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Can this really be the last Musings, and of

this edition in such a sombre tone, we will

learn from, to collaborate with, to support to

course News, of the year! And what a year –

refer to things good and optimistic later I

be inspired and enlightened by”. Well said I

Trump, Brexit, Boris, you couldn’t write this

promise, particularly with comments from


stuff, it’s all been ‘fract and friction’! Also

some VIP-News ‘regulars’ who tell us about

we’ve had too many great artists, Bowie,

some high points of this closing year.

Prince, Cohen, Lemmy, George Michael

Another good and quite reassuring comment for those despairing about the number of

etc. shuffling off this mortal coil this year,

Getting back to everyone’s favourite blonde

venue closures in the capital (if she can follow

the latest being Greg Lake of King Crimson

– Donald, Boris Johnson or Madonna? - I

through on it) was made by London’s new

and Emerson Lake and Palmer. Hopefully

hear you cry….it seems that Trump, yes, it

Night Czar, Amy Lamé, after being shown

there will be no more before the end of

is he, is having problems finding an act to

round a new building in London’s Denmark

December, but I suppose that we just have

jolly up his presidential inauguration. Who’d

Street, indicated that she aims to ensure

to accept that this once young business of

have thought it, surely the cream of the rock

that nightclubs and music venues remain in

popular music, is like everything else, aging,

business would be falling over each other

place across London, stating, “I don’t want

and is as susceptible to illness, particularly

for the gig? But no, someone said Elton was

clubbing pushed out to the edges. I want

cancer, as anybody else. Sorry to kick off

up for it, but he really isn’t, though Garth

clubs, pubs, and live music venues right in the

Brooks may be up for it, and Kanye West did

heart of everything. Right across London.”

go for a chat with Donald, but hasn’t said

COLOPHON > VIP-News is published by: Enghaven 19 Attrup 8444 Balle Denmark Managing Director: Ronni Didriksen General Manager: Peter Briggs Writer and editorial: Allan McGowan Writer: Manfred Tari For advertising enquiries please contact: Peter Briggs +46 70 77 60 480


he’ll play. Still I’m sure everything will be

I was supposed to be heading to London on

‘hunky- dory’, because his Communications

the day that I write this, for a much looked

Director Boris Epshteyn told ABC News: “No

forward to Christmas dinner with the fine

struggle whatsoever. We have world-class

people at IQ Magazine and the ILMC, but

talent, world-class entertainers reaching

the train drivers who operate the Southern

out to us offering their help, offering their

train routes between London and the South

services so no struggle, whatsoever”. So

of England, including Brighton of course,

that’s alright then…

decided to go on strike, much as the system very rarely runs efficiently anyway, thus

As for one of the other blondes – not Boris –

making it pretty much impossible to get to the

Madonna won the Billboard Woman of the

big city, denying me dinner, good company,

Year Award, she concluded her acceptance

and bowling - I’m not best pleased! Still I

speech (unlike Mr. Zimmerman she turned up

shall be in Helsinki over Christmas and then

to pick it up…) with the following, “Women

the delights of Groningen in Holland beckon

have been so oppressed for so long they

for mid January, as they will for many for the

believe what men have to say about them.

2017 edition of Eurosonic Noorderslag. So all

They believe they have to back a man to get

of us at VIP hope that all of you that celebrate

the job done. And there are some very good

it enjoy Christmas, and those that don’t have

men worth backing, but not because they’re

a great holiday anyway, and that hopefully

men - because they’re worthy. As women,

we all have a happy and safe New Year!

we have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth. Seek out strong

In the meantime Ladies and Gentlemen – The

women to befriend, to align yourself with, to




George Michael dies at home at age 53 From VIP-Daily News Singer George Michael has died at his home at the age

Writing on Twitter and referring to Michael as “Yog”, a

of 53.

nickname for “Yours Only George”, he added: “Me, his loved ones, his friends, the world of music, the world at

The star, who launched his career with Wham! in the

large. 4ever loved. A xx”

1980s and had huge success as a solo performer, “passed away peacefully” on Christmas Day in Goring, Oxfordshire,

On Instagram, Sir Elton John posted a photograph of

his publicist said.

himself with Michael, writing: “I am in deep shock. I have lost a beloved friend - the kindest, most generous soul and

Thames Valley Police say they are treating the death as

a brilliant artist. My heart goes out to his family and all of

unexplained but there were no suspicious circumstances.

his fans.”

Former Wham! bandmate Andrew Ridgeley said he was “heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend”.

George Michael dies at 53



ESNS: EU creative europe



Live Nation in joint venture with Pascal Négre Allan McGowan

Pascal Négre

on all levels from recorded music to live,

with Live Nation France, a family of great

with a focus on digital marketing.

professionals with worldwide expertise.”

Based in Paris, Pascal Nègre (pictured), one

Angelo Gopée, Live Nation France Chief

of the most prominent figures in the French

Executive, said: “It is a pleasure to welcome

music business, will lead the company along

Pascal in a joint venture that is both exciting

with an experienced team of specialists

and ambitious. His vision is in perfect


harmony with what we`ve been doing at






Live Nation for the past seven years.”

