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VOLuME 13, IssuE 2 MAY, JuNE, JuLY 2010

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Soul Script by Carol J. uchytil Welcome to the Summer Issue of The Violet Ray - Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine that will be in circulation for May, June and July. This issue features articles on healing, spirituality and personal growth. As always, our regular columnists share guidance from the questions that you submitted in What’s Above, Ask dr. Evers, Insights From The dream Expert and Where Is The Joy. We hope their insight has helped you in some way. WELCOME TO ThE TEAM: The Violet Ray is pleased to Welcome Danielle Rourke as Advertising Sales Representative for the Calgary Region. Danielle can be reached at: 403-689-1355 or ThE NATuRAL hEALTh COMMuNITY Is FACINg A CRIsIs - bILL C-6 ANd C-51 The biggest challenges the natural health community is going to face in the upcoming months and years are government policies that seek to suppress their liberty and health: Bills such as the soon-to-be-reintroduced C-6, and C-51, and the Natural Health Product Regulations, currently being implemented, and placing strangleholds on the industry. Health Canada’s growing restrictions endanger the natural health community. Many in the natural health product industry are understandably relieved with the news that Health Canada will not start its strict compliance plan against natural health products until 2011. However, recent announcements have shown this is not the case! The industry has been granted a few concessions, and regulations keep changing, and each time our freedom of choice becomes increasingly limited. Tens of thousands of NHP’s have been removed from store shelves to date. The reality is that they are going to lose 75-80% of their natural health products; many multi-ingredient products will not remain; and many quality firms will not survive. Canadians who rely on Natural Health Products that will disappear are going to suffer health consequences. This poses a great threat to the health of a nation Page 4

and the health of an industry. The question is: has the industry had enough yet or does it need to lose more NHPs before it is willing to act? The NHPPA believes that the industry does not have to compromise. The NHPPA has developed, what they believe, to be the last line of defense to deliver the NHP community from a bleak future.

“but what can we do?” Get behind the NHPPA Constitutional / Legal Challenge of the NHP Regulations, and support them in their efforts to maintain all of our freedoms. That means taking political action by writing in your letters of protest to MP’s and sending in your financial contribution to NHPPA! For more information visit or ON gRATITudE: We are grateful to be able to serve our readers by providing a forum that cultivates and nurtures positive growth in mind, body and spirit. Also ,we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to TheViolet Ray Advertisers and contributors. Thank you for your support by advertising with us and make publishing this magazine possible. Thank you to those readers who have taken the time to write me to provide feedback! Comments and suggestions can be directed to Once again I express gratitude and appreciation to all the alternative health practitioners, healers, energy workers and lightworkers for the amazing work that you do! Your work is making a difference by educating and helping each of us transcend to a level of greater knowledge, acceptance and health. Wishing all of you an Inspiring and Active Summer! May we all attract to us kind and gentle teachers, resources and messengers to assist us on Earthly quests. Until the next issue… With Love and Light,

Carol May, June, July 2010

The Violet Ray

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I just love the feeling that comes and inspires me as I am in the mode of being one with the universe. My hand moves across the canvas and when it is done I am told to put my pen down. It lasts for hours when I am in the zone - inspired by this beautiful loving force.

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I have been channelling art thru my connection to spirit and this energy creates the pieces that I have done. My hope is for my art to take people to another dimension. One that will inspire them to see their true creative self...and in that place envision their dreams, lives and very existence here on earth. To see more of Brenda’s work visit www.

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soul script - By Carol Uchytil


Where Is The Joy? - By Sexual and Relationship Expert Juey Ann MacLeod

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Ask dr. Evers - The Affirmation doctor By Dr. Anne Marie Evers

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In This Issue 8

The Longest Journey - By Pamela Shelly


spiritual Insights - healing - By Rev. Judy Andersen


Life Of The song - By Janet Desautels


harness Vanity For health - By Carla Green


Encounters - By Joette Lees


Creature Comment - By Nadine Gordon


Angel Connections - By Grace Diamond


Teddy bears And Tears - By Alf Hudgeon


Vision Of Our World - By Brenda Forsey

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What Is A Medicine Wheel - By Sarah Salter-Kelly

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May, June, July 2010

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star dreams - Exploring The Mystery Of Crop Circles - By Robert Nichol


Way Of The Peaceful Warrior - A book That Changes Lives - By Christine Relic

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Where is the Joy?

By Juey Ann McLeod - The Sexual and Relationship Expert Juey Ann MacLeod is a Life Coach assisting individuals and couples to resolve Sexual and Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse Patterns and facilitates Personal Growth Steps. JOY Inc. was created 10 years ago along with the first Art of Joy-ful Loving Workshop. The continually increasing variety of JOY Workshops has assisted many people to empower themselves and enhance their relationships. Juey Ann will provide answers to the questions you always wanted to ask about sexual and relationship issues. For more information call 888-358-8789 or to submit a question to

dear Juey Ann, I am middle aged and have been out of the dating scene for many years. I just do not know how to go about it and I’m scared. I was once in that place in my life and it is scary. I bought into the negative because I knew of no other way. I had thoughts like “my body is not firm and has extra pounds”; “there are more single women over 40, etc! What I know now is that men are just as scared. Both sexes focus on the negative and rejection is taken so personal.

Desire More: Connection? Intimacy? Passion?

Contact Juey Ann at 1-888-358-8789 Page 6

Instead of taking it personally, make dating an exercise of fun! The more positive you are the more you bring the “real you” to the scene. By this I mean –you are not just your body!!! Your age is a gift. Your experiences have expanded you. You now have depth and strength of character that you did not posses when you were 20. We hear about the “newsworthy” liaisons between men of 50 and women of 20 but the men I speak to want meet someone they can have a long conversation with. The other fun factor is your intention. When you are out searching for “the one” the energy that surrounds you can be

needy. You know how unattractive needy can be! Lighten up and focus on what you have to offer a partner. Law of attraction states when your vibration has reached the vibration of what you are seeking, it will come to you with ease. So lighten up make the lists of: who you are, the beauty that you are inside and what you want in a partner. Feel what it would be like to have that partner in your life now - making sure you do not go into the feelings that they are not there now! Keep it positive! Then turn it over to the higher power. Next, totally focus on how you can raise your vibration by becoming more of the beauty you are inside. It an amazing energizing journey and joyful task!

I have been with the same guy for 7.5 years and since he has been out of work the verbal abuse is getting worse. Is there anything I can do to make him stop? After so many years of abuse, I imagine yourself confidence has taken a severe blow. You may accepted verbal abuse as a child even though it always felt unpleasant. The truth is no one needs to put up with it. The way he speaks to you is unacceptable – so tell him and then walk away! It takes courage but it will get easier each time. When you think this way, you give him the responsibility for his speech. It is his responsibility to make himself happy, not yours. After you tell him it is not acceptable then do not engage in any type of conversation. It is like not batting the ping-pong ball back - then the game is over. Unfortunately, we can never change someone else – they have to want to change. I understand that he is probably angry with himself for not having a job. Instead of doing something about it he is turning his anger toward you instead of using it to fuel a change in his life. Yes, it is very difficult for a man to lose a job. He can become stronger by overcoming what happened. Then he will feel even better about himself than he did before he lost his job. Are you being a co-dependent and supporting him? Maybe it is time to let him know that it has been long enough and you are not willing to support him any longer. Make a list of what you want and expect in a partner, then turn them over to a higher power than you. Once you become clear, he will feel it at some level. Miracles do happen! May, June, July 2010

Now, take the energy you have been using to verbally defend yourself and apply it to ways that will help you raise your self confidence. Some of them could be: reading about the Law of Attraction; learn about co-dependence and how to avoid it; investigate patterns from your childhood and learn to respond as an adult; take classes to discover your inner beauty. Each step of growth will be one step closer to getting what you say you want and JOY!

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The Longest Journey by Pamela shelly

Recently a friend and I were talking and she remarked that to go from the ego driven mind to the soul guided heart may be the longest journey we take. For many years our society has become more and more fear driven and we often feel safest in the mind. We love to have proof of things, are taught to memorize and recite facts, analyze things to death and often believe we are right. We are conditioned to revere people with head knowledge rather than heart based soul wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge applied; heart centered and often comes from experience. Unfortunately not too many of us seem to be born with it and if we are, it usually doesn’t take long to have it conditioned out of us. It usually comes from learning valuable lessons from the school of hard knocks. We learn to come

from our heart when we have allowed ourselves to FEEL and have learned from our ‘mistakes’. We are a society that does everything in its power to escape feelings, unless they are the highs of infatuation, lust, gambling, drugs and the list goes on. Wisdom also comes from allowing ourselves to let go of the struggle, surrender and trust. We often put people on pedestals when they are knowledgeable in a certain area. I have certainly been one of these people in the past. Looking at our educational system shows how little we value individual creativity, intuition, feelings and anything else that is heart centered. The children that have the ability to memorize are often the ones that excel. Yet this has absolutely nothing to do with


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Advertising in The Violet Ray has opened the doorway for me to access my local and provincial community. As an information resource, The Violet Ray has effectively spread the word about my healing sessions and workshops, helping my practice to grow and flourish. It is a viable asset, which has brought me immediate results. The Violet Rays dedication to the wholistic community is a service to us all. -S. SK., AdvertiserI am so glad I chose The Violet Ray for my profile, ads and articles because I not only received calls from Central Alberta, but also as far as Winnipeg! That told me that The Violet Ray is one of the best mediums for marketing my services and products. - Z.N.., Advertiser –

Carol 403-358-1656 Page 8

May, June, July 2010

what truly matters in life. Today I am much more impressed with how emotionally mature a person is and how they live their life day to day. My role model is someone who doesn’t need to impress with their knowledge but is a great listener, truly cares and respects others and is a compassionate being. She or he may light up a room with their heartfelt smile and radiates love to everyone. They are in touch with their feelings and have worked diligently at healing and releasing their deepest core issues. My role model would treat everyone who comes into their contact with respect and honour rather than separation and judgment. They also have learned to love and respect themselves by setting boundaries and have no problem saying No. They no longer have the need to please, the need to be needed, they are comfortable with their True self. They live their life sharing their unique gifts and are content and fulfilled as they are in alignment with their life purpose. They know how to have fun whatever they deem that to be for themselves. They don’t need drugs or alcohol to numb their painful feelings. They live in their sacred heart center where they are guided moment to moment and they don’t fear the unknown. They are a spiritual warrior and know that we are here on an amazing adventure and every moment is to be cherished. They are aware of all that transpires as they know everything is significant. Life is not made up of random happenings but a world of constant creation that shifts with our awareness and perception. My role model is proactive rather than reactive and very much aware of inner guidance, guides and angels and all the aspects of Self. They are in gratitude and more than willing to share their wisdom with others. With 2012 fast approaching and going from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age we are in the midst of a new consciousness taking place on our planet. Many of the children that have recently and are currently being born are heart centered, soul infused beings and we have much to learn from them. What qualities does your role model embody? Are you a good role model?

