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Violet Ray Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine WalkinG on the bones of My ancestors rasayanas: replenishinG our Vital fluids QuantuM healinG eliMinate doubt find and folloW your Joy

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“aVatara” by nataliya bukhanoVa free in selected locations in Western canada and on-line in our eco-friendly MaGaZine - $4.50 elseWhere

VoluMe 12, issue 8 auGust, septeMber, october 2009

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w w w.nano agepro du c August, September, October 2009

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Soul Script by carol J. uchytil Welcome to the August Issue of The Violet Ray - Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine! Thanks to all of you who provided such positive feedback on the new gloss issue! Also, thanks to the advertisers and contributors who support our efforts to provide a forum that cultivates and nurtures positive growth in Mind, Body and Spirit. We are grateful to be able to connect you with resources that will assist with your healing or spiritual journey. Please check out the exclusive articles in our June and July Go-Green magazines on-line. The artist was Anita Harris who created this amazing mandala art showcased on the cover! A few featured articles included:

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July issue, Volume 12, issue 7 Page 7 - 3 Steps to Release Past Karma – By Joanna Garzilli Page 12 - Five Nations - By Carolyn Hines Page 14 - The Divine Mission of Animals; Spirit Guidance from Our Animal Companions By Lynn McKenzie

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June issue, Volume 12, issue 6 Page 7 - The Courteous Heart By Alice Wheaton Page 9 - What is Real Love - By Rusty Stewart Page 10 - Appreciate Life - By Brenda Forsey

This issue features empowering articles on spirituality, energy work, alternative health and personal growth. Check out page 20 to read our special guest article by Dr. Steven Farmer titled “Walking On the Bones of My Ancestors”. Due to space constraints we could not share all the articles we had intended to. So the following articles will be exclusively available in the September issue: The Violet Flame and Heaven, The Violet Journey, Advice U Seek, Mantra for Positive Change, The Miraculous Neem , Self of Steam and much more! Be sure to logon to our Free Member area and download your Eco-friendly September Issue as well as our exclusive Go-Green Practitioner Profiles at

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August, September, October 09

The Violet Ray

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title: aVatara Avatara is the part of God’s mind which he sends to our world. He separates a part of himself which the world is able to take in. A part small enough not to destroy the world by its presence and yet big enough to realize its goal. A goal which has 3 steps – creation of soul, creation of body, creation of way to the world.

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soul script - By Carol Uchytil


What’s above - With Clairvoyant Kim

is the Joy? 17 Where By Sexual and Relationship Expert Juey Ann MacLeod


from the Ground up - tree Medicine - By Abrah Arneson


ask dr. evers - the affirmation doctor By Dr. Anne Marie Evers

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insights from the dream expert - By Irene Martina

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lessons of the drum - By Nadine Gordon


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rasayanas: replenishing our Vital fluids Submitted By Andrea Olivera


it’s all in your head...changing the belief system By Judy Blais


Quantum healing- By James Ang


find and follow your Joy - By Hannelore


eliminate doubt - By Zaheen Nanji


oneness…cattle call of the new age... By Sarah Salter-Kelly


transform obstacles into cash flow - advertorial


Walking on the bones of My ancestors By Dr. Steven Farmer


therapeutic kneads - practitioner business profile


healing your life With deliberate intention and focus - By Loretta Mohl

August, September, October 2009

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W hat’s Above With clairvoyant kim

dear kim, i have had dreams of me holding a beautiful baby girl; this dream showers me with absolute joy as i have been trying to conceive for a year in March. can you see me having a child soon? ~ chelsea, calgary, alberta ~ Actually, yes I can feel a baby coming into your life very soon. To me, it feels like a healthy baby boy, girl second. This all comes down to the "Law of Attraction". Start telling yourself that you are the mother of a healthy, beautiful baby. Talk yourself into it. FEEL what it would be like to hold your new child. Put no focus or energy into "not conceiving". Remember....only put your thoughts and feelings into what you want in your life, not your fears. Your dreams are an indication that the universe is conspiring/manifesting to bring you what you want, a new life. Start getting excited; the baby is on the way. My husband passed away over five years ago and i know that he is still around me. My question is, when it is my turn to pass over and i meet him, will he still be my husband and will our relationship continue where we left off? ~ shirley b., calgary, alberta ~ Great question! There are no marriages per say at the vibration that your husband is at now. You will reconnect with him, at his level, for sure, and the feelings that you have for each other will still exist and be stronger than they ever were on the earth plane. ”Crossing over" does not change how he feels for you, either. You and your husband are still very much connected. Love transcends everything! five years ago, my husband passed from alzheimer’s. nine months later, my 25 year old daughter died very suddenly. i have so many questions, but what i would most like is to easily connect with my daughter. how can i make it a natural, daily occurrence? ~ denise s., edmonton, alberta ~ Page 6

I am so sorry for your losses. No one would dispute that losing a child is the hardest and most difficult loss of all. There are many obvious reasons why, but on a spiritual level, it is because they come from us, literally. They come from our bodies. That is why a part of the parent does "die" with the child. But your daughter lives on! We really do not die, just change form. The same way she changed form when you conceived her. She is with you always, really. If you can really understand that, then you will stop looking for her; because she is always there. Then the memories, nudges, messages, signs and signals from her will just show up. Any time that she pops into your thoughts, she is there, letting you know that she is near. My sweet little 4 year old rottie died suddenly on May 4th. i feel that i am unable to find some sort of peace. i need to find some hope that i will see Max once again. i hope that he is with my dad and sister. ~ sylvia b., red deer, alberta ~ Yes, yes, yes, you will see your beloved pet again. Anybody who has loved a pet knows that they have a soul. They are a different type of soul, but all souls cross over, including all animals, and they are healed again the same way human souls are. They are young, free and happy. I do get a sense that your dad was the soul that came to meet your Max. I feel you and your dad share the same "animal heart". When it is your time to cross, you and your puppy will be reunited. My father passed away many years ago, and i still have a huge feeling of loss. i miss him so very much. he had a marvellous hug, and i would very much like to experience it again. you speak of past lives. is there a chance that he and i will embark on another life together? i always think that one day we will be together again. ~ cathy V., high river, alberta ~ Awesome question! Even though much time has passed since you lost your dad, you can still feel that loss very strongly. Time heals nothing; it is what you do with that time. We all reincarnate, nobody is on their last kick August, September, October 09

down here. There can be many life years that pass before we reincarnate again, so be rest assured , that you will see your dad again, even if you live to be 100. Now, we can reincarnate with the same people. It is very possible. When you have someone in your life that you feel so connected with such as a soul mate or kindred spirit and there are so many common energies, it does feel like you may have known them in another life or time, and maybe you have? It is usually a different connection / relationship; your dad may have been your son in a previous life. That said; it is very possible that you will have a life together again. It is really wonderful that you loved him so much, and remember he can still feel it. With God, all things are possible. kim dennis is a proven clairvoyant medium who resides in Calgary. She is the author of the book What's above?, a radio host on 1060 AM in Calgary, Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. and is currently producing a second television program for the fall. Her new CD is also available on her website at We invite you to send your questions about the afterlife to or through her Interactive Column on the Violet Ray Website at


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5004 - 51 Avenue Wetaskiwin, AB

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August, September, October 2009

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rasayanas: replenishing our Vital fluids adi poem, april, 2009 submitted by andrea olivera

A Vedic creation myth begins with the Ocean of Consciousness occupied by Gods and Asuras or demons. They both desired immortality and with this common goal, they together churned the Ocean of Consciousness creating a rich foam from which sprang many wonderful things including Dhanvantari, the father of Ayurveda, who brought with him the Amrita, the water of life, or ‘nectar of immortality’. But, before the Gods could fully grasp this Amrita, Rahu (an Asura) stole it and tasted it before Vishnu cut him in two with his avenging sword. The Gods regained the Amrita but Rahu along with its severed tail, Ketu, attained immortality as the north and south nodes of the Moon. Rahu, the north node, in particular represents insatiable urges in the birth chart. The nodes are what eclipse the Sun (soul) and Moon (mind). The Amrita is the essence of what are called Rasayanas, Ayurveda rejuvenation therapies aimed at restoring the body’s natural fluidity, both physically and spiritually. Rasayana means ‘the way of the elixir’ and is akin to the Philosopher’s Stone and the philosophy of immortality. In Ayurveda it is rejuvenating the vital fluids of the body. Rasa is the essence or bliss of something as a state of surrender to the Divine. Rasayanas prevent constriction, illness and aging by restoring fluidity to the body and consciousness. When spirit loses its flow, illness is not to far away. The Gods signify our higher selves, willing to serve, knowing Grace, while the Asuras represent our lower, physical selves or ego; that part of us that wants to be served; that will even steal to gratify itself. It is this balancing act that Ayurveda on the whole addresses. Ayurveda is a system of holistic medicine that diagnoses and treats illness or dis-ease in the body using essentially three doshas or elements: Vata (Air/Ether), Pitta (Fire/Water) and Kapha (Earth/Water). Dis-ease is diagnosed as either predominance or lacking in one of these doshas and the aim is to regain balance through restorative measures using diet, exercise, massage, yoga, herbs, oils and scents. Being a holistic science, Ayurveda is a preventative. It uses the big picture approach of Jyotish (Vedic astrology) to examine our karmic map. Rahu’s role in the creation myth characterizes our irrational obsessions and ambitions. In

the client’s astrological chart, it reveals where these insatiable urges lie; what they are obsessed with or addicted to. For some it is fame, for others, sex or family or money. Indeed, it reveals what could be killing us. Astrology compliments Ayurveda in this way. What is not always obvious to the Ayurveda practitioner addressing physical symptoms is the underlying karmic cause of these symptoms. A Jyotishi (astrologer) or someone knowledgeable of Jyotish can usually spot it at a glance. Further analysis can also determine what part of the client’s karma is active at a given time. This information is useful in counselling the client as core issues are often what obstruct the rejuvenating process. Addressing them may bring rebirth. Yoga is an excellent resource for physical and mental exercises that help facilitate Rasayanas. Yoga cultivates discipline and awareness as one works towards physical and spiritual fluidity through relaxation techniques that can ultimately lead to self-realization and spiritual bliss. Yoga is a form of alchemy and its aim is to transmute human consciousness. In this age of atheism, yoga is the new religion because it applies consciousness in a practical, humanistic way towards a definite aim and without dogma. And like Ayurveda, Yoga is customizable. The popularity of Yoga world-wide has increased interest in Ayurveda and holistic living in general including astrological remedies. These various disciplines are being integrated more and more into the programs of spa and yoga centres around the world. People are understanding again that health and beauty begin with our relationship to Nature and this includes ourselves, how we eat, what we think, what we can smell, whether we are polluting or renewing. The Ocean of Consciousness is forever being churned. This is the fundamental friction of our lives, between service and selfishness or fluidity and constriction. Rasayanas are there to restore the fluidity, the Godliness in us, and to do so holistically. Ayurveda’s great strength is its ability to draw on disciplines like Jyotish and Yoga for a multi-layered approach. Rasayanas replenish and rejuvenate in part through us developing our understanding of our own unique constitution, what to eat, where to live, who to look for… When we are in harmony, then flow is assured and obstacles are averted. It becomes obvious then that in this Ocean of Consciousness, fluidity is our path to liberation.

