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Violet Ray Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine Where is the joy? from the ground up - yarroW: the healers plant alloWing What’s in a name? the violet ray intervieW With lee carroll author of the kryon book series

cover artWork by nataliya bukhanova “travelling”

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volume 12, issue 5 may 2009

Joyful Creating Inc. Is Honoured to Present

The Gathering, 2009 The Conference for Lightworkers and Seekers

Featuring Keynote: Hannelore, M.S.C., M.S.H. July 4-5 Capri Convention Centre Red Deer, AB HAnneloRe is the founder and creator of the Windows to the Soul classes, seminars, and retreats. She is a spiritual life coach, gifted intuitive, an international speaker, author, teacher, counsellor, and healer. Her courses and retreats demonstrate wisdom, experience, compassion, loving light, and humour. As keynote she will speak about pRoSpeRity AnD MiRACleS. As a session presenter she will offer insights into igniting yoUR SixtH SenSe. She will also be available to do a limited number of individual sessions.

introducing Some of our Session presenters Abrah Arneson Janet Aftanas nadine gordon Hannelore Juey Ann Macleod ivy Shawl-Song Deb Suchy

plant Spirit Medicine - Waking up to the Medicine Around you Sacred Drumming Animal Wisdom: Quest for Ancient energy introduction to ignite your Sixth Sense Say yes to your Female Body: embracing your Sexuality Blood Mysteries: the power of your Center of Creativity the Magic of grounding into Mother earth

A panel Discussion is also being planned that may be of interest to you. A group of healing practitioners will discuss what they have learned about running their own business and will answer questions from you.

early Bird Registration Fee: $125 (payment MUSt be received on or before May 30) Registration Fee after May 30: $175 your registration also entitles you to admission to our trade show with opportunities to purchase readings and tools to support your own journey. Visit Deb Suchy’s website for breaking news and details about this magical conference.

exHiBitoR ity oppoRtUn

May 2009

to RegiSteR visit or phone 403-887-4840. gRAnD DooR pRize pRoviDeD By tHe violet RAy The Violet Ray

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Soul Script by carol j. uchytil Welcome to the Spring Issue of The Violet Ray - Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine! i hope you enjoy the new look and feel of this issue! Twelve Eco- friendly issues are available on-line and in our dedication to support our holistic and spiritual community, the gloss issue will be published four times per year. Many of our readers keep this magazine for future reference and the new gloss finish will ensure the longevity of the publication. If you are looking for more Soul Food before our next printed issue in August, be sure to check out our exclusive Go-Green magazines on-line in June and July. A few featured articles that were in our on-line March and April issues were: march issue, volume 12, issue 3 Page 12 - The Butterfly People - By Curran Watts Page 21 - The Quickening - By Danielle Lee Page 22 - The Faces of Responsibility - By Janine Leclerc april issue, volume 12, issue 4 Page 7 – Poor Reader or Irlen Syndrome? – By Nola Stigings Page 10 – Visualization for Letting Go of Money Issues – By KS Thompson Page 11 – Herbal Tinctures for Pets – By Klaus Ferlow Page 13 – Learning to Love Yourself – By Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem, M.Ed. The Violet Ray is honoured to be sponsoring the gathering, 2009 - the conference for lightworkers and seekers! Come experience this educational and transformational event in red deer on july 4 and 5. See page 2 for Early Bird Registration Information. We are pleased to announce our neW column shown on page 23 by sexual and relationship expert, juey ann mcleod titled – Where is the joy. This issue features empowering articles on natural health, self-improvement, inner peace, and spirituality. There are many things happening on the planet right now and the Universe made it clear this channelled information needed to be shared. In late January I had the honour of meeting Lee Carroll, author of the Kryon book series. Channelled through Lee Carroll, Kryon of Magnetic Service offers insight into the shift we are now experiencing on the planet. Check out page 16 to read The Violet Ray’s interview with Lee. Then in February, I received a call from Michael Foster who also channels information.

May 2009

Through Michael, Amerika shares information in his article Sound Guidance shown on page 13. The i am presence was prominent for this issue since it kept popping up everywhere. The articles, The Violet Flame and Symbiosis refer to the i am presence which is also expressed in Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth and Aurelia Louise Jones book series, Telos. Interestingly, The Violet Flame is associated with the violet ray which is governed by the Ascended Master, Saint Germain. Saint Germain is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray - The Violet Ray, of freedom, alchemy, justice, mercy and transmutation. He is the hierarch of the Age of Aquarius which started on February 14, 2009 and he comes bearing the gift of the violet flame for world change. The Ascended Master, Saint Germain teaches that the highest alchemy is the transformation of one’s human consciousness into the divinity of the Higher Self – the i am, and he stands ready to assist all souls in this endeavor. He has also said he would release the technology of the Aquarian age when the nations have put behind them the destructive uses of science and religion to accept the challenge which lies at the heart of both, which is for man to enter his heart and the nucleus of the atom and to harness from both the unlimited spiritual and physical resources to establish the golden age. If you are looking for a product, store, service or advice The Violet Ray is certain to have what you are seeking. For Workshops, check out our Calendar of Events on page 25. If you do not see what you are seeking in-print we suggest you visit our On-line Business Directory and Practitioner Profiles at Thank you to those who have contacted me either by telephone or e-mail. I am grateful for your comments, insights, suggestions and feedback. I also express sincere gratitude to the advertisers and contributors that support and assist us by elevating awareness in matters related to alternative health, and the Mind, Body, Spirit connection. We strive to provide a forum that cultivates and nurtures positive growth in Mind, Body and Spirit and are dedicated to connecting you with resources that will assist with your healing or spiritual journey. As always, we welcome your contributions for spiritual art and articles for consideration in upcoming issues. I hope you enjoy this NEW Gloss issue of The Violet Ray! May we all attract to us the teachers, resources and messengers that will assist us in our light-filled mission on Earth. Until the next issue…

With Love and Light,


The Violet Ray

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The Violet Ray

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the violet journey - By JC Page


Where is the joy? - By Sexual and Relationship Expert Juey Ann MacLeod


lessons of the drum - By Nadine Gordon


advice u seek - With Psychic Counselor Sharyn LeMasurier

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May 2009

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allowing - By Judy Blais


Zaheen nanji practitioner business profile - By Sharyn LeMasurier


therapeutic kneads - kathy snyder practitioner business profile - By Sharyn LeMasurier


sound guidance by amerika - Channelled By Michael Foster


the violet flame and sacred geometry - By Jean Sinclair


the violet ray interview With lee carroll, author of kryon books - By Carol Uchytil


great spirit hear my prayer... - By Sarah Salter-Kelly


symbiosis - By Dustin Kyle Humeny


What’s in a name? - By Joette Lees


how to prevent high blood pressure - By Klaus Ferlow

The Violet Ray

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W hat’s Above With clairvoyant kim dear kim, i have lost two brothers and both parents. one brother died from an accident and the other brother was murdered. i was told that the brother who was murdered has not "crossed over" for some reason. is this possible and is there anything that i can do to help him cross? ~ darlene Z., regina, saskatchewan ~ Many people talk about souls not being able to reach the light, I am not sure why, because in my experience, all souls go to a different plane. It has been my experience that when a soul disconnects from the physical body, that soul has in fact "crossed over" or is now operating at a different vibration. There is a resting period for souls, which can be a long "time", if the soul suffered greatly, (cancer or a violent passing), when they were on the physical plane. It is difficult enough to lose a loved one in such a traumatic way, but to think that he is not at rest must be awful for you. Please be assured that both your brothers are together and in bliss. For sure! I see them with a beloved grandfather and they are walking together in the woods and are very, very, peaceful. my ex-wife passed away this spring. both of us have re-married. i am wondering if we will have any contact or connection in the afterlife when i pass on.

know that she is okay, but i am wondering if you can try to reach her and let her know that we miss her very much. thank you and god bless. ~ edith t., calgary, alberta ~ It is so difficult to lose someone who meant so much to so many people. Because she was so dear, losing the comfort of her love can really take some time to heal. The soul of your grandmother is still very much alive. She is just operating at a different vibration. Because hearing is vibrational, your grandma can still hear you, loud and clear. The first sense for a new baby is its hearing and the last sense to leave the physical body in death is the ability to hear. She can also feel the love that you feel for her. So, keep talking to her, ask her for signs that she is close and she will give them to you. She tells me that she brings the smell of spring flowers to you. Lovely! i recently lost my step-daughter and her father, my husband, is having a very difficult time. i want him to feel that she is safe and happy. how can i get him to believe in the after-life? i feel that he will be able to handle her passing easier if he was a "believer". ~ elva h., unity, saskatchewan ~

Cute question! Oh yes, of course. Even though she is your ex wife, you will reconnect with her and all the people that you had a relationship with here on the earth plane. I am sure that even now, you get fleeting thoughts or memories from her. This is her way of letting you know that she is close and that she still cares and watches over you. (See how great "heaven" is, no grudges) And I am certain that she wants you to be happy and fulfilled in your new life.

First, I am so sorry for your loss. No one would dispute that losing a child is the most difficult loss of all. One of the reasons is because children come from us, from our bodies, our DNA. That is why it truly feels like part of the parent dies with the child. You are so right, if your husband would open up to the possibility that his daughter is still very much alive, just in a different way, this can take the sting out of her passing. I am sure that she is giving him many signals that she is there and she is very close to him when he is driving. There is no way to "make" him a believer. People believe, if and when they are going to, in their own time. I am sending you a copy of my CD in hoping that it may help in your healing.

my grandmother passed away last year about this time. she was a very loving and caring woman and the best grandma anyone could ask for. i

my daughter is 2 1/2 years old and she plays with someone in her bedroom that she calls clara. she says that clara sings to her and tells her funny

~ W. b., edmonton, alberta ~

May 2009

The Violet Ray

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stories about animals. my daughter does not seem frightened, should i be concerned?

Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ (EBNMP™)

~ gayle W., olds, alberta ~ Not at all! All children three and under see "them" all the time. They do not know that they are not supposed to see "those" people. If you have a child that is a "talker", they sure can tell you about souls that they have come in contact with. They are never scared; children can be the best indicators of what it is like on the other side. Pets see and hear things that we don't and like children, they can tap into a higher vibration. So, not to worry, this usually fades sometime after their third birthday.

kim dennis is a proven clairvoyant medium who resides in Calgary. She is the author of the book What's above?, a radio host on 1060 AM in Calgary, Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. and is currently producing a second television program for the fall. Her new CD is also available on her website at We invite you to send your questions about the afterlife to or through her Interactive Column on the Violet Ray Website at


In Natural Medicine

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May 2009




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BOOK REVIEW telos volume 1 “revelations of the new lemuria” telos volume 2 - “messages for the enlightenment of a humanity in transformation” telos volume 3 - “protocols of the 5th dimension” These volumes have been written by aurelia louise jones, a Canadian author who now lives in California. She has been a spiritual and health counselor for over three decades before becoming a channel for Adama and the High Council of Telos who are at the forefront of the Lemurian civilization's history. These books give us a glimpse of “the wonders that are awaiting us when we open ourself up to higher consciousness and our divinity.” They give us an idea of how life was meant to be lived on earth and “the direction the Earth is taking for the future of the humanity.” Many people experience heartfelt memories when Aurelia Jones recounts the origin and sinking of the highly evolved Lemurian continent in volume 1: "revelations of the new lemuria". She relates the creation of the

Total Body Muscle Therapy Ltd.

5004 - 51 Avenue Wetaskiwin, AB Registered Massage Therapists, Acupuncturist, Offering Kinesio Taping. Located in the Chiropractic Office of Dr. David J. Hewko 30 Minutes South of Edmonton Open Monday to Saturday Evening Appointments Available For More Information Please Phone

780-352-0200 “Massages Cost Less In Wetaskiwin Too” May 2009

underground city of light "TELOS" where the culture, knowledge and records of ancient Earth's history have been transferred and preserved to this day. Ms Jones greatly inspires us with her description of life in that dimension: the model of governments, the interaction between family members, society, and the animal and plant kingdoms.The numerous details provided allow us to “see and feel” our self participating in this kind of life. More than an invitation to change, this book is a wake-up call to stop living on automatic pilot, to become aware and release “old beliefs and structures” and to start actively creating the world we want to live in. volume 2, subtitled: "messages for the enlightenment of a humanity in transformation" gives us tools to help us “find the areas where the garden of our consciousness needs weeding and where it needs fertilizing” and to awaken in our cellular memories the knowledge and wisdom that have been accumulated in all our lifetimes. A section is devoted to the effects of recreational drugs and addictions on spiritual development. Messages from emissaries of fraternities of Higher Dimensions expand our consciousness of a kingdom we know little about such as crystals, plants, trees and animals believed to be extinct. When Antharus, the dragon, talks about the magical life in this dimension a long time ago and in his present life in the fifth dimension, all our cells become alive with trepidation. Never again can we look at life in the planet, on the planet and around the planet through the same glasses. in volume 3, "protocols of the 5th dimension", Ms. Jones adds more keys to help propel our consciousness into higher vibrations. The material presented continues to stretch our heart and mind to new levels of mastery and clearly indicates the behaviors, state of consciousness and responsibilities that accompany such levels of attainment. Throughout the books we are introduced to seven major Rays or Flames that constantly flood the planet with the energy from Creator Source. We are shown their attributes, how to work with them to restore our bodies and a meditation to each of the temple is included. We are repeatedly shown that being in service to the community is the greatest principle of life in these dimensions, that being loving and joyful is the basic element for sustaining this way of life. Aurelia Louise Jones carries her message of love, inner peace and self-healing through her books which are now available internationally in 10 languages.

Book review submitted by Janine Leclerc, a volunteer with the Telos Worldwide Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to awaken humanity to Christ Consciousness. For more information on Telos, visit their website at

The Violet Ray

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happiness as an example. You need to consciously set the intention for happiness to be welcome. An easy way to do this is by using a mirror, look into your eyes and say aloud-“I willingly allow happiness into my life now”. Take a deep breath to really anchor that intention. Notice how you feel, were you even able to really look into your own eyes, were you able to say those words aloud and with conviction?

by judy blais What are you allowing in your life? Now think about what you willingly allow into your life and body. The most important thing to allow into your life is gratitude. Every time you acknowledge that you are grateful for something your body tries to attract more things for you to be grateful for. After all what we think about is what we receive. Just say thank-you as often as you can, say thank-you for that great parking spot, be thankful for that sunny day, and be thankful for that smile someone gave you for no reason. A good way to begin this practice is to make your last thoughts at night include a list of the things you were grateful for that day. Start with at least 5 different ones each night. Thus you fall asleep with only good vibrations and thoughts influencing your memories of the day.

After setting this new intention, thank your body for allowing you to experience that feeling. This signals all your systems to be open for more of this feeling to be attracted to you. Now pay attention to the times you experience the feeling you have asked for, welcome it and thank your body for allowing it into every molecule of your being. Adopting an attitude of gratitude is a great place to start on your healing journey.

judy is a natural energy healing practitioner at neW intentions , located in Sylvan Lake, AB. Judy can be contacted at please see ad this page

When we pay attention to our thoughts, and deliberately allow the thoughts into our minds which uplift us and implant positive aspects of living into our memories, we begin to notice a change in the world around us. We feel it is easier to cope with, and respond to everyday life. It’s not so much that we have changed our life; it’s more that we have changed how we look at things and how we can now respond rather than react to the situations which will confront us. Is there something you want to allow, but you seem to be having some resistance to allowing it? Let’s use



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Health Quest

Karen Hillier Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Health & Wellness Facilitator (Helping you get healthy and stay that way!) Energy Balancing Deep Tissue Detox Program (Sauna, Massage, Colonic) Vibration Machines For Sale (no interest financing)

(403) 309 - 9955 111 Piper Drive Red Deer, AB T4P 1L5 Page 9


Zaheen nanji facilitator and coach law of attraction Wetaskiwin, ab


neuro linguistic programming and the law of attraction

Zaheen nanji - law of attraction facilitator Most young women at fifteen years of age are busy with their school, boys, clothes and establishing a niche with their peers. Not so for Zaheen Nanji, who at that age, travelled from her home in Kenya to reside with an aunt in Canada. Learning to adapt to the Canadian ways, the cold weather and overcoming homesickness was extremely difficult, but she knew that this was a land of opportunity and she had to make the most of it by overcoming any obstacles or hurdles. overcoming the odds Tenacious would be a good word to describe Zaheen, as she finished her schooling in Edmonton. However, overcoming a stutter became a looming goal. She had to depend on herself to order her own meals in restaurants, and deal with retail clerks when purchasing items. Zaheen always avoided the drive-thru, talking on the phone and public speaking due to the fear of stuttering. In addition, she was used to her family members assisting her and in the process of being alone and doing everything herself, found her world getting smaller and more confining. Finally, in 1996 she got tired of letting the stutter control her and took action. Zaheen connected with the Institute of Stuttering Treatment and Research (ISTAR) in Edmonton, Alberta. The program provided her with skills to become more fluent, but she still held the fear of stuttering and the phone still weighed a thousand pounds. During a follow-up session with her speech therapist, Zaheen asked what more she could do to overcome her fear. The therapist responded with three simple words: “face your fear”. determination Those three words changed her life as she began to literally face her fears head-on everyday. Determined to break away from her fear of stuttering, Zaheen started practicing by taking on simple communication tasks like asking for the time from someone or engaging in conversation with

May 2009

clerks or picking up the phone and calling a business. Moreover, to face her challenges with the phone and public speaking, and earn extra income, she joined a network marketing company. Having to phone and present the product to prospective clients’ everyday has made her who she is today. It is during this time that she found her love of public speaking. Then Zaheen saw the movie, The Secret, and received Michael Losier’s book on Law of Attraction from a friend last year. She practiced the techniques he recommended and they worked! When Losier offered his first training in June 2008, she knew that she had to share this knowledge with others and help them succeed. So she travelled to Vancouver to study with this gifted author and teacher.

Zaheen studied Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and became a certified practitioner and achieved her certification as a Law of Attraction facilitator from Losier. Zaheen began to experiment how she could change the way she thought and thus, change her life. She practiced daily, both the lessons learned from NLP and the Law of Attraction (LOA) with a goal to be more empowered and successful in all that she did. proving it Works As she applied the techniques with confidence, Zaheen was able to pay off a large charge card balance and begin purchasing property. Every success brought strengths in her belief that the techniques work and now she is ready to bring her experiences to the community around her. a natural love of teaching Always having the urge to teach, Zaheen focuses on workshops and seminars on LOA and creating a wealthy mind by helping you eliminate any limiting beliefs around money and wealth. Her business is based out of Wetaskiwin Alberta, and she is available to corporate and private groups as a trainer and keynote speaker.

