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Violet Ray Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine the tiMes ahead - our journey to 2012 ridinG the path to Wellness dare to Be a child

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VoluMe 12, issue 10 noVeMBer, deceMBer 2009, january 2010

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Soul Script By carol j. uchytil Welcome to the Winter Issue of The Violet Ray - Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine that will be in circulation for November, December and January. This issue features articles on various healing modalities, spirituality and personal wellness. In What’s Above, Ask Dr. Evers, Insights From The Dream Expert and Where Is The Joy, our regular columnists share guidance from the questions that you submitted. We hope their insight will assist you in some way. With all the hype around 2012, Amira Loo’s article The Times Ahead – Our Journey to 2012 shown on page 22 may be of interest to you. If you are looking for a Workshop in your area please see our Calendar of Events on page 31. The Christmas Specials provided by our advertisers as well as our reviews on books, dvd’s and practitioner services will be useful in helping you find the perfect Christmas gift for those special people in your life. If you do not see what you are seeking in-print or require more information, we encourage you to visit our On-line Business Directory and Go-Green Practitioner Profiles. As always, our Eco-friendly Winter Issue (Nov, Dec, Jan) will be available for download from our Free Member area at We are grateful to serve our readers by providing a forum that cultivates and nurtures positive growth in mind, body and spirit and assists you with your spiritual or healing quest. We also express thanks to our advertisers and contributors who make publishing this magazine possible. For those of you who have taken the time to write me, I thank you and truly appreciate the feedback! I am listening! Since you are the reader, feel free to share what you like, dislike or want to see more of by submitting your comments, suggestions and insights directly to me at Please circle december 15th on your calendar as this is our deadline for articles and spiritual art submissions. Contributions submitted after the deadline will be considered for future issues where and when space permits.

Magazine. Even though selling the magazine has been a difficult decision for me, I now realize that it is the best decision. Through this agonizing process, I had to make some sense of why this magazine came to me in the first place. What I realized was that this magazine has had a dual purpose for me. Firstly it has allowed me to plunge into the healing and metaphysical realm. Secondly, it has provided me with access to many healers to assist me with my own healing journey. That’s right! I need to work on issues too just like many of you! In the last few months I have had the opportunity to visit a couple different local practitioners who with kindness and generosity volunteered to assist me. Specifically, Liane Fuller with Fuller Awakening and Juey Ann MacLeod with Joy Inc. whom I highly recommend after experiencing first hand their ability to hone into my issues that needed healing and assist me! In both of these sessions, I sure learned quickly that I was ignoring what was really going on inside. Boy did I have my eyes opened! Now that I have started to unearth the skeletons in my closet, I have become a willing participant in my path to healing. I am truly grateful for all the work that alternative health practitioners, healers, energy workers and lightworkers do! It is comforting to know that these resources are available to us when we are ready to move toward health, peace and wholeness. Wishing all of you a beautiful Winter and Festive Season! May we all attract to us kind and gentle teachers, resources and messengers to assist us on Earthly quests. Until the next issue… With Love and Light,


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November, December 2009, January 2010

The Violet Ray

on the coVer - “dance” By nataliya BukhanoVa title: dance Dance is Rhythm – Rhythm is sound. This is one of the basic features of the universe. It is possible to touch the universe through the dance.

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publisher, editor, design, layout

Nataliya started to paint when she was a teenager living in Russia. She studied fine arts in the Yekaterinburg College of Design and continues to work as an artist and graphic designer, creating some twenty-five pieces, primarily watercolours. She has had five showings of her artwork plus several on-line presentations.

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Nataliya believes that “You will see the soul of the crystal reflected in the edges of mirrors, and you will see the soul of world reflected in the edges of dreams”. In Nataliya’s artwork she tries to go behind the usual understanding of things and events to show another side of the world, the edges of reality which reflect one another endlessly creating our Universe. nataliya can be contacted onine at or by email at

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soul script - By Carol Uchytil

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insights from the dream expert - By Irene Martina


lessons of the drum - By Nadine Gordon


What’s above - With Clairvoyant Kim

The Contents of The Violet Ray should not be taken or used as medical advice but is intended to provide information only. Readers should consult their doctor or health care practitioner with regard to their health concerns and remedies. Readers are encouraged to do their own research regarding health claims found in The Violet Ray. The Violet Ray reserves the right to edit articles for length, clarity and content at the editor’s discretion. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher. Contributors: The Violet Ray welcomes articles by local writers. Tell us about your personal wellness journey or your musings on life. We encourage articles that educate, enlighten and entertain our readers. Contact the editor for article guidelines and submission deadlines.


Where is the joy? By Sexual and Relationship Expert Juey Ann MacLeod


ask dr. evers - the affirmation doctor By Dr. Anne Marie Evers

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dare to Be a child - By Brenda Forsey

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up, please - By Judy Blais


What is the Wealthy Mind™ experience? By Zaheen Nanji


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the times ahead - our journey to 2012 By Amira Eva Loo


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riding the path to Wellness - By Rhianne Weghnnar

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November, December 2009, January 2010

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Insights From The Dream Expert - Irene Martina dear dreamers, You are the writer, producer, director and star of all your dreams. Only you can really interpret your dreams. The language of dreams is symbols, metaphors and emotions. As our minds are unconscious in dreams, your dream “creator” can only pull information stored in your brain (data base) and try to use this to give you a dream message. I try to give guidelines to what the dreams may mean however you must ask yourself- what does the symbol, person, color, emotion etc. mean to me in my dreams? Only you really know the answer and if what I say should resonate in a small or big way then you are on track to understanding what your symbols are meaning. My suggestions below are only my ideas and not meant to be replacing your own dream language or interpretations. To access Irene’s interactive column or submit a dream question logon to For more on Irene please visit her website at

hi irene, Was this a past life? submitted by Marta In my dream, I was one of many participants at a conference associated with my work. I stayed in the hotel and suddenly I saw myself in the hotel room with three beds ready for the night. There were two men wearing pajamas. One of them was not known to me, another one was the man, which I am very much drawn to when I see him at professional meetings.

A conference in a dream will often mean a meeting place that is safe, educational and work related. The hotel room is often a place of fantasy, as it is often thought of as an escape from our everyday lives and it can bring a romantic overture to being in a strange or exotic place. As for beds, it can mean sexual fantasies, resting, nurturing, comfort, safety and desires. The number three always creates a triangle and the triangle can represent: ~ Our spiritual side: such as body, mind and spirit. ~ It can represent the family as mother, father and child. Page 6

~ It can represent being stuck in a situation that can involve a sexual encounter and another person. If your desire for this man is a married man the other man may be symbolic of: your conscience, your sexual desires, and even your guide. The third bed was ready for me.

The power of choice is at play here and safety by each person having personal space if they so choose. Suddenly the man of my desires asked me something but I was not sure what he asked. I asked him if he was asking to sleep with me and I heard him say yes. When I looked back at him, his appearance had completely changed! He had longer wavy silver hair, he was wearing a long black cape or gown, or some monk's dress and on his chest was a striking shiny silver print of a very special cross something like the French Lily from Quebec. I pointed my finger at the symbol and asked him what it meant. We were sitting against each other on the bed and he clearly told me he would explain it. I was waiting for his the answer, but I woke up. I tried many times going back into this dream and asking for more information but I was not able to get anything. I am very curious, as to what he would have answered.

You were likely not meant to know the answer as that may have changed your professional relationship with him in your waking life and that might have been too much for you and your personal desire for him. The expression of “leave well enough alone” could have been done for your own peace of mind and personal decorum. Did I return to a past live where he was my lover?

Indeed you may have been lovers in one or more lifetimes and this could be the biggest reason for your attraction to him now - your memories of other times! Your description of what he wears takes you back into the past of “romantic times” that novels are often written of. This dream can be your desire for a deep romantic relationship with him or someone and or glimpses of another time with him. You may be lacking romance and intimacy in your present life and your dreams are a way of bringing a strong and loving relationship to you. Fill your desires in your dreams and ask them to bring you your soul mate! Sweet Dreams everyone!

November, December 2009, January 2010

lessons of the drum By nadine Gordon

“hands” The animals are confused. They have noticed we human beings are suffering. They have gathered about me to convey their concern. “What can be done?” I ask. “I have been through the dark tunnel of despair. I am loathing going there again. The air inside the void is stagnant yet fraught with turbulence and electricity. It smells sour. The land is picked clean. It has become barren, a desert. The people are starving. They are dirty because there is no water left for them to wash and they have abandoned the search.They are so entrenched in their own inner pain, they cannot see beyond the horizon. I do not want to enter there again! If I survive the dream walk, I will emerge weak and vulnerable myself.” I hear Hummingbird laugh. He is laughing at me! I am angered by this and my belly begins to boil. Annoyed, I reply to Hummingbirds laughter. “I was ordered not to re-enter the dark realm.” But even as I utter the words, I realize my ego was the voice which did the ordering. I take a deep breath and calmly exhale. Smiling now, I thank Hummingbird. He is very wise. Humbly, I admit I have been allowing my ego to rule my destiny. My instinct now is to return to the awareness of my heart. My heart is the safest place to be. I will allow my heart to lead me forward into the dark realm. My heart is my drum. It beats strong and loud. It is my most powerful tool. The animals surround me. They will guide and protect me from harm. My hands, an extension of my heart reach forward and rip open the dark veil. My entourage and I step up into the dark realm. What we have stepped into is the mind set of human kind. It is very likely our present reality which is Hell, right here on earth. I notice that the people are writhing and moaning in pain. They do not know how to break out of their present pattern of thinking. Electric transmissions pass from one head to another like a shock wave. The negativity here is rampant. The most prevalent thought pattern I am hearing is, “I am not good enough but you are not good enough either. If you have what I want, I will take if from you.” The vampire electrodes pass like fingers from one victim to another in an endless rotation of pain.