Pamela shelly is a Transformational Teacher with years of multi-faceted training and works closely with the Archangels and Ascended Masters. She teaches the Advanced Tools For Self-Mastery workshop to assist you in discovering your unique gifts and abilities, move through your blocks and fulfill your Divine Life Purpose. see Ad on page 30


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W hat’s Above With Clairvoyant Kim dear Kim, Over the past few weeks my 28 month old daughter started to feel scared and cry a lot when I am putting her to sleep at night. she has a night light now which seemed to help. It looks to me like she is scared of being alone, what can we do to make her feel safe? ~ Elena s., Calgary, Alberta ~ Your story is a common one. Young children have many irrational fears such as being scared of the dark, being alone, or separation from a parent. Usually reassurance over a period of time will relieve her of her anxiety of being without you and being in the dark at the same time. Children three and under are also like little psychics, they don't know that they are not supposed to see "those people", so they do all the time. Pets also hear and see things we don't. In my experience, when children do see "those people", they are not frightened; they cannot tell the difference between seeing a physical person or a person in spirit. It is never the intention of a loved one in spirit to physically manifest to scare or harm someone. I feel that your daughter is just uncertain about being apart from you, and with all your loving reassurance, this should pass in time. If a child is seeing a "grandmother" in spirit this usually starts to fade after the age of three. My husband and I were married on February 14th, 2009 and he passed away september 15th 2009. We were newlyweds in our 50's and I miss him terribly, he was my soul mate. Why can I not see him or why can he not visit me? I so long to talk with him. Is this possible? ~ Anna K., Edmonton, Alberta ~ I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that there is some comfort in knowing that your husband spent his remaining days with you, the person who loved him completely, inside and out, backwards and forwards. Your husband is with you all the time. There is nowhere else for him to be. It's not that we are "here" and he is somewhere else, we are all here, just operating at different vibrations. We really do not die, we just change form. We are all made from the same matter, energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. The same is true when we conceive a Page 10

child; that soul has just changed to physical form, in death, we just change back. As for seeing him with your physical eyes, that is rare, but possible. He would have to lower his vibration for you to see him. When this happens, it is usually fleeting, because it takes a lot for them to do this. Ask for him to visit you in a dream, (which I feel that he already has) as this seems to be easier for the soul to do. Watch for any thought, event, song etc. that makes you stop and think of him...because it is him. When you really "get it", that he is always close, you can stop looking for him, and the signs and signals tend to come to us easy and often. For about 6 years, I have been consciously aware of white (sometimes other coloured) feathers surrounding me. I have always felt that this was a message or reminder for something, but I am not sure exactly what? Please share your thoughts on this. ~ Louanne b., Red deer, Alberta ~ Great question! Yes, I believe that this is the way your loved ones, in spirit form, are making a connection with you. When you are feeling alone, or missing a passed loved one, this is how they are letting you know that they are close. "They" can see us but we cannot see them, so this is their way of letting you know that you are never alone. Souls try to reach us in many forms such as songs, thoughts (especially reoccurring thoughts) and smells etc. Anything that makes you stop and think about someone who has passed, means it is them. I do sense that there was a child lost early, connected to you, that often sends the feathers. When you see a feather, relax your mind (actually, empty your thoughts) and you will receive a thought from a loved one telling you that it is them. There is also a strong "father� feeling that is with you often. So when you see a feather give thanks for the connection and they will surely continue. I sometimes feel that it is not right for me to ask the spirit of my loved ones to visit me. Am I disturbing their peace? Am I bothering them? ~ sue M., Moncton, New brunswick ~ Awesome question! No you are not bothering or disturbing them. Anybody who has raised a teenager knows that you cannot make any soul do anything that May, June, July 2010

they do not want to do. They love to connect with us! Thank goodness, or I would have to find another job. (hee..hee) Our loved ones are close by at all times, so if you are having a hard day, grieving or missing someone, just ask them for a sign that they are close, then release that thought and go about your day. Before long, something will happen to let you know that they heard you and will respond to your request. ASK and you will receive...always. Do not ask for them to flicker a candle or a light, you may be disappointed, just ask them to do what they can to make a connection with you and they will. Remember that our loved ones in spirit can still hear, hearing is vibrational, it is the first sense that comes to a newborn child and the last sense

to leave our physical body. Ask a nurse that works in a hospice or in critical care, they always tell you to "talk to them, they can still hear you"....nurses know, they have seen it many times. Kim dennis is a proven clairvoyant medium who resides in Calgary. She is the author of the book What's Above?, a radio host on 1060 AM in Calgary, Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. and is currently producing a second television program. Her CD is available on at We invite you to send your questions about the afterlife to Kim by logging onto The Violet Ray Website at

spiritual Insights - healing by Rev. Judy Andersen How does healing happen? Plato, quoting Socrates, says that to attempt to heal the body without including the soul, is futile. The ancient Persians (now known as Iran), taught the philosophy of one universal mind, and that a healing could be effected as easily for someone on the other side of the country as for the one sitting at the same table. The ancient Greeks taught mental healing, but only in the combined presence of healer and patient. In our world, there are great numbers of healing modalities, all of which work, in varying degrees, some of the time. What makes the difference? In studying the healings credited to Jesus, we find that the common denominator appears to be faith—that of the patient, or of those who bring the patient, or in the healer. In the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, there are accounts of many healings— nearly all including words such as “Your faith has made you whole.” In the case of a paralytic brought on a mat by his friends, it was to those who brought him that Jesus spoke, saying that their faith had healed the friend. With some, obviously a physical process was required for the patient to be healed—something ‘physical’ that the patient could see, feel or touch, for example, the making of a paste of mud and spit, administered to the patients’ eyes, with the instructions to go and wash in a particular pond. In the case of a deaf and dumb man, Jesus inserted his fingers in the man’s ears, moistened his fingers with spit and touched the man’s tongue, according to the biblical account, causing the mans ears ‘to be opened’, and that “he spoke plainly”. Others, he touched, and told to go their way, their sins have been forgiven. Were these ‘sins’ acting as obstructions in the person’s belief system, in the form of unresolved guilt or confusion?, and were the words of Jesus a ‘releasing’ of past beliefs?

We likely will never have all of the answers, exactly what Jesus was thinking or knowing in the course of his healing ministry, but we do have a record of results, and of varying techniques, adapted to the person and the condition. I am sure there are similar accounts in the histories of other religious philosophies, with which I am not so familiar. Do our current varieties of healing modalities reflect the history of healing techniques of the ages? What of the stories of healing potions created by witches, shamans, witch doctors? Is the healing in the potion or in the mind? Can one person be healed by their belief and/or the belief of one who speaks healing words on their behalf, and another require ‘energy work’, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, or some other technique to fully engage them in ‘faith’ in the healing process? I suspect that the answer is “yes”, that each healing modality brings its own gifts, so long as the belief is there to support it. If I say ‘yes’ to the chiropractic process, then I know that my neck or back will benefit from that process. On the other hand, if I firmly believe that I need surgery and pills, then that is where my faith is, and very likely it “will be done unto me as I believe.” If my stubborn belief system resists the words of a Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer), maybe that can be overcome in accepting Reiki, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Massage, Belief Re-Patterning, or some other healing technique. My personal ‘faith’ is in the movement of thought, usually expressed in words, ‘moving’ upon a creative universal mind to bring about that which I desire. In the words of Ernest Holmes, the founder of the philosophy expressed in The Science of Mind, “There is a power for good in the Universe greater than you are, and you can use it.” Very literally, Dr. Holmes’ philosophy is to practice the admonition of “Whatever you desire, ask it in prayer believ-

Continued on next page.... May, June, July 2010

Page 11

Spiritual Insights continued....

ing those who have trouble accepting the possibility of physical healing through any means other than doctors and hospitals.

ing that you have it, and it shall be yours.” Two books I have found intriguing on the subject of mental and spiritual healing are “The Biology of Belief”, by Bruce Lipton, (Ph.D. in cell biology), who discusses actual changes in the brain resulting from spiritual practices, and “Healing Words” by Larry Dossey, M.D., who describes scientific studies into the effectiveness of prayer. An examination on-line of the history and credentials of these two writers is impressive, and goes a long way toward answer-

May the blessings of God be upon you; may peace abide with you.

