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Allan McGowan

Allan McGowan’s

MUSINGS So – welcome to the first 2017 issue of VIP Magazine in an odd numbered year which is sure to yield some odd happenings both in our business and in the world in general.

® A certain Mr Trump will I’m sure be involved with many of these predicted shenanigans (it just felt right to use that word somehow!) The new leader of the Western World, as we must now consider him, has nor started his tenure with the blessings of the live music industry I think it’s safe to say… Madonna even ‘thought’ about blowing up The

White House following his installation – but I believe her when she said it was a metaphorical threat don’t you? Attempts to secure a leading act to entertain those lined up to attend the inauguration ball resulted

offs in attendance, and of course some shows fail, people continue

in all sorts of refusals and rejections, finishing up with a ‘legendary

to buy enormous amounts of tickets at primary, and still it seems,

act’ which never appeared because their fee was better spent being

secondary, prices, and concert halls and festivals generally fill up.

donated to charity….? Actually, I’ve worked with bands like that…

Even terrorism and shootings, though these outrages continue, with

However the departing incumbent - by the way did you know his

the shootings in Istanbul, Orlando and Playa del Carmen, Mexico,

surname in reverse is the Latin for ‘I will love’? – had no problems in

are not enough to put them off completely. Prodiss, the association

booking a turn for his exit bash. He just held open the door, and in

of French promoters, festivals and venues, says although audiences

walked the Boss (he’d been quite a regular visitor over the last few

at live shows (as opposed to festivals specifically) declined slightly in

years), guitar at the ready, to deliver a 15-song farewell gig for the

2016 (-4%), a greater proportion of French people now feel attending

president and his staff. I think that says something – don’t you…

concerts is important to combat the “atmosphere of crisis” that has

prevailed since the Bataclan massacre in November 2015. We should

Talking of Bruce, he’d had quite a good year altogether, he and the

be proud of our audiences!

E-Street Band finished up as the highest-grossing musical act of 2016

according to our friends at Pollstar Magazine. The tour generated

While we’re in determined and optimistic mode, one other heartening

$268.3m from sales of 2.4m ticket sales.

observation in London at least, is that the number of grassroots gig

Beyoncé came second in the world, but first in the US. Coldplay came

venues has remained stable for the first time in a decade! Over

third overall, but sold more tickets, 2.7m in fact – now why does that

the past ten years the City lost about a third of its smaller venues.

remind me of the way the US Presidential election panned out? And

However, Londoners, tourists, the Mayor Sadiq Khan, and our new

yes, The Stones were in there again, and Mick still had time to have

Night Mayor, are happy to hear that research found 94 venues

another child! So, overall, much as 2016 had its problems, terrorism,

operating last November – the same figure as November 2015, with

festival weather, not to mention the demise of a distressing number

new sites opening to replace those lost!

of artists, the business itself, like the Stones, boogies on.

For the 10th consecutive year since opening its doors in 2007, The O2

So how was 2016 for you and your businesses, and what are your

topped the worldwide venues list with more than 1.5 million tickets

aspirations for the year? Let us know. In the meantime, having

sold in 2016!

only just really recovered from Eurosonic and Where’s the Music in

Sweden, and now preparing ILMC next week – I can’t imagine it’ll be

It seems that whatever happens audiences stay determined to go

colder than Brighton right now – Ladies and Gentlemen I leave you

to the shows they want to see, although there are occasional drop

with The News!

#3 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017




Allan McGowan’s Musings


German promoter Peter Rieger passes away


“It‘s A Revolution In The Live Entertainment Business”


Highlights of 2016 and the State of the Business for 2017


Let’s talk Politics


German Collecting Agency for Promoters Neighbouring Rights Publishes First Tariffs


Eurosonic Noorderslag opens the 2017 Conference Season


The 2016 Experience and other observations on The Concert Market in Sweden


Artist Avails


Nick Cave announces European Arena Tour



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From VIP-Daily News

GERMAN PROMOTER PETER RIEGER PASSES AWAY Legendary German promoter Peter Rieger

at the Berlin Waldbühne. At the invitation of

has passed away at age 63.

the member of the SED Central Committee, who was then responsible for the youth,

Together with his wife Jutta Schremmer-

and then to the Council of State Councilors,

Rieger, Peter Rieger founded the Peter

Egon Krenz, he organized the “Concert for

Rieger Konzertagentur (PRK) in Cologne in

Peace” in East Berlin with James Brown and


Joe Cocker in 1988.

Since 1975 he has been organizing concert


tours with German artists, including BAP.

Ludwig Hartz in Berlin and at Loreley (St.

Rieger also worked for Lippmann & Rau,

Goarshausen), started the Bizarre Festival,

the largest event agency at that time. He

which developed over the years into a two-

later co-operated with the concert organizer

day event.






with CTS Eventim AG, which took over 70 percent of PRK.

Marcel Avram. On July 21, 1990 Riegers agency made His first great international artist was Peter

the Rock Opera ‘The Wall’ on the site of

Rieger organized open-air concerts for

Gabriel, for whom he did a tour in 1983. He

today’s Potsdamer Platz which was then

classical music with the Three Tenors. Luciano

has organized concerts for artists including

still ‘no man’s land’. The site was searched

Pavarotti, the operatic star, performed for the

U2, Pink, Taylor Swift, Genesis, Joe Cocker,

for mines before construction began on the

first time in front of about 21,000 spectators

Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner,

170 meter wide stage. The concert took

at the Berlin Waldbühne. For Pavarotti Rieger

Elton John, Rolling Stones, Lionel Richie,

place both in West Berlin and in the East

organized Europe-wide tours, including

Janet Jackson, David Bowie, Cher, Lou Reed,

Berlin sector. Peter Rieger recorded the

performances at the Red Square in Moscow

Prince Mariah Carey, Meat Loaf, Whitney

musical Tommy from The Who in Germany

and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Houston, A-ha and Andreas Bourani.

in April 1995. At the end of the year 2015 Rieger gave up

At the initiative of Rieger, the American artist

In July 2000 Rieger, together with the

his position as Managing Director of Peter

Barbra Streisand, who had always refused


Rieger Konzertagentur, but remained an

to play in Germany as a Jewess, appeared

others, entered into a strategic cooperation




advisory partner of the company.