Live Nation, today announced the launch

Pascal Nègre, CEO of #NP said: “#NP`s

John Reid, President, Live Nation Europe -

of #NP, a new artist management company

mission is to ensure the artist is at the very

Concerts, said: “The artist is at the core of

in France, in partnership with Pascal Nègre

core of the game in this new digital age.

what we do, and together with Pascal we

who will act as the new company`s CEO.

Our specialist team will be with the artist

will be able to expand this focus in ways

every step of the way with the advice and

we`ve always wanted to. The experience

#NP is an artist management company with

services they need to allow them to do what

Pascal brings to the table is unsurpassed,

the primary purpose of servicing the artist

they do best. I`m delighted to join forces

and we welcome him with open arms.”

Finnish Award to Nightwish’s management From VIP-Daily News Music Finland granted this year’s Finnish

The intent behind this award is to create

Till Dawn They Count Management’s duties

Music Export Award for Till Dawn They

attention to the important work done by

include overall managing operations, which

Count Management Ltd, which has helped

music export companies, and also promote

traditionally includes contract negotiations,

Nightwish to become one of the greatest

these active and growing enterprises. The


success stories of all time in Finnish heavy

award was initiated by Music Finland, who

streams, as well as international tour and


also gathered the jury together. The award

album strategies. The company is rewarded




winner receives their own signboard on the

above all, for the success of the most recent

The Finnish Music Export Award was

outer wall of the famed rock club Tavastia

Nightwish album Endless Forms Most


in Helsinki.

Beautiful and subsequent world tour.






Management Ltd, whose best known client is Nightwish. The award was handed

The award-winning company, Till Dawn

by Chancelor Jari Gustafsson (Ministry of

They Count Management was founded by

Employment and the Economy) in Helsinki

longtime Nightwish partners Ewo Pohjola


and Toni Peiju, when its predecessor King Foo Entertainment ceased operations in

The Finnish Music Export Award, established

2014. Till Dawn They Count Management

by Music Finland last year, is a recognition

has helped build Nightwish to be one of the

given to a Finnish music company that has

biggest global metal music success stories

successfully developed and expanded its

from Finland. The company`s artist list also

international operations and has shown

includes another major Finnish metal band,

pioneering spirit in exporting Finnish music.

Sonata Arctica.

Till Dawn They Count Management Photo by Katri Naukkarinen




Rock am Ring returns to Nürburgring in 2017 From VIP-Daily News

Rock am Ring

efficiency is being questioned in the long term by immense specific requirements. Constantly extended environmental protection requirements for nature conservation, species and water protection now required further investments in millions, without guaranteeing a long-term licensing, stated the organizers. According to their assessment, similar conditions would be the knockout criterion for most European festivals. At the same time, it was pointed out that in the previous years in Mendig, all environmental requirements were met one hundred percent.

The organizers and Venue operators have agreed on a return of the

That is why the event returned to the Nürburgring, which was

festival to its original location.

approved as a venue with clear, manageable conditions. According to the organizers, the venue operators have made a convincing

It is about making the biggest German festival sustainable in the long

attempt to return to acceptable conditions.

term and therefore the decision is inevitable, says Marek Lieberberg concert agency and Live Nation in a joint statement.

40,000 three-day tickets have been sold so far for Rock Am Ring 2017, which are now valid for the Nürburgring. The various special

The airfield Mendig, where the event took place in the last two years,

offers like Rock`n`Roll-Camping, Experience and Caravan Camping

was no longer durable. Despite record visitor numbers, economic

are maintained and implemented on preferred areas.

Unauthorised Agents offering Dire Straits From VIP-Daily News Unauthorised agents have been offering Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler shows to unsuspecting promoters across worldwide. A spokesman for Knopfler has issued a warning to promoters following a flurry of cases in South America recently - and stressed there are no plans for any Dire Straits` shows. “There are no plans whatsoever for Dire Straits shows, and any Mark Knopfler shows should be booked only through Brent Smith at William Morris for North America, and Andrew Zweck at Sensible Events for the rest of the world,” said a statement issued on behalf of the singer. Last year, con artists attempted to dupe promoters by posing as representatives of Aerosmith and Pearl Jam in a fake email scam.


Mark Knopfler



Norwegian Live sector up 4 percent From VIP-Daily News The Norwegian music industry grows to an

Export income

It’s worth noting that revenue from ad-

all time high since 2012 when the annual reviews began.

supported streams are not included in this The report shows that 6 percent of total


revenue comes from export revenue, the The Norwegian music industry was worth

same share as previous three years. Export

Vinyl had yet a massive year, with sales

NOK 3.727.000.000 ($440.262.716) in

income has increased in sync with the


2015. Up 5 percent from 2014.

general revenue.

compared with 2014. Vinyl sales itself grew

Music in Numbers was released December


12th. The report aims to show data which

375.000.000 ($44.297.965) in 2015.





69 percent from 2014, due to more titles revenues




says something about the industry’s size and

available and a general higher demand. Norwegian music (music published on

how it develops over time. To calculate the

Note: Export revenue is only generated

Norwegian labels) had a market share of 26

size and worth of the industry, the report

from what directly can be traced to a

percent, up from 22 percent in 2014.

has collected revenue statistics from three

Norwegian company. Deals Norwegian

main categories; copyright revenue, revenue

artists and industry professionals have

Export stood for 5 percent of revenue in

from recorded music (physical and digital),

with foreign companies are not included.

recorded music, the same share as the year

and concerts and performance revenue.

