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It’s been freezing here of late, but I managed

music­I did get to hear a great bunch of

Talking of the old chaps it was interesting­

to avoid the worst of it by going to Dublin­

traditional Irish musicians tucked away in a

to note that both Mick Jagger and Paul

over the last weekend, where although

corner of O’Donaghue’s pub, an ancient, and

McCartney­were back in the UK charts last

mainly grey and drizzly (a great word don’t

once smoky place famous for hosting some

week Jagger was in the top 10 singles chart

you think?) it was actually pretty warm.

of Dublin’s finest including The Dubliners

for the first time since 1985 guesting on

This wasn’t a business trip, but in terms of

and the odd Pogue and Chieftain. It didn’t’s T.H.E, and McCartney took his

seem to bother these guys that most of the

‘Kisses on the Bottom’ (Do you know some

noisy throng in the different sections of the

people have complained about the title!)

pub didn’t know they were even there, as

album­to number three in the albums chart –

loud conversations about the last minute

it’s almost as though the last quarter century

cancellation­of the Ireland France Rugby

never happened…

match in Paris competed for noise levels. It

COLOPHON > VIP-News is published by: VIP-Booking 145-157 St John Street London Ec1V 4PW Managing Director: Ronni Didriksen

seems it was always thus and the Guinness

Well at least some people are investing

levelled everything out! Oh, and I did get a

in developing­new music: First last year’s

glimpse of millionaire – possibly billionaire if

welcom­ e EU grant of €2.5 million for the

reports of his ownership of 5% of Facebook­


are true - Bono’s pad west of Dublin in a

(ETEP), allowing an expansion of the scheme

scenic­area by the sea that rivals anything in

into Central and Eastern Europe (CEETEP),

the Mediterranean – didn’t hear any music

and now, well quite recently, we have the

coming from it though..

news that the Nordic Council of Ministers­


have granted NOMEX 2 million Danish With the Olympics imminent in London

Kronas­. (See article in this issue). So that’s

we’ll soon see whether the Games have an

mainland Europe and what we used to

impact­on gigs and festivals in and around

refe­r to as Scandinavia­taken care of (well,

the City. Live Nation are already having fun

for a while). Well done to both givers and

and games with their plans for the London


General Manager: Peter Briggs

Live 2012 Celebration Concerts, including 17 free to access days at Victoria Park and 15

…So now let’s see who can I go to with an

Writer and editorial: Allan McGowan

free to access days in Hyde Park, with events

outstretched hand for the UK I wonder?

in Trafalga­ r Square, and the opening­and

Sometimes it’s like playing great music in the

closing­ceremonies. LN have already had to

corner of a Dublin pub whilst most of the

refute speculation by newspaper, The Evening­

people in there don’t hear a note!

Writer: Manfred Tari For advertising enquiries please contact: Peter Briggs +44 870 755 0092

Standard, that a certain bunch of old fellers would ‘reform’ for one of the shows. I wasn’t

So – on that note, heard or unheard

aware that The Rolling Stones had actually

– Ladies and Gentlemen – The News!

broken up – apart from the odd wrinkled skin condition that is, however accordin­g to LN they’re not appearing – well, we’ll see.





ILMC 24 Allan McGowan

In the last couple of years attendance at the

Arcade Fire, to review the past year and to

International Live Music Conference (ILMC

project on the fortunes of the live industry in

24) has risen dramatically and according

the coming months. The session is modelled

to the organisers this year’s edition, again

on the famous UK TV humorous quiz show

held at London’s Royal Garden Hotel, looks

“Have I Got News For You”.

set to follow that trend which will mean

This year’s agenda will feature a look at

capping­the numbers at a thousand plus and

the Chinese Market, and the The Emerging

disappointing­some would be delegates. This

Markets­’ Place will compare the development

major live music industry event will take place

of the Eastern European Market with other

on 9th – 11th March.

territories around the world. Also following­

Greg Parmley will commence with “The Open Forum” at ILMC

the major problems caused at various outdoo­r

The ILMC is well known for breaking news

For the second time the ILMC will commence

events around the world last year two regu-

and revealing opinions that directly influence

with “The Open Forum” with Greg Parmley

lar ILMC sessions The Booking Ring and The

the development of the live industry, VIP

welcoming guests, Emma Banks (CAA), John

Festival Forum will merge, to discuss the

News will attend and report back.

Reid (Live Nation), Wayne Forte (Entourage

production and promoter reactions to these

Talent, US) and Scott Rodger, manager of


More Details:



Anna Hildur Leaves Iceland Export to Head NOMEX Allan McGowan

Anna Hildur

and started her job full time on February 1st.

in terms of developing acts in order to make

Anna will be working alongside the Icelandic­,

sure that they are ‘export ready’ when it

Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian­and Danish

comes to international showcase events and

export­offices and focusing on strengthening­

touring. In Denmark national support has

connections across the Nordic market, while

already­been available to acts working­in the

establishing a Nordic brand for music.

territory for some years from The Danish­Rosa Rock Council­. Gunnar Madsen, head of ROSA,

