heart was telling them. Later that night my wife and I were informed that based on the condition of my heart, they did not feel comfortable performing any heart surgery and that I was going to need a heart transplant. The next day I was airlifted to Duke University Hospital. By the end of the week I was added to the heart transplant list. I spent the next six weeks as a resident of Duke University Hospital. Once my body lost the fluid around my heart, and medicines started to work, I felt pretty good and I was convinced that I could beat this without a heart transplant. After six weeks of wandering the hallways, I was fitted with an ICD (internal cardiac defibrillator) and told that I could go home. I was released I September 2004. After a few weeks of taking it slow I was back to the office and by November of that year I was traveling again. Things did change for me though as I was learning a new diet, (low sodium), exercising, and seeing a doctor(s) on a regular basis. I thought that since I did not use salt at the table, I was in good shape with a low sodium diet. I was blown away with how much salt was in the food that we ate: that I ate every day. From restaurants to fast food to processed food at the stores; sodium was everywhere. The only way that I could truly follow a low sodium diet was to forgo processed foods, and start making all of my own food. I have always enjoyed cooking, but healthy cooking soon became my mission. I was determined to learn how to make all of the foods that I had always enjoyed but in a low sodium way. My ongoing mission is a tremendous success as today I make my own food. You can check out my recipes and secrets at

John lives in Johnson City with his wife Debbie, and their two dogs and two cats. John stays active through his main hobby of cooking. He adapts many favorite recipes to fit low sodium requirements and has started a website,, to share the recipes with others also struggling with heart disease. From late 2003 to the summer of 2004, I displayed all of the warning signs of heart failure, unfortunately at that time I had no idea what those signs were, and being a typical alpha male, I continued to ignore the signs and just push forward. Thinking I had a case of bronchitis, I finally agreed to go by an urgent care facility to see if I could get some medicine to help solve my problems. I had a large list of items to do that day, but that was suddenly put on hold after the EKG and X-ray. They told me that I didn’t have bronchitis and that I should go immediately to the Hospital Emergency room. I was still feeling fine and thought that they had an incorrect diagnosis, but I drove myself to the emergency room, parked the car, walked in and gave my EKG and X-ray to the triage nurse. That’s when all of the real excitement started.

In early 2006, I was removed off of the Heart Transplant list, but I was still informed that a heart transplant was my only option for long-term survival. While my health never improved, my body was able to compensate, this was attributed to my medicine and the low sodium diet that turned into a lifestyle. In 2010 I took a downward turn as one of the medicines I was on caused a severe case of hyperthyroidism. After numerous stays in hospitals over the next six months, I was placed back on the heart transplant list. Thinking that a heart transplant was just weeks away, I relocated temporarily to Durham, NC to be closer to Duke University. As luck would have it, my body compensated and my condition became stable and I was allowed to return to home. So here I am today in 2013, with still with extremely poor heart function and waiting for a heart transplant. I don’t have the stamina that I use to just a couple of years ago, but I have the same tenacity for life, a great deal more patience and a new mission. This is nowhere near the end of my story, as I believe the best is yet to come. I believe that I have been granted an opportunity to help people. Help People cope with Heart Disease. Help People realize that through one selfless act, they can help change and save multiple lives. My name is Angelica Ares. I am the Creative Director (a.ka. Design Ninja) at VIPSEEN magazine and I want to share my story with you.

Almost a year into her treatment with the doctor in Charlotte, he decided to close his practice and didn’t direct her to any other doctors. We were at a loss.

In 2003, my mother went in for a routine gall bladder surgery. The surgery did not go as planned and she was told that she had Hepatitis C and had contracted it many years before; leading to Cirrhosis. We did not know much about this disease or where and when she had contracted it, but we were told that a doctor in Charlotte would be able to help her. For almost one year, she went to regular treatments with this doctor and was even told that she was on a transplant list. We were not educated about registries and believed that she had hope with this particular doctor.

