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Riveted Frame Pendant Tutorial




Place scrolled frame along a corner of 3x3 altered blank canvas. Use a black ultra-fine tip Sharpie to trace the outside border of frame.


Use Metal Shears to cut the shape of scrolled frame traced on blank canvas.


Clip off the sharp corners of blank with Metal Shears.


Round out and smooth rough edges with Metal File.


Once you have determined the design area, place the blank face up on the DecoEmboss die. Close the die on top of the blank.


Place the die between the clear plates on top of the solo shim and platform. Crank it through the machine one time.


Blend small amounts of jade and moss patina over an agate base. Apply moss to edges, dabbing to create a mottled look. Use a Heat It Craft Tool to dry patina. Use dark gray side of the Metal Reliefing Block to highlight the raised areas of blank.


Dispense a 1 part earth patina to 4 parts glaze onto non-stick craft sheet. Use dry paintbrush to mix patina and glaze. Apply glaze mixture over embossed blank, allowing mixture to pool up more along edges to create a distressed look. Allow to completely dry.


Use 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to add holes to each corner of scrolled frame. Punch holes through the hollow back side.


Line up frame over blank. Use Sharpie to mark holes on blank through previous holes made in corners of frame.


Use 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to add holes in blank over markings.

Place Steel Bench Block on top of the Rubber Dampening Block. Insert 1/4 nail head rivets through back of blank and frame. Place the stacked pieces onto the Steel Block. While firmly holding the pieces down, use a Flush Cutter to trim the rivet to approx. 1/16th of an inch above the frame.


While still firmly holding the pieces in place, use the round end of a 4oz Ball Pein Hammer to mushroom out the trimmed rivet. The tip of the rivet should be spread over the hole. Continue by striking the rivet with the flat side of the Ball Pein hammer until flat.



Hammer frame flat before punching holes and riveting for more of a distressed look.

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Materials: P330 – Scrolled Frame (1) BP010 – 3x3in Altered Blank Canvas (1) RV010 – ¼” Nail Head Rivet (4) Tools & Supplies: Black Ultra-Fine Tip Sharpie Metal Shears Metal File Sizzix DecoEmboss Die - Flowering Wisteria by Vintaj Sizzix BIGkick Machine – Vintaj Special Edition Vintaj Patina (agate, jade, moss, earth) Vintaj Glaze Water Paper Towel Non-Stick Craft Sheet ½” Flat Tip Paint Brush Metal Reliefing Block 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers Steel Bench Block Rubber Dampening Block Flush Cutter 4oz Ball Pein Hammer

Riveted Frame Pendant Tutorial - Vintaj  

Cut metal blanks to a custom shape with Vintaj Metal Shears & File! Add dimension with a DecoEmboss design, patinas & riveting the layers of...

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