Anna will also be developing collaborative

is also the chairman of the NOMEX­board. He

relationships with companies­in the travel

commented, “It’s exciting to have funding to

industry­to benefit artists, promoters and

strengthen the Nordic collaboration­. We have

music­fans alike, as well as working on Nordic

been working­together informally­for years

music in the Nordic media, building­awareness­

so this is a very pleasing developmen­t which

of original contemporary music from all the

complements the work that we are doing

Nordic countrie­s. She told VIP News, “I’m very

at the export offices in all of the countries­.

excited to have taken on this new role. Initially

We welcome Anna in her new role. She has

I’ll be concentrating on the Nordic markets,

great experience both from working as a

Nordic Music Export (NOMEX) has been

with the intention of opening up borders

music­manager­and PR person in the past and

granted 2 million Danish Kronas­by the Nordic­

between­the countries.” As a result, although

consultant­for brands like Iceland Airwaves­

Council of Ministers. This is following the

based in London where she has lived for over

and countless projects as well as her latest

presentation­of the NOMEX strategy, Strength

20 years, Anna will be spending a lot of her

job as an MD at Iceland Music Export. Her

in Unity.

time in the different Nordic capitals over the

knowledge­and insight into the Nordic mu-

next few months.

sic scene will be helpful in establishing this

Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdottir, MD of Iceland

new programme which brings Nordic music

Music Export for the past five years, has been

Although the ‘ex’ in NOMEX indicates Export­

a platform­which Films and Games have had

hired to be the programme director of NOMEX­

this initial national work makes a lot of sense

for years.”

New MD for Iceland Music Export Replacing Anna Hildur as MD of Iceland Music­

honed organization that is moving along at a

Export is Sigtryggur Baldursson­ , founding

good pace. The crew is well trained and are

member of The Sugarcubes and the legendar­y

mostly surviving on algae and photosynthesis.

Smekkleysa, (Bad Taste) label. Baldursson is

My first attempts at having a business card

a highly respected drumme­r and composer,

made out with the moniker “Grand Supreme

who has also played with Þeyr, Kukl and his

Glorious Leader, Lord of Lords and most

own percussiv­e duo Steintryggur.

beloved­Son of the Sun” have not met with favour, so I shall have to settle for managing

Baldursson said, “I am very excited and


honoured­to be taking over the bridge of IMX


in the wake of Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdottir´s

It appears that a sense of humour will continue­

good work in building the office from scratch

to be an important component of the work of

in 2007. I won´t attempt to fill her shoes, (she

Iceland Music Export in the future – and why

is a size 5) but am content with entering­a well


Sigtryggur Baldursson



News from Eastern Europe Allan McGowan

There’s a lot going on in the business of music in Eastern Europe,

Latvia’s Positivus Festival is the biggest in the Baltics, attracting 35 000

particularly­in the Festival market, and we’re already at that time of

music fans to the Latvian seaside town of Salacgriva in July, but ealier

year when final bills are announced and tickets go on sale (It’s not in

this year the event will team up with Tallinn Music Week: For the first

the East I know, but I note that Lowlands Festival in Holland sold out in

time one of the festival stages during Tallinn Music Week from 29-30

two hours last week!)

March will feature one of the best known Lithuanian musicians Alina Orlova, presented by Positivus.

The now iconic EXIT is a non-corporate event with a unique history, having started as a student protest against the communist Milosevic regime in Serbia. The event continues to support many community

Girts Majors

and humanitarian missions, having also established The State of Exit Foundation­in 2010 to support the reform of higher education in Serbia. EXIT has also been closely involved in with the Development of the CEETEP Programme (see mention in McGowan’s Musings in this issue), and one of the Festival’s founders and Director, Bojan Boscovic, will chair The Emerging Markets panel at this year’s ILMC in London next month (see story in this issue). This year’s edition will again take place in the city of Novi Sad, in the Petrovaradin Fortress overlooking the river Danube from Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th July. ‘Early Bird’ tickets have already sold out and the bill

Positivus organizer Girts Majors commented, “Positivus is delighted to

so far includes: New Order, Wolfmother, Gossip, Buraka Som Sistema­,

present one of the stages at Tallinn Music Week for the first time. It

Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Miss Kitten, Reboot live, Art Department,

just makes sense for the biggest festival of the region and the most

Maceo­Plex, Kenny Larkin, Robert Dietz and Maayan Nidam.

important music industry event to cooperate. At Tallinn Music Week we always try to find new interesting Estonian and Latvian artists to invite

Poland seems to be set on leading with Festivals as tourist attractions,

to Positivus. In my opinion it is vitally important for the development of

the now well established Open’er supported by Heineken will this year

our music market, that there are a number of local artists who appeal

see Bjork, Bon Iver, Wiz Khalia, Franz Ferdinand, Friendly Fires and Bat

to the neighbouring countries’ music fans.”

for Lashes play in Gdynia from July 4-7. The Polish push on festivals is assisted in this endeavour, by cheap flights and accommodation, and in

A strong cooperation between Tallinn Music Week and Positivus

the case of OFF Festival, cheap tickets, with a four day pass starting at

Festival­started last July, when TMW together with the European

€32. The event takes place in Katowice from 5-8 August, and features­

Capital­of Culture­Tallinn 2011 presented a Tallinn Music Week stage at

Iggy & The Stooges, Suidcide, Death in Vegas, Black Face, Iceage and

the Latvian­festival where Estonian bands Badass Yuki, Kreatiivmootor,

Colin Stetson,Swans, Battles, folk raconteur Kurt Vile, Baxter Dury,

Mimicry, Junk Riot, Nevesis and Aides performed. A similar cooperation

Spectrum, Container, and Nils Frahm.

will continue at this year’s festival.