innocent then I take the hand of another. They are too young to know the harm in this. These children do not deserve this way of life. I notice that some children have already begun to mirror the habits of their adult counter parts. They are desperate to be noticed. Bad attention seems to be better than no attention at all. Their hearts have begun to dissolve. Love can be angry. It can hurt. I feel the bitter sweet pain of the children stabbing at my own heart. We do not have to become the victims of another’s mistake. We do not have to become a victim of our own either. What we perceive to be a mistake may be just a simple lesson. Learn a better way! We have choices! Move on from your past by becoming better than you are right now. I must appeal to the children. We are all children at heart. “You are causing yourself pain,” I tell them, “Follow your heart and you will mend. Put your hand out to another in a heartfelt manner so they may mend. Remove barriers, show your heart. You will find joy. Share with others. There is strength in friendship, find love. Love is the food your ego starves you of.” I am surprised to see first one hand extended, then another and another. People are smiling. The air smells sweeter. Rain is falling. The land has new growth. There is enough food for all. The human beings are grateful. They have found Peace. The entourage of animals and I are able to rest for now. Help us maintain a sense of peace. Will you lend your hands? nadine Gordon is a dreamwalker and the founder of nurturing ‘nerGy, a sanctuary for all those who wish to journey and heal. She loves to share by teaching others about their gifts. Visit to learn more about Nadine or to order her book “the rose path”. Her book is also available at Chapters in Red Deer. We invite you to send your questions to Nadine at the violetray website at please see ad on page 30

I know that I am safe within my heart while I move among the people but I am disturbed to see that the children are attempting to ease the pain of their adult parents. A passion ebbs within my heart as I grab up an November, December 2009, January 2010

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W hat’s Above With clairvoyant kim dear kim, My family and i spent our summer vacation back east in Montreal and while i was there, i visited my father's resting place. there is a beautiful willow tree on the grounds right by him. i took a photo of it as i want to frame it and hang it up on my wall. i was wondering if this is something that i should or should not do. this might sound silly, but can i bring spirits around by doing this? ~ kim j., calgary, alberta ~ No, this is not silly at all. You should do anything that gives you comfort and peace. It can be difficult when a loved one’s resting place is so far away and you are unable to visit it when you need to. This is a wonderful way for you to visit your father any time that you desire. I would suggest that you put the photograph in a private room, like a bed room, so that when you look at it, you are more likely to have a quiet connection with him. As for bringing "them" around, they are around, all the time. We do not really die at all, we just change form. The same way we change form when we are conceived. Your father is now operating at a higher vibration, one that you cannot see with physical eyes. Sometimes they will lower their vibration briefly and you will see someone at the foot of your bed or out of the corner of your eye. So, they will give us many signs that they are close, anything that makes you stop and think of your dad, it's him, just hold that thought and the feeling that is with it. are dead famous people difficult to channel? i have always been fascinated with the actress Bette davis. ~ jill B., oyen, alberta ~ Great question! No, famous or not, a soul is a soul is a soul. I have channelled a few famous people in the past and would love to channel more! Their readings can be quite unique and interesting, especially if there is a mystery attached to their life. Clyde Barrow (Bonnie and Clyde), his second cousin came to me for a reading, Lucy Maude Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables author), great niece attended a reading...Shackelton, explorer to the South Pole...Terry Fox and Christopher Reeve, a dear friend of his came for a reading...that one was amazing. I have also Page 8

channelled Lizzie Bordon, she came through when I visited her home, which is now a bed and breakfast in Fall River, Mass. last summer (She admitted that she did it). As for Bette Davis, I have not had a visit from her, but I would love the opportunity to since my Grandma was a fan also. My daughter olivia is almost three years old. she often seems to be talking and having a conversation with someone in her bedroom. When i ask her who she is talking to, she tells me that it is her sister, katie. i had a miscarriage before olivia was born, could this be the spirit that my daughter is communicating with? ~ laura c., stettler, alberta ~ Children three and under see "them" all the time. They are little mediums. They seem to be able to tap into a higher vibration the same way that pets can. Children that young don't realize that they are not supposed to see those people, but they do all the time, they cannot tell the difference. Children always seem so comfortable when making a connection with a lost loved one. They are completely at ease and therefore it is easy for them to communicate. These kids can be the biggest indication and confirmation that there is nothing to fear. Unfortunately, as they become older and more aware, this ability seems to fade. And yes, she could very well be talking with her sister who was only here for a brief time. The soul "comes in" during conception, not birth. It can be a great comfort for you to know that the soul of your child lives on and is still very connected and part of your family. My sister has been a missing person for over 25 years. she was last seen with a group of friends outside our home town. she left with someone she met that night and was never heard from again. there have been virtually no leads as to what may have happened to her. if andrea has died, could she come through in a reading and tell us where she is and what happened to her. My father is elderly and not well and i would love to be able to give him some closure. ~ kelly l., edmonton, alberta ~ Yes, it is very likely that your sister will come through in November, December 2009, January 2010

a reading and give a lot of information about what happened and where she is. Sometimes this is the only way left. First it can be determined whether she has in fact crossed over or not. Then a stream of information usually comes through as our loved ones are anxious to tell us what happened to hopefully bring some insight and peace. Since I can talk to the souls directly, the information is very accurate and specific. I feel that you and your family have had many dreams about her. This is one of your sister's ways of letting you know that she has passed. She also tells me that she is with a grandmother named Eileen and a cousin named John who passed as a young man. I do volunteer my time with any missing person’s case. If you have a loved one that is missing and would like my help you may contact me through my website.

kim dennis is a proven clairvoyant medium who resides in Calgary. She is the author of the book What's above?, a radio host on 1060 AM in Calgary, Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. and is currently producing a second television program for the fall. Her new CD is also available on her website at We invite you to send your questions about the afterlife to Kim by logging onto The Violet Ray Website at

Reiki Master / Teacher - Reflexologist - Regression Therapist / Intuitive Counsellor

Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ (EBNMP™) Recognition



In Natural Medicine

1 (416) 335-7661

Season’s Greeting’s From The Violet Ray With gratitude we extend our holiday wishes to the readers, columnists, contributors and advertisers who have supported the magazine in 2009. May your heart be filled with love, joy, inspiration and peace. Wishing you a healthy and enriching 2010!

November, December 2009, January 2010

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BOOK REVIEW obscurity in your face By nancy d. Gosse Review Written By Tara Dawn A coming of age diary that shows we are perpetually coming of age in a never ending journey of inner (e)motion with one concrete destination – love, here and now. “We view our lessons as part of the sacred contract, but is it really part of the human will to remain in conflict?” Unlike most streams of consciousness where I ask, “why am I reading this”, any absence of story is ultimately satisfied with the author’s message: In the dropping of our stories and their projections we discover real love’s life - our own being; an epicentre of the universal both as experience and its witness. Coming of age is an intense moment to capture. The collapsing, colliding and coinciding of spiritual, emotional, psychological, sexual streams and the karmas they have made manifest. For a first time author this is gutsy. The purity of her courage resonates in the whimsical rhythm with which she paints firm worlds of self involvement without getting in your face. The writing is often enough to keep the reader going where the traditional story fades. The lack of expected continuum that curses most stream of consciousness pieces is easily brushed over as the expectation of relevant reflections is set up with the delightful story of her first words. Were everyone’s first words so definite? Obscurity is, perhaps unintentionally, a successful voicing of a very particular coming of age, the coming of age of the gay female. “It truly shocked me into the realization of how passive I had become, so passive in allowing my life to go down the tubes.” The author does not follow the spiritual-sexual dimension of her natural evolution as a main theme, but any female reader will identify with the temptations and fears of unanswered or botched love. “Motherhood promised the blessing of having someone to truly love me and depend on me. It would have been a twisted ego version of how love is extended.” The honest touches into lesbian shadow relationships has the ring of a red riding hood with balm already absorbed and grateful for her release from the real wolf – the male inherited scripts that conjure up old drama in new clothing. “We stayed together a while longer to continue playing out our drama. Months later, something also shifted in her and we reached the final breaking point.” It’s a short, sweet, expose and, for any who have dropped their stories, as well as those who have yet to see their conflict’s shape, it is worth the read.

