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Vintaj D. I. Y. Basics Glazed Chain You’ll need: Chain

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(Chain Show) Vintaj Glaze Wide Short Bristle Paint Brush Paper Towel Dab a wide, short bristle brush into a pool of glaze. Place chain onto paper towel. Push brush down through the links into the towel, so the towel wicks away any extra Glaze from the inside of the chain links.

Cover the entire surface of the chain with a light coat of Glaze. Clean brush with water before Glaze dries on bristles.


Allow chain to cool if heat was applied. Pick your chain up and move it around to make sure there is there is free movement. Repeat steps to add another light coat of glaze. Always lightly coat chain, making sure there isn’t any excess glaze on the chain. It’s better to lightly coat several times than over-coat the first time

Create a beautiful piece!

Glazed Chain  
Glazed Chain