Concert statistics is made up of artist fees,

before. That equals to 46MNOK ($M5,4) in

and not ticket sales. Sale of merchandise is


The live sector makes up the biggest portion

also not included.

of total revenue, accounting for 52 percent ($227.622.000),




Export is defined as “income generated

Income from the live sector

and copyrights each make up 24 percent

in markets outside Norway by companies registered in Norway”.

($107.852.000 for copyright revenue and

Total income from concerts in 2015 was

$104.312.000 for recorded music).

NOK 1.929.000.000 ($227.868.736). This

Export generated income from recorded

marks a year on year increase of 4 percent.

music is up 22 percent year on year. Since

Streaming has yet to reach its peak, growing

The amount is generated from tickets sales

2012, when the yearly tracking begun, export

10 percent from 2014 to 2015. Streaming’s

in Norway and artist fees from concerts

income from recorded music has doubled.

continued impact on the industry economy

outside of Norway.

Income from copyrights

alone accounts for a year on year growth of recorded music sales of 5%.

Export income from concerts equaled MNOK 114 ($M13.7), a drop of 6 percent

The report finds that copyrights income

2015’s numbers marks an all time high

year on year. The report suggests fall in

contributed MNOK 914 in 2015 ($M107.97),

since the yearly tracking began in 2012.

artist fees as the reason for the decrease

up 2 percent year on year. Export income

The numbers reverse the negative growth

from 2014.

stands for 9 percent of the total, equal to

between 2013 and 2014, where revenues were down about 1 percent.

MNOK 80 ($M9.45).

Income from recorded music Export income is defined as revenue Total revenue for recorded music stood

transferred to Norwegian rights holders by

at 884MNOK in 2015 ($M104.4), an

foreign collective societies. A year on year

impressive 9 percent increase from 2014.

comparison shows an increase of 17 percent from 2014.

Digital, and mostly streaming was the


NOK 3.727.000.000

driving factor to the increase. Streaming

Income from sync deals which are not done


NOK 3.564.000.000

revenue was up 10% year on year. The

directly between copyright holders and/or


NOK 3.598.000.000

growth makes up for the 44 percent

publishers based in Norway are not included



decrease in downloads.

in these numbers.




Eurosonic – Noorderslag 31st Edition Allan McGowan

The 31st edition of Eurosonic Noorderslag, widely recognized as the Platform for European music will, as usual, take place in the Dutch University city of Groningen from January 11 – 15. The event sells out each year, attracting over 4,000 professional delegates, including representatives of over 400 international festivals. More than 350 acts showcase, and the conference program covers developments in the international music, media, production and interactive industries The event also hosts the European Festival Awards, The European Border Breakers Awards and The European Talent Exchange Programme – ETEP.

The idea is simple, but very effective and its development with the steady rising number of participating festivals and booked shows of European talent is proof that ETEP is one of the best and valuable initiatives to promote European live music. We are proud to be a part of it.






2003 ETEP resulted in 53 shows being played

by 23 acts from 8 countries at 23 festivals in

Christof Huber General Secretary - Yourope


13 countries. Total figures for 2016 are 404

Noorderslag again plays host to the European

shows by 148 acts from 27 countries at 99

Talent Exchange Programme, ETEP, for the

festivals in 31 countries. I think ETEP has become an important

fifteenth year! For the first few editions this unique initiative instituted to showcase and

Recent Comments on ETEP:

exchange platform that cannot be ignored by artists or promoters in Europe. The unique

exchange talent between the neighbouring European




Christof Huber

explanation. Now, agents, managers, festival

quality of acts and events participating is what makes the programme’s success.

promoters, music export offices etc, are well aware of what can be achieved by accessing

Dany Hassenstein

the festival and media opportunities made

Paleo Festival Nyon - Switzerland

available to acts showcasing at Eurosonic, and efforts to take part in ETEP are very much part of the early year planning and

ETEP raised awareness that there is good

scheduling for artist careers throughout the

quality music from other countries than just

European music industry.

music of Anglo American origin. In Europe, in UK and USA it raised pride within the


The programme has been responsible for





European music scene that different cultural

kick-starting the careers of many well known

organisation) was a part of ETEP since the

influences, different cross-overs are a good

European acts, and the following figures give

beginning and nowadays, we are very

thing and that we have to tour/promote

some idea of how things have grown: In

active as a co-organizer of the program.

these acts as festival and tour promoters.



something important. They actually take

Conrad Murray

acts on their roster if they can get it that is.

Manager of Blossoms - SJM (UK)

Eric Van Eerdenburg Lowlands Festival - Mojo Concerts

We are very happy with the support of ETEP.


We feel they have contributed to our success by giving their trust in us, they can convince the festival partners we were talking to, to

Eric Van Eerdenburg

ETEP is a wonderful platform for artists

book us. They are giving this extra push in a

– Otherkin & Soak are recent examples of

natural way, so we will keep our credibility

artists we have had in the programme who

and at the same time raise our chances of

have benefitted greatly, both achieving


We shouldn’t just look for talent from the

extensive European festival touring as a

UK, America and some exceptional world


Steijn Koeijvoets

music from Africa and far away exotic

Manager, My Baby - Netherlands

countries: It also happens here, right under

Alex Bruford

our noses!