Need to know who is touring Europe? ®

Go online -

#5 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Interview by Ivana Dragila

“IT‘S A REVOLUTION IN THE LIVE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS” He is the president of the Federal German Association for the Promoters and Event Business (bdv), the executive producer of the Live Entertainment Award (LEA), a Supervisory Board member of the federal government‘s funding agency Initiative Musik and professor for law at the Music Academy in Munich. Prof. Jens Michow spoke with VIP-News about the challenges in the German music market and about his future plans.

in higher ticket prices. That’s the reason

In 2016 the bdv, together with the Italian

why some of the bigger German festivals

association Assomusica, developed the

weren’t sold out this year as quickly as they

European umbrella organization ELMA.

usually are.

What‘s the aim of that partnership? – As an international non-profit association

According to the 2015 published survey


“Musikwirtschaftsstudie” the German


Music market achieved total revenue


of 11 Billion Euro. The gross value of

organizations and professionals to give a

the live entertainment was about 27

voice to professionals involved in the live

percent. Could you please explain the

music. It was started by Assomusica, who’s

impact of that market?

president Vincenzo Spera is the president of

– The German music market ranks on the

ELMA, and I have the honor to be the vice

worldwide scale just behind the US and


European operates



between European

Association associations, networks,

Japan – amazingly before Great Britain. And live music has the major share of the

Talking about associations, one big

Prof. Michow, this year the LEA is

music market in total. However, all these

news in 2016 was about the fusion of

taking place for the 12th time. What

figures are based on turnover. And besides

the two German promoter associations

makes this event still special for you?

the fact, that the record sales after most

bdv and VDKD (Verband der Deutschen

– The LEA is THE annual meeting of the

difficult years are at best stagnating, it’s

Konzertdirektionen). How would the

whole German speaking event industry.

easy to understand, that the ticket price

structure look like?

It’s an unique chance to show to the

volume is such much higher than just

– The members of both associations decided

public, the media and the politics that

buying a CD. Even if the consumer buys

that bdv and VDKD will merge at the end of

live entertainment plays a main role in the

at the same time in the same period both,

2018. I committed myself to stay president

Music Business. This was the main reason

a record and a concert ticket, this would

of the merged association till 2021. In those

why we’ve started the show and


raise a higher turnover on the concert side.

three years we will have to find, hire and

so many years with so many sorrows, my

So you can’t compare just the turnover to

train an executive manager as my follower.

enthusiasm has never stopped as it brings

judge the impact of the one and the other.

some great memories back to the time

I’m pretty sure, that the comparison of

At the beginning of this year the first

when I was promoting shows and concerts.

the related expenses would show a much

collecting society for the neighbouring

higher expense factor on the side of the

rights of promoters in Europe GWVR


(Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung von

The LEA is also a review of the previous

Veranstalterrechten) published it’s first

year. How would you sum up 2016? – It was the most difficult year for German

Anyway, promoters don’t complain about

tariffs. Who can take part of it?

promoters. The cancellation and termination

the demand in tickets. However, they have

– If a concert gets recorded and distributed

of festivals due to storm, lightning and

to watch very carefully the development

by a record company or transmitted by a TV

flood rains, and the necessary measures to

of ticket prices, which have their reason in

or radio station, or YouTube and Spotify, most

protect the audience against terror attacks

constantly rising artist fees and production

promoters might not even know that the

were huge challenges. As a consequence of

costs. If we don’t succeed to stop this

German Law grants them an equivalent right

this, higher insurance costs, additional costs

development, it might be quite likely that

on their productions. This right will be from

for danger defense and a weatherproof

also the concert end event market might

now on controlled by the GWVR, the same

preparation of the festival grounds made

have to face a downturn, as we can observe

way as GEMA controls the use of author

festivals much more expensive and resulted

it already in the festival market.

rights or GVL collects the compensation for

#6 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Prof. Jens Michow. Photo by Klaus Westermann

the use of the rights of performing artists and record companies. The sole owner and initiator of GWVR is the bdv. In my opinion, this is the biggest thing we have ever done – it’s a revolution in the live entertainment business. Promoters are not any longer just depending on the economic success of their shows, they benefit from rights as record companies or artists do. And, by the way, this legal right is not new. It just has never been properly exercised. What do the first tariffs cover? – The GWVR published their first tariffs for the use of live recording on albums and recorded products. It foresees compensation of 7 percent, if live content is more than 50 percent of the whole, dropping to 4,5 percent, if live content is between 25-50 percent, and a rate of 3,5 percent, if live content is below 25 percent. 2016 seemed very busy. What are your plans for the upcoming year? – The bdv is just about to plan a music business conference called “Music Agenda 2017/18” in Berlin. It’s a unique concept as it’s the first time, that all trade associations of the market shall get a forum to stress the problems, visions and demands of their sector – live entertainment, the record industry, the publishers, the venues and music clubs etc. After all these projects, you are more active than ever before. What‘s your secret to handling all these things? – If you feel, that you can move things, and as long as you like what you do, it’s fine. And if you have such a wonderful staff as I do, which keeps the ship sailing even when I’m on the road, you can afford to work on so many levels.

#7 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Allan McGowan & Manfred Tari

Highlights of 2016 and the State of the Business for 2017 Manfred Tari and Allan McGowan invited several VIP ‘Regulars’ to respond to the following questions: What were the highlights of your year, and what are your conclusions regarding the state of the business in general? Please let us know your outlook and expectations for 2017…

Ivana Dragila Greg Parmley

Georg Leitner

Karsten Jahnke Volker May

#8 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Beverly Whitrick

Greg Parmley

Volker May

MD International Live Music

Managing Partner FZW Event GmbH

Conference (ILMC) and International

Dortmund, Germany

and many others, and on the other side

Festival Forum (IFF) London. One of our highlights was SCOTT BRADLEY 2017 will be the year of the ticket. With


Amazon Tickets making a big play in live,

out show which nobody expected, amazing

and streaming services increasingly starting

entertainment and a very gentle tour

to sell tickets on their platforms, tickets will

production and crew.

will begin a seismic shift. Secondary will

As far as it concerns 2017 I am very

continue to be a talking point in many

optimistic. We already announced the first

markets, and the brighter spotlight on the

sold out shows in spring and have once

relationships between the industry and

again only a few days left without a booking.

this controversial cousin will drive greater ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ will continue to blur, as more income is driven back to the industry, out of the hands of those who contribute nothing to it.