Reviewed by Tara Dawn, a writer in Hebden Bridge, England. Find the book at or contact the author at Page 10

dare to Be a child By Brenda forsey Look within and see your inner child. Remember all the things you loved to do as a child. What made you happy? What would you have created if you had the resources with you? Remember the joy at just being free to imagine all the dragons, castles, fairies, and elves, or angels that you could be with at any time you wanted. To use your creativity to infuse your world with wonder, sparkle, joy, and vitality! To run freely - chasing the dragons away, feeling joyful each moment, dancing and singing with the rest of the fairies, or angels - whatever happened to be in your imaginary world. To see beautiful colors and winged horses who could fly to the highest clouds in the sky - to carry you away on your next adventure. Just to create and be part of that creation through the world of play and imagination. To re-capture and bring through the joy of buoyancy as you are floating in the air, or finding the pot of gold at the rainbows edge, enjoying the beautiful colors of the rainbow, watching it shimmer as sparkles of white light play around it. Just to imagine the stories and then to merge and be one with your creation. To be a child with a limitless creative soul who loves everything and everyone unconditionally. Whose eyes are radiant with the joy of just being present, and seeing his/her next adventure just around the corner eager to take the next step. To run in a field of flowers, which are in full bloom in radiant colors of purples, pinks, yellow, red, white, blue, every color of the rainbow. Then stopping to pick a flower and touch its petal, feeling the soft velvety texture, putting it to your face and enjoying the fresh fragrance and essence of each flower. To lay in a field of soft green grass and feel the earth giving you a warm embrace as you watch the clouds in the sky change into wonderful shapes like a huge ice cream cone, or to see angels sweeping across the vast space of the sky, or chariots racing by as the breeze softly blows the clouds on their way. To learn new things on a daily basis - discover the joy of expanding your goals. To discover new talents such as painting, dancing, singing, speaking, writing through looking within and listening to your inner child. To be a child and remember to enjoy each moment as it comes. As adults, many of you were moulded by your life experiences and learned to shut down your creativity and imagination. You closed off your heart and you forget to feel - you may find that you have lost your sparkle and zest for life. You can always change your life in an instant. You can look within yourselves and find your inner child who has a joy of life in his/her heart. Just sit quietly, breathe deeply, inhale, exhale and ask for your inner child to talk to you. Just sit and wait and you may start to feel a stirring within your heart, and a thought may pop up and out of the deep recesses of your soul which will make you feel good, or you may say - I remember doing... and your enthusiasm will be November, December 2009, January 2010

emerging once more. Just listen with your heart and let whatever comes up to surface just be and just observe it. If it seems appropriate and right for you - let it stay present with you. If it is something that doesn't serve you, let it go release it into the light. You will clear the blocks of negative energy away that are covering and surrounding your heart. As each negative energy, is released, your heart will expand and your inner light will radiate out and shine through you from the inside out. You will feel the joy that comes from understanding yourself, and others, and will start to enjoy the creativity that has been reawakened through your soul. You have the choice to act upon your inner discoveries, and to start experiencing your truths. To live with the sparkle and joy of a child. To know you can create a world of beauty by using your imagination and manifesting your dreams. Through using your creativity you can manifest a life you have always wanted. By saying yes to moving ahead (for some in baby steps) you will go to your work with a joy of knowing this was created by you and it feels good to do it. Work will become play and you will feel energized and happy at the end of the day. Your world will have

purpose and you will be an inspiration for others. Your vibration level will increase and your positive attitude will create a healthier body, mind, and spirit. As more people start living positively their thoughts will project the energy out into the world and you will see changes on the global level. Peace and harmony will begin to reign worldwide. The negativity will be healed and released and your world will be elevated into the next dimension. The time is now to start remembering your inner child and bring through its innocence, passion and sparkle to the conscious self. Laugh, sing, read, write, do whatever you can to make your life happier and you will see the ripple effect around others. Reclaim your inner child is to reclaim your life. Let your wisdom shine through and create your world anew!! Brenda forsey is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Reflexologist, Writer, Musician, and Artist. You can contact her at her website at or She loves to bring harmony, balance, love and light through her Teaching and Healing Sessions. She has been working with healing energies for the past 30 years.


The Violet Ray – Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine With a strong contributor base and loyal readership crossing a wide and diverse demographic, The Violet Ray – Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine is seeking a dynamic individual or group of individuals to purchase the magazine and take it to the next level. We believe the magazine will require a committed team capable of implementing a realistic map of the future and growth strategy. The Violet Ray has the potential to flourish in the Western Provinces and continue to raise consciousness in Mind, Body and Spirit for the benefit and healing of individuals, communities and our planet.

Advertising in The Violet Ray has opened the doorway for me to access my local and provincial community. As an information resource, The Violet Ray has effectively spread the word about my healing sessions and workshops, helping my practice to grow and flourish. It is a viable asset, which has brought me immediate results. The Violet Rays dedication to the wholistic community is a service to us all. -S. SK., AdvertiserI am so glad I chose The Violet Ray for my profile, ads and articles because I not only received calls from Central Alberta, but also as far as Winnipeg! That told me that The Violet Ray is one of the best mediums for marketing my services and products. - Z.N.., Advertiser –

Carol 403-358-1656 November, December 2009, January 2010

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Business profile

therapeutic kneads Massage therapy

kathy snyder

rMt, cott

student of ortho-Bionomy

in the depth of my soul ..... there is a wordless song....

Located at Holly’s Vitamin Shop 10B - 7110 - 50 avenue red deer, aB t4n 6a5

403-352-6314 email:

Stephanie Monsen Yuen MethodTM Certified Practitioner & Reiki Master

Specializing in Physical Pain and Psychological Work


Passionate about the benefits of Massage Therapy, Kathy specializes in deep tissue massage. She also offers relaxation massage, prenatal massage for expectant moms, and level 1 sports therapy massage. Her strong desire to assist in wellness guided her to study Reiki and she has acquired her Reiki level 1 certification. Adding to Kathy’s credentials, she is also certified as an Onsen Technique Therapist (COTT) and is currently working towards receiving her certification in Ortho-Bionomy. onsen is an advanced therapeutic technique, which combines modalities of Osteopathy and massage. It provides the tools required to effectively assess and correct body dysfunction through painless realignment of the muscles, joints, bones, and tissues. It is the structural realignment of the hips and spine. ortho-Bionomy can help with such conditions as: Headaches, back pain, sprains/strains, sports injuries, acute injuries, knee problems, and acute and chronic pain. Ortho-Bionomy facilitates the therapeutic process and promotes natural body alignment, balance and pain relief. The practitioner works with you to identify areas of discomfort, tension and pain as well as areas of comfort and ease of movement. The use of gentle movements, comfortable positioning and compression are incorporated. No forceful movements are used. Ortho-Bionomy is a system that allows us to integrate our physical, emotional and mental experiences. Once the client becomes more aware of their own physical tensions, they can gradually learn to connect both the physical and energetic patterns within the body to affect a change without necessarily engaging physically. Massage Therapy is not a requirement to learn OrthoBionomy, but Kathy feels fortunate to be able to incorporate these techniques into her massage sessions. This allows her clients a brief experience of the technique before committing to a full Ortho-Bionomy session. She invites seekers of wellness to check out more details at therapeutic kneads hours of operation are Monday to friday from 8 am - 6 pm. you can book an appointment by phone or email.

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November, December 2009, January 2010

up, please By judy Blais We are on this earth to have the best experience possible. Our ultimate level of consciousness would be to feel ‘in the state of joy’ at all times. Because of everyday life we know this is most likely unattainable for most of us. That does not mean we can never achieve this state, it only means we will have to work at feeling the most joy possible, as often as possible. The best way to change how we feel is to change the way we look at what’s happening in our life. Even if we cannot change the circumstances we can always change how we feel about them. This is easily accomplished by moving up one step at time. We can’t expect to go from feeling despair to feeling joy in one moment, but we can move from despair or apathy to anger. As you see we have moved from feeling nothing to at least feeling something, then we move up from anger.

found within ourselves. It is not necessary to look for love from others, just love yourself exactly the way you are at this moment. Then don’t be surprised if others start loving you, just the way you are, also. Our mission here on earth is to live in Joy, so find your Joy and live life to the fullest!

judy is a natural energy healing practitioner at neW intentions , located in Sylvan Lake, AB. Judy can be contacted at please see ad this page

Think of it like being on an elevator, with the negative feelings such as grief, despair and apathy at the ground floor; joy, elation and such at the penthouse level. We move up one floor at a time, we may spend only a few moments at one level, or a few days. Our aim though is to always strive for the ‘best feeling’ available to us each moment. Our body doesn’t know if we are pretending or having a real experience, so try pretending you are happy for a few moments even if you are feeling pretty down. Smile and remember an occasion that brought you pleasure, do this as often as possible. Our aim is to strive for the higher feelings and emotions, the ones coming from love. When we are easily handling the stresses of everyday living we know we are moving up from fear to love. Do a self awareness check to see what you are feeling, and how you can find a way to feel better.

Granville Island Psychic Studio Home to Vancouver’s Best Psychics Walk-ins are welcome since 1996

All of our emotions and decisions come from one of two places, fear or love. Just ask yourself where your feelings originate. Your body will tell you by giving you a sign we all recognize, that quiver in the stomach, the light headed feeling or a swelling sensation in the heart; it could be as straight forward as feeling happy or feeling anxious. One way of raising your level of consciousness is to ‘live in your joy’, that is, do what brings you absolute pleasure. Be it your job or a hobby; immerse your mind, body and soul in your passion. Learn to live in the moment, focus on the task at hand not on the hundred and one other things fighting for free space in your head. Give more of your time and attention to the positive aspects of your life; focus on your joy, live in your personal power, believe love and faith are your energy sources. The addiction to feeling love and joy is something we all need, and the best news is that these feelings can be November, December 2009, January 2010

Winter Special until Valentine’s Day 10% off your first phone reading, with Chanel. $50.00 all incl. + no overtime fee.