My Mother was always a strong woman. She was an immigrant from Cuba and spent her life fighting for our family to have a better life than she did and it was no surprise that, when diagnosed with Cirrhosis, she continued to fight. She loved her children, but especially adored her grandchildren and wanted to be a part of their lives, so she continued to fight for her life. In early 2005, she found a doctor in Winston-Salem that told her that the previous doctor had done nothing to help her; instead he had compromised her chances even further. She had never been put on a “list” and we were never

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interest CHECKING


% APY*




My Mom with my daughter in September of 2005.

educated on a registry. The doctors in Winston-Salem fought hard to put her on the registry because she was now at end-stage liver disease. In September of 2005, we were celebrating my daughter’s second birthday and my mom was at the dinner table. I knew that she was in pain and I knew that she needed a transplant right away, or she wasn’t going to make it through the end of the year. She tried so hard to smile and my daughter didn’t notice, she was just happy that her “Abuela” was there to celebrate her special day. Later that month, she was taken to Duke University, where a team of liver transplant specialists worked around the clock to make sure that we were aware of the complications set forth by her long exposure to Hepatitis C. Their prognosis was not as inspiring as we had heard from other doctors. They kept us informed every day she spent in the hospital of her progress or decline and how that affected her chances for a transplant. They even told us that if the doctor in Charlotte had her on the transplant list, she may have already had a transplant, but the chances of her getting a transplant with enough time to save her life now, was almost impossible. They were right. My Mom passed away in November 2005, at Duke University. She was only 55 years old. I believe that, if more people were informed about how they can change the lives of a family by being part of Donate Life, my Mom may be alive today helping us celebrate my daughter’s tenth birthday this coming September. * Annual percentage yield (APY) of 1.31% is accurate as of 7/1/2013 and is subject to change. Account balances up to $25,000 earn 1.31% APY, and account balances greater than $25,000 earn .30% APY, when requirements are met. All ATM fee refunds will be credited back to the account per statement cycle provided requirements are met. When requirements are not met, a base rate of 0.15% is earned and a maximum of 8 ATM fees will be refunded per statement cycle. Minimum to open the account is $100.


Pinnacle M

ay 15 was an exciting day in Bristol when officials from Belk, Inc. and Johnson Commercial Development watched as construction crews broke ground at the new Belk site at The Pinnacle. Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey, Bristol Mayor Joel Staton, and Sullivan County Mayor Steve Godsey were among the distinguished guests at the event. Belk is the second anchor store to begin construction at The Pinnacle located at Exit 74 off of I-81 and Highway 11-W in Bristol, Tennessee. The new Belk will be a two-level, 132,000-square-foot fashion store that is scheduled to be open in Spring 2015. Belk, Inc. is the nation’s largest family-owned-and-operated department store company. The $20 million investment will include a beautiful and modern building complete with beautiful interior design and housing a vast assortment of premium and national brands, exclusive Belk brands, the latest fashions, premium cosmetics, home décor, kitchen, bath, and bedroom accessories, and much more. The Pinnacle is a 250-acre, open-air development and currently the largest project underway of its kind in the US. A variety of junior anchor retail and specialty stores, restaurants, a hotel, and an outdoor amphitheater are expected to find a home with Belk and Bass Pro Shops at The Pinnacle. Join VIPSEEN as we watch The Pinnacle unfold into a beautiful, exciting venue for Bristol, Tenn. and the Tri-Cities. For more information, visit

Photography courtesy of corporate image | Story by Rita Dykes

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SEEN IN JOHNSON CITY The Property Experts’ Home Store

The Property Experts After-Hours Event

Photography by Angela Striligas Story by Rita Dykes


n June 13, The Property Experts celebrated its new home store’s grand opening with an after-hours event for the Chamber of Commerce serving Johnson City, Jonesborough, and Washington County. Chamber members and guests gathered at the new location in downtown Johnson City for delicious hor d’euvers and wine as they browsed the beautiful new collections of furniture, home accessories, lighting, cabinetry, and much more.

The Property Experts specialize in residential and commercial remodeling and interior design. They also take pride in offering expert residential and commercial real estate sales along with all aspects of property management. For more information, stop by The Property Experts located at 207 North Boone Street or visit

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SEEN IN BRISTOL Bristol Motor Speedway

Essence of the South 3rd Annual

Wine & Bourbon Tasting & Food Sampling


Magazine was on the scene at “The Essence of the South” event held at Bristol Motor Speedway. This fundraiser was hosted by the Tri-Cities Rotary Club and the Bristol Morning Rotary Club. It is the primary fundraiser for the clubs, with proceeds going to area charities – Speedway Children’s Charities, The Bristol Family YMCA, The Children’s Advocacy Center, Girls Inc., The Boys & Girls Club, Bristol Youth Leadership, River’s Way, and a scholarship endowment at Northeast State Technical Community College. The event, hosted at Bristol Motor Speedway, featured southern-themed foods, wine from Reedy Creek Vineyards, cigars, and a selection of small batch Kentucky bourbons. This year we also featured bluegrass music from Blue Edition and storytellers Mountain Man Bob and Marci “The Entertainer” Nimick. Platinum sponsors were BTES and ViaMedia.