Tallinn Music Week Staying in the East, just across the water from Helsinki, Tallinn Music­ Week will announce its festival programme on February 22cnd. Organiser­Helen Sildna tells VIP News that the festival will take place on 29-31 March for the fourth time, with 185 artists from 14 countrie­s and all music genres performing over 3 nights on 19 festival stages­


around the centre of Tallinn and 8 city stages at different public

VIP News will attend and report back!

locations­during­the daytime.

For more information go to



Threat to Concerts in London’s Hyde Park Allan McGowan

Concert at Hyde Park enables artists to MAIL their music to more than 6.000 venues and agencies worldwide… According to London newspaper The Evening­

75 to 73 decibels; and to reduce crowds from

Standard major music concerts in Hyde Park

a maximum of 80,000 people to 50,000 on

could be cancelled because Westminster

safety grounds.

council believes they are too noisy. Future performances by the likes of Rihanna­

John Probyn, chief operating officer of



concert­promoters Live Nation told The

complaints­from wealthy Mayfair residents

Evening­Standard: “The sound levels allowed

about the “repetitive” noise caused by dance

in Hyde Park are already lower than any other­

acts. Mayor of London Boris Johnson is said

venue in the country. If they reduce it any

to be “extremely concerned” and told the

more then artists simply will not want to play

Standard: “I want to see Madonna in Hyde

the venue.” Organisers of events including


the O2 Wireless festival today said all future





concerts in the park could now be at risk. There are fears that the decision could threaten­concerts planned for Hyde Park

Leith Penny, Westminster’s strategic director

during­the Olympics (see this issue’s Musings­).

for city management, said: “The reality is

Westminster councillors are expected to

that the number of complaints generated has

approve­new restrictions at a meeting on

risen to quite a considerable extent in recent

Friday­February 17. Westminster wants to cut

years. The committee will take all points of

the number of concerts allowed each year

view into account.”

from 13 to six; to lower the noise level from




Armin Rahn

Armin Rahn Passed Away Manfred Tari The trade publication Musikmarkt has reported­that the German concert promoter­Armin Rahn passed away on February 8 at the age of 58 years after a long lasting illness­. Rahn founded his company in 1973 and worked with acts such as Boy George, Hot Chocolate, Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor, Kool & The Gang and Dionne Warwick. From 1976 until 2011 he was also the concert­agent for the highly popular German­SchlagerSinger­Wolfgang. His company will continue to be run by the current team consisting of Anja Lukaseder, Annamaria Schobert, Verena König, Kyle König and Monika Ehlers. For further information please check:

Dortmund Westfalenhalle AGM hears the Venue ‘Has Warmth’ Allan McGowan Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle 1was inaugurated­



“This entails a number of advantages for

on Feb. 2 and 3, 1952, with the “Olympia

Westfalenhallen­Dortmund GmbH, called


us.” Firstly­ , the annual maintenance costs

ruft” event. Since then, it has helped write

Westfalenhalle 1 “a legend that is rightly

of the track will no longer need to be paid;

German and European sporting­and music

considered a cult venue to this day.” “It has

in addition­, the increased­interior space in

history. On Feb. 2, 2012, the day of its 60th

remained a hub of innovation,” said Loos.

Westfalenhalle­1 will make it more attractive­

birthday, the Westfalenhallen GmbH event

“Our aim is to keep our finger on the pulse

to event organizer­s. “In particular the 5,500

centre held its annual press conference.

and to be early to recognize and implement­

capacity of the interior space for standing-­

Among the guests was Fritz Rau, a legendary­


room­­concerts­will make us even more

organizer at the Groe Westfalenhalle­for








attractive­on the events market,” Meschke­

some three decades. This godfather of

is sure. There are already some examples

the German concert business indulged in

Summer will see the removal of the cycling­

of this: Thanks to the increased capacity­ ,

reminiscence­of, among others, his concerts



Westfalenhalle­1 has been successfu­ l in

with the Rolling Stones.

Jochen Meschke, Managing Director of

its bids to host the Black Sabbath and Rise

the Westfalenhalle­ n ­ GmbH event center­ :

Against The Machine concerts­.




“This hall has warmth,” he said in praise of Westfalenhalle 1. “It has exactly the right capacity; here, the audience feels connected­ with the stage.” He was particularly pleased that younger bands now also sell out the Groe Westfalenhalle, although he does not know these names at all any more. “The young ones have to get involved,” said the veteran­ , who claims to have no concerns­about Westfalenhalle­1: “The hall has a future­. I hope that it continues to be significant­.”