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WE RECOMMEND! fuller awakening - By carol uchytil The awareness you will gain from Liane’s Quantum Biofeedback session is truly amazing! The initial session brought to light some practical information regarding areas in my health and wellness that needed to be improved. We measured everything from Adrenal function, stress level, brain function, overall health, energy flow, hydration of cells, oxygenation of cells as well as my psychological health. As each issue surfaced Liane made some recommendations and provided information to assist me. After making some small changes in my life, four weeks later Liane conducted a second session which in-fact showed improvements in certain areas. As a result of Liane’s Biofeedback sessions I am slowly adopting changes in my lifestyle that I know are for my highest good! If you are seeking to improve your health in all areas of your life I highly recommend booking a session with Liane! For more information contact liane fuller at 403-352-8059 or

Bellowed Whispers - journeying Back to Who you are By debra j. suchy - review Written By carol uchytil Bellowed Whispers is an excellent book for those starting out on their quest for Spiritual knowledge. The reader is guided through examples of the authors personal journey to a place where synchronicity and dharma intersect. By opening our hearts and minds we are awakened to the possibilites of the Universe and the spiritual forces at work guiding us along our chosen paths. Bellowed Whispers is also a very suitable beginners book for children and the younger generation. I thoroughly enjoyed Bellowed Whispers and know that I will keep it as part of my library. To order your copy visit or call 403-887-4840. Alternately if you are in the Red Deer area you can pick a copy up in the Local Authors section of Chapters.

a couple days With the joy peddler - juey ann Macleod By carol uchytil

Recently I had the opportunity to have a session with Juey Ann. My initial intent for the session was to rejuvenate my energy however spirit had other plans for my session! As Juey Ann progressed with the Reiki session she honed into areas of my life that I had not planned on uprooting. Because I was guided to her, I trusted that the issues that were surfacing needed to be addressed so that healing could take place. As the session progressed we dealt with each blockage or “hook” that was imbedded and in unison strived to remove and heal them. By the end of the session I was exhausted due to the clearing we had just done but I was also more peaceful. I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and in a couple of days my energy returned. A couple days later I returned to Juey Ann’s for the first level of the Passion Workshop Series for Women. Literally, with no knowledge of what I had signed up for ( I thought I was going to a workshop called “I’m Alive”) I was guided to visit her again. During the course of the day I discovered that this was Stage 2 of a 4 Stage healing process that needed to transpire to reach the passion Juey Ann teaches. By following my inner nudges and being open to receiving whatever evolved I feel I am now on the path to wholeness. Personal Growth, Sexual Abuse & Relationship This was truly an educational and enlightening day for me! Juey Coaching and Workshops Ann’s intuitive and healing abilities are outstanding! Past Life Regression

JOY Inc.

If you are looking for a compassionate yet remarkable person to assist you with healing any past trauma related to sexual abuse or any other issues that are are holding you back, I would recommend Juey Ann! Be it a private session or a workshop, Juey Ann will gently guide you to wellness. For more information contact Juey Ann MacLeod at 888-358-8789 or Page 14

Juey Ann MacLeod, CTE 403-782-2559 1-888-358-8789

Discover the JOY in Relationships! November, December 2009, January 2010

Zaheen nanji facilitator and coach law of attraction, Wealthy Mind™ seminars

Most of our limiting beliefs around wealth or any other area of our life goes back to a core fear that somehow we are helpless, hopeless or worthless. Take an example of a salesperson that has to make a sales phone call. Before making the call the person may think that it is “hopeless” to make the call because the customer will not buy anyway. On the other hand the salesperson may think that he/she feels “helpless” because he/she is not capable of making this particular sale.

Wetaskiwin, aB 780-918-9225 What is the Wealthy Mind™ experience? Wealthy mind isn’t just about the money. Wealthy mind is about your dreams and goals, but it’s more about finding and uncovering your core limiting belief around wealth and money, at an unconscious level, and then being able to overcome them and replace them with new empowering beliefs around money and wealth. The Wealthy Mind™ Experience is a 2-day program created by Tim and Kris Halbom, Directors of the NLP Institute of California and the program has been all over the world. Wealthy Mind uses cutting-edge NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) techniques. When we start the Wealthy Mind™ program, I always ask the audience to define wealth and money. It’s interesting to see and hear all the great answers, but in the end it always comes down to one thing: wealth is not what you and I have, not a thing, it’s a state of mind. Wealth is an internal experience. What is a limiting belief? Let’s take the second word “belief”. It means mental acceptance of the truth, where you and I have formed our reality based on what we have heard and seen and most of these are formed at an early age. In fact, most of our limiting beliefs are formed by the age of 7 and come from three main sources: • Our parents • Our teachers and coaches in school, and • The social media and our friends. And the most common ones that I have heard from my clients and people who have participated in the program are: • • • •


tem. Wealthy people have a different operating system because of their beliefs.

I have to work hard to make money. Life is a struggle. You need money to make money. I’ll never be rich….and so on.

My parents have always worked hard and have become successful in the process so I formed my belief as such. However, other people have always worked hard without seeing any success and others have worked smart and seen a lot of success. We have to realize that our beliefs were formed at an age where we had no choice to pick which ones we wanted. Now, as adults, we do have a choice! Limiting beliefs limit us and form our reality and then we wonder why we can’t get ahead. Know that our outer world is a reflection of our inner reality. Our beliefs are like an operating system. Our day to day activities and thoughts are based on our operating sysNovember, December 2009, January 2010

What exactly do we do in the Wealthy Mind™ program? It’s easy to see how a limiting belief gnaws away at you on an unconscious level and can hinder one’s ability to have wealth. These limiting beliefs live deep in our mind and we tend not to bring them out and we don’t exactly know what they are. Well, we help you articulate them consciously through an interview process and through some unique questioning methods because if they are spoken out aloud and articulated consciously then these limiting beliefs can be changed to empowering beliefs. We then use a 4-step process called the Belief Change Method where you explicitly state your limiting belief, then we go on to dismantle it where it is nearly impossible to reconstruct and one way of doing that is by adding new evidence so that it is impossible to continue to have this old limiting belief. What have others experienced after having gone through the Wealthy Mind™ experience? Participants have increased their income or have met their goals within weeks or in a couple of years. It is a process and it may take a long time or short time. For example, there was a janitor who did some belief work with NLP and afterwards decided to start his own janitorial business while still keeping his job. He got so busy and did so well that he decided to quit his job and run his business full time. This man is still doing janitorial work, but what changed was his self worth and he began thinking about what was possible. References: Hallbom, K. and D’Alo A., Article on The Psychology of Money, Prosperity and Wealth: Patterns in Nature Translated to Human Behavior.

upcoming seminars: Wealthy Mind™ seminar

nov 6 and 7, 10am - 5 pm Grande prairie, sandman hotel

Wealthy Mind™ seminar

edmonton nov 21 and 22, 11am- 5:30 pm north edmonton inn and suites

9 keys to Wealth, success and Beyond

free teleseminar nov 17

register online at

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reinvent yourself With intention focused therapy™ By loretta Mohl

life force energy is everywhere. this field of intention is available to us all. When you actiVate it, you’ll begin to feel purpose in your life, and you’ll be guided by your infinite self. In our busy material world it is easy to lose sight of who we really are. We are not too unlike a lost bee that has forgotten how to be a part of a hive or to make honey. Our natural order, our natural rhythm has been dissipated by the humdrum of every day modern life. Would you like to remember your true self, your true purpose, and how to improve your life by remembering who you really are? That power is within you, with true intention, it is ready to be accessed now. Intention is nothing you do, but it is an energy you are part of. Source Energy, God, Life Force, Creator, Universal Energy, Divine Presence (or whatever name you use); it’s everywhere. This is the energy we all source from, God. The power of conscious intention is what instantly makes that source energy available to us. Importantly, that power is within us and always within us to access at our will. As certainly as a cocoon has the essence within it to become a butterfly, so the seeds of our own wellness and happiness are within us. What stops us is ourselves. It is only our limiting belief system that prevents us from experiencing ourselves as whole, well, happy human beings. Focused Intention sets the course into motion to bring us back to a desirable state. We have free will to consciously activate wellness and happiness by focusing on what we desire and on what we want to create. When you focus on an intention like "I want to get healthy, I want to feel good, and live a happy fulfilled life” and repeatedly and meaningfully dwell and meditate on this statement, then this intent seeps deep into your consciousness. If you really feel it you will become it! I started my healing path at age 19 as a psychiatric nurse and throughout the 30 years that I have been involved with the healing profession I have seen dramatic shifts in medicine. One of the most profound changes is the true recognition that energy medicine works. The human body holds within itself, all the wisdom and power to completely heal itself. Since my introduction to energy healing in the late Page 16

80’s, I have studied many formal and natural healing approaches. After those years of study and much reflection, I formulated Intention Focused Therapy™ (IFT) utilizing many elements from my life’s work and have drawn deeply from my own instincts. I named this dynamic healing modality, Intention Focused Therapy™, because it so perfectly describes what I know to be the absolute truth: the body knows how to heal itself and by just activating intention and focus , the body will do the rest. While we all sometimes need outside help and direction, healing is an inside job. That is the core premise of IFT. As you familiarize yourself with IFT it will become clear to you, that by working with the power of intention you encounter and collaborate with a powerful and previously unrecognized force inside of you. You will discover that even Matter follows that energy. Energy follows the natural intelligence of the body to unravel to the root cause to do the necessary healing. You possess the knowledge deep within you to influence your health on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels. IFT will bring you to a point where you realize that the driving force for all encompassing wellness inside you cannot be stopped. IFT is powerful therapy. It asks you to be aware of the sensations in your body. Take a moment to listen to your inner self. You will be surprised how much it has to tell you. Body awareness is our best healing resource, it makes it possible for us to find both deep seated past unresolved issues and a wealth of inner positive resources. Think about it, sensations are a gauge. They tell us when we are hungry, tired, full, thirsty, cold, warm, comfortable, uncomfortable, happy, sad, and peaceful. This is a constant barometer, but for a number of reasons we choose to shut this gauge off. By ignoring the innate intelligence that energetically pervades every cell within us we put our physical, mental, and emotional wellness in jeopardy. In the IFT process we use the body’s sensations as markers or entry points to tell us where we are hosting unresolved issues or disowned parts. All issues in the body will have an energy pattern. With IFT you learn to make friends with all the sensations in your body because they are valuable indicators. Developing selfawareness will enable and empower you to become a conscious and purposeful creator of the events, conditions and circumstances that make up your life. November, December 2009, January 2010

A "True" sense and understanding of self awareness will reveal that you are in reality an "Infinite Being" with Infinite Potential existing in an Infinite Universe. As modern science has clearly proven, you, the physical, mental, emotional, you and everything else which exist are at the very core comprised of pure energy. Forming a level of self awareness that YOUR thoughts, YOUR beliefs and YOUR emotions are actually creative seeds is essential if you ever hope to begin consciously creating desired results in your life and fulfilling your most sought after and cherished hopes and dreams. Your life will change by knowing the power of intention and focus. IFT takes you there! This is what one student, Karen, had to say after experiencing a session.