Rev. Judy Andersen, Co-Pastor of the Centre for Spiritual Living in Red Deer. For more information visit: see Ad on next page

Life Of The song by Janet desautels Babies all New, soft and warm Tucked up in a row Soft knit caps blue and pink Old wise eyes, a knowing Ancient, before time and words, Each one a bundle, a gift to the Earth Here to create a new Song. Tiny hands, uncurling, trusting, Open. Children all laughter and play Limbs astretch and akimbo, Climbing, jumping Lungs shout, laughter and games Tears, falling and learning Wide, soft eyes Knowing still, each one a joy, Learning words for the Song Testing and trying Open ears, open heart Then words, “watch out”, “cannot”, fall in, Heavy. Youth all Shining and beautiful, young shoots in Spring Arms strong, graceful, able Hearts up and down, strong and weak Eyes hooded, doubt clouding the Song Quieting the wonder. The world a gray cloak, dimming the light The Song A hollow melody, borrowed. Beauty unseen, unfelt in the dusktime. Lost. Grown ups all Restless, vaguely wanting Page 12

Seeing the world as if through glass Here, not here One foot in front of another Shoulders weigh heavy, worry The Song a shadow A distant call echoing Through busyness, The pressing of time. A soul`s winter Awaiting the warmth of hope, the dawn of meaning, Aching. Middling years all Wondering and wandering hiding and seeking in turns Musing Questions pressing in, Spirit calling Love evinced in a moment`s grace The sight of sunbeams dancing Upon the crust of snow Stirrings of remembrance, of knowing The Song humming, breathing again Truth. Elder and Free The binding chains of fear loose now gnarled hands open to new life, again Eyes sparkle and wise Knowing returns, a happy homecoming The Song a celebration, a symphony Of love known, lost and found again Unique and beautiful Life seen through those old wise eyes The knowing ancient, before time and words. Home.

Janet desautels studies energy and consciousness. She is passionate about our spiritual nature, capacity to create, and power to recognize and embrace divinity in ourselves and the world. May, June, July 2010

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harness Vanity For health by Carla green The vain quest for beauty is often perceived as a negative thing. People go to extreme lengths, often spending excessive amounts of money, submitting themselves to procedures that involve high risk and tissue damage. A great number of beauty procedures involve damage to the body: cutting (surgery), burning (laser skin resurfacing), cooking (thermage), and sanding (microdermabrasion) etc. Imagine the possibilities when you can enhance your looks AND your health at the same time without inflicting damage on the body? The three biggest challenges to making positive changes in your life are motivation, cost and speed of results. The biggest challenge is usually motivation. People know what they need to do to lose weight, lower their cholesterol etc. but they lack the motivation to make those changes. I have noticed that vanity is one of the most powerful motivating forces. Prove to someone that making a lifestyle change will prevent or reverse a wrinkle and they are enthusiastically on board with the program.

Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation® Training June 12, 13, 2010, Calgary, AB Look Younger in under 60 Minutes! No Pain, No Risk Training open to everyone! Self Treatment or Self Employment. Great addition to your current business! Amazing income potential!

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Another challenge to health enhancement is the cost. Frequently people can afford the money to make lifestyle changes to improve their health, but they do not value this as a priority, so make the claim “they can’t afford it”. But they can afford beauty products or procedures that will enhance their looks! Why? Because they value this more than they value enhancing their health! In this age of instant gratification we all want results fast! Quick change captures our attention. Healths enhancing facial rejuvenation methods are available and effective! Combine several of these methods and results occur more rapidly. Did you know the signs of aging can be reversed with nutrition? Eating all the right things and none of the wrong things will produce a visible improvement in your face in 4 days! The only side effect is that you will feel fantastic! Your face is a reflection of your internal health and emotional wellbeing. Looking good and having a positive self image is your path to a healthy life. Embrace vanity as a positive force! Harness its power to fuel your motivation. Search out and embrace health enhancing facial rejuvenation methods. Your looks and your health will thrive!

Promoting health and wellness through natural medicine is Carla green’s passion. She is a Physiotherapist and Registered Acupuncturist in private practice for 30 years. For a free copy of a 4 day Nutritional Face Lift (Value $19.95) send an email request to Be sure to take a photo of your face before and after your 4 Day Nutritional Face Lift as the differences you will see are significant! or see Ad this page

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WE RECOMMEND! sTAR dREAMs Exploring the Mystery of the Crop Circles by Robert Nichol This award-winning feature length documentary on Crop Circles (an 85 minute film), shows the circles themselves for all to see and presents the top crop circle researchers. It also investigates the over-all assumption of hoaxing, balls of light, sacred site connection, media and people’s reaction to the phenomenon, and outlines the basic understandings arrived at so far. The film carries with it an overall message to humanity and yet the crop circle phenomenon still remains a mystery as to of how and why. Star Dreams is a good news documentary. Audiences seem very moved by the film and leave the theatre feeling hopeful and uplifted. Often I have had to put an end to the Q&A as the enthusiasm for this world-wide event remains high. And this year’s circles are even more spectacular. They can be seen by plugging into the crop circle connector web site at: The crop circle phenomena to-date has had a bum rap. My company Genesis Communications has taken over the role of purveyor of truthful analysis and logical consequence. Many are now coming to believe these mysterious symbols appearing all over the planet (11,000 since 1980), are a communiqué to humankind allowing a greater human consciousness to emerge. That is, they are here to offer humanity at this time, an opportunity for an expanded consciousness and an understanding of how the world works in the larger context of the inter-galactic community. Why has it largely been ignored? Science and media have not given the phenomena due consideration. Now is the time for a careful re-consideration based on the information and insights gained by the many researchers in the field. The overwhelming significance of the phenomena is to act as a wakeup call, like trigger mechanisms the symbols reach past the rational mind and reach us on a deep psychic level. Some people break into tears when they see certain symbols on the screen. It must be said at this point that while people have heard about crop circles, they have no idea at the range and scope and sheer beauty of these exquisite designs. They are simply blown away by the images in the film. Like myself, some people have a sense of recognition of these patterns and yet we have never seen them before. This leads me to believe that what we have here is a universal, timeless, symbolic, interdimensional language, based on sacred geometry, an ancient sciPage 14

ence now coming to the fore. Sacred geometry is the blueprint behind the cosmic construct, or the template behind all form. This is a language we know on a very deep level and are asked to relearn. This is a language of symbols that like Esperanto of decades past, can reach beyond all languages and thus is a pure way of communicating with all beings in the universe. Now it is our turn to make use of this. Why not embrace this new/ancient language and learn the parameters of cosmic conversation? When this occurs we are on our way to being invited back to our cosmic heritage and membership in the various intergalactic communities of which the universe holds in its bosom and of which, we are a part. Here again many do believe that we are being communicated to at this time of great transition on planet earth and that we are being helped in our understandings and rising awareness of humanity’s concerns and the evolutionary leap now taking place, in human consciousness. My take on this remarkable event in human history.

“Crop Circles are the realization of a higher consciousness presented to humanity at this time to aid in a universal awakening to higher dimensions of being.” Robert is a professional cinematographer, writer, editor, director, and producer. He has worked on films ranging from documentaries to features with approximately 150 screen credits. A producer / filmmaker, he has completed 25 productions and won a number of awards for excellence. Regarded as an independent visionary producer of programming that seeks to enlighten as well as entertain, he brings to the world community new ideas and concepts leading to new approaches in healthy living, new ways of being and finally to the development and evolution of human thought. For more information on this documentary contact Robert at genesis Communications Corporation at 250456-6039 or visit

Geometric Shape of the “Star of David” Crop Circle that was discovered on September 16, 2001 just south of Red Deer, Alberta. This crop circle spanned 422 feet and is the largest discovered to-date. Another Crop Circle with a different geometrical formation was sited on August 25, 2009 just west of Stettler, Alberta.

May, June, July 2010

Encounters by Joette Lees I write this article with love for ALL I work with on all levels and to those I have yet to encounter. Individuals need to look up. Not just toward Divine, God or Spirit but to what is going on physically around them. My intention is that this condensed article with decades of experience from many sources regarding Chemtrails and U.F.O.’s opens curiosity, question and wisdom for you.

To stay in objectivity as I write this I say the words seem and maybe. Maybe the words ATTRACTION and CHOICE and COVER UP should take on a greater environmental perspective. A lack of information reduces the knowledge involved with choice and action. Reasons stated as to why Chemtrails are used vary in many reports from averting global warming, producing cloud cover for rain to reducing earth quakes and more. These are topics of interest. If you are by nature an investigator, it is good to take the initiative to seek information from many sources. But it is advisable to remain sensitive, and highly ethical, to avoid the intention to be manipulated by others especially with your beta brainwave, linear thought and logical thinking, which is more dominate in most adult humans. Communication and knowledge is vital to awareness.

The World Wide Web brings diverse communication. In honor of many people I am aware of who have disappeared or seem to have committed suicide for many decades after sharing information on a variety of topics including Chemtrails, E.T’s and U.F.O.’s I ask you to seek information from many sources. Google Aaron McCollum, Chemtrails Educate Yourself by Ken Adachi (there are many links), Chemtrail Ingredients, ECETI by Carol J. uchytil Ranch, Stargates and Wikipedia for comparisons of both sides as well as any other key words you are guided to search. Documentation of communication with U.F.O.’s and extra terrestrial encounters have been discussed by humans, in Chemtrails fill our skies during the day and through the writing and pictured in a variety of expressions throughout night, visible by the naked eye because they are so close history. In my personal and professional life U.F.O’s or to earth. Straight lines to typical patterns of X’s, criss-cross- Universal beings (E.T.’s) are normal expressions in actualiing lines and more are made in the sky. Most often the ty, conversation and now almost every day journeys. spraying now occurs worldwide in the North West regions People speak to me almost daily about what they are seeof the atmosphere from metropolitan centers over water, ing and hearing. I have many U.F.O. and E.T. visits. This farming communities and small towns enabling the natural intelligence is a powerful and fundamental force. Many wind currents to spread the dissipating spray long dis- people including children are being told that the E.T. freetances. Where the sprays initiate there is concentrated dom to interact is being altered by our flying machines and ingredients that fall. Chemtrails often leave residue on sur- chemicals. Children under 5 years say the word faces of bushes, cars, trees, outside toys and furniture that chemical(s)! Of course there are many chemicals in a variseems to disappear with sunlight, not necessarily heat, ety of items used by humans. There are communicative proven in cold temperatures. Myself and others feel these signs that many people consider being presented by both substances assist with more environmentally induced humans and from other sources. Since I was a child, and health issues, obstructing development and mental clarity many children and adults I have worked with for years, for humans, animals and insects, as well as, distraction speak about seeing luminous lights stream across the darkwith connective communication of spirits and universal ened night sky; they are easier to see against the darkened beings for some people. Birds drop from nests, insects sky and are also seen during the day, space crafts close repeatedly have wings glued together and/or over size enough to view structural details and lights, visitations bodies, whales beach themselves, young and smaller live- from angels, guides and / or extra terrestrial beings. stock and pets become ill, some die. Humans report Arcturian and Plieadian energies are interacting with peoheadaches, pressure in the crown chakra region and pineal ple through repeated occurrences and patterns. Humans gland, respiratory illness, irritated throats, congestion in say some people are earth angels. Many Universal beings the throat chakra, repeated nose bleeds at various times in all realms are angels in one way or another too. with no known life style related cause. I mention a minimal list of symptoms. I have asked this question for years Often explanations state that veils of protection are let because of Chemtrail knowledge and other environmental down by those from other realms for humans to see them. factors; If belief is a main cause of illness, what does the Scientific instrumentation also allows knowledge or sight. In 2004 when traveling I noticed huge boulders, taller and members of the animal kingdom believe? wider than me, just south of Calgary, Alberta that were Beliefs can definitely affect emotional wellbeing that can placed in two circular formations in the soil divider between alter physical health. However, the air we breathe, the the north and south lanes of Highway 2. Within the year a earth surface we interact with and the food/water we city employee explained to me that with care and measureingest is exposed to the chemtrail ingredients. The inter- ment this project was constructed. The land and connected strands of the web of life seem to be affected. Continued on next page.... May, June, July 2010