Westfalenhalle 1 Dortmund



More Cashless Festivals Likely This Summer Allan McGowan An ID & C Press release reports on The Event

the technology?’ The panel gave individual

Production Show’s ‘Access Sessions’ held at

scenarios and explained possible business­ after Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis

RFID wristbands hit the headlines recently

Olympia, London earlier this month which

models that included sponsorship and paying­

announced­that they’d be considering using

included a session called ‘Plastic Passion’

for the new technology from the proven uplift­

the technology when the festival returns in

which focused on RFID wristbands, a topic

in sales that a cashless payment solution­can


much discussed by both fans and organisers

generate. Solo’s Langford stated that it was

around the world.

certainly not the intention of Isle of Wight to

Leading RFID solutions Company Intellitix­

pass the cost onto the fans.

and manufacturers ID & C are separate Companies­but work together on various

The panel, consisting of Isle of Wight Festival’s­ Rob Langford, Steve Daly from ID&C, Steve

Although no specific festivals were named,

projects. Both will available for consultation

Jenner from Intellitix and Ticketmaster­ ’s

it was unanimously hinted by the panel that

at the International Live Music Conference in

Adam Newsam, debated the future of RFID

the industry could expect to see a cashless­

London between 7th and 11th March.

in the live event space.

payment­solution at a UK festival this summer­.

The seminar reviewed the RFID success in North America last summer, where the system­was used for access control at a number­of flagship live events. Separate accounts from Intellitix’s Steve Jenner, and ID&C’s Steve Daly explained the positive

Rob Langford from Solo, producers­of the Isle of Wight

results­of RFID wristbands­usage at festivals

festival, gave a promoter’s

such as Coachella and Lollapalooza. Daly

viewpoint, referring to the

added that the success had also spawned an influx of enquiries for the wristbands.

RFID cashless payment trial carried out amongst 500 fans

Rob Langford from Solo, producers of the Isle of Wight festival, gave a promoter’s viewpoint­ , referring to the RFID cashless

at the festival last summer. Rob Langford

payment­trial carried out amongst 500 fans at the festival last summer. The pre-loaded RFID wristbands gave fans in the VIP arena the chance to experience the technology when purchasing at food and drink stalls. Langford said that the success of the trial had led the festival to consider other areas where RFID wristbands would benefit the festival and its fans. The closing Q&A session produced questions­ such as ‘how can an RFID wristband be topped-up?’ to ‘who owns the data on the wristband?’ The most frequent question though, ultimately asked ‘who will pay for

RFID Wristband




Mike Keller Appointed as Managing Director for Apassionata

Mike Keller

Manfred Tari Following his somewhat surprising departure from the O2 World in

later became O2 World Hamburg. He started his career working­as

Berlin at the end of 2011, Mike Keller has been appointed to work

head of production for Karsten Jahnke from 1996 until 2002.

with horse show Apassionata. He started his new post on February 1 and already announced that he will attend ILMC.

Apassionata is a live horse show and plays more than 100 shows all over Europe each year. The production includes a crew of100 people

Keller started working for O2 World in Berlin in January 2008 and was

and about 50 horses.

appointed as managing director at the beginning of 2011. Prior to this he worked for the Color Line Arena in Hamburg since 2002, which

For further information please check:




Tel. +49 (0) 711/9554-40 Fax +49 (0) 711/9554-500


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03.11.2011 15:09:42 Uhr



New Sponsoring Strategy at Converse Manfred Tari

Over the past few years Sponsorship has, particularly for festivals,

U2 will work with everybody who pays them well, but with

becomez­a highly important, in fact vital supplement to the core

Bjork there is a little difference. However, looking back at

income stream of selling tickets. But sponsorship brings along with

the way that brands have been involved in the live-business

it certain provisos and demands for the implementation of strategic

in the last couple of years, the trend has always seemed to

goals by non music brands and sponsors that by their very nature may

be that some of these marketing-managers are in place for

be based on different interests than those of live music companies.

two or three years then they get promoted and all of the sudden a whole strategy is blowing away. Does that mean,

At last month’s edition of Eurosonic Noorderslag VIP News spoke with

that the sustainability of sponsorship seems to be a little bit

Ton van der Werf, who works at Converse Benelux, who told us about


a strategy change in terms of sponsoring engagements by the sports

– Sure. If my boss at Converse doesn’t like music, we’re not going to

and clothing company.

be sponsoring music, or at least we’d do less. But in the twelve years I’ve worked for Converse Benelux, we’ve always supported artists,

How do you see music event sponsorship developing over the

supported art, supported festivals and now after a couple of years, so

next couple of years?

do Converse U.S. It’s a priority, so that means it’s going to be strategy­,

– I work for Converse Benelux. First of all, for a lot of brands music

we’ll work with music for at least five years. That’s what they call ‘own

will be be part of the ongoing strategy, which means it’s not going be

– don’t rent’, they are not going to do big festivals­anymore­, so this

in place for just one or two years, it’s got to be for at least five years.

year we’re not sponsoring Pinkpop anymore. In the USA they bought a

The big brands want to work with the music-industry. They want to

Studio, called Rubber Tracks. In London the 100 Club went bankrupt,

reach the audience and the brand has to come across as likeable; that

so Converse UK paid the rent, basically saving the venue, but now it’s

is very important for them – to be likeable!