Overall it was a satisfying year. 2017 looks like a much busier year with again a lot of great tours like Guns N’ Roses, Depeche Mode, Coldplay, Phil Collins, AIDA with Placido Domingo and Robbie Williams. And in addition a lot of new festivals like Lollapalooza Paris, Download at a new site in Paris, Wireless in Germany and many

go where the fans are. And the landscape

transparency. The boundaries between

a lot of weather issues for many festivals.

Ivana Dragila

others… The biggest challenge for 2017 currently is the compressed period in which most tours and festivals will take place. The weather problems at festivals are influencing the promoters in terms of having material on

Online Marketing eps holding Gmbh

standby but only paying for it if it’s needed.

Krailling, Germany.

We will test in 2017 a new floor cover, which we developed this year in some

2016 was an ambivalent year: On one side

countries. This product currently is the most

great tours with Beyoncé, Coldplay, Rihanna

effective product for pitch cover. In addition




Tel. +49 (0) 711/9554-40 Fax +49 (0) 711/9554-500

AZ_in_stutt_VIPmag_2017_RZ.indd 1

23.11.16 09:58

#9 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

we developed a lot of special barricade

Johannes Oerding, Max Giesinger and

the tour! In times when we hear so much

pieces for many tours like Robbie Williams,

Lukas Rieger.

negative news from this burdened continent

Adele or Take That.

Karsten Jahnke MD Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion

(corruption, famine, migration etc.) – this

Georg Leitner MD Georg Leitner Productions GmbH Vienna - Austria

people in Africa are capable of. Yes – that was a most wonderful highlight for our 2016 season!

GmbH Hamburg, Germany. KOOL & THE GANG in Africa proved to be We had a lot of highlights this year: 1. The

the biggest personal highlight for 2016!

best season in our lovely open air venue

Early in 2016 I managed to put together a

in the Stadtpark. 2. A sold out tour with

run of three dates for KOOL & THE GANG

our old friends THE CURE. 3. The incredible

in Africa (in Mozambique, Uganda &

success of Johannes Oerding. 4. A sold out


European tour with AL JARREAU & The NDR Big Band presents The Duke Ellington

Some of the members of KOOL & THE GANG

Songbook. 5. More than 100 concerts

had grave concerns about going to Africa

within Germany with HERMAN VAN VEEN.

(security as well as organizational issues).

6. the success of our new singer/songwriter

Having lived in Zambia & South Africa as

Max Giesinger. 7. The success of the tour

a teenager, I was always passionate about

with Lukas Rieger.

Africa. So I used all the persuasion and arguments to convince the guys to accept

In 2017 we will present, together with

the dates – and eventually (after going back

Scorpio, The ELBJAZZ FESTIVAL on 2nd

and forth quite a few times) they agreed to

and 3rd of June in the Hamburg harbour –

go for it.

Blohm & Voss – and in the Elbphilharmonie. To present within my Jazz Nights series the

From day one till the finish of the tour –

following top jazz stars like Michael Wollny

it turned out that everything worked out

and Vincent Peirani (January/February )–

incredibly smoothly. Not only had the

Branford Marsalis fest. Kurt Elling (March/

shows been sold out - the organization

April) – Pat Metheny Quartet (October).

(production, transport, hotels etc. ) was

And to continue the successful tours of

absolutely impeccable. They guys loved

Peter Schwenkow Andras Berta #10 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

tour shed a ray of hope – and showed what

Some of the other highlights where the European tour of SEAN PAUL (where we got lucky again when SEAN PAUL´s song with SIA hit the charts just prior to our extensive European tour). Also our GEORGE CLINTON PARLIAMENT / FUNKADELIC tours in Asia & Europe proved that the act is vibrant as ever! The Outlook for 2017 looks great. One of the big Highlights will be our 40th anniversary tour of FOREIGNER.1977 was also the year when I put on my very first shows in Austria – i.e. 2017 also marks GLP´s 40th anniversary! Also the GLP headquarter in Vienna will be extended – so we are creating a complete new office in our building with 200 ms2 – to include a Chill out zone – and creative area for our team.:-)

So yes – I thank the universe for a great 2016

in UK Music’s research, published in Wish


and look forward to an ever so vibrant 2017.

You Were Here 2016.

successfully established a series of new

• Venues Day 2016 with 500 delegates

rock festivals, notably ROCKAVARIA in

in only its 3rd year, followed by mini

Munich, Sonisphere in Switzerland and

festival Fightback, both on 18 October , at

Rock in Vienna in Austria. In the past year

Roundhouse, London.

we focused especially on the segment

• Receiving both an endorsement and a

of family live entertainment, too, which

donation from Sir Paul McCartney for our

may be considered the most increasing


area in the live business these days. Our

Beverley Whitrick Strategic Director - Music Venue Trust London Music Venue Trust had an early highlight when we, in partnership with UK Music and Musicians’ Union, achieved a change in English law to help protect grassroots music venues from redevelopment: from 6 April 2016, local planning authorities have to consider noise impacts on new residents from existing businesses under an amended permitted development right (i.e. you cannot





beacon projects here are Disney On Ice We still have a lot of work to do to protect

in Germany and Austria, Marvel Universe

and improve the UK’s grassroots music

Live, Christmas wonderlands like Christmas

venues but support and awareness are

at Kew and Christmas at Blenheim in the

building and we are optimistic that we will

United Kingdom and Christmas Garden

achieve more in 2017.

Berlin in Germany and TINI’s live tour, the upcoming Disney world star.

build near a music venue without mitigating

Prof. Peter Schwenkow

Besides the festivals and family live projects

the potential noise within your own plans).