You can connect with her by going to or by phone at 780-918-9225 if you are interested in attending a workshop or perhaps bring Zaheen into your workplace for a workshop or an afternoon lecture. public image Zaheen has written articles for the Mosaic Magazine, and is on the roster as a presenter for the Body, Soul and Spirit Expos in Edmonton, Calgary and Grande Prairie, Alberta. Check the dates out on her website or give Zaheen a call to find out when she will be in your area. This dynamic young woman welcomes your calls so she can encourage you to change your thinking and behaviors to bring about the life you want to live.

The Violet Ray

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Stephanie Monsen Yuen MethodTM Certified Practitioner & Reiki Master

Specializing in Physical Pain and Psychological Work

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therapeutic kneads massage therapy

kathy snyder

rmt, cott

student of ortho-bionomy Located at Hair Masters 4626 - 49 street red deer, ab t4n 1t5

What is onsen? Onsen is an advanced therapeutic technique, which combines modalities of Osteopathy and massage. It provides the tools required to effectively assess and correct body dysfunction through painless realignment of the muscles, joints, bones, and tissues. It is the structural realignment of the hips and spine. Adding a perfect complimentary modality to the other elements of her practice, Kathy was drawn to the gentleness of Ortho-Bionomy, and is very excited to bring this modality to her community.


What is ortho-bionomy?


Ortho-Bionomy can help with such conditions as:

therapeutic kneads With kathy snyder, rmt,cott let's meet kathy Kathy graduated with honors on February 28th 2003, from The Alberta Institute of Massage and is a registered member in good standing with the Natural Health Practitioners of Alberta (NHPC). Even though she had done so well in training, she was guided to work for an established and reputable massage clinic for the past five years. Kathy’s intention was to start her own business, but she wanted to learn through observing how to become an independent businessperson. It was also important to Kathy to establish credibility in her field with the healing community and with clients. Finally, this August, 2008, her independent nature is being satisfied as she steps out of the position of employee and steps into the role of business owner/operator. With the new modalities and a strong and credible reputation as an outstanding therapist in her field, Kathy brings to her community a wealth of knowledge. Kathy has always been interested in the health care field. She is a people person, and her work in massage has guided her to develop close friendships and bonds with clients and other practitioners. Kathy has a natural curiosity about wellness, and loves to learn and add techniques she can share to assist her clients. With an emphasis on integrity, she has always provided safe and effective alternative healthcare to those who seek her out. Passionate about the benefits of Massage Therapy, Kathy specializes in deep tissue massage. She also offers relaxation massage, prenatal massage for expectant moms, and level 1 sports therapy massage. Her strong desire to assist in wellness guided her to study Reiki and she has acquired her Reiki level 1 certification. At the local Red Deer clinic where Kathy was employed for the past five years, she was fortunate to learn the Onsen Technique, adding to her credentials, certification as an Onsen Technique Therapist. (COTT) Along the way, she discovered Ortho-Bionomy, and is currently working towards receiving her certification in that modality as well.

May 2009

Headaches, back pain, sprains/strains, sports injuries, acute injuries, knee problems, and acute and chronic pain. Ortho-Bionomy facilitates the therapeutic process and promotes natural body alignment, balance and pain relief. The practitioner works with you to identify areas of discomfort, tension and pain as well as areas of comfort and ease of movement. The use of gentle movements, comfortable positioning and compression are incorporated. No forceful movements are used. The training to become certified in Ortho-Bionomy is intense, and Kathy is currently completing the 505 required hours in the Practitioner program. The program consists of over 15 different required classes, as well as over 10 different electives to choose from. Once completed, she will have the option of continuing on to the Advanced Practitioner level, which is another 500 hours of study. Ortho-Bionomy is a system that allows us to integrate our physical, emotional and mental experiences. Once the client becomes more aware of their own physical tensions, they can gradually learn to connect both the physical and energetic patterns within the body to affect a change without necessarily engaging physically Massage Therapy is not a requirement to learn Ortho-Bionomy, but Kathy feels fortunate to be able to incorporate these techniques into her massage sessions. This allows her clients a brief experience of the technique before committing to a full Ortho-Bionomy session. She invites seekers of wellness to check out more details at

about therapeutic kneads: therapeutic kneads was opened last september. hours of operation are monday - friday from 8 am 6 pm. you can book an appointment by phone or email. Kathy extends a warm welcome to all previous and new clients to join her in the creation and growth of her exciting, new therapeutic facility.

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sound guidance from amerika channelled by michael foster michael - May I ask some questions that might be of concern to others, as opposed to questions that I usually ask about my own personal growth? amerika - Yes dear that’s fine, go ahead dear. michael - I’ve found that there are many people who don’t understand the Spiritual nature of the Universe. Although this information and/or knowledge may not be for some at this time, there may be some dear ones who have ‘found themselves looking’. May I ask about an understanding to help them grasp a ‘Lay of the land’? amerika - Why of course dear! The Spiritual Universe has a “Lay of the Land” that is so different to that of the Universe that human beings occupy dear. There are no comparisons that you can readily understand, except that the Universe of Thought, and the Universe of Spirit are like two separate colors, one being the color that you see with your eyes, and the other color being the life behind or the substance of the form you see with your inner eyes dear. When you have no Judgments toward either color, or of course no judgments whatsoever, (Acceptance) you will have the ability to discern the inner Universe from the human Ego. This is the Path which leads you to your direct experience of the Father dear. michael - I’ve just read Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth”. He explains this so well in a matter of fact way for all of us. amerika - Yes dear, and Eckhart is a blessing to us all dear. michael - May I ask if you have anything to add to help these dear ones to know how to take the first step? amerika - Yes dear we can help here. Firstly recognize that with all of the thinking you have done,’ has any of this thinking helped you understand Spirituality?’ Mostly you will find that moments of Peace were when you felt love, and closeness to others. All of the thinking just re-arranges facts and figures on the same floor of the house like furniture dear. To move to the upper floor, you must realize that the truth of your being is beyond thought. There are many methods of Meditation designed to slow and stop the chatter of the mind. These methods will always prove fruitful and allow growth. In the Silence you will find the Truth of Light behind the form dear. michael - That’s a good first step! amerika – Ha, ha, yes dear, a journey of a thousand miles…… michael - Thank you Amerika! amerika - Oh you’re welcome dear. Peace Omni Santi

May 2009

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The Violet Flame And Sacred Geometry by jean sinclair What is the Source of Life and how does it manifest in our world? According to ancient manuscripts creation came about from the Source by an emanation of vibrations we know as light and sound. “Let there be Light!” “And the Word was made flesh.” We understand the Source in that man was made in the image of God. This means that each person is actually a being of Divine Light, an individual reflection of the Source, although we have covered the beautiful light emanations with darkness from fear and discord. There are patterns of energy in creation which are the manifestations of God the Source in matter, the material world. These patterns of energy make up what may be called a web of Light, also called the antahkarana in Sanscrit. There are true geometrical patterns in nature and in mankind and when they are in their correct patterns they constitute the harmony of existence. When out of alignment or skewed these patterns are felt as inharmonious feelings and discomfort. The perfect square is a basis of the Geometry of God. Each person has what may be called four lower bodies. These are the etheric or spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. These bodies are actually superimposed in the human body and we need to balance our four lower bodies so that they mesh harmoniously. They may be represented as a diagram of a square in four parts which may also be diagrammed as the base of a pyramid. In order to balance our four lower bodies we need to transmute our negative karma. When we have thoughts that reflect the Divine, and our emotions and actions are peaceful and flowing in the Spirit, we approach a state of being which is balanced and harmonious. The equilateral triangle is a geometrical pattern of perfect symmetry. A triangle may be diagrammed as sitting on the base of the square and then becomes the pyramid. The three sides of the triangle are the symbol of the sacred number three, which illustrates the threefold flame in the heart. This threefold flame has plumes of blue, yellow and pink. The blue is the faith, will and power of God; the yellow is the wisdom of God; and the pink is the love of God. Each person has a threefold flame, the three-in-one, also called the throne of God, in what is called the secret

May 2009

chamber of the heart, a spiritual focus behind the physical heart. This is where we have our inner contact with the Source. When a person dies a physical death this light is withdrawn from the body by the crystal cord which conducts energy from the higher self to the lower self. The higher self, the i am Presence, then retains the light that is raised from the body until the person is reborn in another body or, if enough karma has been transmuted, may make one’s ascension to higher planes. There is a dispensation that we may ascend if fifty-one percent of our karma from all past embodiments is transmuted, for our karma has accumulated as energy around our lower self and is taken up again with each embodiment. The perfect circle with a dot in the centre is a symbol of the Source. It represents the i am that i am, the name of God given to Moses, in the centre, with the outer circle representing life which is unending. Energy travels in circles, returning to the source of the impetus which sent it out. This explains karma, the law of cause and effect. The circular energy of creation actually becomes spirals, for God the Source is continually expanding. The entire cosmos is continually expanding. To visualise the pyramid, the base is the square and the sides are the triangle. The spiral begins at the base and each circular round becomes tighter as the coil reaches the apex at the top. The human body sitting in the lotus position may be visualised as the pyramid. Positive buoyant energy rises up in spirals to the top of the head. Energy that has been misqualified by a person’s free will, entertaining fear, anger, pride, and all the aspects considered to be negative thoughts and emotions, is heavy and becomes a negative spiral which extends from the waist down to the bottom of the feet. This energy needs to be transmuted and freed to rise up as positive energy. The use of violet flame mantras and decrees is the most efficacious way to transmute karma, for it is the highest vibrating energy we can perceive. Beautiful and symmetrical art work enhances our vision, and divinely inspired music, such as Beethoven’s symphonies, gives us the geometric patterns that assist in our spiritual development. But patterns of art and music that are out of alignment with the true geometrical patterns of vision and sound can destroy the soul’s attempt to rise up to levels of divine experience and immortal life.