not the Converse 100 club, it’s just the 100 club. Converse­is behind the scenes. For the next two or three years it will not work if Converse

The consumer is in the store and there is a choice of two brands and

is the face, it’s not likeable. We want to be likeable­. And that’s what

he thinks, I prefer Converse because they do great stuff. So that is

Converse US and Converse Europe are saying­, it’s not ‘screamy’, it’s

why most of the brands want to be associated with music. In the past

not shouting the name, it’s nice – when we are at festivals, we are

most of the brands sponsored festivals just because they could reach

too screamy, we are too loud for the consumer­. So they want to go

a lot of people. My newest assignment at Converse means that we

back to the roots, back to the small festival­and what we did in the

are not going to work with festivals anymore. It is called ‘own- don’t

Benelux. We put together showcases­just set up by ourselves, we pick

rent’. Converse is 51% owned by Nike, I know for sure Nike will do

up the artists, and we do the branding­and the promotion. I worked

the same, and I heard from Eastpak that they will too. We won’t

there with local producers but the idea is Converse’s­- nobody else’s.

sponsor festivals anymore, we’re going to do our own festival. Okay, that’s the corporate philosophy behind it. Once again,


What’s your attitude to that certain number of artists, like

from an external point of view, seeing how often big brands

Francis­and Bjork, who say that they don’t like sponsorship at

all of a sudden suffered, when for instance a journalist found


out that they’re paying their workers in Bangladesh only

– That’s cool, that’s no problem, because, there are a lot of artists. It

half a cent per day, is that not something that will hold back

is very simple, that’s how I work. If you don’t like it – forget it, then I

a significant­number of really credible artists from getting

work with another. There is so much competition, there are so many

involved­with sponsors?

artists that you can almost take your pick. And if Bjork or U2 doesn’t

– Well let’s take Nike, they didn’t sign the contract of child-labour.

want to work with us again, fine, than we work with another one.

If I work with hip-hop-artists, they don’t care. With them it’s like,



whatever­happens with Nike, I will wear the brand. I don’t care if they are right or wrong, I just wear it. Let’s say probably 67% of the consumers­don’t care, the question of child-labour is behind the scenes. But what is really important is that brands also know that they have to clean up their act, if they produce shoes it mustn’t be through the use of child-labour. I don’t know if you know about that in Germany, but in Holland Greenpeace was really all over Nike. They said, you guys have a factory in Indonesia, which poisons the rivers, so clean up your act. And Nike said, okay, you’re right. So, you are right we need some artists to see us as credible. It is like a game, I predict, and that is why we’re talking about this… In the next two/three years, bigger brands like Converse, Eastpak, maybe Nike will do their own festivals instead of collaborating with PinkPop, Lowlands and others. Will Converse build up a concert-department with people from the music-industry? – That doesn’t work. I’ve worked for twelve years for Converse now and I’m also part of the music-industry. I know the rules. All of a sudden­the UK, Germany, France are e-mailing us to ask how do we work with the music-industry. Now, first of all you need an insider. If you don’t have an insider, it’s not going to happen. For the first two or three years it’s going to be very basic, so there will be no big festivals, there will be shows for two- or three hundred people - but credible people. We’re not going to do work the mass-schedule anymore; we will go for the four-percenters or the five-percenters, the nichepeople­, that’s the kind of people that we want to reach. Wouldn’t it be clever to find ways to support and sponsor smaller venues, smaller acts, would it not be a brand new thing, some sort of a social sponsorship thing? – That could be like a scholarship, becoming the main communication­. Next week I’ll meet with my colleagues to discuss how we will do this. In Holland we are producing a thing called Converse Mixtape featuring­Benelux bands. We like to pick out smaller bands, bigger­ bands, put it all together and put it out on CD and download backed up with a tour. In February there will be a song from the Gorillaz sponsored­by Converse, there will be a Gorillaz-shoe, it’s a big deal. You know, we’re thinking about maybe picking up smaller venues­, helping­them out with some money and putting bands in the program­that we’ll pay for. That’s the deal we have, we’re going to do smaller stuff instead­of the big festivals. Yesterday I talked about a big festival that is mainsponsored by Eastpak, they’re going to do the same, next year there will be no more sponsoring – we’re going to do different stuff!

Ton van der Werf




Sponsor People MD Lars Oliver Vogt Discusses Trends and Moods Manfred Tari

Sponsor People was founded in 2003 by Lars

reached via these events is pretty close

and offer new sponsoring opportunities

Oliver Vogt and since then has become to

to what they want. However­ , they are

for sponsors?

a far extent the biggest German company

not the only brand considering running­ – Yes and we try. However, at the end

specialized­in the liaison between sponsors

their own events and others have tried

– like paper, a web page or a TV channel,

and live music promoters. that too. Coca-Cola tried it, Telekom is still

they’re just a medium to carry a sponsors

The company oversees among others the

trying it but Vans also failed establishing

messag­ e. I think there is quite a lot you

sponsoring­at Hurricane and Southside

the Warped Tour in Europe. I am not sure

can do at festivals as a sponsor, we are

Festivals­, Rock Am Ring and Wacken Open

about every market in Europe but at least for

certainly­not as restricted as the sports world.