Al and Vivian Crymble, Woody and Lori Sadler

Carol Sansoe, James Sandoe, Kara Knapp and Cheryl Whittemore

Mike and Linda Browder and Wayne Estes

Photography and Story by April Taylor

Dave Baldwin and Con Sauls

Vivian Crymble and Leslie Boughers

Rhonda, Mykal, and Mike Miller

Blue Edition Blue Grass Band

John Brunner, Phyllis Jackson, and Al Crymble Lisa and Eric Reecher

Beth and Daryl Cox

Kelli Rogers, Brian Trent, and Chelsie Anne

The Latham Family

Chris Ayers and John Mack

Trey Gurley, Ben Igou, and James Denham

Rhonda and Jody Helms

Janie Johnson, Deb Adams, and Joanne Gimler

Jim Stewart, Frank Adams, and Woody Sadler

John and Rebecca Tulloch

Mike and Daniel Parker

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Happy Birthday, Blake Leeper!

Happy Birthday, Adria Price!

Happy Birthday, Johnny Conkin, From Regan and Madison!

Happy Birthday, Jared Bamberg!

Happy Birthday, Brian Ellis!

Happy Birthday, Colby Hurd!

Happy Birthday, Amy Henry!

Happy #10, Avery!

Happy Birthday, Debbie Boggs!

Happy Birthday, Cindy Hall!

Happy Birthday, Holly McBride!

Happy Birthday, Dave Bamberg!

HAPPY Happy Birthday, Moma! Wewould be lost without you! Love Rissa, Savanna, Joey & Katie

Happy Birthday, Caleb Gentry!

Happy Birthday, Emillie Park!

Happy Birthday, Rainia! Get ready to celebrate!

Happy Birthday, Donna McGregor!

Happy Birthday, Denise Francisco!

Happy Birthday, Charles Pope!

Happy Birthday, Julie Bennett!

Happy Birthday, Jeremy Carcich!

Happy Birthday, Maria True!

Happy Birthday, Kenny Schweitzer!

Happy Birthday, Linda!

Happy Birthday, Willie Hamilton!

Happy Birthday, Kristie Hicks, Love Duane!

Happy Birthday, Tyla Boyd!

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Happy Birthday, Karen Rhymer!

Happy Birthday, Starr Beverly!

Happy Birthday, Kirsten Hall! Happy Birthday, Lea Ann!

Happy Birthday, Laura Feagins!

Happy Birthday, RoseMarie!

Happy Birthday, Terri Kilgore!

Happy Birthday, Nicole Bledsoe!

Happy Birthday, Danny Karst!

Happy Birthday, Stephanie Gentry!

Happy Birthday, Whitney Carr!

Happy Birthday, Terry Kazmier!

Happy Birthday, Valentina!


Tina Whitson, Debbie Johnson

Ribbon Cutting

John Gregory, Rick Hart, Dottie Stout, Randy Humphery, Tina Whitson

Sharon Farmer, Diane LeBlonc

Renasant Bank had its grand opening in Johnson City in June. This makes the third location in the area along with Bristol and Jonesborough. Many Chamber members attended and enjoyed great networking as well as fantastic food. Whistle Stop Deli in Unicoi County, who went above and beyond to please Renasant and their guests, catered the event. A ribbon cutting kicked off the long and social evening. Renasant Bank encourages everyone to stop by and view their new location and all they have to offer. The Johnson City community is looking forward to the business and professionalism Renasant Bank will bring.