andrea olivera is a proactive, highly trained leader in the revolution of the spa industry. Her excellence is demonstrated clearly by a successful career expanding over twenty years as a Spa Specialist and Educator, Ayurveda Specialist and Educator, Aveda Educator, Aromacologist, Advocate for Ayurveda Awareness and Director of Ayurveda Expos. For more information visit please see ad this page, page 23 and page 31 Page 8

August, September, October 09

it’s all in your head... changing the belief system by Judy blais Have you been told there is no physical reason for some symptom you have in your body? Have you been told that this illness is all in your head or even that you have asked for or are holding on to some disease because it is serving you in some way?


If you believe you have to have an illness, why can’t you now believe that you don’t have to have it? Think about and face up to the real reason you are holding on to things. Is it an event from your past that is putting you in the ‘victim mode’? Are you trying to protect yourself from a future hurt, such as job loss or divorce?

Theta healing or any of several natural healing modalities. Changing our beliefs will change our lives. Just imagine what would have happened if the belief that “the world is flat” had not been changed.

Judy is a natural energy healing practitioner at neW intentions , located in Sylvan Lake, AB. Judy can be contacted at please see ad this page

You have been putting a lot of effort and attention into the dis-ease you are experiencing. How much time has it made you spend in doctors’ offices or hospitals, missing days of work and forfeiting fun time with family? Plan on giving some time and attention now to believing you can live your life without that dis-ease. We all have many levels to our being. Some beliefs can be held on the subconscious level, so we may not be aware that we have a limiting belief. We even have dual (conflicting) beliefs about some things; the most common one is money. We all love money, but have been led to believe that money is the root of all evil. These dual belief systems make it difficult for us to attract and keep things such as money, health or even love. Our belief system really rules our life. Likely, if you believe that you will “catch” that yearly virus that goes around, you are right. If you believe you ‘have to be sick’, you are right. Now, what if you could change your belief system so you now believe you won’t be a home for some virus or that you don’t have to be diabetic just because one of your parents was diabetic. What if you now believe you are healthy and you are right. The “all in your head” maladies may be the easiest ones to rid ourselves of because all we have to do is change our mind. Well, change what our mind believes may be a better way of looking at it. The belief system is like a house of cards. When we release the KEY belief around any issue, change is immediate and lasting. We receive our belief systems from the experiences we live through, from our parents, teachers, religions and even from believing that chance remark a girl made about you in Grade Two. Often, we don’t consciously know we are holding on to a limiting belief, but our subconscious is very good at keeping them intact and activating them for our “protection”. Whenever a belief is no longer used for our highest good it needs to be released. This is easily accomplished using August, September, October 2009

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WE RECOMMEND! the rose path by nadine Gordon review Written by kevin hare Having previously read books on ESP and healing energies, I have always finished each one with a nagging sense of incompletion. The Rose Path was the first book that I truly connected with. I was instantly captivated with the descriptions of the different states of consciousness and I was enlightened to realize, “That’s how I feel! It’s comforting to realize how I view things is not abnormal, that the things I experience have now been explained to me in a manner that has me believing that I am a normal human being, not sub-human nor super-human. I thoroughly enjoyed The Rose Path and will keep it as part of my library as it lifted a weight from my shoulders and put many things into proper perspective for me. To order your copy visit

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seasoned & saucy fresh Market café by sarah hoffman

I’ve enjoyed cooking and being creative with food since I was little and grew up with the wondrous smells from my mom’s kitchen. The journey with Seasoned & Saucy began a little over two years ago, including farmers markets and working as a personal chef. Last year I was offered a space in Purearth Organics food coop and decided to jump in and see what kind of kitchen could be created. I envisioned a kitchen that felt like home and would offer nourishing foods for everyone under the sun. Step by step, with many family hands and local companies, Seasoned & Saucy came into being. The menu is based on seasonal, organic and sustainably created vegetarian foods with an emphasis on raw cuisine. Seasoned & Saucy is located at 5579 - 47 street, behind body basics in the cronquist business park in red deer, ab. Hours are currently tuesday to thursday 11 am - 4pm. Mondays and Fridays are reserved for catering events, markets and kitchen creation classes. phone: 403-896-5859

Red Deer's best food! Seasoned & Saucy makes the best healthy raw and cooked food! We get to try new items from the always fresh menu, and some favorites I now make at home. The best part, though, is being able to quickly pick up delicious meals and snacks. The kind I'd like to make, but don't always have time to prepare. Seasoned & Saucy is my favorite stop in Red Deer! ~ Leslie H. ~

irene Martina’s soul Journey by carol uchytil

I recently had a Soul Journey done by Irene Martina and I was absolutely delighted with the validation Irene provided. She unveiled several past lives that were pertinent to my life today along with my Birth Totem, Birth Guide, Birth Flower, Animal Totem, Spirit Guide and Karmic Debt. Her Soul Journey reading not only confirmed some of the information that I already knew but also brought to light things that I did not know that would be beneficial to my life today. If you are looking for a unique gift for someone or would like greater insight into your own life I highly recommend you contact Irene for a Soul Journey! You will gain clarity and wisdom and I am certain it will be something you will treasure! For more information contact Irene Martina at 780-461-3540 or visit August, September, October 09

Quantum healing by James ang, reiki Master, rMt, Quantum healing instructor I was first introduced to the Quantum Healing System in 2006 by Doug Perry. I have had the privilege of working and learning from Doug for some time now. When he first told me that he was teaching a new energy work seminar called Quantum Healing, I jumped at the opportunity to learn something new and revolutionary about energy work. The effects of learning this energy system have been personally and spiritually transformational for me and for the clients that I work with. So much so that, in 2007, I became a Quantum Healing level 1 instructor! I wanted to share this information with more people to help them heal their suffering. To give you an idea of what Quantum healing is, we have to begin with the concept of vibration. Quantum Healing is based on the concept that the vibration of one thing effects the vibration of other things. This is called resonance and entrainment in physics. When the vibratory rate of anything is placed in proximity to anything else the vibratory rates of the two things will naturally pull each other toward a balance. So in Quantum Healing you learn how to quickly raise your resonance and sustain it at a higher level. You also learn how to direct that higher resonance anywhere you choose. By simply holding that energy of higher vibration on, or against a person you provide them with an opportunity for their body to entrain to the higher level. When this happens their body will spontaneously correct its' self. There are several methods of achieving this effect. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the fear and tension in the air? Conversely have you ever had a bad day and took a walk in the garden or in the woods and felt so much better afterwards? Well, this change in the way you feel according to your surroundings is the result of you entraining to that vibration (or resonance) and feeling the results. This is constantly happening around us at all times. Many great healers in the past, like the Indian holy men, saints, and Jesus utilized this natural law of energyentrainment; which has been in existence long before Science gave it a name and conceptualized it. As these healers raised their vibration and held the highest vibration of purity and spirituality, they had a healing effect on those they touched, and it had an emotional and mental healing on the people that they came in close proximity to. Doug Perry, who founded the system, has drawn from his diverse training and esoteric background in Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Yoga, Meditation, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Shamanism, various energy work and Quantum-Touch put together the best techniques from all of them to create Quantum Healing. Quantum healing utilizes the quickest and safest ways for the practitioner to elevate their resonance and safely hold that high vibrancy energetic against their client. how it Works So how does it work? Well, when we raise our awareness of more aspects of our body we raise our spiritual vibration. With our intent we control where that higher vibration is concentrated. By continuing the process of raising our August, September, October 2009

vibration we sustain the higher vibration even when we hold it against a lower vibration. By holding the higher vibration steadily against the client they entrain to the higher vibration on a physical level, separate from their conscious beliefs about how their body is, and their body responds by correcting itself according to its' design. So when you become a Quantum Healing practitioner, you are trained through a series of steps to learn how to be aware of your physical body and energy centers called chakras while controlling your breath. This allows you to quickly elevate your resonance to a very high spiritual vibration. Then you learn how to focus your energy so that it doesn't get dissipated; and to place the energy where it will be beneficial to you or your client. Quantum Healing Therapists learn to do this with greater intensity and also guide the clients to work on themselves at the deepest level that they are willing to. treatments A Quantum Healing treatment consists of the practitioner asking the client what they would like worked on and then providing the high vibration to the client. Often the healing energy will be delivered from a light touch of the hands. If for any reason the client is not comfortable being touched the work is just as effective without the practitioner actually touching them. Quantum healing works with skin on skin contact or through clothes from a distance. I have personally seen results that were near-miraculous! results I have seen many physical problems in my healing work that responded very quickly to Quantum Healing. Realigning of bones, swollen tissue, limited motion, pain and tightness all usually improve during the session and continue to improve after the treatment. Sometimes emotional blocks are released during a session. I have seen TMJ, frozen shoulder, headaches and physical pain drastically improve during and after sessions. I even had a client who had suffered stroke-like symptoms on the left side of her body for over 14 years regain greater feeling and sensation in her left side. Of course, the results vary depending on the condition and the overall health of the client. If the clients overall health and their spirit are both low they may not hold the results as well as a vibrant happy person. If a client is feeling guilty or undeserving of healing they likely won't respond as well or retain the results as long. I have seen good, unbelievable, results in clients that I never would have believed were possible; and they never expected. A few times I have also seen very little results for conditions that I had always gotten great results for on similar conditions with other people. From the people that I have taught in class, they have reported good results in more than 90% of the treatments given. Sometimes the results from Quantum Healing may take a few days to manifest. I had a client who reported feeling steady improvements to an old injury she had in her left ankle everyday for over 30 days. Sometimes the correction that takes place energetically takes some time to affect the tissue to the extent that it corrects itself enough for the person to notice an improvement. After all, if you had a condition for years, it would take a longer time to see a lasting and stronger healing effect. If you wish to learn more about Quantum Healing, you can go to for more information. see ads on page 31

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by hannelore

find and follow your Joy!