Partner ATC Live Agency - UK

It also played a role in raising the level of professionalism of European managers and

Eurosonic was a great experience and

agents, tour managers, tour productions &

adventure for us. It was our first proper

creative music production. aI think it also

live experience out of our comfort zone

put the UK agency world on their toes. They

of playing packed venues in the UK and,

come and watch the talent that is being

after playing in front of the biggest and

presented with different eyes than 10 years

best promoters and agents from across the

ago. 10 to 15 years ago they did not watch

globe, we’re still reaping the benefits in live

at all, now they are afraid they might miss

venues across the world.

Steijn Koeijvoets

Eurosonic somehow does it better So that’s it really – oh, what’s that? Some of

Ok then, just for you: Each year Eurosonic

talented European artists are guaranteed

you were actually quite young when ETEP

Noorderslag, which is broadcasted by

to play at one or more major summer

started and you’re not sure exactly how it

several EBU radio stations, selects the most

festivals attracting thousands of music


current and promising European artists to

lovers and with the support of radio and

play the festival.

other media, managers, promoters and agents resulting in an audience numbering

ETEP brings together over a hundred of

in the millions. This guarantees maximum

the leading European festivals, along with

exposure and offers a perfect opportunity

radio and other media encouraging them


to ‘exchange’ these artists. ETEP festival

industry to establish and promote their

bookers select foreign artists from the

artists throughout Europe.





line-up of Eurosonic Noorderslag, and

Folkert Koopmans

guarantee confirmed slots at their festival.

So that’s it, not that it’s always been

Radio stations support the selected acts

easy; as with many aspects of the music

with airplay. Written media support the

industry, maintaining adequate funding

acts in national press. Both radio and print

from various areas including the European

media offer national exposure to these

Commission along with awareness of the

selected groups. In this way these selected

aims of ETEP and associated initiatives is




still a fulltime job for founder Peter Smidt

Each year a different country is highlighted

made in Portugal and other new music

and Ruud Berends (you might notice that

in order to showcase the diversity of musical

markets, introducing the wealth of musical

the years have been kind to them, and they

talent across Europe.

genres currently made in Portugal to a much

look pretty much as they did fifteen years

wider audience.”

ago!). Though they are both more than

Countries that have been showcased at

happy that this idealistic and ambitious

previous editions include France, Germany,

Sais Nuno Saraiva

initiative has progressed and developed


WHY Portugal

over fifteen years there are no intentions

Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, Austria and

to become complacent. The introduction






of supporting projects like the EBBA’s and CEETEP have helped to expand the

Portugal is this year’s featured country, so

aspirations and intentions of the thinking

let’s finish with a comment on what they

behind ETEP. New projects may already be

hope to achieve from Eurosonic and ETEP…

in the planning for the future… “Being





Folkert Koopmans

Noorderslag 2017 is the best opportunity

Director FKP Scorpio

to bridge the gap between the new music

The European Border Breakers Awards

On 11 January 2017, the 14th Awards go to Alan Walker (no), Jaakko Eino Kalevi (fi), Namika (de), Hinds (es), Filous (at), Jain (fr), Dua Lipa (gb), Era Istrefi (al), Natalie La Rose (nl) and Walking on Cars (ie). Every year, 10 European artists receive an EBBA to recognise their success in countries other than their own. This success is measured by: Airplay, sales, live performances in Europe and position in the European Border Breakers Charts. EBBA celebrate new and border-breaking artists who create today and tomorrow’s music from Adele (United Kingdom) to Christine & the Queens (France), the EBBA winners represent some of the standout European sounds of recent years. Other previous winners include Stromae, Gabriel Rios, Hozier, Of Monsters and Men, Mumford & Sons, Aurora, Disclosure, John Newman, C2C, Tokio Hotel, The Script, Years and Years, Robin Schulz, Carnival Youth, MØ and Selah Sue.


Jaakko Eino Kalevi is the Finnish EBBA winner



Highlights of 2016 and the State of the Business for 2017 Allan McGowan & Manfred Tari

Manfred Tari and Allan McGowan invited several VIP ‘Regulars’ to respond to the following questions: What were the highlights of your year, and what are your conclusions regarding the state of the business in general? Please let us know your outlook and expectations for 2017....

Volker may

Greg Parmley

Ivana Dragila

Volker May

of weather issues for many festivals. Overall it

Managing Partner FZW Event GmbH

was a satisfying year. 2017 looks like a much

Dortmund, Germany

busier year with again a lot of great tours like

Greg Parmley

Guns N’ Roses, Depeche Mode, Coldplay,

MD International Live Music Conference

One of our highlights was SCOTT BRADLEY

Phil Collins, AIDA with Placido Domingo and

(ILMC) and International Festival Forum


Robbie Williams. And in addition a lot of new

(IFF) London

out show which nobody expected, amazing

festivals like Lollapalooza Paris, Download at

entertainment and a very gentle tour

a new site in Paris, Wireless in Germany and

production and crew.

many others...

and streaming services increasingly starting

As far as it concerns 2017 I am very optimistic.