Pocket size books Violet Flame to Heal Body Mind and Soul are available on To learn about the violet flame see The Secret Power of Music by David Tame is available on

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Insights From The Dream Expert - Irene Martina dear dreamers, You are the writer, producer, director and star of all your dreams. Only you can really interpret your dreams. The language of dreams is symbols, metaphors and emotions. As our minds are unconscious in dreams, your dream “creator” can only pull information stored in your brain (data base) and try to use this to give you a dream message. In the dream below I try to give guidelines to what the dreams may mean. You must always ask yourself- what does the symbol, person, color, emotion etc. mean to me in my dreams? Only you really know the answer and if what I say should resonate in a small or big way then you are on track to understanding what your symbols are meaning. The best way to learn how to understand your dream language is to keep a dream journal of each dream that does stand out for you and to keep digging to find meanings that resonate. My suggestions below are only my ideas and not meant to be replacing your own dream language or interpretations. To access Irene’s interactive column or submit a dream question be sure to logon to This issues Dream Contest Topic is: do you think you have had a past life dream and why? Enter our neW dream contest by submitting your dream and contact information to: For more on Irene please visit her website at

hello irene, I watched this 20/20 episode on TV about 2 kids killing one 2 yr old and harming the 4 yr old and every since then I have been scared that someone is going to harm me or my family. I have now been having these bizarre dreams one after the other. Does this mean something bad is about to happen to me or my family, or is my dream telling me that I need to start being aware of my surroundings???? ~ Thanks, Jessica ~ dear jessica, These types of dreams are not uncommon and although they are scary and deeply troubling; what they are doing is bringing out your subconscious and conscious fears. I do not think these dreams are precognitive about harm

May 2009

coming to your family nor do you need to have an abnormal awareness to your surroundings. I think that each dream you had could just be building on your fear issues even more. I have often thought of nightmares as spiritual dreams because they are forcing us to look at issues in our life that we often ignore in a regular dream message. The best thing to do is to back into the dream and face it head on. Try to visualize one of these dreams in your waking hours and see yourself back into the dream where something “bad” or “bizarre” is about to take place and change the dream to become the outcome you would like it to be. By doing this you take back control of your fears and your life. An example of this would be: If someone is going to attack you, talk him/them out of it or walk away knowing you are safe and they cannot hurt you. What ever you wish to change in each dream; do so and this will take away the fear of them and you will gain more control over your daily fears. These types of dreams are often current life events that we need to face. For example you wrote: I had a dream this afternoon that I was abducted and placed in a basement of some sort and was on fire. Basements represent our past memories and subconscious mind. Dealing with the past can be difficult to do as we may not want to come to terms with issues from our past. Your dreams are bringing out these fears that you may have suppressed for years and not even be conscious of. As for fire, you have to ask yourself what the symbol means to you. What do you relate fire too? To see yourself being burnt is again a fear of something you need to face. Perhaps a relationship, fears of danger, fear of losing control, fear of your life in general. To some fire is passion, transformation, transmutation, punishment, fresh start, burning old bridges etc. Fire is often meant to be a cleansing and I would go back into this dream and ask the fire why it is in your dream. Wait for an answer and see if it makes sense. Ask yourself what are you running from or have you lost your passion in life or perhaps you simply want to burn the past and will not let it go. Sweet Dreams everyone!

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the violet ray interview with lee carroll, author of the kryon books conducted at the january 25, 2009 seminar in sylvan lake, ab by carol uchytil

carol - What brings you to Alberta? lee- I come out here as often as I can to conduct seminars. The reason is because I love it here and because there is a wonderful group of people here whenever I come. Since I’m from California, the West Coast and particularly Alberta and BC are the best places to come in the winter. carol – What or whom is Kryon? lee – Kryon is an Angelic energy. When you take a look at channelling it is a very difficult thing to define. Many people channel their own higher selves and they get wonderful information. It really is about reaching across the veil and getting information. This particular energy approached me 20 years ago when I was an engineer and not a metaphysical person. Being a man, I was resistant to metaphysics, however today about 30% of the male population are opening up and making in-roads. Mainly, because the very belief starts to make sense as the energy starts to grow, becomes more common and because people see what the truths are! They see that it’s not all fruit loops and wind chimes. This particular energy called Kryon is an entity that I live with that is a beautiful energy! It’s angelic! It is loving and it gives us wisdom about what’s happening on the planet! It is a very positive energy! carol - How did Kryon come to you? lee - Everything started happening after the 1987 Harmonic Conversions. That really made a change on the planet! A big one! Kryon talks about it all the time. What happened at the Conversions actually set a mould that changed everything! It changed our future and there is so much proof. What we are in now is an energy based on what happened in 1987 that wasn’t even really in the cards until then. I have many channelling friends and almost all of them had their epiphanies after 1987. It’s almost like the energy softened up and we were able to see things. Twenty Seven years ago, I was brought to channelling people, kicking and screaming by my wife at the time, Jan, who is still my partner. And she of course, was trying to introduce her husband to spiritual things that I didn’t want anything to do with. She introduced me to 2 men three years apart who said the identical thing! They said there was a magnetic master named Kryon who wants to get in touch with you. Of course I made fun of it, because I was just not in the consciousness to understand or believe it, until the second man said identical things. Nobody had ever talked about anything

May 2009

named Kryon before. So I paid attention because suddenly I had an illogical puzzle before me and as an engineer I had to figure it out! I said to myself “how can 2 men three years apart have identical information about something nobody has ever heard about?” That got me looking which is the beginning for everybody. I was interested enough to show intent to say “I give permission to allow it to be”, which after that, it did! Slowly it began. It took me four more years and over time I got proofs inside that I just could not ignore or erase. I convinced myself! When people start using their intuition and to co-create their own reality and everything starts to work – they are on a track they cannot get off. Suddenly they realize it’s not just chance! We align these things, we co-create them, they occur and they work. When I began channelling it was only writing, then it moved to my voice and then I realized with every step it got better. The information got clearer and I started providing scientific information that I didn’t know. That attracted some scientists and it still does. carol - So is channelling a movement? lee – When you look at channelling and profound meditation they are very inter-connected. For instance, there is a very profound one from India that is catching on very quickly called “Deeksha and the Oneness Blessing”. I think you are going to hear those words in the next few years. I get this because I know what is occurring in many, many places. You would think there would be nothing new in meditation because it’s so powerful and so many people are doing it. However, many people are coming together in their homes to meditate and the same is true in channelling.It is not a movement but it is something people want to do. carol - What one message would like to share with the readers of The Violet Ray about conscious living and the changes that are happening within that segment? lee- There is a big shift happening! I think everybody knows it and it is Not About the Fear-Based information of 2012. It is truly about what happened in 1987. Computers and telescopes have proven that the grand alignment happened in 1998 so we are already in the shift. People feel it! There have been amazing things happen on the earth and we are in a different consciousness. Armageddon didn’t happen and many of the quatrains of Nostradamus are inaccurate which validate this. We have changed our reality and in that reality we have opportunity for new consciousness. This new consciousness is just an astounding gift! We can create our own reality, heal our own bodies and slow

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down our body clocks. We can create beautiful sweet places to be with ourselves. People may say “this sounds so esoteric” but I compare it to the masters who walked the planet that we read about such as Buddha or Christ. We saw such peacefulness that we wanted to be around them. This is what we are talking about! We really are talking about re-creating that energy which we have already seen in history on a common level. Everybody can have it! If you work on it, pretty soon you realize you can be a very peaceful person, eliminate drama in your life and things start to change. The more you get into this the better person you become. This is a testament to a higher consciousness living and it works! carol – You keep referring back to 1987. What occured in 1987? lee- Yes, what occured at the Harmonic Convergence was relabelled in 1992 to the 11/11. The 11/11 is something people see on their clocks in a non-synchronistic way and they see it too often for it to be coincidence. They ask about it all the time and 11 in numerology means illumination. When you see 11/11 that means illumination/illumination which is a sign of the age. 1987 was the turning point. If you look what happened after 1987 and what was supposed to happen according to Scripture, Nostradamus and many of the Prophets of old, we were supposed to go right into a very difficult time. None of this happened! In fact, not only did it not happen but instead the Soviet Union fell over in 1998 and that is the beginning of the Grand Alignment. That particular event prompted the Berlin Wall to come down and everything started changing, such as 911, which was not on anybody’s radar. We can look at this and realize we are in a whole different age which was the result of the 1987 shift. carol – We are now in another 11 year cycle. lee- We are! There are three 11 year cycles and Kryon just talked about them last night. This one is all about shifting what could have happened because that lays on the earth like a residual. Many people feel that. They are waking up antsy at 3:00 am in the morning and wondering why. In my teachings we are very linked with the planet. It’s not much different than the First Nations who talk about the link to the planet and always have. Anytime you look to the indigenous, their findings have been accurate. carol – Yes, we are becoming more conscious about the planet through global warming and green awareness. lee- Absolutely! All of those things are indicators of the shift. Indicators also are the failing economy. Kryon calls it pruning. The only thing that changed is our level of tolerance for the greed. We said “No” basically and the economy collapsed. People are saying its bad news but that’s not what’s going on.