If you believe you are anything less than Divine Perfection and that is the perfections of your perceived imperfections, then you are holding onto a false identity. We were on a sailboat catamaran on another of Maui’s sunny days. Two Humpback whales and their baby graced us with their presence and swam lazily within 30 to 50 feet of our boat for well over ½ hour. As they moved closer I climbed onto one of the pontoons. My being was filled with joy and exhilaration, caressed by the gentle breeze and feeling the water beneath my feet. The whales moved so close that I could see the texture of their skin and we had a brief moment eye to eye. In what seemed like slow motion, they gently submerged, went under the boat and almost touched my feet! One of the whales then turned around, came back and did a full breach about 10 to 15 feet in front of the boat! This cherished memory, along with many other magical moments swimming with my friends the Dolphins, is now placed into my treasure box of Joy. Joy is the highest vibration of energy. These joyful memories are part of my medicine to carry me through life’s heavier moments. We are often tested. Some of these tests are small hurdles and others contain a force that literally knocks us off our feet. We have the choice in how to perceive any given circumstance and we can implement this choice, find the lesson or the good and transcend what no longer serves. Our challenge is to remember the Divine Essence of whom and what we truly are; to be the Master of circumstance and to stay in balance no matter how dark things seem. I choose to remember the Joy! This is not to say I ignore challenges for they are but opportunities to evolve and grow. I choose to see that there are no problems, only solutions. We all have Free Will. We live in a world of duality – masculine and feminine, good and bad, light and dark, hate and love, and so on. We are the Writers, Directors, Actors and Editors of this Play called Life. We live in what has become a material world and it is our journey to find the balance of the Spiritual and Material. We are here to remember our Divine Identity. If you could but have a glimpse of how amazing you really are! You/we all have the ability to create and receive miracles and magic of the highest kind. It is our negative belief and thoughts that keep us from being in the flow of the universe. Everything you need or desire is within your power to create. To experience Joy and Miracles is your divine birthright. Your experience is how you think and feel. Everything is linked to your belief – your thoughts. When you put out a

thought that has a vibration of joy and passion, you are at the peak of manifestation. First there was thought. Thought is man’s greatest power. We are the result of our thoughts/beliefs, perceptions, and conscious and unconscious actions. With thought follows desire – the more we ardently desire the more we see the result. But if we don’t believe, we then sabotage and a ‘block’ is created. We must absolutely believe – if there is doubt we have stopped the flow. The reason we cannot manifest a desire is that we do not ‘match’ the energy of the desire. When we are in fear, lack, low self esteem and joyless there is a denial and disconnection of our Divine Self – our True Self. This is a disconnection from Source and this keeps us in Poverty Consciousness. To be prosperous we must ‘feel’ prosperous. Prosperity consciousness is a high vibration of love, joy and peace. It is when we are in a natural state of alignment, unity and harmony with our ‘Inner Self’ and our surroundings nature, Spirit, humanity the earth and the Universe. When we are in this state we are in the flow of creation and the infinite resources the Universe has to offer. We are in the process of manifestation into the physical. What is your Desire? Does your belief match the vibration of that desire? To imagine and believe it already exists creates the vibration of joy within your body which then becomes the physical manifestation of the desire. Our spirit expresses itself through the vibration of joy which is Spirit in Creation. Action is what creates the act of receiving. When you allow yourself to receive and when you give to yourself – the Universe acknowledges your worthiness and will open its infinite doors of abundance to you. When you deny, resist or stop the flow of all that is good you are making a statement to the universe that you are not worthy therefore cutting yourself off from all that you desire. We live in a world of Reciprocity; the law of giving and receiving. You need to receive to have humility and need to give to feel worthy. To feel worthy you must believe in yourself. Define what it is you want in your life. Are you doing what you love to do? If not, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” You know what you don’t want – what is the opposite? This will help you define what you do want. Do what you love to do and be the best you can be. Be in your truth – with yourself first and then others. Keep stretching your knowledge and awareness and remember that each adversity creates new possibilities. ‘Whatever you… Vividly imagine Ardently desire Sincerely Believe And enthusiastically act upon will inevitably come to pass.’ ~ Paul J. Meyer ~ What brings you joy? I encourage you to find and follow your joy!

hannelore is a Spiritual life coach, gifted intuitive,international speaker, author, teacher and Ordained Interfaith Minister. She teaches the ‘Ignite Your 6th Sense’ Intuition training program and facilitates retreats including ‘Communing with Dolphins’ Retreats in Hawaii. She embodies wisdom,experience, humour and compassion. For more information visit her websites and see ad next page and on page 31 Page 12

August, September, October 09

August, September, October 2009

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eliminate doubt by Zaheen nanji As a Law of Attraction trainer and coach, I am often asked the question: “I have identified my desires, I say my affirmations, but it doesn’t result in anything. I am having difficulty in manifesting and attracting my desires. What is missing?” My answer is always the same. Remember, attracting what you want is a 3-step process: 1) Identify my desires. 2) Give my desire attention. 3) Eliminate doubt (also known as Allowing) The third step is what you have to work on the most. It is easy to know what you want and really want it, but it is another to believe that you are attracting it. To really attract what you want, you have to remove any doubt. What is doubt? Doubt is a negative vibration or feeling and if that is what you keep sending out, you are preventing yourself from attracting your desire. Doubt is also created from your limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is a thought you think over and over again where you don’t believe it can happen or that you don’t believe you are capable of doing better. Beliefs are at an unconscious level. Kristine Halbom, in her article “The Psychology of Money, Prosperity and Wealth”, puts it very succinctly where she states, “At a conscious level, most people think they are doing everything possible to achieve their goals. However,

there still might be an unconscious part of them that doesn’t believe that they can obtain success. The more a person avoids that unconscious part, the more obstacles will continue to show up in their everyday life. That is the way the mind works.” Now the next question is, “How do I eliminate doubt and replace my limiting beliefs?” There are several ways of doing that and a quick and easy one is to be grateful for what you have. Another method is to pin point where you see or feel doubt creeping in when you identify your desires or state your affirmations. For example, I had a client who had a limiting belief that he couldn’t become financially wealthy because he didn’t finish school. I asked my client to ask himself if there was anyone he knew, or had heard of, who is financially wealthy and did not finish school. He named a few celebrities and then he started to name some people in his community who now own various businesses and are financially wealthy. I then asked him to write a general statement in the third person to help him eliminate doubt and feel a sense of relief that it is possible. His “doubt-eliminating“statement was as follows: “More and more people are bringing in wealth in creative ways without even having finished school. In fact, all around the world, hundreds of people are bringing in extra income doing what they love. There are more millionaires now than ever and most of them follow their passion.” Every time my client reads this statement, his doubt lessens. However, what if you want to completely replace your limiting belief with an empowering belief? Can you change your results? Yes, it is possible. Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. If you look at your life circumstances now, you are where you are because of your beliefs. I have found the 4-step Belief Change Process in the WealthyMind™ Program, a cutting-edge NLP technique, to be the one that worked for me and for others who have experienced it. In this program, you go deep within the core of your belief system and come out with a strong inner sense of self and what is truly important to you. The first step is to identify your limiting belief through an interview process and some useful questioning. Once the core limiting belief is identified, you then find the positive purpose behind this limiting belief and, once that is acknowledged, you move ahead to redefine it in various ways, including your value system and sensory system. At the end, you systematically align your physical self, mental self, social self, emotional self and spiritual self with your higher purpose and mission. Zaheen nanji focuses on workshops and seminars on LOA and creating a wealthy mind by helping you eliminate any limiting beliefs around money and wealth. She is available to corporate and private groups as a trainer and keynote speaker. To connect with Zaheen phone 780-918-9225 or visit

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August, September, October 09

REVIEW IT! by sheryl Guillaume

Water the Great Mystery by intention Media “Water the most amazing yet least studied substance on earth.” I thought I knew everything about Water. I have seen “What the Bleep do you know?” and have followed Dr. Emoto’s studies on the subject. I thought not much left to explore, so how possibly could they make an entire movie on this one subject…..I think most people thought the same thing when I screened this movie….boy where we wrong. After watching this movie I realize we haven’t even scratched the surface of Water. Dr. Emoto is joined by scientists from all over the world. This movie presents their insights and Pulitzer Prize winning discoveries. Giving us all a new perspective to this essential part of our lives. You will never look at water the same way or dismiss it as nothing very important. This movie will open your eyes to look at water from a totally different view. Intention Media is a world leading company that produces high quality films on “Thinking movies”, to play in theatres around the world. It is a joy to watch the footage and the way in which they present New Ideas to the world. Visit to purchase this movie and others or if you are in Calgary area you can rent this at Casablanca Video Stores the only place in the world that rents “Movies That Make You Think”. evolving doors productions (EDP), a management and promotions company dedicated to furthering public awareness of inspirational authors, artists, filmmakers and their media, has been founded by sheryl Guillaume of Calgary. “There are many outstanding writers and filmmakers who have important messages and highly relevant perspectives, but whose voices are seldom heard above the din of mainstream media,” said Guillaume. “Evolving Doors Productions will endeavor to cut through the clutter on behalf of these talented individuals in order to bring their important work to the attention of a broader audience.” Sheryl also locates hard to find movies to add to your collection. You can contact her through her Web Site