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Encounters continued.... completed formations were blessed by a Native Shaman, Reiki, and other spiritual energies. The formations can be seen from the sky, yet, many people, even now, who drive the highway have never see the formations when I mention them to individuals. I have been told by people throughout North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe similar boulder configurations have been created by employed individuals. Crop circles are signs as well with too much information to begin to discuss here. It seems that with recent constructed configurations communication is being shared. My questions are: If funds are being used for constructed boulder configurations by humans why is it so difficult to obtain information about them? If spiritual blessings were given were other human intentions placed as well on these projects? Energy surrounds every spirit including spirits in physical earthly forms. Integral consistency is important. So much information is available that is always being updated. These updates can keep the human mind distracted trying to remain current. It seems there are energies to provide assistance and energies to generate distraction. If you are open toward information, keep your mind innocent and free of fear, habitual teaching and pride, so that you may remain unguarded to helpful support, positive insight or proactive advice. When your interest arises from innocence and love, an even more powerful magnetic force is at work

for you with mutual attraction. Remaining open on all levels with interactive brainwaves brings prosperity on all levels. Prosperity involves more than financial energy. Yield to the instinctive tugs of your heart, inner wisdom and personal power you need for your life path at this time of interaction and encounters during this period in Mother Earth’s history.

by Carol J. uchytil

I heard from a 4 ½ year old today. Her Mum called and put her child on. This young person in physical earth age said, “The star friends are sick now. Temicals. They going to stay by the moon.” I verbally hear these kind of words from children often. The child’s star friends would play with her in the back yard. I had just completed writing this article.

May angels always sweep the path before you!

Joette Lees is a Mystic Spiritual Healing Counselor and the owner of Angel Stardust Journey. She can be reached at 877-352-2783 or For more information please visit her website at

Book Review Way Of The Peaceful Warrior A book That Changes Lives by dan Millman Review by Christine Relic Based on true events, the Peaceful Warrior tells the tale of a young man searching for meaning in his life. A world-champion gymnast, a freshman in college along with good looks and a ceaseless flow of female companions by his side, Dan Millman appears to be on top of world. In fact, some may say that Dan Millman is living the “American Dream”. Still, his life is just that…merely a shallow dream that he desires more meaning from. Longing for answers to his frustration, Dan sets off one night on a long walk in hope to clear his head, only to find an eccentric, gas station attendant who at first, only further clouds Dan’s head. Yet, as Dan continues to visit this old man that he later affectionately calls Socrates—a suiting name for his natural inclination to ask insightful questions—he begins to find truth to the meaning of life and most importantly, truth to the way of life. Author, Dan Millman takes you on a profound journey that tells of our many shared illusions. The journey is indeed Dan’s personal journey with Socrates, a man who forever changed his life, but it is told with insight and creativity that Page 16

make readers feel as if they too have crossed paths with this peaceful warrior. The warrior, however, is in all of us, waiting to come out to lead us to a more insightful life. The book reveals how to find inner peace and our inner warrior. When Dan first meets Socrates he is put off by his exultant demeanor and his acceptance of all things, situations and people. In fact, Socrates’ compassion for everything further angers Dan who is merely frustrated that he only sees and feels the world as a cold, helpless manifestation of his most inner demons. Within their first few intimate meetings, Socrates explains to Dan that he is a prisoner of his illusions, and that he will need to exercise courage to set himself free. In other words, Dan must first be dis-illusioned. Part of this dis-illusion requires Dan to recognize that his presupposed enjoyments in life (gymnastics, school, sex, etc.) are solely addictions and temporary ways to distract him from seeking his true self. Seeking change, Dan’s new ritual soon involves late walks home from Socrates’ gas station, pondering his counsel. As his nightly life lessons steadily increase, Dan begins to realize and accept that his mind is his greatest predicament, and the only way to overcome it is to let go of the mind’s attachments, and trust in the outcome. Socrates encourages Dan to feel versus think his way through his life. This includes examining his mind’s debris and releasing his preconceived outcomes during his gymnastics and school endeavors. Yet, ego and fear make it challenging for Dan to be in the present. He is then left to ponder, why he so desperately clings to protecting a “self” that doesn’t even exist. May, June, July 2010

As days turn into months, Dan continues to struggle with much of Socrates’ advice and with his innuendos that danger is nearing for Dan. Nonetheless, Dan continues to trust his mentor and to employ Socrates’ unconventional antics to discovering his warrior within. This involves daily meditation, however Socrates illuminates that this is not the whole of the warrior’s path; rather, it is one step to living the warrior way. True meditation is a moving experience consisting of two simultaneous actions: one aims to gain insight and expand awareness; the other, aims to surrender and let go of fearful attachments. As Dan begins to awake from what appears to be his never-ending dream, he realizes that he is not his thoughts and therefore his thoughts are not exclusive to his existence. However, his spiritual progress is quickly jolted as Dan almost loses his life in a motorcycle accident. Lying frustrated in his hospital bed, his physical pain is further heightened by emotional pain as his Doctor gives him news that he will never partake in gymnastics again. Feeling like he has lost everything, Dan hears his mentor’s voice, or perhaps his own inner guide, who reminds him that everything happens for a reason and that a warrior uses pain or misfortune in his or her life as fuel for accomplishing the impossible. With this truth, along with Socrates’ miracle concoction of herbs, Dan recovers quickly and returns to doing what his Doctor declared he would never do again. But this time, when he returns to the gym and tenaciously jumps the parallel bars, his mind lets go and he experiences a sense of openness where his thoughts and sequential actions embody the present moment. He surrenders to all outcomes, allowing the movements to simply happen versus forcing them. Because of Dan’s life-altering accident, for once in his life, he experiences Satori, the warrior’s state of being, when attention rests only in the present moment. Dan’s past anger is now replaced by feelings of exhilaration for new knowledge and growth; Socrates continues to give him new insights to awaken him further, including the importance of eating vegetarian, revitalizing by connecting with nature, practicing good posture, deep breathing and Tai Chi, and forging random substance impulses (alcohol, sugar, sex). Ironically, Socrates gives his lesson while lighting up a cigar, taking his time to slowly inhale and exhale perfect smoke rings as if he has habitually done this his entire life. Dan, almost losing his temper but recognizing the consequence of indulging in it, calmly asks Socrates why the hypocrisy. Socrates explains that every action has its price, and its pleasure; be realistic and recognize both sides. Weigh your options, embrace your responsibilities, make your free choice and then do it with your best spirit. The end of Dan’s academic era approaches and so too his nightly rendezvous with Socrates. Socrates continues to hint that time is running out for Dan. Therefore, Socrates directs him to learn as much as possible yet this time on his own. Dan isn’t to return until he has something worth sharing. Scared, not wanting to leave the man he has grown fond of, Dan reluctantly moves to L.A., his hometown. Unsure of how to fill the void in his soul, a desperate Dan calls his high school sweetheart, Linda, proposes marriage, finds a job selling insurance, has a baby, and hesitantly balances the delicacy of career, child, and wife. Again, many might say Dan is still living the “American Dream”, but he can’t help feeling more lost than ever. May, June, July 2010

As fate may have it, Dan’s marriage with Linda ends, and he finds himself back on campus coaching gymnastics to versions of his younger self. Afterward, his position affords him an opportunity to travel the world; perhaps, this is Dan’s final search. He readily accepts his new path. Yet, when he returns he still feels misplaced. Seeking change, Dan devotes his time to meditating and reflecting on Socrates’ lessons. He longs to return to the dingy, yet awe-inspiring gas station to resume his much needed guidance. Yet, knowing he still has nothing to share, Dan heads to the mountains in one last attempt to lose his mind, in order to gain his senses. One dark evening, as Dan attempts to warm his hands and soul around a crackling fire, his good friend appears. Dan begins to share with him his many tribulations. After intently listening, Socrates explains to Dan that he has shown him the way of the warrior, not the way to the warrior. Happiness is not something you attain; it is something you are; therefore, choose to be happy now, without reason. Socrates leads Dan to the highest plateau in the mountains. Trusting his guru, Dan follows. As the night darkens, Socrates directs Dan to follow as there is not much time left, a familiar caution Dan has heard time and time again. Suddenly, Dan loses conscious and feels like he is dying. From a higher distance, he sees his injured body. The spirit of Dan watched what he once thought was “him” decay and become a larger part of the trees, sky, and earth. Dan Millman who once lived was now merely an illusion nurtured by the ego. His eyes open, and Dan, now back in his physical self, finds himself in a cave, his face kissed by the warmth of the sun. Laughter begins to ensue, as a newly born Dan recognizes the true connectedness of life and how warped his perception of himself once was; there is no search in life; this too is an illusion. The Peaceful Warrior is a deeply-moving story that everyone, regardless of his or her past, present or future, can connect to. The struggles or more rightfully said, the illusions, that we face are common as we strive to rekindle a sense of ourselves that we feel we have lost. Dan Millman shares with us the importance of letting go of this “strive”, to realize that we are the perfect light that we desperately seek to become. The way of the peaceful warrior is not a path, but rather a peaceful approach to daily living.