“I’ve had a physical issue with my throat for a couple of years. It had become a serious impediment to my career. I work as a Life Coach and a large part of my practice involves hypnotherapy. Having my voice crack, get ‘froggy’ or having a coughing spasm didn’t align with the calm, soothing hypnotherapy voice. I’d tried several different healing modalities, all to no avail. Then I heard of IFT. Loretta Mohl walked me through the IFT process, allowing communication between my physical being and higher self. I found the process to be very profound. Using intention and communication of the highest order allowed me to tap into the core issue, going deep and transforming what needed to be healed. After the IFT session, my throat felt clearer, less constricted and more relaxed. The insights that illuminated and clarified issues that started in early childhood were invaluable. I would highly recommend IFT!”

loretta Mohl is a Certified Life Coach and Counselor and teaches Intention Focused Therapy at the canadian college of healing arts. She is a pioneer in the Healing Arts field and has been capturing the minds and hearts of people around the world. For over two decades she has been leading the way in energy medicine. She is the founder of Intention Focused Therapy (IFT) and the Canadian College of Healing Arts. It has been her mission and passion to support people in finding spiritual liberation through a deeper connection with Creator's Consciousness. For more information call 780-910-5052 or visit

Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the care of a doctor. For diagnosis ortreatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician.

November, December 2009, January 2010

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a Walk Between Worlds truth is Beauty, the Q'ero By denise kinch review Written By sarah salter-kelly Imagine moving through the veil of time, arriving in the Andes Mountains 600 years past. This could be the village of Chua Chua or Yawacancha, home of the Q’ero nation of Peru. The beauty is that these villages are the same now as they were in the times of their grandfathers, grandfathers. The people, who make them their home, walk in the footsteps of their ancestors each day. A Walk Between Worlds is the first book to explore the cultural traditions of the Q’ero Mountain people from their perspective. They have lived in remote elevations in the Andes Mountains since pre-Inca times. This isolation from the modern world has created a powerful community, honouring the value of each individual as an integral part of the whole. They are a living example of ‘being’ the balance between Heaven and Earth. This is the story of the master weavers, and how they have woven their relationship with the universe into the fabric of their being, in harmony with all their relations. There are over 200 professional photographs, opening your heart and spirit to the stark beauty of their landscape and the simplicity of these people. Meet Denise Kinch, Humanitarian, Healer, Explorer and Modern day Medicine Woman. Her path to find the root of the healing tradition she was studying in the USA led her to meet Don Manuel Quispe, Healer and Altomesayok of the Q’ero Indians of Peru. A Walk Between Worlds shares the stories or their time together, and the powerful messages Don Manuel has to share with those open to hearing them. In her adventures in the high Andes and conversations with the elders of the Q’ero, Denise came across some surprising information. Many of the stories that have been taught in the west for the last 20 years about the Q’ero Nation are completely made up! She searched and searched to find validation for what she had been taught, and was in fact teaching herself only to come up continuously against walls saying ‘ this is not so’. After years of investigation and time spent with the people of the Q’ero in their villages she decided to put together this book. Upon his death bed in 2004 Don Manuel Quispe asked her to please tell the truth of his people. And so she is! Denise explains to us what the Inca Empire was and shows us how the Q’ero was another nation represented in this huge cooperative. She gives us a brief description of the formation of the Communities at that time, and how land and wealth was divided amongst them. She shares with us some of the myths of creation still told by Peruvians today.

Page 18

Dispelling the myths of many of the so called "Inca Prophecies" and other phenomenon that have been sold to us in the west, Denise masterfully guides you into the heart of this nation. In this way the door is opened to a possibility of living and healing that our spirits hunger for. She covers the day to day ritual and routine of living and farming at altitudes of over 17 000 feet. From what they eat upon rising, to what they wear each day, to the traditional practices of their healing traditions and how these are integrated into their lives. The guiding principles of their nation are spoken from the mouth of Don Manuel Quispe and the elders of their nation. The Q’ero people do not ‘have’ a spiritual tradition; they ‘are’ their spiritual tradition. Living at such high altitudes they are completely dependent on their relationship with each other and their environment. They know that to be balanced with their land they must be in ‘ayni’ with all their relations. Ayni is a Quechua word for reciprocity. To come into Ayni with something means to be in an equal exchange of energy. Don Manuel Quispe embodied this tradition, incorporating it into his healing work and his teachings. Reminding us that we are not separate from spirit, that we do not need a ‘go-between’ to speak to God, as we too are a part of the whole picture... This is the nature of mountain medicine. Adventure with her on her fist journey leading the Vanishing Cultures Foundation Mountain Medical team to the home of the Q’ero, where she discovered during the trip they didn’t live on the sacred mountain of Ausangate like she had been taught. Follow her into the village of Yawacancha and hear the heart wrenching tales of the effects of baby formula being introduced by a group of missionaries. This woman’s single-handed desire to bring us the pure form of this tradition has sent her to numerous sacred lagoons,mountains and villages. She has gone blindly through blizzards and up mountains into completely foreign territory, guided by faith alone. She has truly walked the walk and learned how to embody this tradition. It is who she has become. What a gift that she has chosen to share it with us!

" I believe that you more than anyone I know has made a difference in the lives, dreams and hopes of the Q'ero nation. You've done a great job, my dear, even if others don't want to recognize it. Spirit does." - Blessings, Alberto Villoldo November, December 2009, January 2010

isBn 978-1-4415-3383-8 To order your copy of a Walk Between Worlds go to To participate in Denise's workshops in Canada contact sarah salter-kelly 780-314-9150 or

GRACE DIAMOND BBA ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® C e r t i f i e d b y Do r e e n V i r t u e , P h D

Canmore, Alberta sarah salter-kelly is a ceremonialist, teacher and healer. She is the apprentice of Denise Kinch and teaches the Inca Medicine Wheel with her here in Alberta. Her training includes Andean Shamanism, Reiki Master Teacher, Alchemical Healing practitioner, and Practical Herbalism. She is available for healing sessions on her land near Pigeon Lake, or at the AndNow Center in Edmonton. Contact her at 780-314-9150 or please see ads this page and on page 31

403-678-3228 email: Grace diamond is an anGel therapy practitioner ®, certified by Doreen Virtue, as well as an animal communicator and animal reiki specialist. Grace is very clairvoyant and intuitive and can help you get back on your divine life path to enlighten and enrich your soul. She can help you manifest your true heart's desire and bring more joy into your life. Grace is also able to help you with the animals in your life. By coming to her for an animal reiki session, you will be helping your pet decrease pain, reduce stress and increase energy. Grace will balance your companion's energy and chakras to improve your pet's health and way of life. Through her animal communication, Grace can help you connect with your pet through a conversation in real time to get answers on behavioral problems and likes & dislikes. Grace can communicate with your angels to clear away the debris and toxicity from your life. She will work with you to heal your soul so that you may live a life full of purpose, joy and satisfaction. With her reiki training, Grace can use the universal energy around you to reduce your pain, minimize your stress, and increase your energy. Grace also offers introduction classes to angels and fairies where you can learn all about these divine creatures in a supportive and loving environment.

To reach Grace for more information, please visit her website at . Her studio is at unit 202, 817 Main street, canmore, alberta t1W 2B3 403-678-3228.

Cards of Life Readings

By Dr. Anne Marie Evers The Affirmation Doctor

$50.00 for 30 minutes

Anne Marie’s readings are uplifting and will provide you with powerful insight, guidance and wisdom. Book Your Telephone Appointment Exclusively through The Violet Ray On-line Market at November, December 2009, January 2010

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Where is the Joy?

By Juey Ann McLeod - The Sexual and Relationship Expert juey ann Macleod is a Life Coach assisting individuals and couples to resolve Sexual and Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse Patterns and facilitates Personal Growth Steps. joy inc. was created 10 years ago along with the first Art of Joy-ful Loving Workshop. The continually increasing variety of JOY Workshops has assisted many people to empower themselves and enhance their relationships. juey ann will provide answers to the questions you always wanted to ask about sexual and relationship issues. For more information call 888-358-8789 or to submit a question to please see ads on page 14 and 31

dear juey ann, My husband seems to believe that I can just go into to the bedroom and get turned on by shutting the door. How can get him to understand this just not possible?

Many of us fall into focusing on the negativity of our lives when there is a change in the economy. All negativity whether it is worrying or withdrawal or . . ., draws our energy field very close to our bodies like a wall around us. Thoughts are the cause of this wall to closeness.

The majority of men have not had any sexual intimacy training. Men have a different physical response to touch or closeness. Often women do not tell them, what it is they need because they also have not had sexual intimacy training. Without the information, men have no reason to believe that everyone is not like them.

When viewed from this prospective it is easy to look back and answer the question – “what have we been thinking about?” Do not beat up on yourself; use it as a push forward and an example of what you do not want. Then you can see what to change to get what you desire – “closeness”!

Women tend to need heart or emotional connection and time to get into the intimacy space especially if their partner has not given to the relationship during the day. The truth is foreplay is not just kissing, stroking the body and touching the genitals. Romancing and foreplay takes place all day long. A woman’s version of foreplay is when she is listened to, touched in passing, flirted with, talked to, admired, appreciated, given undivided attention or helped in tasks.