CEO DEAG Deutsche

in 2017, we will promote tours and concerts

Entertainment AG

of international stars like Aerosmith, Bryan Ferry, Chris de Burgh, Deep Purple, Iron

Other highlights included: • The contribution of small venues to the

We are looking back on a great year

Maiden, Kiss, Man Doki Soulmates, Tokio

economy being measured for the first time

with a broad variety in the field of live

Hotel and many more. In addition, we are

MEGAFORCE The Stage Company

Stages | Event and Special Constructions | Event Infrastructure

Megaforce Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH Jöhlinger Straße 118 D – 76356 Weingarten

Tel.: +49 72 44 / 72 02 0 Fax: +49 72 44 / 72 02 22

Email: Internet:

Custom-Built Stages and Event Solutions by MEGAFORCE

#11 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Detlef Schwarte happy to present Volbeat in Switzerland,

situation of survival of the fittest. All that

Rainbow, Craig David, The 1975 and many

happens in a socio-political environment

others in the United Kingdom as well as

that urgently needs more cultural diversity,

Amon Amarth or Royal Republic in Austria.

more space for the young to develop talent

These concerts as well as unique events like

and more interference of the mostly open

the first classical open air concert of Anna

minded people that work with and for

Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov in Berlin mean

music. The elections in Netherlands, France

we are looking forward to a great next

or Germany might make it even harder for


us all to continue as before.

Andras Berta

Nick Hobbs

Sziget Festival, Hungary

Charmenko, Turkey

2016 was a great year for Sziget festival.


With almost half a million visitors we

Bucharest, Rammstein in Moscow and










Wroclaw; Muse in Athens and Bucharest.

sold tickets. We also managed to further

Our Damien Rice and Agnes Obel dates - 2

improve the international status of the

artists that bucked the trend for us, and my

festival, welcoming fans from over 100

own UK gigs for Serious and at the Afekt

countries. Some of our major markets, like UK or France saw big improvements, while others maintained last year’s performance. Being a mid-August festival in the Eastern

Festival in Tallinn. Respect to Damien Rice

Detlef Schwarte Inferno Events/Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg, Germany

part of the continent means it’s still a big challenge to get the headliners we need,

and Joss Stone for playing Istanbul just after the failed coup. The state of the business in the countries

New year, same questions… ;o)

we work in is damn hard. Our clients are not

while we also realize that artist fees are

making money, we are not making money,

getting higher and higher each year. We

The positive response from the industry and

and the political situation is somewhere

still don’t think it’s a healthy structure,

media to the first Anchor Award ceremony

between awful and bad in many of these

having too many festivals biding for not

at Reeperbahn Festival was a highlight of

countries. Most of us are in survival mode

enough potential headliners and thus

the year 2016 for sure – as was the entire

that is not a lot of fun as it means we have

creating rocketing prices, so we have our

show and its winner Albin Lee Meldau.

no choice but to be cautious about any risky

concerns for the long-term prosperity of

Another was the cross-party decision of the

business (and it’s all risky of course…). Fairy

our industry. In any case, Sziget seems

German committee on budgets to provide

godmothers are welcome to get in touch.

to be in a strong position due to the fact


that our program structure is a lot more

for the popular music sector in Germany.

As things stand, we expect to still be here at

diversified compared to many of our

This kind of structural support becomes

the end of next year and we have enough


even more important as the business in

work scheduled for me to feel cautiously

general is still shaped by monopolization

optimistic that at least it won’t be a bad

We believe we have to keep the values of

and the growing power of investor driven

year. We’ve developed our connections

the festival, so no big changes planned,

entities, which pursue targets that differ

with German promoters and I hope that

only fine-tuning our existing structures.

fundamentally from the interests of e.g.

continues, though I don’t expect to move

We are celebrating the 25th edition of the

independent music companies, traditional

to Berlin just yet. More than that is hard to

event, so we hope for a strong year sales-

music venues or the artist as such.

say as I broke my crystal ball years ago.

wise, just like 2016. Sziget, as a company

Artists and their representatives still fight

is looking into new opportunities, also

for appropriate revenue models. Publishers

negotiating with potential partners abroad

(in Germany) struggle for their subject

to co-organize festivals.

matter. The shut downs of live music venues




Ville Leppanen The Animal Farm London, UK

remains a painful trend all over Europe.

#12 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

With regards to weather and terror threads

The highlight of my year, of artists other

organizers of festivals find themselves in a

than ours, was discovering that the chord

progression in Drake’s Hotline Bling is really good, almost old fashioned. Of our artists,

Nick Hobbs

I would highlight the international major label interest in Ben Thorpe, whose chord progressions I hope you will hear anon. My personal highlight was making the British Open Squash Masters final. I predict a welcome return to chord based song writing in 2017.

Arndt Scheffler Managing Director I CEO White Label eCommerce GmbH Hamburg, Germany One of our favorite highlights of the year is definitely to accompany some of our clients through the digital transformation process. It takes a lot of courage to leave some of the old, well known paths behind

Ville Leppanen

to break new ground. And whereas the idea of selling tickets directly is not exactly new, opening up a presale by selling your own tickets only in your own shop and online doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Although the world is changing rapidly and the concentration process of the industry cannot be stopped, there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs. In terms of ticketing I would like to emphasize that the trend of data driven ecommerce and therefore online ticket sales will continue. It is only consequent to focus on providing the tools and support needed to control and push your own sales through your own ticket shop. This starts by being able to control allocations, content,

Arndt Scheffler

reports and processes at any time and ends by having full insight ito the direct effects of marketing campaigns. In 2017 we will enter the next phase of the disruption of the ticketing business, whether we like it or not.