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oneness…cattle call of the new age.. by sarah salter-kelly Living in the country in Western Canada I have had the opportunity to observe many cattle drives. Driven by one or two Cowboys they move with one mind, in whatever direction they are led. Moving as one, following the cattle call, doing whatever they are told. The odd stray is easily pushed back into the herd. I always wondered what would happen if they suddenly stopped or if they all went their own way at once. I have great fear that our popular philosophy of ONENESS, is turning us into the cattle of the new age. That with the changes in the times to come oneness is becoming a scapegoat, absolving people from taking responsibility for their individual participation in the universe. If we are all one, and we have created each other no one truly needs to be accountable for their actions. Oneness has become our excuse. This is how the false prophets we believe to be leaders may drive us in any direction they choose. How can we be so easily led? Is it possible that our lack of faith in ourselves pulls us in the direction of the masses? Through our need to belong we are incapable of separating ourselves from the madness of mob mentality. Why are we so afraid to stand on our own? To trust we can live through the wake of the storm and come out strong on the other side. Our culture is permeated with fear, terror and destruction. It looks like the concept of oneness is giving many a rational explanation for what they see going on in the world. However this explanation offers no personal accountability to own up to our individual part in it all. The belief in Oneness as I understand it is that we are all one spirit in an ever evolving consciousness inclusive of the natural world around us. Our language offers us the perfect metaphor for our beliefs. We ARE our language. Can you see how our belief in Oneness is creating a loop hole for a lack of ownership of our actions? I have often heard said, ‘we are all one, and you have created me.’ Perhaps this is true. However, would this mean a

murderer may walk away because the woman chose to be murdered? No! Power comes with the understanding that each of us as individuals has created everything in our lives. Wisdom comes from knowing what to do with that power. That means absolute accountability! If I am driving on the road and I rear end someone, I am not going to tell the person, ‘we both created this, let’s just call it a day!’ I am going to exchange information and pay for whatever damages I need to pay for. Perhaps rear ending that person saved her or me from some other extraneous experience, so what! I still have to be responsible for smashing into her car! Oneness speaks of the need to transcend ego. Dictating a proverbial union of all, in connection with God; giving the impression that Ego is an unnecessary attachment to the self. What if instead of spending all this time transcending our Ego‘s we accepted them as a part of the package and a gift? This is an opportunity to observe the tides of emotion that go on with in us, WITHOUT reacting to them and without judging them but simply observing them as part of the unique duality we all hold. We need our connection with ourselves! It is through this that we connect with God. I cannot connect with someone else’s relationship with Spirit; I must to have my own! And this is where the problem lays. Many of us find it so much easier to follow the herd. To have someone else fix us or tell us the right way to live our lives, or connect with spirit. We must take ownership of this. Forge our own connections. Then with that power, we may bring it into the world and create the changes we would like to see. I believe the answer to avoiding the cattle call of the new age is ironically, separation. When we can separate ourselves from the external influences in our personal worlds, we can make rational observations. With courage we may learn how to use our vision and follow our own instincts. Separation gives us the opportunity to be aware of the chaos and drama around us without getting stuck in it. When we separate ourselves from the agenda’s of those around us we can HEAR our connection with Spirit. We don’t want to be running with the herd because we’re told that is the path of enlightenment. We have to become the lone cow…We need to be the ones who choose to stop. sarah salter-kelly is an apprenticing teacher of the Inca Medicine Wheel with Altomesayok Denise Kinch. She is available for healing sessions on her land near Pigeon Lake or at the Andnow center in Edmonton. For a complete list of upcoming workshops or to book a session contact Sarah or call 780-314-9150 please see ad this page and on page 31

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Where is the Joy? By Juey Ann McLeod - The Sexual and Relationship Expert Juey ann Macleod is a Life Coach assisting individuals and couples to resolve Sexual and Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse Patterns and facilitates Personal Growth Steps. Joy inc. was created 10 years ago along with the first Art of Joy-ful Loving Workshop. The continually increasing variety of JOY Workshops has assisted many people to empower themselves and enhance their relationships. For more information visit Juey Anns practitioner profile at or call 888-358-8789. Juey ann will provide answers to the questions you always wanted to ask about sexual and relationship issues. please direct your questions to please see ad below and on page 31

dear Juey ann, All of our married life, I have experienced premature ejaculation. Can you help me? Thank you for your question. This condition is one that troubles many men and our society’s awareness and education on sexuality is so limited that some consider premature ejaculation a non treatable condition. In my experience, it is very treatable. Although it may be difficult, I would like you to understand how fortunate you are to be so sensitive and in touch with your body. Some men are so blocked and disconnected from their bodies that it can become the cause of erectile dysfunction. The keys to success in improving your experience may be as simple as energy awareness and breathing combined with self pleasuring. One source of this technique from the Toists perspective is “Multi Orgasmic Man” by Manteck Chia, another view is Barbara Keeslings book “How to Make Love All Night”. These texts provide more detailed information than this space allows. Another option is to find a workshop or relationship coach that will instruct you and your wife in the art of touch and intimacy so you may develop your own techniques for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. For someone who is already so in touch with their body and willing to learn and practice some new skills, premature ejaculation can become something from your past, and result in a greater loving and more connected relationship for you and your wife.

dear Juey ann, I am 17 and the physical attraction with my boyfriend is very strong. I want to make love to him but my church wants me to wait. I do not know what to do. What a brave question! It is very difficult to see the freedom that some young people have to respond to their body urges and at the same time to hold yourself back because of your beliefs. I honor your restraint, please keep it up. August, September, October 2009

The most beneficial thing for you to do is to learn to self pleasure. By learning to self pleasure, you become aware of your bodies desires and needs which will lead you into marriage with a much broader base of awareness. Later, when you give yourself permission to communicate this depth of awareness, it will lead to a very satisfying union with your husband. The other benefit of self pleasuring is that it allows you to honor what your whole body feels and to release the tension of sexual arousal. Without the build-up of arousal pressure, your ability to handle the closeness with your boyfriend will vastly improve. If you feel a certain pressure from him to be sexually intimate, share this column with him and ask him if he would like to use this as his solution too. For books on the subject check out the author Betty Dobson. She is one of the first and foremost leaders in the field of women’s self pleasuring. When her book, “Sex for One”, was published in 1987 the subject was still very taboo. Her work is based on the strong belief that women have been suppressed and they need to take back their own personal power by learning to appreciate and honor their bodies. So, honor and respect yourself and your beliefs while recognizing and honoring the passage into womanhood. Be well and be gentle with yourself.

JOY Inc. Personal Growth, Sexual Abuse & Relationship Coaching and Workshops Past Life Regression

Juey Ann MacLeod, CTE 403-782-2559 1-888-358-8789

Discover the JOY in Relationships!

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transform obstacles into cash flow by darren Jacklin People are shocked at the beginning of my seminars, when one of the first things I tell them is “Don’t believe a word I say.” Why would I suggest that? Because I can only speak from my own experience. None of these specific principles and strategies I share are inherently true or false, right or wrong. They simply reflect my own results, and the amazing results I’ve seen in the lives of thousands and thousands of my students. I believe that when you consistently apply these principles and strategies that you will learn in my NEW audio program, Transform Obstacles into Cash Flow, you will totally transform your life. After you invest in this audio program don’t just listen to this audio program passively but study it as if your life depended on it. Practice these principles and strategies in your own business and if you don’t have a business, practice on someone else’s. Whatever works, keep doing it. Whatever doesn’t, you’re welcome to throw away. From someone who didn’t start anywhere near the top, when it comes to learning how to Transform Obstacles into Cash Flow, this is the most important audio program you will ever listen to! I understand that’s a bold statement, but the fact is, this audio program provides the missing link where it will shift your mindset and philosophy into a more productive and lucrative belief system. Because when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. To prove to yourself that there’s always something you can do, try this experiment: Take out a clean, lined sheet of paper. On the top of your sheet of paper, list a problem you now have, some situation you wish you were not there, some frustrating situation that you think about a lot but don’t know what you can do about it. I’m about to show you that your spirit knows. Now, under the problem, write this sentence: “Five Small Things I Could Do About This Today.” Then number 1 through 5 on the page with a space beneath each one for your ideas. Don’t get up until you’ve written the five things. Force yourself to write something. Once you’ve written the five ideas, take the paper with you throughout the day and don’t go to bed until all five things are done. Remember, these are little things you can do. By the time you’re finished, you will be surprised at how you have altered the nature of your problem. In many cases, you will have solved it completely. In other cases, you will see in your mind that it is no longer a problem, but, instead, a new project. A work in progress. This powerful program will give you all the strategies you need for High-Speed Success in any business. Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You Will Learn... Page 18


How to Generate Million-Dollar Ideas every 60 seconds Specific High Income and Wealth Creation Strategies How your database will generate your cash flow Find the product in people's problems Build Your Network Before You Need It Get paid to Solve people's problems Convert Non-Paying Referrals to Paid Referrals Generate cash flow from anywhere in the world