With over 13 years of practical experience in the Health, Wellness & Personal Development Industry, Christine Relic has provided Leadership, Career Coaching, and Wellness strategies to various individuals and businesses. As an author, public speaker, and life coach, she has created many programs that promote Life Mastery Skills. Christine holds B.Comm. and M.Ed. degrees in Business Leadership and Education with a focus on Community Development and Change. Christine has 10 years of experience in Karate, Tai Chi & Qi Gong. She currently operates a successful Martial Arts & Personal Development School that emphasizes valuable “Life Skills” through the teaching of traditional martial arts. For more information visit

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Insights From The Dream Expert - Irene Martina dear dreamers, You are the writer, producer, director and star of all your dreams. Only you can really interpret your dreams. The language of dreams is symbols, metaphors and emotions. As our minds are unconscious in dreams, your dream “creator” can only pull information stored in your brain (data base) and try to use this to give you a dream message. I try to give guidelines to what the dreams may mean however you must ask yourself- what does the symbol, person, color, emotion etc. mean to me in my dreams? Only you really know the answer and if what I say should resonate in a small or big way then you are on track to understanding what your symbols are meaning. My suggestions below are only my ideas and not meant to be replacing your own dream language or interpretations. To access Irene’s interactive column or submit a dream question logon to For more on Irene please visit her website at

dear Irene, My dream question is I often dream that I can breathe under water, what significance does this hold? Usually I am fearful and trying to get away from someone and go into the water and find out I can breathe and then I just kind of enjoy myself and explore under water while hiding and my fear is gone. Thank-you. - Submitted by Cindy C. -

- One also has to take into account if the dreamer is in a river, pond, lake, ocean, drowning, swimming, etc. As you can see water has many different meanings and possibilities but the one thing that is pretty consistent with water is our emotional state in relation to what is currently happening in our waking life. Breathing is a life necessity and is connected to the process of life. Years ago breathing underwater was associated to a “return to a womb like state”. Because you are fearful and trying to get away from someone/something in the dream is likely because you are feeling this way about something or someone in your waking life. Are you facing some fears and deep emotional issues that could be triggering this state of dream consciousness? If so, when you awake ask yourself what you are currently dealing with that you are wanting to avoid, fear or need to face and if you can identify and face it the dreams will stop. In closing exploring underwater could mean avoidance of an issue and you need to explore your waking life and face something or someone. Good luck, Irene dear Irene,

Dear Cindy, Water is symbolic of emotions and cleansing. Water has so many options and it can often have great meaning in a dream. For example: - Deep water can mean deep emotions, feeling out of depth with some life situation and a deep subconscious state of emotions.

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- Entering water could represent new beginnings, entering a highly emotional state and even a state of pregnancy.

My sister died two years ago and my brother a year prior to her. Shortly after she passed, my three sisters and I went for a walk. The path we were walking along had pennies strewn along it for about a block. At this stage in my life I was a bit dubious about spirits, but I seemed to instinctively know these had to do with my sister and so I picked them up. One profound experience I’ve had was walking my dog one dark evening. I was feeling intensely sad and missing my sister and I looked down at that precise moment and saw May, June, July 2010

a shiny dime in a footprint in the snow directly beneath me. It gave me shivers.

Reiki Master / Teacher - Reflexologist - Regression Therapist / Intuitive Counsellor

I always find coins on the ground now, primarily dimes (why not $100 bills?). Maybe there were always coins on the ground and perhaps I didn’t take notice before. Can you tell of any experiences or knowledge you have on this? - Submitted by Marili -

Dear Marili, When I was about nine years old my Uncle died and I went to my first funeral. When we were walking up the path to the church I found 4 pennies on the ground. My mother said the following verse to me after I picked them up. “Finding coins on the ground is to know angels and loved ones are around.” She also told me to never keep the money but to “gift it” to others who would be in a greater need such as charities or the homeless and I have also done this with thanks to those who left the coins where I would find them. Whenever I see coins now and I don’t have time to pick them up or they are too dirty, I just say thanks and bless the next person to see or get them. I have always believed that coins were just one of the ways that our love ones connect to us. You will seldom find large denominations of bills as it is not about the amount of what is on the ground as this is not what the message is about. It is the simple and smallest things in life that we overlook that carry the greatest messages. How many times do we ignore a butterfly, a warm day, a favorite song with the perfect message, a bird that comes close to us and seems to want to tell us something and even a leaf that gently falls on our path? Our loved ones are always around and they have many ways to try and let us know this. One day a few years back I too was missing my sister who died in 1995. That day an invitation came in the mail for a baby shower and it was for the exact same time and date she died! The baby shower was for a baby girl who they had named Linda and that was also my sister’s name! Was she telling me she had come back in a new life? I like to think so. Be aware of life’s moments as they always bring a gift. Blessings, Irene

May, June, July 2010

SOUL IMPRINTS By Carol Jay Uchytil A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. It takes several hours to complete a Soul Imprint and since energy has no boundaries the client is not present. The print is 8”x10” and comes framed. For samples or information see “Carol Uchytil’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing. If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a loved one this incredible intuitive and beautiful soul work is a life long treasure to have and enjoy...I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!” - Irene Martina SEE OUTSIDE BACK COVER FOR DISCOUNT

Carol at 403-358-1656

JUNE 15 NEXT ISSUE AD BOOKING DEADLINE For 2010 Rate Sheet or to Book Your Ad Contact

Carol 403-358-1656

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Creature Comment Animal Wisdom, Intuition and Insight by Nadine gordon Is it true that animals can project their illness or sickness on to us? Or, is it all in my head? The Doctor cannot find anything wrong! - Victoria, MB Before I answer this question out right, let’s take a look at what type of energy has been most prevalent in our society lately. High fevers, depression, lack of appetite, head and body aches, clear running nasal discharge which turns quickly into yellow mucus, soft coughs, diarrhea, swollen glands, inability to swallow, laryngitis, extended necks, lowered heads, bloated or distended stomachs are symptoms being displayed which are sometimes followed by death. This diseased energy sounds like the hype caused by the H1N1 flu virus doesn’t it? Wrong, it’s Distemper. All mammals are highly susceptible to this contagious disease including dogs, cats, pigs, cows, horses, dolphins, seals and whales. Albeit the names of the diseases can differ some what according to the species or body type of the animal. Herbivores and carnivores can both contract Distemper. It is believed that humans can not contract Distemper. However, we can most certainly spread it. Distemper is air borne. If you suspect your animal has this affliction, segregate or quarantine the animal immediately. Call the Vet. and, disinfect all equipment including feeders, waterers and bedding. Be diligent in washing your own hands, clothes, and remember to disinfect your foot wear prior to leaving the quarantined area. These practices are imperative as they will help to stop the spread of this disease to other animals. In horses, Distemper is more commonly known as Strangles. Lately, I have had the misfortune of witnessing a 6 month old colt’s battle with this disease. He displayed all of the prior symptoms and his lymph nodes grew so large they literally suffocated him to death. Strangles affects the head

Nadine Gordon 403-729-2144 Leslieville, AB Author, Dreamwalker, Animal Specialist Page 20

and neck area as it is an affliction of the upper respiratory tract. 10% of untreated animals die which as I stated, was the demise of the 6 month old colt. His was a slow, painful and labored death. It was a very disheartening to witness and an experience I would rather not repeat. Vaccines for Distemper/Strangles are available but their use remains controversial. Again, it seems that a correlation exists between the H1N1 flu virus and Distemper. The symptoms seem to be very similar as well. So, in answer to your question Victoria, if you are sensitive to the energy around you, the possibility of you feeling symptoms which mimic those of your animals is most definitely a reality. And, you would actually be sick. I felt every aching pain of that unfortunate colt, including the strangling, suffocating sensations around my throat area. In keeping with the theory that we are all one, would it really matter what body a disease emanated from? I am aware that there still seems to be more skeptics and non believers in the world than those of us who actually have awareness of the bigger picture, but in most cases where ever energy is involved Victoria, no it doesn’t. Is it all in your head? Yes, it is. It is also in the head and neck areas of your animals. Please keep a close eye on them. If your Doctor is telling you that nothing is physically wrong with you after having administered appropriate medication then remember that you happen to be a very sensitive person and are merely picking up on the dis-eased energy lurking around you. If you are not an animal owner yourself, pay attention to what ever animals happen to be in your vicinity. If they appear to display any of the symptoms outlined above, please apprise the owner of the possibility that their animal may have Distemper and urge them to contact their local Veterinarian after segregating their animal. An animal will display signs of Distemper 3-14 days after exposure. The bacteria can survive in the environment for up to 8 weeks. Studies have shown that the bacterium was able to exist on wood at the temperature of 2 degrees Celsius for 63 days and for 48 days at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. It takes at least four weeks for ultra violet rays to kill any organisms present in your pastures. Please prevent further spread of the Distemper bacterium. Get to know your animals. Daily supervision, observation and assessments are the best methods to use when facing a possible out break which may affect your pet or livestock. Nadine gordon is a dreamwalker and the founder of Nurturing ‘Nergy, a sanctuary for all those who wish to journey and heal. To learn more or to order Nadine’s book “The Rose Path” see Her book is also available at Chapters in Red Deer. Please see ad this page May, June, July 2010


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Stephanie Monsen

Yuen Method™ Certified Practitioner & Instructor In gaining proficiency in eliminating blockages in all of the energy systems of the body and mind, students and practitioners of the Yuen Method™ are provided the opportunity to improve their own wellbeing, as well as the ability to enhance the physical, mental and emotional health of others. In the Yuen Method™ Classes you are trained to work simultaneously with the microcosmic, intrinsic (DNA) and macrocosmic life force energy systems thereby effecting change on all levels of existence at once and eliminating the root cause of an issue. Often immediate and lasting results are available with this touch free technique. In the Level 1 Class you will learn the fundamental theory underlying the Yuen Method™ as you become familiar with all levels of existence and your energetic anatomy. You learn how to target energetic weaknesses in yourself and others and eliminate it through energetic corrections. In the Level 2 Class you learn how to speed up the process to achieve immediate and lasting results with fewer energetic corrections. You will gain a working knowledge of basic physiology and become proficient in eliminating physical aches and pains. In the Level 3 Class you learn specialized protocols for dealing with weight loss, tumors and other complex conditions. Relationships, finances and rejuvenation are covered in depth in this module. Anyone can learn the Yuen Method™. It is a simple and straight forward technique that can be easily integrated into everyday life. All participants will witness and feel the powerful results of this technique. The instructor, Stephanie Monsen, will ensure that each participant is doing the technique correctly and getting good results. May, June, July 2010

CLASS SCHEDULE Level 1 Class June 5 & 6 Calgary, AB Level 2 Class To Be Announced Summer and Fall 2010 Level 3 Class May 15 & 16 Calgary, AB Contact Stephanie for more information and to Register. Class location will be provided upon registration.