#13 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Manfred Tari

Let’s talk Politics The connections between popular music and politics grow ever

Canadian artists to find an audience. And culturally, we assimilate

closer within the era of populism and “alternative facts”. The US

easily (Drake, Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen).

provides a perfect example, but Europe is also affected by this development. The news of significant donations by the billionaire

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is more or

and AEG-owner Philipp Anschutz to conservative political groups

less the political opposite of Donald Trump. Trudeau at

that, amongst other policies, oppose scientific climate change

the beginning of his legislation increased funding for the

data and regulations, or the news that international artists avoid

creative and culture sector in Canada. Trump instead is facing

playing live in Turkey, are just the tip of the iceberg, indicating that

the fact that many popular US artists and musicians do not

the live music sector relies more on political developments than

bother to conceal their dislike of him. With this in mind, are

many industry insiders may think.

you pleased with having Trudeau instead of Trump? – Ecstatic. I’m also pleased to have Trudeau instead of his

However, there are plenty of ‘political’ ramifications that matter

predecessor Stephen Harper. There are people who look at the arts

for the live music sector and it is about time to raise awareness

as frivolousness, and others who feel it feeds the soul. Canada’s

of these kinds of developments, especially when there more

famed inclusiveness is no accident. Traditionally, we’ve sung our

elections to come this year in European key countries such as the

own songs and had leaders who encouraged our storytelling. May

Netherlands, France and Germany.

it always be so.

Previous candidates for the VIP News interview series Let’s Talk

Even before Trudeau took over, funding and support for

Politics have been ILMC-director Greg Parmley and Eric van

the music sector was very common in Canada. What could

Eerdenburg, festival director of the Lowlands Festival in the

European governments or even the EU-Commission learn

Netherlands. For the current edition it is Neill Dixon, the president

from such policies and if so, what should they avoid?

of the music convention Canadian Music Week (CMW). Dixon

– We learned that it takes a relatively small investment to foster

joined this conference in 1983 as programme director and has

an industry and dispel insecurities about our talent pool. If there’s

operated as event director since 1993. But Dixon’s experience

anything to avoid, it’s becoming a slave to bureaucracy, and trying

in the music industry goes back to 1967 when he arrived in

to quantify concepts like “Canadian enough” on a spread sheet.

Toronto and start working as venue manager for the folk club Grumble, then he managed artists likeMartha Reeves, Jr. Walker,

Would you say that Canadian politicians are more progressive

Triumph and Long John Baldry before becoming the co-owner and

than those in Europe when it comes to the support of music?

president of Solid Gold Records.

– What others see as ‘progressive’ we might see as an urgent and necessary response to the flood of pop culture that the U.S. sends

Do you expect the Trump administration to have an impact

us every single day. It’s not so much that our politicians choose to

on the music sector in North America?

support our music, but that it’s needed and we demand it.

– There are a couple of angles here. When people feel oppressed, artists become passionately creative in opposition. You could

Populism unfortunately grew in the US but also in Europe.

hear powerful musical statements over the next few years.

What is your recommendation on how to fight these

Conversely, there will be people who’ll want to escape and tune


out politics to save their sanity. The happiest, most effervescent

– Support your local ethnic restaurant. It’s hard to hate people

sort of pop escapism could also find a huge audience. Good

who feed you. More seriously, it needs to be said that both

news for Pharrell!

Canada and the U.S. are long-time nations of immigrants – a new status for Europe. Its no accident that the angriest populist

How important is the US-music market for the Canadian

sentiment comes from homogenous, rural regions of the US (and

music industry?

Canada) that tend not to interact with the people they resent and

– As important as it is for any other country’s industry - times

distrust. This was also true of Brexit voters. Integrate, integrate,

10! Having a giant next door is a tremendous opportunity for


#14 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Neill Dixon with Toronto mayor John Tory Pop-culture in the past proved that it is able to raise

generations of tax payers. Now we see the rise of populists

awareness for social issues or even to improve it. Are these

in the US, Hungary, Poland, France and elsewhere. What are

days gone?

your political expectations for the near future and what is

– I listen to Beyonce’s Lemonade and recall the defiance she unleashed

your assumption of how these developments might affect

at the Super Bowl, and I think those days are back (if they ever left).

the music industry?

I think of The Tragically Hip’s terminally ill Gord Downie and his fight for indigenous issues as his last act. Think of a cause, and you can

– You’re asking for a silver lining to a dark cloud. So here goes. I

probably find an artist that embraces it. And the audience “reach” for

expect to hear more musical voices from among the disenfranchised

your message these days is as far as the Net can get.

– a strong creative wave that could bring new energy to our industry. Those artists who are fortunate enough to have profited

Since the time of Reagan and Thatcher political and global

greatly will be more motivated to use their influence on a global

economic developments in the industrialized countries lead

scale to shame the “haves” into addressing the inequities of the

to ta rise in the social gap, while international corporate

“have-nots.” Loss of income and livelihood is a big component of

companies paying hardly any taxes and the de-regulation of

the angriest populism. Address that, and you’ve gone a long way

the financial sector caused massive burdens to be carried by

toward defusing hate.

Ihre Experten für alle Rechtsfragen im Live-Entertainment:

Schoepe | Fette | Pennartz | Reinke Bavariaring 26 | 80336 München Tel. +49 (0) 89 - 54 47 96 - 0 Fax +49 (0) 89 - 54 47 96 - 66 | Bühne | Design | Events | Fernsehen | Film | Foto | Internet | Lizenzen Marken | Musik | Presse | Social Media | Veranstaltungen | Verlag | Werbung #15 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Allan McGowan


makes sure that event organisers finally

the Safeguarding of Organisers’ Rights”,

Wahrnehmung von Veranstalterrechten

will receive first payments.”

GWVR) was founded in order to allow





promoters to share in the profits generated

Rights”, GWVR) became the thirteenth

In addition to concerts, the GWVR audio


German collecting society to be approved

and audiovisual rates apply to recordings of

events. As a collecting society for event

by the German Patent and Trademark

comedy shows, cabaret, revues, musicals,

organisers in Germany and other European

Office. The GWVR has now set rates for

opera, theatre and other events. With their

countries, the GWVR is thus safeguarding

the licensing of audio and audiovisual

publication in the German Federal Gazette

the event organiser’s ancillary copyright



the rates are in effect. “It finally became an

according to Paragraph 81 of the German

published on 25 January 2017 in the

economic reality that event organisers have

Copyright Act for all recordings of events

German Federal Gazette.

ancillary copyright to their events and can

exploited in Germany. The sole proprietor

have a reasonable share in the proceeds of

of the GWVR is the Bundesverband der

the commercial exploitation,” says Ulbricht.