Order your Copies of Transform Obstacles into Cash flow now or by calling 1 - 888 - 423 - 5932 darren Jacklin's uncanny ability to increase business income, wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities has captured the attention and respect of NBC TV, CBS TV, Elevision TV Network, Sharing Success TV, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and marketing experts worldwide. Darren Jacklin is called a Mega Manifestor. Tell Darren what you really, really, REALLY want in your personal or professional life and he can show you how to get it! Darren manifested a multi-million dollar Mansion in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada and lived in it rent free for ten months. He has manifested his business clothing wardrobe through Derks Formal Wear in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He has help people to manifest dream jobs, relationships, joint venture partners, automobiles, vacations and so much more. For more than a decade, Darren Jacklin has traveled the planet and dedicated his life to discovering the most advanced principles for producing accelerated change. As a World Authority on Making Your Dreams Real he has trained personnel from more than 130 Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays Bank, Air Canada, as well as high school and professional athletes from more than 36 countries. Darren is deeply committed to personally impacting more than 100 million peoples' lives a month through his Radio & Television appearances and live Corporate Training Seminars and Idea Party Events™. To learn more about darren Jacklin please contact. the idea party events company 1.888.423.5932 toll-free in canada/usa August, September, October 09

from the Ground up tree Medicine by abrah arneson I am sitting under the great Poplar tree that roots itself in my backyard. It is cool under her branches. Shadows float across the garden as her leaves flicker in the breeze. I listen carefully to the leaves sigh. “Rain, rain, rain,” they whisper. I call this lovely Poplar that graces my home, The Rain Maker. On a hot July day, each hour, she can draw 100 gallons of water from deep within the earth and release it into the clear blue sky. If she was a forest, she would make rain to quench the land’s thirst. At night, the tiny pores on the back of leaves, which release water into the sky, close. But her sprawling roots still gather water. The night water she offers to the plants growing around her. Their roots do not reach as far into the pools of earth as hers do. Each night she makes sure her plant community drinks deeply. Trees are considered keystone plants in many earth centred traditions. To begin to understand what a keystone plant is, first we must think of plants growing in communities helping each other; like Poplars bringing water to the surface so smaller plants can drink. The keystone plant in a community is generally the oldest plant. The oldest plant in a plant community is most frequently a tree. For this reason, trees are considered keystone plants. The keystone plant’s role in the community is to be a teacher. Or, in other words, it’s been around long enough to have seen it all. Trees teach the other plants how to grow and behave. Trees teach the law to other plants. The smaller plants that grow up around it are said to control the life flow through the community. In others words, they attract the insects, birds, larger animals, bacteria, worms, etc… Earth centred traditions honour trees not only as teachers in plant communities but also as having a presence which can heal humans both physically and emotionally. The Cedar is one such tree. Europeans once called the Cedar the Tree of Life. First Nations use Cedar to denote sacred space and time, cleansing worldliness before ceremony of spirit. In Japan, a Cedar that is 7,200 years old and has a girth of 16.4 metres is said to be the gateway for gods from heaven to enter earth in order to bring harmony to human beings. Ethno botanists have observed that wherever Cedar grows it is considered to have benevolent spiritual qualities that counter-act negative forces. Today, in modern herbal medicine, the cedar is found in many cancer protocols. It is particularly useful in overcoming cancers which have their origins in viral infections. Cedar stimulates the production of white blood cells and possesses anti-viral properties. It is curious to August, September, October 2009

me that a plant which is said to have the spirit of life and harmony is used to treat illness that is about disorder and unchecked growth. This is very similar to the role the keystone plant plays in a plant community. My husband rescues trees. A couple of years ago he brought home an unhappy, sick cedar. He planted it in a protected space and watered it daily. It is now happily growing, getting taller and bushier. This year will be the first year I make medicine with it. When I consider the Earth, over 4.5 billion years old and my being 44 years old, and I think of the role of the ancient trees in their plant communities, I am humbled. Sometimes, I think, if only we had not forgotten how to listen to trees, if only we could remember, we would know, we would trust, we would have faith. So I practice listening and, as I listen, I learn to care for myself. As I learn to care for myself, I learn to care for others. As I learn to care for others, including plants and animals, I learn that I am caring for the Earth. For she is me, and I am her, and you are her, and she is you. abrah arneson is a Clinical Herbal Therapist (CHT). She practices at the Green clinic: Herbal and Traditional Healing where she offers private consultations and workshops on the use of herbal medicine. For more information, she can be contacted at 403-352-2820 or please see ads on page 30 and page 31

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Walking on the bones of My ancestors by dr. steven farmer (excerpt from earth Magic: ancient shamanic Wisdom for healing yourself, others, and the planet)

Recently I went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to visit my sister, Nancy, and brother-in-law, Jim. I was born and raised in Cedar Rapids until I was age twelve, when my parents and I moved to California. I lived in California for the next few decades. Having not been to Iowa for a few years, and with Nancy and Jim getting up in years, I looked at this trip as a bit of a pilgrimage. I loved my sister dearly and often recalled how in the midst of our parents’ arguments, she would come to my room and sit with me, sometimes holding me, providing comfort and solace during their fights. Jim is wheelchair bound, so they spend a lot of time at home. Nancy occasionally goes out to play Bingo at the local church or to visit with some women friends, so I know they welcomed my visit. My other sister (formerly sister-in-law, but since my eldest brother passed, she’s been adopted as a true sister), Susan, came south from Minneapolis to visit for a couple of days. Along with other nephews and nieces who visited at various times, we had a small family reunion. I was reminded by this visit of the importance of family, especially as I move into more of an elder status. Having spent most of my childhood in Cedar Rapids and knowing that my parents and their parents grew up here, I could trace at least three or four generations that had occupied this land. So, after a day’s worth of visiting, taking pictures, recalling old times, I drove to my hotel room a few minutes away from their condo. Not wanting to stay in my room for long, I decided to take a walk around the grounds near the hotel. As I’m enjoying the fresh air of the cool evening, I hear the Voice of my main ancestral guide, the one I call Grandfather. He says, “You’re walking on the bones of your ancestors.” I stopped in my tracks, felt the gooseflesh on my arms and the hair on the back of my neck prickle. It was very clear, a distinct message. But what did it mean? I thought about it for a bit, having a pretty good idea that at least three or four generations of my clan had lived in this area on this land. Then the realization swept over me. Page 20

Yes, when someone dies, their spirit dissipates into the ethereal realm, but when they were alive, their body was a physical expression of Life Force. It both contained and expressed Spirit in the unique form of the individual incarnated into flesh. After a person dies, the DNA in the flesh continues on, but it, too, is dissipated into other forms of life through the process of decay. The various Earth beings responsible for assisting that decay, such as ants, flies, bacteria, etc., all disseminate the individual’s DNA through the atmosphere, the ground, and the waters. Whether it’s bones and flesh or ashes, this primal aspect of the individual’s life is dispersed into the land. As many indigenous peoples believe, our ancestors truly abound in the world around us. Grandma is in the trees, the air, the clouds, the waters, and in the flowers that bloom in the spring. The land becomes a gigantic, organic recycling process for all of Earth’s creatures! Then I heard Grandfather say, “Imagine if you lived and walked on the land where your ancestors had lived for 10,000 years.” This astounding thought swept through my consciousness like a wave bursting across a rock at the shore. 10,000 years! At first it was difficult to imagine, but, as it slowly seeped in, I looked around me at the trees, shrubs, and the various plants, stepping a bit more gingerly as I walked, feeling a reverence for the people that must have populated this land prior to the transplanted Europeans settling here. It’s as if the land itself was speaking to me, enticing me to greater respect for this intimate association humans once shared with the very ground beneath my feet and all the inhabitants thereof. As if Grandfather were giving me a breather to absorb this, he then hit me with, “Now imagine if you had lived on the same land where your ancestors had roamed for 100,000 years!” At this I found myself having to sit on the retaining wall nearby, somewhat breathless, and squinting my eyes as if doing this would help me comprehend just how profound this realization was. I recalled how this has been said of Australia, that the original inhabitants, or Aboriginals, had occupied that continent for anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 years, August, September, October 09

their culture being virtually unchanged. It was difficult to fathom what that would be like, as I could barely grasp the notion that my relatives from the past were, in a sense, inhabiting the very air I was breathing, or watching me from the trees that contained molecules and DNA that was once in their bodies. Then somehow I felt very much at peace with this and said a prayer of thanks to those who came before, whether blood relatives or genetically related due the simple fact of their humanness. Now I could see them everywhere. dr. steven farmer is the author of the several best-selling products including Earth Magic, Animal Spirit Guides, Power Animal Oracle Cards, Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards, Power Animals, Sacred Ceremony, and Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides guided meditation CD. He’s also host of his own radio show, The Shamanic Hotline on Dr. Farmer is a shamanic practitioner, ordained minister, hypnotherapist, former college professor and former psychotherapist, offering workshops and presentations on a variety of shamanic healing and earth centered spirituality topics. He also offers private shamanic healing sessions. Dr. Farmer makes his home in Laguna Beach, California. For further information, go to

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ph: 403-309-1890 fax:403-309-1893 #160, 4828 - 53 Street Red Deer, AB T4N 2E8

belloWed Whispers Journeying Back to Who You Are

by debra J. suchy Bellowed Whispers not only shares a fascinating personal pilgrimage, but also teaches others to explore the law of attraction, awaken to the possibilities of the Universe, and learn how to listen to what their heart truly desires.

Order your copy through deb at 403-887-4840

dr. steven farmer around alberta! organizer: ascendant books Earth Magic: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom for Healing Yourself, Others, and the Planet edmonton, ab - september 6, 2009 organizer: andnow center Earth Magic: Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides edmonton, ab - september 8, 2009 Earth Magic: Healing Your Fragmented Soul edmonton, ab - september 9, 2009 Earth Magic: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom For Healing Yourself, Others, And The Planet 3 Day Healing Retreat with Steven Farmer camp Maskepetoon, ab – september 11 – 13, 2009 Private Sessions with Dr. Steven Farmer Available for private consultations edmonton, ab - september 7 – 9, 2009 organizer: body soul spirit expo www. Earth Magic: Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides calgary, ab - september 19, 2009

August, September, October 2009

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ask dr. evers is a regular feature in The Violet Ray. Contact Dr. Evers at 1-877-923-3476 or send your questions to: Even if your question does not appear here, Dr. Evers will answer each one in the order in which it is received.