The biggest challenge for 2017 currently is

to sell tickets on their platforms, tickets will

We already announced the first sold out

the compressed period in which most tours

go where the fans are. And the landscape

shows in spring and have once again only a

and festivals will take place. The weather

will begin a seismic shift. Secondary will

few days left without a booking.

problems at festivals are influencing the

2017 will be the year of the ticket. With Amazon Tickets making a big play in live,

continue to be a talking point in many

promoters in terms of having material on

markets, and the brighter spotlight on the

standby but only paying for it if it’s needed.

relationships between the industry and

Ivana Dragila

We will test in 2017 a new floor cover, which

this controversial cousin will drive greater

Online Marketing eps holding Gmbh

we developed this year in some countries.

transparency. The boundaries between

Krailling, Germany.

This product currently is the most effective

‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ will continue to

product for pitch cover. In addition we

blur, as more income is driven back to the

2016 was an ambivalent year: On one side

developed a lot of special barricade pieces

industry, out of the hands of those who

great tours with Beyoncé, Coldplay, Rihanna

for many tours like Robbie Williams, Adele

contribute nothing to it.

and many others, and on the other side a lot

or Take That.




The Outlook for 2017 looks great. One of the big Highlights will be our 40th anniversary tour of FOREIGNER.1977 was also the year when I put on my very first shows in Austria – i.e. 2017 also marks GLP´s 40th anniversary ! Also the GLP headquarter in Vienna will be extended – so we are creating a complete new office in our building with 200 ms2 – to

Karsten Jahnke

Georg Leitner

include a Chill out zone – and creative area for our team.:-)

Karsten Jahnke

run of three dates for KOOL & THE GANG

So yes – I thank the universe for a great 2016

MD Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion GmbH

in Africa (in Mozambique, Uganda & Kenya)

and look forward to an ever so vibrant 2017.

Hamburg, Germany.

Some of the members of KOOL & THE GANG

We had a lot of highlights this year: 1. The

had grave concerns about going to Africa

best season in our lovely open air venue in

(security as well as organizational issues).

the Stadtpark. 2. A sold out tour with our

Having lived in Zambia & South Africa as

old friends THE CURE. 3. The incredible

a teenager, I was always passionate about

success of Johannes Oerding. 4. A sold out

Africa. So I used all the persuasion and

European tour with AL JARREAU & The

arguments to convince the guys to accept

NDR Big Band presents The Duke Ellington

the dates – and eventually (after going back

Songbook. 5. More than 100 concerts

and forth quite a few times) they agreed to

within Germany with HERMAN VAN VEEN.

go for it.

6. the success of our new singer/songwriter Max Giesinger. 7. The success of the tour

From day one till the finish of the tour – it

with Lukas Rieger.

turned out that everything worked out

Beverley Whitrick

incredibly smoothly. Not only had the In 2017 we will present, together with

shows been sold out - the organization

Beverley Whitrick

Scorpio, The ELBJAZZ FESTIVAL on 2nd

(production, transport, hotels etc. ) was

Strategic Director - Music Venue Trust

and 3rd of June in the Hamburg harbour –

absolutely impeccable. They guys loved


Blohm & Voss – and in the Elbphilharmonie.

the tour! In times when we hear so much

To present within my Jazz Nights series the

negative news from this burdened continent

Music Venue Trust had an early highlight

following top jazz stars like Michael Wollny

(corruption, famine, migration etc.) – this

when we, in partnership with UK Music

and Vincent Peirani (January/February )–

tour shed a ray of hope – and showed what

and Musicians’ Union, achieved a change

Branford Marsalis fest. Kurt Elling (March/

people in Africa are capable of. Yes – that

in English law to help protect grassroots

April) – Pat Metheny Quartet (October). And

was a most wonderful highlight for our

music venues from redevelopment: from 6

to continue the successful tours of Johannes

2016 season !

April 2016, local planning authorities have

Oerding, Max Giesinger and Lukas Rieger.


to consider noise impacts on new residents Some of the other highlights where the

from existing businesses under an amended

European tour of SEAN PAUL (where we got

permitted development right (i.e. you

Georg Leitner

lucky again when SEAN PAUL´s song with

cannot build near a music venue without

MD Georg Leitner Productions GmbH

SIA hit the charts just prior to our extensive

mitigating the potential noise within your

Vienna - Austria

European tour) .

own plans).

KOOL & THE GANG in Africa proved to be


Other highlights included:

the biggest personal highlight for 2016!

FUNKADELIC tours in Asia & Europe proved

• The contribution of small venues to the

Early in 2016 I managed to put together a

that the act is vibrant as ever !

economy being measured for the first time



in UK Music’s research, published in Wish

Besides the festivals and family live projects

prosperity of our industry. In any case,

You Were Here 2016.

in 2017, we will promote tours and concerts

Sziget seems to be in a strong position due

• Venues Day 2016 with 500 delegates

of international stars like Aerosmith, Bryan

to the fact that our program structure is a

in only its 3rd year, followed by mini

Ferry, Chris de Burgh, Deep Purple, Iron

lot more diversified compared to many of

festival Fightback, both on 18 October , at

Maiden, Kiss, Man Doki Soulmates, Tokio

our competitors.

Roundhouse, London.