Air. VIP News spoke with Vogt about the

Germany­I would say there are enough good

departure of Converse as a lead sponsor

events as it is and no is really waiting for a

We are open to new ideas but sometimes

for festivals­and the departure of Deutsche

new festival. So: Converse is a cool brand, if

those ideas don’t match what we believe is

Telekom as the lead sponsor for sport music

they come up with a great idea they could

do-able, the Holy Grail at festivals is the ticket

event Extreme Playground…

do well running their own events but people

buyer and no promoter will ever do anything

don’t show up for the brands, they still go

that could harm ticket sales.

How difficult is it to please sponsors?

because they like the event or the line-up. Do you also experience sponsors coming

– I don’t think that it is difficult in general to please a sponsor. Most of them are reasonable­






well-educated­people, and all they want is a

unhappy­with what they have to pay

a lack of understanding of what is

fair return­on their investment. The question

for a sponsoring engagement and what

possible­and what isn’t?

is whether­all sponsors will attain their goals

they get in return for it. How can festival­

– I think the most experienced ones know

via Sponsorships at our events. The platforms

promoters improve their offers for

the do’s and don’ts at festivals. Brands have

we offer­are good, we can guarantee great


learned a lot in the last ten years but we

attendance­and medialization­at our events

– In general we evaluate every package we

could still make their lives easier.

is alway­s top - but sometimes this just isn’t

sell. However, sponsorships at major and


televised­events don’t come cheap – you are

Who is more conservative or progressive­:

up with unrealistic requests or revealing­

looking at six digit numbers at top events.

the live entertainment branch or brands

What do you think about the departure­

Sounds expensive­at first sight but if you look

as sponsors for the live entertainment

of company such as Converse as a

at the return-on-investment­, they are value


sponsor­for festivals?

for money. I look at sponsorship deals in a

– I think cool brands always want to be

– Converse is a very cool and hip brand;

similar way to media buys. We offer a great

very progressive­, they are fueled with those

they have a great heritage and don’t need

return-on-investment at our events and I

ideas - the festival world in comparison has

these events to be cool. What they need

have the numbers for Converse at Hurricane-

been a pretty slow moving tanker. The idea

is a story for themselves. To my very best

Festival­on hand – they were good. However,

of a festival­has been the same ever since

knowledge they are not leaving festivals

sometimes what we can offer is simply not

Woodstock­ , we have just become more

entirely. But if Converse decide to do their

what the brand is looking for.

professional­at running these events but

own events, this is their given right. I think


of the day the events are what they are

in principle, you have a bunch of bands on

they have been a great brand to have at

Would you also say the live entertainment­

stage and a lot of people coming to see

our events and the target­group they have

industry has to become more innovative

them and have a good time. The reasons for



people­to attend festivals haven’t changed, so there is no need for the promoters to change too much. A festival will always remain­an event for the people and we will create opportunities­to become a part of it but it will never be the same. Sport-Sponsorship seems to be more common­than for Festivals or Music. Is the sport-sector more sponsor-friendly than live entertainment? – Yes and No. There are much easier ways to integrate­sponsors in sport events and sponsors have been involved with sports events much longer than music – so they know better how to handle them. However, I think the festivals have really improved and provide great ways for brands to become a part of the event. I also noticed­the bands have become more supportive of sponsors, i.e. with younger talent the attitude towards sponsorship has completely changed. For now, I think you can get a great return-oninvestment­as a brand, if you know how to spend your money well at events.

Lars-Oliver Vogt Your sport event ‘Extreme Playground’ a quite unique ‘music meets trend sports’

USA to AT&T- when people find out they

one thing: It is not cheaper to run your own

event is off for 2012. For many years

are $55B short, they might just be forced to

event than buying­a sponsorship­package at

Telekom­has been the lead sponsor for

make dramatic cutbacks. I think this is what

an established­event and you take a much

this event. Do you know why Telekom

they did.

higher­risk. This is a decision­only the brand can make for themselves­. In general­brands

pulled out and why can’t you replace them through another sponsor?

How do you expect sponsoring trends to

are concerned about their activations­these

– Telekom have been a partner since 2007.

develop­in 2012?

days, which we appreciate­– if every brand

Unfortunately­they decided at the very last

– I have always told my promoters that we

does a great job on their activation­, people­

minute that they cannot do the events in

will see more sponsors doing their own

will love the sponsors­for doing that as it

2012 anymore, this made it impossible for

events. If Red Bull can run a F1 team and

provides additional­value for them. This is

us to find a new sponsor­. I think basically

some Football­Clubs, why should they not

something­I have believed in for many years

they had to cut budgets, they realized this

be able to run a festival? You don’t need

and if Sponsors decide they can do this better­

late and I can only guess why. Their economic­

to be a rocket scientist­to do that. I think

at their own events, this is a totally legit

situation­isn’t easy for the providers, their

some brands, i.e. the stronger and cooler


business­is very competitive­with shrinking

ones might be doing­ok with their own

margins and Telekom couldn’t sell T-Mobile

events but some will fail. I can promise you

Need to know who is touring Europe


Go online -




Music in Shares Manfred Tari

Joint bid by CTS Eventim & AEG for Lanxess Arena According to a report by the daily newspaper­

the company that currently runs the Lanxess

Co. KG, which is controlled by KPS

Kölner Rundschau, CTS Eventim and AEG


Concertbüro­Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung.