think much of themselves. That’s the first thing! People need to start understanding they were born magnificent regardless of what anybody says! We have to start lifting this consciousness up to improve our self esteem and then things will start happening. Consciously a group of people can do more together even if they don’t know each other. For example, the internet is a great tool to find likeminded people who meet collectively to discover truths which help them and uplift them. I would say to most people “start looking for the god inside because it’s going to make your life a whole lot better and it’s there”. Self worth and self healing begins at home. Everywhere I go whether it’s in Moscow or whether it’s in Chile, you have thousands of people who are awakening to this truth. And they are starting to say that God is bigger than they were ever told and it’s not about a religious God. It’s about a spiritual God inside. They are starting to have a mass awakening without a prophet, book, religion, organization or building to visit. And it is astounding! There is a shift happening everywhere! Furthermore, it is unorganized which tells you that it has to be grass roots intuition. I tell you it is worldwide! carol – What are you hoping to accomplish here today? lee – On a short scale, I am hoping that everyone here is going to be blessed beyond belief and will leave with different insights than they came in with. Long term, I hope that there are permanent changes of attitude so people can feel better about themselves. My hope is that they lift themselves up and start working towards feeling comfortable about their path and that they stop looking for what’s wrong. My hope is that people realize every day they live is appropriate and they can have joy in it!

lee carroll is the author of Eleven Kryon books, and co-author of, The Indigo Children, An Indigo Celebration, The Indigo Children Ten Years Later. (14 books total). The Indigo Child book's web site is: These Indigo books introduced the world to the term "Indigo Children" in 2000, spawning many follow-up books by various authors, a movie, a documentary, and lots of interest worldwide regarding our changing kids! The Indigo books have sold almost half a million copies world-wide in 24 languages. For more information on lee carroll and his work please visit

carol – So what can we do collectively here, as a group, as a community to push forward for positive change. lee – I would love to say the first thing anybody can do is get some more self esteem. Why is it so low? Why is it almost like a disease? You talk to people and they don’t

May 2009

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ASK Dr. Evers

ask dr. evers is a regular feature in The Violet Ray. Contact Dr. Evers at 1-877-923-3476 or send your questions to:

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Even if your question does not appear here, Dr. Evers will answer each one in the order in which it is received.

by dr. anne marie evers In these uncertain times I receive a lot of emails from people who are suffering from fear, anxiety and distress. They are concerned about their dwindling money investments, careers, health and relationships. Lack of money and losing a job or career can result in added stress on marriages and relationships, which ultimately create health concerns for many. This is a sample of an email that I receive. This one is from Brad who was recently laid off from his job in the automobile industry. dear dr. evers,

I just got laid off from my managerial position for a large automobile company. And yes, I did receive severance pay, but I know it won’t last forever. In some ways, I am luckier than others who don’t have that amount as a back up. I am 59 and have never had another career. I worked for the company for the past 30 years. Now I am turning 60 next month and I am wondering who will hire me. What I enjoyed most about my career was that I was encouraged to use my creative abilities, which I did. My children are raised and married and they are having struggles of their own. I have a disabled wife, who receives a small pension, which is not enough to live on in the style in which we have become accustomed. I know these sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself and I have to admit really I am. What do I do now? Do you have any ideas that could help ease my mind and allow me to sleep at night? Thanking you in advance.

take action I have a friend, Ed who retired from the R.C.M.P. after many years of service and he told me he would get up on the morning and start putting on his boots. Then he would think to himself, “But I have no where to go.” He felt lost. What he did was get a group of his fellow retirees together and they would meet every day for coffee at the local restaurant. They would bounce ideas off one another while sipping their coffee. one creative idea Worked! One idea that surfaced was that in the town where they lived there was not a jewelry repair shop and people had been asking for one for years. They had to go to another town about half an hour away to get their watches repaired, etc. Ed, whose father owned a jewelry shop years before, was interested in jewelry repair. So he started repairing watches, sizing rings, etc. from his home. Now he has opened a small shop and he works from there. It has become very successful for him. You see he found a need in his town and he filled it and quite successfully at that. Brad -- now is a time of reflection of your life. Look back and think about the good times and the lessons learned and the important information you have stored in your mind. Be creative. Is there something you always wanted to do, but never had the time or money? What is your passion? Is it fixing cars, painting cars, restoring them or something connected to the automobile industry, or is it something all together different? Should you decide that you desire another managerial position start working on that right here and right now. Spend as many hours per day searching for that perfect, lasting, successful career as you did in your working life.

~ Bradley, Manager, Automobile Company, Windsor, Ontario ~ dear brad, Thank you for your email and taking the time to write to me. I can emphasize with you and your situation. Sometimes I find it necessary to evoke the Serenity Prayer.

Do the Following Master Affirmation.

lord help me to change the things i can, not the things i cannot grant me the wisdom to know the difference.

“I, Brad ______, deserve and noW have the perfect, lasting, successful career for me. I receive in excess of $ _________________ net or gross. My employers are very happy with my excellent work and rewarded me accordingly. I am happy, prosperous and fulfilled. I enjoy harmonious working conditions and I am recognized for my for my wonderful creative abilities which I put to use for the company to the good of all parties concerned. Thank you, thank you, thank you"

It certainly is not your fault Brad that you were laid off. This was due to the financial situation worldwide. At times like this it is very important not to take being laid off personally, or that you did something wrong, weren’t good enough, efficient enough, etc.

May 2009

sample master affirmation for attracting and keeping that career

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I fully accept, Signed ______________________ Dated ______________

- Have business cards printed, to introduce you to your prospective employer in a professional manner.

When you have signed and dated this Master Affirmation, you have made a firm and binding contract with Your Higher Self, God, Universal Mind, Creator or whomever you believe in. Affirmations works within the Law of Attraction which states – more gathers more, like attracts like, what you think bout your bring about, what you are seeking is seeking you. Now take the appropriate action. In other words ‘blow breath into your Affirmation’ by taking action. We can stand in an elevator all day and affirm that it rises to the 3rd floor, but until you, I, or someone else pushes the button no action takes place. That perfect, lasting successful career has already manifested, and is appearing in your reality NOW in the most magical and wonderful way. Happy Career affirming and Affirmation Blessings, Dr. Evers. some hints and advice for people seeking a career make your resume different Prepare your resume. Spend some extra money on having an excellent résumé professionally prepared. Make it simple, short, easy to read at a glance and make it different. I would suggest if you are looking for a career in the Automobile Industry, prepare your resume on sheets of paper cut out like in the form of a vehicle, car, truck, van, etc, something to make your resume different and one that will stand out from the others. Remember! Spend as much time searching for that new Career as you did when you were working in your previous career. the search If you are unemployed or short of cash, remember that being broke is just a temporary condition, whereas being poor is a state of mind. What you believe to be true is the key to releasing your old, negative beliefs of unhappiness and lack. Make positive Affirmations about wealth. To create more abundance in your life, use your thoughts and mind to create the perfect, lasting, successful career for you. A successful, profitable career brings money, wealth, and security. - Tell friends and associates that you are looking for that special career. They may help you by knowing of a company in search of an employee that has your qualifications. - Check out newspaper advertisements and employment agencies.

May 2009

the day before the intervieW Mentally visualize—in vivid Technicolor—exactly how you wish the interview to progress. Bring the five senses into your creative visualization. 1. See your interviewer (just a rough sketch is fine). 2. Hear him or her saying, “(Your name), I am so pleased to say I have scheduled you for a second interview with our President. This is just a formality. You have the position.” 3. Feel the joy and pride at being selected for the position. 4. Smell some cologne, flowers, or perfume. 5. Taste a tangy mint. Then step ahead, in your mind, two to three weeks or months and picture yourself in that career. Be certain to put yourself in the picture. - Before the appointment, find out all you can about that company/organization and, if possible, the person who will be interviewing you. If your prospective interviewer is a golfer, speak about golfing. If he or she likes to fish, talk about fishing, etc. - Talk about the other person’s interest; make the person feel he or she is the most important person in the world at that moment. I once interviewed a busy multimillionaire executive who informed me at the beginning of the interview that he had only 10 minutes to give me. After two hours, I terminated the interview because I had another appointment. Why did he give me so much time? We were talking about the most important person in his world—him―a subject for which there was no time limit. the intervieW - Stay calm. Do not allow yourself to become desperate or overanxious. - Put yourself in the interviewer’s place. If you held the position of Manager or Supervisor in your previous career, go back to when you hired people in your previous career. What did you look for in that prospective employee? What was your deciding factor to hire him or her? - Be punctual, neat, clean, and well dressed. - Be confident. Shake hands firmly and make frequent eye contact with the interviewer. - Smile and be yourself. Speak clearly and professionally and avoid using slang. - Never speak negatively about previous employers or divulge trade secrets.

- Employers like and appreciate people who are interesting, relaxed, competent, and willing to learn. - Show your prospective employers you are sincerely interested in working with their company.

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- Practise empathetic listening. Really hear what the interviewer is saying. - Respect the opinions of the interviewer and make comments, when appropriate. - It is nice to be important, but it is far more important to be nice. - Concentrate on what you have learned from previous work experiences. Refrain from acting like a know-it-all. affirmations When properly done always Work!