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Stephanie Monsen Yuen Method™ Certified Practitioner & Instructor

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Angel Connections by grace diamond

Welcome to Angel Connections, the column where you will learn about the Angelic Realm and how to increase your connection with the angels. The Archangels are the most powerful angelic beings in our Universe, and there are fifteen of them that we can connect with at any time. Archangel Ariel is very connected to nature, environmentalism, and all wild animals, fish and birds. Ariel protects the environment and all things in it. Her strong connection to nature and Mother Earth helps her on her mission to heal all animals and plants. Archangel Azrael helps soul’s crossover from life to death. He is instrumental in assisting people with the grieving process. Talk to him about your feelings as you would a grief counselor and he will help you understand the why’s and how’s of your loved one passing over.

Archangel Chamuel is a great resource for those who are lost or unable to find their way in life. Ask for help with your career and life purpose and Chamuel will guide you to be at the right place at the right time. Chamuel is also known for helping to find soul mates, so ask him for help with making strong emotional connections in your life. Archangel gabrielle is very supportive of artists, creative pursuits, and developing your imagination into reality. She also helps with fertility and conception issues, and helps to bring children into your life through adoption. Archangel haniel helps you live with dignity and poise, and aids in solving disputes with others. If you wish to remove blocks in your psychic abilities, ask Haniel to help. Archangel Jeremiel should be called upon when you are taking stock of your life. He is very helpful if you are thinking of making changes. If you have any visions or intuitive feelings that you don’t understand, Jeremiel will guide you to the answers you seek. Archangel Jophiel can help you slow down from your hectic lifestyle. She is very fond of artists and creative projects, and she will help beautify your thoughts and words to let your inner light shine through. If you want to change the appearance of your home or do some interior decorating, ask Jophiel for help. Metatron is the angel of organization and time. This archangel will help you keep your life on track and on schedule. Metatron is a great angel for children to connect to, especially those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. If you have a passion for writing, ask Metatron for assisting with your time management skills to ensure that you have enough time to express yourself in the manner in which you desire. Archangel Michael is the angel of courage and strength. He protects you, watches over you, and gives you the motivation to continue on, no matter what is troubling you. He gives you the tools to be committed and dedicated to your beliefs, and helps direct you along your soul’s pathway. If your family or home environment is in a state of conflict, Raguel is here to help. He promotes harmony and love to all. Raguel is known for standing up for the underdog, and he helps anyone who has not been treated fairly. If you need empowerment, Raguel can deliver it to you. Raphael is known as the healing archangel, but he is so much more than that. He will help you to get rid of addictions, be a support for you in the healing process, and help you with both your physical eyesight and opening your third eye. If you are a healer, Raphael is going to support you in your work. Raziel is the archangel that helps with magical influences in your life. He is very fond of alchemy, using your clairvoyance and psychic abilities to manifest what you want into form, and turning dreams into reality. If you need help bringing your dreams to life, Raziel is here for you. Sandalphon has three very important duties. He has the task of answering our prayers in the way he sees fit. We

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May, June, July 2010

may not get what we want, but we will get what we need. He is the archangel who looks after determining the sex of unborn children, and he is also in charge of delivering the gift of music to the Universe. uriel is the archangel who will help you solve problems and understand how things are unfolding on the spiritual level. If you are a student, Uriel will help you study and will lend you assistance when writing a test. If you have questions about the many changes that the earth experiences or you wish to complain about the weather, Uriel will listen and help you to understand. Archangel Zadkiel is filled with compassion, and will help

you forgive mistakes that you and others have made, allowing you to heal on both an emotional and physical level. Zadkiel will help you improve your memory to remember critical information, and can help in finding lost items.

grace diamond is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER 速, certified by Doreen Virtue who operates her business out of Canmore, Alberta. If you have any questions that you would like answered on the angels, please email Grace Diamond at or visit for more information.

Teddy bears And Tears: A Roadside Memorial by Alf hudgeon It is written that there is strength in numbers, and this applies to us lightworkers as well. It's good to know that I'm not alone in the things I see, feel, hear and sense, things that are not part of our physical world. It's also good to know we are a growing community of gifted lightworkers who can call on each other if we need help in any way, and I'm always honoured when anyone calls on little old me. A friend has asked me to look into the site of a tragic car accident that happened a few years ago. A young Mother and her two children were killed here, the site is now marked with crosses and teddy bears that family and friends have placed to commemorate their passing. As my friend was passing by one day she tells me of a young ghost child she saw there, and asked me if I would investigate and guide the child to the light if necessary. Of course I would! For those of us who choose to see, I believe the veil between us and the multiples of other dimensions and realms grows thinner each day. The phrase "you ain't seen nothing yet" is going to be an understatement in the times ahead.

world now, does not understand she is no longer among the living. She chats to the mourners who drop off the toys, totally oblivious to the fact no one can see or hear her anymore. In the distance I see the young Mom and other child standing in a pretty halo of light, trying to get the girl to join them in the afterlife. But like I said, she's happy being in her own teddy bear world, a place between the worlds, in a universe of overlapping worlds. Inspirations and thoughts go thru my awareness on how to get the child to go with her Mom into the Godlight. What happens next is so cute! The teddy bears turn into fuzzy little winged teddy bear angels. They play with the little girl, jumping and dancing, gently guiding her towards her Mother. The Mom reaches down and holds her daughter's hand then lovingly embraces her little girl. At this point my heart melts! The angel bears jump around with glee in a celebration that reminds me of the "Ewoks" from the Star Wars movies. The child then leaves with her Mom and other sibling and disappear into the Godlight beyond my awareness, and just like that... she is gone.

It's tricky to explain how my experiences happen, they just do, so here goes. In honour and servitude, embracing my light body, with pure intention and imagination, I tune into and am now looking at this roadside memorial. I feel a deep sense of grief and loss as the sadness envelopes me, empathic feelings for those who've lost loved ones here, especially the husband whose family is gone. I send compassionate thoughts to him, wherever he is now, trust that the Christ light has helped him thru the trauma.

Awed at the high vibration of pure love and beauty of the crossovers I am honoured to be a part of; I was moved to tears with this one. The accident was so sad yet the little one crossing over with her Mom was so joyful. Somehow...someway, I wish I could tell their living relatives about this sacred event, perhaps it would bring them some kind of closure and comfort. On a deeper level I sense they already know.

Light beings surround the scene, as I am never alone when partaking in a clearing. I see the child's ghost, her energy that seems quite happy with the pile of teddies left for her. They are the child's only companions now, as her Mom and sibling have already passed over. She is in her own little

Alf hudgeon is the owner of divine Clearings and is a lightworker who specializes in assisting lost souls and earthbound sprits cross over to the light. For more information contact Alf at Please see ad on page 30

May, June, July 2010

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ASK Dr. Evers - The Affirmation Doctor by dr. Anne Marie Evers dear dr. Anne Marie Evers, My name is Lester and I am a Fire-Fighter in a small town in Northern Ontario. We, at times, have a great deal of time on our hands so we have started a discussion group on topics that interest each one of us. One thing that really interests me is thoughts and the mind and how they work. Have you any clarification on this subject that you could share with me to bring them up at the next ‘jam session?’ My dad always told me that we have two minds and I find this hard to believe. What is your take on that? Hope you have time to share some thoughts.

Ask dr. Evers is a regular feature in The Violet Ray. Contact Dr. Evers at or a t 1-877-923-3476. Even if your question does not appear here, Dr. Evers will answer each one in the order in which it is received.

In other words you could liken the Conscious Mind to the Master and the Subconscious Mind as the slave who obeys his or her Master. Everything you find in your world without was first created in your world within. CONsCIOus MINd

Thank you for your email and I, too, am very interested in the study of thoughts and the mind, so let’s get started.

The conscious mind is your objective mind and deals largely with the external world. This part of the mind has the power to reason and to decide what is right or wrong. It is the source of all thoughts, concepts, and ideas. The conscious mind’s chief powers are reason, judgment, logic, form, calculation, and moral sense. The conscious mind also sets in motion the creative power of the subconscious mind and is the one and only force to which the subconscious mind responds. It tells the subconscious mind what is required— which is one of its most important functions. The subconscious mind controls the conditions and experiences of your life. Through your conscious mind, you can clearly and specifically tell your subconscious mind what is desired.



What do you think is the greatest power that has ever been discovered? Nuclear energy? The power of wealth or fame? I believe it is the power of your thoughts and mind. Thought is creative and it is the first and most crucial stage in the development of any new idea, invention, business, or other venture that becomes reality.

Your subconscious mind is like a highly sophisticated computer. When you were born, it began to record every feeling, action, thought, or word in your world. You accepted some information from your parents, teachers, peers, and others— all of whom had their own weaknesses and negative patterns.

Thoughts are living things. When thoughts are held in the mind, they form a life of their own and attract other similar thoughts.

Your subconscious mind represents the sleeping or subjective state. It is dependent on the information received from the conscious mind and is not normally in direct contact with the outside world. One of its roles is to handle all involuntary functions of the body, such as heartbeat, breathing, circulation, blood flow, and digestion―without any instruction from anyone.