- The Affirmation Doctor by dr. anne Marie evers dear dr. evers, My burning question is “Do Affirmations really work? I have read some books that really promote the use of Affirmations, but I have never really done them. Oh yes, once I wrote on a piece of paper that I would like to meet a special man and put it under my pillow one night and it did not work. How come they work for others and not for me? You, Dr. Evers, seem to be a person that affirmations have worked for by reading your columns and the material on your website. Can you help and could you please share with me a recent Affirmation that worked for you, what you did and what happened? I will be reading your next column and hope to see my email and reply in it. Wondering. ~ Claire, Production Manager, Edmonton, Alberta ~ dear claire, Thank you for your email and your questions. Yes, Affirmations DO WORK! Sometimes they do not appear to work in our time-frame or as we think they should, but they always work! When you say you have never done an Affirmation, I believe that you have. We all do Affirmations, whether or not we are aware of them. When you say, “I am tired, I am broke, I cannot afford it, I am too fat, too short, too tall,” etc. you are in fact doing negative Affirmations. And the Law of Attraction which is one of the natural laws of the great Universe is always turned on, (in fact you cannot turn it off), goes to work instantly to attract more of the same. The Law of Attraction states that more gathers more, what you think about, you bring about, like attracts like and what you are seeking is seeking you. The process of doing Affirmations works within the Law of Attraction. This law, like all other natural laws is no respecter of person and works for everyone alike, similar to The Law of Gravity—when you drop something it falls, (unless you are in space). This law does not say, “Oops you have been a bad person, I will not work for you.” It works every time for every person. As well when you say, ‘I am happy, I love, respect and approve of myself. I love my body, I am a great person,” these are all positive Affirmations enforcing and magnifying these statements to attract more of the same to you. It is so important to do some thought watching and find out exactly where your thoughts are residing. You say that you wrote ONE Affirmation and put it under you pillow one night. Let me ask you if you want to become physically fit, do you just exercise once? I think not. It is a process of building muscles, releasing excess fat, etc. The same way we need to build up our Affirmation Muscles. The process of doing Affirmations is a twice daily procedure to receive your desires. Keep on reading your Master Affirmation Page 22

morning and evening UNTIL it manifests (that special life partner appears in your reality). As I have written previously the process of doing Affirmations is similar to the planting of a garden. If you were to plant a garden wouldn’t you first prepare the soil for the tender, fragile seeds or plants? step one - Forgive – Soil Preparation step two - Create your Master Affirmation. (Your Order to the Universe). This is only done ONCE like preparing your Last Will and Testament. step three - Water and Fertilize your Affirmation. Read your Master Affirmation every morning and evening. step four - Anticipate the Harvest. Expect your Affirmation to manifest. When reading your Master Affirmation in the morning and evening, it is also very important to bring in your five physical senses. SEE that special life partner in your mind’s eye. Just the outline is good; HEAR him saying, “Claire I love you;” SMELL--Purchase a small bottle of men’s cologne and sprinkle a few drops onto your Master Affirmation; FEEL his arms around you or the ring on your finger; and for TASTE to complete the five physical senses, visualize biting into a juicy apple orphysically take a drink of fresh, sparkling water. one of My recent coMpleted affirMations One day, a few months ago while having breakfast at Ricky’s Restaurant, I said to my husband Reg, “What do you think about having a small Chapel in our backyard?” He said, “I think that would be great and I could even build it. I did build one house years ago you know.” Right then and there I grabbed a napkin and wrote this Affirmation on it. I asked Reg to read it over, and see if he agreed with it and if he did to sign and date it, which he did. Then I also signed and dated it. the napkin

Then we ‘blew breath’ into that Affirmation by taking action. We went to a lumber yard and asked one of the employees if they had any small play houses or small sheds. She showed us what they had and then suggested that we try another store. When Reg heard the name of the store, he exclaimed, “Oh one of my buddies just accepted the position of Manager there.” August, September, October 09

Off we went to that store and Reg’s friend gave us a great deal on a kit for a playhouse. Then Reg put it together stick by stick, board by board and I even pounded a few nails. When he was finished he decided to make the grounds beautiful as well with a path leading up to The Angel Chapel. Talk about Affirmations working -- I affirmed that we find the perfect size cross to put on the Chapel. The first Thrift Store we went to had about 50 wooden crosses, large enough to adorn this little Chapel. And it took off from there to what you see here –- the completed Angel Chapel. He finished the Chapel and grounds in April, this year and to date we have had over 60 people visit. Reg says it is so exciting to see these folks coming in feeling sad and depressed and leaving The Angel Chapel with hope in their hearts and a spring in their step. He is thrilled to be a part of it. My next Affirmation is that we make it a Virtual Angel Chapel on the Internet so millions of people worldwide can come in, sit, rest, pray/affirm, and listen to uplifting tapes absolutely free. My Affirmation/Vision is to have short meditation tapes for various situations, such as Forgiveness, Acknowledging and Handling Fear; Attaining Higher Spiritual Growth; Attaining and Keeping Optimum Health; Healing; Attracting that Special Life Partner; Career; an Abundance of Money and much more. So when people ask me, “Do Affirmation Really Work?” it brings tears to my eyes as I recall the wondrous results that I have had from doing the Affirmations Process.

reverend dr. anne Marie evers is an ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity and Philosophy. She is also a best-selling author of many books on positive thinking, some of which are, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 7th edition. She co-authored the best-selling series Wake Up and Live the Life you Love in Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer. For more information, please visit Dr. Evers website at We invite you to send your questions to Dr. Evers at on the Violet Ray Website at

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Anne Marie’s readings are uplifting and will provide you with powerful insight, guidance and wisdom. Book Your Telephone Appointment Exclusively through The Violet Ray On-line Market at

Affirmations Work When You Work Them! I do need to explain that you require a certain amount of work, positive energy, persistence, faith and belief. Simply: 1 - Decide what it is that you desire. 2 - Write your Master Affirmation saying exactly what you want, being very specific. 3 - Always be certain to add the safety clause, ‘to the good of all parties concerned" as this includes you— the maker as well as all others. 4 - Do The Affirmation Garden Step Process 5 - Say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and live in an attitude of gratitude. 6 - Then fully and completely accept and receive your blessings. Happy Affirming and Many Blessings to you Claire and everyone! Dr. Anne Marie Evers angel chapel completed recent Master affirmation - april 8th, 2009

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Karen Hillier Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Health & Wellness Facilitator (Helping you get healthy and stay that way!) Energy Balancing Deep Tissue Detox Program (Sauna, Massage, Colonic) Vibration Machines For Sale (no interest financing)

(403) 309 - 9955 111 Piper Drive Red Deer, AB T4P 1L5 August, September, October 2009

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Insights From The Dream Expert - Irene Martina dear dreamers, You are the writer, producer, director and star of all your dreams. Only you can really interpret your dreams. The language of dreams is symbols, metaphors and emotions. As our minds are unconscious in dreams, your dream “creator” can only pullinformation stored in your brain (data base) and try to use this to give you a dream message. In the dream below I try to give guidelines to what the dreams may mean. You must always ask yourself- what does the symbol, person, color, emotion etc. mean to me in my dreams? Only you really know the answer and if what I say should resonate in a small or big way then you are on track to understanding what your symbols are meaning. The best way to learn how to understand your dream language is to keep a dream journal of each dream that does stand out for you and to keep digging to find meanings that resonate. My suggestions below are only my ideas and not meant to be replacing your own dream language or interpretations. To access Irene’s interactive column or submit a dream question be sure to logon to For more on Irene please visit her website at

hi irene, I have several recurring dreams that I have had for years, the one that confuses me the most is as follows: I am in this house, there are usually others in there as well, each dream there’s a different person by my side and I know there are others in the house. This house is very familiar to me (for the life of me, I don’t know why). Anyway, I know the house is haunted and all I have to do is stay away from one particular part of the house, however I usually am drawn to that section. Nothing ever happens, I just feel a presence all around me, and I am a little scared but intrigued for some reason. I have tried to research this but cannot find anything that has a meaning that makes me feel content and comfortable. Just wondering if you could help. Thanks so much! ~ Kim ~ dear kim, Recurring dreams are one of ways our subconscious minds make us pay attention to a message we need to hear. There are a few options to look at with your dream. 1. A house in a dream represents our body and our soul. In our waking life our persona is the biggest thing in our life and in dreams this will show up as the biggest object in the dream. The main floor can represent our present Page 24

time, the basement our past etc. This can be one reason a house or other object can seem familiar to us as it is an aspect of us. 2. A house can be familiar from a childhood memory or even a past life but in each case it is about us. 3. A haunted house can be a memory from either this life or another that still “haunts” you. People in dreams are often aspects of our own personalities and we have them in the dream like characters in a play that try to bring a message to us. The person who walks beside you can be your “shadow” self or another part of your personality such as “your hidden self”, “your courageous self”, and/or “your inquisitive self”. People you know in the dream can often represent themselves and you have to look at what they would then represent to you. For example, one friend in the dream may be a loving person and represent that to the dream. Another friend may be one who always challenges or dares you to try new things and that could be the message in the dream. The section that you are drawn to in the dream could be you wanting to explore the spiritual and mystical aspects of you. You may have a memory of using your intuitive powers from other life times and this could be what is haunting you in this one. You need to try and go back into these dreams in visualization and see if you can make yourself explore all aspects of the house which is really exploring aspects of you. Tip: You can also take any object, person or thing from the dream and dialogue it. For example: Place any and all things into a room in your mind that you would like to dialogue; for ex: The person beside you, the haunted space, the unknown presence and pick one to dialogue with. Do one at a time and as you ask the questions, wait for your subconscious mind to respond with an answer that makes sense to you. Here are a couple of questions you might want to use: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you want from me? 3. Why are you in my dream? 4. Do you have a message for me” 5. What is your gift to me? Make a list of 5- 10 questions and use it on any object in a dream. Let me know how this works for you. Sweet Dreams everyone!