Veranstaltungswirtschaft (“German Federal




They regulate the amount promoters receive for live recordings of their events





Association of Event Organisers”, bdv). “By

when they are released on CD, DVD or

Further rates and comprehensive contracts

efficiently safeguarding their rights, event

BluRay. “Both, the approval process for

for usage online and for radio and television

organisers will for the first time be able to

the society and the discussions on setting

broadcasts of event recordings are to follow

enjoy a lasting benefit from their services

the rates were quite difficult and time-

in the near future. In addition, the GWVR

that allows them to generate a long-term

consuming,” said Dr Johannes Ulbricht,

is working on developing distribution

profit – as opposed to fleeting success from

Director of the GWVR. “But in my position


individual concerts,” said bdv President Prof.

at the GWVR, I’ve had to learn that the

agreements as well as processing a growing

clock runs much slower in this business

stream of membership applications.




and that one needs a lot of patience. I’m

, commenting on the new development. Should you have any further questions,

glad that this is the second major step

The Gesellschaft für die Wahrnehmung

please do not hesitate to contact GWVR at

after the official approval for the society


any time.

#16 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017





Dr. Johannes Ulbricht

#17 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Manfred Tari


Helen Sildna, founder and director of Tallinn Music Week

The 31st edition of this music highly respected and established

delivered an update on the current situation regarding the intention

convention proceeded as ever in Groningen on January 11-14, with

to launch within upcoming budget period of the European Union

4,200 delegates in attendance, slightly up on the figure of 4.124 in

a made to measure support programme for the music sector. First

2016. The packed conference agenda delivered some new insights

consultations and hearings with music industry representatives went

and information on what currently concerns the music sector in

on between between December 2016 to June 2016 and resulted in a

Europe. While the European issue except for one meaningful panel

working paper “the AB Music Working Group Report”.

was perhaps underplayed, other sessions like the special programme “Music Meets Tech” delivered the more sensational stuff.

It is a tricky and very ambitious political mission initiated by the European Commission itself. The driving forces behind this panel

Other sensations were delivered by the European Talent Exchange

have been Fabien Miclet, coordinator of the programme also funded

Program (ETEP) for which a new all-time record of 500 artist bookings

by Creative Europe, Liveurope, a support scheme for club concerts in

for festivals was reported. In 2016 the number of bookings amounted

12 European concert venues and Peter Smidt, founder of Eurosonic

to 404 as Christof Huber, chairman of the festival organisation

Noorderslag and creative director of the industry event.

Yourope reported at the event’s official press conference of. ETEP initiated by Eurosonic together with Yourope and the European

In recognition of the importance of this measure, Eurosonic

Broadcasting Union (EBU) in 2003 is without any doubt the most

Noorderslag even released a press release with statements by the

successful and effective support programme for the circulation of

speakers on this panel: Anna Hildur, head of the European Music

artists in Europe. It is one of the very few initiatives dedicated to

Export Exchange Network (EMEE), emphasized the ‘important steps

popular music that even receives funding from the EU-programme

that have been taken in the last months to materialise and develop

Creative Europe.

a common position in the view of establishing a proper EU music programme by 2020.’

Staying in line with the subject of Europe the most notable panel to

‘Over the last twelve months, six meetings and workshops involving

be mentioned was the one entitled Music Moves Europe. This panel

representatives of the music sector have taken place in Brussels, Cannes,

#18 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Lyon and Groningen,’ said Fabien Miclet: ‘These events enabled the commission to better assess the long-tem needs of European music.’ ‘The European Commission is committed to creating the right conditions for music stakeholders at EU level. We are very happy with the work that has been done so far, and we look forward to a continued dialogue in the coming months and years’, said Barbara Gessler, Head of Unit for

Being aware of that the

the culture programme of Creative Europe at the EC.

majority of folks from the music sector

Matthieu Philibert of IMPALA described ‘a favourable political

in general do not

climate and a good momentum for the music sector at EU level”


and a “great working spirit within the sector’. The Commission

passion for political

welcomed the efforts of the sector to work collectively. ‘We have to

issues and especially

continue building on this dynamic’ said Barbara Gessler.

much for a common Europe, this panel at least provided


much not so

a sign of hope that in the best case the officials of Europe have Helen Sildna, founder and director of Tallinn Music Week, noted:

installed something for the music sector in the future.

‘Music is a very important tool of soft power diplomacy, since it brings people together around creativity. In a uncertain world, it’s

With this in mind it was a bit obvious that more panels and debates

in the EU’s interest to unleash music’s full potential.’ She added:

dealing with European and other political issues was missing. 2017 is spiked with elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany. But

‘This is about the future of music in Europe, but also about the

unlike in the US, where many prominent artists actively ventured

future of Europe itself.’

their concerns regarding the policies of the recently inaugurated US

#19 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

president Trump, it seems that in Europe only a minority of artists

songs. This certainly is a development where science fiction became

have undertaken significant efforts to protest against populist

reality more quickly than probably most of us expected. Another

movements by neo-nationalists who wish to change the current

one is ticketing-payments with the online currency “bitcoin” that

political landscape.

furthermore includes the possibility for promoters to actively ban illegal secondary ticketing.

However, it became exciting when Frank Lucassen on behalf of Buma/ Stemra reported on some of the results of the keynote speeches

Yes, there were plenty of other panels and keynotes, but to discover

and panels that took place during the “Music Meets Tech”-sessions

Eurosonic Noorderslag in full detail it simply needs a much bigger

at Eurosonic Noorderslag. Lucassen explained the features of the

editorial team. Anyhow, with Eurosonic Noorderslag, the rank and

latest tech innovations in process. Among other tekkies one was

file of the European live music sector has as usual headed full swing

experimenting with artificial intelligence that was able to compose

into the New Year, let’s hope it will be a good one.

Business being made at Eurosonic 2017. Photo by Jorn Baars.

As usual the VIP team was in action at Eurosonic.