~ Lester, Northern Ontario ~ dear Lester,

Lester did you know that having thoughts actually creates new brain cells, causing a physical and chemical change in your mind. Through thought, your mind can be programmed at will—and reprogrammed as frequently as required. As the most powerful and transformative tools at our disposal, thoughts must be used wisely if we are to create what we want out of life. And that each thought seeks its own kind. You are in complete control of your thoughts. No person can jump into your mind and think your thoughts for you, nor can you do that for another. Lester you dad said that you have two minds and I believe that we all have ONE mind with two distinct yet interrelated functional characteristics. The Conscious Mind is your objective, outward or waking state and the Subconscious Mind is your subjective, inward or sleeping state. I liken the Conscious and Subconscious Mind to a Captain and a ship. The Conscious Mind is the Captain who gives the orders and the Subconscious Mind is the crew who immediately obey the Captain’s orders immediately without question. Page 24

There is so much more on this topic I would suggest that you purchase my book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness, which explores this topic in much greater detail. With Love & Affirmation Blessings, Dr. Anne Marie Evers Reverend dr. Anne Marie Evers is an ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity and Philosophy. She is also a bestselling author of many books on positive thinking, some of which are, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 7th edition. She co-authored the best-selling series Wake Up and Live the Life you Love in Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer. For more information, please visit Dr. Evers website at We invite you to send your questions to Dr. Evers on the Violet Ray Website at May, June, July 2010

Vision of our World by brenda Forsey Imagine a bubbling spring of water crashing joyously on the rocks nestled in a beautiful forest. See the sun beaming through clouds on to the ripples which become waves of water which are joyously rushing downward on its way to join a great lake. The suns golden rays sparkling on the crashing waves which are creating newer waves. It only takes one wave to get another started like love. It only takes one soul to send out love and light. It will then spark another to start sending love the next soul and on it goes until everyone is filled with the wonderment of compassion, understanding and love. Imagine a world without borders, a golden orb of love. A world vibrating with the pure essence of love, light, harmony, and compassion. A world where flowers in rainbow colors, trees, and animals were in their purest form. Each flower radiating harmony in its most glorious colors of pinks, oranges, yellows, all with their own unique fragrance. The trees shimmering as it is so alive with the essence of love and service to all of humanity. Its branches reaching out and up to the sky in an embrace of love to all. To shelter the weary traveler and give him sustenance and rest. Its roots growing deeply seeking out the golden energy which is at the heart of the land. A beautiful molten gold ball changing and growing which is feeding and nourishing the entire plant, vegetable, and animal kingdom. Its essence is pure love which expands and fills all the spaces which it finds. Lakes and oceans teeming with beautiful marine life with the multicoloured fluorescent schools of fish, all swimming peacefully without fear of being consumed by larger predators. The coral in peach, pink, luminescent colors, which nestle within the rocks laying along the oceans floor. The lakes and oceans a beautiful aqua green, deep May, June, July 2010

blues, to a violet hue covering part of the world. The sun shining its liquefied molten golden rays upon the land, creating shimmering and dancing diamonds of lights upon the waters, its warm golden beams penetrating and streaking through to the oceans sandy bottom. Animals in their natural state living in harmony with each other. The breezes blowing gently through the beautiful fields of flowers, grasses which vary from bright apple green to a deep emerald green, are a rich velvety deep lush carpet, which invites your footsteps and beckons you to rest upon it. Humans being kind, loving, warm and generous to each other, lovingly giving all to help each other. Looking after the beautiful gardens, parks, forests, being the caretakers of this beautiful world. Each glowing with the inner eternal golden light that is who we truly are! A world which is totally alive and vibrating with such a frequency that emanates peace, love, a oneness, a merging of total energy. Imagine - Imagine – Imagine ...What would life be like?

brenda Forsey is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Reflexologist, Writer, Musician, and Artist. You can contact her at or She loves to bring harmony, balance, love and light through her Teaching and Healing Sessions. She has been working with healing energies for the past 30 years.

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What is a Medicine Wheel? by sarah salter-Kelly The Image of a Medicine Wheel brings to mind fantastic stone configurations. It has the feeling of a physical place, aligned with the energetic centers of earth and universe, magical, mysterious and sacred. It may come as a surprise to discover it is also a process, a way of transforming your life to live in balance with yourself and all your relations. As a teacher of the Inca Medicine Wheel tradition I am constantly being asked this question, to then take this Oral tradition and bring it into form, give voice to its wonders, song to its mystery. This question itself has pushed me to go deeper into what I have experienced, what I know to be true, and what I in fact believe in myself… As I have sat with it definitions have spiraled through my consciousness. “Path, Journey, Walk” “Marriage of Heaven and Earth” “Relationship of inner and outer dimensions “Integral Life Skills” “Circle – Cycle” “Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Midnight” “Birth, Life, Death” “Sacred Space” “Red Road” ‘Healing of light and dark’ I marvel at the duality of the definitions, knowing that a medicine wheel is a vessel for the opposing forces we carry. Forces we are often ‘trying’ to ignore or pretend do not exist. Yet it is through the recognition of all of our parts whether they are deemed good or bad that brings balance and inner peace. Verbally articulating this definition and capturing its magic is not an easy venture. So I go about this with much humbleness, recognizing that there will no doubt be points I shall miss. The paradox of the Medicine Wheel is that it is every-thing and it is no-thing. It is what you make of it, and what you choose to invest of yourself in the process. It is a mirror of your earth walk. The use of archetypes, elements, plants, mountains and the world of spirit allow you to reflect that image so that you may understand where you are in the present. Once you acknowledge who you are now, and

Medicine Spirit Center Sarah Salter-Kelly - Reiki Master Teacher - Integrative Healer - Aromatherapist

- Full Moon Fires - New Moon Circles - Inca Medicine Wheels

- Ceremonialist

- Peruvian Expeditions Page 26


what you are in relationship with, it becomes possible to change anything, past, present or future. The notion of the wheel and perhaps even the reality of its process may come across as poetic and intangible. Yet through the participation in ceremony, journeying and forging relationships with the realm of spirit your child-like sense of wonder is awakened. Your ability to find awe in all things, including yourself comes forth and is realized. Your belief in your self and trust in your personal power forms the confidence you need to create the changes you envision in your life.

‘...It begins with a circle… Naming of the Quarters… South, West, North, East… Invocation of Heaven and Earth… Great Spirit above, Great Mother below… ’ Creating Sacred Space, naming your relationship with all that is was and ever shall be so that you become sacred space. In this space you become a vessel for the Divine which includes your Divine Self. With this Intent and willingness to be present you may give birth to miracles. As a student of the wheel you have on opportunity to see who you are outside of the conventional parameters of your roles and relationships. It is a contemporary translation of an ancient Medicine Path, and this is how Indigenous healers have created healing for millions of years. Recognizing that we are a reflection of the relationships we carry, yet not bound or defined by them. Knowing that when our relationships are out of balance so are we and this is why we end up feeling stuck, limited and depressed. Relationships mean anything we are in relationship with; people, places, events, experiences, concepts, past, present, future. Anything that weighs heavy in your heart carries pain, shame or grief, affects your ability to live your life, claim your power, and truly SEE who you are. You end up becoming stuck in the stories of your life rather than co-creating your destiny. Changing your perspective, finding the gifts and lessons within all your relationships, catalyses you’re healing. It is this shift that Masters true Vision. It is in this place that you ‘SEE’ who you truly are. You may then take that vision and apply it with - humbleness and humour - practically in your life. Old angers, fear, sadness and grief transform into allies that deepen your understanding of who you are and enhance your personal medicine. In this Medicine Wheel training we use essential life skills and ceremony to teach you to release what does not serve you. It is an empowering program based on your ability to take responsibility for your healing. With simple practical exercises you will take home solid tools that allow you to May, June, July 2010

continue to do the work, where it counts… In your life! It is a rigorous program requiring inner discipline and strength. Each person must have the courage to show up for themselves and ALLOW themselves the space to Transform. This is how we may create quantum healing, liberating ourselves of old patterns and making a conscious choice to literally change our Genetic Code. In order to become that which you have awakened you need time and practice to ‘bring it home’ - Literally and Spiritually. This means homework, follow through, and accountability. The way we teach the Medicine Wheel is over the course of 1-1.5 years so that time is allowed for your process to be supported and nurtured. Making the real changes in your life and applying what you learn is the only way to integrate what you have learned and ‘BECOME’ it.

As you make physical changes in your life you see that you are ‘doing it’. You are bringing the Medicine Home because you are living it, this is how it is done. Sitting with yourself in silence, going inside to feel your power, your consciousness awakens… The power and responsibility of taking action in your life is infinite… Trusting your ability to cocreate with spirit and doing it is how you grow the seeds of your destiny… This is the Medicine of the Wheel!!