August, September, October 09

business profile

therapeutic kneads

Reiki Master / Teacher - Reflexologist - Regression Therapist / Intuitive Counsellor

Massage therapy

kathy snyder

rMt, cott

student of ortho-bionomy Located at Hair Masters 4626 - 49 street red deer, ab t4n 1t5

403-352-6314 email:

Passionate about the benefits of Massage Therapy, Kathy specializes in deep tissue massage. She also offers relaxation massage, prenatal massage for expectant moms, and level 1 sports therapy massage. Her strong desire to assist in wellness guided her to study Reiki and she has acquired her Reiki level 1 certification. Adding to Kathy’s credentials, she is also certified as an Onsen Technique Therapist (COTT) and is currently working towards receiving her certification in Ortho-Bionomy. onsen is an advanced therapeutic technique, which combines modalities of Osteopathy and massage. It provides the tools required to effectively assess and correct body dysfunction through painless realignment of the muscles, joints, bones, and tissues. It is the structural realignment of the hips and spine. ortho-bionomy can help with such conditions as: Headaches, back pain, sprains/strains, sports injuries, acute injuries, knee problems, and acute and chronic pain. Ortho-Bionomy facilitates the therapeutic process and promotes natural body alignment, balance and pain relief. The practitioner works with you to identify areas of discomfort, tension and pain as well as areas of comfort and ease of movement. The use of gentle movements, comfortable positioning and compression are incorporated. No forceful movements are used. Ortho-Bionomy is a system that allows us to integrate our physical, emotional and mental experiences. Once the client becomes more aware of their own physical tensions, they can gradually learn to connect both the physical and energetic patterns within the body to affect a change without necessarily engaging physically Massage Therapy is not a requirement to learn Ortho-Bionomy, but Kathy feels fortunate to be able to incorporate these techniques into her massage sessions. This allows her clients a brief experience of the technique before committing to a full Ortho-Bionomy session. She invites seekers of wellness to check out more details at therapeutic kneads hours of operation are Monday - friday from 8 am - 6 pm. you can book an appointment by phone or email. August, September, October 2009

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healing your life With deliberate intention and focus by loretta Mohl When your mind and heart combine with focused intention, miracles happen! Life is a celebration to be experienced and enjoyed and when our life is not reflecting happiness it’s important to be able to identify the root cause of our pain (emotional & physical), limitations, frustrations, worries and the undesirable results we are creating. The direction our life takes is a reflection of our intention. The power of intention informs the direction of our attention. An intent is a conscious commitment to you to bring into existence a particular result quickly and effortlessly. Intent is a driving force that directs our daily behaviour. Intent gives us the power to choose our destination. This is our ticket to change. Change occurs when something shifts in our consciousness along with a corresponding change in behaviour. Intention Focused Therapy is about tracking issues that have us living confined by fear, doubt, worry, and lack, instead of living from a place of being conscious of our inner magnificence and prosperity. Here is what one client had to say about her healing session. “When I heard about the work Loretta was doing, something resonated within and I knew I had to learn more. I quickly set up an appointment with Loretta. Entering her office was an instant fix of healthy energy. Loretta vibrates with an energy that is not of this physical plane. She is calm, peaceful and confident that all that is, all that has been and all that ever will be, is of God. You can’t help but want to curl up like a kitten in this quiet space. We entered her healing room and there too, a comfort envelopes you like being in the womb. The first thing I said to her was that I felt safe. Loretta just smiled and nodded. She knew. What I want to share with you now is truly magical. We began the session by digging into the feelings I experienced at the time of the injury.

feelings experienced during the actual surgery. The experience was a complete replica of the first. Although my eyes were closed, I could see the particulars of energy bouncing against each other in a tube of soft light as they traveled to a place of healing. I couldn’t breathe. I was awestruck. Later that evening, I played squash against a woman who I haven’t been able to beat in years. I felt filled with vibrant energy and wasn’t restricted at all on the court. I made shots that surprised even me and I won the match easily. As well, I felt healthy and strong the next day. In the past, my knee would swell and there would be a great deal of pain. This day was unquestionably different. I believe the healing process is ongoing as I give my knee time to grow healthy again. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to God for sending Loretta my way. I have been given a gift I intend to cherish.” We are born here on Earth to make a difference. We are here to journey and to evolve to our highest potential so we can share and give back our magnificence to the world. Every time we intently connect with Creator’s Consciousness and openly and willingly ask the Creator, Universal Energy, Infinite Source to change a limiting aspect, we are creating movement between the conscious and subconscious minds. It is like directing the waves into a water channel that brings the Creator -All-that- Is. The subconscious mind gets reorganized when we channel energy into our conscious awareness with the intention of connecting to the Creator. By using intent and focus, we journey within the body to access the natural wisdom of the body to unravel limiting beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, opinions. The body naturally knows how to find the root source of our trauma and blockages. Once we draw our focus inward, we can easily follow the path to the source to access the decision we made about our life at the time of the trauma. For example, if you belief you are unwanted you might make the decision that you are not a worthy human being, so you spend your whole life trying to prove to your parents and the world that you are have value.

While Loretta was working on me, I could actually feel my right leg being gently urged away by a loving force, pulling it upward and to the right - completely dissolving itself from my physical body. Logically I knew it was still attached, but I also knew it really wasn’t there. It reminded me of ‘phantom pain’ I had learned about in school when a limb had been lost to amputation.

The minute we intently connect to Creator’s Consciousness and ask the Creator to change anything, it’s done. When we connect intently with Creator Consciousness we are going within ourselves to access the subconscious mind where limiting belief systems and unfinished events are stored. With Intention Focused Therapy we use a process to follow the trauma to the root cause and, through intent, once the issue is found it’s instantly and easily changed.

Loretta had to repeat the healing process, moving to the

Because Intention Focused Therapy (IFT) directly

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August, September, October 09

addresses deep and profound aspects of ourselves, it can be used to change any aspect of your life. A few examples of the ways in which people have benefited from IFT include: - Symptoms of a chronic health problem can be improved or removed. - Fear of failure can be changed into a love of success. - A discouraged attitude can be changed to a positive attitude. - A flu, cold, or other infection can be transformed to allow for quick recovery. - Resentments, grudges and hatred can be removed. - DNA can be reprogrammed to facilitate health, wealth and happiness. - Addictions can be overcome while minimizing or eliminating withdrawal. - Negative reactions to people who ‘push our buttons’ can be changed. - Anxieties over important life events can be soothed. - Learning the Theta Healing technique to facilitate even more miracles in your life. Often, we have thought that the approval of our talent must come from the world, when the truth is; our approval of our own talent must come through us, from that place in us where true authentic power resides. The music is within you. Your only job, then, is to allow it to flow from you. Living our truth with greatness is our gift back to the Universe. Live your life with conviction……..know that you are truly MAGNIFICENT. From my heart and soul I bring you Intention Focused Therapy (IFT)! Intention Focused Therapy is highly teachable - no particular experience or talent of any sort is required; only an open mind and a willingness to learn! With Intention Focused Therapy we use a process to follow the trauma to the root cause and, through intent, the issue, once found, is instantly and easily changed. loretta Mohl is a Certified Life Coach and Counselor and teaches Intention Focused Therapy at the canadian college of healing arts. She is a pioneer in the Healing Arts field and has been capturing the minds and hearts of people around the world. For over two decades she has been leading the way in energy medicine. She is the founder of Intention Focused Therapy (IFT) and the Canadian College of Healing Arts. It has been her mission and passion to support people in finding spiritual liberation through a deeper connection with Creator's Consciousness. For more information call 780-910-5052 or visit Note: This information is for educational purposes only. It is intended to supplement your current health program and not to replace the care of a doctor. For diagnosis or treatment of any disease please consult a licensed physician.

August, September, October 2009

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lessons of the drum by nadine Gordon

“the Journey” I have submerged myself into something unknown. The path, still curvy, feels pressurized. It is turbulent at times and if I move against the flow I tire more easily. But, I know that it is necessary to go against the norm. My instincts drive me to do this. Determination to reach my destination has caused me to focus on inner power. This instinctual power causes adrenaline to surge through my body and I leap into the light only to splash down slightly further ahead. The journey is almost complete. I can feel it. I have worked hard. Soon I can rest, but not right now. My body is aching. I am hungry. I have used up nearly all of my reserves just to get this far. Surely, I will die completing this labor of love. I must eat. That is when I spot it; a tidbit to feed my starving soul. I snatch it up, barely missing a hook. Next time I will be more careful. Not everything edible along this path is safe. I hope the morsel will be enough to propel me to where I need to be. A knowing fills me and I dive deep into dark shadowy depths. As a vise-like grip grabs hold and forces a vaporized bubble from my lips, my lungs feel like they will explode. Then I hit bottom. Conscious knowing tells me that if I do not succeed with this leap the first time my journey will end. I only have strength enough for one more leap. I summon up every ounce of strength I have left, aim for the light and go with my heart. There is no time for past regret. I am not afraid. Life has been good. I am ready for what comes next. Either way, it marks success as long as I have the will-power to try. The power of the leap surprises me. I am well over the waterfall in a pool of calm life-giving water full of rainbow infusions. Exhausted, the assumption is that I can now rest, the battle is over. I allow myself to float. The sensation of buoyancy is pleasant however; it seems the journey is not complete! The sun’s rays are causing electrical currents to course through my veins. I must get to shore. I am transforming. Pain rips through my abdomen as I crawl onto shore resisting the temptation to double over. I am also

in labor. The message is clear; death, change and birth are simultaneous actions. My metamorphosis is astronomical. I can breathe. The air is sweet. It clears my senses then I see it. My reflection is mirrored back at me from the waters edge. I am holding something special in my hands for the people. It is a book called, “The Rose Path!” I laugh, realizing the art of creation can be a very watery journey. Bringing a dream into reality can be an exhausting trip but life is terrific and my next ride waits already. I am grateful to have experienced the earth mother’s waters and gaze out at her with appreciation. I will offer the water a small piece of pink quartz hidden in my pocket. It is infused with love. I toss it gently into her midst then watch as circles form around and around in endless curves as the sun‘s light causes tiny five pointed stars to emerge along the ripples. Nirvana. Oneness with all. I smile as I mount up. I have learned some valuable lessons. Nirvana is love. Love is not the same as lust. We have been conditioned to believe that lust is love, but love is heart centered. Love encompasses all parts of a being and is energy driven. It causes passion within us to create in a centered manner that goes beyond the physical. Nirvana is indicated by a five pointed star meaning human alignment with earth, air, water, fire and spirit. Oneness is a circle. My heart is my drum. The earth is my playground. Life is my Pegasus and I will ride her highs and her lows along the curvy rose paths that I love. Where will your journey take you? Love to learn. Learn to love. Love to share. I am proud to present to you, the people, my first book, “the rose path,” by Nadine Gordon now available at, and websites. For all of you who wish to journey, heal and learn.Enjoy! nadine Gordon is dreamwalker and the founder of nurturing ‘nerGy, a sanctuary for all those who wish to journey and heal. She loves to share by teaching others about their gifts. To learn more about Nadine please visit her website at We invite you to send your questions to Nadine at please see ad on page 30

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1 (416) 335-7661 August, September, October 09

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With psychic counselor sharyn leMasurier sharyn is a psychic consultant, medium and the owner operator of the studio holistic health centre in Red Deer, Alberta. Submit your questions for Sharyn by logging on to

Hello Sharyn, I trust that you and yours are well. My name is Charles Rizzo, born in Watsonville, California on May 11th 1961. I am living in Perth, Western Australia. I am 47, single and never had a steady girlfriend or lover. I am told that I am a lovely man, with good morals and values. I choose the end result of a most amazing and LOVING relationship with the woman of my heart who is in great health in her SPIRIT mind and body. I enjoy working with people who are willing to create what they love. This is what I love to create. Am I on the right path? Thanking you, so very much. ~ Chaz Rizzo ~ Hi Chaz, What a delight to get your email all the way from Australia. Thank you for writing. Regarding the joy you currently have found in your life through your creativity and the love of watching others work with their creativity – it sounds and feels like you are in the perfect place and most certainly on purpose. Regarding relationships, you mention that ‘you have been told’ you are a lovely man. It is very important that you ‘feel’ you are a lovely man. It is how you feel about yourself that creates your truth, the opinions of others are just that – opinions. So, as long as others see you as special but you can’t see the same you may be challenged to finding the relationship you wish for. Start seeing the loveliness in yourself – continue loving what you do and the relationships you are currently forming with others and the special lady you seek will arrive. One word of caution, there is no such thing as perfect in this human journey – be careful your expectations are not so high as to disallow the human side of this lady to emerge and exist. The same goes for the expectation of perfection in you. Allow the mistakes and you allow the lessons. Thank you for the email and I wish you all the best.