#20 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Manfred Tari

The 2016 Expe

The Conc The






international media awareness in 2016 was this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, held on May 14 in the Globe Arena in Stockholm. According to the promoter European Broadcasting Union (EBU) the event attracted European-wide recognition from more than 200 million viewers. This 61st edition was staged in Sweden after the Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw won the previous contest held one year before in Vienna. However, the Swedish live music sector is doing well in recent years after undergoing a market consolidation, particularly in the festival sector, from 2010 to 2013. Figures for the business year 2015 by Musik Sverige revealed a revenue result of 4,8 billion Swedish Cronas, contributing 53 per cent to the total revenue of the Swedish music sector. According to STIM the revenue results for this part of the music sector alone went up14 per cent. From 2014 to 2015. Håkan Hellström

However, industry insiders say that 2016 also appears to have been a good year for the live music sector. At least no bigger bankruptcies occurred, but there are other difficulties and challenges the industry has had to cope with. Unlike most other European countries Gender issues played a bigger role than elsewhere. Gender equality in Sweden has a high priority in politics and society and also became meaningful for the music sector, rather as a guideline than any compulsory regulation, amongst promoters who confirm in discussion that they nowadays receive requests from journalists, as to whether or not they have booked an

KB Kulturbolaget Malmö

#22 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

equitable number of female artists for their

erience And Other Observations On

cert Market In Sweden festivals. The same goes also for speakers at

Besides the overall success of the event, the

Karlstad it is also staged in July between

conference programmes or the number of

postings by Mumford & Sons on Facebook

Hune in Örebro, Leksand and Stockholm.

employees at companies.

caused wide-ranging international media

The free event this year gained a total visitor

coverage especially in US-media and led

figure of 250.000.

In fact Sweden therewith raises an issue

to FKP Scorpio releasing a press statement,

that in the international music business

reporting on their efforts of extensive

Just Last November Live Nation announced

until now has been widely neglected,

security and safety measures on the

a take over of Sweden Rock Festival. The

as so far no female CEO, neither at a

festival site. Among others, in spring prior

metal festival has a capacity of 33.000

corporate record or a live music company

to the event the promoters launched an

visitors and is now the sixth festival

has ever been appointed. In line with this

awareness campaign entitled, “We Are

promoted by the Swedish branch of the

movement awareness amongst Swedish

The Festival - Vi Är Festivalen”, informing

concert global player, besides Way Out

female artists is rising. At the beginning

the audience and the entire staff of the

West, The Island Festival, Popaganda,

of the year the blog released

event how to behave responsibly and

Stockholm Music & Arts and Summerburst.

an overview of notable female artists

respectfully at the event.

currently doing well in Sweden. On

Live Nation operates more than 80 festivals

the list are artists such as Hanna Järver,

Nevertheless, although the police considered

worldwide. The 25th edition of Sweden

Iman, Mabel, Beri, Adée, Léon, Toxe,

the current edition of the Bravalla-festival

Rock, held in mid June obtained 33.000

Nola, Miynt, Lava Bangs and Ana Diaz.

the “safest and calmest festival ever” other

visitors, featuring headlining artists such

Remarkably is as all of them are delivering

festival promoters have been confronted

as Slayer, Anthrax and Queen + Adam

high quality repertoire in terms of song

with media reports, questioning the risk


writing and production standards.

of sexual violence incidents at live music events. Amongst others there have been

The biggest Swedish concert in 2016 was

Anther aspect drawing media attention is

media reports about sexual crimes at the

promoted by Hakan Hellström at Ullevi. At

the incidence of sexual crimes at live music

festival edition Putte i Parken in Karlstad

the beginning of June Hellstörm improved

events. Due to very strict laws in Sweden

and Säljerydsfestival near Växjö. The media

his previous record of 69.300 concert visitors

any sort of sexual harassment is considered

awareness for this issue is also backed by

in 2014 this year pulling in 70090 visitors. In

as a case of rape. The Swedish Branch of

statistics, saying that Denmark and Sweden

total for two shows on June 4.& 5. he sold

the CTS Eventim company FKP Scorpio is

have the highest rate of sexual assaults in

130.000 tickets. Previously the concerts by

promoting Bravalla, which within just four

the EU.

Hellström were promoted by Live Nation,

years became the biggest music festival

but for his new shows in 2017 FKP Scorpio

in Sweden. For the current edition with

However, the Way Out West festival

will take over as his new promoter. An

52.300 visitors the promoter reacted to

promoted by Luger, a subsidiary of Live

insider told Music & Copyright that this

complaints by the bands Mumford & Sons,

Nation Sweden attracted 33.000 visitors to

deal indicates just how corporate concert

Rammstein and Volbeat , headliners of

its tenth anniversary edition, a new visitor

companies have changed the business

the festival, saying that the band intended

record. The event took places in Gothenburg

settings in the live music sector in Sweden,

to boycott the event in the future, if the

in August and featured headliners such as

when financially strong players can afford to

promoter and the police did not increase

Morrisey, Libertines and Massive Attack. But

gain significant advantage by laying out the

their efforts to prevent sexual crimes at

like some festivals elsewhere in Europe Way

sort of fees that headlining artists demand

this festival. Mumford & Sons referred to

Out West had to cope with bad weather

these days. While the competition between

the news about five rape cases and other

conditions this year. Way Out West is an

Live Nation and FKP Scorpio enters a new

cases of sexual harassments that took place

inner city festival, the festival concept for

stage, there are still other promoters such

during the festival.

Putte i Parken takes place in 4 cities. Besides

as United Stage, Blixten & Co, Appelgren

#23 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

+ Friedner, Triffid and Danger Concerts and Rootsy Music serving the Swedish concert market. On the club level the departure of the well known concert venue Debases Medis in Stockholm at the end of the year marks another trend. As in most bigger cities in Europe concert venues come under pressure due to gentrification and

especially for the lower financed level of


significantly increased prices for real

the music sector are on hand. Sweden which is often considered to be following progressive policies appears




comparison, even ignoring the fact that the music sector as part of the creative industries as an industry on a par with the film or art sector, is supposed to receive appropriate development support schemes.

estates in urban areas. The 1.000 capacity concert hall Debaser Medis will leave a gap


for concerts of this size in Stockholm.