Hotel and many more. In addition, we are

• Receiving both an endorsement and a

happy to present Volbeat in Switzerland,

We believe we have to keep the values of

donation from Sir Paul McCartney for our

Rainbow, Craig David, The 1975 and many

the festival, so no big changes planned, only


others in the United Kingdom as well as

fine-tuning our existing structures. We are

Amon Amarth or Royal Republic in Austria.

celebrating the 25th edition of the event, so

We still have a lot of work to do to protect

These concerts as well as unique events like

we hope for a strong year sales-wise, just

and improve the UK’s grassroots music

the first classical open air concert of Anna

like 2016. Sziget, as a company is looking

venues but support and awareness are

Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov in Berlin mean

into new opportunities, also negotiating

building and we are optimistic that we will

we are looking forward to a great next

with potential partners abroad to co-

achieve more in 2017.


organize festivals.

Prof. Peter Schwenkow CEO DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG We are looking back on a great year with a broad variety in the field of live entertainment.





successfully established a series of new rock festivals, notably ROCKAVARIA in Munich, Sonisphere in Switzerland and Rock in Vienna in Austria. In the past year we focused especially on the segment of

Andras Berta

Detlef Schwarte

family live entertainment, too, which may be considered the most increasing area in

Andras Berta

Detlef Schwarte

the live business these days. Our beacon

Sziget Festival, Hungary

Inferno Events/ Reeperbahn Festival

projects here are Disney On Ice in Germany

Hamburg, Germany

and Austria, Marvel Universe Live, Christmas

2016 was a great year for Sziget festival.

wonderlands like Christmas at Kew and

With almost half a million visitors we broke

Christmas at Blenheim in the United

all previous records regarding sold tickets.

Kingdom and Christmas Garden Berlin in

We also managed to further improve

The positive response from the industry and

Germany and TINI’s live tour, the upcoming

the international status of the festival,

media to the first Anchor Award ceremony

Disney world star.

welcoming fans from over 100 countries.

at Reeperbahn Festival was a highlight of

Some of our major markets, like UK or

the year 2016 for sure – as was the entire

France saw big improvements, while others

show and its winner Albin Lee Meldau.

maintained last year’s performance. Being

Another was the cross-party decision of the

a mid-August festival in the Eastern part of

German committee on budgets to provide

the continent means it’s still a big challenge


to get the headliners we need, while we also

for the popular music sector in Germany.

realize that artist fees are getting higher and

This kind of structural support becomes

higher each year. We still don’t think it’s a

even more important as the business in

healthy structure, having too many festivals

general is still shaped by monopolization

biding for not enough potential headliners

and the growing power of investor driven

and thus creating rocketing prices, so

entities, which pursue targets that differ

we have our concerns for the long-term

fundamentally from the interests of e.g.

Peter Schwenkow

New year, same questions… ;o)







independent music companies, traditional

and Joss Stone for playing Istanbul just after

personal highlight was making the British

music venues or the artist as such.

the failed coup.

Open Squash Masters final.

Artists and their representatives still fight

The state of the business in the countries we

I predict a welcome return to chord based

for appropriate revenue models. Publishers

work in is damn hard. Our clients are not

song writing in 2017.

(in Germany) struggle for their subject

making money, we are not making money,

matter. The shut downs of live music venues

and the political situation is somewhere

remains a painful trend all over Europe.

between awful and bad in many of these

With regards to weather and terror threads

countries. Most of us are in survival mode

organizers of festivals find themselves in a

that is not a lot of fun as it means we have

situation of survival of the fittest. All that

no choice but to be cautious about any risky

happens in a socio-political environment

business (and it’s all risky of course…). Fairy

that urgently needs more cultural diversity,

godmothers are welcome to get in touch.

more space for the young to develop talent and more interference of the mostly open

As things stand, we expect to still be here at

minded people that work with and for

the end of next year and we have enough

music. The elections in Netherlands, France

work scheduled for me to feel cautiously

or Germany might make it even harder for

optimistic that at least it won’t be a bad

Arndt Scheffler

us all to continue as before.

year. We’ve developed our connections

Managing Director I CEO

with German promoters and I hope that

White Label eCommerce GmbH

continues, though I don’t expect to move to

Hamburg, Germany

Nick Hobbs

Berlin just yet. More than that is hard to say

Charmenko, Turkey

as I broke my crystal ball years ago.

Arndt Scheffler

One of our favorite highlights of the year is definitely to accompany some of our






clients through the digital transformation

Bucharest, Rammstein in Moscow and

process. It takes a lot of courage to leave

Wroclaw; Muse in Athens and Bucharest.

some of the old, well known paths behind

Our Damien Rice and Agnes Obel dates - 2

to break new ground. And whereas the idea

artists that bucked the trend for us, and my

of selling tickets directly is not exactly new,

own UK gigs for Serious and at the Afekt

opening up a presale by selling your own

Festival in Tallinn. Respect to Damien Rice

tickets only in your own shop and online doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Although the world is changing rapidly and the concentration process of the industry cannot be stopped, there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Ville Leppanen

In terms of ticketing I would like to emphasize that the trend of data driven ecommerce and

Ville Leppanen

therefore online ticket sales will continue.

The Animal Farm

It is only consequent to focus on providing

London, UK

the tools and support needed to control and push your own sales through your own ticket

Nick Hobbs


The highlight of my year, of artists other

shop. This starts by being able to control

than ours, was discovering that the chord

allocations, content, reports and processes at

progression in Drake’s Hotline Bling is really

any time and ends by having full insight ito

good, almost old fashioned. Of our artists,

the direct effects of marketing campaigns.