Closeness requires opening of hearts, opening of the minds to possibilities. Ask your husband to help you remember what were the “great hi-lights” in past events of your relationship? Support each other to feel what it felt like then. You will sense the light-ness, the opening of your heart and energy field. The secret is to recreate those feelings, not the events? Use creativity and imagination to brainstorm ideas that will give you what you want to feel . For example: Maybe in the past you went away on romantic weekends. Look at the elements or basic parts of this experience that lead to creating the hi-light. Maybe “one of them” might be, feel free from responsibilities. Going away might not be affordable now but what could be? Borrow someone’s RV and have your pets or children looked after. Or clear your schedule, create a message on your telephone stating you are going to be returning calls in 2 days for emergencies call. . . and set a tent out in the backyard. Or trade houses with your siblings/friends and be in a different location while they look after your kids. Trade with them for the same “treat” and you look after their children in their house. These are just ideas to give your creativity a jump start. You will come up with better ideas!

To assist his understanding of you and your wishes, a greater level of communication is necessary. Intimacy means “in-to-me-see” so you also have to be willing to express your desires. If you feel you have already done this and he is not listening, double check that you have truly expressed your feelings in the moment. Remember men are geared to “win”, they love direction that is given in a loving way and they truly want to see you receive pleasure. If you have tried all of the above, then introduce him to books such as McKenzie Jordan’s, Beloveds in Bed or the Mantak Chia’s, Multi Orgasmic Couple or take him to a couples intimacy class. Patience and persistence with your communication joined with increased knowledge will create the sexual intimacy you desire.

dear juey ann, My husband works in the oil industry and it has been slow for him this year. We have more time together but I feel we are farther apart. I want the closeness back. Do you have any suggestions? Page 20

When you redirect your focus on what you do want your energy changes, opening not only to each other but to the Universe. This could even attract more work or money to you. If you are not familiar with how this works, just think of your own experience. Are you attracted to someone who is depressed / sad / negative / withdrawn or someone who is happy / joyful / smiling / positive? The Law of Attraction (a Universal Law) applies or creates all situations big and small. have fun! November, December 2009, January 2010

REVIEW IT! By sheryl Guillaume

the celestine prophecy By james redfield the Movie I had the amazing opportunity to be able to host this movie at a sneak Preview in the spring of 2006. In fact, I had the pleasure of watching it six times. Because it is complex, each viewing was a new experience for me; I was able to see things more clearly and with more depth each time. In this film, I along with the audiences noticed how it explained and showed the energy aura around living things. With each new lesson as the movie progressed, you could feel yourself growing and shifting along with the characters in the movie. It seemed just a natural thing that happened without really thinking about it, but what an experience when you thought about it afterwards! This is absolutely one of the coolest movies I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Not only did it help me understand but it was really entertaining as well! I said to the audiences before the movie…. “look around you- it’s no accident who you are sitting by”. And the same goes when you watch this at home - it is no accident that you are watching this DVD at this particular time… will reveal an answer for you every time you watch it….if you just allow it to show you a new perspective.

head is hitting the pillow wondering what happened to my day – and not Living in the way this movie shows you. Watching the movie again made me realize how far off track I had become….things had slipped away without me realizing it. All I had was a feeling that something was missing but until I watched the movie again I had no idea what it was. This is a movie that helps keep us on track and keep us focused on what really matters in this world -of just “being” a part of the whole. Synchronicities started happening to remind me to sit and watch this movie again. People started requesting me to bring this movie in for them to purchase through the Casablanca Video stores. The movie kept jumping off the shelf when I would walk by it…or light up (when you watch the movie - this is explained) but I still kept walking past. Then the original DVD that James Redfield sent me about the making of the movie (now incorporated into the DVD) kept showing up in my office where it has been filed away for about 3 years. As the synchronicities became stronger I finally gave in. Revisiting this movie was just what I needed to bring myself back into balance. A reminder that this movie is ageless and one we all should revisit over and over again.

evolving doors productions (EDP), a management andpromotions company dedicated to furthering public awareness of inspirational authors, artists, filmmakers and their media, has been founded by sheryl Guillaume of Calgary.

Order this DVD on line at - So that you can enjoy it over and over again. As I do.

It has been awhile since I have watched this film for the first time, but not surprisingly watching it again has brought up new insights. When this movie was first released and I had the opportunity to watch it many times I started living the prophecies. As time goes on as us humans tend to do, we forget and slide backwards a bit. We get caught up in the human “doing” not the human “being”. Everyday life brings us a choice and I wake up saying I want to just be…then the phone rings and I need to run out and do this and that…. the next thing I know my

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November, December 2009, January 2010

“There are many outstanding writers and filmmakers who have important messages and highly relevant perspectives, but whose voices are seldom heard above the din of mainstream media,” said Guillaume. “Evolving Doors Productions will endeavor to cut through the clutter on behalf of these talented individuals in order to bring their important work to the attention of a broader audience.” Sheryl also locates hard to find movies to add to your collection. You can contact her through her Web Site

The Celestine Prophecy Revisited June 2009

Intuitive Energy Work

Ivonne Plankey


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The Times Ahead ~ Our Journey to 2012 By amira eva loo These are auspicious times we live in. Immense energy is in the air, and people can feel clearly we are on the brink of something, be it global awakening or global catastrophe. While some damage is irreversible at this point, there is still a lot yet to be determined, depending on the choices we may or may not take to make change happen. From a metaphysical standpoint, the world is our mirror. This implies that our inner reality creates our outer reality. If within us, there is conflict and suffering, we would create conflict and suffering in the world. If within us, there is peace and harmony, we would similarly create peace and harmony in the world. In this sense, our global situation is a direct reflection of our collective inner state of consciousness. As humans, we are being challenged in ways like never before. The trials ahead of us, and how we respond will be most telling about our actual level of evolution. Will we resist and fight the changes to come or find a way to navigate with clarity, direction, effectiveness and still be at peace? Because being at peace in life and in oneself isn’t a small feat, looking around we can see, it commands a high state of consciousness to live in peace. In these times, discovering the peace within is vital. It is our anchor, the quiet place in us, our refuge when the swirling winds of life come in, as they do. What we know is that what is becoming exponential is “Change” itself. The natural cycles of life spiraling from order to disorder and back again, are picking up speed. In these times, more than ever, there is a need to be intensely aware of ourselves and our environment, as changes all around us are becoming more sudden than gradual. Changes initiated by an individual can have global effects overnight. A single cyber click and our message can reach thousands even millions across the globe in one second. We have known for years about the butterfly effect, six degrees of separation, the hundred monkey theory ~ all of which point to the interconnectedness of things ~ all of which point to how the micro can quite powerfully affect the macro. A tiny pebble can make a wide expanse of water ripple to the shore. It is metaphysical knowledge that if one person becomes spiritually awakened, he would effect the consciousness of 100,000 people, such is the power of one. In this sense, it would only take 64,000 awakened souls to create enough critical mass to shift the consciousness of the globe, thereby shifting the direction of our future. King, Teresa and Ghandi are just Page 22

a few of our beloved teachers demonstrating the power of one, whereby their greatness lay not in their unique talents but in their passion and perseverance. Each of us is a force of nature, a seed of unlimited potential. We can know that if something is humanly possible, then it is possible for us. So where and how to begin? The journey always begins with ourselves, and undergoing a serious pursuit of our own awakening and ascension in consciousness. It is healing ourselves at the most fundamental levels, overcoming our own suffering, moving directly through our fears until the point of inner freedom. If we could become a warrior in our own inner terrain and bring peace and healing to every deep dark corner, until the whole of us is renewed, until all this which is fragmented in us becomes one again ~ we would know the path to oneness. In having learned how to attain to oneness in ourselves, we would be able to bring that to our circle of relationships. Because relationships is where our fundamental hurts lay, especially family ones, working to set right our relationships would bring the essential healing most needed to nurture the hearts and spirits of both our loved ones and ourselves. The circle of love restored in our own homes and communities would eventually ripple outwards, influencing positively our nation, our neighbors and globe. But one would need faith, one would need hope and be able to see the vital importance each individual plays in the shaping of our collective human destiny. If you ever wondered what one of the most important things you could do to prepare for the shifts ahead, in addition to your works in progress, it would be to heal your relationships.

amira is a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer. She offers both group and individual processes based on spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Her approach is both eastern and western, ancient and modern. She also offers the oneness Blessing, the consciousness raising energy. For more information call 1-780-752-7722 or please see ad on next page November, December 2009, January 2010

The Way of Grace The Union of Human Effort & Divine Grace



February 2010

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ASK Dr. Evers - The Affirmation Doctor By dr. anne Marie evers dear dr. evers, I have several questions that I need answered about the Affirmation Process, especially the process that you use. My friend is a true believer in your process and I have seen it work for him, but I am still a little uncertain about Affirmations and need your clarification. I was first introduced to positive thinking by watching The Secret. I found it very interesting and some of it rather hard to fathom. I read where you have been an Affirmation teacher for many years and my thoughts are that you could help me. Some of the burning questions I have are: 1. Just What is an Affirmation? I have heard people refer to Affirmations as wishful thinking, or just plain wishing? 2. Can you explain just how they work? 3. Why do some Affirmations seem to work and others do not? 4. Can any person, regardless of their spiritual beliefs use the Affirmation process? 5. Why do you stress to use the words, ‘To the good of all concerned? 6. How long does it take to see results? 7. Do you think that doing Affirmations asking for things for yourself is selfish? That is to ask for money for self when others in the world are starving? 8. How can I know if I have any blocks keeping me from that extra money, that special life-partner and other things that I truly desire? 9. And how can I get rid of any blocks and make my Affirmation manifest for me as they seem to for others? I have asked you a lot of questions and I would appreciate your answering as many as space allows for me. These questions are very important to me because when I truly believe in something, I throw 100% of my effort into it. Thank you Dr. Evers for answering my questions and being so kind.