Sverige together

are with

additionally Nordic


Finland. A spokesperson of the live music

on the development of a scheme for

Other notable venues and arenas in

organisation Livemusik Sverige said that

live music promoters to benefit from

Sweden are Debaser Strand, Södra Teatren,

the Ministry of Justice, unlike in Denmark,

music tourism arising from festivals and

Kägelbanan, Cirkus, Berns, Ericsson Globe,

France, Italy or the UK currently does

music events. The organisation merged

Tele2 Arena, Friends Arena in Stockholm,

not intend to launch a law against the

at the beginning of January with the


unauthorized resale of tickets in Sweden.

MoKS, (Musik- och Kulturföreningarnas




Samarbetsorganisation) an association for

Trädgår’n, Lisebergshallen, Scandinavium in Gothenburg and Babel, KB, Malmö

Currently high on the political agenda of

non-profit music and culture organisations.

Arena, Malmö Live in Malmö. Interestingly

Livemusik Sverige is a campaign entitled

The leading music conferences are Sweden

the Malmö Arena is faced with a new

“We are still playing pop (but we are about

Live held in January 2017 in Linköping,

nearby competitor, with the opening

to die).” The campaign is addressing the

backed among others by Blixten & Co,

of the Royal Arena in Copenhagen in

conservative culture policy in Sweden that

Headstomp, LifeLine, Live Nation/Luger,

February 2017.

considers all types of popular music, apart

United Stage, 2Entertain and Livemusik

from classical music or jazz as being not

Sverige and the showcase festival Where’s

Also Live Nation who also owns the

eligible for funding or support. Politicians

the Music promoted by FKP Scorpio in

ticketing company Ticketmaster announced

in Sweden apparently consider popular

February 2017 in Norrköping. Its 2016

in September the launch of branches of

music as being commercial, differently

edition pulled 4702 festival goers, 471

the secondary ticketing portal Seatwave,

than in France, the Netherlands and lately

delegates and staged 120 concerts on 11

a Ticketmaster subsidiary, in Sweden and

even Germany, where supporting schemes


Sweden Rock Festival

#24 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

From VIP-Daily News


Maximo Park Territory: Europe Period: 2017 Agency: Primary Talent International Agent: Matt Bates Phone: +44 20 7400 4500 E-mail: Homepage:

See/Add more Artist Avails at

Fun Lovin Criminals Territory: Europe Period: 2017 Agency: Primary Talent International Agent: Dave Chumbley Phone: +44 20 7400 4500 E-mail: Homepage: MUSICAL YOUTH Territory: UK / EUROPE / Period: March - September 2017 Agency: sas / Agent: Steve Hughes Phone: +44 7779257295 E-mail: Homepage: Peter Hammill Territory: Europe Period: 2017 Agency: Primary Talent International Agent: Andy Woolliscroft Phone: +44 20 7400 4500 E-mail: Homepage:

Patricia Kaas Territory: Worldwide Period: On demand Agency: Richard Walter Productions Agent: Jean-Hugues FEUGEAS Phone: +33 432 600 599 E-mail: Homepage: patricia-kaas.html

Andrew Strong Territory: Europe Period: October 2016 - December 2017 Agency: AMA Music Agency Ltd. Agent: Mark Downing Phone: +353 862504795 E-mail: Homepage: andrew-strong/

Dizzee Rascal Territory: Europe Period: 2017 Agency: Primary Talent International Agent: Peter Elliot Phone: +44 20 7400 4500 E-mail: Homepage:

Blonde Redhead Territory: Europe Period: July-August 2017 Agency: Ponderosa Music and Art Agent: Giuseppe Ponti E-mail:

Phil Rudd Band (ex AC/DC) Territory: Europe Period: April to June 2017 inclusive Agency: Fizzion and Frusion Agent: Ian Smith Phone: +44 7791699889 E-mail: Homepage: php?id=139


Main Hall cap. 6 500 Rockhal Box cap. 4 000 Club cap. 1 100 The Floor cap. 250

Bongeziwe Mabandla Territory: Europe Period: 2017 Agency: Akum Agency Agent: Jess White Phone: +258 84 433 4432 E-mail: Homepage: http://www.akumagency. com/artists#/bongeziwe-mabandla/

On the road again?


PARIS Venue information: Phone: +352 24 555 - 1 • Booking contact:





Need to know who is touring Europe? DUBLIN

Go online - ROCKHAL_163x115.5_Ann2013.indd 1


02/12/2014 17:29

#25 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

From VIP-Daily News


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have announced details of a long-awaited arena tour of the UK and Europe

This time its the arenas and it will be a rare arena show that will be compelling and intimate.

September 24

Bournemouth UK Bournemouth International Centre

25 Manchester UK Arena 27

Glasgow UK The SSE Hydro

28 Nottingham UK Motorpoint Arena 30 London UK The O2

“We’ve been in a strange place, I’m coming out and blinking into the light… It’s good to be playing again.

October 03

Paris France Zénith

November 01

Vienna Austria Stadthalle

06 Amsterdam Netherlands Ziggo Dome

02 Munich Germany Zenith


04 Padova Italy Kioene Arena

Frankfurt Germany Jahrhunderthalle

09 Hamburg Germany Sporthalle

06 Milan Italy Forum

10 Luxembourg Rockhal 12 Düsseldorf Germany Mitsubishi

08 Rome Italy PalaLottomatica

Electric Halle

13 Antwerp Belgium Sportpaleis 16 Oslo Norway Spectrum 18 Stockholm Sweden Ericsson Globe 20 Copenhagen Denmark Royal Arena 22 Berlin Germany Max-Schmeling Halle 24 Warsaw Poland Torwar 26 Prague Czech Rep. O2 Arena 28 Belgrade Serbia Kombank Arena 30 Ljubljana Slovenia Dvorana Tivoli

#26 VIP-MAGAZINE 20/2017

Now after touring his native Australia and the US, Cave will return to the UK and Europe for a run of shows in September.

12 Zurich Switzerland Hallenstadion 13

Geneva Switzerland Arena

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