Dee Dee Horton, Dan Rutledge

Maureen Yoder, Keri Hensley, Carol Crowe Story and Photography by Susan Couch

Brandy Mckinney, Chikion Chan

Leadership Kingsport

SEEN IN KINGSPORT Chamber of Commerce


ach year Leadership Kingsport hosts a class for more than 30 participants who want to become more involved in the community to make it a better place to live, work, and play. The program seeks to attract individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds in order to serve the community in a more diverse capacity. In keeping with its mission to develop leaders who give life to community dreams, Leadership Kingsport shows the participants what is available and how to get involved in the community. The program began in 1983 and has had more than 1100 graduated with many of them continuing their involvement in community organizations. Leadership Kingsport is a program of the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce that is run by volunteers that have gone through Leadership Kingsport training. The group meets once a month to keep abreast of the history, cultural arts, community service, healthcare, government, economic development, and education. Other community involvement programs of the Chamber include; S.H.O.U.T., Youth Leadership, and ENCORE. For more information, visit or

Photography courtesy of Leadership Kingsport Story by Rita Dykes

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ig Lots, the nation’s largest broadline closeout retailer, celebrated the completion of four newly remodeled locations throughout the Tri-Cities area on Thursday, July 4 with several days of special re-grand opening deals for customers. Shoppers now have refreshed locations where they can shop, discover and save on a wide selection of brand-name merchandise and one-time closeouts. The stores have been revitalized with all new flooring and ceilings, fresh paint, updated fixtures and upgraded lighting, along with new cash wraps, restroom facilities, and outdoor facelifts. The improvements allow for cleaner, clearer aisles, making for an improved and more organized store layout. The newly remodeled locations kicked off the celebrations with ribbon cutting ceremonies on July 4, at 9 a.m., with all six stores in the Tri-Cities region celebrating with festivities that continued through Sunday, July 7. If you haven’t yet, be sure and visit one of your newly remodeled Big Lots soon. PhotographY and Story by Savanna Smith

Grand Re-Opening


Photography by Brian Hullette | Story by rita dykes


he Get Mohr Fit Games was a huge success with 64 competitors representing 12 different CrossFit affiliates and gyms. On June 22, more than 200 people came out to CrossFit in Johnson City to either participate in the games or cheer on their favorite competitors. Spectators were wowed at the amazing ability, teamwork, and sportsmanship displayed by the athletes. Competitors came together for the extraordinary event to put their strength to the test while supporting the 50 Legs Foundation. More that $800 was raised to help fund a child’s prosthetic limb: a perfect ending to a challenging day. CrossFit affiliates cares about health and life, not just membership dues. Steve Chamberland, founder of the 50 Legs Foundation has devoted his life to help children receive prosthetic legs. The name of the foundation is also its mission; to help at least 50 children receive 50 legs. Steve, a leg amputee, believes that he lost his leg for the purpose of helping others. He turned his own loss into compassion that produces nothing but positivity and help for others. Steve shares an amazing story with millions of people that brings hope, love, dedication, and inspiration to all. The 50 Legs Foundation have recently helped the amputee victims of the Boston bombings. For more information, visit

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Himelwright Dentistry

The Kingsport Chamber of Commerce welcomed Dirtwerks to the Chamber with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 11. Chamber members, officials, friends, and family joined owner Molly Noseworthy to celebrate the monumental event.

On June 20, The Kingsport Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome Himelwright Dentistry to its new location. Chamber members, friends, family, and staff gathered at 8 Sheridan Square, Suite 100 for the ceremonial cut of the ribbon.

Dirtwerks located at 119 East Market Street in beautiful downtown Kingsport is a unique art gallery and pottery studio. Pottery is made on-site, and the gallery features handmade items by local artisans including Buie Pottery and Kim Gray Gallery. Dirtwerks also offers wheel throwing classes.

Dr. Brian Himelwright is committed to providing excellence in dentistry by using the latest in dentistry technologies. Himelwright Dentistry provides family and cosmetic dentistry along with oral health education to prevent problems before they occur.

For more information, visit

For more information, visit

Leonard Family

Comprehensive Breast Center

Tuesday, June 11 was an exciting day for Wellmont Health System and Bristol Regional Medical Center as representatives and the Leonard family celebrated the completion of the Leonard Family Comprehensive Breast Center. A ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorated the celebration followed by tours of the center. Development of the center was made possible with a $1 million donation from the Leonard Family Foundation. The center provides one location for multiple breast care services and features an enhanced collaborative care model to meet patient needs. The Leonard Family Comprehensive Breast Center is located at the Bristol Regional Medical Center at 1 Medical Park Boulevard in Bristol, Tenn. For more information, visit 118 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