ask dr. evers is a regular feature in The Violet Ray. Contact Dr. Evers at or a t 1-877-923-3476. Even if your question does not appear here, Dr. Evers will answer each one in the order in which it is received.

ple refer to Affirmations as declarations, statements, commands or decrees. The Personal Contract Affirmation Method that I teach is very specific. Every Master Affirmation starts with, “I, (your name) deserve and now have or am . . . (fill in your request) . . . I am happy to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Then you write your acceptance statement which is, “I fully accept” and sign and date your Master Affirmation. Now what have you done? Why you have just made a firm and binding contract with your Higher Self, God/Creator, Universal Mind or whomever you believe in. Signing your name and dating a document is very powerful. You do this when you become a citizen of a country, get your passport, get married, purchase a home, car, TV. Etc. Imagine you would not own your home unless you signed and dated a document. Your firm and binding contract should be very clear and specific saying exactly what you desire. If you give the Universe a confused order you may receive a rather confusing answer. 2. There are several answers as to how Affirmations work. Dr. Lee Pulos states in his foreword in my book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness, “There are two ways of creating our reality—one by consciously programming what we want out of life, or two by simply accepting what comes our way. Both work, but only the former will ensure that you get what you want in life. Be in charge of your programming and consequently firmly in control of your life. As you use Affirmations daily and consistently, you will be breathing life into the future of your dreams.

dear doris,

When you write your Affirmations on paper you are taking them from the unknown (unreal) and placing them into the known or (real). And you are anchoring them to the Universe. Words are very powerful. I feel that Affirmations work within the Law of Attraction which states, “More gathers more; Like attracts like; What you think about you bring about; What you are seeking is seeking you.” This great Natural Law of the Universe, like every other law works every time and for any person. In fact it is no respecter of person.

1. To answer your first question there are lots of explanations of what an Affirmation is. My explanation is simply that an Affirmation is similar to a prayer, wish or goal only it is more structured and specify. To affirm is to make firm and simply put the basis of all Affirmations is positive thinking. To make it even a bit clearer, I would like to ask you a question. ‘Doris have you ever had a birthday cake with candles and blown out the candles and made a wish? (Most of us have). Well if you answered ‘yes’ then you have done an Affirmation--it is as simple as that. I like to refer to Affirmations as orders to the Universe. Some peo-

3. Why some Affirmations work and others don’t could be due to several reasons. One is that perhaps you do not put enough energy, belief and faith into that particular one, or doubt that it could ever manifest for you. Another reason could be that it is not the right timing for you, so using what I refer to as the Safety Clause, ‘To the good of all parties concerned,’ protects you as well as every one involved. I am sure you can look back on your life and say, “Thank you God for some unanswered prayers.” Sometimes what we think is good for us at a particular time turns out NOT to be good for us. When I am faced

~ Doris, Receptionist, Calgary Alberta ~

Page 24

November, December 2009, January 2010

with this situation, I always affirm Divine Wisdom and Divine Order in my life right here and right now. 4. Yes I do believe that every person can do Affirmations with great results. I have a client who is an atheist and it is interesting how many of his Affirmations manifest as affirmed. I believe that the process of doing Affirmations is working with your own mind, thoughts, words and actions. You are the creator of your Universe and the only thinker in your Universe. 5. I stress the words, (the Safety Clause), ‘To the good of all parties concerned’ because it protects everyone. I also was given a lesson and when I did not use these words I found myself in a very negative situation, which I myself created and I lost thousands of dollars. 6. The results vary from person to person and as to how much effort, time and energy he or she puts into doing the Affirmation Process. Some Affirmations manifest immediately as if by magic and others take the required time, as the seed when planted needs time to grow, evolve and become. I make it a point to always affirm in the NOW, the present time as that is all the time we have. 7. For years I heard my parents say,” Eat your food, there are people starving all over the world.” As a child I thought to myself, okay I feel sorry for them, but how can I possibly box up these leftovers and send them around the world? Also I believe it is our birthright to be healthy happy and wealthy. When we have money we are then in a position to help others that are less fortunate. 8. If you feel as if you are hitting your head against a brick wall, or that nothing is working for you and you are discouraged, it could be a sign that you have some blocks that are keeping you from realizing your fondest dreams. 9. There are many ways to get rid of blocks. Find a good therapist; seek out information on the Internet and from positive thinking, uplifting books, seminars, workshops, etc. Also becoming quiet and going into the silence and meditating is a wonderful way to disburse blocks. Doris I hope I have been able to shed some light on these questions. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your spiritual journey. With Love and Affirmation Blessings, Dr. Anne Marie Evers reverend dr. anne Marie evers is an ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity and Philosophy. She is also a bestselling author of many books on positive thinking, some of which are, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 7th edition. She co-authored the best-selling series Wake Up and Live the Life you Love in Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer. For more information, please visit Dr. Evers website at We invite you to send your questions to Dr. Evers on the Violet Ray Website at

November, December 2009, January 2010

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feng shui

for the home office By anita adrain

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or frustrated with the amount of unfinished projects that occupy your home office? One of the challenges of having a home office is the very fact that it’s your HOME. The place where you are allowed to be yourself, the place that reflects your personality and holds all the memories of treasured possessions and loved ones. The room in your home that you call your home office needs to portray characteristics of an office. Often the spare bedroom, sewing room or weight room share their possessions with that of the home office computer, desk and filing cabinets. Appling Feng Shui principles to your home office can help you stay more focused on the tasks at hand, increase pro-

ductivity and ultimately increase the bottom line, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends. Feng Shui is recognizing the natural influences of our environment and harnessing those energies to support a harmonious balanced life; an environment that embodies the spirit of the soul and strengthens the person within. “Everything in the Universe is Energy”. At the “Quantum” level, the human body is a conductor of electrical energy. Consciously arranging ones environment to create a healthy, peaceful and dynamic flow of energy relaxes the nervous system, inspires the mind and calms the emotions. If you’re home office is filled with boxes and stacks of paper it’s a reminder of all the PAST projects including successes and failures. In this environment it is very difficult to move forward and take on new responsibilities. Those seemingly harmless, unfinished projects that you often close the door on, weigh heavily on the mind creating stress on the body. As a result you may develop poor

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November, December 2009, January 2010

eating habits, get less sleep, increase stress levels and become short tempered. Confusion and procrastination are the unseen forces that result from an office that is filled with clutter and chaos. It’s time to take ACTION! The first step in Feng Shui’ing any environment is to clear out the clutter….keeping only the possessions that will serve and support you in your home office. When the clutter is clear and the space is organized you become a POWERHOUSE! You will have more personal energy to complete projects with success. You will feel fresh and ready to take on the world with more clarity, focus and creativity. All of this means less stress, better sleeps, respected relationships with clients, and overall improved vitality and health. Increased productivity with a happy disposition will attract more of the same and likely improve the bottom line as well. Once you have de-cluttered, it’s time to take a good look at the possessions that live in your home office. Your possessions are “saying” a lot more than you currently think! Take a close look at the pictures or plaques on the wall, to the ornament on your desk, what story are they telling you? Perhaps the wall plaque is telling you, that once you were the top salesperson in an organization long…ago? Surrounding your self with positive, uplifting, stories will enhance and support your present, personal goals and aspirations. When organizing your possessions within your home office according to Feng Shui Principles you will want to take in the following considerations:

and give support to the full back. When performing tasks for extended periods of time, e.g. sitting at a desk, any form of discomfort will drain your energy and take you off task. In Feng Shui it is recommended to have a solid supporting wall behind the office chair, hence giving the occupant solid support in all aspects of their life. Filing cabinets and book shelves should be functional and well organized and accessible from either side of the desk. If your home office, use to function as a bedroom, you may want to consider increasing the light bulb wattage or adding additional lighting. Up-lighting is recommended for dark rooms and basement rooms, encouraging and lifting the chi (energy) of the occupants. There are many recommendations and Feng Shui cures that can be applied to any environment and each one requires special consideration. Just as we are all individuals, so too is the environment we occupy. The study and application of Feng Shui is over 2000 years old and encompasses more than I have expressed today. There are many books on the subject of Feng Shui as well as qualified consultants that can evaluate your home office and recommend enhancements to achieve amazing personal results.

anita has been studying this ‘2000’ yr. old science for over 14 yrs. She studied with acclaimed author and teacher Terah Kathryn Collins, in San Diego. Anita is the mother of three boys and until recently juggled the fulltime demands of raising a family and owning a retail business (16yrs). She now has more time to pursue her passion for teaching Feng Shui principles and enjoys working with clients to achieve amazing results. For more information contact anita at 403-872-4589 or

What functions do the rooms have that are viewed by you in your home office? If your office is directly across from the bathroom, the positive energy (chi) that resides in the office may go down the drain, giving new meaning to the saying “I may as well have flushed my money down the drain”. If your BecoMe a certified life coach view from the office is one of the active rooms of the home, such as or eXecutiVe coach the kitchen or living room, you may Our 2 day intensive course will teach you everything you need to know to be constantly enticed to having succeed. All Certified Coaches Federation graduates also receive admission (at no additional cost!) to our 1 year CCF Continuing Education Program! another snack or possibly catching 15 minutes of your favorite T.V. show, Only Certified Coaches Federation™ graduates earn the esteemed Certified Life Coach Practitioner™ designations! instead of focusing on office work. Positioning of furniture within the office is just as important. The largest piece of furniture is usually the desk. It should be placed so that when seated behind it you have a view of the door, but not directly facing the door, a peripheral view is best. This allows you to work uninterrupted with no one sneaking up behind you and looking over your shoulder. The office chair is the next important piece of furniture and should be comfortable

reGister today:

Certified Life Coach Courses

Nov. 21 - 22, 2009 & Feb. 20 - 21, 2010 Calgary, AB - Calgary Delta South Nov. 28 - 29, 2009 & Feb. 27 - 28, 2010 Edmonton, AB – Crown Plaza Hotel Winnipeg - Call for more information For further information please call:

866.455.2155 or 403.389.1190

November, December 2009, January 2010

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riding the path to Wellness By rhianne Weghnnar Spawning from current health trends for humans, horse owners and caretakers are beginning to look for the direction of alternative practices and professionals regarding a wide scope of ailments, issues and diseases. From the more conventional visits with the massage therapist or chiropractor, and use of herbs to the assistance from reiki and energy workers, use of homeopathics and applied kinesiology equine enthusiasts are becoming more open to the applications of natural and more whole ways of dealing with their horses’ health matters. The release of the stigma regarding approaching and applying alternative health and wellness methods is breath of healing in itself as we are able to set the body up to begin healing instead of treating symptoms which are pieces of

the compounding originating cause - and it is no different for the horse. Just like people, horses operate on many levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and also like us any imbalance can compound and create further stress, ultimately showing up in physical form so it is wonderful that equine body workers and sports therapists are being sought out as most horses are dealing with a lot of tension and strain on a daily basis, but that is just a drop in the bucket of whole horse health. All horses experience and communicate their pain or imbalances in different ways. Some people have higher thresholds of pain as do some horses, some people are able to always flash a smile no matter what they’re experiencing just as some horses are able to carry on their work without so much as flinching - but just because a person or horse doesn’t tell or show their pain in outward or noticeable illustrations does not mean that they are


Welcome to Wholistix New Store Opening November 2 Natural Health Care, Remedies, Vitamins and Teas Body Care, Home-Spa and Massage Tools Dr. Ho’s, Sabona Magnetics and Therapy Devices Yoga, Meditation and Energy Practice Supplies Gemstone Jewelry, Salt Lamps and Home Accents Unique Gifts, Tibetan Bowls and Woodstock Chimes Self Knowledge Tools, Card Decks, Books, CD’s and More! Wholistic Therapy Services, Gift Certificates and In-Store Specials!

Wholesome Choices for your Body, Mind and Spirit Health #2085 - 50th Avenue, Red Deer, AB South on Gaetz (next to Subway & ABC Restaurant) Phone: 403-346-3393 Hours: Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm Sundays 10am - 4pm Page 28

November, December 2009, January 2010

functioning and feeling 100%. Often a horse’s performance level or interest will wane when overloaded with stress, tension or pain, some horses will twitch, flee, buck, kick, sweat, call or bite when being haltered, groomed, saddled, ridden or while performing many other routine tasks - it is not that they’ve suddenly decided to be difficult, stubborn or mean. On occasion it can become difficult for the horse’s daily caretaker to notice such cues as they become familiar and nonchalant about how the horse looks, moves and appears. The first step towards learning more about natural or holistic horse care is become aware of the horse and their surroundings; you can start to paint a picture of awareness by asking yourself some the following questions: What does your horse look like today compared to yesterday or a year ago? What kind of feed are you using and where are you feeding? What type of tack and equipment are you working with? Has anything changed recently that could have changed the balance you previously had before? Has someone uncommon handled the horse recently? What are you able to change now? By being aware and allowing yourself to be open to possible causes of ill-health you are opening yourself up to communicate with your horse which puts you in a better position to facilitate wellness as you will naturally be lead to new information and services which will serve you and your horse. rhianne Weghnnar has been a passionate equine and animal enthusiast since she was a child and expresses that passion through art, writing and teaching others about integrative ways to work with and for horses. For more information please contact her via email at thesmilingpony

Horse photos by Rhianne Weghnnar.

November, December 2009, January 2010

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directory for healthy living aroMatherapy


403-505-DATE(3283) "Discover your true passion ... attract pure unconditional love"

Suzanne Delane Massage Therapy Distributor for Organic Cleaning and Health Products! “It’s not nonsense...It’s Suesense”


Monty & Marie 403-272-8414 1-866-871-0498 Find out how you can have better health at

anGels and ancestors judith hirst-joyeux calgary, alberta 403-225-2016 Website: Email: ~ BodyTalk (since 2003) ~ Angel Healing Sessions ~ Karma Clearing ~ Past Life Regressions & Clearing ~ Chakra Clearing ~ Healing Houses and Land ayurVeda ~ Clear Negative Beliefs ~ Tarot Readings rituals Botanical skin care ~ Shamanic Energy Work The best ingredients have been sourced ~ Equinox and Solstice world-wide to create exquisite potions and ~ Meditation Coaching elixirs for daily personal use. A 100% organic ~ Workshops where possible. Rituals formulas are tri~ sessions in person or distance doshic. They can be safely used on oily, dry, ~ successes with shifting depression, aged and mixed skin. Experience the tried arthritis and trusted Ayurvedic Rituals Skin Care line. deneen justason diVine liGht health rituals Beauty consultant 403-396-8956 Wayne, B.a. rel., M.h.a., is2, rMt, rM red deer, aB, 403-347-0928 Therapy - Groups – Lessons, Reiki(s), the andrea oliVera centre for Reflexology, Hypnosis, Bio Rhythms, ayurVeda - The Mother of Healing offers, Shamballa MD Healing, Music/Aroma Therapy, Training in Ayurveda , Become an Ayurveda I Ching and more... Mobile & Union Discounts Spa Specialist and learn Indian Head Available Massage, Ayurveda Facials, Abhyanga Ayurveda Massage, Indian Hand and Foot sundreeMs studio therapy. Ayurveda skincare and natural (upstairs in the Historic Kent House) perfumes available, visit 5103 - 49th street lacombe, aB t4l 1p1 Training available in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, lethbridge, aB 403-320-0290 Infrared Sauna and toronto, on416-504-6049 pam huestis email: 403-877-4033 Aromatherapy Clinic offers Therapeutic and Medicinal Quality Essential Oils, Cold Pressed Carriers and Skin Care Products used by Registered Aromatherapy Professionals. Please contact 403-872 7662 or to book an appointment with an International Federated Professional Aromatherapist or purchase products. Products are NOT multilevel marketing and are Affordably Priced. this christmas Give the Gift of health - Gift certificates available!


nadine gordon 403-729-2170 leslieville, Ab

Dreamwalker Healer

Page 30

Body Work & healinG

Seeking Ayurvedic Practitioners and other Holistic practitioners for a new wellness centre opening in Wetaskiwin. For more information contact Zaheen nanji at shanti Wellness centre 780-918-9225 Website Design for Healers Fun & Easy Money at a Healthy Chocolate Business. No experience necessary 1-403-861-9543

healinG hands therapeutic MassaGe 4910a - 51 avenue lacombe, aB t4l-2k3 janine Mcculloch, rMt 403-782-4600

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inca Medicine Wheel - West direction path of the jaguar february 5, 6, 7th, 2010, Buck a Boo acres, aB contact sarah salter-kelly 780-314-9150 or

new Moon healing circle contact sarah salter-kelly 780-314-9150

noVeMBer eVents elemental healing and now center, edmonton, aB nov 4th, dec 2nd, jan 13, feb 10th, Mar 10th Connect with the powers of earth, water, fire and air to step into your Divine self, embodying the balance of the universe. contact sarah salter-kelly 780-314-9150 or www.medicinespiritcenter.com1-888-768-5711 shamanic studies - red lodge program nov 4th & jan 6 - 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm calgary, aB Join us for our free Calgary Open Houses to learn about our yearlong Shamanic Study program. Open house evenings are November 4 and January 6, from 7:30 pm to 9 pm. call 403-277-7383.

january eVents passion Workshop series for Women jan 15, feb 6, & feb 27 2010 lacombe, aB Increase your ability for intimacy, light your sexual fire, embrace your female power, enhance your charisma and energize your passion for self, love and life! Some women have attracted their perfect mate after this class. For more information or to register contact juey ann at 888-358-8789 or

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SOUL IMPRINTS By Carol Jay Uchytil

A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. Since energy is Universal and has no boundaries the client does not have to be present for me to create a Soul Imprint for them. There is a substantial amount of creative and intuitive energy that goes into each and every Soul Imprint. Starting with honing in on the clients energy, to creating the actual imprint, to the scanning, reading the imprint, writing / translating and finally to the minute details which results in the end product. The entire process takes several hours to complete. My goal for each client is to Awaken…Inspire…and Delight… (AID) while providing them with a keepsake they are proud to display. For additional samples and information please visit

“Carol Uchytil’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing” “If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a loved one this incredible intuitive and beautiful soul work is a life long treasure to have and enjoy” “...I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!”

I just received the Soul Imprints ...they are STUNNING!! They look so much like my friends. The descriptions are very cool too, quite accurate, but I am blown away by the images. Thank you so much! I am very happy to have such a beautiful and unique gift for two very special friends. - M.W. -

“Carol's interpretation of my Soul Imprint is amazingly accurate. I look at this imprint daily as it has a life and energy of its own. It actually seems to pulse. I love it! I enthusiastically encourage other's to experience the allure of their own Custom Soul Imprint! Thank-you Carol for such an exciting work of artistic beauty!” - Nadine Gordon -

- Irene Martina -

SOUL IMPRINTS - Christmas Gift Certificate Order Your Soul Imprint via Paypal On-line at $175.00 + GST (Includes Shipping) Other Payment Options are Visa, Mastercard, Amex. Give your friends and loved ones a keepsake they will be proud to display! For Specific Gift Certificate Values:

Phone in Orders to Carol at 403-358-1656 or