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reverend dr. anne marie evers is an ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity and Philosophy. She is also a best-selling author of many books on positive thinking, some of which are, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 7th edition. She co-authored the best-selling series Wake Up and Live the Life you Love in Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer. For more information, please visit Dr. Evers website at We invite you to send your questions to Dr. Evers at through her Interactive Column on the Violet Ray Website at

from the ground up by abrah arneson

yarrow: the healer’s plant It’s a beautiful February day, blue sky, melting snow and no hat on my head. I know it’s foolish, but I just can’t shake the feeling of spring. My mind keeps turning a greener time when flowers bloom, and I lay on the earth, listening deeply to Gaia’s many songs. Last summer, I listened to Yarrow’s song, I share it with you. Yarrow is in bloom. It is growing tall in the meadows nearby. Its white umbrella of closely knit flowers hovers above the grass. In the mountains, yarrow grows stout amongst the wild sage and pearly everlasting. Down in the badlands it rises boldly from dry cracked earth, its grey white flowers enhancing the Monarda’s fuchsia. In all these places, yarrow’s odour is pungent like that of a wild animal. In my garden, Yarrow grows long. The umbrella of flowers is lacy, not the tightly compact economy of beauty of her wild sisters. The stems lack strength and lean into the St. John’s Wort. It has no scent. It is in the scent of Yarrow that one finds the medicine. Native people feel harsh growing conditions make the

May 2009

medicine. This belief has now been confirmed by science. The medicine the plant yields to relieve the ills of humans, is the medicine it makes for itself. In the dry badlands I find the strongest yarrow. Yarrow’s pungent bitterness fills my body with warmth and carries with it the timelessness of the badlands. I feel strong. I am disappointed by the yarrow in my garden. Useless but for its beauty. Matthew Wood, an American herbalist, says yarrow is the herb for the wounded healer. Yarrow’s history of healing wounds goes back to ancient Greece where it was carried into battle to staunch the bleeding of war. It is considered a warrior’s herb. When I read Matthew’s musings on yarrow, I was puzzled by the inherent contradiction between the healer and the warrior. So I sought Yarrows story from the plant itself. Clearly, Yarrow prefers wild places. The healer cannot be too domestic or polite. The healer must be ready to discuss unpleasant sides of life openly without embarrassment or judgement. The healer must be able to speak with kindness and confidence that which needs to

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be spoken and has been left unsaid. This makes the healer a little unpredictable and beyond societal norms. Or perhaps a better word, wild.

great spirit hear my prayer…

A healer must wake to her own life. If she has some wisdom she will accept the guidance of others but she knows that is not the same as waking to her life. She accepts her life with its dreams and disappointments, joys and sorrows, looses and blessings, scars and beauty. The healer’s medicine comes from her challenges. If she is raised in a garden she will have no scent. Medicinally, one of yarrow’s properties is to bring blood to the periphery of the body. It in this way yarrow nourishes the whole body. In many ways this is the healer’s role: to nourish the whole; to bring wholesomeness. In these four ways: its ability to close up wounds, its fearlessness in the wild, making medicine in harsh conditions, and its ability to nourish the whole, Yarrow is the healer’s herb. One more thing, Yarrows flowers reach directly for the sun. Yarrow’s flowers do not form a hierarchy like a spike or grow off to one side, like roses. They spread themselves open so each petal receives an equal amount of light. This is a humble way to grow. A healer, as she moves through life is humbled by the light she finds in so many. She knows a person who appears ordinary on the outside, is extraordinary on the inside. She is deeply moved by the light that shines through on the most difficult days at the most challenging times. A healer cannot be a rose. She would get lost in her own beauty. She cannot be a timid violet or a towering valerian. St John’s is too soft and mellow. It is yarrow with her sturdy stem, understated flowers and pungent scent of the wild that is the healer’s plant.

abrah arneson is a Clinical Herbal Therapist (CHT). She practices at the green clinic: Herbal and Traditional Healing where she offers private consultations and workshops on the use of herbal medicine. For more information, she can be contacted at 403-352-2820 or

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Painting by Carol J Uchytil

by sarah salter-kelly

May I know you in my waking May I know you in my dreamtime May I breathe you in with every breath Celebrating the union of our spirit May I know the path of the heart Lays in the root of freedom May my feet leave no tracks As I walk humbly upon your soil May I trust my gifts without attachment, My knowing with honesty and integrity May I release my teachers Trusting in the limitless possibilities of the infinite May my actions be in balance with the four quarters In honor of heaven and earth In recognition of my connection, With all that is, was and shall be. May I recognize my power, USE it! Fearlessly, Impeccably May my voice join the songs of the mountains The music of my ancestors May I use my Vision To see through deception My humor to shed light on my unfolding May I never take anything personally May I know I am worthy I need not dim my light Or call in shadows Your presence continually embracing my becoming

sarah salter-kelly is an apprenticing teacher of the Inca Medicine Wheel with Altomesayok Denise Kinch. She is available for healing sessions on her land near Pigeon Lake or at the Andnow center in Edmonton. For a complete list of upcoming workshops or to book a session contact Sarah or call 780-314-9150 please see ad in calendar of events on page 25

May 2009

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I gave my life away and he allowed me to give it away again but I gave it to him. I gave it to him because I was tired, sick, and not wanting to continue. How easy. This was my escape. And I make no excuses. But I owe up to the fact that I am responsible.

The Violet Journey

The doom was a place where I could not eat specific foods. I was not able to because my system rejected them. The foods were like acid icing on a poison cake. I was drugged up in a sense because I was not able to handle the system overload. I came to be a different person with reactions that hurt others and myself. I was evolving into a person with anger, fear and with endless anxiety that escalated into terror when my system rejected my needs.

the answers are there for each of us! i believe we must search, question and do what is necessary for the healing process and our continuance. - j.c. Writing for murray Alone I feared I would be. In my world, in this world we are to fear nothing. How did I fall off the road then? To me, I don’t really know, but what I do now will determine where I will end up. There is a place in me where I have to go to start with my story. So many times, I choose to forget but there is a need for me to tell. Therefore, I tell the best of my recollection, the days when I was not all and not what I wanted to be. First, I want you to believe me and second I need you to pay attention not only to my words but also to my message. I am a giver by nature; yes a man and one with a heart that will always be pumping with grace and integrity. I struggled with this, as I could not maintain my composure in the light. The light, what is the light of where I am going or need to be? For me this was gone. And I chose it. You see, I now know it was from my decisions that kept me there, that gave me no purpose and no life. This fragile eternity was unfair but as I came to realize a place that was comfortable but could not last. I have to admit that the symptoms were there and the questioning of my behaviour and eventual turmoil that continue for all those in my life is apparent. I have the right to feel down and the right to continue with this but I do not have the right for others to put up with my pain. This is something I came to realize and I am responsible. I am the one to make the choice, therefore, I am the one to seek answers and save me.

I came to realize there was no excuse to be this way. I needed to exist, but how could I? I was feeling that I had no choice than to be different but now the reality, my reality, is a place where I need to be. I will continue to get there without the fear and anger that was my friend. One that I should have exchanged long ago. But how? How does one take responsibility for their own existence? How does one proceed forward when there is nothing to do, nothing to give a change? One has to realize that there is a need to give up first and then begin a life without blame. Where the center of my focus was on me, finally. Finally, I had no choice but to choose what I had to have and that was a simple need to give. Give and give up anything that was holding me back from reaching what I needed. Now I know that I take responsibility for not adding to my condition. Under duress or stressful periods, I must reach for the right answers this time. Most apparent to me is the evidence I need to fully examine that causes and adds to my problems. For this is imperative prior to making decisions. No longer do I not plan; no longer do I jump into what I feel is dangerous before thinking. No longer do I not weigh my consequences to my behaviour prior to action. What is more evident is that I must examine how my choices affect others. I need to realize that I am an important person with a life waiting. And there are those that I thank but no longer depend upon. They however, have a different role in my life and that is a blessed memory.

Save me wasn’t easy and I have to admit I had help. Well, as I believe from our Creator, pure and simple. I know he would not give up on me and I was waiting. Waiting for him to bring me back to the light. I was in need. I asked for help and he gave me what I was needing, my life with all the answers to proceed forward.

May 2009

The Violet Ray

j.c. page is a Researcher, Writer, Counselor and a forever student of Ayurvedic Medicine. Share your input on this article by emailing us at

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Where is the Joy? By Juey Ann McLeod - The Sexual and Relationship Expert juey ann macleod is a Life Coach assisting individuals and couples to resolve Sexual and Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse Patterns and facilitates Personal Growth Steps. joy inc. was created 10 years ago along with the first Art of Joy-ful Loving Workshop. The continually increasing variety of JOY Workshops has assisted many people to empower themselves and enhance their relationships. For more information visit Juey Anns practitioner profile at or call 888-358-8789. juey ann will provide answers to the questions you always wanted to ask about sexual and relationship issues. please direct your questions to please see ads on pages 3 and 25

dear juey ann, “Lately, my intimate moments with my wife seem to be rare and almost non-existent. When I suggest we have sex she pushes me away or says she’s tired. I feel inadequate due to my wife’s despondency and feel like we have lost the connection we once had. I dearly love my wife and would like to know how I can re-kindle our relationship and get back the closeness we once shared.” ~ CJ, Red Deer, AB ~ This is a common issue of many long term relationships. Sexual coldness is usually the result but not the cause of the problem. Over time couples have life situations such as: jobs, raising children, care of aging parents, unresolved hurts and more, which takes time and energy away from what is needed to keep a relationship warm. Sometimes it is simply to understanding the difference in the male and female prospective of what is necessary to maintain closeness. Communication is often a key factor. In a relationship communication is of the utmost importance. The Webster Collegiate Dictionary’s definition of intercourse is - “1: connection or dealings between persons or groups (communication), 2: exchange especially of thoughts or feelings (intimate communication), 3) physical sexual contact between individuals (physical communication)”. Before sexual relations can be rekindled, some honest discussion of issues and feelings need to occur. To create a deeper intimacy (in-to-me-you-see), feelings need to be expressed to be able to come to an understanding of the issue(s) and a compromise if necessary. We cannot change the past but the feelings can be brought to the present and resolved. Many of us have been programmed not to speak our feelings, but this is easy to rectify with the correct tools. In some cases, it may require an independent third party to supply new tools and assist with the opening of communication.