The Nutty Java

On April 26, the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new member, The Nutty Java, LLC. Coffee Shop. The Nutty Java is located on the lower level of the Kingsport Town Center near Sears. Chamber members, staff, friends, and family joined owner, Carl S. Matherly, Jr. to celebrate the Nutty Java’s grand opening. Attendees were treated to delicious finger foods and drinks. The Nutty Java offers a wide variety of specialty coffees, teas, smoothies, sandwiches, baked potatoes, nuts, hand-dipped ice cream, and much more. For more information, visit

Salon 525

June 13 was a big day for Amy Adkins, owner of Salon 525 in Bristol, Va. The Bristol Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new salon located at 525 State Street. The salon caters to the whole family by offering appointments to suit the needs of its clients. They hairdressers will even work on Sunday for emergencies or special occasions. The beautiful, modern design will put you at ease when you step in the door. For more information, stop by Salon 525, grab a cup of coffee, relax, and consult with the staff for your perfect hairstyle or call 276.644.1510.

Tri-Cities Diaper Ministry The Bristol Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Tri-Cities Diaper Ministry Ribbon Cutting located at 21 Washington Street in Bristol Va. on June 20. A large crowd gathered to celebrate the grand opening of one of the 100 diaper banks in the nation. A diaper bank provides diapers to agencies and organization that serve community families, under the U.S. poverty guidelines, where no other public assistance exists. Tri-Cities Diaper Ministry was organized under the premise that those who need diapers very possibly need other social services as well. The ministry collects diapers, warehouses them and distributes the diapers to a variety of partner agencies working with individuals and families in need. For more information, visit

U.S. Solutions Group The Bristol Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for U. S. Solutions Group on June 12. A large crowd came out to share in the exciting event.   U. S. Solutions Group located at 2536 West State Street in Bristol, Tenn. is a Teleperformance Company established to provide custom complex integrated call center based solutions for its clients. Services include inbound toll free customer care, billing support, national hotlines, web inquiry support, technical support, and professional contact management services.   For more information, visit

Universal Wine and Spirits The Chamber of Commerce serving Johnson City, Jonesborough, and Washington County welcomed Universal Wine and Spirits to its new location behind Fuddruckers in Johnson City with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. On July 12 a large crowd gathered at 230 Marketplace Boulevard for the exciting event. Universal Wine and Spirits offer excellent customer service as patrons browse its large assortment of liquor, wine, and beer. Locally owned and operated, Universal Wine and Spirits have southern hospitality down to a tee; if they don’t have what you are looking for, they will get it. For more information, visit

SEEN IN ELIZABETHTON Historic Downtown Elizabethton

Photography by Susan Couch | Story by Rita Dykes

June 21 was an exciting day for Elizabethton native and Dallas Cowboys tight end, Jason Witten. The City of Elizabethton and the Elizabethton/Carter County Chamber of Commerce declared June 21 as Jason Witten Day. Witten was honored for his accomplishments during the Cover Bridge Festival in beautiful, historic downtown Elizabethton. City officials presented Witten with a key to the city and unveiled a new sign commemorating his success. Witten’s outstanding football achievements at Elizabethton High School lead him to the University of Tennessee then to the Dallas Cowboys. A few of Witten’s accomplishments during his tenure with the Cowboys include being named the team’s all-time leader in receptions, setting the NFL record for catches in a season by a tight end, and being selected to play in the Pro Bowl seven times.

120 | VIPSEEN | AUGUST 2013

Witten was the first NFL player in history to win the Bart Starr Award and the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award during the same year. He has also been named Pro Football Weekly Humanitarian of the Year. Witten is just as impressive with his work through the Jason Witten’s SCORE Foundation as he is on the football field. Witten and the foundation have funded new building projects both in Tennessee and Texas. He has initiated several outreach programs including The SCORE Foundation Football Camp in Elizabethton. The free camp just completed its 11th annual training day on June 22 and hosted more than1200 youth. For more information, visit www.


Not all scars are created equal.


Neither are... compounding pharmacies.


Johnson City 701 N State of Franklin Rd #9 Johnson City, TN 37604 (423) 207-4290

Custom Scar Formulations by CCCA

Only PCAB Accredited pharmacy in the Tri-Cities.

Vip aug lr  

VIP Seen Tri-Cities Magazine's mission is to provide our community with a high quality free publication that highlights and showcases local...

Vip aug lr  

VIP Seen Tri-Cities Magazine's mission is to provide our community with a high quality free publication that highlights and showcases local...