Namaste from Sharyn Tap into the body's natural ability to heal itself! Experience the Simplicity, Ease and Effectiveness of the BodyTalk System.

Conditions that typically improve with BodyTalk: Allergies Arthritis Back Pain Depression

Digestive Disorders Learning Disorders Endocrine Disorders Pre-Natal Care Headaches / Migraines Stress / Anxiety Insomnia Sports Performance Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Phobias & Emotional Disturbances Recovery after Injuries/ Traumas Viruses & Infections

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directory for healthy living ayurVeda

body Work & healinG

anGels and ancestors Judith hirst-Joyeux calgary, alberta 403-225-2016 Website: Email: ~ BodyTalk (since 2003) ~ Angel Healing Sessions ~ Karma Clearing ~ Past Life Regressions & Clearing ~ Chakra Clearing ~ Healing Houses and Land ~ Clear Negative Beliefs ~ Tarot Readings the andrea oliVera centre for ~ Shamanic Energy Work ayurVeda - The Mother of Healing ~ Equinox and Solstice offers, Training in Ayurveda , Become an ~ Meditation Coaching Ayurveda Spa Specialist and learn Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda Facials, Abhyanga ~ Workshops Ayurveda Massage, Indian Hand and Foot ~ sessions in person or distance ~ successes with shifting depression, therapy. Ayurveda skincare and natural arthritis perfumes available, visit business opportunities Training available in lethbridge, ab 403-320-0290 Fun & Easy Money at a Healthy Chocolate and toronto, on416-504-6049 Business. No experience necessary email: 1-403-861-9543 rituals botanical skin care The best ingredients have been sourced world-wide to create exquisite potions and elixirs for daily personal use. A 100% organic where possible. Rituals formulas are tri-doshic. They can be safely used on oily, dry, aged and mixed skin. Experience the tried and trusted Ayurvedic Rituals Skin Care line. deneen Justason rituals beauty consultant 403-396-8956

body Work & healinG diVine liGht health Wayne, b.a. rel., M.h.a., is2, rMt, rM red deer, ab, 403-347-0928 Therapy - Groups – Lessons, Reiki(s), Reflexology, Hypnosis, Bio Rhythms, Shamballa MD Healing, Music/Aroma Therapy, I Ching and more... Mobile & Union Discounts Available healinG hands therapeutic MassaGe 4910a - 51 avenue lacombe, ab t4l-2k3 Janine Mcculloch, rMt 403-782-4600 sundreeMs studio (upstairs in the Historic Kent House) 5103 - 49th street lacombe, ab t4l 1p1 Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Infrared Sauna pam huestis 403-877-4033 (For more info visit Pam’s profile on-line at

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herbal therapists the Green clinic: herbal and traditional healinG abrah arneson, cht Wellness consultation providing reliable information on the use of Herbal Medicine. Affordable herbal formulas are compounded unique to your needs. Workshops on herbal medicine and meditation classes are offered. Located just outside Red Deer. Contact or visit her website at phone: 403-352-2820

Music lessons druM lessons I’m a journeyman drummer who also plays guitar. If you have what it takes and a dream of playing, I can help you learn the basics. Then you can apply your skills to real songs and grooves while I accompany you on the guitar & bass! Are you looking for training for your school band, reading, theory, ear training, mallets, tymps etc? Lessons can be provided on your drum kit if you live in South Calgary or my home studio in Bridlewood. A one hour lesson every other week is all you need to get started on your dreaM. Talk to your band teacher about in school percussion and drum clinics. For more information contact Mike foster at 403-262-6453

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Nadine Gordon 403-729-2170 Leslieville, AB

Dreamwalker Healer

eVer Wonder What fluffy is thinkinG? animal communication

Monty & Marie

Specializing in behavior, health and happiness concerns

403-272-8414 1-866-871-0498

Juli 780-434-9274

Find out how you can have better health at

“I didn’t know you ‘people’ could talk” - Ginger, 4 yr old dog

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calendar of eVents august & september events Quantum-healing – free lecture and demonstration august 14th - Shakti-Yoga Studio - 920 - 16 Ave NW, Calgary AB 7:00-9:00pm. Learn to raise your vibration and sustain it at a higher level. Call to register: 403-608-1606 Quantum-healing level 1 seminar august 15th and 16th - Shakti-Yoga Studio - 920 - 16 Ave NW, Calgary AB. Learn to raise your vibration and sustain it at a higher level. Call livia to register: 403-608-1606 Quantum-healing level 1 seminar august 15th and 16th - Subtle Energy Therapy - 6718 101 Ave, Edmonton, AB. Learn to raise your vibration and sustain it at a higher level. Call James ang to register: 780-904-1989 inca Medicine Wheel south direction august 21st, 22nd, 23rd Contact sarah salter-kelly 780-314-9150 or Cost is $550 + 200 room and board Quantum-healing level 1 seminar august 22nd & 23rd - Ramada Inn - 1818 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK. Learn to raise your vibration and sustain it at a higher level. Call shauna Zink to register: 306-502 6527 Quantum-healing level 2 seminar august 29 & 30 - Subtle Energy Therapy - 6718 101 Ave, Edmonton, AB. Learn to raise your vibration and sustain it at a higher level. Call James ang to register: 780-904-1989 free teleseminar september 16 - 7:00 - 8:00 pm - Learn a pivotal technique to change your thoughts from negative to positive. register with Zaheen nanji, Trainer and Coach, Law of Attraction; WealthyMind™ at rediscovering your Goddess Workshop -1st of 3 levels september 19 - Learn the empowerment of owning your feminine body on all levels. Create more aliveness, charisma and passion for life. register with Juey ann at 403-782-2559 (888-358-8789) or the art of Joyful loving september 25 – 27 - A couple’s workshop that introduces you to new tools to create closeness with your partner on all levels. Increase understanding of the opposite sex, renew romance, stoke passion, and joy. register with Juey ann at 403-782-2559 (888-358-8789) or

August, September, October 2009

herbs for Women september 30 - october 21 7:00 - 9:00 pm - Questions like: what to do with all that oestrogen, how to make bones strong, ease pain, encourage libido while balancing moods will be explored. $90.00 abrah arneson cht 403- 352-2820

october & november events free teleseminar october 1 & 13th - 7:00 - 8:15 pm - 9 Keys that Successful People Have in Common. register with Zaheen nanji, Trainer and Coach, Law of Attraction; WealthyMind™ i’m alive october 3 - An interactive workshop to help you understand and discover your strongest attributes and gifts! These are often so familiar to you that they go unnoticed and are therefore hidden. Consciously using your strongest gifts will allow you to create deep fulfillment, aliveness and joy in your life! Join us on a fun journey of discovery of who you intrinsically are. small class – register early! contact Juey ann at 403-782-2559 (888-358-8789) or ignite your 6th sense – the power of your intuition october 3 & 4, calgary, ab november 7 & 8, Vancouver, bc - Enhance your intuition, make empowering decisions and create your Divine Identity. 1-888-768-5711 the power of your intuition – certified training program calgary, ab - oct. 17 & 18, oct. 31 & nov. 1, nov. 14 & nov. 15, nov. 28 & 29 Vancouver, bc - nov. 21 & 22, dec. 5 & 6, dec. 12 & 13, Jan. 9 & 10 - Deepen your understanding with this extensive Training. (Ignite your 6th Sense a pre-requisite) 1-888-768-5711

January to March events Mastery training – step into your Mastery January 16-22, 2010, calgary, ab - Further certification to the Power of Intuition Certified Training 1-888-768-5711 communing With dolphins Magical retreats february 14 – 21, 2010 - for couples only february 28 – March 7, 2010 and March 21 – 27, 2010 - singles/couples. Communing with dolphins magical retreats in Hawaii, the spirit of Aloha and in playful union with wild and free Dolphins. More information, photos and videos, visit: 1-888-768-5711

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SOUL IMPRINTS A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and Transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. Since energy is Universal and has no boundaries the client does not have to be present for me to create a Soul Imprint for them. There is a substantial amount of creative and intuitive energy that goes into each and every Soul Imprint. Starting with honing in on the clients energy, to creating the actual imprint, to the scanning, reading the imprint, writing / translating and finally to the minute details which results in the end product. The entire process takes

By Carol Jay Uchytil - Eyes Of Peace -

about 3 to 5 hours to complete.

My goal for each client is to Awaken…Inspire…and Delight… (AID) while providing them with a keepsake they are proud to display.

For additional samples and information please visit

“Carol Uchytil’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing” “If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a loved one this incredible intuitive and beautiful soul work is a life long treasure to have and enjoy” “...I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!” - Irene Martina -

“Carol's interpretation of my Soul Imprint is amazingly accurate. I look at this imprint daily as it has a life and energy of its own. It actually seems to pulse. I love it! I enthusiastically encourage other's to experience the allure of their own Custom Soul Imprint! Thank-you Carol for such an exciting work of artistic beauty!”

“I love my Soul Imprint! Thank you - L.W. -

- Nadine Gordon -

Order Your Soul Imprint On-line at or

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