May 2009

On the sexual level women often need foreplay in many different ways, not just the touching and words that usually take place only in the bedroom. Many men are completely unaware of anything but this type of behavior. For a woman to feel close she has to be totally loved – not just for her body. Closeness for her is words, smiles with the warmth of love in them, awareness that translates in to attentiveness to her needs and desires outside the bedroom. This all takes time and often events in our lives take precedence. Time for honest communication is the investment in relationship that keeps the interest, and heat, growing.

How can I get my wife to tell me what she wants or likes when we are having sex? ~ Al, Red Deer, AB ~ Many women have been programmed that their partner will look after their needs and all they have to do is show up. Others have difficulty sharing what they want because they have been taught to put themselves last. Some women do not even know what they look like “down there” much less know what they feel; especially if they have had a sexually abusive past then, the sexual area is probably numb. The secret is to get your wife to share, away from the bedroom, what areas of her body feel sensitive. One way is to draw an outline of the whole body on paper and get her to mark the sensitive areas. Then when you are using this information encourage feedback by asking “Do I have the sensitive spot?” or “Do you like this pressure?” or “Do you like this speed?” Give her time to become aware of the area you are touching before you ask the questions. If she is not really connected to her body it will take a few minutes sometimes for her to actually know the answer. Wait patiently for her feedback. Over rubbing an area will numb it out so if there is no answer, move on to another area. Over time the feedback will grow.

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lessons of the drum by: nadine gordon

"self-esteem" dear nadine, I am a very easy going person, and enjoy life. I don’t ask for much, other than to be healthy and happy, but yet it seems like I get taken advantage of in many different ways. I get walked over all the time. I don’t think I’m better than anyone, in fact I probably have less than many, but I feel very rich within myself and my home. I know that I am an enabler because I never want to see anyone hurting for any reason so I try to help if I can. How can I change this within myself and still be helpful to others? ~ Bev ~ Thank-you so much for this excellent question Bev! Congratulations for recognizing that you are a co-dependant and enabler! We all are from time to time; this is human tendency and obviously causes self-esteem problems. Moose Medicine and the North direction are indicated to seek wisdom in addressing self-esteem issues. This is inner work. First of all, realize that you have done the best that you were able up to this point in your life. Now, analyze your mistakes. Where did you make them and how can they be transformed into positive experiences. Jot these ideas down. This exercise assists us to glean wisdom from our past lessons or experiences in life. Secondly, make some rules and set some new standards for yourself. Don’t be too rigid as change takes time and patience. Remember you must start with yourself first, then others will follow. Be a leader! You can do this! You are an intelligent, feeling person and you are worthy of respect. Now, ask yourself; ‘What do I deserve? What truly makes me happy?’ Wisdom is doing. Practice by following through with your ideas. Parent yourself but, nurture yourself as well. This helps you become responsible for yourself, increases self-esteem and helps with self-respect.

sometimes difficult but everyone develops at their own pace. So if we continue to do for others, they may never learn to do for themselves. Instead of offering advice, perhaps ask them what their options are and let them choose what suits them best. If they choose an option that doesn’t suit you, realize that it may be that persons learning curve. That is what mistakes are, tools to learn from. The next time around, they may choose a different option. And, you will not feel as if you are being taken advantage of. Rather; the result will be one of detached support. Pain on the other hand is difficult to detach from. We do not need to take that on either. People can live pain free lives if they choose to but their ego’s play games with their minds. Realize that no matter what we do sometimes others simply do not feel they are deserving and continue to return to a state of pain. We therefore, can only do what we can do. Try not to offer resolutions if they aren’t asked for. Sometimes people in pain strike out in terrible ways especially if they aren’t ready for; or are not asking for help. Try to step back and let things be if this happens. Do what you need to do. Make yourself happy. Hope for the best. When you are a good leader to yourself, others follow. Most people want positive life styles and crave the change but don’t understand how until they notice it in another. So before reacting to the next person or situation, try the following: Breathe, take a few moments to clear your head. Sense how your gut feels about what is happening. This is your instinctual desire. Now, move to your heart. Sense what is happening with your heart’s desire. Next, realign your head with your gut then gut with your heart . How does his feel? This is your conscience. Take balanced action now. Be true to yourself. Remember it’s okay to say no from time to time as we all get over-whelmed by life. Above all, remember you are worthy of happiness. Be gentle, give yourself a daily hug and a smile. Love yourself. You’re perfect!

nadine gordon is dreamwalker and the founder of nurturing ‘nergy, a sanctuary for all those who wish to journey and heal. She loves to share by teaching others about their gifts. To learn more about Nadine please visit her website at We invite you to send your questions to Nadine at or through her Interactive Column which focuses on exploring animal wisdom, everyday blessings and latent energy on the Violet Ray Website at

It may also be helpful to ask, ‘What is it that I am getting out of my relationship with others?’ Are you volunteering to take on problems and not being respected for it? If this is your case, realize that people need to be responsible for their own lives. Patience is

May 2009

The Violet Ray

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may and june events may 9 (level 1), may 30 (level 2) - lacombe, ab rediscover your goddess Workshops Increase Your Ability for Intimacy, Learn to appreciate your Female Body, Energize Your Passion For Self, Love and Life! Contact juey ann at 888-358-8789 or for more information. may 22 to may 25 - lacombe, ab the art of joy-ful loving for couples Connect deeper in your relationship! Learn tools to create more intimacy, understanding and bliss. Contact juey ann at 888-358-8789 or for more information. june 13 (level 3) - lacombe, ab rediscover your goddess Workshops Increase Your Ability for Intimacy, Learn to appreciate your Female Body, Energize Your Passion For Self, Love and Life! Contact juey ann at 888-358-8789 or for more information.

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Your song of i am Your song of i am Child born of a dynamic landscape Peace and malevolence twined in a cast I found a sense of supportive surroundings In the warmth of compassionate ears Healing from traumatic life on this planet I know what I am as a being with needs I give thanks for space I’ve allowed For awareness gentleness rise A rose blossom in me And I hold tight to this sense that we're healing from life For you I think it’s true All of us need this space of love So I extend my heart space Opening my arms as a witness Of beautiful you Safety trust reciprocity A giving receiving relationship with out a rush

august 21, 22, 23 inca medicine Wheel south direction Contact sarah salter-kelly 780-314-9150 or Cost is $550 + 200 room and board

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moose Wisdom self esteem camp for kids aged 7-10 Explore energy, animal totems, drumming, meditation, stones, and many more tools for helping kids cope with everyday life and stand in their own power.

I offer my silence and sincere inquiry Rise forth from the depths of your own source and shine for me This is how I work out and grow strong I need this space of allowance to grow love Dustin is a practicing facilitator of Compassionate Communication - focused on embracing quality of relationship. Dustin prefers to relax into the "here i am" of his body and values equality. His favorite modes for self connection are dance, performance, and self empathy.

july 13-17, 1:00-3:30 p.m. august 17-21, 1:00-3:30 p.m. location: sW of sylvan lake, ab camp fee: $85 per week

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What’s in a name? by joette lees 67 year old Woman With no karma Repeatedly it’s stated that Rainbow Children are in their teens or younger, and that the most verifying quality is no karma. An absence of Karma could mean that a spirit is beginning life experiences or that the spirit may be able to finish physical expressions if karma is not recreated. The wisdom these children/people speak of is “beyond their years”. During my career I have been made aware that Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and Blue children have appeared throughout the human experience. This is heavy medicine for a person to carry, particularly when most of the people around you are far from that awareness in the past. The following is my numerological interpretation, according to the procedure taught by Clayne Conings, of Yvonne Jolane Hoornaert, a 67 year old Rainbow Child, who authorized me to share it with you. soul urge: Understanding the motivating force for your growth and development will add power to your life purpose. Fun. Looking at life as fun filled adventures and partaking in fun activities. persona: Your response to life in a physical way, first impressions make on people. As a single person you started over with hard experiences. Upon marriage as Yvonne Waines you brought a coupling energy with power for your companion, parenting, personal & business relationships.

Power can be used positively or in controlling ways, thus recreating karma. Many women in history have intuition and Divine Energy, but, no power. Many women who exhibited power in numerology were burned at the stake or killed for some other reason at that time of Pisces Energy considered “male power”. Marianne Williamson states we taught women to be gray, not to stand in power. Some philosophies say we are now in the plateau called ethics. Some say accountability. Recently more women are expressing this powerful combination of energy. Using Yvonne Waines you have been in a protective cocoon to the outside world; you still had the energy… Now humanity is ready for you and needs you. Are you ready to stand and be in your full poWer? Use all four of your names and you are... Master Energy has been a great deal to be with as the human race has been evolving toward understanding. I understand this. The strength of this energy can lead individuals to dependant coping or escape with alcohol, drugs, sex and diet. Judgments have silenced many people who never leave the cocoon and become the butterfly or express their spiritual gifts and awareness. Yvonne was 4 lbs when she was born and had a difficult young life. It was not karma... Perspective is an interesting tool or hindrance.

personal year: Your birth path guides you with purpose and perspectives while creating life experiences. This energy is loyalty toward family. As awareness increases family extends to friends, community, country, humanity and all living expressions.