are in negotiations with the consortium that owns the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

The Köln Arena Betreibergesellschaft itself

A spokesman for the arena confirmed that



For years CTS Eventim did not operate

the negotiations have already been going

Immobilienfonds­Köln-Deutz, Arena und

significantly­within the business field of venue

on for months. Many details of the deal are

Mantelbebauung GbR, a real estate fund of

or arena management, but in consideration­

supposed­to be already agreed. Part of the

about 70 private investors, as another local

of the current news, it looks like that this part

deal is the question if the new owners also

daily newspaper the Kölner Stadtanzeiger

of the live entertainment industry has also

have to take over the Kölnarena II, a training

report­s. This newspaper also reports that the

become more interesting for CTS Eventim, as

hall of the ice hockey team “Kölner Haie.”

current bid is about 5 million Euros, but also

the company needs further growths stories

foresees that the owner would have to invest

to attract investors and shareholders.

The arena itself has been in deficit for years.





another 3 million Euro for renovation. On February 15, 2012 the share of CTS

Annual rental costs sums of up to 6.6 million­ Euros, and the newspaper reported that

The news situation itself is complicated as so

Eventim­stands at 26.58 Euro. On December

the arena management hasn’t been able to

far apparently none of the involved parties

20, 2011 the share was only at 21.20 Euro

pay the rent to the owner consortium for

are available for comments. For CTS Eventim

and since then has risen continuously. One of

years, except for the business years 2009

the engagement indicates a strategy change.

the reasons for this is that investors hope to

and 2010. The initiative for the sale of the

So far the company have only been involved

benefit from compensation fees arising from

arena apparently­came from the bank Sal.

in the arena management of the open air

the arbitration case between Live Nation and

Oppenheim­, who owns 20 percent of the

location Waldbühne in Berlin and the venue

CTS Eventim at the International Chamber of

Köln Arena­Betreibergesellschaft­ , which

management of the Tempodrom in Berlin via

Commerce (ICC).

also controls ARENA Management Gmbh,

the Tempodrom Betriebsgesellschaft mbH &

DEAG & Live Nation Shares Gain – Music Festivals PLC Shares Suffers


As CTS Eventim’s shares are on the up , so

On December 14 the Live Nation share

Music Festivals PLC suffered a small decline

those of DEAG and Live Nation are doing

price went as low as $8.05 but since the

since January 21 and moved down from 56

well in recent weeks. On December 28 the

beginning­of January it went up to $10.63.

to 53.50 Pence.

DEAG share was still at 2.08 Euro before

Live Nation announced that it would reveal

climbing within just seven weeks up to 2.62

its business­report for the business year 2011


on February­23.



Festival Republic to Host Fourth Festival Crime Conference Allan McGowan Festival Republic boss Melvin Benn, promoter­

Melvin Benn will chair the event alongside

of Reading and Latitude has announced­ Chief Superintendent Andy Battle of West the hosting of a conference focusing on

Yorkshire Police. The conference, takes

combating­crime at British music festivals­ place on February 21, and will include reps next week. For the fourth year UK music­ from Glastonbury, Leeds, Reading, Latitude, festival­promoters will meet with law

Electric­Picnic, Bestival, Rockness, Download­

enforcement­agencies to share intelligence,

, Isle of Wight, T In The Park, V, Womad,

discuss best practice and “communicate a

Creamfields, Secret Garden Party, Global

strong and cohesive­message to criminals

Gathering, Hackney Big Weekend, Great

that their actions­will not be tolerated”.

Escape,­Oxegen, Green Man, Sonisphere and Wireless.














Melvin Benn




Re-Launch of - the exclusive community for music professionals At the 1st January 2012 the new music2deal started after a 1 year

Herve Muyal (Music2deal Brazil): “Music2Deal is a great and

period in beta-mode.

promising­platform for local musicians all over the world as it offers new windows of professional opportunities linking various segments

On music2deal professionals connect and deal with more than

of the music industry.”

5,000 fellow industry professionals – artists, record labels, managers, booking­agents, publishers, producers, music supervisors, and more.