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sarah salter-Kelly is a ceremonialist, teacher and healer. Her history is laced with Integrative Holistic therapies such as Reiki Master Teacher, Andean Soul Retrieval, Alchemical Healer, Stone/Crystal healing, and Aromatherapy. She weaves these healing strands together to assist you in your healing process, working out of Medicine Spirit Center near Pigeon Lake or at the And Now Center in Edmonton. Sarah teaches the Inca Medicine Wheel in Alberta with Medicine Woman Denise Kinch. For more information on workshops or to book a session contact 780-314-9150 or Please see ads previous page and on page 30 May, June, July 2010

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Carol - 403-358-1656 The Violet Ray has effectively spread the word about my healing sessions and workshops, helping my practice to grow and flourish. It is a viable asset, which has brought me immediate results. The Violet Rays dedication to the wholistic community is a service to us all. -S. SK., Advertiser-

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The Violet Flame, soul Mates And Twin Flames by Jean sinclair "Twin flames are souls who were created together in the beginning, two halves of a divine whole." * In the beginning of creation of your soul which came from the Source as an ovoid of white Light was split in half, one being masculine energy and the other, feminine. These twin flames of the one soul came into embodiment and one of them is you. The other part of yourself is your twin flame who is out there somewhere, maybe on the planet or maybe in between embodiments or permanently reunited with the Source. The masculine energy refers to the positive, or active, part of the t’ai chi, and the feminine refers to the negative or passive, part of the t’ai chi. The t’ai chi is the symbol of the whirling circular energy in which the masculine and feminine energies are in action. The masculine is the positive energy thrust and the feminine is the passive energy which returns by magnetic attraction. Think of a clock face. The masculine thrust begins at the twelve o’clock line, and when it reaches the six o’clock line it has run out of momentum. The feminine energy is the return by magnetic attraction to the twelve o’clock line, when in love, peace and harmony. Discord and emotional outbursts or unkind or unhappy thoughts or actions can prevent the return current. The t’ai chi refers to twin flames and to all atoms within the body and in nature. Twin flames may be either masculine or feminine sex in physical form; each one usually has several embodiments as each sex at different times during the long spiritual path over time. Some twin flames meet as opposite sexes and may marry although the meeting may be traumatic, for each is so sensitive to the other it may be like two planets colliding, especially if there is heavy karma involved from misuses of energy. Page 28

We all made bad karma when we became separated from our twin flames long ago. The stories passed down about the fall of a man and a woman are about twin flames. Eating from the tree of Life indicates that people attempted spiritual activities before they were capable of the higher spiritual powers. Falling in consciousness from the Divine Source, they became separated from the ability to contact the Source and from one another as they engaged in activities with others who were not their twin flames. Some twin flames may meet and work together for a common cause in bodies of the same sex for some reason having to do with their divine mission in life. Others may meet as family members or fond friends with an age difference. One may not be able to meet the twin flame in this physical embodiment but we may call to our twin flame in order to join together on the level of Spirit. Since each person is made in the image of God, each one has an I AM Presence of God, Divine Light, above the head, and a Holy Christ Self, which mediates between the Presence above and the lower self. This occurs in a figure eight flow of energy. The Holy Christ Self is at the nexus, the cross in the centre. We need to make contact with our own I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self first then call to the Holy Christ Self of our beloved twin flame. By saying, "In the name of my I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self I call to the Holy Christ Self of my beloved twin flame..." we can call for love, light, or any good thing to pass between us. (We can call to the Holy Christ Self of any person while alone before meeting and discussing a problem, or in all relationships.) Twin flames are sensitive to one another even if far apart physically. What we think and feel does affect our twin flame. We can help our twin flame and our relationship in Spirit by keeping peaceful, loving, positive thoughts and feelings and by transmuting our karma. Jesus and Mary May, June, July 2010

Magdalene were twin flames, and he did not condemn her but helped to raise her up.

make especially with a twin flame or soul mate but for others as well nonetheless.

Soul mates are those who are focusing on the same chakra (energy centre of a particular spiritual and psychological quality) and may have the same mission in life. Soul mates are compatible as marriage or business partners, family members or friends. Mary and Joseph were soul mates. Their twin flames were assisting them from higher realms of Light. We may have several soul mates but only one twin flame.

We need to let go of any resentment, revenge or retaliation in order to ascend in consciousness back to the Source, which is our goal in life. Untransmuted anger or hatred against another will draw us back to that person and keep us bound to the wheel of rebirth until we can let it go. We need to transmute bad karma, which is misqualified energy, in order to have happy relationships with soul mates and to be reunited with our twin flame. Karma is the law of love, attracting or repelling love as we make our daily choices.

Some marriages, some family relationships, and some social relationships are karmic. We are attracted to people with whom we have a karmic tie from some past embodiments, some good karma and some bad. Our blessings are from good karma and our tests and trials are from negative karma. It is all energy and how we use it, although we may be victims of someone else’s choice to make new karma by misusing energy and hurt us, either intentionally or unintentionally. Our reaction determines our own karma which will come back on us immediately or eventually in cyclic manner. In the ritual of marriage each partner makes a commitment to take on the karma of the other, working together to shoulder each other’s burdens. It is an important vow to

The way to transmute our negative karma is by the use of the Violet Ray of Light, the vibration which is the most effective in changing energies into higher, lighter, purer God qualities which rise up from the heaviness of misqualified substance which hangs around the lower body. It is referred to as the Violet Singing Flame. We may make the call out loud, "I AM a being of Violet Fire! I AM the Purity God desires!" and repeat it often while visualising one’s self in a blazing bonfire of Violet Flame from beneath the feet to high above the head. When we say, "I AM" we are affirming the God in us, for the name of God was given to Moses as "I AM THAT I AM". We become the buoyant joy of God, rejoicing in the Light with our twin flame and our soul mates.

*The quote is taken from the pocket size book, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. To see a picture of your I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self, and to order the book, visit The Summit Lighthouse web site at . A free catalogue is available and there are CDs and cassette tapes with affirmations and decrees for transmuting karma. Phone: 406-848-9500 For more information on Jean sinclair visit

SOUL IMPRINTS By Carol Jay Uchytil

I just received the Soul Imprints ...they are STUNNING!! They look so much like my friends. The descriptions are very cool too, quite accurate, but I am blown away by the images. Thank you so much! I am very happy to have such a beautiful and unique gift for two very special friends. - M.W. -

A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. Since energy is Universal and has no boundaries the client is not present when I create their Soul Imprint for them. I channell the information and art required to complete each clients Soul Imprint. The entire intuitive and artistic process takes several hours to complete resulting in framed 8”x10” Custom Soul Imprint. May, June, July 2010


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Canadian society of Questers Conference May 14, 15, 16 & 17, 2010, Olds, Alberta See or call 403-266-5355 for info.

sound healing Workshop June 7, Calgary, Alberta Working with the Hathors, Pamela will offer you a variety of tools and experiential exercises. This workshop is for self-healing and assisting others to heal. No prior experience is necessary for you to greatly benefit from this 1 day workshop. This workshop is also beneficial for anyone in the Holistic field who works with adults, children and animals. Contact Pamela shelly at 1-866-847-3454 or visit

Power Animal Awakening May 29th 1pm-9pm, Medicine spirit Center Awaken and embody your personal power animal; Learn it's medicine and how it shall guide you. Cost $100. Contact sarah salter-Kelly 780-314-9150

JuNE EVENTs Advanced Tools For self-Mastery Workshop June 4, 5, & 6 , Calgary, Alberta Learn to overcome your ego’s fear, to connect with your inner guidance, access your inner core of healing, power & wisdom, identify your unique gifts and abilities, and create an action plan that moves you forward with courage and confidence.This is a life changing, Experiential workshop. Contact Pamela shelly at 1-866-847-3454 or visit

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Inca Medicine Wheel WEsT June 11, 12 & 13, buck a boo Acres, Ab $700 All Inclusive. Contact sarah salter-Kelly 780-314-9150 Reiki 1 June 19, The Center, Edmonton, Ab, 10am - 4pm $150.00 Register online at (go to events) or Contact sarah 780-314-9150

JuLY EVENTs Laying of hands with stones July 17, Medicine spirit Center 10am - 4pm $150.00 Certified technique to balance chakras, clear unwanted energy and rejuvenate luminous body. Contact sarah at or 780-314-9150

May, June, July 2010

Aura & Chakra Imaging Session Events For more information or to book your Aura and Chakra Imaging session contact one of the businesses listed below: The Aura & Chakra Imaging Device captures and records energy fields and vibrational frequencies within the body. An Individuals aura colours are determined by their current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. By analyzing an individual’s current aura and chakra states we empower them by providing insight and clarity.


Red Deer, Alberta

Olds, Alberta

Leduc, Alberta

Wholistix #2085 - 50 Avenue 403-346-3393 May 21, 12-7pm May 22, 11-5pm July 16, 12-7pm

The Zen Den 5034 - 49 Street 403-556-9411 June 26, 11-4pm

Everyday Miracles 5014 - 49th Avenue 780-986-4834 June 5, 10-4pm July 17, 10-4pm

Sundre, Alberta

Centre Street Bistro Sylvan Lake, Alberta 106 Centre Street N.E. Natural Solutions Health Store 403-638-2015 Bay 7, 5004- 46 Street June 6, 10-5pm 403-887-5655 June 12, 10-5pm July 24, 10-5pm

Drayton Valley, Alberta Health Connections 5105 - 51 Avenue 780-542-5334 June 8, 10-6pm

Camrose, Alberta Yin Yang Wellness Centre 4819 - 51 Street (across from Co-op) 780-608-1515 June 27, 9-6pm

Lacombe, Alberta Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage 4910A - 51 Avenue 403-782-4600 June 19, 10-5pm


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By Carol Jay Uchytil

A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. Since energy is Universal and has no boundaries the client does not have to be present for me to create a Soul Imprint for them. There is a substantial amount of creative and intuitive energy that goes into each and every Soul Imprint. Starting with honing in on the clients energy, to creating the actual imprint, to reading the imprint, writing / translating and finally to the minute details which results in the end product. The entire process takes several hours to complete. My goal for each client is to Awaken…Inspire…and Delight… (AID) while providing them with a keepsake they are proud to display. For additional samples and information please visit

“Carol Uchytil’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing” “If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a loved one this incredible intuitive and beautiful soul work is a life long treasure to have and enjoy” “...I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!”

I just received the Soul Imprints ...they are STUNNING!! They look so much like my friends. The descriptions are very cool too, quite accurate, but I am blown away by the images. Thank you so much! I am very happy to have such a beautiful and unique gift for two very special friends. - M.W. -

“Carol's interpretation of my Soul Imprint is amazingly accurate. I look at this imprint daily as it has a life and energy of its own. It actually seems to pulse. I love it! I enthusiastically encourage other's to experience the allure of their own Custom Soul Imprint! Thank-you Carol for such an exciting work of artistic beauty!” - Nadine Gordon -

- Irene Martina -

SOUL IMPRINTS - Discount Certificate Give your friends and loved ones a keepsake they will be proud to display!

10% Off All Phone In Orders (valid May 1 to July 31, 2010) Contact Carol at 403-358-1656 Visa, Mastercard, Amex payment available.