It is amazing to me how sir, knight, M.D., a married name or the many other changes we make to our birth name may shift our energy in different directions. Interestingly some people never stand in their true integral power with action, by just being.

birth date: March 20, 1941 explained under Persona.

Yvonne during this time of unity and family break down has written 2 books:

Coupling Energy -

You have no Karmic Lesson(s). This is the energy of the Rainbow Children. At birth you had no power with your Rainbow Energy. Your energy gave you experiences for completing Mastery. Your complete married name Yvonne Jolane Hoornaert Waines gave you power while working with Divine Energy. This combination of numbers is what many CEO’s, Presidents, World Leaders and Spiritual Masters have. This is recognized as a soul completing Mastery on the human level.

May 2009

Bridging The Gap: This book leads you through a process of filling in the blanks about events from ‘the good ole days’ while after dinner and/or weekend visits become filled with distance. Family Reunions Big and Small: A detailed checklist format to plan a reunion with lots of ideas for simplicity and fun!

joette lees is a Spiritual Healing Counselor and the owner of Angel Stardust Journey. She can be reached through at or her website at

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how to prevent high blood pressure by klaus ferlow, hmh Three out of ten people in North America who have high blood pressure don’t know they have it. Of those who do know, about seven out of every ten people don’t have their blood pressure under control. If you have no idea what your blood pressure is, ask your health care practitioners inclusive registered licensed lifeblood analyst to check it. A high blood pressure reading means your heart is working harder than it should to pump blood, and your arteries are stressed. That’s risky. If you don’t lower your blood pressure, you will face an increased risk for coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, and other deadly illnesses. You are considered to have high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension,( is a disease, not just an increase in high blood pressure), when systolic pressure (the top number) is 140 or higher or the diastolic pressure (bottom number) is 90 or higher. Whenever your blood pressure readings start to creep upward, the urge is to take measures to control it. What are the symptoms? Because high blood pressure usually causes no symptoms until complications develop, it is known as the “silent killer.” A gradual rise in blood pressure over months and years is particularly dangerous, as it slips by the body’s warning signals. Danger signals are if you experience chronic headaches, heart palpitation, nervousness, dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, nosebleeds, sweating, blurred vision, flushed cheeks, frequent urination and ringing in the ear. If you check your blood pressure, at least three readings should be made before the final diagnosis, since fluctuations are normal. Stress, anxiety, anger and physical activity cause substantial changes in the reading. For those over fifty, individual fluctuations should be taken into account. Some people get so nervous when a doctor checks their blood pressure that they experience a temporary rise in blood pressure. This happened all the time with my mother. If you are one of them, you can get a more accurate picture of your blood pressure by buying a blood pressure monitor and taking your own readings at home. The most reliable monitors have an inflatable cuff and stethoscope, but the latest generation of automatic blood pressure monitors are quite accurate as well and easier to use. Once you get the hang of it, you can take a reading any time of the day or night. By averaging out of the readings, you will be getting a true picture of your pressure. What causes it? By far the most common reason for high blood pressure is arteriosclerosis. Narrowed arteries plugged with fatty deposits are usually linked to poor eating habits, high stress and little or no physical activity. Typically, a diet

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rich in saturated fats, meat and refined products, and lacking in fresh vegetables, fruits, fibre from whole grains, is to blame. The cholesterol-free commercial vegetable oil, processed food, shortening and margarine are no better, as these contain trans-fatty acids. Refined, bleached table salt, (suggest to use Himalayan Crystal salt), coffee, alcohol and cigarettes are not direct causes but certainly contribute substantially to increasing blood pressure. If high blood pressure exists, these substances should be reduced, and preferable eliminated. With old age, the artery walls become less elastic, increasing the risk of hypertension. Besides arteriosclerosis, kidney disease is a serious cause of high blood pressure. The presence of toxic metals, especially cadmium, lead and mercury (amalgam fillings in teeth) also affect the blood pressure. What can be done about it? High blood pressure is one of the diseases that has resulted from the typical diet of affluent Western societies. When I immigrated in early 1975 from Germany to Canada I was shocked learning about the eating habits of North Americans and noticed fast-food chains and outfits everywhere offering hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, donates, pop drinks such as coke, especially diet coke, pepsi, seven-up, sprite and other pop drinks seemed to be the norm what people consume on a daily basis and that drive-by fast-foods are very popular. An excellent book to read is “Fast Food Nation.” Saturated fat from animal sources, artificially hardened vegetable fats like shortening, margarine (margarine is one molecule away from being plastic) and refined vegetable oil, such as canola are all creating high blood pressure responsible for building up plaque inside your arteries and harden them. Furthermore foods in many restaurants contain a variety of health hazardous chemicals like MSG (Monsodium glutamate), a neurotoxin. You can learn more about the nearly 300 chemical additives that repeatedly appear in the standard North American diet form the book “Hard to Swallow” – the truth about food additives. Avoid any artificial sweeteners like aspartame, neotame, saccharin, cyclamate, acesuflame-K and sucralose sold as splenda found in most pop drinks and even in bottled water, food and sugar-free chewing gum and large amounts can elevate blood pressure. Fresh, raw or steamed vegetables (asparagus, avocados, cabbage, potatoes, corn, lima beans, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables for their valuable vitamin and mineral content and fruits (bananas, oranges, grapefruit, prunes, grapes, raisins, apple (a apple a day keeps the doctor away), whole grain, oatmeal, should prevail in a diet to control high blood pressure. Supplement with garlic, magnesium (almonds and cashew nuts are excellent

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How To Prevent High Blood Pressure cont... sources of magnesium), cold pressed, unrefined nut and seed oil such as hemp, flax, evening primrose with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, pumpkin, sunflower, hazelnut, walnut, olive, all GMO free. Other excellent supplements are Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 and zinc. Herbal remedies that are effective to bring high blood pressure down are: Hawthorn, milk thistle, wild yam, chamomile, valerian single tinctures, hawthorn combo and milk thistle combo tinctures, cayenne, garlic, bee pollen, kelp, carrot juice, fennel, parsley, rosemary, mistletoe, horseradish, marjoram, thyme, chili peppers, curry. Pure genuine essential oils of lemon and lavender externally used are beneficial too. Acupressure, reflexology, physical exercise, mediation, yoga and proper breathing exercise can also be helpful. And remember: if you don’t have health, you have nothing, but most people take health for granted! You are what you eat and Health is Wealth! Words of Wisdom “A wise man ought to realize that health is the most valuable possession and learn how to treat illnesses by his own judgment.” - Hippocrates (Greek Physician 460 – 377 BC)-

With psychic counselor sharyn lemasurier sharyn is a psychic consultant, medium and the owner operator of the studio holistic health centre in Red Deer, Alberta. Submit your questions for Sharyn by logging on to

hi sharyn, My husband and I have been together 11.5 years and married for 7. When we first got together, neither of us thought we wanted kids. Now that we’re older he now feels that he wants kids and won’t be happy unless he has them. I still don’t know if I want them. If we can’t agree on this, our marriage is not going to last and that devastates me because we love each other so much. Some days I think I want kids and some days I don’t. I don’t know what to do – how do I know if I was meant to have children? I would hate to lose my husband over this but at the same time, what if we decide to start a family and it is the wrong decision? Help! ~Heidi. ~


hi heidi,

Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser, IDBN 0395977894 Hard to Swallow, Doris Sarjeant, Karin Evers, ISBN 0-920-470-47-5 Aspartame (NutraSweet) is it safe? by H.J. Roberts. M.D., ISBN 0-914783-58-0 Prescription for Dietary Wellness, by James F. Balch, M.D., Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C., ISBN 0-94202302-1 Rapid Healing Food, by Ben Davis, ISBN 0-13-753179-6 Eat Right for your (Blood) Type, by Peter J.D. Adamo, N.D., ISBN 0-399-14255-X Food & You, by Paul A. Hogarth, ISBN 0-9698706-0-4

Thank you for your question. When you and your husband chose to marry and share your life journey together, you agreed there would be no children from your union. Somewhere along the way, your husband had a change of heart, which challenges that agreement. He is asking you to accommodate his change of heart, which has led to confusion for you. Clearly, when you agreed to not have children you were serious about the decision.

klaus ferlow, hmh, innovator, lecturer, researcher, writer, founder, President and co-owner ferloW botanicals, Div. of Ferlow Brothers Ltd, Vancouver, B.C., founded 1975, manufacturer/distributor of organic toxin-free herbal medicinal and personal care products to health & wellness practitioners and selected stores with holistic practitioners on staff in Canada and parts of USA since 1993. Copyright, all rights reserved. HMH = Honorary Master Herbalist, Dominion Herbal College, Burnaby, B.C., est. 1926 His educational articles have been published in Health Magazines, Women’s Magazine, Newspapers, Newsletter in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and numerous websites around the world. This information is offered for its educational value only and should not be used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease, contact your health care practitioner.

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You and hubby would be wise to sit and chat. Go back to the time when the original decision was made and you agreed to no children. What was the basis of that decision for him, and for you at that time? It is very important for your husband to understand what made him change his mind and why it is so important. Once he uncovers that truth, then you can try to grasp it’s validity for yourself and make any further decisions from there. It would be wise to attempt to put emotion aside in this discussion, and only use the facts as you both know them, being as subjective as you can. Should the two of you find this process difficult, an intermediary would be suggested. Find a good marriage counselor who can help you unravel the concerns to the answers you both need. If your love is strong as you say it is, this will not be the breakup of a relationship, but perhaps the exploring of a brand new adventure ahead together as you learn more about one another. Good luck to the both of you.

Namaste from Sharyn

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