I would highlight the international major

In 2017 we will enter the next phase of the

label interest in Ben Thorpe, whose chord

disruption of the ticketing business, whether

progressions I hope you will hear anon. My

we like it or not.



5.2 Million Euro Versus One Homeless Ticket Seller Manfred Tari A Story regarding Social Ticketing versus Secondary Ticketing.

Konzerthaus Dortmund

December is usually the time for Christmas fairy tales, but perhaps in December 2016 not all of the stories have that fairy element. There are simply too many questionable things going on these days and the following is an example... On November 18 US-band Radical Faces played in the Konzerthaus Dortmund. Actually quite a good concert, well attended and a band having fun on stage while playing songs about “Rivers in the Dust”, depressions and other personal experiences. The singer Ben Cooper even opened up the concert apologizing for the US electing Donald

them to be nice and friendly to journalists, we also informed them that

Trump 10 days before. In fact, the social competence of Donald Trump

Popkomm would provide free tickets for homeless people.

has somehow become a role model for today’s western society or what is left of it. In reference to this an incident witnessed prior to the

We kindly asked them to allow for one of these ticketholders to try

concert seems to reflect these tendencies.

and sell their tickets or to grant them access to a show if they wanted. In order to ensure the success of this special briefing, all security staff

Shortly before the concert started a homeless person tried to sell

involved were provided with free drinks and sausages at the barbecue.

a ticket for the concert. There were only a very few people left in front of the venue and the ticket seller tried to monetize the ticket

When telling the security guard of the Konzerthaus Dortmund that I

with a dynamic pricing sales strategy. From the beginning onwards

disagreed with how he handled the situation it quickly became clear

the chances of re-selling the ticket was ridiculously low and the sales

that times have changed since the nineties. Apart from the fact that

potential became even less when one of the venue security guards

the security guy remained formally friendly and polite when arguing

advised the homeless ticket seller to move two meters away from the

with the homeless ticket seller, it once more proved that security


guards are not social workers.

We all know it is not easy to impress homeless people. With this in

In fact concerning the security briefing by the management of the

mind, the security guard warned that he would call up the regulatory

Konzerthaus Dortmund, when talking to the security guard it also

authorities asking for official support for dismissing the homeless

became evident that this incident with a homeless person was not

ticket seller, who was also apparently begging for money, with a

the first of its kind. It is also well known that current politicians have

misdemeanour conviction. The homeless person and the security

a great passion for classical music. They provide the public funding

guard obviously knew how this game is played, with the would

keeping such venues and orchestras alive; in this case it is 5.2 million

be ticket seller quickly leaving the spot when the security guard

Euros per year.

undertook an attempt to call the auxiliary police. Beside that it is Christmas, the questions remain, why does the While watching the whole scenario, the author of this article

management of the Konzerthaus Dortmund besides placing

remembered a social initiative observed when working way back in

advertisements in Bodo, the local homeless magazine, not allow the

the nineties for the music convention Popkomm in Cologne. Whilst in

security guards to provide homeless people with a free cup of coffee

charge of the extensive concert programme of this event, a few tickets

at the backstage entrance of the venue around the corner? It is just a

were collected for each show and provided to homeless organisations.

nice gesture and it would help their security guards to improve their

Popkomm in those days was also a hot spot for media people. Each

professional relations with homeless persons. Well finally, it seems

year we arranged a barbecue for all the security guards working in

that with a subsidy of 5.2 million Euro per year, a small budget for a

clubs and concert locations during the festival at which we reminded

cup of coffee here and there might be affordable, doesn’t it?




Where’s the Music?

Sweden returns for the third year Manfred Tari For the third year in a row, Where’s the Music? is coming back to Norrköping with a showcase festival and music conference. For three days, professionals and music lovers gather in central Norrköping to experience the latest music from Sweden and abroad. The aim is to discover new music and the stars of tomorrow first. The conference will be held at the Louis De Geer venue and will feature panelists such as Carlos López Casany from Indiemono, Angus Baskerville from 13 Artists, Jan Gradvall and many more. This year’s panels will touch on topics including playlisting, digital trends and the future of festivals. There will be introductions to Sweden’s hottest management, RMH, and their work with the Nordic countries and plenty of chances to meet other delegates from around the world. On Friday and Saturday, the festival is taking place at some of Norrköping’s coolest clubs and venues and over 100 Swedish and international acts will be performing. This year the festival and conference kicks off with an opening night at the old amateur-theatre-turned nightclub, Arbis, on Thursday night. The evening will include a tribute to Viola Beach, networking opportunities and showcases.



Angus Baskerville (13 Artists, UK) | Adam Börjesson (Jubel,

Magnus Carlson | Erik Lundin | Tomas Andersson Wij &

SWE) | Ankit Desai (Universal Music, SWE) | Anna Gullstrand

Norrköpings Ungdomskör | Albert af Ekenstam | Apocalypse

(Fröjd Agency, SWE) | Annika Forsberg (Skavlan, SWE) |

Orchestra | ARY (NO) | Ben Hobbs (GB) | Black Metal Raccoons

Atena Banisaid (TEN Music Group, SWE) | Carlos López

(FI) | Boys | Broder John | Clientèle (FI/EE) | Dear Reader (ZA)

Casany (Indiemono/Sony Music, ESP) | Cindy Kramer (BMG

| Dust Bowl Jokies | Elin Rigby | Ellen Sundberg | Flora Cash |

Scandinavia, SWE) | Daggan Stamenkovic (Phonofile, SWE) |

Frida Sundemo | Joakim Gissberg | Hater | Haux (US) | HAVET

Fruzsina Szep (Lollapolooza Berlin, DE) | Guna Zučika (Every

| Hov1 | IDER (GB) | Into The Ark (GB) | JÁNA | JOHNNYSWIM

Little Thing, LV) | Helen Sildna (Tallin Music Week, EE) | Ida

(US) | JOSIN (DE) | Julia Clara | Kaliffa | Keya | KNASH | L.A.