Michael Quvang (music2deal Scandinavia): “music2deal will from now on be a great possibility for songwriters, artists and bands to

20 representatives care about the right contacts and the exclusivity for

reach out and directly present their work and talent to people that

professionals of the music business on a worldwide basis.

deal with music. Peter Fosso (Music2Deal USA): “The USA is ripe and ready for

Kathy Hahn (Music2deal Canada): Music2Deal brings international

Music2Deal­and it’s growing FAST!”

music trade opportunities from around the world to the doorsteps of

Canadian music companies. - the exclusive community for music professionals like:

Vlad Davidov (Music2deal Russia): Music2deal is long awaited tool

Yukata Tanaka, DreamTime Music Corp. – Japan

and professional community. Though Russia is vast, it recently became­

Xolani Zulu, SAMRO - South Africa

the number 1 internet nation with the largest timeshare spent in

Luciano Mendonca, MC Management & Records - USA

social­communication, providing tremendous opportunities for all the Register right now - free of charge!

industry players. Sudhir Shreedharan (Music2deal India): “India loves the new Music2Deal­format!! An average of 3 professionals subscribing to M2D every day after the launch of the new format”

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ARTIST AVAILS ORBITAL Territory: WORLD Period: APRIL 2012 ONWARDS Agency: VALUE ADDED TALENT Agent: DAN SILVER Phone: +44 207 704 9720 E-mail: Homepage:

Skid Row Territory: Europe Period: July/August 2012 Agency: ARM Entertainment Agent: Dana Strutz Phone: 1-651-483-8754 E-mail: Homepage:

THE DOORS ALIVE - BEST DOORS TRIBUTE ACT IN WORLD Territory: WORLD Period: JANUARY 2012 ONWARDS Agency: VALUE ADDED TALENT Agent: DAN SILVER Phone: +44 207 704 9720 E-mail: Homepage:

Malrun is a danish metal/rock-band that musically navigates in a cross-breed of hard-hitting metal, groovy riffs and melodic rock with a remarkably fresh and modern edge. The music thus targets both the broad mainstream audience as well as the metal environment. Malrun will release their second album “The Empty Frame” 5th March 2012 and support the release with a extensive tour as support- for Die Apocalyptischen­

BEAT MUSIC | MARK GUILIANA Territory: Europe Period: Fall 2012 Agency: WIAA - WANTED! International artist affairs Agent: Claudia Frenzel Phone: +49 1792094913 E-mail: Homepage:

Ultimate Earth Wind & Fire Territory: World Wide Period: General Agency: Sport Star Management Agent: Carsten Hilding Larsen Phone: +45 4071 7722 E-mail: Homepage:

Reiter (D) on a 3½ week tour from 21st April to 13th May 2012 in Germany, Austria, Schwitzerland, Belgium, The Nederland, France, England, Spain and Italy. “The Empty Frame” is produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Fear My Thoughts, Amaranthe, Mercenary). The lyrical themes on “The Empty- Frame” focus mainly on life changing events and how randomcircumstances­-­and coincidences in life lead to great upheavals-, loss, sadness,

Magnum Band Territory: Europe Period: July / August Agency: Paperclip Agency Agent: Hilde Spille Phone: +31 24 323 9322 E-mail: Homepage:

disillusion but also provides new opportunities and possibilities- of filling out the empty frame – a symbol of life yet to be lived. And as always MALRUN’s lyrical universe is spiced with little pieces of every-day life, irony, sarcasm, humour and sex.


After MALRUNs debut album from 2010 received average European ratings of 8 out of 10 MALRUN began focusing outside the borders of Denmark on a more international set up. Now Dragon Productions- from Hamburg handles­

Skid Row

European­booking for MALRUN while Gordeon- Music from Berlin handles European­PR and advertising, and MALRUN has already shared the bill with bands such as Staind (US), TYR (Faroe Islands) and Mercenary (DK). In the spring 2011 MALRUN went on tour with Audrey Horne (NO) in Germany and Schwitzerland­. Read more about MALRUN:




Roskilde Festival 2012, 5 - 8 July Stages: 8 Roskilde Festival is the largest music festival in Northern Europe – attracting­audiences from all over Europe and the rest of the world. It is an independent, non-profit festival organised by The Roskilde Festival­Charity Society. Roskilde Festival presents an up to date and progressive music programme as well as lots of events, art and activities­. Approximately 200 bands play at the festival. The camping­ areas open on the Sunday preceding the festival with upcoming acts playing a smaller stage and many activities during the days up to Thursday. An extensive environmental programme is implemented each year including a refund system. All profits from the festival are donated to humanitarian, cultural and non-profit projects that benefit people all over the world. The festival is located on the Festival Site,

Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Solomon Burke, Nick Cave & The Bad

outside the town of Roskilde, 35 km from Copenhagen.

Seeds, Coldplay, The Cure, Deadmau5, Bob Dylan, Faith No More, Foo Fighters, Gorillaz, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Jay-Z, Grace Jones,

Musicians representing all conceivable genres, from all over the

Judas Priest, Kings of Leon, Kraftwerk, M.I.A., Marilyn Manson, Bob

world, play minimum one-hour sets on the smaller stages and often­

Marley, Mastodon, Metallica, Muse, My Bloody Valentine, New Order­,

90-minutes­sets on the biggest stages. The long sets make the

Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Prince, Queens Of The Stone Age, Radiohead­,

Roskilde­Festival music experience fundamentally different from most

Rage Against The Machine, Rammstein, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ravi

competing festivals in Europe.

Shankar, Slayer, Slipknot, The Streets, The Strokes, Talking Heads, Tiësto, Tool, U2, Robbie Williams, Roger Waters, Kanye West, The

Roskilde Festival was established in 1971 and have since then

White Stripes, The Who, Brian Wilson, Wu-Tang Clan and Neil Young.

presented­acts like Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Beastie Boys, Björk,

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