Redig (Strang Duck Records, SWE) | Jan Gradvall (Dagens

Salami (GB) | Leo Stannard (GB) | Leslie Tay | Lewis Watson

Industri, SWE) | Jenny Ericsson (United Screens, SWE) | Jessica

(GB) | Magic Potion | Nightmen | Rein | Richard Smitt | Sandro

Strassman (Colombia Records, USA) | Jessica Westin (United

Cavazza | Sarah Klang | ShitKid | Siv Jakobsen (NO) | Slowgold

Screens, SWE) | Jill Hollywood (Each Beach Management, UK) |

| State Of Sound | Stilla Havet | Stina Velocette | SödraSidan |

Lucie Watson (Platoon, UK) | Maya-Blue Gamble (Glastonbury

THEA | Tjuvjakt | Toi Let | The Presolar Sands | TOMM¥ A$H

Festival, UK) | Nanna Lindhardt Hansen (Deezer, DK) | Niclas

(EE) | Wyvern Lingo (IE) | Zero Zero | Ängie

Lagerstam (Putte I Parken, SWE) | Nina Rung (Krimonolog, SWE) | Ruth Barlow (Beggars Group, UK)


Angus Baskerville is amongst the confirmed speakers for Where’s the Music 2017




New management team for Mojo

Three new Agents for ATC Live

From VIP-Daily News

From VIP-Daily News

John Mulder is back at the helmet of Dutch promoter Mojo. Together with Ruben Brouwer he will take over the running of Mojo from January 1st. 2017, following the surprise resignation in September of former CEO Wilbert Mutsaers. Brouwer has been at Mojo since 2008, initially as a lawyer, then as part of its management team. John Mulder (pictured) left Mojo in 2011 to start his own promotion business, but had remained involved with the company on a freelance basis. Leon Ramakers, founder of Mojo will now serve as a consultant

UK booking agency ATC Live has made three new hires.

and a booker of major international acts. He says: “With this duo, Mojo’s management has the right mix of business, strategic and

Isla Angus and Sarah Besnard join from Earth Agency, bringing with

operational knowledge and skills. I am very confident that Mojo is

them a roster that includes Sleaford Mods, Austra, Dan Deacon,

in good hands.”

Cass McCombs and Girl Band, while Sinan Ors, formerly at UTA, brings electronic artists Romare, Daedelus and Clap Clap!. “All three,” says managing director Alex Bruford, “share the same artist-focused and creative approach as ATC Live, and we are delighted to welcome their artists alongside our growing roster, [which] includes Mac DeMarco, Julia Jacklin, Whitney, Shura, Shame, The Lumineers, Passenger and Benjamin Clementine.”

John Mulder

Ruben Brouwer

The London-based agency hired Clemence Renaut, Roxane Dumoulin and Chris Meredith in January.

Isla Angus


Conference & showcase festival See the best up and coming Swedish and international acts and meet fellow industry professionals in the most welcoming and intimate environment in the nordics Read more and book your tickets:




Music In Shares Manfred Tari

The year’s end review of the Music In Shares section at VIP-News

to press it is 29.31 Euro. Nevertheless, CTS Eventim with a market

is dedicated purely to the performance figures of the remaining

capitalisation of 2.787 billion Euros remains a true blue chip among

corporate concert companies at stock markets.

our corporate concert companies.

This year’s summary turns out to be different to previous years. Both

DEAG even lost 30 per cent of its share price value, from a previous

CTS Eventim and DEAG delivered a loss in the annual comparison.

4.32 down to 2.88 Euros. The market cap therewith melted down

CTS Eventim for many years in a row only delivered a share price

to 47.74 million Euros and it looks like it will take a bit of time before

growth. But 2016 is different, minus 15,09 per cent compared to

DEAG will recover.

last year. Live Nation instead gained, from $24.97 one year ago to $27.13 On November 17, 2015 the share price of CTS Eventim had been

this time. The market cap is up $5.43 billion; this year’s share price

34.43 Euro, on November 16 when this issue of VIP-News went

peak was $29.04 while the lowest one recorded was $18.77.




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What do Bruce Springsteen, Mumford & Sons, Lady Gaga, Boeing, APR Energy,

PHIL RUDD BAND (EX AC/DC) Territory: Europe Period: April to June 2017 inclusive Agency: Fizzion and Frusion Agent: Ian Smith Phone: +44 77 9169 9889 E-mail: Homepage:

Cirque du Soleil, the NFL, Christies and major trade shows have in common? They all use Rock-It Cargo® to handle their most critical freight logistics. Rock-It Cargo is a world-class company in the specialty freight forwarding and logistics industry. With over 200 employees in 17 offices across the US and around the world, Rock-It is prepared to handle all your international, time-sensitive, fragile

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